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VOLUME 105 • NUMBER 2 SPRING 2012 THE TEKE is the official publication of Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity. TKE was founded on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, IL.


THE TEKE STAFF Chief Executive Officer Shawn A. Babine (Lambda-Delta) Vice President for Fraternal Services John W. Deckard (Grand Chapter) Director of Operations Louis L. LeBlanc, CAE (Gamma-Theta) Director of Events & Marketing Chris Walsh (Rho-Upsilon) Director of Communication Tom McAninch (Alpha-Zeta) Creative Director Matt Gutierrez (Upsilon-Iota) Production Manager Katie Sayre

THE TEKE (ISSN 1527-1331) is an educational journal published quarterly in spring, summer, fall and winter by Tau Kappa Epsilon (a fraternal society),7439 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765. Periodicals Class postage paid at Indianapolis, IN, and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: send address changes to THE TEKE, 7439 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278-1765. All alumni Fraters who donate $10 or more to the TKE Educational Foundation, Inc. will receive a one-year subscription to THE TEKE. It’s our way of saying thank you and of keeping you informed regarding what’s going on in your Fraternity today.

LIFETIME GIVING LEVELS Golden Eagle Society - $1,000,000 or more Knights of a Lasting Legacy - $500,000 - $999,999 Society of 1899 - $250,000 - $499,999 Grand Prytanis Circle - $100,000 - $249,000 Presidents Circle - $50,000 - $99,999 Leaders Society - $25,000 - $49,999 Scholars Society - $10,000 - $24,999 Triangle Society - $5,000 - $9,999 Founders Society - $2,500 - $4,999 Opportunity Out of Defeat Club - $1,000 - $2,499 Grand Council Society - $500 - $999 Fraters Society - $250 - $499 © 2012 Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc.

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on the cover Modeled after the 1948 style of THE TEKE, the fall issue featured a group of Omicron Tekes and significant others exiting their beautiful chapter house. They were selected as Chapter of the Month in an edition that featured news on the 60 chapters from the era.

How to submit stories and photos: Chapter news should contain information about events, community service projects, and other notable achievements. Articles and photos can be emailed to and Mail hard copies and prints to the Offices of the Grand Chapter. Digital photos should be at least 300 dpi in resolution or on a digital camera’s highest-quality setting. Photos showing alcoholic beverages or members displaying inappropriate behavior will not be accepted.



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Turning Up the Heat


It’s the Right Time







The Grand Prytanis’ vision focuses on improving Housing, Education, Alumni Programs, and the Educational Foundation. A primary goal of the Grand Council Board Development Committee is to help chapters secure housing.

The Sitdown

2011 – 2013 GRAND COUNCIL Grand Prytanis Edmund C. Moy (Lambda) Grand Epiprytanis Bob Barr (Beta-Sigma)

Frater Roger Underwood discusses his TKE experience, life as an entrepreneur, and advice on how to become successful.

Grand Grammateus Fredrick T. Jacobi (Lambda-Alpha)


Advice from the Great TKE Entrepreneurs

Grand Crysophylos Rodney G. Talbot (Beta-Chi)


You Are a Teke – Tell Everyone

TKE looks at two great innovators in the TKE Nation: Fraters Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. and Howard Schultz. First-time job seekers and alumni can showcase their experience in TKE.

Grand Histor Christopher T. Hanson (Alpha-Pi) Grand Hypophetes Dr. James Hickey (Zeta-Alpha)


LinkedIn Utilizing LinkedIn can make a significant impact on your professional life.

Grand Hegemon Robert W. Jefferis (Omicron-Nu)


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More than 1,600 attended conferences in five cities. Learn how to get your chapter involved with the BSA. TEF reports on the continuing support of alumni and collegiate Fraters, and friends. The Fraternity recognizes our planned giving donors for their commitment to the future. The Foundation welcomes donors who made their first gift in 2011. The Foundation acknowledges and recognizes those who contributed in 2011. A special thank you to our giving club members for their significant support.

THE TEKE Wants to Hear From YOU!: The Fraternity’s magazine publication needs your input. We would like to hear from all chapter Histors, Alumni Associations, and volunteers. Please send all submissions to Frater Tom McAninch, Director of Communication, at Katie Sayre, Production Manager, at

Grand Council Member Dr. Gregory L. Geoffroy (Alpha-Chi) Grand Council Member Brian D. Montgomery (Gamma-Upsilon)

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Better Men for a Better World SPRING 2012


CEO MESSAGE Our Great Expectation Is an Entrepreneurial Spirit Fraters,


often ponder how the “entrepreneurial legacy” of so many Tekes like Danny Thomas (founder of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital) and Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. (Walgreens Pharmacy) gets passed on to Fraters like Howard Schultz (founder of Starbucks) and Jim Crane (owner of the Houston Astros, Eagle Freight) and is then passed on to a new generation of TKE men like Emile Cleavette (“Efficiency Maine”) and Matthew Laster (founder/CEO Business Empire Consulting). The TKE Spirit is what binds and motivates them to change the world. With the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2000 or the financial industry collapse in 2008, one might question how we sustained consumer, investor, or entrepreneurial confidence. Yet, it is your “entrepreneurial generation” that has moved us forward and will lead us into an economic recovery. This generation is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and more and more schools have developed coursework on the topic. It is time your Fraternity explored what it can offer to you and why we created this edition of the magazine. Young entrepreneurs face many challenges including navigating through the how to sell their idea, the rodeo of bank lending standards, securing venture capital, and the lack of knowledge required to run a small business. As alumni and volunteers, our mentoring is needed more and more—it’s the true value of fraternity. Young people need to find mentors who can help them at different phases of entrepreneurship. It is persistence, hard work, networking and creative ideas that will make your business really take off. The Fraternity should help in giving its members access to people and information like never before. We are and will be working very hard to make sure every Frater has the tools necessary to be anything. Whether you want to be a doctor, philanthropist, entrepreneur or something else, your TKE experience should be one that gives you the skills to be an immediate success. Get involved with your chapter, take on risks and challenges, and you will begin the process of learning what it takes to be the next Frater to change the world. Finally, I want to express how excited and humbled I am with the opportunity to serve our beloved Fraternity as its permanent CEO. In the spirit of Frater Ronald Reagan’s words, I firmly believe that one does not become CEO; instead, I am a temporary custodian of an institution called Tau Kappa Epsilon. I am a steward of its legacy. This office will be for me a sacred trust and honor beyond words or measure. I promise that I will honor each of you in my daily work. Fraters, I love this Fraternity. Yours in the Bond,

Shawn A. Babine Chief Executive Officer



Turning Up the HEAT


he 56th Biennial Conclave in San Antonio confirmed a new Grand Council including Grand Prytanis Ed Moy (Lambda, University of Wisconsin) who had a new vision for Tau Kappa Epsilon. The foci created the acronym HEAT, which seeks to improve several aspects for the TKE Nation.

H – Housing A comprehensive housing initiative for our chapters to have some sense of a residence, whether it’s owning or renting a house, renovating a house to modern standards, or starting a tradition of having a regular place to meet.

E – Education Expand access to great educational programs, like The Blueprint, so that we help more men become even better, which expands our reach to make a better world.

A – Alumni Build our alumni into a more powerful network, helping fellow Fraters worldwide while giving back both time and treasure out of gratitude to our beloved Fraternity.

T – TEF (TKE Educational Foundation) Strengthen our support for TEF so we can build our endowment, which will reduce the financial cost of taking advantage of our educational programs. Frater Moy said there has been notable progress on these topics. “It’s been seven short months since Conclave, and I am pleased to report we’ve made significant strides on HEAT. We have a new TKE Housing Corporation board (see more details on the following pages) made up of Fraters with expertise and experience in the housing industry. They are beginning to form a comprehensive housing strategy that we’ll benefit from for generations to come.”

In regard to education, Frater Moy said we will not rest on our recent successes. “We’ve also started to improve the content and access to our educational programs, contributing to the record RLC attendance this year.” Engaging alumni work hand in hand with the efforts of the TKE Educational Foundation. TKE will be working on expanding the Life Loyal Teke program and alumni associations throughout the TKE Nation. Frater Moy said the renewed focus on these two areas will further advance our mission of creating Better Men for a Better World for years to come. “We’re starting to tackle how to engage more alumni and collaborate with TEF. I’m looking forward to reporting the results to you at our next Conclave.” In each section, the volunteer and professional staff will be working hard to make them happen. Only when all of us are on the same page will we be able to see the fruits of our labors. Keep your eyes on and the social networks for more progress on the HEAT initiative.




It’s the Right Time How can TKE help you get a chapter house?



ne of the hottest topics consistently asked about is housing. How can TKE help a chapter get a house? The answer, right now, is we’re working very hard to figure out the best approach. A new initiative (seen on page 5) has been developed by Grand Prytanis Ed Moy (Lambda, University of Wisconsin). Tabbing experts in the industry, the TKE Housing Corporation Board of Directors (seen on page 7) is made up of alumni who are very successful in fields related to the topic. The reasons why this has become a top priority are many. Grand Council At-Large Member Frater Brian Montgomery (Gamma-Upsilon, University of Texas) said a primary goal is to develop a meaningful path to securing housing. “Whether a rental arrangement or purchase, both options have advantages and disadvantages. One of the main priorities is to help chapters better understand that dynamic.” TKE Educational Foundation Board Chairman Frater Richard “Ernie” Ernest (Beta-Mu, Bucknell University) said having a house can have a dramatic impact on the TKE experience. “There are added responsibilities with a house—a bigger budget to manage and a better learning experience for later in life. Those who lived in the house, when I was an undergraduate, enjoyed more camaraderie due to the proximity of more of the members, and I want other Fraters to experience this.” Former Grand Prytanis Mark Johnson (Nu-Theta, Universty of Utah) said it is vital to address this issue. “TKE has had a consistent weakness relative to our peer groups for many years in terms of international support for housing. Understanding the history of our prior efforts and taking into account what others have, we should be able to come up with a plan.” Frater Montgomery, former Federal Housing Commissioner under President George W. Bush, added that there is no real clear-cut solution to this issue. “There are some campuses where TKE is at a distinct disadvantage without a centralized location and place to call home. That said, there are many institutions that do not permit fraternity housing. As such, there isn’t a one size fits all strategy.” Frater Ernest, President & CEO of Crown Metal Manufacturing Company, said the process is very involved. “I have designed and built 20 homes as a hobby and there are many items for the checklist. Acquiring land, contracting with architects, finding the right builder, and completing and selling the project are all things that need to be addressed. I can help provide my experience to this committee so we can find a successful program on a larger scale.” While there won’t be a quick fix, this committee of dedicated experts and volunteers will be working hard to get something in place to better secure the future of the organization. What these men share is very positive experiences with their chapter having a house and, as such, want this for all Tekes. They will be looking at every option to ensure this Fraternity has a solid footing for future generations of Fraters. Be sure to check tke. org as more information becomes available.

TKE HOUSING CORPORATION, LLC EDMUND C. MOY Frater Moy (Lambda) now works in the private sector as vice president corporate infrastructure for L&L Energy, Inc. From 2006 to 2011, he served as the 38th Director of the United States Mint. Prior to becoming Director, Frater Moy was a special assistant to the president (George W. Bush) for Presidential Personnel at the White House. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1979 with a triple major: economics, international relations, and political science. Frater Moy, an LLT, was awarded Teke Alumnus of the Year in 2005 and was inducted into the Circle of Excellence in 2007. He is currently Grand Prytanis and previously served the Fraternity as Grand Crysophylos (2007–08), Grand Grammateus (2008–09), and Grand Epiprytanis (2009–11).

RICHARD “ERNIE” ERNEST Frater Ernest is president of Crown Metal Manufacturing Co., a position he has held since 1984. He earned a degree in chemistry from Bucknell University in 1970 and an M.B.A. from Fordham University in 1974. Frater Ernest was initiated into Beta-Mu Chapter at Bucknell University in 1967 and has served as a member of the Board of Advisors for his chapter since 2004. He has been on the Board of Directors of the TKE Educational Foundation since 2004 and is currently chairman. A Life Loyal Teke, Frater Ernest received the Teke Alumnus of the Year Award in 2005, the Grand Prytanis Award in 2011, and the TEF Fraternity for Life Award in 2011.

MARK K. JOHNSON Frater Johnson is executive vice president and general manager of Johnson Storage and Moving Company, headquartered in Denver, Colo. He attended the University of Utah, was initiated into Nu-Theta Chapter in 1975, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in finance. Frater Johnson was Crysophylos and House Manager of his chapter, previously served as a member of the TKE Educational Foundation Board of Directors, and was a founding member of the Denver Area Alumni

Association. In 1991, he received the Teke Alumnus of the Year award. A Life Loyal Teke, Frater Johnson previously served on the Grand Council as Grand Crysophylos (2003– 2005), Grand Grammateus (2005–2007), and Grand Prytanis (2007–2009).

JOHN A. COURSON An established housing industry executive, Frater Courson is president and CEO of the Home Builders Institute. He was initiated into Alpha-Epsilon Chapter at Monmouth College, Ill., on January 1, 1960. He transferred to the University of Colorado and graduated with a B.S. degree in business in 1964. He is the only person to have been president of each TKE corporation: TKE House Fund, TKE House Building Corp., and Investors Fund. He has also served as Grand Crysophylos, Grand Epiprytanis, and Grand Prytanis. A Life Loyal Teke, Frater Courson is a Chapter Advisor Hall of Fame and Circle of Excellence inductee and a 1990 recipient of the Order of the Golden Eagle.

BRIAN D. MONTGOMERY Frater Montgomery is vice chairman and partner at the Collingwood Group LLC, a Washington, D.C., based business advisory firm, and serves on many national and international boards. He has more than 25 years of corporate and public service experience, with expertise in the modernization of policies and practices in government, particularly in housing, mortgages and the secondary mortgage markets. Frater Montgomery is a 1975 initiate of Gamma-Upsilon Chapter at the University of Texas-Austin and is a graduate of the University of Houston where he received his Bachelors of Arts in political science. A Life Loyal Teke, he currently serves the Fraternity as a Grand Council member.

JAMES IAN KENNEDY Frater Kennedy currently serves as senior vice president and general counsel of GMH Associates, Inc. in Newton Square, Penn. His bar affiliations include the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the state of New Jersey.

Frater Kennedy, a Life Loyal Teke, is a 1993 initiate of Gamma-Epsilon Chapter at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he served his chapter as Prytanis. He received his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), magna cum laude, in political science from West Chester University in 1997. He received his Juris Doctor (J.D.), cum laude, from Villanova University in 2001. Frater Kennedy served in the United States Marine Corps and is a member of of the Delaware County Community College Entrepreneurial Advisory Board and the International Real Estate Trade Organization Board of Experts.

PHILLIP W. BRACKEN Frater Bracken is currently a private enterprise consultant with clients in housing, financial services, and the consumer sectors. He is vice chairman of the Mortgage Bankers Assoc. of Missouri, co-chairman of the Consumer/Lender Forum, and head of the Housing Recovery Alliance in Washington, D.C. Frater Bracken is also on the Advisory Board of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, the Asian Real Estate Association of America, and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. He attended Eastern Illinois University, was initiated into Gamma-Omega Chapter, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management. Frater Bracken played professional baseball before starting his mortgage banking career in 1975.

ADRIAN COX Frater Cox has been an underwriter, financial institutions at All Risks, Ltd., a full service insurance brokerage in Hunt Valley, Md., since 2009. A 20-year veteran of the financial services industry with a background in insurance and risk management, he works with bankers, commercial insurance brokers, title companies and asset managers to provide the proper insurance products they need while offering unique asset and revenue management tools. Frater Cox is a 1985 initiate of Pi-Upsilon at Towson University. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Baltimore.

Shawn A. Babine, TKE Chief Executive Officer, will also serve on the TKE Housing Corporation. SPRING 2012



Great TKE Entrepreneurs business, he had other plans. Taking over as president in 1939, he successfully guided the pharmacy through World War II. Frater Walgreen is credited for raising millions of dollars selling war bonds at the stores and helping nationally broadcasted radio shows featuring Bob Hope and other Hollywood celebrities. He realized that his employees, especially fellow pharmacists, were what drove success. Without talented men and women working with him, the pursuit of his dreams for expansion would be lost. He gradually reduced the number of hours his Walgreen Co., commonly abbreviated as WAGS, pharmacists worked doing business as Walgreens, is the largest drug from the industry retailing chain in the United States of America. norm of 66 hours As of January 31, 2012, the company operates per week to the more 8,300 locations across all 50 states, the District of reasonable 40 hours. Columbia and Puerto Rico. Founded in Chicago, One of his most Illinois, in 1901, it has since expanded throughout lasting contributions the United States. Walgreens is currently headto the company was, quartered in the nearby suburb of Deerfield, Ill. “idealism works, if it’s worked at. But you can’t crash ideas through a wall of objections. That simply bashes in the Upsilon, University of Michigan ideal, not the wall. You have to open doors, exchange ideas, sometimes talk a Tau Kappa Epsilon offers a great opportunity to learn various skills and traits which wall down.” This philosophy is one of the will help you in all facets of life. From personal to business, the Fraternity fosters an environprimary reasons he succeeded. ment of entrepreneurship. There are myriad chances to develop, lead, fail and succeed in a During his tenure, he grew sales to controlled setting. While you may try to run a philanthropic endeavor, it might not be what $817 million a year. He placed stores in you dreamt. On the flip side, you may have planned an event that went better than expected. Puerto Rico, then took stores across the In either case, there are many important lessons with this hands-on approach to learning. As a U.S. border into Mexico. He was also among result, men have moved on to prominent roles in their chosen fields. the first to computerize and automate his As we take a look at two great innovators in the TKE Nation, it’s important to realize warehouses, along with adding bar codes to these men were not always successful. In the end, however, their resolve led them to make products. All of the things he did were a bit an incredible difference and leave an indelible mark on today’s society. We are in the busirisky, but most paid off with his unwavering ness of building Better Men for a Better World. TKE wants you to be next. determination to provide the best service possible. As a Teke, he served on the Grand Council, was awarded Teke Alumnus of the Year, the TEF Fraternity for Life distinction “Idealism works, if it’s worked at. But you can’t crash ideas through and, the highest honor in the Fraternity, the a wall of objections. That simply bashes in the ideal, not the wall. You Order of the Golden Eagle. As a Life Loyal have to open doors, exchange ideas, sometimes talk a wall down.” Teke and regular contributor to the TKE Educational Foundation, Frater Charles put A student at the University of Michihard in the Michigan School of Pharmacy, his stamp on his legacy by helping endow gan, Frater Walgreen thought about becomFrater Walgreen joined Tau Kappa Epsilon the TKE Leadership Academy—now ing an architect but wanted to go into the in 1925. Upon graduating in 1928, he went known as the Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. TKE family business of pharmacy. His father back home to work for and eventually take Leadership Academy. He was a truly great had two stores in Chicago that he worked over the business started by his father. Frater and an amazing businessman. at since the age of 9. Along with studying Though it was considered a small family

Charles R. Walgreen, Jr.



Frater Howard Schultz

Theta-Iota, Northern Michigan University

Frater Schultz was born in 1952 and raised in a Brooklyn, N.Y., housing project. A football scholarship to Northern Michigan University was his ticket out. While there, he joined Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1973, holding several leadership positions. Like many who venture out after graduation, he worked a variety of jobs until becoming manager of U.S. operations for Hammarplast (a Jewish coffee machine manufacturer). Frater Schultz loved coffee, so the position was a great fit. That is until he saw a small coffee operation he thought could help revolutionize the industry. What sold him on the idea of buying it and starting a franchise was the care the Starbucks owners

Schultz quit and started his own coffee-bar business, called Il Giornale. It was so successful, a year later he bought Starbucks for $3.8 million. This was quite a risk and one his father-in-law saw as a death sentence for his career, not to mention his marriage. Frater Schultz, however, wasn’t discouraged and pressed on. The continuous expansion in the 1990s was nothing short of amazing. He had an intriguing ideal that was born from his roots and experience in TKE, “to build a company with soul.” This led to a series of practices that were unprecedented in retail. Frater Schultz insisted that all employees working at least 20 hours a week get comprehensive

“I wanted to build the kind of company that my father never got a chance to work for, in which people were respected.” put into choosing and roasting the beans. He also was impressed with the owners’ dedication to educating the public about the wonders of coffee connoisseurship. In 1982, he had an epiphany while visiting Italy. When Schultz looked at the coffee bars there, he was amazed they existed on practically every block. Not only did those shops serve espresso, they were meeting places and created an experience for customers. He wanted to capture this same feel in the United States. But back in Seattle, the Starbucks owners resisted Schultz’s plans. Frustrated,

health coverage. On top of that, he offered a stock-option plan for all of them. The response from his moves led to exceptionally low turnover, insuring his customers would see a friendly face and feel welcome like they were at home. Aside from his own ideals and principles, he put these directives in place because his father struggled at various lowpaying jobs and had nothing at the end of his life. In his book Onward, Frater Schultz said, “I wanted to build the kind of company that my father never got a chance to work for, in which people were respected.”

Starbucks Corporation is an international coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, Wash. Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 19,435 stores in 58 countries, including 12,781 in the United States, 1,241 in Canada, 1,062 in Japan, 976 in Great Britain and 645 in China. Starbucks sells drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, other hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, hot and cold sandwiches and panini, pastries, snacks, and items such as mugs and tumblers. Through the Starbucks Entertainment division and Hear Music brand, the company also markets books, music, and film. Many of the company’s products are seasonal or specific to the locality of the store. Starbucks-brand ice cream and coffee are also offered at grocery stores..

In regard to his entrepreneurship success, he said, “Don’t be threatened by people smarter than you. Compromise anything but your core values. Seek to renew yourself even when you are hitting home runs. And everything matters.” Each of these Fraters was given a chance to lead very early in life by answering the call to become a Teke. They took on leadership roles and carried these lessons into their professional life. Because they were allowed to fail and succeed in a controlled environment, they learned values few are able to obtain by reading a book. You too have the same chance whether you want to be an entrepreneur or go into another profession. The key is to step out of your comfort zone and try. Look at these Fraters as examples of what could be. Regardless of if you make $50,000 or $5 billion, the principles, values and unmatched personal development will help you become a great man. That is what TKE is all about—building Better Men for a Better World. SPRING 2012



What do you think it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Giusto M. Iuculano • City College of New York (KappaSigma Colony) • Senior • Prytanis • Biology/Psychology • First Lego League (robotics program for students ages 9–14), Harlemween (face painting & activities for children during Halloween), Change for St. Jude “It’s the ability to do the impossible, conquer the improbable, and foresee and overcome all obstacles. You must be able to take calculated risks, weighing all options and outcomes.”

Mathew Buono • Quinnipiac University (Kappa-Psi) • Senior • Epiprytanis (2010–11) • Computer Information Systems, 3.34 GPA • ACS Relay For Life • American Red Cross Blood Drive, Giant Twister Tournament for St. Jude “One must have a vision and a business plan. To be successful, one must be able to execute the plan effectively by properly communicating with company employees and customers, manage various departments within the company, and have the ability to excite and inspire other people about your vision.”


What has TKE taught you so far that you can take for life after college?

Nicholas Grillon • Virginia Tech (Xi-Omega) • Senior • Philanthropy Chairman • Finance, 3.2 GPA • Homecoming Court (2011), Pi Sigma Epsilon, Up ’til Dawn for St. Jude’s Executive Board • Delta Gamma’s Anchorsplash, Alpha Delta Pi’s Preppy Olympics, Alpha Phi Keep the Beat Week, The Big Event at VT “Ever since joining TKE, I have learned how to take on leadership more than ever before. Being in leadership roles and taking on responsibility will give me the skills to be successful in any job I do for the rest of my life.”

Gerard Horan • James Madison University (Mu-Tau) • Junior • Prytanis • Sociology, 3.34 GPA • Sigma Alpha Pi & Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership and Honors Organization • Tri Delta War for a Cure “TKE has taught me that to be sucy must have a great cessful in life,, you and be be willing w work ethicc and to take on biilility ityy in in your yoour u endeavors.” ende nde nd responsibility



What are your career goals and personal goals for the future?

If you could start any type of business, what would it be and why?

Evan Strater • IUPUI (Upsilon-Iota) • Junior • Criminal Justice, 3.6 GPA • Prytanis • Founder and president of The Home Brewers Association of IUPUI, IFC Vice President of Scholarship “I will be applying for grad school in the fall and would like to work in either law enforcement, non-profit, or government. I would like to influence policy that shapes recidivism rates of prison inmates or crime rates.”


Ethan David Longstreet • Illinois State University (Mu-Upsilon) • Sophomore • Grammateus, Hypophetes • History/Political Science, 3.2 GPA • Ultimate Frisbee Club, Run Club, Interfraternity Council • Habitat for Humanity, St.Jude letter writing campaign, Valentine’s Day St. Jude Red Carnation Sale “I want to become an accomplished high school teacher in history and government. I want to make an impact and believe this is where I can do just that.”

Daniel Simons • New Mexico State University (Alpha-Omicron) • Junior • Philanthropy Chair • Business, 2.7 GPA • Intramurals, IFC, Club Ultimate Frisbee • St. Jude’s Golf Classic, Birdies for St. Jude “I would start a not-for-profit that raises money for charities. It’s what I love to do and why I became the Philanthropy Chairman at Alpha-Omicron.”

Connor Evarts • University of Minnesota (Theta) • Sophomore • Prytanis • Psychology, 3.3 GPA • IFC Academic Coordinator, research assistant in cognitive neuroscience labs • Beat the Greeks yard game tournament (Greek Week), Swift Kick in the Alz kickball tournament “I would start a home improvement business. My Epiprytanis and I started a home maintenance company and we contract specifically with a local property manager. We pride ourselves on contributing to the aesthetics and quality of our local college neighborhood.”

you are a teke – tell everyone


he job market has shrunk. The economic climate is poor. Are we all doomed? No. You have something that can set you apart from other applicants. You have something that few will be able to compete with. You are a Teke. Membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon is a distinct experience like few others out there during your tenure at college. While you may struggle to articulate why, we are here to help. First and foremost, leadership in Greek Life is viewed very favorably by employers and can be an essential qualification for certain types of work and career paths. You don’t have to be the president of a colony or chapter, but you should take on a role of some kind. Maybe you love service or sports—take on the organizational lead in these areas on your campus. The important thing to remember is what you accomplish, and the skills you use and develop are paramount for a resume. Don’t put on a resume that you are a general member of a chapter, group or association. Take some time to get involved with it. Be an officer, committee member, or project manager—something to show you have drive and initiative. Employers don’t want to see that you are a good joiner—they want to see how you made an impact. Fraternity experience on a resume can be a controversial subject. Some experts believe negative stereotypes associated with fraternities can lead to poor results in your job search. The fraternity experience can be a major point of differentiation for first-time job seekers. There are many skills you learn in a fraternity and many accomplishments that can really add a nice touch to the resume. There are, however, some things you should consider when putting fraternity experience on your resume. Here are three tips on how to showcase your experience in TKE.

1) Don’t put Prytanis, Rush or other Greek Term If someone reviewing your resume was never part of Greek Life, chances are they have no idea what these mean. For example, don’t use the word “ritual” as it is typically associated with sacrificing animals. While we may understand this, non-Greeks would rather

you say “ceremony.” In other words, if you are the Hypophetes, one of your duties should be described as ceremonies coordinator (or something similar). Explain each title, whether an officer or committee chair/member, like this.

2) Statistics are Key Numbers make every resume more impressive and help you stand out from the pile. While the recruitment chairman, did you have two men join or 20 (over your tenure)? If you were president, did you increase retention rates or run meetings of 50 men (or whatever size your chapter is)? As a philanthropy chair, how much did you raise and how many hours did you donate to non-profits? Regardless of what your role was, there is likely a way to quantify your success.

3) Community Service & Philanthropy MUST Be Included Let’s face it: stereotypes exist in the outside world about fraternities. That said, non-Greeks don’t realize how much time and money are invested in these areas. Even if you only participated in these, be sure to highlight the numbers and organizations you helped in the community. You don’t need to give a laundry list of events; one or two will do but be sure the statistics for your entire time in TKE are included. Once landing the interview, be sure to have a good handle on how you can further explain what the Fraternity has done for you. Maybe you were terrified of public speaking or struggled with time management until you joined TKE. These, among others, would be great to highlight because it shows your adaptability. Employers want to know that you are willing and able to learn how to excel at your position. College is not the end of study—it has prepared you for the next step. The moral of this story is TKE should be a big part of your resume. Aside from the opportunity of meeting another Teke in an interview setting (and it has happened many times), you don’t want to gloss over all the work you put into the Fraternity while an undergraduate. You’ll be glad you did. SPRING 2012


The power of social networking is immense. From personal branding to positioning for future employment, there are many tools to use. Which one will give you the best opportunity for jobs? LinkedIn. Whether you are on it currently or not, it’s time to get online. It doesn’t matter if you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned workforce professional, you can improve your prospects by creating a profile. LinkedIn is a must for anyone who is serious about job hunting, career planning, and networking with people who can assist you as you build a successful professional life. While Facebook is great for keeping in touch with friends and relatives, LinkedIn is a different approach geared toward business. If you are interested in a specific field or looking for Fraters who are in a job you desire, this network is for you. On the topic of Facebook versus LinkedIn, you don’t need to connect with everyone and their brothers. If you don’t have a specific connection to them, they will most likely ignore your request. Here are four things to think about as you begin your LinkedIn journey.


Join a Group: Tau Kappa Epsilon has a group as well as alumni associations, other groups and businesses. Networking with groups is a quick and easy way to meet people without requesting an introduction. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and find a mentor, career focus and even a job. Participate in discussions and you’ll find individuals who want to engage with you.


Apply for a Job: Many organizations and businesses utilize this platform to advertise job openings. In addition, with a complete and updated profile, recruiters scour for potential employees. While this social network shouldn’t be used solely for job hunting, plenty of hiring takes place. You can not only see a job description, a company profile and current employees can be found. As you will see on the next page, you never know if a connection can help you land the interview.


Leverage the LinkedIn Network: LinkedIn’s massive user list (100 million plus) is one of its biggest assets. Two new users create a profile every second. When you start, there is no reason to find everyone you can to be a connection. Add a few people each day and be sure to write personal messages as opposed to the generic “I’d like to add you in my professional network.” This will get an immediate “Ignore” response. This does not need to be an email’s worth of content, but just by adding in things like, ‘I hope you are having a good day’ and ‘I’m very interested in getting a mentor to break into the engineering field’ can go a long way to gaining a connection.


Grow Your Connections: LinkedIn has a function called introductions. This feature can help build your network or find a contact at a firm you’re interested in. You can see the connections between you and the person you want to meet and then use the introduction form to request an introduction. This is a no pressure request that the user can accept or ignore, but they can see who you are connected with before figuring out what they want to do.

Join the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity group on LinkedIn. Scan the QR code above or



Creating a profile is the first and most important part of LinkedIn. If done properly, the profile will work for you even when you are not online. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Fill everything out completely. This cannot be stressed enough. Do you want to post on your profile that you work at Kroger? Tell the world that you work at Kroger and have gained a number of skills such as working with a team and so on. What else have you done during college or in your career? Include all employment, internships and volunteer jobs. This is a virtual resume that is always out there for potential employers to see. Showcasing your talents and skills could be the determining factor between landing an interview or being passed up.


Use a profile picture you want them to see. Unlike Facebook, you don’t want to put a picture up for you and your significant other or favorite pet. This should be a professional headshot or you in a suit. Make sure it’s not grainy, pixilated or looks like you are running through a wind tunnel. Nothing annoys people more than not being able to see who you are or can be in a professional setting.


Act Professional. LOL, SMH, & B4 are unacceptable on LinkedIn. You won’t be writing reports or PowerPoint presentations with this type of language, so why do it here? Use complete sentences, appropriate grammar and correct punctuation. Throw away exclamation points. Potential employers don’t want to see how excited you are about something. Last, but certainly not least, don’t use big words so you can look smart. Nine times out of 10, you have misused it. It is best to look around other professionals’ profiles to see how you can create something similar.


Ask for Recommendations. It doesn’t matter if it comes from your first job when you were 16 or a professor, recommendations add instant credibility. You want to have between three and five of these to show the world people like you and you would be an asset to the potential employer. These should not come from friends or relatives. With more than 44 percent of Fortune 500 employers doing social media scans, it’s likely they will look to verify this information and figure it out.

Still not sure about all of this LinkedIn promotion? Here is a real story of its success. Frater Louie Correa (Gamma, University of Illinois) was offered a position in Chicago. The only problem was figuring out how to make it work without his wife securing a job. They looked at a few job websites and stumbled on the perfect job at Discover. It was in Training & Development, which is her field, and it was at a large, reputable company which was very important to her. However, because it’s so large, getting a foot in the door would be difficult. How do you distinguish yourself from everyone else who applied? A resume and a cover letter are great, but having a contact there would be better. So, they turned to LinkedIn. “I had the idea to search the company name on LinkedIn and the search returned a list of connections who work at Discover. It turned out a fellow Frater, Tim Schaefer (Lambda-Pi, Northeastern Illinois University), was connected to another Frater, Kent Anderson (Lambda-Pi, Northeastern Illinois University), who worked there,” said Frater Correa. “Frater Schaefer helped me reach out to Frater Anderson and he was willing to share my wife’s resume with the hiring manager. Before we knew it, my wife was on a plane to Chicago and was offered the job shortly after her interview. What we learned was it is so powerful to be able to leverage fraternal and social networking connections to get your foot in the door. Most jobs are obtained through networking; TKE and LinkedIn can help you open the door, but the rest is up to you.” There are a number of jobs out there waiting to be filled with qualified candidates. The problem lies in making yourself look better than the others. One of the best ways in today’s society, aside from networking in person, is to utilize the LinkedIn tool. Get a profile set up, connect with TKE on LinkedIn, and start networking. You may just land an internship or job from another Teke like Frater Correa did.










Arizona State University





Carleton University





Northern Arizona University



Kappa-Beta Colony

University of Texas-Pan American




Iowa State University





Western Illinois University





California State University, Northridge





Washington State University




Georgia Institute of Technology





Northwest Missouri State University





University of Washington




University of Illinois at Chicago




Missouri State University




Illinois State University




Bucknell University












University of California, San Diego





University of Southern California





The Ohio State University





Arizona State University





Drexel University





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Georgia Institute of Technology





University of California-Berkeley





University of Washington




Worcester Polytechnic Institute



*Expansion groups are not included in this report. Results are as of 4/25/12. 18 THE TEKE


ALBION COLLEGE, Omega Three Omega Tekes were the proud recipients of the 2011 chapter scholarship awards, which are given annually to collegiate Fraters who have excelled in academics and contributions to the Fraternity and the Albion College community. Frater Kyle Henry received the “Dr. John L. Seaton Scholarship Award.” The award was renamed this year in memory of Dr. Seaton who served as Albion College president from 1924–1945 and was initiated as an honorary Frater of TKE’s Omega Chapter in 1943. Recipients of the “William C. Prout Scholarship Award” are Fraters Aaron Bender and Justin DeHondt, both members of the class of 2011. The scholarship is made possible through a generous bequest from the estate of Frater Prout that exemplifies his devotion to the chapter. “We are pleased to be able to award these scholarships,” said Frater Jerry Johnson, who serves as Omega Chapter Board of Advisors Scholarship Chair. “This year’s recipients have distinguished themselves through their academic, service, and fraternal achievements.”

CHAPTER NEWS Albion College, Omega Strength: 49 GPA: 3.23 Community Service Hours: 424 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,246 Recruitment Results: 15 Baylor University, Omicron-Pi Strength: 38 Community Service Hours: 1,191 Philanthropic Dollars: $380 Recruitment Results: 10 Boise State University, Nu-Eta Strength: 45 Community Service Hours: 1,876 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,200 Recruitment Results: 7 Bowling Green State University, Zeta-Lambda Strength: 55 Community Service Hours: 2,259 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,505 Recruitment Results: 22 Butler University, Gamma-Psi Strength: 34 GPA: 2.68 Community Service Hours: 645 Philanthropic Dollars: $2,150 Recruitment Results: 8

BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY, Zeta-Lambda Zeta-Lambda Chapter took home some very high honors during the March 23 Greek Weekend at Bowling Green State University. They were presented the highest university recognition, the Greek Excellence Award, by university President Mary Ellen Mazey. With the help of The Blueprint, Tau Kappa Epsilon also received an award for Outstanding Member Development Program. In addition to these two awards, Frater Stephen Howard was awarded Outstanding New Greek Member for his contributions and involvement on the campus of BGSU. The chapter received second place in the Overall Greek Week Competition as well. Frater Earl J. Richards, LLT, Grand Province Advisor, said, “I am very proud of them and their hard work. Pretty impressive accomplishments for having been chartered a year!”

D.C. TKE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION On March 14, the D.C. Tekes turned one of their usually well attended happy hours into a fundraising event for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They had a $5 cover charge and $1 raffle tickets for prizes from Sign of the Whale, a regular establishment in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. The Founders’ Day dinner was another success with TKE Educational Foundation guest Kathy Williams, as well as Grand Council member Brian Montgomery who provided an update on the Fraternity. The Jack & Rachel Dart Scholarship was awarded to Frater Elliot Jeffords from the UpsilonOmicron chapter at American University, and the Tidewater-Blueridge Scholarship was awarded to Frater Will Fenstermaker from the Alpha-Pi chapter at George Washington University. Frater Rick Feuer, LLT (Zeta-Omicron, Western Carolina University), participated in the SunTrust Rock & Roll Half Marathon Saturday, March 17, in Washington, D.C., to benefit patients at St. Jude.

California State Univ.-Northridge, Upsilon-Beta Strength: 66 GPA: 2.4 Community Service Hours: 450 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,017 Recruitment Results: 28 City College of New York, Kappa-Sigma Strength: 47 Community Service Hours: 1,059 Philanthropic Dollars: $278 Recruitment Results: 20

Find a service or philanthropy project idea by going to under the Service Tab or email

Recruitment Results as of 4/25/12 SPRING 2012


CHAPTER NEWS Colorado State University, Gamma-Beta Strength: 23 GPA: 2.39 Community Service Hours: 482 Recruitment Results: 18 Drake University, Alpha-Xi Strength: 29 Community Service Hours: 507 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,920 Recruitment Results: 15 Drexel University, Alpha-Tau Strength: 105 Community Service Hours: 1,553 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,452 Recruitment Results: 11 Florida State University, Lambda-Iota Strength: 57 GPA: 2.69 Community Service Hours: 845 Philanthropic Dollars: $40,965 Recruitment Results: 15 Illinois State University, Mu-Upsilon Strength: 51 GPA: 2.54 Community Service Hours: 898 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,584 Recruitment Results: 25 Iowa State University, Epsilon Strength: 78 Community Service Hours: 7,135 Philanthropic Dollars: $16,295 Recruitment Results: 30 Kutztown University, Xi-Phi Strength: 41 Community Service Hours: 573 Philanthropic Dollars: $2,459 Recruitment Results: 25

Be sure to fill out the Annual Report by May 15, 2012, on the Membership Maintenance Module.

