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Planning your outdoor space. Better building by design

Our thinking is outside the box.

Figuring out

how to plan

your outdoor living spaces is exciting.

You want to create just the right space that perfectly suits your lifestyle…and your budget. The last thing you want to happen is to invest a lot of time and money into a screened porch, outdoor living room, deck or patio that you think is a good fit, only to later realize you forgot about some of the details.

Details like: • needing multiple access areas from the side and rear door of your house

When builders start from square one, that’s often the deck, patio or room you end up with – a square one. That’s why Archadeck maintains local teams of design and construction experts specializing in outdoor structures to create custom designs that complement your home’s lines. Our structures aren’t square (or even rectangular), unless you want them to be.

Our reputation is as solid as our projects. Qualified Remodeler magazine ranks Archadeck #1 among North America deck and porch builders. With more than 65 independent locations, we’ve had our award-winning designs featured in numerous homeremodeling magazines and on HGTV®. Now with more than 30 years of experience and about 80,000 projects, Archadeck’s reputation is unmatched.

We’re ready when you are. Our Design Guide will help formulate your thinking on usability and function, key elements in outdoor living spaces, whether you execute your project all at once, or spread it out over several seasons. And when you’re ready to talk to us, we’re here for you with our free in-home design consultation.

• or the shaded area you wanted to protect your pets from the sun

Here’s looking forward to your new outdoor living space, and your chance to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the fresh outdoors like never before - for years to come.

• or that arbor, so you could finally plant the fragrant vine you’ve wanted for so long

For a complimentary in-home design consultation,

• or an outdoor fireplace, with a storage area for logs to last all season long Considering even the small details is an important part of the planning and design process, and that’s where this Design Guide could be very helpful.

call us at 1.888.687.3325 or visit us again at

Scott Zide President & COO, on behalf of the Archadeck family of outdoor living space experts


“There are so many

I don’t know where to start…” Start with functionality. Consider your needs now and in the future as you answer these questions.

What do you want to do in your outdoor space?  Dine: Seating for ____  Cook  Gas/Propane/Electric grill  Charcoal grill/smoker  Outdoor kitchen  Wood-fired pizza oven  Refrigerator  Other: ____________________  Entertain: Standing space for _____ Seating space for _____

 Bartend  Wet bar  Separate from dining area  Sunbathe: Time of day _____ Space for how many loungers? ____

 Garden  Borders  Separate bed(s) Hours of sun exposure needed _______

 Dance: Space for _____  Relax  Read  Watch TV  Gather with friends  Other: _________________________

free Design Consultation


“I’ve been thinking about a

wish list for years now...”

An important part of designing your space is thinking about how to incorporate elements of nature, both those that you want to enjoy, like sunshine and shade, and those that you may want to avoid, like flying pests.

I want:  Sunshine streaming in Time of day ________

 Shade:

Time of day ________

 Privacy  Breeze  Rain protection  Wind protection  Flying insect protection  Storage for _____________________  Enough space to accommodate oversized outdoor furniture

 Minimal maintenance  Lighting Seasons of use:

 Spring  Summer  Fall  Winter

free Design Consultation


“I’ve always wanted to overlook a fragrant flower

garden..” Sightlines and views will greatly enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Be sure to consider which will be the most important, useful and enjoyable for you.

Views that are important to me:  Garden  Woods  Street  Play yard  Pool  Unobtrusive see-through rail system  Outdoor views from indoors  Other: __________________________

free Design Consultation


Often, figuring out where to build is dependent on a variety of considerations. These questions will help guide your thinking and planning.

My space parameters: Back of house faces (what direction?) _________ Prevailing wind blows (what direction?) _________ Trees to be saved/worked around:

 Yes. How many? _______  Lot is damp/wet  Soil is unstable  Location is exceptionally shady  Location is exceptionally sunny  Must comply with Homeowners Association Regulations

 Other: __________________________

“I’m not quite sure exactly about the


of my new space...”

free Design Consultation


“What we’d really like to do is to

live outdoors

as much as we can...” A well-designed outdoor living space can beautifully complement your home interior experience. Think about the things you love doing inside your home that would transition well into the outdoors with the right form and function as you move leisure and entertaining outdoors.

Structures/features I would like now or in the future:  Patio  Gazebo  Deck  Pool  Porch  Hot Tub  Sunroom  Fire Pit  3 Season room  4 Season room (heated & cooled)  Outdoor kitchen  Outdoor living room  Outdoor furniture  Water feature  Retaining wall  Benches  Planters  Electric outlets  Lighting  Built-in storage  Under-deck storage  Skirting below deck  Pathways  Pergola or trellis  Arbor  Terrace  Balcony  Playhouse/enclosed bar/storage shed/etc.  Plumbing/gas lines  Integrated sound system  Handicap access  Pet access/space  Space heaters  Other: __________________________

free Design Consultation


“What else

about at this stage?”

should I be

thinking Better planning will always deliver a better end result. As such, here are some additional things we recommend you consider.

