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Bulletin Volume 32, No. 9 - September 2016

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Murchison Quilt & craft show

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public notices

bereavement thanks


Joyce and Don Tavener would like to thank all their friends for their flowers, cakes, cards and phone calls on the loss of their grandson, Mitchell.

The GV West branch of the CWA are holding an exhibition of crafts, floral displays, baking and preserves at Victory Hall, Hogan St, Tatura on Sunday 2 October 10 am to 3.30 pm Admission $5.00 Devonshire Tea available all day Everyone Welcome

coming events tatura park


for sale mobility scooter All extra batteries

$1,200 o.n.o

COHEN, June Patricia The family of June Patricia Cohen would like to thank all our friends for their cards, kind thoughts and messages of love on the passing of June. Thank you to you all. - Peter and family LICCIARDO, Marc Angelo 17-2-63 - 4-9-16 We wish to express our sincere thanks to all relatives and friends for cards, flowers and condolences received following the recent sad loss of our son and brother. Grateful thanks to all those who attended his funeral to celebrate his life. Please accept this as our personal thanks.


Sept. 29 Police Remembrance Day, St Paul’s Church Shepparton, 11am. Oct. 3 Tatura Senior Citizens Crazy Whist Oct. 4 Tatura Area Community Bulletin General Meeting, 7pm Oct. 5 Catholic Women’s League Monthly Meeting, Parish Hall 2pm Oct. 12 Tatura Area Community Bulletin Deadline 11am Oct. 17 Catholic Women’s League Crazy Whist, Parish Hall 1.30pm Oct. 17 Tatura Garden Club Meeting, Kerferd Street, 7.30pm Oct. 17 Tatura Film Society screens “Nebraska” for members at 7.30pm Oct. 20 Tatura Uniting Church Morning Coffee Party Oct. 27 Tatura Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Meeting, 2pm Oct. 24 Tatura Area Community Bulletin Folding at Presbyterian Hall 12 noon Nov 12 Girgarre Book Launch – 12 noon, Memorial Hall, Girgarre

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Next year Dhurringile P.S. is turning 100 so let’s make it a year to remember. Do you have memories of our school to share? If so, please get in touch. The celebrations will be held on Friday March 17 and Saturday March 18, 2017. We are looking for any information, photos, images or stories of the last 100 years. If you can assist, please contact our principal, Angela Holleran or school council president, Jodie Brisbane. Mail: 605 Langham Road, Dhurringile, 3610 or email Phone: 5826 6222 Fax: 5826 6277 Email: Facebook: Join the Dhurringile 100 FB group.

TATURA UNITING CHURCH Morning Coffee Party to be held on Thursday 20th October at the home of John and Dorothy Clement, 2 Johnstone Road Tatura. Commencing at 10am. Everybody Welcome.

2017 AUSTRALIA DAY AWARDS TATURA AND GREATER SHEPPPARTON Nomination Forms are now available. All nominations must be made on the official Greater Shepparton Australia Day nomination form available from the website, or by calling the Tatura & District Australia Day Committee secretary on 0458 084 170 Nominations close 1 December 2016.

Ready for Eating Ingredients: 1 cup Rolled Oats 1 cup Plain Flour 3/4 cup Sugar If you would like to have the Bulletin posted 3/4 cup Desiccated Coconut to friends, please complete the following: 2 tablespoons Golden Syrup 125g Butter Name..................................................................... (please print clearly) 1 teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda 2 tablespoons Hot Water Address................................................................. Method: Mix the oats, flour, sugar and coconut together ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� Melt the golden syrup and butter together ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� Dissolve bicarbonate of soda in the hot water Mix into the syrup and butter, then pour all Postcode................................................................ together over the dry ingredients and send together with your Mix well and put teaspoons full of the mixture remittance of $35 (to cover postage & packing) on trays for 11 issues to: Bake at 160 degrees for approximately 15 TATURA AREA COMMUNITY minutes (until firm) BULLETIN P.O. Box 353, Tatura 3616 Cool slightly on trays - Janice Dreyer





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For full terms and conditions visit, authorised under LTPS/16/04655 (NSW) and Licence No: T16/1053 (SA)


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Changes to the Age Pension rules – Are You Ready?

Pension rules – Are You Ready?

From 1 January 2017 Government changes to the Age Pension are likely to reduce pensioner entitlements. It’s important that you understand how the changes could affect you.

Increase in the Assets Test threshold

anges to the Age Pension are likely to reduce pensioner entitlements. It’s important The Assets Test threshold is the amount of assets pensioners can hold before their pension starts to reduce under the could affect you. Centrelink Assets Test. The table below shows the new thresholds from 1 January 2017. Assets Test thresholds from 1 January 2017


Family situation

Assets Test threshold

Single, homeowner Single, non-homeowner Couple, homeowner Couple, non-homeowner

$250,000 $450,000 $375,000 $575,000

unt of assets pensioners can hold before their pension starts to reduce under the w shows the new thresholds from 1 January 2017. Increase in the ‘taper rate’

The taper rate is the rate at which the Age Pension reduces sets Test thresholds from 1 January 2017as assets increase. From 1 January 2017 the taper rate will increase from $1.50 a fortnight to $3 a fortnight. This means the maximum Age Pension a pensioner can receive will be

mily situation

Assets Test threshold

reduced by $3 per fortnight for every $1,000 of assets they hold above the Assets Test threshold.

Age Pension e, homeownerHow the changes could affect your $250,000 The higher Assets Test thresholds will generally mean: non-homeowner $450,000  Age Pension recipients with an asset value ‘around’ the thresholds are likely to see an increase in their Age Pension entitlement, and e, homeowner $375,000  Age Pension recipients with assets above the threshold are likely to see a reduction in their Age Pension – in of the increased taper rate. non-homeowner some cases to zero – as a result$575,000 The combined effect of these changes The combined effect of these changes is that while some pensioners will see either no change to or an increase in their age pension, many will see their age pension reduced, possibly to zero. The Government estimates that this measure will see 91,000 part-pensioners lose their age pension completely while another 235,000 part-pensioners will see their age pension reduced. The table below illustrates the likely impact of these changes to a pensioner couple who own their own home.

Age Pension reduces as assets increase. From 1 January 2017 the taper rate will a fortnight. This means the maximum Age Pension a pensioner can receive will be assets age pension New age pension Reduction in age 1,000 of assets they Assessable hold above theCurrent Assets Test threshold. indexed pension $300,000 $400,000 $451,500 $500,000 $600,000 $700,000 $800,000 $823,000 $900,000 $1,000,000 $1,100,000 $1,200,000

our Age Pension

ll generally mean:

$34,865 $30,965 $28,956 $27,065 $23,165 $19,265 $15,365 $14,467 $11,465 $7,565 $3,665 $0

$34,923 $32,973 $28,956 $25,173 $17,373 $9,573 $1,773 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

($59) ($2,009) $0 $1,892 $5,792 $9,692 $13,592 $14,467 $11,465 $7,565 $3,665 $0

an asset value ‘around’ the thresholds are likely to see an increase in their Age If you would like more information or have any queries regarding the changes please contact our office to make an appointment.

assets above Athe threshold are likely to see a reduction in their Age Pension – in Pensioner couple who own their own home with less than $451,500 of assessable assets will see either no change, or an increase, in their age pension. Such pensioners with assets above $451,500 will see their age pension fall – in sult of the increased taper rate. this case by up to as much as $14,467 per year. Single pensioners and non-homeowners may also be affected, but at


different levels of assets.

Vince Gagliardi CFP ® Dip. FP Authorised Representative No: 226942 78-82 Wyndham Street Shepparton Vic 3630 Tel: 03 5822 4613 Mobile: 0402 860 322 Email:

Infinity Private Wealth is an Authorised Representative of

If you would like more information or have any queries regarding the changes please contact Lonsdale Financial Group Limited, ABN 76 006 637 225 AFSL 246934our office to make an Source: Challenger Financial Group appointment. Infinity Private Wealth is an Authorised Representative of Lonsdale Financial Group Ltd ABN 76 006 637 225 | AFSL 246934

This information is general advice only and does not take into account your financial circumstances, needs and objectives. Vince Gagliardi CFP ® Dip. FP Before making any decision based on this document, you should assess your own circumstances or seek advice from a Authorised Representative No: 226942 financial planner seek tax advice from a registered agent. an Information is current at the date of issue es is that while some pensioners will see either noand change to taxor increase inand may change. This information and certain references, where indicated, are taken from sources believed to be accurate and 78-82 Wyndham Street Shepparton Vic 3630 correct. To the extent permitted by the Law, Lonsdale, its representatives, officers and employees accept no liability for ir age pension The Government estimates that this any person that relies upon the information contained herein. This information and certain references, where indicated, Tel:reduced, 03 5822 4613 possibly Mobile: 0402to 860zero. 322 are taken from sources believed to be accurate and correct. To the extent permitted by the Law, Lonsdale, its Email: representatives, officers and employees accept no liability for any person that relies upon the information contained ners lose their age pension completely while another 235,000 part-pensioners will herein.

table below illustrates theis anlikely impact of ofthese changes to a pensioner couple Infinity Private Wealth Authorised Representative Lonsdale Financial Group Limited, ABN 76 006 637 225 AFSL 246934

Infinity Private Wealth is an Authorised Representative of Lonsdale Financial Group Ltd ABN 76 006 637 225 | AFSL 246934

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A SUCCESSFUL QUILT AND CRAFT SHOW The ladies from the traditional craft group at the Murchison Neighbourhood House are very pleased with the success of their recent Quilt and Craft Expo held recently in the Murchison Community Centre. Running over the weekend, there were over 130 people in attendance each day and for the small admission of $5, the great diversity on offer gave them plenty to look at. There was even a stall with various items made from recycled plastic shopping bags and another stall where Talayah Brown has created sculptures from scrap metal. As well as the large variety of quilts, there were tapestries, a paper tolle, an antique button collection (amazing the variety of materials they were made from!), card making, teddy bears, craft supplies and a stall of crafted items for sale, which I noticed were extremely popular. The most important outcome for the women involved was the enjoyment they were able to provide by putting on an event of this nature, with each of them keen to share their excitement, passion and skills. Some of the most interesting items on display were the antique quilts with a couple over 150 years old, which captured the essence of how quilt making started and the work involved. Fortunately for the patrons, there were placards telling the story of each piece. One quilt was created during the Crimean War by Abraham Chammen, a soldier in the Irish Fusilier Regiment. When wounded in 1854, he was taken to hospital where he collected the colour patches of the various regiments, then designed and made his rug as a gift for his fiancée. June Black brought quilts she had inherited from her late mother-in-law, Mary Jane Baker, who was a sewing teacher in the Gippsland area and after rearing five boys and a girl, turned all left over material from their clothing into quilts. Other quilts also had a story. One celebrated the centenary of St. Patrick's Catholic Church and the bicentennial year 1988, having eight panels

joined with strips to form a window showing two children of today looking back into the past to see a view through the window to Moorilim as it was 100 years before. Another, made as a retirement gift to a much admired nurse, Kay Ball, was created by members of her team and had notes as well as photographs from her working life sewn in. Many people were involved in the event in different ways, setting up the venue, reclaiming quilts given to family and friends to be displayed, climbing up and down ladders to set up the display, making decisions about where to place each item, manning the stalls, taking entries at the door, selling raffle tickets and many other little tasks. Shepparton Building Supplies helped minimise the costs by donating the material used to hang the quilts on. The group received a grant for $1,200 from the Shepparton Council under the Community Arts Program which went towards the hiring of display boards and advertising. The group worked hard creating handmade craft items that were sold on the day and also sold raffle tickets for many months prior to the event at Spotlight and in Murchison. Gerard Smith was the lucky winner of the raffle which was a beautiful prize known as the ‘Murchison Lifestyle Quilt’, a lovely piece of art with blocks created by members of the Murchison Neighbourhood House Craft Group and quilted and finished by the group at the Murchison Neighbourhood House, where they have their own quilting frame. Any money left over after expenses have been taken out will be put back into craft programming and activities at the Neighbourhood House. The excellent food on sale was catered for by the Trick or Treat Relay for Life Team (under the watchful eye of Carol McFadzean), with all proceeds going directly to Relay for Life Cancer Research. That group has raised a


Domestic | Commercial | Industrial General Maintenance

Dale O’Neill - 0408 996 926

Dale O’Neill

Get your gas heater serviced now from $93.50 incl GST

Mob 0408 996 926

significant amount of money in the past fifteen years and is well known for their costumes and fun loving spirit at the annual Shepparton event in October. There were many comments regarding the home cooked soups, scones and biscuits they served with a cuppa. There was a Jelly Roll Challenge on the Sunday and if you’re like me and don't know what a jelly roll is, it is the name given to a pre-cut collection of quilting fabric that has been cut into strips and the challenge was to see who sew up their rolls the quickest to complete a jelly roll quilt top. This was fun for both the entrants and the audience watching. I learned quite a bit about quilting over those two days. Not only about jelly rolls but also quilting frames, which are large structures that hold together the backing, batting and quilt tops, pulling them taut while one works. The Murchison Neighbourhood House now has one of these after the group worked hard for some years to purchase it. It is available for their own quilting and they are happy to help others, working with people who would like to have their quilts made up. With a small donation (which goes towards servicing the machine) it is a terrific way to share such an expensive piece of equipment. They even have people from Nagambie, Tongala and Tatura calling in to use it. If anyone is interested in craft work, wishes to learn some form of craft or hone a skill they already have, this group has a wide range of different crafting skills and loves to share with others. It is a great social gathering of a Friday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm (by gold coin donation) and everyone is most welcome to come along even if it’s just to sit and watch. Yarning with Helen has also proved to be a productive time for group members. Every Friday from 10a.m - 12 noon ($2), she is available to help with pattern reading or learning how to use the equipment available. Anyone with an unfinished project is most welcome to work with the group. Just phone the Murchison Neighbourhood House on 5826 2373 or call in at 23 Impey Street. - Janice Dreyer (pictures from the show are published on the front page of this edition.)

Neil Brock



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Specialising in Drain Camera Inspections and Blockages

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THE ANNUAL HARSTON HALL REG POOLE CONCERT There is something very nostalgic in seeing an old country hall filled with patrons full of anticipation for a great night of country music and entertainment. Such was the scene at the Harston Memorial Hall when the annual Reg Poole concert took place. The stage was decorated with a country theme, the Australian flag taking a prominent position. Reg opened the concert by performing many well-known and loved oldies including those from the Slim Dusty era. Guest artist, Bec Hance from Murchison, accompanied by her husband Peter on guitar and vocals, sang several of her own compositions including a catchy number featuring ‘Canola’ which is most topical at this time of year. Fellow guest artist Sharon Benjamin from Leeton, took the audience on a journey, performing many genres including a touch of yodelling involving the audience in a sing-along. Interval saw patrons enjoying a bountiful supper prepared by the ladies of the district. The Hall committee wish to thank the following businesses for their generous donation towards the door prizes: Lagozzino’s Family Hotel for their meal voucher and Tatura Pharmacy for providing a gift pack.

Reg Poole Performing

A big thank you also to the staff and volunteers at the Tatura Community Op Shop for assisting in the sale of the tickets, a great effort and much appreciated. The committee wish to thank all patrons for their continued support and interest, enabling us to maintain and enjoy our heritage hall. Finally, we wish to acknowledge the friendly and helpful support we have received from the Tatura Guardian editor Bob Nicol over many years. He has contributed greatly to our success by publishing our news items and forthcoming events and we wish him all the best in his retirement. He has made a great contribution to the community and we thank him for his interest and commitment. - Heather Stuart, Publicity Officer


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Jeff & Glenda Alexander Proprietors

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29th October 2016 Look for our Superdraw

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President Keith Smith and fellow indoor bowlers

The Tatura Indoor Bowls Club conducted their wind-up evening and presentation of awards with a meal at the local Victoria hotel. President Keith Smith concluded the evening by making presentations to club championship winners in Ladies Champion Freda Clement, Men's Champion Evert Worm and the Club Pairs winners award to Evert Worm and Betty Curtis. Keith also made mention of Freda and Evert's individual successes in winning the Goulburn Valley 4's, teaming up with other GV club members. Despite the club not making finals, Keith stated that he was hopeful that the GV Association could continue to keeping the pennant competition going in future years as all members seemed to enjoy the sport.

WW2 PRISON CAMP TOUR During WW2 there were seven prisoner-of-war and internment camps operational in the Murchison, Tatura and Rushworth area. The POW camps held German, Italian and later Japanese military personnel. Three of the camps, however, were civilian internment camps of which two were family camps and the third holding only male civilians all of whom had been classified as enemy aliens. The inmates of the male civilian camp were nearly all German or Italian and came from a wide variety of environments and circumstances. The professional and trade experience among them was quite expansive. Their ranks included wool buyers, engineers, chefs, musicians, teachers, artists and whilst interned they utilised their skills to advantage wherever possible. Every year the Tatura Historical Society conducts a tour of this camp site thanks to the cooperation of the current landowners. The tour is led

by John Gribben who has a vast knowledge of the camps history and he provides an extremely interesting and informative overview. Feedback from past attendees at these camp tours has always been positive and people obviously appreciate the in depth coverage. This year’s tour will be on Sunday, October 16, with the bus leaving Tatura Museum at 1.00pm and returning at 4.00pm. Cost of the tour is $15 per person and if you wish to come along, it would make our task easier if you were to book a place in advance. Bookings can be made through the museum or contact Steve on 0401 635 556. While the tour is not physically arduous, bear in mind that the camp site is in a paddock, so sensible shoes are a good idea. Additionally, we seem to have good luck with the weather on our tours so a hat and drinking water probably won’t go astray. - Steve Barnard, Tatura Historical Society

Tatura Community Op Shop 177 Hogan Street, Tatura

Serving our Community • Clothing, Furniture, Crockery, Books, Electrical items, Blokey Stuff... • We serve our local community through support to various local organisations. • Donated goods can be picked up for you. • Come in and browse, find a bargain.

