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elcome to the Christmas edition of your Totally Stockport magazine, it’s packed with news so put the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy the read.


New plans for the Underbanks

With new openings and news of investment and development, Stockport can be assured of an exciting future.

A riddle solved with Nik Kershaw



Christmas gifts for £30

New Openings


Six new businesses in Stockport!


One Stockport


Working together for a better future

Christmas Trail


Virtual fun in Stockport



Three rosettes for Where The Light Gets In



Stockport’s Antique lighting emporium expands

Christmas in Merseyway



What’s happening in the market this Christmas?

Market Place Events


But please remember to visit Stockport safely: Hands, Face and Space - wash your hands regularly and use sanitizer; cover your face to protect yourself and others and respect the 2 metre rule.

What the team have been up to recently


BID News A focus on our own retail park

Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe and have a very healthy and happy new year


Peel Centre The Merseyway Giving Tree is back!

The Totally Stockport team




We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of living and, due to the restrictions introduced to protect us from coronavirus, we and our partners at Merseyway, Stockport Market and Stockport Council have been unable to bring you the fantastic events we had planned for you during in 2020. But, fingers tightly crossed, we will make next year’s events bigger and better than ever. But not even coronavirus can cancel Christmas! There are still so many reasons to visit Stockport town centre. Have a great day out and get in the Christmas spirit: we have created an exciting virtual Christmas trail using Augmented Reality – pullout the map and find out more on pages 14 & 15; and while you’re looking out for some surprising Christmas characters, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Merseyway Gift Tree and make someone else’s Christmas more special. The shops are full of sparkle ready to tempt you with gorgeous gifts and looking forward to welcoming you back - check out some great gift ideas on pages 8 & 9.





Open Door A new crisis centre opens in Stockport

Get In Touch If you have a story, news or an event in Stockport Town Centre why not drop us a line? www.totallystockport.co.uk paul.taylor@totallystockport.co.uk Tel: 0161 537 9382




Developers submit plans for Underbanks regeneration schemes D

evelopers behind town centre co-working space Profolk, Hall & Co, have submitted plans for a mix of residential and commercial property schemes in Stockport town centre. Hall & Co plan to bring a mixture of 86 apartments alongside flexible workspaces to ‘breathe life’ into the Underbanks neighbourhood of Stockport town centre. The family-run developers, based in Alderley Edge, recently completed a conversion of the Grade II listed Bank Chambers into the town centre’s Profolk – Stockport’s first dedicated co-working space. The Underbanks area of the town centre is currently undergoing significant investment from Stockport Council to improve the public realm. Hall & Co intend to redevelop four vacant sites with new buildings, offering ground floor commercial space for independent retail and expansion of the Profolk brand, as well as high-quality town centre living on the upper floors. Designed by Manchester based architects, Ollier Smurthwaite, apartment designs are sympathetic to new demands from homebuyers brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Communal roof gardens and semi-private planted courtyards will provide outside space for residents, and upper floor apartments will include Winter gardens, that can function as balconies, dining spaces or home offices. Jamie Hall, project director at Hall & Co Property, said: “Stockport has seen significant investment in recent months and the regeneration of the Underbanks is an important part of that wider picture. It’s home to an eclectic mix of independents and has a lot of historical significance, which has made it a popular destination. “The sites we’ll be redeveloping are all under-used and in need of extensive redevelopment – the works will improve the area aesthetically while helping to encourage footfall. It’s fantastic to be able to invest further in Stockport, supporting a thriving town centre.”

The sites we’ll be redeveloping are all under-used and in need of extensive redevelopment – the works will improve the area aesthetically while helping to encourage footfall


Free Christmas Parking! It has been announced that week-day street parking and parking in council-run car parks in Stockport Town Centre will be free after 2pm over the festive period. This will run from Monday 14th to Friday 31st December and will include both Merseyway and Redrock car parks. Parking at weekends and prior to 2pm will be subject to the standard charges. Does not apply to parking at Stockport Exchange.

The White Lion scoops award for housing conversion


he transformation of the former White Lion pub in Stockport town centre has been awarded the prize for Best Change of Use of an Existing Building at the LABC Building Excellence Awards for the North West. The LABC (Local Authority Building Control) represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales. The White Lion, a Grade II listed former pub on Great Underbank in Stockport, was transformed last year and is now home to eleven one and two bedroomed apartments, following a £2.4m investment by Trafford Housing Trust under the Laurus Homes brand, in partnership with Stockport Council. Sean Dooley, Project Manager at Trafford Housing Trust, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to receive this award, which recognises the quality of the build and the care that was taken to transform it from a pub that had been derelict for 10 years to one of Stockport’s most desirable addresses. “We were very keen to recognise the building’s original identity and preserve its history, so it was sympathetically restored. The grand staircase, original glass and unique turret room have all been preserved and finished in a modern design, whilst the original pub sign has also been incorporated into the development, giving a nod to the past and its former life.” The renovation of the White Lion forms part of the council’s £7 million investment in the Underbanks and Market Place to transform this unique and important part of Stockport Town Centre. Cllr David Meller, Cabinet Member for Economy and Regeneration at Stockport Council, said: “This is fantastic news – the hard work that has gone into bringing this historic building back to life and transforming it into one of the most sought after residential locations in Stockport town centre, has quite rightly, been recognised by external experts. 

TPD move into the Three Shires

“Thank you to everyone involved in this fantastic project and helping local people find homes which they can be proud of.” First granted a licence in the 14th century, the White Lion was originally a popular coaching inn on the main route in and out of Stockport and close to the only crossing point of the Mersey at Lancashire Bridge. The pub was rebuilt several times over the centuries and was re-fronted in a mock Tudor black and white style in 1823. The last major remodelling took place in 1904-06, giving the building its distinctive features it still carries today.    


tockport-based financial planning firm TPD Wealth Management has relocated into one of Stockport’s oldest listed buildings, 30 Great Underbank, otherwise known as the Three Shires. The announcement for TPD Wealth Management comes at a time where the grade II listed building has faced an extended vacancy following the previous tenant’s decision to move their business from the Stockport area, ending 140 years of legal office use. Estimated to have been built during the 15th or 16th Century according to a heritage statement commissioned by the current landlord – it is thought to be Stockport’s second oldest building. Lifelong Stockport resident and one of TPD Wealth Management’s directors, Tim Widdowson said: “The move into this long-standing heritage site at the heart of our community not only represents the next step for our firm, but begins the next chapter of this medieval building’s unique history – to say we’re are excited to take up residency here is a massive understatement! We look forward to welcoming our clients and their families to a rather unique office warming event when it is safe to do so.”


