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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume II, Issue 1 2013

From the President . The history of the journal is to bring together the great works of great women and for great women. JTWSE proudly highlights scholarly research and professional perspectives along with poetry, essays and nonwork related materials to create a well-balanced collection of written work. Always inclusive, we are pleased that men are also contributors to the journal standing as advocates for issues that impact women school executives! Genie and Karen have worked tirelessly to bring together written work that will touch your heart and inspire you to continue your passionate leadership journey in education. We know as women much of our leadership starts with heart and passion for the work we do each day. Many of us have experiences where we discovered that we have made an impact with our students and community that we didn’t even know at the time. We learn in some way our presence and our leadership made a difference in someone’s life. I invite you to share these stories with us and show how your leadership through an ethic of caring has changed lives. Finally, JTWSE presents research scholarship that adds to the body of educational knowledge through thoughtful and provocative studies. Research undergirds the daily lives of women school executives. I greatly appreciate the research work presented in this issue because our professionalism is defined by quality research that validates our work and guides our leadership decisions. Find your place in the action, begin now! Enjoy this publication and consider what you have to share. Thank you so much,

Denise Daniels President


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JTWSE—Volume 2  

JTWSE—Volume 2  

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