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RABBI ALAN D. FUCHS There is much discussion in the American Jewish community about the research done and reported in the “Pew Study.” We at Beth El will be having further discussions about that study during the weekend of March 28 as part of the scholar-inresidence program. For those of us who have been an intimate part of the American Jewish scene, the results are not surprising. We have seen first-hand the directions of and the changing nature of the American Jewish community. The study is important if it helps us to know how to respond to the events around us. It has appeared to me for some time that we are becoming more traditional and more liberal at the same time. That may seem not possible, but I think the evidence points to that seemingly irrational assessment. It is clear that the Orthodox Jewish community is stable or growing in numbers. While there may be a segment of that community that would label itself as “modern Orthodox,” it remains true that the numbers of those who would call themselves Orthodox is growing. At the same time the Reform Movement is counted as the largest of the four named divisions of our community. It too has seemingly irreconcilable differences. Reform Jews remain very liberal on social and theological issues. Most would believe in a woman’s right to choose or in gay marriage. Some profess to believe in no god. Yet, Reform congregations have become more traditional in their ritual practices. Not terribly long ago wearing a kippah or tallit was virtually unknown. Now

it is commonplace. The word “tashlich” would not have appeared on any High Holy Day service schedule. Now it is not unusual. The change in ritual style in the synagogue, however, has not affected the personal practices of congregants. Many congregations keep a “kosher style” kitchen, while none of their members do the same. It is not clear that the contradiction between personal behavior and synagogue ritual, between belief and practice is fully understood. It simply has become part of who we are. Most important – we in the Reform Movement need to continue to emphasize the importance of the survival of Jewish life. That involves support of the synagogue by whatever means possible. It involves making certain that our children remain in Religious School beyond the ceremony of Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It involves convincing our friends who are not affiliated but expect a rabbi or cantor to be available when needed that only by affiliating can they guarantee that there will be rabbis and cantors in the future. The Pew study and experience tell us that we need to work harder to make Jewish life relevant and that we need to make certain that we are not the cause of our own demise. That is a critical part of our mission at Temple Beth El.

YOM HASHOAH YOM HASHOAH PROGRAM MONDAY, APRIL 28 6:45 PM “Rescue in The Philippines” is a one-hour documentary of the untold story of how the five Frieder brothers, Cincinnati businessmen making two-for-a-nickel cigars in World War II Manila, helped 1,300 Jews escape the Nazis and immigrate to the Philippines. The film will be introduced by Sam and Stephen Frieder of Chappaqua, whose grandfather was one of the five Frieder brothers in the film, a brief Q&A will follow. The evening will end with a candle lighting by our confirmation students.

We Will Always Remember... We Will Never Forget...


CANTOR STAR A. TROMPETER CANTOR’S CORNER: Sometimes It Pays to “Take A Chance”! One Cantor, two rabbis, a judge, a realtor, the president of the Board of Trustees, the executive director, several 3rd, 4th, 6th and 11th graders, a teacher in Brooklyn, lawyers, dedicated moms and dads, the Jew-BeGlee choir, as well as countless others walked into the Social Hall of Temple Beth El. No, this is not the beginning of a bad joke (although feel free to add a punch line and send it my way). This is what actually happened on Saturday, March 15 as Temple Beth El clergy and congregants of all ages dressed up in 70’s costumes while performing parodies of ABBA songs. They danced, laughed, acted and sang together as one community in the Purim Spiel, “Megillah Mia!” In attendance watching this groovy spectacle were approximately 200 congregants of all ages, laughing, clapping, eating Greek food, drinking (it was Purim after all), and beaming at their friends on “stage”.

This was the first time in many years that Temple Beth El experimented with getting every facet of the Temple involved in the Purim Spiel. Not only was the congregational participation in the show itself inspiring, but the number of people who volunteered their time and talents in other ways was also incredible. Several Beginning Years parents created props and scenery for the show, and the Beginning Years two, three and four-year-olds created flower art specifically for the Purim Spiel. Thank you to everyone who helped make this show possible, and a hearty thanks to those who chose to “Take a Chance” on “Megillah Mia!” this year. Whether you participated in some facet of the show, or came to support the show, you further affirmed what we all know to be true — that Temple Beth El is a special, caring and supportive community filled with laughter, friendship and song. Here’s to many more TBE community-wide, participatory events in the future! Peace and Love, Cantor Star Trompeter


