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Introduction ‘The Lure’ resort creates a series of informal and secluded village resorts within the 101 hectare site of spectacular savannah terrain populated by deer. These include an exclusive 5* women only spa resort, ‘Eden’, a family resort, and a youth tree village, ‘The Nest’. The civic heart of the resort is a public piazza created by the main reception, an international standard restaurant complex with dancing fountains and car parking facilities. This space is intended to host live performances and a visiting food market. The masterplan proposal presents a unique opportunity to experience nature within a luxury sustainable resort. Visitors will be able to swim, snorkel, cycle and run through a dedicated fitness and wellbeing programme or simply relax and enjoy the world class treatments of the spa facilities and the ‘haute cuisine’ prepared by the international standard restaurant.

Eden Resort: Section

Eden Resort: Sunken Garden

Eden Resort Eden is a luxury spa resort set within the heart of a contemporary interpretation of a paradise garden, flanked on its northern edge by a cooling reed fountain and pool, which will naturally ventilate and cool the site. Within the resort, luxury villas will be organized into ‘clusters’ to create smaller sub communities and encourage a sociable and personal environment. Each apartment will be given a picture frame view orientated towards the setting sun in order to enforce the notion of a resort immersed in spirituality and nature. An infinity channel creates a link between the coast and resort, and widens to form the resorts main pool, with relaxation areas for sunbathing, eating and drinking.

Eden Resort: Villa


Informal Routes

The Nest The Nest is a tree village youth resort located on the borders between the coastal region of the site and the enhanced savannah terrain created by the landscape improvements. The predominant architectural language of this resort will be small scale simple timber frame constructions elevated above the earth on ‘piloti’ in order to minimize levels of ground impact and create a community based within the tree canopy.

Eden Resort: Infinity Pool

Eden Resort: Infinity Channel


P.O. BOX 211073 608 - PINNACLE BUILDING SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD AL BARSHA 1, DUBAI, UAE TOLL FREE: 800 TAWSEAA T +971 4 399 6883 F +971 4 399 6884 WWW. TAWSEAA.NET W W W . POISE ARCH . C O M GPS: 25°06’34” N 55°11’03”E

Project Team: Populous Macgregor Smith Buro Happold TAWSEAA P.M. NP Group

EDEN | Ladies' Exclusive Spa Resort  

Ladies' exclusive spa resort

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