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Foundation President Al Jones

Al Jones


ver the years, much of the success of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has been made possible due to the generosity of donors who, through their understanding of a long-term investment in the community, have ensured students have their place in the classroom by creating scholarships, supporting

academic programs and helping in the development of the University’s skyline. Today, this philosophy of philanthropy is more essential than ever as the Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Foundation develops 21st century strategies to expand programs, services, and financial aid to help prospective students meet the increasing cost of a college education. By building a diverse portfolio that ensures quality returns over many years, the Foundation has positioned itself to meet the critical demand for scholarships and help reduce ability-to-pay as a bottom-line component in the decision-making process. With the short-term economy in flux, there is no better longterm investment for the vitality of the University and the Coastal Bend community than education. Because the “education economy” has seen a disproportionate rise in inflation due to the decrease in state funding, universities have been forced to rely on tuition increases that threaten to place a college education beyond the grasp of many talented students. We, as a nation, cannot fail these students. To do so, would place the United States at a disadvantage in the increasing-competitive global marketplace of ideas and goods. Ultimately, the price for such short-sighted vision will lead to a suppressed local marketplace with a workforce full of unfulfilled potential. But, this crisis is also filled with opportunity. For recent graduates and other alumni and friends of the University who search for ways to support the University’s future, giving to Texas A&M-Corpus Christi is an excellent opportunity to extend a “hand up” to the next generation of college students. For those who have supported the University for many years but have not increased their contribution, this is an ideal time to reaffirm your commitment by adding to your original investment. Without financial commitment today, there will be little reward in the future. Providing funds for scholarships is an investment in students and in the future of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Al Jones, President Texas A&M–Corpus Christi Foundation

With the shortterm economy in flux, there is no better longterm investment for the vitality of the University and the Coastal Bend community than education.

Dr. Flavius Killebrew


etting a top-quality education that will serve them well is the highest priority of today’s college-bound students. And, while academic success is a major goal, many are also seeking a social and community experience that will last a lifetime. For those students, there’s no better place to be than Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Its 240-acre semi-tropical Ward Island location makes Texas A&MCorpus Christi unique among American universities. Where else can you blend daily work in classes and laboratories with a stroll on palm tree lined pathways among the natural wetlands or a run along the shoreline with a magnificent view of downtown across sparkling waters? Add successoriented professors, challenging degree programs, groundbreaking research programs, a diverse student population, top-notch NCAA sports teams, and you have “The Islander Experience.” With the Gulf of Mexico near its doorstep, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi is the ideal location for the Harte Research Institute which has quickly become an international leader in the exploration and conservation of the world’s ninth-largest body of water. We are also working closely with the business community and the Port of Corpus Christi to develop our new mechanical engineering program that will help meet the demand for highlyskilled professionals at one of the busiest ports in the United States. The University’s campus population now exceeds 9,000 students and with future projections of around 16,000, expansion is a major priority. Construction cranes herald the coming of the new building that will be home to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the College of Education’s Kinesiology program. And soon, the foundation will be poured for a building that will allow us to consolidate the College of Business into one location in the Michael and Karen O’Connor Building. Testaments to the commitment and generosity of donors in addition to the O’Connors are plentiful. The newly-opened Dr. Jack and Susie Dugan Wellness Center gives students, faculty and staff access to the latest in fitness technology. The up-and-coming Woo Sung Lee Alumni Welcome Center will be the epicenter for alumni operations and a gathering place for former students returning for campus events and celebrations. In addition, the City of Corpus Christi’s 137-acre gift to the University is making possible the expansion of academic facilities on the island by moving some operations to the newly-acquired location a short distance away. The University’s investment in growth and dedication to highquality education has served us well. But the best is yet to come. With our continued commitment to providing students with a challenging and rewarding college experience that will prepare them for success in the future, this is indeed, the place to be. Dr. Flavius Killebrew, President and CEO Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi

We are also working closely with the business community and the Port of Corpus Christi to develop our new mechanical engineering program that will help meet the demand for highly-skilled professionals at one of the busiest ports in the United States.

Bernard Paulson

Engineering the Future of the Coastal Bend


or more than 20 years, Bernard Paulson has been telling anyone within ear shot that Corpus Christi would not be able to attract top corporations to the Coastal Bend until the local University had an engineering program. This year, people finally listened.

In January, the Texas A&M System Board of Regents approved the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. With approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the mechanical engineering program will begin in fall 2009. “It’s just good economic sense,” points out Paulson, who has more than 40 years experience in the Corpus Christi business community. “We have industries that need engineers and others that will come when the University has an engineering degree program.” Corpus Christi is second only to Houston in the concentration of refineries and chemical plants in the state. Paulson envisions the University’s mechanical engineering program as just the first step in a process that will grow to include chemical, electrical and civil engineering. “This is the best thing we can do for our economy,” stresses Paulson. “Engineers build and create things. We must attract new industry. There have been times when companies were looking at Corpus Christi and having an engineering program at the University would have sealed the deal.” While Paulson and his wife, Joan, are natives of Michigan, they have been a major force in the Corpus Christi community for many years. In 1966, he was hired as a plant manager at Coastal Oil & Gas Company but moved to Minnesota six years later when he took a position with Koch Industries. After his retirement from Koch in 1988, the couple returned to Corpus Christi where Paulson became an important part of the business community, working at several oil-based companies and serving as a consultant for Koch. He eventually started his own company and, at the age of 80, is still chairman of the board of Tor Minerals International, the company he named after the Norse god of Thunder. This is not the first time that Paulson has played an important role in Corpus Christi’s economic development. In the 1990s, he headed the city’s Water Task Force that led to the completion of a 101-mile pipeline from Lake Texana that ensures the City will have an adequate supply of fresh water through at least 2035. He’s also served on numerous volunteer boards and generously contributes his time and money to Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Throughout Paulson’s career, Joan took care of the home front, raising six children and making sure they all earned college degrees. With that task accomplished, she decided it was her time to shine and, at the age of 50, she graduated from Wichita State University. Today, her enthusiasm for Corpus Christi is as boundless as her husband’s. “When we lived here in the 1960s, I just loved it,” she recalls. “Other places we lived had too much cold and snow. When we moved back here I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. We didn’t start here, but Corpus Christi is our hometown now.”

We must attract new industry. There have been times when companies were looking at Corpus Christi and having an engineering program at the University would have sealed the deal.

Dr. Robert Wooster

The Past, the Present and the Predictable


f there’s one message Dr. Robert Wooster tries to convey to students in his history classes at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, it’s this. “Democracy” he says, “isn’t easy.” Wooster, a professor of history at the University for more than 20 years, doesn’t have to search for examples of his

message. As a recognized authority on Texas and United States history and an expert on U.S. Military and the Civil War, he uses the past to prove his point about the present. “History doesn’t repeat itself but we can learn from the past to deal with the hard issues facing the country and the world today,” he stresses. “History helps people place events in context and to make complicated choices that aren’t a matter of black and white.” A native of Beaumont, Texas, Wooster received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from Lamar University. In 1985 he earned his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin and accepted a position with the History Department at the Island University. He has twice been elected speaker of the Faculty Senate, and was appointed chair of the Department of Humanities in 1997, a position he held until 2000. In 2005, Wooster was elected president of the Texas State Historical Association, the state’s oldest academic society and, in December 2008, was awarded the designation of Regents Professor by the Texas A&M System Board of Regents, a recognition reserved for professors who have made exemplary contributions to their University. In the classroom, Wooster makes history relevant by tying the past to current issues and trends. Rather than concentrating solely on historical dates and events, he challenges his students to think for themselves and realize the value of making informed decisions. “I’m not interested in opinions, I’m interested in analysis,” he states bluntly. “If students can think for themselves, if we can teach them how to learn, then we have a more educated citizenry which makes us a better, stronger country.” Wooster’s academic credentials are impeccable. In addition to writing and editing 10 books, he has lectured extensively and has served as the civilian deputy director of the U. S. Military Academy/ROTC Military History Workshop at West Point, the Price Daniel, Sr., Scholar in Residence, the Texas State Historical Association’s Visiting Scholar, and an editorial advisory board member for several scholarly journals and university presses. As a professor, Wooster’s biggest concern is that many students have already been “stripped of their enthusiasm for learning” by the time they get to college because high schools are forced to “teach to the test” by state-mandated educational policies which concentrate on math, science and reading while ignoring the liberal arts. “I’m not blaming the students, it’s the fault of my own generation,” admits Wooster. “Our ability to reach students has declined. While we shouldn’t be chained to technology, we need to take advantage of it in ways that will excite, inspire and encourage the 21st century student. Without citizens who are informed about the past and the present and who are capable of independent thinking, we would be doomed to a future of ignorance and tyranny.”

I’m not interested in opinions, I’m interested in analysis. If students can think for themselves, if we can teach them how to learn, then we have a more educated citizenry which makes us a better, stronger country.

Lichtenstein String Quartet Lichtenstein Scholarships Come with Strings Attached


ccording to the law of reciprocity, the best path to success is to help someone else become successful. For the musicians who make up the Lichtenstein String Quartet, that’s more than a platitude, it is a way of life.

Each week its members, all Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi students, give free music lessons to more than 60 children at the Joe Garza Recreation Center. In return, they get the satisfaction of knowing that children who might otherwise never be exposed to classical music are quite possibly acquiring a lifetime appreciation for the arts. “These musicians are passionate about helping youngsters develop an appreciation for the arts,” says Dr. Jose Flores, assistant professor of violin and quartet director. “Working with young students enhances their knowledge of music and helps assure future audiences for classical music.” The Quartet, which was founded in 2005 with the sponsorship of the Morris L. Lichtenstein Jr. Medical Research Foundation, is the only student quartet in residence in South Texas. The Foundation’s purpose is to create innovative projects that will benefit the people of South Texas, according to Lichtenstein Foundation Trustee Marcia Marks. “We are extremely pleased with the Quartet’s accomplishments on many levels,” Marks says. “Each member is both very deserving and talented. And together, they have been a positive link between the University and the community at large.” Marks adds that the children, who also receive free instruments, look up to Quartet members as role models while University students gain a rewarding experience and invaluable teaching skills. Violinist Eugene Alfaro, 19, believes that the free violin, viola and cello lessons the children receive may inspire some of them to pursue a career in music. “Some of the students at the Garza Center have a lot of potential, and I want to make sure I bring out the best in them,” says Alfaro. “They aren’t just getting basic lessons; they’re getting a glimpse of what they can accomplish if they put in hard work.” Alfaro, a sophomore majoring in music with teacher certification, is one of four current members of the Quartet which also includes Anna Powell, violin; Angel Dominguez, viola; and Dody Brooks, cello. Members are selected by a highly-competitive annual audition and, while in the group, must maintain a 3.0 grade point average. In return, they each receive an $8,000 scholarship each academic year. Dominguez, 24, graduated with a business degree in December 2008 and earned his music degree in May. Now in his fourth year in the program, he teaches orchestra at John Paul II Catholic High School and four Corpus Christi middle schools. “There was a time when I wanted to work in finance but being a part of the Quartet has opened doors to opportunities that I hadn’t considered,” says Dominguez. “Now, working with children seems a lot more appealing. The more I teach, the more I enjoy it!”

Some of the students at the Garza Center have a lot of potential, and I want to make sure I bring out the best in them. They aren’t just getting basic lessons; they’re getting a glimpse of what they can accomplish if they put in hard work.

ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Investment securities $39,832,961 Cash and cash equivalents 1,668,507 Accounts receivable 637 Unconditional promises 497,000 to give, current

Total Current Assets


OTHER ASSETS Real estate 1,833 Mineral interests 470,559 Remainder interests in trusts 1,392,320 Limited partnerships 50,000 Total Other Assets 1,914,712 TOTAL ASSETS $ 43,913,817 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts payable $14,470 Federal Excise Taxes Payable 1,500 Total Current Liabilities 15,970 NET ASSETS Unrestricted 389,893 Temporarily restricted 13,184,083 Permanently restricted 30,323,871 Total Net Assets 43,897,847 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $ 43,913,817

Millions of Dollars

FYE Total Liabilities & Net Assets

Statement of Combined Financial Position

For the years ended March 31, 2007, and March 31, 2008 2008


ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Investment securities Accounts receivable Unconditional promises to give, current


Total Current Assets

1,668,507 39,832,961 637 497,000

$         784,697 34,238,316 2 500,000



OTHER ASSETS Unconditional promises to give, long term Real estate 1,833 Mineral interests 470,559 Remainder interests in trusts 1,392,320 Limited partnerships 50,000

Total Other Assets


500,000 1,833 469,985 1,448,508 100,000

1,914,712 2,520,326 $ 43,913,817

$ 38,043,341

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts payable Federal Excise Taxes Payable


14,470 1,500

$         20,302

Total Current Liabilities 15,970 20,302 NET ASSETS Unrestricted 389,893 357,225 Temporarily restricted 13,184,083 15,357,578 Permanently restricted 30,323,871 22,308,236 Total Net Assets 43,897,847 38,023,239 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS

$ 43,913,817


Chairs, Professorships and Other Programs The Conrad Blucher Fund for the Advancement of Science and Technology An endowment that created The Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science, whose mission includes state, federal and private sector research and education.

Ennis S. and Virginia C. Joslin Chair in Accounting Chair in accounting used to attract and retain the highest quality academicians possible in the field of accounting.

Rogelio “Roger” Benavides Memorial Chair Chair for engineering technology and the promotion of industrial safety.

Dr. Joe Frantz Professorship Professorship in history to recognize excellence and originality in the teaching of history.

Furgason Fellowships Benefits teaching/research fellowships at the Harte Research Institute.

Paul and Mary Haas Professorship in English Professorship in English to encourage academic excellence.

Daniel E. and Carol Isensee Kilgore Endowment for Texana An endowment for the Special Collections and Archives Department of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library to purchase rare Texana and related materials to add to the Kilgore Collection.

Hans and Patricia Suter Endowment Benefits the Center for Coastal Studies, primarily in coastal zone environment studies, whose emphasis is on pollution studies.

Tom L. Goad Endowment Benefits the Center for Coastal Studies.

Edwin Singer Presidential Endowment Provides supplemental support to the administration for the President’s work on behalf of the University.

The Corpus Christi Cotillion Club Endowment for Visiting Artists Provides the Art Department of the College of Liberal Arts funding for visiting artists.

The Robert and Gloria Furgason Endowment for the Visual and Performing Arts Supports the Furgason Bravo! Series. The Series is designed to bring superb performing and visual artists and guest lecturers to the Performing Arts Center and world-class exhibits to the University.

Excellence/Building Funds Excellence Funds

The Texas A&M-Corpus Mary and Jeff Bell Excellence Fund Christi Foundation points Edward Harte Excellence Fund with great pride to the many deeply committed Building Funds donors whose gifts Dugan Wellness Center continue to promote Lichtenstein Performing Arts II Fund the growth, quality and O’Connor Building Fund effectiveness of the University, giving students mastery of the tools of today and tomorrow.

The Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Foundation points with great pride to the many deeply committed donors whose gifts continue to promote the growth, quality and effectiveness of the University, giving students mastery of the tools of today and tomorrow.

