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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume II, Issue 1 2013 the money to take the exam even though I was in the standard four. So they agreed and so I [took] the exam at the school. And I ended up getting the highest grade in school on that PSE. And so from there, he was then transferred to [another school] because in [current school] they did not have any bus for high school. So they had to move to [different school] so I could go to high school and I attended until I could go to college for four years. So at the age of 14, I was out of high school.

Rebecca’s strong intelligence was exhibited through her high school completion at the age of 14, but another important factor to her success was her supportive father. He was willing to get teachers to provide her higher level work, have the district pay for her primary school exit exam, and move to a school that was more conducive to her continuing into high school. Rebecca’s father challenged the cultural norms for women by making this move for his daughter’s education and career. Parental support and school success are significant elements of resiliency. These elements were critical in providing Rebecca with the courage to enter into a nontraditional role as a leader and the knowledge and wisdom to be successful. This stellar upward climb in school also was possible because Rebecca understood the importance of hard work, which is also a recognized element of resiliency. Throughout Rebecca’s story, these two elements are constant themes that support her success as a school principal. Work Experiences Rebecca went to college after spending one year at home because her father thought she was too young. Once starting college she did well, graduating with a business administration degree. Despite getting a degree that was not directly related to education, she began volunteering in a school. Upon completing my studies though, I was already volunteering for an interesting program. And I also did summer preschools. I did preschool training before I even entered the proficiency teaching profession. So I started teaching something I liked as well. Even though I was in the business field, but you know the experience with teaching it’s like, it would be nice if I could have combined it back then and done the segregation, but instead I went in the classroom, and I said I can see after one year how it is and if I’m going to like it then I’m going to study it. So I was given an opportunity to go to teach in [village name]. So, the teacher isn’t going to take it because it was too far. But anyway I said I’ll take up the position and I’ll go there. So I was posted there for the first year. After like a week or so I already, I started liking the place and everything. Rebecca takes risks and takes control. Beyond her father’s influence and direction, Rebecca accepts and takes responsibility for decisions and choices she make. She has a strong internal locus of control that is a critical element of resiliency. Again, her


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JTWSE—Volume 2  

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