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Spring 2014

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Hooray, it‘s Intertraffic time again?!? Every two years, the industry makes its pilgrimage to Amsterdam. But why Amsterdam? Because it‘s so beautiful there? Because we enjoy the construction work that‘s been going on at the trade fair site for decades now, because the prices for the booths are so low, or because the tulips CONTENTS are blooming in March?

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a Latest LED technology for the Olympics (continued) a NiBus – a concept for innovation and flexibility

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It‘s hard to understand why the main industry treks to a road traffic-technology province. Some decision makers at manufacturers and innovation leaders have been saying in unison: „Well, because it‘s always that way - but that‘s only unofficial, of course.“

a Better safety in construction sites with protective walls a Short report

It is a fact that the most important traffic-technology companies – whether large companies or SMEs* – are located in German-speaking countries. It is undisputed page 4 that Germany has developed the world‘s most ambitious guidelines for working on roadway construction sites. a Trade fair review a Nissen Ibérica – our It is also a fact that the people who write tenders and „daughter“ in southern Europe are supposed to put to use the latest innovative developments on roadways rarely get approval for domestic business travel, let alone to neighbouring countries. On the one hand, the industry complains that public officials don‘t get any access to the latest applications. On the other, it appears that none of the associations that represent industry‘s interests (IVST) waste any thoughts whatsoever on attributing more weight to the brand „German mobile traffic safety“ and breathing more life into it. Sure, we have the Roadway Regulation Planning Day (Straßenausstattertag) and the Traffic Congress (Verkehrskongress) in alternating years, but an „Intertraffic Germany“ with fixed meetings would be the best approach for carrying out real lobbying work. Germany has very good, innovative trade fairs, and it is sad to see how Amsterdam is „waved through“ without any reflection. In any event, WE at Nissen will no longer be attending the Intertraffic in Amsterdam. There are always very good opportunities to exhibit products at national trade fairs around the world. But the main trade fair should be held where the heart of industry and innovation is located - and that is in the German-speaking region, primarily in Germany!

est. 1914

100 years of Nissen – 60 of them with mobile traffic applications! A long time with great changes. This year, Nissen celebrates its 100th anniversary, and to mark it, we have „reactivated“ our logo from the early years. The stylised Viking ship atop a wave was the founder‘s synonym for geographic proximity to Scandinavia and looking for a challenge in a changed environment, meaning research and development.

In 2014 the logo will appear in all of our marketing campaigns, as well as on the Internet.

Oliver Tauffenbach, Commercial Manager and Partner *SME = Small and medium sized enterprises

Latest LED technology for the Olympics – On the centre field, not on the sidelines.

For the first time in the history of Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co. KG, our company was awarded a large contract in Russia, which we carried out with great success. In March 2013, we presented our highly advanced traffic guidance technologies at the “Expo Traffic 2013” trade fair in Moscow, where we made initial contacts. This enabled us to submit an offer for the traffic organisation during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. In a pilot project, an automated traffic guidance system using specialised LED warning trailers was to be installed along a 100-km perimeter in and around Sochi. In addition, parking guidance systems and information for directing large numbers of visitors were to be made displayed. Thanks to our know-how and our flexibility we were able to beat out the international competition and sign the contract in the summer of 2013. Forty trailers were ordered, which marked the actual start of the development work. After about five weeks, the product was ready to go into series production. A 1 .80 m x 2.60 m LED display panel attached to a pole that can be hydraulically extended to about 4 m was installed on a newly designed trailer. Using our proven LED technology and four-colour diodes, traffic signage, pictograms, images, and written information can be displayed in any language. With electricity supplied by a diesel generator, the trailers can be deployed at any location. The full ALMO® software was developed by our software partner, momatec GmbH. continued on page 2 NEWS FLASH 01/2014 |


Latest LED technology for the Olympics – On the centre field, not on the sidelines. Continued from page 1