Phone 5824 3059 Monday to Friday - 10am till 4pm Saturday - 10am till 12.30pm

• Mowers • Motorcycles • Chainsaws • ATV's UTV's • Brushcutters

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Advertiser of the Month ADVERTISER OF THE MONTH - TATURA PANELS As our Advertiser of the Month, Dom Ciancio of Tatura Panels, is offering the great bargain of $100 off a cut and polish booked for the month by any Bulletin reader. Dom, Pablo and Joel do some fantastic work and take their jobs seriously, which is a bonus for all customers. Originally owned by his father who retired six years ago, the business was then taken over by Dom and his brother Andrew, who a few months ago left the business wanting to do something a little different and is now working as a paint rep in Shepparton. Dom told me he had been working in his father's business from a very young age, during school holidays as well as any Saturday. He left school at 17 years of age after completing Year 11 and went straight in with his dad. On a personal note, Dom has been married to Carmel for 23 years and they have twin daughters who are now 22 years old and still living at home. The family have recently moved from their original house into a new house at Northlinks after the need for a bit of extra room became necessary. Dom enjoys riding his Kawasaki Ninja road bike when he gets a chance, although there isn’t much time spare given the hours he works. He recently purchased a VK Commodore, which he is looking forward to doing up, which I believe will start with a change of engine. He has always had cars he enjoyed but settled for a family car when his daughters needed to learn to drive. Now he wants to ‘play’ again. At Tatura Panels they do crash repairs and restoration work. They have recently finished restoring an HQ Monaro for a customer from Melbourne who is very happy with the job twhile another customer from Bendigo who

Dom and Pablo in the Workshop had a respray on his speed boat also praised their work. I was a little surprised and quite impressed to hear about the two-seater aeroplane that they had to remove the wings from in order to have it fit in their workshop for a paint job. I also heard about a side car for a motorbike, a jewellery display case, some signs and even an old cast iron bed frame that have been recent jobs. I had noticed the red Fiat 500 outside Jagmotive Services Petrol Station but wasn't aware that Tatura Panels had done the paint job on it. They recently had to salvage a car from a channel and Joel was the one who had to swim for it. I am guessing he lost the paper/scissor/rock and also bet he wished it was during summer!

I found Dom to be quite a humble man, as it was one of the other workers who told me about a Celica from the 1970's that Dom had painted 25 years ago and still looks good today. Insurance companies are making it harder for small workshops all the time but Dom is not working to make a fortune, just wanting to make a wage and be able to pay his bills. It sounds like good ethics to me and certainly makes his business a good one to support. The shop is open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday to Friday and then 8.30 a.m. until noon on Saturdays, though Dom is usually out the back continuing to work even after the front gates have been closed. - Janice Dreyer

Kyabram Motorcycles and power equipment abn 53 071 216 370

121-123 Albion Street Kyabram, 3620 Tel (03) 5852 2122 Fax (03) 5852 3932 Mobile 0418 597 614 e: • Happy to arrange pick • Fully qualified up and delivery workshop • On farm service for • We service all light heavy machinery machinery

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MURCHISON HISTORY MEANDER With signs of spring everywhere and milder weather, how about stepping out for a walk around town? Did you know there are two walks you can do around Murchison, mapped out in a little pocket size booklet called Walk in Greater Shepparton produced by our Council? The shorter walk called History Meander is 1km return and starts at Meteorite Park and finishes at the Heritage Centre. Along the way you will find lots of information about the eventful history of the town. Copies of the booklet can be obtained at the Murchison Bakery and Wagner’s Produce Store in Stevenson Street Murchison and from the Visitor Information Centre in Shepparton. Enjoy the exercise! - Kay Ball, President, Murchison and District Historical Society

We are working to set up TatFest which reinvents the Taste of Tatura but with significant differences. TatFest is planned for Sunday March 26, 2017 in Mactier Gardens. This will be an opportunity for all community groups to display and, if appropriate, to sell goods. It will also have a wide range of stall holders and attractions for children, teenagers, and adults. While we are still working on the attractions, we are close to locking in a busker competition. TatFest will only happen if we have enough community groups and stallholders participating to make it a great day. If it succeeds, then we plan to hold it annually. We may expand TatFest to a Back to Tatura in a later year. We will be writing to community groups in the next few days and are looking for stall holders, buskers and sponsors. If you or your group are interested, please contact us. Tatura Lions have purchased a fairy floss

machine which is available for hire, with or without operators, at a moderate cost. The machine comes with coloured sugar and sticks as part of the hire price. Together with Sacred Heart Primary School, we raised $600 for Childhood Cancer by running a barbeque at the school for the students as part of Lions Kids for Cancer program. Our wood raffle for the year has now finished. Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets and to our wood suppliers, Jason Harman and Dodge Brothers, we raised $2800 which will be invested in projects within our community. For TatFest enquiries, contact Malcolm Campbell on 5824 1367 or by email to mandm. For Fairy floss machine hire contact, Sharon Hopkins on 0416 494 476 or by email at For enquiries about Lions contact Doug Tuhan on 5824 2668


Deb from DermaLase will be at Soak Thursday 29th September, 27th October & 24th November For appointments contact Sandy at Soak

5824 2005

Like us on Facebook sandypotter/soakbeauty



Brigade Presentation Dinner and Awards Night. The annual presentation dinner for the Tatura Fire Brigade was held on Saturday, August 27 at the fire station. Twenty-one brigade and ladies’ auxiliary members, together with their families, were in attendance. Guests included Susannah Sheed MP and representatives from Tatura Lions Club. Operations manager, District 22 CFA, presented the following medals in recognition of service by brigade members: CFA Life Membership Medal: Jeff Alexander 40yrs, Trevor Franklin 45 years. CFA Service Medals: Joe Ewer 10yrs, Graeme Johnson 15yrs, Lisa Kerboeuf 15yrs, Colin Magnay 25yrs, Bill Stockdale 25yrs, Martin

Australian Dance Institute Certified VET - Cert I & II in Dance Australian Dance Vision Member Exams available in Jazz, Tap & Ballet

Fun, Fitness, Self-confidence building For all ages (3yrs to adults) Tatura, Shepparton & Euroa

Contact Tanya on 0402 401 210 Email:

Rennie 30yrs, Phillip Slender 45yrs. National Medals: Joe Ewer, Lisa Kerboeuf, both recent transferees from Melton. Donations are welcome to show your support of CFA volunteers. CFA Volunteers have given unfailing support in protecting your local community in emergencies. Now these volunteers are asking for your help. Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria advocates for CFA volunteers across the State. The Association has now opened a special fund to continue this work under challenging times. A Crowd Funding Campaign, ‘Supporting and Valuing CFA Volunteers’ has been created. Please go to for further information.

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The Victorian Drift Club was founded in 2005 in order to provide a venue for Victorian Drifters to practice and compete in a safe, legal and controlled environment and prides itself on being a club run by drift and motorsport enthusiasts. They run fun and well organized events at Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne and Winton Motor Raceway. The club is regarded as one of the best drift clubs in Australia. The 2016 Victorian Drift Championship is a five-round competition, hosting the best drifter in Victoria and top drivers from interstate and I was at the Round Four session this month at Calder Park, where my step-son took second place. A lot of people think of drifting purely as hooning, where in reality drifting is a driving style in which the driver uses the throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering input to keep the car in a state of over steer while manoeuvring from turn to turn. Drifting emphasizes car control by coordinating the amount of counter steer (or opposite lock) with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes to shift the weight balance of the car back and forth through the turns. Furthermore, they strive to achieve this while adhering to the standard racing lines and maintaining extreme slip angles. It is not the fastest way around a racetrack but the whole idea of drifting is having fun! Many drivers really enjoy the fact that practicing the art of drifting teaches them how to safely control a car at its limits, while others simply enjoy the adrenaline rush of throwing a car around a track while completely sideways with smoke billowing from the rear tyres. Pure driving enjoyment. Drifting as a sport began on the mountain roads of Japan in the early 1990s and quickly gained momentum. Petrol heads on the other side of the globe quickly picked up on this new and exciting sport as a result of videos downloaded from the Internet. Apparently any rear wheel drive car is capable of drifting, especially if it is fitted with a limited slip or welded differential......and an appropriate driver. Now, back to my day at Calder Park. There were two cars on the track each time, one as leader and the second having to follow what the first does, keeping as close as possible without actually crashing. With their speeds up to 160 kilometres per hour, that takes some ability and I only wish I had their skills. Though not a ‘car person, I still appreciated what I was watching. Each competitor has two laps (one lead lap and one chase lap) and a winner is chosen who then qualifies for the next round until they eventually end up with just two remaining competitors from which to decide the actual winner. My favourite part of the day (apart from seeing our boy competing) was what they call the Expression Session, where the track is open to all vehicles who just wish to have a play. Though they still watch their safety, with so much happening at once and no waiting time in between bouts, it is quite exciting to watch. Even if you are like me and not that in to cars generally, I would recommend a day out at drifting if you get the opportunity. I certainly found I had more than my $20 entrance fee of entertainment. - Janice Dreyer

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Our annual Whole School concert was one of the major highlights for Term 3. This was held at Eastbank, Shepparton. It was titled ‘On the Move’ with the theme of transportation. All students performed in three acts which were Grade, Multi-age F-6 and Whole School Dance. On stage you would have seen boats, planes, cars, which our enthusiastic and talented mums made in the art room on Prop Making Day. Filippa Kimmorley co-ordinated this event and gave up much of her time. We are truly thankful for her amazing expertise in bringing this performance to the stage. Her grade six students also did wonderful and informative readings between acts. Did you know that it takes one hour and 43 minutes, running, to burn off a Big Mac? Our Fun Run which was held on the community oval, was another event which all students listed on their ‘Magic Moments’ reflection to conclude term three student portfolios. Thank you to Mr Thompson for organising this and we all felt that our school couldn’t have finished off the learning week in a better style. This was our first Fun Run and we are looking forward to making this a bigger amd better event next year. We raised over $6000 which certainly fits in with our motto, Striving for Excellence. In early September we turned our multi-purpose room into a Father’s Day Stall. The Parents and Friends committee purchased a number of items through an online company to ensure this stall was successful and to give the children a range of gifts to choose from. Heather Kennedy and Jenny Bathman continue to be inspired with Melbourne University UNMOS seminars. Our school is involved in a three-year study where the focus is on student growth in the area of reading. This skill underpins every academic area and we are excited with the strategies implemented to ensure growth for all students in this area. We are looking forward to our whole school excursion to IMAX Melbourne Museum, a week of swimming at Aquamoves, book fair and parent teacher interviews in the near future. Term 4 is filled with camps. Grade 3/4 are off to Campaspe Downs and Grade5/6 to Anglesea. Our Transition program also begins with the pre-school children. We are looking forward to a rewarding term 4 to complete our teaching in learning. Any enquiries regarding enrolments for 2017, please contact the school on 5826 5212 for an information booklet.

Well, here we are back in business, keen as mustard, and wondering what the new season will bring forth. Will we have a good germination season with fertile seed and the right temperatures to bring them to maturity? As they say, watch this space. So far, the first seeds, callistemon, have been sown, the weeds either sprayed or weeded, all the tubes and boxes available, cleaned and sterilised. Acacias will be sown next week and so the pattern will continue for about six weeks when the first seedlings should be ready to prick out. A number of people have been asking for Manuka to be grown. This is a New Zealand plant and the seed is not available in Australia. There are rumours that it can be grown under licence but this may be a furphy and anyway, we are not in a sufficiently large way to contemplate this avenue of production. We ended last season with only nine boxes of trees, our best result ever. These were donated to the Op Shop and we believe they were snapped up so our nursery manager was able to relax without worrying about what was still on the racks. Anyone who planted trees last autumn must be congratulating themselves on the great start the trees should have made. It would have to be the best season for 20 years and if spring continues on its current path the trees will be casting shade for Christmas. I wish! - Joan Baumber

POLICE REMEMBRANCE DAY Wednesday, September 29 is Police Remembrance Day. Greater Shepparton Police Service Area is holding a Remembrance Day Service and the community is invited to come along. The multi-faith service, commencing at 11am, will be conducted by Rev Matt Anker at St Paul’s Lutheran church, 54 Poplar Ave, Shepparton. Everybody is welcome to attend.

Automotive, Marine and Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs, SG Fleet Service Centre

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Greater Shepparton City Council advises residents to be on alert for swooping magpies when out and about over the next couple of months. Magpies breed between August and October and can swoop if they feel threatened. Greater Shepparton City Council Director Sustainable Development Johann Rajaratnam said, “As magpies are native birds, Council cannot stop them swooping or remove them from certain areas. Swooping can occur any time of the year, however it is increased in spring when the birds are protecting their nests. We encourage people to be on alert and aware of the areas that magpies reside in, where swooping may occur.” Tips to avoid being swooped 1. Know your local swooping hotspots. 2. Avoid the area. The best way to protect yourself from a swooping bird, is to avoid venturing into their territory. 3. Move quickly. If you must pass through the area, move quickly, do not run. 4. Cover your head. Wear a hat or carry a stick or umbrella above your head. Cyclists should wear a helmet, dismount and walk through the area. 5. Eyes at the back of your head. Birds may be less likely to swoop if they think you are watching them. Draw a pair of eyes and attach them to the back of hats and helmets. 6. Do not harass wildlife. Don’t interfere with or throw stones at birds. This gives them added reason to see humans as a threat and may increase swooping behaviour. 7. Do not destroy nests. This may prompt birds to rebuild their nests, prolonging the swooping behaviour. 8. Don’t feed swooping birds. 9. Travel in a group. If possible, try to travel in a group in areas where there are swooping birds. 10. Notify others. Put up warning signs for others who may not be aware that there are swooping birds in the area.

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN YOUR TOWN FORUM A very successful ‘What’s Happening in Your Town’ forum was held at the Tatura Senior Citizens recently. Carl Walters, Chair of the Tatura Community Plan Committee, welcomed the attendees, gave a summary of the Tatura Community Plan projects and activities, and provided an overview of the evening. Community groups were then invited to give a brief summary of their activities and plans for the coming year, and share any requests or offerings of support to other groups. Approximately fifty community members who came to the evening, heard from over twenty groups. Groups included sporting clubs, service clubs, schools, and community committees, all of which make Tatura such a vibrant community. Many productive conversations followed the formal session, and it is hoped the forum will lead to new networks, strong partnerships and further projects to benefit the town. A huge thank you to all attendees, and especially the Senior Citizens for hosting the evening and catering for the event, which included soups on arrival, and supper at the completion of the forum. For further information on the Tatura Community Plan Committee, contact Carl Walters on 0419 118 237 or Heather East on 5832 9700.


203 HOGAN ST. TATURA Telephone 5824 1086 B.Y.O


Merrigum Old Wares & Collectables Swap Meet 23 October 2016, Merrigum Hall Household – Machinery – Car & Bike – Tools – Farm & Garden Equipment – Jewellery – Clothing – Toys – Bric-a-brac– Antique Book your site now! Sites from $10. Indoor sites available. Tables available for hire from $5. Spring clean your Garage, Shed or Spare Room! Sell your hobby or craft items! Make some useful cash! Featuring Vintage Machinery & Engine Display. For site booking or information email or phone Merlinda Beckett 0422 322 594.

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SCIENCE WEEK MURCHISON PRIMARY SCHOOL The Goulburn Murray Landcare Network was involved in National Science Week and we were able to have a look at some fascinating bugs, both on land and under water. We played a board game called Drains and Ladders and got to look at some tracks and scats. The science day was held on August 17 and the activities were held at the Murchison Riverside Gardens. Bugs and stuff was run by John Laing. We saw some amazing bugs such as spiders, centipedes and many more. We put bugs in a small container that magnified the creatures to let us have a closer look at these magnificent creatures. Ettiene liked the bugs and stuff because you could see them up close. Drains and Ladders was run by Lanie. What we had to do was play on a giant mat with drains and ladders. It taught us about things that can affect our water ways, (make sure you bring plastic bags when you walk your dog). We also participated in Water bugs which was run by Andrea and we were able to look at all kinds of water bugs such little fishes. Delilah thought the water bugs were really cool to look at and as she was able to catch them and put them in little containers. Tracks and scats was run by Jo. What we had to do is find out what track matched what animal and what scat matched what animal. There were six animals and six tracks and scats. The six animals were a possum, a kangaroo, a koala, an emu, a rabbit and an echidna. It was so much fun and everyone had a great time. - Zaya Munday, Miles Dalgliesh and Deakin Jinnette Enjoying Science Week

Tatura Library News Suzanna Sheed Independent Member for Shepparton District

Proudly representing the Shepparton District electorate. Please contact my office for assistance with State Government responsibilities. ELECTORATE OFFICE: 5 Vaughan Street, Shepparton (03) 5831 6944 | (03) 5831 6836 Funded from Parliament’s Electorate Office and Communications budget. Authorised by: Suzanna Sheed, 5 Vaughan Street, Shepparton VIC 3630.



Joseph Furphy writing competition For all those budding authors out there, entries are now open for this year’s Joseph Furphy Commemorative Literary Prize. There are short story and poetry categories in different age groups with cash prizes for the winners. Entry forms and further details are available from the library but don’t delay as the competition closes on October 14. Monster Bookmarks Over the school holiday’s we have had a free fun activity of making your own


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bookmarks at the library. We hope those who have created their own original masterpiece have put them to good use reading a wonderful book! Rhyme and Story-time Our next rhyme and story-time for babies and pre-schoolers, presented by the wonderful Emma, is on Thursday October 27 10.30 to 11.30 am. Don’t forget membership of the library is free and you can join on-line. - Claire and Kerrie, Tatura Library Co-Ordinator’s

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Crime PREVENTION With Glenn Gibson, Crime Prevention Officer

CYBER SAFETY FOR CHILDREN I was recently invited to present a cyber safety talk to a parents group of a Shepparton school. The presentation transformed into a discussion on the topic as nearly all parents are passionate about the safety of their children. It also became clear to me that most parents are fearful of the unsavoury elements of social networking online. However, collectively we have the skills to protect our children. By sharing and discussing this information parents will grow in confidence in their ability to combat the small percentage of people that use the Internet for unlawful means. The Internet and social media is a part of our children’s lives. It provides them with the opportunity to meet and communicate with people from all over the world. However, online technology and new modes of communication have also been used by predators and sex offenders to exploit and harm children. While the Internet generally offers great opportunities for children to learn and play, there are some areas of cyberspace that are not appropriate. Parents need to ensure children are actively supervised when using the Internet, particularly time spent chatting online. Steps for improving your child's safety. Be aware of the programs and files children use. Consider installing filtering software on computers used by young people.