Photos by David Rolle

GENNIFER KELLY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR GENN’S TOP 10: On My Desk Right Now 10, 9 & 8: Money, money, money! I spend a lot of time thinking about the temple’s finances — projecting our spending, finding potential savings, budgeting for our future and helping come up with ways to raise funds. The temple has a $2.7 million budget which might seem like a lot, but it’s actually a very lean budget and we are running a deficit. Over the last three years our revenue has decreased, primarily due to membership attrition from the weak economy, our leadership transition, and other demographic factors, and last year we began to pay interest on our construction loan. On average each member pays approximately $3,000 in membership dues, yet based on our current membership, the annual cost per member is significantly higher. Providing a robust temple experience for our community while watching our pennies and developing new mechanisms for funding are extremely high priorities here in the office. 7: Membership: As spring finally appears, so does our ramp-up for marketing Temple Beth El to those unaffiliated or new to our community. With all the excitement our new clergy are generating, and with our revamped Religious School, we know those looking to join a temple will flock to our doors. The more interesting question is how to attract those on the fringe, and we welcome your suggestions. 6: Preschool: Did you know that our preschool is almost full? Yup! Our wildly successful school this year is the buzz on the playground. Our preschool families are some of our most active congregants too. Come any first Friday evening; you don’t need young children to enjoy the energy at Tot-Shabbat, the congregational dinner or family service. 5: Next year’s calendar: We’ve already begun to plan for next year’s calendar. Soon I’ll be working with all our committees to plug in our special programs for the 2014/2015 year. If you have an idea for a service, event or educational program, don’t be shy! Feel free to e-mail me at

4: Congregational Engagement: Volunteerism is at the very core of the temple. Time and time again we hear and know that our members want to be connected to the temple and to each other. The best way to do this is to get involved. Whether helping with a specific task, making phone calls to other members or participating in something new…members gain the connection (the community) they are looking for by getting involved. Please don’t wait for us to call you; reach out to me (via e-mail or phone 914-238-3928 x1321) to let me know how we can get you involved. 3: Programming: Every week at the temple from March through June we have at least one major program planned. From clergy discussions, to speakers, to dinners, to holiday celebrations, to Tikkun Olam mitzvot, our calendar is packed! Newest to the scene is the Progressive Dinner being planned for May 31; whether you host or attend, this social night is a great way to connect with friends old and new. Keep an eye on the temple’s website: www. for up-to-date information on all our upcoming services, programs and events. 2: Casino Night; you won’t want to miss this on May 10! Each year the temple hosts a fundraiser; this year we will be raising money for temple-wide programming. We are calling this fund something like: From Rabbi Fuchs to Rabbi Jaffe, L’dor V’dor. Money raised will be used by our new clergy to create innovative, exciting programs and services next year and beyond. If you would like to help with the planning, make an auction or a monetary donation, decorate, or attend, please contact me. And #1 – the new rabbi! Rabbi Jaffe has been communicating with the staff at TBE almost daily. He will be in town with his family over Passover week to do some house hunting and have a full day retreat with the staff. While he will have a tight schedule, he will be attending services on Friday night, April 18 and leading Torah Study on April 19, and we encourage you to join him if you are in town!


MAURA H. LINZER, RABBI-EDUCATOR/RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Am Yisrael – Jewish Peoplehood This month’s Jewish value is Am Yisrael, Jewish peoplehood. The notion of peoplehood suggests that Jews, regardless of where they live or how they express or practice their Judaism, are bound to one another through collective identity and mutual responsibility. No text in Jewish tradition better captures the notion of Jewish collective responsibility than the one found in the Babylonian Talmud, Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh La’zeh. Translated this text says “all Israel (Jews) are responsible for each other.” One cannot read a newspaper without seeing disturbing headlines about the situation of the people in Crimea, Ukraine. Although, over one and a half million Jews fled the Soviet Union by 2006 to make aliyah to Israel and others to various destinations elsewhere, a 2001national census estimates that some 103,000 Jews continue to live in Ukraine. Even though Jews in the Ukraine represent only .02% of the overall population, the situation of Ukrainian Jewry continues to garner world attention and the international Jewish community is closely following the developments of our Ukrainian co-religionists. After generations of religious persecution, Judaism has experienced a rebirth throughout the Former Soviet Union, including in Ukraine. During the Passover of 2007, I had the pleasure of working with the Jewish community in Crimea, Ukraine. Based in Simferopol, I traveled to rebuild new Jews life all over the region, helping them to learn about the holiday and fulfill the mitzvah of participating in a Passover seder by retelling the story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt. I was touched by so many of the people that I met—young people who didn’t find out they were Jewish until they were teenagers, because their parents feared for their safety if others learned of their Jewish identity; communities of seniors who lived in utter poverty and gave generously to the rebuilding of their synagogues; and young lay leaders who chose to remain in Ukraine because of their commitment to Jewish life, when others had left for a better life to Israel. This same community that once inspired me is now in great danger. On February 28, I received an e-mail, co-written by the head of the Reform


