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Wiki at War

Conflict in a Socially Networked World James Jay Carafano In 2011, amid the popular uprising against Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, the government sought in vain to shut down the Internet-based social networks of its people. WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange was branded “public enemy number one” by some in the United States for posting material on the World Wide Web that concerned airstrikes in Iraq, US diplomatic communications, and other sensitive matters. In Wiki at War, James Jay Carafano explains why these and other Internet-born initiatives matter and how they are likely to affect the future face of war, diplomacy, and domestic politics. “The war for winning dominance over social networks and using that dominance to advantage is already underway,” Carafano writes in this extremely timely analysis of the techno-future of information and the impact of social networking via the Internet. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of history and defense strategy, Carafano creates a cogent analysis of what is truly new about the “new media,” and what is simply a recasting of human warfare in contemporary forms. Wiki at War is written in a lively, accessible style that will make this technological development comprehensible and engaging for general readers without sacrificing the book’s usefulness to specialists. Outlining the conditions under which a difference in degree becomes a difference in kind, detailing how ancient wisdom can still apply to national security decisions, and examining the conditions under which new expertise is required to wage effective diplomacy or successful military strategy, Carafano casts in stark relief the issues that face political, military, and social leaders in trying to manage and control information, in both international and domestic arenas. Wiki at War affords stimulating thought about and definitive discussion of this vital emerging topic.

JAMES JAY CARAFANO, author of Waltzing into the Cold War (Texas A&M University Press, 2002) and other titles, is deputy director of the Heritage Foundation’s international studies institute and director of its Center for Foreign Policy Studies. He is also a regular guest analyst for major US network and cable television news organizations, including ABC News, FOX News, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera. He lives in Washington, DC.


Intelligence and National Security Policymaking on Iraq Edited by James P. Pfiffner and Mark Phythian 978-1-60344-093-6 paper $27.50 978-1-60344-067-7 hardcover $42.95x

Danger Close Tactical Air Controllers in Afghanistan and Iraq Steve Call 978-1-58544-624-7 cloth $50.00s 978-1-60344-142-1 paper $22.95

“Jay Carafano has produced a wide-ranging yet deeply analytical survey of the revolutionary impact on national security that flows from our new Internet age. From cybersafety to information warfare to political revolution, our security has been transformed. . . . Carafano is neither a Pollyanna nor a Cassandra about these changes, but rather a clear-eyed scholar.”—Michael Chertoff, former US Secretary of Homeland Security

The Gods of Diyala Transfer of Command in Iraq Caleb S. Cage and Gregory M. Tomlin 978-1-60344-038-7 cloth $29.95

Wiki at War 978-1-60344-586-3 cloth $39.95s 978-1-60344-656-3 paper $24.95 6x9. 336 pp. Index. Military History. Iraq War. February

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An old, forgotten wreck . . . An archaeologist’s curiosity . . . A forgotten story of an ambitious inventor and the tragic consequences of his pursuits . . .

Misadventures of a Civil War Submarine Iron, Guns, and Pearls James P. Delgado In 2001, while vacationing on Panama’s Pacific coast, maritime archaeologist James P. Delgado came upon the hulk of a mysterious iron vessel, revealed by the ebbing tides in a small cove at Isla San Telmo. Local inquiries proved inconclusive: the wreck was described as everything from a sunken Japanese “suicide” submarine from World War II to a poisonladen “craft of death” that was responsible for the ruin of the pearl beds, decades before. His professional interest fully aroused, Delgado would go on to learn that the wreck was the remains of one of the first successful deep-diving submersibles, built in 1864 by Julius H. Kroehl, an innovator and entrepreneur who initially sought to develop his invention for military use during the Civil War. The craft’s completion coming too late for that conflict, Kroehl subsequently convinced investors that it could be used to harvest pearls from the Pacific beds off Panama, in waters too deep for native pearl divers to reach. In Misadventures of a Civil War Submarine, Delgado chronicles the confluence of technological advancement, entrepreneurial aspiration, American capitalist ambition, and ignorance of the physiological effects of deep diving. As he details the layers of knowledge uncovered by his work both in archival sources and in the field excavation of Kroehl’s ill-fated vessel, Delgado weaves the tangled threads of history into a compelling narrative. This finely crafted saga will fascinate and inform professional archaeologists and researchers, naval historians, students and aficionados of maritime exploration, and interested general readers. Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series

RELATED INTEREST JAMES P. DELGADO, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club, is director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Maritime Heritage Program. The author or editor of more than thirty books on maritime archaeology, he lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Civil War Adventures of a Blockade Runner William Watson 978-1-58544-152-5 paper $17.95

The Sea of Galilee Boat Shelley Wachsmann 978-1-60344-113-1 paper $23.00

Ships from the Depths Deepwater Archaeology Fredrik Søreide 978-1-60344-218-3 hardcover $45.00

Misadventures of a Civil War Submarine 978-1-60344-472-9 cloth $34.95 6x9. 288 pp. 64 b&w photos. 3 maps. Bib. Index. Nautical Archaeology. Military History. March

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Recovering a lost ship that forever changed naval warfare . . .

USS Monitor

A Historic Ship Completes Its Final Voyage John D. Broadwater On March 9, 1862, USS Monitor, prototype of a new class of armored warships, fought the Confederate ironclad CSS Virginia at Hampton Roads, Virginia, only a day after Virginia had ravaged the Union fleet blockading the James River. The events at Hampton Roads changed the world’s navies. After centuries of dominating battles at sea, wooden, sail-powered warships would be rendered obsolete. The harbinger of that change did not last long, however. Less than nine months later, the now-famous Monitor was under tow, heading south to Beaufort, North Carolina, when, in heavy seas, the vessel sank, taking sixteen of its crew with it. Monitor was considered at the time to be a total and irretrievable loss; even the location of its final resting place became a mystery. Not until 1973 was the inverted hulk located, and in 1995, partial recovery of the wreck began under the auspices of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in partnership with the US Navy. The story of the subsequent protection and management of the historic resource, and the raising of major hull components including the gun turret, add another layer of history to the Monitor’s fascinating story. Lavish illustrations (photographs, site drawings, and artifact sketches) complement this informative and highly readable account. Naval warfare buffs, amateurs and professionals involved in maritime archaeology, and Civil War aficionados will be intrigued and informed by USS Monitor: A Historic Ship Completes Its Final Voyage.

“. . . a unique, compelling, and personal account by the archaeologist who has spent more time than any other interacting with USS Monitor. This ship and its saga are first and foremost a human story.”—James P. Delgado, from the Foreword

Published with support from the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series

JOHN D. BROADWATER, of Williamsburg, Virginia, recently retired from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, where he had served as chief archaeologist. He has contributed chapters in several books and for more than a dozen years was manager of the Monitor National Marine Sanctuary, where he directed seven major expeditions to the remains of the Civil War ironclad warship.


From a Watery Grave The Discovery and Excavation of La Salle’s Shipwreck, La Belle James E. Bruseth and Toni S. Turner 978-1-58544-347-5 cloth $39.95 978-1-58544-431-1 paper $24.95

The Life and Times of the Steamboat Red Cloud or, How Merchants, Mounties, and the Missouri Transformed the West Annaliese Corbin 978-1-58544-484-7 cloth $45.00x 978-1-58544-516-5 paper $19.95

The Western River Steamboat Adam I. Kane 978-1-58544-322-2 cloth $39.95s 978-1-58544-343-7 paper $19.95

USS Monitor 978-1-60344-473-6 cloth $39.95 81/2x11. 338 pp. 189 color, 161 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Nautical Archaeology. Civil War. Navy. March

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The story of a self-taught man who pioneered the study of ancient shipwrecks . . .

The Man Who Thought like a Ship Loren C. Steffy J. Richard “Dick” Steffy stood inside the limestone hall of the Crusader castle in Cyprus and looked at the wood fragments arrayed before him. They were old beyond belief. For more than two millennia they had remained on the sea floor, eaten by worms and soaking up seawater until they had the consistency of wet cardboard. There were some 6,000 pieces in all, and Steffy’s job was to put them all back together in their original shape, like some massive, ancient jigsaw puzzle. He had volunteered for the job even though he had no qualifications for it. For twenty-five years he’d been an electrician in a small, land-locked town in Pennsylvania. He held no advanced degrees—his understanding of ships was entirely self-taught. Yet he would find himself half a world away from his home town, planning to reassemble a ship that last sailed during the reign of Alexander the Great, and he planned to do it using mathematical formulas and modeling techniques that he’d developed in his basement as a hobby. The first person ever to reconstruct an ancient ship from its sunken fragments, Steffy said ships spoke to him. Steffy joined a team, including friend and fellow scholar George Bass, that laid a foundation for the field of nautical archaeology. Eventually moving to Texas A&M University, his lack of the usual academic credentials caused him to be initially viewed with skepticism by the university’s administration. However, his impressive record of publications and his skilled teaching eventually led to his being named a full professor. During the next thirty years of study, reconstruction, and modeling of submerged wrecks, Steffy would win a prestigious MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant and would train most of the preeminent scholars in the emerging field of nautical archaeology.

New in paperback

The Porticello Shipwreck

A Mediterranean Merchant Vessel of 415–385 B.C. Cynthia Jones Eiseman and Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway The Porticello shipwreck provides information on seafaring technologies and trade practices at the turn of the fifth century B.C. Located by a Calabrese fisherman in 1969 along the coast of Italy, the ancient ship carried a cargo of mixed Greek and Punic products, had lead anchor stocks that might be of Italian or Levantine origin, and yielded amphorae from far-flung regions of the Meditteranean. The bronze statues, even in the fragmentary condition left by the wreck and modern plundering, represent superior examples of Classical Greek art. Excavated by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and its partners, the ship offers valuable information about sea trade and ship construction in the ancient world. This volume is the final report of the excavation, including detailed analyses of the ship and its contents, as well as a thorough catalog of artifacts associated with the shipwreck. The Porticello wreck documents for the Classical period aspects of anchor, sail, and hull construction. The cargo provides early evidence for maritime trade in ink and the export of Athenian lead to the Mediterranean, and the cargo of amphorae is one of the largest assemblages of a Greek and Punic amphorae from a shipwreck site. Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series

LOREN C. STEFFY is the business columnist for the Houston Chronicle. He has made numerous radio and television appearances, including CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC and the PBS Newshour. A resident of The Woodlands, Texas, Steffy is also the author of Drowning in Oil: BP and the Reckless Pursuit of Profit, published in 2010.

CYNTHIA JONES EISEMAN is retired from two careers, classical archaeology and charitable fundraising. She is currently writing a book about Society Hill, a Philadelphia neighborhood of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century houses adjacent to Independence National Historical Park, that underwent successful urban redevelopment in the post–World War II era. She has lived there since 1972. BRUNILDE SISMONDO RIDGWAY, recipient of the Gold Medal of the Archaeological Institute of America, is the Rhys Carpenter Professor Emerita of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College. The author of eighteen books and catalogues and hundreds of articles on Greek and Roman sculpture, she lives in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

The Man Who Thought like a Ship 978-1-60344-664-8 cloth $35.00 6x9. 256 pp. 55 b&w photos. Glossary. Bib. Index. Biography. Nautical Archaeology. April

The Porticello Shipwreck 978-1-60344-522-1 paper with flaps $60.00s 9x12. 138 pp. 190 photos. 52 line drawings. Bib. Index. Nautical Archaeology. March

Richard Steffy’s son Loren, an accomplished journalist, has mined family memories, archives at Texas A&M and elsewhere, his father’s papers, and interviews with former colleagues to craft not only a professional biography and adventure story of the highest caliber, but also the first history of a field that continues to harvest important new discoveries from the depths of the world’s oceans. Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series

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A storied past, a crucial mission, and challenges on the horizon . . .

Carved from Granite West Point since 1902 Lance Betros The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of America’s oldest and most revered institutions. Founded in 1802, its first and only mission is to prepare young men— and, since 1976, young women—to be leaders of character for service as commissioned officers in the United States Army. West Point’s success in accomplishing that mission has secured its reputation as the foremost leadership-development institution in the world. An Academy promotional poster says it this way: “At West Point, much of the history we teach was made by people we taught.” Carved from Granite is the story of how West Point goes about producing military leaders of character. An opening chapter on the Academy’s nineteenth-century history provides context for the topic of each subsequent chapter. As scholar and Academy graduate Lance Betros shows, West Point’s early history is interesting and colorful, but its history since then is far more relevant to the issues—and problems—that face the Academy today. Drawing from oral histories, archival sources, and his own experiences as a cadet and, later, a faculty member, Betros describes and assesses how well West Point has accomplished its mission. And, while West Point is an impressive institution in many ways, Betros does not hesitate to expose problems and challenge long-held assumptions. In a concluding chapter that is both subjective and interpretive, the author offers his prescriptions for improving the institution, focusing particularly on the areas of governance, admissions, and intercollegiate athletics. Photographs, tables, charts, and other graphics aid the clarity of the discussion and lend visual and historical interest. Carved from Granite: West Point since 1902 is the most authoritative history of the modern United States Military Academy written to date. There will be lively debate over some of the observations made in this book, but if they are followed, the author asserts that the Academy will emerge stronger and better able to accomplish its vital mission in the new century and beyond. Number 138: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

RELATED INTEREST LANCE BETROS, professor and head of the history department at the United States Military Academy at West Point, graduated from the Academy in 1977. Serving as a colonel in the United States Army, he is also the editor of the Academy’s bicentennial publication, West Point: Two Centuries and Beyond, published in 2004.

Blue & Gold and Black Racial Integration of the U.S. Naval Academy Robert J. Schneller Jr. 978-1-60344-000-4 cloth $45.00s

Texas Aggies Go to War In Service of Their Country Henry C. Dethloff 978-1-58544-470-0 cloth $40.00 978-1-60344-077-6 paper $29.95 978-1-60344-191-9 DVD $15.00

Rudder From Leader to Legend Thomas M. Hatfield 978-1-60344-262-6 cloth $30.00 978-1-60344-263-3 limited edition $150.00x

Carved from Granite 978-1-60344-771-3 cloth $40.00 6x9. 544 pp. 26 b&w photos. 49 charts. Bib. Index. Army. Education History. Military History. May

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In World War I, thousands of US soldiers paid with their lives for their leaders’ lack of training.

The School of Hard Knocks

Combat Leadership in the American Expeditionary Forces

New in paperback

With a Black Platoon in Combat A Year in Korea Lyle Rishell

Richard S. Faulkner

This important new history of the development of a leadership corps of officers during World War I opens with a gripping narrative of the battlefield heroism of Cpl. Alvin York, juxtaposed with the death of Pvt. Charles Clement less than two kilometers away. Clement had been a captain and an example of what a good officer should be in the years just before the beginning of the war. His subsequent failure as an officer and his redemption through death in combat embody the question that lies at the heart of this comprehensive and exhaustively researched book: What were the faults of US military policy regarding the training of officers during the Great War? In The School of Hard Knocks, Richard S. Faulkner carefully considers the selection and training process for officers during the years prior to and throughout the First World War. He then moves into the replacement of those officers due to attrition, ultimately discussing the relationship between the leadership corps and the men they commanded. Replete with primary documentary evidence including reports by the War Department during and subsequent to the war, letters from the officers detailing their concerns with the training methods, and communiqués from the leaders of the training facilities to the civilian leadership, The School of Hard Knocks makes a compelling case while presenting a clear, highly readable, no-nonsense account of the shortfalls in officer training that contributed to the high death toll suffered by the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I. Number Twelve: C. A. Brannen Series RICHARD S. (SHAWN) FAULKNER retired from the US Army with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He is an associate professor of military history at the United States Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The School of Hard Knocks 978-1-60344-297-8 cloth $65.00s 6x9. 416 pp. 13 b&w photos. 4 line art. Map. 9 tables. App. Bib. Index. World War I. April

The first year of the Korean Conflict was a dark and humiliating period for many of the troops who fought there. Lyle Rishell tells the dramatic, often frustrating, sometimes heroic story of the black platoon of the Able Company (24th Infantry Regiment) he led in that first, fateful year of war. “Rishell has written an account of his men—who fought not only the enemy but racial prejudice in their own army—that is straightforward and dramatic. This is a distinguished addition to Korean War literature and a belated but deserved tribute to the fortitude of black fighting men.”— Military History “What [Rishell] concentrates on—with the elegant simplicity of a man who knows the value of life for having risked his own—is the life-anddeath struggle of young men at war. It’s a story that’s been told a hundred times before, but never like this. He is, of course, conscious of the racial facts of life, but he is not self-conscious of them. Read this book for its balance, for its simplicity, for its sincerity.”—Friday Review of Defense Literature “As a tutorial—and I strongly recommend it to all young combat lieutenants—Rishell’s book is loaded with tidbits about leadership and survival in combat. . . an excellent portrayal of life at the front lines in what Clay Blair called ‘the forgotten war.’ Lyle Rishell’s account is easy reading and, if followed by some young lieutenant in some future war, might mean the difference between victory or defeat in some small action on some far-off, mountainous battlefield. It’s worth an evening away from the television.”—Parameters Number Twenty-nine: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series LYLE RISHELL served as an officer with the 24th Infantry Regiment for eleven months during the Korean War. Among his decorations and awards are the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action and two Purple Hearts for wounds received during combat. He held the Legion of Merit and the Parachutist and Combat Infantryman’s badges. With a Black Platoon in Combat 978-1-60344-740-9 paper $21.95 51/2x81/2. 192 pp. 24 b&w photos. Korean War. African American Studies. Army. Memoir. February

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A searingly honest look at day-to-day life in an army evacuation hospital during World War II . . .

The Chaplain’s Conflict

Good and Evil in a War Hospital, 1943–1945 Tennant McWilliams As chaplain for the US Army’s 102nd Evacuation Hospital in the European Theater, Renwick C. Kennedy—“Ren” to those who knew him—witnessed great courage, extreme talent, and many lives snatched from the precipice of death, all under the most trying conditions. He also observed drug and alcohol abuse, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and chronic depression. What he saw, he chronicled in his journal, and what he wrote, he processed with an intellectual and ethical rigor born of his remarkably sophisticated worldview and his deeply held Christian faith. With Kennedy’s war diaries and postwar articles published in Christian Century and Time magazines in front of him, historian Tennant McWilliams spent a year retracing every step, every turn, every location of the 102nd in wartime France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, compiling rich detail on this episode in Kennedy’s life. McWilliams’s interviews with citizens of France and Luxembourg who recall the 102nd further revealed local people’s reactions to the army hospital that illuminated both Kennedy’s severe criticism and his enduring praise for evac life. The result is a candid view of what went on in the World War II evac hospitals. With a nuanced and gritty style, The Chaplain’s Conflict shatters the self-interested and sometimes sentimental images of evacs held by some among the medical community. This complex and compelling observation of doctors practicing war-zone medicine in World War II will hold great appeal for readers of military and medical history, as well as those interested in the socio-cultural, ethical, and religious implications of war and military service.

Retired from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he was professor of history and dean, TENNANT McWILLIAMS currently serves as visiting professor of history at Samford University in Birmingham. His other books include The New South Faces the World: Foreign Affairs and the Southern Sense of Self, 1877–1950.

Number 137: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series


Long Walk Through War A Combat Doctor’s Diary Klaus H. Huebner 978-1-58544-023-8 paper $19.95s

Women Doctors in War Judith Bellafaire and Mercedes Herrera Graf 978-1-60344-146-9 cloth $35.00

Hospital at War The 95th Evacuation Hospital in World War II Zachary Friedenberg 978-1-58544-379-6 cloth $32.50

The Chaplain’s Conflict 978-1-60344-470-5 cloth $35.00s 6x9. 144 pp. 24 b&w photos. Map. Bib. Index. World War II. Biography. Medical Humanities. April

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New in paperback

New in paperback

Wreaking Havoc

December 8, 1941

A Year in an A-20

Joseph W. Rutter

“Life,” writes Joseph Rutter, “was all fun and games with very expensive toys during those bright June days in 1944.” Rutter was a pilot in the Army Air Force, and the expensive toys were airplanes—A-20s. He had just completed replacement crew training at Charlotte, North Carolina, and shortly thereafter he was flying with the 312th Bomb Group from Hollandia, New Guinea, over Japanese targets and across “unexplored” areas, and life became more serious. Wreaking Havoc: A Year in an A-20 tells the story of Rutter and his friends at a time when the horrors of war were matched by the energy and enthusiasm of youth. In the same innocent and understated tones, Rutter relates hijinks and daredevilry, his training stateside, his first mission, large-scale raids on the Philippines and Formosa, routine low-level attacks on Japanese positions, crashes, mishaps, and the deaths of friends. With a wonderful eye for detail, Rutter gives the reader a glimpse into not only the air war in the Pacific but also the culture of the 1940s and the minds of the young men who found themselves far from home on the front lines. From the pages of his memoir, Rutter speaks to those interested in aviation, World War II, and the coming of age of a young man. Number Ninety-one: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series Joseph W. Rutter served with the 312th Bomb Group in the Southwest Pacific and completed sixty-three missions over New Guinea and the Philippines. He is a graduate of Marietta College and after a career in the insurance industry retired to Marietta, Ohio.

Wreaking Havoc 978-1-60344-737-9 paper $24.95 6x9. 280 pp. 33 b&w photos. 4 maps. Aviation. Military History. World War II. Memoir. January

MacArthur’s Pearl Harbor William H. Bartsch

“By interweaving multiple threads—the stories of individual airmen, the war in the air, the view from opposing HQs, and the political-strategic imperatives that propelled decision-making at the highest levels—Bartsch has produced the finest account yet written of the initial Philippines disaster and its making. The author has a flair for bringing to life the men—in this case, Japanese as well as Americans—who fought the battle over sixty years ago, showing them as fully rounded human beings rather than mere cardboard counters on a two-dimensional map.”—Stone & Stone Second World War Books “In a dramatic, almost minute-by-minute account, he follows the specific actions of people on both sides, in the air and on the ground. Most of this material has not appeared in print before, and the difficulties and intensity of combat emerge far more clearly than in any previous account.” —Journal of American History “In immensely detailed, well paced, and balanced narrative, Bartsch describes the attacks on the air bases, preceded by the belated, hurried US buildup of air power in the islands after July 1941, and enemy preparations for their ‘other Pearl Harbor.’ Bartsch has done an astounding job on what is sure to become the definitive work on one of the darkest days in American history.”—WWII History Number Eighty-seven: Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series WILLIAM H. BARTSCH is the author of two other books published by Texas A&M University Press: Doomed at the Start: American Pursuit Pilots in the Pacific, 1941–1942 (1992), and Every Day a Nightmare: American Pursuit Pilots in the Defense of Java, 1941–1942 (2010). Bartsch, a former United Nations development economist and independent consultant now exclusively researching and writing on the Pacific War, lives in Reston, Virginia.

