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Photographs courtesy of Tamworth Borough Council and Mease Valley Photography.


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Tamworth has a unique place in the historical landscape of the UK as the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Mercia. It has a rich heritage for visitors to explore as well as enjoying the attractions of a thriving and busy town set in the beautiful county of Staffordshire.


From day visits to longer stays there’s a superb choice of historical sites, as well as attractions such as the famous Drayton Manor Theme Park, the world famous Twycross Zoo, the PGA Golf HQ at the Belfry Hotel and the unique real snow experience at the SnowDome, to name but a few. With easy access by air, rail and road, Tamworth is also a great centre for exploring the tourism heartland of the UK, including Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Lichfield, Warwick and the Peak District.


, l i a r T n a i The Merc d n a y r o t s living hi s e l a t y l t s gho ced mworth has pla a T f o e g ta ri e h s to The rich ling destination a e p p a st o m e al it as one of th ifferent historic d f o r u o v a fl l a ory to tell. visit and get a re st e u iq n u n w o their periods, all with The Mercian Trail The Mercian Trail Partnership aims to tell the emerging story of the Staffordshire Hoard and the Anglo-Saxon history of the region, through a series of informative permanent and temporary displays and a programme of outreach activities aimed at residents and visitors alike. As the ancient capital of Mercia and once home to the King of Mercia’s palace, Tamworth’s history is crammed with stories of intrigue and warfare. Visitors to Tamworth Castle will explore more about the power struggles of the Anglo-Saxon era, the battles, the blows and the bloodshed with new interactive displays and regular historical re-enactments of events.


The Ghosts of Tamworth Castle The Castle has a number of reported sightings over the years and even when you talk to the locals most will say “Oh yes, we all know the Castle is haunted.” The Lady’s Chamber (The Haunted Room): 12th century – Solar, The Black Lady Legend has it that the ‘Black Lady’ (a 9th century nun called Editha) haunts this room. Her nuns were said to have been expelled from Polesworth Abbey by the first Baron Marmion. The continued prayers of her homeless nuns eventually called her from her grave and one night in 1139, after a lavish banquet, the 3rd Baron Marmion saw a vision of her whilst in his bedchamber. She prophesied that unless the nuns were restored to Polesworth, he would meet an untimely and painful death. Just before she vanished she struck him on his side with the point of her crosier and the wound was so terrible that the whole castle was awoken by his cries. Seeing him so tormented with pain his friends advised him to confess himself to a priest and restore the nuns to the Abbey. His pain only ceased when this vow was taken and the nuns were allowed to return.

Ann’s Story – Museum Assistant The Castle’s alarm had gone off and while Ann was waiting for the engineer to come and reset it, she sat in Reception. She heard some odd footsteps in the 16th century Ferrers’ Room and then sounds of tables and chairs being dragged across the wooden floor. She dashed outside and straight into the alarm engineer. He was shocked to see her because he had just seen a figure standing in the Ferrers’ Room window, which he thought was her! The room had that day been fitted with a new circular table and chairs, yet on investigation nothing had moved an inch!

June’s Story – Staff Member 19th century servant’s quarters This staff member was opening up the Tamworth Story Exhibition Room when she was struck in the face and momentarily blinded. It felt like sand had been thrown at her. When she cleared her eyes, she saw a blue mist swirl around the room near a display of 19th century ceramics and disappear out of the window. The mist was at least six feet high.

Spirits at The Moat House The Moat House is a Grade II handsome Tudor mansion located in what were once the grounds of Tamworth Castle. Built in 1572 by William Comberford as a family home, it sits on the banks of the River Tame. Charles I stayed there, it has been an asylum and has now been renovated as a family restaurant. Stories exist of the ghost of a young girl named Emily or Amelia who walks the third floor corridors. Apparently she was locked in the tower by her father and died in a fire that originated from a burning candle. Others say they have seen the ghost of an elderly, cowed gentleman, walking in the raised gallery area and a shadowy figure has been seen in the beer garden. One local woman believes that this is the ghost of her aunt who drowned there in the 1920s. She was employed at the asylum and although the official verdict was death by suicide, her family have always disputed it, believing foul play may have been involved. 7

AngloSaxon times Tamworth – The Ancient Capital of Mercia The Anglo-Saxons came to Staffordshire in the late 6th century, as groups of settlers or tribes. Mercia, or Mierce in Anglo-Saxon, means boundary and the area grew from a number of these separate tribal settlements. The Mercians gradually conquered most of the other Midland tribes to become a powerful kingdom stretching from the Humber to the Thames. The rest of the country was ruled by the kingdoms of Northumbria and Wessex. Tamworth was the heartland of the Mercian Kingdom which had a royal church at Repton, a religious centre at Lichfield and the King’s main residence at Tamworth.

Saxon Water Mill


It is certain that the Mercian Kings spent more time at Tamworth than anywhere else, and it is thought that there was a royal palace at Tamworth by the end of the 7th century, situated on the site close to St. Editha’s Church. Originally, this palace would have been a timber hall with a chapel and somewhere for horses to be stabled. Evidence from signed charters also show that the Mercian royal families were regularly in Tamworth during the festivals of Christmas and Easter, between 751 and 857 A.D. The most well known Mercian Kings are Penda (625-655), Wulfhere (657-674), Aethelred (674-704), Aethelbald (716-757) and Offa (757-796).

King Offa

King Offa’s Palace

Tamworth is also known to have been important within Mercia, as it had a water mill which ground grain for food for the settlement and its livestock. The mill is believed to be the earliest post Roman water mill found in Britain. It was powered by the River Anker and used mill stones traded to King Offa from the French King Charlemagne, in exchange for English woollen cloaks. Mercian power began to decline after the death of King Offa and by the 10th century it lost its independence, becoming part of the Kingdom of Wessex, to create the Kingdom of England.


A unique visitor Tamworth experience all Castle year round day out 900 Years of history and a great When you visit Tamworth Castle you are able to enjoy a unique experience revealing the wonderful history of this stunning building right before your eyes. There’s a wonderful maze of intact rooms, halls, chambers and ancient walkways that still echo with events from Saxon beginnings, Norman dynasties, Tudor grandeur and great family influences. It’s a great day out summer or winter. Year-round activities keep families of all ages entertained and enthralled – both inside the Castle and outside in the wonderful landscaped grounds alongside the River Anker.

Come and try on some armour

St George’s Day One of our highlights every year is the magnificent medieval festival that celebrates St George’s day in style; with re-enactments in the Castle and around the grounds, have-a-go archery, pottery making and other hands on activities for kids. There’s falconry, a knights’ tournament and joust, with demonstrations of armour and period weapons. In the Castle see medieval brewing, candle making and discover how the master armourer makes chain maille.

Great new displays for 2013. We’re also unveiling amazing new displays throughout the Castle following the completion of the Heritage Lottery Fund project. Check out the fantastic new armoury and see if the suits fit! 10

Get your hands on some living history Tamworth Castle really does bring history to life with fun re-enactments and superbly staged scenes from the past with regular living history days. Did they really live like this? Why not ask them yourself as families and servants cook, entertain or eat in period-style right in front of you.

Active history doesn’t stop here! With a range of events happening during half-term and school holidays, including children’s drop-in workshops – great fun and messy – they’ll love it.

Tamworth Castle

Holloway, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7NA Reception: 01827 709 626 Information Line: 01827 709 629 (24 hr answer phone) School Visits/Education Team: 01827 709 632 Event Booking Hotline: 01827 709 581/618 email (all services): or visit:

Summer Opening April 1st – September 30th, Tuesday – Sunday, 11.30am – 4.45pm Last admission 4.00pm Winter Opening October 1st – 31st March, m Saturday and Sunday only 11.30am – 3.45p m 3.00p Last admission Also open during school and Bank Holidays. Please call to check times. 11

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Castle Grounds Take a walk through the beautiful Castle Grounds with their magnificent raised flower beds, listen to a brass band playing in the bandstand on a sunny afternoon whilst enjoying a family picnic or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river and see all of nature at play. For the more adventurous, maybe a game of tennis or crazy golf, followed by lunch, an ice cream or a cup of tea at the Pavilion CafÊ. If you have children aged up to 14 years, who love nothing better than tearing around and climbing, don’t miss the enclosed outdoor play park where you can discover the huge castle and pirate ship. The Castle Grounds have paved footways, so access is easy. They are a regular haunt for people of all ages particularly during the summer months, when they are host to a wide variety of outdoor events.