of the Reform Jewish community in Simferopol, sharing pictures the horrific anti-Semitic vandalism that the synagogue had experienced. Painted all over the doors of the synagogue and the windows were anti-Semitic slogans, such as “Death to Jews.” Because of the tense situation in the region and the heightened threat of anti-Semitic acts, the Jewish community throughout Ukraine, in general, and Crimea, specifically, has had to hire expensive, round-the-clock security forces to protect the Jewish community and its institutions. While the fate of the entirety of Crimea hangs in the balance, our commitment to Am Yisrael and our sense of mutual responsibility calls on us to support our brethren in need. Please consider making a donation to Reform Jews in need in Crimea through the World Union for Progressive Judaism’s Ukraine Emergency Response at I encourage you to help your children understand the importance of the value of Jewish peoplehood by sharing with them the situation of Ukrainian Jewry and explaining why we have a moral imperative to help other Jews in need.


13-21 22 28

K-1 participation in Tot Shabbat, 2nd Grade participation in Family Service Confirmation trip to Philadelphia 4th Grade Family Education, Wax Museum Private Screening of 50 Children: The Rescue and Mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus at Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab for Grades 7-9 NO CLASSES, Spring Recess NO SCHOOL, Teacher Training Community Yom Hashoah Ceremony, 5th/6th graders participate in I Never Saw Another Butterfly, Confirmation Class participation

See our website for the complete Religious School calendar.


Join us for this special Israel themed family Shabbat experience, with dinner, led by Rabbi Maura Linzer. This program is geared to families (moms, dads, grandparents & siblings) with children in grades K-3. RSVP for dinner on our website:

RAYNA ALPERSTEIN, DIRECTOR BEGINNING YEARS ECC Kehillah: Community – Belonging, Connections In the Torah we learn that when Avraham and Sarah were quite old, they had become well known for their hospitality. Their tent was open on all four sides to let people know that they could come for learning or visits at all times. The Pirke Avot continues by telling us: “Do not separate yourself from the community.” As important as Jewish home and Jewish family are, Jewish life is dependent on the community. Beginning Years was founded by a group of congregants and named thus with the intent of having the early childhood program be the entry for Jewish families into the Jewish community. Now, a year and a half after my entry into this sacred community, I am thrilled with our Kehillah. When a family calls the school, inevitably the conversation turns to connections for the entire family not just the entry of one child into “a school.” We are all about relationships, and our families are feeling the sense of belonging to

APRIL BY HIGHLIGHTS 2, 9, 23, 30 Enrichment - Cooking 3, 10, 24 Enrichment - Super Soccer Stars 4, 11, 25 Enrichment - Mad Science 4 First Friday Tot Shabbat 5:45 7, 28 Enrichment - Legos

the community – friends, support, Jewish values and celebrations with the entire temple. It’s all about the connection. The summer of 2012, we began the practice of every family that is newly registered in the preschool receiving two phone calls: one from a clergy member and one from the co-chair of the parents’ committee. A welcome from the clergy into the sacred community of TBE and a more practical nuts-and-bolts call from a fellow parent. We schedule play dates before school so families can meet one another. There are Tot Shabbats scheduled over the summer to introduce the sacred celebration of community celebrating Shabbat. Sparkle for the Cause at the Crabtree Kittle House drew a crowd so large it had to be moved from the garden to the cellar room! And still we ask, “what else can we do” when groups of our parents gather to talk about events planned for them. We have a committee helping with the plans for Tot Shabbat and on First Friday in March, 75 showed up! If you are new to the area and inquiring about the school, your family is invited to the next First Friday and paired with another family – it’s all about the connections. This year the BY Parent Committee formed a Chesed Committee to support families with new babies or other life-cycle events. When a new baby is born in the community – TBE sends a onesie gift, signs go up, clergy make calls again. It’s all about the connections. Dibuk Chaverim: Cleaving to Friends. The Pirke Avot teaches us that friendship is one of the 48 virtues for acquiring Torah. Having and caring for friendship in a serious way is an essential element of learning and righteous living. Children thrive in classrooms where being friends is part of their lives and families also thrive when supported by a sacred community.