Endowed Scholarship Council Platinum Wave $500,000 or more Lawrence M. Atkins Scholarship E. Marvin Collins Scholarship Ennis S. and Virginia C. Joslin Scholarship Frances K. Snyder Scholarship Wright Family Scholarship Fund

Gold Wave $250,000 – $499,000 John W. Boatwright Memorial Scholarship John Chapman Scholarship C.J. Davidson Scholarship Arthur F. Lobe Scholarship Ruth Campbell Scholarship

Silver Wave $150,000 – $249,000 Melvyn N. Klein Scholarship Endowment for Writing and Communication One Hundred Club Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Endowed Scholarship

Green Wave $100,000 – $149,000 American Bank Scholarship William Armour Ball, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Clinical Nurse Specialist Graduate Scholarship Susan McAdams Dugan Scholarship Rene Haas Student Leader Scholarship Mrs. Willard (Jeannine) Hammonds Sr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

John O. Heldenfels Honorary Scholarship Laverne and Thomas Howell Endowed Scholarship Islander Class Agent Scholarship Marty S. Pritchett Memorial Scholarship Margaret Rose Turnbull Scholarship Marian and John Crutchfield Scholarship Joseph and Ruth Sheinberg Scholarship Chapman Hulings Scholarship

Blue Wave $50,000 – $99,000 Dinah Bowman Honors Scholarship Sam and Anne Countiss Scholarship John and Augusta Doan Endowed Scholarship Evening Post Publishing Company KRIS TV Scholarship Dr. Hector P. Garcia Scholarship Richard and Florence King Scholarship Margaret Mary Miller Endowed Scholarship James and Candace Moloney Scholarship Bernard and Joan Paulson Scholarship Bonnie and Edward G. Pereida Scholarship Frank Robinson Memorial Scholarship Rotary Club of Corpus Christi Scholarship Earl C. Sams Foundation Scholarship Sembradores De Amistad de Corpus Christi Scholarship Donald St. John Smith Scholarship Student Foundation Leadership Scholarship Ben F. Vaughan, Jr. Scholarship C. J. Watson Memorial Scholarship Dee Stephens Scholarship Endowment for Nursing

Funds Held by the Foundation for Scholarships 2008-2009 American Bank Scholarship Endowment American Bank Community Reinvestment Act Endowed Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering Lawrence M. Atkins Scholarship Endowment John W. Boatwright Memorial Scholarship Endowment Dinah Bowman Honors Scholarship Endowment Fund George Brown Memorial Scholarship Endowment Ruth Campbell Scholarship Endowment John Chapman Endowed Scholarship Clinical Nurse Specialist Graduate Scholarship Endowment E. Marvin Collins Scholarship Endowment Sam and Anne Countiss Scholarship Endowment Crutchfield Family Scholarship Endowment Mark DeDominicis Memorial Scholarship Endowment John and Augusta Doan Endowed Scholarship Susan McAdams Dugan Scholarship Endowment Evening Post Publishing Company-KRIS TV Scholarship Endowment Rene Haas Student Leadership Scholarship Endowment John O. Heldenfels Honorary Scholarship Fund Jace C. Hoffman Memorial Scholarship Endowment Instituto de Cultura Hispanica de Corpus Christi Scholarship Endowment Island University Scholarship Endowment Ennis S. and Virginia C. Joslin Scholarship Endowment Richard and Florence King Scholarship Endowment Melvyn N. Klein Scholarship Endowment for Writing and Communication Arthur F. Lobe Scholarship Endowment JoLee McKenzie Memorial Scholarship Endowment George & Lorwen Merriman Scholarship Endowment Margaret Mary Miller Endowed Scholarship James & Candace Moloney Scholarship Endowment Ocker, Cross, Newman and Bub Youth Scholarship Endowment One Hundred Club Scholarship Endowment Bernard and Joan Paulson Scholarship Endowment Bonnie and Edward G. Pereida Scholarship Endowment

Gifts from donors continue to promote the growth, quality and effectiveness of the University long after the gifts are made. Under the Foundation’s stewardship, these initial gifts are invested to generate revenue, which contributes to the development of the campus by underwriting scientific research, professorships, construction projects and improvements in classroom technology. Marty S. Prichett Memorial Scholarship Endowment Sydne Gail Richman Scholarship Endowment Frank Robinson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Rotary Club of Corpus Christi Leadership Scholarship Endowment Earl C. Sams Foundation Scholarship Endowment Selena Endowment for Scholarships in Music and Performing Arts Sembradores de Amistad de Corpus Christi Scholarship Endowment Joseph and Ruth Sheinberg Scholarship Endowment Leslie Simon Scholarship Endowment Donald St. John Smith Scholarship Endowment Frances K. Snyder Scholarship Endowment Stephanie’s Song Memorial Scholarship Endowment Dee Stephens Endowed Scholarship in Nursing Celika Storm Scholarship Endowment in Nursing Celika Storm Scholarship Endowment in Business Student Foundation Leadership Scholarship Endowment Dr. B. Alan Sugg Scholarship Endowment Ron Woods Athletic Scholarship Endowment Wright Family Scholarship Fund Carl Douglas Wyatt Memorial Scholarship Endowment Mirabal-Garza Endowed Scholarship in History Flavius and Kathy Killebrew Scholarship Endowment Chapman Hulings Scholarship Endowment R.N. “Dick” Conolly Scholarship

Funds Held by the University for Scholarships 2008-2009 Dean Moustafa H. Abdelsamad Honorary Scholarship Endowment Ace-Schlitz Scholarship Endowment Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship Endowment William Armour Ball, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Hugo Berlanga Honorary Scholarship Endowment Karen Allen Bickham Memorial Scholarship Endowment Charles A. Bonniwell, III Scholarship Endowment Mary Lorena Brown Bain Scholarship Endowment Robert Douglas Browning Memorial Scholarship Endowment Eddie Cavazos Honorary Scholarship Endowment C.J. Davidson Scholarship Endowment Corpus Christi Human Resource Management Association Scholarship Endowment James R. Dinn Scholarship Endowment Karen Koester Dodson Scholarship Exxon USA Foundation Scholarship Endowment Dr. Hector P. Garcia Scholarship Endowment Glasscock Memorial Scholarship Endowment Thomas L. Goad Scholarship Endowment Loyce McGehearty Hagens Scholarship Endowment Mrs. Willard (Jeannine) Hammonds, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment Steven H. Harpole Memorial Scholarship Endowment Janet Harte Scholarship Endowment Henry H. Hildebrand Scholarship Endowment Laverne & Thomas Howell Endowed Scholarship Todd Hunter Honorary Scholarship Endowment Luther Jones Honorary Scholarship Endowment Dr. Donald Eugene Joyner Memorial Endowed Scholarship Harold Kaffie Scholarship Endowment Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Endowed Scholarship KPMG Peat Marwick Scholarship Endowment Frederick P. Kroeger Memorial Scholarship Endowment Hubert A. McNally Scholarship Endowment Grace L. Malinowski Memorial Scholarship Endowment Dr. David Miller Endowed Scholarship Joseph P. and Patty Puig Mueller Endowed Scholarship Fund National Association of Women in Construction Honors Scholarship Endowment Nueces County Medical Society and Alliance Centennial Scholarship Endowment

Mary Packwood Scholarship Endowment Padre Island Business Association Scholarship Endowment Anne C. Parr Scholarship Endowment The Dan & Carolyn Pedrotti Geological Scholarship Millicent Quammen Memorial Scholarship Endowment Dr. Sarah Rogers Memorial Scholarship Endowment Rotary Club of Southside Corpus Christi Scholarship Endowment Heidi Serrao Memorial Scholarship Endowment Si Se Puede Scholarship Endowment Diane M. Speed Scholarship Endowment Martha Harman Spencer Scholarship Endowment Manuel and Dolores Tagle Scholarship Endowment Ruby Talmage Scholarship Endowment Genevieve Tarlton-Dougherty Scholarship Endowment Texas Jazz Festival Scholarship in Honor of Wanda Gregory Thorpe Insulation Scholarship Endowment Carlos Truan Honorary Scholarship Endowment Margaret Rose Turnbull Scholarship Endowment Ben F. Vaughan, Jr. Scholarship Endowment Philip and Clarice Wallock Theatre Arts Endowed Scholarship Guy Warren Memorial Scholarship Endowment C.J. Watson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Dr. Jane Wilhour Scholarship Endowment Judge Allen Wood Scholarship Endowment Howard and Julia Townsend Endowed Scholarship Bettie S. and T.D. Higginbotham Endowed Scholarship South Texas Area Runners, Riders and Swimmers Fallen STARR Memorial Endowed Scholarship The Donny Kloster Memorial Endowed Scholarship Addalie and Bob McMinn Endowed Scholarship Texas Pioneer Foundation Endowed Scholarship Greater Texas Foundation Endowed Scholarship Dr. Robert E. Maroney Honorary Endowed Scholarship Dr. Carl Robert Beaver Scholarship Endowment Dr. Ruth M. Bakke Endowed Scholarship Barbara McDowell Endowed Scholarship Sembradores de Corpus Christi Endowed Scholarship Sigma Theta Tau Endowed Scholarship Josh Mazurek Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Annual Scholarships 2008-2009 Army ROTC Excellence Fund Elaine E. Barbiere Foundation Scholarship Bateman Family Scholarship Behmann Brothers Foundation Scholarship Canales & Simonson Scholarship Carpenter Scholarship Castleberry Surveying Church of Good Shepard Scholarship CITGO Math & Science Challenge Scholarship CCA Texas Scholarship Fund Community Outreach Scholarship Corpus Christi Business and Professional Women‘s Club Scholarship Corpus Christi Estate Planning Council Scholarship Corpus Christi Industrial Lions Club Scholarship Dr. Wilfrid F. Rylander Scholarship Ford Salute to Education Scholarship Richard Free Memorial Scholarship Grace Presbyterian Church Scholarship Paul and Mary Haas Foundation Scholarship Paul and Annie Hafernik Scholarship Cheryl Hein Memorial Scholarship Curt Hofheinz Memorial Scholarship Jeannette Holloway Scholarship Houston Alumni Club Scholarship Island Ambassador Scholarship John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Foundation Scholarship Morris L. Lichtenstein, Jr. Medical Research Foundation Scholarship Morris L. Lichtenstein, Jr. String Quartet Scholarship Mary Catherine Lowe Memorial Scholarship Mano-A-Mano Scholarship David W. May Memorial Scholarship

Many generous donors fund a variety of scholarships to assist local students as well as students throughout Texas, the United States and other countries. William and Ella Owens Medical Research Foundation Scholarship Pan American Round Table Scholarship Barbara Pope Memorial Scholarship Myrom L. “Hap” Potter Scholarship Andres Saldana Memorial Scholarship San Antonio Club Scholarship Elizabeth Sanchez-Stevens Memorial Scholarship Scott Electric Company IBEW LU 278 Scholarship South Texas Academic Rising Scholars (STARS) Scholarship Ruth Parr Sparks Foundation Scholarship Spohn Nursing Scholarship University Services Scholarship Kevin Weber Memorial Scholarship Sarah Weismantel Memorial Scholarship Zonta Club of Corpus Christi Scholarship Griffith Scholarship Texas Society Professional Surveyors Chapter-18 Scholarship Jeremy Trejo Good Fathers Foundation Scholarship

Foundation and University Donors 2008 President’s Council Legacy Circle

Medora and George Blucher Ed Harte Karen and Mike O’Connor

Gold Circle

Peggy and Avinash Ahuja Randy Cutlip

Silver Circle

Mary and Charles Campbell Louise and John Chapman Maxine Flournoy Annette and Mel Klein Debbie and Dennis Payne Chela Storm Sandra and Richard Valls Chad Wilfong

The President’s Council is a group of committed leaders and friends of the University who share a vision of preparing students for a life of learning, leadership and service. Funds raised by this group support the Presidential Scholarships and provide President Killebrew with funds to meet the University’s goals of Excellence, Engagement and Expansion. This list represents gifts received from September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008.

Bronze Circle

Mervat and Moustafa Abdelsamad Chris and Robert Adler Mary and Anantha Babbili Jennifer Bowen Bates Jeff Bell Cindy and Mike Boudloche Mary Jo and Harvie Branscomb Vanessa and Fred Braselton Barry Brown Julie and John Buckley Merita and Eliot Chenaux Ellenita and Bruce Collins Bob Corrigan Genevieve Cox Becky and David Crow Marian and John Crutchfield Martha and Charlie DeCou Tom Dobson Gayle and Charles Doraine Bonnie and Jack Dugan Jewel and Leslie Dunn Pat Eisenhauer Anna and Morris Engelhardt Doris Ethridge Phyllis and George Finley Kathy Funk-Baxter and Stephen Baxter Cornelia Freeman Fran and Joe Fulton Gloria and Bob Furgason Mary and Jimmy Goldston Kenneth Griffin Celeste and Gene Guernsey Mary and Paul Haas Rene and David Haas Rob Hall Mary Jane and Robert Hamilton Tiny and George Hawn Liz and Fred Heldenfels Lucy and Putt Hill Trent Hill Margie and Mark H. Hulings Cissy and Joe Janosek Janet and Al Jones Robin and John Kennedy

Kathy and Flavius Killebrew Carol and Sammy Kins Lib Kirkland Chaiok and Woo Sung Lee Gail and Leon Loeb Patricia and Alan Lucke Beth and Gary Malone Claudia and Kenton McDonald Paula and Larry McKinney Pat McNeil Maureen Miller Patty and Joe Mueller Thetis and Loyd Neal Patty and Hank Nuss Alice and Erle Nye Ted Oakley Ruth and Joe O’Brien Lin and Paul Orser Joan and Bernie Paulson Carolyn and Dan Pedrotti Paula and Frank Pezold Laurie and Phillip Plant Ella and Lev Prichard Ellen and Gene Seaman Karen and Dave Selim Mary Sherwood and Ron George Jenny and Philip Skrobarczyk Davie Lou and Jack Solka Dee and Ted Stephens Mamie and Alan Stoner Catherine and Sam Susser Daryl and George Tanner Denise and Sergio Tavares Karen and Larry Urban Yma and Chuck Urban Patt and Ben Wallace Clarice and Phil Wallock Elvira and Erich Wendl Dana and Bill Wilson Lola and Ivan Wilson Glenna Sue and Larry Wood

Honor Wall of Recognition


he Honor Wall of Recognition, located in the Legacy Hall of the University Center, showcases the University’s most generous donors and reflects cumulative giving. It affords a visual recognition of these most inspired donors with bronze plaques in their likeness.

Legacy Society Gifts of $10,000,000 and up Zula H. and Conrad M. Blucher Edward H. Harte Karen and Mike O’Connor

Platinum Inner Circle of Excellence Gifts of $1,000,000 - $9,999,999 Estate of Lawrence M. Atkins Mary and Jeff Bell Rogelio “Roger” Benavides Ruth A. Campbell John and Louise Chapman E. Marvin Collins Dr. J. T. “Jack” Dugan Family Samuel L. Frech Mary and Paul Haas Virginia C. and Ennis S. Joslin Morris L. Lichtenstein, Jr. Medical Research Foundation William and Maureen Miller The Blanche Davis Moore Foundation Frances K. Snyder Susser Holdings, LLC Gazzie and Guy Warren The Lonnie Wright Family City of Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Business and Job Development Corporation

Gold Inner Circle of Excellence Gifts of $500,000 - $999,999 Shirley and Dusty Durrill Jonathan M. Hornblower Rene Haas and David Perry Houston Endowment, Inc. The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation STARS/L&F Distributors, Ltd. Woo Sung Lee ‘59 Edwin and Patsy Dunn Singer Margaret Turnbull Flint Hills Resources

Silver Inner Circle of Excellence Gifts of $250,000 - $499,999 American Bank Behmann Brothers Foundation Jean Boatwright

Howard E. and Mary H. Butt Foundation CITGO Corpus Christi Refinery Coastal Bend Community Foundation James R. Dougherty, Jr. Foundation Lucille Freeman Glasscock Jeannette Holloway Mrs. John Allen King Ed Rachal Foundaton Celika “Chela” Storm Valero Refining Company

Bronze Inner Circle of Excellence Gifts of $100,000 - $249,999 AEP Wynell Haley Ball Bank of America Berry Contracting, Inc. BP America, Inc. Corpus Christi Caller-Times Mr. and Mrs. John W. Crutchfield Davidson Family Charitable Foundation Exxon/Mobil Corporation George A. Finley III and Family Greater Texas Foundation Lucien and Maxine Flournoy Willard H. Hammonds, Sr. William Randolph Hearst Foundation John O. Heldenfels Laverne and Thomas Howell Foundation International Bank of Commerce Lynda Y. and Harris A. Kaffie Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Foundation Annette and Melvyn N. Klein Arthur F. Lobe Leon Stephen Loeb Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust The Moody Foundation One Hundred Club of Corpus Christi Anne C. Parr Bernard A. and Joan L. Paulson Marty R. Prichett Earl C. Sams Foundation, Inc. SBC Foundation Ruth and Joseph L. Sheinberg Shell Oil Company The Welch Foundation Loris Jane Welhausen Management Trust Hulings Family Port of Corpus Christi Authority Whataburger Ruth and Joseph A. O’Brien McKinnon Broadcasting Patricia H. Suter Wells Fargo

Heritage Society Estate and Life Income Gifts Mary and Jeff Bell John and Louise Chapman Joyce Cloud John W. Crutchfield Waltraud Kluetsch DeVille Lynda Y. and Harris A. Kaffie Paddy Lann, Jr. Trust Lorwen L. and George J. Merriman, Jr., M.D. Lillian A. Murray Carol and Art Zeitler

Tarpon Foundation 2008 Blue & Green Fund MVP

($25,000 and above) * SSP / Stripes

Pizza Hut Shea Physical Therapy Marshall & Sue Smith Unique Employment Services Ben & Patt Wallace Tom & Kathy Westerman Whataburger # Bette D. Williams

