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< audio samplings within altered space

input / output processing audio file

occupancy map

sensing sound level metering

actuation volume controlled audio file >

dml speaker

occupants location and activity > ceiling form and surface >


kinect sensor

surface compostion >

directional projection

stepper motors

wireless platform

adjusts volume and channels >

occupant location >

transform surface toward listener >

adjusted track to play >

adjust surface exposure >

position sensors

gross deformation

linear actuator

< length of cable extended or retracted < actuator extensions

< overall ceiling form < length of cable extended or retracted

Systems mapping The organization and logics of interrelated real-time sensing, acoustic control and actuation logics are diagrammed relative to listeners, the environment, and assembly manipulation.

Responsive surficial movement Stop motion imaging of alterations in the ceiling composition as the relative exposure of acoustically reflective and absorptive surfaces is modified.

absorption / reflection ratio

Dimensions 26  
Dimensions 26