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Hail to Slaughter, Wa

lter Navarro, Human Meat Grinder, Micael and Forensic k without you I could not make it. Thanks to all the Bands, Cadaveric Horde, Grind Brigade , Murder Rekords, Lu ci Dist, Vomit Your Shirt and to all that keep giving me some kind of supp ort. Hail to Underground . Keep it real. To all the others tha t try to stop me or de smotivate me, to all the rip off’s... Fuck yo u all!!!

[Chainsaw Maniac]

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Equ Bitch – Rapped


Torture Chamber I used to say that in

Poland Poland bands grow

up in trees since the y got a lot of great ba nds over there. I’ve found Torture Chamber wh en I was doing some research for Terror, an d i’m not dissaponted..e hehe This guys get togeth er

in 2003 when they de icided to try something eals,insppired by ns Supreme, Groni Ba rd, LDOH, CBT and many others grind bands. The influence s are obvious in their sonority. Altought the ir intention is to play grind, in my opinion this band are more con nected to goregrind but that’s all stickets... The “Splatterd by Ch ains and Hooks” demo ’05 are a great piece of torture shit, with sick rifs, cadaveric gro wlings and infernal bla sts. I hope this guys gets a real drums player soon so they can achive more bru tality and a sickest sou nd. I hope they came to Portugal soon or at least ear another pie ce of their music. Th is is Grind Fucking Hell!!! \m/ Mortcian, BrutalityReig

torturechamber@wp .pl [Chainsaw Maniac]

s... will shake our carcas this one, a band that like nd ba a ing ed ne I think we’re g Brutality), let RDB (Raw Decimatin esn’t already know do t tha you of all r Fo 2003, d in the summer of he band was forme ...T you to m the d me introduce members of Deity rtugal, and includes the higher city of Po came from Guarda, diced to il to them all) who de d The Traumatics (ha an se cro Ne , tion of Carnifica Napalm Death, s such as Agathocles, re influences in band decimate the grindco in the up is Daniel Gamelas on... The actual line so d an ror Ter ise Extreme No ss and vocals) ), Micael Olimpio (ba ão (guitar and vocals growlings, Daniel Sim and Hugo Ramone on

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, we’re facing . Believe me you sickos Ears” is their first Ep “Sperm to Grind Your e that no dness. I’m pretty sur thm, energy and ma rhy s, ng wli gro of s 11 minute 0% bombating g this guys...this is 10 quite when listennin one stays calm and w us that melas once again sho ehehehe Daniel Ga rs ea r ou nd gri rm until spe drums. In my destruction behind and Hugo keeps his he’s great on vocal er to a little bit more in ord explore the two voices to ed ne t jus y the opinion, ple of times seen them alive a cou , i don’t know... I’ve create more interaction l Gamelas alists; Besides Danie to have really two voc at gre s wa it ht ug and I tho doing a great job ão and Micael keep rsonal reasons, Sim being away due to pe s Time Butchery at Christma s, Daniel will sing in pse cor r you e ilat ub rej but.... tality. get some sperm bru and once again we’ll

y@ rawdecimatingbrutalit | http://dr [Chainsaw Maniac]

Greetings from the morgue! Let’s get started... Started in 2001 as a two man band, Necrocannibal becomes a one man project when you decided to bring it back from the grave in 2003. At this point, Necrocannibal becomes faster and brutal than ever. What motivates you? Where do you find inspiration? I find inspirations in other bands, there are lots of great bands all over the world and every week I find a new good band. I’m always listening to music, and I and I’m always having new ideas and getting them into new tracks. Since you’re doing all by yourself, wich kind of problems have you been facing? problem is the drum programming and production. I’m always looking for a new and better sound for it, but I think I got it now, the next split will sound better. Besides “Splatter Gore” and the split with Patologicum you’re in more splits spreading chaos and terror along with great underground bands, leaving the portuguese mark worldwide (ahaha). Have you been getting some good feedback? Yes, I got lots of mails from guys who have it from all over the world, which is really good. The guys from Rottenpyosis Records did a great job distributing the split.

How do you feel about the current grind/gore scene? Who are your favourite bands? I think that it is going very well, there are lots of bands releasing their stuff and many grind fans. Do you have plans to play live someday? No way, I don’t want to play live, I’m good just recording my stuff. Besides Necrocannibal, you are the vocals on Dead Meat. What do you think aboutythe portuguese “scene”? I’m not in Dead Meat any more, I was just a session member for live shows, now they have a new line up and they’ll be on the road again soon. I think that the Portuguese scene is going well; we have great bands recording their stuff and doing gigs so i think it must be good. Final question. Would you like to tell something? Just keep supporting the grind bands, in Portugal we have some good ones, they deserve it. on!!! Thanks a lot Miguel! Best luck to you. Keep it sick

One of those splits will be out in December, but when can we expect more gore from you? At the time there is nothing more confirmed, but there are some offers in the air, and I’m always ready for a new one. If you could choose to do a split release with any band past or present, who would it be and why? Probably Mortician, they are great and one of my favourite bands, they are a great inspiration for me, and releasing a split with them would be really cool. Do you have lyrics in Necrocannibal or just random vocal sounds? Yeah, no lyrics, just me growling at the microphone saying nothing. But it sounds good and if I did have lyrics no one would understand what I was saying anyway, so it would be a waste of time.

