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don’t know about you but I love all the different seasons. Last Spring Bank Holiday was the hottest on record; summer seemed to be a never-ending season of outdoor living and BBQs and autumn is bringing chilly mornings and bright days. But what we’re all really looking forward to now is winter and Stockport’s Winter Wonderland, more on that later!






The Big Day Out

The Totally Stockport Festival BIG Day Out attracted 000’s into the Plaza and the town centre where not even a few rain showers could dampen the spirits of the little Superheroes and Princesses queueing up to meet their own heroes – see if you can spot yourself on pages 8 & 9.


Sophie Ellis Bexter


Cherry Girls Wardrobe





8-9 18-19

Have you noticed how many new and quirky businesses are choosing to open in Stockport? Cafés and bistros, record shops, artists, gift shops and a gym are just a few of the most recent – read about them on pages 20 to 23.

Christmas is coming, starting in Merseyway when Stockport lights up for Christmas on 14th November; it’s Panto time with Sleeping Beauty at the Plaza; Christmas Huts are arriving in Merseyway and the Makers Market will be back to tempt you with tasty festive treats and gorgeous gifts.

We hope you enjoy reading about the great things happening in Stockport. If you haven’t been into town for a while, you are in for a big surprise. Visit our Christmas website - www. where you will find details of everything that is going on in Stockport. See you in 2019!

Gloves, hats and scarves. Superheroes in Stockport Sophie goes orchestral One year old!

180 years old! Follow the Ice Sculpture Trail

One of our oldest and most successful businesses is celebrating 180 years in Stockport – happy birthday Robinsons – cheers to the next 180 years!

Visit Stockport’s Winter Wonderland – bring your children (and children at heart) to meet the animatronic Polar Bear in Mersey Square. NEW to Stockport – 20 giant ice sculptures are creating a winter wonderland, Stockport’s first ever Ice Trial. Follow the trail, solve the puzzle, have a picture with your favourite sculpture.

Free WiFi comes to Stockport!



Christmas in Stockport


New Openings!


Business Awards


It’s Panto Time!


Christmas Food


What’s On

The Switch On headliners anounced!

Laco, The Warren, Casino 36, The Glass Umbrella, SK1 Records, Anytime Fitness, Stockport Dungeon and more to come!

Totally Stockport’s award winners Sleeping Beauty Comes to the Plaza The Supermarket’s Festive Food Offer A listing for the next three months

Get In Touch If you have a story, news or an event in Stockport Town Centre why not drop us a line? Tel: 0161 244 9896




News S

tockport is about to embark on an exciting new project to help improve opportunities for older adults to access regular physical activity. After a successful bid, Stockport will be part of the Active Ageing programme which is taking place across Greater Manchester. The Stockport programme is a partnership between Age UK Stockport, Life Leisure, Stockport Metropolitan Council and Stockport Homes.

Active Ageing in Stockport The Sport England funded project will help support inactive over 65’s to become more active at times in their lives when circumstances can mean that remaining physically active can be particularly challenging. The programme will involve the help of local volunteers who will support participants on the start of their journey to become more active. By providing support and information to individuals we hope to break down barriers that can prevent a lot of individuals from taking part in local activities.

No I can’t because I want to play football and go to Tai Chi! And that’s the way to be.”

Since joining one of the many activities that Life Leisure has to offer a participant talked about his busy social life: “You look at your calendar and it’ll be choca-block. They say can you come out today?

Age UK and the programme organisers are always on the lookout for Volunteers so please get in touch if you would like to find out how you could get involved.

Petersgate Tap Book Launch A s well as serving tasty ales, The Petersgate Tap has become a hub for the local community and on Thursday 27th September they hosted a book launch. ‘Landscapes’, a poetry anthology was unveiled and a number of poets were at the venue to read their work from the collection. Some poets were from the Stockport area but others had travelled from across the country to attend. It seems poetry knows no bounds!

Landscapes was edited and produced by Margaret Holbrook who hosts Open Mics at the Petersgate Tap alternate months. They take place on the first Wednesday of the even months. The next Open Mic will take place on December 5th. All events start at 7.30pm and are free to attend. Follow the Facebook page for more news and events:

Approximately one in four people who live in Stockport are over 60. Being physically active and socially engaged are important factors in enabling our population to stay independent and stay healthy. The need for a programme such as Active Ageing is important in order to allow local people to access local opportunities and stay socially connected.

Contact Details: 0161 480 1211



Giant Leap Forward for Stockport Frogs! A

unique Art Trail featuring 30 giant frogs is being billed as a Giant Leap Forward for Stockport and will be hopping into the town centre next year. From next June until the end of September, Stockport’s Business Improvement District, Totally Stockport, is celebrating Stockport’s future with the launch of a unique and engaging Art Trail, something that Stockport has never seen before. Stockport’s £1bn regeneration plan is set to pave the way for investment, development and growth. A giant leap forward for Stockport, creating exciting opportunities for business and a destination of choice for residents and visitors.

‘Stockport’s Giant Leap Forward’ showcasing Stockport.

30 giant frogs will be leaping onto giant lily pads strategically located throughout the town centre, creating an engaging and vibrant, outdoor art trail attracting thousands of people from across the region. People from all ages and backgrounds, from businesses, schools and community groups will be discovering the trail and exploring the town to seek out all 30 frogs. The Giant Leap Forward Art Trail is set to attract thousands of visitors to Stockport town centre, promoting Stockport and engaging with the local youth community – tomorrow’s giant leapers.

Sponsor a frog and get your business noticed

Businesses in Stockport have already leapt for-

ward to sponsor Stockport’s Giant Leap Forward and are leaping forward to claim their frog! Each frog is unique, designed by local businesses, schools and community groups. Each business will have the chance to design their own unique frog. It could be personalised for the business, in the company colurway and depicting their goods and services. Or it could be a design unrelated to their business. This is great opportunity to get your business noticed: outdoor advertising with a difference and a unique PR opportunity for your business across multi-channels.

