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How we operate

We are software industry growth consultants We work with software driven companies that have high ambitions for growth. A growth project always has two equally important elements: 1. A very solid core business model 2. The ability to implement this business model in numerous markets The first thing you need to do when setting out to achieve extraordinary results is to focus your mind on it. Focus means cutting away all the activities and cost elements, which are not related to your objective. At TBK Consult we have cut out all activities and costs that do not produce value for our clients. We do not have offices; any reporting or management overheads and our communication and project management infrastructures are standard and inexpensive cloud based systems. Anything that doesn’t translate directly into value for our clients has a very short life cycle at TBK Consult. The second thing you need to do when setting out to achieve extraordinary results is to get the absolute best brains to work on the foundations. At TBK Consult we only engage senior people with solid business development experience from the software driven industries. People who can manage themselves and who can drive momentum in any project. People who will understand any software driven business model and have a very short learning curve. And people who already know most of the questions required to turn current business models into solid business models. The third thing you need to do when setting out to achieve extraordinary results is apply a structure and a process where you constantly learn from the results of your actions. There is no straight road from where you are today to the realization of your ambitions. A growth consultant cannot help you predict the future, but he can help you optimise the iterative learning process of moving forward towards your objective step by step.

At TBK Consult we have picked what we believe are the best business development frameworks for ambitious growth in the software driven industries. Value Proposition innovation, Business Model innovation and Key Performance Indicators are some of the core tools that all TBK Consultants are intimately familiar with and use to help their clients build solid core business models. And the fourth thing you need to do when setting out to achieve extraordinary results is to get your business model in front of customers. Whether directly or indirectly through partners, the proof of any business model is decided by the market, by customers putting money on the table in exchange for what you have to offer. The implementation of your business model must prove that it is attractive to the customers, profitable to you and replicable and scalable in the market.

The challenges facing our clients Challenges with growing revenue fast seem to be the predominant issue for almost all software driven companies. Software driven companies are notoriously product focused – and for good reasons. It certainly takes an excellent product to grow faster than the market. But having a good product is not enough. You need solid and robust business models with repeatable, replicable and scalable revenue generation capability. Only very, very few software-driven companies manage to get the demand side of their business model designed and organized to grow faster than the market within the window of opportunity available. Thus all software driven companies need help in developing their capabilities to systematically sell and/or have their products/ services sold, domestically as well as internationally. Some software driven companies are actively in the market for external consulting services to help them improve domestic as well as international market penetration, while others must have these needs activated through a proactive effort from our side. 1 The compelling need of our clients is: Grow faster than the market or fail. No software driven company will survive as a small local player. They will eventually find themselves at a competitive disadvantage against bigger players and face the possibility of being eliminated or at best acquired on non-attractive terms.

Ask our other clients If you want more details on our clients, we have a selection listed on our corporate web site. Go see for yourself and call them if you need to hear their individual motivation for engaging a TBK Consult growth consultant.

Obviously there is a group of software company CEO’s who cannot fund or who do not believe in engaging an external consultant to help improve his business model “frontoffice.” Such companies are not a part of our accessible market. They need to be prequalified early in the sales process and left to mature. 1

How TBK Consult Operates  

A brief overview of how TBK Consult operates

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