The Wildcat Sanctuary Uproar July 2017

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UPROAR! The Wildcat Sanctuary

July 2017 | Issue 14

Daisy, tiger

UPROAR! The Wildcat Sanctuary

July 2017 | Issue 14

Tammy Thies Founder & Executive Director Julie Hanan Contributor Carissa L. Winter Graphic Designer Photography by TWS staff and Pamela Lammersen of PCML Photography

Mission: Provide natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspire change to end the captive wildlife crisis. Vision: Help create a world where wild animal sanctuaries are no longer needed. The Wildcat Sanctuary is a tax-exempt charity under the IRS code section 501c3, our federal tax ID number is 22-3857401.

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July 2017

Shanti Deva, lion

From the Found


Have You Ever Experienced Rescue Remorse?


ave you heard of rescue remorse? You may even have had it. It’s when you go to the shelter and adopt that beautiful cat. You knew you were doing a good thing. The cat needed a home, and you had space in your heart and home. And then, right when you get the cat home, he’s scared and yowling. He hides under the bed. Your other cats are hissing as they slink around the house, acting as if you’ve betrayed them. There’s disarray in the house for a few days, maybe a few weeks. You lay awake asking yourself, “Did I do the right thing?” Luckily, it’s a short phase and it passes. It might surprise you, but it’s something I feel at the sanctuary quite often. And yet, it’s something nobody talks about. When we rescue wildcats and bring them to the sanctuary, their lives are turned upside down. So are ours. Driving across country for hours. Sedating and loading big predators, which is stressful enough on its own. Transporting them across country back to the sanctuary. It can be an emotional roller coaster. Our adrenaline is initially high, then exhaustion sets in, and we have an emotional and physical crash. This can happen to any one of our team members, not just those going to pick up the new arrivals. The staff back at the sanctuary may be creating quarantine areas specially designed for the cats we’re taking in. They might be shifting current residents to other habitats to make sure there’s proper space. They’re setting up hospital protocols for each cat. They’re making and moving dens, hammocks, and perches - whatever this specific cat needs. All while covering for the staff that’s away on the rescue. Everyone is working 24/7. Everyone is exhausted. But everybody knows we’re doing the right thing - at least at the moment. When we get back and everybody settles in, you look at these beautiful animals you saved, knowing their journey has just begun. They may still be nervous. They may be hesitant to eat. This is a new world for them, and they need time to trust us, to know it’s going to be a great one. Then thoughts start running through our heads - can we cure their medical conditions? Where and when are we going to build their habitat? How do we accommodate their special needs? How do we do this all to the best of our ability when we have so many projects going on for current residents? There may be a brief moment of being nervous and unsure. This is what we call rescue remorse. And that’s okay. It’s there because we always want to do what’s perfectly right by every animal we care for. That’s the standard we live by every day. And to do that, sometimes worlds have to be turned upside down for a brief moment. But it’s not long before the cats settle in and become one of the family. Then, you can’t even imagine a time they weren’t with us. And you realize you would, and you will, do it all over again for the next animal in need.

Tammy Thies Founder & Executive Director UPROAR!

July 2017


How Daisy And Mohan Are Doing Only a Moment’s Notice We received a call from the USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) and a separate call from an out-of-state owner. They needed our help to provide medical attention to two tigers. One could possibly be critical. The other had been having some mobility issues for quite some time.

Special Needs Daisy With the work we do, we take in the cats with the most difficult histories. They’re emotionally broken in spirit from abuse. But we help them know how special they are and what they have to live for. And we’ve taken in those with extreme health issues and brought them back to life. But there are a few cases that break our hearts, while at the same time they fill our Daisy, tiger hearts with love and joy. Daisy is one of those cases. Daisy arrived with a neurological disorder which causes hind-end ataxia and pain. She A new medical plan has been developed while we had good days and bad, but on the bad days she await more test results. We are excited that that we are couldn’t get up. seeing a good response from the new plan. Daisy is We brought her to the University of Minnesota mobile, playing and even relaxing in her small pool. This Veterinary Medical Center for critical diagnostics. Her is much different from the days she could barely stand up. visit included a CT scan and full exam, but did not At 2.5 years old, we hope Daisy will have a long life provide answers to our questions. ahead of her. But we know the road won’t always be easy Her second visit consisted of radiographs, muscle and her care will be expensive. But giving Daisy the life she testing, a spinal tap and more blood work. Results are deserves, is so worthwhile. We know you think so, too. still pending but we do know there is an inflammatory Watch our upcoming newsletters or follow us on response in the lower back that is causing her Facebook to hear more of Daisy’s story. discomfort and issues. Her diagnostic care has been expensive, and we are so thankful for all of you that Make a gift at have helped make her specialized care possible. 4