Recruitment Results as of 4/25/12 20 THE TEKE


DRAKE UNIVERSITY, Alpha-Xi The Alpha-Xi chapter broke new ground at Drake University this year with the TKE Car Smash for Cash to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Philanthropy Chair Shawn June began planning the event back in April of 2011 and worked on the logistics throughout the summer. With ‘go big or go home’ as his motto, he was determined to execute a successful and safe event for the chapter. Shawn’s family lives on a farm just outside of Des Moines, and he knew that he could find junk vehicles on almost any farmstead. After contacting his family and other farmers, he tracked down an old Jeep Grand Cherokee with a missing door. But Shawn’s stepfather wasn’t satisfied. He shared their vision, and a bigger, better car was the only thing that would do. So, after a little scouting, he came across a Pontiac minivan and convinced the owner to donate it. Shawn worked with Drake, sending them information about the event, along with a list of possible risks that come with smashing a car to bits with a sledgehammer. Drake authorized waiver sheets for all participants to sign before entering the ring and helped with suggestions for Risk Management. To help publicize the event, the chapter had TKE Car Smash T-shirts made, with Axe Body Spray as their co-sponsor. The shirts, black with orange lettering and listing all of the participating Greek houses at Drake, sold for $10 a piece. The event turnout was fantastic. Along with a steady line throughout the day, several participants came back for more—dishing out punishment galore on the minivan. Money raised at the event, combined with continuing T-shirt sales, made for the most successful philanthropy event Alpha-Xi has seen in more than five years. Frater June and Prytanis Jarrad Emamian created an event that was not only fun, but allowed the Tekes to raise more than $2,500 for St. Jude. Expressing the chapter’s sentiments, “This house is about heart, and we will continue to grow and do even better in the years to come.”

HEARTLAND PROVINCE Ninety Fraters and guests from five states attended the 11th annual Heartland Province Founders’ Day celebration in Oklahoma City on January 14. Grand Grammateus Fritz Jacobi and his wife were also in attendance. The inaugural Doug Blubaugh Memorial Spirit Award was introduced by Dawn Blubaugh Hawkins, daughter of the Beta-Gamma alumnus who passed away in May. Blubaugh won the gold medal in wrestling in the ’60 Olympic games and was named the world’s outstanding wrestler by the AAU. The first recipient of the award was Dalton Holdge, Epsilon-Eta Chapter, who graduated as valedictorian from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in May 2011 at the age of 20 after attending college for only two years. He is wearing Frater Blubaugh’s 1960 Olympic gold medal while holding the award presented by Ms. Hawkins (left). Mickey Toler Memorial Awards were presented to Fraters Nate Raddatz, Dave Madison, Walter Jenny, Harvey Grauberger, and Darren Stormont for their outstanding alumni involvement during 2011. Fraters Marshall Scantlin, Epsilon Sigma, and John Wood, Beta Gamma, were inducted into the TKE Oklahoma Hall of Fame. During an afternoon ritual, four alumni were inducted into the Fraternity for Life. Landon Martin, father of two Tekes at Epsilon-Theta Colony, was initiated as an honorary member of the Fraternity. To conclude the Founders’ Day banquet, Fraters sang the Closing Ode (right).

CHAPTER NEWS Lebanon Valley College, Rho-Chi Strength: 20 GPA: 3.08 Community Service Hours: 1,024 Philanthropic Dollars: $6,220 Recruitment Results: 8 Miami University, Delta-Xi Strength: 45 GPA 2.9 Community Service Hours: 546 Philanthropic Dollars: $540 Recruitment Results: 19

NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Xi-Gamma The original founding and undergraduate members of the Xi-Gamma chapter recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. “During the late 1960s, members of the local Mu Delta Lambda decided to affiliate with a national fraternity and selected TKE,” stated Frater Vincent Borkowski. “With the support of the school, and this included both the Old Westbury and New York City campuses along with help from Dean Singer and Arden DeBrun, we embarked on fulfilling the scholastic, athletic and community support requirements of TKE.” The goal was accomplished on May 22, 1971, with the installation of Xi-Gamma Chapter. During the past four decades, chapter members have entered the professional ranks of medicine and accounting as well as become successful business owners in a variety of industries. “Whenever I attend one of our events,” says Tom Frenz, Xi-Gamma’s first Prytanis, “I can see that the spirit we found many years ago is still active in all our members, and this is especially strong with the undergraduates. It is a thrill to see what we started continues today.”

New Jersey City University, Tau-Delta Strength: 26 Community Service Hours: 933 Philanthropic Dollars: $225 Recruitment Results: 9 NYIT-Manhattan, Upsilon-Mu Strength: 35 Community Service Hours: 1,515 Philanthropic Dollars: $2,487 Recruitment Results: 7 Northern Michigan University, Theta-Iota Strength: 20 GPA: 2.58 Community Service Hours: 815 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,103 Recruitment Results: 11 Northwest Missouri State University, Delta-Nu Strength: 83 GPA: 2.53 Community Service Hours: 1,342 Philanthropic Dollars: $6,635 Recruitment Results: 23 Oakland University, Upsilon-Xi Strength: 58 GPA: 2.82 Community Service Hours: 1,415 Philanthropic Dollars: $2,620 Recruitment Results: 21

NORTHWEST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY, Delta-Nu The TKE Alumni Association at Northwest Missouri State University sponsored a re-dedication ceremony June 2 for the Tau Kappa Epsilon house which was damaged by an arson fire on August 5, 2011. The weekend activities attended by more than 140 TKE alumni were held in conjunction with the 17th Annual TKE Memorial Golf Tournament at Mozingo Lake Golf Course in Maryville. WINTER 2012 THE TEKE (continued 19 on page 22)

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Recruitment Results as of 4/25/12 SPRING 2012


CHAPTER NEWS Shawnee State University, Tau-Nu Strength: 38 GPA: 2.52 Community Service Hours: 1,771 Philanthropic Dollars: $7,234 Recruitment Results: 17 Southern Illinois Univ.-Carbondale, Beta-Chi Strength: 65 GPA: 2.46 Community Service Hours: 953 Philanthropic Dollars: $200 Recruitment Results: 12 Stephen F. Austin State University, Nu-Xi Strength: 31 GPA: 2.39 Community Service Hours: 856 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,216 Recruitment Results: 6 St. Francis University, Delta-Phi Strength: 29 Community Service Hours: 157 Philanthropic Dollars: $428 Recruitment Results: 8 Susquehanna University, Iota-Beta Strength: 42 Community Service Hours: 1,956 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,250 Recruitment Results: 16 Tennessee Tech University, Mu-Omicron Strength: 25 GPA: 2.36 Community Service Hours: 983 Philanthropic Dollars: $4,550 Recruitment Results: 5 Texas Tech University, Omicron-Rho Strength: 47 Community Service Hours: 540 Philanthropic Dollars: $1,050 Recruitment Results: 44

Start an alumni association for your chapter or area. It’s an opportunity to connect with other Fraters for fellowship, fun, and networking.

Recruitment Results as of 4/25/12 22 THE TEKE


(continued from page 21) The tournament, which was fully sold out, included 104 golfers and was held Friday, June 1. The event annually honors the memory of those Tekes who have passed away while raising money for capital improvements to the TKE house facility and this year for The TKE House Fire Recovery Fund. This year, the TKE Alumni Association was able to provide overnight accommodations in the newly renovated house along with meals for those TKE alumni who wished to stay at the house. The formal re-dedication ceremony, attended by about 100 individuals, included comments from former TKE Chapter Advisor, Northwest Tennis Coach Mark Rosewell; Mike Johnson, Vice President of University Advancement at Northwest; Michael Russell, TKE Regional Director; Phil Rickebaugh, fire chief of the Maryville Fire Department; current Prytanis Chris Kerwin, and several members of the TKE Board of Advisors. The was held to honor those individuals from the Fraternity, the university and the community who have been instrumental in the return of the TKE house to a state of the art fraternity facility on the Northwest campus.

STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY, Nu-Xi On February 28, Nu-Xi Chapter at SFA hosted its fifth annual Miss Greek pageant. Started in the fall of 2007 to raise awareness of the dangers from excessive alcohol consumption and in memory of Frater Nik Gallegos, the event has now raised more than $10,000 for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This year, the event had two participants from each of the five campus Panhellenic sororities. They competed in a Miss America style pageant, complete with Talent, Formal and Casual Wear, and Q&A portions. This year’s winner was Haley Warr (pictured right) of Delta Delta Delta. The men of Nu-Xi raised almost $1,500 and contributed more than 160 service hours to the event. The judges were comprised of representatives of MADD who also received an appropriately oversized check at the end of the event.

ST. FRANCIS UNIVERSITY, Delta-Phi Delta-Phi Tekes in Loretto, Pa., participated in their sixth annual Polar Bear Swim on February 17 to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. At 4 p.m., twenty of the chapter’s members braved the cold and jumped into Lake Saint Francis, located on the Loretto campus behind Christian Hall. They collected donations from students, professors, local businesses, and alumni and sold T-shirts bearing their Polar Bear Swim logo. For those donating $100 or more, they could have their business logos on the back of the shirt. Brothers also sold Polar Bear Swim shirts for $10 before and during the swim to raise additional money to donate to St. Jude.

TOWSON UNIVERSITY, Pi-Upsilon Pi-Upsilon Tekes teamed up with 2012 American Country Music award nominees the Eli Young Band and local country radio station 93.1 WPOC to host a major philanthropy event at Towson University for the benefit of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The band played an hour-long acoustic show in the West Village Commons Ballroom on Sunday, March 4, and the groups’ combined efforts garnered $1,376 for the hospital. Frater Rob Frazier played the biggest role in setting up the event. He contacted the radio station and oversaw all of the promotions for the show. From there, it was up to the rest of the chapter to sell tickets, meet-and-greet raffles, and the like. And, of course, the Eli Young Band agreed to take the time out of their busy touring schedule to play at Towson. Justin Cole, program director at WPOC Baltimore, said, “This show presented a truly unique opportunity for students to see the Eli Young Band, one of country music’s hottest new bands, in an intimate setting. Country music, country radio and college students coming together for the kids at St Jude … it doesn’t get any better. It’s a partnership where everyone wins, and we were excited to be involved.”

CHAPTER NEWS Towson University, Pi-Upsilon Strength: 84 GPA: 2.61 Community Service Hours: 795 Philanthropic Dollars: $5,319 Recruitment Results: 20 Truman State University, Iota-Gamma Strength: 38 GPA: 2.95 Community Service Hours: 768 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,142 Recruitment Results: 17 Univ. of Arkansas-Monticello, Colony 758 Strength: 24 GPA: 2.58 Community Service Hours: 829 Philanthropic Dollars: $2,480 Recruitment Results: 12 University of Calfiornia-Berkeley, Nu Strength: 89 GPA: 3.35 Community Service Hours: 971 Philanthropic Dollars: $13,627 Recruitment Results: 10

UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, Nu On February 25, the Berkeley Tekes headed to Stow Lake in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park for its semiannual retreat. About 50 active members and 13 new members showed up and participated in both chapter discussions and recreational activities such as frisbee and football. It was a great opportunity to relax for a few hours off-campus and have some quality bonding time among Fraters. Nu Chapter has officially agreed to serve as a co-primary sponsor for the annual Autism Speaks 5K run on April 7, 2012. The event, officially called “1 in 100 5K Race for Autism U,” earns its name from the ratio of people who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders each year. Fraters Alexander Bernhart and Ryan Tabura are excited to be working with Autism Speaks President Caroline McCloskey to put on this event that raises money to support research for autism. According to Frater Bernhart, as co-primary sponsors, TKE Nu will “raise $2,000 through registration fees and donations, hold a fundraising barbecue for its sponsors and members, and have 15 of its members actually run in the race.” Additionally, the chapter strives to play a large part in raising awareness for this event on campus by distributing flyers and other materials. The Tekes have worked closely with Autism Speaks in the past, participating in small fundraisers and making small donations to the organization. “We are so grateful of TKE’s generosity and enthusiasm and it is organizations like TKE that make our efforts worthwhile,” said McCloskey.

Univ. of California-Santa Cruz, Colony 852 Strength: 55 Community Service Hours: 485 Philanthropic Dollars: $8,070 Recruitment Results: 14 University of Florida, Gamma-Theta Strength: 61 GPA: 2.84 Community Service Hours: 743 Philanthropic Dollars: $10,553 Recruitment Results: 14 University of Georgia, Xi-Lambda Strength: 46 GPA: 2.94 Community Service Hours: 1,110 Philanthropic Dollars: $4,960 Recruitment Results: 18

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Recruitment Results as of 4/25/12 SPRING 2012


CHAPTER NEWS University of Houston, Epsilon-Omicron Strength: 54 GPA: 2.33 Community Service Hours: 1,823 Philanthropic Dollars: $282 Recruitment Results: 18 University of Iowa, Lambda-Eta Strength: 49 Community Service Hours: 289 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,625 Recruitment Results: 16 University of Maine, Beta-Upsilon Strength: 20 GPA: 2.61 Community Service Hours: 764 Philanthropic Dollars: $2,326 Recruitment Results: 4 University of Maryland, Beta-Delta Strength: 74 Community Service Hours: 1,500 Philanthropic Dollars: $28,579 Recruitment Results: 7

UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, Lambda-Eta On October 29, 2010, Lambda-Eta Chapter of TKE at the University of Iowa wrapped up a visit from Frater Buckwheat Perry with the typical magnificent dinner, a rush event, and a photo in front of the house. Frater Perry’s visit was a big morale booster, gave the guys some of the best meals they’d had that semester, and instilled an improved get-it-done-now style work ethic that has continued. That led to the chapter having the largest new member classes in 2011 since re-chartering in 2007, which increased membership by almost 50 percent.

University of Michigan, Upsilon Strength: 50 Community Service Hours: 151 Philanthropic Dollars: $250 Recruitment Results: 22 University of Nevada-Reno, Pi-Iota Strength: 43 Community Service Hours: 1,062 Philanthropic Dollars: $26,829 Recruitment Results: 18

UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE, Alpha-Chi Univ. of North Carolina-Wilmington, Mu-Chi Strength: 28 GPA: 2.83 Community Service Hours: 757 Philanthropic Dollars: $2,190 Recruitment Results: 11

The brothers of the Alpha-Chi chapter, in conjunction with the members of the Red Cross, hosted their first blood drive at the University of Louisville’s Red Barn last fall. The location at the central hub for University of Louisville students proved to be a great location to attract willing blood donors. Hundreds of donors attended, including members from other fraternities and sororities, as well as other students on campus. The Fraters of Tau Kappa Epsilon look forward to a many great future blood drives working with the Red Cross!


The Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. TKE Leadership Academy XXVI will be held August 3-7, 2012.

Recruitment Results as of 4/25/12 24 THE TEKE


On February 26, TKE Fraters partnered with Alpha Chi Omega to make a difference for Ethiopian youth. They put on a philanthropy event to raise money and awareness for The Fregenet Foundation and Ethiopia Reads Foundation, which strive to enrich the education of the knowledge hungry youth demographic across the most impoverished parts of Ethiopia. The fundraiser included a night of fun, delicious Ethiopian food, comedy, dancing, and a silent auction, netting $20,000 for these foundations.

UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA-LAS VEGAS, Pi-Lambda Las Vegas Tekes participated in the homecoming parade November 4 at the Town Square Mall and placed second overall in votes on campus. Every year, students build a float related to the homecoming theme and showcase their floats at the parade. TKE’s float depicted the Lied Library. The goal of the chapter is to strive for greatness and succeed in all aspects of fraternity life and aspire to be the most promising and contributing chapter nationwide. Above all, they are committed to Love, Charity and Esteem.

CHAPTER NEWS Univ. of South Carolina-Aiken, Sigma-Zeta Strength: 34 GPA: 2.89 Community Service Hours: 1,415 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,568 Recruitment Results: 13 University of West Georgia, Xi-Theta Strength: 28 GPA: 2.59 Community Service Hours: 722 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,330 Recruitment Results: 15 Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Zeta-Zeta Strength: 37 GPA: 3.10 Community Service Hours: 1,217 Philanthropic Dollars: $4,189 Recruitment Results: 13 Western Illinois University, Zeta-Theta Strength: 64 GPA: 2.79 Community Service Hours: 161 Philanthropic Dollars: $613 Recruitment Results: 29

UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MILWAUKEE, Zeta-Zeta Some gaze with a perplexed look, but most are undeniably amused by the scene in front of the Zeta-Zeta house every year in November as giant turkeys and pilgrims run up and down the sidewalk raising food and money for Hunger Task Force. As one Frater, Josh Garcia, said, “People often have a negative perspective of fraternities, but by giving back our time and effort toward a great cause in this community, we hope to change that.” Prytanis Alex Sperry is thankful the community is so willing to help with this great cause and is very impressed with the turnout each time. The chapter has collected more than 2,000 pounds of food in previous years and nearly matched that this year. Through their hard work and dedication, as well as the generous donations of the members of the community, these Tekes show the Milwaukee area the virtue of charity and that exceptional men don’t have to be the exception. As another Frater, Meldon Starkey, put it, “While shaking our tail feathers at oncoming traffic is quite enjoyable and attracts the attention we need, the important aspect of this event is the time these brothers of mine invest in it during the course of the week, regardless of self-interest or how cold it is. I’m truly proud to be part of TKE.” Zeta-Zeta managed to log an amazing 400+ hours of community service during the Thanksgiving food drive, known as Gobble for Groceries, held the week of November 16. A great big thank-you to the Tekes for making the commitment to fight hunger.

Whitman College, Alpha-Theta Strength: 75 Community Service Hours: 752 Philanthropic Dollars: $3,000 Recruitment Results: 19 Winona State University, Nu-Kappa Strength: 22 Community Service Hours: 262 Philanthropic Dollars: $540 Recruitment Results: 11 Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Zeta-Mu Strength: 91 GPA: 3.07 Community Service Hours: 1,164 Philanthropic Dollars: $10,353 Recruitment Results: 22

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Recruitment Results as of 4/25/12 SPRING 2012


Gillian Fontana

2012–13 TKE International Sweetheart

I Pledge Her My Heart “My heart stopped,” said Miss Gillian Fontana. “I'm super excited and have really wanted this since the chapter told me about it.” The 2012–13 TKE International Sweetheart is the Upsilon-Mu chapter's first representative to be selected and a member of Alpha Sigma Tau at New York Institute of Technology. She said her experience in the sorority has been nothing short of amazing. “Alpha Sigma Tau has been very influential. All the help they do in the community and on campus was something I wanted to be a part of. I’ve taken on leadership roles which have taught me great things I can take on after college.” Tau Kappa Epsilon has also played a positive role in her life. She said many of her friends and closest confidants are those in the Fraternity. When asked why she believes TKE is different, she said it’s all about maturity. “Most of the fraternity men I have met before were very disrespectful and immature until I met the guys from TKE. When the new members go through the process, you can see them grow up. They really learn what it means to be a man. That’s something that’s truly remarkable.” Another way the Fraternity has impacted her is inspiring her to be a better person. “I value their dedication and pursuit of commitment not only to the organization but also in all facets of life. Love, charity and esteem are more than just words to me. They are words I hold dear to my heart.” A first semester graduate student at NYIT, Gillian studies communication arts with an emphasis in PR & marketing and maintains a 4.0 Grade Point Average. She seeks a degree to become an event planner and own her own business. Her passion for meeting people and creating relationships first attracted her to this industry. Doing community service is one of the primary areas that helped her career choice. “Community service is such a great way to learn different things. I live life to the fullest now. One of the best examples is a breast cancer walk I did where we trekked 35 miles with those who have survived this terrible disease. You can’t go through life lazily because you don’t know what can happen in a day or a year—you have to make each moment count.” As you can see, Gillian will be an excellent ambassador for Tau Kappa Epsilon and the entire Greek community. Her dedication, passion and love of life is infectious and will serve her well throughout life. Once more, please help Tau Kappa Epsilon congratulate Miss Gillian Fontana, your 2012–13 TKE International Sweetheart.










Pennsylvania State University





University of Cincinnati





Lake Superior State University





University of Texas at Austin





Sonoma State University





Florida State University





Christian Brothers University





The Ohio State University





East Carolina University





Carleton University





Bryant University





University of Maryland










Iowa State University





Lycoming College





Southern Connecticut State University





Carleton University





Sonoma State University





Michigan Technological University





Spring Hill College





Northern Arizona University





University of Louisville





Arizona State University





Rutgers University





Saginaw Valley State University



Results are as of 4/25/12. Be sure to report your service and philanthropy in the Membership Maintenance Module. SPRING 2012






Total GPA



Washington University





University of California-Berkeley





Duquesne University





Albion College





Bucknell University




Epsilon-Beta Colony

University of Tampa





The Pennsylvania State University





University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee





Lebanon Valley College




University of Texas San Antonio




University of Alabama at Birmingham




Worcester Polytechnic Institute




Ashland University




RLC Attendees







Worcester Polytechnic Institute





University of California-Berkeley





Carleton University





Georgia Institute of Technology




University of Georgia




Iowa State University




Washington State University




Cal Poly-Pomona





Oakland University





University of New Hampshire




Lebanon Valley College




University of West Georgia



Results are as of 4/25/12. Be sure to report this information in the Membership Maintenance Module. 28 THE TEKE




CEO FAREWELL Fraters, Sixteen months ago, I started a journey to help take TKE a giant step forward. The launch of the Top Gun program challenged each Frater to push the envelope to new heights in campus involvement, academics, service, philanthropy, education, and alumni involvement. At the same time, we provided education and communications to protect our brothers and our Fraternity. Your results are record breaking. You have exceeded Top Gun on each of the above initiatives. We finished our fiscal year with over 3,800 new initiates for a total membership of over 11,100. Congratulations to all of you. You are Top Gun Leaders! Maintain your momentum and continue pushing the limits on your journey. My journey will change now. At IBM, NSHMBA and TKE, my gift has been in transformation and business success. While my heart will always be on guiding youth



through education, my spirit is in the business world. This is my last official communication to you as your CEO. It was an honor serving as your CEO. Thank you and the Grand Council for the opportunity. I am proud of the great steps we have taken together and our successes. I am proud to be a Teke. Please know that wherever you go that if you need a Wingman, give me a call and I’ll be there. All the best to each of you.

Yours in the Bond,

Steven A. Ramos 11th CEO of TKE


“I get to see students whom I have worked closely with graduate. These young men and women will go on to accomplish so many amazing things in their lives ... .”

Greek Life Administrator of the Quarter: CHRISTOPHER BULLINS Have you ever thanked the person who oversees Greek Life? It’s not an easy position. While it has many great moments, there are also tough decisions to make. TKE is trying to lead this charge—to show appreciation for their efforts to move the Greek movement forward. Christopher Bullins, Associate Dean of Students at Bowling Green State University, is one of these dynamic individuals making a difference in the lives of men and women, leading by example. His experience has ranged from Greek House Director at BGSU, Coordinator of Greek Life and Student Organization Programs at the University of Arizona, and Associate Dean of Students/Director of Greek Affairs at the University of Florida. In his current role, he oversees fraternity and sorority life, off-campus student services, and advises the Graduate Student Senate. He believes the Greek experience is a formative component of a student’s education. “They provide involvement and engagement opportunities that help connect students to their peers, alumni, and institutions, as well as create

opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge as they execute student leadership roles,” said Bullins. He is making an impact in several aspects of Greek Life. From enhancing fraternity and sorority housing (playing a significant role in creating a housing project) to collaborating with students and alumni on standards of excellence, he most enjoys making a lasting impact. “I get to see students whom I have worked closely with graduate. These young men and women will go on to accomplish so many amazing things in their lives, and I always feel thankful to have been a part of their lives and their educational process.” He is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in sociology and speech communication. In addition, he earned a master’s degree in college student personnel from BGSU and is pursuing a doctoral degree in higher education administration. Tau Kappa Epsilon thanks Frater Bullins for all his hard work and dedication to build an environment conducive to creating leaders.

April Volunteer of the Month: DAVID TOWNE

“The enjoyment I derive from helping young Fraters has the same kind of life-changing experiences that I have had as a Teke. It’s greater than any monetary reward.”



Tau Kappa Epsilon has some exceptional volunteers who leave an indelible mark on this Fraternity. Frater David Towne (Omega, Albion College) served as Histor and Prytanis as a collegiate member, graduated from TKE Leadership Academy VI, and currently serves in several volunteer capacities including Chief Grand Justice, Great Lakes Grand Province Advisor, and Chapter Advisor to both Omega and Upsilon-Xi chapters. A Life Loyal Teke and a member of the Order of the Triangle, Frater Towne believes his involvement has made a great impact on his life. “I couldn’t begin to give as much to the Fraternity as it has given to me,” said Frater Towne. “The enjoyment I derive from helping young Fraters has the same kind of life-changing experiences that I have had as a Teke. It’s greater than any monetary reward.” He often talks to others about how the commitment he took 18 years ago to be a Frater for life does not have an expiration date. “If we are really serious about living the values of Love, Charity and Esteem, then our commitment to perpetuating those values must not end at graduation. If a small fraction of our alumni— even 1 percent more—stayed involved as advisors, donors and volunteers, we would eliminate many

of the problems that hold our collegiate chapters back and free our members to excel as individuals, students and members of their communities.” One of the most important attributes of a volunteer is patience. He believes it is an indispensable virtue when dealing with collegiate members. Because each new generation of Fraters is learning how to be a Teke for the very first time, as an advisor, he needs to be a role model. One of his favorite moments came at his home chapter’s ritual this year. “Being in the same room where I started my journey as a Teke and shared so many important moments with my fellow Fraters, I felt a profound connection to the young men assuming the Bond that evening. It’s hard to fully describe, but it was very moving.” He received his Bachelor of Arts at Albion College and his Juris Doctorate cum laude from the Michigan State University College of Law. He is currently an attorney with a solo practice focusing on civil litigation with an emphasis in creditors rights. He also serves as general counsel at The Center for Individual and Family Therapy. He resides in metropolitan Detroit with his partner of seven years, Greg, who is an Alpha Sigma Phi.

May Volunteer of the Month: TAMMY BAGNATO When most Fraters think of a Volunteer of the Month, they envision a member who wants to make a difference in the Fraternity. In this case, Tammy Bagnato, a Phi Mu and former TKE Sweetheart, has stepped up to help the Xi-Omega chapter at Virginia Tech. When the group faced difficult sanctions in 2009, she was instrumental in keeping the members focused on the positives to get them back to full recognition in the future. Her efforts did not go unnoticed. She says her deep connection to the Fraternity and efforts to help never really seemed like volunteer work. “It just seems natural to step in and give time and attention,” said Bagnato. “TKE has meant so much to all of us over the years, and these guys are amazing. Supporting this chapter is a labor of love. Ultimately, working with the guys is a gift from the heart, and it simply feels great to be a part of their lives and continue to develop new relationships.” She believes alumni have skills and life experience that the active brothers don’t have yet. In the winter of 2009, many of the active members thought life was over for Xi-Omega. Tammy and the alumni knew better. They offered patience and confidence. She said it is critical for volunteers to be able to see the big picture. “In my business life, I’ve had to be a planner, a strategist, a counselor, and someone who sees the future. Volunteers have to figure out when to

step in and when to stay out. This one has been the hardest. So, ‘letting go’ of things is not always easy. I’ve learned too that I have to be mindful of ‘risk’ without sounding too much like an old lady. We know more than they think we do, but we have to let them manage and learn on their own.” Her favorite moment as a volunteer was receiving a text message from Frater and Associate Regional Director Aaron Pattison (Beta-Sigma, University of Southern California) that the chapter had been reinstated. “Being called at about 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning this past fall by active brother Colin Kerr requesting that I drive out to the house was another great moment. The guys were out on the deck singing and playing guitar, having a great time on a beautiful sunny morning. Times like these are my favorites.” Outside of TKE, Tammy is a volunteer, teaching work-release prisoners in two county jail systems, including programs for personal goal setting, budgeting, decision making, and conflict resolution. She has also served on the Board of Advisors for the Xi-Omega chapter and numerous homeowner associations, among others. To have such an amazing woman helping Fraters at Virginia Tech is truly remarkable. She has made an incredible difference in their lives and epitomizes what it means to be a TKE volunteer.


“In my business life, I’ve had to be a planner, a strategist, a counselor, and someone who sees the future. Volunteers have to figure out when to step in and when to stay out.”

June Volunteer of the Month: DR. NIGEL HERNANDEZ “I get the opportunity to see firsthand what challenges our chapters and undergraduates face, and this allows me to influence changes and solutions at the regional or international level.” June Volunteer of the Month, Dr. Nigel Hernandez (Lambda-Lambda, Utica College), has served in various capacities including his current role as Grand Province Advisor in the Northeast. He said being a volunteer allows him the challenge of working with an almost unattainable goal for the Liberty Province. No matter how we define success, or planned for the academic year, something always seems to derail their plans and it becomes an uphill battle. “Fortunately, we have a world-class regional servicing team who are all proactive and dependable, which makes the experience worthwhile. As undergraduate or alumni Fraters, we can all point to something in our TKE experience that was a defining moment. Perhaps that moment was an increase in confidence, a first job lead or a lesson in leadership or running a business. Whatever it is, we owe it to TKE and our unique experiences as Fraters. Volunteering ensures that we prepare for our future so that our network continues to grow and our members continue to lead as better men,

building a better world.” He has many favorite moments because seeing the success in turning around chapters that are ripe with potential gives him a lasting intrinsic satisfaction. “Last fall we had such a chapter in this region; however, with a lot of time, determination, hard work, university engagement and the BuckPete workshop (Buckwheat and Regional Director Pete Dawson), they were transformed and took full ownership. A year later, hearing the school acknowledge them as a ‘fine example of fraternity’ was a stellar moment and testament to why we all do this.” He currently teaches the final MBA capstone course at the University of Maryland and has two other businesses. He volunteers with causes that resonate with his life experiences, interests and expertise. He is also active with the American Cancer Society, American Institute for Cancer Research, March of Dimes, and serves as a board director for the Center for Law, Policy and Justice, and the Center for the Study of Regulatory Affairs. Tau Kappa Epsilon thanks Frater Hernandez for all his hard work to help build Better Men for a Better World.

“Volunteering ensures that we prepare for our future so that our network continues to grow and our members continue to lead as better men, building a better world.”


2011 Annual Report


A Report from the Chairman and President Dear Fraters and Friends, Webster’s dictionary defines an entrepreneur as one “who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” In our current climate, being an entrepreneur also implies that those involved in the venture have the potential to reap great rewards. The TKE Educational Foundation is one great enterprise, with all of us—donors and friends and board members and staff—sacrificing to produce great rewards for the future of this Fraternity. In 2011, we saw almost $1.3 million in contributions. More than $250,000 was given to Special Projects Funds alone! An additional $285,000 was given in cash and pledges for the new headquarters through a combination of larger gifts, including naming rights of parts of the building and hundreds of bricks purchased for the Better Men for a Better World Courtyard by both undergraduate and alumni Fraters across the country, their friends and family (see page 44 for more on the courtyard). Throughout the past year, we have continued a pattern of focused and strategic investment to bring more educational programs and leadership training to the young men who make up the future heart of TKE. Attendance at the Regional Leadership Conferences grew 36 percent and we know 2012 also saw big gains. As you’ll see on page 39, these programs are life-changing for the young men who attend. In addition to growing endowments for the RLCs, hundreds of donors contributed to Special Projects Funds to directly reduce the cost of attending these programs for our often-cash strapped young Fraters. In August, we gathered together in San Antonio, Texas, to join as one Fraternity for our biennial Conclave. There, the Foundation recognized Fraters who have given greatly of themselves through TEF Fraternity for Life Awards given to Lon Justice (Pi-Alpha) and Elmer Smith (Mu-Sigma) and the TEF Medal of Excellence presented to Ray Franklin (Lambda-Alpha) and John Deckard (Grand Chapter). Additionally, through Conclave, we have reconnected with great Fraters like Gen. Marshall Scantlin (EpsilonSigma), who has become a Foundation Ambassador and a dynamic speaker at the RLCs and more. The 25th Leadership Academy was held in Colorado Springs in June, providing intense personal development for 42 young men. Seeing the power of this program, Foundation board member Donald Tapia (Sigma-Theta) stepped out with a $25,000 gift, split between the Leadership Academy Endowment and direct funding for the 2012 36 THE TEKE


academy. His challenge has provided matching funds for others to join with him in this venture for one of our signature programs. Our Heritage Society continues to grow as more make provisions for the Foundation in their estates. This commitment to the future is humbling and powerful to watch as fellow Fraters dedicate themselves to the Fraternity even after they are no longer with us. In the summer of 2011, the Foundation restructured its staffing and hired new staff, including the bold step of bringing two women into the Foundation’s team. It was a calculated move, increasing our staff costs to give us a greater opportunity to meet Fraters across the country and build relationships to sustain the future of the Fraternity. We have also established our first coAmbassadors couple, recognizing that often the wives of Tekes are just as passionate for this Fraternity as their husbands. We are grateful for the voices of these women who are champions for the Foundation. Entrepreneurs are bold thinkers who listen to wisdom from whatever the source. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, said, “If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.” Together we’re putting the customer—the Tekes of today and tomorrow—first, and through the generosity of donors, seeing their success in tangible support for educational and leadership programs. Thank you to each and every donor who has, in a sense, risked their treasures to reap the rewards of Better Men for a Better World. The enterprise of the TKE Educational Foundation would not be what it is without you and we look forward to your ongoing investment. Yours in the Bond, Y

Richard C. “Ernie” Ernest, Foundation Board Chairman R

Gary A. Reed, Foundation President


TKE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC. Statements of Financial Position May 31, 2011 and 2010 2011


253,870 52,728 25,470 4,159,972 863,760 636,745 1,661 127,915 93,254 2,509

254,498 14,491 56,537 3,499,330 66,925 1,643,992 135,542 79,553 3,812





652,337 3,999,050 1,532,352 6,183,739

489,880 3,671,828 1,568,632 5,730,340



ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Due from Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. Prepaid expenses and deposits Investments, at fair value Property held for sale Pledges receivable, net Loan receivable – 1899 Properties, LLC Equity investment – 1899 Properties, LLC Cash surrender value of life insurance policies Beneficial interest in perpetual trust Property and equipment

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities Accounts payable and other accrued expenses Net assets Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

The TKE Educational Foundation’s 2011 audit was conducted by the independent accounting firm of Blue & Co., LLC. The above Statement of Financial Position is included in this audit.






















Mission Statement: The TKE Educational Foundation’s mission is to establish and support scholarships and leadership training programs which promote academic achievement and strengthen moral, social, and community values.

Board of Directors The TKE Educational Foundation is guided by a Board of Directors of up to 30 members. All members are Tekes who meet the following criteria: 1. Is enthusiastic about his TKE experience and wants to continue to engage as a volunteer 2. Has been successful in his chosen profession and is willing to share his knowledge to benefit the Fraternity 3. Resides in an area of the country that complements geographic diversity in order to extend the Foundation’s outreach 4. Is willing to give back in gratitude for the role TKE has played in his success. Board members offer their time, talent and treasure in guiding the Foundation. An Executive Committee leads the board and is comprised of the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary/treasurer, Grand Prytanis and two at-large members. The board meets twice a year, with a third meeting held during Conclaves every other year. To learn more about becoming a member of the Board of Directors, contact



TEF FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chairman Richard C. Ernest Beta-Mu, Bucknell University President/CEO, Crown Metal Manufacturing Company

James E. Crockard, III Zeta-Epsilon, Waynesburg University Attorney, Equitable Resources, Inc.

Vice Chairman Mark A. Fite, CFC Delta-Xi, Miami University President/CEO, Option Technologies Interactive, LLC

Miguel Figueroa Rho-Tau, California State University-San Marcos National Managing Partner, MJF & Associates

Secretary-Treasurer Elmer R. Smith Mu-Sigma, Morehead State University President, Interactive Learning Systems, Inc.

R. Don Johnson Grand Chapter Board, Hospice of St. John Board of Adjustment and Appeals, Cherry Hills Village

Grand Prytanis Edmund C. Moy Lambda, University of Wisconsin Former Director of the U.S. Mint

Lonnie G. Justice, PGP Pi-Alpha, Ashland University Vice President/General Manager, Agilent Technologies

William V. Muse, PGP Epsilon-Upsilon Northwestern State University Gary E. Benjamin Business & Educational Beta-Rho, University of Akron Consultant Former International Division Manager, Robert L. Olcott Abbott Laboratories Alpha-Xi, Drake University Managing Partner Kevin J. Brock The Olcott Consulting Group Beta-Rho, University of Akron Investment Advisor William Blair & Company

John B. Phillips Nu, University of California-Berkeley Co-CEO & Trustee, Group Insurance Trust of the California Society of CPAs Lee M. Stacey Rho-Sigma, Grand Valley State University CEO/President, Britton-Gallagher Donald R. Tapia Sigma-Theta, Saint Leo University Former CEO, Essco Wholesale Electric, Inc. James L. Totten, PGO Kappa-Psi, Quinnipiac Univ. Global Process Development Advisor, ExxonMobil Corporation, Downstream Conrollers Daniel D. Villanueva Alpha-Omicron, New Mexico State University Partner, Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners Charles W. Witters Gamma-Omega, Eastern Illinois University Senior Vice President, Lee & Associates Commerical Real Estate Service



Special Projects Funds provide a unique opportunity for alumni to donate funds that can immediately benefit members of their chapter. Every chapter in TKE Nation has a Special Projects Fund. Monies contributed to these funds can be used to support members’ attendance at TKE-sponsored educational programs, such as Regional Leadership Conference registration, or can assist with housing projects. Special Projects Funds do not have a minimum balance to attain before the dollars can be used. Special Projects Funds are maintained by the Foundation and are included in the endowment investment portfolio. Funds are managed by professional money managers and oversight is provided by the Foundation Board of Directors Investment Committee. An annual administrative fee is charged for each fund. For more information on how to access Special Projects Funds, call the Foundation at 317-872-6533 or visit

“Attending a Regional Leadership Conference is one of the best experiences that a brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon can have. Being able to travel and learn, not only with members of the chapter, but with members from chapters around our region, is something every Teke should do. Last year, I was one of four members of my chapter to attend the RLC in Baltimore. This year, with the help of the Special Projects Fund, we were able to send 17 Fraters and prospective members. With so many in attendance, the morale of the chapter has never been higher and prospective members were extremely eager to join Tau Kappa Epsilon. If it were not for the help of the Special Projects Fund, we would not be experiencing some of our success and chapter growth, and we hope to continue this in the future.” —Brian Farkas, Pylortes Rho-Chi Chapter Lebanon Valley College





1. Mu-Sigma, Morehead State University


6. Beta-Sigma, Univ. of Southern California

$ 30,519

2. Pi, Pennsylvania State University

$ 73,500

7. Nu, University of California-Berkeley

$ 21,265

3. Beta-Mu, Bucknell University

$ 58,636

8. Gamma-Mu, Furman University

$ 20,760

4. Zeta-Epsilon, Waynesburg University

$ 36,425

9. Beta-Rho, University of Akron

$ 17,386

5. Sigma-Theta, Saint Leo University

$ 33,545

10. Pi-Alpha, Ashland University

$ 16,486




scholarships further fraters’ education Finn




$1,450 John A. Courson Top Scholar Award Sean Finn, Tau-Omega, Carleton University


Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Gunnerson Sumy, Delta-Nu, Northwest Missouri State Univ.



