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OFFBEAT is an excruciatingly hip street brand that focuses on minimalism while being provocative and urban. Technology is a major cornerstone of the brand. The brand itself represents the urban side of every minimalist. OFFBEAT identifies with the 21- 28 year old male or female. The clean color palette of the brand puts emphasis on the style and attitude of the person wearing the clothing.

This collection was inspired by day and night. In today’s society day and night as well as light and dark are opposites yet interchangeable. Day represents light and night represents darkness. Within this collection, we show that the light of day brings versatility and ease while in the dark of night we can see every edge clearly. The simple pieces show the advancement of technology and its impact on fashion. As simplicity takes over in 2018, we will begin to buy less in order to have more.

-Creative directorsTaylor Jackson Faith Newton Taylor Plummer Emily Whelan Maria Zapata

-ModelsNiambi nelson Michelle morin Kendall Jackson

-PhotographersSierra sollenberger Andrea de la Higuera

fasm 215 professor sandi davidson spring 2016

Off Beat  
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