Riding Instruction and Agistment Enjoy the progress that will come with a committed and knowledgeable coach I have many years’ experience helping and advising riders from novice to international levels, with training, plans and feeding. Lessons and agistment available Caroline Coleby EA NCAS Level 2 General and Dressage Coach A Level Dressage Judge and Coach Educator

800 Downer Rd, Toolamba West 3614 0432 505 774 ~ 5826 5250

Be aware of the programs and files that are on your family's computers. Place the computer in a public area of the home, such as a living room. Ensure you are able to access your child's email and randomly check the contents. Check your phone bill for unusual outgoing calls or consider using a 'caller ID' device to identify incoming calls. Discuss online safety with your child's school, public library or anywhere that you believe your child accesses the Internet. Make sure children are aware of some of the issues involved with spending time on the Internet. Show children what sites they can go to and what information they can send out. Sit down with your children and discuss the issues. Provide a positive example with your own usage. Risk factors. The following may be signs that your child has been targeted by an online predator: You find pornography on your child's computer. Your child is receiving phone calls from people you do not know or is calling numbers you do not recognise. Your child is spending a large amount of time on the Internet. Your child is receiving gifts or mail from

people you do not know. When you enter the room your child changes the screen or turns the computer off. Your child is becoming withdrawn or displaying behavioural problems. Advice for your children. It is advisable to tell your children: Not to send a picture of themselves to someone they do not know. Never place a full profile and picture of themselves anywhere on the Internet. If using a Facebook page or similar, ensure your child blocks everyone's access to the page and only allows friends to have access. Ensure all pictures are set to ‘friends only’. Increase your knowledge on security settings. Never give out personal information including their name, home address, phone number or school. Never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone they have chatted with on the Internet. Encourage your children to trust their instincts if they are uncertain about anything. Develop strategies together if they feel at risk. “What if” training. Further information Visit ACORN – Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network. Travel the journey with your children as they increase their use and skills online.

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From Small Things.. . . . You may remember that Kevin Ramsbottom decided to challenge the validity of his library fine for a book that he didn’t borrow as a matter of principle. Unfortunately, he upset the judge in the process, who then sent him to prison for the weekend so he could consider his options. However, an altercation with Big Jack in the showers has left Kevin in fear for his life. Perhaps he should have just paid the fine.

Episode 5 – Extremely Rough Justice Doug, Billy and I were escorted back to our cell by two guards that harassed and shouted at us the entire time it took to walk back. I had discovered that jail was a very noisy place. I was becoming increasingly anxious about the whole Big Jack affair as I didn’t want to spend one second longer than I had to in this place. “You saw what happened, didn’t you?” I said to Doug. “It was clearly an accident.” “I’m sorry,” replied Doug with a dismissive shrug, “but I didn’t see anything.” “I didn’t either,” said Billy. “In fact, nobody in that shower saw nothing.” “But you were talking to Big Jack when he stepped on the soap.” “Was I?” replied Doug. “I don’t remember that.” “The thing is,” continued Billy, “nobody ever sees or hears anything that goes on around here. It’s the safest course of action. That way you don’t accidently get involved in any vendettas or gang warfare.” “The thing is,” said Doug, “if you see anything, even just once, then you get a reputation for being a bit of a loose cannon, unsound, unreliable, not one of the boys.” “That’s right,” Billy said solemnly, “and a reputation like that can have serious consequences.” “So you don’t need to worry about anybody ratting you out,” added Doug. “There’s nothing to be ratted out about,” I said yet again. “Big Jack stepped on the soap.” “If you say so,” replied Doug. “Don’t worry,” said Billy. “You’re safe from the authorities because nobody saw nothing.” “I suppose that’s one good thing,” I said tiredly. “However, Big Jack’s gang is another matter altogether,” said Doug. “They’ll be out for blood for sure.” “They can’t let that sort of disrespect go unpunished,” added Billy, “especially from a newcomer.” “But it was an accident,” I almost wailed. “There was no disrespect intended.” “Well, we only have your word for that, don’t we, because nobody else saw nothing,” said Billy.

by John Kriesfeld

Another bell chimed throughout the facility and Doug informed me that it was time for dinner. “Just keep a low profile,” he murmured. “They won’t do anything to you just yet. They’ll make sure you suffer awhile first.” I followed Doug and Billy into the cafeteria and quickly became the centre of attention as everybody in the room stared at me as I stood in line waiting to be served. I don’t remember much about the meal apart from the fact that it was hot and resembled beef stew. Several inmates occasionally walked past me and drew their fingers across their throat in the time honoured gesture of death. Doug interrupted my thoughts of despair with the news that Big Jack had simply been concussed and would be returning to the jail on Sunday. “Well that’s good news then,” I said. “Surely he’ll confirm that it was an accident.” “I don’t think so,” replied Doug. “He probably didn’t see anything either. However, as Big Jack will want to be involved with whatever his gang are planning for you, you’ll be safe until then.” I discovered that I wasn’t really very hungry and once we had returned to our cell I asked Doug and Billy for their advice. Doug scratched his head thoughtfully. “I suppose you could talk to the warden and ask to be put into solitary confinement but he doesn’t work on the weekends so you’ll have to wait until Monday to make an appointment.” “Or you could pay another gang to provide protection for you,” added Billy helpfully. “But I don’t have any money on me,” I replied miserably. “Oh you don’t need money,” said Billy. “They only deal in cigarettes and drugs.” “Thanks for nothing,” I said bitterly. “You two are a big help.” “I suppose you could always escape with me,” Doug said calmly. “I wasn’t intending to go for another couple of weeks but I suppose now is as good a time as any.” “Doug’s only got five weeks left on his sentence,” explained Billy, “so it’s time he got out.” I shook my head irritably. “That doesn’t make any sense. Why escape now when you’ve only got five weeks to go?” “I’ve been in jail for the past thirty years so this is the only life I know,” Doug replied patiently. “Here they feed me, give me a warm bed for the night, teach me various crafts, I’ve got plenty of mates around me and I get to play games or watch TV for most of the day. Where would I get that on the outside? Nobody’s going to give me a job and everybody will

look down their noses at me because I’m an ex-con. I’ll just end up living under a bridge with a few other homeless men. It would be far more dangerous for me out there than in here. As an escaped prisoner, they’ll simply add another couple of years to my sentence when they catch me. I might even throw a brick through the window of a jewellery store and get a few extra years. I’m living my retirement plan right now. Why would I swap it for anything else?” “So do you have a tunnel already prepared for this great escape?” I asked, perhaps a touch sarcastically. Billy laughed. “You don’t need no tunnel to escape from here. This is a low security prison. All you need to do is apply for a work detail with Doug tomorrow and then simply walk away.” “There’s only one slight flaw,” I said slowly. “Won’t they also add time on to my sentence for escaping? Spending another couple of months in here is the last thing I want.” “There is that,” replied Doug slowly. “I’ve got it,” said Billy triumphantly. “When Doug escapes and you’re nowhere to be found, everybody will think you’ve gone with him. But if we find you a nice safe hiding place in the prison and kit you out with a blanket and a few supplies, you can lie low until Monday morning when you’re due to go back to court.” “That’s it,” chimed in Doug. “They can’t get you for escaping if you haven’t actually escaped and Big Jack and his gang won’t be looking for you because they will think you’ve gone with me. All we’ve got to do now is find you a nice safe hidey hole.” I shrugged in passive agreement. It was such a simple plan that I doubted anything could go wrong with it. However, by now you would have thought I’d have known better. - To be continued

Check out the latest edition of the Bulletin online:

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TATURA PROBUS CLUB The meeting held on August 25 was a very pleasant one, with our popular treasurer Ev Leahy being the Member Behind the Badge. Ev recalled her life when young, and of coming to Tatura when she married Brian and starting up a butcher shop in the town. With three children, this was a very busy life. Ev mentioned she has been in Tatura for 50 years, and does this make her a local? Our guest speaker was Andrew Plunkett, who is a fourth generation orchardist whose parents are still involved in the business. He always wanted to be an orchardist but his parents insisted he go to university, where he attained his Agricultural Science degree. Now firmly ensconced in the family business, he is general manager, married with two young children, Andrew leads a very busy life. Originally they grew mostly processing fruit, but now concentrate on the fresh fruit market, finding new markets for their quality fruit. They have owned a wholesale business in Brisbane for ten years and have

Ev Leahy

interstate trucks on the road. They also export to New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada; 60% of the pears they handle are exported, and apple exports are increasing to South Eastern Asian countries. This year they have planted three different varieties, due to marketing requirements, we seem to only remember the Granny Smiths and Johnnies, but they have to keep up with demand. It is a thriving business which is wonderful for the Goulburn Valley. Geoff McMullen thanked Andrew on behalf of the club for a most informative talk. On August 18 twenty-one members went to Rushworth for a delicious lunch, just like mum used to make. It was a great day out. Please come along, on the fourth Thursday of each month, at 10am to Lagozzino’s Top Pub. You will be warmly welcomed, no obligation to join. For enquiries: Barb Halliwell 5824 1165. - Barb Halliwell

OP SHOP ON THE MOVE After fourteen years in their current location, the Tatura Community Op Shop is on the move to another location in Tatura. It has expanded and grown since its beginning in 2004, taking over the shop next door after the first year of operation, and then the residence and shed at rear of the shop a few years later. It has been a real work in progress over a long period with the op shop volunteers and staff always working toward a better way of doing things and presenting the wide variety of goods in the best possible way. It has become somewhat of a destination to come to. Op shoppers come from the community and from places far away because someone else has told them about the shop. With everything that comes through the shop, we often get to help out people with some practical help in their time of need. This sometimes includes giving some furniture

to them for a fresh start. The great support we get from those who donate good saleable items enables us to do this. Profits are donated back into our community. It is such an encouragement to us to see some amazing and wonderful donations of goods from locals and further afield coming into the shop. It has become a vibrant and good place to be. Some customers from our town come in nearly every day to see what’s new and maybe have a chat with some of the volunteers. Everyone who serves at the Op Shop wants to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. We have built a good rapport with the community over the years and this will continue as the op shop moves on to this new premise’s at the Valley Auto Parts building. We are all very excited about the move and believe that the new building will indeed bring a much greater effectiveness in its capacity

for us to sort, present and sell goods for the public. The profits staying in and benefiting our community will still being a key part of what we do. The Tatura Community Op Shop is a ministry of Generations Church. Along with the move to a new building, this provides the opportunity for a new and fresh look. A part of this will be changing our name to Generations Op Shop, a new name and new address but the same friendly atmosphere and staff! The op shop building, at the old address has been sold and is earmarked for a complete redevelopment so the timing is absolutely perfect for the op shop to move. We are looking forward to seeing all our valued customers at the new premises at 119121 Hogan St from the start of October. For further enquiries please Ph. 5824 3059  - Neville Crow, Op Shop Manager

Excavator Hire 3 Machines 15 to 20 tonne Truck & Trailer Road Grader Cow Lane Rock 3 inch/75ml Good Operators and Machines Phone Greg Wright 0429 956 004

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Serving Our Community

Jenny Lister

JENNY LISTER Jenny Lister is the Murchison Neighbourhood House co-ordinator and a very interesting person. Being the Neighbourhood House representative at most events organized, she tends to be given the praise and feels rather awkward accepting any credit. However, she is the first person to sing the praises of the many people involved in these activities and is grateful to associate with these remarkable people throughout her working week. I am also aware of the many fantastic people in Murchison who are passionate about their community. Jenny says there are many who are quite keen to have a chat about things to do in the town and these people actually want to move the town on, making it a better place to live and she finds that really exciting.

Jenny particularly enjoys the diversity of her role at the house and always feeling challenged, loving the interaction she has with many different types of people. There are many skills needed in her position, such as an administrator and marketer as well as simply listening and recognises that she is still learning in her role with things such as having to cook a meal for a large number of people which she is more comfortable with now. She likes the fact that she is able to share skills with different people, or even to just point them in the right direction. The only negative part to her job seems to be trying to fit in everything she wants to do. Having a range of ideas to implement is the easy part but finding the way to arrange them all can be quite challenging. Born in Shepparton, Jenny went to Bourchier Street Primary School and then Shepparton High. In 1983 she was an exchange student through the Shepparton South Rotary Club and spent a year in Toronto Canada, doing her HSC year after returning to Australia. After leaving school she was fortunate enough to be one of the small group accepted into a three year course at Footscray Institute to get a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation. It was an extremely diverse course and she was pleased it specialized around recreation planning, which was interest of hers. After completing her degree, she returned to Shepparton and started working in a range of children’s programmes. She ran the first school care programme at South Shepparton Community House and worked through the Community Youth Support Scheme. She then accepted the position of craft supervisor at Caloola in Sunbury, a residential training institute for people with intellectual disabilities. As part of

MMC The Murchison Medical Clinic is expanding to better serve you! Our highly qualified GPs including Drs. Susan Furphy, Neville Leslie, John Dyson & Mary Lou Loughnan have been joined by Dr. Satinder Kaur. Located at 21 Impey Street, MMC has friendly staff with a range of GP & allied health services. All preventative appointments are bulk billed; and concession card holders & children under 16 years old are bulk billed for all services. Ring on 5826 2575 to make an appointment or book online.

the occupational therapy team, she developed a range of independent living skills, with a view to transitioning people into residential settings within the wider community. For many of the residents, the centre was the only life they had known, so it was difficult for them to leave so the staff ran activities that helped provide them with the skills to make a successful transition. The residents had to learn many basic things that we take for granted such as traffic safety and how to shop and cook for themselves. In 1995, she and her husband decided to move back to the Shepparton area and they opened a shoe shop in Mooroopna called Footprints, though she continued to work outside of the business for Benalla YMCA. After having children, with her connection to neighbourhood/community houses, she was given the opportunity to become the house co-ordinator for the South Shepparton Community House, where she stayed for five years, after which she worked part time at the Tatura Community House before accepting her current position at the Murchison Neighbourhood House. Jenny is married to Ivan, who she met when they worked together at the Community Youth Support Scheme and they have two sons, Max, aged 19, who works for a tree farm that grows both orchard and deciduous trees and has also started working part time work with a local farrier. Their second son William, is 16 years old and a full time student at the Academy of Sport Health and Education, which he is enjoying. Outside of work, Jenny has a passion for catch up TV (she calls it an addiction) liking science fiction, suspense, action and adventure. She also enjoys reading a wide range of books, both fiction and non-fiction, basically anything to widen her horizon. She loves the Internet for the potential to learn. She has a very inquisitive mind and loves to talk to anybody she can learn something from. She feels really privileged that her work at the community houses has provided her with the pleasure of meeting and learning from a wide range of people, particularly the elderly. During our conversation she also spoke about her grandmother who had lived with the family since Jenny was 12 years old. Jenny was often ‘hanging off her elbow’ when she was cooking or doing other chores around the home and she described her grandmother as an amazing woman who had looked after her own mother and then her brothers' families after they were widowed and therefore didn't marry herself until late in life. Jenny feels very privileged to have the connections and contacts that she has and I continue to be amazed at her capacity to learn. - Janice Dreyer

TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 19


Bill Kelly and Louise Costa

Transition Tatura hosted their third film festival, ‘Engaging your Community through Music and Art’, at the Gallery Cafe in Tatura recently. Attendees had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The speakers were very entertaining and thought-provoking, the live performers had attendees singing along, and the food and company was great. The festival featured a live show, ‘Music for a warming world’ by the Simon Kerr perspective, and speakers William Kelly and Louise Pelle (Costa). This year’s generous sponsors included the Greater Shepparton City Council, Tatura Dental Care, the Lions Club of Tatura and the Rotary Club of Tatura. Next year’s event is already in the planning stages. The next Adopt-a-Roadside clean-up will be held on Sunday October 23, meeting at 9am at the parking bay on Dhurringile Rd opposite the Whim-Inn. Residents over the age of 16 are welcome to come along to keep our town entrances clean. Transition Tatura have also come into the possession of a large amount of lost property from within the Tatura community. A pick-up day is planned for 9am Saturday October 29 at Stuart Mock Place to allow residents to collect their lost property. For more information on Transition Tatura, visit Facebook (Transition Towns Tatura) or call Ross Musolino on 0407 845 247.

CWA – RODNEY BRANCH At their September meeting, thirteen of our junior branch members were taught how to make drop scones and pikelets, one version on a hot plate and one in muffin trays in the oven. These were enjoyed as their supper with lashings of jam and cream or butter, and also ‘spider’ drinks. Any mums with queries about their daughter’s entries for our Group Exhibition at Victory Hall on October 2, please contact Lyn Trezise for details on 5826 2296. (note entries must be in writing and sent to Lyn prior to the exhibition and entries delivered to Victory Hall on October 1 between 8.45 am and 10.15 am, after which the judging starts). The exhibition is open to the public from 10.00 am on Sunday, October 2. All day

Devonshire teas (at a small cost) are available at our exhibition, so everyone whether CWA or not, (and men are also welcome), please come along and enjoy viewing the cooking, sewing, knitting, craft and floral displays and photographs. Entry is $5.00. Our member Jan Delahey, who is known for her beautiful machine sewing skills, featured in the Shepparton News for her sewing for charity. Jan spends many hours each week making angel gowns to be given to the parents of stillborn children. Since October last year Jan has made over 100 gowns, which are transformed from new and second hand wedding dresses. Last year more than 4,000 dresses were distributed.

