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New Parent Guide

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the the unknowns which may arise during this pandemic, the timeline for the events, trips and traditions listed in this booklet will be evaluated regularly to ensure that each can be conducted safely. Thus, all events are subject to change. Some events will happen as planned, some may be postponed, others may become virtual. Please thoroughly read all emails from the School for updates, and rest assured we will make this a very special year for our students!

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PARENT INVOLVEMENT Parents are an integral part of the Tampa Prep community. Through the Tampa Prep Parents Alliance (TPPA), parents partner with the school to volunteer and provide support for activities, events and programs. The partnership between Prep and our families is vital for student success.

We encourage you to engage in some of the committees and special interest groups on the following pages, and please feel free to reach out to your grade-level or division representatives if you have any questions or need guidance this first year! To stay current on all TPPA events (many of which will be virtual this year) parents are welcome to attend monthly TPPA Zoom meetings (information for these will be in the weekly newsletter). For updates, be sure to read the TPPA section of the Thursday newsletter, and view the Parent Portal calendar.


Grade-Level Student Lunches

(TBD) Parent social gatherings for

(TBD) Typically TPPA provides a

each grade level are planned periodi-

special lunch and/or treat once per

cally throughout the year. Typically,

semester during the regular lunch

attendees gather for coffee or lunch

hour, however, this year we will not be

at a convenient location near school

able to provide this. We look forward

or at school, however, this year they

to a time when we can reschedule

will likely be virtual.

this activity!

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PRESIDENT Tiffany DeMarcay


tpdemarcay@gmail.com | 813-731-5151

tmrac5@gmail.com | 540-226-8630



Heather Curtis

tppatreasurer@tampaprep.org | 813-727-5317

lwinters1118@gmail.com | 813-210-0248



melrenny@tampabay.rr.com | 404-317-2510

amandaclark@usf.edu | 954-684-0151

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Dee Dee Bland deedee.bland@gmail.com | 813-732-2889

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ddoss@dionnadoss.com taralee22@outlook.com

FACULTY APPRECIATION Sandi Santos Katherine Cosmas

sandi@sandisantos.com kathcosmas@gmail.com

813-610-1457 813-505-4772

813-777-1033 813-335-7349


The PEC is responsible for bringing in outside guest speakers to educate parents on current topics relating to education, college guidance, parenting and more. Past topics include: * A Beginners Guide To Mindfulness: Helping You and Your Teenager Manage Stress and Anxiety * What Every Parent Should Know * Real World 101: What Colleges Want Your Kids To Know * How To Get a Job and Keep It (for students) * Teaching Teens How to Feed Themselves: Food Culture * When Your Good Kid Makes a Bad Choice Tien Tien Shein Jeannine Williams

tienshein@gmail.com 813-833-2497 jeanninesmithwilliams@gmail.com 727-459-5449


Tampa Prep hosted the inaugural Headmasters’ Challenge on January 10, 2004. This annual tradition honors our rivalry with Berkeley Preparatory School. Winter sports teams from middle school, junior varsity and varsity all compete for the highly coveted Headmasters’ Cup. EVENT TBD.

FAMILY FESTIVAL / FAM JAM (SPRING) Jennifer Plummer Christiana Thompson

plummerj1@mac.com christiana.thompson@gmail.com

215-262-1228 678-662-5939


Kim Osborne ozmom11@yahoo.com 813-546-6002 Kimberly Wilson lwilson1@me.com 813-810-0042

END-OF-YEAR BBQ Lisa Paquin Kasey Kelly

lisapaquin@sbcglobal.net bobnkasey@aol.com

314-541-4111 813-610-0950


Tampa Prep Book Club meets every other month on the second Tuesday of the month. We will meet via Zoom from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. We like to read a wide variety of books and are open to new and exciting suggestions. Our discussions are always animated, particularly when we disagree about the merits of a book! And, as always, people are welcome to come even if they haven’t read the book. Gina Fair ginafair@aol.com 813-220-6395 Molly Straus molly@moahoebay.com 914-382-1528 page 4