8, 22, 29 Enrichment: Music w/ Kenny Green 9, 23, 30 Music w/Miss Pam 14 - 21 No Classes - Spring Recess 30 Spring Marketplace


Leah Alani


Alonna Travin






THURSDAY, APRIL 3 & 10 at 1:30 PM Are you curious to learn a little bit of a new language? Would you like to start understanding a little more of the prayer book? Do you want to try a “taste of Hebrew,” starting with alef-bet? Well, you’re in luck! Carmel Sauerhaft, one of our members and a long-time teacher of Hebrew for adults, will be offering a “Taste of Hebrew” to whet your appetite (with the hope of a full Introduction to Hebrew class in the fall). And of course, no knowledge of Hebrew required!


SUNDAY, APRIL 6 at 5:00 PM For over ten years now, we have joined with our friends at the Antioch Baptist Church in Bedford Hills to explore our common history of slavery and freedom, as Jews and as African-Americans. We sing, we meet new people, we learn about each other and our heritages, and of course, we eat great food! (And for our seventh graders, it also counts as a credit for either a service or an act of social justice.) The cost is $20 for adults, $15 for children 11-18 and FREE for children 10 and under. We also ask that you bring either a bottle of wine or a Kosher for Passover dessert. RSVP on our website:




PASSOVER SERVICE WITH YIZKOR APRIL 21 8:30 AM Followed by Matzah Brei Breakfast

If you have any questions, please contact either Rabbi Linzer ( or Rabbi Mitelman ( Registration is $18.



EVERY WEDNESDAY at 9:30 AM All are welcome! Come to gab, play, or just relax with a cup of coffee! Join the ladies of TBE at mah jongg! Don’t be shy! Questions? Contact Myra Borchard at

MAH JONGG FOR BEGINNERS We will be starting a beginners daytime class. If you are interested in learning, please e-mail Myra Borchard at for details.



Please join us for a morning of wonderful, relaxing, and spiritual reflection. Ruth Rosenblum leads our mediation on April 4. Wear comfortable clothes. This program is free! RSVP to Maxine Olson at


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!gny zcled mei APRIL BIRTHDAYS!

Sam Abitanta Amanda Akin Julianne Appel Samuel Berger Arielle Bortz Halle Brickman Joshua Cantor Hunter Corte Rachel Deutsch Asher Dundas Jason Friedman Jared Gelber Drew Goldberg Alexa Googel Carly Googel Adam Graff Chloe Greenstein Amanda Hauptman Reese Highbloom Matthew Janis Bennett Katz Jessica Kratz Ilan Laurence Michael Lee Dylan Lefkowitz Sydney Lerman Sloane Lieberman

Harper Margolies Justin Miller Sasha Murray Zachary Nadan Andrew Perelman Jason Platkin Kelsey Raicht Caleb Reynolds Jordan Rosen Jenna Rosenberg Sadie Rutman Jacob Scott Marielle Seigel Leah Shapiro Brody Stogsdill Zachary Switzen Harry TishelmanCharny Charlotte Tucker Grace Ullman Hannah Ullman Allison Wachtfogel Daniel Wallen Caroline Wolfe Robert Woolf Rebecca Zadeck

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CONGRATULATIONS TO Myra & Bill Borchard on the birth of their granddaughter, Hannah Eliana Bar-av Sandra & Perry Levin on the birth of their grandson Adam & Meredith Weiss on the birth of their daughter, Sydney Lauren Weiss

dax dcez

OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE SPONSORING ONEGS Jenny Pariser & Stuart Katz Ellen Portman & Richard Kreisler Jill & David Stern



Families with young children are welcome at all times. Some may find that our regular service may be too formal, and therefore will find these family dinners and services particularly accessible. The Family Shabbat Service is a little different: the service is shorter, has a story, no sermon, lots of singing and includes our monthly Birthday Blessings.