Ronald Reagan Leadership Award Steven Gilberto, Tau-Pi, Pace University

Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Leadership Award John Forman, Scorpion, Cornell University

$3,000 W. Allan Herzog Scholarship Abiram Bala, Nu, University of California-Berkeley $1,000 Steven J. Muir Special Scholarship John Newman, Omicron-Nu, Florida Institute of Technology $ 750 Charles J. Trabold Scholarship Jeremy Gordet, Kappa-Kappa, East Carolina University $ 550 Donald A. and John R. Fisher Memorial Scholarship Sam Totorica, Chi, University of Washington $ 550 Francis J. Flynn Memorial Scholarship Scott DePutron, Iota-Zeta, Syracuse University $ 500 John B. Phillips Scholarship Joshua Feldman, Nu, University of California-Berkeley $ 500 Timothy L. Taschwer Scholarship Benjamin T. Strickfaden, Epsilon-Nu, University of WisconsinStevens Point $ 500 TKE Servant Leader Scholarship Sam Freedman, Alpha-Theta, Whitman College $ 350 Harry J. Donnelly Memorial Scholarship Randall S. Trebat, Jr., Mu-Chi, North Carolina Central University School of Law $ 300 Thomas H. Dunning, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Abdallah Abu-Ghazaleh, Theta, University of Minnesota $ 300 Lon G. Justice Scholarship Nicholas S. McCormick, Upsilon-Xi, Oakland University $ 300 T. J. Schmitz Scholarship George R. Holton, Theta-Omicron Colony, Adrian College $ 300 Dwayne R. Woerpel Memorial Leadership Award Marco Fanelli, Xi-Iota, University of Central Florida $ 250 Raymond W. Franklin Scholarship Tracy Holmes, Zeta-Zeta, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee $ 250 William V. Muse Scholarship Thomas Wingbermuehle, Upsilon-Alpha, Spring Hill College



$ 250 Father Timothy Vakoc Scholarship Spencer Marino, Rho-Mu, Binghamton University $ 200 Lenwood S. Cochran Scholarship Joshua Nye, Delta-Psi, North Dakota State University $ 200 Eric D. Dunning Scholarship William Pearson, Nu-Mu, University of South Alabama $ 200 John C. Fitzgerald, Jr. Scholarship Robert R. Cardell, IV, Sigma-Psi, Clemson University $ 200 Wallace G. McCauley Memorial Scholarship Justin Brodie-Kommit, Beta-Mu, Bucknell University $ 200 Doris and Elmer Schmitz, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Trent L. Tinney, Chi, University of Washington $ 200 William Wilson Memorial Scholarship Shadoe Punzel, Lambda-Zeta, Troy University $ 200 George W. Woolery Memorial Scholarship Justin Dillard, Iota, Eureka College $ 150 Eugene C. Beach Memorial Scholarship David Herschorn, Nu, University of California-Berkeley $ 150 Miles Gray Memorial Scholarship Todd R. Nix, Jr., Epsilon-Eta Colony, Southwestern Oklahoma State University $ 150 Carrol C. Hall Memorial Scholarship Kyle A. Erdman, Alpha-Gamma, Washington State University $ 150 Bruce B. Melchert Scholarship Keiran Bleich, Upsilon-Omicron, American University $ 150 Michael J. Morin Memorial Scholarship Tom Cruz, Upsilon-Xi, Oakland University $ 100 Kenneth L. Duke, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Grayson Jacobs, Xi-Lambda Colony, The University of Georgia $ 100 J. Russel Salsbury Memorial Scholarship Edward Rothenberg, Nu, University of California-Berkeley

Providing financial assistance for young Fraters is at the core of the TKE Educational Foundation. Our origins are directly tied to alumni wanting to provide scholarships and in our 50-year history, nothing has changed. In 2011, more than $35,000 was distributed to young men of promise across the country. These dollars, in addition to the academic support on their campuses and the social bonds built within their chapters, are part of the path to these men achieving their dreams of higher education. Any Teke in good standing—whether an undergraduate or a graduate student—is eligible for scholarship support. The TKE Educational Foundation offers scholarships in three categories: •

Chapter Scholarships: Every chapter has a scholarship fund dedicated to supporting the academic pursuits of its members. Regional or Area-Based Scholarships: Donors help Fraters in their wider geographic community meet the high costs of education through these scholarships. Grand Chapter Scholarships: The Grand Chapter offers 55 scholarships to Fraters across TKE Nation, honoring qualified students from all regions and pursuing diverse fields of study.

All scholarship funds must have a balance of $5,000 or higher at the end of the Foundation’s fiscal year (May 31) to be eligible to make an award. The TKE Educational Foundation Board of Directors approves an annual percentage to be awarded. If a fund has not yet reached the requisite threshold for paying out an award, all funds are maintained and invested for growth by the Foundation. For more information about scholarships or to set up a new fund, please visit

Matching Gifts Would you like to see your gift have twice the impact for Tau Kappa Epsilon? Your company may be able to help. Below is a list of 2011 donors and the company which matched their gift to the TKE Educational Foundation. Even if your company’s name isn’t here, you might be able to take advantage of the matching gift program. Ask your human resources department how you can double your giving. American Society of Association Executives Robert Olcott

Macy’s Foundation Steven Jasper Brian L. Keck

Amica Companies Foundation David Fairweather

Medtronic Foundation Ronald V. Bardel

Baker Hughes Foundation Travis Ridgel

Noblis Travis A. Floyd

Boeing Company Lambert Austin, Jr. Gregory Botch

Pfizer Foundation James Thomas

Citgo Petroleum Corporation Robert Beck Discover Andrew J. Rominiecki DST Systems James M. Stacy

“The TKE Educational Foundation has had an incredible impact on my education. Thanks to the generous donations from alumni, our Fraternity continues to grow and thrive in campus life throughout the world. As a Canadian Frater, I am unbelievably thankful for the contributions that Frater John A. Courson has given to the Foundation and in turn the impact his scholarship has had on my education. The men who give their time, treasure and talent are my role models, and I plan on joining their ranks as a life loyal contributor to the organization that continues to build the leaders of tomorrow.” —Sean Finn, Tau-Omega Collegiate Advisory Committee Chairman

EQT Foundation James Crockard

Progressive Insurance Foundation Robert Hein Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc. Lawrence J. Michel Siemens Corporation Michael Smiarowski Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Len Fleischer

ExxonMobil Foundation Walter Lacz Donald A. Wescott

Thrivent Financial Frank Stone

LexisNexis David B. Patrick

Verizon Foundation Daniel Mead

Lions Club of Webster Groves Richard W. Halteman

Wells Fargo Foundation Michael S. Handorf Kenneth Piana

Lubrizol Foundation Thomas M. Sopko

March 16 – Deadline for Scholarship Applications to be Submitted to TKE Educational Foundation. SPRING 2012


Memorials & Tributes A TKE Educational Foundation Memorial Gift is a meaningful way to celebrate the memory of someone important to you. A Foundation Tribute Gift is a meaningful way to recognize a TKE friend, Frater or family member who has made an impact on your life. Each tribute and memorial gift helps expand leadership training programs, strengthen scholarship support, connect alumni across the country, and sustain lifelong bonds—all vital components in building a better man for a better world. Make your dedication by visiting today.


Walter Sheets, Rho-Chi Chapter Lisa Sabatino

Joseph Carroll, Alpha-Psi Chapter George M. Lauderbaugh, Alpha-Psi Chapter

Franklin C. Smith, Nu Chapter Nu Chapter Alumni Association

Bruce M. Cowan, Nu Chapter Nu Chapter Alumni Association

Craig Toll, Alpha-Gamma Chapter Everett Cutter, Beta-Kappa Chapter

Trevor Dahms, Omicron-Pi Chapter Jared and Sarah Wilkins

Hayes W. Thompson, Beta-Mu Chapter Richard Benton, Beta-Mu Chapter

Philip J. Duerr, Kappa-Psi Chapter Kristen Amore Michael and Tamara Amore Stephen A. Cheney Thomas A. Cucci, Jr., Kappa-Psi Chapter Karl and Gail Duerr Nathan Edwards Steven L. Guyot Christopher J. Pia, Kappa-Psi Chapter Patricia Anne Proto Jeffrey B. Snyder, Kappa-Psi Chapter Jay S. Wodka, Kappa-Psi Chapter

Sean Babcock, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Shawn Babine, Lambda-Delta Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Pete Dawson, Xi-Gamma Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

Robert Harshman, Nu-Eta Chapter Glenn Miles, Alpha-Delta Chapter

Jon Donohue, Xi-Gamma Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

Willie Hills, Zeta-Xi Chapter Lennard Burres, Zeta-Xi Chapter

Mike Johnson, Pi-Mu Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

Ruth Ludwig Jeanne Billings, Mt. Ararat High School

Dave Lefcourt, Alpha-Nu Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

Joseph F. Maiocco, Jr., Rho Chapter Margaret L. (Maiocco) McIntyre

Dennis “Buckwheat” Perry, Alpha-Nu Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

Alvin H. Oyama, Iota-Epsilon Chapter Donna Oyama J. George Schmid, Jr., Trust


Robert Allen, III, Mu-Theta Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

Gwen Goodwin Ronald E. Goodwin, Gamma-Mu Chapter

Thomas J. Morrow Walter T. Lacz, Kappa-Upsilon Chapter



Rodman Smith, Zeta-Tau Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter James Upton, Iota-Omega Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter Henry Timothy Vakoc, Theta-Rho Chapter Art Schouten, Gamma-Zeta Chapter

heritage society members plan legacies WHAT LEGACY ARE YOU LEAVING? Fraters have the opportunity to invest in the future of the TKE Educational Foundation and young men for generations to come through a planned gift—a will, trust, retirement gift, life insurance policy or charitable gift annuity. By naming the Foundation as a beneficiary for such a gift, you are ensuring the ideals you have as a Teke will be sustained. The Heritage Society recognizes those who have made a planned gift commitment above and beyond their regular annual support. We are grateful to the Heritage Society members for their forethought and willingness to continue their legacy as Tekes. Any individual making a commitment of this nature should advise the TKE Educational Foundation to be included in the Heritage Society. For more information, please contact tef@tke. org or 317-872-6533.

Bequests (Living) Gabriel Anaya Paul C. Aspinwall Christopher Beck Johnston B. Bell Felix Bishop Brian M. Bosarge, Bruce E. Carlson Thomas M. Castner, PGP Robert W. Conklin, Brian D. Coons James E. Crockard, III L. David Dickensheets Edward R. Dominy, Richard C. Ernest Mark A. Fite Georgevits, Kenneth L. Christopher A. Grasso Stuart E. Hallett, III Christopher T. Hanson Harry E. Hawkins Jimmy R. Haws Russell H. Heil James J. Hickey James M. Hooker Fredrick T. Jacobi Mark A. Jacobson Robert A. Jarred John C. Jenkins Joel E. Johnson, PGP Kevin W. Johnson Mark K. Johnson Steven A. Jones Lonnie G. Justice Kurt F. Klein Thomas J. Kuchan Dr. Ron Lennon Maurice J. Lindquist John M. Manzanares Tom McAninch Edward R. McDowell James A. Meyers Gary S. Michel Michael A. Moxley Ronald F. Neukam

New Mexico State University University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee California State University – Northridge Marshall University Christian Brothers University Southeastern Louisiana University College of St. Thomas Utica College of Syracuse University Tri State University Salisbury University Waynesburg College University of Kansas Clarkson University Bucknell University Miami University of Ohio University of Massachusetts – Lowell Drexel University Longwood College George Washington University Newberry College University of Central Oklahoma Georgia Institute of Technology Wagner College Bowling Green State University University of South Florida Frostburg State University University of Louisiana at Lafayette University of Nebraska University of Wisconsin – Whitewater The Grand Chapter University of Utah Knox College Ashland College Southeastern Louisiana University University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Barry University Carroll College California State University – Fullerton Arizona State University Cornell University Valparaiso University Virginia Polytechnic Institute North Carolina State University Central Michigan University

“Every year of my life, I’m reminded of why Tau Kappa Epsilon is the Fraternity for Life. That’s why I decided to make a planned gift to the TKE Educational Foundation. There are a lot of young men out there who don’t have the means to get a great education and have the TKE experience that I had. My planned gift ensures that my giving can continue long after I ‘attain room temperature.’ If you care about our Fraternity like I do, please consider joining me in the Heritage Society today. Your gift can support scholarships, chapter projects and a range of leadership training programs. This is our chance to give back to Tau Kappa Epsilon and give the next generation of young men the same opportunity we had to be a part of this great Fraternity.” —Chuck Witters, Gamma-Omega Chapter Co-Chairman, TKE Educational Foundation Heritage Society

John M. Perme, Jr. Dennis W. Perry Louis W. Pfleckl, Jr. J. Wesley Pierce John W. Plumb David A. Raddatz Dr. Randall Rentfro W. Patrick Resen Mark C. Romig William R. Rothe Jerome E. Schewe Walter K. Schindhelm T. J. Schmitz Elmer R. Smith Michael A. Smith Kyle Swetzig Wayne E. Switzer Robert D. Taflinger, CAE Rodney G. Talbot Timothy L. Taschwer William A. Thompson Christopher B. Tidwell Frank P. Troost James C. Upton Coby S. Villalobos Micah B. Vinson Alvin J. Walker, Jr. Richard B. Walker Charles W. Witters Alan E. Wright

Kent State University University of New Hampshire University of Missouri – St. Louis Western Carolina University University of Southern California University of Kansas University of Texas – El Paso University of New Orleans George Washington University University of Wisconsin – Platteville Humboldt State University University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Morehead State University Georgia Institute of Technology University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Worcester Polytechnic Institute Western Illinois University Southern Illinois University University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point University of Michigan Southern Illinois University – Carbondale Drake University Glenville State College University of Texas – El Paso University of Houston University of Louisville University of Texas – El Paso Eastern Illinois University University of Northern Iowa

See Chapter Eternal Honor Roll on page 67. SPRING 2012


MINI-GRANTS AVAILABLE In addition to supporting TKE-sponsored educational programs through grants to the Fraternity and Special Projects Funds, the TKE Educational Foundation provides smaller individual grants for a select number of leadership training programs. Every year, the Foundation awards minigrants of up to $300 for Fraters to attend the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) or up to $395 for FuturesQuest. Any undergraduate member in good standing can apply for these grant funds. Applications are reviewed by Foundation and Fraternity staff members. For more information about the grant applications for either UIFI or FuturesQuest, please contact the Foundation at or 317-872-6533.

“Without the TEF grant and help from the Interfraternity Council at UC Berkeley, my trip to UIFI would not have been possible. I am thankful that TKE supports leadership development and education for its members; this experiences not only helped me grow as a person, but it really helped polish my skills as an officer in my chapter. Most importantly, I am truly grateful for the generous donors who choose to support this program. UIFI allowed me and other Greek leaders from across the nation to come together to share our leadership experiences, build off of them, and leave with a personal plan of action for change in our chapters. The large group discussions coupled with the smaller breakout sessions allowed for me to reflect on the positive values of fraternity life and to identify and develop areas of growth for myself as a leader. I was not expecting to leave this experience feeling refreshed and motivated to make a change in my chapter, but I truly believe that this program inspired me to challenge myself as a leader, to persevere as an officer in my chapter, and to respect my membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon.” —Michael Rigg, Nu Chapter, University of California, Berkeley




Inscribing a brick in the Better Men for a Better World Courtyard is lasting way to honor or memorialize a friend, mentor or group of Fraters who have made an indelible impact on the Fraternity—or to make a personal statement about your commitment to the Fraternity. Almost 500 bricks have been purchased by Fraters, proud parents, whole chapters, and alumni associations.

When built in 2012, the installed Courtyard will be a visible representation of TKE Nation and the ideals all Tekes hold dear. Bricks are priced from $100 to $1,500 to fit the budgets of Tekes at all points of their lives, from those just graduating to those well established in their careers. Those who are Life Loyal Tekes can also take advantage of special pricing to include the TKE houseplate at no additional charge. For more information on ordering a brick and the courtyard project, please visit



} } } }

Triangle Club $100 4” x 8” brick outside the triangle design

Founders Club $500 4” x 8” brick inside the triangle design

Grand Prytanis Club $1,000 4” x 8” red brick (Limited number, most prominent in the triangle design)

Grand Prytanis Club $1,500 8" x 8" Largest brick (appropriately sized for leaders of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity)

“Over the years, Fraters have asked me why I donate to the TKE Educational Foundation. As I’ve reflected on the question, I realized I wanted to make a difference for the young Fraters of Tau Kappa Epsilon by providing access to the educational programs and scholarships offered by TKE. I have taken to heart the oath we all took at the time of our initiation, to be the “Fraternity for Life.” This commitment was further emphasized when I participated in the Fraternity for Life ritual and again when I became a Life Loyal Teke. And, my contributions to the Foundation are an ongoing demonstration of this commitment. Now, with the advent of the Better Men for a Better World Courtyard, we all have another opportunity to help our great Fraternity. Many of our alumni Fraters have donated some of the key items for the Courtyard: the Charity, Esteem, and Love columns, the fountain, benches, etc. My commitment is the installation of a monument honoring all Fraters who have served in the armed forces of their country. We all can do our part by purchasing a brick, which will be a part of the Courtyard for years to come. While the Courtyard is a place for memorials, it will also be a place for the living, to contemplate our virtues of Charity, Esteem, and Love—the values we all share as Tekes. It has been a great feeling to know that I have been able to help in a small way so many of our collegiate members and I hope to be able to do so for many more years.” —Charles Trabold, PGO Kappa-Kappa, Monmouth University Retired, AT&T Enterprise Marketing





6. Nu, University of California-Berkeley


2. Epsilon-Nu, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point 33

7. Theta-Iota, Northern Michigan University


3. Epsilon, Iowa State University


8. Delta-Xi, Miami University


4. Pi-Epsilon, Christian Brothers University


9. Pi, Pennsylvania State University


5. Xi, Washngton University


10. Lambda, University of Wisconsin-Madison


1. Beta-Sigma, University of Southern California




Friends of TKE After attending Leadership Academy XVI in June 2011, Frater Donald Tapia decided it was time to make sure more Tekes could take part in this experience. “I wasn't the one walking, blindfolded, 20 feet in the air across a log at the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy, but I'll never forget it.” In September, he donated $25,000; half will support 10 Fraters attending in August 2012; the other half goes to the Leadership Academy endowment to ensure that future Tekes will be able to attend. He then challenged fellow TEF Board members to join him. Every $2,000 given provides one scholarship for a Leadership Academy participant and $800 for the endowment. “In these economic times, it's time for people to step up to the plate. I'm thankful that they are answering this challenge, including Frater Charlie Trabold, Frater Gary Benjamin, and Frater Danny Villanueva, who's creatively giving airline tickets for four participants.” Frater Tapia doesn’t believe in the self-made man. “In my own career, I've stumbled, and there's always been somebody there to help me stand and move on.” Watching young men meet these challenges, with the encouragement of their teams, was something that spiritually empowered him. “Leadership Academy teaches young men that with help, they can remove the ‘t’ from ‘can't’ with help and turn it into ‘can.’ It teaches us all to have the fortitude to say ‘I can do it.’ ” The Leadership Academy challenge gift isn't the first one he has made, nor does he expect it to be the last. “Offering this challenge is my version of stepping out, blindfolded, high above the ground, knowing that with the encouragement of my peers, we can ensure the future of Leadership Academy.” —Donald R. Tapia Board Member, TKE Educational Foundation Sigma-Theta, St. Leo University



Every year, TKE parents, wives/widows, and other friends of the Fraternity support the TKE Educational Foundation. The Foundation is encouraged that many believe you don’t need to be a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon to believe in and support our mission of aiding men in their mental, moral, and social development for life. Larry Beaver Alpha-Pi Chapter Janice Y. Saibel

Leadership Academy Sterling & Knight Jewelry & Pawn

Lenwood S. Cochran Scholarship Gamma-Mu Chapter Doug and Francie Markham Gamma-Mu Alumni Association

Leadership Fund Fred and Laury Brathe Lamont Gray Brad Karsh Angela Seeley

John Concannon Lambda Chapter Chris Concannon

Nathan Lehman Theta-Iota Chapter Willis of Nebraska

J. Kendrick Cowdery Beta-Theta Chapter Joan E. Cowdery Catherine Wiehe

Ruth Ludwig Jeanne Billings, Mt. Ararat High School

Trevor Dahms Omicron-Pi Chapter Jack and Rachel Dart Scholarship Fund Scott Jeffords Philip J. Duerr Kappa-Psi Chapter Scholarship Kristen Amore Michael and Tamara Amore Stephen A. Cheney Karl and Gail Duerr Nathan D. Edwards Steven L. Guyot Patricia Anne Proto Gary Dysarz Scholarship Rho-Tau Chapter Tawnya Dysarz Brian Ford University of West Georgia Mark Hughes Beta-Theta Chapter Julie L. Drury, Senior Coordinator of Greek Life, University of Missouri Adam Kearns Mu-Chi Chapter Willis of Nebraska Louis L. LeBlanc Gamma-Theta Chapter Willis of Nebraska

Joseph Maiocco Rho Chapter Margaret McIntyre John Moyer Alpha-Tau Chapter Marjorie Moyer Alvin H. Oyama Iota-Epsilon Chapter Donna Oyama J. George Schmid, Jr., Trust Rho-Chi Scholarship Pat J. Russoniello John J. Shaw Gamma-Epsilon Chapter Grace G. Shaw Walter Sheets Rho-Chi Chapter Lisa Romero Lisa Sabatino Charles J. Trabold Scholarship Kappa-Kappa Chapter Elaine Allegretti Brian and Linda Jackman Dwayne R. Woerpel Iota-Alpha Chapter Diane Cooper

First-Time Donors The TKE Educational Foundation welcomes 386 donors who made their first gift in calendar year 2011. We thank the following for their generous contributions: Stephen S. Abbett Abdallah Abu Ghazaleh Mason Allen Jordan Alton Nu Chapter Alumni Assoc TKE Tampa Bay Alumni Assoc Danny Alvarez Michael Amato Kristen Amore Kevin R. Anderson Scott W. Anderson Matthew J. Anderson Parker J. Anderson Gilbert C. Anton Nicholas F. Arcolano Ryan C. Baker Christopher M. Bartlett Joshua W. Baumann Mark J. Beck Christopher Beck William B. Belvin Benjamin Berry Matthew S. Beukelman Christopher C. Beukema William F. Beyers, III Tyler A. Bibbins Jeanne Billings TKE Theta-Eta Board of Control Christopher Bockelman Tyler Branning Fred & Laury Brathe Dewey Briscoe Gregory J. Buck, Jr. Brent Burklund Thomas Burson Matt S. Byers Paul J. Caine TaCorey S. Campbell Bryan S. Canada Luiggi Canessa Steven A. Carlson Seth R. Carr Steven Castillo Toby A. Castro Jason J. Chandler Brian J. Chapman Upsilon-Gamma Chapter Kappa-Psi Chapter Isaac Chavalia George S. Chavel Alexander Chickowski Sean Cissna Ryan Clare Joseph L. Clemmer William A. Cochran Hardy M. Coffman Andre Collard Christopher J. Collins Chris Concannon John Cornell Kyle M. Courtney Joan E. Cowdery Jane Cowdery Gregory P. Coyne Justin M. Crusan Jose R. Cruz Benjamin J. Cuddy Erik R. Cunningham Ryan Cunningham Gregory K. Daily Cory L. Davis Robert W. Day Matthew A. Day Dorian K. Demski Robert M. Demyan Richard T. Diaz, Jr. Michael DonDiego Eric A. Douglas

Stephen Dreikorn Matthew A. Dress Julie Drury Ben E. Druskin Joseph Dube Keith L. Duncan Russ V. Durham Erik Eastgard Antony Eddy Nathan D. Edwards Michael J. Eggenberger Michael Elmendorf Chris T. Eubank Chadwick N. Evancho Jeffrey A. Everett Brian E. Farkas Kenneth R. Farr James H. Farrier James D. Fielding Christopher Finnigan Darrell Flagg Matthew R. Foglia Ioannis J. Fournaris Timothy F. Fox Andrew T. Frazier Charles D. Frechin Thomas L. Fritz, Jr. Michael Frizzell Rodney Gabriel Joseph C. Gagliano Andrew F. Gala Matthew C. Gallo Brandon Garcia Kevin Gardella Christopher B. Garrigues University of West Georgia Alexander J. Gettys Donald L. Glenn Ethan Goller Matthew A. Gonzalez Erik Goodman Jeremy M. Gordet Patrick Gordon Michael R. Gosney Gustavo A. Grajales John L. Grant, Jr. Justin K. Grant Harvey C. Grauberger Andrew P. Gray Lamont Gray Adam S. Green Marc S. Greenberg Eric S. Grinde Victor J. Guevara Lee L. Gullickson Steven L. Guyot Elias J. Haime Christopher W. Hall Gregory Halloran Kenneth M. Halvachs William Hanson Matthew R. Harrell Josh Harris Jake Haskell Eric A. Hastie Matthew E. Hauer, III Grant C. Hayes, II Bryan A. Heath Brian Heeke William C. Heller Matt Hendershott Omar Hernandez Nigel A. S. Hernandez, LP.D, MSc, RAC Matthew M. High Scott Hiltibrand Ben Hoefer Michael S. Hogan William J. Hottel

Delta-Theta Housing Rob Huber Michael G. Hudock Jameson R. Humphrey Scott E. Huston Kobina A. Intsiful David P. Jachim Andrew Jarzyk Richard Jasinski, Jr. Elliot Jeffords Scott Jeffords Robert S. Jenco John D. Jenkins Tyler S. Jensen Brian Z. Johnson Michael J. Johnson Bryan M. Johnson Shawn M. Kaiser Amit Kakar Christopher L. Kass Cody Kenyon Jeffrey Kilroy Lawrence King Ryan J. King Nick L. Kirchmar Robert L. Kitterman, Jr. Sterling & Knight Jewelry & Pawn Charles A. Konkol Thomas L. Kreinbring Jack S. Kremer Thomas E. Kresyman Matthew Kurtz John T. Lafferty Paul T. Lafkas William R. Laliberte Arron B. Lamey Aaron M. Larmi Steven J. Latman Matthew Laucher Diego Lazcano Marc A. Leslie Nathanial N. Liebler Damien Long Michael Lopez Keaton Lorentz Joshua Louden Andrew Lyne Jake L. Maguire Keith Malatesta Austin Malcoun Christopher D. Mantay Jeremy Mark Mike D. Martchev Mark M. Martiak Robert Martinez Jeff S. Massie Blayne D. Mathis Devon M. Matthews Jack McCann William C. McCauley, M.D. Eric McCloud Jay McDonald John W. McGinness Taylor J. McGinniss David S. McLain Brendan McMahon Eddie D. McSurley Rex A. McWilliams Mark A. Mercado Joseph F. Mikolaitis II Andrew W. Miller Adam Miller Jacob S. Miller Jonathan Mitchell Go Miyake Billy R. Mobley Michael M. Morrow Carl Muhs

Gary M. Mulhall Yll Mullaademi Daniel Munoz Eric J. Myszka Robert A. Naragon Willis of Nebraska Mike K. Nicholls Adam Noll Brian T. Olsavsky Bret K. Olseth Mark Olsomer Steven L. Ording Thomas C. O’Rourke Richard E. Otten Chris Owsley Donna Oyama Austin Pacey Nathan Palacios William C. Pappas Greg Paradee Brent A. Patrick Henry B. Peck, Jr. David R. Penhall Chad R. Peters David S. Petko Wilson Phillips Jeffrey Picard Christopher J. Pierce Trevor H. Pike Aaron Piscopo Michail A. Piskoun Richard C. Ponder, Jr. Adam Porto Dave Powers, Jr. Donald Priebe Justice Purser Jeffrey Putka Andrew K. Quan Gustavo Quiroz Brannon S. Raines Francisco Ramirez Steven A. Ramos Adam N. Rann Dave A. Reed Paul Reichenthal Judson B. Richards Michael J. Roberts Mark A. Rogers Brian Rogers Robert A. Rolston Lisa Romero William C. Rose, III Ross Rosenberg Scott E. Rossi Brian S. Rothery T. Marshall Rousseau Steven C. Ruesink Michael C. Russell Dan Russell Lorenzo Russomanno Pat J. Russoniello Andrew Rustemeyer Chad M. Ryan Eddie T. Ryser Lisa Sabatino Janice Y. Saibel Timothy F. Sanders Daniel Sanders James D. Sareault Joseph W. Saubers Jeffrey L. Scala Marshall H. Scantlin Zachary C. Scarvey Robert W. Schartz Adam P. Schmidt Henry L. Schmitz, IV Kyle F. Schuppenhauer Gary R. Schwartz

Jonathan Mark Scott Angela Seeley William Seevers Robin C. Shaffer Richard Shneur Jordan L. Shotwell Jerad Simpson David V. Singer Brian M. Smallwood Michael J. Smith Daniel J. Smith Jace Smith Marcel Smyk Jeffrey B. Snyder Russell Snyder Eric B. Soberg Marshall D. Sorokwasz Andrew Spacher Chad M. Spradlin Brian J. Springett Frank M. Squiccimarro Jonathan Stanton Jason L. Stegmaier Mark S. Sterner David P. Stevens Eric L. Stewart Frank E. Stone Charles Sullivan Luke S. Suriano Ryan G. Talbot Zachary Tansek Micah Thorp Peter Tischbein Adrian Torrent Oliver Tregoning Robert M. Turner, Jr. Harold A. Uttley, Jr. Jason R. Vairin Craig T. VanGalder David A. Vaughn Eric D. Vavrasek Favian Velasco Kristian M. Velez Danny D. Villanueva, Sr. Jared J. Vincent Jared J. Wald James R. Walsh Edward F. Walter Jordan Warner Lance A. Watson Andrew Watts Hunter B. Webb Rodney J. Weber John E. Wessinger Ryan Wheeler Anderson Whipp Scott E. Wiederhold Catherine Wiehe Roland Wilber Benjamin J. G. Wilde Jared & Sarah Wilkins Andrew D. Willman Michael Wilson Shawn Winchell Brad Winfield John E. Woerly, Jr. Steven A. Wolski Michael Wood Robert Wright Michael Yakimo, Jr. Adam S. Yasgar Anthony C. Young, II Matthew M. Young Stanford R. Zeiders




Thanks to our 2011 Contributors


On the following pages, donors are recognized by chapter within giving clubs. The number after the names indicates the total years of giving. The Board of Directors of the TKE Educational Foundation and the Grand Council extend a special thank-you to those dedicated Fraters who have committed to the future of the Fraternity.

Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or more Grand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499 Founders Club $500 - $999 Apollo Club $250 - $499 Triangle Club $100 - $249 Fraters Club $50 - $99

Grand Chapter

Home Chapter TEF Director R. Don Johnson Apollo Club John W. Deckard - 4 Triangle Club Christopher H. Niles - 6 Fraters Club Kevin W. Johnson - 21

Alpha Illinois Wesleyan University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytani Lester H. Martin (1906-11) William Wilson (1911-13) L.W. Tuesburg (1913-15, 1941-42) Lyle F. Straight (1915-17) Oscar G. Hoose (1917-18) Harrold P. “Tex” Flint (1918-21) Past TKE Executive Secretaries Harrold P. “Tex” Flint (1921-41) Lyle F. Straight (1941-43) Fraters Club Forrest L. De Vore - 4 John A. Tarter - 8 Sustaining Contributor Robert N. Fischer, Jr. - 8 James E. Hewitt - 2 Arthur R. Leach - 14 J. Patrick Morse - 19 *Frederick W. Sherman - 11


University of Illinois

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Milton M. Olander (1928-30) Past TKE Executive Secretary Vernon J. Hampton (1945-58) Fraternity for Life Club Robert H. Bean - 20 Grand Prytanis Club Luis A. Correa, CAE - 6 Founders Club Snyder E. Herrin, II - 10 Apollo Club Anthony J. Tangora, CFC - 11 Triangle Club Dale E. Biehler - 23 Gerald M. Carbonari - 4 Samuel M. Gillespie - 15 James M. Goodwine - 5 Kenneth M. Halvachs - 1 Bernard S. Miller, Jr. - 5 David F. Whedon - 18 Fraters Club Russell R. Attis - 26 Richard J. Erickson - 8 Josh Harris - 1 George E. Richards, Jr., DVM - 39 William E. Shoulders - 26 Miles A. Snyder - 20 Vince Stigler - 5 Sustaining Contributor Harry W. Bergmann, Jr. - 19

Delta Knox College

Millikin University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytani Philip H. McGrath (1923-26) Clarence E. Smith (1937-39) Frank B. Scott (1957-59) Grand Prytanis Club Mark Kuhnke, M.D. - 25 Apollo Club William G. Klein - 36 Michael W. Lengacher, CPA - 3 Michael J. Ludwig - 12 Triangle Club Fred J. Conville - 17 *Dan O. Henry - 9 Jerry R. Tobias - 20 C. Joseph Weaver, Jr. - 12 Fraters Club Steven A. Bates - 27 Blayne D. Mathis - 1 P. Michael Metcalf - 23 Michael A. Naylor - 8 Sustaining Contributor Nicholas W. Carperos - 19 Gregg W. Guichard - 6 Dana A. Noble - 9 Phillip D. Thomas - 6 Russell P. Veldenz - 14




Triangle Club David P. Jachim - 1 Kenneth T. Johnson - 38 Fraters Club Robert C. Anderson - 5 Milton R. Smith - 20 Sustaining Contributor Steven A. Jones, CFC - 35 Darin T. Traff - 2

Epsilon Iowa State University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Don Kaser (1959-63)

Fraters Club Paul L. Allphin - 3 Michael Beals - 3 George Burnet, Jr. - 30 Dean M. Coons - 21 Jerry J. Fielding - 9 Eric S. Grinde - 1 Robert H. Kaiser - 13 Jonathan Mitchell - 1 Gene J. Stelcik - 35 James S. Taylor - 39 John W. Thomas - 4 Sustaining Contributor R. Michael Andersen - 36 Zachary Broshar - 2 C. Roger Buckmaster - 28 Patrick Cole - 2 Jack Sawyer - 20 Vance O. Shoger - 4

Zeta Coe College

Founders Club Charles W. Stevens, Jr. - 15 Triangle Club Glenn E. Woodmansee - 31 Fraters Club Donald H. Ishikawa - 15

Eta University of Chicago

Fraters Club Charles A. Sine, Jr. - 40

Theta Chapter University of Minnesota

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytani W. D. Reeve (1921-23) Leland F. Leland (1949-51) Triangle Club Bret K. Olseth - 1 Fraters Club Lawrence J. Michel - 14 William R. Youngren - 5 Sustaining Contributor Abdallah Abu Ghazaleh - 1 Robert T. Gustafson - 30 Richard Shneur - 1

Iota Eureka College

Fraternity for Life Club Roger C. Underwood - 5 Founders Club Gary L. Kounkel - 39 Keith J. Smith, Ph.D. - 25 Apollo Club Richard A. Carlson - 16 Mark J. Jensen - 35 Triangle Club Richard H. Brom - 9 Gene C. Lange - 35 Steven F. Mores - 39 Gary M. Mulhall - 1 Richard L. Olson - 27 Mitchell E. Stock - 36 Alison L. Tanner - 16 Don Zimmerman - 9

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytani Miles Gray (1926-28) Eugene C. Beach (1930-35) Apollo Club Timothy W. Stewart - 12 Triangle Club James M. Behling - 23 Earl E. Cunion - 37 Gregory D. Schroeder - 5 Fraters Club Harold L. Erwin - 32 Sustaining Contributor Ronald L. Aeschleman - 11

Kappa Beloit College

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytani Herbert H. Helble (1939-41) Charles E. Nieman (1942-44) Apollo Club Perry B. Sells - 4 Triangle Club Robert E. Foster - 28 Richard E. Wittnebel - 12 Fraters Club James E. Drasal - 23 O. G. Grimm, D.D.S. - 20 James D. Schreyer - 15 Kenneth B. Winiecki - 18

Lambda University of Wisconsin-Madison

Home Chapter Grand Prytanis Edmund C. Moy Grand Prytanis Club Paul C. Aspinwall - 36 Gregory Z. Parker - 2 Founders Club Edmund C. Moy - 7 Apollo Club John Concannon - 2 Triangle Club Stanley W. Blum - 24 Tom L. Engh - 8 Martin L. Fenik - 7 Chris C. Jensen - 3 Casey B. Jones - 2 Ronald R. Schild - 9 Robert D. Walls - 18 Sustaining Contributor Eugene Frederickson - 20 Michael Goeldi - 2 Steven A. John - 3 John E. Kennaugh - 3 Jared La Porta - 2 G. Stewart Mathison, CFC - 32 Robert D. Moen - 36 Leonard R. Risse - 20 Andrew H. Simon - 12 Kevin D. Wolf - 2 Donald E. Wuerch - 23

Mu Carroll College

Home Chapter Past TKE Executive Secretary Dr. Edwin L. Thiess (1943-45) Triangle Club Maurice J. Lindquist - 20 William B. Yersin - 37 Fraters Club Arnold B. Merrell - 19