Jean Miles a member of CWA Potters branch and well known judge for CWA Exhibitions and Agricultural Shows including The Royal Melbourne Show attended our meeting this month. Jean gave very helpful hints on how to present articles for judging at the various shows our members may enter and the tips to make us aware what the judges look for. We also enjoyed a ‘pie and pav’ night and members dressed in their favourite footy colours. We also allocated our funds for the year, making substantial donations to local charities and clubs. For information on our branch contact Pauline Parks 5824 3722 or Mandy Perkins 0419 210 149,

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Having fun Around the Campfire Singing action camp fire songs is an old tradition that will never leave us, even if it has to be an imaginary camp fire of logs and red lights because of such damp weather conditions. With the lights dimmed, the open fire gave us that warm glow of a camp fire with enough red coals to cook our marshmallows and place them on chocolate between graham crackers, (yum!) The guides, who have been working towards their badges, told their chosen badge challenge to the other guides as they sat around the camp fire. Badge work is the guides choice if they want to challenge themselves to aim higher, but they must share their experience with other guides, on completing their badge. This way they help and share with each other. At the end of this term, three new guides will make their promise; Angela, Sophia and Amber. The theme for the occasion will be ‘Colour our World’ in friendships with guiding. No doubt there will be plenty of colour around that evening! We especially want to thank Ian and Leila Deville for giving us plenty of coloured lights for this special occasion. Watch out for our Major Monster Raffle in Hogan Street. Thank you to Bunnings for donating a Family BBQ, Unilever for that extra special

Tatura Landscaping & Garden Supplies 2635 Rushworth Rd, Tatura 0419 117 310 Supplying:

Mulches Sand

Gravel Garden Soil Rocks

Hiring: • Dingo Mini Digger • Commercial Rotary Hoe • Trencher Bob Cat service also available

hamper, $50.00 Voucher from Target and the Tatura Pharmacy for a lovely gift pack. The leaders and guides all have tickets if you would like to purchase one. October is a busy month with Val McNabb’s Cook Off, a great cooking competition for the guides, teaching them cookery skills. Advanced canoeist badges are here again for the guides to try their skills and they will be judged by qualified people in that field. In the last term we will have a visit from Heather Husband who was a Lone Guide. No doubt she will have plenty of different stories to share of her time in Guiding. We are looking forward to her visit. We would also like to thank Fairley’s IGA, Numurkah Road Shepparton for giving the guides a share of their Rewards Cards on Market Day, October 22, to boost our funds. Guides, leaders and parents are to attend on a roster system. If you would like more information about Guiding, please call our Leader Lisa Wagner 5855 2427 or 0409 150 507. - Assistant Leader Phyll Bramley

FIRE BRIGADE WINTER LUNCHEON A large crowd attended the August soup and sandwich luncheon at the fire station on August 26. The trading table was gain very successful with a wide variety of homemade goodies on sale. Congratulations to the competition winners with Peter Kennedy winning first prize, Kerri McGill second prize and Ev Leahy third prize. The fire brigade auxiliary members wish to thank the public for their ongoing support and we look forward to seeing everybody at our luncheon in 2017.

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rodney printers For Every Budget Call for a quote today Cnr Ross & Edgar Streets p: 03 5824 2042 Tatura, Victoria, 3616 f: 03 5824 2706

print & design

e: w:

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Ellie Merriman Receiving Her Award

Maths in a Bag of Lollies! As part of our Applied Maths program we investigated how much maths we could find in a bag of lollies. We found percentages and grams on the packet; we weighed the packet and predicted how many would be inside. We then counted and sorted the lollies to work out fractions and percentages. There was something for every student to learn, just in one bag of lollies. Why don’t you try it at home? Visit from Harston Primary School! On August 26 the students from Harston PS joined us for a day of sport, music and art activities. As small schools, we are always looking for ways to connect with others and provide our students with a range of learning and social experiences. Here are some quotes from our kids: "I liked the hula hooping, the coloured mat and I made a new friend called Abbie" "I liked the parachute and the guitar, and I got to make new friends" "What I loved was the parachutes and the activities" "I liked it because I made new friends, shared and

did fun stuff" Next time we are going to Harston - we had a fantastic day! Terrific Kids! Once again the Mooroopna Kiwanis have awarded one of our terrific students. This term the award has gone to Ellie Merriman for her hard work in reading and taking responsibility for her maths learning at home. Well done Ellie! Swimming Program. During the last week of term, we headed off to Aquamoves for our swimming program. It has been terrific to see how quickly the children improve in just one week! Dhurringile PS Playgroup. Playgroup is on at our school every second Wednesday at 9.30am. All are welcome to come for a drive and visit our school, have a cuppa and chat in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. For more information, call Jo James on 0427303555 Enrolments for 2017. If you have not yet made your decision about school for 2017, contact us on 5826 6222 or 0418 383 064.

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SHEPP HIRE EVENT & MACHINERY HIRE One day hire price for a standard weekend

66 Mitchell Street, Shepparton

58 219 139

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Phone: 03 5824 1315 CONTACT US Location: 12-16 Casey Street, Tatura Phone: 03 5824 1315 Web: Facebook: @TaturaCommunityHouse Office Hours: Mon to Thurs 9am – 3pm, Fri 9am – 12 noon


Mondays during school terms Time: 10:00 am – 11:00am. Cost: $5 per class An easy class which can be taken from a seated position if needed. Great for mind body and spirit.


Mondays: Commencing 3rd Oct Time: 12:15pm – 1:15pm Cost: $110 (11 weeks) Perfect for beginners


Wednesdays: Commencing 5th Oct Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Cost: $110 (11 weeks) For more experienced participants


Wednesdays: Commencing 5th Oct Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm Cost: $110 (11 weeks) Perfect for beginners


Coming Soon


Fridays from Oct 14 (5 weeks) Time: 10:00am – 12 noon Cost: FREE. You will get to learn how to cook some yummy meals on a budget. This will be a fun course!!

ANXIOUS, DEPRESSED, STRESSED? Monday October 24 Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm Cost: $2 Learn new coping strategies using Mindfulness and Acceptance Commitment Therapy techniques. Suitable for Adults, Adolescents and Children.


Tuesdays Nov 1, 8, 15, 22 &29 Time: 11:00am – 12 noon Cost: $2 Informal chats about mindfulness, anxiety & depression. Mindfulness can assist in better mental health and overall well being


Tuesdays: 9:30am – 11:00am Cost: $2 Including Storytime visits to the library on Oct 11 & Nov 8 (10:00am – 10:30am).


Website: www.tatco

Cost: $30 per half hour session. Tutoring for primary aged children.


Thursday 20 Oct, 17 Nov Time: 10:00am A Tatura based support group for the families of children or adolescents with ASD.


Tuesdays during school terms Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm Cost: $2 Dust off your instruments and join others for a jam session.


Wednesdays: from 10:00 am. Cost: $2 Join Helen and get creative. Learn some new skills in a friendly group


Wednesdays Beginners 4:30 – 5:00pm Advanced Beginners 4:00 – 4:30pm Intermediate 6:00 – 6:45pm Cost: $10 per class. Bookings are essential.


Thursday: 1:00pm-3:00pm Cost: $4 An open group for anyone wishing to come along and join in


TAILORED COMPUTER SUPPORT Tuesdays & Thursdays Tuesdays October 4 – December 6 Time: 9:15am – 1:45pm Cost: 1 child $30 / 2 children $57 / 3 Time: 10:00 – 12:30 pm Cost: $140 (course + manual) children $84. Bookings Essential TUTORING

Tuesdays & Thursdays Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm


Wednesdays: 1:00pm-3:00pm Cost: $5 per session

TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 23

Term 4 2016 Program

Monday 3rd October - Tuesday 20th December

ACTIVITIES IN THE PARK Fridays Sept 9 – 23 A gentle exercise for all ages.


Time: 1:30pm – 2:15pm




Friday September 23 Time: 5:30pm (1.5 hours) Come and enjoy the local flora and fauna of this beautiful local park.


Mondays Sept 26, Oct 3 & 10, Nov 28, Dec 5 & 12 Time: 5:15pm 45 minute gentle yoga class combining mindfulness, vinyasa flow, breathing & meditation. Afterwards you can learn valuable nutrition information and make a healthy post yoga snack.


HELPING HAND Assisting Seniors with technology This project will help seniors to utilise technology, from operating computers, smart-phones, and iPads to using email, internet banking, and Facebook. Please come along to our project launch where you can find out more about this free initiative

Celebrate Seniors Week Lots of fun to be had at our annual Seniors Trivia afternoon including Devonshire tea and prizes Tuesday October 4 Time: 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Tuesday October 18 Time: 12 noon – 2:00pm




SATURDAY SEPT 24, OCT 22, NOV 26, DEC 17, JAN 28, FEB 25, MARCH 25 Live music, craft, produce, face painting and food! Time 8:30am – 1:00pm Where: Stuart Mock Place.



1 Monday of the month: October 3, November 7, December 5. Time: 12 noon Cost: $10 Enjoy a lovely 3 course home style meal, live music and wonderful company followed by a game of carpet bowls. Bookings are essential.

CARPET BOWLS Join us for a friendly game of carpet bowls following the Community Lunch. Cost: Gold coin donation

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New Pharmacist Emily



Emily started working in pharmacy at the age of 16, when she knew she wanted to become a pharmacist. Born and bred in Swan Hill, Emily knew she wanted to use her training to work with and assist people in country communities. She completed her university studies at Latrobe University Bendigo, graduating with Honours, then returned to Swan Hill, to the pharmacy she first began working in, to complete her registration as a pharmacist. Growing up in a country town, Emily understands the value of community involvement, previously being involved with the Lalbert Football and Netball club for many years. Emily and her partner Mason, from Toolamba, have built a new house in Tatura and look forward to becoming a part of the Tatura community.

Twelve members attended the September meeting where final arrangements were made for the 80th birthday of the Tatura Branch which will be held on Wednesday October 5. The Catholic Women's League of Victoria and Wagga Wagga commenced 100 years ago. A Mass and luncheon to celebrate the occasion will be held at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne on Sunday October 2 and will be attended by two of our members. The winner of the crazy whist cards for August was Nell Noonan, with Gwen Ranson 1 point behind for runner up. The consolation went to Phyllis Newman and the competition for the day was won by Pat Noble.

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$ 5 -



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D r i v e r )

$$ 55 -- EE nn tt rr aa nn tt ss (( VV ee hh ii cc ll ee ++ DD rr ii vv ee rr ))






$$ 5


E n t r a n t s



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TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 25

The Shepparton Junior Soccer Association held its annual round-robin Gala Day for Under 8 and Under 10 teams at the new soccer fields in Shepparton recently, with the sensational result of a Tatura team reaching both grand finals. In the Under 8 competition, ten teams competed in R R AA CC EE CC O OU UR R SS EE R R AA CC EE CC O OU UR R SS EE two groups. The Under 8s, coming off a successful RACECOURSE RACECOURSE T T A A T T U U R R A A T T A A T T U U R R AA season, had a superb day making it out ofA their R C E T A TE URA C O U R S TAT URA round of five, before winning a nail-biting semiT A T U R A final to make it into the grand-final. The final was a tough game, with Tatura coming runners-up to a strong Guthrie Tigers side. The Tatura players 22 00 11 66 22 00 11 66 gave it their all, and thoroughly deserved their 2016 2016 O O CC TT O O BB EE R R O O CC TT O O BB EE R R place in the final. 2 0 1 O C T O6 BER OCTOBER 1 1 6 6 1 1 6 6 O In the Under 10 section, two Tatura teams 1 6 ttthhh 1 6 ttthhh C T O B E R competed in the twenty team competition. Tatura 1 6 SS SU Ut N ND Dh A AY Y SS SU UN ND DA AY Y U N D A Y U N D A Y Victory were drawn in a tough group and were S U N D A Y unable to progress out of the group stage. Tatura Hearts however were absolutely true to their name. After two wins and two draws in the group stage, Tatura Hearts Soccer Team Car Goul Gou Goulburn Goulburn Valley ValleyFins Fins&& Fenders FendersCar CarClub Clubproudly proudly presents: presents: Goulburn Goulburn Valley ValleyFins Fins &&Fenders Fenders CarClub Clubproudly proudlypresents: presents: enders Club proudly presents: Gou Valley Finswith & Fenders presents: the team wasGoulburn tied onCar equal second, only theCar topClub proudly Goulburn Valley Fins & Fenders Car Club proudly presents: Goulburn Valley Fins & Fenders Car Club proudly presents: Goulburn Valley Fins & Fenders Car Club proudly presents: Gou enders Club proudly presents: twoF teams each group progressing. They aproudly thrilling play-off dne &ofGoulburn s nCar iF ye ll&& a V then n rwon u luo G Goulburn Goulburn Valley Valley: Fins Fins &&n Fenders Fenders Carr Club Club proudly presents: presents: st esCar e pproudly yld uorp bu l Goulburn Valley Valley Fins Fins Fenders Fenders Car Car Club Clubb proudly presents: presents: Goul Gou to reach the elimination final. From there, the team gave everything to progress through the elimination S U N D A Y and semi-finals, to reach the grand-final against the Cobram representative S U N D A Y U N D A Y side. Although the team was narrowly defeated in an extremely final, SS U Uclose N ND DA AY Yh Y A1 D N S SS SU U Ut N ND Dh A AY Yh 6 t t 1 6 the extraordinary effort from all the players to play eight games due to 1 6 t t h h h t t t O C T 6 O1 B E R 11 66 11 66 hh the extra play-off and only short breaks between games, O with C aTnumber OBER O C T O6 BER 0 R E2 B O T1 C Oand CCthe TT O O BB EE R R O O CC TTO O O BB EE R R of young players in the side, was praised by both CobramO SJSA. 2016 2 016 2 2 0 0 1 1 6 6 6 1 0 2 2 2 0 0 1 1 6 6 The sun had set by the time the Hearts team received their runner-up medallions, with many players too tired to walk back to their cars. The Gala showed the Hearts team at its best, incorporating passing, team play T A T U R A and sportsmanship, and each and every player should be proud of their TAT URA T A T U R A achievement. It will be a day that will be remembered for years to come R A C U R E U UR R AA A R U T AS TTT AA TT TT AA TTE U UR R AA C O by those lucky enough to have been involved. R A C E C O U R S E RACECOURSE

T A T U R A A C E C O U R S E O C T O B E R 2 0 1 6

S U N D A Y 1 6 th

lub proudly presents:

Goulburn Valley Fins & Fend



p e n 9 : 0 0 a m G a t e s O p e n 990 ::000000: aam m G a t e s O p e n 9 : 0 0 a m G a ( VO iO c l e + D r i v e r9 ) p e t a G G a t e s O p e n : a G a t e s O p e n m G eEenssts p e n 9 : 0 0 a m m a 0 9 Ge$aa5 t-th O p e n 9 : 0 0 a m G a G $ 5 E n t r a n t s ( V e h i c l e + D r i v e r ) rants (Vehicle + Driver) $



g e r s / G e n e r a l P u b l i c ( s t n E $$ 55 -- EE nn tt ) rr aa nr n tt sse(( VVv ee hh ii i cc llr ee +D + DD rr ii vv+ ee rr )) e l $$ 5 $$ 55 --a EE nnr tt rr aatnn ttn ss (( V V ee hh ii ccll ee 5 ++ D$ D rr ii vv ee rr )) G o l dBand C o i n P a s s e n g eBBQ rs/General Public G o l d CActivities o i n P a s s e n g e r s / G e n e r a l Live Public Gol Kids n e s G s P n GG oo ll ddcCC ooiii nnl PPb aa ss ssu ee nn gP g ee rr ss // Gl G eea nn ee rrr aa ll e PP uun bb ll ii ce c G oo la l dd CC oo ii nn PP aa ss si s ee no n gg eeC rr ss // GG eed nn ee rl r aa lo l PP uuG bb ll ii cc G GG oo ll d Market Stalls Swap Meet Kids Activities Live Band BBQ Market Stalls Swap Meet Kids Activities Live Band BBQ Mark Market MarketStalls Stalls Swap Meet Kids Kids Activities Live Live Band Band BBQ BBQ K teeM p aw S sKids llaActivities tS tLive e kBand raM  Market Market Stalls Stalls Swap Swap Meet Meet Kids Activities Live Band BBQ BBQ QSwap B BMeet  d nActivities a B e vi L seit iv Marke Mark wap Meet Sites


Market Stalls/Swap Meet Sites Market Market Stalls/Swap Stalls/Swap Meet Meet Sites Sites Limited Numbers awS/sllonly a t S t e k r a M $10(5’x3’) Limited Numbers only only $10$10(5’x3’) (5’x3’) Limited Limited Numbers Numbers n i details below L )’3x’Email 5(Janine -0on 1 $ ybelow l no details Email Email Janine Janine on on details details below below our site!! d no e nina J l i a m E to book your site!! to book book yoursite!! site!! uoy koob to o t your

Enquiries Contact: Enquiries Enquiries Contact: Contact: :t catnoC seiriuqor nE Email: or After Email: Hours or or srednEmail: d nasniFVG :l iamE

Market Stalls/Swap Meet Sites setiS Market MarketStalls/Swap Stalls/Swap Meet MeetSites Sites only $10(5’x3’) Limited Numbers s r e bmuoo o only only$10$10-(5’x3’) (5’x3’) Limited Limited Numbers Numbers Email Janine on details below w o l e Email Email Janine Janineon on details detailsbelow below to book your site!! to tobook bookyour yoursite!! site!!