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Crazy Golf Within the superb surroundings of the Castle Grounds is the nine-hole crazy golf course. Test your putting ability through colourful obstacles and unexpected surprises. This is great fun for all the family. For costs and availability, please call Dave Owen Cycles on 07896 504 141

Tennis Courts Situated next to the Pavilion Café are the all-weather tennis courts that are floodlit to ensure games can continue into the evening. For costs and availability, please call Dave Owen Cycles on 07896 504 141

Skate Park Next to the tennis courts is the new purpose-built skate park. For skateboarding enthusiasts of all ages, this is a must.

Bowling Green Take a seat on one of the benches around our bowling green and watch the experts while you relax; a great way to spend a summer’s afternoon.

Cycle Hire and Cycling Proficiency For costs and availability, please call Dave Owen Cycles on 07896 504 141

Table Tennis Castle Grounds Activity Centre

For bookings and availability, please call Dave Owen Cycles on 07896 504 141

Tamworth Canoe Club Castle Grounds Activity Centre Private Club open to new members. email:

The Bandstand The Bandstand is situated at the top of the floral terraces, sitting beneath Tamworth Castle in the Castle Grounds. A truly picturesque setting in which to enjoy a leisurely walk and take in the powerful scent of summer blooms. Visit: for information on forthcoming Bandstand concerts.

Borrowpit Lake For all those keen anglers, Borrowpit Lake is great for that peaceful afternoon waiting for the fish to bite. It’s also a great place to walk the dog or take a leisurely stroll. This is just one of the many areas around Tamworth where fishing is allowed and is run by active angling clubs. For more information on fishing please contact Kevin Lee at Tamworth Fishing Tackle Shop, 23 Lichfield Street, Tamworth B79 7QE. Telephone: 01827 66701


Kettlebrook Local Nature Reserve Kettlebrook was designated as a Local Reserve in 2004. The brook gives its name to, and runs the whole length of the reserve, eventually flowing into Borrowpit Lake in the centre of Tamworth. Along with five lakes, the site provides a wetland habitat for many plants and animals, which can be enjoyed on our many circular walks.

Hodge Lane Local Nature Reserve Located in Amington, this site comprises oak woodland with ponds and a meadow grassland. It was a site of clay extraction and brick making in the late 1800s, but is now home to newts, birds and a huge variety of wild flowers. Bats are also common here, and can be seen on a summer’s evening catching insects over the pond.

Tameside Nature Reserve Take a circular walk around this site in Fazeley and look out for lapwings, cormorants and terns on the islands. If you are patient, you might be able to catch a glimpse of water voles or even grass snakes. tth



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Volunteers throughout the borough continue to work to improve these sites for people and wildlife, thanks to the ‘Wild About Tamworth’ project. For leaflets and further information please contact Staffordshire Wildlife Trust, Telephone: 01889 880 100 or email: Information can also be obtained from Tamworth Tourist Information Centre.


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Coming soon Active Tamworth Being physically active is essential for our daily health and wellbeing. It is known to have a positive effect on a person’s health and general outlook on life. Active Tamworth will provide the information on how, when and where health and diet advice can be accessed.

For more information please call 01827 709 316 / 387 or contact


travel employment spaces communities kids retirement clubs partnerships


Historic buildings We are extremely proud and passionate about our history and heritage. We hope you enjoy your journey through time, as we share our story of the fascinating buildings within the town. Tamworth Castle A must see heritage attraction with a unique herringbone wall and ancient tower that dominates views of the town centre. The site is packed full of fun, mystery and adventure. Six wealthy and influential families have owned the Castle over the centuries, and the Norman Motte and Bailey Castle has welcomed royal visits from King Henry II, Edward III, James I and his son Prince Charles. More recently the Castle welcomed HRH Prince of Wales as part of the Mercian Regiment formation in 2007.

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Almshouses Built in 1678 and funded by Thomas Guy, the Almshouses stand on Lower Gungate and originally only housed poor women, with men accommodated later. Each resident had their own entrance and living room and a central garden was used for growing vegetables. The facilities also included a large library that housed the books of Reverend John Rawlet. Although rebuilt and extended, the architecture retains the original look of the centuries-old building. After a disagreement, Guy restricted the use of the Almshouses to his own relatives and people living in the outlying villages. Strangely this restriction is still in place today, with the stone plaque above the main entrance reading ‘Guy’s Almshouses for relations and Hamleteers’. 18

St Editha’s Church The Parish Church of St Editha is one of the largest, oldest churches in the Midlands and dates back 1,200 years to Saxon times. With a spacious interior, grand arcades and Norman arches, St Editha’s is believed to have been built under the guidance of Robert de Marmion, the King’s Champion and Lord of Tamworth Castle. It has a magnificent double helix spiral staircase and a unique stained glass window in St George’s Chapel, designed by the world-renowned pre-Raphaelite, Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

Town Hall

Built in 1701 and fun ded by Thomas Gu y, the original design consisted of a single room supp orted by 18 Tuscan-style stone pillars. A decorative exterior staircase on the east side ga ve access to the firs t floor room, which also served as a pla tform for public an nouncements and events. In the 18th and 19 th centuries more rooms were added, some funded in pa rt by Sir Robert Pe el. The hall has serve d as a butter marke t and fire station. It is still used today for civic events, so me council meetings and is op en to the public du ring the National Heritage Open Da y event, which tak es place during the middle of Septemb er each year.

Tamworth Assembly Rooms Built in 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, the building has a rich history of hosting numerous events, including travelling theatre, political rallies along with elegant Edwardian parties and receptions. The Suffragette Movement staged protests on the entrance steps and in the 1920s it held Flannel Dances at half-a-crown a time. In total contrast it hosted the Duke of York (future King George VI) at a formal luncheon in 1924. It ran soup kitchens in the General Strike, held wonderful concerts, staged opera and at the start of WWII, the building was used for civil defence. In the 1950s, it witnessed the rise of rock and roll, and hosted many famous bands including a sell-out for The Beatles in 1963 and The Rolling Stones later that same year. Today, it remains a vibrant centre for a whole range of entertainment and events.

The Moat House This 16th century building was once the home of the Comberford family and Prince Charles. In 1619 Charles I was entertained here while his father King James I stayed at Tamworth Castle. Now a restaurant, there have been many reports over the years of ghostly activity, adding to the unique history of this building.

architecture and historic To find out more about the magnificent Tamworth Heritage Trail a up buildings in Tamworth, please pick Centre, view a copy on ation Inform st leaflet from Tamworth Touri ly, download a copy of or alternative from the iPhone App Store. the FREE Heritage Trail App


Influential people Sir Robert Peel

to Robert Peel (the first Baronet) t son and third of eleven children born Born in 1788 in Lancashire, the eldes ded a small d to Drayton Manor where he then atten and Ellen Yates. In 1798 the family move school in Tamworth. Minister, e Secretary in 1822 and was twice Prime He became MP in 1809, became Hom in 1834-35 and again in 1841-46. for his our greatest statesmen and is noted Today he is acknowledged as one of probably best is Peel ver, Howe and the Repeal Act. Tamworth Manifesto, the Corn Laws tely called tiona affec still , Force e Polic rn remembered as the founder of the mode which was founded in 1829. ‘bobbies’ derived from his nickname, Party and er and betrayer of the Conservative Peel has been seen as both the found a fall from his horse ing follow 1850 in died Peel . Party also the real founder of the Liberal church at d in the grounds of the small parish on Constitution Hill, London. He is burie Drayton Bassett.

Colin Grazier On October 30, 1942 Able Seaman Grazier (22), born in Tamworth, drowned after seizing vital German code books from a sinking U-boat. Lt Tony Fasson (29) from Scotland died alongside him, but 16-year old Tommy Brown from North Shields survived the action, only to die in a house fire while still a teenager. The precious documents they captured enabled Bletchley Park’s brilliant code breakers to crack Enigma and so win the Battle of the Atlantic, a battle Churchill described as crucial to the overall outcome of the war. The three brave servicemen had made it possible to finally beat the U-boats and pave the way for peace, but not even their families could be told what they had achieved. You can see a memorial to Colin and the two other brave seamen in St Editha’s Square in the centre of town. 20

‘The Real Enigma Heroes’ written by Phil Shanahan can be purchased from Tamworth Tourist Information Centre.