You can find out more about Stockport’s Giant Leap Forward on the website - and watch the tadpoles morph into frogs as they are adopted by their sponsor. Frogs will be auctioned for charity in October 2019 to create a Giant Leap legacy fund to benefit Stockport. Whether you live, work, play or like to visit, this is an exciting project for everyone. If you would like to get involved, please email:

Free Wi-Fi gets Stockport connected Y

ou will soon be able to enjoy free WiFi in Stockport town centre as the Totally Stockport BID Company launches this new initiative, the first of a number of stages in the free Wi-Fi rollout. The Wi-Fi will be provided free to anyone who signs up keeping you connected whilst saving your own data! You can sign up for alerts about car parking, special offers and promotions from retailers in the town centre and be kept up-todate with news of events and initiatives. When visitors and shoppers enter the free town centre Wi-Fi zone that includes Merseyway, Prince’s Street, Market Place and Underbanks, ‘Totally Free WiFi’ will pop up on your mobile de-

vice. You will then be able to register for a free account through a simple form or social media login. Being a connected town will enrich the visitor experience and increase opportunities for the town centre to connect with visitors. Paul Taylor Bid Manager explains: “Being a connected town is so important in this age of social media and online communities. Giving visitors free Wi-Fi in the town centre provides yet another positive experience and a big benefit to shopping and coming into the town centre. Once we have a fully digitally connected town we can do so much more to enhance the visitor experience”

Wrapping Up They’re practical and they make great Christmas presents. Here we have a round up of the important winter accessories on offer in Stockport


Cable-knit hat £8.99

River Island

Ecru check print scarf £22.00

George @ ASDA Blue Chenille Scarf £7.00


Black and Camel Slim Scarf £16.00


London Harris Tweed Flat Cap £30

Sainsburys Harris Tweed Brown Gloves £18.00


Firetrap pompom scarf £28.00



Kids Pom Pom Bear Ear Bobble Hat £4.50



Eloise pom-pom beanie hat £21.99


Above: Fila bobble hat £ 5.99 Below: Adidas beanie hat £ 9.99

Primark Mothercare

santa beanie hat £6.00 - £6.80

Grey pom-pom Beanie £2.00


Mantaray - Grey fleece borg cuff gloves £10.00

Top Shop

Stud Floral Beanie £16.00

River Island

Light brown baker boy hat £20

The Totally Stockport A

nd how it rained! The glorious Summer we’d had was long forgotten as the heavens opened on the Big Day Out but did it dampen our spirits? No it didn’t! Mr Bloom returned to the Plaza with a brilliant performance and a spectacular stage set. The entertainment then moved to Mersey Square where hundreds of brave souls watched a Frozen Show followed by an amazing tribute to The Greatest Showman - the threesome even performed an impromptu encore in Merseyway! We also had more than our fair share of Superheroes around, ensuring that everyone went home with some interesting selfies and three of them later popped into the Wow Comic Boof Store on Underbank, to the amazement of the staff and customers!


The Big Day Out!



Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Interview In 2000 Sophie Ellis-Bexter was asked to provide vocals for a hitherto instrumental track called Groovejet by Spiller. The song is still the biggest selling vinyl single of the millennium and it launched a career that is still going strong. She spoke to Imagine FM’s Paul Willett about her latest project, an orchestral reworking of her hits

When I started in radio you were releasing Groovejet with Spiller and 18 years on you’re still going strong, what’s the secret? I’m a bit of a believer in serendipity and doing what feels right but the lovely thing about having songs that are successful is that you can work it all out on paper but there’s always something else that needs to work, something in the ether that’s left to chance and I love that. I’ve had songs where I’ve thought ‘oh my God this is one of my favourites, this is going to be amazing’ and it maybe hasn’t done as well as I was expecting or I might have had another song where I’ve thought ‘Well I like it but I don’t think this is going to be the one that works’ and then it’ll end up being something that does really well. The stars need to align... Your new song, ‘Love Is You’ is a very big disco track isn’t it? It’s got that Studio 54 sound.. You’re completely right, it’s actually from that era. It’s a song that was first sung by Carol Williams in the 70s. I’ve been working on an orchestral album coming out called the Song Diaries, which is orchestral version of my singles, so things like Murder on the Dancefloor, Take Me Home, Groovejet... all recorded with an orchestra and for a single I wanted something that would sum up that orchestral work but also reflect the disco element that we’ll be bringing to the stage in my tour. And the lovely thing about Love Is You is that it’s actually the song that Groovejet was originally sampled from... it sort of brings everything back full circle. So the album is essentially a Greatest Hits but with a twist... Yes, all the songs have been rerecorded with a full orchestra which was pretty indulgent but so much fun. Any time I’ve ever heard a string section playing

anything I’ve ever recorded it just feels so glorious, I feel like I could listen to it all day. There’s a lovely girl called Amy Langley who I’ve worked with over the years who’s done the arrangements to 16 of my songs. Is it all the singles? I haven’t done literally every one, I’ve done the ones where I thought they’d have something new come out of it. And it’s been really fun going in the studio to re-sing things like Murder on the Dancefloor which I first recorded when I was 21 I think, 22? And it’s strange being back in the booth with the headphones on and thinking ‘how do I want to do it this time?’ Did you find that difficult? No, I found it fun but there’s a hidden challenge really because firstly I’ve been singing them for yonks and also because sing them live they get pushed and pulled around and new things creep in over the years so when I’m back in the booth I have to think ‘what do I want to bring to it? Which of those elements work?’ Some of them we were really quite bold with, Murder on the Dancefloor for example was given a Spanish twist so it’s got foot stomps and handclaps and castanets and Spanish guitar. You’ve worked with some incredible producers haven’t you? You’ve worked with Ed Harcourt in the past but on this album you’ve also worked with David Arnold... Yes. He’s someone that anyone who likes music big and bold and orchestral will be aware of. He’s done Bond themes! He knows his way around the dramas an orchestra can bring. And this is the third record on which I’ve worked with Ed. He’s a friend who happens to be an incredible talented musician and in fact Amy who did the arrangements is his sister-in-law and Ed’s wife - Amy’s

sister - Gita plays on the album too. As much as I can, I work with friends. You’re going to be performing with a 30 piece orchestra behind you, that must be a real buzz.. It’s pretty indulgent isn’t it? It’s funny because people have been asking if I’m nervous about having this massive orchestra, ‘what if you make a mistake?’ But actually, no. I don’t think they need me to turn up. It would still sound nice if I wasn’t there. How do you balance promoting, performing and recording with being a parent, because it’s not just one or two children is it? It’s four. And another on the way! I love family life and love the chaos of it. So although Richard and I have pretty bonkers jobs that are sometimes quite an unusual shape, in our home life I try and keep things as consistent and constant as possible. We do it the same way as any working parent really, you get amazing childcare, you call in favours from grandparents and sometimes you just wing it. Does the album have a release date? Yes, January 11th, which is also my due date. That’s pretty intense isn’t it?


Cherry Girls

Wardrobe H

ave you discovered Cherry Girls Wardrobe yet? An absolute treasure trove of 50’s inspired fashion, Cherry’s is celebrating 12 months in Stockport. Centrally located in the heart of Stockport’s historic quarter on Little Underbank, Cherry’s is just a few steps from Stockport’s iconic Victorian market place, a stone’s throw from St Mary’s Church and a short walk from the Red Rock leisure complex. Cherry Girl’s Wardrobe is the perfect mix of the old and new. A haven of 50’s inspired clothing, new fabrics and funky prints. Hand picked classic styled dresses, tops, jumpers, blouses, skirts and Freddie’s of Pinewood jeans, Cherry’s is a haven for fashionistas everywhere as all items are available in sizes from 8 to 22. Lot’s of accessories are ready to be snatched up to complement any outfit, including hair flowers, head scarves, vintage and retro jewellery. Behind this fabulous retail heaven is owner Donna who is living her dream: “I was introduced to the rock and roll music of the 1950’s when I met my partner 21 years ago. He loved the 50’s music so the first chance he got, he took me to see a live band performing. I loved the way all the ladies looked so fabulous and the dresses were so gorgeous. This began my love of the 1950’s style. “It was at a weekend event when a chance conversation with friends sowed the seed of an idea about having my own shop. We had all had bad experiences of buying online. At the time, my idea was laughed off as impossible. “3 years later I was pregnant and excited about being a mum but, with the limited childcare options I had, I reluctantly left the job I loved. But now what to do? Self employment seemed like the only option, where I could choose my own hours, work on my own terms. The perfect solution..... but what to do? Then came my light bulb moment. The conversation with friends years before. That’s it - open my own shop…


