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Personal Por*olio   Tayla  Palmer   AS  Photography  

Exploring portraiture  

Gavin Turk  Portraits.  

Signs in  the  environment  

Sharon Elphick.  

Photoshop Experiment  

Layered Photographs.  

Fast Shu@er  Speed  

Freeze Frame   Shu@er  Speed  –  1/250   Apeture  –  F18   ISO  –  100-­‐200  

Slow Shu@er  Speed  

ISO-­‐100/200 Apeture-­‐F10   Shu@er  Speed-­‐1/2  or  1/4  

Shallow Depth  of  Field  

ISO-­‐600 Apeture-­‐F16   Shu@er  Speed-­‐  1/1.6  

Deep Depth  of  Field  

Manual Shu@er  Speed-­‐1/40   Apeture-­‐F22   ISO-­‐200  

ExperimenRng with  the  bulb  seTng  –  MulRple  portraits  

Manual-­‐ Bulb   Shu@er  Speed  –  7.1   Apeture-­‐  F10   ISO-­‐200  

Light PainRng  Photographs    

Manual-­‐Bulb Shu@er  Speed-­‐2.8   Apeture-­‐F10   ISO-­‐200  

Personal Portfolio  

Powerpoint presentation of all my experimenting photographs.

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