[Chainsaw Maniac]

Splatter Gore 2003 [Dungeon Records] Split with Patulogicum 2004 [Rottenpyosis Records]

Greetings from the gutter, Alex! Acrophagia is quiet a recent piece of sickest splatered gore grind. How did this madness born in your head? I got influences by such bands as Autophagia and shit, than later on I started to discover that I could make gore grind like such bands as Faeces Erupion, RSV and AxIxCx. I wanted to (de)compose the sickest gore grind project I could, and I have! “Supppurated Capillary Enema in Decay” was your first release. How does it sounds now to you? Personally, I’m not very happy with it, and I cant be bothered re-recording it, my new stuff kicks fucking ass!!! You’re quite a sick guy...The lyrics reflects all that psycho side? We have no lyrics, I cant be bothered writing them either (I’m lazy, he he) What or who influences you? LDOH, Faeces Eruption, RSV, Rompeprop, AxIxCx and Anal Penetration. Sick fucking gore grind!!! Besides the demo, you’re in a 4-way split with Rapped Bitch, R.S.V and Anal Spewice and you just finish the Acrophagia Promo Cd. Tell me about it.... That split will kick fucking ass!! The material from all the bands is sick!!! I cant wait till its complete, my part is done and its fucking awesome to! My promo cd-r contains 5 or 6 tracks (I cant remember) and its my latest stuff that I have recorded, ands its sick too! How did you manage Arif of Projectile Disembowelment to do your logo? It’s really great Arif is an awesome art worker, he did it for free but now he charges . I absolutely love it!! We are good mates and I’m releasing his band PD (now renamed Guttural Sewage) demo cd-r on my label Actually, who is on your play list? My mix cd’s of mp3s I have, LDOH m-cd, Ebolie full length, Oxidised Razor/Autophagia split, more mix cd’s, Hypnotic Stench demo, Fetal Butchery demo and Libido Airbag – barrel blow-job.

You’re an active guy. Besides Acrophagia you have 2 labels and a webzine. Is it underground in your veins? (ahaha) Fuck yes!! I live for grind and noise!! Musick is me woman! I have like tons of other projects too! How do you look to grind gore scene nowadays? Wich bands do you dig most? Tell me about it, how it is in Australia...... It’s fine here, not many grind bands in my area tho, I might be joining Bowel Fetus on bass soon, there in Brisbane (close to me), most grind bands are in Melbourne and Sydney, and they are all sick. Pierre from Braindead said “Australia is unable to play bad grind” and I very much agree with him!! Last words.... plans for the future.. can we expect more pieces of sickness? Fuck yes!!! Lol I’ll never stop! Ill probably do a Discography cd, then a full length or a split. You will just have to wait and see… Thanks a lot Alex. Keep going with all that illness. Stay brutal, stay sick! No probs, thnx for the intie!! Alex Palmer PO Box 1347 Oxenford, Queensland, Australia 4210 [Chainsaw Maniac]


Welcome Dopi, thanks for your time. Introduce yourself to the TERROR readers...thats is...if they have the guts to look at your empty and burned eye cavities. Hi, this is Dopi, I play drums and rip my throat out in Machetazo. My eye cavities are full right now, I borrowed the eyeballs from some corpse that I just found in a crypt...after the interview I will give them back, don't worry. Machetazo was born in La CoruĂąa (Spain), in 1994. Since then, they have a been a reference in the extreme spanish underground, as well as one of the most charismatic bands in the world. Throughout 10 years, since the first demo, until the new record "SinfonĂ­as del Terror Ciego" you have managed a very honest career in a great direction. In the beginning, Machetazo had a quite chaotic grind sound with a good dose of noise. Nowadays, this has derived into a much more classic sound with hints of old school monsters such as Autopsy, Repulsion and Terrorizer. It has been almost 12 years, we keep on working our asses off as hard as usual, no posible rendition!! Explain what was the main idea in giving birth to Machetazo and how your influences have evolved to create the sound that you guys have nowadays. My only intention in 1994 when I formed the band was to kill some time at the rehearsal place while I wasn't working with the band that I was in at that time. Influences, through the years, have gotten to a point where there are no external ones. Right now, Machetazo is totally auto-influenced. We have found our own formula in playing music, mixing between styles and listening to many old bands. I think Machetazo has developed its own trademark. In your site, you guys talk about some bands of the first wave of nordic death metal as influences for the band. What do you think about the current nordic scene and about the so called melodic swedish death metal? Are there any new bands that are worth some attention in your opinion? The melodic swedish sound doesn't interest me at all. Anyway, as usual, in the nordic countries there are some of the most important bands of these days. General Surgery, Repugnant (R.I.P.), Ribspreader, Kaamos, Verminous, Skitsystem, Paganizer, Nominon, Victims...