KABBAL-TOT SHABBAT led by K/1 class 5:45 PM


6:15 PM RSVP for dinner:


led by 2nd Graders 7:15 PM ___________________________________________

SHIR SHABBAT “SHABBAT OF SONG” FRIDAY, APRIL 11 8:00 PM Cantor Trompeter and Keith Robellard have collaborated on an exciting, musical journey so that we may celebrate Shabbat entirely through song. The lights in the sanctuary are lowered, all prayers are projected on the wall (no prayer books needed!), and there is a professional band with keyboard, violin, clarinet and drums. Join us and see what all the talk is about. Adults and children of all ages encouraged to attend. You won’t want to miss this month’s Shir Shabbat!




(JANUARY 3 – March 14, 2014) Associate Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund Alan & Bonnie Mitelman in honor of Caroline’s naming ceremony Maria Fisher & Bill Pollak in honor of the birth of Geoff and Heather’s daughter Caroline Barbara Pollack Mitzvah Day Fund Andrew & Harriet Singer in memory of Phyllis Biren Beginning Years Early Childhood Center Fund Brad & Deborah Jacobs in memory of Barbara G. Fass Francine Falk-Ross & Steven Ross in memory of Corrine Falk Betty & Jack Bader Adult Education Fund Cantor Sheera Ben-David & Steven Miller in honor of Barry Meisel for performing their son’s brit milah Helen & Neil Deutsch in honor of Jack Hudson Deutsch Cathy & David Dreilinger in honor of Ed Cohen Gloria & Barry Meisel in honor of Brody Matthew Brodsky Gloria & Barry Meisel in honor of Ed Cohen Gloria & Barry Meisel in memory of Linda Grigg Cantor’s Discretionary Fund Marc & Jill Wallen in memory of Joan Rothstein Capital Campaign Tributes Hudson Valley Bank in honor of Temple Beth El Caring Community Fund Cathy & David Dreilinger in memory of Linda Grigg Maxine & Jonathan Ferencz in memory of Shirley Levine Maxine & Jonathan Ferencz in memory of Eva Levine Maxine & Jonathan Ferencz in memory of Estelle Ferentz Paul & Lori Fichtenbaum in memory of Herman Fichtenbaum Kamran & Ellen Hakim in memory of Isaac Hakim Stephen & Linda Ochser in memory of Linda Grigg Douglas & Judith Phillips in memory of Arthur Meyers Allan & Nancy Rothman in memory of Eleanor Eisenberg Kenneth & Judith Sagat in memory of Kenneth Sack Chai Funds Adrienne & Jerome Shiloff in memory of Helen Horowitz Sylvia Waksman in memory of Gloria Kalina and Lena Lefkowitz


JOYS AND SORROWS RECENT GIFTS (CONTINUED) Clergy’s Congregants in Need Kamran & Ellen Hakim in memory of Isaac Hakim John & Barbara Heffer in memory of Muriel Seiler Elkin & Ruth Simson in memory of Martha Salomon Amy & Sam Resnick Family Fund For Adult Jewish Education Robert & Nadia Bernstein in general for the funding of the Meditation Program Phyllis Kirshner in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Clifford & Susan Ray in memory of Lydia Hertling Dave & Bunny Center Family Mitzvah Endowment Fund Charlene Berman in memory of Dave Center Temple Beth El Endowment Fund Samson Sun and family in memory of Alisa Moscato Lippman Rabbi Chaim Stern Caring Community Endowment Fund Joseph Goldreich in memory of Pincus Goldreich Joseph Goldreich in memory of Vivian J. Goldreich Joseph Goldreich in memory of Nan Jaffe Lawrence & Bonnie Kivel in memory of Sonia Kivel The Richard M. Bleier Maintenance Endowment Fund Lucille & Richard Goldsmith in honor of Ed Cohen Flower Fund Roberta Bengelsdorf in memory of David Bengelsdorf Carole & Art Elias in memory of Adele Greene Debra & Jeffrey Geller in memory of Melville Geller Alan & Julie Gerstein in memory of Irwin Gerstein Arlen & Kathryn Goldberg in memory of Sylvia Goldberg Arlen & Kathryn Goldberg in memory of Mandel J. Kramer Donna & Ross Held in memory of Doris Held Brad & Deborah Jacobs in memory of Barbara G. Fass Carol & Fred Katz in memory of Harry Katz Mitchell & Christina Kaufman in memory of Ruth Kaufman Sandra Klein in memory of Arthur Klein Ronald & Harriet Kramer in memory of Irving Corman Richard & Liselotte Laster in memory of Jeanette Laster Romy Porrazzo & John Prescott in memory of Gretrude Elkin Maria Fisher & William Pollak in memory of Angela Fisher Fredric & Ann Price in memory of Israel Streger Bobbi & Robert Reitzes in memory of Edes Livingston Amy & Fred Robin in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Louise & Gabriel Rosenfeld in memory of Saundre Rosenfeld Victor & Suzanne Rosenzweig in memory of Cary Lowen Benjamin & Rachel Rosin in memory of Alexander Treitelman


