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Work! Todd Hawkins Design & Photography

NSLC Annual Report 2008-2009 Design, photo direction and production. ‘The Faces of the NSLC’ offers a glimpse into the lives of NSLC employees—what they are passionate about and how they shape communities across Nova Scotia. International Association of Business Communicators, IABC 2010 Gold Quill Award of Excellence for Publication Design Canadian Public Relations Society, CPRS 2010 Award of Excellence (Bronze) for Print, External

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NSLC Corporate Sustainability Report 2010-2011 Design, photo direction and production. 11.5" x 13.5" magazine style report, which can be folded in half for mailing.

NSLC Annual Report 2010-2011 Concept development, design, photo direction and production. “Knowing what the customer needs—understanding customer needs to provide products, services and selection that align with special occasions in their lives.”


Lawtons Re-Branding Working closely with the client I developed the look of store facades for brick-and-mortar stores and mall locations. I established brand guidelines including in-store section colour schemes and POS materials (posters, display facia, sale stickers, etc...). Initial store re-opening in Newfoundland resulted in a 250% increase in store traffic.

‘Rev. Jesse Jackson visits the HRSB’

HRSB French Program Poster Poster compelling students in junior high school to consider enrolling in the french language program.

HRSB Summer Slide magazine Ad Concept and photography.

HRSB T-shirt and brochure for anti-bullying I was able to convince the board members that anti-bullying communication should be opened up to include the community (students, teachers and parents) in becoming a part of the solution.

HRSB Superintendent’s Annual Report 2011 The first HRSB Annual Report completely supported by their own photography of students and teachers. The briefest (16 pages) featuring the most important information parents would want to review—reduced from 96 pages.

HRSB School’s Annual Report To Their Community With our IT specialist we created an on-line interface where each school could produce their own annual report (tabloid folded to a 4 page letter-sized document). InDesign would generate a final PDF and forward to the HRSB website on the school’s page, as well the HRSB print shop where they were output and sent out to each school.

‘Computer lab’

HRSB Workplace Violence Poster Poster developed for the HRSB’s HR department. Is this person a victim or a perpetrator? The ambiguity brings the viewer into the scenario.

Been here. Done that. I’ve helped some people find their way around.

‘Louisbourg–Preparing the Gun’

Nova Scotia Tourism Doers’ And Dreamers’ Guide 2006 A major production challenge: in 2006 Colour was tasked again to design the cover, and for the first time design the inside chapter sections of the book—a major undertaking. I set-up the production criteria so that a design team could efficiently produce consistent results.

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Atlantic Canada Cruise Association Logo Design

A celtic flourish. Our team was able to convince ACCA to break free of their corporate name and use the more direct and active Cruise Atlantic Canada.

ContactNB Naming And Logo

‘Contact’ is Two-Way Communication, the core of what the Customer Contact Centre industry is all about. It is both a noun and a verb, a person and an action. ContactNB is m p , i f f , j p g , p c t ,the p c x ,same t g a , t i in f ) both French and English. Our team was able to convince NBCCCIA (New Brunswick Customer Contact Centre Industry Association) to change their name.

Actipharm Incorporated Naming And Logo Development

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CHC Helicopter’s Hummingbird Origami Christmas Ornament The ‘hummingbird’ is the icon of the CHC identity. This origami, flying the colours applied to all CHC helicopters, was developed as a christmas gift to send to shareholders and investors.

Red Rose Tea’s Maritime Tea Tour Red Rose Tea came to CCL for ideas for a summer promotion. An itinerary of summer festivals was drawn up, and I developed a booth for them. I had an idea for a ‘Teatle’ as the container for the whole package: with the Teatle, 2 PR students could travel for the summer and carry inside it the large branded tent, tables with branded skirting, refreshments, marketing materials and their belongings. They stole the show when they appeared in parades.

‘HMCS Sackville’

Canada Post’s Canadian Naval Reserve Stamps & Day Of Issue Envelope ‘Celebrating the past and present of the Naval Reserves.’ This design was the winner between three design firms.

Todd Hawkins Photography I love photography. Portrait Documentary Environmental Art

Cover: Sample photo I created for NSLC’s Annual Report 2010-2011







‘Big Steel Sky’

‘Dirty Windows–Alderney’

‘Octagon Berries’


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‘The World Turns’

‘Son of Beaverman’