I know that Machetazo also worships some of the most legendary and raw bands of black metal. In my opinion, since its birth until its later popularization, this is a style that has been pretty prostituted. What are your thoughts on this? Do you follow any band of the current scene? Rober, the guitar player, is the most interested in black metal. Currently, I just listen to the almighty Darkthrone, in my point of view they are still doing interesting things. Of course, I still listen to classics like Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Bathory and Venom. Gotta say that I hardly keep track of any current scene 100%. Very few things can surprise me so I prefer to investigate in other music styles. Some time ago, I saw on your old website something about a project between Machetazo members and Rober of Fermento to form a black metal band. Is there anything to say about this? Nothing, we talked about it a few times, but it'll probably never happen. Your second demo "Realmente disfruto comiendo cadĂĄveres" was the one that got you a contract with the Razorback maniacs. In my opinion, this is already a classic within the musical abominations. Tell us a bit more about it. What was the concept for it, how did you guys record it etc...? Was it recorded in a studio or was it more of a self-recorded thing? On what kind of acid were you fuckers to come up with those track names? The demo was recorded in both a professional studio and the rehearsal room. We didn't take acids, but we did smoke marihuana and hachis until falling to the ground. That was a long time ago and I don't remember many details, but I do remember that the recording was an absolute party. We improvised and composed seconds before recording the tracks. Throughout the years Machetazo has taken part in a shitload of splits, with such distinguished bands as General Surgery, Abscess, Bodies Lay Broken and, more recently, Cianide. How was the experience of sharing releases with those demented bands? Do you guys have any plans for future splits? Any special band that you would like to work with? We always have been lucky to share splits with really good bands and this is, to me, one of the best things Machetazo has achieved in all these years: good splits with killer bands.

Next year we are releasing a 7" with the Swedish band Ribspreader and another 7" for Relapse Records with TotalFucking Destruction. You participated in the Impetigo and Carcass tributes, where you ripped out a killer Suppuration cover. To what point is Machetazo influenced by the English pathologists? What's your opinion on albums like Heartwork or Swansong? Carcass are the base of grind/death and has always been a clear point of reference for us, but I´m not interested in any album post-Necroticism. Machetazo has a strong underground fan base, especially in places like USA and South America. You have toured a lot in Spain, and played in Europe and USA if I'm not mistaken. How was your experience playing outside our country? Is there any show that you remember being especially brutal? We have never played in Europe (outside of Spain and Portugal) or USA, but we will be in the States for the Razorback 2 Days Live Event in May 2006. have had numerous gigs in Spain, though and the shows in Portugal are always fucking killer. The Steel Warriors Rebellion in Barroselas was amazing. Keeping in mind all these experiences, how do you define the Spanish scene? In my opinion the support to extreme music is non-existent and there are very few ways do promote music live. The small market of metal in our country is almost exclusively centered in heavy and hard rock mainstream bands. What are your thoughts on this? I'm not very aware of the current Spanish scene. To me there's too many brutal death bands in the American style and I'm not interested in that at all. In Spain there has always been a lack of originality to make new things. There were still great bands, though like Ruido de Rabia or Necrotic. I always remember them as some of the first Spanish goregrind bands. They are both a good recommendation for anyone. Here, the commercial support of extreme music will always be non-existent. Spain is not a good cradle for these styles and the industry knows. Your new record "Sinfonías del Terror Ciego" has been out now for some weeks, available, as usual, through Razorback Records. Have you had good feedback up until now? Tell us how the recording of the record was and what are your thoughts on the final product. Well, you already know that in these days record sales are going down because of the internet and that massive

downloading addiction that many people have. Anyway, the record is selling pretty well, especially at the shows. Now we just released a vinyl version and I'm sure it's gonna work great, because you can't replace this format and there are still many vinyl maniacs out there. The recording of the album was quite hard. We spent much more time than in

previous recordings, I'm not 100% satisfied with the production, but I'm also aware of the limitations of the studio where we recorded. What I like is that this is another Machetazo album ready to disappoint all those who look for modern and superproduced sounds. We don't work abusing computers and our recordings capture the band 100%. If you hear us live you realize that we are the same than in the studio, we make real albums, there are no tricks. In the song "Niebla Funebre" we can hear the decomposed throat of master Chris Reifert. How did this collaboration come along? Reifert is already an old comrad, he made our logo years ago and we share a MCD/7" split with Abscess, which I gotta say, constitutes one of the most mythical moments in Machetazo´s history. When we asked him if he wanted to collaborate in one of the album´s songs he didn't think for a second, it was done fast and unselfishly. Reifert was a member of Death, one of the pioneer bands of death metal. Were you guys influenced by their older sound when forming the band? What do you think about their late works such as Symbolic and The Sound of Perseverance, which are a little bit more outside the traditional death metal sound? Of course we were influenced by Scream Bloody Gore, but we prefer Autopsy and Abscess, speaking of Chris' bands. I'm not a big fan of Death, but I really like the first three albums. On the other hand, Carlos Cadaver is a total technical

death metal fan so you can imagine how much he loves theentire Death discography.

to discover. The problem is that these are usually pretty difficult to find.

