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Code of Conduct in your role as a volunteer in Tenant Involvement

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What is a Code of Conduct? A code of conduct is a set of ground rules and guidelines that the group agrees on to reflect the way in which the group will work. It is the way in which they should carry out their duties either as members of the committees or as general members of the group. The following is an example of a Code of Conduct that we would expect tenants and staff to adhere to as basic principles but also to consider the individual Codes of Conduct that are in place within the various working groups.

Personal conduct G



Members of the various tenants groups are reminded that they are expected to behave professionally in meetings and also in situations when they may be representing their communities and Tamworth Borough Council.

Conduct of meetings / ground rules G G G G G G G G

You should always operate within the rules laid down and agreed by your working group.


Never discriminate against others. Some individuals are not used to speaking in public; they may not have as much knowledge as you, or may come from different communities and backgrounds than yourself. Give them time to get their point across.


Arrive punctually to agreed meetings and send apologies if not attending. Switch of mobile phones or place on ‘silent’ throughout meetings to avoid unnecessary distractions. Come prepared with the agenda and stay focused and relevant to the subject matter. Listen to other people’s points of view. Raise a hand and go through the Chair to speak. Do not use abusive or racist language. Violence will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the group. Keep contributions brief and to the point. The Chair’s ruling on who may or may not speak and on other ‘points of order’ will be final. Respect confidentiality of the group at all times. Remember at all times that you are representing your community and your tenants groups.

Do not speak on behalf of the group without prior permission. Any correspondence sent on behalf of the group should always be made available to all members of the group.

Important note

Violence, abusive or racist language will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the group.

Although these codes of conduct are basics for how we would expect individual’s to behave, each working group may have their own Codes of Conduct that you will be asked to adhere to.

Do not use tenants working group meetings to air personal concerns, for example reporting repairs on your home.

Code of Conduct  
Code of Conduct  

Code of Conduct