December 8, 1941 978-1-60344-741-6 paper $36.95 6x9. 568 pp. 44 b&w photos. Military History. Army Air Corps. World War II. February

The Folly of Jim Crow

Texans and War

New Interpretations of the State’s Military History

Rethinking the Segregated South

Edited by Alexander Mendoza and Charles David Grear

Edited by Stephanie Cole and Natalie J. Ring

Although the origins, application, and socio-historical implications of the Jim Crow system have been studied and debated for at least the last threequarters of a century, nuanced understanding of this complex cultural construct is still evolving, according to Stephanie Cole and Natalie J. Ring, coeditors of The Folly of Jim Crow: Rethinking the Segregated South. Indeed, they suggest, scholars may profit from a careful examination of previous assumptions and conclusions along the lines suggested by the studies in this important new collection. Based on the March 2008 Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures at the University of Texas at Arlington, this forty-third volume in the prestigious series undertakes a close review of both the history and the historiography of the Jim Crow South. The studies in this collection incorporate important perspectives that have developed during the past two decades among scholars interested in gender and politics, the culture of resistance, and “the hegemonic function of ‘whiteness.’” By asking fresh questions and critically examining long-held beliefs, the new studies contained in The Folly of Jim Crow will reinforce the notion that the career of Jim Crow was indeed strange. Further, as these studies demonstrate, it is folly to attempt to locate the genesis of the South’s institutional racial segregation in any single event, era, or policy. “Instead,” as W. Fitzhugh Brundage notes in his introduction to the volume, “formal segregation evolved through an untidy process of experimentation and adaptation.” Number Forty-three: Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures, published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press STEPHANIE COLE is an associate professor of history at the University of Texas at Arlington. NATALIE J. RING is an assistant professor of history at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Folly of Jim Crow 978-1-60344-582-5 cloth $30.00s 6x9. 256 pp. 8 b&w photos. Index. African American Studies. American History. Southern History. April

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Beginning with tribal wars among Native Americans before Europeans settled Texas and continuing through the Civil War, the soil of what would become the Lone Star State has frequently been stained by the blood of those contesting for control of its resources. In subsequent years and continuing to the present, its citizens have often taken up arms beyond its borders in pursuit of political values and national defense. Although historians have studied the role of the state and its people in war for well over a century, a wealth of topics remain that deserve greater attention: Tejanos in World War II, the common Texas soldier’s interaction with foreign enemies, the perception of Texas warriors throughout the world, the role of religion among Texans who fight or contemplate fighting, controversial paramilitary groups in Texas, and the role and effects of Texans’ ethnicity, culture, and gender during wartime, to name a few. In Texans and War, fourteen scholars provide new studies, perspectives, and historiographies to extend the understanding of this important field. One of the largest collections of original scholarship on this topic to date, Texans and War will stimulate useful conversation and research among historians, students, and interested general readers. In addition, the breadth and originality of its contributions provide a solid overview of emerging perspectives on the military history and historiography of Texas and the region. Number 116: Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University ALEXANDER MENDOZA, the author of Confederate Struggle for Command: General James Longstreet and the First Corps in the West (Texas A&M University Press, 2008), teaches at the University of North Texas. CHARLES DAVID GREAR is an assistant professor of history at Prairie View A&M University. He is the author of Why Texans Fought in the Civil War (Texas A&M University Press, 2010). Texans and War 978-1-60344-583-2 cloth $55.00s 978-1-60344-695-2 paper $35.00s 6x9. 384 pp. 29 b&w photos. 5 line drawings. 5 maps. 13 charts. Index. Texas Military History. Texas History. March

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An unspeakable tragedy, a long silence, and a healing . . .

My Boys and Girls Are in There The 1937 New London School Explosion Ron Rozelle On March 18, 1937, a spark ignited a vast pool of natural gas that had collected beneath the school building in New London, a tiny community in East Texas. The resulting explosion leveled the four-year-old structure and resulted in a death toll of more than three hundred—most of them children. To this day, it is the worst school disaster in the history of the United States. The tragedy and its aftermath were the first big stories covered by Walter Cronkite, then a young wire service reporter stationed in Dallas. He would later say that no war story he ever covered—during World War II or Vietnam—was as heartwrenching. In the weeks following the tragedy, a fact-finding committee sought to determine who was to blame. It soon became apparent that the New London school district had, along with almost all local businesses and residents, tapped into pipelines carrying unrefined gas from the plentiful oil fields of the area. It was technically illegal, but natural gas was in abundance in the “Oil Patch.” The jerry-rigged conduits leaked the odorless “green” gas that would destroy the school. A long-term effect of the disaster was the shared guilt experienced—for the rest of their lives—by most of the survivors. There is, perhaps, no better example than Bill Thompson, who was in his fifth grade English class and “in the mood to flirt” with Billie Sue Hall, who was sitting two seats away. Thompson asked another girl to trade seats with him. She agreed—and was killed in the explosion, while Thompson and Hall both survived and lived long lives, never quite coming to terms with their good fortune. My Boys and Girls Are in There: The 1937 New London School Explosion is a meticulous, candid account by veteran educator and experienced author Ron Rozelle. Unfolding with the narrative pace of a novel, the story woven by Rozelle combines the anguished words of eyewitnesses with telling details from the historical and legal record. Released to coincide with the seventy-fifth anniversary of the New London School disaster, My Boys and Girls Are in There paints an intensely human portrait of this horrific event.

The author of seven previous books, RON ROZELLE is a member of the Texas Institute of Letters. He lives in Lake Jackson.


A Weekend in September John Edward Weems 978-0-89096-390-6 paper $13.95

The Tornado John Edward Weems 978-0-89096-460-6 paper $11.95

“If there are ghosts there, in the town or the school or the woods, they are quiet about it. And decidedly not malicious . . . most would concur that they wouldn’t be of the lost soul variety. For most of them died within a short walk of where they had been born, and . . . few had ventured very far. So, if they are there, they are most certainly not lost. They’re home.”—Ron Rozelle, from the Prologue

Through a Night of Horrors Voices from the 1900 Galveston Storm Edited by Casey Edward Greene and Shelly H. Kelly 978-1-58544-228-7 paper $17.95

My Boys and Girls Are in There 978-1-60344-761-4 cloth $24.95 6x9. 144 pp. 18 b&w photos. Appendix. Index. Disasters. Texas History. March

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“If it were a perfect world, Townes Van Zandt would be as well known as Bob Dylan.”—Ray Wylie Hubbard

I’ll Be Here in the Morning

The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt Brian T. Atkinson Forewords by “Cowboy” Jack Clements and Harold F. Eggers Jr. The writer of such influential songs as “Pancho and Lefty,” “To Live’s to Fly,” “If I Needed You,” and “For the Sake of the Song,” Townes Van Zandt exerted an influence on at least two generations of Texas musicians that belies his relatively brief, deeply troubled life. Indeed, Van Zandt has influenced millions worldwide in the years since his death, and his impact is growing rapidly. Respected singer/songwriter John Gorka speaks for many when he says, “‘Pancho and Lefty’ changed—it unchained—my idea of what a song could be.” In this tightly woven, intelligently written book, Brian T. Atkinson interviews both wellknown musicians and up-and-coming artists to reveal, in the performers’ own words, how their creative careers have been shaped by the life and work of Townes Van Zandt. Kris Kristofferson, Guy Clark, Billy Joe Shaver, Rodney Crowell, Lucinda Williams, and Lyle Lovett are just a few of the established musicians who share their impressions of the breathtakingly beautiful tunes and lyrics he created, along with their humorous, poignant, painful, and indelible memories of witnessing Van Zandt’s rise and fall. Atkinson balances the reminiscences of seasoned veterans with the observations of relative newcomers to the international music scene, such as Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Josh Ritter, and Scott Avett (the Avett Brothers), presenting a nuanced view of Van Zandt’s singular body of work, his reckless lifestyle, and his long-lasting influence. Forewords by “Cowboy” Jack Clement and longtime Van Zandt manager and friend Harold F. Eggers Jr. open the book, and each chapter begins with an introduction in which Atkinson provides context and background, linking each interviewee to Van Zandt’s legacy. Historians, students, and fans of all music from country and folk to rock and grunge will find new insights and recall familiar pleasures as they read I’ll Be Here in the Morning: The Songwriting Legacy of Townes Van Zandt. John and Robin Dickson Series in Texas Music, sponsored by the Center for Texas Music History, Texas State University


“Townes Van Zandt was an amazing songwriter, so sharp and sophisticated. He could say really hard things in a very simple way that made you feel connected to him. That’s why there are a lot of comparisons to my grandfather.”—Hank Williams III “. . . celebrates the sporadically brilliant, artful song maker and intellect Van Zandt was at his best, and avoids further romanticizing the driven, sadly self-destructive man lurking behind the songs.”—Barry Mazor, journalist and author, Meeting Jimmie Rodgers BRIAN T. ATKINSON writes frequently for the Austin American-Statesman and has contributed to American Songwriter, No Depression, Maverick Country, Relix, Paste, Texas Music, and Lone Star Music magazines, among others. He lives in Austin.

Texas Blues The Rise of a Contemporary Sound Alan B. Govenar 978-1-58544-605-6 cloth $40.00

The History of Texas Music Gary Hartman 978-1-60344-002-8 paper $19.95

The Roots of Texas Music Edited by Lawrence Clayton and Joe W. Specht 978-1-58544-492-2 paper $22.50

I’ll Be Here in the Morning 978-1-60344-526-9 cloth $24.95 6x9. 272 pp. 58 b&w photos. Discography. Index. Biography. Music. Texana. January

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Showcasing the historic trees of Texas . . .

Living Witness

Historic Trees of Texas Ralph Yznaga Foreword by Damon Waitt In a beautiful tribute to the natural heritage of the Lone Star State, photographer Ralph Yznaga celebrates the strong connections between Texans and their trees. Inspired by the old Texas Forest Service book, Famous Trees of Texas, Yznaga has captured the continuing attachment we have to these magnificent reminders of our culture and history. Stunning images, stories, a detailed map, and driving directions to thirty-seven famous (and infamous) trees will help readers appreciate how entwined these trees are with the history of our state and its people. Included in the book are:

The Treaty Oak, memorialized in Texas lore as a meeting place for Native Americans and also as the site of Stephen F. Austin’s first boundary treaty with local Indians; The Burnt Oak, standing witness to the dramatic events leading up to the Battle of the Alamo, one of the largest known specimens of Quercus virginiana var. fusiformis; The Sam Houston Kissing Oak, said to occupy the location of a Houston campaign speech near San Marcos, where the “Old Hero” kissed local young women who presented him with a flag; The great Goose Island Tree, believed to be more than a thousand years old; and many others. The photographs in Living Witness: Historic Trees of Texas premiered at the groundbreaking of the Mollie Steves Zachry Texas Arboretum at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Set to open in 2012, the centennial of Lady Bird Johnson’s birth, the arboretum will feature descendents of historic trees in the Hall of Texas Heroes.

“Trees are not something that make the news every night in Texas—or anywhere else. But perhaps they should, as they are so vitally important to our health, our culture, and our future. In Living Witness: Historic Trees of Texas, Ralph Yznaga’s labor of love stands as a fitting testimony to the majestic and essential role that trees have played, and will always play in Texas. I am not exactly a ‘tree-hugger’, but as a fisherman who loves nature, and as an anchorman who loves a good story, I highly recommend this book.”—Dan Rather, HDNET, and former anchor, CBS News


RALPH YZNAGA is an advertising and public relations professional in Austin, where he has created marketing campaigns for Zales, Marshalls, Hallmark, Lennox, AT&T, World Market, Southwest Airlines, United States Olympic Committee, and others.

Trees of Texas An Easy Guide to Leaf Identification Carmine Stahl and Ria McElvaney 978-1-60344-515-3 paper $24.95

History Ahead Stories beyond the Texas Roadside Markers Dan K. Utley and Cynthia J. Beeman 978-1-60344-151-3 flexbound $23.00

Exploring the Edges of Texas Walt and Isabel Davis 978-1-60344-153-7 cloth $24.95

Living Witness 978-1-60344-576-4 flexbound $29.95 91/2x10. 160 pp. 118 color photos. Map. Index. Plants/Botany. Photography. Nature Travel. Texas History. April

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“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.”—Heraclitus, 535–475 BCE

River of Contrasts The Texas Colorado

Margie Crisp Foreword by Andrew Sansom Writer and artist Margie Crisp has traveled the length of Texas’ Colorado River, which rises in Dawson County, south of Lubbock, and flows 860 miles southeast across the state to its mouth on the Gulf of Mexico at Matagorda Bay. Echoing the truth of Heraclitus’s ancient dictum, the river’s character changes dramatically from its dusty headwaters on the High Plains to its meandering presence on the coastal prairie. The Colorado is the longest river with both its source and its mouth in Texas, and its water, from beginning to end, provides for the state’s agricultural, municipal, and recreational needs. As Crisp notes, the Colorado River is perhaps most frequently associated with its middle reaches in the Hill Country, where it has been dammed to create the six reservoirs known as the Highland Lakes. Following Crisp as she explores the river, sometimes with her fisherman husband, readers meet the river’s denizens—animal, plant, and human—and learn something about the natural history, the politics, and those who influence the fate of the river and the water it carries. Those who live intimately with the natural landscape inevitably formulate emotional responses to their surroundings, and the people living on or near the Colorado River are no exception. Crisp’s own loving tribute to the river and its inhabitants is enhanced by the exquisite art she has created for this book. Her photographs and maps round out the useful and beautiful accompaniments to this thoughtful portrait of one of Texas’ most beloved rivers. River Books, sponsored by The River Systems Institute at Texas State University

RELATED INTEREST MARGIE CRISP, who lives and works near Elgin, Texas, is a writer and artist whose lithographs, hand-colored linocuts, drawings, and paintings are in private and public collections throughout Texas, the United States, and Mexico. She is a former writer in residence at the Thinking Like a Mountain Foundation in Fort Davis, Texas.

Exploring the Brazos River From Beginning to End Jim Kimmel 978-1-60344-432-3 flexbound $24.95

Paddling the Guadalupe Wayne H. McAlister 978-1-60344-021-9 paper $24.95

The San Marcos A River’s Story Jim Kimmel 978-1-58544-542-4 paper $24.95

River of Contrasts 978-1-60344-466-8 flexbound $29.95 9x10. 256 pp. 16 color photos. 61 color illus. 8 maps. Bib. Index. Rivers. Art. Water. April

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Previously announced A comprehensive guide to the grasses of Texas . . . .

Guide to Texas Grasses Robert B. Shaw Photographs by Paul Montgomery and Robert B. Shaw In this new, complete Guide to Texas Grasses, Robert B. Shaw and the team at the Texas A&M University Institute of Renewable Natural Resources provide an indispensable reference to the world’s most economically important plant family. After discussing the impact of grass on our everyday lives as food—biofuels, land restoration, erosion control, and water become ever more urgent issues worldwide—the book then provides:

a description of the structure of the grass plant; details of the classification and distribution of Texas grasses; brief species accounts; distributional maps; color photographs; plus black-and-white drawings of 670 grass species—native, introduced, and ornamental. Scientific keys help identify the grasses to group, genera, and species, and an alphabetized checklist includes information on:

origin (native or introduced); longevity (annual or perennial); growth season (cool or warm season); endangered status; and occurrence (by ecological zone). A glossary, literature citations, and a quick index to genera round out the book. Guide to Texas Grasses is a comprehensive treatment of Texas grasses meant to assist students, botanists, ecologists, agronomists, range scientists, naturalists, researchers, extension agents, and others who work with or are interested in these important plants..

ROBERT B. SHAW, professor of ecosystem science and management at Texas A&M University, is a plant specialist and grass expert with many scientific publications to his credit. Shaw coauthored (with Frank W. Gould) the second edition of Grass Systematics (Texas A&M University Press, 1983), and is the author of Grasses of Colorado.

AgriLife Research and Extension Service Series


Grasses of the Texas Gulf Prairies and Marshes Stephan L. Hatch, Joseph L. Schuster, and D. Lynn Drawe 978-0-89096-889-5 paper $24.95s

Grasses of the Texas Hill Country A Field Guide Brian and Shirley Loflin 978-1-58544-467-0 flexbound $23.00

Rare Plants of Texas A Field Guide Jackie M. Poole, William R. Carr, Dana M. Price, and Jason R. Singhurst 978-1-58544-557-8 flexbound $35.00

guide to texas grasses 978-1-60344-186-5 flexbound (with flaps) $45.00s 7x10. 1,357 color, 34 b&w photos. 947 line drawings. 645 maps. Bib. Index. Natural History. Plants/Botany. Field Guides. April

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Partner with your garden for better food, better living, and healthier gardening.

Recipes From and For the Garden How to Use and Enjoy Your Bountiful Harvest

Judy Barrett Illustrated by Victor Z. Martin Veteran gardener Judy Barrett offers readers more than a hundred simple recipes for using, enjoying, and enhancing the bounty of their gardens. These easy recipes—some old family favorites, others created by Barrett, and still others from cooks and gardeners she admires—encourage home gardening for everyone. In her familiar and relaxed style, Barrett shows readers how to use the plentiful harvests of common vegetables (such as beans, squashes, cucumbers, and peppers), how to experiment with more exotic plants (like ginger and jujubes), and what to prepare for the freezer or pantry once the growing season has ended. From bean and tomato salsa to lemon meringue pie, the ingredients are straightforward and the instructions uncomplicated. Barrett also shares gardening tips and ideas for using what you have grown in the garden to help take care of your house, yourself, and—coming full circle—your garden itself. With suggestions for everything from making your own personal care products to a variety of ways to create natural pesticides, plant food, and compost, Barrett ends by showing how you can give back a little of what your garden gave to you. Recipes From and For the Garden will delight all who enjoy their plants, whether potted patio tomatoes or a backyard vegetable patch. Number Forty-four: W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series

JUDY BARRETT is the author of What Can I Do with My Herbs? (Texas A&M University Press, 2009) and What Makes Heirloom Vegetables So Great? (Texas A&M University Press, 2010). The former editor and publisher of the organic gardening magazine Homegrown, she blogs at and is a frequent speaker at gardening events and conferences. She lives near Austin.


What Can I Do with My Herbs? How to Grow, Use, and Enjoy These Versatile Plants Judy Barrett 978-1-60344-092-9 flexbound $19.95

What Makes Heirloom Plants So Great? Old-fashioned Treasures to Grow, Eat, and Admire Judy Barrett 978-1-60344-219-0 flexbound $19.95

Cheryl Hazeltine’s Central Texas Gardener Cheryl Hazeltine 978-1-60344-206-0 flexbound $24.95

Recipes From and For the Garden 978-1-60344-578-8 flexbound $19.95 6x81/2. 128 pp. 31 watercolors. Index. Gardening. Cooking. Gift Books. April

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The most comprehensive and up-to-date summary of Texas health and health care information available in a single source . . .

Texas Health Atlas Lawrence E. Estaville , Kristine Egan, and Abel Galaviz Forewords by Nancy Dickey and Marcos J. de Lima With almost two hundred pages of original demographic and health-related maps that display county-by-county and regional information covering everything from the distribution of pharmacies, trauma centers, and emergency rooms to the number of lung, colon, and breast cancer patients in major metropolitan areas (by ZIP code), the Texas Health Atlas provides an indispensable tool for healthcare providers and planners, risk managers, public officials and policymakers, public health workers, and university researchers and students. The authors have mined an immense array of previously scattered information and created a singular resource that provides a geographical perspective on the state’s health care system, medical services, insidious diseases, harmful behaviors, and health disparities among various segments of its population. At a time when nearly a quarter of the 25 million people who live in Texas do not have health insurance—giving Texas the highest uninsured rate of any state—and as policymakers and legislators struggle with rising costs, an aging citizenry, and the prospect of more uncertainties for the healthcare system in the years ahead, the need for quick access to accurate information is greater than ever. Texas Health Atlas provides valuable insights that can guide the decisions needed for the state’s economic wellbeing and the improved health of its citizens.

LAWRENCE E. ESTAVILLE is a professor of geography at Texas State University. He has published six books (three as author or coauthor; three as editor or coeditor), including Texas Water Atlas (with Richard A. Earl) published by Texas A&M University Press in 2008. KRISTINE EGAN is a senior GIS analyst for the City of San Antonio and a geography lecturer at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She served as production manager for Texas Water Atlas. ABEL GALAVIZ, the medical consultant for this book, is a surgeon in San Marcos.


Texas Water Atlas Lawrence E. Estaville and Richard A. Earl 978-1-60344-020-2 paper $24.95

The Polio Years in Texas Battling a Terrifying Unknown Heather Green Wooten 978-1-60344-140-7 cloth $45.00x 978-1-60344-165-0 paper $19.95

The Birth of the Texas Medical Center A Personal Account Frederick C. Elliott Edited by William Henry Kellar 978-1-58544-333-8 cloth $32.95

Texas Health Atlas 978-1-60344-579-5 flexbound $35.00s 81/2x11. 256 pp. 189 maps. 3 tables. Bib. Index. Medical Ethics and Humanities. Geography. April

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In September 2008, Hurricane Ike took almost 200 lives, caused nearly $30 billion in damages, and prompted the largest search-and-rescue operation in United States history. It could have been much worse . . .