In my opinion, this is your most brutal and obscure album. That is, in a way, due to the theme that you have chosen. "Sinfonías del Terror Ciego" is inspired in thecinematographic work of Spanish director Amando de Ossorio and to be more exact, on his tetralogy "The Blind Dead". For those that don't know about this, maybe you can give us some more info on Ossorio and the subject of his work. How did the idea of making a conceptual album about "The Blind Dead" come about? Amando de Ossorio was a B-series horror director born in La Coruña, much better than Jess Franco, Paul Naschy and other overrated dudes. His templar tetralogy about "The Blind Dead" is based on legends about templars that came from the tomb to keep on executing their virgin sacrifices. A pretty nice hobby, don't you think?? hahahah.... The idea of the conceptual album was proposed by Billy Nocera (Razorback Records). He told us one time that it would be a perfect concept. We had been thinking for some time to do a thematic album, and it was perfect to use the work of a director from our home town, especially because we can identify with him. De Ossorio was a cursed and misunderstood individual. Machetazo is the same in the eyes of the world.

If you had to choose... Hammer or Universal? - Hammer Christopher Lee o Bela Lugosi ? -Bela Lugosi. Vincent Price o Boris Karloff ? -Vincent Price. Leatherface o Jason Vorhees? - Leatherface. Drill in the ears or machetazo through the skull? - Machetazo through the skull!!

Did you know that there are songs that the english doomsters Cathedral did about the same movie series? Of course, the cover of their Southern Lord EP is amazing.

An now, for the end of the interview... Machetazo is gonna be playing in Butchery at Christmas Time in Portugal in the month of december. ¿What are your expectatives for this show? ¿Do you know some of the locals bands who you are playing with? I know you have played there a few times...¿What can you say about our neighbour country´s scene and about their sick audience? We hope this festival is gonna kick ass, just like all our past shows in Portugal. I cant wait to see our friends of Raw Decimating Brutality live, a true old school grindcore grind band!

In this album you have included some instrumental passages, something very apropiate for the grotesque atmosphere of the album. Are you interested in the old soundtracks of horror films? What do you think about Goblin or Fabio Frizzi's works in the old European horror gems? We love the old Italian horror film soundtracks, my favourite is "The Beyond". About Goblin, I like a lot the "Dawn of the Dead" one and some others that were composed for Dario Argento. There's a nordic band called Morte Macabre that does covers of old movie soundtracks. You gotta hear them! I know that you guys are obssesed with the most bloody and disturbed terror movies and this plays an important role in the spirit of the band. Can you give us a short list including your favorite movies of the genre? Well, I prefer my horror movies dark and classic. Gore and easy blood tend to bore me generally. As favs I would name "Mask of the Demon (Black Sunday)", "Tombs of the Blind Dead", "The Corpse Collector" "Tomb of Ligeia" and "The Seventh Seal", which is not terror, but one of the most obscure movies in history. In my opinion the horror genre has gone to hell since about the early 90's, even though there are some honorable exceptions. Is there any movie that has gotten your attention over the last years? What do you think about the new wave of Asian horror movies? I liked the recent "Fragiles" by Jaume Balagueró a lot. Asian horror films bore me to death. The first ones were good, but now its all the same, too repetitive... Anyways, there are many gems of the 90´s underground Japanese cinema still

I guess Machetazo also enjoy the most macabre and creepy readings. Besides the well known classics as Poe or Lovecraft, ¿What writers do you find the most interesting? ¿Any books that you recommend to the followers of the genre? To speak the truth, it´s been a long time since I read a terror book...the best that i´ve read lately is "The book of the 5 rings" de Musashi Miyamoto. Its a ver interesting samurai guide that you can apply to modern life in this shit of society we live in.

Thats it Dopi, i wanna thank your participation in this interview. I know the decomposed templar job requires absolute dedication, thanks for your time! If you want to dedicate a last curse to the TERROR readers, this is your chance... Many thanks to you for giving us the chance to participate in TERROR, best of luck and take care man. Devil takes you all... PO Box 1501 15008.La Coruña España

[Interview by Walter Navarro (]

