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“This year’s RLC season shattered every attendance record.”



he 2013 Regional Leadership Conferences have come to a close. TKE saw members turn out in record numbers to make both their group and themselves better. Utilizing the theme of “Minimize to Maximize,” attendees took advantage of 25 different educational sessions on topics such as Interview Skills, Recruitment, St. Jude, and Etiquette. Attendees had the opportunity to see how large the Grand Chapter is. Grand Council members, Order of the Golden Eagle winners, Volunteers, Alumni, Staff, and a Past Grand Prytanis made these five weeks extremely special to everyone who attended an RLC. These conferences were also a chance for peer-to-peer learning, where members could ask each other what actions they take to be successful and what pitfalls other groups should avoid to attain success.


Site Highlights Philadelphia – The RLC season kicked off in Philadephia, Pa., February 1–2 and saw 512 attendees. The kickoff speaker for the Philadelphia RLC was Frater Jim Crockard who shared how TKE shaped his life and has led to the success he has created. Gillian Fontanta, the International Sweetheart of TKE, was in attendance and spoke of her love and commitment to TKE at the Regional Banquet. The celebrities in attendance included Grand Council members Frater Tony Clemens, Frater Brian Montgomery, Frater Jim Hickey, Frater Chris Hanson, and the chairman of the TEF Board, Frater Ernie Ernest. Grand Prytanis Key Leader Awards were presented to Frater James Upton (Iota-Omega, Glenville State College), Frater Dr. Nigel Hernandez (Lambda-Lambda, Utica College), and Frater Robert Smith (Zeta-Tau, Shippensburg University).

Chicago – The second stop on the RLC circuit took us to Chicago, Ill. This site provided the highest attendance seen at an RLC site with 528 men. This record was set with the hotel selling out eight weeks before the conference took place. The kickoff speaker in Chicago was Grand Crysphylos Frater Rod Talbot, and the Regional Banquet keynote was Grand Histor Frater Chris Hanson. TKE celebrities in attendance included the two speakers above in addition to Frater Rob Jefferis and Frater Tony Clemens from the Grand Council. The TKE Crusader Sword was awarded to Frater James Fox (Epsilon-Kappa, Loyola University-Chicago) and the Grand Prytanis Key Leader Award was presented to Frater Earl Richards (Zeta-Lambda, Bowling Green State University).

Atlanta – The middle of the season saw the Southern RLC stop in Atlanta, Ga., where 289 paid attendees were fired up about TKE and the future of the Southern Region. The kickoff speaker was Frater Elmer Smith who is the secretary-treasurer of the TKE Educational Foundation and the man who endowed the Southern RLC along with his late wife, Donna. The Regional Banquet speaker was Grand Epiprytanis Frater Bob Barr. In addition to these TKE celebrities, Grand Council members Frater Rob Jefferis and Frater Jim Hickey were in attendance. Adding to the role of TKE celebrities were two Order of the Golden Eagle winners—the highest award in TKE—Frater Buckwheat Perry (Alpha-Nu, University of New Hampshire) and Frater Ray Franklin (Lambda-Alpha, University of South Florida). Rounding out this great group of men was Past Grand Prytanis Frater Mark Romig (Theta-Mu, University of New Orleans). The Grand Prytanis Key Leader Award was presented to Frater Chris Cox. Concord – The West Coast RLC saw a new city and a new high in attendance with 240 men. The kickoff speaker was Frater Greg Woodson, past chairman of the Educational Foundation and the man who, along with his wife Cay, endowed the West Coast RLC. The Regional Banquet speaker was Frater Joel Coen who shared his story of going from the top of the

business world to the bottom and how TKE helped him in redefining his life and building it back to the top. TKE celebrities in attendance included the Venerable Grand Prytanis Frater Ed Moy and Grand Crysophylos Frater Rod Talbot. The Grand Prytanis Key Leader Award was presented to Frater Mark Yeung. Kansas City – The 2013 RLC season rounded up in Kansas City where 216 men were in attendance. The kickoff speaker was Grand Grammateus Frater Fritz Jacobi, and the Regional Banquet speaker was TEF Chairman Frater Ernie Ernest. TKE celebrities in attendance included the men above and Grand Council members Frater Tony Clemens, Frater Brian Montgomery, and Grand Epiprytanis Frater Bob Barr who emceed the Regional Banquet. The Grand Prytanis Key Leader Award was presented to Frater John Fabsits. This year’s RLC season shattered every attendance record. Each site saw a new attendance record and overall, the 1,785 men who attended a Regional Leadership Conference was a new benchmark for TKE. These weeks provided an opportunity for new relationships to be formed, for learning opportunities to be taken advantage of, and a chance to practice ritual in some of the largest venues ever seen. We are all excited about the energy moving forward from this year’s RLC season and the results that it will spur within the TKE Nation!

“As a fairly recent initiate of the Zeta-Omega chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon, we were posed with many problems with the chapter when returning back to school this year. Recruitment was a huge problem with our chapter, and will continue to be a problem for every chapter. However, after being blessed with the opportunity to attend the Regional Leadership Conference in Philadelphia, Penn., and attending your conference on recruitment, we have picked up our recruitment numbers for the spring. “We started out having three different guys who were interested in joining us in the fall but sadly couldn’t due to school policy. With the information you provided in your conference in Philadelphia, we made a few changes to the ways that we recruit. Our chapter is currently looking at about 10 new men who we will be initiating in the spring this year. This is the largest group of initiates that our chapter will have ever had. “Even though California University of Pennsylvania is a relatively small school with about half of the student body being commuters, finding quality men is difficult but with your help at the Regional Leadership Conference, our chapter and I cannot simply thank you enough. You have influenced us to change the way we recruit and we are forever grateful for what you have taught us in such a short amount of time.” —Andrew Weaver, Crysophylos


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THE TEKE Winter 2012  

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