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Designer and Owner Marlin Jones

Founded in 2012, The TaylordBlu Collection has become the standard for the successful gentleman. Founder, Marlin Jones is inspired by nature, combining vibrant color palettes and intricate patterns to create accessories that provide the quintessential completion of any man’s wardrobe. Using the finest silks from around the world, each piece is handmade in the USA by experienced seamstresses and artisans. The utmost attention is given to the quality, detail, and meticulous aesthetics that TaylordBlu has become known for. The collection has recently expanded to include pieces that capture the essence of a woman’s affinity for f lowers. The newly introduced silk rose rings and chokers are just the beginning of the exciting evolution of the TaylordBlu brand. 330.246.0822

Copper Rose (Copper / Houndstooth)

Paisley Park (Yellow/Blue Paisley)

BP (Blue/Pink Check)

Orange Vine (Blue/Orange)

Red Dot (Blue/Red Polka Dot)

Geometric (Blue/Red Geometric)

•Flower measures 2” diameter •Brooch style backing for easy application •Made from 100% Silk •Handmade in the USA

Suggested Retail: $50 330.246.0822

Black with Fringe (75.5” L x 13 1/8” W)

Gray / Charcoal / Burgundy with Fringe (76” L x 12 3/4” W)

Men’s Cashmere Scarves (Measurements are fringe to fringe)

Suggested Retail: $60 330.246.0822

Dark Blue / White Striped

Yellow/Blue Paisley

Blue Check / Pink Striped

Navy Blue / Red Geometric Navy Blue / Red Polka Dot Navy Blue / Pink Check

•Cuff Link measures .75” L x .5” diameter •Made from 100% silk center •Spot clean •Handmade in the USA

Suggested Retail: $25 330.246.0822

Blu Waves Red Flower

Orange Vineyard

•Bow measures approximately 6” across and 2.5” high on the ends •Adjustable for neck sizes approximately 13.75” to 18” •100% Silk Jacquard woven (dry clean) •Handmade in the USA

Suggested retail: $65

Lavender Hill 330.246.0822

Blu Leaf (3.75” at widest point x 58” L)

Blu Diamond (3.75” at widest point x 59”L)

Geometric Blu (4” at widest point x 60”L)

•100% Silk Jacquard woven (dry clean) •Handmade in the USA

Suggested Retail: $45

Blu Angle (4.5” at widest point x 55.5”L) 330.246.0822

Navy Argyle (1 3/8” Elastic)

Brown Houndstooth (1 3/8” Non-Stretch) Grey Flannel (1 3/8” Non-Stretch)

•6 Button Tab Brace • Nickel Fittings and Tan Leather Ends •Handmade in the USA

Suggested retail: $40 330.246.0822

Chocolate Silk (1 3/8” Scottsdale Tubed Silk)

Grey Twill (1 3/8” Twill Elastic)

•6 Button Tab Brace • Nickel Fittings and Brown Leather Ends •Handmade in the USA

Suggested retail: $40 330.246.0822

Blu Paisley 15” W x 15 3/8” L (8” x 8” Folded)

Geometric Red & Blu 10.5”W x 10”L

Oriental Gold & Purple 10” W x 11” L

•100% Silk (dry clean) • Rolled Edges •Hand Sewn in the USA We search all over the world for the most unique silk fabrics before adding them to the TaylordBlu Collection.

Suggested retail: $45

Oriental Blu Iridescent (10.5” W x 10” L) When the light hits this silk you will discover the beautiful red hue, making this pocket square in a class by itself.

Azul Rosa (Blue Rose)

Roja y Negro Rosa (Red and Black Rose)

Azul y Rosado Rosa (Blue and Pink Rose)

Silk Rose Choker

• Hand-Sewn To Order • 100% Silk Roses (choose from available colors & patterns) • Suede, Velvet, or Leather Choker • Adjustable Chain Clasp • Choker Size Large fits 11-13” neck size • Size will determine number of flowers attached (as pictured 5-6 | 3” roses) • 100% Silk Roses (spot clean) • Handmade in the USA

Suggested retail: $100

Model: Sophia Advent

Roja y Azul Rosa (Red and Blue Rose)

Women’s Rose Ring

• 100% Silk Roses (spot clean) • Handmade in the USA • Adjustable sterling band • Flower has a 2” diameter

Suggested retail: $40

All Photos © TaylordBlu & Julie Stanley, Photographer

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