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deformed during its fabrication by traditional

into the design process, the equipment and

glass blowing techniques. Internal depres-

software developed for Glass Cast ties very

sions allow for the concentration of light

specifically to particular material attributes

while protrusions increase the scatter, locally

and modifications, providing the potential

attenuating it. Manual forming tools were

for continuously variable formal output,

developed in relationship to the physical at-

while reducing the waste associated with

tributes of the glass at forming temperatures

dedicated molds. The fully integrated meth-

and the resultant formal relationships to the

odology includes feedback on the formability

illumination effects. In order to allow for the

of specific geometries, material properties,

variability produced by the manual process

and direct machine control of both the form-

of glass blowing, the caps, which feature an

ing kiln and the post-form robotic abrasive

innovative internal external strain relief, are

waterjet trimming of panels.

parametrically designed and digitally manu-

Exhibition at the Liberty Research Annex Top: The exhibition setting prompted the opportunity to configure and suspended a cohesive output from the two trajectories of research and to push the spatial intentions and resultants.

Research Through Making

manufacturing constraint feedback directly

Detail of Installation Next: The work presented attributes that ranged between bold implications of space, the disappearance implied through its transparency, the fleet lighting effects throughout the day, and the jarring relationship between suspension and delicacy.

factured to fit each individual globe. Aiming to inflict directionality and varia-


tion into generic light bulb forms, Diffuse

The above work was composed into a larger

Globes alters a fixed globe form through

installation for the annual Research Through

custom forming tools to control the disper-

Making exhibition. The exhibition setting

sion of light. Encasing a low wattage bulb,

prompted the opportunity to configure and

the medium of the globe diffuses the light

suspended a cohesive output from the two

source, diminishing the perceived glow

trajectories of research and to push the spatial

at the outer edge of the globe. To control

intentions and resultants. The work presented

the directionality of the light, the globe is

attributes that ranged between bold implica-

McGee | Newell

Diffuse Globes

Dimensions 26  
Dimensions 26