Nu University of California, Berkeley

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Sophus C. Goth (1951-53) TEF Director John B. Phillips TEF Advisor W. Allan Herzog Fraternity for Life Club W. Allan Herzog - 39 John B. Phillips - 6 Grand Prytanis Club Michael J. Cerussi - 3 Founders Club Howard F. Nemir - 17 Apollo Club Carl W. Anderson - 6 John A. Tomlinson - 16 Triangle Club Gerald D. Blalock - 4 Clifford A. Ceridono - 4 Willett C. Deady - 35 Michael Duffey - 3 David P. Flippin - 10 Robert A. Muhlbach - 33 Don F. Sampsel - 12 Leonard Schlussel - 30 Charles E. Shapiro, M.D. - 26 James P. Sherk - 31 Howard A. Shugart - 23 Andrew J. Viscovich - 2 Earl A. Wayne - 9 Fraters Club Shane Griffin - 2 Don A. Lawrie - 36 Joseph Martorana - 3 John J. Quigley - 9 Sustaining Contributor Charles H. Wray - 19 Anthony J. Wright - 3

Xi Washington University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis James C. Logan (1953-57) Grand Prytanis Club James R. Burmeister - 25 Founders Club Brent L. Burdick - 2 Jeffrey M. Titus - 3 Apollo Club Daniel J. Backman - 4 Edward C. Moehle - 18 Michael D. Schultz - 4 Triangle Club David R. Arday, M.D., M.P.H. - 32 Elwyn L. Cady, Jr. - 36 C. Leroy Ellenberger - 4 Ralph G. Frick, D.D.S. - 38 Richard W. Halteman, Jr. - 28 William C. Moor - 5 Mark B. Perla - 4 Douglas J. Pew - 15 Chad M. Ryan - 1 Fraters Club Alan Binder - 3

2011 DONORS Jack W. DeBolt - 23 Marvin L. Doerr - 6 Nicolas G. Garzon - 2 Robert K. Harris - 3 Richard R. Hough - 2 Eric S. Ratinoff, CFC - 14 Michael A. Thomas - 31 Sustaining Contributor Mason Allen - 1 Donald R. DeZutter - 30 Michael R. Joerling - 5 Grant A. Korkoyan, Jr. - 37 Carl G. Riepl - 13

Omicron The Ohio State University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytani Donald A. Fisher (1935-37) Robert J. Borel (1991-93) Gary A. LaBranche (1997-99) Past TKE Executive Vice President Timothy J. Murphy (1996-2000) Fraternity for Life Club Daniel W. Bower - 31 Founders Club Joe A. Dumbauld - 35 Steven G. Wedge - 23 Triangle Club David I. Beatson - 7 Kyle Kozlowski - 2 Donn R. Lidington - 22 David M. Parker - 32 Robert C. Rankin - 17 Nathaniel E. Sheppard - 3 H. Burkley Showe - 6 Fraters Club David A. Edling - 3 Stephen F. Hubbard - 25 Douglas A. Williams - 4 Sustaining Contributor Thomas E. Artman - 8 John L. Crisp - 27 Don C. Dill - 28 Jose A. Gomez - 15 William J. Metzger - 36 Jacob S. Miller - 1

Pi Pennsylvania State University

Fraternity for Life Club Thomas M. Becker - 4 Bryon G. Deysher - 3 Richard W. Horrigan, Jr. - 3 Paul R. Johnston - 8 David R. Jones - 3 Daniel S. Mead - 3 Michael R. Palombo - 3 James R. Rummel - 4 Edward R. Say - 2 David V. Singer - 1 Grand Prytanis Club Christopher R. Dyckman - 4 Charles F. Harner, Jr. - 3 Michael G. Hudock - 1 Kerry W. Kissinger - 2 Eric J. Miller - 2 Brian T. Olsavsky - 1 Allan L. Rayfield - 3 John C. Smit, Jr. - 4 Apollo Club John D. Jenkins - 1 Fraters Club Frank L. Freet - 6 William C. Lauch, Jr. - 13 Sustaining Contributor Ludwig Papp - 2 Stanford R. Zeiders - 1

Rho West Virginia University

Apollo Club Dennis B. Feldman - 3 Triangle Club D. Gregory Kenney - 15 Michael Klipstein - 8 Karl G. Morey - 12 William G. Wilkinson - 6 Robert J. Wolfe, II - 6 Fraters Club Robert Nakon - 25

Sustaining Contributor Brandon Dudt-Mulzet - 3 Jerad Simpson - 1 *Roland Wilber - 1

Scorpion Cornell University

Founders Club Michael V. Corrigan - 24 Apollo Club Paul P. Whalen - 12 Triangle Club Gaston R. Desnoyers - 9 Robert M. Naclerio - 18 John C. Rasmus - 39 William T. Thompson - 26 Fraters Club Thomas B. Reth - 7 Sustaining Contributor Christian B. Silge - 27

Tau Oregon State University

Founders Club Christopher M. Bartlett - 1 Apollo Club Nathanial N. Liebler - 1 Malcolm T. Trupp - 15 Triangle Club Marc A. Leslie - 1 Shawn M. McCullum - 3 Brian S. Rothery - 1 Micah Thorp - 1 Fraters Club Sean Cissna - 1 Reuben Schug - 8 Sustaining Contributor Joshua P. Arguien - 2 Ryan C. Baker - 1 Robert L. Kitterman, Jr. - 1

Upsilon University of Michigan

Grand Prytanis Club William A. Thompson - 30 Triangle Club Samuel L. Chappell - 15 Philip O. Hersey - 5 Floyd S. Reid - 15 Fraters Club Jackson C. Platsky - 4 Sustaining Contributor Jeffrey W. Berno - 28 Richard E. Schreiber - 25

Phi University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis J. Russel Salsbury (1963-66) Grand Prytanis Club Dean-Ross Schessler, CFC - 15 Triangle Club Bryan D. Bredthauer - 20 Duane F. Miller - 29 Dick Tews - 14 Rusty Vanneman - 15 Richard N. Walker - 34 Fraters Club Kenneth D. Henkens - 21 Sustaining Contributor Timothy R. Traudt - 2

Chi University of Washington

Founders Club Lee M. Lippert - 10 Richard A. Vorce - 15 Apollo Club Stanley W. Hungerford - 30 Triangle Club Danny Alvarez - 1 Matthew F. Maury, IV - 32 Dan Russell - 1 Hugh C. Sobottka, D.D.S. - 34 Fraters Club Dennis R. Brooke - 18 Sustaining Contributor Ben Hoefer - 1 R. K. Lee, CFC - 32 David G. Novak - 36

Rami Salha - 2

Psi Gettysburg College

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytani Donald H. Becker (1966-71) James S. Margolin (1989-91) Fraternity for Life Club *J. George Schmid, Jr. - 13 Founders Club David G. Fairweather - 40 Triangle Club Henry W. Lush - 4 Gordon W. Thayer - 20 Fraters Club Conor J. Lynn - 2

Omega Albion College

Grand Prytanis Club T. Steve Ivan - 14 Apollo Club George S. Chavel - 1 Jonathon B. Husby - 17 Triangle Club Robert A. Armitage - 10 Gregory P. Coyne - 1 Brian R. Darold - 2 Matthew A. Day - 1 William H. Hendry - 11 Jeffrey P. Pearson - 13 David W. Towne, Esq. - 7 Lawrence W. Zarrilli, D.V.M. - 10 Fraters Club Christopher D. Mantay - 1 James L. Merrifield - 8 Allen D. Tucker, Jr. - 25 William L. Vandenburg - 9 Sustaining Contributor Richard E. Busch - 15 Charles W. Lankton - 2 Howard T. Slutz - 38

Alpha-Alpha Wabash College

Grand Prytanis Club Kenneth R. Schild - 18 Triangle Club Richard J. Moak - 35 Jon R. Pactor - 2 Fraters Club Lewis Towne - 2 Sustaining Contributor Scott R. Shearon - 30

Alpha-Beta Ohio University

Grand Prytanis Club Robert O. Kincart - 6 Apollo Club Donald L. Falk - 37 Triangle Club T. Brian Bakeman - 26 William M. Garrett, II - 39 Gary B. Hermann - 28 Robert P. Zilai - 10 Fraters Club K. William Dreier - 19 Paul S. Hadorn - 17 Alvin D. Reece - 36 Arthur W. Stellar, Ph.D. - 35 Sustaining Contributor Ronald M. Nakatsuji - 16 Brian L. Stephens - 15 James L. Woods - 19

Alpha-Gamma Washington State University

Apollo Club Gregory G. Botch - 31 Triangle Club Emmanuel Aldana - 2 Erik Eastgard - 1 William Hanson - 1 Ryan J. King - 1 Damien Long - 1 Andrew Rustemeyer - 1 Gary L. Willis - 11 Sustaining Contributor John F. De Turk - 23

Michael R. Johnson - 2 Wilbur R. Linn - 4 Shawn Winchell - 1

Alpha-Delta University of Idaho

Triangle Club Don E. Giles - 32 Steven D. Huffman - 10 Kevin I. Lucas - 8 Gerald F. Riggers - 15 Lee B. Woodbury - 30 Fraters Club Robert L. Ames - 5 Larry R. Grove - 26 Bruce L. Tarbet - 9 William M. Tilton - 13 Sustaining Contributor Steven N. Cory - 23 Brendan D. Fitzgerald - 7 Thomas J. LeClaire - 13 Glenn Miles - 33 Michael R. Sheeran - 2

Alpha-Epsilon Monmouth College

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis John A. Courson, CFC (1981-83)

Oliver D. Kee - 25

Alpha-Theta Whitman College

Apollo Club Norman H. Swick - 5 Triangle Club James L. Chapman - 37 Roy L. Griffin, CPA - 19 William W. Montgomery, III - 36 David K. Wheeler - 34 Fraters Club Robert H. Cline - 13 Chester G. Henderson - 40 Richard S. Kunter - 10 Daniel R. Lindsay - 24 Sustaining Contributor Dan S. Crimmins - 19 John M. Graham - 13 Roger L. von Gohren - 15

Alpha-Iota Hamilton College

Triangle Club Gilbert F. Adams - 26 Sustaining Contributor Lee F. Rancier - 12

Alpha-Lambda Kansas State University

Fraternity for Life Club John A. Courson, CFC - 35 Triangle Club Henry H. Gildemeister - 39 Lyle L. Hoover - 18 Fraters Club Robert L. Best - 30 Donn H. Denniston - 37 George F. Hartung - 27 Frederick J. Kaskel - 7 Jeffrey Mar - 20 William L. Trubeck - 3 Sustaining Contributor Spencer E. Avey - 16

Triangle Club Benjamin P. Bowman - 3 Samuel W. Sinderson, Jr. - 34 John J. Smiley - 19 Jace Smith - 1 Michael E. Traeger - 27 Gerald R. Whitcomb - 14 Fraters Club George L. Eib - 13 Sustaining Contributor Donald E. Balaban - 8 Robert A. Cochran - 26 Christopher J. Collins - 1 Austin Pacey - 1



Purdue University

Ohio Wesleyan University

Founders Club Thomas Gretzinger, M.D. - 7 Apollo Club Steven D. Mavity - 3 Triangle Club Daniel J. Bafia - 5 Rodney W. Dunham - 27 Richard L. Joossens - 27 Robert L. Swaim - 13 Fraters Club Donald G. Clodfelter - 38 Theodore W. Cutshall - 16 Richard E. Dryer - 22 Douglas A. Graham - 31 Todd E. Hine - 3 Thomas M. McAninch - 6 Sustaining Contributor John M. Everett - 15 Bruce H. Fetz - 16 Harry Papadakis - 20

Fraters Club Merrill D. Darlington, Ph.D. - 25 Robert A. Holm - 24 Donald R. McCarty - 12

Alpha-Eta Rutgers University

Fraternity for Life Club Ben E. Druskin - 1 Founders Club Michael Amato - 1 Apollo Club Jose R. Cruz - 1 William C. Pappas - 1 Triangle Club G. Kenneth Link - 31 Harmon S. Meeker, Jr. - 20 Mark A. Mercado - 1 Eric L. Stewart - 1 Kevin E. White - 9 Fraters Club Edward J. Banas, Jr. - 26 Alan M. Crosta, Jr., M.D., CFC - 26 Marc F. DeCongelio - 2 Fred H. Quantmeyer, Jr. - 30 Sustaining Contributor William W. Buddenhagen - 28 Neil Ehrenkrantz - 17 Robert S. Jenco - 1

Alpha-Nu University of New Hampshire

Triangle Club Wayne J. Johnson - 8 David M. Lefcourt - 6 Fraters Club Lynn F. Robinson, USAF (Ret.) - 18 Sustaining Contributor Chad Brown - 2 James W. Gould - 2 Stuart M. Werman - 9

Alpha-Xi Drake University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis William H. Wisdom (1975-77) TEF Director Robert L. Olcott Grand Prytanis Club Brian F. Harms - 18 Mike K. Nicholls - 1 E. Wayne Williamson - 18 Founders Club Kenny Joe J. Schenatzki - 21 Apollo Club Kelvin C. Boyle - 11 Glenn A. Sorensen - 2 Triangle Club Brian L. Bates - 15 *Thomas D. Dalby - 6 Michael K. Freeman - 15 Theodore C. Klint - 6 Milton R. McFarland - 17 Robert L. Olcott, CAE - 17 Craig J. Thurber - 28 Fraters Club Allen W. Bethell - 26 Howard V. Gregory - 27




Donn K. Haglund - 38 Thomas J. Pfenning - 12 Frank J. Ward - 29 Sustaining Contributor Mark G. Weyermuller - 18

Sustaining Contributor Larry J. Loritz - 28 Sig R. Silnes - 2

Alpha-Tau Drexel University

Alpha-Omicron New Mexico State University

Home Chapter Past TKE Executive Secretary Russell R. Hall (1958-60) TEF Director Daniel D. Villanueva, Sr. Fraternity for Life Club Danny D. Villanueva, Sr. - 1 Grand Prytanis Club Gabriel Anaya - 18 Apollo Club Jason R. Crawford - 3 Triangle Club Martin L. Goldsmith - 34 Omega S. Gonzales - 25 Joseph E. Gurule - 3 Michael S. Hogan - 1 Mark A. Lawrence - 8 Robert Sue - 4 Harold A. Uttley, Jr. - 1 Fraters Club H. Stanley Dennis, Jr. - 29 Robert Martinez - 1 John B. Milton - 2 Charles D. Shuttles - 9 Charles J. Wolff - 3 Sustaining Contributor Robert W. Joe - 38

Alpha-Pi George Washington University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Dr. R. C. Williams (1944-49) Grand Histor Christopher T. Hanson Grand Prytanis Club Christopher T. Hanson - 13 Founders Club *Allyn C. Donaldson, Jr. - 38 John A. Mancus - 9 William R. Rothe - 23 Triangle Club George A. Dixon - 19 Amit Kapoor - 2 Gary A. Terrill - 41 Fraters Club William W. Dorsey, Sr. - 25 Carlos Moersen - 3 Sustaining Contributor Benjamin J. Cuddy - 1 Brandon E. DeBaun - 2 Wallace B. Oliver - 31 Richard E. Otten - 1 Adam S. Yasgar - 1

Alpha-Rho University of Rhode Island

Grand Prytanis Club John T. Taylor, CFC - 17 Founders Club Gilbert E. Haakh - 24 Triangle Club Peter R. L. Faber - 19 Kenneth G. Taylor - 39 Stephen A. Tucker - 20 Fraters Club Paul Amaral - 11 Alfred H. Johnson - 6 Sustaining Contributor Michael J. Cappuccilli - 15 John A. deBont - 11

Alpha-Sigma University of North Dakota

Apollo Club Douglas C. Ikelman - 21 Triangle Club Donald C. Gackle - 39 Fraters Club Robert H. Ikelman, Lt. Col. (Ret.) - 28 Bryan A. Oscarson - 15

Apollo Club Anthony DiSanto - 20 David A. Goodman, M.D. - 26 Triangle Club Ervin F. Bickley, Jr. - 12 Michael K. Burnley - 25 Chris A. Grasso, CFC - 26 Bryan P. Keller - 5 Thomas Pecsvaradi - 22 Robert H. Stitzinger, USA (Ret.) - 13 Fraters Club Michael Lanza - 3 Ira S. Letofsky - 17 William S. Thayer - 27 Woodrow W. Westley - 36 Sustaining Contributor Paul S. Alday, Jr. - 10 Frank A. Bina - 5 Leonard M. Compton - 35 Richard F. Okada - 10 Greg Paradee - 1

Alpha-Upsilon Fort Hays State University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Dr. Herbert L. Songer (2009-11) Fraternity for Life Club Herbert L. Songer - 5 Triangle Club Keith A. Dirks - 31 Russell W. Pennington - 2 Jason L. Stegmaier - 1 Fraters Club Robert C. Moody - 36 Sustaining Contributor Robert W. Pavlicek - 35 Eddie T. Ryser - 1

Alpha-Phi University of Kansas

Fraternity for Life Club Stewart B. Cerier - 16 Apollo Club D. Burnell Cavender, USAF (Ret.) - 6 Ethan Goller - 1 Triangle Club Matthew C. Enriquez - 2 James H. Martin - 6 David B. Raddatz - 10 Fraters Club Daniel D. Mulford - 16 A. Theodore Steegmann, Ph.D. - 9

Alpha-Chi University of Louisville

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Rodney Williams, Jr., CFC (1979-81) At-Large Grand Council Member Gregory L. Geoffroy Triangle Club Kenneth E. Brockman - 25 John A. Buxton, Ph.D. - 3 Charles D. Hartley - 10 Glenn B. Scherzer, II - 15 Henry H. Triplett, Jr., Ph.D. - 37 Fraters Club Donald C. Barton, M.D. - 22 Robert P. Beliles, Ph.D. - 7 Ryan deCaussin - 2 Gary L. Epperson, CFC - 26 David W. Eppihimer - 39 Milton T. Hulan - 8 Scott C. Marks - 28 David C. Scharre - 30 Thomas B. Skoner - 36 Charles M. Steinhofer, Jr. - 32 Sustaining Contributor S. Robert Bakall - 22 Taylor Distler - 3 Gregory E. Hammond, USAF (Ret.) - 35 Christopher J. Vogel - 2



Alpha-Psi Davis & Elkins College

Triangle Club Wendell M. Cramer - 37 George M. Lauderbaugh, USAF 11 Fraters Club Robert W. Hotaling - 21 Howard Rubenstein - 28 Edward G. Sawtell - 38 Sustaining Contributor Thomas A. Andersen - 18 Robert M. McIlvaine - 13

Alpha-Omega University of California, Los Angeles

Founders Club John R. Chapman - 14 Triangle Club Eric Asa-Dorian - 6 Christopher W. Landsea - 21 Edmond J. Russ - 18 Sustaining Contributor Wayne L. Quon - 14 Favian Velasco - 1

Beta-Alpha Bradley University Triangle Club

Donald C. Eggert, Jr. - 15 Harvey A. Gorden - 7 Fraters Club Thomas G. Krause - 23

Beta-Beta North Carolina State University

Andrew Rose - 2

Beta-Epsilon Trine University

Triangle Club Robert W. Conklin - 39 Matthew Laucher - 1 David W. Miller - 19 Philip C. Walker - 13 Fraters Club Charles P. Andrews - 18 Robert M. Demyan - 1 Steven C. Ruesink - 1 Sustaining Contributor Matt S. Byers - 1 Richard J. Cadille - 22 James E. Thomas - 15

University of Maryland

Founders Club Joseph V. Bowen, Jr. - 7 Triangle Club Marc S. Greenberg - 1 Sustaining Contributor David P. Carlisle - 7 Joshua T. Dempsey - 2 Stanley M. Kriel, Jr. - 36 Charles R. Long - 30 Adam Porto - 1

Auburn University


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Home Chapter TEF Advisor Steven J. Muir





Louisiana Tech University

Beta-Gamma Apollo Club Lloyd A. Alaback - 17 Gerry E. Hinrichs - 4 Bob G. Salyer - 10 Thomas S. Wade, Jr. - 37 Triangle Club Herb C. Huser - 38 Fraters Club W. David George - 5 Samuel C. Munhollon - 14 Sustaining Contributor Cecil F. Hewitt - 10 Mack V. Norman - 18

Apollo Club William B. Clegg, Jr. - 10 Triangle Club Walter E. Bohnstedt - 13 Fraters Club Everett E. Cutter - 17 Albert G. Eriksen - 5 Jack L. Estepp - 35 Sustaining Contributor Phillip L. Woody - 8

Grand Prytanis Club James B. Hall, II - 19 Apollo Club James W. Duke - 31 Sustaining Contributor Jack P. Love, Jr. - 2 Donald Priebe - 1 George Tereshkovich - 33


Grand Prytanis Club Michael A. Moxley, CFC - 36 Apollo Club David E. Grimm - 10 Mark T. Lowder - 15 Triangle Club Fred C. Brunk, Jr. - 5 Gilbert N. Burnet - 18 J. Randall Cook - 9 Jonathan D. Gainey - 2 David S. Haworth, III - 17 John R. J. Miller - 42 Wylie H. Mitchell - 39 Harold S. Muse, Jr. - 10 Fraters Club Michael A. Gentry - 2 T. Alvin Kepley - 21 Sustaining Contributor Eric A. Douglas - 1 L. Patrick Faulkner, II - 18 Roger A. Fleming - 12 Matthew M. High - 1 Charles T. Lambert - 6 Oklahoma State University

University of Oregon

Founders Club John R. McCarthy - 33 Triangle Club Robert B. Bliss, Jr. - 29 William M. Brackney - 15 Daniel J. Codespoti - 33 James R. Dugan, Jr. - 27 Curtis O. Liles, III - 21 Donald B. Morgan - 22 Fraters Club Frank E. Zipperer - 22 Sustaining Contributor William A. Weed, Jr. - 34

Fraternity for Life Club Michael Yakimo, Jr. - 1 Grand Prytanis Club Steve J. Muir - 36 Apollo Club John S. Daniel - 27 Triangle Club Daniel E. Groteke - 27 Jon A. Kremer - 6 Alan R. Loeffelman - 12 Carm R. Moehle - 24 David R. Puettmann - 26 Fraters Club Louis E. Astroth - 11 Gary E. Dial - 14 Paul E. Eckler - 27 Ronald S. Robertson - 12 Dennis M. Simon - 27 Oliver L. Von Behren - 32 James C. Williams - 12 Sustaining Contributor Michael R. Beckmann - 18 James R. Bollam, Jr. - 30 Thomas G. Borowiak - 35 Michael A. Di Napoli - 9 James B. Marble - 29 Michael Suda - 28

Home Chapter TEF Advisor Michael A. Moxley, CFC


University of Missouri-Columbia

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis (1987-89) TKE Executive Director (1960-73) Bruce B. Melchert, CFC Grand Prytanis Club Bruce B. Melchert, CFC - 36 Founders Club Derek W. Hunter - 4 Triangle Club Frederick M. Burke - 33 Mark Eidelman, D.D.S. - 29 William K. Haas - 32 John E. Marquardt - 34 Donald L. Wehmeyer - 22 Fraters Club Jon D. Cozean - 17 Robert M. Reed - 20

Beta-Iota Iowa Wesleyan College

Apollo Club Ron E. Leganger - 17 Sustaining Contributor Robert J. Eppel - 15

Bucknell University

Home Chapter TEF Chairman Richard C. Ernest Fraternity for Life Club Richard C. Ernest - 40 J. Andrew Weidman - 3 Founders Club Kenneth M. Sheppard - 31 Apollo Club John A. Saxton - 36 Frank E. Stone - 1 Triangle Club Richard A. Benton - 24 Anthony J. Falcone - 7 William C. Heller - 1 Timothy J. Hoying - 21 Robert A. Naragon - 1 Frederick D. Obligado - 2 Henry B. Peck, Jr. - 1 Donald A. Wescott, Jr. - 9 Fraters Club Stephen R. Brice - 11 Robert I. Cohen - 9 Harry W. Elliott - 21 Hood C. Johnston - 3 Richard S. Knight - 35 Sustaining Contributor William F. Hobson - 14 Richard B. Roush - 25

Beta-Nu Marshall University

Fraternity for Life Club *George Blankenship - 15 Triangle Club Johnston B. Bell - 26 Fraters Club Ernest E. Ferrell, Jr. - 31 James O. Ramey - 2 Harry R. Wiener - 29 Sustaining Contributor Richard L. Block - 18

Beta-Xi Arizona State University

Apollo Club Edward W. Barry - 10 Ross L. Franks - 23 Triangle Club Michael A. Pasich - 2 Kenneth R. Piana - 3 Fraters Club Thomas F. Hussey - 13 Sustaining Contributor Andrew P. Georgevits - 2


Beta-Omicron Wayne State University

Triangle Club Gary M. Armstrong - 12 Russell M. Holtz - 39 S. James Islam - 11 John G. Marshall, CLU, ChFC - 21 Dave H. Mattingly - 27 Fraters Club Arthur P. Adams, Jr. - 4 Robert A. Kluczynski - 15 Glenn R. Ming - 19 Enrico Odorico - 5 Sustaining Contributor Richard S. Mazzella - 33

Beta-Pi Georgia Institute of Technology

Home Chapter TEF Advisors Russell H. Heil John A. Reagan Founders Club Max L. Dufeny, Jr. - 21 Triangle Club Donald P. Bach - 24 Robert R. Barrett - 29 Thomas D. Covington - 11 Robert T. Dunham - 5 Christopher B. Garrigues - 1 Marion B. Glover, Jr. - 16 Jameson R. Humphrey - 1 Daniel B. Mowrey - 17 Fraters Club Frank B. Chapman - 10 William P. McKibben - 15 Richard E. Park - 30 Charlie H. Rogers - 7 Eric P. Slipp - 21 Gregory L. Willis - 9 Sustaining Contributor Edward J. Cerbone - 12 Russ V. Durham - 1 Kenneth A. Gibbs - 14 Edwin P. LeCroy, Jr. - 26 David Yavorsky - 2

Beta-Rho University of Akron

Home Chapter TEF Directors Gary E. Benjamin Kevin J. Brock Fraternity for Life Club Gary E. Benjamin - 4 Kevin J. Brock - 15 Apollo Club Mark W. Dively - 20 Bob Troyer - 26 Triangle Club Jeffrey G. Bowersox - 15 Frank Car - 4 Samuel T. Coleridge - 23 Robert D. Eberwine - 18 Keith D. Goble - 21 Charles H. Huettner - 33 James R. McElroy - 5 Thomas M. Sopko - 30 Fraters Club Donald L. Baird - 12 Larry A. Crisp - 35 Jeffrey J. Hoffman - 6 Sustaining Contributor Derrill L. Carter - 34 Brian D. Hoffman - 38 Steve J. Mustric, M.D. - 14 Doug J. Starr - 2

John D. Meisenhelder - 18 Paul J. Smit - 3 Founders Club George J. Angelos - 11 Theodore Constantouros - 3 Robert L. Meyer - 39 Justin B. Nast - 14 Apollo Club John R. Bibeau - 2 William J. Cullinane - 33 Daniel R. Levinson - 6 Gregory A. McAndrews - 4 Edmund J. Sutro - 38 Michael A. Yagjian - 25 Triangle Club Galen C. Clifford - 5 Carl W. Cooper - 31 Chris T. Eubank - 1 Jon D. Friedland - 16 Andrew H. Hayes - 2 Chuck Milam - 36 Michael Nigosian - 2 David S. Oakley - 11 A. Gordon Orsborn - 31 Aaron Pattison - 2 John W. Plumb - 37 Matthew W. Quan - 2 Rick B. Smith - 33 Robert A. Stambaugh - 16 Fraters Club Jacob Aronson - 2 John M. Dubaz - 2 Keith L. Duncan - 1 Ronald B. Frame - 5 John Gorski - 3 Lloyd F. Grinslade, Jr. - 19 Leo Natanian - 3 Sustaining Contributor Tyler A. Bibbins - 1 Larry D. Finkel - 31 Steven Gagliano - 3 Robert Harkness - 2 George N. Loomis - 35 Patrick M. McDermott - 4 George G. Strella - 9

Beta-Tau Florida Southern College Sustaining Contributor William H. Brimberry - 22 Charles M. Klein - 16

Beta-Upsilon University of Maine

Founders Club Richard A. Eustis - 17 Triangle Club Patrick M. Gleason - 2 William R. Laliberte - 1 Fraters Club Lloyd R. Chase, Ph.D. - 23 Wayne R. Cole - 6 Raymond R. Couture - 7 Brian E. Gill - 24 Leo E. La Chance - 5 Sustaining Contributor Darrell Flagg - 1 Allan M. Wilson - 27

Beta-Phi Louisiana State University

Kenneth L. Black - 10 Mark A. Cushing - 5 Robert W. Day - 1 Andrew J. Haverkate - 19 David E. Jacobsen - 15 Jack S. Kremer - 1 Fraters Club James K. Hill - 2 Paul S. Storozynski - 4 Christopher B.Tidwell - 20 Sustaining Contributor Harry V. Boyd, LTC (Ret.) - 6 James D. Olson - 13

Beta-Psi Arkansas State University

Apollo Club B. Lavon Wells - 40 Triangle Club Robert E. Howe - 26 George T. Lalman - 13 Adam W. Nicely - 5 Billy G. Winford - 4 Fraters Club Mack A. Hamblen - 24 Sustaining Contributor John K. Frets - 16 Richard C. Puryear - 17 Aaron R. Steenbergen - 7

Beta-Omega Missouri State University

Triangle Club Thomas D. Schlosser - 22 Samuel C. Weaver - 17 Fraters Club Timothy D. Clegg, II - 4 Everett E. Dahl - 15 Gamma-Alpha University of Wyoming Apollo Club John D. Stiles - 32 Fraters Club Terrance J. Croco, CFC - 35 Charles K. McClain - 35 Raymond S. Worth - 26 Sustaining Contributor Paul T. Lafkas - 1 Maynard B. Morris - 24

Gamma-Beta Colorado State University

Grand Prytanis Club Erik L. Glenn - 5 Triangle Club Leonard J. Fleischer - 15 Donald L. Glenn - 1 Terry E. Knight - 15 David R. Penhall - 1 Matthew A. Williams - 7

Gamma-Gamma University of Texas at El Paso

Triangle Club Jack W. Handey - 15 James M. Mitchell - 6 Fr. W. Patrick Resen - 44 Fraters Club Victor M. Renteria - 36 Shane Utter - 15

Triangle Club James E. Fargo - 33 James D. Hughes - 38 Thomas J. Kennedy - 11 Fraters Club Eugene J. Le Blanc - 15 Donald E. Welge - 37 Sustaining Contributor Robert C. Mayer, Jr. - 24


University of Southern California



Home Chapter Grand Epiprytanis Bob Barr TEF Director Gregory P. Woodson

Home Chapter Grand Crysophylos Rodney G. Talbot

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis John R. Fisher (1993-95)

Fraternity for Life Club Michael G. McLaughlin - 28 Rodney G. Talbot - 33 Triangle Club Daniel Bellich - 4

Founders Club Richard J. DiMarzio - 31 Apollo Club Norman P. Borkowski - 15 William J. Prew - 2


Fraternity for Life Club Gregory P. Woodson - 36 Grand Prytanis Club David L. Bohline - 10

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

University of Miami

Triangle Club Gerry Hoy - 4 Daniel Y. Leong - 22 Jeffrey H. Orloff - 28 David A. Swanson - 13 Sustaining Contributor James F. Kiley - 39 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Triangle Club Robert G. Beck - 12 Roger P. Kalinowsky - 34 Brian C. Kensing - 11 Richard Mohrmann - 35 Fraters Club Jeffrey P. Arcouet - 4 Ronald A. Rosien - 27 Sustaining Contributor Brian V. Kolota - 3 Robert C. Krishfield - 3 William C. Purdon - 19

Gamma-Zeta Hartwick College

Triangle Club Cody Kenyon - 1 John E. Maczko - 26 Fraters Club Kenneth B. Guiseley - 20 Tom Roach - 2 Sustaining Contributor Erik Goodman - 1 Karl D. Keller - 3 Kenneth W. Ruckh - 2 Arthur P. Schouten, Jr. - 2

Gamma-Eta Idaho State University

Fraters Club Clifford M. Peake - 33 Larry S. Phelps - 29 Sustaining Contributor William J. Ryan - 14

Gamma-Theta University of Florida

Past TKE Chief Executive Officer Kevin M. Mayeux, CAE (2000-10) Grand Prytanis Club Louis L. LeBlanc, CAE - 8 Founders Club Steven G. Christovich - 5 Brian T. Ferber - 11 Corey G. Mathews, CAE - 8 Kevin M. Mayeux, CAE - 13 Miles C. Wilkin - 6 Triangle Club James G. Carver - 12 Frank Casey - 4 Merritt R. Dimbath - 39 Daniel W. Koivu - 8 Samuel P. Mitchell, Brigadier General, USAF (Ret.) - 6 William D. Orr - 15 Christopher M. Schaeffer - 5 Fraters Club Donald A. Buzzell - 30 Leon B. Cheek, III - 11 Thomas J. Filipkowski - 38 David L. Hayward - 37 Kenneth M. Jaffie - 9 Sustaining Contributor Richard J. Brown - 17

Gamma-Iota University of Colorado at Boulder

Triangle Club Jerry F. Baker - 39 Richard L. Salberg - 4 Richard H. Stienmier, M.D. - 11 Fraters Club Donald C. Malone - 35

Gamma-Kappa Indiana University

Grand Prytanis Club William R. Bruns, III - 14 Founders Club David W. Stock - 16 Triangle Club Paul J. Caine - 1 James D. Fielding - 1 Steven R. MacLaughlin - 7 J. Richard Rockstroh - 24 Fraters Club David J. Adeli - 10 Larry K. Barrett - 39 James W. Bentley - 9 Sustaining Contributor Jason K. Belfer - 15 Lucian A. Siekman - 37 G. Michael Witte - 27

Gamma-Lambda San Diego State University

Triangle Club Richard D. Greenleaf, Sr. - 17 Sustaining Contributor Ernie D. Conrad, Jr. - 17

Gamma-Mu Furman University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Lenwood S. Cochran (1971-73) Fraternity for Life Club Lenwood S. Cochran - 35 Apollo Club Ronald E. Goodwin - 29 Paul N. Shockley, Jr. - 17 Fraters Club Frank H. Capehart, III - 28 Eric C. Semmelmeier - 21

Gamma-Nu University of Toledo

Apollo Club Paul A. Hotmer - 20 Triangle Club Thomas J. Gordon, CFC - 8 Fraters Club R. Loren McGuire - 18 Michael J. Sarra - 14 Calvin G. Smith - 21 Richard F. Watkins - 11 Sustaining Contributor Milton D. Calcamuggio - 13 Gordon P. Voelker - 25

Gamma-Xi Chapter University of New Mexico

Triangle Club Glenn C. Wonn - 27 Fraters Club Theodore H. Kittell - 7 Sustaining Contributor Alexander E. Yuen, Jr. - 7

Gamma-Omicron University of Virginia

Triangle Club William B. MacLeod - 29 Fraters Club James F. Brooke, III, USN (Ret.) - 21 William C. McCauley, M.D. - 1

ANNUAL GIVING CLUBS Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or more Grand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499 Founders Club $500 - $999 Apollo Club $250 - $499 Triangle Club $100 - $249 Fraters Club $50 - $99




ANNUAL GIVING CLUBS Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or more Grand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499 Founders Club $500 - $999 Apollo Club $250 - $499 Triangle Club $100 - $249 Fraters Club $50 - $99 Sustaining Contributor Bob B. Sieck - 17

Gamma-Pi Parsons College

Apollo Club Robert L. Tree, Ph.D. - 24 Fraters Club Frederick B. Clearwater - 38 Frederick C. Jenks - 31

Gamma-Rho Indiana State University

Triangle Club Gerald S. Reynolds - 4 Richard E. Schultz - 30 Willard C. Tice, II - 18 Fraters Club Eugene D. Aimone - 30 Kenneth J. Kroft - 35 Joseph A. Kwasny - 35 Takeshi Moriwaki - 40 Ronald R. Rufatto - 17 Sustaining Contributor Robert L. Giacoletto - 10 Edward F. Walter - 1

Gamma-Sigma University of Kentucky

Triangle Club Michael F. Yackowsky - 5

Gamma-Tau University of Denver

Triangle Club Eugene F. Laurendeau - 29 Fraters Club Ray O. Humphrey - 38 Ken A. Quincy - 16 Sustaining Contributor Barry B. Wales - 34

Gamma-Upsilon University of Texas at Austin

Home Chapter At-Large Grand Council Member Brian D. Montgomery Founders Club Brian D. Montgomery - 7 Triangle Club Donald H. Biehl - 14 Nathan Palacios - 1 Matthew G. Wheeler - 2 Fraters Club Michael Frizzell - 1 Jeffrey A. Peterson - 23 Philip E. Winston, Jr. - 11

Gamma-Phi Emporia State University

Triangle Club John H. Anderson - 7 Fraters Club Daniel B. Baker, Sr. - 3 Sustaining Contributor Anthony A. Dovidio - 13

Gamma-Chi Valparaiso University

Triangle Club Kenneth R. Farr - 1 Fraters Club James A. Amling - 36



Elmer S. Biles - 22 Walter A. Hilgendorf, Jr. - 19 T. Marshall Rousseau - 1 Sustaining Contributor Russell G. Halleen - 33

Gamma-Psi Butler University

Triangle Club Edward M. Bennett, Ph.D. - 32 Earl E. Engle - 2 M. James Johnston - 11 Patrik L. Pierson - 19 Fraters Club Richard B. Livingston - 18 Sustaining Contributor Kenneth D. Collins - 18

Gamma-Omega Eastern Illinois University

Home Chapter TEF Director Charles W. Witters Fraternity for Life Club Charles W. Witters - 34 Apollo Club Kevin J. Fox - 28 Charles W. Stoldt - 32 Triangle Club Anthony J. Crebs - 17 William G. Fellers - 8 Ronald W. Moreland - 4 Robert G. Rogers - 4 Fraters Club Bobby K. Cox - 8 Gerald L. Denoyer - 6 John R. Dowling - 14 John T. Matarelli - 20 Jerold T. Van Bellehem - 6 Sustaining Contributor Philip D. Carlock - 19 Duane Flowers - 5 Raymond J. Frederici - 16 Walter T. Knollenberg - 22 Charles M. Meece - 9 George K. Mellott - 11

Delta-Alpha Western Michigan University

Founders Club Joseph L. Maggini, Sr. - 31 Triangle Club Elbert V. Duncan - 19 Fred P. Glennie - 14 Robert E. Holt - 8 Fraters Club Marlon H. Cohn - 10 David H. Flucke - 38 Dawson T. Hubert - 3 Dale R. Pellot - 6 Sustaining Contributor Fred A. Geiger - 20

Delta-Beta Lake Forest College

Fraternity for Life Club James F. Place - 26 Triangle Club Robert J. Holden - 9 James C. Jacobsen - 26



University of Connecticut-Storrs

Lenoir-Rhyne University

Central Michigan University

Triangle Club Jerry V. DeLeonardo, Jr. - 11 Theodore S. Haddad - 37 Fraters Club George A. Breault - 18 Paul K. Edman - 28 Andrew C. McKirdy - 23 Sustaining Contributor Raymond P. Booker, Jr. - 33 Frederick J. Schilke - 6

Fraters Club David R. Moore - 35

Apollo Club Alfred E. Cambridge, Jr. - 36 Triangle Club Ronald F. Neukam - 25 Kent J. Rosenau - 23 Fraters Club Robert J. Graham, Ed.D. - 19 Richard M. Trudell - 30 Sustaining Contributor Terry A. Guttrich - 34 J. Ted Hice - 11 Jack J. Weymouth - 12

Delta-Delta University of Northern Colorado

Fraters Club Scott W. Omiecinski - 20 Sustaining Contributor Clyde T. Davies, Jr. - 19 Michael Ilyichenko - 21 Lawrence R. Nonnie - 22

Delta-Epsilon Cleveland State University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis William A. Quallich (1973-75) TEF Advisor Donald A. Campbell, Jr.