Join this informal group of international parents who meet monthly at a Prep family home for coffee. Get acquainted, share cultures and learn more about what goes on at Tampa Prep. Veronique Lepine vlepine@namakor.com 813-614-7421 Claudia Pires claudia.pires@inspihred.com 813-566-2585


It’s great to be a Tampa Prep Terrapin Dad! Why let Terrapin Moms have all the fun? Here’s your opportunity to meet other Prep dads for socializing (not fundraising!) in casual, informal, no-strings-attached gatherings. We meet once per semester for social events, and we also organize tailgates from time to time to coincide with sporting events at Prep. Bill Bland blanbill@gmail.com 813-380-2058


Explore the cultural riches and natural beauty of the Tampa Bay area while making new friends. Outing destinations will vary and may include visiting a local museum, biking, kayaking, or exploring the Tampa River Walk. Suggestions for activities are always welcome. Outings often end by going out to lunch (optional, of course, if you only have limited time). Lisha Harris Lishaharris@yahoo.com 813-810-1644 Alex Steppacher ast5410@gmail.com 813-957-3028



Gianna Rendina-Gobioff 813-786-1284 giannarg@gmail.com Annie Bass 786-423-5259 avbass9876@gmail.com Heather Fahey 813-215-5039 heathervfahey@yahoo.com

Danielle Scarlett 813-928-2018 danielle_scarlett@yahoo.com Sharon Lopez 813-728-7070 slailo@me.com Bridgette Summers 813-833-0901 bridgettemsummers@gmail.com



Ali Garrity 813-810-1118 aligarrity@mac.com Kim Murray 813-892-9090 kimberlymurray@me.com Lakisha Kinsey-Sallis 312-550-0777 lakisha_laplace@sbcglobal.net

Lori Longden 847-387-0322 Marie Manthey 414-803-0030 Beth McIntyre 813-220-5631



Cindi Herrera 813-992-5108 Susan Heine 323-697-5496


jacindafl@gmail.com sdheine@gmail.com

Allison Mook 813-810-8059 hrleygrl883@aol.com Julieanna Reuther-Habib 727-479-9652 oceana613@gmail.com Caroline Stein 617-306-5488 cmstein@hotmail.com

lorilongden@hotmail.com Mariek1234@aol.com bbs7747@aol.com

Garda Collison 910-728-8772 gardajohn@aol.com Tara Connors 813-957-4678 Tdtconnors@gmail.com Jill Matthews 813-382-1020 jillandmikematthews@hotmail.com

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TERMS TO KNOW Asynchronous & Synchronous Learning


As part of their COVID-19 Academic

The concept behind an Active

Reopening Plan, Tampa Prep intro-

Learning Environment (ALE) is

duced a hybrid block schedule that

to provide students with a tech-

utilizes “synchronous” and “asynchro-

nologically advanced atmosphere

nous” methods of learning. Synchro-

conducive to collaboration, student

nous learning happens in real time

engagement and creativity. Custom

with students and teachers interact-

components including light, sound,

ing either in-person or online at a

comfort and technology are

specific time. Asynchronous learning

incorporated to ensure optimal learn-

occurs when students are working

ing within each classroom.

(Active Learning Environment)

independently on projects or lessons under the direction of their teachers.

The physical changes combine with the innovative teaching methods to


enhance the student acquisition of

Each student is assigned to an advi-

vital 21st century skills such as

sor--a teacher or administrator--who

teamwork, curiosity, problem solving

provides a reliable, communicative

and resilience.

link between the student and his/her family and the student’s teachers. In

ASPIRE Summer Reading

addition, the advisor functions as the

In addition to two grade-level sum-

student’s advocate, monitoring and

mer reading books, students choose

promoting the student’s academic

an ASPIRE book as an additional

and personal growth. Students change

choice. ASPIRE stands for “A Summer

advisors each year as they move up

Program in Reading Enrichment” and

through the School. An open,

was developed to inspire students to

communicative relationship between

read for pleasure. Faculty, administra-

parents and advisors is important.

tors and staff members may choose a

Early in the school year, parents meet

book to sponsor--some fiction, some

the advisors. When needed, parents

non-fiction. Students sign up to read

may also request to schedule an indi-

the book of their choice over the sum-

vidual 30-­minute virtual conference

mer, then meet for a discussion in the

with their student and the student’s

fall. The groups may include students


from all grades in the division. This year, discussion groups will be virtual.