Lessons from Hurricane Ike Edited by Philip B. Bedient If Hurricane Ike had made landfall just fifty miles down the Texas coast, the devastation and death caused by what was already one of the most destructive hurricanes in US history would have quadrupled. Ike made everyone realize just how exposed and vulnerable the Houston-Galveston area is in the face of a major storm. What is done to address this vulnerability will shape the economic, social, and environmental landscape of the region for decades to come. In Lessons from Hurricane Ike, Philip Bedient and the research team at the Severe Storm Prediction, Education, and Evacuation from Disasters (SSPEED) Center at Rice University provide an overview of some of the research being done in the Houston-Galveston region in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. The center was formed shortly after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Its research examines everything from surge and inland flooding to bridge infrastructure. Lessons from Hurricane Ike gathers the work of some of the premier researchers in the fields of hurricane prediction and impact, summarizing it in accessible language accompanied by abundant illustrations—not just graphs and charts, but dramatic photos and informative maps. Orienting readers to the history and basic meteorology of severe storms along the coast, the book then revisits the impact of Hurricane Ike and discusses what scientists and engineers are studying as they look at flooding, storm surges, communications, emergency response, evacuation planning, transportation issues, coastal resiliency, and the future sustainability of the nation’s fourth largest metropolitan area.

PHILIP B. BEDIENT is Herman Brown Professor of Engineering at Rice University, where he also directs the SSPEED Center, a multi-university–based research and education institute. Specializing in surface and groundwater hydrology and flood prediction systems, he has written more than 180 articles and is coauthor of two textbooks .


After Ike Aerial Views from the No-Fly Zone Bryan Carlile 978-1-60344-150-6 flexbound $24.95

The Formation and Future of the Upper Texas Coast A Geologist Answers Questions about Sand, Storms, and Living by the Sea John B. Anderson 978-1-58544-561-5 paper $24.95

Storm over the Bay The People of Corpus Christi and Their Port Mary Jo O’Rear 978-1-60344-088-2 cloth $24.95

Lessons from Hurricane Ike 978-1-60344-588-7 flexbound $35.00s 81/2x11. 224 pp. 60 color photos. 48 maps. 13 figs. 17 tables. Bib. Index. Coastal Texas. Gulf of Mexico. Environmental History. May

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Now in a new, updated edition

Beef, Brush, and Bobwhites

Quail Management in Cattle Country Fidel Hernández and Fred Guthery Foreword by Wyman Meinzer

In this completely revised Texas A&M University Press edition, Guthery and coauthor Fidel Hernández have breathed new life into a classic work that for more than twenty years has been teaching biologists, managers, and ranchers to “think like a quail.” Updated with the latest research on quail habitat management, predator control, and recent issues such as aflatoxin contamination, Hernández and Guthery help land stewards understand the optimum conditions for encouraging and sustaining quail populations while continuing to manage rangeland for cattle production. Written in a style that is entertaining and easy to read, this book is, in Guthery’s words, “meant to be kept on the dashboard of your pickup.” More than 150 helpful photographs and figures, along with supporting tables, accompany the text. In his foreword to this edition of Beef, Brush, and Bobwhites, respected Texas wildlife photographer Wyman Meinzer writes of how the calls of a covey of bobwhites—or the unfortunate absence of those calls—can remind us “that wildlife and habitat conservation is directly proportional to the quality of stewardship that we bestow on the land.” Praise for Beef, Brush, and Bobwhites: “I am proud of and amazed by what has been synthesized and created in the second edition of Beef, Brush, and Bobwhites. It will have a tremendous and lasting impact on the shrinking landscape of bobwhite quail in Texas and Oklahoma, two of the last strongholds for what is to me the most fascinating and important game bird in North America.”—Fred Bryant, Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute Perspectives on South Texas, sponsored by Texas A&M University–Kingsville

Now available in a Texas A&M University Press edition

Tracks along the Clear Fork

Stories from Shackelford and Throckmorton Counties Edited by Lawrence Clayton and Joan Halford Farmer

“In a state as big as Texas, the various regions differ widely in their histories and identities, which makes the cultivation of regional history essential. This collection of stories recounts the colorful past of the Clear Fork country—the land along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River in presentday Shackelford and Throckmorton counties. The editors focus first on the area’s military past—Camp Cooper, Fort Griffin, and the society they spawned. The second focus is on the pioneers—the people who made the Clear Fork country their home and helped to establish its character. “The editors have masterfully blended the words of modern writers— folks steeped in the region’s history—with those of the persons who made that history. Here, combined for the first time, are classic works by two great historians of an earlier era—Rupert N. Richardson and Carl Coke Rister—along with efforts by several noted local writers. Also included is a report from Capt. R. B. Marcy’s 1854 expedition through the then largely unexplored region as well as interviews with several Clear Fork pioneers. “This medley of voices offers a truly unique and personal perspective on the Clear Fork country and its people. It has all the elements of a classic western: soldiers, settlers, Indians, outlaws, buffalo hunters, and cowboys. This is the stuff of which, quite literally, legends were made—not to mention novels, movies, and television shows.”—Bob Green, from the Introduction The late LAWRENCE CLAYTON was dean of liberal arts at HardinSimmons University in Abilene, Texas, and wrote extensively on the life and lore of the Clear Fork region. JOAN HALFORD FARMER was a historian, archivist, and newspaper columnist in Albany, Texas.

FIDEL HERNáNDEZ is the Alfred C. Glassell Jr., Endowed Professor for Quail Research at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute in Kingsville, Texas. FRED S. GUTHERY, also the author of On Bobwhites (Texas A&M University Press, 2006) and A Primer on Natural Resource Science (Texas A&M University Press, 2008), holds the Bollenbach Chair in Wildlife Ecology at Oklahoma State University. Beef, Brush, and Bobwhites 978-1-60344-475-0 flexbound $24.95 6x9. 286 pp. 172 color photos. 6 line art. 2 maps. 14 figs. Index. Wildlife. Range Management. March

Tracks along the Clear Fork 978-1-60344-785-0 cloth $46.00s 978-1-60344-784-3 paper $24.95 6x9. 370 pp. 43 b&w photos. Line art. Notes. Index. March

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Let’s rodeo!

Rodeo Austin

Blue Ribbons, Buckin’ Broncs & Big Dreams Liz Carmack Foreword by Bucky Lamb Who would have dreamed that a one-day calf show would evolve into a top-five professional rodeo that raises millions of dollars for education? From its beginnings as a tiny 4-H event to its current role as one of Austin’s largest charities, the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo has grown in both size and purpose in the past seventy-five years. Here, Liz Carmack tells the story of Rodeo Austin, a nonprofit enterprise whose face reflects its agricultural heritage but whose scholarship program is at the heart of its mission. Since 1981, when organizers became fully committed to providing college scholarships, millions of dollars have been raised through an annual fundraising effort including a sporting clay tournament, golf tournament, wine tasting and gala. The year culminates in March with the organization’s signature event known as Rodeo Austin — sixteen days of non-stop events, including a livestock show, fair, rodeo, and concerts. Over the years, dedication and hard work, an ever expanding cast of participants and volunteers, many benefactors, and changes in name and venue have served the organization well. In 2011, the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo welcomed more than 300,000 attendees and awarded $442,000 in college scholarships plus more than $1.5 million in additional funds to Texas youth. Fans of rodeo everywhere, and especially anyone who has attended Rodeo Austin— “Where Weird Meets Western”—will come away from Rodeo Austin: Blue Ribbons, Buckin’ Broncs & Big Dreams with a new appreciation of the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo and its dual mission of promoting youth education and preserving Western heritage.

“For seventy-five years, Rodeo Austin has been crowning Champions inside livestock and rodeo arenas. Rodeo Austin: Blue Ribbons, Buckin’ Broncs & Big Dreams tells the story . . . the story of volunteers, cowboys, cowgirls, and scholars . . . who share one common trait . . . they were, or are, all RELENTLESS!”—Trevor Brazile, eight-time World Champion All-Around Cowboy

RELATED INTEREST Writer LIZ CARMACK, of Austin, is the author of Historic Hotels of Texas (Texas A&M University Press, 2007). She runs Liz Carmack Communications (

Cowboy Spurs and Their Makers Jane Pattie 978-1-60344-521-4 paper $29.95

American Rodeo From Buffalo Bill to Big Business Kristine Fredriksson 978-0-89096-565-8 paper $16.95

College Rodeo From Show to Sport Sylvia Gann Mahoney 978-1-58544-331-4 cloth $29.95

Rodeo Austin 978-1-60344-568-9 hardcover $29.95 81/2x10. 128 pp. 78 color, 35 b&w photos. Index. Texas Cowboys/Cowgirls. Agricultural History. Sports. March

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“An extraordinary, personal view of a world-famous Texas ranching dynasty . . . ”

Letters to Alice

Birth of the Kleberg-King Ranch Dynasty Edited and Annotated by Jane Clements Monday and Frances Brannen Vick Foreword by Thomas H. Kreneck In the summer of 1881, Robert Justus Kleberg rode across the hot, dusty South Texas brush country to the palatial home of Capt. Richard King to consult with the cattle baron about attending to his legal affairs. On that same journey, the young lawyer also first laid eyes on Alice King, “Princess of the Wild Horse Desert.” Neither of their lives would ever be the same. Published for the first time in this book, the love letters written by Kleberg to Alice Gertrudis King provide a glimpse of the lives of two of the most influential people in Texas history. Editors Jane Clements Monday and Frances Brannen Vick have also provided generous documentation and annotation of these important primary documents from the Special Collections at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi, affording historians and interested readers an insider’s view of one of the world’s greatest ranching empires as it transitioned from its founders to the next generation. Letters to Alice: Birth of the Kleberg-King-Ranch Dynasty represents the only existing collection of letters between any of the great Texas cattle barons and their wives. Although a great deal is already known about the ranch and its development, Monday and Vick present for the first time Robert Justus Kleberg’s personal perspective on his first meeting with Alice King, their early courtship, the difficulties obtaining her parents’ permission to marry, and the poignant time surrounding Captain King’s death. Number Twenty-two: Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi JANE CLEMENTS MONDAY and FRANCES BRANNEN VICK are the coauthors of the award-winning Petra’s Legacy: The South Texas Ranching Empire of Petra Vela and Mifflin Kenedy, published by Texas A&M University Press in 2007. Monday, who resides in Huntsville, Texas, has served as chair of the Texas State University System Board of Regents and serves on the board of the Texas State Historical Association. Vick, cofounder of the University of North Texas Press, has served as president of the Texas Institute of Letters and the Texas State Historical Association and is a Fellow of the Texas Folklore Society. She lives in Dallas.


Petra’s Legacy The South Texas Ranching Empire of Petra Vela and Mifflin Kenedy Jane Clements Monday and Frances Brannen Vick 978-1-58544-614-8 cloth $35.00

John B. Armstrong, Texas Ranger and Pioneer Ranchman Chuck Parsons 978-1-58544-553-0 cloth $20.00

Life on the King Ranch Frank Goodwyn 978-0-89096-569-6 paper $15.95

Letters to Alice 978-1-60344-471-2 cloth $29.95 6x9. 192 pp. 24 b&w photos. Line drawing. Bib. Index. Biography. Borderlands Studies. Texas History. April

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A new edition of a classic work, now available from Texas A&M University Press . . .

Now available from Texas A&M University Press in an expanded and enhanced edition . . .

Del Pueblo

William Marsh Rice and His Institute

A History of Houston’s Hispanic Community

The Centennial Edition

Thomas H. Kreneck

Though relatively small in number until the latter decades of the nineteenth century, Houston’s Hispanic population possesses a rich and varied history that has previously not been readily associated in the popular imagination with Houston. However, in 1989, the first edition of Thomas H. Kreneck’s Del Pueblo vividly captured the depth and breadth of Houston’s Hispanic people, illustrating both the obstacles and the triumphs that characterized this vital community’s rise to prominence during the twentieth century. This new, revised edition of Del Pueblo: A History of Houston’s Hispanic Community updates that vibrant history, incorporating research on trends and changes through the beginning of the new millennium. Especially important in this new edition are Kreneck’s historical contextualization of the 1980s as the “Decade of the Hispanic” and his documentation of other significant developments taking place since the publication of the original edition. Illustrated with seventy-five photographs of significant people, places, and events, this new edition of Del Pueblo: A History of Houston’s Hispanic Community updates the unfolding story of one of the nation’s most influential and dynamic ethnic groups. Students and scholars of Mexican American and Hispanic issues and culture, as well as general readers interested in this important aspect of Houston and regional history, will not want to be without this important book. Number Twenty-one: Gulf Coast Books, sponsored by Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi

Edited by Randal L. Hall First Edition by Sylvia Stallings Morris From the Papers and Research Notes of Andrew Forest Muir Foreword by Katherine Fischer Drew

In 1891 William Marsh Rice made a generous bequest in order to found the distinguished Houston institution that bears his name. Ironically, this very bequest helped to bring about his murder, an act of treachery perpetrated by a conniving attorney and Rice’s naïve, malleable manservant. This captivating tale—full of intrigue, legal twists and turns, and sensational revelations—an important part of the full biography of Rice himself, received its first careful historical investigation by Andrew Forest Muir, a longtime professor of history at Rice University who, beginning in 1957, performed the fundamental research that forms the basis for this biography. At the time of Muir’s death in 1969, the work remained incomplete. Subsequently, at the request of the Rice Historical Society, Sylvia Stallings Morris shaped the fruits of Muir’s labor into the first edition of this book, which was published in 1972. The new edition of William Marsh Rice and His Institute, edited by Randal L. Hall, returns this fine biography to print in connection with the celebration of the centennial of the opening of Rice University. Incorporating new and important sources unearthed since the publication of the original book, this revised edition retains all the flavor and meticulous care of the earlier work, especially the “finely crafted storytelling of Sylvia Stallings Morris Lowe and Andrew Forest Muir,” as characterized by Hall.

THOMAS H. KRENECK is associate director for special collections and archives at the Mary and Jeff Bell Library and the Joe B. Frantz Lecturer in Public History at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. He is also the author of Mexican American Odyssey: Felix Tijerina, Entrepreneur and Civic Leader, 1905–1965, published by Texas A&M University Press.

Rice University students, faculty, staff, and alumni; scholars and students of Houston, Texas, and regional history; and those interested in the history of American higher education will all welcomeWilliam Marsh Rice and His Institute: The Centennial Edition.

Del Pueblo 978-1-60344-692-1 cloth $30.00 6x9. 192 pp. 73 b&w photos. 2 maps. Appendix. Bib. Index. Mexican American Studies. Ethnic Studies. March

William Marsh Rice and His Institute 978-1-60344-663-1 cloth $25.00 6x9. 192 pp. 19 b&w photos. Index. Biography. Texas History. Education History. March

RANDAL L. HALL, adjunct associate professor of history at Rice University, serves as managing editor of the Journal of Southern History.

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The Clinton Presidency and the Constitutional System Edited by Rosanna Perotti Presidential scholars, former and current policymakers, and a former president bring varied insights and analyses to consider the impact, influence, and legacy of the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, the “‘New Democrat’ from Hope, Arkansas.” In the eight years between 1993 and 2001, the Clinton White House presided over a booming economy that included a budget surplus in Clinton’s second term, oversaw the most significant welfare reform since the New Deal, and wrestled with the challenge of developing a foreign-policy vision for the post–Cold War era. Structurally, the Clinton presidency expanded the office and responsibilities of the First Lady and the Vice President to an unprecedented degree, prevailed in a budget battle with Congress that included two government shutdowns, briefly employed a line-item veto until the Supreme Court declared that power unconstitutional, and endured the second impeachment of the chief executive in American history. The evolution and consequences of the increased power held by modern presidents became sharply evident during the Clinton years. In The Clinton Presidency and the Constitutional System, based on the Eleventh Presidential Conference at Hofstra University, readers are afforded a unique combination of scholarly analysis and the perspectives of former administration officials. Students and scholars of the presidency will glean important understandings from the balanced, judicious studies of the Clinton administration and their juxtaposition with firsthand recollections of some of the participants who defined and shaped those events. Joseph V. Hughes Jr. and Holly O. Hughes Series on the Presidency and Leadership

ROSANNA PEROTTI is an associate professor of political science at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. She has previously coedited four other volumes from the Hofstra University Presidential Conference.


The Character Factor How We Judge America’s Presidents James P. Pfiffner 978-1-58544-315-4 cloth $40.00s 978-1-58544-316-1 paper $16.95

From Votes to Victory Winning and Governing the White House in the 21st Century Edited by Meena Bose 978-1-60344-227-5 paper $35.00s

The Unitary Executive and the Modern Presidency Edited by Ryan J. Barilleaux and Christopher S. Kelley 978-1-60344-173-5 cloth $50.00x 978-1-60344-190-2 paper $25.00s

The Clinton Presidency and the Constitutional System 978-1-60344-660-0 cloth $49.95s 6x9. 336 pp. Index. Presidential Studies. Political Science. History. May

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Keeping the new frontier of space weapons-free . . .

Nixon’s Super-Secretaries

The Last Grand Presidential Reorganization Effort

US Presidents and the Militarization of Space, 1946–1967

Mordecai Lee

Sean N. Kalic

The Watergate scandal of 1973 claimed many casualties, political and otherwise. Along with many personal reputations and careers, Pres. Richard Nixon’s bold attempt to achieve a sweeping reorganization of the domestic portion of the executive branch was also pulled into that vortex.

In the clash of ideologies represented by the Cold War, even the heavens were not immune to militarization. Satellites and space programs became critical elements among the national security objectives of both the United States and the Soviet Union.

Asserting that Nixon’s reorganization effort represents a significant event in the evolution of the managerial presidency and public administration, Nixon’s Super-Secretaries presents the most comprehensive historical narrative to date concerning this reorganization attempt.

According to US Presidents and the Militarization of Space, 1946–1967, three American presidents in succession shared a fundamental objective of preserving space as a weapons-free frontier for the benefit of all humanity. Between 1953 and 1967 Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson all saw nonaggressive military satellite development, as well as the civilian space program, as means to favorably shape the international community’s opinion of the scientific, technological, and military capabilities of the United States. Sean N. Kalic’s reinterpretation of the development of US space policy, based on documents declassified in the past decade, demonstrates that a single vision for the appropriate uses of space characterized American strategies across parties and administrations during this period.

“By challenging conventional wisdom on presidential reorganization, Lee provides what amounts to a treasure trove of insights concerning the numerous managerial challenges now increasingly faced by modern presidents. . . one can hardly deny his aptitude for unearthing the significance of such episodes in presidential history. That is what makes this book such a valuable source, especially for young and future scholars who did not get to experience these events firsthand, as Lee did.”—Presidential Studies Quarterly “Mordecai Lee revisits a kind of ground zero of all modern reorganization ambitions. . . a highly readable account of Nixon’s plan to give three ‘counsellors to the president’ . . . wide-ranging powers above their concurrent cabinet posts to control domestic policy priorities for and from the White House and to pry agencies away from legislative influence.” —Public Administration Review Joseph V. Hughes Jr. and Holly O. Hughes Series on the Presidency and Leadership

Significantly, Kalic’s findings contradict the popular opinion that the United States sought to weaponize space and calls into question the traditional interpretation of the space race as a simple action/reaction paradigm. Indeed, beyond serving as a symbol and ambassador of US technological capability, its satellite program provided the United States with advanced, nonaggressive military intelligence-gathering platforms that proved critical in assessing the strategic nuclear balance between the United States and the Soviet Union. It also aided the three administrations in countering the Soviet Union’s increasing international prestige after its series of space firsts, beginning with the launch of Sputnik in 1957. Number Nineteen: Centennial of Flight Series

MORDECAI LEE is a professor of governmental affairs at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He is the author of Institutionalizing Congress and the Presidency: The U.S. Bureau of Efficiency, 1916–1933 (Texas A&M University Press, 2006), among other titles.

Nixon’s Super-Secretaries 978-1-60344-738-6 paper $29.95s 6x9. 288 pp. 3 b&w photos. Presidential Studies. Diplomatic History. Political Science. February

SEAN N. KALIC is an associate professor in the Department of Military History at the US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

US Presidents and the Militarization of Space, 1946–1967 978-1-60344-691-4 cloth $40.00s 6x9. 224 pp. 16 b&w photos. 4 charts. 2 Apps. Bib. Index. Diplomatic History. Presidential Studies. Aviation. May Texas A&M University Press titles are available as ebooks. See page 2 for details.

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Finding Jung

Frank N. McMillan Jr., a Life in Quest of the Lion Frank N. McMillan III Contributions by David H. Rosen Foreword by Sir Laurens van der Post Frank N. McMillan Jr., a country boy steeped in the traditional culture of rural Texas, was summoned to a life-long quest for meaning by a dream lion he met in the night. On his journey, he followed the lead of the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, and eventually established the world’s first professorship to advance the study of that field. McMillan, born and raised on a ranch near Calvert, was an Aggie through and through, with degrees in geology and petroleum engineering. As an adult working near Bay City, Texas, he was lunching in a country café when by chance he met abstract expressionist painter Forrest Bess, who was ecstatically waving a letter he had received from Jung himself. The artist’s enthusiastic description of Jung as a master psychologist, soul doctor, and healer led McMillan to the Jung Center in Houston, where he began reading Jung’s Collected Works. McMillan frequently said, “Jung saved my life.” Finding Jung: Frank N. McMillan Jr., a Life in Quest of the Lion captures McMillan’s journey through the words of his own journals and through reflections by his son, Frank III. David Rosen, the holder of the first endowed McMillan professorship at Texas A&M University, adds insights to the book, and the late Sir Laurens van der Post, whom the elder McMillan met at the Houston Jung Center in 1979, authored a foreword to the book before his death. This is a story that sheds light on the inner workings of the self as well as the Jungian understanding of the Self. In often lyrical language, it gives the human background to a major undertaking in the dissemination of Jungian scholarship and provides a personal account of a life lived in near-mythic dimensions. Number Seventeen: Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology

FRANK N. McMILLAN III, an educator, speaker, and award-winning author, has been active in worldwide Jungian circles for the past twenty-five years. A former board member of the C. G. Jung Educational Center of Houston and a member of the International Association of Jungian Studies, he lives in Corpus Christi. Finding Jung 978-1-60344-581-8 cloth $29.95 6x9. 224 pp. 46 b&w photos. Bib. Index. Biography. Analytical Psychology. March

selections from the Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology

Connecting with South Africa Cultural Communication and Understanding Astrid Berg 978-1-60344-430-9 cloth $27.95

The Therapeutic Relationship Transference, Countertransference, and the Making of Meaning Jan Wiener 978-1-60344-147-6 cloth $23.95

Integrity in Depth John Beebe 978-1-58544-463-2 paper $19.95

Buddhism and the Art of Psychotherapy Hayao Kawai 978-1-60344-053-0 paper $19.95

Joy, Inspiration, and Hope Verena Kast 978-1-58544-309-3 paper $16.95

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Nature and Psyche in an Interconnected Universe Joseph Cambray Foreword by David H. Rosen In 1952 C. G. Jung published a paradoxical hypothesis on synchronicity that marked an attempt to expand the western world’s conception of the relationship between nature and the psyche. Jung’s hypothesis sought to break down the polarizing cause-effect assessment of the world and psyche, suggesting that everything is interconnected. Thus, synchronicity is both “a meaningful event” and “an acausal connecting principle.” Evaluating the world in this manner opened the door to “exploring the possibility of meaning in chance or random events, deciphering if and when meaning might be present even if outside conscious awareness.” After contextualizing Jung’s work in relation to contemporary scientific advancements such as relativity and quantum theories, Joseph Cambray explores in this book how Jung’s theories, practices, and clinical methods influenced the current field of complexity theory, which works with a paradox similar to Jung’s synchronicity: the importance of symmetry as well as the need to break that symmetry for “emergence” to occur. Finally, Cambray provides his unique contribution to the field by attempting to trace “cultural synchronicities,” a reconsideration of historical events in terms of their synchronistic aspects. “Cambray has written the clearest and most coherent study to date of the subject of synchronicity. . . Cambray takes synchronicity out of the confines of Jungian studies and links it to current research taking place in a variety of new and exciting fields in physics and the natural sciences.”—Journal of Analytical Psychology Number Fifteen: Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology

JOSEPH CAMBRAY is the president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. He is a consulting editor of the Journal of Analytical Psychology and coeditor of Analytical Psychology: Contemporary Perspectivces in Jungian Analysis (Brunner-Routledge, 2004). He resides in Providence, Rhode Island.