Any service work concerning the software could be performed directly from Germany via the Internet. The system was monitored and controlled by the traffic guidance centre in Sochi. An initial LED warning trailer was delivered very early on, in order to be able to test the conditions on site and make any necessary adjustments for further production. Despite the very tight schedule for production, the first 40 units were delivered in late November/early December. We received another significant order directly after delivery of the first trailers. This was completed about three weeks before the start of the Olympic Games. An interview with Artem Leonov, who was present on location as a mother-tongue contact person. „Mr Leonov, how important is this order for your company?“ Artem Leonov: „It was our first order of this size in Russia in the area of project business. And because of the great success, it was also a very good reference for possible future project of this kind in other cities and regions.“ „What did your customer particularly like?“ Leonov: „Because of our extensive experience over many years, we were Artem Leonov, able to deliver a product from a single source. That means that we built Project Head, Russia everything on our own and needed to buy only a few components, like and CIS countries the software and hydraulics. In addition, we were able to react promptly to our customer‘s requests for changes and make corresponding adjustments to the systems. In the process, the mother-tongue service was highly appreciated and made many things a lot easier.“ „What was your job in Sochi?“ Leonov: „Together with the vehicle assembly and the service technicians in Tönning and Andreas Lau, general manager of Nissen Nordic, around-the-clock service was assured on site so that everything would proceed accurately and, where necessary, emerging problems could be resolved immediately.“

NiBus – a concept for innovation and flexibility At Nissen, flexibility has always had a very high priority. In order to do an even better job of meeting market requirements, we are always interested in preparing the technology we use for the future. For this reason, our engineers got together and came up with a concept that stands out for its simplicity, versatility, and adaptability – NiBus (Nissen Binary unit system). Our NiBus technology is based on the data transfer system CAN-Bus (Controller Area Network), which has been used for years in the automotive industry.

One enormous advantage with NiBus technology is the impact it has, in particular, on large equipment, such as mobile barrier signage, LED advance warning indicators, and LED variable message panels – spare-parts provision when damage occurs. Since the technology behind all Nissen warning trailers is based on the same electronics, and the control boards and hand controls are identical, components can be simply switched out by the customer itself on site when damage occurs in order to get a warning trailer back into operation quickly. This minimises expensive downtimes, and the warning trailers can be up and running again without major problems, enabling resumption of the interrupted work. In addition, NiBus technology can easily satisfy such requirements as connection of an LED variable message panel with an illuminated arrow or sequence programming of multiple LED advance warning indicators. Equipment furnished with NiBus technology is identified in the catalogue and on the Internet with the NiBus logo. This makes it easy to see which applications can be combined with one another without great effort.

„Did anything special occur during your work in Sochi?“ Leonov: „Yes. During the assembly and testing phase, we were unexpectedly approached and filmed by Russian television teams. So the project was also shown on state TV.“ „What‘s going to happen with the warning trailers after the Olympic Games?“ Leonov: „The warning trailers will stay in Sochi and be used, e.g., during Russia‘s first Formula 1 race and for the FIFA World Cup in 2018.“ Scan the QR codes and see the Russian TV reports about the LED display panels in Sochi! Direct links to Youtube:

NEWS FLASH 01/2014 |


Better safety in construction sites with protective walls Our new protective wall Steel-Pro 500 from our subsidiary NisTech GmbH was widely used during construction work on the A 7 motorway around Kassel. Along a distance of about 2 km, this newly developed wall protected the lefthand lane against oncoming traffic. Because its width is just ≤30 cm, meaning that it has a very narrow profile, vehicles have more room to pass one another safely in the construction site. This

leads to a clear improvement in traffic flow on this section of the motorway. Because of the light weight of 300 kg per unit, a total of 167 elements were delivered on just four lorries. This made it possible to set up the construction site quickly and economically. In addition, our protective wall Hybrid-Pro 600 was set up to divert traffic for about 200 m along a construction site on the A 7 motorway south of Hamburg. As with the Steel-Pro 500, this protective device has the advantage of a width of just ≤30 cm. Its use likewise contributes to smooth traffic flow in this heavily travelled section of the motorway.

Above: the Steel-Pro 500 in use on the A 7 near Kassel

Above: smooth assembly of the Steel-Pro 500 on the A7 Right: the Hybrid-Pro 600 in use on the A 7 near Hamburg

Short report: Light arrow LP 15 – maximum speed of 120 km/h (when lowered)

Since we are constantly asked about the maximum speed when using our roofmounted, raisable light arrow LP 15, here‘s the answer in brief:

The maximum speed when raised is 80 km/h, when lowered is 120 km/h.