“So in April 2017 Cherry Girl’s Wardrobe was born. Quite quickly I began to out-grow the shop I had a section in and it was time to find my own permanent premises. I am born and raised in Stockport so it was only natural to look within the town I loved. There were and still are lot’s of changes going on in Stockport, all for the good, and I wanted to be in the heart of the excitement. So. in December 2017, I moved to 34 Little Underbank in the heart of the old town.” For Donna, Cherry’s is all about giving her customers the opportunity to feel like a woman in clothes that flatter your shape. Here you can enhance your waist with a circle skirt and petticoat or embrace your curves and show them off in a wiggle dress, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Cherry’s - along with good old fashioned shopping, in a shop where you can try before you buy, with friendly, honest advice and helpful customer service. Donna added: “I am just about to celebrate my 1st birthday in Stockport. I have met lot’s of lovely ladies young and old from all walks of life but all have one thing in common: they all want to wear a flattering outfit and feel fabulous. “In the time I have been here I have noticed that there is a lot of excitement about the Underbanks and the Market Place. I have already seen the area come to life with more independent shops opening. I’m excited for the future, for me to build my business and to watch Stockport flourish around me. “Pop in and say hello, you will be most welcome.” Cherry Girl’s Wardrobe, 34 Little Underbank SK1 1JT




Robinsons Reach


After 180 years, Robinsons Brewery still stands as one of the oldest and most respected brewers in the North West. A rare example of a business which has been run by the same family since 1838; and one that continues under the helm of the sixth generation of Robinsons today.

This multi-million-pound empire was born from a sawdust-and-spittoon ale house on September 29th 1838 when an ordinary man called William Robinson, a cotton weaver of modest means, purchased a small pub called the Unicorn Inn on Lower Hillgate in Stockport.

Above: The team at Robinsons celebrated in the award winning Visitor Centre, an incredible venue for conferences, presentations, corporate events, and of course, momentous birthdays! Left: Company founder Frederic Robinson and his wife Emma

His sons Frederic and George were the first to brew beer in 1859. With the popularity of Robinsons’ ales growing throughout the remainder of the late 19th century, Frederic decided to expand his brewing to become a wholesaler; after all, in the late 1800’s an average of 22 gallons of beer per person was being drunk each year! But the Robinsons story didn’t end there… on the contrary, the history of this quintessential British brewer is one of the most interesting stories in modern business… but you’ll have to pay a visit to their state-of-the-art brewhouse and Visitors Centre in Stockport to learn the whole story (plus enjoy a pint of your favourite Robinsons beer, brewed on-site).

Today, Robinsons is known across the country for owning over 260 pubs across Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and Wales and globally thanks to award-winning beers such as Old Tom, Dizzy Blonde, Unicorn and, of course, TROOPER; a collaboration with Iron Maiden which has propelled Robinsons’ name across the world.

William Robinson, Managing Director (Pub Division) said: “180 years is an amazing milestone in our history. In that time we have acquired a rich and diverse pub estate that we continue to invest in and will continue to do so for our licensees and customers to have the very best pubs at the heart of their communities.” Oliver Robinson, Managing Director (Beer Division) continued: “At the heart of everything we do, we keep to the ethos that our family has always strived for: creating brilliant beer for brilliant pubs. Despite our rich heritage, we do not rest on our laurels and we will continue to push new and innovative ideas to the forefront of our business for many generations to come.” Despite Robinsons long and varied history, one things remains the same; their commitment to outstanding beers and pubs throughout the UK. Here’s to 180 more years!



Christmas Light Switch On

The Greatest Show in Store at Merseyway


he Stockport Christmas light switch on has a reputation as being one of the very best in the North West and Stockport’s biggest event of the year. This year is no exception.

Soul singer Lemar tops the bill and will treat us to some of his 7 top 10 hits including ‘Dance with U’ and ‘Is there any justice in the world’ in what promises to be an outstanding line up. The packed show also includes Britain’s Got Talent’s Ronan Parke along with a tribute to the Greatest Showman Show, Jazz from Alexander Stewart, a touch of opera from local soprano and The Voice contestant Scarlett Quigley and The Snowflake Sisters, plus a host of local acts. This year we will also be joined by BBC and premier league favourites Super Movers Crew. It all takes place in Stockport’s Merseyway Shopping Centre on Wednesday 14th November. The fun packed show begins at 3.30 pm with the Christmas light switch on at 7pm. Bring your family and friends along and, as usual, expect snow and plenty of extra surprises.

Lemar headlining!


Stockport’s Christmas Ice Trail T

his year’s Christmas theme is a Winter Wonderland. We can all dream of a White Christmas but it’s going to be a very icy Decemb er in Stockport town centre this Christmas!

You can be sure of a big surprise when an animatronic Polar Bear steps out on Mersey Square for each of the five Saturday’s leading up to Christmas. A great opportunity to bring the whole family, have a selfie and share your pictures online – upload them online using the hashtag - #stcockportchristmas2018. On Saturday 15th and Saturday 22nd December Giant Ice Sculptures will create the first ever Stockport Ice Trail. Come along and see a giant ice sculpture being carved out of the biggest ice cube you will have ever seen! Each weekend 10 giant ice sculptures will form an Ice Trail around the town centre at St Peter’s Square, Mersey Square, Merseyway, Suffragette Square at Redrock, Light cinema, Peel Centre, Market Place, Stockport Exchange, Great Underbank outside NatWest, and at Warren Street bridge. Free parking for pass holders on 6th floor at Heaton Lane until 31st December – www.totallystockport. /

Christmas Huts Back in Merseyway O

nce again the Christmas cabins are back in the Merseyway Shopping Centre and they are excitedly planning an even bigger and better array of Christmas treats and gifts this festive season. From 17th November until Christmas Eve, the Christmas Huts in Merseyway will be serving tasty Yorkshire pudding wraps, Mulled wine & Baileys Hot chocolate, Haloumi Fries and Bubble Waffles at the Nutella house. Choose your Personalised Christmas Decorations and Personalised Christmas cards; select gift sets and hampers by the Cheshire cheese company and make memories with a photo in the Giant walk in Snowglobe. The award winning Lord of the Pies will leave you spoilt for choice with their popular best sellers along with some unique fillings. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few German delicacies and this year you can look forward

to German Schokokusse & Gingerbread and a Giant German swinging Grill will be serving Traditional bratwurst and Krakow sausages. Get all your elf on the shelf needs at the Christmas shop cabin. There will also be some craft traders this year selling handmade jewellery, crystals and fossils.


