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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume II, Issue 1 2013 Running in the Mud! The attorney is calling, he’s on line one; AYP submission is due, my job just ain’t no fun, Today! Today I am running in the mud, the course has obstacles galore! A student left school with a stranger in a van, she walked right out of the school’s front door! A non-custodial mother demanded records be sent to her, (scream) I really can’t take it anymore, Today! Today I am running, falling in the mud, falling in several mucky mud pits Emergency! Emergency! Now complete a PEIMS Primary Approver process or prepare to take a big hit, Ring, Ring, it’s the Elementary Principal with his list, and the others are right behind, Today. Today, my greatest challenge indeed is that this mud run is timed Getting ready for the audit, a stack of travel left to sign, GREAT DAY IN THE MORNING – I REALLY NEED MORE TIME TODAY! Today I am teaching a college course, and critiquing ejournal submissions Attending a dinner in anticipation of gaining college scholarship tuitions, Entering STAAR and EOC data, and that’s not all I do, Today I am in this crazy, competitive, action-packed mud run, and I am thrilled that you are too! Aligning curriculum, administering discipline, and writing improvement plans My secretary must be blind. Stop. She’s putting more in my hands… Wait, I’m falling, getting up, laughing, crying, running, muddy pockets keep weighing me down. Ahh, I made it to the finish line! Surprise, we all get to wear a winners’ crown! Looking back at Today, I really, really love what I do Even when it means running in the mud, and perhaps I might lose my shoes I know I’ll make it through each obstacle course…because this is the journey that I choose!

By Dr. Sharon Ross


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JTWSE—Volume 2  

JTWSE—Volume 2  

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