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“No pain
 No gain”

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." W.Shakespeare

"Life remains the same until the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of change." Anonymous

DEATH TATTOOS Death is one of the main aspects of our lives. It is imminent, inescapable, and a fact of life; eventually our time will come. There is no one image to symbolize death in a tattoo. Some choose to use the theme of graveyards, a cloaked skeleton with a sickle, or an evil looking angel. Other images that are incorporated with this theme are the grim reaper, skulls, and the devil. On a brighter note, depictions of death do not have to be in such a melancholic light. One could show a spirit rising into the gates of heaven or the soul being carried to its final destination. Also, one could reference mythological scenes such as Hades and the underworld, the phoenix rebirth from the ashes it died in, and the mighty banquet hall of Valhalla. See less See less

CoffTatt Slowbar CNX home cafe

CHRISTIAN TATTOOS Christian tattoos represent the collectors Christian faith. Symbols that represent this are the cross or a Biblical scene, especially depicting Jesus Christ or angels. Crosses can be small and placed anywhere on the body. Biblical scenes are usually very detailed and quite epic. A full back can be the perfect canvas for a full Biblical scene. The idea of having a Christian tattoo is to have the feeling of God with you all the time and to show people that faith visually.

Artist : Tattoo Underground Mr. Tiew Location : CoffTatt Slowbar CNX home cafe Photographer : Tanawut R.

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Tattoo : No pain,No gain.  

"ร่างการได้กลายเป็นพื้นที่เพื่อบรรจุเรื่องราว และความทรงจำผ่านเข็มสัก ขณะที่เข็มกำลังพาน้ำหมึกทะลุชั้นผิว ความทรงจำและเรื่องราวได้ปรากฏชัด...

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