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TERMS TO KNOW Declamations

ment with only occasional or minimal

Declamations are a unique Tampa

teacher intervention. Humanities

Prep tradition that help students

classrooms are set up to support the

build confidence through public

Harkness method, and most teachers

speaking. All students, grades 6-12,

employ it.

are required to prepare and deliver an oral presentation. Students advance

Freshman Transitions Course

through rounds performing for their

Following the trend of freshmen

class and their grade, and finalists

transition courses at colleges and

perform in a school-wide assembly.

universities across the country, we

Parents are welcome to attend this

have engineered a one-of-a-kind


Freshman Transitions curriculum built into our class schedule. Subjects such

First Week

as time management, ethics and

Tampa Prep prides itself on the

integrity, social relationships, global

sense of unity within each class and

perspective, executive functioning,

throughout the School. This focus is

exam prep, healthy living (sleep, diet,

strengthened through several

mindfulness, addiction, technology

programs including day or overnight

use), financial literacy, digital citizen-

retreats at the start of each school

ship and more are discussed.

year during the first days of school before academic classes start. Students in all grades participate in games, activities and challenges appropriate to their age, always with the goal of getting to know each other, transitioning to the beginning of school, and to welcome new students.

Harkness The Harkness table, Harkness method, or Harkness discussion involves a teaching and learning method where students are seated in a large, oval configuration to discuss ideas in an encouraging, open-minded environpage 7

SUPPORT TAMPA PREP Each year, generous donations from our school community help us maintain our outstanding educational experience.

While tuition pays for the essential elements needed for a top-tier learning environment, philanthropy allows us to be agile, innovative thought leaders by providing teachers and students with the resources they need to discover their next passion or talent. There are three opportunities to support Tampa Prep, and we are grateful that many of our families contribute in more than one way.

Annual Fund The Annual Fund is the School’s primary fundraising endeavor. It is our hope that, as a member of the community, you will participate in this fundraising initiative at least once throughout the academic year in a way that is meaningful to you. Some donors choose to set up a monthly donation as a matter of convenience and greater impact. The Annual Fund directly invests in every program, department, student and faculty member. In addition, we strive to achieve high levels of parent and alumni participation because each gift is an endorsement of our mission and the educational experience we provide. We encourage everyone to make Tampa Prep a philanthropic priority at whatever level they are able, whether that be $5 or $50,000. Our Terrapin Society recognizes those individuals who give $1,000 or more annually, by celebrating them at an end-of-year reception (TBD). That being said, every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference. Each gift has a profound and immediate impact on the Tampa Prep experience and is truly appreciated.

Golf Outing Our annual Golf Outing is TBD this year. Traditionally there are multiple sponsorship opportunities, and each level has different perks. Individuals and foursomes can play. For more information on the event as well as sponsorship and participant packages email events@tampaprep.org.

Gala Our annual Tampa Prep Gala will be March 6, 2021, time and location TBD. Sponsorship opportunities will be available for those who are able to support the event while gaining visibility for your business or special recognition for your family.

