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Targi w Krakowie Ltd. Opening of EXPO KRAKOW in 2014! International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO KRAKOW will be owned and operated by Targi w Krakowie Ltd (Trade Fairs in Kraków Ltd) – the largest fair and congress organizer in southern Poland and a leading exhibition company in the country. In June 2011 Targi w Krakowie was accepted as a member of UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, working with leading organizers of fairs and owners of trade spaces. Membership of UFI is more than prestigious. It is an important indicator and guarantee of the highest quality for events organized by Targi w Krakowie Ltd. Targi w Krakowie is also a professional organizer of international congresses, conferences and symposiums that provide a forum for the exchange of academic ideas between experts from specific business sectors. Targi w Krakowie is one of the very few Polish companies that are members of ICCA (the International Congress and Convention Association) representing the largest organizers of congresses and conferences worldwide. Targi w Krakowie is proud to offer the services of EXPO KRAKOW to organizers from all around the world.

KRAKOW International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO KRAKOW will be the largest multi-purpose facility in the region. It will offer 9,000 sq. m of usable area in two connected but independent halls, which is of high importance to organisers of fairs, congresses, concerts and events. This modern construction, in line with current trends and having a total usable surface area of 13,000 sq. m and a capacious car park, will allow for the organisation of virtually any event: fairs and economic exhibitions, congresses, conferences, banquets, product presentations, training, concerts, theatre performances, fashion shows, as well as sports events. The Centre will offer 12 air-conditioned module conference rooms and meeting rooms.

Events which may be organised at EXPO KRAKOW: ⓦ International fairs and industry exhibitions ⓦ Consumer fairs ⓦ Congresses and conferences up to 5,000 guests ⓦ Industry-specific training and meetings ⓦ Machine and heavy equipment presentations ⓦ Festivals, theatre performances, concerts, film screenings ⓦ Balls, banquets, receptions up to 5,000 guests ⓦ Indoor sports event ⓦ Fashion shows, art exhibitions, galas ⓦ And any other event that could come to your mind


EXPO Kraków figures: ⓦ 7.3 ha of land in the geographic centre of Krakow ⓦ Two 12 m high halls with a total capacity of 9,000 sq. m and a load bearing capacity of 40 kPA ⓦ 12 air-conditioned module conference rooms ⓦ Spacious lobby ⓦ Restaurant ⓦ More than 700 parking spaces ⓦ External exhibition area

KRAKÓW – perfect destination Kraków is considered as one of the most attractive and fashionable cities in Europe. The old capital of Poland is listed among the most beautiful European cities. It is a unique Polish jewel but also a modern and friendly city with rich tradition. Kraków is one of Poland's most important economic centers, and the economic hub of the Małopolska region. Following the collapse of communism, the private sector has been growing steadily. There are about 50 large multinational companies in the city, including Google, IBM, Motorola, Delphi, MAN SE, General Electric, Hitachi, Philip Morris, Capgemini, and Sabre Holdings, along with other British, American, German and Scandinavian-based firms. Kraków has been trying to position itself as Europe's Silicon Valley, based on the large number of local and foreign hi tech companies. Moreover, it is a strong academic and scientific centre with several dozen institutions of higher education headed by the illustrious 700-year-old Jagiellonian University. Kraków is perfectly situated in the heart of Europe with a dense network of air and road connections providing a convenient connection with whole Europe.

Targi w Krakowie Ltd. 31-586 Kraków, Poland, Centralna Str. 41A ph. +4812/ 6445932, 6448165 fax +4812/ 6446141 e-mail: ⓦ

EXPO Kraków Brochure  

Learn more about the biggest and most modern exhibition and convention centre in Southern Poland. See the newest EXPO Kraków brochure.

EXPO Kraków Brochure  

Learn more about the biggest and most modern exhibition and convention centre in Southern Poland. See the newest EXPO Kraków brochure.