Tamworth Blue Plaque Scheme A Blue Plaque Scheme is currently being established for the town; publicly visible locations on buildings to commemorate either a famous person associated with that building or an event that occurred within the building or at that site. The scheme is being delivered by Tamworth Heritage Trust in conjunction with Tamworth Borough Council. For more information please call 01827 709583.

Thomas Guy Born in 1644 in London, his father, Thomas Guy Senior was a lighterman, coalmonger and carpenter. His mother, Ann Vaughton, originated from Tamworth. Guy was famous for funding major projects in Tamworth and London, including Guy’s Hospital.




1695 – 1707

Guy educated at Tamworth’s Free Grammar School.

After completing an eight year apprenticeship, Guy set up business as a bookseller and publisher. Success and fortune soon followed.

Guy funded the refurbishment of Tamworth’s Free Grammar School and later built the Almshouses and funded the building of the Town Hall.

Served Tamworth as MP.

Samuel Parkes

William MacGregor

During the famous charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War, casualties were heavy and many British troops were forced to retreat. One such casualty was Samuel Parkes from Tamworth, who saved the life of the trumpeter and carried on his shoulders the mortally wounded second in command of his regiment.

An unsung hero who served to improve the lives of Tamworth people for more than 60 years. He founded the local Co-Operative Society, erected the first hospital in the town and was famous for his collection of Egyptian artefacts. It is still believed that one of his Egyptian mummies is buried somewhere in the borough!

He was awarded the Victoria Cross; the second man in the British Army to receive this award.

Editha The sister of Athelstan, she married the Danish leader Sihtric, King of Northumbria, in 925. However, Sihtric soon broke his Christian vows and relapsed into paganism deserting Editha. War then raged, although ending temporarily upon the death of Sihtric. A year later Editha retired into a convent which she founded at Tamworth, close to the palace where she had reigned as his bride.

The valuable MacGregor collection was sold at Sotheby’s to galleries and museums all over the world. The catalogue can be viewed today at the British Museum.

Aethelflaed – Daughter of Alfred the Great Aethelflaed became known as the Lady of the Mercians. Her boldness and courage enabled the town to rise again after the destruction caused by the invading Danes. She drove back the Danes, and by seizing Watling Street, established that great strategical highway known as the southern boundary of the Danelagh (the border between the Danes and the Anglo-Saxons). Following in the footsteps of her father and husband, during 913 she continued to establish a chain of fortified sites across England including the settlements at Tamworth and Stafford. Her death in 918 in Tamworth resulted in Mercia merging into Wessex, however, Tamworth did not lose its royal connection. Aethelflaed had trained her nephew, Athelstan and gave him a jewelled dagger as a symbol of his high rank. He succeeded to the throne of Wessex upon the death of his father, Edward the Elder, where he continued to wage war against the Danes and again made Tamworth a royal seat. The Aethelflaed Monument stands at the foot of Tamworth Castle, just through the Gatehouse. 21

Events and entertainme nt

Tamworth boasts a regular and wide events programme throughout the year at different locations and at the main leisure attractions. Entertainment at Tamworth Assembly Rooms The Assembly Rooms host a selection of both local and professional events in the 350 seat auditorium. With modern theatre equipment, it provides a first class theatrical experience in a beautiful heritage building. There is a fully licensed bar and the venue is available for private bookings such as parties and conferences. A full programme of events can be viewed in the What’s On Guide available from Tamworth Tourist Information Centre, or visit:

For more information, contact the Entertainment / Venue Manager on 01827 709 620, or email:


Tamworth Castle Tamworth Castle hosts a number of events throughout the year, ranging from Ghost Searches to Murder Mysteries and Banquets, that let you experience how life used to be through the ages. Look out for re-enactments at special events.

For bookings and information on Castle events, please contact Tamworth Information Centre on 01827 709 581/618 or email:

Key dates in 2013 April

St. George’s Day Celebrations and the Launch of the Heritage Lottery Fund Project The Grand Medieval Joust returns to see the Black Knight and Sir Marmion do battle for the honour of Tamworth! 20th April, 10am – 5pm Tamworth Castle and Grounds


Celebration of Medieval Living History Find out what it was like to live in the Medieval Castle and get involved with some hands-on activities. May Day Weekend 4th, 5th and 6th May, 11.30am – 4.45pm Tamworth Castle

Bank Holiday Living History Weekend Daytime fun for the family as you meet our Medieval characters. 26th and 27th May, 11.30am – 4.45pm Tamworth Castle


Bringing History to Life Living History Characters at the Castle. 22nd and 23rd June, 11.30am – 4.45pm Tamworth Castle

Gate Gallop 10K Race, a Fun Run, Children’s runs and fundraising activities. 30th June, 9am onwards Anker Valley Complex


Bringing History to Life Living History Characters at the Castle. 6th and 7th July, 11.30am – 4.45pm Tamworth Castle

July – August

Summer Living History The Castle comes to life with a series of fun and interactive period character days. 11.30am – 4.45pm

Georgian Week 23rd, 24th and 25th July

Armourer and Knights School 30th, 31st July and 1st August

Lady Freville and Her Servants 6th, 7th and 8th August

Meet the Victorian Servants 13th, 14th and 15th August

Meet the Laundress and Wise Woman 20th, 21st and 22nd August All above at Tamworth Castle

We Love Tamworth Tamworth Arts and Events team is proud to present this two day event. Saturday 10th August A daytime Circus and Fairground Rides. Evening Cinema Screenings of Mamma Mia at 8pm and Rocky Horror Picture Shown at 10.30pm. Sunday 11th August Children’s festival including, Water Zorbing, Climbing Wall, Circus Skills Workshops and much more! Castle Grounds and Town Centre

July – September Bandstand Concerts

September Stars and Stripes

Get those feet tapping and hips shaking, and take part in this hugely popular line dancing event. 14th September, 12noon – 5pm Tamworth Castle Grounds

Bringing History to Life Living History Characters at the Castle. 14th, 15th, 28th and 29th September Tamworth Castle

Tamworth’s Heritage Day Discover 1400 years of history, living history brought to life. Famous people, fantastic buildings, presentations, tours and much more. 15th September, 10am – 5pm Town Centre


Halloween Haunted Castle A family day time experience this Halloween half term. Medieval characters take you through the haunted castle. Come along in your own Halloween costume. 28th October – 1st November See website for times.

Halloween Ghost Search For the serious ghost hunter – join us at the Castle on Halloween if you dare. Over 18s only. 31st October, 9.30pm – 2am Pre booking essential. All above at Tamworth Castle

November Fireworks Night

This FREE event offers a spectacular firework display and discount admission to Tamworth Castle, fire walk about characters, food stalls, family activities and the fair. 2nd November, 5.30pm – 9pm Tamworth Castle and Grounds

Christmas Lights Enjoy the festivities, visit the Christmas Tree display in St Editha’s Church and take part in the countdown to the switch on. 30th November, 2pm – 5pm Town Centre

December Christmas

Enjoy Christmas at the Castle by experiencing a Tudor Banquet or a Victorian Christmas complete with Santa at our ever popular Santa Trails. See website for details. Tamworth Castle 23

What’s On For For more more information information or or to to book book online online visit: visit: 13 13 Ju July ly 26 26 Oct Oct

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Have year Have a a year at Tamworth Assembly at Tamworth Assembly Rooms Rooms

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Box Office: 01827 709618 Corporation Corporation Street, Street, Tamworth, Tamworth, Staffs. Staffs. B79 B79 7DN 7DN


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in Tamworth

Outdoor events 20 April 30 June July-Sept 10-11 Aug14 Sept 15 Sept 2 Nov 30 Nov -

St George’s Day Gate Gallop Bandstand Concerts We Love Tamworth Stars & Stripes Heritage Day Fireworks Spectacular Christmas Lights Switch On

& e Company worth Danc onal Dance essi worth Prof Season sponsor:


Places to stay With all the superb historical and leisure attractions in Tamworth, you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to explore, to ensure you don’t miss anything. Tamworth is right at the heart of the Midlands motorway network, so it can act as an ideal base to visit other areas or towns, such as Birmingham or Stratford-upon-Avon, that are less than one hour away by car. We can offer you a free accommodation service via our award-winning Tourist Information Centre, so you can quickly find the right hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation that will suit your needs. All the accommodation we can help you find has been quality assessed, so we are confident that the service offered is of the highest standard. If you need advice or would like us to locate your guest accommodation, please call us now on 01827 709 581, email: or visit:

Facilities key: Hotel Bed & Breakfast Steps C En-suite

h Pets by arrangement Guide dogs accepted

Self Catering

L Credit card facilities

` Launderette

K Tea/coffee making

( Conference/group facilities

^ No smoking residence

@ Linen provided

_ Entertainment k Table service

- Smoking

} Fully licensed to sell alcohol

. Children’s menu

s Telephone in room

p Parking

6 Evening meals by arrangement

Q Disabled access rooms

s Coaches welcome

V Vegetarian meals

4 TV/satellite in rooms

n Special diets/meals arranged

> Children’s facilities

& Fax/modem facilities

W Outdoor seating

d No pets

* Ironing facilities

F Functions catered for

Disabled WC


Guest Accommodation Caravan & Camping

Donative Farm Warton, Tamworth B79 0JR T 01827 899 849 or 07973 680 840 E W A pair of very comfortable 2 bedroom barn conversions which offer 4 star self-catering accommodation. They are based on a working family farm with horses and traditional beef cattle. All home comforts are provided along with panoramic views of the countryside. They are ideally placed for visiting Drayton Manor Theme Park, Twycross Zoo, Conkers and the SnowDome. The cottages can be booked from 2 nights up to a week and we accept most major credit cards. Free Wi-Fi available.



^ h @ p 4 *


QIT ★ ★ ★ ★

Drayton Court Hotel 65 Coleshill Street, Fazeley, Tamworth, Staffordshire B78 3RG T 01827 285 805 E W Delightful Georgian house hotel, all accommodation recently refurbished and individually designed. Oak panelled bar and restaurant, large private car park. Nearest hotel outside of Drayton Manor Theme Park – home of Thomas Land. Ideally located for Tamworth SnowDome, Belfry Golf Resort, Birmingham NEC, Lichfield, National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas and MOD, Lichfield. H


^ s d

AA ★ ★

( ã õ p û & ñ L k V

Drayton Manor Hotel


Drayton Manor Park, Tamworth, Staffordshire B78 3TW T 01827 285 551 E W The 4-star Drayton Manor Hotel is set in a unique location amongst 280 acres of lakes and parkland close to Drayton Manor Park, home of Thomas Land and Drayton Manor Zoo. With 150 modern guest rooms including Europe’s only Thomas & FriendsTM themed bedrooms, Parklands Restaurant, Bar & Brasserie, Carousel Bar, Conference & Banqueting facilities and complimentary parking and wireless internet access. For the children, and those that are young at heart, Drayton Manor Hotel offers a vibrant video games room, the option for character breakfasts and even a Thomas & FriendsTM Theatre! H


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Hipsley Farm Cottages Hipsley Lane, Hurley, Atherstone, Warwickshire CV9 2LR T 01827 872 437 M 07717 002719 E W Work or play, business or holiday. Seven 4 star cottages in the heart of beautiful North Warwickshire. Relax. Listen to the birds. Walk round the farm. Try the 9 hole putting green. Only 30 minute drive to Birmingham City Centre, NEC, Coventry or Lichfield. Ample private parking. Fully equipped laundry, also has tourist information, freezer full of meals, games and books. Free Wi-Fi. Open all year; flexible arrival/departure dates. Most credit cards accepted.

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Moor Hall is a delightful 4 star country house hotel set in peaceful parkland and only a short drive from Tamworth. • 82 ensuite bedrooms, including four posters, all with free Wi-fi • Ample free parking • Two restaurants and a terrace for alfresco dining • Extensive leisure facilities including indoor pool, sauna, gym and Spa treatment rooms • Licensed for civil weddings • Conference and banqueting facilities for up to 200

• Set in Lichfield city centre • 45 ensuite bedrooms, including four posters, all with free Wi-fi • Cosy lounge bar and pretty patio • Conference and banqueting facilities for up to 100 • Licensed for civil weddings

Visit for our current special offers

Visit for our current special offers

Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B75 6LN T: 0121 308 3751 E:

Bird Street, Lichfield WS13 6PR T: 01543 414822

Lea Marston Hotel & Spa Follow us on:-

· Contemporary 4 star hotel · Award winning 2 rosette restaurant · Free WiFi and complimentary parking · Fantastic Health Club & Elemis Spa · Two 9 hole golf courses on site

Room rates start from only £59.00! Book Online now

Haunch Lane • Lea Marston • Warwickshire • B76 0BY For further details please call 01675 470 468

Accommodation advice service

Just off junction 9, M42

Call us now on 01827 709 581, email: or visit:


The Peel Aldergate 13-14 Aldergate, Tamworth, Staffordshire B79 7DL T 01829 67676 F 01827 69812 E W The Peel is a friendly, family run establishment offering 4 star accredited guest accommodation right in the centre of Tamworth. Home of the highly regarded Christopher’s restaurant, serving English/European food for lunch and dinner. Featuring 19 stylish en-suite rooms with flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning throughout and hospitality tray. Secure private parking for residents. The Peel is a 15 mins drive from Drayton Manor Theme Park, 20 min drive from the NEC/NIA/Birmingham International Airport and is a 5 minute walk from Tamworth train station. Rooms starting at £57.50 including full English breakfast (cooked to order) and the best rates are available when booking direct by telephone.

“Great family run hotel” “Going to Drayton Manor, then stay here” Comments from online reviews


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Silver Trees Holiday Park Stafford Brook Road, Penkridge Bank, Rugeley WS15 2TX T 01889 582185 E W Silver Trees is a quiet quality park located on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire in the midst of an area of protected countryside, with our own nature reserve designated a SSSI from which Deer wander onto the Holiday Park. Enjoy pleasant evenings watching them at close quarters from your own decking or take a leisurely walk through the Chase. The numerous trails take you to Birches Valley, the Visitor Centre or why not burn some energy in our all weather Tennis Court or swim in our Indoor Heated Pool?

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Upper Rectory Farm Cottages Snarestone Road, Appleby Magna DE12 7AJ T 01827 880 448 E W Skylarks and buzzards soar above these delightful multi-award winning cottages set amid the waving cornfields. The cottages sleep 2 – 8 (total maximum 26). Just 15 minutes from the centre of Tamworth and within 30 minutes of Birmingham, NEC and Lichfield. With 2 meeting rooms and unlimited parking, they are ideal for business or holidays. They are luxuriously furnished, en-suite throughout, with free Wi-Fi, great walks and fabulous views. S

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★★★★ & QIT ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 29

• 120 Bedrooms all with en suite power showers •C  omplimentary breakfast on all rates •2  6” TVs in all bedrooms •E  ntertainment packages and high speed Wi-Fi available. •R  ooms can hold up to a family of 4, Children stay for free when sharing their parents room •4  Modern meeting rooms available all with natural daylight, air conditioning and lake views •M  eeting space holds from 2 – 80 delegates in comfort • L imited evening meals available in our Great room • L icenced bar

T: 01827 303 220 E: F: 01827 303 221 W:

Holiday Inn Express, Leisure Island, River Drive, Tamworth, B79 7ND

Harlaston Post Office Bed & Breakfast Harlaston Post Office offers superb guest accommodation, whilst retaining the traditional charms of a working post office and village store in rural Staffordshire. Whether you’re drawn to the area for business or pleasure, we offer a warm friendly welcome coupled with a helpful and relaxed atmosphere. Harlaston Post Office is centrally located between Lichfield, Tamworth, and Burton on Trent with road links to Birmingham, Nottingham and other major cities. We are ideally situated for visiting the National Memorial Arboretum, Drayton Manor Theme Park, The National Forest or any one of our local towns or attractions. We serve a traditional English breakfast, or if you prefer something lighter, we are happy to prepare breakfast to your tastes. We also cater for any special dietary needs. There are pubs nearby who provide quality evening meals and cater for families as well as individuals. The pubs have excellent reputations and we recommend you call in advance for reservations. Tel: 01827 383746  Email:  Website: 30

Celebrating Tamworth Anniversaries The Beatles at the Assembly Rooms It seems hard to believe that it was really 50 years ago that The Beatles took to the stage at the Assembly Rooms in Tamworth, at around 8pm playing a short set of songs that were soon to be released on their debut album, Please Please Me, with tickets costing six shillings! February 1st 2013 saw the 50th anniversary of this visit back in 1963 and to mark the occasion the Arts & Events team delivered a whole weekend of Beatles music to help celebrate such an important occasion in Tamworth’s history. On Friday February 1st The Counterfeit Beatles played a greatest hits set to an audience of 200 people, some of which were in the same room 50 years ago. “It was a bit strange seeing the Beatles back in 1963, as they weren’t at all known to people. Seeing them top the charts 3 weeks later was a shock… and of course the rest is history” said Alan who turned out again 50 years later to support the event.