Synchronicity 978-1-60344-300-5 paper $17.95 51/2x81/2. 168 pp. 2 b&w photos. 7 line art. Analytical Psychology. Intellectual History. April

selections from the Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology

Memories of Our Lost Hands Searching for Feminine Spirituality and Creativity Sonoko Toyoda 978-1-58544-435-9 cloth $23.95

The Old Woman’s Daughter Transformative Wisdom for Men and Women Claire Douglas 978-1-58544-479-3 cloth $23.95

The Archetypal Imagination James Hollis 978-1-58544-268-3 paper $16.95

Transformation Emergence of the Self Murray Stein 978-1-58544-449-6 paper $19.95

The Black Sun The Alchemy and Art of Darkness Stanton Marlan 978-1-60344-078-3 paper $19.95

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A landmark reference, now available in a Spanish-language edition. . .

Arrecifes Coralinos del sur del Golfo de México Edited by John W. Tunnell Jr., Ernesto A. Chávez, and Kim Withers Foreword by Sylvia Earle Coral reefs declined worldwide during the 1980s and 1990s, making them perhaps the most endangered marine ecosystem on Earth. This realization spurred John W. Tunnell Jr. and others to write a comprehensive book that would raise awareness of coral reefs and their plight. In Coral Reefs of the Southern Gulf of Mexico, the original English-language edition of this book, Tunnell and coeditors Ernesto A. Chávez and Kim Withers presented an integrated and broad-ranging synthesis, assessed the current state of these fragile systems, and offered a framework for their restoration. Beginning with a history of the research done in this region, this new Spanish-language edition, Arrecifes Coralinos del sur del Golfo de México, covers the geography, geology, oceanography, ecology, and biodiversity of the thirty-eight “emergent” or platform-type coral reefs in the southern Gulf. The editors include chapters on the biota—from algae to fish—followed by a look at environmental impacts, both natural (such as hurricanes and red tides) and human (such as ship groundings and dredging). The book closes with a discussion of conservation issues, which is both descriptive and prescriptive in its assessment of what has been done and what should be done to protect and manage these vital ecosystems. Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies Series, Sponsored by the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi JOHN W. TUNNELL JR. is associate director at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Harte Research Scientist, Regents Professor, and professor of biology at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi. ERNESTO A. CHáVEZ is a scientist and professor at the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine Science, National Polytechnic Institute in La Paz, Baja California. He is widely published and has helped create a number of scientific research centers and graduate programs in Mexico. KIM WITHERS is associate research scientist at the Center for Coastal Studies and an adjunct professor of biology and environmental science at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi.


Arrecifes Coralinos del sur del Golfo de México 978-1-60344-781-2 hardcover $50.00s 81/2x11. 216 pp. 171 color photos. 35 tables. 51 b&w figs. Bib. Index. Gulf of Mexico. Conservation. Marine Science. Coastal Texas. January

New in an electronic edition

Coral Reefs of the Southern Gulf of Mexico Edited by John W. Tunnell Jr., Ernesto A. Chávez, and Kim Withers Foreword by Sylvia Earle The critically-acclaimed, English language edition of Coral Reefs of the Southern Gulf of Mexico, originally published in 2007 is now available as an e-book.

“. . . features a broad selection of underwater color photography and a set of maps, figures, and tables that help illustrate southern reef science, providing a comprehensive gateway to understanding a complex environment. The text explains in straightforward terms why reef conservation and management should be of primary concern.” —Texas Parks and Wildlife “. . . boasts 13 multiauthored chapters, the most notable being on reef distribution, climate and oceanography, reef corals, reef fish, and conservation.”—The Quarterly Review of Biology The e-book editon of this reference is now available from: Kindle Google ebookstore eBrary and wholesale vendors

Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota Volume 1, Biodiversity Edited by Darryl L. Felder and David K. Camp 978-1-60344-094-3 hardcover $95.00s

Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota Volume 2, Ocean and Coastal Economy Edited by James C. Cato 978-1-60344-086-8 hardcover $40.00s

Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota Volume 3, Geology Edited by Noreen A. Buster and Charles W. Holmes 978-1-60344-290-9 hardcover $75.00s

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New in paperback

New in paperback

Life at the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, 1857–1997


Historic County Jails of Texas Edward A. Blackburn Jr.

Sarah C. Sitton

The Texas State Lunatic Asylum (later called the Austin State Hospital) followed national trends, and its history documents national mental health practices in microcosm. Sarah C. Sitton draws on diverse sources—patient records from the nineteenth century, papers and reports of the institution’s various superintendents, transcripts of interviews of former employees, newspaper accounts, personal memoirs, and interviews—to recreate life in the institution from its opening in 1861 to its de-institutionalization in the 1980s and 1990s. “. . . the reader interested in learning more of day-to-day life as a patient or professional in a large state hospital will not be disappointed. . . . Her descriptions of suicide attempts through the years, the changing style of institutional cuisine (it used to be much better!), religious observance, and outpatient counseling were interesting and new, and her presentation of the changes wrought by the community mental health movement of the 1960s is particularly insightful.”—Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences “This book is full of interesting anecdotes and stories of life in the Austin State Hospital (as it was renamed in the early 20th century. . . . unless we forget what those institutions were really like, a return to the earlier system is unimaginable. This is what the book helps us remember.”—New England Journal of Medicine Number Eighty-two: Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University SARAH C. SITTON is a professor of psychology at St. Edward’s University. Her interest in the Austin State Hospital grew out of research she conducted in 1990 for a history she wrote about an Austin neighborhood, Austin’s Hyde Park: The First Fifty Years, 1891– 1941. She lives in Austin.

Life at the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, 1857–1997 978-1-60344-739-3 paper $24.95s 6x9. 208 pp. 24 b&w photos. Texas History. Medical Humanities. Psychology. March

“An important contribution to Texas history.”—Houston Chronicle “Though built for specific purposes—to house the components of local government and justice—civic architecture had another value to early Texans. Raising elegant courthouses and sturdy jails became a means of demonstrating community pride. Place-proud Texans saw grand buildings as symbols of economic growth and development. Blackburn spent more than three years touring the state, visiting every jail and gathering information on the history of each. The result is a useful reference work for those interested in architecture or Texas history or both.”—Austin American-Statesman “Fortunately, though, for those seeking more insights about a remarkable era of public architecture, Edward A. Blackburn Jr. has provided a suitable, entertaining, and enlightening means of exploring the state’s landmarks of law.”—Southwestern Historical Quarterly “Blackburn spent over three years visiting the sites of all 254 Texas county jails. The result of this endeavor is a meticulous and engaging compendium that lays out each jail’s story in alphabetical order. Wanted is a wealth of local knowledge, history, and anecdotes. While this book functions best as a reference guide, both the serious and casual reader of southwestern history will find it a rewarding volume to dip into when study or curiosity demands.”—New Mexico Historical Review Number Eleven: Clayton Wheat Williams Texas Life Series The late EDWARD A. BLACKBURN JR. visited all 254 Texas counties to collect information and photographs, both historical and contemporary, for this book.

Wanted 978-1-58544-498-4 paper $22.50 7x10. 424 pp. 179 b&w photos. 254 maps. Architecture. Criminal Justice. Texas History. February Texas A&M University Press titles are available as ebooks. See page 2 for details.

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The Handbook of Texas Music Second Edition

Edited by Laurie E. Jasinski Introduction by Casey Monahan The musical voice of Texas presents itself as vast and diverse as the Lone Star State’s landscape. According to Casey Monahan, “To travel Texas with music as your guide is a year-round opportunity to experience first-hand this amazing cultural force. . . . Texas music offers a vibrant and enjoyable experience through which to understand and enjoy Texas culture.” Building on the work of The Handbook of Texas Music that was published in 2003 and in partnership with the Texas Music Office and the Center for Texas Music History (Texas State University-San Marcos), The Handbook of Texas Music, Second Edition, offers completely updated entries and features new and expanded coverage of the musicians, ensembles, dance halls, festivals, businesses, orchestras, organizations, and genres that have helped define the state’s musical legacy.

Additional features: More than 850 articles, including almost 400 new entries; 255 images, including more than 170 new photos, sheet music art, and posters that lavishly illustrate the text; Appendix with a stage name listing for musicians. Supported by an outstanding team of music advisors from across the state, The Handbook of Texas Music, Second Edition, furnishes new articles on the music festivals, museums, and halls of fame in Texas, as well as the many honky-tonks, concert halls, and clubs big and small, that invite readers to explore their own musical journeys. Scholarship on many of the state’s pioneering groups and the recording industry and professionals who helped produce and promote their music provides fresh insight into the history of Texas music and its influence far beyond the state’s borders. Celebrate the musical tapestry of Texas from A to Z!

RELATED INTEREST Laurie E. Jasinski works as Research Editor in the Handbook of Texas Department at the Texas State Historical Association. Casey Monahan is Director of the Texas Music Office in Austin.

Texas Almanac 2012–2013 Edited by Elizabeth Cruce Alvarez and Robert Plocheck 978-0-87611-247-2 cloth $39.95 978-0-87611-248-9 flexbound $24.95

Austin A History of the Capital City David C. Humphrey 978-0-87611-162-8 paper $9.95

Documents of Texas History Ernest Wallace, David M. Vigness, and George B. Ward 978-0-87611-188-8 paper $24.95

Handbook of Texas Music

978-0-87611-252-6 cloth $59.95 978-0-87611-253-3 paper $34.95

83/8x11. 800 pp. 218 photos. 18 promotional posters or programs. 16 sheet music art. 3 line art. Music. Reference. Handbooks. March

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They Called It the War Effort

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

Oral Histories from World War II Orange, Texas

The ‘Great Pedestrian’ of North and South America

Louis Fairchild Afterword by Thomas L. Charlton

Over the course of World War II, Orange, Texas, went from a sleepy town of 7,500 inhabitants to a bustling industrial city of 60,000. In They Called It the War Effort, Louis Fairchild details the explosive transformation of his native city in the words of the people who lived through it. Some residents who lived in the town before the war speak of nostalgia for the time when Orange was a small, close-knit community and regret for the loss of the social cohesiveness of former days, while others speak of the exciting new opportunities and interesting new people that came. Interviewees tell how newcomers from rural areas tried to adjust to a new life in close living quarters and to new amenities–like indoor toilets. People from all walks of life talk of the economic shift from the cash and job shortages of Depression era to a war era when these things were in abundance, but they also tell of how wartime rationing made items like Coca-Cola treasured luxuries. Fairchild deftly draws on a wide array of sources to broaden the perspectives offered by the Orangeites. The second edition of this justly praised book features more interviews with non-white residents of Orange, as Japanese Americans and especially African Americans speak not only of the challenges of wartime economic dislocations, but also of living in a southern town where Jim Crow still reigned. Publication of this book was supported by a generous grant from the Nelda C. and H. J. Lutcher Stark Foundation LOUIS FAIRCHILD was born in Orange, Texas. Early childhood memories include scenes of the Gulf Coast’s wartime boom. He holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Houston and served on the faculty at West Texas A&M University in Canyon for thirty-four years. He now lives in Georgetown, Texas.

Donald E. Chipman

Cabeza de Vaca’s mode of transportation fits one dictionary definition of the word “pedestrian.” By no means, however, should the ancillary meanings of “commonplace” or “prosaic” be applied to the man, or his remarkable adventures. Between 1528 and 1536, he trekked, on foot, an estimated 2,480 to 2,640 miles of North American terrain from the Texas coast near Galveston Island to San Miguel de Culiacán near the Pacific Coast of Mexico. After Cabeza de Vaca returned to Spain1540, the king granted him civil and military authority in modern-day Paraguay. After arriving on the coast of Brazil in 1541, he was unable to find transportation by ship to the seat of his governorship. He then led a group of more 250 settlers through 1,200 miles of unchartered back country, during which he lost only two men. Cabeza de Vaca’s travels are amazing in themselves, but during them he transformed from a proud Spanish don to lay advocate of Indian rights on both American continents. That journey is as remarkable as his travels. It was this “great awakening” that landed him in trouble. Settlers rebelled against the reformist governor, incarcerated him, tried to poison his food on two occasions, and finally sent him to Spain in irons. There he was tried and convicted on trumped-up charges of carrying out policies that were the exact opposite of what he had promoted—the humane protection of Indians. This book examines the two great “journeys” of Cabeza de Vaca—his extraordinary adventures on two continents and his remarkable growth as a humanitarian. Fred Rider Cotten Popular History Series Donald E. Chipman is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of North Texas. Chipman is a Fellow of the Texas State Historical Association, and he served as an advisory editor and contributor to the New Handbook of Texas. His previous publications include the award-winning Spanish Texas, 1519–1821.

They Called It the War Effort

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

978-0-87611-250-2 hardcover $39.95

978-0-87611-251-9 paper $12.95

6x9. 500 pp. 36 b&w photos. History. Military History. World War II. March

51/2x81/2. 120 pp. 20 b&w photos. Texas History. Latin America. Expeditions/Discoveries. March

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Essays on the Presidents Principles, Policies, and Peccadillos Paul F. Boller Jr. Since he first began writing in the 1950s, Paul F. Boller Jr. has had a passion for sharing the humorous, intriguing, and little-known or widely misunderstood aspects of the American presidency. Boller has authored many beloved books on American presidents, the first ladies, presidential anecdotes, quotes, campaign strategies, and common myths. This wide variety of topics has been collected for the first time in Essays on the Presidents, along with new essays and forewords. Boller’s prose, distinct and inviting, causes the reader to see what is often overlooked in the history of American presidents: their humanity. Boller has searched for those patriotic narratives we have all heard at some point in our lives—whether from our schoolteachers, coworkers, or various trivia books—and corrects the misconceptions many Americans deem as truth in a lighthearted and truly characteristic voice. From Washington’s relationship with the Jews to the electioneering and stump-speaking associated with American presidential campaigns, readers will not only see the significant changes in the presidential office since its conception, but also Boller’s lifetime of research and his expertise in the field of American history. Personality—of the most interesting presidents and of Boller himself—is an important theme throughout this collection. The in-depth retelling of treasured American stories will captivate readers and keep them exploring for more nuggets of truth. Boller tracks the relationship between Americans and the presidents, uncovering the intricate nature of presidential responsibilities and the remarkable men whose leadership shaped the office into what it is today. Celebrating the commanders-in-chief and the career of the nationally-recognized American historian and TCU Emeritus Professor of political science, Essays on the Presidents serves as a unique perspective on American history that fans of both Boller and the presidents will enjoy.

RELATED INTEREST PAUL F. BOLLER JR. is the author of Congressional Anecdotes, Presidential Anecdotes, Presidential Campaigns, and Presidential Wives, among many other titles. Boller, who holds a PhD from Yale University, is Lyndon Baines Johnson Professor Emeritus at Texas Christian University. He previously taught at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and Southern Methodist University. Memoirs of an Obscure Professor Paul F. Boller Jr. 978-0-87565-097-5 cloth $24.95

Dancing with Lyndon Donley Watt 978-0-87565-280-1 cloth $22.50

Lone Star Leaders Power and Personality in the Texas Congressional Delegation James W. Riddlesperger Jr. and Anthony Champagne 978-0-87565-418-8 cloth $35.00

Essays on the Presidents 978-0-87565-443-0 cloth $34.95

6x9. 192 pp. Presidential Studies. Political Science. April

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The Texas Legation Papers, 1836–1844 Edited by Kenneth R. Stevens and Gregg Cantrell The Texas Legation Papers, 1836-1844 is a volume of lost letters and documents from the early turbulent years of the Republic of Texas. Editors Ken Stevens and Gregg Cantrell have compiled these papers to reveal the untold stories surrounding the birth of the state of Texas. For nine years, between its war for independence from Mexico until its annexation to the United States, Texas existed as an independent republic. During those years, Texas’s diplomatic representatives communicated with the officials of the United States; their job was to inform Texas leaders about the United States’ views on critical issues concerning recognition of Texas and eventual annexation, relations with Mexico, boundary issues, and troubles with Native Americans. As part of their duty as communicators with the United States, Texas diplomats were also tasked with raising funds for the financially strapped republic and overseeing the purchase and construction of vessels for the navy, as well as fielding questions from many quarters inquiring about everything from opportunities in the lone star republic to asking about long-lost relatives. The Texas diplomats were their government’s eyes, ears, and mouth in Washington; they were responsible for administering the successful transition of the Republic of Texas into the twenty-eighth member of the United States.  The Texas Legation papers contain the detailed accounts of this time period. When Texas became a state in 1845, the Legation was shut down, and its papers put away. When Sam Houston, one of the new state’s first senators, returned to Texas after completing two terms in the Senate, the papers came back with him. Most papers were delivered to the state archives, but somehow the letters and documents published in this collection were delivered to Houston’s home, where they remained out of sight for the next 160 years. In 2004, the papers in this volume returned to the possession of the Texas State Library and Archives, thanks to the efforts of The Center for Texas Studies at TCU and the generous support of Mary Ralph Lowe (TCU ’65), the Lowe Foundation, and J.P. Bryan, of Houston, a Texana collector and past president of the Texas State Historical Association.  Many letters in this volume are published for the first time. As they round out the diplomatic story of the Texas republic, they offer a unique and fascinating perspective on the history of Texas.


Going to Texas Five Centuries of Texas Maps Center for Texas Studies at TCU 978-0-87565-344-0 cloth $39.95

Emily Austin of Texas 1795–1851 Light Townsend Cummins 978-0-87565-351-8 cloth $27.95

Fighting Stock John S. “Rip” Ford of Texas Richard B. McCaslin 978-0-87565-421-8 cloth $29.95

KENNETH R. STEVENS, professor of history at TCU, is a historian of American foreign relations and was coeditor of the Diplomatic Papers of Daniel Webster. Born and raised in Alaska, Stevens initially attended the University of Alaska, but eventually transferred to Indiana University where he earned his bachelor’s degree. After college, Stevens served four years in the Navy, after which he returned to Indiana University where he specialized in US history.  Stevens is the author of four books, including Border Diplomacy, two volumes of the Diplomatic Papers of Daniel Webster, and an annotated bibliography of President William Henry Harrison.  Stevens and his wife currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. GREGG CANTRELL earned his PhD from Texas A&M University. He holds the Erma and Ralph Lowe Chair in Texas History at TCU and is the author of Stephen F. Austin, Empresario of Texas, among many other books.

The Texas Legation Papers, 1836–1844 978-0-87565-393-8 cloth $49.95

6x9. 320 pp. Index. Texas History. Revolution/Republic. June

34 | texas christian university press


Spies, Politics, and Power

El Departamento Confidencial en México, 1922–1946 Joseph A. Stout Jr. In the decades following the Mexican Revolution, regional strongmen vied with powerful generals and popular rebels for control of Mexico’s future. During this era of uprisings, government corruption, and political intrigue, Mexico took its first, faltering steps toward democracy. In the midst of the turmoil, plainclothes agents, traveling under multiple aliases and reporting in code to their superiors, served as “the eyes and ears” of the national government. In Spies, Politics, and Power: El Departamento Confidencial en México, 1922–1946, Joseph A. Stout traces the development of Mexico’s Departamento Confidencial (Confidential Department) from the years of its infancy to its later incarnation as a fully fledged international espionage agency on the order of the CIA, Russian KGB, and German Gestapo. Stout charts the department’s evolution under the administration of several powerful presidents—and a handful of puppets—from the postrevolutionary period through World War II, when the agency turned its attention from monitoring internal threats to focus on matters of national security. Stout devotes special attention to the agency’s wartime role in the investigation and containment of individuals whose Axis ties made them objects of government suspicion. Offering a twist on conventional history, Stout takes us behind the political curtain to illuminate the crucial role played by an unlikely assortment of government bureaucrats, international spies, low-ranking agents, and office clerks within the drama of Mexican nationhood. In his comprehensive and thoroughly researched account, Stout offers a narrative propelled not by the back-and-forth of rebel violence and brutal reprisal—though there is no dearth of such material—but by a story driven by the power of information. For Stout, intelligence, as much as military might, is the key to political power and the engine of national formation. A work rich in primary sources, Spies integrates details culled from archived letters and agent reports into the broader framework of Mexican politics and society in the first half of the twentieth century. In his unconventional approach, Stout sheds new light on the means and motivations of some of the period’s most influential figures. JOSEPH A. STOUT JR. was a professor of history at Oklahoma State University until he retired in 2005. He has written or edited fourteen books and more than thirty articles on the American Southwest and Mexico. Among his many publications are two recent books published by the TCU Press: Border Conflict: Villistas, Carrancistas, and the Punitive Expedition, 1915–1920 and Schemers and Dreamers: Filibustering in Mexico, 1848–1921.


