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Journal of Texas School Women Executives, Volume I, Issue 1 2012 Bullying in your school: Do you feel safe at school? Do you feel safe on your way to and from school? Do you feel safe on the school bus

Responses 78% Always 90% Always 93% Always

The students express that they have no worries about bullying not only for this school year but also we asked them to reflect back on the last four months which would carry them back to the end of last school year and the summer. These times tend to lend themselves to increased bullying tactics by students. As you read the results below, you can see that even in their neighborhoods they feel safe and confident.

Victims of Bullying: Before you answer reflect back on the last four months…Have you been bullied by other students? Not once Once or twice Physically? hit, pushed, shoved, kicked, spit at or beaten up, had 85% 15% property stolen Verbally? called names, teased hurtfully, insulted, humiliated, threatened 68% 32% Socially? excluded from a group, made to look dumb by someone, 75% 25% gossiped about; rumors spread Electronically? threatened, embarrassed, singled out, had your feelings 87% 13% hurt, been gossiped about, or had secrets about you revealed through email or phone text Racially? treated differently or badly because of your race, culture, and 95% 5% ethnicity Gender? left out treated badly because you are a boy or girl; heard sexist 87% 13% comments

The final question asked, ―If you witnessed another student being bullied, would you be willing to report it if you knew no one would know it was you?‖ Ninety percent responded they would report the incident. In review of the results from the students the focus group was surprised to see that what we are seeing as an issue apparently is not an issue with our students. These results show without a doubt that our students feel safe and comfortable on campus. They do not see that bullying is an issue and have no trouble reporting bullying if they see it happening to others around them. These results are comforting to our faculty but we do not want to rest on our laurels and feel that the program will only enhance the students’ skills. Action Plan The first plan of action is to create a set of lesson plans for the advisory teachers to use during the first period advisory class which is a 30 minute block of time used for academic pull-outs and - 41 -

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