Bronze Club

($500-$999) Armadillo Sport Chiropractic Associated Builders Scholarship and Contractors ($10,000-$24,999) Bay Area Bicycles * McKinnon Broadcasting, Inc. Business Product Supply Jag & Linda Cheema Silver Club Director’s Club Perry Clark ($1,000-$2,499) ($5,000-$9,999) David Coggins Jeff Bell Conquer The Coast (Corpus Donald & Kathy Deis Christi Chamber of Commerce) + Bevill and Wood Financial Services FSG - Electric Mark Bohling Corpus Christi Caller-Times Donald & Carol Feferman + Mike & Cindy Boudloche + Corpus Christi Roadrunners * Richard & Beverly Glaser Corpus Christi Harley-Davidson La Palmera Bob & Ann Halverson Dewbre Petroleum Corporation McDonald’s Restaurants +# Shirald & Suzy Hendrix Dr. Jack Dugan # Jack and Jane Rutledge # George & Rita Kemp + Edward M. Cantu Insurance Agency * VALERO Refining Company Scott & Lee Malone FSG - Lighting Omni Hotels Corpus Christi + Dr. Robert & Gloria Furgason Margaret “Penny” Pacheco Gold Club Gulfway Shopping Center Ray & Teresa Rabalais ($2,500-$4,999) + Holiday Inn Emerald Beach Robert Robinson Advantage Public Storage International Bank of Commerce Joseph & Aimee Shupe Berry Construction Flavius & Kathy Killebrew Swantner & Gordon Borden Milk Products Teri Nelson Howard & Julia Townsend + Fred & Vanessa Braselton Pathology Associates of Corpus Christi # O. Jay Williams CITGO + Bernard A. & Joan L. Paulson + Jay & Julie Wise Contractors Building Supply Port of Corpus Christi Authority Bob & Frances Wolter Corpus Christi Hooks Bob & Janet Rice Bill & Connie Young Kevin & Judy Corrigan Russell Medical, Inc. EOG Resources Sam & Carolyn Shores Coaches Club Ewing Construction Scott Electric Company ($250-$499) Fulton Construction T.K. Shelly Goodwin Safety Services Apices Appraisal Group, LLC Richard & Rose Mary Shepperd Gary & Shawn Groesbeck Bill Batey Ron & Debbie Simank Jason’s Deli Carol & Phil Blackmar STARRS Rex & Kendra Kinnison + Edward & Pam Cantu Star Shuttle Dr. James & June Leibfarth Captain Hook Roll Off Swiff-Train Company Dr. Paul & Vicki Loeffler Box Service, Inc. + VALUE BANK TEXAS Mark Miller D & C Fence Company, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Navy/Army Federal Credit Union Lee White Jorge Del Alamo The Orthopaedic Center of Swint Friday Gary & Mary Whittington Corpus Christi Steve & Kathy Funk-Baxter Derrest & Mabel Williams Anne Parr # O.B. Garcia Matt & Susan Paul + Arthur Haas Haddad Advertising, Co.

The Tarpon Foundation is a non-profit program that serves as the main fundraising arm for Islander Athletics. Members support scholarships for talented male and female student athletes and contribute to the general operating budget for athletics, which includes equipment, travel budgets and academic counseling. This list represents gifts received from September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008. * Founding member + Charter member # Former Tarpon athlete or coach

Robert & Sherry Halbrook Jim & Joyce Hawthorne # David & Dawn Henderson Trent Hill Joe & Barbara Lewis John & Julie Long Gabriel Ortega Edward Posaski Jake & Julie Schumann Mary Shockley Charlie & Terry Signor Thomas & Michele Silver Trophyland, Inc. + Jerry & Becky Van Beveren Western Steel Company Norman & Joyce Wilcox Vernon Wuensche

Century Club

($100-$249) Dr. Raymond Acebo Darson & Debby Aelvoet Aaron & Cindy Ames Keith & Linda Arnold Richard & Anna Avila Ed & Beverly Bacak John & Betty Baker James & Marylou Benning Jim & Carolyn Boller Chip & Susan Bonner Dale Bowers Tabor & Catherine Brooks Eddie & Valarie Buhidar Pam Buhidar

Tarpon Foundation (continued) Wendell & Erma Byler Joseph Callicott, Jr. Cantwell Mattress Company Clay & Laila Coalson Marshall & Mickey Collins Dr. Christopher & Lynne Comstock Corpus Christi Women’s Clinic Dee Cozart Johnny Cuevas Robert & Roxanne Cuevas Elva & Tomas Davila Gilbert De La Rosa Wayne & Rebecca Dillen Kim Dowell Scott Elliff Terry & Beryl Esse Sam & Lorrie Ferris Shawn Flanagan Billy & Carolyn Gibson Deborah Gordon Geoff Grawn Bill & Joan Hennings Mark & Sonia Hernandez Laura & Jerry Hilker Mike & Karen Howry Yin-Hwa & Gracie Huang Jacklene Huffman William & Gail Huie Dennis & Cathy Hurley-Foose Joye Johnston Scott & Holly Lazenby # Lloyd & Annise Lindeburg John & Mary Ann McGregor Rusty Miller Steve Moore Joe & Patty Mueller Robert & Sharon Naismith Joe & Patty Nance Nueces Energy, Inc. Christopher & Phyllis Parr David Parr Marie & Sam Pennington Travis & Kristin Ralls Shana Riggleman Derly & Mary Ann Rivera

Debra Roof Nancy Ross David Russell + Russell-Veteto Engineering Sanborn’s Travel Dave & Karen Selim James & Lynne Sharp Shoreline Gas Kyle & Ashley Smith Lawrence & Yvonne Smith Darryl Smithey Stephen & Allison Tagliabue Dr. Patrick & Nancy Thomas Steven & Janet Tillinger Steve & Nina Trigger Jerry Vandergriff Noel & Nilda Vella Susan Watts + Tim & Linda Wells James & Carla Whaley Virginia Whitney Bill & Mary Jo Woodhouse David & Melissa Wright Arthur & Carol Zeitler

2008 Class Agents The Class Agent program is designed to build camaraderie within each graduating class by fostering early involvement with the alumni association and encouraging alumni to give annually to the Islander Fund.The money raised by each graduating class funds the Islander Class Agent Scholarship Endowment. This list represents gifts received from the Class of 2008, for the period January 1, 2008, through December 31, 2008.

Rey Aguirre Joseph Akers Anna Alba Selena Armendarez Brandy Arnold Nathan Barrientes Chris Bates Melissa Black Lance Bocelli Jacqueline Bouldin Leigh Bryant Julie Cavazos Ninfa De La Cruz Maria-Luisa Doyle Ryan Edwards Mayra Esquivel Erica Favela Carla Gamez Ashlee Garrett

Kimberly Garza Ashley Gil Regina Gonzales Melinda Gossett Sheila Grove Dianna Guerrero Heather Guerrero Rachelle Hackman Sylvia Hernandez Raquel Herranz Jenny Howell Robin Kellogg Nicole Levy Natalie Lucero Christina Martinez Sandra Martinez Teresa Miller Denise Mosser Leanne Mulholland Gilberto Ortiz Parker The Class Jennifer Agent program is designed Erica Perales within each to build camaraderie Monica Rawlings graduating class by fostering early Katherine Reyes involvement with the alumni Krystle Rodriguez association and encouraging alumni Rolando Rodriguez to give annually to the Islander Fund. Sara Rodriguez Amber Russell The money raised by each graduating Frank class funds theSaenz Islander Class Agent Andrea Salisbury Scholarship Endowment. Ashley Schmitt This list represents gifts received Brandy Torres from the Class 2008, for the period DesireeofValdez January 1,Linda 2008, through December Vohs 31, 2008. Newman Wong

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi 2008 Achieve Partnership Endowed Partner

Platinum Partners ( $10,000 + )

Gold Partners ( $5,000 - $9,999 )



General Contractors

Silver Partners ( $2,000 - $4,999 )

Living Excellence

Maxine Flournoy Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Harte Research Institute

Bronze Partners ( $1,000 - $1,999 )

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP

Alan Lucke & Associates


Bronze Partners ( $1,000 - $1,999 )

Dean Associates ( $250 - $499 )

Peggy and Avinash Ahuja Phyllis and George A. Finley, III Chela Storm Karen and Larry Urban Patsy and Charlie Winn


Provost Associates ( $500 - $999 ) Baytree Ocean Drive Apartments Branscomb PC Braselton Homes, Inc. Business Interiors of Texas Louise Chapman Charter Bank Christus Spohn Health System Corpus Christi Convention & Visitors Bureau Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Corpus Christi Hooks Corpus Christi Independent School District Corpus Christi Medical Center Becky and David Crow Ann and David Engel Frost Financial Management Group Julian Gold Gowland, Strealy, Morales & Co., PLLC Grunwald Printing Alexis and Todd Hunter Incarnate Word Academy Kailo Communications Studio, LLC KEDT Knopp & Hardcastle, P.C. L & F Distributors, Ltd. Loyd Neal Navy/Army Federal Credit Union Ocean Palm Apartments Carolyn and Dan Pedrotti REMAX - Gene Guernsey Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Conrad Blucher Institute Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, National Alumni Association Texas State Aquarium USS Lexington Wal-Mart Wells Fargo Private Client Services Gary Wesson Julie and Jay Wise / Merrill Lynch WKMC Architects, Inc. WorkSource of the Coastal Bend

Faculty Associates ( $100 - $249 ) Chris and Robert Adler Mary and Charles Campbell Ellenita and Bruce Collins Mary Jane and Carl Crull Cup Graphics and Screen Printing Fundraising Solutions, Inc. Elia and Albert Gutierrez Omni Hotels Corpus Christi Peacock Development Company San Patricio County Economic Development Corporation Carol and Mark Scott Ruth and Joe Sheinberg Susanna Sowerby The Frame Up The L.C. Foundation, Inc. Julia and Howard Townsend Beverley Wallace

The Achieve Partnership program is designed to build and sustain relationships between the University and the business and professional community. Members make annual gifts that are used for honors, leadership and needbased student scholarships. This list represents gifts received from September 1, 2007, through August 31, 2008.

Annual Giving $1,000 +

AEP, Texas American Bank Amoco Anne L. Armstrong AT&T Mr. and Mrs. Samuel O. Bakke Baldwin & Crosstown Animal Clinic Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bateman Behmann Brothers Foundation, Inc. Dr. Suzanne Beltz and Mr. Linwood Beltz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Bickers Bea Blomquist 1998 Mr. Mark E. Bohling Mr. and Mrs. Morgan S. Campbell, Jr. Ms. Ruth A. Campbell Canales & Simonson, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. “Tony” Canales Dr. Joann Canales Dr. William J. Cassidy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jessie J. Chancellor Mr. and Mrs. John O. Chapman Dr. and Mrs. H. Eliot Chenaux Chevrolet ChevronTexaco Corporation Ms. Patricia I. Chotin-Perry CITGO Coastal Bend Bays & Esturaries Program, Inc. Coastal Bend Community Foundation Coastal Conservation Association Construction Financial Management Association Mr. and Mrs. David M. Coover, Jr. Corpus Christi Caller-Times Corpus Christi Cotillion Club Corpus Christi Estate Planning Council Corpus Christi Hooks Baseball Club Corpus Christi Human Resource Management Association Corpus Christi Industrial Lion Club Corpus Christi Roadrunners, Inc. Mr. John W. Crutchfield Donald R. Deis, Ph.D. 1975 Kathy A. Deis 1978 Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Foundation Dr. Peter and Heidi Serrao Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. John T. Dugan, II Dr. Sylvia A. Earle Educational Service Center Elaine E. Barbiere Foundation, Inc. Estate of Peter R. Serrao Estate of Rudolph Hafernik Estill Foundation Exxon Dr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Fagan, MD Mr. and Mrs. George A. Finley, III Flint Hills Resources Ford Motor Company Dr. H. Swint Friday Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Fulton Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Furgason Drs. Richard and Carol Gigliotti Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Goad Grace Presbyterian Church GTC Nutrition Dr. Norman T. Guffy Gulf Star Foundry Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hall

Dr. Mary Jane Hamilton and Mr. Robert Hamilton Harris & Greenwell, LLP Harte Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Heinz Herndon Plant Oakley, Ltd. HHS Partners Mr. and Mrs. Theron D. Higginbotham Mr. and Mrs. Bill D. Hill Ms. Margaret G. Hoffman Dr. Dee Hopkins and Mr. Robert Neeb Mrs. Susan Hutchinson and Mr. Owen Hopkins Ms. Mary L. Hoyle Huerta, Hastings and Allison Instituto de Cultura Hispanica Integrity Fire Protection International Bank of Commerce Jeremy Trejo Good Fathers Foundation Mrs. Virginia C. Joslin Kenedy Memorial Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Flavius C. Killebrew Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn N. Klein Dr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Knull Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP Dr. and Mrs. Sammy L. Logsdon Mr. John D. Lowe LR Global, LLC Majadas Investment Corporation Mango Properties Manti Resources, Inc. Ms. Larissa Martin Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mazurek Mr. William R. McDowell P.E. Mobil Corporation Morris L. Lichtenstein, Jr. Medical Research Foundation Patty and Joe Mueller Teri J. Nelson 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. O’Brien Pan American Round Table of Corpus Christi Ms. Anne C. Parr Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Paulson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Pletcher Port of Corpus Christi Authority Ed Rachal Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ragan Beth Reese 1995 Regional Transportation Authority Robert A. Welch Foundation Rotary Club of Corpus Christi Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Ruby Ruth Parr Sparks Foundation Mrs. Richard W. Sallee Earl C.Sams Foundation San Antonio Shell Club Ms. Lauren R. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Scanio, III Scott Electric Company Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Seals, Jr. Sembradores de Amistad de Corpus Christi Sembradores de Corpus Christi Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Sheinberg Mrs. Rose Mary Bruni-Shepperd and Dr. Richard Shepperd Sigma Theta Tau International Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Smith South Texas Area Runners, Riders & Swimmers Southside Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Ted M. Stephens Mrs. Celika Storm Suemaur Exploration & Production, LLC

Summerlee Foundation Suncoast Conchologists Dr. Pat Suter Gail S. Sutton 1984 Daryl Tanner 1999 Target Texas Society of Professional Surveyors - Chapter 12 Texas Society of Professional Surveyors - Chapter 13 Mr. Jimmy R. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Townsend Dr. and Mrs. John W. Tunnell, Jr. Urban Engineering Valero Energy Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Wallock Water Street, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Weber Whataburger Restaurants Bette D. Williams 1964

$500 - $999

Alpha Delta Kappa-District IV Mr. and Mrs. Eugene D. Abbey Ainsworth Trucking Mr. and Mrs. Gerald V. Apanowicz Dr. Paul Bonner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Browning Mr. J. Reese Buchanan Jag S. Cheema 1968 Betty Williams Clark 1988 Lisa Clark 1979 Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council Ms. Kimberly M. Connelly Council of State Governments Dr. Catherine Cox and Dr. Robert Wooster Denise’s Salon James A. Dobbs 2007 Mr. Randel L. Dobbs Virginia Mika DuBose 1993 Duro Bag Manufacturing Company Doris Dickinson Ethridge 1980 Dr. John D. Fernandez Freedom Fitness Mrs. Kathryn Funk-Baxter and Mr. Stephen Baxter Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett Glamour Shots Ms. Sandra J. Gravel Ms. Carol Haggard Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Hain Elizabeth C. Harnden 1992 Dawn Kidd Henderson 1978 Hill Land and Cattle Company Mary Denise Hill 2002 Richard L. Honnick 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Hoskins Mr. and Mrs. John Hurdt Hyden Highway Hauling, LLC Kendra Kinnison 1999 Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kirkham Mr. and Mrs. John Kotzur Mr. and Mrs. Tony LaMantia Dr. Eve L. Layman Woo Sung Lee 1959 Dr. Luisa Lira Yolanda L. Luethcke 1984 Bob E. Maroney Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Martin Dr. Pamela S. Meyer and Mr. Ralph Meyer Mitchell T. Miller 1985 Mira’s Sports and More, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morris, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Morrison Drs. James and Alicia Needham

