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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume II, Issue 1 2013 Adventure, Mrs. Casillas whipped up a sinful chocolate, marshmallow, pecan creation that just slipped right out of the pan and attached itself to thighs and hips. What a warm, inviting and secure place Austin Elementary is! It is obvious that the staff operates as a well-oiled machine, supporting and complementing each other. The kids who are educated there are lucky and I am grateful that Austin Elementary is an integral part of our district. Thank you for a wonderful day. High School as a Faux-Student OMG! I’m in the hall with hundreds of kids and I’m the only one without a backpack! As if that’s the only difference… Amazing how quickly the mind adapts to its environment. These kids are all in ‘uniform dress’ (our PC version of the hated ‘dress code’) but the backpacks look like a Lady Bird Johnson wildflower meadow. Even the boys have shiny Day-Glo Quasimodo humps on their backs. A girl just swanned past me – and her backpack is in my Vera Bradley print (Very Berry Paisley). I wonder if she’d think it a good thing that she and I like the same fashion statement. My first class is AP English 4. The room is small and with all the kids inside, it’s a little cozy. I say hello to Mr. Campbell but don’t give a lot of information about why I’m here. I like him – we have mutual friends and acquaintances from the town where I served as high school principal. It’s good to see connections and success. There is an abundance of enrichment material everywhere – almost dizzying. Stuff on the boards, inspirational posters, serious acknowledgement of Clan Campbell. Every kid who passes through here will have a sensory overload of memory. After a short review (after all, a weekend and a Friday have elapsed since they were here last), the class dives into the deep end of poetry with an examination of Donne’s metaphysical conceits. One thing I love – teacher and kids use rich and colorful facile vocabulary. There is no grunting and pointing, shrugging of shoulders. In fact, we even try out accents to match what we imagine would be the sound of the poet himself reading his work. Sadly, most sound a little like late night BBC talk show hosts – or Ozzy Osbourne. Next, I try to pass as an AP Physics kid. I didn’t pass – with either definition of that infinitive. When I arrive (on time – my biggest accomplishment in this class), Mrs. Fira is in the hall conferring with a small group of kids. Another teacher alerts her to my presence. While I am frequently on campus, I’m usually moving pretty fast and not necessarily nesting into a classroom. I give Mrs. Fira a rudimentary explanation about why I’m here and she begins class. Today’s plan is for kids to be able to work on their individual projects – in the room, in the lab, in the computer area – or work through an electrical circuitry problem she has prepared. All kids


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JTWSE—Volume 2  

JTWSE—Volume 2  

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