Nik Kershaw

How did it all start for Nik Kershaw? I started getting into music and playing music when I was about 13 or 14 and then it was just a case of being in school bands, after which I was in a functions band for about three years which was great training, playing everything from Irving Berlin to the Birdie Song but we eventually ran out of work so I spent about a year on the dole making demos. I hawked them around all the record companies and just got nowhere. I’ve still got all my rejection slips. As almost a last resort I advertised for management in Melody Maker and I got a call from a fella calling himself Mickey Modern who took me from there to getting a record deal and off I went. How long until the first single came out? Not that long, I don’t think. I think it was the beginning of 83 I signed the deal, we were making the album in the summer of that year and I think ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” came out in September. It wasn’t an immediate hit was it? It came and went until the beginning of 84 when the rollercoaster really started with ‘Wouldn’t It Be Good’ Yes. They reissued it in the Summer of 84. In those days there was a different deal really because record companies invested in artists and they built careers. So when we first released it and it only got to number 47 or whatever that wasn’t deemed to be a failure. It was a step in the right direction. And you did your first Top of the Pops, how did you deal with that? That was pretty surreal, ending up on a programme that I had watched religiously every Thursday night since I was about 14 or 15. I don’t remember much about it except for getting stopped by the police for jumping some traffic lights. I was in a little hire car because I didn’t have any money and it was quite interesting trying to explain to the police where I was going. But what everyone says about doing Top of the Pops is that when you watch it on telly you see all these masses of people in the studio but when you get there it’s about the size of my front room and there about ten people milling about. With the cameras nearly chopping their heads off. So after the reissue of ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ got to number two, your second album was released, The Riddle - a multi-platinum album - these must have been amazing times for a young man. Yes although I wasn’t that young, I was 26. But yes, my feet almost literally didn’t touch the ground for two years. It was incredibly exciting and rewarding - all the good things but it was also terrifying because no-one was really in control of anything. I wasn’t in control of my own image I wasn’t in control of the press it just snowballed, it had a momentum of it own. We released two albums in nine months which was a pretty nuts thing to do. I didn’t

Nik Kershaw has enjoyed huge success as both a performer and song-writer with solo hits with such as Wouldn’t It Be Good and I Won’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, while penning hits for artists such as Chesney Hawkes, Let Loose and The Hollies. We attempt to solve the riddle...


object to that, I went along with it but it seemed like a crazy thing to do. Was there a sense that it was never going to end or did you sit down and consider that the timeline might be finite? You are kind of surrounded by people who make you believe that it’s going to go on forever. I know all the words to The Riddle and I’ve spent the last 30 years trying to figure out what The Riddle is, can you put me out of my misery? Yes, as long as you don’t swear at me... Because the second album came so hot on the heels of the first one, I only had two weeks to write it which I did, other than Wide Boy which was an old song. I basically wrote The Riddle in about ten minutes - I usually take ages writing lyrics so I just wanted to get something started and into a position where we could start recording it the following week. So I just wrote a load of rhyming nonsense. When I got into the studio I put the guide vocal down - still all this nonsense - and I had several goes during the course of recording to come back and redo the lyrics but nobody really liked them - we ‘d got so used to the nonsense that anything else sounded wrong. No, you can’t say that Nik Kershaw. I’ve got it here, look.. “Near a tree by a river” that’s the river there... That’s actually the sea. I’m on a beach near Weymouth I think. Right, don’t say anything else...”there’s a hole in the ground” I’m assuming you’re in that hole.. and “the old man of Aran” going “around and around” is the dust on the needle. Ah, I see. How many of these did you sell? I dunno, about 500,000 in this country... So there are at least 500,000 people who’ve been trying to work this out for 36 years. I’m shattered, The trust is gone. But is it nonsense though? I might have been channelling something. I been re-watching Live Aid and you do look a little bit scared... Not as scared as I felt I’ve been working on my impressions so I’d like you to close your eyes and listen. Then I’d like to know how this makes you feel: “Here’s a young British artist who’s never had anything but hits. Live Aid, from London, will you welcome Nik Kershaw?!” Hahaha. I probably didn’t hear that at the time. All I remember is someone behind me pushing me onto the stage. I was just trying not to throw up. It was a fabulous day. I remember flying from


Battersea Heliport and landing in a field nearby where people were playing football, bizarrely. Then the limos took everyone to the conference centre, then we walked over to the stadium to meet Charles and Di and we sat in the Royal Box when Status Quo came on. Then I remember thinking ‘I’m going to be on a bit, what’s the protocol about leaving the Royal Box when Charles and Di are here, but fortunately they left quite early so I managed to get away. And then backstage there were three Portakabins that you could use for 20 minutes before going on stage and 20 minutes afterwards. They were the dressing rooms at Live Aid. I remember standing in this quadrangle outside my Portakabin talking to Sting about his first solo album. And I was stood at the side of the stage I hadn’t seen my crew, I didn’t know if my gear was on stage or if any of it was going to work . You’re aware of the fact that underneath the stage are people literally pushing it around because the motors had broken and the whole event was kind of stuck together with gaffer tape. And then I took a deep breath and walked on stage. It was literally like walking off a cliff. And once it was over and done with I could relax. I was sat in the Royal Box watching Queen and everybody who was there knew that that was a special moment. It’s been eight years since your last album so what’s inspired the new one, Oxymoron? No one thing, I was just aware of the fact that I better get myself in gear and do some work because I’d been faffing about gigging. I’d go into the studio every day and mess about and not really get much done, but then the germ of two or three tracks came together and I thought okay, I’ve started an album. But it was a long old process. Plenty of songs got written and dumped or broken up for salvage and the 16 tracks on the album are the ones that survived that assault course. We’ve been playing the single ‘From Cloudy Bay to Malibu’ a lot and while it seems to have a storytelling vibe, I daren’t ask you what it’s about because the trust has gone... I should say that I’ve never drunk my way around the World in one night, which is what this fella is doing. Most of the songs on the album have something to do with me because that’s the easiest thing to writer about. Where do you stand with touring in the current environment? Yes, 2020 has been postponed until 2021 so all the Summer festivals and those gigs have been put back 12 months. Hopefully we’ll get to do them but there’s not a promoter on the planet who’s brave enough to put a tour together. Nik’s new album ‘Oxymoron’ is out now

Fourteen for Thirty!