Mr. Seg Niebuhr Mr. Bruce A. Payne Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Perez Thelma A. Perez 1986 Drs. Paula and Frank Pezold Ms. Linda C. Prillaman Joyce Purdy 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Rahn Anita J. Reed 1984 Ms. Fran Reuber Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton L. Rogers Ms. Juanita Saldana Craig A. Schkade 1995 Ms. Paula W. Schraub Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Schumann SeaWorld Mr. and Mrs. Dave Selim Bryan C. Sexton 2000 Stripes Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Susser TAMU-CC Danzantes de la Isla TAMU-CC Houston Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Tassin Texas Direct Auto Mr. and Mrs. Noel O. Vella 1998 Vista Solutions Group, LP Vitamin Explorer, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vokurka Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Wallock Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Brandy K. White 2005 Williams & Fudge, Inc. Ms. Bailey Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Sammy F. Winston

$250 - $499

John S. Adams 1990 Elizabeth B. Adkins 2007 Ms. Virginia Alford Colonel and Mrs. Robert Allen Julia L. Anderson 2006 Isabel Araiza 1995 Ismael Arreola 2006 Avon Mr. Billy Azbell Mr. Jerald O. Barnes Kelley L. Barnett 1996 Bay Area Logistics Dr. and Mrs. Adolfo Benavides, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Bledsoe James D. Boatman 1994 James E. Boisvenue, Jr. 2001 Annie Bowersox 1999 Christopher A. Branecky 2005 Brazosport Museum of Natural Science Mr. and Mrs. Blois W. Bridges Jennifer M. Brown 2004 Brown, Graham & Company Bryan M. Grove, Inc. Dr. Gregory W. Buck, Ph.D. Buckley & Associates, LLP Alma D. Buitron 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burch Cherie G. Bushwar 1994 Earlene S. Caldwell 1998 Camille’s Jewelers Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Camstra Patricia A. Cano 1993 David G. Castillo 1989 Juana I. Chancellor 1987 Suzzette F. Chopin 2003 Church’s Chicken of Corpus Christi, Inc. Mr. Marshall L. Collins

Annual Giving comprises the Campus Campaign, Islander Fund and Parents’ Council. The money raised by the Funds benefits students and several areas of the University’s five colleges. Alumni, parents, and faculty and staff who participate in these Funds help to improve the quality of education offered at the University. This list represents gifts received from September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008. Coastal Bend ASPA Continental Properties Cornerstone Fabrication Solutions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Cottingham, DVM Ms. Mary Couteau Mrs. Dee Cozart Mary N. Crowder 1966 DataSeek Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Corrigan, Jr. Coy L. Denton 1979 Marge S. DeWitt 1990 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Doyle Loree M. Dubose 1985 Barbara W. Dunk 1974 Dr. J. Michael Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Espinoza, Jr. Ms. Stephanie R. Estrada Clark C. Flato 1986 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory N. Forgione Andrew J. Fuller 1988 Jeannie T. Gage 2003 Charles R. Gaines 1952 Mrs. Denise Gallimore Dr. and Mrs. Humberto Garcia GCE Properties, Inc. Gil Geddes 1981 Lyle B. German 1970 Ms. Brenda L. Gilliam Cynthia A. Gomez 1987 Tyra Lee Gonzales 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Ramiro Gonzalez Ms. Michelle Graham Groesbeck-Bevly, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Grothues James S. Haynie 1976 Lillie Hebert 1968 Ann M. Hennis 1981 Carmen Hernandez 1999 Magdalena Hinojosa 1997 Mr. Harry B. Hinton Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Holliday Denise Housler 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hunt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Ishmael Jeff E. Janko 1985 Mrs. Rhonda S. Bergey and Dr. Gary A. Jeffress Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Jelonek Dr. Joseph R. Jimenez Mr. Philip M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Kanarvogel

Annual Giving, continued Paula D. L. Kelly 1989 Kendal L. Keyes 1995 KIII-TV Channel 3 Ms. Chelsea M. Knox Mr. and Mrs. John A. Krebs L&F Distributors Sandra D. Lambert 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Kipling F. Layton Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Lehman, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lemaire Leslie A. LeRoy 1992 Bradley T. Lile 1995 Sue E. Lisenbe 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry S. Lollar Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lomba Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Loon Frank A. Lucido 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Lutz Ms. Sara Mackie Manco Distributing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Mangum Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Maples Mr. Charles Mazurek Mr. Paul McGee Dr. and Mrs. David G. Mead Master Sergeant Raul S. Mendez Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Montagna Mr. and Mrs. David B. Moore Mrs. Cynthia S. Moreno Dr. Susan W. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Keith Nathan Dr. and Mrs. James M. Neff Ellen Kaye Nelson 1965 Brien A. Nicolau 1991 Debra A. Nivens 1979 North Texas Conchological Society Nueces County Medical Society Mr. and Mrs. Israel M. Nunez, Jr. Charles A. Pack 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Pagenkopf Edward S. Partridge 1979 The Honorable and Mrs. Robert C. Pate Lynda H. Pena 1985 Penn Virginia Corporation Perry & Haas Pest Patrol, Inc. Dr. Frederick T. Philips, DDS Mr. Arthur H. Porter, Jr. Ms. Marvel Purdy Gilda E. Ramirez 1992 Mr. Samuel Ramirez Mr. Burris M. Ray, III Ms. Rebecca Rios Ms. Lisa A. Rodriguez Rodriguez, Colvin, Chaney & Saenz, LLP Mr. Rick F. Rogers Thomas D. Rosales 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ross Molly Ruther 2008 Dr. Asad Salem Mrs. Felice Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sanchez, Jr. Saturn of Corpus Christi Ms. Patricia K. Schrader Josephine L. Schuenemann 1991 Mr. Randy L. Scott Seashell Searchers of Brazoria County Dr. Elizabeth F. Sefcik Maggie G. Shawver 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheffield Dr. W. Scott Sherman Sherwin Williams Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Shirley Ms. Andrea C. Simancas Ms. Kaylen M. Skinner Mr. and Mrs. James

A. Smallenberger Mr. and Mrs. Eddie D. Smalley Mrs. Karen A. Smith Dr. Robert L. Smith Dr. Jennifer M. Smith-Engle, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Snow Bill G. Spencer 1975 Dr. Marilyn Spencer and Mr. David Spencer Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Strauss Sulzer Hickham, Inc. Tim Swaty 1979 Herlinda Katherine Sweeney 1997 T.G. Allen Elementary Dr. Sharon Talley and Mr. Terry Talley Ms. Addie Tallman TAMU-CC Barnes and Noble Dr. and Mrs. John K. Taylor The Safeguard System, Inc. Richard P. Thomas 1978 Willa Thomasson 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Thoms Mr. Jeremy P. Tooley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Townsend Mr. and Mrs. R. Marvin Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Raul Trevino Mr. Gerardo Valencia, Sr. ValueBank Texas Vessel Transfer Services, Inc. Ms. Rocio Villareal Macedonio Villarreal, Jr. 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Villarreal Max (Manuel) Villarreal 1979 West Light Studios Mr. and Mrs. David W. Wheeler Lee I. White 1995 Mr. and Mrs. W. Gary Whittington Willette & Guerra, LLP Mr. Roy D. Wilson Mr. Eben C. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Wooster Dr. Catherine I. Cox and Dr. Robert A. Wooster Cheryl M. Worley 1990 Mrs. Judy L. Wright

$100 - $249

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Abbey Dr. and Mrs. Moustafa H. Abdelsamad Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Aboud Dr. and Mrs. Mufid Abudiab Ms. Dorothy N. Adair Adams & Graham, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Kendrick N. Adams Kellie L. Addison 2003 Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Aduddell Mr. Juan A. Alaniz Charles B. Alexander 1976 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Allen Debra K. Allen 2007 George D. Allen 2006 John M. Allgood 1990 Sheryl A. Alsbury 2000 Dr. Mark D. Altgelt, DDS Sal Alvarado 1994 Juan M. Alvarez 1991 American Academy of Underwater Sciences Mrs. Sylvia E. Antes Kenneth L. Anthony 2006 Anthony’s Aveda Salon Ruel R. Apacible 1993 Mrs. Debbie Arbuckle Mr. and Mrs. Kenton Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Danny Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Arredondo Art Center for the Islands, Inc.

Louie Asuncion 2001 ATA Blackbelt Academy Thomas H. Aughinbaugh, III 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Armando Avalos Carie D. Bailey 1997 Janet Bailey Ward 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Bain Mr. and Mrs. Darcus Bain John T. Baker 1964 Dr. Mary Bantell Susan L. Barnard 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Barney Samuel R. Barrett 1985 Leticia E. Barts 2003 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Baskin Myrna K. Bass 1963 Mr. and Mrs. Gerry W. Bassford Martha M. Bath 1973 Bay Ltd. Mrs. Phyllis W. Beaver Mr. Thomas R. Beaver Mr. Robert C. Beazer Harriet S. Becker 1992 Bella Bella Hair Salon Ross A. Benavides 1979 Peggy A. Benavidez 2006 Amanda G. Bennefield 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Berkley Mrs. Laurie Berry Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bevill Mr. and Mrs. William M. Bevill Ms. Sally R. Bickley Maria G. Biddle 2003 Dr. and Mrs. David M. Billeaux Mr. Doub S. Bird Mr. and Mrs. Randy Bishop Ms. Diane Black Mr. Calvin J. Blaha Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Blair Dr. Eugene M. Bland Dr. David P. Blanke Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Bligh Blossom Shop Florist Juanita D. Boggs 1985 Dr. Margaret E. Bolick Mr. and Mrs. Eddie V. Bonner, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Randy Bonnette Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Borsey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Boutwell Ms. Tammy Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Boyle Mrs. Linda Bradberry Mrs. Susan G. Braun Mr. and Dr. James R. Bray Mr. and Mrs. Truman F. Breivogel Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Briell Mrs. Jill Brodnax Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brookhouser, Jr. Ann N. Brown 1996 Cecil B. Brown 1998 Mr. William R. Bruce Mr. David Brust Cantrell E. Bryan, III 1965 Jennifer E. Buoy 2004 Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Keith Burns Mr. and Mrs. Brett Burns Norma T. Burnside 1979 Linda E. Bushell 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Byars Dr. Richard W. Byrd Servando Caballero 1987 Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation Anita Cadena 1998 Julia L. Callaway 2007 Nancy Cameron 1984 Drs. Nancy and Paul Cameron

Mr. and Ms. Robert Canales John C. Canales 1999 Carmen S. Cantu 1987 Michael D. Cantu 2007 Mr. Adolfo Cardenas Mr. Raul V. Cardenas Caring Touch Home Health Care Services Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carrejo Dr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Carroll Michael L. Carter 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Austin Carter Sandra G. Case 1976 Mike T. Casey 1996 James J. Cashion 1971 Mr. and Mrs. David V. Casias Patricia J. Castaneda 1994 Homer A. Castillo 2000 Sue A. Catherman 2000 Mr. Peter Cavazos Dr. Valrie J. Chambers, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Asa L. Chambless Dr. Chuleeporn Changchit Maria E. Chapa 1991 Chatelaine Lisa M. Christ 1998 Christiwood Apartments Lorena Claeys 1997 Robin Gately Cnossen 1997 Coastal Bend Wellhead, Inc. Jimmy G. Cobb 1962 Erin E. Cofer 2005 Lisa G. Coleman-Bonner 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Colemere Rebecca S. Collins 1979 Yvonne Colmenero 1980 Comanche National Bank Lydia Cordova 1955 Corn Products International, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Cornish Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce Corpus Christi Medical Center Dr. and Mrs. Nabor F. Cortez Ms. Anna M. Cortinas Ms. Debra A. Cortinas Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Cotten Ms. Julie A. Coulter Country Club Florist Ms. Rachel A. Cox Ellison S. Crider, III 1999 Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Crowe Carl and Mary Jane Crull Ms. Kimberly Cude Mr. and Mrs. Jose G. Cuevas Dr. Glennis E. Cunningham Cup Graphics and Screen Printing Pete H. Curran, III 1991 Mr. Bert Dahl Ms. Patricia C. Dalheim Jeffrey A. Damaschke 1991 Dudley C. Danforth 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Davee James R. Davis 1995 Mrs. Dawn L. Davis-Costa Mr. and Mrs. Anthony De La Rosa, Jr. Gilbert De La Rosa 2003 Mrs. Sylvia C. De Los Santos Mr. and Mrs. Granville M. Deane, III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Del Prato Mr. Ralph Dempsey Nodell Dennis 1965 Mr. Felipe G. Devora Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Dewbre Mr. Bernard Diaz David Diaz 1963

Daniel M. Dibble 1999 Stacy M. Dickson 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Garland R. Dieringer Robert J. Diersing 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Chad Dixon Mrs. Jeanette Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Dixon Mr. Allen Dohmann Ms. Diana M. Dolan Mr. and Mrs. Will Douglas Ronald L. Dow 1988 Sammie C. Drehr 2000 Mildred K. Droemer, RN 1999 Dr. Leon F. Dube Larry J. DuBose 1995 Dr. Nadina Duran-Hutchings Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro Echeverry Ecologist Services & Dispositions, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Edgar Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Edin Mrs. Carla L. Edwards Ms. Kimberly Eiskant Mr. and Mrs. Rickard P. Ekstrom Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ellinger Mr. and Mrs. Derek Ellis Monica Y. Ellison 1996 Mr. Brian Elzweig Sheri Emerick 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Allen Englebert Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Englehart Windolyn Evon English 1992 Barbara A. Enloe 1990 Dr. Elizabeth A. Erkel Mr. and Mrs. D. Marc Ermold Mrs. Norma Escobar Diane Escoto 1994 Cheryl A. Esparza 1981 Mr. Charles L. Etheridge Mrs. Claire W. Evans Inez M. Ewart, CPA 1985 Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Fadelle Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fagan Family Fitness Mr. and Mrs. Bob Faris Ed Fauver 1958 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Fernandez Kimberly L. Fewins 1997 Fields, Nemec & Co., P.C. Debra S. Fincher 1993 Sarah M. Fisher 2006 Mr. Shawn C. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Fleishman Ms. Ellen M. Flood Dina V. Flores 1991 Manuel Flores 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Flott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Fogle John J. Foley 1986 Dr. and Mrs. Greg S. Fossum Cheryl D. Foster 2005 Four Star General Construction Mrs. Betsy C. Frantz Julia L. Fraser 1955 Ms. Cornelia H. Freeman Ms. Edita Fuentes Jim K. Fugate 1983 Thomas W. Gaddis 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Jose Gallegos Mr. and Mrs. David C. Gamez, Jr. Maria Carmen Gamez 1998 Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Mrs. Linda Ganter Mr. and Mrs. Emede Garcia Francisca V. Garcia 1989

Annual Giving, continued Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Garcia O.B. Garcia 1954 Mike Garrett 1993 Rosaena Gutierrez Garza 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Garza Lisa R. Garza 2003 Mr. and Mrs. Benancio Garza Mrs. Kelly Gauger and Mr. Rexon Ryu GE Foundation Jeffrey B. Getchell 1982 Marsha L. Gibson 1975 Dr. Jose H. Giraldo Chad C. Goetz 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Q. Gomez, Jr. Ms. Aurora S. Gomez Mr. Joe L. Gomez, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David P. Gonzalez Javier Gonzalez 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio Gonzalez Annette Gonzalez Morgan 1994 John W. Good 2001 Marjorie E. Goodenough 1977 Ms. Nancy T. Goodman Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Gover, MD Rita C. Graham 1997 Kimberly K. Graves 1995 Mr. and Mrs. E. Emery Green, III Barbara A. Greenwood 1993 Jeffrey J. Grime 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Groff, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Grohmann Mr. and Mrs. Allen Groseth John W. Grunenwald 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Remigio Guerra Mr. and Mrs. Richard Guerrero Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Guthrie H.E. Butt Grocery Company Mrs. Mary F. Haas Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Hall Ms. Rebecca Hall LCDR and Mrs. Mark A. Hallowell, Sr. Mrs. Victoria Halwe Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hamilton Hampton Inn Hanley Wood Fine Gifts Ms. Cathy-Lynn E. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Harden Ruth Harding 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Harr Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Harral Mr. Gilbert F. Harris Dr. Glenna G. Harris Ms. Donna Harrison Mrs. Alice Hartlaub Diann D. Hartlep 1975 Drs. Janis and Richard Haswell Mr. and Mrs. Richard Havenar Jimmie R. Hawthorne 1999 Joyce G. Hawthorne 2000 Sharon Haynes John C. Haynie II 1971 Ms. Kathy Heard Susan K. Heinicken 1986 Mr. and Mrs. John O. Heldenfels, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Con P. Hemmesch Shirald Dean Hendrix 1960 Bill Hennings 1980 David C. Henny 1966 Cathryn H. Hensell-Morales 1984 Dr. Allen Herkimer and Mrs. Anne Eiseman Mr. and Mrs. Frances W. Herman Alfredo L. Hernandez 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Rey Hernandez Maria De Los Reyes Hernandez 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Herrlich