Border Conflict Villistas, Carrancistas and the Punitive Expedition, 1915–1920 Joseph A. Stout Jr. 978-0-87565-200-9 cloth $24.95

Schemers and Dreamers Filibustering in Mexico, 1848–1921 Joseph A. Stout Jr. 978-0-87565-258-0 cloth $27.95

Always a Rebel Ricardo Flores Magón and the Mexican Revolution Ward S. Albro 978-0-87565-281-8 paper $19.95s

Spies, Politics, and Power 978-0-87565-438-6 paper $29.95

6x9. 192 pp. Latin American Studies. May

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Texas, My Texas

Musings of The Rambling Boy Lonn Taylor In a collection of essays about Texas gathered from his West Texas newspaper columns, Lonn Taylor traverses the very best of Texas geography, Texas history, and Texas personalities. In a state so famous for its pride, Taylor manages to write an exceptionally honest, witty, and wise book about Texas past and Texas present. Texas, My Texas: Musings of The Rambling Boy is a story of legacies, of men and women, times, and places that have made this state what it is today. From a history of Taylor’s hometown, Fort Davis, to stories about the first man wounded in the Texas Revolution (who was an African American), to accounts of outlaw Sam Bass and an explanation of Hill Country Christmases, Taylor has searched every corner of the state for untold histories.Taylor’s background as a former curator at the Smithsonian National Museum becomes apparent in his attention to detail:  Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, artists, architects, criminals, the founder of Neiman Marcus, and the famous horned frog “Old Rip” all make appearances as quintessential Texans.  Lonn Taylor’s unique narrative voice is personal.  As he points out in the foreword, it is the stories of Texans themselves, of their grit and eccentricities, that have “brought the past into the present . . . the two seem to me to be bound together by stories.” People— real Texans—are the focus of the essays, making Texas, My Texas a rite of passage for anyone who claims Texan heritage. There are just a few things every good Texan “knows,” like the fact that it is illegal to pick bluebonnets along the highway, or that the Menger Hotel bar is modeled after the one in the House of Lords in London. Taylor points out with his usual wit that it is not, in fact, illegal to pick any of the six varieties of bluebonnets that grow throughout our state, and that few Texans would know that the bar is modeled after the one in the House of Lords, as few Texans are Lords. These are just a few examples of Taylor’s knowledge of Texas and his passion for its citizens.


Texas Road Trip Bryan Woolley 978-0-87565-291-7 paper $15.95

Inside Texas Culture, Identity and Houses, 1878–1920 Cynthia Brandimarte 978-0-87565-092-0 cloth $60.00

Braggin’ on Texas Sherrie S. McLeRoy 978-0-87565-385-3 hardcover $9.95

LONN TAYLOR retired to Fort Davis, Texas, with his wife, Dedie, after a twenty-year career as a historian at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. He received a BA in history and government from Texas Christian University in 1961 and did graduate work at New York University before returning to Texas to enter the museum field. He has served as curator at the University of Texas at Austin’s Winedale Historical Center, the Dallas Historical Society, and the Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe. Taylor’s books include Texas Furniture: The Cabinetmakers and Their Work, 1840–1880 (with David Warren, University of Texas Press, 1975); The American Cowboy (with Ingrid Marr, Library of Congress, 1983); New Mexican Furniture, 1600–1940 (with Dessa Bokides, Museum of New Mexico Press, 1987); The Star-Spangled Banner: The Flag That Inspired the National Anthem (Harry N. Abrams, 2000), and The Star-Spangled Banner: The Making of a National Icon (with Kathlenn Kendrick and Jeffrey Brodie, Smithsonian Books, 2008). He writes a weekly column about Texas called “The Rambling Boy,” for the Marfa Big Bend Sentinel.

Texas, My Texas 978-0-87565-434-8 paper $22.95

6x9. 192 pp. Texana. Big Bend. March

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The Chicken Hanger

Major Alexander O. Brodie

Ben Rehder

A Grizzled Old Frontier Soldier Charles H. Herner

Ricky Delgado works as a chicken hanger at the poultry plant in Rugoso, Texas, a small border town just thirty miles south of Laredo. His quiet, illegal lifestyle is disrupted when he learns that his brother Tomás has been shot and injured shortly after crossing the border. Together, Ricky and Tomás must make a decision: to risk their illegal status and seek justice, or remain silent and endure the injustices common to all “wetbacks” within the states. Meanwhile, Ricky is fighting a battle within his own body, a disease he acquired in the poultry plant, unbeknownst to everyone but the crooked manager and the company’s doctor. Herschel Gandy, a wealthy Rugoso ranch owner and self-appointed defender of the border, has taken to firing warning shots at illegals crossing over on his ranch. But when he finds a bloodied backpack near the place he had been shooting, the repercussions of his cover-up game affect the entire town. Warren Coleman, the best border patrol agent in Rugoso, has been struggling with his conscience since allowing a trio of illegal aliens to cross one morning. One was obviously injured. After stopping a van smuggling drugs over the border, Warren shoots and kills the driver in his partner’s defense. He is immediately thrown into the national spotlight for his heroism, or brutality, depending on the source. While visiting his partner in the hospital, Warren again runs into the illegal with the injured hand. Fearing the consequences of his decisions, Warren must decide between leaving Rugoso for a new start, or pursuing his growing suspicion that there is more to discover about the Mexican’s injury. BEN REHDER is a freelance writer, novelist, and outdoors enthusiast who lives with his wife near Austin, where he was born and raised. Rehder’s love of the outdoors has influenced much of his writing, including his Blanco County comic mysteries revolving around a Texas game warden and a colorful cast of rural characters. Novels from that six-book series made best-of-the-year lists in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Field & Stream.  Buck Fever, the first in the series, was nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best First Novel from the Mystery Writers of America.

From rough frontier soldier to capable politician, Alexander Oswald Brodie earned a reputation as a solid, honorable character in American history. Brodie’s most noteworthy claim to fame was his service as a Rough Rider alongside future president Theodore Roosevelt, who considered Brodie a lifelong friend. He later delved into politics, governing Arizona as it transformed from a lawless peripheral territory to the forty-eighth state in the Union. The stories of Brodie’s personal life, from the tragic deaths of his young wife and daughter, to the happiness he found later on, take shape to make this a biography that authentically illustrates how Brodie became the man he was. By interweaving personal history with the greater story of national heritage, biographer Charles Herner crafts a tale that is both relevant and intriguing. For any historian interested in the evolution of the American West, Brodie’s story will give a personal account of some of the region’s most important episodes. He initiated the formation of the first cavalry troop that rode with Theodore Roosevelt that became known as the Rough Riders, sparking a beneficial friendship with the future president. Later, as governor of Arizona, Brodie managed the territory’s unruly political system, earning the respect of comrades and opponents. Teacher and historian Charles Herner describes the life and accomplishments of Alexander Brodie, an intriguing figure whose accomplishments merit a careful study. A native of Arizona, CHARLES H. HERNER was born in Jerome and attended high school in Douglas, Arizona. He received two degrees in US history from the University of Arizona, as well as a 2nd Lt.’s commission in the army through the ROTC program.  Herner taught US history at Canyon del Oro High School in Tucson from 1963 until his retirement in 1990.  He also retired from the United States Army Reserve with the rank of colonel.  Herner first became interested in Alexander Brodie while gathering information for his first book, The Arizona Rough Riders. He presently resides in Tucson with his wife Joan.

The Chicken Hanger

Major Alexander O. Brodie

978-0-87565-436-2 paper $23.95

978-0-87565-425-6 paper $29.95

6x9. 224 pp. Literary Novel. March

6x9. 192 pp. Biography. Southwestern History. April

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Dave Parsons

Major Moments

New and Selected Poems

Life-Changing Lessons of Business Leaders from the Neeley School of Business at TCU

Dave Parsons

Rix Quinn and O. Homer Erekson

Dave Parsons’s straightforward, vivid writing brings settings alive, shaping intimate portrayals of everyday life. His poetry speaks from the past and the present, balancing ordinary and extraordinary experiences. In this eclectic volume, the reader will find selections of his most celebrated work: award-winning poems found in as diverse locales as a romantic, historic house in England to another favorite about the poet running into President Lyndon Johnson in an iconic Austin restaurant. His latest works are also included with new revelations that will bring what has become a Parsons Poem trademark, the rewarding discovery of a transforming moment.

Major Moments captures the success stories of seventy-five years at TCU’s Neeley School of Business. Compiled in honor of this important anniversary, Major Moments brings together the innovations and discoveries from a carefully selected all-star business team of more than eighty individuals from all industries and backgrounds.

Award-winning poetry critic Ange Mlinko writes of Parsons and his work, “It is deeply informed by English and American literature. There is no artificial barrier between art and life, love and intellect. The Renaissance man was once a courtly ideal; Parsons shows that it is a democratic ideal too—warm-blooded, muscular, as companionable on the page as in the flesh.” Both tangible and cerebral, Parsons’s poetry lifts its readers into a new, transformational reality with a depth of insight that is truly exceptional.

The Neeley School of Business is ranked as one of the top business schools in the nation and has a reputation for producing top business executives and entrepreneurs in the global community. Unlock and enjoy their wealth of knowledge, creativity, and vision.

TCU Texas Poets Laureate Series DAVE PARSONS’s volumes of poetry include Editing Sky, Color of Mourning, and Feathering Deep. His poem “Historic Houses” was the winner of the French/American Legation Poetry Prize, and “Nighthawk” won the 2006 Baskerville Publishers Award for Poetry. His work has been included in six anthologies. After moving to Conroe, Texas, Parsons founded the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance and the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council. He teaches creative writing, handball, and racquetball at Lone Star College– Montgomery.

This volume celebrates the thoughts of remarkable people, the combined wisdom and experience of an all-star business team. These business executives—alumni or key partners of the Neeley School—discuss the ideas, innovations, and discoveries that led to career advancement and success.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this volume will directly support the Neeley Heritage Scholarship. The Neeley Heritage Scholarship honors the many contributions of Neeley alumni, faculty, and staff that have worked together over the years to create a premier educational experience and will support one or more business students at TCU each year in preparing the next generation of business leaders. In a letter dated February 5, 1676, Isaac Newton paraphrased an ancient adage writing, “If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” We hope this book will help you see further and better. Rix Quinn, primarily a biographer, has written two national newspaper columns and five books. O. Homer Erekson is the John V. Roach Dean and Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy at the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University.

Dave Parsons

Major Moments

978-0-87565-395-2 cloth $15.95

978-0-87565-488-1 cloth $55.00

6x9. 96 pp. Poetry. April

9x12. 240 pp. Business Practices. January

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Confessions of a Horseshoer Ron Tatum Confessions of a Horseshoer offers a close and personal look at the mind-set of a professional horseshoer (farrier) who also happens to be a college professor. The book, an ironic and playful view of the many unusual animals (and people) Ron Tatum has encountered over thirty-seven years, is nicely balanced between straightforward presentation, self-effacing humor, and lightly seasoned wisdom. It captures the day-to-day life of a somewhat cantankerous old guy, who has attitude and strong opinions. Throughout the book, Tatum ponders the causes that led him into the apparently opposing worlds of horseshoeing, with its mud, pain, and danger, and the bookish life of a college professor. He tells the reader that it is his hope that writing the book will help him understand this apparent paradox between the physical and the mental. Tatum provides a detailed description of the horseshoeing process, its history, and why horses need shoes in the first place. The reader will learn about the dangers of shoeing horses in “Injuries I Have Known,” in which Tatum describes one particular self-inflicted injury that he claims no other horseshoer has ever, or will ever, experience. “Eight Week Syndrome” demonstrates the close, often therapeutic, relationship between the horseshoer and his or her customers. Tatum relates the story of an old Wyoming cowboy who could talk with horses, and consistently cure their injuries, lameness, and other physical problems after the veterinarians had given up. The humor in the chapters on chickens and rabbits will entertain any reader, as well as the sections on various dogs, ducks, llamas, goats, flies, and a sexually disoriented pig. Readers of western life and lovers of horses will find Confessions of a Horseshoer an informative, quirky, and delightful work full of humor, attitude, and off-beat insight. Number Eight: Western Life Series

“Here now is the only book about horseshoeing you will ever need. Ron Tatum has created a magic mix of great information and terrific stories—all told with superb writing and fun spice.”—Jim Lehrer, executive editor and former news anchor for The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour “It is not often you come across a book where ‘spending more time under a horse’ strikes you as not only sane but sage.”—Ger Killeen, winner of the 2006 and 2007 Gertrude Stein Awards for Innovative Poetry

RELATED INTEREST RON TATUM has been shoeing horses for almost forty years. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, he entered the Marine Corps (ret. Major). Somewhere along the way, he became a Presbyterian minister, a juvenile probation officer, a drug/alcohol counselor, a high school wrestling coach, and a college dean and professor (doctorate in higher education, University of Oregon). The Modern Cowboy Second Edition John R. Erickson 978-1-57441-177-5 paper $18.95

Friends Cowboys, Cattle, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and ‘Coons John R. Erickson 978-1-57441-145-4 paper $14.95

Some Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys A Collection of Articles and Essays John R. Erickson 978-1-57441-120-1 paper $14.95

Confessions of a Horseshoer

978-1-57441-453-0 cloth $24.95

51/2x81/2. 272 pp. 23 b&w illus. Memoir. Natural History. Literary Nonfiction. May

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Ground Pounder

A Marine’s Journey through South Vietnam, 1968–1969 Gregory V. Short In early February of 1968, at the beginning of the Tet Offensive, Private First Class Gregory V. Short arrived in Vietnam as an eighteen-year-old U.S. Marine. Amid all of the confusion and destruction, he began his tour of duty as an 81mm mortarman with the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, which was stationed at Con Thien near the DMZ. While living in horrendous conditions reminiscent of the trenches in World War I, his unit was cut off and constantly being bombarded by the North Vietnamese heavy artillery, rockets, and mortars. Soon thereafter Short left his mortar crew and became an 81mm’s Forward Observer for Hotel Company. Working with the U.S. Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division and other units, he helped relieve the siege at Khe Sanh by reopening Route 9. Short participated in several different operations close to the Laotian border, where contact with the enemy was often heavy and always chaotic. On May 19, Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, the NVA attempted to overrun the combat base in the early morning hours. Tragically, during a two-month period, one of the companies (Foxtrot Company) within his battalion would sustain more than 70 percent casualties. By September Short was transferred to the 1st Battalion 9th Marines (the Walking Dead). Assigned as an infantryman (grunt) with Bravo Company and operating along the DMZ and near the A Shau Valley, he would spend the next five months patrolling the mountainous terrain and enduring the harsh elements. At the end of his first tour, he re-upped for a second and was assigned to the 1st Marine Air Wing in Da Nang, where he had an opportunity to become familiar with the Vietnamese culture. Direct, honest, and brutal in his observations, Short holds nothing back in describing the hardships of modern warfare and our leaders’ illusions of success. Number Six: North Texas Military Biography and Memoir Series

“Ground-Pounder is a witty, philosophical, and unflinching look at a Marine’s tour in Vietnam.   Short provides a unique perspective on topics ranging from surviving in the bush to navigating the comforts and pitfalls of REMF life.”—John P. Ernst, coeditor of The War That Never Ends “An awesome account of the author’s experiences of his two tours in Vietnam. . . . To those of us who were not there, Short makes you feel like you were right there alongside him.”—Sgt. Grit,

RELATED INTEREST GREGORY V. SHORT is a retired educator residing in Denton, Texas. With over thirty years of teaching experience, he has taught subjects in high school ranging from world, American, and Texas history to political science, economics, and physical education. He is working on a book describing civilization and economic evolution.

Life and Death in the Central Highlands An American Sergeant in the Vietnam War, 19681970 James T. Gillam 978-1-57441-292-5 cloth $27.95

Rattler One-Seven A Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s War Story Chuck Gross 978-1-57441-221-5 paper $14.95

The Bridges of Vietnam From the Journals of a U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer Fred L. Edwards 978-1-57441-138-6 paper $18.95

Ground Pounder

978-1-57441-452-3 cloth $29.95

6x9. 368 pp. Notes. Bib. Index. Vietnam War. Memoir. Military History. May

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The McLaurys in Tombstone, Arizona An O.K. Corral Obituary Paul Lee Johnson On a chilly October afternoon in 1881, two brothers named Tom and Frank McLaury were gunned down on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona by the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday. The deadly event became known as the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and in a quirk of fate, the brothers’ names became well-known, but only as bad men and outlaws. Did they deserve that reputation? The McLaurys in Tombstone, Arizona: An O.K. Corral Obituary explores this question, revealing details of their family background and the context of their lives on the frontier. Paul Lee Johnson begins their story with the McLaury brothers’ decision to go into the cattle business with an ambition to have their own ranch. When they moved to Arizona, they finally achieved that goal, but along the way they became enmeshed with the crossborder black market that was thriving there. As “honest ranchers” they were in business with both the criminal element as well as the legitimate businesses in Tombstone. Another principal in this story was an older brother, William, who set aside his law practice in Fort Worth to settle his brothers’ affairs, and associated himself with the prosecution of the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday. Despite his efforts, the Earps and Holliday were exonerated, and the “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” became the opening salvo of a feud that took several more lives. Johnson has interviewed family descendants and mined their sources, government correspondence, and letters that have never before been published to reveal the human lives behind the storied events. For the first time the events of the O.K. Corral gunfight are presented from the viewpoint of the McLaurys, two brothers who lost their lives and reputations, and a family who tried in vain to find restitution.

“This important work provides new insight into the two brothers who died on that fateful day, and to the family that carried the scar. This book is essential for any student of Tombstone and the gunfight.”—Casey Tefertiller, author of Wyatt Earp: The Life behind the Legend “A major benefit of this work is the inclusion of previously unpublished letters from within the McLaury family.”—Roy B. Young, editor, Wild West History Association Journal

RELATED INTEREST PAUL LEE JOHNSON is the author of several articles on the famous gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona, and a featured speaker at the annual Tombstone Territory Rendezvous. He is director of the Nightwatch program at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. He and his wife, Mary, have two grown children.

Murder on the White Sands The Disappearance of Albert and Henry Fountain Corey Recko 978-1-57441-254-3 paper $12.95

The Deadliest Outlaws The Ketchum Gang and the Wild Bunch, Second Edition Jeffrey Burton 978-1-57441-270-3 cloth $34.95

John Ringo, King of the Cowboys His Life and Times from the Hoo Doo War to Tombstone, Second Edition David Johnson 978-1-57441-243-7 cloth $29.95

The McLaurys in Tombstone, Arizona

978-1-57441-450-9 cloth $29.95

6x9. 416 pp. 22 b&w illus. 3 maps. Notes. Bib. Index. Western History. Biography. Southwestern History. June

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Still the Arena of Civil War

Violence and Turmoil in Reconstruction Texas, 1865–1874 Edited by Kenneth W. Howell Following the Civil War, the United States was fully engaged in a bloody conflict with exConfederates, conservative Democrats, and members of organized terrorist groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, for control of the southern states. Texas became one of the earliest battleground states in the War of Reconstruction. Throughout this era, white Texans claimed that Radical Republicans in Congress were attempting to dominate their state through “Negro-Carpetbag-Scalawag rule.” In response to these perceived threats, whites initiated a violent guerilla war that was designed to limit support for the Republican Party. They targeted loyal Unionists throughout the South, especially African Americans who represented the largest block of Republican voters in the region. Was the Reconstruction era in the Lone Star State simply a continuation of the Civil War? Evidence presented by sixteen contributors in this new anthology, edited by Kenneth W. Howell, argues that this indeed was the case. Topics include the role of the Freedmen’s Bureau and the occupying army, focusing on both sides of the violence. Several contributors analyze the origins of the Ku Klux Klan and its operations in Texas, how the Texas State Police attempted to quell the violence, and Tejano adjustment to Reconstruction. Other chapters focus on violence against African-American women, the failure of Governor Throckmorton to establish law and order, and the role of newspaper editors influencing popular opinion. Finally, several contributors study Reconstruction by region in the Lower Brazos River Valley and in Lavaca County.

“This is a valuable contribution to Texas and Reconstruction history. The essays reflect an expanded range of topics about Reconstruction in Texas, especially the chapters on Tejano and African American women.”—Alwyn Barr, author of Reconstruction to Reform: Texas Politics, 1876– 1906 “Violence is clearly organic to Texas’s experience of Reconstruction. No other southern state faced the frontier and borderland circumstances that escalated the body count in Reconstruction Texas.”—Patrick G. Williams, author of Beyond Redemption: Texas Democrats after Reconstruction


KENNETH W. HOWELL is an associate professor of history at Prairie View A&M University. He is the author of Texas Confederate, Reconstruction Governor: James Webb Throckmorton; co-author of The Devil’s Triangle: Ben Bickerstaff, Northeast Texans, and the War of Reconstruction in Texas and editor of The Seventh Star of the Confederacy: Texas during the Civil War. The Seventh Star of the Confederacy Texas during the Civil War Kenneth W. Howell 978-1-57441-259-8 cloth $34.95 978-1-57441-312-0 paper $18.95

Spartan Band Burnett’s 13th Texas Cavalry in the Civil War Thomas Reid 978-1-57441-301-4 paper $19.95

Andersonvilles of the North The Myths and Realities of Northern Treatment of Civil War Confederate Prisoners James M. Gillispie 978-1-57441-311-3 paper $14.95

Still the Arena of Civil War

978-1-57441-449-3 cloth $34.95

6x9. 480 pp. 16 b&w illus. Notes. Bib. Index. Civil War/Reconstruction. Southern History. March

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Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Care for Antiques, Collectibles, and Other Treasures Georgia Kemp Caraway What common baking ingredient can conceal white rings on furniture? (Crushed pecans.) How do you detect a repair in a pottery vase you want to buy? (Look at it under a black light.) What’s the best way to remove water damage from your great-grandfather’s Bible? (Put it in your freezer.) Answers to these questions and many more are included in this convenient handbook by long-time antiques expert Dr. Georgia Kemp Caraway. Organized alphabetically, Tips, Tools, and Techniques is easy to consult about the cleaning and maintenance of common antique and collectible objects, including metal advertising signs, glassware, clothing, and jewelry. Addenda provide information such as how to get a good deal at auction, the dates of Chinese dynasties, and U.S. patent numbers. An especially handy pronunciation guide helps the monolingual among us speak with confidence about the provenance of Gallé ware and Schlegelmilch porcelain. Compact yet authoritative, this handbook will appeal to both dealers and buyers, as well as everyone with something from Grandma in the attic.

