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Back to School ESL Worksheet #1

“Wh” Questions Dynamic 1) Practicing “Wh” questions about vacations: a. Separate students in small groups of 4 or 5. b. Quickly revise on the black board the use of “Wh” and its questions: (When, Where, Who, Why, What, What time, How many, and How much.) E.g.: What is your favorite color? How many students are we? What time does the class end? Where is the library? When do we celebrate Christmas?

GAME “A” – Warm up! (15 minutes) -

Provide each group one die. (Instructions on page 2)


Explain students they will throw the die and they will ask a question to the others using the “Wh” question sorted. All the students on the same group will provide an answer and then the next student will throw the die. They play until all of them have made two questions at least to the others.

GAME “B” – Interview Game: (25 minutes) -


Chose an important well known artist or character that stimulates curiosity of the students and make them to be excited about asking questions. Suggestions: Superman, Teen or adult Pop star, actor, actress, Rock band etc.


Tell the students that each group will represent an important member of the press and the group will have the right to make two questions. Tell students they need to throw the die twice and create the questions as a group and based on the die result.


Let them know, before starting that you will be representing a certain character. (The one you have chosen)


You will be role playing that character so the students will feel like interviewing in real situation.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DICE: Use the pattern (on page 3) to create as many dice quantities you need. You may want to write down the “Wh” mentioned on page 1 before cutting the pattern and gluing it. You may also want to encourage student to make the die to their own group. For that, print the pattern and provide a scissor and glue. Write on the board which “Wh” will be written on the die and have students writing themselves on the die. The dot lines need to be folded and the non-dotted lines need to be cut. Very easy and simple and students usually get excited about accomplish that task. (20 minutes)