Enquiries Contact: Enquiries EnquiriesContact: Contact:

Email: or Email: GVFinsandFenders@gmail.comor or

Club Phone: 0456 157 083 After Hours Club Phone: 0456 157 083 After Hours Club7 Phone: Phone: 0456 0456 157 083 0830 After After Hours Hours donated back into the Community etfA 38Club 0 5 1 6157 54 :e noh P bulTatura C Club ClubPhone: Phone: 0456 0456157 157083 083After AfterHours Hours

Ema ro moEmai c Ema

Club Club ClubP

Profits raised by the Club are donated back into the Tatura Community Profits Profits Profitsraised raisedby by the the Club Club are arem donated donated back into intoa the the Tatura Community Community y ti nu mback oC rTatura uta T eht oProfits t n Profits Profits Profits Profits Profitsraised raisedby bythe theClub Clubare aredonated donatedback backinto intothe theTatura TaturaCommunity Community Profits Profits raised by the Club are donated back into the Tatura Community nto the Tatura Community

Profits raised by the Club are donated back into the Tatura Community anod era bu lC e t are ydonated b de sinto iinto athe r s tifCommunity orP Profits Profits raised raised by bythe theh Club Club are donated back back theTatura Tatura Community Profits Profitsraised raisedby bythe theClub Clubare aredonated donatedback backinto intothe theTatura TaturaCommunity Community Profits raised by the Club are donated back into the Tatura Community

Enqu Enqu Enqu

Club ClubP

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Interviews with John

Hayden Thomson

HAYDEN THOMSON Hayden Thomson has taken over the important role of Tatura Guardian editor in the wake of Bob Nicol’s well-earned retirement. The Bulletin’s John Kriesfeld spoke to Hayden in order to learn more about his background and also to get a better understanding about his vision for the future of the Guardian. John: I understand that you’re a local person. Hayden: Yes, I was born and bred in Shepparton and went to St. Georges Road Primary School as a youngster and then went to high school at Notre Dame College. I’ve always been keen on sport, both as a player and as a spectator. I played football for Notre Dame, tennis for Shepparton Lawn Tennis Club and swam for the Mooroopna Swimming Club. During the summer I liked to go water skiing at Yarrawonga with my family. John: When did you decide to become a journalist? Hayden: After I completed my VCE I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I knew I was interested in sport and liked to keep up with world affairs and I also liked doing a bit of writing so after completing a personality test with my careers councillor, I decided to do bachelor of sports journalism degree at La Trobe University.

John: Is that a three-year degree? Hayden: Yes, but in the second half of my degree I went to England and studied on exchange at Sunderland University in the north of England. The course was very similar to the one at La Trobe University although there was a greater radio component. I worked for the local Sunderland radio station doing a bit of news reading. John: Can you do a north English accent? Hayden: (Laughs) Not a chance. John: How long did you spend in England? Hayden: I spent four months studying at Sunderland University and then did a bit of back-packing around Europe. After I returned from Europe I completed the third year of my course back at La Trobe. John: When did you graduate? Hayden: It was November, 2015 and I remember thinking, “What now? What am I going to do?” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start working straight away as I’d got the travel bug from travelling around Europe. However, I realised I needed more work experience. I needed to do more internship work and build up my resume if I was going to land a good job in the future. So I decided to combine the two and applied for a six-week internship at a magazine in China. John: Was that an English speaking magazine? Hayden: Yes. It was called City Weekend and was aimed at English speaking tourists. I mainly did café reviews, bar reviews and some general news. Most of them were feature articles. John: Can you speak any Chinese? Hayden: I know about ten words and three sentences but most people in the major cities speak some English. The only trouble with I had with language was when I went back-packing around the countryside but I managed to muddle through. John: How did you get that job? Hayden: I applied through the Internet. I sent my resume to them and they saw that I had a journalism degree and so agreed to the internship. I should mention that this was all unpaid work. I had to pay my own way although the university helped me out by subsidising some of my accommodation and travel expenses. I was happy to do this because of the experience the job gave me.

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TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 27

Interviews with John John: So how did the job at the Shep News come about? Hayden: Towards the end of my Chinese experience I knew I had to get a job when I returned to Australia so when I saw that there was a journalism cadetship at the Shep News being advertised, I applied for it. I did work experience there in Year 11 and had applied for a couple of jobs in past so they were aware of me. I was the successful applicant and started work there in May. John: How did that lead to the job at the Tatura Guardian? Hayden: Bob came into the Shep News office to say farewell and a couple of days after that, the editor asked to see me in her office and offered me the position at the Guardian. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks getting to know the local community and meeting Bob’s contacts. Bob helped with my first edition but now I’m flying solo. John: Are you at the Guardian full time? Hayden: At this stage I’m only physically here on Wednesdays and Thursdays but I’m contactable at any time during the week if somebody wants to talk about a story or news item by either emailing me or calling on the phone. John: If you can grow the circulation of The Guardian then perhaps you’ll need to be in Tatura more than two days a week, so what is your vision for the future? Hayden: I don’t want to change it too much because Bob did a great job with it but I’m young and new so I do have a few fresh ideas that I believe will help the paper. I’m comfortable with the latest technology and have good photography skills so I plan to utilise these abilities to ensure that the paper is around for many years to come. My goal is to increase the readership but the community can help as well to ensure that the paper continues to thrive. Unless the community helps me then I can’t help the community so if anybody has a news item or story then I’d love to hear about it. I think between us, we can make the Tatura Guardian bigger and better than ever.

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Page 28 - TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016


Agnes and I were having our usual morning tea at our favourite coffee shop and she was telling me all about Fred, this chappie from the Men’s Shed, who has been building a pergola for her at the back of her house. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a delightful morning tea as several feral children were running amok playing hide and seek and making a tremendous amount of noise while their parents simply chatted away, oblivious to the carnage their children were committing. “Fred’s such a help,” Agnes went on. “Not only is he building the most wonderful pergola for me but he’s also cleaned out all the leaves from my guttering. He even gave me a bunch of flowers from his own garden to brighten up my living room. I haven’t had a man around the house since Arthur departed this life and it feels nice having him help out.” “Sounds like he this Fred is making himself very welcome at your house,” I replied. “Well that’s okay” said Agnes. “Fred’s become a lovely friend.” Just then I saw Joyce McMahon enter the coffee shop and I immediately hunched down a little lower. “Don’t look now,” I whispered fervently. “It’s that McMoan woman.” Agnes immediately looked around even though I had told her not to, her eyes bright with excitement. “Where Merle?” Joyce naturally saw Agnes looking in her direction and hurried over to us. “What luck,” she said in her breathless voice. “This place is so crowded I didn’t think I’d be able to find a table.” She immediately plonked her huge body in an empty chair at our table. “You don’t mind if I join you,” she said as she waved to catch the attention of a nearby waitress. I most certainly do, I thought.

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“Not at all,” replied Agnes who then asked the question that I knew was coming and I would have kicked her under the table if I’d been flexible enough. “How have you been Joyce?” “Oh, not so good lately,” muttered Joyce. “It’s these new pills my doctor has got me on for my chronic indigestion. They give me such terrible diarrhoea and flatulence.” She then proceeded to give us the full details of a recent colonoscopy that she’d had along with a word by word account of the argument she’d had with her doctor concerning her new diet. Judging by the food she ordered from the waitress, her new diet appeared to consist of cream cakes, doughnuts and milk shakes. I wasn’t at all surprised when she had to hurriedly leave to go to the ladies’ rest room; and clearly there was a flatulence issue. I tried to hurry Agnes out of the coffee shop before Joyce returned from the toilet but as usual, Agnes didn’t understand the urgency of the situation and was still finishing off the last of her carrot cake when Joyce returned. We then had to sit through another tedious hour of Joyce’s medical complaints as she went on and on and on about all of the things wrong with her body and the numerous and often nauseating side effects of the various medicines given to her by apparent quacks. Why on earth do people think that anybody is at all interested in their body’s failings? “Wasn’t it nice meeting Joyce,” said Agnes after we finally escaped from the coffee shop. I looked at her in amazement and thought, “Oh Agnes, what is wrong with you? How could you possible not be horribly depressed and exhausted after sitting through such an experience?” I was still shaking my head in amazement as we walked back to the car park. “By the way,” said Agnes as she unlocked her car, “I wanted to invite you around for tea on Friday night. Fred is coming around and I thought it would be nice if you met him.” I could think of nothing worse, I thought to myself. “Surely there is nothing going on between you and Fred,” I said suspiciously. Agnes laughed, “Of course there’s nothing going on. I’m just cooking him dinner as a way of saying thank you for all his help. He won’t take any payment you know.” Hmm I thought, I bet he has his own ideas about payment, Agnes can be so naive. Doing the right thing by Agnes, as usual, I

went along for dinner, not that I wanted to one single bit. Agnes opened the door looking quite flushed. “Are you alright?” I asked her. “I’m fine Merle, never felt better,” she replied brightly. “Come on in and meet the boys.” “Boys?” I enquired. “Oh yes, Fred has brought a friend with him. He thought it would be nice if there were four of us.” “Oh he did, did he?” I said with a hint of menace in my voice, wanting the hallway floor to open up and swallow me so I did not have to partake in this excruciating scenario. Agnes ushered me into the lounge room and immediately grabbed the arm of a very thin, elderly gentleman. “This is Fred,” she said rather possessively and then pointed at a small, very bald and very fat man sitting in the chair, the one I always sat in whenever I visited Agnes, “and this is his friend Barry.” Barry didn’t stand up to greet me but merely inclined his head as if he was royalty and said, “Charmed, I’m sure.” He must think we live in England, I thought. Charmed? Honestly. Naturally, Agnes seated me next to Barry at dinner and then proceeded to completely ignore me, her best friend, as she and Fred made childish goo-goo eyes at each other throughout the meal. However, that wasn’t the worst part. Oh, no. Barry knew he had a captive audience, so proceeded to regale me throughout the entire meal with endless tales of all his medical procedures and failed medications along with detailed descriptions of their various side effects. I’m sure, in some part of his selfobsessed mind, he thought he was wooing me with these totally boring and nauseating stories but nothing could have been further from the truth. I finally managed to plead tiredness and make my escape. As Agnes and I said our farewells at the front door, she winked and said, “You owe me big time now Merle.” Yes Agnes, I thought to myself, and I can’t wait to pay you back. As I hurried quickly back to my car in case Barry was able to rouse himself sufficiently enough to follow me out, I wondered why on earth people have these urges to tell everybody else the full details of their medical history. How can they possibly believe that other people are at all interested? Can somebody please explain this to me? Anybody?

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TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 29

HARSTON CWA The Harston CWA are currently concentrating on finishing the last touches to our entries for the CWA exhibition to be held at the Victory Hall, Tatura, in October. All the CWA ladies in the Goulburn Valley West area are very proud of their work which is of a very high standard. We ae very pleased that it is being held in Tatura asNo. this will SUDOKU 9 give the local people a chance to see some very fine work including craft, cooking, sewing, jams and cakes. Do come and support us as you will be pleasantly surprised. Our birthday girls this month are Marie Wright and Judy Hussey. We shared Judy’s birthday with her as her birthday fell on the date of our meeting. A good report was returned from the ladies who went to the Swan Hill festival as everybody had a good time. It is pleasing to see Mary and have her back at our meetings. Best bloom for the month were: 1. Pat Love, 2. Mary McGrath and 3. Irene Gale. The raffle winner was Fay Alexander. Our next meeting will be on October 10 and the competition will be an old brooch.


The Murchison Meteorite

MURCHISON HISTORICAL SOCIETY Now that spring is here and members are returning from their travels, the Heritage Centre at 4 Stevenson Street Murchison will be open on a regular basis from Saturday, September 17. Each Saturday morning from 10 am to 12.30 pm, we will welcome visitors who can enjoy the displays in the gallery and learn about our special local history. Entry is only a gold coin donation and gifts over $2 are tax deductable, just ask for a receipt. We have had groups visiting over the winter break and it was a pleasure to share our unique history with people who displayed such appreciation. The Kyabram Probus Club visited the Heritage Centre as a follow-on from when our president spoke at the club’s meeting in June. The topic requested at that meeting was the Murchison meteorite and the talk was received with a great deal of enthusiasm. When the club visited the Heritage Centre, we were able to share a lot more about the history of the area. A group of science students from Yea High School visited last week and their specific interest was also the Murchison meteorite. It is always special to have school students visit and for them to learn something about an event of such significance as this important meteorite. This month on September 28, will mark the 47th anniversary of the fall of the meteorite over Murchison, an event that received world-wide attention due to its age (4.6 billion years old), its primitive chemistry and presence of many amino acids, the building blocks of life. Groups are most welcome at any time by arrangement, please contact Janet to make a booking at 5826 2363. We will be arranging special events during History Week next month starting from Sunday, October 16 through to Sunday, October 23 although details still being finalised. So now that we are open again for our regular Saturday mornings, come along and visit the Heritage Centre. You will be made most welcome.










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in October

October 1 – International Day of Older Persons. Ageism is the most socially normalised of any prejudice. The media portrays old people as senile and doddering on television, many employers discriminate based on age and some doctors apply a more relaxed attitude towards screening an older person for preventable diseases. Older people who succumb to these attitudes live, on average, eight years less than those with more positive attitudes. My mother often told me, “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.”

stigma associated with mental health, many people who know they should be seeking help refuse to do so. The purpose of mental health day is to reduce this stigma and encourage help seeking behaviour.

October 2 – World Farm Animals Day. Created in memory of Ghandi, who believed in treating all living beings with respect, this day was founded to highlight the poor conditions suffered by some farm animals, and promote awareness in the hope something may be done to improve their lives.

October 12 – Pet Obesity Awareness Day. If you have a porky pet then perhaps it’s time to talk to your vet. The last thing you want to do is love your pet to death.

October 5 – World Teacher’s Day. This day aims to raise awareness of the importance of the role played by teachers all over the world. The responsibility for educating future generations is a very important one and should not be taken lightly. However, if you don’t already understand this, then a promotional day won’t make any difference. October 7 – Bathtub Day. When’s the last time you relaxed in the bath with a few scented candles, a glass of wine and a rubber ducky? Soaking in the bath is a great way to unwind and free yourself from stress. In ancient Rome, bathing was seen as a social occasion that allowed people to bond while they discussed business or caught up on the latest gossip. I’ll let your imagination make the connection. October 8 – Universal Music Day. Music enriches our lives in so many ways. It connects with our soul and can lift us up when we are happy and comfort us when we are sad. Just hearing the opening chords to a well-known song can evoke wistful memories and transport us back in time. By the way, I’m talking about music here, not hip hop or rap. October 9 – Curious Events Day. There are so many unsolved mysteries and curious events surrounding us on a daily basis and the purpose of this day is to encourage us to think about them rather than take them for granted. Here are a few examples to contemplate. Who actually does drink the last of the milk and leave the empty container in the fridge? With all of his money, why did Donald Trump choose a hairpiece like that? Why does my cat always settle on my lap the moment I decide it’s time to get up? Why is a shop always frantically busy when I walk in and almost empty when I walk out? (and no, I don’t have a flatulence problem). October 10 – World Mental Health Day. There is still a stigma attached to mental health but the fact is, we all have mental health just as we have physical health. However, some people have problems with their mental health and need help in order to get better. Unfortunately, due to the Authorised Radiator Experts

Rob Crawford

103 - 105 Ross Street, Tatura, Vic 3616 - Ph: 5824 1514 Fax: (03) 5824 3012 - Mobile: 0427 540 356 or 0408 597 162

October 11 – Face Your Fears Day. Take a moment to consider what your life might be like if you conquered some of your greatest fears. What would you do differently? Face Your Fears Day gives you the chance to stand up to your fears, overcome them, and to seize the day.

October 13 – World Sight Day. Each year, Vision 2020 Australia uses World Sight Day to talk about the importance of eye health and vision care. It also focuses world attention on blindness and vision impairment. If you haven’t had your eyes checked lately, then perhaps it’s time to see your optometrist. October 15 – International Day of Rural Women. Rural women play a critical role in the rural economies of both developed and developing countries. In most parts of the developing world, women participate in crop production and livestock care, provide food, water and fuel for their family, and engage in off-farm activities to diversify their family’s livelihood. In addition, they carry out vital functions in caring for children, older persons and the sick. October 18 – Chocolate Cupcake Day. If you know how to bake, it’s your duty to share your expertise with those of us who are less fortunate. October 19 – Evaluate Your Life Day. This is perhaps one of the most important things you can ever do. Unless you believe in re-incarnation and can actually remember your previous lives, this life is all you’re going to get. The first question you need to ask yourself is, “Am I truly happy?” I’ll let you work out the direction your questions should take from there. October 24 – United Nations Day. U.N. Day has traditionally been marked throughout the world with meetings, more meetings, discussions, more meetings, further discussions, even more meetings and small exhibits about the achievements and goals of the organization. In 1971, the General Assembly recommended that member states observe it as a public holiday. Several countries are still having discussions about whether to follow this recommendation. October 29 – International Cat Day. Strangely enough, we seem to have several of these throughout the year. Just who is in charge here? This day is to help stray cats find their forever home. Cats can lower your blood pressure, offer unconditional love (as long as you do what you’re told), companionship and many laughs. Perhaps you should stay off the internet if you don’t want to be overloaded with cuteness. As Charles Dickens said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat?” Actually, I can think of quite a few. October 30 – Create a Great Funeral Day. We all have to go some time, yes, even you. Confronting the idea of our own death often causes uncomfortable thoughts and rather than facing the inevitability of our dying, most of us avoid the discussion. The idea behind this day is to consider how you would like to be remembered. I’ve already planned the songs for my funeral and have avoided any hint of a dirge. The highlight will be the song by the Angels (get it?) ‘Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again?’ People who know the alternate chorus will be encouraged to sing it which might shock the minister a little, but what the hell, it’s my funeral. - John Kriesfeld

TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 31

TATURA The Early Years 1886 - 1890 During the early years, Tatura was blessed with several great men. One of the earliest was Charles William Wilson, a man of outstanding ability who won the respect and esteem of everyone. Charles Wilson was the first white child born at Whroo (1856). At fourteen he began to earn a living at Menon’s cordial factory in Rushworth, and was then engaged by a surveyor who was dividing the district into blocks for the selectors. He spent six years in Mason’s butchering establishment at Rushworth, then opened a branch of the business in Tatura. At the time of his arrival in 1879 the north side of Hogan Street was a chock and log fence and the Tatura Herald observed at the time that in the vicinity of the town “large paddocks may now be seen to be clear of timber.” In 1881 Charles married Miss Boyer of Whroo, and for twenty years served his family, church and community with the greatest energy and devotion. He was a member of the Rodney Council from 1887 to 1901 and president twice. He served on the Rodney Irrigation Trust from 1889 until his

death and was chairman in 1904. He was also president of the Mooroopna Hospital, Trustee of the racecourse, Mechanic’s Institute, public garden and recreation reserve, Australian Native’s Association, Fire Brigade, Tatura band, Presbyterian Church and secretary of the Cemetery Trust. In January, 1888, Charles Wilson convened a public meeting at the Tatura Mechanic’s Institute to consider the formation of a Waterworks Trust. The public did not need much persuading and in June 1889, the Tatura Waterworks Trust was gazetted. On November 1890, Tatura was proclaimed an urban district with an area of 570 acres and a population of 2500. In its early days the Trust was criticised for the rates it charged, even though its urgent need of funds for new works may have justified it. One critic was George Reilly who, in 1908, drew water for his mill from the town lake rather than pay the water rates. In the same month that the Waterworks Trust was gazetted, metalling of the streets of Tatura was finally commenced and by the end of

the year the Goulburn Advertiser was able to rejoice with its Tatura readers: “Advance Tatura! Lamps in the main street. What with gas and water laid on, our Tatura is advancing in civilisation.” In 1887 the first two banks had opened, the Victoria with Mr C. Gellion as manager, and the Commercial with Mr James Everist. Charles Wilson’s early death was the result of a carbuncle, a condition that would be unlikely to rob our present community of any of its leaders, and it occasioned universal grief. The one hundred and seventy-five carriages, twenty horsemen and one hundred persons who followed the hearse on foot, made a procession over a mile and a half in length and the Free Press noted, “The excitement and sorrow when it became known that Mr C. W. Wilson, JP, had breathed his last, has possibly not had a parallel since settlement in this area.” A plaque commemorating his life is on display near the old Tatura courthouse. - Source: Tatura and Shire of Rodney, W.H. Bossence (available for purchase from the Tatura Museum)


Anita Diamant

When Kathleen meets Joyce, each has come to a turning point their life. Kathleen, whose sister died of breast cancer fifteen years earlier, has just been diagnosed with cancer herself and finds her world abruptly thrown into terrifying turmoil. Joyce, on the other hand, has become increasingly distant from her awkward adolescent daughter and is taking stock of her marriage and family and is struggling to come to grips with a burgeoning career as a novelist. Neither realises that this chance meeting will result in a life-altering friendship. *Good Harbor is a rich and moving novel about tragedy and loss, the nature of family secrets and ultimately, the power of friendship. I’m sure many people would be able to relate to this story.  Kerry Gardner

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30 Years Ago…

Fourteen members of the Tatura unit of the State Emergency Service resigned because of lack of funding. Former controller of the branch, Mr Graeme Russell said, “I resigned to show disapproval over lack of funding from the government, the shire and the public.” Mr Russell, who is a foundation member of the Rodney Unit of the SES, said a public appeal, held eight months ago, to raise funds for the unit did not raise a cent. According to Mr Russell, the State Government provided a little over a million dollars for the entire State Emergencies last year and was nowhere near enough to keep the service going. Mr Russell said that members of the SES worked many hours a week on a voluntary basis. Although their radio equipment is essential, the members had to pay for it out of their own pockets. Mr Russell said his involvement in the SES was costing him up to $5000 a year. Director of the SES in the Goulburn Valley, Mr John Glass, said he would be meeting with representatives from the Rodney Shire and the Rodney SES to discuss the issue. ***** Viberts Mitre 10 Hardware store, which has been standing since the turn of the century, is about to be replaced with a new building. The old building, which covered 2000 square metres, will be replaced by a new shop which will cover 4500 square metres. Viberts have been in control of the Mitre 10 store since 1980 but the Vibert name has been associated with hardware since 1889.

Years of community work by Merrigum’s Nancy Tyson were recognised recently. Mrs Tyson was awarded the Telecom Advance Australia Award of Merit by the District Telecom manager, Mr Graeme Ralph. The presentation of the prestigious medal was made at a gathering of friends and admirers at the Merrigum Senior Citizens Club. Receiving the award, Mrs Tyson said she loved Merrigum and that it was a part of her.

Rodney Shire secretary Mr John Purdey has resigned. Mr Purdey has accepted a position as Deputy City Manager of the City of Heidelberg. Mr Purdey has been at the Rodney Shire for eight years, three as deputy shire secretary and the last five as secretary. Rodney Shire president Mr Andrew Crawford said during that time he had expanded the human and social services of the shire extensively.


Two American scientists have been conducting research at the Tatura Irrigation Research Institute. Dr Ed Proebsting from Prosser Research station in Washington has been concerning himself with the regulated deficit irrigation program while in Tatura. Dr Proebsting explained that this system involved taking advantage of modern irrigation to apply less water to a fruit tree than it uses. Dr Mike Shannon from the American Salinity Laboratory has been working with Tatura researcher Clive Noble, looking into salt tolerance in white clover.

The six internee and prisoner of war camps which surrounded the Waranga Basin during the second World War are to be a topic of a book by Rushworth author, Mrs Joyce Hammond. According to Mrs Hammond, in excess of 10,000 people were housed in the camps between 1939 and 1945. “Every nationality in Europe was represented in barbed wire compounds of the camp,” she said. Mrs Hammond said the camps were built around the Waranga Basin because of the enormous amounts of water needed to run them. According to Mrs Hammond, the camps were very smoothly operated. “There was never a shortage of food and water and the Australian people were generally very kind to the people. The main problem the internees faced was long hours of boredom. The huts were prefabricated, iron-roofed structures which were unlined. How these people coped with the heat and the cold is a story in itself.” *****



Physiotherapy Clinic


R E N O VAT I O N S Laurie Rees

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The Tatura Toy Library committee is very excited to announce that we will be re-opening at a new location on October 3. The new location, at the rear of 241 Hogan Street, is bigger and better than before. We are open twice a week for easy convenience for drop off and pick up of toys. Our opening times are Monday 3:45 to 4:30 and Saturday’s 10-11am school terms. We have over 200 toys to choose from including jigsaws, outdoor big toys, infant, toddler, and primary age toys. Learning through play is proven to be the most beneficial way for children to learn so get on board! Come and check our new location and meet the volunteer run community service. We are local mum’s and dads who keep this local treasure afloat and would love for more locals to join in. Our library runs on a roster system, but you can choose not to. Did you know that our Tatura Library has the lowest fees in Victoria? If not the Australia. We just want people to come and visit our new location and enjoy the benefits of having endless amount of fun with your child while they play, so we are offering FREE membership until 2016! So just a reminder, our new location is at the rear of 241 Hogan street.

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Dead Man’s Penny

WORLD WAR 1 REVISITED – DEAD MAN’S PENNY The Dead Man's Penny, the Death Penny, Death Plaque or Widow's Penny is a commemorative bronze plaque which was presented to the next-of-kin of the serving men and women who died during the Great War. Featured is Lady Britannia surrounded by two dolphins signifying Britain's sea power and a lion signifying Britain. A very small lion underneath the larger lion's feet is biting into a winged creature representing the German Imperial eagle. Around the outer edge of the plaque are the words ‘He (or She) died for freedom and honour’. Next to Lady Britannia is the deceased's name, with no rank, unit or decorations being shown befitting the equality in their sacrifice. E CR P is inscribed near the lion's right paw, this being the initials of Mr E Carter Preston, the artist and designer of the plaque. A memorial scroll was also presented to the next of kin, commemorating at the call of ‘King and Country they gave up their lives that others might live in freedom’. For those that returned, many took up the opportunity for a government driven scheme that involved ‘Soldier Settlement’ on the land. Girgarre and Stanhope owe much of their growth following the period during and following World War 1 to this scheme, and the Girgarre Living History Group in their planned book launch in Girgarre on November 12, have brought their stories into print. Along with family stories, closer and soldier settlement, authors Athol McDonald (5854 6324) and Jenny Wadelton (5852 2301) have included the history of Girgarre businesses and other community activities. Early book orders can be sent to - John Crilly

Tennis: Tennis season is fast approaching and is now only weeks away. DTC held its junior and senior registration day on September 9. The junior competition (SJTA) commences Saturday, October 8, and runs until March 4, 2017 and our club has submitted two teams. The club is hoping to finalise an U/10 side. DTC Tennis Victoria head coach John Evans will coach the junior teams on Friday nights. This is important for skill development and game play. For further enquires please contact John on 0488 379 988. Assistant Tennis Victoria Coach Lisa Niglia will continue with the ANZTHS Community Play ‘Red Ball, commencing Friday October 7, at 4.30 to 5.00pm and is a six-week program. Numbers are limited. The program will follow the Grand Slam Tour and the dates are below. The clubs training nights will continue to be held on Friday nights followed with a shared BBQ tea. The senior competition (GMLTA) will commence Saturday October 15 and will end in March with finals to follow. The club will continue to co-join with Stanhope tennis club filling a shared Premier 2 side. The club will also submit a Section 1 and a section 2 side. With the new Family Membership set, the club aims to encourage more families to join. A Family Membership is only $120. This applies for the Primary Member plus $10 for every additional dependent living at home. This is a wonderful saving and the tennis club’s way of involving and encouraging more families to participate in sport and stay active all year around. Tennis is one of those few sports where the whole family can play together and have fun. Grant Funding: DTC received funding from COGS earlier this year for Our Sporting Future Grant Fund. The program was delivered in term 3 offering primary school aged children from Tatura and surrounding areas to participate in a Free ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Community play program. The club have been utilising Sacred Heart Primary School tennis courts on Hunter Street where children have been learning the skill of tennis and the art of game play and scoring. The club received sporting equipment in the attempt to get more children involved in tennis and put a tennis racquet in their hand and not a DS hand held Computer Game. Free Activities in the Park: In Term 4, DTC will be participating in COGS Free Activities in the Park where children will be able to follow the ANZTHS Grand Slam Tour. The following dates are set for each venue - Dhurringile Tennis Club Friday October 14, Murchison Tennis Club Friday October 21, Toolamba Tennis Club Friday Nov 4, Harston Tennis Club Friday Nov 11. Sessions run for an hour from 4pm -5pm. DTC have also registered for the Senior Festival Day. This will be part of Dhurringile’s Tennis Club Open Day scheduled for Sunday October 2 at 10am. Morning tea will be provided. The club has also registered with COGS a Twilight Movie Night for Friday March 17 in 2017. This event will be in support of the school’s centenary year. More information will be available at a later date. The club has also applied for a matching grant with COGS for a tennis hitting wall and entertaining area. Thanks to Fraser for submitting the application. Further enquiries about joining DTC, please contact the club secretary on 0428 266 310.

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TATURA COMMUNITY HOUSE NEWS Term 4 is shaping up to be busy at the Tatura Community House. Check out our term 4 program in this issue of the Bulletin. We have had to double our program size to fit in all the wonderful activities on offer! No matter what your age, next term is focussed on activities to improve your health and wellbeing. In partnership with Council we are offering Activities in the Park which include a Cussen Park walk, Evening Unwind and Healthy Living series which includes a Yoga class, mindfulness and nutrition information. For something gentle and relaxing to end the week, experience Qigong on a Friday. We LOVED this activity as it doesn’t matter whether you are 15 or 85 it is wonderfully rejuvenating and relaxing. We were lucky enough to finish off with a bit of meditation as well. Are you anxious, depressed or stressed? Check out our Mindfulness sessions in the Term Program. Maybe Yoga is what you need. Next term we are offering daytime and evening Yoga and are hoping to start some modified circuit training. Register quickly for the ‘Your Destiny’ series which will give lots of information around support to maintain independent living, getting the most out of concession entitlements, managing utilities, wills and power of attorneys. This series is for anyone wanting to learn more for themselves or for friends or relatives. Also, as part of Seniors Week, Bev is organising the very popular and fun Seniors Trivia afternoon. Groups and individuals welcome, 45 seats available. Cost: $2 Big news from the Community House is that we were successful in getting a $40,000 grant from the Victorian Government which will see us partnering with other local Community Houses in Shepparton, Mooroopna and Murchison to provide support to over 55’s who might be feeling excluded by emerging technology. The Helping Hand Program will offer one on one, small group training and information sessions to seniors for free. Everyone is welcome to come along to the Helping Hand Project Launch on Tuesday October 18 at midday to learn more and enjoy a light lunch. Please RSVP 5824 1315. The Tatura Community Market is off and running. Staff have been busy organising stall holders, face painting and entertainment for Saturday 24th, kicking off at 8:30 at Stuart Mock Place. Come down and have a look and support our local Tatura businesses. Stalls include jewellery, children’s clothing, floristry, candles, fruit and veg, books and cupcakes. This month we had a morning tea to say goodbye to Bob at The Guardian, on behalf of the Board, staff and volunteers we thank him for his support and wish him well in his retirement. The Tatura Community House progressive dinner was a great success with 21 people attending. The idea behind this event was to bring different people together whilst supporting local business. Lagozzino’s Top Pub, The Tatura Hotel and The Victoria Hotel were wonderful hosts offering lovely meals and service.

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A Grade Premiers Don’t Leave Your Pet Itchy

SPRING AND ITCHY DOGS Spring is finally here and it’s very exciting, but spare a thought for your dogs and cats at this time of the year. With the warm sunny days and fresh green grass comes a variety of reasons for your pet to become extremely itchy. Scratching, redness of the skin and general irritation can be symptoms of skin conditions. Three of the main causes of skin irritation and itches become more prevalent as the weather warms up. The first of these are the ever annoying fleas. We are often told by our clients that they considered fleas as a cause of their pets’ itches but couldn’t see any, and have also treated them with various flea treatments to no avail. What you may not know however is that many dogs have a ‘flea allergy’ or flea bite hypersensitivity. This means your dog is allergic to the flea saliva and may only need to harbour one flea on their coat to cause a severe skin reaction. Unfortunately, only the most potent flea treatments are effective at helping these dogs, as treatments must kill all the fleas to be effective. Fleas are also able to survive in the environment for long periods of time, so you need to also manage the environment to prevent reinfestation. Fleas are also the most common reason why your cat may be losing hair or excessively grooming. We have a wide range of flea and worm treatments available at the clinic. From spot on treatments such as Activyl and Revolution to chews like Nexgard and Sentinel. We would also recommend considering flea spray to treat your pet’s environment. Indorex is a safe option to use around other pets and children. Another frustrating cause of itching (pruritis) and skin irritation is a condition known as atopy or ‘grass allergy’. Dogs with atopy usually experience seasonal itches over the spring and summer, but this depends on what they are actually allergic to. In the Shepparton region, we see many dogs which become red and itchy due to contact with grasses, but pollens and dust may also cause allergies. Dogs that itch their belly and chew their feet may have atopy. If your dog is scratching and miserable, please contact Tatura Vet Clinic to discuss this condition. If your dog has atopy / grass allergies, we now have an exciting new offer that may interest you. Traditionally these dogs are managed with intermittent doses of low dose cortisone. If this doesn’t seem to be successful at combating your dog’s itchiness, there is a relatively new product called Apoquel which may be helpful. The third common cause of skin itching seen at our clinic is an adverse food reaction or food allergy. Food allergies are typically seen in young dogs and very old dogs. Dogs are most commonly allergic to beef, dairy, wheat and chicken, all of which are components of commercial dog diets. Older dogs acquire allergies over a period of time, without even having their diet changed. Common signs including skin itching, scooting and gastrointestinal signs and ear infections that don’t seem to respond well to treatment with cortisone and other medications. If we suspect your dog has a food allergy, the only accurate way to diagnose this is to do an elimination diet challenge. Don’t leave your pet itchy and miserable. Contact your vet to give your pet some relief this spring. - Dr Regan Lynch

B Grade Premiers with Di Downie and Phil Crow

TATURA TABLE TENNIS The Tatura Table Tennis Club completed yet another successful season. The A Grade premiers were Roc Niglia, Aaron Niglia, Kelvin Smith, Lisa Niglia and George Rath. A Grade runners-up were Josh Godden, John Kriesfeld, Axel Bourke and Emrik Wilson. B Grade premiers were Mark Meda, Gary Clough, Russell Marke and Mason Varapodio. Each team is divided into four sections so that players tend to play other players of equal ability. The best players for the season were: No.1 Section – Leigh Fitzgerald. No. 2 Section – John Kriesfeld. No. 3 Section – Gary Wood. No. 4 Section – Deb Johnson. The Bryan Towner Memorial Doubles Champions were Gary Wood and Deb Johnson and the Ted Price Memorial Doubles Champions were Phil Crow and Dianne Downie who went through the season undefeated. The 2016 club champion was Mark Meda. The Robert Fitzgerald Memorial Trophy and Encouragement Award went to Lewis Walker. The Most Improved Award was won by Axel Bourke. Special thanks to Dianne Downie, Phil Crow and John Evans for all of their work behind the scenes organising the season.

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2016 JOSEPH FURPHY LITERARY PRIZE Calling all poets and story writers! Entries are invited to the 2016 Joseph Furphy Commemorative Literary Prize. Now in its twenty-fourth year, the Literary Prize was inaugurated in 1993 to commemorate 150 years since the birth of Joseph Furphy. Under the pen name of Tom Collins, Joseph Furphy wrote a number of books and articles. His best known work is Such is Life. The Furphy Foundry Pty Ltd generously donates the prize money for this annual competition. Poetry entries may be on any subject and in any style and will be judged in two sections. The Youth Section is for entrants up to 18 years of age and carries a prize of $75 for a poem of up to 30 lines. The Open Section carries a prize of $150 for a poem of up to 40 lines. Robyn Black is the judge for the Open Poetry section. Robyn is a poet, the president of the Goulburn Valley Writers’ Group Inc., and a former editor of Tamba Magazine. David Kelly is the judge for the Youth Poetry section. David is a poet and a former organiser with the Poets’ Union Inc. Entries for the short story competition will be judged in three sections. The Junior Section caters for entrants up to 12 years of age and carries a prize of $50 for a story of up to 2,000 words. The Youth Section, for entrants 13 to 18 years of age, carries a prize of $100 for a story of up to 3,000 words. The Open Section carries a prize of $300 for a short story with a maximum word limit of 3,500 words. The judges for the short story competition are John Holton (Open Section), Pauline Roberts (Youth Section) and Suellen Drysdale (Junior Section). John is a writer and editor, Pauline is the winner of the Kingston Artz Blitz 2015 Creative Writing Prize, and Suellen is a children’s author and vice-president of the Goulburn Valley Writers’ Group Inc. Entries for the competition close on October 14. Entry forms are available from all branches of Goulburn Valley Libraries, or may be downloaded from the website at For further information, please contact the event organiser, Jan Sutton, Goulburn Valley Libraries, Administration on 1300 374 765.