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‘The Hold Steady’

no records 5-year compilation CD, Poster and Logo design


Todd Hawkins 44 Dickey Drive, Lower Sackville, NS, Canada, B4C 1T3 902.499.8122 Freelance Designer Some Key Accomplishments NSLC Annual Report 2008-2009 Winner of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) 2010 Gold Quill Award of Excellence for Publication Design, as well the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) 2010 Award of Excellence (Bronze) for Print, External. Clients include NSLC, Cruise Atlantic Canada and Johnson Insurance. Visual Communications Specialist — Halifax Regional School Board — Oct 2007 to Nov 2012 Some Key Accomplishments Establish HRSB Graphic Standards When I arrived at the HRSB, their material had no graphic consistency. The first few months were spent creating and implementing a consistent framework for their material, including re-visiting their logo usage guide and establishing revised guidelines for its usage. Implement ability for 137 schools to create individual Annual Reports It has long been rumoured that InDesign can be used to create templated material that could be made accessible for the production of individually tailored material without needing to access the program. The problem was we couldn’t find any resources to question how it is done (even through Adobe User Groups). Working with the HRSB’s IT Specialist, we designed a school annual report template and enabled current databases to fill in ‘static’ information (school names, contact information, etc…). We created a collection of all school logos and connected that to the database. We then created a portal in the HRSB website

where school representatives could enter their own text content into text fields, and with the click of a button generate an online PDF proof to preview their progress. When finished, they would publish their final product, and a PDF was automatically put on their school web page and sent to the HRSB print shop. Superintendent’s Annual Report 2011 photography The HRSB allowed me to take a few extended studies courses in photography through NSCAD. By the time of the 2011 annual report, we were able to publish our first annual report with all photography representing our own students and teachers. Job Description • Responsible for direct relationships of graphic design clients, and management and execution of their projects. Clients included the elected board, HRSB board employees and schools and their teachers. Senior Designer — Colour — 2000 to June 2007 Some Key Accomplishments Lawtons Re-branding Created new brand and brand guidelines. Designed “in-store” experience from sidewalk (exterior façade design) to the Pharmacy, including POS and weekly flyer. (Initial store re-opening in Newfoundland saw a 250% increase in store traffic). Nova Scotia Power Website Re-design Worked directly with NSP management team to establish objectives of the project, created site-map, advised writers on ‘tone’, designed website, and with IT co-worker built entire website. (An unsolicited visitor response to new website: “If this website is a reason I keep paying higher rates, keep the information coming!”). New Brunswick Customer Contact Centre Industry Association (NBCCCIA) Re-branding Developed new name (ContactNB), brand guidelines and announcement. (“The new tagline Fostering Excellence in our Contact Centres is why we’re all here. It concisely illustrates our industry’s mandate.” — Perry Kendall, ContactNB Association President, from the first ContactNB Press Release).

Job Description • Responsible for direct relationships of graphic design clients, and management and execution of their projects. Key client list included: Nova Scotia Business Inc., Seamark Asset Management and Office Interiors Group, Coady International Institute • As part of the Colour team, corporate client list included: Aliant, Nova Scotia Power, Nova Scotia Tourism, Lawtons, Bowater, CHC Helicopter, • Mentor for junior employees in creative approaches and best day-to-day business practices Graphic Designer — Page & Wood, Inc. — 1995 to 2000 Some Key Accomplishments Canada Post — 75th Anniversary of the Canadian Naval Reserve Postage Stamps With Dennis Page won competition to design a pair of Canada Post stamps Canada Post — The Killam Legacy Postage Stamp With Dennis Page won competition to design a Canada Post stamp Job Description • Provided graphic, corporate and advertising design services to clients in retail food, hospitality, building products and communications sectors • Key client list included Canada Post, Clearwater Fine Foods, Crossley Carpets, EastLink Communications, Helly-Hansen Canada, MT&T and Nova Scotia Power Graphic Designer — Formac Publishing Company, Limited — 1990 to 1995 Some Key Accomplishments A Victorian Lady’s Album Designed and produced Formac’s first full-colour book entirely accomplished in-house Established production facilities for in-house production Advised employer on equipment purchases, implemented system, trained production staff on the usage of equipment and software, implemented production guidelines/manual for design and production Job Description • Design and production of coffee-table books, book covers, text layouts, periodicals and marketing materials, under rigorous time and budget constraints

• Major projects included Maritime Flavours Cookbooks, and NS and NB Guidebooks Principal — no records — 1993 to 2003 • Co-owner of a Halifax independent music label • Developed music CD packages and accompanying marketing materials AWARDS 2010 — International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) 2010 Gold Quill Award of Excellence for Publication Design (Faces of the NSLC, Annual Report 2008-2009) 2010 — Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) 2010 Award of Excellence (Bronze) for Print, External (Faces of the NSLC, Annual Report 2008-2009) 2000 to 2006 — Numerous QSVI (Quality, Service, Value and Ingenuity) Awards for Quality and Service within Colour Creative Persuasion/Corporate Communications Limited 2001 — Art of Performance Award from EuroArt Paper for Aliant’s Power of Integration kitfolder 1999 and 2000 — With Page & Wood, Inc. won competition for design of 2 Canada Post stamp projects EDUCATION Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (BD Comm) Nova Scotia College of Art and Design — Halifax, Nova Scotia Independent coursework, NSCAD — 2009/10 • Introduction to Digital Photography • Advanced Digital Photography




Todd Hawkins Design & Photography  

A portfolio of my work as a graphic designer and photographer.

Todd Hawkins Design & Photography  

A portfolio of my work as a graphic designer and photographer.