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Sheltered Housing Scheme gardening event ‘Plant a Pot event celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee’ Thomas Hardy Court 31 May 2012

The Queen celebrated 60 years as Monarch in 2012. And Thomas Hardy celebrated too!

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‘Seniors United’ working group Seniors United is a group of sheltered scheme residents who meet at Marmion House or at various schemes to discuss housing issues relevant to sheltered accommodation and the community they live in. The group suggested that a gardening event involving the schemes was held. However, this would have been too big an event and too costly for us to manage. After further discussions with the group it was suggested that the event became a ‘Plant a Pot’ as sheltered housing tenants have varying degrees of mobility difficulties. The pots could be planted inside or outside of the schemes and within easy reach of those people taking part to give everyone the chance to join in. It was agreed that a letter should be sent to all sheltered housing residents to inform and encourage residents of the forthcoming event and to tie it into the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Letter to tenants & Independent Living Managers Previously a questionnaire was sent to all sheltered scheme tenants to see if they would like to take part in an event at their scheme. When all the responses were collected, the three schemes who said they would like an event were put forward to the next stage of planning. Tenants were told that anyone could become involved in a way that suits them from planting a pot, trough or hanging basket or just enjoying the company of other people. They were not required to make a commitment to help and could change their mind later if their circumstances changed. Following on from the success of this the ‘Seniors United Group’ suggested that this year we looked at completing two more ‘Plant a Pot events’ at the sheltered schemes. It was agreed that Thomas Hardy Court and Oakendale would be approached to have an event at their schemes and it could be tied into the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations. After the meeting the tenant involvement assistant contacted the Independent Living Managers and requested that she attended a coffee morning/ afternoon to discuss with tenants if they would like an event at their scheme. Thomas Hardy Court was very keen to have an event at their sheltered scheme and discussed the following ideas with Diane (tenant involvement assistant);  They would be happy to plant pots, troughs and hanging baskets and requested flowers and plants in red, white and blue where possible.  As Thomas Hardy Court has extra care residents it was asked if they could have additional assistance on the day.  It was requested that when planted the pots etc. would be placed around the communal areas so that everyone could enjoy them when they are sitting outside.  If residents did want to take their pots home they could.


Diane confirmed that there would be plenty of help on the day and special care would be taken to make the event inclusive for all and taking into account any mobility issues with residents. She also advised residents that if they didn’t want to ‘plant a pot’ they could still enjoy the food and refreshments afterwards.

Invitation sent to tenants

Who was in attendance on the day? Diane Hughes Tenant participation assistant Helen Rich Tenant participation- administration support Robert Dyer Caretaker Anthony Derrington Caretaker Alan Marshall Caretaker Stuart Jackson Caretaker Trevor Wylie Estates Manager (not there on the day but gave us a lot of help before the event) Trish Lees Independent Living Manager


Meeting to discuss the event A meeting was held between the Tenant Involvement and the Caretaking teams to consider what could be achieved on the day. It was decided:  Tenants would be encouraged to plant a pot, trough or hanging basket  Pots purchased by the Tenant Involvement Team  Fruit and vegetables, compost and red, white and blue paraphernalia would be provided by the Tenant Involvement Team.  Bunting was donated by the Tenant Involvement Team  Support would be offered to less mobile tenants on the day.  Encouragement extra care residents to engage in a way that suits them  No large work would be carried out at this small event, for example, hedges or trees. Risk assessments  A risk assessment and health and safety concerns were discussed between the Estates Manager and the Tenant Involvement Team The event The event was held at Thomas Hardy Court on Thursday May 2012. The event itself was very well attended with more than 25 tenants taking part on the day in a way that suited them from planting a pot or joining in after the event. Although requested not many residents got dressed up in red, white and blue to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee but everyone still got into the spirit of the day. Everyone was encouraged to plant a pot or trough with plants and flowers. Many residents joined in and there was a lot of laughter on the day. It started to rain but everyone was happy to carry on as gazebo’s had been erected by the Caretaking tem. The Independent Living Manager, Trish Lees encouraged participation by residents and assisted on the day.


Post event responses from questionnaire 16 responses were collected after the event. Figures have been rounded to the nearest% 100% of respondents stated that they are very satisfied with the completed sheltered housing scheme gardening event that they were involved in. 100% of respondents stated that they are very satisfied with how they were kept informed about the project. 100% of respondents stated that they are very satisfied that their views were taken into account during the planning of the project. Tenants were asked what they felt the key benefits of the project are. The following responses were noted;• 100% of respondents stated that it ‘Encouraged a group of residents to work together on a project’. •

100% of respondents stated that it ‘Promoted a positive image of Sheltered Schemes in Tamworth’.

100% of respondents stated that it ‘Encouraged local community action amongst tenants and residents’.

100% of respondents stated ‘Everyone had a chance to participate in a way that suited them’.

100% of respondents stated that it ‘improved the local environment’

Other comments: “It was lovely” Milly Hyland “Very good” Rose Bailey “It’s been lovely. We all joined in” Doreen Clayton

“I enjoyed being able to join in even though I use a mobility scooter”. Joyce Chambers

“A thoroughly enjoyable event.” Josephine Williams “It was good to see everyone participating. The extra care residents all came out and got involved who don’t normally join in”. Barbara Mason “It was all ok and gave us something to do. It was nice to see everyone join in together”. Carol Jewkes “I have enjoyed the event and pleased that I was able to join in”. Margaret Knowles “I have enjoyed it enormously. It has been great”. Marie Leedham


“I have enjoyed it very much”. June Piper

“I thoroughly appreciate the efforts of the Tenant Involvement Team. Thank you for the catering afterwards”. Isa Blunt

“I like a bit of company”. Kate Parsons Was it worth it and will we be doing another one? The event was very successful for all concerned and will be considered for other sheltered schemes in the borough. Comments made after the event “Really enjoyed it. Everybody joined in and was able to take their pots back with them. Words alone cannot say how good the Tenant Involvement team and Caretaking Teams are. You work so hard for us all. Thank you for the cakes and refreshments provided afterwards” Winnie Bridges. Brings the extra care and ‘normal’ sheltered housing tenants together and promotes a good community spirit. It has been very good with a lot of fun and laughter”. Trish Lees, Independent Living Manager “A lovely, fantastic afternoon. Everyone became involved and joined in. The refreshments were very welcome. The Caretakers have done a fantastic job. We appreciate all the pots, flowers and peat. Thank you to Diane for organising it and for the help on the day from Diane, Helen and the caretakers”. Maureen Brown

Thank you The Tenant Involvement Team would like to say a special thank you to all involved in making the event a success: To all the wonderful tenants and their families who were involved in making the event successful and a real pleasure to work alongside. Trish Lees, Independent Living Manager at Thomas Hardy Court, was an excellent support both before the event, encouraging participation, and on the day. The caretaking team: Stuart, Alan, Bob, Tony and their Estates Manager, Trevor for all their hard work and dedication to the event.


The event in pictures





The residents requested that the prize draw was presented to residents Maureen Brown and Winnie Bridges for all their hard work both in the garden and planning events and dinners at Thomas Hardy Court


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Drawn by 10-year-old Katherine Dewar, from Chester.


Plant a Pot Event at Thomas Hardy Court  

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