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$2,825 John A. Courson Top Scholar Award Matthew C. Enriquez, University of Kansas

$1,850 Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Andrew Flood, Nu, University of California-Berkeley

$1,850 Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Award Bruce Pittman, Lambda-Psi, East Carolina University

$1,500 Ronald Reagan Leadership Award Kevin Stocks, Beta, Millikin University

$4,300 $3,000 $1,425 $1,325 $1,100 $1,050 $ 875 $ 725 $ 625 $ 575 $ 575 $ 550 $ 525 $ 500 $ 500 $ 500 $ 500 $ 475 $ 425

Steven J. Muir Special Scholarship David Urness, Tau-Omega, Carleton University W. Allan Herzog Scholarship Christian Handley, Nu, University of California-Berkeley Charles J. Trabold Scholarship Nicholas Grimaldi, Kappa-Kappa, Monmouth University John B. Phillips Scholarship Michael Tuffli, Nu, University of California-Berkeley Donald A. and John R. Fisher Memorial Scholarship Oren Friedman, Nu, University of California-Berkeley Francis J. Flynn Memorial Scholarship Nathan Seeley, Upsilon-Delta, Saginaw Valley State Univ. Lon G. Justice Scholarship Gunnerson Sumy, Delta-Nu, Northwest Missouri State Univ. Harry J. Donnelly Memorial Scholarship Randall S. Trebat, Jr., Mu-Chi, Univ. of NC-Wilmington Dwayne R. Woerpel Memorial Leadership Award Alexander Furleigh, Epsilon, Iowa State University Thomas H. Dunning, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Eric Grinde, Epsilon, Iowa State University Raymond W. Franklin Scholarship Michael Russell, Delta-Nu, Northwest Missouri State Univ. T. J. Schmitz Scholarship Robert Ries, Iota-Beta, Susquehanna University Carrol C. Hall Memorial Scholarship Samuel Totorica, Chi, University of Washington Timothy L. Taschwer Scholarship William Mazzota, Gamma-Theta, University of Florida TKE Servant Leader Scholarship Sam Freedman, Alpha-Theta, Whitman College Father Timothy Vakoc Scholarship Brett Haider, Theta-Rho, St. Cloud State University J. D. Williams Scholarship Sean Finn, Tau-Omega, Carleton University William V. Muse Scholarship Brock Spinner, Delta-Nu, Northwest Missouri State Univ. Lenwood S. Cochran Scholarship Robert Schartz, Zeta-Theta, Western Illinois University


$ 425 Wallace G. McCauley Memorial Scholarship Ethan R. McWilliams, Kappa-Nu, Rockhurst University $ 425 George W. Woolery Memorial Scholarship Corey Hjalseth, Alpha-Gamma, Washington State University $ 400 Eric D. Dunning Scholarship Heath Dreyer, Beta-Eta, Missouri Univ. of Science & Tech. $ 400 Doris and Elmer Schmitz, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Mike Pennington, Nu-Eta Colony, Boise State University $ 400 William Wilson Memorial Scholarship Andrew Henning, Nu, University of California-Berkeley $ 375 John C. Fitzgerald, Jr. Scholarship Nicholas V. Trocchio, Epsilon-Beta, University of Tampa $ 350 Bruce B. Melchert Scholarship Nicholas Johnson, Colony #848, California State-Stanislaus $ 350 Michael J. Morin Memorial Scholarship Anthony Smeragliuolo, Upsilon-Mu, New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan $ 325 Eugene C. Beach Memorial Scholarship Colin Lateano, Gamma, University of Illinois $ 325 Gabe Anaya Scholarship Kyle Hartman, Kappa-Nu, Rockhurst University $ 325 Miles Gray Memorial Scholarship Marco Fanelli, Xi-Iota, University of Central Florida $ 250 Kenneth L. Duke, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Leo Schultz, Nu-Alpha, Niagara University $ 225 Canadian TKE Scholarship Pascalis Zois, Upsilon-Eta, Univ. of Ontario Institute of Tech. $ 225 Christopher A. Grasso Leadership Fund Jay Scarborough, Nu-Mu, University of South Alabama $ 225 International Exchange Scholarship Joshua G. Indech, Xi-Lambda Colony, Univ. of Georgia-Athens $ 225 Robert D. Planck Scholarship Anthony Lizama, Gamma-Upsilon, Univ. of Texas at Austin $ 225 J. Russel Salsbury Memorial Scholarship Myles Philipp, Iota, Eureka College $ 200 Michael & Candy Yakimo Scholarship Andrew Gibson, Omicron-Alpha, Appalachian State Univ.