“I use this guide in my work to locate otherwise hard-to-find tips for cleaning and restoring items I find in household sales to increase the value of the items.”—John Bennett, of John Bennett Estate Appraisals “The tips provided in this book are practical, the directions are easy to follow, and best of all, they work.”—Brett A. Jones, manager of the Antique Gallery Number Five: Practical Guide Series

RELATED INTEREST Georgia Kemp Caraway (PhD in Higher Education Administration) was executive director of the Denton County Museums for fourteen years. She writes a monthly column on antiques for the Denton Record-Chronicle and has appeared on Antiques Roadshow® as a generalist expert. She teaches several popular classes on antiques in Denton, Texas.

Special Needs, Special Horses A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding Naomi Scott 978-1-57441-190-4 cloth $39.95s 978-1-57441-192-8 paper $14.95

When Raccoons Fall through Your Ceiling The Handbook for Coexisting with Wildlife Andrea Dawn Lopez 978-1-57441-154-6 cloth $21.95

Texas Civil War Artifacts A Photographic Guide to the Physical Culture of Texas Civil War Soldiers Richard Mather Ahlstrom 978-1-57441-251-2 cloth $60.00s

Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Care for Antiques, Collectibles, and Other Treasures 978-1-57441-451-6 paper $14.95

51/2x81/2. 144 pp. 10 b&w illus. Bib. Antiques & Collectibles. Reference. April

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New in paperback

Californio Voices

Antebellum Jefferson, Texas

The Oral Memoirs of José Marîa Amador and Lorenzo Asisara

Everyday Life in an East Texas Town

Gregorio Mora-Torres

Jacques D. Bagur

Founded in 1845 as a steamboat port at the entryway to western markets from the Red River, Jefferson was a thriving center of trade until the steamboat traffic dried up in the 1870s. During its heyday, the town monopolized the shipping of cotton from all points west for 150 miles. Jefferson was the unofficial capital of East Texas, but it was also typical of boom towns in general. For this topical examination of a frontier town, Bagur draws from many government documents, but also from newspaper ads and plats. These sources provide intimate details of the lives of the early citizens of Jefferson, Texas. Their story is of interest to both local and state historians as well as to the many readers interested in capturing the flavor of life in old-time East Texas. “Astoundingly complete and a model for local history research, with appeal far beyond readers who have specific interests in Jefferson.”—Fred Tarpley, author of Jefferson: Riverport to the Southwest “This will be ‘the book of record’ for antebellum Jefferson. No work in the past comes close to the massive detail in this study.”—James Smallwood, emeritus professor of history, Oklahoma State University Jacques D. Bagur is an independent researcher specializing in the history and geography of Louisiana and East Texas. He holds a degree from Louisiana State University and has spent more than thirty years in applied public policy research. The author of UNT Press’s A History of Navigation on Cypress Bayou and the Lakes, he lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Gregorio Mora-Torres presents a bilingual edition of never-before published early Californio memoirs of Spanish soldiering and mission work. The primary voice is that of eighty-three-year-old Don José María Amador, a former “Forty-Niner” during the California Gold Rush and soldado de cuera at the Presidio of San Francisco, who tells of reconnoitering expeditions against the indigenous populations of California. In addition to Amador’s memoir, a friend from Mission Santa Cruz, Lorenzo Asisara, also describes the harsh life and mistreatment the Indians faced from the priests. “Amador, a true product of the frontier in that he was the son of a Presidio soldier and himself served as a Presidio soldier, provides a lively recounting of his life and that of his extended family, full of revealing details that are valuable in reconstructing the ethnography and language of the time. . . . This extremely rich text is more than a welcome addition to the stock of testimonials for the history of California.”—The Americas “The Amador/Asisara interview is the only document we have which contains the reminiscences of a Californio and of an indigenous Californian side by side. . . . Mora-Torres’s excellent volume should become an indispensable source for all interested in the Mexican period of California history.”—Journal of San Diego History “This book presents a very convincing and interesting narrative about Mexican California. Its frankness and honesty are refreshing.”—Richard Griswold del Castillo, San Diego State University Number Three: Al Filo: Mexican American Studies Series GREGORIO MORA-TORRES received his PhD in Latin American history from the University of California at Irvine and teaches in the Department of Mexican American Studies at San Jose State University.

Californio Voices Antebellum Jefferson, Texas 978-1-57441-265-9 cloth $55.00s

6x9. 640 pp. 92 b&w illus. Texas History. February

978-1-57441-438-7 paper $19.95s

6x9. 272 pp. 13 b&w photos. Map. Notes. Memoir. Mexican American Studies. Western History. January University of North Texas Press titles are available as ebooks. See page 2 for details.

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Winner of the Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry, 2011

Death of a Ventriloquist

Miniature Forests of Cape Horn Ecotourism with a Hand Lens

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc

Bernard Goffinet, Ricardo Rozzi, Lily Lewis, William Buck, and Francisca Massardo

In the humid forests of Cape Horn, a single tree can host more than 100 species of little epiphyte plants. The floor of the forest and the rocks are also covered by numerous species of liverworts, mosses, and lichens. The decision to stop at a tree or rock and explore these “miniature forests” generates an authentic ecotourism experience. In a small area we can spend several minutes or hours with a magnifying glass or camera discovering the colors, shapes, and textures of the most diverse organisms of Cape Horn.

This debut collection includes love songs and prayers, palinodes and pleas, short histories and tragic tales as well as a series of ventriloquist poems that track the epiphanies and consequences of speaking in a voice other than one’s own. Other poems speak to a Beloved and the highs and lows of parenthood and personhood—all with music and verve, with formal dexterity, with sadness and humor, with an intimate voice that can both whisper in our ears and grab us by the collar and implore us to listen.

This guidebook enhances exploration by providing information to understand the architecture, life cycles, and identification of taxonomic groups of the organisms that form them. For example, when viewing a yellow orange organism, the full color pictures and text in the guidebook illustrate that what you are viewing on the inter-tidal rocks is a crustose lichen, with a well-defined circular structure belonging to the genus Caloplaca that enjoys a broad distribution in inter-tidal zones of Arctic and Antarctic areas.

“What drives the poems in this wonderfully animated debut volume and prompts the reader’s pleasure in them is the patent honesty of the poet’s voice. In the ‘ventriloquist’ series itself, Fay-LeBlanc creates a remarkable refracted self-portrait, bristling with moments of unabashed illumination.”—Eamon Grennan, author of Out of Sight

The authors of this guidebook also provide a novel twist on other, more traditional field guides to bryophytes and lichens by introducing the innovative, sustainable tourism activity of “ecotourism with a hand lens.” They present a strong natural history narrative and an ecological and ethical orientation for the appreciation of wonders of the miniature forests of Cape Horn. “The complementary photographs showing a more long-distance habitat shot, plus a close-up more like one might see with a hand lens, are quite nice.”—Jon Shaw, professor of biology, Duke University BERNARD GOFFINET is professor of biology at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, and editor-in-chief of the journal The Bryologist. RICARDO ROZZI is professor in philosophy and religion studies at the University of North Texas, and director of the Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program. LILY LEWIS is a doctoral student in bryophytes. WILLIAM BUCK is senior curator at the New York Botanical Garden. FRANCISCA MASSARDO is director of the Omora Ethnobotanical Park, Chile.

“In the words of visual artist Paul Klee, whose synaesthetically suggestive work inspires this manuscript, ‘art doesn’t reproduce what we can see, it makes it visible.’ The turf of these poems is a ‘vision country’ in which our narrator / ventriloquist makes visible (and audible) the world to which he restlessly attends, offering up the ‘voices’ of everything. Formally deft, these poems address the limits and grace of lyric poetry.”—Lisa Russ Spaar, author of Satin Cash and judge Number Nineteen: Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry GIBSON FAY-LeBLANC’s poems have appeared in magazines including Guernica, The New Republic, and Poetry Northwest. In 2011 he was named one of Maine’s “emerging leaders” by the Portland Press Herald and MaineToday Media for his work directing The Telling Room, where he still occasionally teaches writing. He lives with his family in Portland, Maine.

Miniature Forests of Cape Horn

Death of a Ventriloquist

978-1-57441-448-6 paper $45.00s

978-1-57441-447-9 paper $12.95

61/2x93/4. 400 pp. 250 color illus. Plants/Botany. Nature Guides. Nature Photography. April

6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. April

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Journal of Schenkerian Studies 6

Theoria, Vol. 18 Edited by Frank Heidlberger

Edited by Colin Davis

Heinrich Schenker

Theoria is an annual peer-reviewed journal on all aspects of the history of music theory. It includes critical articles representing the current stage of research, and editions of newly discovered or mostly unknown theoretical texts with translation and commentary. Analytical articles on recent or unknown repertory and methods are also published, as well as review articles on recent secondary literature and textbooks. Back issues are available from Texas A&M University Press.

The Journal of Schenkerian Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published annually by the Center for Schenkerian Studies at the University of North Texas. The journal features articles on all facets of Schenkerian thought, including theory, analysis, pedagogy, and historical aspects. Back issues can be obtained from Texas A&M University Press.

FRANK HEIDLBERGER is professor of music theory at the University of North Texas. He received his degrees in musicology at WĂźrzburg University and has published on music history and theory of the 16th to 20th centuries; 19th century composers Carl Maria von Weber, Hector Berlioz, and Giacomo Meyerbeer; and 20th century composer and theorist Paul Hindemith.

Journal of Schenkerian Studies 6

Theoria, Vol. 18

1558-268X paper $22.00x 71/2x91/4. 240 pp. Music. June

1554-1312 paper $22.00x 71/2x91/4. 136 pp. Music. June


A Deeper Blue The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt Robert Earl Hardy 978-1-57441-285-7 paper $14.95

Finish Forty and Home The Untold World War II Story of B-24s in the Pacific Phil Scearce 978-1-57441-316-8 cloth $29.95

Mexican Light/Cocina Mexicana Ligera Healthy Cuisine for Today’s Cook/Para el Cocinero Actual Kris Rudolph 978-1-57441-218-5 paper $19.95

Birthing a Better Way 12 Secrets for Natural Childbirth Kalena Cook and Margaret Christensen 978-1-57441-297-0 cloth $24.95 978-1-57441-298-7 paper $14.95

Stan Kenton This Is an Orchestra! Michael Sparke 978-1-57441-325-0 paper $14.95

University of North Texas Press titles are available as ebooks. See page 2 for details.

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A guide to Georgia O’Keeffe’s time in Texas . . .

Georgia O’Keeffe in Texas: A Guide Paul H. Carlson and John T. Becker Georgia O’Keeffe, a superbly gifted American artist usually associated with New Mexico, spent nearly four years in Texas, most of them in the Panhandle. She taught art in the public schools of Amarillo for two years, 1912–1914, and headed the art department at West Texas Normal College (now West Texas A & M University) in Canyon from the fall of 1916 to early 1918. She then went for a few months to Waring, Texas, northwest of San Antonio. There are scores of books on Georgia O’Keeffe. The books are of various lengths, covering her life, art, and influence on other artists; her time spent in New Mexico; and her relationship with and marriage to Alfred Stieglitz. By comparison, however, there is little on O’Keeffe’s years in Texas. Georgia O’Keeffe in Texas: A Guide is different from previous O’Keeffe studies, as it provides a short biography of O’Keeffe on the people and events that influenced her Texas years. The authors are neither artists nor professional art critics, but are historians of the American West who have an interest in Georgia O’Keeffe. They believe her years in Texas, especially the Texas Panhandle, were significant for her subsequent development as a thoroughly modern American artist. This book is designed to work as a guide to O’Keeffe’s life and work in Texas, and reveals an even more fascinating figure in the process.

PAUL H. CARLSON is Professor Emeritus of History, Texas Tech University, and retired director of The Texas Tech University Center for the Southwest. He has published several books and numerous articles, most of them dealing with West Texas. Carlson is an international speaker and a consultant for television productions related to history in the American West. JOHN T. (JACK) BECKER is Subject Librarian, Texas Tech University Libraries. Becker demonstrates his passion for history through his various writings and speaking engagements.


Bad Hand A Biography of General Ranald S. Mackenzie Charles M. Robinson III 978-1-880510-02-5 paper $18.95

Wishbone Wisdom Emory Bellard: Texas Football Visionary Emory Bellard, as told to Al Pickett 978-1-933337-41-8 paper $19.95

Cover art, courtesy Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, Canyon, Texas. Gift of the Georgia O’Keeffe Foundation.

Life of Billy Dixon Olive K. Dixon 978-0-938349-12-9 paper $18.95

State House/McWhiney Foundation Press titles are available as ebooks. See page 2 for details.

Georgia O’Keeffe in Texas: A Guide 978-1-933337-49-4 paper $19.95

6x9. 150 pp. 15 photos. 5 maps. Bib. Index. Texana. Women’s Studies. Biography. February

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Winner, 2010 George Garrett Fiction Prize

The Pugilist’s Wife David Armand The Pugilist’s Wife tells the story of Magdalene Tucker, a jilted woman who takes in a drifter during one of Sun, Louisiana’s worst recorded droughts. When the townspeople find out about this, they decide to lead a sort of crusade to Magdalene’s farm in order to put an end to Magdalene’s and this man’s sins, thinking them the sole cause of the town’s plight. But no one can predict that this convergence upon Magdalene’s land will turn violent, resulting in a brutal and bloody climax, where chance and coincidence take a back seat to love, honor, revenge, and pride.

“The Pugilist’s Wife is a powerful Southern brew of violence and religion. The writing is intense, fast-paced, linguistically rich, well-crafted and ultimately riveting.”—Tim Gautreaux, author of The Missing and Welding with Children “David Armand’s beautiful, unflinching debut novel is a masterfully spun yarn of tragedy, sin, and redemption that builds to a truly unforgettable climax. The Pugilist’s Wife is a remarkable achievement, as well as the announcement of a standout new voice.”—Skip Horack, author of The Eden Hunter and The Southern Cross “We are all pugilists, swinging at shadows, the fight we can never win. These relentless blows will take us down if our opponent fails to do so first. David Armand’s debut novel, The Pugilist’s Wife, is a knockout punch, a rare literary treatment of the conflicted human spirit, and a real winner.”—Dayne Sherman, author of Welcome to the Fallen Paradise

DAVID ARMAND teaches at Southeastern Louisiana University, where he also serves as Managing Editor for Louisiana Literature. David has written a collection of short stories, Mae’s Blues, and he is currently at work on his second novel, Harlow. David lives in Hammond with his wife, Lucy, their daughter, Lily, and their son, Levi.


Rivers Last Longer Richard Burgin 978-1-933896-45-8 cloth $26.95 978-1-933896-46-5 paper $18.95

The Estate Sale Richard Spilman 978-1-933896-44-1 paper $18.95

Two-Up Eric MIles Williamson 978-1-881515-74-6 cloth $25.95 978-1-881515-75-3 paper $16.95

The Pugilist’s Wife 978-1-933896-67-0 paper $24.95

51/2x81/2. 184 pp. Fiction. January

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Winner, 2010 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize

In the Time of the Feast of Flowers Tina Egnoski Small-town Florida, 1976. Life is squeaky-clean. Nothing ever happens here and if it does, the only response is a polite smile. Sensible Abby Newman is best friends with freespirit Dana Massey.  Seventeen and restless, they set out to defy the town motto: Hear, Speak, See No Evil. They smoke, drink, push the boundaries of sexual exploration, and break into neighborhood houses. When Dana steals an expensive object, their innocent prank turns into a crime.  Soon the theft comes to light, along with other secrets, and the strength of their friendship is challenged.  In the land explorer Ponce de Leon named Pascua Florida—Feast of Flowers—Abby learns about loyalty, betrayal, and the power of forgiveness.

“In Tina Egnoski’s poetic novella, In the Time of the Feast of Flowers, Florida is an Eden gone bad, and becomes the vacuum her struggling characters must fill. The story is artfully written and Ms. Egnoski navigates the unfolding tides of a girl’s coming-to-age as deftly as she unknots and knots the character’s shifting emotions.  It is immensely satisfying to be so fully dominated by such a skilled writer.”—Jack Gantos, author of Hole in My Life “Egnoski beautifully captures the complexities of an ardent friendship that flourishes in one way by day and in another by night in a small Florida town. And it is of course this ardour which finally drives the narrative to its amazing, haunted climax. I read these pages in one breathless sitting and I suspect many other readers will too.”—Margot Livesey TINA EGNOSKI was born in Melbourne, Florida. She attended the University of Florida and Emerson College, where she earned her MFA in 1997. She is the author of Perishables, winner of the Black River Chapbook Competition and published in 2010 by Black Lawrence Press. Her work, both fiction and poetry, has appeared in a number of literary journals, including The Carolina Quarterly, Cimarron Review and Folio. She currently lives in Barrington, Rhode Island, with her husband and son.


Across the River William Orem 978-1-933896-35-9 paper $16.95

River Roots Mary Kuykendall-Weber 978-1-933896-29-8 paper $24.95

Palms Are Not Trees After All Tara Deal 978-1-933896-17-5 paper $12.95

In the Time of the Feast of Flowers 978-1-933896-69-4 paper $18.95

51/2x81/2. 144 pp. Literary Novel. January

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Winner, 2010 Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize

Learning about Fire Ingrid Browning Moody The poems in this collection inhabit an intimate landscape of basement bathrooms and neighborhood pools, places where the familiar becomes strange: a house burns on an empty highway; Jesus has his portrait made by a hobbyist painter in a linoleum-tiled room. These poems search out the unseen that exists behind the known, not to erase it by naming it but to grapple with its presence and power, its effect on all that we can know and see.

Learning about Fire The sky ratcheted whole over us it could keep on like this, in- on the beach, the stars and the black between, for as long as we could all one thing, cranked by some keep the fire going, someone cosmic mechanism. Someone lifted a stick to poke it. threw a book into the fire. The intention was enough— It sat unchanged for awhile, the whole form then its green cover drained and didn’t crumble: the pages began to swell, bloom it vanished. open, the edges curling back then fluttering—brittle, but out of habit holding on to their old shape, the whole thing swaying a little, a boat rocking on the water.   Just as I began to think that maybe

RELATED INTEREST INGRID BROWNING MOODY’s poems have appeared in Crab Orchard Review, New South, RHINO, and elsewhere. She teaches composition at the University of California and crafts artisan jewelry in her Santa Cruz studio. Find her online at

Mom’s Canoe Rebecca Foust 978-1-933896-27-4 paper $12.95

Dark Card Rebecca Foust 978-1-933896-14-4 paper $8.95

Moving House Lisa Rashley 978-1-933896-08-3 paper $8.95

Learning about Fire 978-1-933896-68-7 paper $8.95

51/2x81/2. 40 pp. Poetry. January

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New from the 2011 Texas State Poet Laureate . . .

Feathering Deep David M. Parsons Parsons’ third collection of poems, as in his previous books, carries the reader to many geographies, both physical and cerebral. The poems, perhaps his most eclectic and revealing, return to Austin, Texas, in the turbulent and carnal sixties, the sublime Hill Country streams, north to Montana’s Mystic Lake and hallowed Indian battle grounds, and with the deftness of a wise and worldly guide, you will travel the tender valves of the heart, where all creativity finds its passion, to the very quay, that zone between reality and the possible, what Garcia Lorca called duende.

Feathering Deep

After Edward Hirsch’s a lone canoe at midnight—blades

“The Angel and the Demon”

paddling deep—smoothly

I believe it to be and deftly feathering unlike any other that largest of bodies conveyance the manner in which it carries us in upon its own silence the way an idea drifts into the grey divide where we find ourselves in that sacred state—easing quietly into the dark duende to unconscious understanding


Color of Mourning David Parsons 978-1-933896-02-1 cloth $14.95 978-1-933896-03-8 paper $8.95

Editing Sky David Parsons 978-1-881515-23-4 cloth $20.00 978-1-881515-24-1 paper $12.00

Rogue Waves Alan Birkelbach 978-1-933896-48-9 paper $12.95

DAVID M. PARSONS, 2011 Texas State Poet Laureate, grew up in Austin, Texas, and after serving in the United States Marine Corps, he attended The University of Texas and Texas State University. After several years in business, advertising, and coaching at Bellaire High School, he received an M.A. in creative writing & literature from the University of Houston. His first collection of poems, Editing Sky, was the winner of the 1999 Texas Review Poetry Prize and the Violet Crown Book Awards Special Citation. Parsons’ second book, Color of Mourning, followed in 2007. Parsons teaches creative writing and kinesiology at Lone Star College.

Feathering Deep

978-1-933896-80-9 cloth $18.95 978-1-933896-79-3 paper $12.95

51/2x81/2. 72 pp. Poetry. January

| texas review press / sam houston state university | 51

Winner, 2011 TRP Southern Poetry Breakthrough Prize: Mississippi

Walking Safari

or, The Hippo HIghway Noel Polk “The poems in the first part of this book are set in and/or inspired by my walking safari in the South Luangwa Valley of Zambia in the summer of 2010. Some of the poems are whimsical responses to the guidebook, others taking serious the Mississippi-Africa axis in race relations. The title poem is a long meditation on that axis. Two poems are set in Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia, where friends took us to an AIDS compound (read: Ghetto) and another to an AIDS hospital. The ‘other poems’ are poems I wrote many years ago and others that I started but recently finished; others are new poems, mostly set in and around my life in Mississippi.”—Noel Polk

“It is a genuine pleasure to discover these days, among the vast streams of insipid contemporary poetry that lacks both art and intellect, a collection of poems as bold and believable in substance as they are accomplished in language and form. In the tradition of Robert Penn Warren and John Crowe Ransom, Noel Polk, a man universally recognized as a literary scholar, provides us with sophisticated verse worthy of anyone’s attention and time. What a delightful way to launch our Southern Poetry Breakthrough Series. May Walking Safari be the first of many books of poetry by this fresh new voice from the South.”—Paul Ruffin, director, Texas Review Press

NOEL POLK is Emeritus Professor of English at Mississippi State Unviersity and editor of the Mississippi Quarterly. He is best known for his editorial and critical work on William Faulkner and his critical work on Eudora Welty. He has lectured widely in this country and across Europe, Japan, Australia, and South America. He is the editor of the corrected texts of Faulkner’s novels for The Library of America and the author of, among others, Children of the Dark House, Eudora Welty: A Bibliography of Her Work, Outside the Southern Myth, and Faulkner and Welty and the Southern Literary Tradition.