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OCTOBER IN THE GARDEN October sees the garden in full spring array. Trees have come into leaf, flowers are opening everywhere, summer vegies can be planted and there’s a special spring fragrance in the air. Garden growth is fresh and unspoilt as it’s still a bit early for pests or heat to have done much damage.

October Action Plan If you haven’t already added mulch to your garden beds, it’s time to get to it now. Adding mulch will help keep soil moist and reduce weeds. Your soil structure will also improve as the mulch rots. Try using pea straw, sugar cane mulch or lucerne. Soils are starting to warm up so it's a great time to plant seedlings, vegies, annuals and perennials for the garden beds. Haven't got a vegie patch? Well get cracking as there's nothing more rewarding than being able to pick fresh vegetables, herbs, strawberries. Yum! Prepare a patch of soil, or if you’re tight for space, a raised Instant Garden Bed is a fantastic compromise. Start by adding manure, either chicken or cow and compost. Mushroom compost is excellent to use with existing soils or potting mix. Again, add an organic mulch to help keep moisture in and suppress weed growth. Once Cymbidium Orchids have finished flowering, feed and re-pot them if necessary. Move them to a shady spot to protect them from the summer heat. You might need to tie up and support your broad bean plants as they become top heavy. Peas may also need supporting with stakes or trellis wire as the grow. When choosing tomatoes for the vegie patch it is wise to select short and sturdy ones. Give each one half a handful of sulphate of potash. This will help enhance flower bud development, colour and crop production and in addition, will increase stem strength and a resistance to pests, disease, frost and drought. Azalea lace bug and aphids are a common pest this time of year for azaleas, rhododendrons and roses. Use a Imidacloprid insecticide such as Yates Confidor. Be vigilant as new growth attracts these pests. With a garden fork, gently loosen soil around trees and shrubs growing in lawns. Water deeply, fertilise then water again. A complete fertiliser is efficient or use native fertilisers if treating native trees and shrubs. Check your garden irrigation systems in preparation for summer. It's a good time to repair breakages, clear out blockages and replace any missing parts, before plants become dependent on this through the warmer months. Lawns can also be aerated now and fertilised with lawn fertiliser, Yates' Lawn Master, Scott’s Lawn Builder to name a few. Any bare patches can also be re-sown.

What to plant now.

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Flowers – begonia, linaria, lobelia, petunia, marigold, impatients, snapdragons, dianthus, cosmos, vincas, erigeron, salvia, verbena, portulaca, and alyssum. Vegetables - capsicum, cucumber, leek, pumpkin, radish, sweet corn, tomato, beans, silver beet, beetroot, eggplant, zucchini, squash, onions, spring onions, carrots, strawberries, spinach, lettuce and cabbage. Herbs - thyme, sweet basil, marjoram, curry plant, bay leaf tree, rosemary, oregano, mint and chocolate mint, parsley, garlic, sage, dill and chives. - Janine, Mitre 10 Garden Centre

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THE PRESSURE TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE Trellis, and good provision was made for cross-pollination, regulated deficit irrigation was applied, and a different style of pruning was used, and trees were tricked to become spur-bearing instead of tip-bearing trees, mature Williams trees consistently produced more than 110 tonnes of canning-grade fruit per year with about four per cent rejects. In another commercial orchard (Ardmona) we have shown that just over half the amount of irrigation water was saved by using drip line instead of the much used micro-jet system. The drip line not only saved water, it also contributed to a reduction in tree vigour and increased tree precocity. The water saving strategies were not detrimental to tree health, yield and fruit size. To the contrary, the pear trees settled into cropping at a tree age that would have normally taken conventionally-planted pear trees four to six years longer. Furthermore, by using a crop water requirement formula, developed by researchers at the Tatura Research Institute, we closely matched the estimated use of water by the trees to the actual amount of water applied. Many of the research and commercial Ian Bolitho with his Instant Tatura Orchard Peach Tree results are now successfully replicated on orchards with tropical fruits in north to stay healthy. What people should know Queensland and Hawaii. As a bonus, in is that the fruit industry in Australia is well 2011 in North Queensland, the Tatura Trellis advanced and has the know-how and tools to withstood the worst cyclone in living memory. face the challenges of tomorrow. So, “Come Horticulture, and especially fruit, does not on Aussie, come on, come on!” get in the news, yet, we are encouraged to - Bas van den Ende eat five types of fruit and vegetables a day

The world population is presently 7 billion people. The forecast is that it will be 8 billion in 2030, 9 billion in 2050 and possibly as high as 14 billion by 2100. The pressures to feed and sustain this increase in people can only magnify in coming decades. It means that in about 35 years, we have to produce double the amount of food from the same amount of land we have now, and also with about half the amount of water. Unfair trade barriers will have to disappear. Interestingly, and good for Australia, about one-third of the world’s population is at our doorstep. While reducing food wastage is the most obvious action required, ‘sustainable intensification’ is also emerging as a new paradigm for agriculture and horticulture to increase production on the existing land area. Although we hear very little these days about research and development in fruit production, many of the results of research work done at the Tatura Research Institute (now Tatura Centre) in the 1970s and 1980s have been implemented by orchardists in Australia and overseas. What most people don’t know, is that a lot of fine-tuning of the Tatura Trellis has continued on private commercial orchards in Australia, especially in the GV, but also in the USA and South Africa. For example, it has been shown that peach trees can produce a substantial crop six months after planting large trees. The Instant Tatura Orchard produced a total of 90 tonnes per hectare when three years old (from three harvests). Conventional orchards start producing peaches after four years in the orchard. The average annual yield of conventionallyplanted Williams pear trees is 45 tonnes per hectare. When trees were planted on Tatura



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Kaz Tavener

KAZ TO KONA Kaz Tavener was introduced to long course triathlon events by her brother in-law Robbie Andrews. With a background in recreational sports enjoying swimming and running, it wasn’t long before Kaz began cycling and joining a group on the sunshine coast. It was at the encouragement of these athletes she advanced to competing in the full distance ironman. She completed her first full distance Ironman in December last year at Busselton WA and gained a qualifying place to represent her country at the World Championships at Kona, Hawaii in October 2016. Both Robbie and Kaz competed on home soil early in September in the half-ironman triathlon World Championship at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast. Kaz has previously travelled twice to Kona with Robbie and his wife Janene, the first time in 2003 and again in 2013 to support Robbie at the ironman world championship. This journey in 2016 sees Robbie and Kaz switch roles as Kaz heads back to the big island in Hawaii to compete in the Ironman World Championships. She will be joined by her family and friends as they watch her swim 3.8km, ride her bike for 180km and then run for a further 42km.

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Walk to School month is coming up and will run throughout October, after receiving a grant from VicHealth. The campaign encourages primary school students across Victoria to walk to and from school, in the aim of more people living happier and healthier lives. Greater Shepparton City Council will work with local primary schools to encourage families to get involved in the program and activities. Greater Shepparton City Council Director Community Kaye Thomson said, “VicHealth’s Walk to School month highlights the benefits of walking for children, such as improving fitness, friendships and their confidence. It’s free, easy and a fun way for children to get active. We are delighted to be part of this important initiative and will coordinate local Walk to School activities during October, including running competitions for participating schools and holding healthy morning teas at local primary schools. We want to encourage more kids to walk, scoot or ride to promote healthy habits and support children in achieving the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity daily, to help them live healthy and happy lives.” All participating schools will receive student certificates to celebrate their students’ achievements, and will be running for a series of prizes provided by VicHealth. Throughout October, schools and parents are encouraged to help children record their walks using classroom calendars or the Walk to School website. VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said, “Last year’s Walk to School campaign saw a record number of students and schools participate, and this year VicHealth hoped to see even more children walking, riding and scooting to school. Last year more than 108,000 children from 620 schools across Victoria took part in Walk to School and collectively walked more than 1.2million kilometers, the equivalent of walking almost 32 times around the world. Sadly, one in four children are overweight or obese. VicHealth’s Walk to School initiative is a fun, free way to get kids active and promote healthy habits they can utilize for the rest of their lives. Walking, riding or scooting to school during the month of October is also a great way to spend quality time with your children. If walking the whole way to school isn’t feasible, parking a few blocks away and walking the rest of the way is still a great way to get involved.” Schools within Greater Shepparton can contact the Greater Shepparton City Council on 5832 9700 to find out more about the local Walk to School activities, or visit for more information.

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Bulletin QUIZ answers on page 40 1. What is the main composition of the sun? a. Helium b. Hydrogen c. Nitrogen d. Methane 2. The collective noun for women is? a. Gaggle b. Blush c. Eloquence d. Gossip 3. What is the water content of the average human brain? a. 18% b. 39% c. 55% d. 78% 4. Who has coached the most AFL / VFL Premierships? a. Jock McHale b. Kevin Sheedy c. Norm Smith d. Alastair Clarkson 5. Which AFL club has the worst theme song? a. Fremantle b. North Melbourne c. Greater Western Sydney d. Gold Coast Suns

6. Which of these activities was once part of the Olympic Games? a. Painting b. Poetry c. Literature d. Architecture 7. What is the capital city of Peru? a. Quito b. Santiago c. Lima d. Bogota 8. Who invented the reflecting telescope? a. Galileo b. Leonardo Da Vinci c. Benjamin Franklin d. Sir Isaac Newton 9. In which country was the Colossus of Rhodes? a. Greece b. Egypt c. Rome d. Persia 10. Which is the deepest cave in the world? a. Sarma Cave b. Krubera-Voronja Cave c. Buchan Cave d. Gouffre Mirolda Cave


DOG OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES A recent court conviction and a ban on owning a dog for a Greater Shepparton resident has highlighted the responsibility dog owners have to keep their animals under control. The resident was found guilty, with conviction, in the Shepparton Magistrate’s Court of seven charges relating to their dog wandering the streets and attacking other dogs, causing serious injuries. The owner was also found guilty for failing to register the dog with Council. The court fined the owner of the aggressive dog $5000 with other costs including compensation to the victim totalling $13,524. The Magistrate also disqualified the dog owner from owning, being in charge or being in control of a dog for five years and ordered that the aggressive dog be destroyed. Greater Shepparton City Council Manager Citizens Services, Laurienne Winbanks, said the court conviction sends a clear message to dog owners that Council will not ignore the safety of the community and will prosecute dog owners who fail to adhere to the Domestic Animals Act. “Council officers had previously tried a consultative compliance approach with this dog owner yet he continued to ignore requests to register his animal and to keep the dog under control. Unfortunately, it has resulted in several serious dog attacks,” she said. “Council has now taken a more hard-line approach. We will act to protect our community from dangerous dogs by enforcing the Domestic Animals Act when necessary.” Responsible dog ownership starts at home. Dog owners are required to keep their dogs confined to their properties and to register their dog each year with Council. Dogs that are left to wander the streets by their owners are at greater risk of causing an attack. Any dog found wandering the streets may be impounded by Council and the owner issued with an infringement notice. “Council urges any member of the community who are involved in a dog attack to contact Council for assistance. Council operates a 24-hour emergency service to respond to investigate and take legal action when required to ensure the dog owners comply with their legal requirements.” said Ms Winbanks. For more information on responsible pet ownership visit greatershepparton.



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Page 40 - TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016

QUIZ answers

FISHING WORD SEARCH Find and circle all of the hidden words about fishing. The left over letters reveal a secret message.





















1b – Hydrogen (70%) 2a – Gaggle 3d – 78% 4a – Jock McHale (8) 5abcd – They’re all shockers. 6abcd – Yet another free point for you 7c – Lima 8d – Sir Isaac Newton 9a - Greece 10b – Krubera-Voronja SCORING 0–3. Struggle Street. I refuse to believe that somebody performed this badly on the quiz. There were two free answers for heaven’s sake. Stop chasing Pokemon and learn something! 4-5. Unexceptional. The majority of people are unexceptional. If you weren’t in the majority you would be exceptional. However, there were a couple of easy questions this month so perhaps by being unexceptional you were in fact exceptional. 6-7. Exceptional. According to the dictionary you are either unusual or unusually good. As these two meanings are quite different and as self-praise is no praise, perhaps you should ask somebody else about which category you fall into. Being psychic, I know what their answer will be. 8-9. Smarty Pants. I’m sure this title is meant to be complimentary but somehow it is telling me that you used the part of the anatomy towards the rear of your pants to guess some of the answers. This hardly seems fair for somebody as clever as you. Perhaps I should change the title for this score, although clever shirt doesn’t quite have the same impact. 10. Genius. Wow! According to my dictionary you are supposed to have exalted intellectual power. I’m told that only a genius can recognise another genius, as opposed to somebody who is merely clever. This is in fact, quite true. What was your name again?

House Foundations / Shed Floors Dairies / Yards Coloured / Exposed Aggregate All your concreting needs

Excavation & Bobcat Hire Tip Truck Hire Auger .300 .350 .450 .600 Site Cuts and General Earthmoving

TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 41

TATURA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Minister: Rev. Kevin Maxwell 5824 1042 Church Service Times: Tatura – 10.30am Tatura Sunday School – 9.30am (except School Holidays) Rushworth – 9.00am

TATURA UNITING CHURCH Minister Rev. Brian Spencer 0400 274 482


Tatura Oct 2 11am S. Marven Oct 8 11am Rev B. Spencer (H.C.) Oct 16 11am Congregation Oct 23 11am Rev. B. Spencer Toolamba Oct 30th 9.30am Rev. B. Spencer. Parish Service


ANGLICAN PARISH OF TATURA All Saints, Francis St. Tatura Ph. Rectory: 5824 1170 Rector: Rev. Jude Benton Church Service Times Sundays - 9.00am All Welcome Wednesdays - 10.00am. Mainly Music For pre-schoolers and parents. Contact: Iola Ibrahim 5854 8265 Wednesdays 12.30pm - 4.00pm Artmooveau Craft group

PETER’S PONDERI NGS I don’t suspect that there would be many of us who would enjoy the experience of vulnerability. It’s probably not a state that receives much kudos and few would see much value in being in such a place and I can well understand that. In fact, people often do so much to avoid or protect themselves from being vulnerable, some of it good and some of it not in my opinion. Some of these protective measures could well include the clothes we wear, the places we go, the work we do, the titles we acquire, the people we hold close, and possibly also the people we create distance from. I’ve adopted some if not all of these measures over the years, although some of them I’m no longer comfortable with by any means. But recently, I had most of these things literally stripped away as I lay on a hospital bed being wheeled into an operating theatre. There’s not much to protect you any more when all you have is an open backed hospital gown on and you’re about to be anaesthetised! Of course, I had agreed to this course of action and I had come to a special place of trust with the surgeon and

anaesthetist who were managing my care. Then, how should I respond when I realise one of the ward nurses had been a student in the secondary school where I once worked? However, I had chosen to place myself in a very vulnerable position in all sorts of ways and while I would not carelessly choose such a place, I have made such choices a number of times in my life because of the confidence I had in the outcome of such an action. And so it is with my faith in Jesus Christ. As one Christian songwriter expressed it a few years ago, “Lord I come to You, let my heart be changed, renewed, flowing from the grace that I found in You. And Lord I've come to know, the weaknesses I see in me, will be stripped away, by the power of Your love. Lord renew my mind, as Your will unfolds in my life, in living every day, by the power of Your love.” This change that Jesus can bring into people’s lives now and forever is just as real for me as the positive change that happened through my visit in hospital, but both required me to willingly become vulnerable.

Deadline for OCTOBER Bulletin

is 11am, Wed. Oct. 12th

Parish Priest: Father Michael Morley. 65 Hogan Street, Tatura Phone: 5824 1049. Fax: 5824 2745 Normal Mass Times 1st. 3rd. & 5th. Sundays: Saturday - 6.00p.m., Sunday - 8.00am. 2nd & 4th. Sundays Saturday - No Mass. Sunday: 10.00am. Weekdays: Refer to Parish Bulletin Reconciliation: Saturday 11.30am to 12 noon


Venue- 295 Dhurringile Road, Tatura Sunday Services: 9am, 10am and 6pm* Kid’s Program at 9am and 11am. Pastors Ron & Susan Mallon 5824 3240 Youth Pastor Kareena Meyer 0487 460 162 Revolution Kids Andy Mallon 0417 394 119 Op. Shop Neville Crow 5824 3059

GURU NANAK – THE FIRST SIKH PROPHET (Continued) THE TRUE BARGAIN At the age of eighteen, Guru Nanak was sent by his Mehta Kalu to the city to do business. He was given twenty rupees to buy some goods of common use and then trade them for a profit. His father had been disappointed that Nanak’s mind was not into farming and other worldly work and thought engaging him in trade would be a good profitable business for him. He sent the family servant Bala, with him to help Nanak make the correct purchases. On the way to the city Nanak came across a group of saints called faqirs who hadn’t eaten for several days. Guru Nanak told Bala, “Father has asked us to carry out some profitable transaction. No bargain can be more truly profitable than feeding these hungry people. I cannot leave this true bargain. It is seldom that we get an opportunity to carry out a profitable transaction like this.” Nanak realised the nature of his act and did not go home but instead sat under a nearby tree to meditate while Bala returned home and narrated the entire story to Nanak’s father who subsequently, became quite angry. However Nanak explained that he had been sent off to make a profit and he couldn’t think of a more profitable bargain. The aged tree under which Nanak sat is still preserved today. It is called Thumb Sahib or the holy tree in memory of the Guru. Despite his father’s insistence that he become a trader, Nanak continued to shun ordinary world affairs and remained deeply immersed in meditation. - Mr Singh

Page 42 - TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016

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TATURA AREA BULLETIN, September 2016 - Page 43


This directory is designed to inform newcomers to the Tatura area of the contact people for the various groups as listed. Club Secretaries are asked to keep us informed in order to keep the list up-to-date.