MORE NEW OPENINGS IN STOCKPORT! So much is happening in Stockport right now, it’s hard to know where to begin to introduce all the new and exciting businesses who have chosen Stockport town centre as the perfect location for their new ventures.There’s a new attraction too, Stockport’s Dungeons – step back in time and take in a little of Stockport’s past. Let’s make sure we support all the businesses in Stockport. They have all worked so hard to get here, let’s make sure they are a big success and remain at the heart of Stockport’s future.

The Warren S

tockport is bursting with artistic talent and The Warren is another perfect place to showcase the work of local artists and makers. The Warren is a new emporium on Stockport Market Place, the vision of Karen Bickley who has been trading around the Makers Markets of Greater Manchester as Smash & Grab Paper Craft for the last 18 months. Born and bred in Stockport, Karen couldn’t wait to bring a collection of local talents such as photographer Ben Sedman and Stockport artist Lucy Burgess to the stunning historic area of the Market Place and has created a truly unique gift store, offering everything from greetings cards, jewellery and homeware to one-off original artworks and prints. Now also open on Sundays from 11am to 4pm. And, as it’s really not too early to mention the ‘C’ word, The Warren is a haven for Christmas gifts and stocking fillers too so make sure it is on your shopping list. Keep up with all the news from The Warren at their Facebook page:

Glass Umbrella Art T

here are fewer more delightful locations for an artist than the magnificent and historic Stockport Market Hall in the Market Place. Glass Umbrella Art references the covered market’s Victorian nickname, ‘The Glass Umbrella’ and is the new home of Stockport artists Kate O’Brien and her colleague Chris Quirk. The market place area of Stockport is full of beautiful, historic buildings and with a range of exciting new businesses opening there, it is the perfect location for the artists’ shop. Decorating the walls are striking works of art by Kate, Chris and handpicked local artisans, showcasing incredible artistic talent. Kate O’Brien Art depicts scenes and architecture around Stockport, but with a unique spin. She uses saturated, vivid colours and bleeding lines to create a distinctive atmosphere in her work. Complementing this is Only Three Colours by Chris Quirk. Chris is the only artist worldwide to use a palette of just the printers’ colours of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to produce distinct abstract canvases and prints, as well as a range of gifts. Glass Umbrella Art is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am-4.30pm.



Anytime Fitness I

s it just me, or are we all leading increasingly busy lives? When was the last time you had ‘time’ to go to the gym? Perhaps you couldn’t fit it in to your working week and your weekends are taken up with home, the family and leisure. Well, since Anytime Fitness has opened in Stockport, your excuses may have just run out! As it says on the tin, Anytime Fitness is just that with access to all the club facilities in Stockport 24 hours every day, 7 days a week. Anytime Fitness Stockport is on Lawrence Street in the centre of Stockport and opened earlier this year to provide a training facility for those seeking a new gym experience. It’s easy to keep up with your fitness programme too via their exclusive workout App. The Anytime Workouts App has over 1,100 workouts to inspire your training plans and help you to achieve your fitness goals. Members can easily plan and log their workouts and also see how much they are using the club. A key motivational tool. Members of Anytime Fitness in Stockport can also access the 4000 plus clubs worldwide. Perfect for those commuting with work or taking a holiday outside of the U.K. With the club being membership only and capped at 1,200 members there is never a chance of not being able to get your workout done. The club has the latest equipment and offers over more than 100 classes in the Studio. Contact: or call 0161 850 3247

SK1 Records



f you haven’t visited The Underbanks area of Stockport recently then you are severely missing out on yet another hidden gem joining the ‘Indies of Underbank’. SK1 Records is a small, but beautifully formed independent record and coffee shop run by Joe McBride – aka Synko – and his partner Yasmin Lever. After more than 10 years of collecting records, the shop is an an extension of Joe’s personal collection specialising in electronic music of all kinds as well as Soundtracks and Library music. However, there should be something for everyone as SK1 Records house a vast collection of genres and plenty of cheap gems for the crate diggers. Check out their Facebook page for news and events

Laco Café and Bistro B

ringing ever more culinary treats and superb tastes to the historic Underbanks area is the delightful Laco Café & Bistro.

Adding to the swell of quirky, independents and the burgeoning unique and artisan culture of the area, Laco is run by young couple, Laura and Cosmin (hence the name “LACO”) whose enthusiasm is matched by the simply stunning plates of food served to their visitors. “We are very passionate about good food and coffee and it has always been our dream to open our own little coffee shop. We’ve searched for the perfect space for nearly 2 years and we were walking one day on Little Underbank and fell in love with the street. “We truly believe Stockport has a lot to offer and the community spirit has been amazing. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect ingredients to create our menu and we try using as much local produce as possible. We use the Market Place for fresh veggies, Trove Bakery for bread, Hopewall Farm in Poynton for milk, eggs and other dairy products and for our coffee we use our own special blend made by Limini Coffee, where the beans are roasted in Yorkshire. “We cook everything from scratch and focus very much on quality. Our best seller has been the New Yorker toasties, where we use beef brisket slow cooked in the oven for 6 hours, together with our special 3 cheese blend, saurkraut and caramelised onions, all made in house as well, the best combination ever.” Speaking from first-hand experience, their breakfast and brunch items are divine: the Classic Full English is as far away from a ‘greasy spoon’ as you can get; I love the Eggs Benedict and their smashed avocado on sourdough? Delicious! With a great selection of freshly made sandwiches, salads and soups for lunch, this is one place you won’t want to miss. Pop in and give them a try, you won’t regret it! Check out their Facebook page:


Stockport Dungeons

tockport Heritage Trust have recently leased this quirky and unique building from the owners, The Guinness Partnership for use as a tourist attraction. The ground floor housed the Court Leet, which was held twice a year, and was also used for the administration of the market. The dungeon, or lock up, was on the lower floor and prisoners would be held here awaiting appearance before the Court Leet or, in more serious cases, pending removal to the Chester or Lancaster Assizes for trial.    Only two of the five dungeon cells now remain and entry to one of these can be gained from this building. 

From this cell, visitors can look through a hole in the ancient wall into the other one, a barrel-vaulted chamber that can be accessed only from Mealhouse Brow. It is now open to the public on the second Saturday of every month, as well as for special events run by the Trust. Admission is free but any donations to the Trust, a registered charity run solely by volunteers, would be welcome. The dungeons will be open on Saturday November 10th and Saturday December 8th. Check out the details on the Stockport Heritage Trust Group’s Facebook page.