Hamlett Off Stage D. C. Berry 978-1-933896-30-4 paper $12.95

Sometimes The World Is Too Beautiful Swep Lovitt 978-1-933896-63-2 paper $12.95

The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume II Mississippi Stephen Gardner 978-1-933896-24-3 paper $26.95

Walking Safari 978-1-933896-74-8 paper $12.95

51/2x81/2. 112 pp. Poetry. January

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Memories from the lives of professional women . . .

Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume IV

Coping with Transition

Men, Motherhood, Money, and Magic


Edited by Susan Briggs Wright

Edited by Paul Ruffin and William Wright

Houstonians from business, law, consulting, art, and journalism share their transitions through challenges in various stages of life. They have coped with parental neglect, failure to marry “on schedule,” conflicts between career and family, turf wars in competitive careers, retirement anxiety,  and grievous losses. Magic is found in a teenage duckling’s transformation to swan, a stray thought that leads to international adoption, a rekindled romance, the power of a well-chosen wardrobe, and the humor of a “menopausal magnolia.” The writers belong to the Houston chapter of The Transition Network, a national organization for women “50 and forward.” SUSAN BRIGG WRIGHT’s career has evolved through TV journalism, public relations, and corporate communications, to focus on memoir: writing, editing, producing videos, and leading workshops. In earlier years she covered consumer affairs for Houston’s NBC affiliate, then became a producer-anchor with Houston Public Television. She wrote monthly columns for the Houston Business Journal  and taught journalism at the University of Houston.

“As a territory, and later a state, Louisiana has survived French rule, Spanish rule, Rebel rule, and even Republican rule. And somehow the people and place have managed to retain their culture and character. “Whether it’s been the Natural State, the Dream State, or the Sportsman’s Paradise, Louisiana has always been a state of resiliency, community, and joie de vivre. “Poem by poem, the pages of The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume IV: Louisiana demonstrate the variety and resiliency of a state that’s overcome wars, hurricanes, and floods to make more of itself every time. The lines between these covers are as beautiful and diverse as the people of Louisiana, as rich as the state’s history, and as promising as the future we’re all working toward.”—Jack B. Bedell, author of Come Rain, Come Shine and Call and Response PAUL RUFFIN, volume co-editor and founder of Texas Review Press, is Texas State University System Regents’ Professor and Distinguished Professor of English at Sam Houston State University. He is author of many books of poetry, essays, and fiction. Ruffin served as the 2009 Texas Poet Laureate. WILLIAM WRIGHT, series editor and volume co-editor, is author of two collections of poetry: Dark Orchard (Texas Review Press, 2005) and The Ghost Narratives (Finishing Line, 2008). His recent poems appear in Epoch, AGNI, North American Review, Colorado Review, Indiana Review, Tar River Poetry, and Southern Poetry Review. Wright is founding editor of Town Creek Poetry.

Coping with Transition

Southern Poetry Anthology IV: Louisiana

978-1-933896-78-6 paper $24.95

978-1-933896-77-9 paper $24.95

6x9. 192 pp. Literary Nonfiction. January

6x9. 272 pp. Poetry. February

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A trail of wayward characters . . .

From the author of Roller Ball . . .

“The Death of Bonnie and Clyde” and Other Stories

Black August William Harrison

Michael Gills

“The Death of Bonnie and Clyde” and Other Stories follows the trail of its wayward characters down the Delta back roads, crossing paths with Hernando DeSoto—hands bloodied by the Indian slaughters—hitchhikers and thieves, UFO’s, concrete finishers, naked fishermen, a lusty cheer squad caught and confessing in the midst of a killer tornado, and trash telescope salesmen on the day after Christmas–all saintly guardians of the human heart. From the Florida Coast up through the Carolinas and over to the Arkansas Ozarks, Bonnie and Clyde blaze a trail of love and deceit, hard liquor, and the revelation of what it’s like to be free and wild and in love on this earth. “It doesn’t matter if Michael Gills’s hellbent and dream-filled characters populate the backwoods of Arkansas or the wide-open shorelines of North Carolina—each one shows more soul than a wagonload of do-gooders. This handful of great stories displays what all good country songs prove. People stuck Here want to be Elsewhere, and people Elsewhere want to be Home. The Death of Bonne and Clyde is one beautiful ring with eleven separate, perfect gemstones displayed.”—George Singleton

Six couples from Austin, Texas, have vacationed on Lake Como in Italy during the month of August for the last seven years. This year they learn that during this month for the last seven years little girls have gone missing around the lake. One of them, Harry, the photographer, suspects that one of their group is the killer. His accusations eventually alienate him from the group—and even his wife. When they all return to Texas he continues his investigations until he discovers the identity of the killer and faces him in the violent climax. A mystery with a set of vivid characterizations, Black August explores Americans abroad, the question of evil, and the story of a marriage in crisis. WILLIAM HARRISON is the author of nine novels, three collections of short stories, two major screen plays, essays and travel pieces. He is the co-founder of the writing program at the University of Arkansas and still lives in Fayetteville.

MICHAEL GILLS grew up in Arkansas. His first collection of stories, Why I Lie, was chosen as a top literary debut of 2002, and was a finalist for Arkansas’ Porter Prize. His first novel, Go Love, is forthcoming from Raw Dog Screaming Press. Gills is currently an associate professor/lecturer of writing at the University of Utah.

“The Death of Bonnie and Clyde” and Other Stories 978-1-933896-70-0 paper $18.95

51/2x81/2. 160 pp. Fiction. Short Stories. February

Black August 978-1-933896-75-5 paper $24.95

51/2x81/2. 232 pp. Literary Novel. February

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“. . . one of America’s finest young poets. . .”

“Bledsoe reads like a poem by Cormac McCarthy.”—Robert Morgan

Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine

Bledsoe William Wright

Poems Jesse Graves

“I admire the assurance, the formal authority of Graves’s craft.” —Robert Morgan “Here is a welcome new voice offering strengths in craftsmanship and music, but always grounded in a profound sense of place. Read these poems for their wisdom, listen closely to their cadence, let them take you where they will.”—Jeff Daniel Marion “Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine is more than an extraordinary first book. These poems have the music, wisdom, and singular voice of a talent fully realized and make abundantly clear that Jesse Graves is one of America’s finest young poets.”—Ron Rash JESSE GRAVES was born and raised in Sharps Chapel, Tennessee, where his ancestors settled in the 1780s. His poems and essays have appeared in Prairie Schooner, Southern Quarterly, Connecticut Review, and other journals, anthologies, and collections. He teaches writing and literature classes at East Tennessee State University, where he is an assistant professor in the Department of Literature and Language.

Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine: Poems 978-1-933896-71-7 paper $12.95

51/2x81/2. 80 pp. Poetry. February

Bledsoe is an extended narrative poem that centers on a mute Appalachian man named Durant Bledsoe. Specifically, the poem takes place in the mountains of Yancey County, North Carolina, in an early part of the 20th century. Durant Bledsoe’s mother is dying with a brain tumor and he must take care of her, all the while coming to terms with the fact that she, in her suffering, has asked him to take her life. The book focuses much on landscape and on Bledsoe’s complex psychology and perceptions of the world, specifically as they apply to culture, family, religion, and identity. “Rarely has a contemporary poetic voice achieved the incantatory with such skill, echoes of Cormac McCarthy’s word-hoard pulsing throughout!”—Kathryn Stripling Byer “Sometimes a prayer, sometimes a scream, sometimes a folksong, the poem is a narrative of care giving, devotion, violence, and love. You will not soon forget it.”—Robert Morgan WILLIAM WRIGHT is author of three other collections of poems: Dark Orchard (Texas Review Press, 2005), The Ghost Narratives (Finishing Line Press, 2008), and Sleep Paralysis (Winner of the South Carolina Poetry Initiative Prize, forthcoming from Stepping Stones Press, 2011). Recent work of Wright’s appears in Shenandoah, North American Review, Indiana Review, Colorado Review, and Southern Poetry Review. Wright is the series editor of The Southern Poetry Anthology.

Bledsoe 978-1-933896-76-2 paper $12.95

51/2x81/2. 80 pp. Poetry. January


An important work about the cost of war . . .

Warcuts Don R. Schol “For some twenty years after my encounters in Vietnam, I experienced dreams about the war; however, I refrained from speaking openly and publicly of my military service. Since the Vietnam War was so unpopular with so many of the American people, veterans did not reveal their participation in that conflict.” “When I was returning home from Hawaii through the San Francisco airport in my dress green uniform, some young people approached me and spat upon me in disgust. In their minds I was a ‘baby killer’ and a ‘war monger.’ They had no idea who or what I really was or what I stood for. It has now been 40 years since the Vietnam War, and I have found myself ready to make art again about my remembered experiences. This suite of woodcut prints represents the primary substance of these experiences.” “The images represented in this suite are based on my personal experiences, while I served in Vietnam as combat artist. Some of the images literally depict what I actually witnessed and experienced; however, others symbolize something I felt about a particular experience or collective experiences, events I could not simply and adequately express in a naturalistic (photographic) way.” “This more expressive approach to creating imagery was characteristic of those artists of the German Expressionist movement and from whom I have inherited my own personal style of imagery, especially through the medium of the woodcut print. Those artists whose work I am particularly attracted to and inspired by, such as Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, and Max Beckmann, were themselves subjected to the horrors of war during World War I. Consequently, I find a kinship with them and their style of expression.”—Don R. Schol

“Say the word Vietnam to a Veteran and you can smell the wood-burning fires, hear the AK-47’s and B-52’s, see pajama-clad Viet Cong skirting a tree line and the helicopters darting across the sky—you can feel all the emotions of young men and women who in the end were fighting as much for their love of each other as for the love of country that brought them there in the first place.”—Senator John Kerry “. . . these images are universal, transcending the particular to address the universal.”—Donald K. Pickens, emeritus professor, department of history, University of North Texas


DON R. SCHOL is Emeritus Professor of Art in the College of Visual Arts & Design at the University of North Texas. He was assigned to the United States Army Viet Nam as an official Army Combat Artist in 1967 and served as a company commander at Fort Hood. He was separated from active duty in 1969. The Two Thousand Yard Stare Tom Lea’s World War II Tom Lea 978-1-60344-008-0 cloth $40.00

Art from the Trenches America’s Uniformed Artists in World War I Alfred Emile Cornebise 978-0-89096-349-4 cloth $50.00

Until They Are Home Bringing Back the MIAs from Vietnam, a Personal Memoir Thomas Ty Smith 978-1-60344-232-9 cloth $29.95

Warcuts 978-1-936205-13-4 cloth $35.00

81/2x11. 100 pp. Art. Vietnam War. January



Bonnie and Clyde and Marie

A Sister’s Perspective on the Notorious Barrow Gang Jonathan Davis Jonathan Davis’s long awaited book reveals a sister’s perspective of her brothers and their gang, the sometimes uncomfortable relationships among family members, and a glimpse into what it was like to live in the media’s constant scrutiny and distortion. “I had known Marie since autumn, 1993, after both of us had worked on a documentary titled Remembering Bonnie and Clyde. She brought in the ‘death shirt’ and other items to be photographed for this program. I watched her being interviewed and was impressed by the story she had to tell. A few days afterward, I sent Marie a small thank-you card with a note telling her how much I enjoyed meeting her and that if I could ever be of assistance, she should call. I didn’t expect a response, but shortly thereafter, Marie called and asked to meet with me, and thus began one of the richest and most interesting times of my life.” —Jonathan Davis “It’s probably too late to change the overall perception that the American public has of my brothers Clyde and Buck, as well as Clyde’s sweetheart Bonnie Parker and Buck’s wife Blanche Caldwell Barrow. The public’s perspective on my family members and friends has been reinforced by over 60 years of caricature and exaggeration through the output of the publishing houses and the Hollywood studios. It began during the days of the old newsreels in the movie houses and has continued unchanged up through today’s modern cable television networks and satellite communications. No matter which medium carries the message, the message itself is typically 100% pure baloney.”—Marie Barrow Scoma

JONATHAN DAVIS was born in Evansville, Indiana. In the early autumn of 1993, he made the acquaintance of Marie Barrow when they both worked on a documentary concerning the Barrow Gang. From that time until her passing in early 1999, Marie and Jonathan worked on several Barrow-related projects, such as the manuscript and the nationally-publicized auction of Clyde’s death shirt and other family items. Jonathan has also appeared on several national programs concerning Bonnie and Clyde.  He currently resides in Dallas, TX.


Gangster Tour of Texas T. Lindsay Baker 978-1-60344-258-9 flexbound $29.95

“The Death of Bonnie and Clyde” and Other Stories Michael Gills 978-1-933896-70-0 paper $18.95

The Deadliest Outlaws The Ketchum Gang and the Wild Bunch, Second Edition Jeffrey Burton 978-1-57441-270-3 cloth $34.95

Bonnie and Clyde and Marie 978-1-936205-12-7 cloth $24.95

6x9. 300 pp. 20 b&w photos. Criminal Justice. Memoir. Literary Nonfiction. February


Innovative transitions for students of all ages . . .

Transitions Cay McAninch and Vikki Boatman The process of transitioning from one activity to another in the classroom can be excessively time consuming and potentially disruptive, interrupting what could otherwise be a productive class period. Transition activities are important tools for effective classroom management. Transitions outlines a variety of transition activities, including capturing attention, waiting, moving, teaching, and dismissing. As you try these and explore their use, it is important to remember you may use the same transition to accomplish different purposes. A transition used to gain attention, for example, may also work well for waiting or dismissal. The authors also cover considerations such as the age of the child, featuring transitions for children of all ages and stages of development. Most transitions, of course, can also be modified to use with any age and for multiple purposes.

“Using transitions with any age child, even the very young child, will make a positive difference in the flow of each moment of the day. Transitions also help to prepare children for the next stage of their learning and development. “—Lori M. Harkness “Using transitions throughout the day provides a way to support and promote positive behavior. Transitions provide a way for the teacher to effectively and positively maintain order.”—Liz Vaughan


Ringing the Children In Texas Country Schools Thad Sitton and MIlam C. Rowold 978-0-89096-290-9 cloth $24.95

Tenderfoot Teacher Letters from the Big Bend, 1952–1954 Aileen Henderson 978-0-87565-264-1 paper $15.95

Inside the Classroom (and Out) How We Learn through Folklore Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt 978-1-57441-202-4 cloth $29.95s

CAY MCANINCH has been an early childhood educator and lecturer at Stephen F. Austin State University since 2004. Before teaching higher education, McAninch’s twenty-five-plus years of teaching experience included private and public school settings with toddlers, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten classrooms, and various mixtures of older children. VIKKI BOATMAN is a long-time early childhood educator, working for sixteen years with young children and over twenty years with university students. Boatman taught in the Early Childhood Lab at Stephen F. Austin State University before teaching in public schools. She returned to SFA for several years before being hired to build the Lufkin Independent School District’s first self-contained gifted and talented kindergarten program, then housed on the Garrett Primary Campus.

Transitions 978-1-936205-14-1 paper $25.00

81/2x11. 152 pp. Full Color. Education. May



Not Yet explores the beautiful dance of care-giver and patient, mother, and child . . .

A new voice in American poetry . . .

Not Yet


Marcia Slatkin

Benjamin Vogt

Not Yet 978-1-936205-49-3 paper $17.95

9x6. 136 pp. Poetry. May

“The poems are honest, raw, close to the heart. They will speak to, console, and inspire you about the brutal, heart rending reality and reward of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.”—-Phillip Levine, poetry editor, Chronogram These 96 poems about Marcia Slatkin’s mother’s Alzheimer’s disease take us into new territory—not hospital or hospice but the intimate daily world of care-giving where we find not only the ravages of this illness, but also the possibility of grace . . . . A former English teacher, MARCIA SLATKIN now plays cello, takes photographs, and writes. She is the author of several collections of poetry, including A Season’s Milking, I Kidnap My Mother, and A Woman Milking. 

The latest from the acclaimed American poet. . .

Mountains of the Moon Greg Kuzma Mountains of the Moon 978-1-936205-63-9 paper $15.95

6x9. 144 pp. Poetry. May

Greg Kuzma’s Mountains of the Moon is the second selection from his longer poems. The first, All That is Not Given is Lost, was published in 2007 by Backwaters Press. A third volume is in preparation. Kuzma’s gift is his ability to slip deeply into the territories of human soul, where he teaches us to endure against loss, to ascend from despair, and to celebrate how beautiful imperfect lives may be. GREG KUZMA recently retired from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as Professor Emeritus, having taught poetry writing at all levels there for fortytwo years. A prolific writer, his poetry has appeared in some of the most significant journals in this country, and his many books include Good News, The Buffalo Shoot, Village Journal, For My Brother, and News for the World. He lives in Crete, Nebraska, with his wife, Barb.

Afterimage moves from the southern to northern Plains and the eastern Midwest, where the natural world calls out through deep lakes and dark woods, and finally through transient moments framed by gardens: a butterfly nectaring on a coneflower, planting lavender with his future wife, or autumn leaves crashing against a morning window. In a rich array of forms and evocative imagery, the poems in Afterimage reach through prairie history until grass becomes skin, and light becomes shadow. BENJAMIN VOGT was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Minnesota. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an M.F.A from the Ohio State University. His poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared in American Life in Poetry, Crab Orchard Review, ISLE, Sou’wester, Subtropics, and Verse Daily. He is also the author of two poetry chapbooks: Indelible Marks (Pudding House) and Without Such Absence (Finishing Line Press). Afterimage

978-1-936205-57-8 paper $15.95 6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. May


New in the SFASU Mentoring Series . . . Highly inspirational . . .

An important book of poetry about family and political strife that transcends cultural boundaries . . .

Reverse Mentoring Critical Journeys Jim Towns

Crossing Black Waters

Reverse Mentoring 978-1-936205-51-6 paper $15.95

6x9. 242 pp. Popular Culture. Memoir. Self Help. May

In this newest collection of essays compiled and edited by Jim Towns, life lessons are revealed as Towns remarks upon the positive changes in his own life, a process he calls reverse mentoring. The chapters in this book are motivational and inspirational statements from the lives and faith of reverse mentors. JIM TOWNS is Regents Professor of Communication Studies at Stephen F. Austin State University.

A fascinating look at discourses in Spanish, English, and German . . .

Latin American Community Tradition, Transition, and Identity Edited by Jeana Paul-Urena and Juan Carlos Urena

Latin American Community

978-1-936205-58-5 paper $15.95

6x9. 224 pp. 8 b&w photos. May

As part of an initiative to enhance the Latin American Studies program, an interdisciplinary, international conference series on Latin American Studies was established in 2009. The conference drew participants from many different universities across three continents. This collection of essays, in English and Spanish, represent a multifaceted perspective on Latin America today. JEANA PAUL-URENA and JUAN CARLOS URENA are editors of the new collection: Latin American Community: Tradition, Transition, and Identity (SFA Press, 2011). Both have published articles on Central American writers, including the themes of women writers, poetry, and music. They live in Nacogdoches, Texas, and teach at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Athena Kashyap

Crossing Black Waters is an exploration of borders through one family’s personal odyssey from the violent upheaval of the Partition of India in 1947 to emigrating to the U.S. The book delves into the psychological impact of leaving behind a past that keeps “pulsating behind swinging shutters of thought” to recreate lives and identities anew, and searches for “home.” ATHENA KASHYAP’s poetry has appeared in Exquisite Corpse, Quiddity, Sanskriti, The Fourth River among other journals, and has also been widely anthologized in the U.S. and U.K. She has an MFA and MA from San Francisco State University and University of California at Davis, and is an adjunct professor of English at City College of San Francisco. She currently resides in Bangalore, India. Crossing Black Waters

978-1-936205-59-2 paper $15.95 6x9. 88 pp. Poetry. April



New stories from acclaimed author Edward Belfar . . .

The magic of myth and poetry come alive . . .


Woods & Water, Wolves & Women

Edward Belfar Wanderers 978-1-936205-47-9 paper $16.95

Christine ButterworthMcDermott

6x9. 272 pp. Collection of Short Fiction. May

The wanderers who populate these exquisitely crafted stories appear in a variety of settings—a piano bar in Rome, a hospital bed, a train traveling between Nairobi and Mombasa, the bleachers at Yankee Stadium—but nowhere are they quite at home, often navigating the unrecognizable geographical and emotional terrain as they search for hope, redemption, and love. EDWARD BELFAR  is a Long Island native who now lives with his wife in Maryland and works as a writer and editor. His fiction has appeared in Shenandoah, Tampa Review, Confrontation, Natural Bridge, and numerous other publications. His short story “Errors” was chosen as the winning entry in the Sport Literature Association’s 2008 fiction competition.

Youngdahl explores the history of the West in an ingenious way . . .

History, Advice, and Other Half-Truths Shana Youngdahl History, Advice, and Other Half-Truths 978-1-936205-36-3 paper $14.95

6x9. 80 pp. Poetry. January History, Advice and Other-Half Truths explores the intersections of Western legends, landscapes, love, terror, as a range of characters struggle to live passionate lives. Here Doc Holliday is turned in by his worn-out lover, Jim Younger laments from his prison cell, Carl Jung builds sandcastles, women find freedom as ranchers and outlaws, and grandmothers give advice and haunt bridal bedrooms as the poet grapples with her own transition into a wife and mother. SHANA YOUNGDAHL was born and raised in Paradise, California. She is the author of the chapbooks Donner: A Passing (Finishing Line, 2008) and Of Nets (Gendun, 2010), which received a grant from the Iowa Arts Council and Pushcart Prize nomination. Her poetry has appeared widely in journals including Third Coast, Shenandoah and Margie. She holds a BA from Mills College and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Minnesota.