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rk Ma


nd mo



Presenting a collection of great gifts that you can pick up in Stockport for around £30. And don’t forget, a lot of the independent businesses in town offer gift vouchers too, a great way to keep your spending local!


m y H ilfi ge r Be


ie 9.

C y cl es Wate s rR an v ep E


le n


L a m b re t t

a W ee k

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ter natio nal T-s


Tes s


In ur



New Look Camel Teddy Coat £29.99


lov tG






m To


e s £ 3 0. 0 0

g ba

£ 27.9 9



S U S C Su pe rd ry






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l er

R iv



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as Tre p

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re Armor Lux

oo t £ 3 2.5 0

Old To


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H&M Flannel pyjamas £29.99


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w sn o

b o ots £ 2 9.




ca rf £ 30 .0





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f l e ju m af ey w p



New Openings

Ate Days A Week

8 Vernon St, Stockport SK1 1TY www.atedaysaweek.co.uk 0161 637 5050


te Days A Week is an exciting new venture which has recently opened on the site of the old chip shop on Warren Street, directly opposite The Glass Spider, also featured on these pages. For want of a better description, this gourmet sandwich shop is the brainchild of Andy James, former chef at Cane & Grain in the Northern Quarter. The hook is that all the dishes (as well as the shop itself) are punningly named after songs, so we have The Bartender & The Beef, Pie Of The Tiger and Don’t Go Bacon My Heart. The real unique selling point is not the quirky titling but the quality of the food. The first mentioned is not a mere beef sandwich but “Slow braised ale beef, red wine sautéed onions and Welsh rarebit on rosemary focaccia served with red wine gravy.” Pictured here is I Ham The Walrus which turns out to be “Honey roast pulled ham, piccalilli, fried egg and shoestring fries on rosemary focaccia.” Andy is keen to emphasise that this really is restaurant standard food in takeaway form, although there are plenty of seats in the funkily-designed space should you wish to eat in. The shop is also licensed, offering bespoke gin, courtesy of Stockport Gin, a range of beers and ciders and cocktails such as Strawberry Studios (White rum, strawberry, lime). The menu is divided into Sandwiches, Proper Meals, Pastry & Sweets and Breakfast/ Brunch, which is offered until 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Beautiful Ink

Evans Cycles



eautiful Ink in the marketplace looks like somewhere you might go for beauty treatment but owner Lisa Henning has shifted her focus since opening the business. As a distributor of pigments to the permanent make-up industry and the manufacturer and distributor of Botched Ink saline tattoo removal solution (a product she developed herself) she is busy enough but that is not to say she has no plans for the unit.The building serves as her office but her immediate plans involve the launch of the Cheshire T Club, who request that you “Join us for Glamour & Tonic”.

vans Cycles brand new Stockport store features the latest products from leading brands like Trek, Specialised, Cannondale, Brompton, Pinnacle, Raleigh, Castelli, GORE, FOX, and Endura. The store also comes complete with a fully equipped workshop and Shimano Service Centre - offering expert mechanical assistance and lightening quick turnarounds with Evans Cycles’ new 24 Hour Servicing Pledge. Customers also have access to Evans Cycles market-leading Ride to Work scheme. With Christmas just around the corner kid’s bikes are always in demand and the new store will stock the incredible value and lightweight HOY kids bike range. Gifts for adult cyclists come in the form of some of the best tech on the market from brands like Garmin and Wahoo, and customers can take their winter training indoors with smart turbo trainers from Wahoo and Tacx.

“I’ve always wanted to hold events that people could come to for a couple of hours, have a bit of fun then go for some dinner and drink afterwards. We’re going to be doing events called “In Conversation With” - we already have a few people lined up - some characters but I want more. They’ll be fun.” Lisa is thinking up other events for the Cheshire T Club such as Partner and Pal massaging events and a handbag auction, “fun things that anyone can get involved with. We’re driving this through the Facebook Group. We’re not going to advertise it here, you’ve got to know about it.” The basement area, designed with Botched Ink training classes in mind, is available for hire and the venue’s alcohol licence might help in that respect. “Despite everything, the business is the strongest its ever been and that’s why I’m looking forward to having fun with the Cheshire T Party.”

4 Market Place, Stockport SK1 1EW www.facebook.com/CheshireTClub

Unit 2, The Courts, Stockport SK1 1UD

Rare Mags

New Openings


are Mags are not a new addition to Hillgate but after just under two and half years in their original unit the business has trotted down the road to a much larger, double-fronted unit at 5, Lower Hillgate.

Owners Martin Wilson and Holly Carter were quick to jump when the larger shop became available, a fact which in itself pays testimony to what a success the pair have made of the business. If you have not visited yet, pop along. Rare Mags - as the name suggests - offer a fascinating range of 5 Lower Hillgate, Stockport SK1 1JQ magazines (as well as fiction and non-fiction books ) from www.raremags.co.uk around the world, ones you won’t find in any other shops 0161 222 3883 around these parts.


If you happen to be shopping for someone else, Rare Mags also stock a range of high-quality gifts such as cards, stationary, candles, pens and coffee, as well as six or 12 month subscriptions “We love magazines, and we love recommending new titles to our customers.” they explain, “The subscription service offers a finely curated set of titles for the magazine lover who wants to discover the best periodicals on offer. We also include small extras, goodies and gifts as and when we have things.” An extra benefit of the larger shop is a basement area which will ultimately play host to a variety of events and exhibitions, once normalcy is resumed.

Glass Spider


n the very recent past, 6 Vernon Street has been home to acclaimed vegan restaurant The Allotment and the undeniably weird, Viking-themed Vinebod. Now Joseph Patten has moved in and created The Glass Spider, an operation that is very definitely a pub. Joe has featured in these pages before, as owner of The Cracked Actor on Little Underbank and the naming of The Glass Spider is in the same David Bowie-related vein. Similarly, he has put together his latest venture with the same forensic attention to period detail, the period in this case being roughly a century ago. The Glass Spider is a remarkable time capsule of a pub, the only noticeable differences being a very modern selection of drinks and the lack of cigarette smoke. The most notable features are the two private booths which provide an ideal way to social distance from other drinkers, albeit that this was not the reason for them being there. Joe has also opened Breaking Glass Bottles, a small, exclusive off licence, next door which will specialise in hard to find beers.

6 Vernon St, Stockport SK1 1TY 07512 346283



New Openings

Old Town General Store

new independent lifestyle store has opened in the heart of Stockport Town Centre - the Old Town General Store.