Hello Cadaveric Warbrothers from Brutus! Please start this interview talking some more about the story of Brutus! Well , five years ago I was totally fed up with playing in halfass bands with halfass music, with halfass musicians with a halfass attitude. They all were into one thing: jamming and smoking, playing the occasional gig. That was unlike ,y wish: I wanted do to as much show as I could, and gain exposure. So I joined a band call Goddess of Desire, and the band was really popular, even outsid Holland. The music wasn’t as brutal as stuff I was listenning to, but at least that band was getting jobs and exposure. Plus, they had a leader, that wasn’t me. So it was nice, to just sit back and have all kinds of opportunities coming in for the band. Half a year later I was introduced to bands like Deeds of Flesh, with the raging doublebass sound, with triggers, and fast blastbeats. I was hooked. And I deided to for my own band again, this time with an extreme angle. So I asked Bastaerd to join, and he was into it. The band was supposed to be radical in everyway: the initial thing was to have seven vocalists and three bass palyers, you know the style, the original thing was more of a grindcore idea I must say. It was only untill Schoft join us, that we polished it more and more into a clean sounding band with a tight feel for sixteenth notes, carefully placed in the in the “grid” as we say it. That was a pretty good decision, since we got ourselves a couple of shows with the new concept. Later Schoft arranged for us to play an opening spot for Deeds of Flesh gig, since they already received our promo, but wanted to check out if we could stand up to our claims. And so we did it, and the rest is history.

too. It’s a three fold concept. The three acts are called MiseryReckoning_Overthrow. It’s a very sick shocking concept, and it’s a real tight fit. Plus, the music is going to KILL YOU!!!!!!

About you album “Slachtbeest”, what do you have to say about that release, and do you have new attacks in mind? Well, that album is not fresh anymore, it’s brutal and it sounds great, it’s been released on Unique Leader, and got great reviews. I want to take the opportunity to talk with MURWGEBEUKT/TOTAL LOSS, the upcoming output. It’s going to be our second full lenght studio album, and it’s goingm to be released in two languages: Dutch and English! Slachtbeest was Dutch only, and we decided that it would be cool to put the second album out in two languages. The third album gonna be released in Finnish, Hebrew and Japanese as well.... LOL! But seriously, two languages is a great idea. Plus, apart from that, MURWGEBEUKT/TOTAL LOSS is a concept album. It’s 16 tracks (!) story takes us through the development of a depraved mind. A human being gets so beaten up by life and its ways, that he goes on an elaborate killing spree. I mean, streams and streams of blood, and an ongoing trail of dead bodies... We’re talking HIGH body count here...! We eventually witness his desintegration

Please tell me some more aout Brutus’s future plans... TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. We will not stop playing brutal music till we have reached EVERY goddman metalhead on this planet. Period. We will continue this Death

Now that our European tour with Mortal Decay is over, please give us a small review about it... What’s your opinion about it? That tour kicked ass! It was a catsatrophe in financial terms, but everybody had a lot of fun, that is, in the first two weeks. The last two weeks was kind of turnoff, because the Beheaded van broke down. That incident caused us to quit. We could have gone on, but the guys in Mortal Decay already put that much money in it, that they hed to abort the tour if they didn’t wanna go down with the rats.. The ambience on the tour was very friendly, and even the Plogbass managed to keep his rock star attitude fuckups to a minimum, so that says a lot. We dind’t always have a hot meal and a stock of beers in every club, but that was a small price to pay for another adventure for our band, in its quest for utter world domination. Brutus played two shows in Portugal. What’s your opinion about portuguese reactions? And the public support? Portugal KICKS ASS!!! I mean, where in the world can you find a country that has so much friendly guys and gals? And they all speak English vey well! Last December, in Guarda, was a Blast, I mean, there were drunk fucking dancing, and crowdsurfing, and stagediving... and when we returned on the tour, a lot of people from that show were with us in Lissabon too. Big horns uo to you motherfuckers! Buy the new record, and don’t forget to bring us your hajisj!!!

campaign far beyond the point where you put diapers around your newborn’s ass when you have short hair and work a desk job!!! Ok, thanks for your support, can you give us some last words from Brutus? Ok... buy our cd’s, como te yous shows, give us your money, feed us your meat and your grass, give us your women, kill your cat, dissect it ritually, light yourself on fire, burn down your house while you’re at it, and STAY FUCKING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Slaughter Belzebu]

Tales from the Crypt Hi there, my beloved kids...Im the Crypt keeper... Well, i guess many of you know about this sentence and this comic. Tales from the Crypt was born in E.C. editorial at the early 50´s. Until its birth, the editorial was focused on suspense and crime stories, but, because of a bad economic situation, they decided to offer something more shocking and begun to draw horror comics. The stories were draw by very talented artists like Al Feldstein and Jack Davis, and they were hosted by three characters, The Crypt Keeper, The Vault Keeper and The Old Witch. Each one of them introduced a tale and at the end they commented giving a full black humor moral of the story. The comics got a good success, until 1955, when it was cancelled by the American Comics Code Authority.The Senate