The weekend saw the events team transform the venue into a Beatles shrine, with 60s decorations, Abbey Road zebra crossings with images and facts about the band displayed throughout the venue. The staff themselves also made a huge effort by dressing in Sergeant Pepper costumes. On Saturday 2nd February a host of local talent took to the stage to perform their own classic cover versions of Beatles hits. A further 250 people attended this event with a Beatles quiz and Beatles themed real ale on offer throughout the evening. Beatles images and stories courtesy of the Tamworth Herald and Tamworth Assembly Rooms

Don’t Forget the Rolling Stones

Sir Robert Peel – Died 225 Years Ago

The team look forward to celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones visit to Tamworth Assembly Rooms in November 2013.

A great statesman and the founder of the police force lived in Drayton Manor and attended a local school before embarking on a career that included the accolade of Prime Minister.

Their visit was even more memorable from the story of the time that a certain Mick Jagger was allegedly caught peeing up against a bar when he was refused service after their appearance... a ban that still stands today should they ever return!

Aethelflaed – Lady of the Mercians In 913 A.D. Aethelflaed fortified Tamworth as a strategic “burh” during the Anglo-Saxon fight-back against the Viking invasions. The Mercian royal seat of Tamworth had been sacked and pillaged, but Aethelflaed revitalised the town.


Somewhere to eat If you are looking for somewhere different for a special night out, or for a snack before you enjoy an event or attraction, Tamworth has a variety of places to choose from. In the town centre, there are cosy restaurants and cafés and a selection of bustling bars that are always full of life and atmosphere, with the chance to sample local live music. The area has a reputation for great Italian, Indian and Cantonese food, so don’t go home without trying one of these restaurants. With a wide variety of ‘Food on the Go’, you can pick up a great sandwich or snack at one of the many famous brand outlets or from the excellent cafés and restaurants run by our top attractions. Just outside the town, you can choose one of the many pubs and restaurants that lie in the villages, where you can sit and enjoy a meal and a quiet drink right in the heart of the countryside. Many ingredients are often sourced from local farms.


Don’t miss ...

...our specia lis where you ca t market days, n enjoy even options from m the local sup ore pliers

PORTOBELLO RESTAURANT Traditional Italian Cuisine With over 60 freshly prepared delicious main courses diners can choose from a wide selection of dishes ranging from fillet steak, fish, pasta, vegetarian options or pizza, all of which are adaptable to suit your own palate. To accompany the food, we have an impressive selection of both traditional Old and refreshing New World wines to suit all pockets.

3 courses set menu from £12.95

Sundays’ any pizza/ pasta £6.00

Opening Hours: Sunday 12:00-20:00, Monday – Saturday 18:00-23:00

Telephone: 01827 54474 12 Silver Street, Tamworth, Staffs B79 7NH


Christopher’s Restaurant at the Peel Aldergate

Exceptional English & European cuisine, cooked with passion “Just returned from dining at the restaurant. Talk about a hidden gem! I have lived close by for 6 years and have never even heard of the Peel Hotel...The food was spot on and couldn't be faulted and I can honestly say that the sirloin steak was the best I have had in a long time” “All of the staff were friendly but efficient. The food, well what can I say? You would struggle to beat this in any top London hotel...” reviews

Lunch: Tuesday-Friday 12-2pm Sunday Lunch: 12-4pm Dinner: Monday-Saturday 6:30pm-9pm 13-14 Aldergate Tamworth B79 7DL

01827 67676 34

THE MOAT HOUSE Now under a new manageress and new management team of local people who are passionate about the Moat House restaurant, you can expect a wonderful experience on your next visit. Built in the fifteen hundreds, the Moat House is a grade 2 listed building full of history that was once fit for royal visits and is set in beautifully landscaped grounds. This year the Moat House will be the place to be with its wide range of forth coming events.


Catering for Weddings, Private Functions, Children’s Parties. Etc. Try our home cooked carvery every Sunday Paranormal Investigation Nights Tribute Nights


MOAT HOUSE, LICHFIELD STREET, TAMWORTH B79 7QQ  TEL: 01827 311 972  MOB: 07797 273 390

Near Tamworth, Staffordshire B78 3TW Tel: 01827 285551  email: The Parklands Restaurant & Bar offers you a relaxing and informal approach to dining with a menu for all tastes including a variety of children’s dishes. Or choose The Parklands Brasserie where a tantalising menu and a warm welcome offer a slightly more formal dining experience. For a relaxing drink or a snack The Carousel Bar is available for cocktails and coffee or salads and burgers with a comfortable lounge area.


Town centre shopping Great local shopping and much more in Tamworth town centre. What could be better than combining a visit to a historical town with some leisurely browsing around local independent stores, larger stores, then maybe taking time out for a coffee or a snack?


There has been a real focus on local produce for food shopping and Tamworth, located in the rural county of Staffordshire, has access to suppliers right on the doorstep and this is reflected by a bustling shopping area that is really worth a visit. Don’t forget the historic market that dates back to 1560 that takes place every Tuesday and Saturday, with several specialist markets including the very popular French market in September. Also located within the town centre is the Ankerside Shopping Centre with over 60 of your favourite stores with a great choice of shopping, from fashion, health & beauty, to those essential services – food & drink, all in an enclosed centre. Parking is easy with a choice of over 700 spaces and the Town Centre has great road, rail and bus links, so why not plan your day out now?


WH Gayton & Sons Bread Worth Waking Up To! Fresh bread delivered daily into Tamworth and surrounding areas. The village bakery opened its doors in 1919 and has kept them open ever since, to ensure that everybody has the chance to taste what real bread tastes like. We do wholesale and you can come to the bakery as well, if you come early the bread will still be hot! The bakery is at Maypole Lane, Grendon CV9 2BS. The smell will lead you to its doors and you are sure to meet one of the Gayton bakers on your visit! The bakery is open Monday to Friday 5am to 5.30pm and on Saturday 5am to 3pm. Groups and coach parties welcome – free treat for the bus driver! You can call us on 01827 712538 and see us on the web Email

Beautiful Hair for Life... at Francesco Group, Tamworth

3 B o l e b r i d g e S t r e e t , Ta m w o r t h

B 7 9 7 PA

t: 01827 51565 38




on groups of 2 adults and 2 children

Tel: 01827 873844

Bodymoor Heath Lane, Bodymoor Heath, Nr Kingsbury, B760EE

Put Putsome someadrenalin adrenalinpumping pumpingfun funinto intoyour yourlife! life! Midland Karting is an F1 style karting circuit and centre in Fradley Park, just a few miles from Lichfield, Burton upon Trent and Tamworth. With two circuits, top of the range karts, cafe and on-site party room, this is the ideal place to test your driving skills! Drivers must be 8 yrs or over.


Must be booked in advance, subject to availability. Voucher must be shown on arrival. One session per voucher.

Midland Karting Wood End Lane, Fradley PARK, Lichfield WS13 8NF Tel : 01543 418419

10%Off ✂

a Cut & Finish or Colour Service

only at Francesco Group, Tamworth

3 Bolebridge Street, Ta m w o r t h B 7 9 7 PA

t: 01827 51565 Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Valid only at Francesco Group, Tamworth until 30th November 2013 when having a cut and finish or colour service. Please mention on booking and bring this voucher with you to your appointment. Subject to availability.