Delta-Lambda University of Central Missouri

Fraternity for Life Club Michael C. Davidson - 2 Triangle Club Russell K. Gordon - 20 Stephen R. Jenne - 39 Thomas F. Maidment - 14 William A. Stark - 21 Joseph L. Wikoff - 4 Fraters Club Jeffrey R. Case - 10 Drew W. Frizzell - 2 Dennis J. Lanser - 7 Gary G. Mendenhall - 35 Sustaining Contributor Brent Auzat - 2 Cory L. Davis - 1 Christopher P. France - 2 John H. Novak - 18 Armand F. Patnaude - 30 Ronald J. Rice - 12

Delta-Zeta Southeast Missouri State University

Fraters Club Marshall D. Sorokwasz - 1 Sustaining Contributor Jack B. Becker Jr. - 2 Larry J. Hoog - 30 Steven B. Lomax - 3 Ross Rosenberg - 1 Edward A. Tauser - 16

Delta-Eta Northern Illinois University

Triangle Club William G. Farley - 7 Richard K. Roberts - 10 Thomas C. Skubich - 10 Eugene J. Zanin - 6 Sustaining Contributor Benjamin Berry - 1 Charles F. Morgan - 27 Burdette L. Short - 21

Delta-Theta California State University, Long Beach

Founders Club Timothy F. Fox - 1 Richard L. Hollis - 26 Triangle Club Laird D. Matthews - 14 Paul Reichenthal - 1 Gary E. Wiedle - 31 Fraters Club Francis W. Hainley, Jr. - 7 Marshall Hammond - 5 Ronald K. Wallace - 16

Delta-Pi Eastern Michigan University

Triangle Club Daniel Alcala - 19 Gordon L. McKinnie - 37 Clayton E. Woodrum - 10

Founders Club Michael G. Robinson - 8 Triangle Club Frank J. Emerick - 20 Louis E. Winkelhaus, II - 21 William R. Ziegler - 11 Fraters Club Edward R. Bajer - 3 Hildred J. Lewis - 8 Leonard E. Natkowski - 25 Sustaining Contributor F. Robert Dando - 11 D. James Hadley - 11 Cory E. Mellon - 2 Kevin R. Reynolds - 11 Miguel L. Rodriguez, Jr. - 9 Zachary Tansek - 1



Northwest Missouri State University

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Fraternity for Life Club Benny L. Johnson - 35 Grand Prytanis Club Bradley W. Shelton - 32 Apollo Club Bruce S. Barlow - 32 Triangle Club Floyd E. Propst - 23 Michael C. Russell - 1 Fraters Club Thomas Burson - 1 Stephen E. Moss, CFC - 19 David Teeter - 14 Sustaining Contributor Brent Burklund - 1 Joseph W. Saubers - 1

Sustaining Contributor Larry C. Cogan - 5 Benjamin F. Kensinger - 16 Donald J. Mash, Ph.D. - 17 Jeff S. Massie - 1



Miami University

University of Northern Iowa

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis (2005-07), TEF Vice Chairman Mark A. Fite

Founders Club James H. Farrier - 1 Apollo Club Al E. Wright - 29 Fraters Club Eric J. Myszka - 1 Sustaining Contributor John W. Greenlee - 19

Delta-Mu Pittsburg State University

Fraternity for Life Club Donald A. Campbell, Jr. - 30 Apollo Club Edward R. Addicott - 8 Ted T. Kubala - 35 Stephen P. Zachmann - 19 Triangle Club Edward L. Bartlett, III - 3 Frank T. Boron - 8 Jason C. Crusan - 3 Glenn M. Johnson - 4 Richard K. Laidlaw - 40 Joseph J. Vauter - 17 Fraters Club D. Chris Dolton - 3 Douglas M. Fortner - 33 John C. Fravel - 35 Salvatore Quattrocchi - 39 Sustaining Contributor Robert E. Baier - 25 Justin M. Crusan - 1 Dale H. Lyons - 19 George W. Nowatka - 18 Timothy P. Ratajczak - 33 Donald L. Smith - 19


Fraternity for Life Club Mark A. Fite, CFC - 25 Grand Prytanis Club Edward M. O’Shaughnessy, Jr. - 28 Founders Club Jeffrey A. Smith - 22 Apollo Club James S. Spahr - 9 Triangle Club Laurence E. Hallas - 2 Kenton W. Hughes - 33 E. Gregg Jackson - 35 Steven H. Jasper - 16 Gary K. Liebschner P.E. - 31 David C. Miller - 39 Harry S. Shaffer, III - 9 Robert A. Taylor, D.D.S. - 35 Anderson Whipp - 1 Fraters Club Ronald W. Barrett - 27 Richard H. Evans, Jr. - 28 Robert W. Hein - 15 Prof. Gary B. Holt - 31 Edward C. Kittel, USN (Ret.) - 13 John K. Klesch - 9 Stanley C. Wyllie - 12 Sustaining Contributor Steven K. Lauer - 35 Stuart M. Mertz, Jr. - 18 David M. Metz - 34 James T. Mowery - 15

Delta-Sigma Morningside College

Triangle Club Paul Archer - 5 Fraters Club William L. Hoversten - 28 Thomas A. Oye - 5 Sustaining Contributor Donald W. Palmer - 29 Larry L. Sorensen - 13

Delta-Upsilon Missouri Valley College

Apollo Club Thomas A. Fritz - 25 David S. Wood - 12 Triangle Club Fred M. Rosenberger - 26 David J. Ross, II - 9 David A. Wharff - 17 Fraters Club Don S. Balka - 33 David H. Williams - 27 Sustaining Contributor Drew S. Hawkins - 2 James L. Mallory - 36 Ed. Wirthwein, III - 4

Delta-Phi Saint Francis University

Fraters Club Sabino J. Ranaudo - 33 Sustaining Contributor Edward J. Ribstein - 28

2011 DONORS Delta-Chi Gannon University

Triangle Club Victor J. Guevara - 1 Paul A. Jones - 3 Fraters Club Peter A. Kostek - 29 Thomas V. Noon - 38 Joseph M. Pisoni - 22 Sustaining Contributor John F. Barry - 3 M. Robert Cross - 20 Francis P. Hayden - 17 James E. Jones - 11 Robert W. Kossler, Jr. - 25

Delta-Psi North Dakota State University

Apollo Club Aaron C. Dunn, CFC - 14 Todd L. Knain - 3 Triangle Club Ronald V. Bardal - 14 Robert A. Bird - 34 Thomas L. Casperson, M.D. - 8 Duane A. Reger - 39 Douglas R. Troyer - 2 Jared J. Wald - 1 Fraters Club Donn R. Besselievre - 27 Charles A. Moe - 12 James R. Schonberger - 14 Robert Wedberg, Jr. - 16 Sustaining Contributor Lee L. Gullickson - 1 Gary W. Lind - 2 Jake L. Maguire - 1

Delta-Omega Western State College of Colorado

Fraters Club Donald M. Gerardi - 34 Sustaining Contributor Clyde E. Rader - 12

Epsilon-Alpha Saint Louis University

Grand Prytanis Club John L. Grant, Jr. - 1 Apollo Club Richard J. Kurtyka - 19 Triangle Club Dennis A. Kearns - 6 Joseph S. Rovansek, Jr. - 28 Robert H. Wimsatt - 33 Fraters Club Joseph W. Di Giovanna - 10 Leo V. Ryan - 5 Thomas E. Staab - 28

Epsilon-Beta University of Tampa

Fraters Club Joseph R. Adams, Sr. - 20 Sustaining Contributor George A. Nousiainen - 26 Nicio Vega, Jr. - 39

Epsilon-Delta University of Massachusetts Amherst

Sustaining Contributor David J. Garber - 35 Ralph J. Simmons - 14

Epsilon-Epsilon University of Nebraska at Omaha

Triangle Club Ralph M. Tait - 30 Sustaining Contributor Richard B. Bailey - 11 Bob L. Elsasser, LTC (Ret.) - 16 Michael L. Murray - 17

Epsilon-Zeta Rider University

Triangle Club George C. Benas - 3 William W. Davis, Jr. - 4 Joseph F. Mikolaitis, II - 1 John H. Peto - 4 Fraters Club Leo A. Pieretti - 3

Triangle Club Joseph Dube - 1 Mark K. McAlister, D.D.S., M.S. - 33 Arthur W. Salisbury, D.Ph. - 10 Sustaining Contributor John E. Talley - 25

Edward C. Schrader - 25 Leif C. Tolokken - 14 Sustaining Contributor Terrance J. Beining - 19 Lawrence J. Benish - 13 Michael A. Benish - 9 David J. Brusky - 12 James F. Bukolt - 18 Jeffrey K. Fox - 19 John A. Lampereur - 13 John T. McGregor - 12 Harlan D. Petersen - 2 Stephen J. Sievwright - 12



Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Shepherd University

Sustaining Contributor Marvin A. Keck - 2 William W. Poch - 9 Daniel Teixeira - 2

Epsilon-Eta Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Apollo Club Jack Kinkade - 5 Triangle Club Daniel M. Garvey - 32 Christopher H. Keyes - 2 Dave A. Reed - 1 Ernest R. Stracener - 3 John E. Woerly, Jr. - 1 Fraters Club John V. Kelly, Jr. - 38 Wesley F. Wilkins - 2 Sustaining Contributor Rowdy R. Wilson - 3

Epsilon-Iota Youngstown State University

Founders Club Gary M. Lazor - 21 Fraters Club Pat F. Agresta - 14 Thomas G. McGowen - 9 Thomas R. Rogers - 20 Thomas R. Stephenson, Sr. - 41 Sustaining Contributor Thomas J. Ameen - 24

Epsilon-Kappa Loyola University Chicago

Triangle Club Stewart C. Darling - 5 Ronald E. Paulsen - 2 Fraters Club John H. Gerding - 39

Epsilon-Lambda University of Missouri-Kansas City

Fraters Club Michael T. Shields - 15 Sustaining Contributor Derace Martin - 16 Darvin L. Weston - 8

Epsilon-Nu University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Home Chapter Past TKE Executive Vice President/CEO William J. Metzger, J r. (1993-96) Past TEF President/CEO (1995-2005), TEF Advisor Timothy L. Taschwer Fraternity for Life Club Timothy L. Taschwer - 38 Founders Club William J. Metzger, Jr. - 16 Triangle Club Timothy M. Beck - 15 Martin J. Boerst - 14 Thomas A. Corrigan - 11 Albert J. Greasby - 13 William R. Hummel - 13 Phillip G. Kallas - 33 William T. Ososki - 20 Donald L. Wanie - 13 Benjamin J. G. Wilde - 1 Fraters Club David L. Athey, Jr. - 14 Gaylon W. Barz - 15 Bruce C. Blom - 19 William J. Brandl - 17 Edwin S. Flatoff - 22 Larry L. Hoeft - 14 Robert H. Klein - 22 Daniel M. Lavold - 23 Christopher J. Roth - 15

Triangle Club William W. Grantham, Jr. - 35 Fraters Club Scott D. Boyer - 38 Richard L. Knode - 23 Timothy D. Linton - 9 Sustaining Contributor Frank R. Cosner - 20

Sustaining Contributor Dewey Briscoe - 1 David P. Johnson - 4

Epsilon-Tau University of Rochester

Triangle Club Michael J. Mullen - 17 Jay A. Spoto - 11 Fraters Club Gerald D. Clark - 27 James R. Wardell - 39

Epsilon-Upsilon Northwestern State University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis (1977-79), TEF Director William V. Muse, CFC Fraternity for Life Club William V. Muse, CFC - 39 Triangle Club Christopher Gandy - 2



University of Houston

University of Detroit Mercy

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Robert D. Planck (2001-03)

Fraters Club Stephen K. Valentine, Jr. - 19 Sustaining Contributor Dennis J. McNeil - 36 Gerald R. Schmotzer - 15

Grand Prytanis Club Steven A. Glover - 13 Robert D. Planck - 34 Founders Club Tommy W. Lott - 30 Apollo Club Michael P. Applewhite, M.D., Col USA (Ret.) - 6 Michael S. Handorf - 12 Triangle Club Carl D. Buckner - 10 Toby A. Castro - 1 Charles R. Garcia, Jr. - 2 Diego Lazcano - 1 John W. McGinness - 1 Dennis M. H. Pang - 9 Jeffrey G. Planck - 3 Hunter B. Webb - 1 Chad Wolf - 14 Sustaining Contributor Jason C. Messa - 2

Epsilon-Chi University at Buffalo

Triangle Club Richard J. Cellino, Sr. - 18 Edwin L. Crocker - 35 Matthew T. Genova - 7 John Kyriazis - 6 Fraters Club Matthew C. Smith - 2 Sustaining Contributor Nicholas P. Kafasis - 34 Paul F. Mullenhoff - 3

Epsilon-Psi McNeese State University

Founders Club Lambert D. Austin, Jr. - 8 Fraters Club Robert E. O’Bryan - 39



Colgate University

Minot State University

Triangle Club William E. Bray - 36 Fraters Club D. David Maxfield - 7

Triangle Club Clyde E. Rostad - 21 Fraters Club Bruce I. Christianson - 10 Duane D. Dockter - 40 Michael R. Ives - 4 Alve L. Jemtrud - 38 Ron I. Loen - 3

Epsilon-Rho Northern Arizona University

Apollo Club Don W. Hulsey - 39 Triangle Club Troy C. Hudson - 2 Jordan Jones - 2 Scott E. Rossi - 1 Benjamin S. Sattler - 3 Fraters Club Donald Butler, Jr. - 9 Sustaining Contributor Joseph C. Kaluha - 26

Epsilon-Sigma University of Central Oklahoma

Fraternity for Life Club John E. M. Oglesby, CFC - 12 Grand Prytanis Club Marshall H. Scantlin - 1 Apollo Club James C. Canon - 16 Jon G. Tankersley - 23 Triangle Club Steven W. Anderson - 10 Levi J. Harrel - 2 David L. Kinney - 6 Jimmy G. Koeninger - 3 Fraters Club Clarence C. Drumeller - 25 Michael A. Sutton - 11

Zeta-Alpha Wagner College

Home Chapter Grand Hypophetes James J. Hickey Founders Club James J. Hickey - 17 Albert A. Leisengang - 3 Triangle Club Peter A. Anderson - 19 Fraters Club Roy Roderick - 11 Sustaining Contributor Anthony P. Sisko - 7

Zeta-Beta University of Evansville

Triangle Club Justin K. Grant - 1 Mark A. Pillar - 36 Fraters Club Robert E. Connor - 11 Luther B. Hale - 12 Richard B. Steedman - 22 Sustaining Contributor Robert J. Vanek - 24

Zeta-Gamma Nebraska Wesleyan University

Triangle Club Jeffrey B. Goldman - 16 Richard A. Koepplin - 13 Fraters Club Larry E. Dawes, USN (Ret.) - 6

Zeta-Delta Alma College

Triangle Club James H. Amell - 14 R. Scott Bleeks - 2 Andrew J. Burdick - 2 George B. Huysken - 33 Robert J. Long - 11 John R. McIntyre - 18 Corey M. Messner - 3 Thomas L. Taber - 2 Sustaining Contributor William G. Klenk - 5 Dail F. Prucka - 5 Charles Zampich, Jr. - 16

Zeta-Epsilon Waynesburg University

Home Chapter TEF Director James E. Crockard, III Fraternity for Life Club James E. Crockard, III - 17 Triangle Club Wesley S. O’Brien - 22 Fraters Club Thomas F. Flood - 21 Howard N. Fox - 17 Robert L. Girardin - 4 Gregory C. Young - 10

Zeta-Zeta University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Grand Prytanis Club Robert J. Puls - 34 Founders Club Mark A. Blazer - 10 Apollo Club David J. Hamernik - 28 Triangle Club Arthur Budzak - 34 Michael P. Gonia - 38 Charles A. Konkol - 1 Thomas C. O’Rourke - 1 Gregory A. Roskopf - 3 Richard W. Spencer - 23 James J. Vopal, M.D. - 27 Gene W. Witt - 31 Fraters Club Gerald Fredrich - 3 Kobina A. Intsiful - 1 Thomas L. Kreinbring - 1 Sustaining Contributor Tracy S. Holmes - 2 David J. Kerznar - 36 Nick L. Kirchmar - 1 James D. Lovering - 38 Kyle J. Swetzig - 4

Zeta-Eta Muhlenberg College

Founders Club Brian L. Keck - 25 Triangle Club Bruce S. Albright - 7 Richard C. Crist, Jr. - 5 Martin E. Ellner - 34 William C. Parfitt, Jr. - 28 Kenneth B. Wonderland - 21 Sustaining Contributor Mitchell R. Goldblatt - 31 Andrew W. Miller - 1 Walter R. Schirber - 24 William D. Schwenke - 15

Zeta-Theta Western Illinois University

Grand Prytanis Club Steven A. Ramos - 1 David R. Wallace - 8

Ronald A. Schneider - 15



2011 DONORS Apollo Club Charles W. Little - 18 Triangle Club Paul L. Gilles, Jr. - 10 Paul J. Janus - 12 James B. Miner - 36 Adam P. Schmidt - 1 Steven A. Wolski - 1 Fraters Club Michail A. Piskoun - 1 Robert D. Taflinger, CAE - 9 James R. Walsh - 1 Sustaining Contributor Lee L. Lasseigne - 30 James G. Mortier - 15 Robert W. Schartz - 1 Robert C. Toniny - 27

Zeta-Iota University of Manitoba

Founders Club James A. Tennant - 28 Fraters Club Neill Tolboom - 29

Zeta-Kappa Portland State University

Founders Club William D. Caudell - 2 Apollo Club Ronald A. Carson - 19 Triangle Club Brian M. Stump - 22 Fraters Club Michael L. Brooks - 4 Sustaining Contributor Robert O. Cameron - 26

Zeta-Lambda Bowling Green State University

Triangle Club Richard W. Gill - 19 James M. Hooker - 14 James S. Lowery - 12 Harry L. Roesch - 33 Fraters Club Edward W. Brass - 38 John M. Rigby - 38 Sustaining Contributor Steven Castillo - 1 Matt Hendershott - 1 Steven L. Ording - 1 Richard J. Pekare - 7 Kenneth G. Yehlik - 7

Zeta-Mu Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Founders Club Jay P. Hochstaine - 36 Apollo Club Robert J. Petrone - 29 Joseph S. Raab - 13 Joseph B. Vivona - 10 Triangle Club P. Stephan Bedrosian - 22 Robert G. Kohm - 33 Jeffry R. Paddock - 17 James D. Sareault - 1 Fraters Club Harold A. Brenneman, III - 4 Michael J. Corby - 32 Peter H. Lukesh - 23 Richard J. Mariano - 9 Ian M. McCain - 8 Sustaining Contributor Nicholas F. Arcolano - 1 George G. Davenport, III - 30 Philip J. Hopkinson - 12 Larry G. Hull - 38 Robert Meader - 22 Paul M. Stein, Ph.D. - 11 Ryan Wheeler - 1

Zeta-Nu Valdosta State University

Sustaining Contributor Jeffery S. Bransford - 8 Donald N. Johns - 37 Hugh H. McIntyre, Jr. - 17 David T. Pendley - 9 Justice Purser - 1



Zeta-Xi Boston University

Triangle Club Daniel B. McDuffie - 31 Fraters Club Lennard J. Burres - 4 Mark A. Eidlin - 5

Zeta-Omicron Western Carolina University

Apollo Club J. Wesley Pierce - 18 Triangle Club Richard D. Waller - 22 Fraters Club Thomas W. Brandon - 11 Craig A. Wagner - 23 Sustaining Contributor Richard E. Feuer - 11

Zeta-Pi Culver-Stockton College

Fraters Club G. Thomas Moore - 23 Sustaining Contributor Rodney J. Weber - 1

Zeta-Sigma Marietta College

Triangle Club William E. Walker - 23 Fraters Club Albert O. Orth - 39 William H. Slaninko - 21

Zeta-Tau Shippensburg University

Founders Club Rodman B. Smith - 3 Triangle Club Jeffrey M. Baker - 20 Edward L. Dillon, III - 28 Fraters Club Robert E. Cole - 6 Glenn L. Garner - 12 Robert L. Jamelli - 14 Sustaining Contributor Scott D. Buffington - 15

Zeta-Upsilon Alliance College

Triangle Club Daniel A. Redyk - 33 Bruce F. Stasiak - 9 James P. Tabor - 19 Sustaining Contributor F. Christopher Stanecki - 24

Zeta-Phi Rollins College

Apollo Club Brian K. McCarthy - 8 Sustaining Contributor Donald W. Allen - 18 David R. Schechter - 23

Zeta-Chi Murray State University

Triangle Club William J. McElroy, III - 18 William B. Metzger - 36 Joseph P. Nappi - 14 Fraters Club Ronald L. Hopkins - 15 William J. Russell, Jr. - 6 Sustaining Contributor Richard A. Hopkins - 24 Jesus S. Menendez - 32 John M. Moriarity - 2

Zeta-Psi Hamline University

Fraters Club Steven R. Kufus - 23

Zeta-Omega California University of Pennsylvania

Triangle Club James A. Braden - 24 William A. Caldwell - 3 Fraters Club Brent E. Flechsig - 24

Sustaining Contributor Aaron M. Larmi - 1

Theta-Beta Belmont Abbey College

Triangle Club Felipe M. Villalon - 38 Fraters Club Kevin J. Kirk - 7

Scott E. Wiederhold - 1

Theta-Kappa Long Island University, C. W. Post

Apollo Club Armen L. Enkababian - 36 Richard L. Ermler - 32


Triangle Club Lawrence E. Newman - 28 Sustaining Contributor Thomas P. Curry, O.S.B. - 4 Richard L. Panarella - 20

Theta-Tau Minnesota State University, Mankato

Triangle Club Byron W. Daniels, Col. (Ret.) - 33 Louis E. Hoffman - 14 Fraters Club Robert J. Hawley, Ph.D. - 25 Rodman N. Smith - 19 Albert J. Trimpert, III - 25 Sustaining Contributor Daniel T. Madish, Col. (Ret.) - 19 James H. Van Sciver - 9

Grand Prytanis Club Richard M. Foley - 20 Triangle Club Wallace F. Droegemueller - 24 Curtis G. Stangler - 19 Fraters Club Robert C. Weinholzer - 35 Sustaining Contributor Matthew S. Beukelman - 1 Christopher D. Hiller - 12 Christopher D. Wachowiak - 5 James C. Wik - 15



University of New Orleans

California State University, Sacramento

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Mark C. Romig, CFC (2003-05)

Triangle Club John C. Fitzgerald, Jr. - 35 John E. Mahony - 27


Triangle Club Rodney Gabriel - 1 Shimmy Mehta - 9

Apollo Club Stanley F. Bizot - 38 Christopher M. Blais, M.D. - 7 Mark C. Romig, CFC - 28 Triangle Club Jim M. Strachan - 13 Anton P. Yrle - 15 Sustaining Contributor Gregory C. Brown, CFC - 10 Richard C. Ponder, Jr. - 1 Kendall P. Wagar - 22



University of South Dakota

Southeastern Louisiana University

Theta-Gamma Lock Haven University

Triangle Club J. Scott Thompson - 22

Theta-Delta Fairmont State University

Apollo Club Clyde R. Dodd - 26 Sustaining Contributor Darren J. Freme - 2 Judson B. Richards - 1 Dorman D. Skeens - 3

Theta-Epsilon Humboldt State University

Triangle Club Walter K. Schindhelm - 26 Fraters Club Peter M. Cowper - 10 Sustaining Contributor Donald H. Rubin - 20

Theta-Zeta Rutgers University, Newark

Grand Prytanis Club Jerry D. Kroon - 2 Apollo Club Robert R. Rietz - 35 Ron D. Vilas - 17 Triangle Club Alan P. Budahl - 34 James C. Fargo - 26 James M. Wente - 3 Fraters Club Tony M. James - 33 Sustaining Contributor Jordan Alton - 1

Theta-Theta California State University

Fraters Club Phillip R. Marrone - 30 Craig A. Wallace - 26

Theta-Iota Northern Michigan University

Grand Prytanis Club Chris R. Leemon - 10 Apollo Club Nathan E. Lehman - 6 Steven E. Roberts - 2 Dane C. St. Pierre - 4 Allan R. Veler - 5 Triangle Club Isaac Chavalia - 1 Uriah W. Dailey - 4 Michael J. Law - 20 Richard W. Leach - 10 Einar D. Manki - 5 Nils E. Rosaen - 4 Fraters Club Matthew Allen - 4 Lin T. Nash - 33 Devan R. Shah - 4 Sustaining Contributor Neil F. Anderson - 6 Christopher C. Beukema - 1 Brian J. Chapman - 1 Brian Heeke - 1 Christopher E. Holmes - 3 Chris Owsley - 1 Jason L. Pennington - 2 Charles Sullivan - 1 Joseph A. Suski - 14 William R. Warmbein - 30

Widener University

Grand Prytanis Club Travis S. Ridgel - 11 Triangle Club Brian M. Bosarge - 15 Larry A. Hecker, Jr. - 8 John W. McTopy, II - 26 Fraters Club Rodrick S. Bienvenu - 4 Sustaining Contributor Robert N. Bell, III - 3 Thomas G. Jones - 16

Theta-Xi University of Arkansas

Triangle Club Robert S. Lowe - 39

Theta-Omicron Adrian College

Fraters Club David G. Comerzan - 8 Sustaining Contributor Alexander J. Gettys - 1 George Maniez, Jr. - 16

Theta-Pi California State University, Chico

Apollo Club Michael F. Burror - 13 Triangle Club Lowell Ahart - 30 Timothy R. Holbrook - 35 Sustaining Contributor Jeffrey S. Anderson - 8

Theta-Rho St. Cloud State University

Apollo Club Robert O. Copeland - 7 Kyle J. Hartman - 4 Fraters Club David B. Minier - 14 Sustaining Contributor Kevin J. Holubar - 5 Ryan R. Oertel - 2 Alan C. Ransom - 8

Theta-Sigma St. John’s University

Apollo Club Lawrence King - 1

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Sustaining Contributor Ronald E. Held - 36

Theta-Chi Frostburg State University

Fraternity for Life Club James D. Williams - 22 Triangle Club Kerry L. Highsmith - 8 Frank J. Rose - 7 Sustaining Contributor Ronald M. Kyhos - 9 Charles H. Orme - 10

Theta-Psi Ferris State University

Sustaining Contributor Gary K. Woodhull - 18

Theta-Omega University of Charleston

Apollo Club Joseph F. Caliri - 2 Fraters Club Mark A. Hunt - 29 John A. Schmidt - 30 Adam C. Walker - 2 Sustaining Contributor Michael S. Mason - 5

Iota-Alpha University of Wisconsin-Superior

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Dwayne R. Woerpel, CFC (1983-85) Founders Club Joseph P. DeJohn - 20 Fraters Club Joseph A. Sekelsky - 35 Todd E. Thiesse - 13 Kenneth A. Wilkens - 12 Sustaining Contributor Timothy R. O’Connor - 18

Iota-Beta Susquehanna University

Grand Prytanis Club Patrick J. McElroy - 2 Triangle Club Peter C. Cary - 8 Scott Clarke - 2 Wayne D. Hill - 2 John T. Lafferty - 1 Adam N. Rann - 1 Richard D. Rowlands - 23 Daniel J. Smith - 1 Luke S. Suriano - 1 Fraters Club Mark J. Beck - 1 Andrew Jarzyk - 1 Russell Snyder - 1

2011donors DONORS 2011 Sustaining Contributor Linford G. Overholt - 8 Peter Tischbein - 1

Iota-Gamma Truman State University

Apollo Club Paul A. Specht - 40 Triangle Club Stacey W. Braswell - 17 John M. O’Day - 25 Richard E. Schmid - 3 Conrad F. Stempel - 39 Fraters Club Jared M. Hays - 2 Sustaining Contributor R. Steven Hines - 37

Iota-Delta Southern Oregon University

Triangle Club Albert L. Logan - 4 Sustaining Contributor Gerald T. Lelack, CFC - 9

Iota-Epsilon Minnesota State University Moorhead

Triangle Club Gene P. Schulstad, Jr. - 32 Marvin D. Vee - 14 Fraters Club Walter Bergseth - 18

Iota-Zeta Syracuse University

Triangle Club Brian S. Johnson - 2 Sustaining Contributor David J. Persson - 30 Eric D. Vavrasek - 1

Iota-Eta Slippery Rock University

Triangle Club Richard L. Schramko, CFC - 28 Sustaining Contributor Robert M. Italia - 33

Iota-Iota La Salle University

Apollo Club Raymond P. Loftus - 9 Fraters Club Gerald J. Coghlan - 18 Sustaining Contributor *William G. Walsh - 6

Iota-Kappa Clarkson University

Founders Club Michael W. Smiarowski - 21 Triangle Club Timothy P. Callahan - 7 Paul L. Cooper - 36 Edward R. Dominy, CFC - 25 Fraters Club Kenneth L. Conover - 39 Sustaining Contributor Lawrence R. Maier - 29

Iota-Omicron University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Joel E. Johnson, CFC (1985-87) Executive Vice President Emeritus T. J. Schmitz, CFC (1973-93) Grand Prytanis Club Joel E. Johnson, CFC - 40 T. J. Schmitz, CFC - 37 Founders Club Christopher J. Phelps - 6 Triangle Club Curtis M. Howard - 10 Fraters Club Joseph T. Pyzyk - 29 Sustaining Contributor James H. Wilson, III - 23

Iota-Pi Kent State University

Founders Club Bruce R. Pearson - 23 Apollo Club Karl H. Mettke - 39 John M. Perme, Jr. - 26 Triangle Club Christopher Bockelman - 1 Kevin Gardella - 1 Brad Winfield - 1 Michael L. Zoruba - 13 Fraters Club Erik R. Cunningham - 1 Sustaining Contributor Sam Rella - 2 Jason M. Renaldy - 4 Marvin E. Wideman - 9

Iota-Rho Seton Hall University

Triangle Club Patrick J. Power - 11

Iota-Sigma University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Triangle Club Kenneth L. Anderson - 41 Fraters Club Daniel J. Boehmke - 37 Dean C. Grage - 7

Iota-Tau East Stroudsburg University

Triangle Club Mark M. Martiak - 1 Sustaining Contributor Jerry Beaver - 11 Dwight W. Bomberger - 18 George C. Gibbs - 30 Robert A. Hawk - 12 Donald E. Jones, Jr. - 4 Michael J. Richardson - 38 Michael J. Symons - 15

Iota-Upsilon University of West Alabama

Sustaining Contributor Rene Cintron - 8



University of Findlay

Defiance College

Fraters Club Mike J. Kazacos - 20

Home Chapter TEF President/CEO Gary L. Reed (2005 - )

Iota-Xi Concord University

Grand Prytanis Club Benjamin R. Lafferty - 4 Fraters Club Robert M. Ashcraft - 19 DJ Boland, Jr. - 5 Rex A. McWilliams - 1 Roy A. Morgan - 6 Sustaining Contributor Richard D. Silverthorn - 19

Fraternity for Life Club Gary A. Reed - 7 Triangle Club Stephen M. Petty - 35 Fraters Club David M. Ike - 10 Richard A. Krebs, CFC - 5 Richard L. Winbigler, Jr. - 22

Iota-Chi New Mexico Highlands University

Apollo Club Robert L. Williams - 11 Triangle Club Jim F. Mandarino - 20

Iota-Psi Dickinson State University

Fraters Club Carter R. Christiansen - 15 Daryl A. Splichal - 20 Sustaining Contributor George H. Marsh - 10

Iota-Omega Glenville State College

Fraternity for Life Club James C. Upton - 3

Kappa-Alpha Franciscan University of Steubenville

Sustaining Contributor Thomas B. Smith - 34

Kappa-Beta University of Texas-Pan American

Fraters Club Gustavo A. Grajales - 1 Sustaining Contributor Albert L. Moseley, II - 2

Kappa-Gamma The Catholic University of America

Fraters Club Lawrence J. Sullivan - 2

Kappa-Delta Old Dominion University

Triangle Club M. Declan Bransfield, III - 19 John B. Grant - 33 Edward W. Newby - 10 Fraters Club Thomas E. Pinelli - 24 James S. Witcher - 7 Sustaining Contributor Robert H. Heflin, Jr. - 18 Larry P. Thomas - 19

Kappa-Epsilon Northland College

Fraters Club Robert DeCubellis - 32 John J. Kurka - 31

Kappa-Eta New Jersey Institute of Technology

Triangle Club Mark J. Fine - 12 Peter J. Sibilski - 15 Fraters Club Robert J. Grosso - 26 Sustaining Contributor Leonard J. Benamy - 6 Francis A. Calabrese - 31 Domenico A. Cicchino - 14 Matthew R. Dorey - 2 Dennis R. Morgan - 24

Kappa-Theta Adelphi University

Triangle Club Brian J. Keeney - 27 Theodore J. Kohnen - 25 Fraters Club Nicholas C. Vlachos - 24 Sustaining Contributor Russell A. Delldonna - 13


Sustaining Contributor Michael DonDiego - 1

Kappa-Lambda University of Minnesota Morris

Triangle Club Robert V. Toutges, D.D.S. - 25 Fraters Club Robbie E. Pederson - 28

Kappa-Mu Edinboro University

Triangle Club Robert T. Smith - 3

Kappa-Nu Rockhurst University

Fraternity for Life Club Jonn M. Wullschleger - 6 Triangle Club Louis A. Carnoali - 7 Francis J. Sheeran, CFC - 14 James M. Stacy - 33 Fraters Club William S. DeLeonardis, Jr. - 34 Jerry C. Haake - 24 Robert M. Hensler, II - 16 Dennis C. Hercules - 28 Sustaining Contributor Russell S. Ascheman - 17 Todd Barrett - 2 Stephen J. Moore - 24 Thomas J. Simon - 31

Kappa-Omicron Philadelphia University

Sustaining Contributor David Bodenheimer - 36 James J. McDermott, Jr. - 25

Kappa-Tau University of Arizona

Grand Prytanis Club Hervey A. Hotchkiss - 37 Fraters Club James M. Doyle - 2

Kappa-Upsilon Villanova University

Triangle Club Walter T. Lacz - 19 Sustaining Contributor Raymond J. Palmer, Jr. - 22

Kappa-Phi University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Fraters Club Frank G. Kuzmickus - 34 Sustaining Contributor Jerold R. Wertheimer - 4

Kappa-Chi Concordia University

Triangle Club Michael J. Eggenberger - 1

Kappa-Psi Quinnipiac University

Home Chapter TEF Director James L. Totten Fraternity for Life Club James L. Totten - 22

Apollo Club Richard L. Yanus - 8 Triangle Club Thomas L. Fritz, Jr. - 1 Alex Grapstein - 2 Jay Wodka - 3 Fraters Club Vincent P. Santorella, III - 3 Sustaining Contributor Thomas Cucci - 2 Joseph Magioncalda - 2 Christopher J. Pia - 3 Patrick L. Pizzichetta - 3 Jeffrey B. Snyder - 1 Frank Tufano - 2 Paul J. Varkal - 20

Kappa-Omega Washburn University

Fraters Club Gary D. Junghans - 36

Lambda-Alpha University of South Florida

Home Chapter Grand Grammateus Fredrick T. Jacobi Founders Club Fredrick T. Jacobi - 16 Triangle Club Steve M. Lytle - 2 Mike E. Sutton - 7 Fraters Club Scott R. Christiansen - 27

Lambda-Beta Lewis University

Fraters Club Jack A. Wenger - 24 Sustaining Contributor Keith R. Heldt - 30

Lambda-Gamma University of Cincinnati

Founders Club Thomas E. Oole - 36 Apollo Club Gary M. Onady, M.D., Ph.D. - 11 Triangle Club David B. Ginsburg - 18 Stephen R. Schulte - 33 Fraters Club Kenneth C. Holzinger - 15 Sustaining Contributor Frank R. Ettensohn - 35 Steven E. Yeazel - 9

Lambda-Delta University of Southern Maine

Home Chapter TKE Chief Executive Officer Shawn A. Babine (2012 - ) Fraternity for Life Club Shawn A. Babine - 6 Sustaining Contributor Daniel J. Mancine - 35

Lambda-Epsilon Clarion University

Triangle Club Robert H. Hoffer - 36 John A. Shuman - 18

University of Hartford

Fraters Club Thomas S. Mulinski - 20 Sustaining Contributor Ted F. Wethje - 29

Kappa-Kappa Monmouth University

Home Chapter TEF Advisor Charles J. Trabold Fraternity for Life Club Charles J. Trabold - 22 Triangle Club Jeremy M. Gordet - 1 Fraters Club Lorenzo Russomanno - 1

ANNUAL GIVING CLUBS Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or more Grand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499 Founders Club $500 - $999 Apollo Club $250 - $499 Triangle Club $100 - $249 Fraters Club $50 - $99





ANNUAL GIVING CLUBS Fraternity for Life Club $2,500 or more Grand Prytanis Club $1,000 - $2,499 Founders Club $500 - $999 Apollo Club $250 - $499 Triangle Club $100 - $249 Fraters Club $50 - $99

Georgia State University

Triangle Club Anthony P. Burger - 17 Sustaining Contributor Dave L. Adcock, CFC - 11

Mu-Alpha West Chester University

Founders Club Robert S. Uhl - 4 Triangle Club W. Erik Sacony - 2 Fraters Club Christopher J. Pierce - 1 Sustaining Contributor Herbert M. Gluckman - 5

Mu-Beta Lambda-Zeta Troy University

Apollo Club Stephen G. Timberlake - 21 Triangle Club James M. Cross - 17 Peter Woodham - 38 Fraters Club Robert M. Busby - 21