Marie P. Herzig 2007 Jan E. Hibbitts 1988 Cassandra D. Hinojosa 1999 Mary M. Hoch 1993 Ms. Elizabeth A. Hochholzer Ms. Lybeth Hodges Patrick Hoermann 1983 Benjamin P. Hoffman 2008 Lessie R. Hoffman 1979 Elma D. Holden 1965 Holiday Inn Emerald Beach Robert E. Holm 1989 Shirley M. Homan 1996 Lori C. Homeyer 1989 Kathryn O. Hooper 1995 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Horne Mr. and Mrs. David W. Houston Mr. and Mrs. Yin-Hwa R. Huang Brandon H. Huber 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Cristobal S. Huerta Homer D. Huey, III 2007 Dr. and Mrs. William O. Huie, Jr. Amy L. Humeniuk 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hune, Jr. Cheryl M. Hunt 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Hunt Ingram Concrete, LLC Islander Bookstore Jack Cowley Supply Co., Inc. Ann M. Jaime, P.C. 1981 Ms. Cecelia Jenkins Katheryn K. Jervis 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Asa Jewell Johnny Carino’s Country Italian Cassidy B. Johnson 2001 Jeanene S. Jones 1983 Mr. and Mrs. David Joost Patricia M. Jordan 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Shelby A. Jordan Reynaldo A. Juarez 1991 Ms. Shirley A. Justus Mr. and Mrs. Artis L. Karnei Cindy A. Keese 1986 Mrs. Carole Keller and Mr. Jack Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Garland M. Kennedy, Jr. Michael J. Kennedy 2003 Ms. Robin Kennedy Terry G. Kidwell 1984 Donna G. Kiening 2000 Sunilrao M. Kilaru 2007 Whitney K. Kilgore 2001 Ms. Kathy M. King Dr. Scott A. King Terry N. King 1982 Nancy H. Kinkler 1987 Elizabeth A. Kiolbassa 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kirchoff Ms. Marilyn D. Klassen Mr. and Mrs. Kerry D. Klingensmith Dr. Diane L. Klutz Mr. and Mrs. David Knight KPRC/TV 2 Abby R. Kratz 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Krenek Mr. and Mrs. James Krogh Ryan E. Kuhn 2007 La Playa Mexican Cafe Dawn S. Lalmansingh 2002 Lionel A. Lalmansingh 1989 Sharon K. Landgrebe 1988 Mrs. Denise Landry-Hyde and Mr. Larry Hyde Ms. Diana L. Lara Mr. and Mrs. Genaro Lara, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Larkin Las Vegas Valley Water District Law Office of Benigno (Trey) Martinez, PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Lawrimore

Kirstin L. Lawson 1999 Arnold P. Leal 1975 Mrs. Terri Lee William R. Lee 1976 Roy L. Lehman 1980 Dr. David G. Leo Ann V. Leslie 1994 Ms. Theresa Locrasto Dr. Margaret A. Lucero Noelia P. Lucio 2003 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Luddeke Dr. Don Luna Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Lundquist, Jr. Ms. Becky S. Lutzke Dr. and Mrs. Stacey D. Lyle Ms. Martha L. Lyon Mr. and Mrs. David Lyssy Mr. and Mrs. David Lytle Dr. Ian R. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Atilano Macias Dr. and Mrs. Luis A. Mackrizz, MD Drs. Yasmin and Oscar Maldonado Thomas H. Mann, Jr. 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mariani Mrs. Mary Marquez Aaron W. Martinez 2000 Mr. Adam G. Martinez Mrs. Alice L. Martinez Mrs. Laura J. Martinez Lorenzo Martinez, Jr. 2008 Maria Consuelo Martinez 1987 Robert J. Marvin 1994 Angelica A. Masciale 2002 Mrs. Sofia Mauricio Jud Maxfield 1956 Charles B. Mayhood 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mazurek Ms. Lynnda L. Bradfield and Mr. William G. McBean Don L. McBride 1977 Carolyn M. McCallister 1997 Mrs. Constance L. McCammon Carole F. McCarthy 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. McClure Dr. Cherie McCollough Sharon A. McCord 1986 Dr. Claudia McDonald and Mr. Kenton McDonald Dr. Phillip D. McEndree Mr. and Mrs. William D. McKeehan Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. McLaughlin Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. McMinn, Sr. Mrs. Pat McNeil Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Fred Medellin Arnoldo Medina 1992 Major and Mrs. Glen E. Melin Karen R. Mella 1994 Dr. Brian D. Melzian Dr. Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak and Dr. Joseph Jozwiak, Jr. Microsoft Corporation Middle Eastern Dance Club Dr. Karen L. Middleton Ms. Carolyn L. Miller Ms. Carolyn M. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Arlen H. Miller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mario Minucci Mission River Systems Inc. Ms. Blanche M. Moehrig Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Mohs Dr. Peter M. Moore Denise S. Morales 2005 Jennifer R. Morales 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Viviano Morales, Jr. Robert Morales, Jr. 1997 Jessica L. Morris 2008 Dr. Mary K. Mortimer Mr. and Mrs. John M. Motes

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Mourer Thomas A. Moy, III 2002 Mr. and Mrs. David Mueller Patty and Joe Mueller Mr. and Mrs. David C. Munoz Christina L. Murphey 1997 Ms. Jessica L. Murphy My Scrubs, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Naismith Alan L. Namiat 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Nance Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nash Marianne Naugle 1991 Navy Army Federal Credit Union Barbara S. Nebrat 1977 Dr. Nancy J. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nelson Jay A. Nesbit, Ph.D. 1995 John J. Nicholson 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nickel Chris M. Nicosia 1997 Dr. Marion G. Nipper Sylvia M. Nugent 1984 Pat J. O’Boyle 1986 Mr. and Mrs. John O’Connor Paul J. Oden 2006 Yvonne M. Oden 2006 Uchechi E. Okani 2008 Emilie J. Olivares 1985 Ms. Marvarene Oliver On the Border Rita S. Orchard 1993 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Orr Mr. and Mrs. Michael Orsak Gabriel Ortega 2001 Oscar O. Ortiz 1981 Richard S. Ortyl, Jr. 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Bill B. Osborne Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Oshman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Otero Dr. R. Deborah Overath Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Owens Marilyn G. Pagel 1979 Paragon Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Park Road Storage Mr. David C. Parr Laura B. Parr 1979 Mrs. Eleanor R. Patacsil Ruth A. Patrick 1969 Sharon R. Patterson 2006 Ms. Miriam A. Patton Kathryn O. Payne 1981 Robert A. Payne 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Peace Pelican Club, Inc. Martin S. Pena 1989 Ms. Naomi Pena Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pena Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Pennington Alice L. Penrod 1989 Meliza I. Perez Guajardo 1993 Lisa O. Perez 1994 Patrick J. Perron 1990 Dr. Susan Perry Pfizer Foundation Patricia C. Philipps 1985 Ms. Claudia Pichardo Wayne G. Pick 1966 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pickens Joseph A. Piegari 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Pigott Ms. Berna Pilcik Ms. Cynthia A. Pinard Aaron L. Pineda 2007 Stacey A. Pinkerd 1984 Trey W. Pirkey 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pirkle Mary A. Plattner 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Prater Grace M. Prather 1996

Procter & Gamble Company Kathleen Fogel Putnam 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Don Quinn Patricia Quintana-Perron 1994 Mike Quintanilla, Jr. 1987 Ms. Lisa A. Quiroz Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Quiroz Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Ramirez Daniel R. Ramirez 1990 Ray A. Ramon 1991 Regent Emerita Maria Guadalupe Rangel and The Honorable Jorge Rangel Mr. and Mrs. Armon M. Rash Don S. Rearick 1989 Ms. Susan J. Reinhart Jolee M. Reinke 1990 Reverend and Mrs. Damon E. Relder Mr. and Mrs. Alex N. Reyes Eugene E. Rhemann 1984 Mr. Curtis Rhodes, Jr. Mr. David Richards Mr. and Mrs. John Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Sid C. Ridlehuber Emma E. Riehl 1951 Ms. Shana R. Riggleman Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Riley Aaron S. Rios 1999 Oralia M. Rios-Nunez 1996 Sarah E. Ritchea 2007 Migdalia A. Roberts 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Robertson Theresa G. Robertson 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Robinson Dixie A. Rochester 2001 Mr. Eduardo R. Rodriguez Dr. Nancy Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Rohne Dr. Elena Romero-Vizcarrondo Laura L. Rosales 1989 Michael E. Ross 1984 Jennifer R. Rudolph 2003 Ms. Diane Ruiz Mr. Kelly P. Russell Barbara L. Ruth 2001 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ruther Betsy J. Ryan 1987 Dr. Alexey L. Sadovski Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Saenz John M. Saenz, Jr. 1969 Martha G. Saenz 1983 Lawana G. Sales 1970 San Antonio Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association Santa Fe Health Care, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Saucedo Sharon Scerrato 1983 Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark Ms. Carol A. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Schoen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schoenert Catherine D. Scholl 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Schubert Barbara D. Schwertner 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Scott Mr. M.D. Scott Dr. Ronald D. Scott Commander James K. Sellers Delfino M. Serna 1989 Mrs. Yolanda Serrato James L. Sharp 1961 Dr. Theresa M. Sharpe Ms. Leigh A. Shaver Don R. Shawver 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Shealy Sheinberg Tool Co, Inc. None E. Sheive 1980 David K. Shepherd 1986 Dr. Caroline Sherritt

Annual Giving, continued Mr. Harold G. Shockley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Morris L. Shuford Robert B. Siddall 1975 Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Sievers Maria M. Silgero 1995 Mrs. Barbara D. Simer Ms. Heather K. Simmons Mr. Paul M. Sims Ms. Nelda F. Skeans Dr. and Mrs. Carlyle B. Slabaugh Dr. Robert D. Slater, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Small Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smelley Amy L. Smith 1994 Mr. Bill Smith Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Smith, III Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Smith Elizabeth Smith 1983 Dr. Karen H. Smith Norita C. Smith 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. William G. Snelson Ida S. Snodgrass 1976 Steven D. Speer 1980 Spring Branch Motorplex Stan Roberts & Associates, Inc. William B. Stark 2003 State Farm Insurance State International Development Organizations Dorise W. Steele 1986 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Stephens Dr. and Mrs. Blair D. Sterba-Boatwright Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Stetina, Jr. Mrs. Gwen F. Stibbards Rebecca S. Stone 1993 Sharon H. Strain 1977 Alphee L. Strand 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Curt Steichert Catherine R. Stryker 1994 Students Against Destructive Decisions Amy M. Sullivan 2002 Dr. Nancy Sullivan Carey R. Sundberg 1988 Mr. and Mrs. David Suniga Ms. Judith A. Sutherland John E. Swoboda 1976 Matthew E. Tacker 1999 Manuel Tamez, Jr. 1986 James S. Tate 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor Susan G. Taylor 1984 Elizabeth A. Taylor-Curl 1990 Jeanne Taylor-Luker 1978 TCB Tax Service Dr. and Mrs. Mauricio B. Teixeira Shandra L. Tellez 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Billy D. Tennyson Mr. and Mrs. Garry Thoma Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thomas Christina K. Thompson 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Estevan Tijerina James S. Timmons 1985 Dr. and Mrs. George D. Tintera Richter L. Tipton 1975 Dr. Philippe Tissot Mario Torres, Jr. 2004 Ms. Rebecca I. Torres Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Trevino Thomas J. Trost, Jr. 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Turner Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Turner Mrs. Atlee Ann Tyree Catherine N. Tyree 2007 Ms. Elizabeth Tyson

Nwojo Ugah 1978 University of Houston Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Urbis Kyle S. Uskievich 1997 Velma L. Valadez 1995 Yvonne L. Valadez 2006 Mr. and Mrs. Hector Valdez Ms. Alenka Vale Gloria G. Valle 1984 Hector G. Valle 1989 Clayton D. Vance 1995 Deborah A. Vela 2000 Valentin Vela 2007 Ms. Cynthia S. Velasquez-Uresti Mr. and Mrs. Rolando L. Verastegui Chris G. Verburgt 1992 Juan E. Villalpando 1990 Mr. Hector Villarreal Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Villarreal Mrs. Mi Chong Villegas Erik H. Von Hellens 2001 Dr. Abu N. Waheeduzzaman Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wahne James S. Walker 1998 Ms. Beverley B. Wallace John C. Wallgren 2003 Charles R. Warne 1962 Warrior Run High School Mike M. Warzecha 1988 Stephanie L. Waterman 1994 Clayton B. Watson 2001 Ms. Jo Ann Weldon Michael Wheeler 1975 Dr. Virginia Wheeless and Mr. Lawrence Wheeless Jean A. White 1998 Ray E. Whitmire Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Whitney Jill D. Wiggins 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams Mr. David P. Williams Fred A. Williams 1987 Rhonda W. Williamson 2001 Mr. Bill J. Wilson Phillip I. Wilson 2004 Harry H. Wilson 1960 Derek M. Wittliff 1992 Ms. Sheila Wolf Mr. and Mrs. Micky D. Woodard Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Woodson William D. Wranosky 1976 Eric W. Wright 1998 Mr. and Mrs. David J. Wright Mrs. September Wright-Lutz Eliberto Ybarra 2001 Dr. Elaine Yellen and Mr. Richard Yellen Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi Mr. and Mrs. John Young Dr. Lari Dianne Young Mr. Larry N. Young Ms. Ruth Young Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Yunkun Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Zapata Mr. and Mrs. Rickey R. Zarder Mrs. Josephine Zegers Dr. Rabih Y. Zeidan Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Zeitler, P.C. Jianjun Zhu 2000 Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Zilmer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Zimmer Dr. Mary A. Zipprich Mrs. San Juana Zuniga

$50 - $99

A Mano Imports Lance R. Abernathy 2003 Juan J. Adame 1983 Laura E. Adams 1984

Brian P. Addison 2004 Dahlia Aguilar 2000 Blanca R. Aguirre 1980 Jamye L. Aldape 1973 Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Allen Sharon W. Alley 1983 Alpha Building Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Jose V. Alvarez Ms. Valerie V. Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Amann Michele D. Angerstein 2004 Gina G. Arnold 1984 Mr. Scott Atlas Avant Dance Mr. and Mrs. Brian Axtell Kangwon Bae 2006 Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bagby Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bailey Ms. Patricia E. Baker Yvonne Balderas 2004 Bruce A. Balli 2003 Deborah J. Balli 1995 Ms. Elizabeth C. Banuelos Mrs. Berta Barbosa Patricia A. Barker 1977 Mrs. Terry A. Barker Mr. and Mrs. Wayland Barmore Colonel and Mrs. Harry Barnhill Leonardo O. Barrera 2006 Robert Barrera 2005 Bryan H. Barrows, III 1974 Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Basham, Jr. Baskin Robbins - 31 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Beck Bud M. Beene 1984 Tyrone S. Beggs 1987 Suzette C. Bellows 1998 Anna M. Benavides 1979 Linda Benavides 1992 Marisa G. Benavides 2006 Ms. Joan N. Benbow Ms. Jill Benderly Mr. and Mrs. William D. Benge James S. Bentley 1995 Dr. Carla D. Berkich Bonnie K. Berry 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bertalot Prasad R. Bhattaru 1997 Ms. Rhonda Bienek Dr. Eugene J. Billiot Dr. Fereshteh H. Billiot Mr. and Mrs. Don Bishop Mr. W. Dawson Boone, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Boudreau Boutique Du Jour Salon and Spa Ms. Nancy J. Bowen Mrs. Lizette R. Bradley Melody E. Brannen 1978 Tony W. Brannon 2008 Ms. Diana Brast Walter N. Breland 1985 Sally M. Brewer 1997 Riva M. Brooks 1993 Rosita L. Brosig 2007 Ms. Angela Broussard Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brown Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Bryant Gwendolyn D. Bueton 1985 Mrs. Bobbie J. Bundred Brent L. Bunger 2005 John B. Bunting 2007 Mr. and Mrs. James K. Burdine Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Burks Ms. Lisa M. Burns Tamra K. Buxkamper 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Cesar A. Calderon Tom T. Callicott, Jr. 1992 Gricelda V. Calzada 2008 Dr. Kirk V. Cammarata Edna M. Campbell 1990