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SUPPORT TAMPA PREP Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the Annual Fund necessary? Tampa Prep is a nonprofit organization that operates without financial support from local or federal taxes. The School relies on tuition, annual giving, endowment, and auxiliary income (income from summer camps and facility rentals) to operate and continually improve. Q. Will my gift really make a difference? Absolutely! Every gift plays a part in Tampa Prep’s success. Overall donor participation reveals how the school is valued by its constituents, and your gift is an expression of gratitude to the teachers who guide and mentor our students. The collective generosity of our community allows us to provide additional resources for our classrooms and athletic and extracurricular programs each year. Your support is truly appreciated. Q. How can I make a gift to Tampa Prep? There are many ways to make a gift to the school. • You may mail or drop off a check, or give with a credit card online at https://www.tampaprep.org/give • Gifts of appreciated securities can have beneficial tax implications for the donor by providing an additional deduction while alleviating your capital gains tax obligation. Talk to your accountant about whether this option makes sense for you. • Ask your HR Department if your company matches charitable gifts and double your support! • Leave your mark by purchasing a special paver inscribed with the message of your choice. Pay tribute to your family, an alum, faculty member, student, athlete or anyone to whom you wish to give a permanent place in Tampa Prep history. • There are a variety of ways to help ensure Tampa Prep’s future through a planned or estate gift such as bequest, charitable gift annuity, or charitable trust. • Become a monthly donor by setting up a recurring gift. This allows you to maximize your contribution while having a limited impact on your budget. Q. Is my gift tax deductible? Tampa Prep is a 501(c)(3) organization as determined by the IRS, and as such all gifts qualify for a charitable deduction in the year of payment as allowable by law. SPECIFIC QUESTIONS? PLEASE CONTACT: Ki Perry, Director of Development | 813-251-8481 x4023 or Jake DeWeerd, Director of the Annual Fund | 813-251-8481 x4021 You may also visit the Support section of our website to learn more about how you can make an impact at Tampa Prep. page 9

SPECIAL EVENTS Due to the the unknowns which may arise during this pandemic, the timeline for the events, trips and traditions listed in this booklet will be evaluated regularly to ensure that each can be conducted safely. Thus, all events are subject to change.


Family/Advisor Conference Day

(Aug. 21) On the first day of classes, students and faculty will gather virtually for Opening Convocation. The community hears from several speakers including the Head of School and the student body president.

(Sept. 18 and Nov. 13) Parents will virtually sit in on a self-guided academic assessment between student and advisor. Students are encouraged to speak and advocate for themselves, and come up with a plan of action if one is needed.

New Parent Reception

Thanksgiving Convocation

Opening Convocation

(Aug. 25) This social event for parents with students new to the school will be virtual. Watch your email for info.

Parents’ Night (TBD) Traditionally, at Parents’ Night, parents follow their child’s schedule to meet their advisor and each teacher. You can meet TPPA members, hear about ways to get involved and learn about clubs and activities available to your students. This year, Parents’ Nights will be virtual and held once per quarter

Theater Performances Either a Middle and/or Upper School theater performance is produced each semester. Performances this year are TBD regarding in-person or virtual.

Grandparents’ Day (TBD) Grandparents are treated to special performances and join their grandchildren in classes to experience Tampa Prep. We hope to invite grandparents and special friends to classes remotely. page 10

(Nov. 19) Thanksgiving Convocation celebrates the arts in preparation for the holiday season. The concert features performances by our Terrapin musicians and choruses, as well as spoken word tributes from students and faculty. This will likely be virtual.


Holly Dazzle Dance (TBD) Winter dance for students in grades 7 and 8.

Headmasters’ Challenge (TBD) Tampa Prep hosted the inaugural Headmasters’ Challenge on January 10, 2004. This is an annual tradition honoring our rivalry with Berkeley Preparatory School. Winter sports teams from middle school, junior varsity and varsity all compete for the highly coveted Headmasters’ Cup.

Middle School Games (Jan.) Multi-dimensional, cross-curricular project that encourages 21stcentury learning skills and cultivates leadership. This is a 2-day competition amongst grade level teams. This event is not possible without our par-

SPECIAL EVENTS Some events will happen as planned, some may be postponed, others may become virtual. Please read all emails from the School for updates, and rest assured we will make this a very special year for our students!

ent volunteers.

Terrapin Day (Jan./Feb. TBD) While Tampa Prep students “go beyond” on a regular basis, the annual Terrapin Day of service exemplifies the school’s mission of “a higher purpose than self.” Students look beyond our campus to volunteer throughout the community. Each grade level takes on a different cause and donates their day to the organization or task.

Declamations (Feb.) All students, grades 6-12, deliver an oral presentation. Students advance through rounds performing for their class and their grade, and finalists perform in a school-wide assembly which will likely be virtual.


Family Festival (TBD) TPPA plans the Family Festival, an afternoon event packed with fun activities for the whole family! Great food, music, an inflatable obstacle course, pictures with Earnest (our school mascot) and more! This event can be held in the fall or the spring.