—— Arts —— C.A.E. BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP. Meet 2nd Tues. in month, 8.00pm in private homes. Mignon Campbell 5824 1367, or Lois Orr 5824 2379 G.V. BRANCH CAKE DECORATORS ASS. VIC. Inc. Workshop & meeting bi-monthly, Hodson House, Contact: Bev Smallman 5824 2638. RODNEY ARTS SOCIETY - CREATIVE ART. Meet every Thurs at 9am. Mechanics Hall. Park at rear. Contact: Sue Graves 5824 2929 TATURA GARDEN CLUB. Meet 3rd Mon. in month. 8.00pm at Tatura Community House, Kerferd St., Tatura President: Jan Perry 5824 1130 Secretary: Lyn McCartney 5824 2464 TURATON MUSIC COMPANY Rehearsals Monday and Wednesday at 7.30pm at 252 Pyke Road. New members welcome. Contact Shirley Ferguson 5824 1547 Email: Web: —— Churches —— ANGLICAN PARISH OF TATURA. Rev'd Jude Benton 5824 1170. Parish Secretary Jillian Earl 5824 2988. Ladies Guild. Meet 2nd Fri. in month, 2.00pm Contact: Phyll Bramley 5824 2633 ANGLICAN PARISH OF MURCHISON & RUSHWORTH Parish Secretary J. Baumber 5826 6344 Every Sun 9.00am Rushworth 11am Murchison ST BRIGID’S MURCHISON. Ladies Guild Meet 2nd Mon. in month 1.30pm Contact: Marion 5826 2303 ST ANDREW’S PRESBYTERIAN. Parish Sec. Irene Tavener 5824 2729 Tatura Presbyterian Ladies Fellowship Meet 1st Mon. in month in Church Hall, March – Dec. Contact: Tina Clark 5824 3416 GENERATIONS CHURCH ACC. PO Box 216 Tatura Ph. 5824 3240 Email: 9am, 11am & 6pm Sunday's. MURCHISON UNITING CHURCH. Congregation Pres. Helen Newton 5826 2426 MURCHISON “MURRUNGAR” U.C.F. Meet 3rd Fri. in month 2.00pm in Church Hall. Contact: M. Brown 5826 2381 TATURA CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE. Meet 1st Wed. of month, 2 pm Parish Hall. Contact: Gwen Ranson 5824 1251 Tatura/Toolamba Uniting Church, Rev. Brian Spencer 0400 274 482 .Congregation Sec. Beryl Cross 5826 6353. TATURA / TOOLAMBA UNITING CHURCH FELLOWSHIP Meet at alternate venues 2nd Thurs of month Pres. Mignon Campbell 5824 1367 Sec. Beryl Cross 5826 6353 —— Committees —— AUSTRALIA DAY COMMITTEE MURCHISON. Contact: Desley on 5826 2546. AUSTRALIA DAY COMMITTEE TATURA. Contact: Lois Orr 5824 2379. AUSTRALIA DAY COMMITTEE TOOLAMBA. Contact: Vin Whit e 0437 314 418 Sally Moseley 0418 577 552 BYRNESIDE HALL COMMITTEE. Meet when necessary, Byrneside Hall. Contact: Sec. Thelma Wood 5855 2481. Bookings - Dale Manuel 5855 2461 Cussen Park Advisory Committee. Meet 4th Thurs. in month. 7.30pm G-MW Conference Room, Casey St. Contact: Simon Cowan 0427 301 732 (c/- Locked Bag 1000, Shepparton) DHURRINGILE COMMUNITY RECREATION RESERVE AND HALL COMMITTEE. Contact: President Sharon McCarthy 0406 070 975. HARSTON MEMORIAL HALL. Contact: Wes Tyson 5854 8323 MURCHISON ACTION GROUP. Meet 7.30pm Monday of every second month, Murchison Historical Society meeting room, Stevenson St, Murchison Contact: Pres. Karen Winter 5826 2751 or 0405 350 925 murchison men's shed. 1pm to 2pm Wednesday, rear of Murchison Community Care Bldg. Contact Ken Mair 5826 2773, Wal Harrison 5826 2512 TOOLAMBA COMMUNITY HALL. For bookings contact Jim Woodward on 0427 099 955 or Rhonda White on 5826 5461 Victory Hall & Mechanics Institute. Enquires Phone 0408 052 429 Bookings: 'Brush It Up' Hairdressing Ph 5824 1387 —— Community —— BALLANTYNE CENTRE TATURA. For bookings and enquiries 5824 1421. Harston Playgroup. Every Wed. 10am to 12noon (not school holidays) Harston Primary Portable Building. For Information call Cathy 5854 8317 Merrigum Historical Society 111-113 Waverley Avenue, Merrigum. Meetings Second Wednesday In Month At 8 Pm At Museum. Museum Open By Appointment Contact – Florence Halliday 5855 2330 or Bert Henderson 5855 2495 MURCHISON CEMETERY TRUST. Enquiries Sue Brown 5826 2472 MURCHISON COMMUNITY CENTRE. Contact: Marty Morris 0417 511 357 MURCHISON & DIST. NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE. Meet 2nd Wed. in month Contact: Pres. M. Morris ph 5826 2525, Coordinator J. Lister ph 5826 2373 MURCHISON & DIST. HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Pres. Kay Ball 5826 2518. Murchison retirement village. 25-27 Impey St, Murchison. Sec Jeni Harrison 5826 2512 MURCHISON R.S.L. Meet 2nd Tues in month, 2.00pm RSL Meeting Room, Contact: Douglas Messer 5826 2328. TATURA AREA COMMUNITY BULLETIN P.O. Box 353 Tatura. Phone Enquiries 5824 1070, Fax 5824 1079, Email: tatbulletin@

TATURAA.A. & ALONON. Help and Information, Contact: Michele Howley Oval. Contact: Pres. M. Lia 5831 8579, Sec. M. Crisera. TATURA TABLE TENNIS ASSOC. Inc. Winter Comp, May 5824 2836. - Sept., Tuesday 7.30pm. at Tat Stadium. Contact: Pres. P. Crow TATURA CARER’S GROUP. Meet every 4th Monday of the month between 11.00 am to 1.00 0429 941 454. pm at the Tatura Community House Meeting Room at 12-16 Casey WARANGA BOAT CLUB. Sailing, power boating, learn to sail, excellent facilities. Street, Tatura. —— WELFARE —— TATURA COMMUNITY ACTIVITY CENTRE. Available for ST VINCENT DE PAUL. Help and information hire, Contact: 5831 1510. TATURA COMMUNITY HOUSE. 12-16 Casey Street Ph 5824 1315 3 Francis St. Tatura 5824 1443 Tatura community plan committee. Meet 3rd C.O.G.S Aged & Disability Services Offer in home Tuesday of month, 7.30pm at Tatura Senior Citizens. Contact Carl supports and services to Seniors. Contact ‘The Coordinator’ on 5832 7985 Walters on 0419 118 237 —— Guides —— TATURA & DIST. HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Meet 4th Wed. in month, 7.30pm, Tatura Museum. Contact Pres. Evert Worm 5826 6372. TATURA GIRL GUIDES Contact Lisa A Wagner 5855 2427 mob 0409 150 507 email Sec. Mignon Campbell 5824 1367. —— Seniors —— TATURA FILM SOCIETY. PO Box 356 Tatura. Pres, Peter Nelson MURCHISON SENIOR CITIZENS CLUB Inc. Meet 1st 0419 339 390 Membership Sec. e: TATURA FIRE BRIGADE AUXILIARY. Meet 2nd Fri. in month at & 3rd (social day) Mon. 2.00pm Club Rooms, Community 7.30pm. Fire Station, Contact: Ruth Johnson Pres. 5824 2964 or Gayle Centre, Watson St, . Cards (Euchre) every 2nd Wed. 1.30pm. Indoor Bowls every Thurs. 1.30pm. Contact: Sec. Judy Williams Pollerd Sec 5824 2784. TATURA ITALIAN SOCIAL CLUB. Contact: Nello Giansiracusa 5826 2192. Mob 0408 242 135. Club open Tues. & Thurs. nights, Sat noon - 5 p.m. TATURA ITALIAN PENSIONER CLUB. Meet each Tues. Tatura Men's Shed. Meets Tuesdays 10am-3pm; Thurs 2pm- night 7.00pm. St. Mary’s Hall, Tatura. Contact: Pres. Sam Russo 5pm at Clubrooms, S.W. corner of Racecourse. Pres: Allan Johnston 5824 2131. TATURA SENIOR CITIZENS. Meet every Wed at Clubrooms, 0400 143 977, Sec: Robert Knight 5826 5095 TATURA MUSEUM. Open 2-4pm. Sat, Sun. & Pub. Hols. 1-3pm Lunch 12pm. Activities 1pm, Contact: Pres. Veronica Dowell Mon-Fri or by appointment. Contact: 5824 2111 or Mignon Campbell 5824 1815, Sec, Kaye Butler 5824 2320 Assist. Sec, Brian Reeves 5824 1646. 5824 1367. —— Service —— TATURA PROBUS CLUB. Meet 4th Thur. in month, 10am at Lagozzino's Top Pub. Contact: Pres. Barb Halliwell 5824 1165 Lions Club of Murchison & District Meet 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at the Caledonian Hotel, Murchison. Sec. Wendy Wilson 5824 3843. TATURA R.S.L. Meet 3rd Fri. in month, 1.30pm, R.S.L. Clubrooms, 7pm for 7.30pm start. Contact Pres. John Ferguson 5826 2293 Contact: Pres. R.Mathieson 0418 393 525 , Sec. Glenda McLeod 5824 or Sec. Alan Rosser 0404 369 111. LIONS CLUB OF TATURA Inc. Meet 2nd & 4th Tues. Tatura 1398 0411 298 113. TATURA S.E.S. Training Thurs nights 7.30pm at Cnr Martin & Russell Senior Citizens Hall. 7pm for 7.30pm start. Contact: Secretary, Sharon Hopkins, 0416 494 476 or email tatura@lionsclubs201v5. Sts. Contact 5824 1910. TATURA TOY LIBRARY. Meet 2nd Tuesday of month, 7.30pm at org. We welcome all inquiries. Toy Library, 5-9 Kerferd Street Open Mon 3.45-4.30pm, Saturdays LIONS CLUB OF TOOLAMBA meets 1st Tuesday of each 10am-11am except school holidays and public holidays Contact Mark month at Junction Hotel at 6.30pm. Contact Laurie Thomson Bailey on 0428 377 866 0429 134 994 or Helen Morritt 5826 5005. TATURA UDV. Meet Criterion Hotel. Contact H.Crawford 0407 042 ROTARY CLUB OF TATURA. Formal Meetings 1st & 3rd 760 or 5854 8356 Wed. Social Meeting other Weds. Tatura Hotel, 6pm for 6:30pm. TATURA VICTORY HALL AVAILABLE FOR HIRE Visitors always welcome. Contact Pres. Simon Pogue 0417 305 Bookings: 'Brush It Up' Hairdressing Ph 5824 1387 637, Sec. Jo Burgess 0410 582 629. TOOLAMBA Community HALL For bookings please contact HARSTON CWA Meet 2nd Mon. in month, 10.00am The Jim Woodwrad 0427 099 955 or Rhonda White 5826 5461. Gallery Cafe, Tatura. Contact Heather Gow 5824 1036 TOOLAMBA TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL MOOROOPNA CWA Meet Last Thur. in month, Royal Mail COMMITTEE. Chairperson: Laurie Thomson, 0428 651 391 Sec: Hotel, Mooroopna at 7.30pm Contact:Sec. Barbara Carter 5825 Pat Patt 0408 597 198 1728 Mob: 0448 852 666 MURCHISON CWA Meet 1st Wed. in month, 12 noon at —— SPORTS & RECREATION— BYRNESIDE TENNIS CLUB. Contact: President John Maher members houses. Contact Grace White 5826 2788. RODNEY CWA Meet 2nd Thurs. in month, 7.30pm at the Senior 0439 556 348 DHURRINGILE TENNIS CLUB. Contact: Secretary/Junior Co- Citizen's Rooms. Contact: pres. Pauline Parks 5824 3722, Sec. Mandy Perkins 0419 210 149 ordinator Lisa Niglia 0428 266 310 —— Environment —— GMCA MOTOR HOME CHAPTER - Goulburn Valley Gypsies meet 4th Weekend every Month. Contact Pres. Joanne Arthur 5824 DHURRINGILE DISTRICT LANDCARE GROUP Meet last Wed. of every 2nd month (odd numbered), Dhurringile 1030 or 0407 260 464 Goulburn valley fins & fenders car club Meet last Community Centre, 8.00pm Contact: Sec. Suzanne Johnstone Wednesday of the month, 7pm, Tatura Scout Hall. Contact Treasurer BH: 58335274 M: 0418 358 248 Janine McNiece 0456 157 083 or G.V. TREE GROUP. Meet 2nd Tues. in month at noon, Nursery, G.V. QUARTER HORSE & WESTERN RIDING CLUB Inc. 6 Kerferd St., Tatura. Contact: President, Tom Dumaresq 5825 Contact: Diane Rose 5826 5113 or Kerry Corrigan 5824 2292 4836 0407 847 353 Hill Top Golf Club Tatura. Contact: 5824 1689 HARSTON LANDCARE GROUP. President Nick O'Halloran HILL TOP LADY BOWLERS. Meet 1st Mon. in month 9.30am. in 0438 321 528 Clubhouse. Contact: Sec. Christine Popple Ph 5824 2785 NTH MURCHISON - TOOLAMBA LANDCARE GROUP. MURCHISON BOWLS CLUB Inc. P.O. Box 94. Murchison. New Contact: Rick Cross 5826 6292 Members Welcome. Contact president Margaret Tweddle 5826 2268 NTH WEST MOOROOPNA LAND MGT GROUP Meet SHEPP ADVENTURE CLUB. Meet 4th Tues of every 2nd month 7:30pm 1st Tues in even numbered months at Dept. Primary (Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct) in Shepparton Contact: Chris or Jill 5824 Industries, Tatura Pres. Nickee Freeman 0407 312 288 Sec. 1143 AH. Rhodey Bowman 5833 5957 TATURA BASKETBALL ASSOC. Junior competitions. Contact TRansition toWn tatura Meet 4th Wednesday of Jenni Harris 5824 1829 month at Community House, 7:30pm. Contact: Ross Musolino TATURA BADMINTON CLUB Inc. Winter & Spring comps. Friday 0407 845 247. nights, all ages. Contact: Pres. Simon Hocking 5852 1883, Sec. Judy —— Health —— DeLeeuw 5854 8321 AUSTRALIAN BREASTFEEDING ASSOC. (Tatura, TATURA BLUELIGHT DISCO CLUB. Mechanics Hall Hogan St. Shepparton & Mooroopna areas) Two meetings a month (morning Ph Sgt. Darryl Phillips 5824 3099. & night) covering breastfeeding and parenting topics. Tish Okley TATURA BOWLS CLUB Inc PO Box 4 Tatura. 5800 1234 or 0427 311 072 Meets 3rd Wed in month at Clubrooms, Cnr Service & Albert Sts, DIABETES EDUCATION & PEER SUPPORT GROUP. 5824 1746. Email: Web: Meetings held second Wednesday each month. Call Tatura au Pres: Phil Boyd 5824 1308. Tatura Lady Bowlers and Midweek Hospital 5824 8400 for details or bookings. Bowls. Enquiries at Club 5824 1746. Freda Clement 5824 3407. HEARTBEAT VICTORIA. G.V. Branch meets 1st Mon. in Noeleen Boyd 5824 1308 month, 6.00pm for Dinner meeting at 7.00pm, G.V. Health Dining TATURA CRICKET CLUB Training at 5pm on Tues & Thurs at Room. Contact: Arthur Fennell 5824 1724. Tatura Park. Contact: Bob Wildes 5824 1904 Moyola Lodge Aux. meet 2nd Wed. in month, 2.30pm. TATURA FOOTBALL NETBALL CLUB Club Phone 5824 1421 Pres. Bev McMahon 5824 1171 Sec. Mignon Campbell TATURA INDOOR BIAS BOWLS. Cnr Service & Albert Sts. 5824 1367 Wintertime only - Social Thurs 7.30pm - Pennant Mon 7.15pm, Ph TATURA - HARSTON RED CROSS UNIT. Meet 1st Wed. in 58241746. Web: Contact: Sec. Freda month,10.00am at Hodson House contact Coral Reilly 58243683. Clement 5824 3407. Evert Worm 5826 6372 TATURA HOSPITAL LADIES AUX. Meet 4th Thurs. in month TATURA LAWN TENNIS CLUB Inc. Committee meet 3rd Tuesday 2.00pm, Hodson House. Contact: Sec. Dorothy Smith 5855 2380 in month at Clubrooms, 6:00pm. Contact: Pres, Richard Twite 5824 1177, — — PRE SCHOOLERS —— Sec, Katrina Lowden 5856 1572, Hall Hire, Catherine Brooks 5824 1823 TATURA NETBALL ASSOC. Contact Pres. S. Pogue 0417 305 637 'mainly music' for Preschoolers. Wednesday morning (school term) at 10am. All Saints Anglican Church, Francis St. Tatura. or Meets 3rd Tuesday of month at Enquiries: Iola 5854 8265 7pm, Tatura Netball clubrooms, Hastie St, Tatura. TATURA SOCCER CLUB. Training Tues. & Thurs. at 6.30pm

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it's that time again

V.I.P NIGHT Come and join us for a fun filled evening and kick start your Christmas shopping!!

new stock, discounts, gift with purchase Tatura Pharmacy, 151 Hogan St, Tatura Wednesday 26th October, 6pm onwards Where: Tatura Pharmacy

71 Gowrie Street Tatura Phone 5824 1689

Come and Enjoy our Great Facilities

WINE - DINE - PLAY For All Your Social Occasions

Winter Competition for Golf Sat—Men & Women Tues and Thurs —Men Wed —Women Green fees $25 for 18 holes, $15 for 9 holes Hire golf carts and clubs available Contact Club re Social Bowls

Happy Hour every Friday from 6.00 p.m.

Membership Draw you MUST be present to WIN Raffles – Meat Trays – Give aways – Special Beverage Prices

Tatura Bulletin September 2017 Edition  

Tatura Area Bulletin - Community News of Tatura and surrounding areas September Edition 2016

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