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Canales Carl’s Fine Flowers Jeremy C. Carranza 2004 Nicholas Carrejo 2006 Ismael Carrion, Jr. 1992 James F. Carter 1985 Jason M. Casanova 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Roy V. Casanova, Jr. Maria Nora Cason 1980 Billy D. Causey 1967 Dr. Timothy P. Causgrove Amanda L. Ceballos 2007 Sandra J. Cervantes 2006 Diane G. Chandler 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Chrisman Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Cisneros, III Allison Clark 2006 Ms. Jacquelyn K. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Jim Clark, II Patricia A. Clark 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Lamar G. Clemons Peggy J. Coffey 1994 Philip G. Cohen 1989 Glennae P. Cole 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Roland Collins Mr. and Mrs. Gaudencio M. Colunga Comanche Blue Tractor Service Frances Denise Compton 1987 Jennifer M. Compton 2005 Robin K. Comstock 1989 Jose L. Contreras, Jr. 2003 Jan M. Cook 1991 Rolean A. Cook 1973 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Corby Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Cormier Ms. Khara Cornelius Corpus Christi Rayz Hockey Team Ms. Donna C. Cortez Lucy W. Couger 1955 Ms. Carrie C. Coursey Deanna R. Couture 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Waylon D. Cowan Deborah L. Cox 2002 Cracker Barrel Mr. Eugene A. Crain Ms. Kathleen R. Crane Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Cranek Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Crawford Cynthia Crenshaw 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cron Mr. Gerald Crouch Guillermo A. Cruz, Jr. 1997 Charlene Elaine Cummins 1994 Scott S. Curtis 1999 Mrs. Christine Damiani Daggett F. Darrough 1988 Pat Darsey 1982 Brenda F. Davis 2006 Tracie L. Davis 2004 Frank A. De Angelis 1962 Marion J. Dearman 1985 Mark D. DeAses 2000 Larry J. Dechant 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. DeCou Stefanie M. Delmastro 1997 Ms. Barbara Demel Karen K. Denney 1993 Mr. Daniel J. DeSalvo Mr. and Mrs. James DeSantis Design Concepts by Deidra Peter A. Devillez 1993 Mrs. Johanna DeYoung and Mr. John Vindekilde William Diamond 1968 Brion A. Dolan 2003 Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Donnell Alves E. Dos Santos 1986 Denise D. Dougherty 2007 Dr. Amanda L. Drum Mr. and Mrs. Troy A. Drummond

Barbara F. Du Frain 1998 Joseph D. Dubeau 1991 Bell Dudley Grace 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Duffy Dugger’s Flower Villa Slick O. Duncan 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Duncan Herminia Durkin 1979 Sonya M. Durrwachter 2000 Mrs. Sarah L. Dynis Frances S. Easley 1984 Colleen L. Eaves 2005 Amanda M. Ebert 2001 Carolyn K. Einkauf 1982 Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. George W. Eisel, IV Ms. Anita Eisenhauer Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Ellis Ms. Susan A. Elwood-Salinas Dr. Molly Engelhardt Enterprise Rent-A-Car Mr. and Mrs. John Epperson Mrs. Patricia A. Eppright ERA Windward Properties Karen G. Erwin 1987 Angela G. Escobedo 2007 Linda Escobedo 2000 Nolan Estes 1950 Gladys Etheridge 1969 Julie K. Eubank 1986 Adele M. Farrell 1970 Charles W. Farris 1980 Ms. Cynthia Farris Mr. Mario E. Farrulla Mrs. Blanch Fernandez Mary A. Fernandez 2006 Ann M. Fields 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Kent R. Figgs Mr. and Mrs. Santos Figueroa Mr. Laurence Fischbach Mr. and Mrs. Dean H. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fisher Fleet Feet Sports Blanca T. Flores 2006 Diana Flores 1981 Sherri K. Flynn 1986 Mr. and Mrs. Tracey L. Foerster Lanette C. Fox 1987 Larry R. Frame 1995 Garrett L. Frazier 2004 Freedom House Eileen M. Friou 2000 Ms. Esperanza H. Fuentes Mr. and Mrs. James S. Fulcher Mr. Laszlo Z. Fulop Allen D. Gabrysch 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Francisco X. Garcia, Jr. David L. Garcia 2003 Elizabeth H. Garcia 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Hector E. Garcia Robert R. Garcia, Jr. 2003 Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Garcia Teresa Garcia 2002 J. K. Gary 1980 Constantino Garza III 1984 Jorge G. Garza 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Garza Jan K. Geyer 1998 Ms. Marion S. Gholston Patricia D. Giblin 1996 Mr. John J. Gillmen Edward L. Gilpin 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Pio S. Godinez Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Z. Gonzales Belva J. Gonzalez 1996

Annual Giving, continued Grainger Industrial Supply Mr. Arturo S. Grande, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gray GraybaR Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery R. Greene Dr. David J. Grise David Guel 1981 Annette M. Guerra 1985 Rolando A. Guerra Gulf Coast Paper Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gunn Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gunning Adan Gutierrez, Jr. 2000 Adolfo D. Gutierrez 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Haldeman Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Hall Mr. and Mrs. James S. Hall Patrick W. Hall 1986 Dr. and Mrs. Steven Hall Ann A. Halverson 1999 Mary A. Hamblin 1988 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. James K. Hammack Kim S. Hammer 1990 Cynthia M. Hanright 1985 Bridgette Hardin 2002 Vivian E. Harlan 1991 Vicki K. Harper 1985 Mr. and Mrs. Brad J. Harrell Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Harris, Jr. Margarett Hart 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Tommy G. Hartgraves Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Hartig Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. Irvin C. Hatridge, Jr. Beverly K. Haynes 2007 Mr. Jesse Heier John F. Hennessey 1988 Ginger P. Henry 1975 Caroline H. Hernandez 1987 Mrs. Cecilia Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Cecilio Hernandez Maricela P. Hernandez 2007 Norma I. Hernandez 1981 Sonia M. Hernandez 2000 Ms. Stefanie A. Hernandez Ms. Angelita G. Herrera Katherine A. Herrera 2008 Mary A. Herrera 1992 Sharon A. Herrera 2008 Hest Fitness Products Ms. Amanda M. Hester Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Hill Patricia G. Hill 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hinkle Barbara R. Hinnant 1986 Mr. Gordon O. Hogarth Ms. Carroll G. Holt Patricia E. Holubec 1986 Ms. Virginia C. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. William I. Hosek, Jr. Michael J. Hoten 1988 Joyce R. Howard 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howell Karen S. Hudson 2003 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Huedepohl Mr. and Mrs. David Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Billy B. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Hummel Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs. Hilton A. Hunt Representative and Mrs. Todd A. Hunter Tanya L. Hutton 1980 Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Stacey Icke 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Joel Inocencio Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Iverson

Ms. Bernice D. Jackson Deborah K. Jackson 1975 Mr. Paul Jackson Paul F. Jackson 1966 Ms. Samantha L. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Jankowski Japan Local Government Center Kellie L. Jarvis 2005 Ms. Stephanie Jennings Mr. and Mrs. David A. Jensen Julie A. Joffray 1997 Cathy L. Johnson 1986 Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Johnson Tracy L. Johnson 2003 William A. Johnson 2007 Mrs. Omega Jones Ruth K. Josephs 1975 Drs. Joseph and Elisabeth Jozwiak Ms. Michelle M. Jungwirth Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jureski Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kaiser Mark M. Kaspar 1984 Patricia L. Kassel 1987 Elizabeth A. Kauffman 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Keidel Ms. Omaira B. Keller Mr. Sterling M. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Kershaw Yolanda G. Keys 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Killion Hilarie Kilpatrick 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Frankie J. King Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Darrell A. Kiss KKBA-FM Radio Mr. Richard M. Kleberg, III Melanie J. Kline 2007 Holly B. Knippa 2008 Roger S. Koepke 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Kots Dr. Kamiar Kouzekanani Mr. Billy Kozak Jessie F. Krause 1987 Dr. Thomas H. Kreneck Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kroll, Jr. Ms. Kimmarie Kryscnski Sandra H. Kureska 2006 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kusak Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Kuzel Thomas W. Kwiatkowski 2007 Marie A. Lammers 1999 Ms. Judith LaPrade Ms. Jenean D. Larsen W. L. Jack LaRue 1982 Veronica S. Laurel 1993 Ms. Janet L. Leal Young J. Lee 2005 Carl A. Leihardt 1991 Mrs. Nancy Lerner and Mr. Howard Nisenbaum Ms. June Levescy David L. Levy 1977 Tana R. Liley 1995 Billie R. Linscomb 1961 Victoria L. Livingston 1987 Ms. Patricia A. Long Longhorn Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Longoria, Jr. Mr. Dan Lopez Mr. Joe Lopez Ms. Maria S. Lopez Christina L. Losoya 2000 Dr. Joe C. Loter William A. Lowe 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Roman Luna Joshua L. Machicek 2006 Kimberly A. Mack 1998 Dr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Madalin, Sr. Ms. Sandra S. Mader

Mr. Tomy Magill Ms. Sallie A. Magliolo Leslie E. Mansell 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Maresch Christine L. Marroquin 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marsh, III Mr. and Mrs. Trey Martin Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Martinez, Jr. Gloria E. Martinez 1991 Mrs. Marta A. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Arturo P. Martinez Misty B. Martinez 2005 Petra A. Martinez 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mayfield Mr. Chance Mazurek Ms. Shirley Mazurek Mr. and Ms. Leonard Mazzocco Mr. and Mrs. Orville G. McClain Steve S. McCollum 1963 Terry G. McCormack 1990 Deborah J. McIntyre, CPA 1988 Lori McIrvin 1986 David A. McKee 1980 Mr. and Mrs. B.J. McKinney Jennifer L. McLaughlin 2007 Mrs. Linda K. McMillan Mary C. McQueen 1991 Ms. Melinda G. Mcqueen Mr. and Mrs. Scott T. Medburry Francisco Medina 1993 Ms. Leticia Medina Sandy G. Melton 1989 Dr. Paul S. Merritt Yvonne Messer 1949 Kimberly C. Miller 1984 Scott Miller 1991 Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Tony Molina Ms. Maricela Molina Eric S. Moller 1996 Mr. Turner Moller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James F. Moloney Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Mondin Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Monical Ms. Yolanda Montemayor Bobbie H. Moore 1976 Mr. Richard A. Moore Gianna N. Morales 2006 Nora G. Moreno 1983 Bessinda M. Mormino 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Warren M. Morris, III Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Morrison Linda K. Morrow 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Clay Morrow Dr. Riccardo Mozzachiodi Mr. and Mrs. Johnie Muller Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Munoz Laura S. Munoz 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Jason S. Murdock Ms. Karen S. Murray Keith R. Musick 2002 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Naismith Dr. and Mrs. Juan J. Navar Kathy R. Naylor 1995 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Neilson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Nelson, Jr. Seamus R. Nelson 2008 Ms. Darlen R. Ness Mrs. Alysha Nichols-Sparkman Mr. Ronald E. Nickerson Stacy C. Nobbie 2003 Orlando Noyola 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Paul O’Brien Dr. Liette B. Ocker Dr. Patricia Olenick Paul T. Olivares 1989 Mrs. Rosalinda S. Olivares Olive Garden Dr. and Mrs. Roberto Ortiz-Garcia, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ortiz Outback Steakhouse James B. Owens 2007 Thelma L. Palacios 1982 Veronica A. Palacios 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Parker Mr. Steve Paschal Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Pavlik Ms. Idolina R. Paz Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Pena Roberto Pena 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Peppercorn Charles M. Perry 2002 Sara B. Pesnell 1991 Carole L. Peterson 2008 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pfingsten Dr. Armand Picou Ms. Teresa Plake Dr. Rosemary K. Plank Olga Plomarity 1984 Shirley Polhemus 1993 Ms. Mary L. Ponce Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Poppe Prego & Fab Drs. Katherine and Howard Price Blount Mr. and Mrs. Lev H. Prichard, III Mr. and Mrs. Marcus L. Priesmeyer Gina K. Prince 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Puhl Shelly A. Pyatte 1983 Dr. Kelly Quintanilla and Mr. Anthony Quintanilla, IV Quizno’s Classic Subs Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rainey Mr. and Mrs. Francisco R. Ramirez, Jr. Rene R. Ramirez, Jr. 2004 Samuel F. Ramirez 1991 Linda L. Ramon-Barbato 2003 Kerri E. Ramos 2002 Kimberly A. Rangel 1992 Suzanne D. Ransleben 1996 Crystal L. Rau 2006 Melvin E. Rauch, Jr. 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Redden Amy M. Reiss 2007 Mr. Z. Paul Reynolds Dr. and Mrs. Philip W. Rhoades Sharon M. Richards 1974 Galen F. Richmond 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Ace Rifenburgh Rowan R. Robb 2005 Rhonda G. Roberts 1994 Mr. Robert C. Robinson Analisa Rodriguez 2005 Cydra J. C. Rodriguez 2007 Mrs. Katharine Rodriguez Oscar M. Roman 2005 Robert E. Rosales 1987 Robert H. Rosales 1979 Estanislao H. Rosas 1977 William C. Royce 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rubio Stan G. Rucas 1990 Lydia C. Ruiz 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ruiz, IV Ms. Robertta L. Rushing Anna M. Russell 1987 Kristine Salinas 1993 Mary K. Salinas 1991 Melanie D. Salinas 2006 Rene E. Sanchez 2004 Elizabeth J. Sanders 1991 Ms. Kathleen C. Santrock Joseph Savage 2002 Mr. Joseph Schenk Mr. Glenn W. Schreyer Crystal J. Seehorn 2003 Dr. Lon H. Seiger

Antonio P. Sevilla 1986 Mr. Ronald Shackelford Ms. Tina R. Shaw Joseph A. Shelton 1998 Stacy R. Sher 2002 Mary K. Sherwood 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Shupala Anthony J. Siccardi, III 2004 Margarita P. Silguero 2002 Dr. James E. Silliman, III Alma L. Silva 2003 Ms. Betty T. Silvas Mr. and Mrs. Juan Silvas Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Simon Mr. and Mrs. John Simsen Sirloin Stockade Dr. Delbert L. Smee Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Smith Ramona J. Smith 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Smith, Jr. Linda K. Smith-Barry 1990 Snoopy’s Pier Restaurant Nicki Sohn 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Solomon Gloria V. Soto 1992 Jami L. Spacek 2002 Ms. Cheryl Spaniol Dr. Frank Spaniol Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stephens Jennifer L. Stephenson 1997 Dr. Raymond W. Stepp Mike Stern 1989 Christopher B. Stevick 2006 Jason C. Stewart 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Stewart Lawrence C. Stines 2001 Beverly M. Stone 1993 Mr. Ronald C. Stubing Sultan Mediterranean Cuisine Judy M. Sykes 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Sykora Danyel P. Tacker 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Alvarez TAMU-CC College of Liberal Arts TAMU-CC Counseling Center TAMU-CC Island Waves TAMU-CC National Alumni Association Tanks For Your Business Mrs. Mary C. Taylor Lindy M. Teafatiller 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Teter Ms. Cheyenne Teters Texas State Aquarium Thai Cottage Mr. and Mrs. Gene Thompson, Jr. Dr. Robert E. Thompson Shirley R. Thornton 1980 Kirk E. Tierce 1988 Lynette R. Tiller 1995 Dr. and Mrs. Roger W. Timperlake Mr. and Mrs. Pieter Tirion Mrs. Mary R. Travis Harlene Trevino 1984 Mary E. Trevino 1995 Mr. and Mrs. Javier Trevino Mr. and Mrs. Billy Trott Mr. and Mrs. Lauren P. Trottier Marleen A. Truesdell 1986 Tubbs of Flowers Shelly L. Tumbach 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Turner Oran B. Tyler, Jr. 1951 United Parcel Service Jenny L. Urban 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn T. Urban USS Lexington Utopia World Cuisine, Inc. Herman L. Vacca 1996 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Van Zant