YAHRZEITS APRIL 1-5 Simon Abraham Sara Baum Monroe W. Bleetstein Helen Borchard Hilde Collins Louis Degelsmith Dorothy Elman Phillip Elman Milton Finger Allan Finkel Samuel Gelburd Edith Green Abraham Sully Kaplan Samuel J. Kimmel Jacob Kyman Edward Laskey Henry Moskowitz Hattie Neidich Sylvia Reff Rose Reitzes Dora Rosenzweig Jill Solomon Marie Spevack Bernard Vexler Gertrude Wallis Lee Wolff Sidney Zenker APRIL 6-12 Samuel Ackerman Mary Benjamin Joseph Dulgov Benjamin Ehrlich George Fullam Ralph Gefsky Rose Goldman Gertrude Goldsmith Sheldon Goldstein Florence Greenwald Gerard Kessler Rose Levitt Irwin Mann Minnie Marron Ubaldo Masotti Joseph Moscowitz Jean Orlander Joseph Perloff Boris Rosenzweig Darrett Rutman Miriam Safro Robert Saltzman

Joseph Schagrin Samuel Shrager George Tilzer James Yussim APRIL 13-19 Doris Ackerman Lucille Altman Libby Barna Harold Bernstein Oscar Buchman Warren Bunshaft Willard Davidson Barry Kenneth Dubinsky Michael Estrow Barbara Feibus Laurence Friedman Erich Grunebaum Belle Katz Pearl Lavender Samuel Liber Martin Manasse Henry Neidich Fannie Nelson Milton Perloff Pearl Poret Lynn Robinson Sidney Rosenbaum Benjamin Schneck Frida Schnellenberg Leonard Shapiro Meyer Siegel Natalie Smith Martin Stern Richard Tumpowsky Murray Waksman Lois Walker Philip Weiss Milton Zimmerman APRIL 20-26 Jay Anfanger Ada Bacher Etta Brotz Irving Cohen Harry Victor Cowen Morris Dobkin Philip Feld Rose R. Fuchs Leon Gildesgame Abraham Glazer




Abraham Holzman Lillian Lessler Nathan Levine Ida Mitelman Harold Paster Alexander Pollak Harry Reiner Betty Rifkin Reta Roseman Clare Rush Benjamin Saslow Henry Smith Abraham Stangel Arnold Wallack Nathan Wolfson APRIL 27-30 Rose K. Borenkind Bunny Center Daniel Clyman

Judith Feldman Harry Fisher Bernard Fishman Aviva Freelander Sarah Goldstein Victor Greenbaum Sarah Kimmel Jacob Klarman Morris C. Klein Rolf Landauer Ben Morris Vera Nemoytin Dorothea Ochser Morris Raskin Louis Routman Morris Rutfield Etta Shapero Alfred Stein Raymond Stillman Louis Tulbowitz Lucille F. Warner

IN TIMES OF JOY AND IN TIMES OF SADNESS, PLEASE KEEP US INFORMED! It is always a pleasure to hear good news from our temple members and to share joys. Often it helps to share problems or illnesses, too. Our Rabbis, Cantor, and Caring Community Committee want to respond to the needs of our congregants. Please let us know if you, or some other temple member, might be helped by a visit or telephone call. Many people assume that everyone knows, but a note or call to the temple office, at 238-3928 x 1300, will get the message to our clergy.

dkxal dpexkif

HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES TO Cathy Dreilinger on the death of her sister, Linda Grigg Ronald Emanuel on the death of his mother, Carole Levine Rogers Mark Garbin on the death of his mother, Elanor Garbin