Casino 36 M

ark Scorah is the manager of Casino 36, an operation that turns out to be named after its address on St Petersgate, rather than after the numbers on a roulette wheel. The owners of the casino have two other venues, both in the Midlands but Stockport came first, being acquired by the current owners nine years ago. The casino itself however, is celebrating its 15th birthday and the present bestowed on it has been a half million pound refurbishment. “It was looking a bit tired after 15 years but they’ve done a really good job.” says Mark. Cosmetically, the building has been given a complete face-lift - and possibly Stockport’s best smoking area - but the money hasn’t all gone on prettify-


ing the place, “We have also installed brand new, state-of-the-art tables and machines. Technology is moving forward all the time and you need to keep up with it.” Casino 36 is spread over two floors. Downstairs is the live gaming floor - meaning the gaming tables at which the croupiers work, while upstairs is primarily slots and electronic gaming. This first floor is open for business at midday and two hours later the croupiers come on shift and a roulette and blackjack table are opened. The busiest period is between 10pm and 3am but the casino continues to operate until at 6am. The casino has two types of membership - both free - Full and Threshold. The latter caters for walkup customers, “If you look 21 you don’t have to show ID to join but you’re limited to what you can spend” explains Mark The Casino has amassed 30,000 members to date and according to Mark, they’re a good bunch. “I’ve been in the industry since 1982 and of all the casinos I’ve worked in, this is probably the most relaxed.” In the live gaming area there are four American Roulette tables, two blackjack tables and a three card poker table, but Mark continues to stress that you don’t need to gamble to enjoy a night out here, “You can just come in for a drink. We get a lot of people who work until late at night, in pubs, restaurants, takeaways - a lot of them will pop in for a drink because there’s nowhere else open at that time.” They could also pop in for a bite to eat because Casino 36 has a good range of bar snacks too, offering food such as burgers, salads and wraps. Recently launched is the Sunday Slots Club, which runs between 3pm-5pm and offers a free buffet and a prize draw. The Casino also run a £1000 prize draw event - members are given a ticket on each visit and winning tickets are drawn out at special event, again with a free buffet on offer!


Hoping to open at the end of October (unfortunately after we went to press) and returning to Stockport is the Angel Inn. Currently undergoing drastic restoration, the Angel Inn is returning to the historic Market Place as a public house. Proud of Stockport’s psychedelic history, the new owner’s first known opening of the Angel at the former Seven Miles Out spans as far back as the 1600’s when Angel Yard was a

part of Stockport’s red-light district. While the new Angel Inn is contemporary in its décor, it is also sympathetic to the history of the building, retaining the original 16th century beams within the snug area and music room where live performances will be a regular feature. The bar will be unique in its offering of German beers exclusive to The Angel from Furstenburg to Weihenstephan to ABK. A range of 6 various and rotating cask ales and

an extensive range of wines, gins and other spirits is certain to keep their customers coming back for more. A Beer Garden and outdoor seating area is accessed from the French windows.

Print Room Café

Another little gem is opening on Underbank next to SK1 Records and we can’t wait to visit!



Stockport town centre businesses winners at annual awards S

tockport has long been home to many well established, award winning and successful businesses, many of who have been here in the town centre for many generations. In October Robinsons Brewery celebrated 180 years in Stockport and 6 generations, care-takers of the brewery in readiness for future generations – read more about their birthday celebrations on pages 14 and 15. Now in its 7th year, the Stockport Business Awards have become a firm annual fixture being hosted in the iconic town hall ballroom where many of the younger businesses are also being celebrated, including four who are based within Stockport town centre’s Business Improvement District – Totally Stockport. Excellence in CSR was awarded to Stockport Homes; Most Promising Young Business went to Tramp Hair Boutique; Business of the Year (up to £1m), sponsored by Totally Stockport member Orbit Developments was won by the very unique team at Agapanthus Interiors and Business of the Year (£1-5m) award, sponsored by fellow BID member Gorvins Solicitors was presented to Regent House based Grassroots Recruitment Congratulations to all the winners!

Stockport Council rebrands Events team J

ust over 18 months ago, the Events team at Stockport Council didn’t exist. In June 2017, the wheels were put in motion to rebrand Stockport Council’s ‘Venue Management’ team as ‘Stockport Events: Venues of Distinction’. With new branding, brochures, a new website and new venues added to their portfolio, it has been a busy 18 months. The team of dedicated coordinators have over 80 years’ experience within the Events Industry where customer experience is their primary focus. Whatever the occasion, the team will find the perfect venue: from the Historic Bramall Hall to the instantly iconic Stockport Town Hall to the newly licensed Chadkirk Chapel. Stockport Events are open for business and can cater for a wide variety of needs. Whether it’s a joyous Wedding, happy Birthday, quiet Christening, special Anniversary or a post-funeral gathering, the team will be sympathetic to your circumstances and your requirements. Stockport Town Hall is an ideal venue for Corporate Events too. Whether it’s a conference in the chamber meeting rooms, an awards evening in the ballroom or for your office Christmas Party, call the team on 0161 474 3451 or email


Sleeping Beauty at Stockport Plaza


tockport Plaza has become the North West’s home for the greatest in festive family pantomime entertainment with packed performances thrilling audiences of all ages with an affordable yule tide treat that is perfect for all ages to enjoy.

This year’s sensational pantomime family treat Sleeping Beauty stars Ted Robbins alongside Claire King ready to magically transport audiences of all ages to the magical world of Pantoland over the festive season! New faces on The Plaza stage include Robert Laughlin who joins the cast this year as King Ferdinand to add to his repertoire of pantomime characters including The Emperor of China and most recently King Rat. Alongside Robert our beautiful Sleeping Beauty is making her debut as a member of The Plaza pantomime cast and this titular role will be played by Anne lies Williams who with her varied career in filming and musical theatre is perfect for this wonderful role. Returning to the Plaza is the magnificent and very funny Bradley Thompson, a huge hit with Plaza audiences with his loveable charm and perfect comic timing. Audiences will once again be in raptures as he adds colour and fun to the role of Jangles the Jester. Another familiar face to The Plaza stage is Shelly Anne Rivers who returns to our stage as the Lilac Fairy. With her magnificent stage presence and stunning vocal range she will astound audiences. Our final new face to the Plaza stage is the handsome Aston Dobson an amazing actor who as our dashing Prince will win

the hearts of not only Sleeping Beauty but also our wonderful pantomime audience.

Claire King, a television and theatre star loved by millions, last appeared at The Plaza after the venue had its restoration in 2009 and recently returned to our screens as Kim Tate in Emmerdale. Claire will be playing the ultimate nasty role of Carabosse - The Wicked Fairy, a role that we know she will relish if the reaction of the invited audience at a recent Pantomime launch is anything to go by as they cheered and boo’d in perfect timing and on cue with this versatile magnificent actress who has starred in Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Bad Girls to name just a few of her awe inspiring list of roles. Finally, the much loved Ted Robbins who has a career that spans almost 40 years will delight our audience with his flamboyant role as Dame Queen - Hermione, making a very welcome return to The Plaza stage where he has starred for what will now be 3 block busting family pantomimes. Ted has an amazing biography and has starred in Phoenix Nights as Den Perry, was ‘The Governor’ in CBBC’s popular children’s series ‘The Slammer’ and for one year stepped away from being one of the nation’s greatest Pantomime Dames to appear on the cobbles of Weatherfield in Coronation Street. With a stella cast, sumptuous costumes, a magnificent dragon and staging that ensures that everyone enjoys the greatest affordable family pantomime experience that only The Plaza can provide, this production of Sleeping Beauty is an absolute must for your festive treats as it is only at Pantomime that all ages can come together and share a heart-warming memory that will last a lifetime....oh yes it will!