Occupying a former hairdressers on Lower Hillgate, the Old Town General Store, opened at the end of October, offering a carefully curated and ever-changing range of men’s and women’s clothing, beauty, and lifestyle products, including some well-known brands and some being stocked in the town for the first time. The range of gifts on offer means this will be an ideal place for Christmas shopping and gift cards in £5 denominations can be bought online. The store has been opened by Tony Murray, a resident of Stockport who has previously worked

for such retail giants as Flannels, Harvey Nichols and Selfridge’s.

The General Store will be open to browse its collection Wednesday to Friday, 11am to 5pm, Saturdays 10am to 5pm, and Sundays 12pm to 4pm, and has a range of Covid-safe measures in place, including hand sanitiser available for customers. The Old Town General Store also operates an online shop to showcase its range and is offering free delivery for customers within six miles of the store. 24 Lower Hillgate, Stockport SK11JE www.oldtowngeneralstore.co.uk 0161 523 0229

Cherry Jam C

herry Jam, Stockport’s new feel good bar has jumped cocktail first into the ever-growing local night time economy. Cherry Jam is the latest venture by worldly cocktail maker, London bar owner and Britain’s Got Talent featured bar wizard Neil and his business partner Vicky. Neil, a fellow Stopfordian told us that he was incredibly proud to see what is going on in Stockport and wanted to “put his money where his mouth is” and jump into the ever-growing positivity and regeneration of the town he calls home. Cherry Jam is located on Mealhouse Brow which is turning into an incredibly exciting street in town with neighbours such as Plantshop, Good Rebel & All Night Flight Records. Cherry Jam is all about feeling good, letting your hair down, surrounding yourself with positivity and enjoying company with friends in a space that oozes flare and confidence. The bar will centre itself around a wide range of cocktails that are currently in the workshop and will be announced soon. There will be craft cans and bottles on sale with the cleverly marketed fridge that states “expensive 4, Mealhouse Brow, Stockport

beers in pretty cans” and draft beer including San Miguel, Carlsberg and Shed Head IPA. The space itself can seat 20 in socially-distancing conditions but with the vibrancy of brightly painted street art style walls, feel good lighting, indoor plants and a host of interesting touches such as a full functioning traffic light in the back corner, you won’t be missing any of the buzz. Prior to the second lockdown the bar served bottomless brunches at the weekend and food from the newly opened Ate Days a Week (see page 12) as well as offering a cocktail delivery service and gin afternoon teas. When some normality returns, the team at Cherry Jam have a variety of ideas up their sleeve, including Party Fridays, Musical Bingo and a greater selection of themed nights.


One Stockport


One Stockport campaign to build back better and stronger in coronavirus recovery T

he coronavirus pandemic has impacted on us all whether in the home, in our day-to-day living, our place of work, among our friends, our families and in our communities. But while restrictions brought about unprecedented change to our daily lives, we have seen communities coming together to help one another, to care for our more vulnerable neighbours. We have stayed closer to home and shopped locally and during the more severe period of lockdown earlier in the year, we discovered more about our local area by walking and cycling more. Some of us, our friends, family and colleagues have suffered from coronavirus and sadly some people have lost loved ones. Yet despite the sadness, there have also been some positives where our communities have become better connected, we have supported our local businesses and, because we have been working from home and been discouraged from traveling, we have adopted a more healthy lifestyle benefitting our overall wellbeing. We have a unique opportunity to harness our new-found sense of community and equality and to become united - as One Stockport.

One Stockport is an initiative conceived in partnership with representatives from across Stockport’s diverse communities, supported by Stockport Council. By working together as One Stockport we can build a better future for everyone by connecting communities, promoting health & well-being and supporting our local businesses. As the One Stockport story is told by everyone in our community, the campaign will grow; through a shared vision, we can all work together to build a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone. As One Stockport evolves, organisations will have the opportunity to work together, creating a sense of unity to support all aspects of the Stockport community, developing an even greater sense of pride among everyone. One Stockport belongs to everyone, where you can share your ideas, your news and stories and have your say on what is important to you and help shape the plan for the future of the Borough of Stockport. Read all the latest news from our local communities: www.onestockport.co.uk/news Please email getinvolved@onestockport.co.uk

One Stockport is supporting #adoptashop Spread the word to support your local businesses, protect your neighbourhood and its facilities 1. Name your three favourite local businesses 2. Support them with your £££s 3. Tag them in your social media posts 4. Ask three friends to do the same

#adoptashop created by Tim Carey in Dublin

Amazing people doing amazing things

8 year old James Maddock received praise from Sir David Attenborough for clearing up plastic from his local park

Local mum Sarah Pitfield launched Kids Community Closet – free clothing bundles for children

Being a proud Stockport business at the heart of the Borough, musicMagpie is delighted to have been part of the new ‘One Stockport‘ initiative. We are excited to see the town unite as we all look forward to restoring both business and consumer confidence after such a difficult time for so many people Steve Oliver, Chair of Stockport Economic Alliance and CEO of musicMagpie

Facebook: www.facebook.com/onestockport

Stockport’s Ate Days A Week provided free meals for children

Stockport Spiderman has set a target to raise £100,000 for the NHS

The One Stockport brand will be a big part of everything we do moving forward. Everyone can play a role in this from supporting local businesses, to volunteering in our communities and helping to make our borough more resilient. In essence, One Stockport is about working together. Cllr Elise Wilson, Leader of Stockport Council

Twitter: @OneStockport

Instagram: instagram.com/onestockport


Millie’s Trust wins first place in Vernon Community Awards 2020



ernon Building Society has announced this year’s winners of the Vernon Community Awards, sharing its £10,000 pot among 14 hugely deserving local organisations. The Vernon Community Awards celebrate Stockport’s amazing charity and not-for-profit sector and has donated over £80,000 to local good causes over the last eight years. This year Vernon had 66 entries, and the 14 finalists were chosen for their support of communities in Stockport and surrounding areas. Alexander Deakin, Marketing and Brand Manager, – pictured below – presented the building society’s first digital awards ceremony, and said: “This year’s awards were extra special, with the pandemic making it especially hard for organisations to fundraise. All 14 of our finalists are so deserving and we wish we could have celebrated their achievements in person. That wasn’t possible this year, so we did the next best thing. We screened a virtual awards ceremony with all the glitz, glam and Stockport spirit we could muster – dedicated to our amazing winners.”