Lambda-Eta University of Iowa

Apollo Club Graham P. Filean - 26 Triangle Club Mark M. Baumback - 18 Gregory J. Buck, Jr. - 1 M. Douglas Carlson - 28 Kent W. Kirkham - 16 Fraters Club Paul E. Johnson, M.D. - 14 Ronald E. Orman - 9

Lambda-Theta College of Santa Fe

Fraters Club Michael J. Ohrt - 32 Sustaining Contributor Nelson R. Pleau - 26


York D. Poole, III - 35 Michael J. Robinson - 21 Sustaining Contributor Barry G. Cox - 13

Lambda-Omicron University of North Texas

Apollo Club Robert E. Schlansker - 14 Triangle Club Scott W. Hatfield - 20

Lambda-Pi Northeastern Illinois University

Triangle Club Easmon J. Ford - 21 Sustaining Contributor Daniel A. Jimenez - 27

Lambda-Sigma Keene State College

Grand Prytanis Club Keith Malatesta - 1 Triangle Club Alexander L. Mackay - 14 Sustaining Contributor John E. Hasay - 9 Kevin G. Maes - 19

Lambda-Tau Northrop University

Florida State University

Triangle Club Robert L. Alphin, Jr. - 2 Fraters Club Matthew E. Hauer, III - 1 Jim Humphrey - 7 George D. Phillippy, Ph.D. - 19 Sustaining Contributor Clifford J. Iacino - 12 Michael M. Morrow - 1 Jeffrey L. Scala - 1

Lambda-Kappa DePaul University

Triangle Club Gerhard A. Perschke - 26 Fraters Club Wayne E. Stabrawa - 38

Lambda-Lambda Utica College

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Thomas M. Castner, CFC (1995-97) Apollo Club Nigel A. S. Hernandez, LP.D, MSc, RAC - 1 Triangle Club Sheldon W. Boyce, Jr., Esq. - 32 Thomas M. Castner, CFC - 38 Carl J. Garkowski - 36 Kevin K. Kasky - 9 Michael L. Turner - 21 Sustaining Contributor William C. Dennison - 14

Triangle Club Michael A. Bogden - 3 Fraters Club Allan C. Ju - 3

Lambda-Upsilon Georgia Southern University

Apollo Club Donald J. McQuaig - 21 Triangle Club Wilbur C. Bragg, II - 23 Matthew D. Dawkins - 3 Benjamin Ellenburg - 7 Sustaining Contributor Stephen Derengowski - 2 Joshua P. Franz - 2 Robert L. Gibson, III - 33 Kristopher O’Hare - 3 Patrick Stoker - 2

Lambda-Phi Bryant University

Apollo Club Frank J. Sonderer - 22 Triangle Club Paul F. D’Adamo - 23 John J. Hastings - 20 David S. Smith - 14

Lambda-Chi Wayne State College

Triangle Club Frederick C. Johnson - 13 William E. Koudele - 22 Sustaining Contributor Mark D. Schulte - 2



Elon University

East Carolina University

Triangle Club Paul J. Haviland - 20



Triangle Club Roger A. Russell - 21

Eastern Kentucky University

Grand Prytanis Club Daniel P. Stratton - 33 Triangle Club Robert A. Colacello - 34 Patrick R. Ulrich - 2 Fraters Club Andrew P. Gray - 1 Ishmael Purcell - 26

Mu-Gamma Midwestern State University

Triangle Club Chris D. Craft - 22 Chad M. Spradlin - 1 Fraters Club John C. Grimshaw - 28 Sustaining Contributor Hardy M. Coffman - 1

Mu-Delta Athens State University

Fraters Club Timothy H. Hodge - 12 Cecil P. Horn, Jr. - 28

Mu-Epsilon University of Massachusetts Lowell

Triangle Club Nicholas F. Siviglia, Jr. - 34 Sustaining Contributor Kenneth L. Georgevits - 31

Mu-Zeta Nicholls State University

Apollo Club Richard A. Clements - 24 Triangle Club Gus P. Cramond, III - 20 Fraters Club Gary E. Clement - 13 Sustaining Contributor Christopher P. Marti - 5 Danny W. McCarthy - 13 Brodie J. Trahan - 2


Mu-Kappa University of New Haven Sustaining Contributor

Louis J. Scarfo - 33

Mu-Lambda Michigan Technological University

Triangle Club William T. Hicks, II - 31 Fraters Club Leon D. Walters - 8 Sustaining Contributor Omar Hernandez - 1 James C. Schluckbier - 25

Mu-Mu Hofstra University

Triangle Club George R. Rehn - 23 Fraters Club Frank L. Carollo - 31 Kenneth L. Wallack - 34

Mu-Nu University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Triangle Club James H. Fassbender - 19 Taylor J. McGinniss - 1 Jerome E. Schewe, CFC - 31 Paul H. Vagnini - 29 David A. Wittig - 6 Fraters Club Glen G. Butler - 2 Joseph P. Farley - 24 Jeremy Mark - 1 Christopher A. Mettke - 10 Andrew R. Schultz - 3 Sustaining Contributor Scott W. Anderson - 1 Richard G. Josh - 25 Matthew Kurtz - 1

Mu-Xi CSU - Fullerton

Grand Prytanis Club Tracy S. Polley - 25 Apollo Club Steven D. Forell - 9 Emil A. Nazaryan - 2 Triangle Club Byron D. Whitten - 6 Sustaining Contributor Eric A. Hastie - 1

Mu-Omicron Tennessee Technological University

Triangle Club Robert E. Pugh - 10 Fraters Club M. Elvis Hollins, Jr. - 3 Sustaining Contributor James M. Petty - 3

Mu-Rho Bethel University

Northeastern University

Fraters Club Joseph T. Casarella - 16

Apollo Club Edgar C. Seely, III - 34


Mu-Theta Lycoming College

Grand Prytanis Club Bobby F. Allen, III - 8 Apollo Club Eric M. Chamberlain - 10 Triangle Club Michael J. Johnson - 1 Scott M. Manchester - 7 David McElwee - 4 Robert P. Turner - 15 Sustaining Contributor Richard Jasinski, Jr. - 1 Stephen F. Sant - 15

Mu-Iota Western New England College

Triangle Club Gary R. La Perle - 13 Michael K. Littleford - 29 Sustaining Contributor Gregory R. Penk - 10

Morehead State University

Home Chapter TEF Secretary/Treasurer Elmer R. Smith Fraternity for Life Club Elmer R. Smith - 26 Triangle Club Raymond A. Edington - 2 Duane W. Hawkins - 2 Sustaining Contributor Jason R. Allen - 2 Joseph C. Gagliano - 1

Mu-Tau James Madison University

Triangle Club William S. Corey, Jr. - 20 Fraters Club R. Bruce Chisholm - 26 Stephen E. Grainer - 15 Dennis E. Gregory - 15 John D. Kipley, LTC (Ret.) - 31

Sustaining Contributor William F. Beyers, III - 1 Andrew L. Shifflett - 2

Mu-Upsilon Illinois State University

Founders Club Gregory E. Monigold - 2 Apollo Club Kenneth Pollock - 31 Triangle Club Joseph M. Barta - 14 Kirk E. Klein - 14 Fraters Club Michael P. DiMaggio - 33 Sustaining Contributor LeRoy P. Taylor - 10

Mu-Chi University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Founders Club Scott T. Olson - 2 Apollo Club Henry L. Schmitz, IV - 1 Triangle Club James W. Brown - 2 George R. Erkes, Jr. - 7 Sustaining Contributor Montgomery Carter - 2 Andre Collard - 1

Mu-Omega George Mason University

Founders Club Kenneth D. Reid, CAE - 30 Apollo Club Travis S. Floyd - 7 Steven L. Payne - 34 Triangle Club Edward F. Boland - 13 Christopher W. Hall - 1 Michael J. Kowalski - 12 Fraters Club Amit Kakar - 1 Mark D. Monson - 27 Sustaining Contributor Thomas C. Block - 5 Robert D. Frappier - 6 H. Joe Puentes - 3

Nu-Alpha Niagara University

Sustaining Contributor Andrew F. Gala - 1 Andrew Spacher - 1

Nu-Beta Albright College

Triangle Club George Schaeffer, III, USN - 36

Nu-Gamma University of St. Thomas

Grand Prytanis Club Bruce E. Carlson, CFC - 13 Fraters Club Robert P. Stock - 9

Nu-Delta Colorado State University-Pueblo

Sustaining Contributor Lynn D. Womack - 8

Nu-Epsilon Suffolk University

Triangle Club Paul S. Sharp - 3

Nu-Zeta Elmhurst College

Apollo Club Dale G. DeKok - 36 Fraters Club John E. Russell - 3

Nu-Eta Boise State University

Sustaining Contributor Parker J. Anderson - 1


Nu-Theta University of Utah

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis Mark K. Johnson (2007-09)

Fraters Club Barry L. Ernst, Jr. - 2 Robert D. Shorb, CFC - 32





Bentley University

Grand Prytanis Club Christopher H. Herr - 9

Sustaining Contributor Ryan Clare - 1


Winona State University

Triangle Club Lee P. Newman - 37 Fraters Club Eric E. Kirschner - 13 Sustaining Contributor Brendan T. Tlougan - 2

Nu-Lambda University of Southern Indiana

Triangle Club Andrew W. Brochin - 2 Michael S. Eickhoff - 16 Sustaining Contributor Mack L. Cail - 15 Kyle M. Courtney - 1 Devon M. Matthews - 1


University of Bridgeport

Fraters Club Frederick C. Burgerhoff - 14

Nu-Pi University of Delaware

Apollo Club Andrew J. Rominiecki - 25 Ramzi M. Sabbagh - 14 Triangle Club Jeffrey A. Swenson - 5 Michael D. Yon - 10 Fraters Club Steven W. Brockel - 27 Robert H. Miller, CFC - 26

Nu-Sigma Upper Iowa University

Triangle Club Armon L. Haagen - 12

Nu-Tau Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Triangle Club Robert A. Cook - 31


Omicron-Epsilon Bemidji State University

Fraters Club Barry K. Schonberger - 32

Omicron-Zeta Weber State University

Founders Club James L. Garard, II - 8 Fraters Club Robert F. Forillo - 7 Michael A. Stein - 10

Baylor University

Apollo Club Jeffery J. Schnellhardt - 16 Triangle Club Raymond T. Beurket, III - 14 David R. Duncan - 13 John M. Head - 20

Omicron-Rho Texas Tech University


Triangle Club TaCorey S. Campbell - 1



Triangle Club Phillip W. Jarrell - 33 Fraters Club Dwight L. Stull - 32



Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Sustaining Contributor Michael R. Shanahan - 26

Lander University

Lyon College

Triangle Club Robert P. Adler - 12

Triangle Club Michael Wilson - 1 Sustaining Contributor William B. Belvin - 1 Daniel Sanders - 1



Xi-Gamma New York Institute of Technology

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck

Triangle Club Steven J. Greenberg - 14 Sustaining Contributor Dorian K. Demski - 1 Huron College


Triangle Club John B. Bridgers - 10


Fraternity for Life Club Tony Clemens - 7 Grand Prytanis Club Matthew D. Barclift - 5 Founders Club Michael B. Neely - 6 Triangle Club Brian A. Fisackerly - 8 Michael L. Jones - 3 William D. Pearson - 2 Fraters Club James B. Jackson - 36 Douglas L. Whitmore - 2 Sustaining Contributor Paul B. Cross - 2 James I. Dunnam - 15 Michael A. Glass - 2

Triangle Club Larry H. Axelson - 30 Fraters Club William J. Lawrence - 16 Jack McCann - 1 Sustaining Contributor Jeffrey H. Davis - 7 Aaron Piscopo - 1

Triangle Club Billy J. Chambers - 37 Fraters Club Garrett Wojcik - 2

Fraters Club Louis W. Pfleckl, Jr. - 35

Apollo Club G. Kurt Hogaboom - 20 Triangle Club Gregory L. Jessup, Sr. - 31 James E. White - 15 Michael D. Wilson - 6 Fraters Club Matthew R. Foglia - 1 Kevin R. Wright - 17 Sustaining Contributor Bryan S. Canada - 1


Stephen F. Austin State University

Texas State University

University of North Carolina at Pembroke


Apollo Club Anthony Cavotto - 36

William Paterson University

University of South Alabama


University of Dayton

Triangle Club Roger O. Jarvis - 22

University of Illinois at Chicago


Xi-Mu Fraters Club Scott W. Gruber - 6 Sustaining Contributor Joseph W. Boscia - 6

Texas A & M University-Kingsville

Fraternity for Life Club Mark K. Johnson - 27 Fraters Club Michael R. Keim, D.D.S. - 24

J. Ray Grant, M.D. - 23

Sustaining Contributor David A. Hook - 2

Xi-Zeta Bluefield State College

Triangle Club Lino Penas - 36

Xi-Eta Missouri Western State University

Triangle Club John K. Fabsits - 5 Sustaining Contributor John N. Burgess - 30

Xi-Theta University of West Georgia

Grand Prytanis Club S. Todd Farmer, Jr., CFC - 20 Founders Club Jeremy J. Spivey - 3 Triangle Club Brian Rogers - 1

Xi-Iota University of Central Florida

Triangle Club James G. Balaschak - 12 David Cerbone - 2 Jeffrey A. Everett - 1 Ryan G. Talbot - 1 Sustaining Contributor Mark Olsomer - 1 Marcel Smyk - 1

Xi-Kappa Baker University

Fraters Club Donald L. Varnau - 35

Xi-Lambda University of Georgia

Fraternity for Life Club Morgan Maclellan – 1 Apollo Club Collis Tomblin, Jr. - 36 Triangle Club Alexander Chickowski - 1 John Cornell - 1 Jim H. Hopkins, III - 24 Fraters Club David A. Duncan - 8 Sustaining Contributor Lawrence F. Edwards - 27

Rochester Institute of Technology

Apollo Club Herbert H. Grabb - 18 Peter B. Tuttle - 16 Triangle Club Thomas G. Miller - 26 David S. Petko - 1 Fraters Club Andrew Lyne - 1 Samuel J. Radziviliuk, II - 26 Sustaining Contributor Ryan M. Bucinell - 2 Brian F. Buckenmeyer - 31

Xi-Chi Southern Polytechnic State University

Grand Prytanis Club Thomas C. Miles - 27 Apollo Club Rodney G. Bowers - 12 Fraters Club Robert M. Buhl - 10 Sustaining Contributor Ryan Cunningham - 1

Xi-Psi South Dakota State University

Sustaining Contributor Loren M. Steenson - 28

Xi-Omega Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Triangle Club Thomas E. Kuhn - 2 Fraters Club Michael J. Brocato - 25 Thomas J. James - 20 Sustaining Contributor George A. Bidanset - 32

Omicron-Alpha Appalachian State University

Triangle Club Christopher L. Coble - 19 Caleb Smith - 10 Fraters Club Steven D. Abernathy - 29 Raleigh W. Hartman, Jr. - 8 David A. Womble, Jr. - 33 Sustaining Contributor Joseph L. Clemmer - 1 Philip T. Elmore, USNR - 17 Randall S. Marin - 14 Brannon S. Raines - 1 Robert D. Twitchell - 30

Omicron-Gamma Central Connecticut State University

Fraters Club Neil D. Robinson - 21

West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Newberry College

Founders Club Harry E. Hawkins - 36 Robert F. James, II - 2 Sustaining Contributor John E. Wessinger - 1

Omicron-Iota Rowan University

Triangle Club John C. Krantz - 36 Scott P. Lopez, LTC (Ret.) - 9 Craig E. Major - 27 Carl Muhs - 1 Sustaining Contributor Steven J. Latman - 1 Robert D. Oden, Jr. - 2

Omicron-Kappa University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Founders Club Bobby A. Jarred - 7 Triangle Club Michael W. Mallory - 8

Omicron-Lambda Broward College

Sustaining Contributor Richard L. Hayes - 5

Omicron-Nu Florida Institute of Technology

Home Chapter Grand Hegemon Rob W. Jefferis Grand Prytanis Club Daniel C. Pelletier - 15 Founders Club Kevin A. Helms, CFC - 12 Rob W. Jefferis - 6 Elmer R. Pensack - 21 Kenneth P. Revay - 4 Triangle Club John A. Newman - 2 Daniel W. Rizzi - 2 Fraters Club Gustavo Quiroz - 1 Sustaining Contributor Ioannis J. Fournaris - 1 Antonio Quintana - 6

Omicron-Xi University of Alabama

Triangle Club Wallace E. Johnston, Jr. - 33 Michael R. Wahl - 29 Fraters Club Robert W. Veramay - 15

Omicron-Omicron University of Missouri-St. Louis

Triangle Club Steven L. Engelhard - 35

Indiana University Southeast

Triangle Club Donald G. Powers - 8 Sustaining Contributor Larry W. Beeler - 9 Michael R. Gosney - 1 Charles E. Marking - 29 David S. McLain - 1 Adam Miller - 1

Omicron-Tau Columbus State University

Apollo Club Mark R. Keaton, M.D. - 24 Triangle Club Jonas E. Barlow - 2 David Hay - 21 Luke Wagner - 2 Sustaining Contributor David-Edward A. Adkins - 2 Matthew J. Anderson - 1

Omicron-Upsilon York College of Pennsylvania

Fraters Club Jason J. Chandler - 1

Omicron-Phi University of Oklahoma

Fraters Club Luke A. Ball - 25 Richard D. Shmel - 17

Omicron-Chi Robert Morris University

Triangle Club Stephen C. Brant - 25 Fraters Club Mark Wilson - 25

Omicron-Omega Radford University

Founders Club Erik J. Platenberg - 21 Sustaining Contributor Chadwick N. Evancho - 1

Pi-Alpha Ashland University

Home Chapter Past Grand Prytanis (1999-2001), TEF Director Lonnie G. Justice, CFC Fraternity for Life Club Lonnie G. Justice, CFC - 29 Triangle Club Anthony S. Shifflett - 12 Fraters Club Keaton Lorentz - 1 Robin C. Myers - 19 Sustaining Contributor Stephen Dreikorn - 1






Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Mesa State College

Sustaining Contributor William C. Rose, III - 1

Apollo Club Vince J. June - 15 Triangle Club Michael J. Roberts - 1 Randall B. Spence - 29 Walter T. Zabicki - 31

Triangle Club Dwight L. Johnson, Jr. - 19


Pi-Gamma East Tennessee State University

Triangle Club Robert T. Rigler - 10

Pi-Lambda University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Triangle Club David L. Murray - 2 Fraters Club Frank M. Squiccimarro - 1

Pi-Mu State University College-Buffalo

Pi-Delta University of Alabama at Birmingham

Triangle Club Kevin C. Barrington - 11 William A. Cochran - 1 Fraters Club Tareq Fayyad - 3 Sustaining Contributor Zachary C. Scarvey - 1 Andrew J. Stone - 3 Patrick A. Tatum - 2 Tripp R. Warren, III - 3 Andrew Watts - 1

Grand Prytanis Club Michael J. Johnson - 7 Triangle Club Thomas A. Muscarella, CFC - 11 Sustaining Contributor James K. Webster - 17

Pi-Xi University of California, San Diego

Fraters Club Jeffrey W. Lane - 3

Pi-Omicron Northern Kentucky University

Pi-Epsilon Christian Brothers University

Grand Prytanis Club Timothy D. Wardlow - 5 Founders Club R. Felix Bishop, CFC - 23 Daniel B. Kueter - 8 Russell Nadicksbernd - 7 Apollo Club Matthew A. Dress - 1 Christopher P. Murphy - 19 Anthony C. Young, II - 1 Triangle Club Steven A. Carlson - 1 Antony Eddy - 1 Ross D. Harris, Jr. - 15 Joseph B. Jones, II - 4 Joseph C. Kueter - 6 Arron B. Lamey - 1 Lawrence T. LeBlond - 9 Jay McDonald - 1 Mark C. Miller - 5 Wilson Phillips - 1 Francisco Ramirez - 1 Terry E. Westbrook - 14 Fraters Club John Archer - 2 Michael Berry - 3 Russel Dykes - 2 Jason R. Vairin - 1 Sustaining Contributor David Breen - 2 Robert Gibbs - 2 Thomas E. Kresyman - 1 David A. Vaughn - 1

Triangle Club Rob Huber - 1 Joel R. Nicholas - 2 Fraters Club Scott Hiltibrand - 1 Eddie D. McSurley - 1 Sustaining Contributor Joshua R. Wice - 3

Pi-Upsilon Towson University

Sustaining Contributor Stephen S. Abbett - 1 Bryan Sartory - 2 Oliver Tregoning - 1

University of Albany-SUNY

Apollo Club Alan Milstein - 15 Sustaining Contributor Luiggi Canessa - 1

Rho Alpha Winthrop University

Grand Prytanis Club Scott D. Melton - 4 Triangle Club David D. McDonald - 4 Michael D. Steele - 8

Triangle Club Joseph H. Shelton, Jr. - 3

Rho-Delta Cal Poly Pomona

Sustaining Contributor Billy R. Mobley - 1

Apollo Club Eric Krieger - 10 Triangle Club Mark M. Yeung - 3 Fraters Club Matthew M. Young - 1 Sustaining Contributor Michael Lopez - 1



University of Nevada, Reno

Northwood University

Triangle Club Tyler S. Jensen - 1 Niklas H. Putnam - 5 Sustaining Contributor Michael Wood - 1

Triangle Club Timothy P. Bouchard - 9 Thomas S. Luptowski - 10

Pi-Theta University of Texas at San Antonio



Fraters Club Brian J. Springett - 1 Sustaining Contributor James E. Mathias - 3

Rho-Iota Tarkio College

Sustaining Contributor Raymond J. Mueller - 20

Rho-Kappa Longwood University

Triangle Club Matthew N. Brust - 2 Ricky W. Stanfield - 11 Sebastian Volcker - 6 Sustaining Contributor Grant C. Hayes, II - 1 William J. Hottel - 1

Rho-Mu Binghamton University-SUNY

Triangle Club Frank Riess - 3

Rho-Nu San Francisco State University

Fraters Club R. Martin Newton - 7

Rho-Xi San Jose State University


University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Triangle Club Jonathan Mark Scott - 1 Fraters Club Robert W. Ivey, III - 7

Lake Superior State University


University of Southern Mississippi


Texas A & M University


Triangle Club Chuck E. Whittington, Jr. - 15


Auburn University Montgomery


Triangle Club Charles Niedzwiedz - 2

Founders Club Ruben J. Lee - 3 Triangle Club Richard G. Petersen, Jr. - 5 Fraters Club Jeffrey M. Barto - 14

Pi-Zeta Triangle Club Steve A. Weeks - 12

SUNY-Stony Brook University


University of Rio Grande

Triangle Club Scott E. Huston - 1 Fraters Club Go Miyake - 1 David B. Patrick - 8 Sustaining Contributor Kevin R. Anderson - 1

Rho-Rho Sam Houston State University

Triangle Club H. Scott Apley - 3

Rho-Sigma Grand Valley State University

Home Chapter TEF Director Lee M. Stacey Fraternity for Life Club Lee M. Stacey - 19 Fraters Club Dave Powers, Jr. - 1 Sustaining Contributor Thomas S. Asuma - 5 Andrew K. Trautman - 3 Heath O. Warmbein - 5

Rho-Tau University of Michigan-Dearborn

Triangle Club Jason A. Halprin - 20 Fraters Club Brendan McMahon - 1 Sustaining Contributor Christopher L. Simons - 8

Montclair State University


Fraters Club Edward V. McDowell - 6

Franklin College

Triangle Club Bryston W. Cutter - 6

James K. Whitehouse, II - 4 Robert Wright - 1 Sustaining Contributor Shawn M. Kaiser - 1 Christopher D. Walsh - 8 Jordan Warner - 1

Rho-Chi Lebanon Valley College

Triangle Club Gregory K. Daily - 1 Brian E. Farkas - 1 Thomas P. Schaaf - 3 Fraters Club Dr. Barney T. Raffield, III - 3 Jeremy D. Wilson - 14

Rho-Psi Millersville University

Sustaining Contributor Taza M. Nelson - 20

Sigma-Alpha Florida International University

Founders Club Martin Guerra - 3 Triangle Club Daniel De Los Santos - 7 Armando Rodriguez-Feo, CFC - 14 Adrian Torrent - 1

Sigma-Gamma State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Triangle Club Robert C. Antonelli, Jr. - 15 Fraters Club Gregory Halloran - 1

Sigma-Theta Chapter Saint Leo University

Home Chapter TEF Director Donald R. Tapia

Triangle Club Connor Dalton - 2

Sigma-Upsilon Ramapo College of New Jersey

Apollo Club Jonathan Carletto - 3 Fraters Club Christopher M. Pendy - 6

Sigma-Chi University of California, Davis

Fraters Club Adam Noll - 1

Sigma-Psi Clemson University

Founders Club Abraham M. Webber - 5 Triangle Club Robert R. Cardell, IV - 3 Daniel S. Mack - 2 Sustaining Contributor Michael A. Cannon - 2 Mark A. Rogers - 1 Matthew L. Stabile - 9 Lance A. Watson - 1

Sigma-Omega University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Triangle Club Brian Z. Johnson - 1 Sustaining Contributor Andrew M. Kelso - 2

Tau-Beta Sonoma State University

Fraters Club Austin Malcoun - 1 Sustaining Contributor Tyler Branning - 1 Brandon Garcia - 1

Tau-Gamma Manhattan College

Fraternity for Life Club Donald R. Tapia - 4 Triangle Club Ian DiMitri - 2 Mark S. Vander Linde - 2 Sustaining Contributor Christopher Bedell - 3

Sustaining Contributor Robert A. Rolston - 1



Merrimack College

Triangle Club James J. Fleuriel, Jr. - 6 Fraters Club Paul S. Avolese - 2 Mike P. Creamer - 8 Jason A. Simpson - 3

Sigma-Lambda Northeastern State University

Triangle Club Harvey C. Grauberger - 1 Sustaining Contributor Chad R. Peters - 1

Sigma-Nu State University of New York at New Paltz

Sustaining Contributor Jake Haskell - 1

Sigma-Xi St. Norbert College

Triangle Club Andrew D. Willman - 1


Tau-Delta New Jersey City University

Triangle Club Frank Schiavone, Jr. - 3 University of Hawaii at Manoa

Fraters Club Gary R. Schwartz - 1 Cory Williams - 14

Tau-Zeta Western Connecticut State University

Fraters Club David J. Kozlowski, CFC - 13 Sustaining Contributor Jamie P. Lupis - 5 Mo Anthony Sakil - 3

Tau-Eta Southern Connecticut State University

Triangle Club Paul Ferreira - 5 Sustaining Contributor Luis C. Silva - 9

Tau-Theta Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison

Sustaining Contributor Alexander L. Morse - 3 Jeffrey Picard - 1 Timothy F. Sanders - 1

Middle Tennessee State University


Triangle Club Nathan M. Lux - 8 Sustaining Contributor Michael Chambers - 7

Kean University

Sigma-Rho Marist College

Apollo Club James O. Lord - 5

Apollo Club Joseph DeAngelo, III - 9 Triangle Club Cruz Gracia - 4 Kyle K. Slaski - 12

2011 DONORS 2011 donors





TKE Colony #748

Johnson & Wales University

Carleton University

Saginaw Valley State University

University of Tennessee

Fraters Club Mark S. Sterner - 1

Home Chapter Collegiate Advisory Committee Chairman Sean Finn

Triangle Club Jason P. Galea - 3 Fraters Club David P. Stevens - 1

College of Staten Island

Sustaining Contributor Matthew C. Gallo - 1

Sustaining Contributor William B. Fitch - 10


TKE Colony #758


New York Institute of TechnologyManhattan

University of Arkansas-Monticello

Triangle Club Patrick Gordon - 1 Fraters Club Elias J. Haime - 1 Sustaining Contributor Sean Finn - 2 Christopher Finnigan - 1

Fraters Club Matthew A. Gonzalez - 1 Sustaining Contributor Hondo J. Conine - 2 Bryan A. Heath - 1

Triangle Club Jeffrey Kilroy - 1 Jonathan Stanton - 1 Sustaining Contributor Kristian M. Velez - 1 Dylan Vidoli - 2




TKE Colony #845

Spring Hill College

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Oakland University

California State University-East Bay

Triangle Club Eric M. Bonneville - 3 Nicholas S. McCormick - 3 Trevor H. Pike - 1 Jordan L. Shotwell - 1 Fraters Club Ryan R. Lara - 2

Triangle Club Gilbert C. Anton - 1 Bryan M. Johnson - 1

Tau-Nu Shawnee State University

Triangle Club Seth R. Carr - 1 Fraters Club Adam S. Green - 1

Tau-Xi Ithaca College

Sustaining Contributor Michael J. Smith - 1

Tau-Pi Pace University-Manhattan

Triangle Club Brian M. Tietje - 14 Fraters Club Michael Elmendorf - 1 Sustaining Contributor Steven Gilberto - 2

Tau-Tau Coastal Carolina University

Fraters Club Mike T. Vendituoli - 9

Tau-Phi University of Pittsburgh

Sustaining Contributor Christopher L. Kass - 1

Tau-Psi University of West Florida

Apollo Club Brian M. Smallwood - 1 Triangle Club Richard T. Diaz, Jr. - 1 Andrew T. Frazier - 1 Robin C. Shaffer - 1 Mathew C. Taylor - 2 Fraters Club Ethan M. Stubbs, II - 4

Triangle Club LeMoyne Colston - 2 William Seevers - 1 Fraters Club Matthew J. Previts - 12

Upsilon-Beta California State University, Northridge

Apollo Club Angel R. Quiroz - 3 Sustaining Contributor Christopher Beck - 1

Upsilon-Gamma University of Minnesota Duluth

Triangle Club Joshua W. Baumann - 1 Andrew S. Grengs - 2 Kyle F. Schuppenhauer - 1 Fraters Club Mike D. Martchev - 1 Eric B. Soberg - 1 David Wadsworth - 3 Sustaining Contributor Jared J. Vincent - 1

Angelo State University

Triangle Club Andrew Stewart - 2

Upsilon-Theta University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Triangle Club Patrick Smith - 2

Upsilon-Iota Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Grand Prytanis Club Alexander D. Baker - 3 Founders Club Daniel E. Roberts - 2 Triangle Club Charles D. Frechin - 1 Joshua Louden - 1 Brent A. Patrick - 1 *Jack Price - 4 Fraters Club Matthew A. Gutierrez - 2 Sustaining Contributor Cory P. Martin - 2 Jeffrey Putka - 1

Upsilon-Omicron American University

Sustaining Contributor Elliot Jeffords - 1 Corey Zee-Mun Lim - 2

Triangle Club Brett Eckert - 3

TKE Colony #842 SUNY Delhi

Triangle Club Craig T. VanGalder - 1

TKE Colony #846 University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Triangle Club Yll Mullaademi - 1

TKE Colony #848 California State University, Stanislaus

Triangle Club Eric McCloud - 1

TKE Colony #633

TKE Colony #852

CSU-Dominguez Hills

University of California-Santa Cruz

Sustaining Contributor Dana C. Severance - 2

Triangle Club Andrew K. Quan - 1

TKE Colony #794

TEF Contributors-Non-Tekes

Barry University

Sustaining Contributor Robert M. Turner, Jr. - 1

Apollo Club Diane Cooper - 10 Fraters Club Tawnya R. Dysarz - 3 Marjorie F. Moyer - 11 Sustaining Contributor Washington Alumni Association - 4 Anonymous Donor




lifetime giving clubs Tau Kappa Epsilon is the Fraternity for Life; the Foundation thought it would be fitting to acknowledge the lifetime giving levels of our members. As the years progress, it is exciting to see our members progress higher and higher in these giving club levels. As we continue to grow, we look forward to more members taking their rightful spot on this esteemed list. The names below are only those who are still in the Grand Chapter and do not include faithful Tekes who have joined the Chapter Eternal.

KNIGHTS OF LASTING LEGACY Gifts of $500,000 - $999,999 Richard C. Ernest Elmer R. Smith

SOCIETY of 1899 Gifts of $250,000 - $499,999 Steve J. Muir Gregory P. Woodson

GRAND PRYTANIS’ CIRCLE Gifts of $100,000 - $249,999 Mark A. Fite, CFC Mark K. Johnson Don Johnson Lonnie G. Justice, CFC William V. Muse, CFC Donald R. Tapia Charles J. Trabold

PRESIDENTS CIRCLE Gifts of $50,000 - $99,999 Shawn A. Babine Daniel W. Bower Donald A. Campbell, Jr. Conferences John A. Courson, CFC James E. Crockard, III Christopher Eber John C. Fitzgerald, Jr. Russell H. Heil W. Allan Herzog Delta-Theta Housing Merrill Lynch Robert L. Olcott, CAE John B. Phillips Mark C. Romig, CFC Lee M. Stacey James L. Totten

LEADERS SOCIETY Gifts of $25,000 - $49,999 Robert J. Borel Kevin J. Brock Dick H. Burwash Lenwood S. Cochran Joseph W. Corley Daniel Lee Cummings Bryon G. Deysher Edward C. Droste Fredrick T. Jacobi Joel E. Johnson, CFC Benny L. Johnson Brent B. Johnson Wallace E. Johnston, Jr. David R. Jones Kevin M. Mayeux, CAE Bruce B. Melchert, CFC Miscellaneous Michael A. Moxley, CFC Gerald J. Murphy Robert D. Planck Kevin H. Pollard Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Gary A. Reed



T. J. Schmitz, CFC Charles H. Schultz Rodney G. Talbot Timothy L. Taschwer Richard T. West James D. Williams Jonn M. Wullschleger James V. Wyllie

SCHOLARS SOCIETY Gifts of $10,000 - $24,999 Gabriel Anaya John W. Anderson Fdn Paul C. Aspinwall David S. Baxter Thomas H. Beadles Thomas M. Becker Gary E. Benjamin Beta Holding David L. Bohline John A. Jack Borgerding William R. Bruns, III Bruce E. Carlson, CFC Thomas M. Castner, CFC Raymond G. Chambers Kappa-Psi Chapter Pi Chapter House Corp Walter G. Cornett, III John S. Daniel Dale G. DeKok Marilyn Demeter Beatrice Dunning Theta-Chi Escrow S. Todd Farmer, Jr., CFC Thatcher Foundation Raymond W. Franklin David K. Goss Edward G. Gregory Mrs. Josephine G. Hall James B. Hall, II Susan Hanson Jay P. Hochstaine Robert W. Holder Indiana Ntl Bank Paul R. Johnston Michael D. Keebaugh Mark Kuhnke, M.D. Gary A. LaBranche, CFC John G. Lemkey James S. Margolin, PGP Michael G. McLaughlin Daniel S. Mead John D. Meisenhelder Thomas C. Miles Alfredo J. Molina John H. Nelson Edward M. O’Shaughnessy, Jr. James F. Place Tracy S. Polley Frederick G. Ruffner, Jr. James R. Rummel Jerome E. Schewe, CFC Kenneth M. Sheppard Christian B. Silge David C. Smail, Jr. Michael A. Smith Daniel B. Stephens The Haeyoung & Kevin Tang Foundation, Inc. David R. Wallace Norman R. Weldon E. Wayne Williamson Charles W. Witters Al E. Wright

TRIANGLE SOCIETY Gifts of $5,000 - $9,999 Dave L. Adcock CFC Lloyd A. Alaback Zeta-Kappa Alumni Association Ernest A. Autin, Jr. Richard M. Balue Robert H. Bean Iota-Omega Board of Advisors Jean R. Buchen Sherman K. Burd Terry D. Burns Robert L. Byers Anthony Cavotto Stewart B. Cerier Rho-Beta Chapter Tony Clemens Kelly The Coed Robert W. Conklin Dan L. Connolly Arthur Y. Cooper Michael C. Davidson Clyde R. Dodd Edward R. Dominy, CFC James W. Duke Joseph H. Eberly Frank S. Ferris James D. Fiala Magnus Flaws, Jr. Daniel D. Freeberg Gen Services Adm David A. Goodman, M.D. Chris A. Grasso, CFC Gilbert E. Haakh Jason A. Halprin David J. Hamernik Christopher T. Hanson Earle H. Harbison, Jr. Brian F. Harms Charles F. Harner, Jr. James W. Harrill Brad L. Harris Harry E. Hawkins Christopher H. Herr James J. Hickey John B. Hodgdon Kurt L. Hoffer Richard L. Hollis James M. Hooker Richard W. Horrigan, Jr. Hervey A. Hotchkiss Don W. Hulsey Stanley W. Hungerford John B. Hutto T. Steve Ivan Michael J. Johnson Steven A. Jones, CFC Jerome A. Kaufman James M. Kilts Ted T. Kubala Benjamin R. Lafferty Michael R. Lang J. Andrew Langan Louis L. LeBlanc, CAE Fred C. Leland Henry C. H. Leung Leagre Chandler & Millard, LLP Tommy W. Lott John T. Ludes Benjamin C. Madey John R. McCarthy Robert N. McIntire, Ph.D. Robert L. Meyer David W. Miller Scott A. Milner Minn Mutual Life David R. Moore Robert L. Nardelli

Justin B. Nast Joseph P. Ng Dr. Jerry C. Nims John E. M. Oglesby, CFC Thomas E. Oole Paul F. Oreffice Stanley F. Patek Eugene H. Pattison Daniel C. Pelletier Erik J. Platenberg John W. Plumb John N. Prevas Robert J. Puls Kenneth D. Reid CAE Patrick J. Reilly, CFC Fr. W. Patrick Resen John A. Saxton Edward R. Say Dean-Ross Schessler, CFC Kenneth R. Schild Thomas W Schouten Richard E. Schultz Ronald E. Sills David V. Singer John C. Smit, Jr. Jeffrey A. Smith Linda M. Smith Bob L. Sokolowski Connie R. Solum, Jr. Herbert L. Songer Paul A. Specht Charles W. Stoldt Joseph H. Straughan III Bob N. Tenney William A. Thompson Collis Tomblin,Jr. Edward F. Tucker Roger C. Underwood James C. Upton Neal R. Vandewalle Steven G. Wedge Soren R. Wehner J. Andrew Weidman Miles C. Wilkin Justin B. Woo Michael Yakimo, Jr.