Annual Giving, continued Jerry C. Vandergriff 1964 Marco A. Vela 2005 Michael Vela 1991 Ms. Sherry Veltkamp Cecilia G. Venable 2000 Leigh A. Vickers 1999 Jonathan A. Villarreal 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Marin Villarreal, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Villarreal Mr. David W. Vinson Sheri L. Voss 1984 Ms. Christina Y. Vourcos Jennifer M. Waggener 2007 Mary D. Wagner 1984 Theo A. Wagner 1982 Dr. Lillian S. Waldbeser Mary E. Walker 2004 Mr. and Mrs. David Wallace Mitchell Edward Wallack 1972 Ms. Bonnie Ward Daniel O. Ward 1993 Ms. Debra L. Ward Dr. and Mrs. Martin J. Ward Ms. Natalya N. Warner Colonel Dwight G. Watkins, Ph.D. Weapons at Hand Martial Arts Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Dormio Kelli J. Wehrwein 1991 Mrs. Ann Weisenburger David G. Wells 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Wendel Emily B. Wenzel 1977 Mr. Ewing Werlein, Jr. The Honorable Mike Westergren Mr. and Mrs. John S. Whatley, Jr. Mr. Tom C. Wheat Justin R. White 2003 Michelle M. White 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Elbert White, Jr. Joan E. Whitmire 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whitt Mr. Danny D. Widner Wienerschnitzel Kithsiri Wijewardena 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Gary O. Wilkerson Cristina Williams 2001 Denise Williams 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Williams Mary E. Williams 1983 Mrs. Teresa Williamson Steven A. Willingham 2005 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Willms Wings ‘N’ More Liza N. Wisner 2004 John R. Woelke 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. Wommack Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Woodruff Mrs. Christina B. Woods World Learning Rita A. Yakubik 1984 Cindy A. Ybanez 1997 Yin-Yang Fandango Dr. David W. Yoskowitz Dr. Elaine Young Mr. and Mrs. John Yracheta YWCA Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zepeda Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Zigmond Dr. Gertrud B. Zimmer Rose M. Zuniga 2006

Below $50

3M Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Abbey Ms. Linda K. Abendroth Ranilo Abrigo 2002 Academy Sports and Outdoors Mr. Domingo A. Adame Denise E. Afflerbach 1989

Ms. Ana Aguado Elizabeth M. Aguas 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Aguilar Ms. Ruth G. Aipperspach Aladdin’s Restaurant & International Cafe Alameda Medical Supply & Uniforms Jo Ann Alaniz 1993 Mr. Rene Alaniz Anica A. Alarcon 2007 Mrs. Julia Aleman Bryce R. Alexander 2002 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Alexander Jennifer A. Allen 2005 Billy F. Allison 1954 Ms. Amanda J. Allsup Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allsup Adelita Alvarado 2006 Mrs. Santos Alvarado Patricia N. Alvarado-Palacios 2004 Mrs. Doris Alvarez Ms. Sonia Alvarez Samuel Amoako-Atta 2005 Amore Day Spa Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Amos Annalyn P. Anderson 2007 Heather M. Anderson 1996 Ms. Jennifer Anderson Guadalupe M. Andrade 2003 Mr. Russell Andrus Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ansley Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. Edward L. Antoine, Jr. Richard J. Arellano 2003 Mr. and Mrs. Arturo Arevalo Dr. Paula Arledge Adriana M. Armendarez 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arnold Ms. Gretchen M. Arnold Kacie M. Arnold, RN 2007 Ms. Cristina Arredondo Ms. Julia R. Arroyo Ms. Martha S. Ashworth Asian Cultures Museum Mr. John R. Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Atnip Ms. Linda D. Attaway Mrs. Dora Auld Jose A. Avalos 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Ayala Jessica C. Baber 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Baker Dr. Mirley Balasubramanya Diane Balboa 2006 Mr. and Dr. Chuck Baldwin Steven W. Ballard 2007 Ms. Jeanie Balli Marina Balli 1993 Rosa G. Banda 2002 Mrs. Barbara E. Barber Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Barg Ms. Rebecca L. Barksdale Mr. and Mrs. John G. Barlow Mary L. Barnes 2004 Estanislado S. Barrera 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Q. Barrera, Jr. Vanessa E. Barrera 2007 Toni M. Barrett 2007 Mr. Jesse Barrios Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Barry Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bass Marvin N. Baucom 1972 Olivia Bayarena 1992 Leticia Bazan 2000 Sandra L. Beck Mills 1977

Andrew S. Beers 1998 Ms. Nicolette Bell Ms. Rosa M. Beltran Adele E. Bemis 1979 Mr. Michael Benavidez Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bender Conchetta S. Bennett 2006 Dorothy L. Benson-Brown 1984 Elizabeth J. Benson-Landau 2008 Kristi R. Bentley 2007 Kimberly A. Berger 1999 Mr. Hitomi Bergmark Ms. Linda M. Bernal Mrs. Gloria R. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Al Biernat Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Bills Carol L. Binkerd 1978 Brandy S. Blacketer 2005 Gene W. Blacklock 1970 Mr. P Blackwell Terrence J. Blake 1983 Mr. Gene A. Blakley Lydia R. Blanco 1997 Emma Blasingame 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Block Mr. and Mrs. Marty Bludau Leticia Bocanegra 1990 Daniel Bodnar 1990 Carolyn M. Boller 1997 Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bolliger Jerry Bomer 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bond Ms. Cynthia Bonifer Bonnie’s Nail Salon Cheryl L. Bost 1982 Mr. Carroll G. Bowers Mrs. Edith M. Bowers Ms. Brenda Bowles Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman, Jr. Ms. Stephanie Box Ms. Patricia K. Boyd Denise Bradford 1994 Marchant R. Bradford 2003 Kimberli K. Brandt 1989 Mr. and Mrs. David Brawley Mary S. Breen 1994 Michael L. Brieden 2004 Marsha C. Brittain 1989 Ms. MaryAnn Brooks Allison M. Brown 2003 Mr. Kenneth E. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown Ms. Mary Brown Rita M. Brown 2003 Cilla F. Bruun 1995 Bubba’s Ice House Elizabeth C. Buckley 2001 Ms. Linda A. Buckley Amy M. Budd 2003 Martha-Jane Buis Penrod 1951 Elizabeth A. Buntrock 2007 Rebecca J. Buonavolonte 1991 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Burch Roberta E. Burgess 1987 Charlotte A. Busch 1983 Kent Butler 1981 Meridith Byrd 1999 Linda I. Byrum 1982 Rodolfo A. Caceres 1977 Cafe Calypso Felicia C. Cain-Dziadek 2002 Delfino S. Calderon 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Calderon Mr. and Mrs. Tomas G. Callahan Ms. Gae Callaway

Randall L. Calloway 1988 Cathy L. Camp 1987 Mary M. Campbell 1994 Carmen C. Canales 2000 Mary A. Canales 1985 Ms. Elizabeth A. Canchola Mr. Abel Cantu, Jr. Irma C. Cantu 1977 Ms. Juana E. Cantu Ms. Stephanie Cantu Dr. Diana L. Cardenas Linda M. Cardwell 1994 Ron Carter 1964 Shannon P. Carter 1993 Ms. Nora Cartwright Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Carver, Jr. Sharon B. Casady 1978 Jerry D. Casey 1983 Reynaldo M. Casiano, Jr. 1991 Jose R. Castellano 1974 Cupid Castillo 1996 Dela D. Castillo 2006 Ms. Olga Castillo Annie J. Castro 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Castro Ms. Amelia S. Cervantes Nathan T. Chanyarlak 2007 Ms. Christina D. Chapa Estela L. Chapa 1984 Ms. Isabel F. Chapa Ms. Melissa A. Chapa Ms. Sara G. Chapa Cathleen C. Chatham 1976 Ms. Adriana Chavez Chili’s Grill & Bar Rebecca Chitty 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chmelik Ms. Patricia O. Clark Class Act Salon & Spa Ms. Amanda E. Clawson Diana D. Clements 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Clevenger Whitney R. Cline 2007 Sue A. Cobb 1963 Nita G. Coldiron 1989 Shannon Coleman 1993 Dennis K. Collier 1977 Ms. Theresa Collin Chris N. Commons 1991 Jimmie L. Compton 1989 Amanda M. Comstock 2000 Amanda L. Conine 2002 Mr. Oscar N. Contreras Dr. Linda Cook Mary J. Cooke 1984 Cookies by Design Mrs. Traci L. Copeland Ms. Karen Cornett Araceli G. Coronado 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Coronado, III Mr. Mark Couteau Perry Cox 1955 Ms. Joanne H. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Cox Wyman P. Crawley, Jr. 2002 Ms. Deborah Crowder Mrs. Sylvia Cruz Gary L. Cunningham 1977 Elizabeth A. Curran 2000 Cutting Zone Hair & Nail Salon Paul A. Damerow 1986 Lynn Daniel 1990 Rashidah N. Danquah 2005 Symmie R. Dark 1999

Ruth E. David 1996 Elva J. Davila 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Davila Joseph G. Davila 1993 Mr. James C. Davis Jane R. Davis 1992 Leslie A. Davis 2003 Christina De Los Santos 2003 Mr. Rojelio Deases DeBonaire Hair Designs Mrs. Pam DeBord Margaret Dechant 1985 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. DeGaish Cecilia S. DeLaGarza 1995 John C. Delaney 1984 Ms. Elsie Y. Deleon Ms. Gloria DeLeon Dr. Diane Denny Gracie DeRusse 2000 Jody L. DeSalvo 1995 Mrs. Susana M. Devacque Steven E. Dial 2002 Mrs. Marianne Dickey Mercedes H. Dilks 2002 Mrs. Helen K. Dillon Discount’s Finest Boutique Mr. Chris Dixon Ms. Sharon Dollins Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Drilling Jason H. DuBose 2003 Vinaykumar M. Dulip 1988 Anne F. Dunn 1987 Christopher S. Dupont 1998 Mark J. Durand 1975 Niall B. Durham 2000 Mr. David K. Dye Eclectique Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Edgar Ms. Nichol Edlin Ms. Carol Edwards Deborah M. Edwards 1991 Mr. Stephen O. Edwards Mr. Edward R. Eiland Scott D. Ellis 2007 Ronnie M. Emanuel 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Englert Olivia Escochea 2008 Esperanza Garden Club Terry L. Esse 1982 Adriana Estringel 1987 Johanna D. Evans 2004 Executive Surf Club Heather N. Fairchild 2007 Jenna C. Farris 2006 Debra M. Fennema 2007 Amber L. Ferguson 2005 Ms. Henrietta N. Fierro Deborah L. Fischer 1986 Mrs. Olivette Fisher Kathleen G. Fleming 1975 Aaron L. Flores 2005 Ms. Sylvia Flores Roy A. Flournoy 1966 Flowers for Today Mr. Jonathan W. Floyd Richard K. Foegelle 2000 Andrea T. Fonseca 1994 Frank Fonseca 2004 Maria B. Fonseca 1990 Bonnie L. Fox 2002 James D. Foy 1979 Tomas J. Franco 1995

Annual Giving, continued Silva D. Frankian 2007 Margaret M. Fratila 1991 James B. Frazier 1960 Mrs. Jean H. Freeborn Leda V. Freeborn 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Freed Ms. Alice H. Frick Ms. Evell Froh Mr. David S. Fuertes Andrea J. Fulmer 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Matt Gaines Gary A. Galyas 1972 Ms. Andrea Gaona Juan G. Garces 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Garcia Cordelia A. Garcia 2000 Elsa Garcia 2003 George L. Garcia 1988 Ms. Jocie Garcia Johanna R. Garcia 2004 Julia V. Garcia 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Luis D. Garcia Mario A. Garcia Ms. Minerva Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Garcia Mr. Ricardo Garcia Roberto Garcia, Jr. 1999 Rosie R. Garcia 1990 Ms. Rubi Garcia Ms. San Juanita Garcia Ms. Sandra Y. Garcia Vickie K. Garcia 1980 Vivian I. Garcia 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Billy Garrett Michael C. Garrett 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Andres Garza, Jr. Bertha C. Garza 1999 Ms. Cecilia J. Garza Ms. Dora R. Garza Ms. Juanita Garza Ms. Patricia A. Garza Rina E. Garza 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Garza, Sr. Dr. Susan G. Garza Ms. Velma L. Garza Nancy Gauthier 2004 Ramona K. Gawlik 2004 Ralph C. Geckle 1999 Aaryn B. Gerland 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gibson Rodolfo Gil 1978 Diana C. Gill 1980 Robert G. Gill 2007 Norman K. Gillen 1974 Audrey E. Gilpin 2006 Nicole L. Gloor 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glover Carissa M. Goald 2006 Golden Corral Restaurants Ms. Yvonne Gomes Mr. and Mrs. Alberto Gomez Mr. Joseph Gomez Caricia A. Gonzales 2004 Ms. Stephanie Gonzales Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Morales Zulema Gonzales 2000 Barbara G. Gonzalez 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Gonzalez Carlos Gonzalez 1977 Ms. Christina Gonzalez Guadalupe C. Gonzalez 1989 Mr. Jesse M. Gonzalez Mr. Juan A. Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Isidro Gonzalez, Jr.

Ms. Mary M. Gonzalez Rose M. Gonzalez Perez 1987 Priscilla A. Gonzalez 2008 Ms. Zulema Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. David Goodson Mr. and Mrs. David Gore Armandina Gorena 1994 Dr. Marsha L. Grace Cindy D. Graham 1983 Ms. Susan Greathouse Emily R. Grimes 2003 Stephanie A. Grote-Garcia 2002 Stacie R. Gryparis 2005 Mr. Reymundo Guajardo Dr. Jose H. Guardiola Grace Guerra-Gonzalez 1998 Dr. Hongyu Guo Ms. Danette Gutierrez Heather J. Guynes 1996 Orman W. Gwynn 1997 Mrs. Karen Hadaway Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hadden Sally L. Haddox 1981 Mr. Brent Hagood A. Michele Hall 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Hall Paige H. Hall 1988 Stephanie S. Hall 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Hamilton Lilias R. Hammerick 1985 Joyce L. Hammond 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Hand Dr. Alan D. Hansen, II Mr. and Mrs. R. Glenn Harris Dr. Mark G. Hartlaub Marion S. Harvey 2007 Gregory A. Hauger 1999 Deanne D. Hayden 2000 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henderson Mr. and Mrs. William Henley Ms. Denise Hernandez Ms. Juanita Hernandez Leticia Hernandez 1998 Ms. Maria E. Hernandez Mrs. Jackie A. Herrera Rene T. Herrera 1992 Hester’s Cafe & Coffee Bar Dr. and Mrs. Graham C. Hickman Faviola Hidalgo 2002 Ms. Maria T. Hidalgo John J. Higgins 2006 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Hilker Mrs. Laura A. Hill Michael V. Hill 1994 Sandra K. Hill 1976 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hillman Anita O. Hinojosa 1977 Mrs. Linda Hodge Martha A. Hodge 1993 Mrs. Geraldine P. Hogan Alice M. Hollan 1981 Ms. Christina Holzheuser Alicia E. Hoover 1987 Ms. Amanda R. Horne Ms. Linda Hornsby Ms. Kerri G. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Howard Linda A. Howe 1995 Ms. Deanne Hubenak Connie S. Huddleston 2008 Rachel R. Hudson 2003 Sara Huerta 2006 Lois C. Huff 2002 Ms. Jacklene B. Huffman

Valda J. Huffman 1988 Alan J. Hunt 2003 Dr. Kenneth U. Ihenetu Ms. Rachel N. Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Isaac Brittany L. Ivie 1997 Dr. Diana K. Ivy Margaret M. Iwanski 1995 Juanita S. Jackson 1996 Karen E. Jackson 1981 Ms. Linda Jackson Ms. Rosemary Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Joel Jacobsen Norma J. Janice 1983 Maria X. Jaramillo 2007 Jose L. Jauregui 2002 Ms. Gertrud Jeffers Sheila J. Jenkins 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Francisco R. Jimenez Ms. San Juanita Jimenez Mr. and Mrs. Tony H. Jimenez, Jr. Deborah L. Johnson 1991 Lindsey K. Johnson 2003 Ms. Monica Johnson Valerie A. Johnson 1992 Amy M. Jones 1996 Curtis D. Jones 1993 Donald S. Jones, Sr. 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Jones Mark A. Jones 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones Gayle M. Jurica 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kalina, Sr. Jem Y. Kao 1983 Dr. Dulal C. Kar Karen K. Karagas 1992 Dr. Ajay Katangur Mr. Louis H. Katz Marilyn B. Keller 2008 Linda D. Kelly 1978 Mr. Dennis P. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kenney Chris Keran 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd M. Key Diane G. Kiddy 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Drew A. Kimura Mr. and Mrs. William N. Kirshner Mr. Timothy Klaus V.C. Kleffner 1983 Gloria A. Knowles 1972 Koi Boutique and Salon Dr. Karen Koozer Olson and Dr. William Olson Henry L. Kornhauser 1984 Amanda L. Krabill 2007 Kraft Foods David R. Krats 1983 Ms. Anne Kruse Daniel R. Kueck 2001 Zava E. Kuklinski 2000 Ms. Patricia Kunkel Dr. Peter K. Kuntu Mensah Dale R. Kurtz 1994 Dr. Brandi Kutil Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ladwig Pamela J. Lago 1997 Yvonne R. Landin 1991 Ms. Mary J. Lang Mrs. Donna Lanier Danielle L. LaPell 2006 Ms. Maximina Lara Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lara Richard W. Laurian 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lavergne Thomas E. Lavers 2005