Flower Fund (Continued) Francine Falk-Ross & Steven Ross in memory of Richard Falk Francine Falk-Ross & Steven Ross in memory of Herbert Ross Kenneth & Judith Sagat in memory of Albert Huber Victoria & Robert Tipp in memory of Michael Tipp Victoria & Robert Tipp in memory of Malcolm Tipp Gregory Altman Music & Arts Fund Irene Auerbacher in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Cheryl & Howard Goldfrach in memory of Linda Grigg Perry & Sandra Levine in memory of Lillian Flichtenfeld Mildred Pintchman in memory of Charles Pintchman Amy & Fred Robin in memory of Bebe Harrison Stephanie Saltzman & Noah Sorkin in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah David & Marsha Veit in honor of Ed Cohen Library Fund Ronald Fierstein & Dorothea Regal in memory of Irving Fierstein Prayer Book Fund Joel & Joan Danziger in honor of Augustus Danziger Valentino Benjamin & Rachel Rosin in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Senior Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund John & Doris Baldwin in memory of Gertrude Elkin Lee Blum in honor of Rabbi Fuchs Cathy & David Dreilinger in memory of Linda Grigg Marie deCorse, Nina and Gary Vincoff in memory of Gerald Stuzin Cathy & David Dreilinger in honor of Rabbi Alan and Carol Fuchs Leslie & Mitchell Rubin in memory of Milton Rubin Tikkun Olam/Social Justice Fund Ariela Noy in memory of Marc Silver Fredric & Ann Price in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Victoria & Don Safferstein in memory of Nathan Safferstein Torah Fund Frances & William Deutsch in memory of Janet Wallack Tributes Susan and Steve Edelson in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Judi & Steve Feldman in memory of Gertrude Elkin Randi Mogil and Marc Lichter in memory of Gertrude Elkin Alan & Bonnie Mitelman in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Molly-Jane Rubinger in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Robert Ross in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah


TIKKUN OLAM RECENT GIFTS (CONTINUED) Tributes (Continued) Marla & Bruce Schechner in celebration of Amy Robin becoming a bat mitzvah Marla & Bruce Schechner in memory of Gertrude Elkin Ann Wray in memory of Elaine Talbot Yom Hashoah Fund Neal & Helen Dorman in honor of Ed Cohen Allan & Nancy Rothman in memory of Jerome Rothman Youth Program Fund Susan Lehrhoff in honor of Madison Panzer

KNITZVAH CORPS Join the Knitzvah group on Tuesday, April 22 at 7:30 pm. We meet on the third Tuesday of every month, and are currently knitting and crocheting simple blanket squares. No experience is necessary, and all ages are welcome. If you’re a beginner, we’ll help you get started and teach you some simple stitches. More experienced knitters can choose to work on a more complex pattern. We will even provide kits for your 7-inch by 9-inch square, complete with yarn, needles or crochet hook, and pattern. Questions? Contact Hillary Kent at


Please bring your donations to the temple before April 8th Please help persons with developmental disabilities be to celebrate the wonderful holiday of Passover. Temple Beth El is collecting ready to eat, non-perishable Kosher for Passover food that will be made into gift bags and given to the attendees of the Community Passover Seder for Persons with Developmental Disabilities being held on April 9 at Temple Shaaray Tefila. Please leave food items, listed below, in the box in the Great Hall. Questions? Contact Diane Thaler at Suggested Items: gefilte fish (preferably in cans) macaroons candy- regular and sugar-free mandelen (soup nuts) cereal cans of matzo ball soup plastic bottles of grape juice


SUNDAY, MAY 4 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM We hope you will join us in our high-spirited, community-wide day of Tikkun Olam on Mitzvah Day, Sunday, May 4. Registration information will be posted soon, featuring the many ways to help by building, cleaning, planting, painting, creating, cooking, advocating, marching, singing, and much more. As always, families will gather at the temple for a breakfast and a fundraising walk, after which we will work together on any of a variety of mitzvah projects. You are then invited to join us at the temple for the always-popular closing barbeque. Any questions? If so, please get in touch with Rabbi Mitelman or one of the Mitzvah Day cochairs, Noah Sorkin, Tracy Stein, or Ellen Wlody. We look forward to seeing you on May 4! A Glimpse of What We Have Planned: • BESTY Food Drive • Car Wash • Jew-Be-Glee performs at a local nursing home • Gedney Park Planting and Beautification. • Kid’s Kloset (Clothing collection, sorting, and packing) • Cottage School Planting, Games, and Pizza • Cooking for Neighbors Link at TBE • Nursery School Activities (including planting and art projects) • Pet Toy & Biscuit Project (for shelter animals) • Mt. Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry (food collection, sorting, stocking) • Pajama & Book Project for underprivileged children • Bone Marrow Registry We are starting our collections! The events will be most successful if you start bringing food, clothing, and books for our drives to the temple (there will be boxes by the main stairs): 1.Bring new or gently-used clothing for Kids’ Kloset 2.Food Drive for Interfaith Food Pantry 3.Pajamas and new books When you receive Mitzvah Day Registration materials, please follow the instructions for on-line registration.