Book a holiday worth £750 or more at Broads Travel and you’ll receive a pack of FREE trackable luggage labels.  Tel: 01543 412768 Bird Street, Lichfield (next to The George Hotel) Mere Green Road, Sutton Coldfield. Ts and Cs may apply.




OF TAMWORTH Ankerside Shopping Centre is situated on the edge of the beautiful grounds of the historic Tamworth Castle with over 60 fantastic shops and more than 700 car parking spaces, shop local at ankerside Shopping Centre

Shopping 40


Shop local



Over 100 stalls with a great selection of fresh meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, garden products, clothing and much more.

Every Tuesday & Saturday 9am – 4pm

A long established top quality street market in the town’s main shopping streets and square. For car parks follow sat nav postcode B79 7BB

Antiques / Collectibles – Every first Tuesday of the month

LSD promotions... Quality markets serving the local community 41

Ventura shopping

Including Jolly Sailor and Cardinal Point Just a short walk or an even shorter car drive from the historic town centre is an out of town shopping area that boasts all the leading UK retail brands in a purpose-built area that is easy to access with free parking in front of every store.

Shops: McDonalds



WH Smith


River Island


Toys R Us





John Lewis at Home




TK Maxx


Costa Coffee

Pets at Home




Next Home



Carpet Right



Oak Furniture Land


Sports Direct

Bensons for Beds

Mothercare 42

There is a choice of two major supermarkets with ASDA and Sainsbury’s as well as a large M&S store offering a full range including a Food Hall. The popularity of the location brings customers in from more than one hour’s drive away. It has also attracted major expansion with the addition of new stores

including a large John Lewis at Home as well as Next Home, B&Q, Oak Furniture Land and Maplin. With leisure options close by you can mix some retail therapy with cinema, bowling or real snow skiing for a perfect, full day out.


w o n s l a e R y a d y r e v e Whether it’s a fun packed day on the real snow, sliding and gliding about on the ice or relaxing in the seriously luxurious spa, the SnowDome in Tamworth is the ultimate snow, ice and leisure experience. The SnowDome complex houses a 170 metre indoor slope covered in real snow all year round and two further real snow nursery slopes… providing the perfect facilities for learning new skills such as skiing and snowboarding.

swimming pool, chill out in the truly luxurious spa or get creative with your workout in the multi-functional Fitbox arena. A spacious aerobics studio, dedicated spin zone, free-weights area and TRX Zone complete the varied and unrivalled facilities on offer.

It’s not only skiing and snowboarding on the main slope, imagine racing your family and friends down the snow in steerable toboggans! Or hold on tight for snow tubing, the fastest experience on snow – hurtling down the slope in specially designed inflatable tubes!

Within the venue there are a selection of bars and restaurants including a Starbucks Coffee lounge and The Aspen Food Company restaurant, serving freshly prepared delicious meals with a menu ranging from light snacks, mouth-watering pastas & pizzas, to chef’s specials and scrumptious desserts!

In addition to the snow slopes, the SnowDome also features the Ice Arena with an ice rink and the UK’s only ice track… providing unique and unparalleled skating facilities for all ages and abilities! The children’s snowplay area is the place for children to have fantastic fun with a game of snowballs, hide and seek in the igloo and a slide about on the sledges.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting family outing… look no further and bring your sense of adventure for an unforgettable day out at the SnowDome!

In addition to the action out on the snow, SnowDome Fitness provides top quality facilities, excellent service and great value. The huge open plan gym features the latest hi tech equipment, presented in a welcoming and sociable environment. Enjoy the large 25 metre

Tel: 08448 000011 Email: k Web: th, wor Tam e, Driv r Rive d, Leisure Islan Staffordshire B79 7ND


Delicious dining The Aspen Food Company restaurant at the SnowDome offers guests delicious, freshly prepared fare in a unique and relaxed setting… complete with friendly service and great value. The restaurant and bar area echoes a 1950s Aspen inspired style, whilst the signature red colour palette and moose design features throughout the contemporary interiors. Complete with booth-style seating along the large windows overlooking the snow slope, the surroundings are truly original. The head chef and his team offer a freshly prepared, home-made menu ranging from light bar style snacks, mouth-watering pastas & pizzas, to daily specials and scrumptious desserts. The bar serves a selection of beverages, from coffee and soft drinks to wines and draught beers.

Conference & Banqueting The SnowDome is the perfect location to host your next event. The conference suites cater for events from 5 to 240 guests. The Aspen Food Company can provide a full range of excellent quality catering to suit your specific requirements. With the emphasis on fantastic food, great service and flexibility, we offer a range of dining options from light business lunches to luxurious banquets. Plus, you can add some ‘real snow’ activities to your event to complete the SnowDome experience. The day delegate rate starts from £28.50 per person.

For more information, a tour of the facilities and to make a booking, please contact the Event Team on 01827 501750 or email:

BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! On fun activities, beginner ski & snowboard lessons and recreational slope tickets Terms & conditions: Promotional code TAMVISITOR2013. Purchase either a single tobogganing, tubing, ice skating, snowplay or swimming session or a group ski or snowboard lesson or a one hour recreational ski pass for one person and another person goes free. Book online at or call 08448 000011 using promotional code TAMVISITOR2013. This voucher must be surrendered to SnowDome reception on arrival to receive offer. Offer valid from 1st April 2013 until 30th September 2013. Higher price ticket prevails. Age and height restrictions may apply, valid for one person only. Pre-booking recommended.

10% OFF

MAIN COURSES Only available with this voucher, please present to The Aspen Food Company bar when ordering. Valid until 30th September 2013. Only original vouchers will be accepted.


Drayton Manor 2013 season Drayton Manor Theme Park The Park, located near Tamworth in Staffordshire, will open for the 2013 season on Friday 15th March. New for summer is the Winston attraction coming to Thomas LandTM, where you will find 21 rides based on the ever popular Thomas & FriendsTM series, including Cranky’s Drop Tower, Harold’s Heli-Tours, Terence’s Driving School and the Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster to name but a few! Thomas LandTM has wonderful indoor and outdoor play areas, cafés and the world’s largest Thomas & FriendsTM store where you can choose from a massive range of Thomas & FriendsTM goodies! The award winning theme park is also home to a 15 acre zoo and has an abundance of places to eat, drink, shop and relax. With the family friendly 4D film, A Fish Story, showing in the stunning 4D Cinema, Drayton Manor Theme Park really has something for everyone!

Drayton Manor Hotel

four star 150 bedroom hotel Why not plan a stay in our luxurious, TM Thomas the Tank Engine ing includ s room y with a choice of famil little the l arriva On s. adult the for themed rooms with an area of calm to borrow and DVD as Thom and bag ie good as ones receive a Thom ing entertainment. there’s a Thomas Theatre with even rite location for conferences, Drayton Manor has always been a favou events and the hotel now rate corpo & weddings, award ceremonies excellent facilities, including offers even more choice with all of these ages to suit all tastes. pack n datio mmo free Wi-Fi, as well as acco t or just feel like a taste of luxury So if you are planning a special even in touch to find out more. get e pleas , hotel new in this stunning

Drayton Manor Bars & Restaurants We can offer a wide choice of dining options both within the Hotel and in the Park itself. In the Hotel we have The Parklands Restaurant & Bar where you can relax with an informal approach to dining with a menu for all tastes including a variety of children’s dishes. Or choose The Parklands Brasserie where a tantalising menu and a warm welcome offer a slightly more formal dining experience. For a relaxing drink or a snack The Carousel Bar is available for cocktails and coffee or salads and burgers with a comfortable lounge area. Just inside the entrance to the Park there is another restaurant called the Grill Inn; great local produce and open to Park guests and for the general public.