International Food Truck Day (TBD) The World and Classical Language Department invites food trucks with Spanish, French, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine to campus. Each truck sells half size portions to encourage everyone to try different options.

Awards Day (April) Students in grades 6-11 receive departmental awards honoring their academic and athletic achievements, as well as their character. Students in grades 9-11 receive book awards. Grade 12 awards are presented at Senior Celebration in May.

Middle & Upper School Arts Showcase (April) Students showcase what they have learned in Band, 2D and 3D Art, Chorus, Theater and Video Production classes during four events that will likely be virtual this year.

Senior/Yearbook Day (April TBD) Everyone dresses in college spirit attire (seniors dressed in gear from their future college/university). There are many fun activities throughout the day all geared toward celebrating the Senior class. This is not an event for parents to attend. There are plenty of those later in the month. This is a final hurrah JUST for seniors. Parents do not attend, however, there is an all-school BBQ this day as well, and many moms and dads volunteer to cook and serve all 690 students.

Graduation (TBD) Graduation date and location is TBD.

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LUNCH OPTIONS Both Middle and Upper School students eat from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. NOTE: Some days have “special schedules” so lunch times may change. • Lunch may be brought from home. Microwaves will not be available this year due to COVID-19 social distancing precautions. • You may purchase from our lunch provider, EVOS, and lunch will be delivered. Registration and ordering opens August 11. To register, visit https://evos.boonli.com/login and use password: TP1. • NO DELIVERIES OTHER THAN EVOS will be allowed on campus at this time. That includes vendors that were previously allowed on campus such as Panera, Subway, Dominos, Kelp, Jimmy John’s, Pita Pit, etc. Additionally, Uber Eats, Postmates, Bite Squad or other independent contractor deliveries will not be allowed on campus. This policy is in place for both safety and security concerns.

SENIOR YEAR PROJECTS & EVENTS Six-Word Memoir Each Senior writes a sixword memoir on the wall of the Student Center to be displayed throughout the school year.

Paint the Rock Seniors leave their mark on Prep each fall by signing their names on the rock in the parking lot. This is followed by an ice cream party.

Senior Sunrise To kick off the school year, the Senior class comes together to watch the sun rise over the Hillsborough river, followed by a pancake breakfast.

3# Project Three lbs. is the weight of the human brain. page 12

Seniors resolve to learn something they’ve always wanted to try (playing an instrument, cooking a meal, building a car engine).

Cookie Company Project In Honors Economics, seniors form companies to sell cookies to the Tampa Prep community. Students apply and execute what they are learning in class, presenting a marketing/ social media plan and a business plan to a group of TP experts.

Senior Beach Day In the spring, Seniors head to the beach for a day of fun in the sun.

Senior Moms’ Lunch TPPA Junior moms host a celebratory lunch for Senior moms.

Senior Internships Completion of a 70hour internship is a graduation requirement (less 10 hours for each AP class taken). Seniors update their resume, network for a job search, prepare for an interview, and work.

Senior Celebration Senior Celebration is an opportunity for seniors and their immediate families to get together one last time to enjoy dinner, entertainment by the seniors and awards.

CLASS TRIPS BY GRADE All fall class trips have been postponed. We will revisit in 2021 to see if they can be rescheduled.

6th Grade

9th Grade

6th Grade Class Trip

9th Grade Class Trip

(TBD) Students spend three days touring local Florida sites such as TreeTrek and Kennedy Space Center.

(Postponed) During First Week, freshmen spend two nights at Cedarkirk Camp & Conference Center participating in group bonding activities.

7th Grade

Freshmen Give Back

7th Grade Class Trip

(TBD) Before winter break, freshmen volunteer at the Metropolitan Ministries Holiday Tent.

(TBD) Seventh grade students spend four days exploring wildlife in the Florida Keys. The Keys trip is a culmination of the Science 7 curriculum. Activities include swimming with dolphins at Dolphins Plus, kayaking through the mangroves at John Pennekamp State Park, visiting the Turtle Hospital on Marathon Key, snorkeling in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and taking an airboat ride through the Florida Everglades.