Every year, the TKE Educational Foundation disburses thousands of dollars in scholarship funds to members of Tau Kappa Epsilon, which are designed to encourage academic excellence, foster leadership skills, and enhance the personal development of deserving students in pursuit of their college degrees. Any Teke in good standing—whether an undergraduate or a graduate student—is eligible for scholarship support. A member in good standing means someone who has remained current in all fees and dues payable to the Grand Chapter and has been involved in their local chapter. The TKE Educational Foundation offers scholarships in three categories: •

Chapter Scholarships: Every chapter has a scholarship fund dedicated to supporting the academic pursuits of its members.

Regional or Area-Based Scholarships: Donors help Fraters in their wider geographic community meet the high costs of education through these scholarships.

Grand Chapter Scholarships: The Grand Chapter offers 55 scholarships to Fraters across TKE Nation, honoring qualified students from all regions and pursuing diverse fields of study.

All scholarship funds must have a balance of $5,000 or higher at the end of the Foundation’s fiscal year (May 31) to be eligible to make an award. The TKE Educational Foundation Board of Directors approves an annual percentage to be awarded. If a fund has not yet reached the requisite threshold for paying out an award, all funds are maintained and invested for growth by the Foundation. For more information about scholarships or to set up a new fund, please visit

COURSON SCHOLAR “The TKE Educational Foundation has been instrumental in allowing me to pursue postgraduate education. Because of the contributions and generosity of alumni, the Fraternity is able to provide opportunities for men, like me, to continue our mental, moral, and social development. As a Life Loyal Teke, I am committed to a lifetime of giving that begins now as a law student. I am so extraordinarily thankful for the TKE Educational Foundation and the opportunities it has afforded me to prepare for a life of service through my education.” —Matthew C. Enriquez Alpha-Phi Chapter

Matching Gifts Would you like to see your gift have twice the impact for Tau Kappa Epsilon? Your company may be able to help. Below is a list of 2012 donors and the company which matched their gift to the TKE Educational Foundation. Even if your company’s name isn’t here, you might be able to take advantage of the matching gift program. Ask your human resources department how you can double your giving. Amica Companies Foundation David G. Fairweather

Noblis Travis S. Floyd

Baker Hughes Foundation Travis S. Ridgel

Pfizer Mark B. Perla James E. Thomas

BD Matching Gifts Brian C. Kensing BHC Rhodes Ryan A. Elam BNY Mellon Brandon Dudt-Mutzet Citgo Petroleum Corp. Robert G. Beck ExxonMobil Foundation Walter T. Lacz GE Foundation Dennis R. Brooke John E. Mahony

The Stanley Works Len J. Fleischer Sentry Insurance Lawrence J. Michel Thrivent Financial for Lutheran Foundation Frank E. Stone United Way of Brevard Julius J. Edelmann United Way of Olmstead County, Inc. Christopher D. Wachowiak

Verizon Michael P. Creamer Greater Kansas City Community Jim Humphrey Foundation Daniel S. Mead James M. Stacy Johnson Controls Foundation Robert L. Best

Wells Fargo Gregory M. Hahn Michael S. Handorf

Macy’s Foundation Brian L. Keck Steven H. Jasper


THE TEKE Winter 2012  

The Magazine of Winter 2012

THE TEKE Winter 2012  

The Magazine of Winter 2012