Don’t leave your Christmas essentials to the last minute. The two big supermarkets in the centre of Stockport are ready to provide you with everything you want right now! Some of the products shown here need to be ordered, so even more reason to get started!

(Clockwise from top left) Vietnamese Rainbow Rolls Brunch Muffins & Salmon Blinis Pork, Turkey, Apple and Cranberry Sausage Roll Wreath Mushroomand Chestnut Nut Roast with Cranberry Star Butter (Vegan) Jewel Topped Cake Vegan Cheese Board Reindeer Cake Turkey Parcel with Spiced Apricot Stuffing

Food & Drink

(Clockwise from top right) Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Seed Bake Stollen Mince Pies Truffled Cauliflower Cheese En-Croute Hidden Centre Chocolate Cake Taste the Difference Cheeses Unsmoked Gammon with a Pomegranate Fizz Glaze Cheddar & Ale Bake Dressed Side of Salmon


What’s On Sat 3 November 7.30pm

Sat 10 November 7.45pm

Stockport Plaza The Campest Cult Classic of all time gets the Singalonga treatment! Featuring the film, starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Meatloaf and Richard O’Brien, it’s the most outrageous, riotous, kitsch, wonderful romp ever. The evening begins with your host leading a vocal warm-up before they show you how to use your free interactive props bag. Fancy dress is not obligatory but highly recommended!

Stockport Plaza The three original singers belt out the classics: ‘You to me are Everything’ ‘Can’t get by without you’ & ‘Feel the Force’ while former Rose Royce singer Gwen will be performing classics of her own!

Sing-a-long-a-Rocky Horror

Sun 4 November 1.30pm - 3.30pm AND Saturday 10 November AND Sunday 11 November

Lantern making workshop

Hat Works Pop along and make your own poppy-themed lantern and participate in the Stockport Parade of Light at 5.45pm on Sunday November 11th. All materials and an LED flame battery will be provided. Booking is essential, please call 0161 474 4453 Suitable for age 9+ Free Fri 9 November 9pm - 1am

Night Owl Soul Club

Stockport Guildhall, 169 - 171 Wellington Road South The Ballroom plays the best Tamla Motown, Soul Disco and Jazz Funk. The En-Suite Room playing great Northern Soul tunes with Dj’s recreating the magical age of Wigan Casino and the Twisted Wheel. £5 Members £7 non members Sat 10 November 10am - 4pm

Makers Market

Stockport Market Place Browse Stockport Market and ‘The Makers Market’ where you will be spoilt for choice – a selection of unique creatives, creators, makers, designers, producers, bakers, musicians & artists.

The Real Thing & Gwen Dicky

Sun 11 September 10am - 4pm

Vintage Village

Stockport Covered Market Hall Vintage clothing and accessories for men and women, vintage jewellery, homewares, decorative items, textiles, luggage, furniture, curios and collectables. Sun 11 November

Remembrance Sunday

10:30am - Act of Remembrance, Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery Join the Mayor of Stockport, local dignitaries and representatives of the armed and uniformed services, past and present, for the annual Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service on the steps of the Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery. We’ll observe two minutes’ silence and the dipping of the standards at 11:00am. 5:00pm - Commemorative Service St Mary’s Church, Market Place A service of thanksgiving which will feature common hymns and readings from Stockport’s original service of remembrance in 1918. 5:45pm - Stockport Parade of Light St Mary’s Church, Market Place A lantern parade from St Mary’s Church to Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery. Schools, community groups and local people will carry 200 lanterns which have been made for the occasion. 6:00pm - ‘When We Were Young’ St Peter’s Square, Stockport The lantern parade will stop for a theatrical drama monologue, which will journey from the trenches, to a field hospital to life back at home in

peacetime Britain. This is performed by local actors from ‘Take Part in the Art’. ‘A Cry for Peace Around the World’ will be read out and a piper will play ‘The Battle’s O’er’. At 6:35pm the Lantern parade will continue to Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery

Wed 14 November 3pm-7pm

6:50pm - Beacon Lighting Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery steps The lantern parade will assemble for readings, musical pieces and a bugler playing ‘The Last Post’. Stockport will light its beacon. This symbolic act is being carried out simultaneously across the UK and home territories where 1000 beacons of light will be lit at 7pm. Local churches will peel their bells and ring out for peace. The front façade of Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery will be illuminated with a projection of poppies.

Wed 14 November 6pm - 8.30pm

7:10pm – 9:00pm Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery People are welcome to visit the Hall of Memory and to view two new exhibitions and two new installations. Tue 13 November 1.30pm-2.30pm

Colouring for Adults

Stockport Central Library, Wellington Road Life is stressful so why not take some time to relax and put your focus elsewhere for a while. Come and colour in some beautiful designs that you can take away with you. All materials provided or you may bring your own books to colour in if you have them. Age 16+ Wed 14 November 1.30pm - 4pm

Tea Dance

(And every Wednesday) Stockport Town Hall Pop along to the weekly tea dance with a tea/coffee interval and try your chances in the raffle. £2.60 on the door

Stockport Christmas Light Switch on

Merseyway Featuring Lemar and Ronan Parke, the show begins at 3.30pm, with the big switch on at 7pm. More info on page 18

Explorer Tunnel Tours

Air Raid Shelters Take an evening tour around the shelters and see the extent of Stockport’s air raid preparations. Visit areas not usually open to the public, including unlit and reinforced tunnelling. Aged 11 and over. Adults £6.50 Concessions/under 16s £5.50 Booking essential: 0161 474 1950 Thu 15 November 7.30pm - 10pm

Crystal Chords rehearsal

(And every Thursday) Stockport Masonic Guildhall An award-winning chorus which enjoys performing and competing at home and abroad. They sing a cappella (unaccompanied harmony) and belong to the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singer Pop along for a free taster session. Fri 16 November 10am-1pm

Free Business Advice Surgery

Stockport Central Library, Wellington Road Receive expert advice from a qualified Business Adviser from PeoplePlus. If you have a business and need some support, require funding and need help to apply, or if you have a business idea and are not sure what to do next, this is for you. These drop in sessoins can be your first step on the road to launching your business, solving your problem or finding the help you need. Sat 17 November All day

Christmas Huts in Merseyway Merseyway (see page 19 for more information)

What’s On


All the big events in and around the centre of Stockport up until February. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on at

Sat 17 November 9am - 3.30pm

Antiques and collectors fair

Stockport Town Hall, Edward Street, SK1 3XE Running for over 40 years, the fair is a great place to find quality, unique items to add to your home, wardrobe or collections. Parking next door for 50p all day. Adults £2. Consessions £1.50. Under 14s Free

assistance provided by the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust. £2.10