For further information about Drayton Manor Theme Park or to pre-book discounted entry tickets visit: or call 0844 472 1960. For regular updates and news about Drayton Manor Theme Park join us on Twitter and Facebook 46

Voted Uk’s Best Childrens Attraction For Three Years (2009, 2010 & 2012) HOME OF

over 100 sensational rides & attractions for all the family INCLUDING OUR AWARD WINNING ZOO

Drayton Manor Theme Park’s 180-seat family restaurant

Follow us


TM & © 2013 Cartoon Network


Explore the area visit


://bl orpy desig

m fo



Tamworth, set in the rolling countryside of Staffordshire, is uniquely placed to act as a centre for your trip to one of the most visited and attractive parts of the UK. With excellent road and rail links, the town is also a short distance from both Birmingham International Airport and East Midlands Airport. This easy access means that you can enjoy all the local attractions and then extend your visit to include the historic attractions of Stratford-upon-Avon and Lichfield with the Derbyshire Peak District only slightly further afield. Close by you can visit the famous Belfry Hotel, explore the heart of the National Forest with a visit to Conkers, take the family to see the animals at Twycross Zoo, or the farm animals at the many specialist farm centres such as the children’s farm at Kingsbury Water Park.

e available n and tickets ar More informatio ion Centre, at Tourist Inform from Tamworth 7 709 581 telephone: 0182 .com joystaffordshire en w. w w or visit:


gis c.n mo




cs.g pro edy

m ero

o s Zo cros Twy

It also means that you can be in the vibrant city centre of Birmingham in less than 30 minutes by car. Or you can really try out your adventureseeking appetite with a Thrill Hopper Ticket; a superb value offer for a visit to Alton Towers, Drayton Manor Theme Park, Waterworld and the SnowDome.



BROOMEY CROFT Broomey Croft Children’s Farm is a fun and enjoyable outing for parents and children. Children just love to feed our friendly farm animals and take a ride on the farm’s Tractor. We offer a full range of attractions and facilities.

Tel: 01827 873844

Bodymoor Heath Lane, Bodymoor Heath, Nr Kingsbury, B760EE 48

Middleton Hall Museums, Walled Garden, Nature Walk, Shop, Cafés, Antique Shop, “Out of the Attic” Bric-a-Brac and lots more! The Hall is open on Sunday afternoons from Easter until the end of September, Bank Holidays or by appointment.

A restored Gentleman’s Country residence dating from the 13th to the 19th Century.

Includes Peel C ollect & Police Mu ion seum

Middleton Hall, B78 2AE, is situated on the A4091 between Fazeley and the Dunton Island on the A446 T. 01827 283095 W.

Step back in time.ue..

Immerse yourself in picturesq North Warwickshire

for business Whether visiting cturesque pi is or pleasure, th county ul tif part of a beau itors vis for has something udicia, dating back to Bo ry sto hi of all ages. A ature plus ter Li ish eats of Engl culture from the gr . World class d accommodation wonderful food an sworth Drayton Manor, Bo attractions include orthern N s. se ur co class golf Battlefield and top it all. Warwickshire has 49

NO FRILLS BUT PLENTY OF GUTS The museum tells the story of the famous Staffordshire Regiment and its predecessors, while also looking forward to its role in the Mercian Regiment. 300 years of heroic history are shown through exhibits and displays, live interpretation, special exhibitions and a unique full-scale First World War Trench System. The museum is open all year round and runs an extensive event programme. This year’s big weekend events are:

• May 18th and 19th – WW2 Wartime Whittington • July 6th and 7th – WW1 Living History Event • August 31st and Sept 1st – WW2 Whittington in Wartime Please look at our website for details and more of our events.  Tel: 01543 434394 Defence Medical Services Whittington, Whittington, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 9PY

3 Great sites in the North to enjoy!

Enjoy time out with the family this year, take part in an event, get fit, have a birthday party, eat a picnic, fly a kite, catch a fish...

Pooley Country Park Pooley Lane, Polesworth, Warwickshire B78 1JA

Kingsbury Water Park

Bodymoor Heath Sutton Coldfield B76 0DY

Pick up an event booklet at a Visitor Centre or download from: Check us out on Facebook: or Twitter:


Hartshill Hayes Country Park

Oldbury Road, Hartshill, Nuneaton CV10 0TE


(except Chris

Where our Nation remembers

THE UK’S YEAR-ROUND CENTRE OF REMEMBRANCE A spiritually uplifting place which honours the fallen, recognises service and sacrifice, and fosters pride in our country. Sited in the heart of the Nation, with 50,000 maturing trees and over 250 significant memorials. The Arboretum is home to the iconic Armed Forces Memorial. Come to the Arboretum all year round to experience this special place. Plan your visit: or 01283 792 333

Part of The Royal British Legion family of charities

Charity No. 1043992.

It’s all happening here! Beautiful countryside, award-winning attractions, lovely places to stay and a packed programme of events throughout the year in Leicestershire, Derbyshire & Staffordshire.

Scan the QR Code and order your FREE guide or download a copy TODAY

Tel: 01283 551 211


HBTP Ad 130x95:Layout 1

The Borough of



Page 1

Hinckley & Bosworth

Encompassing 114 sq miles, Hinckley and Bosworth is fortunate to have a wide range of diverse attractions including a motor racing circuit, historic railway, canals, water parks and reservoirs. We have a zoo, a tropical bird garden, country parks and a Common. We are the home of Triumph, the Ultima sports car and the original Hansom cab, not to mention the Battle of Bosworth.

The beautiful countryside has many pretty villages providing perfect locations for walking and cycling. You can stay at one of our many accommodation providers ranging from Bed and Breakfasts on working farms to large hotels with superb leisure facilities and eateries. All of the information is contained in our new Visitor Guide to the area.

All the information you need is contained in our Visitor Guide and on our website For more information contact

NOW OPEN An 18 hole mature and picturesque parkland golfing experience.

The course, now run by Tamworth Borough Council, offers experienced and novice golfers an exciting challenge. There is no need to be a member to enjoy a round, however booking is advisable.

BOOKING HOTLINE 01827 709 303 Please visit: for more details on the club and competitions. Tamworth Golf Course, Eagle Drive, Tamworth, Staffordshire B77 4EG. Opening Hours: Winter (Oct-Mar): 9am-4pm. Summer (Apr-Oct): 6am-8pm. Ts & Cs: Vouchers must be shown at the Pro Shop. One voucher per customer. Offer subject to availability.



Buy one adult 18 or 9 hole ‘Pay & Play’ and get a second adult or junior round FREE.

Conferences Communication links and easy access are vital components for a successful conference location. Tamworth has superb road links, with its location close to the M6, the M6 Toll, the M42 and the M1.

Add to this the choice of hotels and conference centres from the world famous Belfry Hotel, Middleton Hall, Drayton Manor, the Appleby Hotel SnowDome and Holiday Inn Express.

It also has good rail links to the national west coast mainline and the regional rail network, with Birmingham only 15 minutes away by train.

If you’re thinking of organising a conference, event or planning a meeting, let us know what type of venue you are looking for and we are sure we will have a perfect location for you.

Air travel also couldn’t be easier from Tamworth, with a choice of two thriving international airports; Birmingham Airport and East Midlands Airport only a short drive away.

Please contact Tamworth Tourist Information Centre for more details on 01827 709 581 or email:

Whistler Suite at the SnowDome

Meetings at Holiday Inn Express

Conferences at The Assembley Rooms

Near Tamworth, Staffordshire B78 3TW Tel: 01827 285551  email: Whether you are planning a meeting, a team away day, exhibition, product launch or presentation or looking for a unique venue to host your annual event or conference, Drayton Manor Conference & Events offer creative and flexible venues for up to 500 delegates, and 150 contemporary bedrooms on site. Our modern air conditioned suites are self-contained and we offer all of our guests FREE parking. Plus with acres of land for team building – and a theme park right on our doorstep, Drayton Manor offers a unique location for successful events!


Stunning wedding day locations Weddings at the Castle Just imagine your perfect wedding, standing in a castle where you and your partner can be king and queen for the day. Tamworth Castle with its stunning location and Great Hall, is the ideal wedding location and boasts grounds that offer a perfect backdrop for your special day. With a magnificent oak timbered roof and decorative leaded windows, the Great Hall can seat up to 64 guests giving you a unique setting and memories that will last forever. After the ceremony, the Castle Grounds are the perfect place to take those all important photographs.