NEWS FLASH 01/2014 |


Think globally - exhibit locally! In the second half of last year as well, we were represented at numerous regional trade fairs around the world, exhibiting our products to an interested professional audience. Seen and be seen was our motto also for the following four trade shows in 2013: September 2013 saw the inaugural „BAUMA“ in Johannesburg (South Africa). In collaboration with our exclusive partner in South Africa, Heintzmann South Africa (Pty) Ltd., we were represented with our own booth. South Africa is a new but by all means rising market. At BAUMA, we presented our latest traffic safety products to the public from the construction and mining industries. „Trafic“ in Madrid (Spain) is one of the leading trade fairs in Europe for traffic safety products. Together with our subsidiary Nissen Ibérica and its branch manager Ibon González de Audícana, we were an exhibitor in October 2013 for the second time in a row. Along with many other exhibition pieces, we showed the new „Pamir“ (an illuminated-arrow combination connected with a text matrix) and the „Stealth“ (an LED variable message sign for mounting on vehicles). The „International Road Federation (IRF) World Meeting & Exhibition“ in November 2013 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) was attended by an international professional audience from Arab and other countries. We were on location with our own trade booth and were represented by our subsidiary Nissen UK Ltd., with its branch manager Ilyas Sharif, and Nissen Nordic GmbH, with its general manager Andreas Lau. Visitors took the opportunity to become acquainted with European regulations, particularly the „British Standard“.

„Gulf Traffic“ in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in December 2013 was very well attended by road-traffic safety experts from around the world. We exhibited under the motto „British Standard - Made in Germany“, since many of our products conform to the British Standard. Very early this year, we were represented at the first trade fairs and exhibited in Belgium in February: The fourth „Transport & Mobility Day“ in Brussels (Belgium) in February 2014 was held at the Expo grounds in Brussels. This annual event brought together professionals from towns, municipalities, and federal authorities. Nissen Benelux, with its sales manager Stefan De Craecker, was an exhibitor for the first time. Our latest development - the LP 15 illuminated arrow with aluminium frame - drew the interest of the trade fair audience.

Transport & Mobility Day, Stefan De Craecker

Gulf Traffic 2013 – Jan Vogt speaking with a customer

The “Salon des Mandataires“ in Marche en Famenne (Belgium) was likewise held in February 2014. This year, we exhibited at the booth of our partner in Belgium‘s Frenchspeaking region, Poncelet Signalisation. We greeted many customers and successfully strengthened their relationship with Poncelet/Nissen. The audience was very glad to see that the manufacturer itself was on location. You can find detailed trade fair reports on our website

IRF World Meeting – Ilyas Sharif (2nd from left) and Andreas Lau (4th from left) with customers

Scan the QR code and read the trade fair reports on your smartphone!

Nissen Iberica – our „daughter“ in southern Europe In this issue of News Flash, we would like to introduce our subsidiary Nissen Ibérica, S.L.. „Think globally - act locally!“ This claim induced us in May 2011 to follow new paths in Spain and form our own subsidiary, Nissen Ibérica, S.L. As competent partner for all products involving traffic safety, we have been able to meet the individual requirements and specifications of our Spanish and Portuguese customers in a timely manner.

Since the formation of Nissen Ibérica, Ibon Gonzàlez de Audicana (branch manager – photo, right) and Juan Ángel Diego (sales assistant – photo, centre) are the local contact persons for our Spanish and Portuguese customers. From the very start, Fernando Alda (photo, left) from our partner company NISSAT has been available to us for comprehensive technical service. We wish our „daughter“ successful business and look forward to good collaboration.

Nissen is certified under DIN EN ISO 9001 and AEO IMPRINT Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co. KG Friedrichstädter Chaussee 4, 25832 Tönning Tel: +49 (0) 4861-612-0 E-Mail:

photos: Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co. KG Typesetting and layout: Tangram. Werbeagentur GmbH & Co. KG Poststraße 10, 21244 Buchholz i.d.N.

NEWS FLASH 01/2014 |


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Traffic Madrid 2013 –Ibon Gonzàlez de Audicana (right) in an advisory discussion

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