Christine Butterworth-McDermott’s Woods & Water, Wolves & Women explores the myths and themes that make fantasy and fairy tales permanent fixations in the hearts and lives of us all. Here is alluring poetry whose music lulls and surprises. Readers will remember, as they have the dark woods and forest monsters of their youth, McDermott’s unique voice. CHRISTINE BUTTERWORTH-MCDERMOTT teaches creative writing, American Modernism, and fairy tales at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Her poetry chapbook is Tales on Tales: Sestinas (Finishing Line, 2010), and her poems and short stories have appeared in such journals as Alaska Quarterly Review, Beloit Fiction Journal, Borderlands, California Quarterly, Fourth River, North Atlantic Review, Portland Review, and RATTLE. Woods & Water, Wolves & Women is her first full-length collection of poetry. Woods & Water, Wolves & Women

978-1-936205-64-6 paper $16.95 6x9. 112 pp. Poetry. May


A photographic journey into the art of rastlin . . .

The hauntingly beautiful photographic works of Frank Dituri. . .


Frank Dituri

A Southern Survey

Of Things Not Seen

Photographs by David McClister Introduction by David A. Lewis

Photographs by Frank Dituri Foreword by David A. Lewis

Nashville-based photographer and music video director, David McClister specializes in documentary, photojournalism and celebrity portraiture. In this remarkable series, McClister presents his highly personal and closeup observations of the Southern small-town wrestling scene. Alternately comical and poignant, McClister’s photographs capture a sense of the human condition unfolding in the “Rastlin” theatre, in the actions of the players, including the “Faces” (heroes), “Heels” (Villains), Refs, and the reacting Fans. He also explores the dynamics of such events as: “Making an Entrance”, being “In the Ring” and what happens “Outside the Ring”, as well as the “Concessions” that occur outside the ring and backstage. In a concise introductory essay, Art historian David Lewis addresses these tragicomic themes and explores the social function of the wrestlers’ masks and costumes, as well as their crowd appeal and why they are an art form. DAVID A. LEWIS specializes in Modern art and has written about Dorothy Shakespear Pound, Leonard Baskin, and Michael (Corinne) West.

In his evocative photographs, Frank Dituri presents glimpses of ordinary reality as evidence of things not actually seen. His wide-ranging works range in style from sharp focus to blurry abstraction. The people and landscapes in this selection of Dituri’s photographs suggest unfolding, open-ended narratives. Full of mystery, power and fascination, Dituri’s engaging images capture moments of epiphany. They are hauntingly beautiful. Dituri currently teaches at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is the subject of several books. Art historian David Lewis explores the visionary aspects of Dituri’s photographs in an insightful introduction. DAVID A. LEWIS, professor of art history and former director of the SFA School of Art, is a specialist in Modern American and European art. Lewis is the compiler of Rico Lebrun: Consulting the Tangible World (2004) and has written about Dorothy Shakespear Pound, Leonard Baskin, and Michael (Corinne) West. He is currently working on a catalogue of the SFA Galleries’ collection of works by the sculptor and painter Samuel Rothbort. Lewis is the general editor of LaNana Creek Press, the fine arts press of Stephen F. Austin State University, which he cofounded with Charles D. Jones in 1998. Lewis has organized over thirty exhibitions, and he established the SFASU Museum Studies Certificate program in 2010. Lewis was the first writer recipient of the Heliker-LaHotan Summer residency (2009).


Frank Dituri

978-1-936205-62-2 flexbound $21.95

978-1-936205-61-5 cloth $35.95

10x7. 96 pp. 45 color photos. Popular Culture. Photography. February

10x10. 112 pp. 50 b&w photos. Photography. February



Duff’s short stories capture the everyday struggles of humanity . . .

Astute observations on how significant sustainability is to human survival, locally and globally . . .

Decoration Day

Toward a More Livable World

And Other Stories

Social Dimensions of Sustainability

Gerald Duff

Edited by Jerry Williams and William Forbes

Decoration Day and Other Stories ranges in locale from the piney woods of Deep East Texas, to the mean streets of Memphis, to the suburbs of Washington, DC. Highly comic and deeply serious, the collection reaches from the late 19th century to the present day. The title story centers on elderly sisters striving to save an unjustly accused man from a lynch mob, while at the same time fetch home a wagonload of flowering bushes to commemorate their dead in the family cemetery. Captive to private delusions and bound to dreams of what ought to be, each character in Duff’s eleven stories struggles for escape, redemption, and the healing power of memory. GERALD DUFF’s short stories and poems have appeared in Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, Southwest Review, Sewanee Review, Georgia Review, Missouri Review, and other magazines. In addition to a memoir and two collections of poetry, he has published seven novels and a collection of short stories, Fire Ants, which was a finalist for the Jesse Jones Award for Fiction in 2008 from the Texas Institute of Letters. The title story won the Cohen Award from Ploughshares and was reprinted in The Editors’ Choice: New American Stories and cited in The Best American Short Stories.

Toward a More Livable World: Social Dimensions of Sustainability explores many timely and imperative subjects, among them: the problems and promises of sustainability, how sustainability impacts cultural change, the ethics of sustainability, sustainability and education, community development, and economics. Contributing authors include Williams and Forbes, as well as Ben Dixon, Kelly Salsbery, Louise Stoehr, Jerry K. Frye, Michelle Williams, Ken Lauter, Alex Garvin, Kathleen Belanger, Maya Lemon, Henrik Harkula, Cindy Pressley, Lee Payne, Ray Darville, Dan Shilling, Tom Mote, and others. This tremendous collaboration provides astute observations on how significant sustainability is to human survival, locally and globally. JERRY WILLIAMS and WILLIAM FORBES are both professors in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis at Stephen F. Austin State University, in Nacogdoches, Texas. Williams received his MA and PhD in Sociology from Kansas State University, and is the author of The Rise and Decline of Public Interest in Global Warming: Toward a Pragmatic Conception of Environmental Problems (Nova Science, 2001); he has published numerous sociological publications in such journals as Creative Sociology, Human Ecology Review, and Sociological Inquiry, among others. For many years, he has organized conference sessions on sustainability topics. Forbes holds an MS in applied geography and a PhD in environmental science from the University of North Texas. Among Forbes’ environmental activities, he oversaw the compliance of tree protection, open space, and storm water regulations in relation to suburban development in Flower Mound, Texas; built partnerships with residents of Chihuahua, Mexico, to research environmental history, economic and environmental issues, and ecological restoration techniques; and, worked with the USDA Forest Service in Oregon to write environmental assessments for forest health and wildlife habitat restoration.

Decoration Day

Toward a More Livable World

978-1-936205-56-1 paper $18.95

978-1-936205-60-8 paper $21.95

51/2x81/2. 286 pp. Anthology of Short Stories. April

51/2x81/2. 220 pp. Conservation. Economics. Popular Culture. January


A stunning new work From Charlotte Gould Warren . . .



Bill Mesce Jr.

Charlotte Gould Warren

Award-winning novelist, screenwriter and playwright Bill Mesce Jr turns, for the first time, to short fiction in a gallery of pieces ranging from the familiar (an encounter at a winter-whipped commuter bus stop in “North”) to the arcane (a lost cavalry patrol in the Civil War-set “Precis”); the sweet (a hopeful tete a tete at a Parisian café in “Ad Vivum”) to the bittersweet (a drifter marking time between busses in “Ante Meridiem”); the intimate (an altar boy’s private rebellion in “Crusade”) to the epic (the Vietnam War novella, “Diamond Red”. Mesce’s stunning first collection of short fiction grafts sharp images onto a landscape filled with compelling characters, characters who laugh and love and ache. His stories carry a sense of immediacy, the truth of experience. BILL MEsCE JR. is an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction, as well as a produced screenwriter and playwright. His short fiction has appeared in such paper-and-ink and electronic publications as The Write Place at the Write Time, The SNReview, The Monongohela Review, and Portland Magazine.

Sacred River

Charlotte Warren’s memoir, Jumna, chronicles her childhood in India during its fight for independence from Great Britain, and her coming of age in the United States during the turbulent sixties.

“Several girls ended up in a fight, the buckle of a classmate’s shoe caught in another girl’s hair. Cries of pain. In the fray, I was accused of fueling the argument with a mean remark, but although I agreed with the remark, it had come from someone else. Unable to get at the truth, Miss Gasper lined us up, littlest ones in front, and brought out the long wooden hair brush we dreaded. Pants down, bent over, we each received a paddling. Anticipation and the sounds of others crying terrified us more than the thwack itself. I vowed never to hit children. Before bedtime, each of us was given four pieces of toilet paper and told to have a bowel movement. If we couldn’t, we were fed a spoonful of cod liver oil. We soon learned to lie. The toilet paper, a lifeless grey, was stiff and needed to be rubbed to soften it. It carried the imprint of the crown of His Majesty the King of England.” CHARLOTTE GOULD WARREN won the Washington Prize and publication by Word Works for her poetry collection, Gandhi’s Lap.  Her second poetry manuscript was a finalist in both the Phillip Levine and Ashland poetry contests. Her poems have appeared on Seattle buses as well as in Orion, Calyx, The Hawai’i Review, The Louisville Review, and Kansas Quarterly, among other journals and anthologies. She received her MFA in Writing from Vermont College and has taught part-time at Peninsula College in Washington State.    



978-1-936205-55-4 paper $15.95

978-1-936205-29-5 paper $18.95

6x9. 164 pp. Anthology of Short Stories. April

6x9. 212 pp. 8 b&w photos. Memoir. Literary Nonfiction. Folklore. January

books on presidential studies from texas a&m university press



The American Campaign James E. Campbell 978-1-58544-644-5 cloth $45.00x 978-1-58544-628-5 paper $19.95

Congressional Abdication on War and Spending Louis Fisher 978-0-89096-950-2 cloth $34.95s 978-0-89096-951-9 paper $17.95s

Green Talk in the White House Tarla Rai Peterson, Ed. 978-1-58544-335-2 cloth $50.00x 978-1-58544-415-1 paper $25.00s

Honest Broker? John P. Burke 978-1-60344-098-1 cloth $60.00x 978-1-60344-102-5 paper $29.95

Jimmy Carter, Human Rights, and the National Agenda Mary E. Stuckey 978-1-60344-074-5 cloth $39.95s

Landmark Speeches of the American Conservative Movement Peter Schweizer and Wynton C. Hall, Eds. 978-1-58544-584-4 cloth $30.00s 978-1-58544-598-1 paper $18.95

The Modern Presidency and Civil Rights Garth E. Pauley 978-1-58544-107-5 cloth $39.95s

The Politics of the President's Wife MaryAnne Borrelli 978-1-60344-284-8 cloth $50.00x 978-1-60344-285-5 paper $24.95

The Presidency and Women Janet M. Martin 978-1-58544-245-4 cloth $55.00s 978-1-60344-154-4 paper $27.50s

A Presidency Upstaged Lori Cox Han 978-1-60344-220-6 cloth $40.00s

Presidential Term Limits in American History Michael J. Korzi 978-1-60344-231-2 cloth $34.95s

PROCLAIMING THE TRUMAN DOCTRINE Denise M. Bostdorff 978-1-60344-032-5 cloth $34.95x 978-1-60344-034-9 paper $17.95s

Reagan on War Gail E. S. Yoshitani 978-1-60344-259-6 cloth $35.00

The Leadership of George Bush Roman Popadiuk 978-1-60344-112-4 cloth $30.00

The Moral Rhetoric of American Presidents Colleen J. Shogan 978-1-58544-522-6 cloth $45.00s 978-1-58544-639-1 paper $22.95

TRUMAN'S WHISTLE-STOP CAMPAIGN Steven R. Goldzwig 978-1-60344-005-9 cloth $34.95x 978-1-60344-006-6 paper $17.95

Scripted for Change Victoria A. Farrar-Myers 978-1-58544-585-1 cloth $49.95s

White House Politics and the Environment Byron W. Daynes and Glen Sussman 978-1-60344-202-2 hardcover $45.00x 978-1-60344-203-9 paper $24.95

WHO BELONGS IN AMERICA? Vanessa B. Beasley, Ed. 978-1-58544-505-9 cloth $39.95s

YOU, THE PEOPLE Vanessa B. Beasley 978-1-58544-277-5 cloth $39.95s 978-1-60344-298-5 paper $21.95s


WAR BIRD ACE Jack Stokes Ballard 978-1-58544-554-7 cloth $29.95

Confederate Struggle for Command Alexander Mendoza 978-1-60344-052-3 cloth $32.95

Every Day a Nightmare William H. Bartsch 978-1-60344-176-6 cloth $40.00

Ghosts of Iwo Jima Robert S. Burrell 978-1-60344-517-7 paperback $23.95

Glider Infantryman Don Rich and Kevin Brooks 978-1-60344-424-8 cloth $35.00

Hell’s Islands Stanley Coleman Jersey 978-1-58544-616-2 cloth $35.00

THE Hump John D. Plating 978-1-60344-237-4 cloth $34.95

Mrs. Cordie’s Soldier Son Rocky R. Miracle 978-1-60344-029-5 cloth $24.95

Learning under Fire James S. Powell 978-1-60344-171-1cloth $40.00

Soissons, 1918 Douglas V. Johnson II and Rolfe L. Hillman Jr. 978-0-89096-893-2 cloth $29.95

Vietnam, 1969-1970 Michael Lee Lanning 978-1-58544-631-5 paperback $19.95

Waltzing into the Cold War James Jay Carafano 978-1-58544-213-3 cloth $44.95s

Patton’s Fighting Bridge Builders Joseph C. Fitzharris 978-1-58544-550-9 cloth $35.00s

Soldiering for Freedom Herman J. Obermayer

978-1-58544-430-4 cloth $32.95 978-1-58544-406-9 paperback $17.95

Red Wings over the Yalu Road to the Killing Fields Xiaoming Zhang Wilfred P. Deac 978-1-58544-201-0 cloth $39.95s 978-1-58544-054-2 paperback $27.95 978-1-58544-340-6 paperback $24.95

Son Tay Raid John Gargus 978-1-60344-212-1 paperback $22.95

Tejanos in Gray Jerry Thompson, Ed. 978-1-60344-243-5 cloth $29.95

“Execute against Japan” Joel Ira Holwitt 978-1-60344-083-7 cloth $37.50

| books on military history from texas a&m university press

Combat Ready? Thomas E. Hanson 978-1-60344-167-4 cloth $45.00

books on anthropology/archaeology from texas a&m university press



Archaeology of Death and Burial Mike Parker Pearson 978-1-58544-099-3 paper $27.95s

Anatomy and Biology of the Arch Lake Woman Human Skeleton Douglas W. Owsley D. Gentry Steele and Claud A. Bramblett 978-1-60344-208-4 hardcover $30.00 978-0-89096-326-5 paper $34.95x

Archaeological Conservation Using Polymers C. Wayne Smith 978-1-58544-217-1 cloth $39.95s 978-1-58544-218-8 paper $19.95s

Archaeology of Animal Bones Terry O’Connor 978-1-60344-084-4 paper $29.95s

Battles of the Red River War J. Brett Cruse 978-1-60344-027-1 cloth $29.95

Clovis Lithic Technology From the Yenisei to the Yukon Michael R. Waters, et al. Ted Goebel and Ian Buvit, Eds. 978-1-60344-278-7 hardcover $45.00s 978-1-60344-321-0 hardcover $80.00s

Historical Archaeology of Military Sites Edited by Clarence R. Geier, et al. 978-1-60344-207-7 hardcover $50.00s

How War Began Keith F. Otterbein 978-1-58544-329-1 cloth $60.00x 978-1-58544-330-7 paper $25.00

Human Origins Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall 978-1-60344-518-4 paper $29.95

In Search of Maya Sea Traders Heather McKillop 978-1-58544-389-5 cloth $45.00x 978-1-58544-424-3 paper $19.95


Rock Art of the Lower Pecos

Ian Tattersall and Rob DeSalle 978-1-60344-425-5 cloth $35.00

Carolyn E. Boyd 978-1-58544-259-1 cloth $45.00

Lone Star Stalag Osteology of Infants and Children Michael R. Waters Brenda J. Baker, et al. 978-1-58544-428-1 cloth $50.00x 978-1-58544-545-5 paper $22.95 978-1-58544-465-6 paper $34.95s

Sea of Galilee Boat Shelley Wachsmann 978-1-60344-113-1 paper $23.00

The Proto-Neolithic Cemetery in Shanidar Cave Ralph S. Solecki, et al. 978-1-58544-272-0 cloth $50.00s

Prehistory of Texas Timothy K. Perttula 978-1-60344-519-1 paper $60.00s

Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks J. Richard Steffy 978-1-60344-520-7 paper $60.00s


heirloom gardening in the south William C. Welch and Greg Grant 978-1-60344-213-8 flexbound $29.95

Extreme Birder Lynn E. Barber 978-1-60344-261-9 flexbound $29.95

nature watch austin Bats of Texas Lynne Weber and Jim Weber Loren K. Ammerman, et al. 978-1-60344-431-6 flexbound $24.95 978-1-60344-476-7 flexbound $35.00

Houston Atlas of Biodiversity Houston Wilderness 978-1-58544-618-6 paperback $23.95

Generations on the Land Joe Nick Patoski 978-1-60344-241-1 cloth $25.00

river music Ann McCutchan 978-1-60344-289-3 cloth with CD $24.95

Hummingbirds of Texas Water from Stone Clifford E. Shackelford, et al. Jeffrey Greene 978-1-60344-110-0 flexbound $19.95 978-1-60344-063-9 paperback $16.95

Prairie Time Matt White 978-1-58544-501-1 cloth $19.95

Texas Legacy Project David Todd and David Weisman, eds. 978-1-60344-200-8 flexbound $30.00

The Living Waters of Texas Ken Kramer and Charles Kruvand 978-1-60344-201-5 cloth $30.00

Birding Hot Spots of Central Finding Birds on the Great Texas New Mexico Coastal Birding Trail Judy Liddell and Barbara Hussey Ted L. Eubanks Jr., et al. 978-1-60344-426-2 flexbound $24.95 978-1-58544-534-9 flexbound $23.00

Kayaking the Texas Coast John Whorff 978-1-60344-225-1 flexbound $25.00

The Texas Tomato Lover’s Handbook

Texas Peach Handbook Jim Kamas 978-1-60344-266-4 flexbound $24.95

William D. Adams 978-1-60344-239-8 flexbound $25.00

Encyclopedia of Texas Seashells

John W. Tunnell Jr., et al. 978-1-60344-141-4 hardcover $50.00

Texas Wildscapes

Kelly Conrad Bender 978-1-60344-085-1 flexbound with DVD $24.95

| books on gardening and nature from texas a&m university press

Doug Welsh’s Texas Garden Almanac, Agrilife Edition Doug Welsh 978-1-60344-478-1 flexbound $24.95

biographies and memoirs from texas a&m university press



Pioneer Jewish Texans Natalie Ornish 978-1-60344-423-1 cloth $30.00

claytie Mike Cochran 978-1-58544-634-6 cloth $24.95

Harsh Country, Hard Times Janet Williams Pollard and Louis Gwin 978-1-60344-283-1 cloth $35.00

George P. Mitchell and the Idea of Sustainability Jurgen Schmandt 978-1-60344-217-6 cloth $32.00

rudder Thomas M. Hatfield 978-1-60344-262-6 cloth $30.00

Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine Frontier Blood Jo Ella Powell Exley, Ed. Jo Ella Powell Exley 978-0-89096-453-8 paperback $19.95 978-1-60344-109-4 paperback $24.95 978-0-89096-215-2 cloth 29.95

Mighty Stonewall Frank E. Vandiver 978-0-89096-391-3 paperback $35.00s

Unprecedented power Steven Fenberg 978-1-60344-434-7 cloth $35.00

Women in the Field Texas Task Force 1 Marcia Myers Bonta Bud Force 978-0-89096-489-7 paperback $27.95 978-1-60344-288-6 flexbound $24.95

Texas Aggie Medals of Honor James R. Woodall 978-1-60344-204-6 cloth $25.00

Ben Love Ben F. Love 978-1-60344-049-3 paperback $23.95

Twentieth-Century Doctor Mavis P. Kelsey Sr. 978-0-89096-866-6 cloth $29.95

Keepers of the Spirit John A. Adams Jr. 978-1-60344-155-1 paperback $34.95s


Joseph A. Pratt and Christopher J. Castaneda 978-1-58544-266-9 paperback $29.95s

Going to Windward Robert A. Mosbacher Sr. and James G. McGrath 978-1-60344-221-3 cloth $30.00

George Herbert Walker Bush Compiled by David Valdez 978-0-89096-779-9 cloth $39.95

Together We Can Edward A. Hiler and Steven L. Bosserman 978-1-60344-428-6 cloth $25.00s

Gus Wortham Fran Dressman 978-0-89096-580-1 cloth $29.95


Capturing Nature Patsy Pittman Light 978-1-58544-610-0 cloth $30.00

Going Back to Galveston M. Jimmie Killingsworth Photographs by Geoff Winningham 978-1-60344-294-7 flexbound $24.95

Historic Hotels of Texas Liz Carmack 978-1-58544-608-7 flexbound $23.00

Courthouses of Texas Mavis P. Kelsey, Sr., and Donald H. Dyal 978-1-58544-549-3 paper $22.95 978-158544-325-3 poster (27”x38”) $15.00

Galveston Bay Sally E. Antrobus 978-1-58544-460-1 cloth $40.00s 978-1-58544-461-8 paper $19.95

History Ahead Dan K. Utley and Cynthia J. Beeman 978-1-60344-151-3 flexbound $23.00

Sailing Ship Elissa Patricia Bellis Bixel 978-1-60344-412-5 paper $17.95

Enjoying Big Bend National Park Gary Clark and Kathy Adams Clark 978-1-60344-101-8 flexbound $17.95

Gangster Tour of Texas T. Lindsay Baker 978-1-60344-258-9 flexbound $29.95

Land of the Desert Sun D. Gentry Steele 978-0-89096-835-2 paper $19.95

Traveling the Shore of the Spanish Sea Geoff Winningham 978-1-60344-161-2 cloth $45.00

Exploring the Edges of Texas Walt Davis 978-1-60344-153-7 cloth $24.95

Garden Lover’s Guide to Houston Eileen Houston 978-1-58544-613-1 paper $19.95

Lighthouses of Texas T. Lindsay Baker 978-1-58544-145-7 cloth $39.95

Texas Caves Blair Pittman 978-0-89096-899-4 paper $19.95

| books on texas travel from texas a&m university press

Caprock Canyonlands Dan L. Flores 978-1-60344-180-3 flexbound $24.95

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Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog Texas A&M University Press  

Spring/Summer 2012 Catalog from Texas A&M University Press

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