For more details please contact our Tamworth Castle Wedding Co-ordinator on 01827 709 627 or email: Please note: Disabled access to Tamworth Castle is limited to the ground floor only. 54

A choice of hotels to make your day perfect Tamworth also boasts a superb selection of hotels, that can provide a range of wedding reception facilities. From the larger scale events at the Belfry, Drayton Manor and Moor Hall to the more intimate locations such as Lea Marston, The Castle Hotel and The Moat House.

Please contact Tamworth Tourist Information Centre for more details on 01827 709 581 or email:

Drayton Manor Weddings Drayton Manor Theme Park is an amazing venue to celebrate the happiest day of your life. We never forget how important your wedding day is for you which is why we’ll ensure an occasion individually tailored for your needs. Our three air-conditioned suites can cater for up to 300 guests, and we are licenced for civil ceremonies meaning you can enjoy all of your special day with us. Guests can take advantage of special accommodation rates at Drayton Manor Hotel, and we even include a room for the happy couple! Near Tamworth, Staffordshire B78 3TW  Tel: 01827 285551  email:

The Moat House The elegant moat house is a grade 2 listed building, set in beautifully landscaped gardens, it is the perfect venue to enjoy your wedding reception.

Our wedding co-ordinator will help make your wedding a truly magical occasion so call us today to arrange an appointment. Tel: 01827 311 972  Mob: 07797 273 390

3 Course Sit Down Meal & Coffee Wine with the Meal Bubbly for Speeches Master of Ceremonies Colour Co-ordinated Linen

£14.99 per person*

Table Centre Candelabras Traditional 2 Tier Wedding Cake with Stand & Knife Complimentary Honeymoon Suite Free use of Banqueting Suite for your Evening Party for up to 150 people




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The Castle Hotel Wedding Package

* se

Call Nikki or Heather 01827 317 700 to discuss & view our fantastic Wedgwood & Tudor Suites The Castle Hotel, Lady Bank, Tamworth, B79 7NB  T: 01827 317 700


Coach and group visits Visiting Tamworth with a coach party or group? There is so much to see and do in Tamworth. Whether for just a day visit or for a base to travel from, Tamworth has a rich history, great shopping and it’s easy to get to. There’s a wide selection of places to visit, superb quality accommodation and plenty of places to eat and drink at prices to suit everyone. Our Tourism Officer or our Information Staff are more than happy to help you plan your visit and put a package together – all for FREE.

Getting here


It couldn’t be easier to get to us, nestled right in the heart of the country, just 18 miles north of Birmingham, the A5 links Tamworth to the A38 and M42 J10. The M6 Toll links the M6 to the M42.

Tamworth is proud of its award winning public conveniences which are clearly marked on the map.

Parking We have 7 coach parking bays situated in the Jolly Sailor Coach Park and if you let us know when you are visiting, we can issue a FREE coach pass. You can load and unload in Corporation Street in the town centre. All parking facilities are marked on the map.

A Shopper’s Dream Tamworth town centre is a mix of unique and independent shops, Ankerside Shopping Centre boasts more than 60 stores all under cover and there’s a great outdoor street market on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If it’s the larger brand names such as M&S and John Lewis that you’re looking for, then a stroll to Ventura Retail park is a must. Parking FREE

Costume guided tours at Tamworth Castle


Castle Pleasure Grounds This beautiful green open space and park links the town centre with Ventura Retail Park and a walk between the two takes no more than 10 minutes. The grounds are famed for their magnificent floral displays, their band concerts in the summer and the many FREE activities including walks to while away the time. The Grounds plays host to an annual events programme.

apply for a free coach To book a group visit, request brochures, please contact Stacy Birt , ation inform parking permit, or any other tamw -birt@ Stacy l: emai or on 01827 709 583

Tamworth Castle Guided Tours This magnificent Norman Castle will take you back more than 900 years as you explore the maze of intact rooms, halls and chambers that still echo with events from Saxon beginnings, Norman dynasties, Tudor grandeur and great family influences. Castle Costume Guided Tour, min 20 people, ÂŁ5.00 per person Costume guided tours at Tamworth Castle

Making the most of your visit Blue Badge Guide Book our experienced Blue Badge Guide if you are touring the area, have a tour tailored to your needs, whether it be a full day or half day. For more details Tel: 01827 709 583.

Green Badge Guide From June 2013 Tamworth will have its own Green Badge Guide Association. If you are part of a group and would like to learn more about Tamworth, why not book a Green Badge Guide to show you the town and all it has to offer. The Green Badge Guides will be organising their own tours, for more information and how to book tickets, check the website,, or pop into the Tourist Information Centre. If you would like a guide to visit your organisation, contact Tamworth Information Centre on 01827 709581. (Tour details and dates can be subject to change, please check when booking).


Getting here and getting around Getting here By Road

By Rail

Tamworth lies in the South East corner of Staffordshire, just 18 miles north of Birmingham. The A5 links Tamworth to the A38 and M42 Junction 10. The M6 Toll links the M6 to the M42. Parking: There are plenty of central car parks within the town centre. There is free parking for disabled parking badge holders.

Tamworth Railway Station offers a frequent direct service to Birmingham New Street and London Euston. Tamworth is well connected to major rail networks, serviced by Virgin and London Midland. For National Rail Enquiries call 08457 48 49 50 or visit:

By Coach

By Canal

National Express operates a daily return service to London Victoria, Service 460 For information call 08717 81 81 81 or visit:

Tamworth sits on the Birmingham Fazeley Canal and the Coventry Canal, with an abundance of available moorings. For information call 01827 252 000 or email:

Getting around By Bus


Tamworth is serviced by two bus companies, providing a range of services to local major towns and villages. Arriva Buses and Heartlands Buses. For Traveline Enquiries call 0871 200 22 33

There are ample car parks in the town centre and all are just a short walk away from the shops and main attractions. All car parks are marked on the town centre map (pages 60-61). Tamworth car parks are free if you hold a valid disabled badge, except Ankerside car park where normal tariffs apply.

By Bicycle Tamworth has over 34 kilometres of cycle paths in and around the town. For information call Tamworth Tourist Information Centre 01827 709 581

Cycle Hire in the Castle Grounds Dave Owen Cycles Activity Centre, Castle Grounds, Tamworth B79 7ND Call: 07896 504 141


On foot Tamworth town centre is flat and easy to navigate with dropped curbs, although there are varying paving surfaces. Whether walking, pushing a pram or using a mobility scooter, you can access all areas with the exception of the pathway to Tamworth Castle. This is a steep incline and may present a difficulty to some people.

Disabled information Shopmobility Situated on Level 5 Ankerside Car Park, Shopmobility lends wheelchairs and scooters to aid access to the town centre. Shopmobility also offers a range of independent living aids for sale and mobility aid maintenance service. Open 9am – 5pm, Mon – Sat, with some Sunday and Bank Holiday openings to coincide with Tamworth events. It is advisable to check and book prior to visit. A bookable holiday hire service is also available. For information and enquiries, call 01827 709 392 or visit:

Visitor information A warm welcome awaits you at the award winning Tamworth Tourist Information Centre where the expert customer service staff will be only too pleased to help and advise.

The centre is open: Monday – Friday 9am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm. Closed Bank Holiday Mondays.

How to find us: The Information Centre is in the Philip Dix Centre right in the centre of town, opposite Tamworth Assembly Rooms.

Contact us: Tel: 01827 709 581/618 Text TBCTIC followed by your enquiry to 88020

Make searching for information on Tamworth easier when you are out and about. On your iPhone or smartphone, scan in this QR code. r first. You may need to download a QR reade

Heart of England Excellence in Tourism Gold Award 2010

Heart of England Excellence in Tourism Silver Award 2005

Heart of England Excellence in Tourism Finalist 2007

Visit Heart of England Excellence in Tourism Awards and Finalist 2003

Quality in Tourism Gold Service Mark Award 2007

Silver Award for Tourist Information Centre of the Year 2002


Our town



Our region Proud to be in Staffordshire


Disclaimer Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure that details in this guide are accurate, Tamworth Borough Council cannot be held responsible for any loss or disappointment arising from the misinterpretation, error, omission, or subsequent change to information. The council does not guarantee or endorse the suitability or otherwise of the establishments contained in this visitor guide. Designed and produced by



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Tamw 2985 visitor guide 2013 singles