FOUNDERS SOCIETY Gifts of $2,500 - $4,999 Michael J. Albano Adrian L. Aldredge Bobby F. Allen, III Edward M. Anderson Kenneth L. Anderson K. Allen Anderson George J. Angelos Robert M. Ashbrook Omega Chapter Alumni Association Lambert D. Austin, Jr. Larry H. Axelson Jerry F. Baker Alexander D. Baker Regions Bank Matthew D. Barclift Robert R. Barrett Christopher J. Barron Edward W. Barry Johnston B. Bell Edward M. Bennett, Ph.D. John M. Bergey Robert A. Bird R. Felix Bishop, CFC Stanley F. Bizot Mark A. Blazer Robert B. Bliss, Jr. Stanley W. Blum Robert W. Boesel

Norman P. Borkowski Sheldon W. Boyce, Jr., Esq. Scott D. Boyer William M. Brackney Wilbur C. Bragg, II Erik L. Brannon Stephen C. Brant William E. Bray J. Edward Brewer Richard K. Brush Alan P. Budahl Frederick M. Burke James R. Burmeister Alfred E. Cambridge, Jr. Ronald A. Carson Steve E. Cassady James L. Chapman John R. Chapman Kappa-Psi Chapter Upsilon Chapter Dan R. Cheatham Ross A. Cherry Steven G. Christovich Carl W. Cooper Luis A. Correa, CAE Michael V. Corrigan Steven N. Cory Wendell M. Cramer Edwin L. Crocker Alan M. Crosta, Jr., M.D., CFC Earl E. Cunion James Ron Davis Willett C. Deady Mary L. Delaney Frederick J. Denckhoff, Jr. Michael J. Di Resta Richard J. DiMarzio Merritt R. Dimbath John C. Dimmer Anthony DiSanto Ben E. Druskin Max L. Dufeny, Jr. Joe A. Dumbauld Rodney W. Dunham Aaron C. Dunn, CFC Christopher R. Dyckman Julius J. Edelmann Jr., CFC Mark Eidelman, D.D.S. Anne M. Eklund-Whitticar William E. Elliott Martin E. Ellner Steven L. Engelhard Armen L. Enkababian Gary L. Epperson, CFC Richard L. Ermler Richard A. Eustis Theodore E. Evans Donald L. Falk James E. Fargo Brian T. Ferber Clark W. Fetridge Jacob Marlie Financial, Inc. James E. Fitzmorris, Jr. Richard M. Foley Lawrence G. Foster, Jr. Kevin J. Fox Ross L. Franks John C. Fravel John R. Garman Daniel M. Garvey Anne Gero Benjamin K. Gibbs Henry H. Gildemeister Don E. Giles John T. Gill Samuel M. Gillespie Charles A. Gillis, P.E. Erik L. Glenn Steven A. Glover Keith D. Goble


Ray E. Goebel Ronald E. Goodwin Robert J. Graham, Ed.D. Richard F. Gray Donald H. Greeley F. Harger Green Howard V. Gregory Thomas Gretzinger, M.D. Dennis R. Guenther Martin Guerra Robert J. Guerrierie Gary L. Hafen Rand P. Hall, CFC James H. Harris Scott W. Hatfield Kevin A. Helms, CFC S. David Hemphill Edward D. Herringshaw William T. Hicks, II G. Kurt Hogaboom Thomas J. Hogan Thayer S. Holbrook Charles D. Holmes Russell M. Holtz Robert E. Howe Les A. Hudson, Jr. James D. Hughes Herb C. Huser James R. Ingrassia S. James Islam Kevin G. Iverson Larrison C. Jackson, CFC Mark A. Jacobson Walter K. Janssen, M.D. Bobby A. Jarred Stephen R. Jenne Mark J. Jensen C. Richard Jeppesen Michael K. Jhin Dwight L. Johnson, Jr. Donald B. Jones, Jr. Richard L. Joossens Gotz Junkers-Lommatzsch Roger N. Kahle Phillip G. Kallas Brian L. Keck George Kegl Mark A. Keightley Bruce P. Kerzic Robert O. Kincart Kerry W. Kissinger Claude J. Klug Steve M. Koper Noel J. Kott John C. Krantz Richard J. Kurtyka William H. Lambert, Jr. Rex A. Lamm Howard T. Lanan Edward F. Lane Gary M. Lazor R. K. Lee, CFC Chris R. Leemon Dr. Ron Lennon Richard A Lenon Maurice J. Lindquist Jerry A. Linzy Charles W. Little Michael K. Littleford Douglas M. Loewe Bruce A. Lorenz Richard B. Lynch William B. MacLeod John E. Maczko Donald A. Mader Joseph L. Maggini, Sr. John E. Mahony Craig E. Major Jim F. Mandarino John G. Marshall, CLU, ChFC Corey G. Mathews, CAE Laird D. Matthews Mark K. McAlister, D.D.S., M.S. A. James McCollum Howard F. McCormack, Jr. Gordon L. McKinnie Robert I. McMurry Donald J. McQuaig Scott D. Melton Albert D. Meng Karl H. Mettke William J. Metzger, Jr. Chuck Milam Allen W. Milburn

Mark G. Miller Eric J. Miller John R. J. Miller James B. Miner Wylie H. Mitchell Robert C. Moehle Melvin O. Moehle William W. Montgomery, III Mark B. Montgomery Brian D. Montgomery Frank A. Morelli, D.P.S. Steven F. Mores Joseph A. Moretz Karl G. Morey Ronald J. Moser, Jr. Alan F. Mulvey Timothy J. Murphy, CFC Christopher P. Murphy Russell Nadicksbernd Howard F. Nemir Bryan D. Newman Lee P. Newman Paul S. Nix, III Ronald R. Noden Michael J. Ohrt Richard L. Olson A. Gordon Orsborn Enlow A. Ose Michael R. Palombo David M. Parker Steven L. Payne Lino Penas Elmer R. Pensack John M. Perme, Jr. Ron R. Petrini Robert J. Petrone Stephen M. Petty Mark A. Pillar Bryce S. Plesner A. Thomas Pokela Kenneth Pollock York D. Poole, III David A. Putnam Joseph S. Raab D. Thomas Ramey Carl W. Rasmusen Eric S. Ratinoff, CFC Robert H. Ray Allan L. Rayfield John A. Reagan Darrel E. Reifschneider Richard J. Renaud Victor M. Renteria Timothy G. Richtsmeier Travis S. Ridgel Gordon K. Rieske Robert R. Rietz Martin R. Riskin Eugene A. Rondash Ronald A. Rosien Steven T. Ross William R. Rothe J. Patrick Rowland Jack R. Sanders George Schaeffer, III, USN Kenny Joe J. Schenatzki Robert E. Schlansker Jeffery J. Schnellhardt Richard L. Schramko, CFC Gene P. Schulstad, Jr. Dwight R. Sedgwick Edgar C. Seely, III Ned R. Serrio Bradley W. Shelton Joe H. Shinn, Ph.D. Howard A. Shugart William A. Simmons Nicholas F. Siviglia, Jr. James H. Sloop Paul J. Smit Keith J. Smith, Ph.D. Roger K. Smith Hugh C. Sobottka, D.D.S. Frank J. Sonderer William A. Stark Conrad F. Stempel David W. Stock Daniel P. Stratton Edmund J. Sutro Robert D. Taflinger, CAE Ralph M. Tait Anthony J. Tangora, CFC Charles S. Tappan John T. Taylor, CFC

James A. Tennant Gary A. Terrill Dale R. Terry John M. Thompson Stephen G. Timberlake Ray F. Todak John A. Tomlinson Robert L. Tree, Ph.D. Henry H. Triplett, Jr., Ph.D. Frank P. Troost Bob Troyer Peter B. Tuttle Jack L. Ufheil Paul H. Vagnini Russell P. Veldenz Danny D. Villanueva, Sr. John B. Visceglia Thomas S. Wade, Jr. Glenn M. Wagner Richard N. Walker Timothy D. Wardlow David L. Weamer, Jr. Herman Jack Webb Jonathan P. Weir David J. Weller B. Lavon Wells David K. Wheeler Frederick E. Wicks John H. Wicks, Ph.D. Gary E. Wiedle Finn Wilhelmsen Robert C. Williams Jeffrey P. Wincel Gene W. Witt John M. Wolf David S. Wood Lee B. Woodbury Gregory S. Wyatt, CFC Michael A. Yagjian Stephen P. Zachmann

OPPORTUNITY OUT OF DEFEAT CLUB Gifts of $1,000 - $2,499 Richard M. Aaronson Steven D. Abernathy Gilbert F. Adams Michael A. Adams Edward R. Addicott Robert P. Adler James E. Agnew, Jr. Lowell Ahart Eugene D. Aimone John M. Albright Daniel Alcala William W. Allsopp Alpha Theta Donato J. Altobelli, Jr. Nu Chapter Alumni Assocation Washington Alumni Association James H. Amell William F. Amirault Michael K. Ammons Thomas R. Amoruso Dale L. Andersen R. Michael Andersen Peter A. Anderson Todd C. Anderson Carl W. Anderson David J. Anderson Arthur E. Anderson John C. Angus Thomas T. Antonecchia Robert C. Antonelli, Jr. Edward A. Apffel, Jr. Steven W. Ard David R. Arday, M.D., M.P.H. W. Wayne Arend, Jr. Tom Arnold Merit R. Arnold Sheldon Arpad Joseph R. Arthur Eric Asa-Dorian Robert M. Ashcraft USC TKE Alumni Association Rho-Upsilon Alumni Association Rho Chapter Alumni Association Delta-Nu Alumni Association Theta-Eta Alumni Association Joshua L. Atkinson

Donald P. Bach T. Brian Bakeman James M. Baker Jeffrey M. Baker James G. Balaschak George W. Baldwin, Jr. Don S. Balka Luke A. Ball First USA Bank Richard E. Bankes Ronald V. Bardal Bruce S. Barlow Smith Barney Robert P. Barone Robert L. Barr, Jr. Brian C. M. Barrett Larry K. Barrett Kevin C. Barrington Joseph M. Barta Dennis H. Barthel Robert N. Bass Brian L. Bates David E. Bates Coy L. Batson Robert S. Battles Mark M. Baumback Thomas A. Baxter Joe N. Beam C. Larry Beaver Timothy M. Beck P. Stephan Bedrosian James M. Behling Ralf C. Beilhardt Richard A. Benton James M. Benware Frederick A. Berg Roger A. Berger Robert E. Berktold, M.D. Alexander Berman, II Jeffrey W. Berno John W. Berry, Jr. Matthew J. Beshear Robert L. Best Allen W. Bethell Raymond T. Beurket, III Orvil G. Bicknell George A. Bidanset Dale E. Biehler John L. Bilisoly Frank G. Bilotta Brian D. Bixler Kenneth L. Black Christopher M. Blais, M.D. Norman S. Bledsoe Thomas C. Block Bruce C. Blom Donald E. Bloom Richard J. Blum TKE Theta-Eta Board of Control William D. Boden William E. Bodnar Daniel J. Boehmke Brad Bohannan Walter E. Bohnstedt Edward F. Boland DJ Boland, Jr. Joseph E. Boles Lionel G. Bollinger Biff W. Bonnivier, Jr. Michael F. Born Frank T. Boron David J. Borowsky Brian M. Bosarge David D. Bosely Gregory G. Botch Timothy P. Bouchard Javis J. Boudreaux Edward J. Boulbol Joseph V. Bowen, Jr. Rodney G. Bowers Steven H. Boyd, Jr. T. Harry Boyd, Jr. Brian P. Boyer Henry A. Brackman David F. Brady M. Declan Bransfield, III Edward W. Brass Ernest P. Braucher John H. Bredenfoerder Bryan D. Bredthauer Donald W. Brinckman Edward G. Briner, III Irvin Brobeck, Jr. Michael J. Brocato

Steven W. Brockel Kenneth H. Brockschmidt Dennis R. Brooke John T. Browder Edward T. Brown, Ph.D. Robert W. Brown Ben F. Brown, III Bryan W. Brown Daryl E. Brumley Bruce D. Bucher Dennis A. Buchheit William W. Buddenhagen Arthur Budzak Robert M. Buhl David V. Buhl, Jr. Ronald W. Bullock Arthur L. Buraglio, Jr. Brent L. Burdick Anthony P. Burger Charles Burgin Peter M. Burkle George Burnet, Jr. Gilbert N. Burnet Michael K. Burnley Robert M. Busby Tony F. Butala Robert E. Butler, CFC Donald A. Buzzell Justin E. Byers Aron H. Bylander Elwyn L. Cady, Jr. Anthony J. Camerio, ChFC Douglas B. Campbell Frank A. Cangemi James C. Canon Robert W. Canty Frank H. Capehart, III M. Douglas Carlson Richard A. Carlson Frank L. Carollo Gerald P. Carr, D.Sci. Charles C. Caruso Alexander B. Carver Alan B. Casmere D. Burnell Cavender, USAF (Ret.) Roger R. Cedillo Richard J. Cellino, Sr. Pete T. Cenarrusa Michael J. Cerussi Eric M. Chamberlain John Chamberlain Billy J. Chambers Joseph H. Chambers John R. Chapman Norman L. Chapman Samuel L. Chappell Kappa-Psi Chapter Kappa-Psi Chapter Beta-Epsilon Chapter Hancock Chau Edward J. Cheaney R. Bruce Chisholm Joseph A. Chrisman Scott R. Christiansen Thomas H. Christianson H. Earle Christianson Albert H. G. Chun Patrick C. Ciniello Rene Cintron Gerald D. Clark James M. Clayton, CFC Frederick B. Clearwater William B. Clegg, Jr. Richard A. Clements Stephen E. Clements Donald G. Clodfelter Stephen K. Cloetingh Christopher L. Coble Daniel J. Codespoti Gerald J. Coghlan Robert A. Colacello Matthew S. M. Cole Samuel T. Coleridge David E. Collier Arthur R. Collins, Jr. Tom Cologna Combined Federal Campaign Henry E. Combs Kirklin & Company, LLC. Miller Brewing Company Leonard M. Compton John Concannon Chris Concannon Joseph E. Connor




Kenneth L. Conover Fred J. Conville Robert A. Cook Donald B. Cook, CFC Paul L. Cooper Diane Cooper Robert O. Copeland Michael J. Corby William S. Corey, Jr. Mike W. Cornett, Sr. Dan E. Correll Jack D. Cosgrove J. Kennedy Costello, III Joan E. Cowdery Jon D. Cozean Chris D. Craft Harry F. Cramer William V. Cramer Gus P. Cramond, III Larry A. Crisp Daniel J. Crocker Terrance J. Croco, CFC Thomas D. Croft Gene E. Cross, Jr. William J. Cullinane Jeffrey A. Curtis Leon J. Daciek Paul F. D’Adamo Byron W. Daniels, Col. (Ret.) Jack C. Dart Lester W. Davis Donald A. Davis Peter M. Dawson Gary A. Day Daniel De Los Santos John F. De Turk Joseph DeAngelo, III Jack W. DeBolt Robert DeCubellis Joseph P. DeJohn William S. DeLeonardis, Jr. Jerry V. DeLeonardo, Jr. Delta-Xi Chap Thomas Delutz, Jr. H. Stanley Dennis, Jr. Donn H. Denniston John L. Dentzer James R. DePauw Phillip R. Derengowski, Sr. John R. Dew Marc C. Di Liddo Richard M. E. Dibble Lloyd D. Dickensheets David M. Diehl, CPA Bennie S. Diliberto Ronald C Diliddo William D. Dilks Michael P. DiMaggio Richard E. Dinkel Keith A. Dirks William E. Dittenhaffer Mark W. Dively George A. Dixon Duane D. Dockter Dunkin Donuts John Christopher Dorr William W. Dorsey, Sr. MacDonald R. Drane, Jr. Gary G. Drennon Leon A. Driss, M.D., P.C. Wallace F. Droegemueller Clarence C. Drumeller Richard E. Dryer Karl W. Duerr Arthur S. Duffy James R. Dugan, Jr. Karen J. Duke Tawnya R. Dysarz Patrick K. East David E. Ebbeler Robert D. Eberwine Albert S. Eckilson, Jr. Paul E. Eckler K. Donald Edwards Robert M. Ehrlich Michael S. Eickhoff Fred R. Elias, Jr. William C. Ells Albert C. Elser, II F. Albert Ely Frank J. Emerick Tom L. Engh Gordon E. Engle Kevin L. English



Ronald C. Epperson David W. Eppihimer Ronald L. Ervin Harold L. Erwin Jack L. Estepp Richard H. Evans, Jr. James P. Evans John M. Everett Justin A. Evers Charles W. Everson David G. Fairweather James C. Fargo Joseph P. Farley Jasper County Farm Bureau Coop James H. Fassbender William G. Fellers Ronald H. Fenelon David J. Ferran David W. Ferris John A. A. Festa Richard E. Feuer Graham P. Filean Thomas J. Filipkowski David A. Fiore FirsTier Bank Stephen H. Fischer Kent O. Flandro Edwin S. Flatoff Brent E. Flechsig David W. Fleetwood Leonard J. Fleischer Thomas E. Flowers Travis S. Floyd David H. Flucke James L. Foght Dale R. Foley Easmon J. Ford Richard L. Ford Steven D. Forell Douglas M. Fortner Robert E. Foster Bill D. Francis Robert B. Franklin Franklin Mint Paul H. Frey Ralph G. Frick, D.D.S. Jon D. Friedland Thomas A. Fritz J. B. Fritz Jeffrey C. Froehle Donald C. Gackle Andrew J. Gale Joseph D. Galgano Eugene Gallant, Jr. Agostino T. Galluzzo James L. Gammon James L. Garard, II Robert R. Gard Carl J. Garkowski William M. Garrett, II Darren J. Garvey Frank G. Garzolini Richard A. Gause William C. Geisen Thomas C. George Michael W. Gerberick Javier Geronimo Robert L. Gibson, III Gary J. Giger Richard W. Gill Bruce D. Gillett William E. Gilman Wallace M. Ginn Eugene E. Ginoli David B. Ginsburg Steve Girard Fred P. Glennie Marion B. Glover, Jr. Jason J. Goitia Martin L. Goldsmith Michael P. Gonia Omega S. Gonzales Fougere D. Gordon Russell K. Gordon Herbert H. Grabb Bob W. Graham Douglas A. Graham James A. Graham John L. Grant, Jr. John B. Grant Capper C. Grant William W. Grantham, Jr. Steven J. Greenberg Richard D. Greenleaf, Sr.

Roy L. Griffin, CPA John J. Grillo David E. Grimm Robert E. Grissom James L. Gross, Jr. Daniel E. Groteke Robert T. Gustafson Peter Gutzwiller Jerry C. Haake William K. Haas Theodore S. Haddad William D. Hagen, III Donn K. Haglund Richard W. Halteman, Jr. Arthur T. Hamfeldt Gregory E. Hammond, USAF (Ret.) Jack W. Handey Michael S. Handorf Richard L. Hanna Gary A. Hannah W. David Harding Nathan E. Hardwick, IV Jack R. Harkleroad Ross D. Harris, Jr. Larry G. Hart David A. Hartley James E. Hatch W. Jerome Hatch Robert R. Haubrich David S. Haworth, III David Hay Norman D. Haynes David L. Hayward John M. Head William M. Heath Michael S. Hecker, CFC Stephen G. Heilemann Daniel C. Helix Edwin R. Hemphill George F. Hempt Chester G. Henderson James O. Hendricks Dennis C. Hercules Gary B. Hermann Snyder E. Herrin, II W. Kent Herron Gilbert L. Hershberger Thomas L. Hicks, M.D. David C. Hicks William R. Hilgendorff, Jr. Darrell G. Hill Eric P. Hillner Joseph B. Hoage Alan W. Hockenjos William D. Hoefle Robert H. Hoffer Louis E. Hoffman Frank A. Hoffman Timothy R. Holbrook Kenneth R. Hooks Lyle L. Hoover Michael R. Hoover Jim H. Hopkins, III Cecil P. Horn, Jr. Samuel M. Horton Paul A. Hotmer Stephen F. Hubbard Ora E. Hubbart, Jr. James A. Hudlow Michael G. Hudock Charles H. Huettner Steven D. Huffman John D. Huggins Peter D. Huggins Kenton W. Hughes Donna Hughes Larry G. Hull Harold S. Hum Ray O. Humphrey Mark A. Hunt Derek W. Hunter Thomas J. Hurd Trent M. Hurley Jonathon B. Husby Rodney J. Hutton George B. Huysken IP&L Douglas C. Ikelman James G. Inglis Brian & Linda Jackman E. Gregg Jackson James B. Jackson Richard A. Jacobs Ellis Jacobs

Robert G. Jacobsen James C. Jacobsen David E. Jacobsen Russell E. Jacobus Robert F. James, II Paul J. Janus Phillip W. Jarrell Roger O. Jarvis Steven H. Jasper Steven Jaycox Rob W. Jefferis Alve L. Jemtrud John C. Jenkins Walter W. Jenny, Jr. Fred L. Jensen David L. Jensen Gregory L. Jessup, Sr. Donald N. Johns Vernon E. Johnson Leo F. Johnson John J. Johnson Douglas S. Johnson Kevin W. Johnson Bob D. Johnson Donald L. Johnson Mrs. Katherine R. Johnston Ronald E. Jones John A. Josko Stephen D. Joyce Vince J. June Gary D. Junghans William F. Kabourek Nicholas P. Kafasis Roger P. Kalinowsky Jon M. Kaliszewski, M.D. Joseph C. Kaluha Stephen B. Kaminski David C. Kasper Mike J. Kazacos Mark R. Keaton, M.D. Brian J. Keeney Michael R. Keim, D.D.S. Roger J. Keith Charles D. Kellam Bryan P. Keller Brooks L. Kellogg John V. Kelly, Jr. Joseph W. Kelly Thomas J. Kennedy James K. Kennedy, III Donald G. Kennedy Robert Kenner, IV Brian C. Kensing T. Alvin Kepley Paul J. Kerry John L. Kessler Ezekial G. Keyes David T. Keys Joseph Kicak Helen King John D. Kipley, LTC (Ret.) Kent W. Kirkham Steve R. Klaers William G. Klein Kirk E. Klein Richard L. Klein Francis J. Kluge Roy D. Knapp Robert K. Knezevic Richard S. Knight Terry E. Knight Sterling & Knight Jewelry & Pawn Mark E. Koenig Robert G. Kohm Theodore J. Kohnen Gerald C. Konn Stephen H. Korzeniowski William E. Koudele Gary L. Kounkel Christopher F. Kozel Frederic B. Kraft John R. Kraft Donald E. Kramer Gregory K. Kramer Thomas G. Krause Robert L. Kravitz Eric Krieger Kenneth J. Kroft Charles F. Kronsagen Jerry D. Kroon T. Chris Krueger, Sr. Thomas J. Kuchan Stanley Kuczynski Chuck G. Kuhn, Jr.

Kenneth N. Kummins John J. Kurka Frank G. Kuzmickus John Kyriazis Gary R. La Perle Richard K. Laidlaw Willis D. Landon Robert C. Landrum Christopher W. Landsea Gene C. Lange Eugene F. Laurendeau Mark A. Lawrence Don A. Lawrie Dennis A. Laws J. Mike Lawter Gary D. Le Andre Richard M. Leagre David H. Leavitt Ron E. Leganger Nathan E. Lehman Michael W. Lengacher, CPA Daniel Y. Leong Harry R. Lesko Ira S. Letofsky Daniel R. Levinson Stanley Lew Thomas P. Libonate Thomas C. Licata Juan A. Liceaga Donn R. Lidington Gary K. Liebschner P.E. Curtis O. Liles, III Daniel R. Lindsay James W. Lindsey, Jr. Reid C. D. Linney Joel W. Linscott Lee M. Lippert A. S. (Pete) Littlefield Raymond J. Lloyd, Jr. Charles E. Locke Alan R. Loeffelman Raymond P. Loftus Ralph F. Lofy Jean-Pierre LoMonaco John G. Long James S. Long Charles R. Long Gene C. Loomis, Jr. George N. Loomis Robert A. Loss James D. Lovering Robert S. Lowe James S. Lowery Michael J. Ludwig Peter H. Lukesh Thomas S. Luptowski James G. Luth Timothy R. Lynn Bruce S. Maccabee John R. MacGregor Alexander L. Mackay Lowe S. MacLean Kenneth H. MacLeod Dwight D. Maddess Jerry M. Madison Roland H. Magee Keith Malatesta James L. Mallory John A. Mancus Erni S. Mann Albert P. Manzo Jeffrey Mar Jeffrey M. Marangi Stephen C. Marcus Doug and Francie Markham Scott C. Marks Michael J. Maroney John E. Marquardt Richard J. Marquart Phillip R. Marrone Jerome A. Martinek Henry H. Marvin Max Mathews G. Stewart Mathison, CFC Cory W. Matt Steven R. Matthews Dave H. Mattingly Matthew F. Maury, IV Charles H. May Russell F. Mazda Leon W. Mazurie, II Michael F. McAvoy John R. McBride Brian K. McCarthy


Hunter P. McCartney William R. McCaulley Charles K. McClain Raymond N. McClure Kevin J. McCole Kevin E. McCormick James W. McCoy Daniel B. McDuffie William J. McElroy, III Patrick J. McElroy John M. McFarland Richard S. McFee Joseph D. McGeveran Thomas G. McGowen Gerard G. McGrath R. Loren McGuire John W. McHugh Margaret L. McIntyre Thomas R. McKenna Rickard W. McLean W. Pat McNally Harold N. McNamara Dennis J. McNeil John W. McTopy, II Lee A. Mearhoff Harmon S. Meeker, Jr. Gary G. Mendenhall Jesus S. Menendez Marvin R. Mensch Arnold B. Merrell Maurice W. Mertz William B. Metzger James K. Meyer James A. Meyers Gary S. Michel Midland Nat’l Li Duane F. Miller David C. Miller Michael A. Miller Thomas G. Miller Alan Milstein Robert J. Minkler, Sr. Robert J. Mitchell Steve M. Mitchell Harmon L. Mitchell Richard J. Moak Carm R. Moehle Edward C. Moehle Richard Mohrmann Michael A. Mokros Kurt A. Monsell Robert C. Moody Robert P. Moore, Col., USAF (Ret.) Stephen J. Moore Paul H. Moore Joe H. Moorhead Jeffrey S. Morgan Donald B. Morgan Thomas E. Morgan, Jr. Takeshi Moriwaki Jeffrey P. Morlier Leonard W. Morris, Jr. Kent R. Morrison James G. Mortier Joel L. Moser Gary L. Mossman Daniel B. Mowrey Edmund C. Moy Craig A. Moyer Robert A. Muhlbach Robert G. Mukai Michael J. Mullen Michael V. Mulligan Michael H. Mundt Donald L. Murray Harold S. Muse, Jr. Kenneth E. Myers Robin C. Myers Robert M. Naclerio Robert Nakon Thomas B. Nall Joseph P. Nappi Lin T. Nash Irvin S. Naylor John D. Neel James A. Neelands Michael B. Neely Rudolph A. Nef Edward A. Neff William B. Neidlinger Howard D. Neighbor Kim L. Nelson Mark R. Nelson Dave L. Netherton

Ronald F. Neukam Gregory E. Newenhof Lawrence E. Newman Mark D. Newton Mike K. Nicholls Christopher H. Niles Robert L. Noddin Thomas V. Noon Mack V. Norman Ralph T. Northrup, Jr. Chauncey A. Norton Douglas N. Nott, Jr. Alan L. Novak David G. Novak David S. Oakley Robert E. O’Bryan Donald J. Ocker John M. O’Day Stanley E. O’Dell John W. Olander Millard L. Oldham, Jr. Brian T. Olsavsky Todd J. Olson Scott T. Olson Thomas E. O’Malley Gary M. Onady, M.D., Ph.D. T. Rod O’Neal, CFC John W. O’Reilly, Jr. Jeffrey H. Orloff William D. Orr Albert O. Orth William T. Ososki M. Price Oswalt, CFC B. D. Owens Jeffry R. Paddock William C. Parfitt, Jr. Gregory Z. Parker Boyce G. Parks John Paulson Robert W. Pavlicek Clifford M. Peake Bruce R. Pearson Fred Lamar Pearson, Jr. William R. Peattie Thomas Pecsvaradi Robbie E. Pederson Thomas C. Pendergast Dennis W. Perry Gerhard A. Perschke James A. Peterson Eric R. Peterson Douglas J. Pew Louis W. Pfleckl, Jr. Robert M. Pfohl David W. Pheatt J. Wesley Pierce Patrik L. Pierson Roger W. Pietras, M.D. Leonard P. Pietrewicz, Jr. William G. Pittman Chester J. Plauche, Jr. Erich M. Ploog Craig T. Podosek Gordon D. Pope Gary E. Poppe R. Scott Potter, M.D. John J. Poust Patrick J. Power Matthew J. Previts Matthew L. Price Michael M. Priebe, M.D. David R. Puettmann Robert E. Pugh Gregg A. Putnam Mark M. Puzdrak Joseph T. Pyzyk Fred H. Quantmeyer, Jr. Salvatore Quattrocchi Robert C. Rademacher Michael A. Radoff Thomas A. Raduenzel II Samuel J. Radziviliuk, II Howard B. Rafal Steven A. Ramos Sabino J. Ranaudo Robert C. Rankin John C. Rasmus Darrell B. Ray Frederick W. Ream Ray E. Rebello, Jr. Daniel A. Redyk Jerry B. Reese Duane A. Reger George R. Rehn

Floyd S. Reid Daniel S. Rekstad David J. Rekstad Raymond J. Renton, Jr. Jeffrey D. Ressin Kenneth P. Revay George E. Richards, Jr., DVM John M. Rigby Gerald F. Riggers Walter B. Riley, Jr. Jeffrey C. Rinehart Roger R. Risty Steven P. Roberts Michael G. Robinson Michael J. Robinson David J. Robinson J. Richard Rockstroh Philip B. Rodman Armando Rodriguez-Feo, CFC Harry L. Roesch David W. Rogers Robert E. Roll Thomas L. Roller Andrew J. Rominiecki Huyler E. Romond, Jr. William G. Roos Marvin Rosenberg Fred M. Rosenberger Gary A. Roshak Laurence A. Roth Joseph S. Rovansek, Jr. Richard D. Rowlands Alexander C. Rudloff Terry A. Ruse Edmond J. Russ Roger A. Russell Charles C. Ryan, Jr. Ramzi M. Sabbagh Dennis A. Sadlowski Ronald J. Salamone Richard H. Saltmarsh Bob G. Salyer Alumni Assoc. San Francisco Ed Sandidge W. Clark Sanford, IV Bryan N. Saterbo Edward G. Sawtell Marshall H. Scantlin David C. Scharre Joseph R. Scheiner Glenn B. Scherzer, II Ronald R. Schild Walter K. Schindhelm Robert L. Schirtzinger Thomas D. Schlosser Arthur R. Schmauder William A. Schmidt Lewis C. Schneider, CAE James N. Schofield Barry K. Schonberger James M. Schorman David G. Schott Edward C. Schrader Richard E. Schreiber Richard E. Schuley Paul Shulman Stephen R. Schulte Jeffrey G. Scott Isaac J. Scott, III James M. Scutellaro Donald J. Seiler Joseph A. Sekelsky Perry B. Sells A. William Shafer, M.D. Charles E. Shapiro, M.D. Barbara Sheahen Steven E. Shecter James R. Shetler David E. Shively Paul N. Shockley, Jr. David E. Shook Charles D. Shope Robert D. Shorb, CFC William E. Shoulders Charles R. Shreve W. Kirk Shrum John A. Shuman Peter J. Sibilski Rudolf B. Siegert, Jr. Lucian A. Siekman Robert G. Sievewright, II Charles W. Sigerson, Jr. Richard L. Silton James D. Simms

Andrew H. Simon Lyle L. Simpson William E. Simpson Samuel W. Sinderson, Jr. Charles A. Sine, Jr. Frederic C. Sipe Leroy E. Sitlinger, Jr. R. Brian Skadowski Thomas B. Skoner William H. Slaninko Kyle K. Slaski Michael W. Smiarowski John J. Smiley Rick B. Smith Daniel A. Smith Atwood E. Smith Douglas R. Smith Rodman B. Smith Rodman N. Smith James W. Smith David S. Smith Denis J. Smith George L. Smith, Jr. Christian M. Snavely Frank S. So Thomas M. Sopko James D. Southwell Randall B. Spence Richard W. Spencer Jeremy J. Spivey Herbert B. Spoelstra James M. Stacy Robert A. Stambaugh F. Christopher Stanecki Curtis G. Stangler Joe W. Stanton, Jr. Richard B. Steedman Michael D. Steele Loren M. Steenson J. Ronald Steiger, III Keith Steiner Gene J. Stelcik Arthur W. Stellar, Ph.D. Donald R. Stelzer Thomas R. Stephenson, Sr. Charles W. Stevens, Jr. Lee R. Stewart Richard H. Stienmier, M.D. John D. Stiles Robert H. Stitzinger, USA (Ret.) William J. Stiver, Sr. Mitchell E. Stock Charles W. Stoll, Jr. Russell M. Stormont Jim M. Strachan Douglas J. Stranahan Gregory T. Struebing Thomas C. Stueck Brian M. Stump Sid V. Suarez Robert S. Such Everett T. Summerall, Jr. Gary J. Summers Robert L. Swaim Michael J. Swartz Daniel S. Swett, III M. Louis Swinehart Wayne D. Switzer James P. Tabor Jon G. Tankersley Alison L. Tanner Robert N. Tap Kenneth G. Taylor James S. Taylor Robert A. Taylor, D.D.S. Daniel W. Tepke Jeffrey A. Terp, CFC Douglas W. Test Dick Tews Gordon W. Thayer Thf Uprising Michael A. Thomas J. Scott Thompson William T. Thompson Craig J. Thurber Brian M. Tietje Jeffrey M. Titus Tke Fraternity Jerry R. Tobias Neill Tolboom E. Paul Tonkovich Lionel V. Topaz Larry A. Toppert Robert V. Toutges, D.D.S.

Michael E. Traeger Trans National Dane Trembath Albert J. Trimpert, III Stephen Troxel Richard M. Trudell Malcolm T. Trupp Michael A. Tryon Allen D. Tucker, Jr. Stephen A. Tucker Robert D. Tucker, Jr. Michael L. Turner Robert P. Turner Robert E. Tuttle William L. Tyner Robert S. Uhl Stephen K. Valentine, Jr. Michael J. Valentine David Van Bruaene Randall L. Van Scoy Rusty Vanneman Donald L. Varnau William M. Varner Gilberto R. Vasquez Clyde B. Vedder, Ph.D. Leonard N. Venen, Jr. Ryan J. Vescio, Esq. Ron D. Vilas Felipe M. Villalon Kristopher M. Vining Frank J. Visintin Joseph B. Vivona Nicholas C. Vlachos James J. Vopal, M.D. Richard A. Vorce W Bancorporation Frederick W. Wackerle Craig A. Wagner Michael R. Wahl Robert W. Wake William E. Walker Craig A. Wallace Kenneth L. Wallack Richard D. Waller Robert D. Walls David J. Wallsmith James B. Walton Robert D. Walz Donald L. Wanie Benjamin W. Ward Frank J. Ward Christopher Warlick Tripp R. Warren, III Fredric R. Wasserspring David A. Wayne Charles T. Weaver Samuel C. Weaver George W. Webb, M.D. Abraham M. Webber Wilford A. Weber Steve A. Weeks Donald L. Wehmeyer Daniel E. Wehrenberg John B. Weigele, M.D. Robert C. Weinholzer E. Weintraub Lawrence F. Weis James T. Welch Edward K. Welch, II Gary N. Welch-Bass, II Donald E. Welge James P. Wells Jack A. Wenger Eugene P. Wenninger James M. Wente Mr. & Mrs. Henry West Saima West Terry E. Westbrook Woodrow W. Westley Paul P. Whalen David A. Wharff James E. White John S. White W. R. Ben Wicke Gene P. Wicklund Harry R. Wiener Robert O. Wilbur William J. Wilder J. Edward Willard Robert L. Williams David H. Williams Cory Williams Robert H. Wimsatt Kenneth B. Winiecki




Louis E. Winkelhaus, II David M. Winters Randall F. Witter, CAE Louis G. Witynski Elizabeth E. Woerpel Jeffrey P. Wokoun Walter C. Wolf Chad Wolf Robert W. Wolfe Kenneth B. Wonderland Glenn C. Wonn Peter Woodham Dale N. Woodling Glenn E. Woodmansee Paul D. Woods Raymond S. Worth Dallas P. Wright, USA (Ret.) Donald E. Wuerch Joanne L. Wurtz John F. Wyatt, Jr. Fidel J. Yaeger, III William B. Yersin Michael D. Yon Jeffrey R. Young Ansel E. Young Walter T. Zabicki Thomas M. Zais John J. Zakowski Frank T. Zimmerer Frank E. Zipperer Michael L. Zoruba

GRAND COUNCIL SOCIETY Gifts of $500 - $999 H. Steve Abbot Anthony J. Abela, Jr. James V. Ackerman Joseph R. Adams, Sr. Alan M. Adkins Pat F. Agresta Joseph P. Aiena Robert F. Aita Kevin E. Aker Alfred A. Akkeron David W. Aldrup David S. Alexander Michael J. Alfieri Franklin D. Allhands Thomas B. Almy Robert A. Alonso, USN, M.D. Alpha Gamma De Alpha Gamma Delt Alpha-Chi Chp Robert L. Alphin, Jr. Ralph F. Altman, Ph.D. Mu Lambda Alumni Assoc Michael Amato Thomas J. Ameen American Express James A. Amling Craig Amshel Trifon G. Anagnostos Billy M. Anderson David L. Anderson Dwayne C. Anderson John C. Anderson John H. Anderson L. Richard Anderson Lynden E. Anderson Steven W. Anderson Charles P. Andrews Kenneth J. Andrews Anthony G. Andrikopoulos Philip J. Anjola Thomas J. Antal Edward J. Antosh Christopher E. Anuswith William C. Apple, Jr. Michael P. Applewhite, M.D., Col USA (Ret.) Paul Archer Ray L. Archer, II Philip F. Ard Gary M. Armstrong Philbert A. Ashley Apollo Alumni Association Kappa-Psi Alumni Association NJ TKE Alumni Association Rho-Alpha Alumni Association Louis E. Astroth Thomas S. Asuma David L. Athey, Jr.



