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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume III, Issue 1 2014

Leading…a look at the present Women school executives in Texas put instruction as a top priority for their work. The first two articles focus on improving instruction in the core subjects of science and reading. Instructional leaders are always in a posture of inquiry regarding best practice. Middle School Science Inquiry: Still Not a Clearly Defined Concept by Dr. Pauline M Sampson & Ms. Melissa M. Leigh. This research study is timely and significant for school leaders who search for best practices in the science classroom. Although it looks specifically at middle school instruction, the findings have implications for all levels of science instruction. Today school Leading requires informed instructional leaders. Master Reading Teachers (MRTs): Roles and Responsibilities by Dr. Laurie McAdams. Literacy continues to be a first priority for instructional leaders. Dr. McAdams’ research examines the implementation processes with Master Reading Teachers. The investigation examines compares how those in these positions actually functioned as opposed to the progam intent. Leading wisely today means effective, appropriate, and efficient use of resources. This study reminds leaders to evaluate program implementation and effectiveness. Leadership preparation is unquestionably important. The following articles coming from professors in university educational administration programs. The first offers a professional perspective about innovative preparation programs, and the next articles offer personal and professional perspectives on life as an administrator. Leading today is also about teaching, preparing and mentoring aspiring administrators. 21st Century Leadership and Learning: A Case for Action Research and Online Programs by Dr. Steve Jenkins & Dr. Lu Anna Stephens. Drs. Jenkins and Stephens bring an intriguing perspective from the largest successful online educational administration program in Texas Lamar University. They make a compelling argument for the use of action research in administrator preparation by sharing the processes and procedures for its implementation. Leading today is about solving problems in schools. Action research is practitioner research for doing just that! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Life of Educational Administration by Dr. Laura Trujillo-Jenks. You will enjoy this honest and candid reflection by Dr. Trujillo-Jenks. Stories offer the greatest teaching moments, and these stories of her own administrative journey are rich with lessons. Leading today is about mentoring and encouraging others. Dr. Lu’s Open Letter to Women Professional by Dr. Lu Anna Stephens. Welcome to our TCWSE advice column! Dr. Lu again offers her professional perspective to advise and support women in school leadership. She combines her years of administrative experience and her scholarly knowledge to bring wisdom and encouragement. To read Dr. Lu is to hear her voice!


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JTWSE—Volume 3  

JTWSE—Volume 3  

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