Bringing Terror, Violence and general unpleasentness back to comics... WRETCHED will be a full 32pages of black and white terror all writen and drawn by yours truley and released through Counter Culture Comics...The comic itself will not be ready untill early 2006. Contact:: CounterCulture "

stated a relation between the wave of teen violence and comics editions.This way, the Comics Code was born, they were a section who got in charge of investigate and censor comics that seemed dangerous for the youth. Many comics suffered this comission, most of them being the superheroes ones,like Marvel or DC. Many others were simply cancelled because of their macabre and violent content, ones of them was Tales from the Crypt. Almost 20 years later, and english production company got the right for the EC Comics stories and made two movies (Tales from the Crypt, 72 and Vault of Horror, 73), the first based on this series After 10 years more, two other movies were done, Creepshow 1 and 2. This movies were created by some of those kids that used to read this comics under their sheets in their beds,their names are George Romero, Steven King and Tom Savini. The audience gave a great response to this movies, that now are considered classics of the horror genre. Watching the success of the Creepshow movies, the HBO, an american tv productor,turned this idea into a television series by the name of Tales from the Crypt. This turned to be a great show,and many well known actors and directors did guest appearences in the series. The soundtrack was done by Danny Elfman. Now, a third part of the Creepshow movies is being filmed. Probably its notgonna be as great as the original ones, but...who knows... [Walter Navarro]

"Fun Ways to Kill your Children" was drawed mostly in the early nineties. The artwork varies depending on the level of hangover and the stink of the truck.

We need more horror comics back in society like Gore Shriek from way back in the day.


Gore Shit Death it’s a comic dedicated to bringing you some sick funny shit that looks interesting and stuff.

Circle of Dead Children Zero Comfort Margin EP, 2005 Willowtip Records One of the most respected bands of the North American underground, it’s back with an ep that foments the appetite of the most hungry fans of grindcore, after the average “Human Harvest”, released in 2003. Besides the change of the bassist and drummer, both of Sadis Euphoria, the band returns to the catalogue of the Willowtip records, which released their first records. This record, with about 20 minutes long, brings back the brutality of the “Human Harvest”, with its demential grind and traces of brutal death; compositions with a devastating groove and their characteristic guttural vocals. The novelty are their noise/experimental interludes, which in my opinion brighten this release, inviting the listener to relax for some seconds, and them, to be again agitated, as if it was a fist in the face. Tracks like “No Tears Fall Through Hollow Eye Sockets”, don’t leave anyone indifferent about the aggressiveness debited, that can be compared to Benumb, as long as “Playdumb” denotes a grind/hardcore/death fusion, showing here, the more modern facet of this quartet from Pittsburgh. With the production made by Steve Austin (Leng Tch'e, Antigama, Third Degree), this 15 tracks are at all prejudiced. By the contrary, this is a mandatory Ep to those who love sound abuse: short and hard. By last, I will highlight the artwork, which as an excellent and absolutely delicious work, something that’s few common in this musical genre.

Jisgore Terror "World End Carnage" 2004 Listenable Records Formed in 2001, this is a side project that includes various members of bands from the Swedish grind movement, as Birdflesh, General Surgery or Leukemia. With the main goal, revealed by the band, that was to create an album of extreme oldschool, personally I believe that their objective was achieved. You just need to listen with attention to the album, and easily you will get the influences of bands like Repulsion, Terrorizer and even Death from the era of “Scream Bloody Gore”. In a style of death/grind with some traces of punk, “World End Carnage”, won’t disappoint, but it’s far to be balanced to the cult albums from the above mentioned acts, but having in their lyrics the gore imaginary that’s so explored by this genre bands. With a production above average, clean and few strident, has the highlight to be an album produced by the wistful Miezcko (Nasum, Genocide Superstars), besides that the vocals are made by the drummer. It’s not an easy task, which’s only at the range of the most callous. In a time when the labels have been betting in bands of this style, extreme but distanced of the pure goregrind, these messy 35 minutes worth the money.

The production is a task for Miezki Talarczyk, and so the album was recorderd in his Soundlab Studios. The guitar and bass distortion, the lyrics tematic that have changed radically are enough indicators for any grind fan who enjoys bands like Nasum. However, besides the Nasum sonority, this is a excellent work, a work that continues the legacy of the swedish band. As soon as we ear the track that gives name to the album, we are sure that our ears will not rest untill this 28 min of madness, hate and sonority violence are over. This is a walbum here we have to mentioned the drums of Kai Hahto’s who makes a extraordinay work, leaveing behind the all the confusing parts that are sometimes attached to this kind of sound. For those who are not into this kind of music, “Exit” it’s an album that reflects the kind of music that cames to us from scandinavy lands, that is grindcore with hands attach to crust and with a little hardcore. Simple, but brutal. ROTTEN SOUND P.O.Box 319 65101 VAASA FINLAND [Human Meat Grinder]

Tobbe "six feet" Ander - guitar Adde Mitroulis - Drums and vocals Hampus Klang – bass [Human Meat Grinder]

Volition (Jap) Promo cd 2005

[Human Meat Grinder]

Rotten Sound - Exit 2005 Spinefarm Records Between 2002 (date for Murderworks) and 2005, we can not say that this band have been inactive, Since that, a Best Of, a split with and a live Dvd was released. “Exit” marks the return of original álbuns, beneath the sign of Spinefarm Records. What we face here it’s a album that did not disappoint any expectatives made around this band, expectatives that have been higher álbum through álbum.