Other functional considerations to discuss with your builder during planning stages.  Effect of proposed structures on your existing home (light/airflow/etc.)

 Landscaping plans and effect of maturing landscaping/trees

 Safety measures for children and/or pets  Special needs  Traffic flow  Noise abatement

free Design Consultation


Clip pictures that reflect the look (or even specific features) you want. Let your builder know if you have strong feelings (positive or negative) about specific materials. Ensure that your personality and lifestyle preferences shine through. Luckily today, as the outdoor living space market continues to grow,

there are exciting new additions coming to market each season. As the number of building materials can be overwhelming, be sure to talk to your builder about the best options to suit your needs and landscape.

Your local Archadeck office is familiar with the most popular building materials and can provide advice and guidance regarding the major advantages and disadvantages associated with your preferred selections. Be sure to ask your contractor how the materials will change in appearance as they age, then decide what best suits your taste, your tolerance for ongoing maintenance, and your budget.

“I want my addition to


complementing my home and reflecting my style...� free Design Consultation



difference is in the



Archadeck is the leading designer and builder of affordable, functional and innovative outdoor living spaces since 1980. With more than 80,000 projects in our design portfolio, we invite you to visit and view our photo galleries.

You’ll soon discover that at Archadeck, we build everything under the sun: Decks Patios Screened Porches Sunrooms Outdoor Kitchens Outdoor Living Rooms Gazebos Pergolas Hardscapes Awnings Shade Structures Walkways Driveways Front Porches Porticos

free Design Consultation



“How do I even to pick a contractor ?”

You want a contractor who is financially stable, provides reliable service, delivers an exceptional product, has safeguards in place to assure that the job gets done – and done right, and who won’t put you at risk. The selection process begins with asking the right questions. Note: We’ve filled in the Archadeck answers that are indisputable facts. We’re letting you fill in the answers that require an opinion or are likely to change over the life of this guide.

Other Contractor

How long has the builder been doing business under their current name?

archadeck 30+ years

How do they rate with third-party sources like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List? Will they secure all the proper permits for you?


Will experienced workers be assigned to your project?


Does the company carry general liability insurance? How much? Does the company carry Workmen’s Compensation insurance where required by law? Does the company warranty their work?

Will your project’s completion be assured by a third-party guarantee? If so, who? Is the company affiliated with professional organizations?

Yes! $1 million Yes! Yes. 1-year “bumper to bumper” on workmanship and 5-years on structural items Yes! The National Guarantee Corporation (NGC) Yes! NARI, ICPI

Does the company know and follow all building codes?


Do they have the ability to design and plan an integrated project with multiple features (i.e. patios, sunrooms, etc.)?


Will the company act as a one-stop-shop through your entire project so you don’t have to hire and coordinate additional suppliers?


Is the company responsive to your service needs, promptly answering phone calls, getting back to you when promised, etc.?


Do they utilize detailed, professional drawings and construction documents?


Do they provide a contract and specifications for your project with all the details stipulated in writing?


Are their relationships with their vendors strong? Are they vendor-approved and/or trained on proper installation procedures?


Have they been featured or won any awards for their work and/or design capabilities? (Qualified Remodeler, HGTV)


Have they shown you projects that excite you? How do homeowner references feel about the company’s service and professionalism? Do you feel personally comfortable with the responsiveness, professionalism and integrity of the owner and/or staff members you’ve dealt with so far? Do they work to a pre-defined process and follow established building practices?


Are they licensed (where applicable)?


Is final cleanup of all construction debris included as part of the job?


Does the contractor listen to you and understand your needs and desires to ensure the plans for your project meet your expectations? Are you satisfied with the level of detail and scope of the proposed project plan? Which contractor do you feel will deliver the best overall value for this investment in your home?

free Design Consultation 1.888.687.3325

You will find that exceptional client service and attention to detail are hallmarks of working with Archadeck. Our uncompromising professionalism and rich knowledge base will be evident with your very first phone call. We cordially invite you to request a free design consultation so that we can discuss your wants and needs and together create the best design plan that works for you. We can either complete your project all at once, or we can construct it in stages, over several seasons, if you wish.

free Design Consultation

“You mean Archadeck offers a

free design

consultation to help us figure out what we want ?”

Better building by design

1.888.687.3325 To find Archadeck near you, use our handy locations map under “About Us” at © 2011 Archadeck

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Outdoor Living Design Guide  

A step-by-step guide on how to best plan, design and build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Outdoor Living Design Guide  

A step-by-step guide on how to best plan, design and build the outdoor living space of your dreams.

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