8th Grade 8th Grade Class Trip (POSTPONED) Students spend four days tracing the roots of the American Revolution by walking Boston’s historic Freedom Trail. They visit Lexington and Concord, the Salem Witch Museum and reflect at Walden Pond. On the last day of the trip, they are transported to the year 1627 and live the life of a pilgrim at Plymouth Plantation.

8th Grade Lunch Cruise (TBD) In May, students celebrate their transition from Middle to Upper School on a StarShip lunch cruise.

10th Grade Grade 10 Class Trip (Postponed) Sophomores participate in an overnight at DaySpring during First Week.

College Counseling Kick-off Sophomores are introduced to the college application process and tour the University of Tampa campus.

11th Grade 11th Grade Class Trip (Postponed) The Junior Class trip to the picturesque mountains of Pisgah help develop skills not necessarily formed or tested in the classroom, moving juniors outside of their comfort zones to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Students work together to cook meals, put up tents, follow trails, build campfires and rock climb. They begin the school year with new friends and a deeper bond from their shared experience. page 13

ACADEMIC RESOURCES MY BACKPACK https://tampaprep.seniormbp.com Here parents access student schedules, grades, report cards, absentee information, Student/Parent directory and update their family profile/contact information. This is also where parents complete re-enrollment documents and pay bills online. NOTE: When updating your family profile, don’t forget to also update grandparent contact info to ensure they get invited to Grandparents’ Day! Need assistance with My BackPack? Contact mbpinfo@tampaprep.org or 813-251-8481 ext. 4055.

MAGNUS Magnus is the school’s health form portal. Magnus is accessed via My BackPack.

DIGITAL DIRECTORY The information provided via your Family Profile in My BackPack will be used for the School’s digital Family Directory, which is available year-round via My BackPack. A PDF version that you can save on all electronic devices (including your phone), or print if preferred, will be shared in the weekly newsletter early in the school year.

POWERSCHOOL LEARNING (PSL) Students and faculty communicate through PowerSchool Learning. This is the place to go for all classroom information (homework, grades, test dates, tutorials, etc.). https://tampaprep.learning.powerschool.com/

Information in My BackPack

Homework and grade info here Pay your bill here Search parent contact info here

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Update your contact info here



WEEKLY UPDATE Every Thursday, the Marketing Office publishes a digital weekly update delivered to you via email. This email is full of information about school events and programs, as well as student, team, faculty and alumni successes.

Twice a month, members of the Tampa Prep community (teachers, staff, alumni, students and sometimes parents) write about important educational issues or campus events. Please read and share these blogs via social media--or write one! If interested, contact Director of Strategic Marketing Heather Lambie at hlambie@tampaprep.org

EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS The School uses the School Messenger to communicate emergency information. Your email and mobile phone information must be up to date in your My BackPack family profile to ensure you receive emergency notifications.

CALENDAR / EVENT INFO Our school calendar is accessed via the CALENDAR link in the Parent Portal.

WEBSITE tampaprep.org Our website is a marketing tool for prospective families in the decisionmaking process to learn about our programs, culture, and constituents. Current families use it only to log into the Parent Portal. Questions about web content? Contact Director of Strategic Marketing Heather Lambie at hlambie@tampaprep.org

SOCIAL MEDIA & NEWS The main way for parents to see photos and videos of happenings and accomplishments at school is via our social media platforms (which we hope all families will follow and LIKE!) or through the school news on the website home page. The school has multiple accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. School videos can be found on Vimeo at https://vimeo.com/tampaprep

SMUGMUG tampaprep.smugmug.com Here parents can view and download photos taken on campus throughout the year. If you’d like to take photos for us--or share photos you took at an event--contact Heather Lambie.

TERRAPIN GEAR Terrapin gear and spirit wear is available through the Spirit Store in the main lobby or through this website: https://sideline.bsnsports.com/schools/florida/tampa/tampa-preparatory-school NOTE: Items available in the Spirit Store are not available for online purchase. page 15

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Profile for Tampa Preparatory School

New Parent Guide 2020-21  

Tampa Prep's New Parent Guide is full of information about the school's traditions, events and involvement opportunities.

New Parent Guide 2020-21  

Tampa Prep's New Parent Guide is full of information about the school's traditions, events and involvement opportunities.

Profile for tampaprep