Vernon launch Christmas Toy Appeal T

he Vernon has launched its Christmas Toy Appeal to help children supported by Cheadle-based charity, Together Trust.

The online fundraiser has been redesigned this year to be Covid-secure, while allowing people to help fund toys for vulnerable children across the North West. Instead of donating actual toys, a website has been set up for donations, and Vernon has pledged to contribute an additional £5 for every £5 or more donated (up to £5,000) to boost the number of Christmas presents that will be purchased for local kids in the appeal. Together Trust supports young people, adults and families with autism, a learning disability, physical disability, complex needs and emotional and behavioural difficulties. Last year over 1,100 brand new toys were donated across Vernon’s branches in the building society’s first ever toy appeal – and it’s hoping to do even better in 2020. How you can help: Visit www.wewillhelp.co.uk to donate and, for every £5 or more you give, Vernon will match it with an additional £5 (up to a maximum donation of £5,000).




for Where the Light Gets In F

ollowing the recent announcement that Stockport’s most acclaimed restaurant, Where The Light Gets In had received the 3 AA Rosette award we had a chat with Sam Buckley, owner and head chef and were immediately surprised to hear that he hadn’t been expecting the accolade. “No, not at all.” He insisted, “There are a few channels with Rosettes, you can send out and get training off them and things like that and bigger restaurants will always contact them and say look, we’re open come and see us, which you can’t do with Michelin at all but Rosette do have that communication channel.” Sam was also quick to highlight that they had not actively pursued any awards or titles as it was never a high priority for him or his team to get that classification but he remains extremely proud to have gained the award and agreed it is a great thing for Stockport to have such an award associated locally. During recent times, Sam and his staff have been expending a great deal of effort on a feeding local kids initiative. Sam was “enraged” about the government’s decision to not offer free school meals during half term and this

led to the restaurant feeding local people who were in need. “We’d make 150 baked potatoes and offer them with a new topping every day.” These included chilli, ratatouille and more. Sam is full of praise for the council’s efforts (with a special mention for Kathryn Rees) at mobilising and getting Heaton Norris Community Centre to help with the delivery and distribution of the freshly baked potatoes.

thing for us is ethical and regenerative farming and the quality that comes with it”.

In the future Sam has plans to start cooking lessons but in the current environment that of course is not possible. He explained his next idea of “targeting a few families at a time for six months, maybe one Sunday a month” to help share his culinary expertise and help them develop the skills of cooking. He emphasised wanting to “sit down, eat and open a bottle of wine” to share positive experiences with local people who need it most.

This led us to discuss The Landing - a community style allotment created by the WTLGI team on top of a Merseyway car park! The aim here is to grow food, use it in the restaurant and involve local people in food preparation from farm to table.

Sam is “well aware that [his] restaurant is not fixing the food problem at the bottom, so being able to help and getting involved in the community is great”. This is something he wrestles with personally and giving back is something high on his agenda for the future.

In more relaxed times, Sam is perfectly happy spending his spare time in the town, “When I’m In Stockport I’m in SK1 Records nearly everyday, it is an amazing record shop. I love Plantshop, I love Rare Mags, I love these new businesses that are taking a chance and have a bit of edge to them. I also love the Arden Arms for a pint and a sandwich”

When selecting ingredients Sam prioritises sustainability at the top of the list. He works with farmers across the country to handpick and curate produce that matches not only his environmentally conscious principles but also those of the customers that visit. “We work directly with farmers,” he told us, “the first

Sam puts special emphasis on the energy use in food production as this is a large indicator on how sustainable food really is - he believes the food miles argument is currently misunderstood in the public sector and that a focus needs to be redirected to production.

At the time of our chat, Sam and his team planned to have a four week rest, taking some space to reflect and to spend more time on The Landing.

As we know it is currently a difficult time for all businesses especially those in hospitality but Sam’s optimism about the future is something that all of us can get behind.

Workshop set to open S

et to open in January, the Merseyway Workshop is described by the people behind it as: “A community focused, inspiring place for innovation and collaboration. A DIY-style hub on Stockport’s pedestrianised high-street.” The Workshop will be a collaboration between community focussed design team Easy Peel Studio and social enterprise Plastic Shed and will see a 600+sq ft former shoe shop transformed by the team into a free and open space where the local community can make, learn, share and inspire. By coincidence both Easy Peel and Plastic Shed were looking for a high street retail space and both were shown around some empty spaces by the same person at CBRE. When both parties realised what the other was planning to do, a collaboration was inevitable. To get the ball rolling, the team launched a funding drive on Spacehive and were amazed to see their target of £2,988 reached in two days with an over-funding which will enable them to run more workshop experiences when the unit opens. The Workshop concept is that part of the ground floor space will be an exhibition area showcasing a variety of things which will change each month. The team already have a list of local artists and craftspeople who are interested in showcasing their work in the space. Another area will showcase products people can buy. On their own website Easy Peel have traditionally sold a variety of products crafted from wood, while Plastic Shed - whose raison d’etre is turning plastic waste into something useful - will begin by selling aprons made from old vinyl banners that they have collected from places like The Lowry. Such ban-

ners are very hard to recycle and would otherwise go to landfill. They will also be making things from shredded plastic which can be melted together to create a very workable product. Both parties are used to running workshops in their own right and such events will be a key feature of the community element of the Merseyway site. They see the ideal situation being that there are constant drop-in activities running so people could come in off the street and take part in something either low cost or free. And at the same time they could sign up for more in-depth workshops which would be happening in the upstairs space, once that area has been refurbished. Those workshops would be half a day or a day long and they might involve something such as designing and making your own stool. Other local artists will also be welcome to run their workshops here, with the team envisaging events that might include ceramics or music. As they worked on completing the Workshop, they were also taking steps to find out the sort of things that local people would want from the Workshop. In much the same way, Easy Peel’s Tom explains “Our first exhibition will be interactive, we’ll be creating a blank canvas which has our values on it, informing people of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it and encouraging people to add to it. We’d like it to become a public mural over time. It might even be colour coded...” An early recycling initiative at the Workshop is the bottle cap donation point, into which they would like the people of Stockport to deposit the detritus of their lockdown nights in. Who knows what they might be turned into! For more information and to perhaps grab yourself a Stockport-made Christmas present, visit: www.merseywayworkshop.com


Agapanthus Interiors A

ntique lighting specialists Agapanthus Interiors originally appeared in Stockport eight years ago, incongruously occupying the middle of the three shop fronts that formed Van Gogh Studios on Wellington Street. Come 2020 and the owners Tom Feeney and Zoe Rigby have used the first Lockdown to complete the expansion of their operation into both adjoining units, creating, in the process, one of the most striking shop fronts in Stockport. The pair met while working at Levenshulme Antiques Village and when they decided to open a business together, that was one of the first areas they considered. “We originally thought we should stay in Levenshulme” explains Tom, “I’d been there eight years, the house was there and because I had a strong local customer base, I thought I should stay there. But we were looking for a nice building and we stumbled across this just driving past it. Zoe said ‘that’s a gorgeous building’. Back then, before any regeneration had happened in this area, it was quite a brave step.” Zoe adds, “We needed high ceilings and a good shop front and we loved the architecture of Stockport too. The affordability was also important.”