Mr. Scott Lazenby Elizabeth Ledbetter 1979 Amy M. Lederman 2007 Russell R. Lee 2007 Gary LeFlore 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Jose A. Leija Mr. Marvin Leshin Drs. Mollie and Stanley Lewin Dr. Long-Zhuang Li Gregg A. Lindsey 1986 Joshua B. Linnenkugel 2004 Patti G. Locascio 2007 Mr. Jeffrey B. Locke Valorie A. Loessin 2003 Melissa R. Lombardo 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Kennet A. Long Longhorn Steak & Ale Ms. Alice Longoria Ben Longoria 1998 Mr. Guilevaldo Longoria, Jr. Ms. Benita L. Lopez Deborah A. Lopez 2001 Brandy L. Lowe 2005 Adolfo Lozano 1981 Anita V. Lozano 1990 Ida Lozano 1972 Mary E. Lozano 1981 Marivel A. Luis 2005 Ms. Christie L. Lusk Margaret Sherrill Luther Pitcairn 1998 Ms. Margaret MacDonald Andrew M. Maczko 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Madden, II Arthur Magallan 1992 Dr. Ahmed Mahdy Kellie M. Mahoney 1996 Cynthia G. Maiden 2007 Denise K. Malandro 1985 Mr. Antonio Maldonado Mr. and Mrs. Juan Maldonado Ms. Maria G. Maldonado Yvette M. Maldonado 2006 Mr. Clarito Maliwanag Mandarin Garden Mr. and Mrs. James W. Manning Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Manzo Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Marroquin Darcy Marshall 2007 Michelle A. Marshall 1989 Mrs. Rosemary B. Martin Mrs. Anna M. Martinez Elva Martinez 1995 Ms. Laura Martinez Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Martinez Mr. and Mrs. JR Martinez Maria M. Martinez 2002 Ms. Mayra A. Martinez Mrs. Oralia P. Martinez Herlinda I. Martinez-Longoria 1995 Dianne S. Massey 2002 Amanda P. Matlock 2007 Dana M. Matthews 2001 Carole A. Mauch 2004 Ms. Juanita Mayberry Heather V. McAdams 1997 Ronald D. McCarty 2000 Richard N. McClure 1958 Mary J. McCollum 1995 Diana S. McCurry 1992 Mr. Frank L. McDaniel Ms. Margaret McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. McGee Mr. and Mrs. John S. McGregor Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. McGuire

Donna M. McMahan 1988 Mark W. McNamara 1993 Kimberly J. McNierney 2007 Jon K. McRee 2008 Stacy M. Mctarnahan 2001 Ms. Sylvia G. Medina-Torres Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Medrano, Jr. Dr. Mehrube Mehrubeoglu Claudia M. Meighen 1993 Lisa M. Melendez 2003 Joseph A. Melton 1979 Mr. Raul A. Mena Rose M. Mena 1983 Ms. Amy L. Mendoza Danea D. Mickey 1994 Irma R. Mickle 1995 Cynthia D. Middleton 1999 Mr. and Mrs. Chet Miles Ms. Amanda Miller Dr. and Mrs. Dwayne C. Miller Mr. Joseph N. Miller Mary E. Miller 1988 Ms. Rachel L. Miller Jerilee Milligan 1998 Joyce N. Mills 1972 Jo P. Mims 1979 Pat E. Minton 1993 Berta T. Mitchell 1978 Brandon L. Mitchell 2007 Linda M. Mitchell 2002 Megan M. Mittelstadt 2000 Mr. and Mrs. J. Marcos Molina Kate O. Montagna 2006 Montana Mike’s Steakhouse Stacey K. Mora 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morais Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Moran Ms. Mary Moreno Joyce E. Morgan 2006 Gertrude V. Morris 1972 Kim Morrison 1985 Deborah J. Moss 1990 Dr. David Moury Irma L. Muniz 2003 Ronilo T. Munoz 1998 Dr. and Mrs. Elwin R. Myers Sharon K. Nadler Ash 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nagel Maria D. P. Nandin-Sanchez 2000 Stacey N. Nash 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nava Ms. Hilda E. Navarro Mr. and Mrs. Chad F. Nelson Sheryl L. Nelson 2002 Jo A. Newman 1992 Ms. Deborah M. Noble Ms. Lola O. Norris Kate E. Noteware 2005 Jo E. Nunez 1984 Lucille F. Odell 2003 David M. Ohlhausen 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel C. Okafor Mr. and Mrs. Juan A. Olalde Idajean Olivarez 1997 Yvonne L. Oliveira 1988 Nancy J. Oliver 1994 Mr. Thomas Oliver Bonnie L. O’Neal Petty 1995 Terrance J. Oprisko 1995 Ms. Blanca E. Ordner Mary F. Ormand 1982 Mrs. Adriana Orozco-Vela Ms. Juanita J. Orta Ms. Belia Ortega Mr. Noe Ortega

Annual Giving, continued Dr. Bo Ouyang Sylvia F. Pace-Owens 1996 Alma Pacheco 2004 Padre Behavioral Hospital Editha M. Pammit 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Pammit Pampered Pet Center Panjo’s Pizza Mr. Adan S. Pantoja Maria L. Pantoja 1986 Mr. Carroll Parker Parties to Go by Jo Ms. Connie L. Patchett Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Patterson Erin R. Patton 2005 Jan H. Patton 1995 Debra K. Payne 2001 Dr. Daniel L. Pearce Olive B. Pearson Katy K. Peeples 1988 Mr. Daniel Pepi Carl J. Perales 2005 Judith Perales 1994 Michael H. Perales 2007 Mr. Anthony Perez Mr. and Mrs. Jorge L. Perez Edna I. Perez 1984 Ms. Elizabeth L. Perez Mr. Jose B. Perez, Sr. Leticia Z. Perez 1993 Marcela H. Perez 1999 Ms. Marla E. Perez Richard P. Perez 1998 Ms. Tracie J. Perez Ms. Lenora Perkins Michelle C. Perkins 1998 Mrs. Lynn R. Perry Tara G. Perry 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Pesina, Jr. Sharyl R. Peters 1997 Kendall K. Peterson, Jr. 1999 Lauren M. Phillips 1992 Sherri R. Pike 1989 Julie A. Pina 1992 Mr. Paul C. Pineda Frances K. Pivonka Tyl 1998 Pizza State Platypus Fitness Center Rose Anne H. Poff 1977 Sharon J. Polansky 1980 Ms. Irene Ponce John E. Pospahala 1964 Anna K. Powell 1992 Lana J. Pratt 1997 Amy M. Price 2008 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Price Daniel B. Prouty 1989 Willie R. Pulido 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Pulido, Jr. Judith K. Pyle 1990 Jerry M. Quinn 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Quirino Becky T. Rackley 1983 Ms. Flicka Rahn Ms. Marilyn Rainey Ms. Elizabeth Ramirez Mr. Gilbert Ramirez Mary H. Ramirez 2004 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ramirez Ms. Rosalinda Ramirez Ms. Tracy M. Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ramon Mr. and Mrs. Domingo M. Ramos Mr. Ricardo Ramos Alfreda Rankin 1987

Mr. Robin R. Rapp Judith E. Ratliff 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rea, Jr. Reba’s House of Rest Ms. Debra D. Redix Ms. Mary J. Redman George M. Redus, Jr. 1975 Mr. Christopher B. Reed Austin J. Reeder 2008 Camille K. Reeder 1985 Ms. Olympia C. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. David Reiss Ms. Adelaida Rendon Henry Resendez 1979 Sarah A. Rettig 2003 Mr. Gregory Reuter Beatrice A. Reyes 2005 Mr. and Mrs. David Reyes Mr. and Mrs. Remigio L. Reyes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Juan J. Reyes Esperanza V. Reyes 1993 Mr. Jimmy Reyes Laura A. Reyes 2007 Mr. Ricardo Reyes Sandra T. Reyna Salazar 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ricard Michelle A. Rice 1998 Krista M. Richard 1999 Mrs. Elizabeth P. Rico Christine M. Rieder 2007 Anne E. Ries 2005 Ms. Barbra Riley and Mr. Roger Steinberg Ms. Claudette Riley David E. Rios 1977 Mr. Roberto Rios Steve Rivera 1995 Mr. James Rizzo Belinda M. Rjasko 2003 Loraine Roberson 1950 Ricky C. Roberts, Jr. 2007 Ms. Amy Robertson Gloria A. Rodriguez 1982 Mr. James Rodriguez Michelle A. Rodriguez 2006 Ms. Patricia I. Rodriguez Reymundo Rodriguez, Jr. 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Rodriguez Roberto M. Rodriguez 1992 Dr. Stephen R. Rodriguez Tracie Smithwick Rodriguez 1992 Carol L. Rokohl 1980 Marjorie W. Rollins 1976 Bobbie J. Romero 1996 Esmeralda B. Romero 1986 Mr. Robert Roper Russell J. Roper 1989 Mrs. Jeraldine Ross Ms. Ellen R. Rossi Jo Anne G. Rowley 1975 Joshua S. Roy 2008 Donald E. Royal 1977 Alberto R. Royo 1988 Linda H. Rubalcaba 1978 Mrs. Beverly Ruiz Mr. Joseph Ruiz Ms. Rita Rushing Anissa L. Saenz 2007 Macario Saenz 2004 Safeguard Universal Ray M. Sala 1991 Marc A. Salazar 1989 Abelardo Salinas 1973 Estephanira Salinas 1989 Ms. Joanne N. Salinas

Monica A. Salinas 2003 Nancy D. Salinas 2003 Sergio I. Salinas 2007 Mrs. Debbie San Gabriel and Mr. Jason Atwater Mr. Andres Sanchez, Sr. Denise S. Sanchez 2002 Mr. Jose Sanchez Mr. and Mrs. Edwin G. Santillan Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sas Susan G. Sausley 2000 Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Scherger William J. Schoenfelder 1997 Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Schwartz Mrs. Bertha Schwenk Cassandra L. Scott 2007 Scrapbook Paradise Robert R. Shackelford 1987 Steve A. Shafer 2002 Christopher G. Shanklin 2004 Joni R. Shugart 2004 Anatole M. Shunk 1950 Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Sieczkowski Vicki S. Silberman 1989 Barbara G. Silverman 1989 Mrs. Jonette Simpson Tara E. Simpson 2005 Mr. and Mrs. Madan Singh Sheri L. Singleterry 2006 Kirstin M. Sirmans 2005 Kim K. Skinner 1986 Smiles with Flowers Mrs. Dixie L. Smith Hallis D. Smith 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Smith Ms. Mavis P. Smith Richard A. Smith, Jr. 2003 Shirlee J. Smith 2007 Darryl R. Smithey 2002 Christa J. Snyder 2004 Mr. Greg Soliz Mrs. Natalia Soliz Dr. Jack Southard Southern Charm Marilyn L. Speer 1987 Ms. Jo-King Spell Lawrence T. Spring 1984 Mrs. Leslie Srp Ms. Linda St. Clair Viola D. Stallings 1997 Cheryle M. Stansberry 1995 Starbucks Coffee Aurora G. Staup 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Randy P. Stephens Dr. Rebecca Stephens and Mr. Larry Stephens Martha P. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Stewart Stingers Coffee Mr. and Mrs. John Stogner Mr. Larry Stone Martha E. Stone 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Stover Ms. Peggy M. Strait Yoshiko K. Strentzsch 1991 Ms. Lisa Strickhausen Mr. and Mrs. Eddie M. Strube Ms. Glyn S. Stultz Dr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Stunz Rudy Sturgeon 1984 Ms. Belinda Suarez Shirley J. Sykes 1996 T.G.I. Friday’s Restaurant TAMU-CC Food Services Dahlia Tapia 1990

Dr. and Mrs. Pablo Tarazaga Ms. Vickie D. Tate Phyllis A. Tedford 2001 Mary L. Teeter 1980 Jo E. Teichman 2000 Maria D. C. Tejeda-Delgado 1998 Mrs. Sharyll Teneyuca and Mr. Roy Soto Mrs. Heidi Teneyuca-Kinder and Mr. Michael Kinder Mr. Lawrence Terrell Mary M. Terry 2007 Mrs. Joyce M. Teters The Checkerboard The Dog House Pet Shop & Grooming The Forum Hair Salon Dr. David R. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Thomas Ms. Jessica Thomas Dr. Rebekah J. Thomas-Young Jane A. Thompson 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Billy P. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Wally D. Thompson Ms. Dianne Tidwell Tidy Paws Ms. Irma Tijerina Mrs. Linda Tingle Ms. Alma Torres Mrs. Rosalinda D. Torres Jerrold L. Towle 1978 Richard F. Tracy 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Trejo Dennis R. Trevino 2002 Abhijeet Trivedi 2002 Mrs. Dinah Troell Flora R. Trujillo 1990 Ms. Mary T. Trujillo Judy Tucker 1976 Vivian D. Tucker 1959 Abhilash Uppala 2006 Mr. Joseph Urrea Sara Fae Ussery 1996 Corinne C. Valadez 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Valadez Mr. and Mrs. Nick Valdez David Valdez 2003 Ms. Rachal G. Valdez Irma A. Valdez-Cevallos 1984 Frank H. Valenzuela 1993 Jose L. Vallejo 1995 Ms. Rosario Vallejo Brian M. Van Norman 1997 Connie M. VanCleave 1994 Stephanie Vannapha 2007 Priscilla Vargas 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Mario Vasquez, Jr. Janie Vasquez 1994 Ms. Mary E. Vasquez Xochitl T. Vasquez 2003 Ms. Merlene H. Vassell Mr. Tomas Vega, Jr. Ms. Erika Vela Jose C. Vela 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Velasquez Norman O. Vella 1987 Barbara M. Veltri 1999 Marcia V. Venzon 1979 Nancy B. Vial 1978 Mr. William Villanueva Ms. Leticia B. Villarreal Linda Villarreal 2005 Ms. Teresa Villarreal Earl R. Wait 1980 Brett A. Walker 2003

Janet R. Walker 1992 Ms. Monica K. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Mike Walker Wallbangers Jacqualyn R. Walley 2007 Daniel A. Walters 1990 Gary W. Walters 1984 Ms. Yanping Wang Mrs. Celeste Waterwall Dr. Egon Weber, II Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Weed Diane E. Weiner 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Clint R. Welch Kenneth E. Wellman 1957 Wellpoint Foundation Buddy L. Wells 1959 Claudia P. Wells 1992 Dr. and Mrs. Timmie J. Wells J.D. Wendeborn 1987 Weronika’s International Hair Salon Pearle M. West 1985 Westlake Mini Storage Inc. Alison J. Wheeler 2006 Ms. Paulette White Shanna M. White 2002 Travis L. White 2007 Whitney L. White 2007 Anna F. Whitehurst 1986 Virginia C. Whitney 1986 Francisca Whitworth 1978 Libby J. Wick 1978 Dr. Robert B. Wiedermann Jack L. Wier 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Wike Annette T. Williams 1988 Dr. and Mrs. Clark E. Williams, DDS Ms. Danette Williams Deidre D. Williams 1995 Ms. Marieta A. Williams Mrs. Marjorie Williams Mrs. Sherri Williams Vanessa M. Williamson 2005 Megan A. Willis 2007 Brigitte M. Willott 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Wilson, Jr. Cynthia Wilson-Ferris 1982 Ms. Melissa D. Windle Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wineman Ms. Dolly M. Winfield Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Winquest Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wirges John J. Woodard, Jr. 1985 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wooley Melinda T. Wren 2007 Mr. and Mrs. John Wroblewski Ms. Lisa Wunderlich Rachel Wunsch 2001 Patricia Yanez 1999 Ms. Diane M. Ybanez Mr. and Mrs. Randy Young Shannon E. Young 1991 Ms. Chloe M. Yowell Heather E. Yunkun 2008 Mark A. Zabel 2006 Mrs. Joy Zagar Mrs. Santos Zamora Pamela Zapalac 2003 Elsa M. Zaragosa 1986 Patricia K. Zarria 1977 Bin Zhu 2002 Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Zielinski Ms. Roxanne Zigmond Leeann W. Zoeller 1975

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