Sat 24 November 11am - 4pm

Mon 26 7.30pm - 10pm

Mersey Square You’re in for a big surprise in Mersey Square! Meet the Polar Bear as he takes a walk - 4 shows throughout the day

Stockport Town Hall An evening social dance at Stockport Town Hall. £3.90

Staircase House Enjoy seeing Staircase House decorated for Christmas with the Christmas Traditions theme. Includes some ‘hands on’ activities. Normal opening hours apply Just drop in

Fri 30 November 10am - 12pm ALSO AT 1.30pm

Sat 1 December to Wednesday 2 January 2019

Hat Works An action packed session of arts and crafts with the emphasis on fun and age ability appropriate crafts. Dress to get messy. Suitable for 2 to 5 years. Booking is essential. Please call 0161 474 2399 £5 per child (max of two accompanying adults free)

Stockport Museum Grab your passport at Stockport Museum and visit our galleries to see how other countries celebrate the festive season. Games, a trail and fabulous free fun just waiting for you! Suitable for all ages Free Normal opening hours 

Fri 30 November 6pm - 9pm

Sat 1 December 9.30am and Sat 8 Dec

Animatronic Polar Bear

Sun 18 November 1.30pm-3.30pm

Sun 25 November 11am - 3.30pm

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery Author, Geoff Archer, will discuss and illustrate though Stockport’s own memorial and other local memorials the perceived need for public monuments after the war to acknowledge the debt to those who fought and gave their lives and to provide the bereaved with a site of memory and mourning. Booking essential: 0161 474 4453. Suitable for age 13+ Free

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery This workshop is aimed at painting landscapes and abstracts with a palette knife in oils. Artist Judith Donaghy will take you through the process and learn techniques to achieve varied, lively and colourful paintings. All materials supplied. Refreshments available but please bring a packed lunch. £45

Sculpture of British First World War Memorials

Sun 18 November 2.30pm-5.15 pm

Wurlitzer showcase

Stockport Town Hall, Edward Street An afternoon of popular music played on the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ by David Lowe and Jonathon Eyre.

Sat 1 December to Wednesday 2 January 2019

Tickets are £9 and £7 for members of The Lancastrian Organ Theatre Trust.

Palette knife painting workshop

Mon 26 12pm - 1pm

Lunchtime Wurlitzer Organ concert

Stockport Town Hall The Monday lunchtime Wurlitzer Organ Concerts are organised monthly by Stockport Events with grateful

Friday 30th November to Sunday 6th January

SLEEPING BEAUTY Stockport Plaza Magically awaken your dreams over the festive season at The Plaza with the North West’s Premier Family Pantomime Sleeping Beauty. Starring the sensational Ted Robbinsand Claire King who both make a welcome return to the Plaza. With beautiful costumes, stunning sets and spectacular effects this is the one affordable family treat that you, your party or group most definitely will not want to miss….ohhhhh no you won’t!

Social Dance

Christmas Traditions

Mad Hatters art and crafts club Christmas Round the World

Foodie Friday!

Stockport Market Street food, craft ales, live music and hundreds of people. Sat 1 December 11am - 4pm

Animatronic Polar Bear Mersey Square As 24th November

Breakfast with Santa

Stockport Plaza Cafe There’s a yo ho ho breakfast for the children consisting of hot buttered breakfast crumpets with hot buttered breakfast crumpets with jam, sugar waffles, Dutch pancakes, donuts and chocolate dip, all served with lashings of lovely cordial For the grown ups Santa invites you to enjoy a fabulous sausage barm with unlimited tea and coffee to set you up for the day ahead! Make new friends on shared tables as you enjoy your breakfast and wait for Santa Claus and his little helpers to arrive, after which you will be invited to his grotto to receive a special Christmas Gift for being good boys and girls! Sun 2 December 10am - 4pm

Book and Vinyl Record Fair

Stockport Market Hall A popular bi-monthly event held on the first Sunday of the month at the town’s historic Market Hall. There will be stalls full of books,

What’s On records, cassettes, CD’s and other collectable items. Live music will be provided by local band, Pigs Can Fly and the Oak Tree Café will be open in the Market Hall. Free parking is available nearby. £5 at 9am - Free after 10am Sun 2 December 2pm - 4pm

Carols at Staircase House

Staircase House Enjoy carol singing with our choir in Staircase House while you visit our beautiful House decked for Christmas. Suitable for all ages. Mon 3 December 11am - 5pm

Reduction lino cut print workshop

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery This workshop will concentrate on the reduction method. Kevin Holdaway will teach you how to make a small edition of a three or four reduction colour linocut. You will be taught: how to prepare the block, transfer your image, cut the surface away, mix ink, ink the block, register and print £60 Tue 4 December 6pm - 8pm

Fostering open evening

Stockport Town Hall If you’re interested in fostering, learn about what it takes to become a foster carer, the different types of fostering and the specialist scheme. You will also hear about the fostering process, how to become a foster carer and you will be given the opportunity to speak to an existing Stockport foster carer about their experiences of fostering. More info: 0161 474 3400. Wed 5 December 7.30pm - 10pm

The Petersgate Tap Open Mic

Pop along to listen or read your own or another author’s poetry or prose. 19 St Petersgate, SK1 1EB Thu 6 December 1.30pm - 3pm

Calligraphy taster session

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery Interested in calligraphy? These calligraphy taster sessions will give you the opportunity to handle a calligraphy pen and practice some alphabets. A full course is scheduled for 2019. Free

Sun 9 December 3pm - 5pm

Sat 8 December 11am - 4pm

Wed 12 December 6pm - 8.30pm

Animatronic Polar Bear Mersey Square As 24th November

Sat 8 December 10am - 4pm

Makers Market

Stockport Market Place Browse Stockport Market and ‘The Makers Market’ where you will be spoilt for choice – a selection of unique creatives, creators, makers, designers, producers, bakers, musicians & artists. Sat 8 December 10.30am - 3.30pm Sun 9 December 11am - 3.30pm

Wartime Christmas stocking

Air Raid Shelters This magical family favourite event returns. Meet Jangles, the Good Fairy and Father Christmas. Remember to bring your sock for your wartime themed gifts. Child £7.50, concessions £6.50 (one accompanying adult free) Booking essential: 0161 474 1950 Sun 9 December 10am - 4pm

Vintage Village

Stockport Covered Market Hall Vintage clothing and accessories for men and women, vintage jewellery, homewares, decorative items, textiles, luggage, furniture, curios and collectables. Sun 9 December 11.30am - 12.30pm

1918, The End of the Great War

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery Tim Cockitt, chair of the Manchester Military History Society, will step through the main events of 1918, to the Armistice on 11 November. Booking essential: 0161 474 4453. Free

Celebrating the Peace

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery Music, readings and displays by Stockport for Peace. Candlelit vigil on the gallery steps from 4:30pm. Booking essential: 0161 474 4453 Free