When asked at what point they realised they would need to expand the premises, Tom replies immediately, “Day one. I had gone to school with the landlord’s son, so we had an agreement - a six year lease and we’d buy it off him afterwards. There was nothing in writing, we just shook hands. We opened in 2012 and he kept his word, so we ended up buying numbers 75 and 77 and number 79 we lease off Robinsons.” Once the pair owned the buildings, Robinsons happily agreed that they could knock through, which they did two years ago. The recent knock-through, from 77 into 75, completes the development. Tom explains the new layout... “Number 77 was the original unit. This is the main selling space. In the cellar below we have a huge store of glass shades and that cellar leads to the cellar of 75 which is the room where we store all our bobeche pans - they’re the glass drip pans for chandeliers and we have a huge collection of them. The cellar of 79 is the metalwork shop - all the grinding, welding, braising - all the dirty stuff goes on there. The front room upstairs in 77 is another sales space and in 79 it’s the boys’ workshop - Pete and Bob - where everything gets wired.”

Business Focus

In an interesting development, the first floor of 75 is being converted into a self-contained flat, as is the top floor of 75 and 77. “Our good friend Sam at Where The Light Gets in will be selling them as part of a package. He gets lots of international foodies who want somewhere nice to stay.” The recent expansion is a game-changer for the shop itself, although as Agapanthus sell their wares to a global customer base, they don’t necessarily need their Stockport shop front. “Our bricks and mortar are in Stockport” says Zoe, “ but we are completely international. Our pieces go all over the World.” And Tom admits, “It would have been easier if we’d just bought an industrial unit and sold everything online, but we love displaying the pieces and we wanted an old building to do it in. We wanted people to feel ‘this is what my light would look like in a room like this’” The core part of what Agapanthus do is the restoration of lighting, this is their unique selling point. “Most antique dealers who specialise in lighting don’t restore chandeliers because they feel like they’re missing out on a sale.” says Tom, “there really is only a handful of companies in the UK who restore lights. We always have done and it’s a big part of our business. We stock everything you could possibly need to restore a chandelier. So people can go to France,


find a little chandelier and we’ll sort it for them. We have two full-time restorers, Pete and Bob and Annabel as well.”

logistics. And we look at everything - then we buy what we love. We might come away with a light but we might also pick up some green stemmed wine glasses.”

While maintaining this focus on lighting, the newly enlarged space allows them to stock a greater range of items, that appeal to them, as Zoe explains, “It has let us hold more stock. We were getting more known for furniture so we’ve got more furniture in here now. Also I think it makes us more of a destination place.”

Because the pair will buy any piece of lighting that appeals to them, regardless of how much work might be needed to make it sellable, prices for chandeliers can vary widely, at the time of our visit we could have spent between £90 and £12,000 on such piece. “Some can turn out quite expensive because of the man hours that have gone into restoring it, Annabelle might spend half a day stripping it, Pete might clean it for half a day and Bob could spend a day wiring it.”

One of the first things the pair did on completion of the extension was go on a shopping trip for items to fill it. These trips, along with a network of trusted dealers around the continent, are a staple of the business and vital to sourcing their stock. “It’s very much the most enjoyable part of the job” admits Tom, “When you’re in Brittany and they’ll do a brocant (flea market) in the village. You may see a lot of Lego sets and odd shoes but they’ll do a little barbecue with merguez sausages and you’ll have some cider and go to the beach after. Those are the good bits. “The trick is to know every market. You could go to a flea market in Europe and spend all day there but the trick is to visit four or a five in a day so you have to be pretty good at

The style of lighting on display is impressively varied, with items from the 1880s up to the 1980s. Agapanthus also stock some new pieces, specifically for use in bathrooms and outdoors where an IP (Ingress Protection) rating is required for safety reasons, “It’s very hard to do that with antique lighting.” Tom and Zoe have realised their ambition of merging the three units and creating one of Stockport’s most beautiful shops but if you thought they might be finished, think again. You see, there’s this garden at the back.... (to be continued...)

77 Wellington St, Stockport SK1 1FE www.agapanthusinteriors.com 0161 429 9710


Merseyway’s Giving Tree d f is back! f d L

ast Christmas saw Merseyway launch its first ever Giving Tree, receiving over 1,000 gift donations for local children in need. Due to its phenomenal success, The Giving Tree has returned to the centre again this year until 13th December. Look out for the large white tree with its bright red tags in the covered mall outside Specsavers, please take a tag and purchase a gift if you can and help Merseyway ensure less fortunate children within the community receive a Christmas present this year. Every tag is bespoke to each child so you know that the gift you buy is something they’ve asked for on their Christmas list. 

df d



Merseyway’s Christmas Stars



o celebrate inspirational members of the local community in the runup to the festive season, Merseyway launched its Christmas Stars campaign last month. The centre received an overwhelming response with lots of people nominating friends, family, work colleagues, key workers and volunteers who they felt deserved to be rewarded for their kindness, resilience or creativity during 2020. Merseyway’s eight Christmas Stars will be announced in December and in addition to receiving a bespoke Christmas present from the centre, their names will feature on large gold stars as part of the centre’s Christmas decorations.