Well well, what can I say about this crazy japonic guys?Dear friends, we’re earing 5 tracks of fast death grind with some oldshool influences. This work got fast blasts,grind and death growlings, chaotic riffs and full of spirit, I really apreciate the mix between death and grind, I think they have made a interesting reunion not boring at al,l as many of you would think... I have to play it twice...ehehe Kecik Krasty Blk 511, Woodlans Dr 14 #09-65, S’Pore 730511 Singapura [Chainsaw Maniac]

Hello to all Cadaveric Headbangers Warbrothers! After some time of preparation and devotion in the nefastic propagation of the most trully fucking Underground, with the commitment of raising higher the flag of Extreme Metal! Ours mail order list is total underground and it’s like that we want to continue, with the list there will also be one small newsletter where you will find information’s about our next attacks, interviews, and reviews. CD’s & MCD’s Dead Meat (Por) “I liberate your soul to condemn your flesh” Mcd’2004 (3 putrefactive tracks of brutal death metal) Malignant Tumor (Hol/Cez.R.) “Demos/Singles collection’94/98” Cd’2001 (46 mince core attacks of madness) Sanguinary (Hol) “Gutted-the final assault…” Cd’2002 (8 tracks of great oldschool death metal) Patologicum (Pol)/Necrocannibal (Por) “Split Cd” Cd’2005 (19 ultra violent tracks of brutal death grind) Necromorph (Swe) “Inputcollapse” Cd’2004 (9 symphony’s of fastand aggressive death metal) Volition (Sing) “Promo cd-R 2005” (5 tracks of fst death grind) Polymorph (Ger) “Disgraceful supper” Mcd’2005 (5 tracks of brutal deathmetal) CorpseCarving/Mincer (Ita) “Hacked,split then quartered” Split Cd (32 gore grind tracks) Fungus (Por) “Through flesh slides the blade” Mcd-r’2002 (4 tracks ofexplicit and extreme gore/ grind core) Deity of Carnification (Por) ”Triumph of the baroque” Mcd-r’2003 (5 rocks of the purest and gelid granitic brutal death metal) Underneath (Por) “Underneath” Promo Cd-r’2002 (3 tracks of technical death metal) Vomination (Swe) “Yog-sothoth” Promo Cd-r’2005 (3 tracks of aggressive black death metal) Wormphilism(ita) ”Gore codex 01” Demo Cd-r’2004 (4 tracks of pure gore grind) V/A “Obscure infinity” Split Cd-r’2004 (17 tracks of old death and grind, with Carmina, Amethyste, Atrophy & Darklord) V/A ”Bleeding the fist” Split Cdr’2005 (10 tracks of thrash, black, death played by Deep Vein, Bloody Sign and Oppression) V/A “Embalmed madness” Split Cd-r’2005 (12 tracks of brutal death madnesswith Nerlich, Decorrence and Gorgasm) Volition“promo cdr” 2005 (5 tracks of fast death grind) Genital Grinder (Ita) “Genital Grinder” Promo-cdr (3 tracks of fast brutal death metal) Beyond The Rage (Ita) “Solitude Life” Promo cdr ‘05 (4 tracks of death metal) Toxic Holocaust (Usa) “Evil Never Dies” Cdr (13 tracks of true fucking old school toxic thrash metal) TAPES Deity of Carnification (Por) «Evilness Abounds»promo’99 (2 tracks of brutal death metal) XP.Ration (Spa) «Future?»mc’99 (11tracks of a totally sick and psycho death/grind) War Master(Por)«Eternal War» demo’99(4tracks of raw black metal) Nethermancy (Por) «Towards The Astral Twilight»demo’99 (3 tracks of old and fast black metal) Repugnance (Spa) «Maximum Perversion»mc’2000(16 tracks of a sick,perverse and psycho death/grind) Decayed (Por) «Ataque Infernal»mc’2000(8tracks of old satanic black metal) Grog (Por) «Madness Horror and Guts Live»mc’2000(18live tracks of ultra fast brutal death grind) Sarcasmo(Mex) «De Occultis»mc’2000(10tracks of technical death/thrash metal) Deity of Carnification (Por) «Most Impious Summoning of Chaos» demo’2001 (4tracks of granitic brutal death metal) Disfigured Human Mind (Por) «Kill The Famelas» promo’99 (10 tracks of explicit gore grind) Disfigured Human Mind (Por) «Deadly Fragments» mc’2000 (60 tracks of improvised cadaveric grind) Agonized (Por) «Victim Of His Own Fear»demo’2002 (4 tracks of old school death metal) Warlust (Por) «The Final War» demo’01(5 tracks of violent and fast black metal) Slain (Por) “Death Reign Supreme” Demo-tape’2001 (4 tracks of ambiental and atmospheric dark metal) Infernüs (Por) “Ódio infernal” Promo-tape’2001 (2 tracks of satanic and blasphemic black metal) Infernüs (Por) “Suprema profanaçao” Demo-tape’2004 (4 tracks of satanic and blasphemic black metal) Infernüs/ColdBlooded (Por) “Split evil tape” Mc-live’2005 (16 tracks of satanic and blasphemic black metal) Coldblooded (Por) “Sangue Bárbaro” Demo-tape’2003 (4 tracks of pure black metal) Fungus (Por) “Dislimbed and stuffed with maggots” Demo-tape’2000 (7 tracks of explicit grind core)

