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UNIT 9 Lesson 2

Lesson 2 Around your home town

turn left

go straight on

go past the bank

2 Follow the directions. Play the game in class. 3a Lermo

UNIT 9 Lesson 3


aya S


ee Gr



e re

Madame Tussaud’s is a wax museum. There are a lot of kings, queens, politicians and stars. You can see famous people from the past and famous people of today — Charlie Chaplin, Princess Diana, Sylvester Stallone and many others. It is very popular — two million people visit it every year. There are about four hundred figures in the museum. It takes about six months to make a new figure. Artists make the faces and hands from wax. They make the bodies from plastic. They use real human hair on the heads. Often, famous people give their clothes for the figures.

Excuse me? Yes? Can you tell me the way to the market, please? Yes. It’s in Milford Street. Go straight on. Turn left. It’s next to the post office. A: Thank you.

4 Work in pairs. You are a stranger in the town. Ask about the way to the places you want to go to. 1b Complete the sentences. There is one extra word.

Pupil A (You are here)


Was there a park? Yes, there was. No, there wasn’t. Where was it?


bus stop — theatre — library — hospital — 1 bookshop — museum —






r’ ake

tr s S

eet ool sch

3 Look at your plan and tell your friend about your home town. supermarket

Market Stre et



Pupil A: Ask about Dima’s town a hundred years ago. Pupil B: Turn to p. 134. Look and answer.

swimming pool

e tre h S

4 In pairs talk about Dima’s town.


Dima’s house is … of the street. The post office is … his house. The bookshop is … the school. The school is … the park and the bookshop. The sportsground is … the school. The bus stop is … the bank.

Look at Anya’s plan, p. 88. Listen and find.

a) b) c) d) e) f)


e) in front of f) under g) next to


1c Look, read and correct the sentences.

Example: No, the park is near the school.

park school sportsground bookshop museum market garden shop bus stop supermarket 5 Write about your home town.

a Oxf post







6a Read and copy the message. Think about punctuation marks and capital letters.


or Oxf

t re d S


Sho p

I live in a … in … street. There is … near (next to / opposite / behind) my house. I like my town, because it is … .


l hote t t re e

5b Is there a museum in your town? What is it famous for?

Market Stre et


1 The park is next to Dima’s house. 2 The school is between the post office and the bank. 3 The bank is opposite the bus stop. 4 The museum is on the corner of the street. 5 Dima’s house is behind the bookshop.

cross the street

Listen to the conversation. Read and act out.

A: B: A: B:


turn right

5a Read and answer. What is the museum famous for?

3b Make up a conversation. Change the underlined words.



There is a museum behind my house.

1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Listen and say.

Example: There is a museum in Dima’s town.

between on the corner behind opposite

Lesson 3 Can you tell me the way?

1a Look and say.

a) b) c) d)

Pupil B (You are here)

6b Your teacher doesn’t know where you live. Write how to get to your house from the school. “You are in front of the school. Turn…”



around the town  

5 Write about your home town. I live in a … in … street. There is … near (next to/ opposite / behind) my house. I like my town, because it i...

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