Christmas Shopping at Merseyway W

ith its mix of high street stores and independent retailers Merseyway has everything you need to get prepped and ready this Christmas. So whether you’re looking for gifts for loved ones, cards and wrapping paper, Christmas Day outfits, decorations or even your Christmas Day lunch, you’re sure to find everything you need at the centre. Merseyway’s Christmas Huts are back again this year, albeit on a slightly smaller scale, but they’re sure to get you in the Christmas spirit with their selection of festive food and unique gifts. And why not take a break from Christmas shopping at one of the centre’s cafés or eateries. With lots of options you can grab a festive treat on the go from Greggs, Sandwich Pound or Pound Bakery, enjoy a light bite at Costa Coffee, Coffee Island or McDonalds or nip over to Redrock, just a two minute walk away, and enjoy a meal at Zizzi, Pizza Express or Berretto Lounge. And with so much to remember, here’s Merseyway’s handy list to help …….   1.    Order the Turkey!  Don’t forget to order your festive centrepiece from Sterling Meat Co. at Merseyway or indulge this Christmas with one of their Family Celebration Deluxe Hampers for £95, complete with turkey breast joint, topside roast beef, pork loin, gammon joint and all the trimmings plus sausage and bacon for your Christmas Day breakfast!    2.    Stock up on sellotape! There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of sellotape in the middle of wrapping all those presents so stock up at WH Smith, Clintons or Card Factory.   3.    Selection Boxes Christmas isn’t Christmas without a selection box, pick up yours at Poundland at the centre. And while you’re there you can stock up on a whole host of Christmas decorations!   4.    Christmas Jumpers From cute cosy numbers featuring adorable polar bears and reindeer to fun slogan options with light up noses, kit out the family in festive knits from Primark. And a little reminder it’s Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children on 11 December 2020.   5.    A copy of the Radio Times  Plan your festive TV viewing and pick up a copy of the Radio Times bumper Christmas issue from Bhaji Newsagents at the centre.   6.    Christmas Music Get your soundtrack sorted with HMV and a copy of Now That’s What I Call Christmas.   7.    Christmas Beauty  Book in your Christmas nail and brow appointments at Merseyway’s beauty salon Lashious Beauty and relax on Christmas Eve ready for the big day with a bath bomb from Forever Love.    8.    Post your presents in time! Get presents sent in time to loved ones via the Post Office at Merseyway. Last dates for postage are 2nd class Friday 18 December; 1st class Monday 21st December   9.    Get those favourite shoes re-heeled Put your best foot forward this Christmas and make sure everyone’s shoes are looking their best at Timpsons.   10. Wellies for Boxing Day Walks Walk off that Christmas lunch on Boxing Day whatever the weather in a pair of wellies from one of shoe retailers including Deichmann, Clarks and Office.


Christmas in the Market Hall Head over to Stockport Market this Christmas and you could be in with a chance of WINNING one of 12 amazing prizes inside our Giant Advent Calendar!





ntry is completely FREE– simply visit Stockport Market and grab an entry form from any of our traders. Simply complete the form and pop it in the entry box next to our Giant Advent Calendar – winners will be selected at random each day to come into the market and see what’s behind the advent door! With prizes in excess of £150 each day this is definitely a competition not to be missed! Kate O’Brien, of the Market Traders Marketing & Events group said: “With all the challenges 2020 have brought for many people, we wanted to give something back to our loyal customers”.  Sam Pixton of Ted’s Cards agreed “Times are tough for everyone and we are hoping that this promotion will bring a little extra sparkle to Christmas for the lucky winners”. Winners will be selected at random starting on the 5th December, until Christmas Eve when the star prize of £500, donated by Stockport NMTF, to spend in the market hall is drawn. Entries are now open, with the first winner being drawn on Saturday 5th December.

d d

Stockport Market Hall Opening times: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 9am until 4.30pm The market hall will also open on Wednesday 23rd December

f d

The market hall will be closed for Christmas on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th December The market hall will also be closed on New Year’s Day




For more details, please visit: www.thestockportmarket.co.uk     Instagram : @thestockportmarket

Twitter : @theSKmarket Facebook : The Stockport Market





A Busy Few Since March the team at Totally Stockport have been busy supporting town centre businesses, helping them to reopen and get back to business We totally asked the audience Feedback from regular surveys have informed the Totally Stockport team who have answered questions and provided support and guidance

We’ve kept you informed Daily news updates posted on both the website and directly to bid levy payers via email notifications have ensured that business owners are kept up to date with the very latest changes to legislation and advice.

There was no missing Totally Stockport’s stay safe messages in the town centre It was important to remind visitors to the town centre of the new rules that apply to everyone. Mobile, digital advertising vans made sure the messages were delivered at the right time and in the right place.

We totally supported #RaiseTheBar The hospitality sector has been one of the hardest hit and continues to have restrictions imposed. Since launching in late April, the #RaiseTheBar campaign has gathered the support of BIDs across the UK and has secured cross-party support including from cabinet ministers and opposition leaders.

We created Totally Stockport Back to Business packs Totally Stockport’s ‘Back to Business’ packs helped business owners bounce back successfully and to reopen their premises safely, adhering to social distancing rules. Each pack contained hand sanitisers, window stickers, floor stickers, directional signage, tape and a printed ‘Back to Work’ Guide.

We’re ‘Open for Business’

We launched a totally new dedicated food & drink directory A new online directory dedicated to promoting Stockport town centre’s growing food & drink offering has been added to the Totally Stockport website. When fully populated, the directory will provide a great onestop source to seek out the bars, restaurants and cafés across Stockport. To list your business details on the new directory, please email info@totallystockport.co.uk and to find out about all the great venues waiting to welcome you back, visit www.totallystockport.co.uk/food-drink

As Government restrictions eased, businesses began to reopen so we added a new section to the website - ‘Open for Business’ to promote those businesses that have been able to reopen and to continue to trade as well as highlighting those businesses who have diversified and been inspired to create new enterprises. Following the most recent lockdown period, we have now also added a ‘click & collect’ option to Open for Business


Months for the BID! We hosted webinars to help you understand new regulations To ensure that businesses were compliant with new legislation, we hosted webinars for our levy payers delivered by local Health & Safety expert, Michelle Hay.

We’re keeping you and your business safe with Storenet Radio Storenet radio is an effective way to keep track of potential criminal engagement in the area. 65 businesses are already signed up to the scheme, sponsored by the BID. Businesses can report the whereabouts and movements of shoplifters, people causing public disorder and generally share intelligence. It costs businesses just £3 a week!  If you do not already have a Storenet radio, would like to join the scheme and take advantage of the discount, please email: info@ totallystockport.co.uk or call 0161 537 9382

Monday 15th June: Food & beverage retailers: This session was for food and drink retailers who wanted more information on the safe opening of their premises. Tuesday 16th June: How to conduct a risk assessment for your business. As well as putting measures in place to keep everyone safe by following the COVID-19 secure and safe guidelines, business owners must have taken the necessary steps to become COVID-19 secure in line with the current Health and Safety legislation. This included completing a risk assessment, something that very few of us had ever undertaken before.