Murder Records C/o Daniel A. S. - Lariksstraat 24 A 4814 HT Breda, Holland C/o Pedro Sinistrus

Necrose (Por) “Necrose” Promo-tape’2001 (3 tracks full of rottenness and death metal) Wrath (Por) “Regression” Demo-tape’2002 (6 tracks of black metal with thrashy riffs) Camos (Bra) “Baal Zebuth, Ball Beth Zebuth” Demo-tape’ (4 tracks of pure black metal, featuring members of Amen Corner) Psycodeath (Bra) “Welcome to your death” Demo-tape’2001 (3 tracks of great death metal) Goldenpyre (Por) “Necroterrorism” Demo-tape’2001 (4 tracks of death metal) Celtic Dance (Por) “Ancient battlecry” Mc’1998 (8 tracks of raw black metal) Thornspawn (Bra) “Altars of the perversed flesh” Mc live ‘03 (8 tracks of satanic black metal) Desanctified (Usa) “Manifest imperum” Demo-tape’1993 (3 blasphemics attacks of satanic brutal death metal) Disharmonical Tempest (Bra) “Diatessaron” Demo-tape’1998 (4 melancholic symphonies of doom metal) Blaster Pain (Bra) “Thou art pain” Demo-tape’2000 (3 tracks of brutal death metal old school) Unholy Massacre (Bra) “Storm of hate” Demo-tape’2000 (6 perverse bloodsheds of black death metal) Night Eternal (Bra) “Odium oninibus iden ad vivorum” Demo-tape’2000 (4 profane symphonies of black metal) Summum Malum (Por) “Lusitanian evilness” Demo-tape’2000 (7 satanic hymns of the most extreme and chaotic black metal, with Mayhem cover) Auschwitz (Bra) “Lost soul” Demo-tape’1998 (3 tracks of massive death metal) Disforterror (Bra) “The triumphant way of the gods war” Demo-tape’2000 (5 satanic hymns of extreme death metal) Disforterror (Bra) “Unholy attack of malefic creation…Satan’s march” Demo-tape’2004 (6 tracks of extreme death metal) V/A “Silent kingdom vol.1” Compilation-tape’1999 (16 bands such as Deity of Carnification, Dark Agression, Suffocate, Ouija, Mental Horror, etc..) V/A “The Cocoon of Asphyx”Split Mc’2005 (16 tracksof old school thrash death metal with Incinerato, Vacarme, Lethal & Re-Creation) Exctinction Agenda(Usa)/Opression(Swe) “Split-tape” Demo-tape’05 (6 tracks of thrash metal Assault) Hutt (Bra) “Sessao descarrego + Miseravel” Mc’05 (39 tracks of true fucking corrosive crust/grind) Proletar/Extreme Decay (Ind) “Split-tape” Mc’03 (17 tracks of antisocial crust/death/grind) Mortalized (Jap) “Satanic serial murder” Mc (19 tracks of fast grind) World Downfall (Sing) “rehearsal jan.2003” (demo tape 2005,12 tracks of death grind) Putrefied Genitalia (Gre) “the dead” (demo tape 2005, 12 tracks of guttural death grind) Deathevokation (Usa) “Blood” Demo-tape’05 (3 tracks of true fucking old school death metal) Nocturnal (Ger)/Toxic Holocaust (Usa) “Thrashbeast from Hell ” Split Mc’03 (13 tracks of thrash metal attck) Black Bleeding (Fra) “The Awakening” Demo-tape’05 (5 tracks of black death metal) VINYL Blood (Ger) “Dysangelium” Pic. Disc.’2004 (21 tracks of a total death/grind chaos attack) Vomito(Bra) ”Gore mutilation” 7’Ep’2001 (8 tracks of bloody gore horror) Polymorph/Purgatory (Ger) “Split” 12’Ep’2003 (5 tracks of death metal including covers of Autopsy and Terrorizer) V/A ”Warriors of the morbid moon 3” Split 7’Ep’2005 (with 4 tracks 4 warrior bands of death metal Anthropophagical, Warfare, Metacrose, Imperious Malevolence and Disforterror) Prices: Cd’s - 7 € Europe / 8 € World | MCd’s - 5 € Europe / 6 € World MdR’s - 3 € Europe / 4 € World | Tapes - 2,5 € Europe / 3 € World All the prices include postage. Send only papper money in a registered letter, your own risk. No coins.

Labels, Distros, Bands get in contact for future cooperation and true support. Trades are welcome! Magazines and Fanzines send your latest issue to receive our cadaveric promotional package. Rip Off’s Fuck You All!!!

Luci Dist. Productions & Purodium Records C/o Pedro A. S. - P.O. Box 582. 6200 Covilhã, Portugal

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