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Narrow in profile, but big in effect

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Mobile protective walls made of steel

in accordance with TL Mobile Protective Devices 97 and EN 1317-1/2

Certified safety - T1/W2

Steel-Pro 500





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NisTech Steel-Pro 500

Why a new generation of mobile protective devices? Almost everyone is familiar with this situation: There’s a lot of traffic on the motorway and one truck after the other is queuing up in the right lane. Then you get to a construction site with narrow lanes. The left lane is suddenly too narrow for a car with a total width of more than two metres, a criteria that most vehicles meet nowadays.

German lawmakers are attempting to keep up with this in future by revising related regulations and reducing the approved width to 30 cm - a challenge that NisTech has successfully met with the Steel-Pro 500.



The driver becomes uncertain or even fearful, because he feels trapped between the truck on the right side and the wide protective wall on the other.

This situation can quickly result in an accident. Because the width of the lanes is defined only a narrower protective wall can create more space and thus more safety.



Nistech Steel-Pro 500 - overall width 300 mm

Current RSA - overall width 500 mm

The specified lane width of 2.1 m refers to the width of the protective wall.

The width without base plate is only 12 cm.

Nistech Steel-Pro 500 - Baubreite 295 mm


Overall width 30 cm

Innovatively designed, developed in line with the market, successfully tested - the new Steel-Pro 500 Mobile protective walls must be light and easy to handle and yet provide the greatest possible level of safety to the motorist. If contact is made with the protective wall this can quickly cause a „domino effect“. One element starts tilting over along with a large number of subsequent elements falling onto the oncoming lane, endangering the traffic there.

The tilt length limiters are subject to a separate inspection. The NisTech Steel-Pro 500 has passed all tests performed by the German-based DEKRA institute.

In order to mitigate this effect, since 1999 law has prescribed „tilt length limiters“ for containment levels T1 and T2, which limit the protective wall from tipping over a length of 240 m.

Successfully tested: Test conditions in accordance with EN 1317 (unanchored)

Acceptance test

TB 21

Test vehicle



1,3 t

Angle of approach


80 km/h

Results Containment level

T1 (unanchored)

Range of effect



0,2 (A)

Easy handling, fast and safe to set up

Time is safety - the faster a protective wall can be put up, the safer the hazardous area will become. Thanks to the tested lifting tool up to 40 Steel-Pro 500 protective

walls can be quickly transported to and installed at the site. The low weight of 25 kg per metre makes it easily possible to position the elements.

With no installation intention up to 60 Steel-Pro 500 elements can be carried on each truck, e.g. when relocating.

Set up Well thought out down to the smallest details

An easy to operate lifting device lifts the Steel-Pro 500 from the transport vehicle onto the roadway‌

...and can then be easily positioned by the installation team.

A guide makes it quick and easy to combine Steel-Pro 500 elements‌

...and they can be securely and durably connected via a connecting element and two bolts as well as a rod/hole system.

The same applies to tilt length limiters, which are added like normal elements.

Technical Details

Wall element, side view

12 m

Wall element, top view

12 m

Tilt element, side view Tilt element 0,47 m


1,12 m


0,47 m


30,0 KG

1,12 m

Tilt element, top view Tilt elements are installed every 20 wall elements (240 metres) in the same way as wall elements. 1,12 m

Wall element, side view 0,51 m


12 m


0,51 m


300 KG (25kg/m)

Wall element, top view width

120 mm

with foot plate

295 mm rubberized

Connecting element, side view Connecting element

Connecting element, top view

The Steel-Pro 500 protective wall can also be connected to existing wall systems.


1,11 m


95 mm


10,5 KG

06/13 · 20130620 // 137004 //

NisTech GmbH Friedrichstädter Chaussee 4 | 25832 Tönning | Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 4861-612-0 | Fax: +49 (0) 4861-612-144 | E-Mail: |

NisTech Steel-Pro 500 (ENG)  

Narrow in profile, but big in effect NisTech Steel-Pro 500 Mobile protective walls made of steel in accordance with TL Mobile Protective De...

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