Clark Atkins, Jr., CFC Russell R. Attis Richard N. Aumiller Charles E. Aupke Robert J. Austin Edgar W. Averill, Jr. John J. Avila Bruce C. Babcock Daniel J. Backman Paul E. Backs, Lt. Col, USMC (Ret.) Daniel J. Bafia Robert E. Baier Vincent P. Bailey, Jr. Donald L. Baird S. Robert Bakall David J. Baker Larry A. Baker Michael E. Baker Robert C. Baker Robert W. Balch William C. Baldwin Robert H. Ball Walter L. Ballard John W. Ballinger, III Edward J. Banas, Jr. Anthony J. Bangrazi William R. Barchet R. Christopher Bard Michael H. Barlow William G. Barnard, III Carl A. Barr, USAF (Ret.) Ron C. Barr Kevin M. Barrett Ronald W. Barrett Randall Bartholomew Christopher M. Bartlett Jeffrey M. Barto Donald C. Barton, M.D. Gaylon W. Barz Rod A. Basconcillo Salem G. Bashara, III Gennaro Basilicato, Jr. Electric Basin David P. Bateman Steven A. Bates John C. Bauersfeld Wayne E. Baum Andrew J. Beachnau John R. Beard David G. Beaty David A. Beck, II Paul J. Beck, III Robert G. Beck William L. Beckenstein Michael R. Beckmann William E. Beckner Anthony C. Beissner Charles A. Bell Randy A. Bender Joseph W. Bennett Paul R. Bennett Richard C. Benney James M. Benson Virgil D. Beougher Eric W. Berg, III, MD Walter Bergseth Paul R. Berryman Donald G. Bertrand Donn R. Besselievre Beta-Sigma Chp Curtis M. Beyer John P. Beyersdorf William H. Beyrer John R. Bibeau Ervin F. Bickley, Jr. Charles J. Biebel Donald H. Biehl Elmer S. Biles Charles M. Billmyer Donald E. Bindok Christopher D. Birch Ira M. Birns Glenn M. Birzer James B. Black Alan Blackmon Brian L. Blades Thomas R. Blankenbiller Alan A. Blatz Richard L. Block G. Barton Blossom Lloyd M. Blunden David Bodenheimer Martin J. Boerst John C. Bogan, II

Gary G. Boggie James R. Bollam, Jr. Daniel L. Bone Kenneth A. Boni Raymond P. Booker, Jr. Carl W. Borklund Thomas G. Borowiak H. Craig Boswell Benoit & Agatha Bouchard Karl F. Bourgeois Paul O. Bower Jeffrey G. Bowersox David C. Bowman Thomas C. Boyer Kelvin C. Boyle Earl W. Boynton James A. Braden Nicholas Bradlee Dave A. Bradley James C. Braid Thomas W. Brandon Elmer E. Branum Stacey W. Braswell George A. Breault Wayne E. Brenner John M. Brians Stephen R. Brice John B. Bridgers Steven L. Brightwell Joseph Brimmer Michael D. Brock Ralph R. Brock Kenneth E. Brockman Richard H. Brom James F. Brooke, III, USN (Ret.) James J. Brophy Schmitz Brothers Dallas F. Brown Gregory C. Brown, CFC H. Gordon Brown Justin H. Brown Raymond S. Brown Richard J. Brown Richard W. Brown, Esq. Adam M. Browning Fred C. Brunk, Jr. Everett D. Buchler Brian F. Buckenmeyer C. Roger Buckmaster Carl D. Buckner Mark N. Bull Robert J. Bump, Sr. Stephen J. Burack Donald A. Burge Frederick R. Burger, Jr. Trevor Burk James A. Burkhart Thomas A. Burkhart Donald R. Burnett Michael F. Burror Rodney J. Buschkoetter Bransby W. Bushey Jay M. Bushrow C. Raymond Buss, Jr. Douglas J. Butler John A. Buxton, Ph.D. Kathy Cadwell Francis A. Calabrese Peter C. Caldwell William A. Caldwell Robert O. Cameron Gerardo Campos, Jr. James H. Canada Robert E. Canada John J. Cannavo Michael P. Cannon Michael D. Cantone Dustin Capps Daniel A. Carapellucci Anthony L. Carbone William R. Carder R. Scott Carey Randall A. Carletti Steve S. Carlisle James R. Carmean, D.D.S. Robert D. Carnahan Louis A. Carnoali Dox W. Carr, III R. Jeffrey Carruthers Derrill L. Carter Milton E. Carter James G. Carver Peter C. Cary Joseph T. Casarella

Jeffrey R. Case Vernon O. Casper Thomas L. Casperson, M.D. Drew P. Cataldo Glenn J. Cattanach William D. Caudell Peter A. Cavallo, Ph.D. Kevin D. Cavanaugh Charles M. Cavicchio, D.P.M. Mark L. Cawthron Clifford A. Ceridono Timothy A. Chandler W. Curtis Chandler David L. Chapman Frank B. Chapman Upsilon-Gamma Chapter Donald M. Charsky Lloyd R. Chase, Ph.D. Leon B. Cheek, III Richard N. Cheever Maxwell G. Cheney Jerry W. Childers Charlie F. Childress, Jr. Stephen J. Chomniak Henry Chow James W. Chrissis William M. Christian Carter R. Christiansen Terry Claggett, M.D. Brent A. Claiborn James M. Clardy Mark A. Clark William M. Clark Roderick W. Clarke Arthur W. Clauson Edward W. Clay, Jr. Galen C. Clifford Robert H. Cline Charles B. Clizer Robert A. Cochran Glenn B. Cochrane William N. Coffee Kenneth W. Cohen Robert I. Cohen Alan V. Collins Kenneth D. Collins Kevin D. Collins James M. Columbia St. Mary’s Sales Company Daniel C. Connell, Jr. Edward F. Connor, Jr. Robert E. Connor Theodore Constantouros T. Randy Coody J. Randall Cook Kenneth Cookson Dean M. Coons Samuel D. Cooper Walter R. Cooper Ronald J. Cork Hyatt Hotels Corporation Thomas A. Corrigan Frank R. Cosner Roy D. Cotten William L. Cotter Rodney L. Cottrell Bill T. Couch, Jr. Thomas D. Covington Peter M. Cowper James H. Cox Dennis W. Crabb, M.D. David H. Crain Jason R. Crawford Benjamin N. Creasy Anthony J. Crebs Ronald C. Creswell Dan S. Crimmins John L. Crisp Richard C. Crist, Jr. James M. Cross John H. Cross M. Robert Cross Alan B. Crothers Clinton C. Crow Dennis E. Crowell Nancy Crowthers Jason C. Crusan David A. Culver William P. Cunningham John D. Currey, Sr. Rick Richard Curtis Mark A. Cushing Theodore W. Cutshall Bryston W. Cutter

Everett E. Cutter Raymond A. Cyrgalis Jerome S. Czaja Joe Czech Billy R. Dabbs Everett E. Dahl Scott M. Daigle, CFC Frank N. D’Alessandro Dois D. Dallas Renold P. Damiani Theodore J. D’Andriole Warren A. Daniel, Jr. Stewart C. Darling Merrill D. Darlington, Ph.D. George G. Davenport, III Dana B. Davidson Clyde T. Davies, Jr. Delmont A. Davis, Jr. Jeffrey H. Davis Jeffrey W. Davis Oliver W. Davis Richard L. Davis Spencer W. Davis William W. Davis, Jr. James A. Day, D.D.S. Ray Day Robert T. De Angelis Robert G. De Fore Stephen A. De Lurgio Roger S. Deacon Phillip B. Dean Michael DeAngelis Donald R. DeArmon John A. deBont John W. Deckard Ross C. Defries Richard C. Degeiso E. J. DeGrazia Andreas Deischl Stephen M. Delusky John F. DeNicola Steven J. Dennis Michael A. DePaoli Gaston R. Desnoyers Michael A. DeVito Donald R. DeZutter Dale A. Dickson Herbert E. Dilger Don C. Dill Edward L. Dillon, III Michael L. Dillon Peter Divoky Myron L. Doan Robert M. Dobbins, III John C. Dobbs Jeannette M Dobbyn John A. Dobrich Brett A. Dodge Clayton W. Dodge Keith D. Dodson Victor W. Dolbin Thomas R. Doll James E. Donahue Keith L. Donaldson William W. Donnelly Paul E. Donovan Kevin R. Dooley J. P. Door George D. Dorst Anthony A. Dovidio Roger J. Dow John R. Dowling Walter B. Dozier James E. Drasal K. William Dreier Steven Drizing Robert P. Drucker Robert J. Drummond Charles E. Du Chene Richard T. Dudzinski Thomas G. Duffett David R. Duncan Elbert V. Duncan William W. Duncan Robert T. Dunham James I. Dunnam James E. Dunning Michael A. Dziubek Mark R. Easterday C. John Easton James B. Edleman Paul K. Edman Donald W. Edwards Gregory L. Edwards


K. Donald Edwards Lawrence F. Edwards Donald C. Eggert, Jr. George L. Eib James W. Ekiss Bradley D. Eldevick Benjamin Ellenburg David L. Elliott Harry W. Elliott David H. Ellis Steven Emas Encyclopedia Brt Michael C. Engelhart Michael J. Engeln, Jr. Robert W. English, III Paul Eric Engstrom, Jr. Bryan K. Ensley Daniel W. Ericson George R. Erkes, Jr. Edward C. Ernst Charles R. Eslinger Edward A. Espina David B. Esposito Jerry W. Etcheson Wayne E. Etter Robert J. Evans Rod R. Evans William H. Everard Peter R. L. Faber John K. Fabsits Philip Fadden Garland E. Faist Larry D. Falstad Joseph F. Falta Willis S. Fankhauser James H. Farrier Marc G. Feinstein R. Powell Felix Geoffrey D. Fenelon Martin L. Fenik James H. Fenske Theodore J. Ferguson Ernest E. Ferrell, Jr. Richard L. Ferro Jeff A. Fiedorowicz Jon M. Files Richard E. Filippi Robert H. Fillmore, Jr. Mark J. Fine Keith R. Finger William B. Finger Larry D. Finkel Brian A. Fisackerly William B. Fitch John Fite Brendan D. Fitzgerald Joseph G. Flatley James W. Fleming James J. Fleuriel, Jr. David P. Flippin Thomas F. Flood Charles W. Flugel William M. Fogarty, Jr. Edward J. Foran, Jr. Curtis C. Force, D.O. Robert G. Foreman Robert F. Forillo Lee W. Formwalt William R. Fortner Joseph D. Fortunato Steven E. Fortune Bevley E. Foster, Jr. Vitale, Caturano & Co. Foundation Robert G. Fowler Timothy M. Fowler Brian W. Fox Howard N. Fox Robert F. Fox Timothy F. Fox Arthur R. France Michael T. Francis Mike S. Francis David A. Franko, Jr. William V. Franks Phi Kappa Psi Frat. yy Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity Inc. Raymond J. Frederici Eugene Frederickson Michael K. Freeman Arthur R. Frelund James T. French John K. Frets Benjamin R. Frevert, Sr. Francis L. Friedli

Kenneth R. Froelich Chalk Fry, D.D.S. Jason R. Fry Rob L. Gabel Edward E. Gahres, M.D. Richard M. Galgan Gary A. Galyas Robert Gangi David J. Garber Harold E. Garber Donald F. Garbers James G. Gardiner, Jr. Thomas J. Garfunkel Glenn L. Garner John B. Garrett Daniel Gates James D. Gaus Emerson W. Gearheart Michael J. Gebauer James R. Gebhart, D.O. Jon J. Gehring James Geier Fred A. Geiger Louis B. Geneva Matthew T. Genova Daniel A. George Kenneth L. Georgevits Donald M. Gerardi Kevin M. Gerber John H. Gerding George C. Gibbs G. John Gilbertson, Sr. Brian E. Gill Paul L. Gilles, Jr. John J. Giolitto Fred L. Gissoni, Jr. Alec A. Gizzi Patrick L. Glon Gerald J. Goecke Richard N. Goeke Erik Golbiw Mitchell R. Goldblatt Jeffrey B. Goldman James S. Gompers Christopher J. Gondeck Raymond B. Gonzalez Frank S. Goodell, USAF (Ret.) James M. Goodwine Harvey A. Gorden Thomas J. Gordon, CFC Jerry Gorup Larry E. Grabb Charles R. Graber Eugene V. Grace Joseph M. Grainda Stephen E. Grainer Bruce R. Granger Robert M. Graning, II J. Ray Grant, M.D. Albert J. Greasby Dominic Grecco, M.D. John A. Green John V. Green Charles L. Greene John M. Greener Richard T. Gregg Thomas M. Gregg Richard A. Griffith O. G. Grimm, D.D.S. Lloyd F. Grinslade, Jr. Edward N. Gronneberg Robert J. Grosso Larry R. Grove Jeffrey R. Grow Kenneth B. Guiseley George W. Gurnee, Jr. Lynn R. Guse Paul D. Guthrie Terry A. Guttrich Robert & Catherine Haack Armon L. Haagen Kenneth E. Haarstad Peter E. Haines Daniel W. Hale George E. Hall Laurence E. Hallas Russell G. Halleen Stuart E. Hallett, III, CFC Mack A. Hamblen Ray E. Hambuchen Douglas W. Hamilton Patrick M. Hamilton Thomas H. Hamilton Richard B. Hammerstrom

Brett E. Haney John D. Hanks S. Mark Hansen, Jr. Allen F. Hanson Robert A. Harrison Kyle J. Hartman Geoffrey L. Hartung George F. Hartung James E. Hartwig Douglas C. Hasbrouck Karl E. Hasenstab John E. Hassett Stephen D. Hassett John J. Hastings Brian D. Hauser Andrew J. Haverkate Paul J. Haviland William C. Hawk Phillip P. Hawkins William A. Hawkins Robert J. Hawley, Ph.D. Warren J. Haws David J. Hayes Richard E. Hayes Thomas F. Hayne Thomas G. Hazelton Robert B. Heath Larry A. Hecker, Jr. Robert W. Hein Ronald E. Held Keith R. Heldt Timothy D. Helton, M.D. Phillip R. Hemming Donald S. Henderson James K. Henderson William H. Hendry Kenneth D. Henkens Robert M. Hensler, II William H. Hensler Christopher C. Herbst Peter E. Herguth Paul C. Hetzel Paul R. Hetzer Merlyn R. Heusinkveld Richard K. Hidani Evan R. Higgins Walter A. Hilgendorf, Jr. Bryce S. Hill Christopher D. Hiller Jerry A. Hillhouse Anne Hinds R. Steven Hines Max E. Hinkle Gerry E. Hinrichs Edward J. Hirsch Roger H. Hitch Jerry L. Hix James K. Hocutt Timothy H. Hodge Alan B. Hodish, Esq. Phillip A. Hoedt Brian D. Hoffman Robert J. Hoffman Ron Hoffman Richard W. Hogan, Jr. Eugene B. Hoggatt, Jr. Richard W. Hogquist G. Herb Holley Robert A. Holm Floyd A. Holmes Prof. Gary B. Holt Robert E. Holt Kenneth C. Holzinger Timothy J. Hong Larry J. Hoog Forest S. Hoot M. Burton Hopkins, Jr. Richard A. Hopkins Verne L. Hoshal, Jr. Robert W. Hotaling William L. Hoversten Curtis M. Howard James W. Howard Richard E. Howard Donald L. Hower Timothy J. Hoying Bradley M. Hoyt George E. Hudiburg Reginald K. Hudson Allen J. Hume William R. Hummel Thomas E. Hunt, Jr. Samuel E. Hunter Robert N. Hurd, M.D.

Joseph M. Hurless Robert G. Hurley, III Thomas F. Hussey Keith E. Hutner Robert E. Hykes Joseph P. Hylan, USMC (Ret.) Edwin I. Ichiriu David M. Ike Robert H. Ikelman, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gordon R. Iles Michael Ilyichenko Rex W. Inman W. Gordon Innes Allianz Global Investors of America L.P. Investors Trust Donald H. Ishikawa Robert M. Italia Rodney C. Ives, Jr. Terry W. Ivey Jeffrey M. Iwanski James K. Jackson, Jr. James S. Jackson Jeffrey B. Jackson Peter N. Jackson Douglas B. Jacoby Andrew M. Jakubek Robert L. Jamelli Thomas J. James Tony M. James Joseph M. Janosik Raymond G. Jasper Scott R. Jeffery Jack R. Jeffries Frederick C. Jenks John J. Jens Russell H. Jensen Roger W. Jepsen Paul L. Jernigan, Jr. Daniel A. Jimenez Robert W. Joe A. Warren Johnson, Jr. Charles A. Johnson, Jr. Edward G. Johnson, Jr. Frederick C. Johnson Horace M. Johnson, Jr. Irvin L. Johnson James L. Johnson Jeremy W. Johnson Jesse A. Johnson, Jr. Kenneth T. Johnson Stephen L. Johnson Thomas W. Johnson Timothy P. Johnson Wayne J. Johnson William Johnson Fred G. Johnston, Jr. M. James Johnston Chris A. Jones Frederick M. Jones Harbert M. Jones James E. Jones Stephen W. Jones Jeffry R. Jontz Stephen M. Jordan Richard G. Josh David L. Juchau Eric P. Jung Calvin E. Jungquist James W. Justice Philip L. Kaser Kevin K. Kasky Eugene R. Kasper Ronald D. Kean Dennis A. Kearns Oliver D. Kee Joel D. Keefer Robert E. Keely Larry E. Keenan William J. Keller, M.D. D. Gregory Kenney Benjamin F. Kensinger Edward N. Kepnes James F. Kern John J. Kessler Randy Kessler Christopher J. Key Charles A. Kezar James F. Kiley James O. King Robert A. King Thomas C. King Paul W. Kingsbury, CFC Jack Kinkade David L. Kirkham

Kirkland & Ellis Michael D. Kirn Eric E. Kirschner Edward C. Kittel, USN (Ret.) Gilbert O. Kjorstad Mark A. Klein Robert H. Klein John K. Klesch Donald W. Klick Earl C. Klinger Michael Klipstein Robert A. Kluczynski Todd L. Knain Kevin D. Knerr, Sr. Richard L. Knode Walter T. Knollenberg Darren Knott Richard A. Koepplin Douglas A. Koestel Melvin Kohan John W. Kohut Eric P. Konieczny David J. Koning Richard W. Kopcke Grant A. Korkoyan, Jr. Peter A. Kostek Michael W. Koubek Daniel E. Kovach Michael J. Kowalski David J. Kozlowski, CFC David J. Kramarczyk Greg F. Kramer Lawrence A. Kramer Dennis J. Kranz Ralph L. Krasik Kevin B. Kraus Stanley M. Kriel, Jr. Joel A. Kriener Roger H. Kriete Thomas J. Krupka Mark A. Kubik Joseph D. Kudella Daniel B. Kueter Joseph C. Kueter Steven R. Kufus Dana H. Kulp Daniel E. Kunz Steven M. Kuznetz Joseph A. Kwasny Gregory C. La France Joseph A. La Russa Dustin A. Lacasse Walter T. Lacz William C. Laderer, III Jeffrey M. Laing Dan F. Laird, CFC Wallace F. Laird George T. Lalman John H. Lamb Will M. Lancer Arthur E. Landi John K. Landis, Jr. Andrew S. Lane Richard G. Lane William R. Lane, Jr. Craig A. Lange Wolfgang Lange Brian O. Lanier John E. Lanz, Jr. Lyman G. Larson Todd J. Larson Lee L. Lasseigne William C. Lauch, Jr. George M. Lauderbaugh, USAF Steven K. Lauer Gerald R. Lavoie Daniel M. Lavold Michael J. Law William J. Lawrence John B. Lawson Scott R. Lawson Eugene J. Le Blanc Richard W. Leach Leagre & Barnes John R. Leahy Lawrence T. LeBlond Edwin P. LeCroy, Jr. Robert J. Leduc Ronald E. Lee Ruben J. Lee Thomas Y. Lee David M. Lefcourt Henry J. Legere, Jr. D. Earl Legg




Albert A. Leisengang Robert M. Lenn Richard A. Lennon Michael J. Leonard Roberto Leopoldi Donald B. Lewis Peter A. Liehr William E. Lienesch Robert B. Light David E. Ling Stephan M. Lingreen G. Kenneth Link Bob E. Linn Timothy D. Linton Jack L. Lipsey Robert E. Liss Raymond C. Liszewski Richard B. Livingston Cortelligent LLC Lloyd V. Lofgren Larry D. Long, D.M.D. Lennie M. Long Pete Long, USAF (Ret.) Robert J. Long Scott P. Lopez, LTC. (Ret.) James O. Lord Charles M. Losinger Justin R. Louise Mark T. Lowder Joseph W. Lucas Kevin I. Lucas Herbert D. Ludwig Nathan M. Lux Dale H. Lyons Albert L. Mac Clain H. William Maca Ron S. Macaluso Ralph L. Maccarone, III Colin C. MacCrindle Steven R. MacLaughlin Kevin L. Maddock Daniel T. Madish, Col. (Ret.) Lyle J. Magin Francis W. Maher, Jr. Mark S. Mahoney Thomas F. Maidment Lawrence R. Maier William C. Mair Fredrick Makoczy Michael W. Mallory Paul R. Malnati Donald C. Malone D. Haley Manchester, III Scott M. Manchester George Maniez, Jr. Einar D. Manki John M. Manzanares, CFC John D. Marasa James B. Marble Louis R. Marchetti Charles E. Marking Robert L. Markle, Jr. Clifford O. Marks, D.D.S. Patrick M. Marley Hal R. Martens Daniel Martignetti Dennis A. Martin George F. Martin, Jr. Thomas S. Martin, Jr. Steven W. Marzo Donald J. Mash, Ph.D. Don W. Mason Richard B. Mason John T. Matarelli Marvin R. Mattfeld Steven D. Mavity Bruce D. May Robert C. Mayer, Jr. Richard S. Mazzella Gregory A. McAndrews Thomas M. McAninch Ian M. McCain Mike McCarthy Charles I. McCarty Donald R. McCarty George D. McCaughey, III Warren A. McCollough Thomas H. McCollum David K. McCullough James J. McDermott, Jr. Milton R. McFarland Thomas M. McGinty Michael A. McGovern Thomas J. McGuire



Hugh H. McIntyre, Jr. John R. McIntyre James D. McKenzie, III William P. McKibben Andrew C. McKirdy Kenneth F. McLaughlin James D. McLuckie William J. McMahon, Jr. Wendell G. McMurrain, Jr. Frederick N. Mcomber Glenn B. Mechanick Russell L. Medlin Christopher A. Meetze Shimmy Mehta David L. Meier Robert A. Meier Chester A. Meisberger Merchants Bank Philip E. Merritt, Ph.D. Stuart M. Mertz, Jr. P. Michael Metcalf David M. Metz William J. Metzger Paul W. Meyer Richard L. Meyers Frederick W. Michael David P. Middlemas Boniface Mikulka Eric S. Miller Everet G. Miller James R. Miller Robert G. Miller Robert H. Miller, CFC Roger S. Miller Sid J. Miller Thomas E. Miller Thomas Miller William S. Miller Richard B. Mills, USN (Ret.) Roger E. Mills Colie E. Millson William P. Milo Glenn R. Ming Patrick M. Mingo John R. Minor, III William H. Minty Samuel P. Mitchell, Brigadier General, USAF (Ret.) Michael Modica Charles A. Moe Jonathan W. Moeller Michael F. Mohr Joseph Molnar, III Gregory E. Monigold John M. Monihan Mark D. Monson David K. Monsour Edwin J. Montgomery David E. Moomaw Michael D. Moon G. Thomas Moore Charles F. Morgan Dennis R. Morgan Arthur & Amy Morin Ira D. Morris, Jr. Maynard B. Morris J. Patrick Morse George M. Morvis Stephen E. Moss, CFC Steven C. Mott Marjorie F. Moyer Mark E. Mudge Raymond J. Mueller Daniel D. Mulford Thomas S. Mulinski Kenneth B. Mundorf Samuel C. Munhollon John G. Munoz, CLU Paul Murgio Edward G. Murphy Patrick K. Murphy Thomas A. Muscarella, CFC J. N. Musto Steve J. Mustric, M.D. Gerard E. Myers Kenneth A. Myers George Nagy, Jr. Nagraj Narasimhan, M.D. Andrew D. Narrai Leonard E. Natkowski James D. Neal Michael E. Nelkens Roger L. Nelson Taza M. Nelson

Edward W. Newby Thomas C. Newman Warren P. Newmark, II Robert V. Newton Adam W. Nicely Donald K. Nicolson, M.D. R. Scott Nietzel Randall H. Niven Keith R. Nolan Timothy B. Nolan Robert T. Noonan Jay H. Norenberg GAB Robins North American, Inc. Paul R. Northup Ross A. Norton Edward G. Nosek George A. Nousiainen George W. Nowatka Christian I. Nyby Robert T. O’Brien, Jr. Wesley S. O’Brien Cecil D. O’Bryan, Jr. Michael J. O’Connor Mr & Mrs K. A. Ohlmann W. Sean O’Keefe Henry M. Okleshen Mark P. Oldberg David W. Oliver Wallace B. Oliver Vincent R. Olivieri Harold F. Olsen, LLP James D. Olson Scott W. Omiecinski John A. O’Neal Steven E. Oole Carlos A. Oramas Cragin T. Orr Lawrence L. Orth Robert C. Osborne Bryan A. Oscarson Steven R. Oster Timothy D. Oswald Albert W. Owen, Jr. John M. Oyhenart Anthony E. Pacella Raymond J. Palmer, Jr. Richard L. Panarella Panhellenic Asso Armand R. Paolini Harry Papadakis Ernest T. Park, Jr. Richard E. Park Philip C. Parker Charles R. Parnell David B. Patrick Andrew J. Patterson James E. Patterson, Jr. Thomas G. Patterson, Jr. John F. Pavetto Scott M. Pawenski Larry D. Payne Jeffrey P. Pearson Charles Pechewlys Stephen J. Peirce Harvey A. Peltier, III David T. Pendley Mark B. Perla David J. Persson David L. Pesses Eric M. Peterson Thomas J. Pfenning Christopher J. Phelps Larry S. Phelps Richard W. Phelps George D. Phillippy, Ph.D. Peter R. Philomey Kenneth R. Piana Philip E. Pickard Robert L. Pierce James M. Pierson Thomas E. Pinelli Gerald D. Pint John P. Pinter Mark S. Pinto Joseph M. Pisoni W. Bryan Pizzi, II Nelson R. Pleau Richard A. Pluth David S. Pohlman David G. Pollart Robert W. Pope Aaron C. Porter J. David Porthouse James B. Posanski

David H. Powell Gary H. Preble Gene L. Preisse, III Richard C. Preston J. John Prestopnik Gary & Frances Previts William J. Prew Shane D. Prier Ralph F. Principe Mark F. Proies Floyd E. Propst Frank Pulice, Jr. Donald R. Pung Ishmael Purcell William C. Purdon Richard C. Puryear Philip S. Pyne Corwin D. Querrey, Jr. Ken A. Quincy Tulio Quirantes, Jr. Angel R. Quiroz Wayne L. Quon David N. Rackmales David B. Raddatz Dr. Barney T. Raffield, III Glenn B. Raiczyk Natale P. Raimondo Joseph M. Ramirez Zachary D. Ramsay Johnny C. Ramsey, Jr. Michael E. Ranshaw, II Timothy P. Ratajczak G. W. Stephen Read Hutton-Conam Realty Alvin D. Reece Gerald O. Reece Albert G. Reed, Jr. Randall S. Reed Robert M. Reed Kirk D. Reeves Boyd H. Reid James E. Reid Douglas M. Reif Frederick W. Reinhart Kevin D. Renfro Kirk L. Reno Winston J. Renoud Kevin R. Repcheck Alvin B. Reuben Thomas J. Reynolds Edward J. Ribstein Nelson K. Richards Kyle C. Richardson Michael J. Richardson Scott I. Richardson William E. Riebe John R. Riedman Robert T. Rigler Robert C. Rinehart Daniel J. Riordan Timothy J. Ritchie Andrew M. Ritter Nicholas A. Rizzitello, Jr., D.C. Daniel E. Roberts Ronald S. Robertson Jack T. Robinette, Jr. David R. Robinson Lynn F. Robinson, USAF (Ret.) Neil D. Robinson Richard B. Robinson Michael A. Rock Melvin B. Rockey Roy Roderick Steven E. Rodick Dennis A. Roe B. Carter Rogers, M.D. Jay J. Rogers Thomas R. Rogers Juan F. Rojas, M.D. Andrew B. Romberger Harry L. Rook Nils E. Rosaen Frank J. Rose James J. Rose Kent J. Rosenau Charles S. Ross David J. Ross, II William J. Rossiter, CPA Clyde E. Rostad Christopher J. Roth Joseph C. Rotolo, M.D. William R. Roulette Thomas A. Rourke Richard B. Roush

Howard Rubenstein Donald H. Rubin Leon A. Ruby David B. Rucker Kevin J. Ruddy Ronald R. Rufatto Robin H. Ruffino Michael J. Ruggles Thomas Rule John V. Rumble George A. Russett, CLU Jeff A. Rutledge John F. Rutledge Stephen P. Rutman Timothy A. Ryan William R. Ryan Arthur W. Salisbury, D.Ph. Don F. Sampsel William L. Sanders Donald G. Sapp Scott H. Sari Roy S. Sasaki, CFC Roland R. Saucier, Jr. Robert N. Saunders, Ph.D. Neil Savin W. Tom Sawyer, Jr. Jerry W. Sayre, M.D. Louis J. Scarfo Timothy O. Schaefer Christopher M. Schaeffer Steven M. Schauer John E. Scheatzle David R. Schechter John W. Scherer Walter R. Schirber James C. Schluckbier Leonard Schlussel Edward C. Schmidt John A. Schmidt Phillip J. Schmidt Fred J. Schmitt Samuel L. Schmitz Michael P. Schneider Ronald A. Schneider Terry L. Schneider Keith N. Schnelle James R. Schonberger Robert L. Schornstheimer James D. Schreyer Gregory D. Schroeder Robin S. Schroeder Richard A. Schromm Albert J. Schuette Robert Schulenburg Michael D. Schultz Steven J. Schulz Stephen D. Schulze Gerald A. Schwalbach Steven P. Schwefel William D. Schwenke Timothy D. Scott Troy A. Scott Michael J. Scully Ronald D. Seavey Allen H. Seed, Ph.D. Angela Seeley Michael D. Seeman Bart C. Segal, CFC Kenneth F. Seis Joel M. Selber Jon D. Sell James C. Selover Ph. D. Eric C. Semmelmeier William A. Sensenderfer, D.D., Ph.D. Michael Ser Samuel A. Serrian Lester P. Servid, M.D. Neil A. Settle Harry S. Shaffer, III Michael R. Shanahan Matthew J. Shapiro Jack A. Shaw Francis J. Sheeran, CFC Joseph H. Shelton, Jr. Richard L. Shelton, Jr. Nathaniel E. Sheppard James P. Sherk Michael T. Shields Anthony S. Shifflett Richard D. Shmel Jeffrey L. Shober William J. Shoulders H. Burkley Showe John D. Shull, Jr.


Benson P. Shupe, Jr. Bob B. Sieck Dana J. Sieckert Robert F. Siegert Richard D. Silverthorn Ralph J. Simmons Dennis M. Simon Christopher L. Simons Robert Simpson, Jr. William T. Sinclair Scott G. Sink Scott K. Sitterle, O.D. John A. Skidmore Thomas C. Skubich William L. Slade, CFC Eric P. Slipp Edward A. Slye Joseph M. Smetana, Jr. Brad Smith Caleb Smith Calvin G. Smith Gregory B. Smith Jeffrey L. Smith Lowell R. Smith Martin A. Smith Milton R. Smith Sean A. Smith Stephen S. Smith Thomas B. Smith W. Hilary Smith Terry E. Snavely Miles A. Snyder Richard G. Snyder E. Michael Sorom James S. Spahr Gerald G. Spaugh Jeff B. Sperry Mark S. Sperry, M.D. Daryl A. Splichal Jay A. Spoto Scott R. Springer Peter J. Squier Dane C. St. Pierre Michael R. St. Pierre Thomas E. Staab Wayne E. Stabrawa Jack V. Stalnaker Stewart G. Stalnecker, Jr. Raymond T. Stamps Ricky W. Stanfield Laurance S. Staples, Jr. Donald E. Stark Thomas A. Stark Joel A. Starzecki Bruce F. Stasiak Ernest A. Staubs, Jr. Robert C. Steck Richard M. Steele Joseph T. Steible John L. Steimke Jack W. Steiner, Jr. Charles M. Steinhofer, Jr. Michael F. Stell Jon E. Stevens Janet M. Stewart Terence E. Stewart Timothy W. Stewart Richard B. Stivers Lewis H. Stivitts Lynn C. Stoecker Douglas J. Stokes Ernest R. Stracener Randy L. Strite Ethan M. Stubbs, II Dwight L. Stull Francis B. Stull Leonard G. Suelter John L. Sullivan Joseph E. Summerhays Stephen L. Suslik Michael A. Sutton Mike E. Sutton William E. Swank, Jr. David A. Swanson Jeffrey A. Swenson Norman H. Swick Michael J. Symons Richard H. Tait John E. Talley Bruce L. Tarbet Jerry W. Tastad Richard H. Tate Edward A. Tauser Gregory S. Taylor

Timothy L. Taylor Warren L. Taylor David Teeter John C. Telander George Tereshkovich William S. Thayer Lawrence W. Theriault Ryan P. Thibodeaux Todd E. Thiesse James E. Thomas Lee B. Thomas, Jr. James W. Thompson Ronald B. Thompson Tom L. Thorkelson Richard A. Thornburg Willard C. Tice, II Christopher B.Tidwell William M. Tilton Rodney G. Timm Bruce E. Titus Thomas N. Tjarnberg, D.D.S. Leif C. Tolokken Robert C. Toniny David H. Toops Richard D. Torlina David W. Towne, Esq. Charles W. Trainor Robert G. Treece, Jr. Clinton B. Trousil John R. Trudell Raleigh D. Truitt David A. Trump Robert D. Twitchell U S Postal Serv Dallace W. Unger Thomas J. Urquhart Bennedict R. Uselman Shane Utter Charles P. Valentine Ronald L Van Buskirk Rene W. Van Zanten William L. Vandenburg Ronald J. Vandermark Stephen A. Vanderpoorten Robert J. Vanek Joe B. Vangilder Robert S. Vangrin Phillip J. Vanyo Paul J. Varkal William P. Vaughn Joseph J. Vauter Norman C. Veach Marvin D. Vee Nicio Vega, Jr. Allan R. Veler Robert W. Veramay Joe K. Verner Steve Vickers Anthony M. Viola Joseph Voldrich, III Daniel T. Volk Oliver L. Von Behren Peter O. Von Bradsky Mahlon W. Vorhies James Votanek Clayton J. Vreeland James E. Waechter Kendall P. Wagar Christian W. Wagner John Jacob Wagner, III Donald A. Walbrecht Dennis J. Waldron Barry B. Wales Alvin F. Walker Jr. Bian B. Walker, Jr. Philip C. Walker Stephen C. Walker Ronald K. Wallace Ralph M. Wallem Ronald L. Walsh Steven R. Walsh Stephen A. Walston Thomas G. Walters Brad Wambach Geoffrey M. Ward Paul D. Ward Sidney J. Ward, III James R. Wardell William R. Warmbein Richard R. Warmbold Leon E. Warner Sanford A. Wasserman Richard F. Watkins Mark E. Watters

Jeffrey P. Wavering Earl A. Wayne C. Joseph Weaver, Jr. James K. Webster Robert Wedberg, Jr. Dennis R. Weddle William A. Weed, Jr. Kenneth M. Weesner Sue E Wehner Ronald J. Weimer Steven A. Weiner Robert P. Weisman Brian J. Wellock G. David Wells, III L. Byron Welsh Jeffrey R. Wesche Donald A. Wescott, Jr. Dean A. Wessels Ed L. West Chris J. Westhof, III Rainer J. Westphal Ted F. Wethje Mark G. Weyermuller Jack J. Weymouth David F. Whedon Edward A. Wheeler, IV Richard T. Whistler Gerald R. Whitcomb Wilbur J. Whitcomb Kevin E. White Lee C. White Byron D. Whitten Chuck E. Whittington, Jr. Craig N. Wiederhold Joseph L. Wikoff W. Peyton Wilbar Richard R. Wilford Kenneth A. Wilkens Leonard C. Wilkerson Charles E. Williams Mark W. Williams Matthew A. Williams Rick Williams, Chairman Gregory L. Willis Richard E. Willson John F. Wilson Keith D. Wilson Mark Wilson Michael D. Wilson James A. Wimbush Leslie W. Winegarden Raymond L. Winn, III Philip E. Winston, Jr. Gregory D. Wisor Robert G. Witham John L. Witt G. Michael Witte David A. Wittig Michael H. Wittmer, CFC Richard E. Wittnebel Robert E. Wojnicki Ronald & Karen Wolf Robert J. Wolfe, II David A. Womble, Jr. Gary K. Woodhull William A. Wortzman William H. Wrege Jeffrey W. Wren Anthony J. Wright Kevin R. Wright Michael G. Wukovich Raydee E. Wyatt Steven E. Yanne Mark M. Yoder Kieran C. York Anton P. Yrle Martin Zadnik Norman R. Zammar Charles Zampich, Jr. Richard C. Zapp Peter Zarras James M. Zechmann Robert V. Zenz William R. Ziegler Daniel J. Zielanis Robert P. Zilai Don Zimmerman William J. Zinn, Sr. Robert C. Zornes

CHAPTER ETERNAL HONOR ROLL The following Fraters have passed into the Chapter Eternal, but in life made a commitment of $10,000 or more in support of the TKE Educational Foundation. William C. Prout, Jr., Albion College Frank W. Koenen, Carroll College James G. Crouse, Sr., Drexel University Carrol C. Hall, Eureka College Allyn C. Donaldson, George Washington University Frank Sanders, Georgia Southern University C. Herbert Foutz, Gettysburg College Charles H. Miller, Gettysburg College J. George Schmid, Jr., Gettysburg College Robert M. Hill, Indiana University George Blankenship, Marshall University Orval W. Diehl, Millikin University Charles Bruning, II, Monmouth College Eric H. Pierson, Oregon State University Jack R. Fisher, PGP, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Jay C. Routh, The Ohio State University Paul B. Rutledge, Trine University Irving P. Krick, University of CaliforniaBerkeley William C. M. Schroeder, University of Illinois William E. Biggs, University of Louisville Rodney Williams, Jr., PGP, University of Louisville H. Glenn Bixby, University of Michigan Charles R. Walgreen, Jr., University of Michigan James T. Kane, University of Minnesota D. Reed Geer, University of Pennsylvania George W. Woolery, University of Southern California Frank A. Rostedt, University of Washington Lloyd E. Steele, University of Washington Kenneth W. Sells, University of WisconsinMadison Dwayne R. Woerpel, University of WisconsinSuperior George F. Prior, Washington State University Roy S. Otte, Washington University Bernard S. Palcich, West Virginia University Claude Prichard, West Virginia University



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JOHN B. PHILLIPS Co-CEO & Trustee Group Insurance Trust of the California Society of CPAs Life Loyal Teke • Key Leader Award • Director, TKE Educational Foundation

THE TEKE Spring 12  
THE TEKE Spring 12  

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