Explorer tunnel tours - going underground Air Raid Shelters As 14th November

Thu 13 September 5pm - 9pm

Museum lates

Hat Works A chance to visit the museum after hours. Have a glass of prosecco, take a tour and try your hand at some crafts or just come and chill out with our collections. Suitable for aged 18+. Booking is advised. Please call 0161 474 2399. Fri 14 September 11am - 11.45am

Messy Milliners

Hat Works An exciting and innovative messy play session with a hatting theme. For babies and early walkers. £4 per baby (two accompanying adults free) Sat 15 December 10am - 5pm

Ice Sculpture Trail

10 giant ice sculptures will form a trail around the town centre. What do the letters spell? Find out more on page 19 Sat 15 December 9.30am

Breakfast with Santa Stockport Plaza Cafe As 1st December

Sat 15 December 11am - 4pm

Animatronic Polar Bear Mersey Square As 24th November

Sun 16 December 11.30am – 3pm

Father Christmas in the House

Staircase House Visit Father Christmas in his Staircase House grotto (gift included). Write Father Christmas a letter (available in Stockport Museum browse area). £4 per child (1 adult free £2 additional adults) To book a time: 0161 474 4444 Or just drop in Sun 16 December 3pm - 5.45pm

Stockport Symphony Orchestra - Family Christmas matinee concert

Stockport Town Hall Stockport Symphony Orchestra and conductor Robert Guy play music for children, parents and grandparents. Tom Redmond, famous for his lively and exciting style of presentation joins the Stockport Symphony Orchestra to present and narrate some famous music including his own narration to accompany Britten’s exhilarating Young Person’s Guide. With Harry Potter, wolves, bears and massive cannons! £15. concessions £13, student £5, under 16’s free Tue 18 December 7pm - 9pm

Wartime Christmas singalong

Air Raid Shelters Take a tour with ‘George Formby’ as he tells of his war experiences, shares a few anecdotes and sings some of his songs. This is followed by carol singing with John and Rob from the Accordion Club as they perform a festive feast of wartime favourites and traditional Christmas carols. Booking essential. Sat 22 December 9.30am

Breakfast with Santa Stockport Plaza Cafe As 1st December

Sat 22 December 10am - 5pm

Ice Sculpture Trail

10 giant ice sculptures will form a trail around the town centre. What

What’s On


All the big events in and around the centre of Stockport up until February. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on at

do the letters spell? Find out more on page 19 Sat 22 December 11am - 4pm

Animatronic Polar Bear

Fri 25 January 10am - 12pm ALSO AT 1.30pm

Mad Hatters art and crafts club Hat Works As 30th November

Mersey Square As 24th November

Fri 25 January 6pm - 9pm

Foodie Friday!

Fri 28 December 6pm - 9pm

Foodie Friday!

Stockport Market Street food, craft ales, live music and hundreds of people.

Stockport Market Street food, craft ales, live music and hundreds of people. Sat 26 January 10am - 4pm

Pastel painting workshop

Thu 3 January 6.45pm - 8.15pm

Children’s explorer tours

Air Raid Shelters Brave the darkened tunnels to go back in time to see and hear what life was like as a child during World War 2. Suitable for children aged 7+ Booking essential. Children £4 (accompanying adults £3) Sun 6 January 10am - 4pm

Book and Vinyl Record Fair Stockport Market Hall As 2nd December

Sat 12 January 10am - 4pm

Makers Market

Stockport Market Place Sun 20 January 11am - 4pm

Super Sunday: Pirates Ahoy!

Hat Works Take part in a treasure hunt, make a pirate hat, listen to tales of adventure and take our pirate test. Come in your best pirate outfit. Just drop-in. £2 per person (under 4’s are free)

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery As 24th November Sat 26 January 7.30pm - 9.45pm

Stockport Symphony Orchestra - The Ring’ in an hour

Stockport Town Hall Stockport Symphony Orchestra with conductor Matthew Wood brings you all the essential bits from Wagner’s Ring in a little over an hour so there is still time for a magic flute or two! Flautist Hannah Foster missed the final of our last young musician’s competition by a whisker so we’re thrilled to have the chance to perform with her Dove’s delightful piece based on Mozart’s Magic Flute. £15, concessions £13, students £5 under 16’s free Tue 29 January 7.30pm

An evening with Manchester United legends Stockport Plaza Join Man Utd players Lee Sharpe,

Paul Parker and Norman Whiteside along with host Perry Groves as they discuss games, dressing room and training ground stories, fall outs and everything you wanted to know about a successful football club. There may well be a few tales about Sir Alex Ferguson too!

Stockport County

Sat 2 February 7.00pm

Wed 26th December 3pm Stockport Co. v Altrincham

Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music

Stockport Plaza For those of you not yet converted, Sing-a-Long-a Sound of Music is a screening of the classic Julie Andrews film musical in glorious, full-screen Technicolor, complete with lyric subtitles so that the whole audience can sing along. The evening begins with your host leading a vocal warm-up, judging the fancy dress competition and teaching you how to use your items in your free interactive props bag. Sat 9 February 10am - 4pm

Makers Market

Stockport Market Place Sat 23 February 7.30pm - 9.45pm

Stockport Symphony Orchestra - Jennifer Pike’s Korngold

Stockport Town Hall Brahms Hungarian Dance no 5 Korngold Violin concerto Rachmaninov 2nd Symphony After her unforgettable debut with the Stockport Symphony Orchestra last year, Jennifer Pike is back with another romantic masterpiece for violin, this time by Korngold. Conductor Matthew Wood

Edgeley Park

Sat 17th November 3pm Stockport Co. v Brackley Town Sat 8th December 3pm Stockport Co. v Chester

Sat 26th December 3pm Stockport Co. v Kidderminster Harriers Sat 5th January 3pm Stockport Co. v Bradford Park Avenue Sat 19th January 3pm Stockport Co. v York City Sat 2nd February 3pm Stockport Co. v Southport Sat 16th February 3pm Stockport Co. v AFC Telford United Sat 2nd March 3pm Stockport Co. v Spennymoor Town Sat 16th March 3pm Stockport Co. v Ashton United Pay on the gate: Adults £15 Concessions: £10 6-17 year olds : £5 Under 6’s require a free ticket from the Ticket Office to gain entry.

Key contact details The Hat Works

Wellington Mill Wellington Road South Stockport SK3 0EU 0161 474 2399

The Plaza

Mersey Square Stockport SK1 1SP 0161 477 7779

Stockport Central Library

Wellington Road South Stockport SK1 3RS

Air Raid Shelters 61 Chestergate Stockport SK1 1NE 0161 474 1940

Stockport Museum Staircase House 30 Market Place Stockport SK1 1ES 0161 474 4444


Totally Stockport Magazine Issue 7 Christmas Special  

Everything that's great in Stockport Town Centre including, Events, News, Openings, Food and Drink

Totally Stockport Magazine Issue 7 Christmas Special  

Everything that's great in Stockport Town Centre including, Events, News, Openings, Food and Drink