We kept families entertained The Stockport Frogs took a giant leap into people’s homes to spread some froggy cheer to Stockport communities who got ready to share some new fun activities with fun ‘frogs at home’ packs. We invited residents to spawn a new frog trail from their own homes by putting pictures of their frogs in their windows.

Totally Stockport are totally supporting One Stockport

Totally new board appointment at Stockport’s Business Improvement District Totally Stockport has welcomed a new member to its board and reselected two directors to serve for a further term. Gabrielle (Gabs) Betley (left), store manager of Sainsburys in the town centre, was unanimously voted on to the board for the first time along with returning directors: Steve Oliver, CEO of Stockport based global tech-reseller musicMagpie (centre) and well-known, successful restaurateur Stephen Pilling (right). To find out more about how Totally Stockport is working for you and to find out how you can get involved, please email info@totallystockport.co.uk or call the office on 0161 537 9382

Follow us on: Facebook - facebook.com/totallystockport/ Instagram - totallystockport Twitter - @totallysk

By supporting local businesses we can help to rebuild our local economy; by building on the resilience and the support that has already been demonstrated we will all become better connected; and by building confidence and staying strong we can all work together to build back better and stronger. If you, your friends, your family, your business and your colleagues would like to be part of One Stockport, find out more at: www.onestockport.co.uk where you are free to use any of the assets to show your support for One Stockport.




The Range Selling a huge range of home, garden and leisure products, including furniture and kitchen equipment.



DFS A leading sofa & furniture retailer, offering exclusive brands including Dwell, French Connection, Sofables and Boxsit.

Currys/PC World Appliances, TV and audio, computers, gaming, cameras and smart tech. Currys is also home to a Carphone Warehouse

Home Bargains A wide range of high street brands, from health and beauty products to household goods, food, toys and much more.

The Peel Centre


SCS Chain retailer specialising in leather and fabric sofas, carpets, flooring and home furniture.


Dunelm Retailers of bedding, curtains and soft furnishings as well as kitchen equipment and homeware. The Stockport site also features a cafe





KFC It’s the world’s second-largest restaurant chain. You don’t need us to tell you anything about it.

5 18

Nando’s Not ‘technically’ a part of the Peel Centre but a major attraction, being one of the country’s favourite restaurant chains.



3 19

Shopping 7

Wilko A high-street chain selling household, DIY and homeware goods, including own-brand products.


Next The 22,500 sq ft unit allows for a generous amount of stock for men, women and kids.


TK Maxx + Home Sense Now offering a range of discounted designer clothes as well as a huge selection of items for the home



Gap Outlet Great savings on mens, womens and kids clothes from this world famous clothing and accessories retailer


14 13

New Look Founded in 1969, New Look have grown to over 500 outlets, offering clothes sourced from around the world.

15 17

12 The Peel Centre has been a major part of Stockport’s retail landscape since the late 1980s, before which the site had been home to, among other things, a power station and gas works!

11 10 9 8

One of the UK’s largest retail parks, it benefits hugely from its location on the M60, making it one of the most accessible parks in Manchester.



Hobbycraft Offering a huge range of arts and crafts supplies including, painting, paper craft, knitting, modelmaking and baking


H&M The total internal shop space at the Peel centre is a massive A world famous 333,000sq ft, the equivalent of four and half football retailer supplying on-trend clothing, swimwear, accespitches, with the largest unit being Matalan, closely sories & shoes followed by the recently opened Range and then Dunelm. (They used to be called These three outlets show the geographical spread of the Hennes & Mauritz)

Peel Centre, from the former, which sits off Corporation Street, 14 along Great Portwood Street and up St Mary’s Way to Boots Dunelm. All points of the centre provide access to car This outlets offers a parking, with over 1000 space available. baby changing room




Costa Coffee Britain’s beast known coffee chain offering hot drinks, iced coolers, sweet snacks and sandwiches. Check out their festive specials.

Matalan At 45,264 sq ft this is the Peel Centre’s largest unit and has its own car park. Crammed with fashion and homeware essentials

Argos Of all the Argos outlets there have been in Stockport, this was always the one where you could park right outside. A great benefit.

and an Instant Photo Kiosk, as well as Being by Sanctuary, Max Factor and No7 counters


Mental Health

Open Door Safe Haven Opens in Stockport


new mental health crisis centre has officially opened in Stockport town centre, after operating remotely for the past six months.

The Open Door Safe Haven in Princes Street offers the chance for face to face consultation and should have opened in April. But, due to lockdown, had to limit its support to telephone or video calls where it provided help and support to over 80 people with their unique struggles in managing how they feel inside and about what is happening in the world around them.

This new, free walk-in service provides immediate crisis management and emotional support to any resident of Stockport aged 18 and over. The virtual support will continue for those who wish it. With the current statistics telling us that 1 in 4 people will suffer with Mental Health, getting the right support in the right place at the right time is vital. Sarah, the Open Door Service Manager told us: “I feel so privileged in being able to open a dedicated service where there is no wrong door in seeking support. At Open Door, immediate help, advice and guidance is available for anybody, anytime, without having to wait. “We can’t ever say that we won’t need support with our own mental health. We hope that being able to just walk in and see somebody that day or deciding to make an appointment by calling or emailing, will make accessing support feel easy and safe.” Support group Man About a Dog said, “It’s good to see the centre open. One thing we’ve learned over the last six months is that you can’t beat face-to-face support.” The Safe Haven provides immediate crisis management and emotional support, structured guided self-help and computerised CBT, taking a person-centred approach to

hearing your needs and creating an action plan. You do not need a referral, you do not need to have accessed services before. If you are already known to services Safe Haven can work alongside them in supporting you and are also able to advise family and concerned others in navigating through accessing services. The service is not suitable for anyone requiring urgent medical treatment or someone who is acutely unwell and is not a replacement for specialist crisis services. Open Door was commissioned by Stockport CCG after extensive review and research of the current population needs. The CCG’s Mental Health Investment Plan identified access and crisis as key themes and approved additional investment to develop the new mental health crisis pathway. Drop in to learn more about what Open Door Safe Haven can do for you: 72-74 Prince’s Street Tel: 0161 549 9717 Crisis line: 0800 138 7276 Email: opendoorstockport@makingspace.co.uk Opening hours: Weekdays: 10am-8pm Saturday and Sundays: 12-8pm