NOTES EXCITING JUNIOR YOUTH GROUP (BESTY) NEWS BESTY has had an amazing year so far! We are looking for more enthusiastic teens to join our phenomenal group! Please join us for a meet and greet with our BESTY board on April 7! We also have a laser tag event being planned and want YOU there. Please feel free to e-mail Joni at if you have any questions.

We are looking to represent BESTY at NFTY NAR regional events. Please contact Joni for more information on upcoming events for NFTY NAR. NFTY NAR stands for the New York Area Region. Our region encompasses temple youth groups (TYG’s) from New York City, Long Island, Westchester County and parts of Southern Connecticut. All members of the region are high school student affiliated with a TYG at a URJ Congregation.

From weddings and life-cycle events to private gatherings,business functions, and lectures, Temple Beth El’s stunning new facilities provide an exceptional setting for all types of special occasions and events. For rental inquiries or to schedule a tour of our facilities, please call 914.238.3928. We look forward to helping you create a memorable event. For more information, please visit


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TRUSTEES Term Expires 2014

Lisa P. Davis President

Meryl Adler Stuart Berg Stephanie Saltzman Marla Schechner Lisa Shaiken Tracy Stein


Alan D. Fuchs

Associate Rabbi

Geoffrey A. Mitelman


Maura H. Linzer

Lisa Hamroff

Senior Cantor

Star A. Trompeter

Janet Levy

Term Expires 2015

Executive Director

Gennifer Kelly

Robert Medway

David Abrams Heidi Auerbacher Amy Robin Doug Zucker

Director of Rayna Alperstein Beginning Years ECC NEW TELEPHONE EXTENSIONS 1110 1121 1120 1221 1300 1310 1311 1317 1316 1320 1321 1322 1600

Joni Gehebe-Kellogg, Youth Coordinator Maura H. Linzer, Rabbi-Educator Religious School Office Rayna Alperstein, Early Childhood Ed. Director Life-Cycle Emergency Jaclyn Trustman, Life-Cycle Coordinator & Religious School Assistant Rabbi Alan D. Fuchs Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman Cantor Star Trompeter Leslie Aufieri, Executive Assistant to Gennifer Kelly & Communications Coordinator Gennifer Kelly, Executive Director Ann Testone, Bookkeeper Gregory Allen, Facility Manager

Richard Albert

Executive Vice President Vice President Vice President Vice President

Rhonda Regan Vice President

Term Expires 2016

Susan Pecker

Matt Cantor Ruth Clark Robert Klein Rand Manasse Steve Ochser Kathy Raicht

Vice President

David Rolle Treasurer

Immediate Past President Harry P. Cohen Affiliated Organizations Sisterhood

Gail Schreier

& Sarah’s Circle

Alison Laden

Ellen Portman Youth Group President

Samantha Regan

Men’s Club

Jim Wein & Andrew Laden


Past Presidents, Honorary Members of the Board

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester welcomes all who wish to participate in Jewish life – singles, couples and families in all their forms, gays, lesbians, interfaith couples – all people regardless of age, sexual orientation, or financial means.

Steve Adler Stanley Amberg Charlene Berman Melvin Ehrlich Ernest M. Grunebaum

The synagogue is a kehilah kedoshah – a sacred community. It’s like a sukkah. A sukkah is constructed of many different branches woven together. So is the synagogue: the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the married and the unmarried, single parents, grandparents, gays and heterosexuals, non-Jewish spouses. The broader the sukkah’s reach, the more tightly its branches are woven, the stronger it stands. So too the synagogue: the greater the variety of people welcomed within it, the closer they feel to one another, the stronger the temple stands.

Barry Meisel Gloria Meisel William Pollak May Rolle David Ruzow

Submissions should be e-mailed to Deadlines are the 5th of the month prior to the month of issue: September, October, November, December/January, February/March, April, May and June. Published by the congregants of Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester. Advertising Editor Proofreader

Hedy Simpson Leslie Aufieri Mel Wolfson





The Ladder April 2014  

Temple Beth El of Northern Westchester Bulletin - The Ladder - April 2014

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