July 2017

Walking Was Painful For Mohan Daisy, a very special tiger Daisy has a neurological disorder. She is ataxic, has an uneven gait, trouble with her balance, stumbles, and has stunted growth. At just 2.5 years old, Daisy takes a little bit longer to do normal tiger activities. She doesn’t know any different – but we do. Even with her positive attitude, that doesn’t mean life will be easy for her. Now that she’s arrived here at The Wildcat Sanctuary, we’re going to do everything we possibly can to make sure she has the best quality of life. Within a short time, she’s already made a huge impression on our hearts. And there’s no doubt, she’ll do the same to you!

At first glance, you couldn’t help but notice Mohan walking gingerly. His knees bowed and his steps were small and strategic. Radiographs confirmed Mohan had degenerative joint disease of the knees due to cranial cruciate ligament injuries. Surgery wasn’t an option, but he can be comfortable with joint support and pain management. We began this right away for him and what an improvement it’s made! Because of your support, Mohan now enjoys roaming his habitat in Wild Woodlands. He watches tigress Callie on one side and big boy Tonka on the other. But even having tiger neighbors, he still really enjoys chuffing hello to all his human friends. His mobility is much better than when he first arrived. He’s even lounging on his platforms! But with his knee joints being fused, he still cannot make quick turns. So he moves at his own pace. We’re happy we can provide him a pain-free and peaceful environment to live out his elder years. Mohan, tiger


July 2017


New Residents Having Fun

Archer, bobcat

Maximillion, Savannah cat

Leo, Savannah cat

Copper, bobcat


July 2017

Mohan, tiger

Harley, Bengal cat and Andre, Savannah cat

This is your invite to 2017 Jungle Boogie!

The Crystal Ball A Look to Our Future Sunday, October 15, 2017 • Minneapolis Marriott West 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. As a Wildcat Sanctuary supporter, you’ve helped us grow through the years and you’ve made us what we are today. Now we invite you to the Crystal Ball to be part of our future. We predict you’ll have lots of fun! This elegant evening will mystify you as you have your fortune told or test your luck with games of chance or the silent auction. We see a winner in your future! Don’t miss this exciting evening of food and festivities to benefit the wild ones!

Reserve Your Tickets Early: $85 per person After August 15th: $100 per person Patron Table: $1,200 To purchase tickets visit or call 320-245-6871. NOTE: Printed invitations will not be mailed this year. This is your invitation. More notices will be posted in our enewsletters. UPROAR!

July 2017


Welcome Hybrids Harley and Ella

Harley, Bengal cat

Bengal Cat Harley We received an email from Animal Control. An intact Bengal cat had been surrendered due to the owner not having enough time for him. Our program for domestic Bengal cats is full. We’ve even been spending several months building a new area for our hybrid cats who won’t tolerate living with other cats. But, when we heard this cat was unable to be handled, we knew we were his last hope. He’d been deemed unsuitable for adoption. We opened our hearts and said “YES” to providing Harley a forever home at The Wildcat Sanctuary. We know you support that decision, too. 8

July 2017

Safari Cat Ella As we’ve heard countless times before about other hybrids, Ella was soiling and destroying the house. The owner didn’t make the decision lightly, but did choose to surrender her to our sanctuary where she can live wild at heart. A Safari cat is cross bred between a domestic cat and a wild Geoffroy’s cat. But Ella’s breeder bred a Bengal cat, rather than a domestic cat, with a Geoffroy’s cat. That’s why her coat is more striped than the typical Safari cat.

Ella, safari cat

Education is working! Our Small Cats Are Helping Make Big Change We’ve been able to move the dial when it comes to private ownership of the big guys, like tigers and lions. Now, we want to see the same outcome for the hybrid cats! The model of pairing individual rescues and their stories to motivate the public and media to act has proven successful in decreasing the number of big cats kept for pets or entertainment. We now use the same model for hybrids. We rescue, share their stories of what they went through, why they did not make a good pet, and why they should not be bred. It is working. Just read how many minds we’ve changed.


Shelley L: Learned a lot from the link. I was looking at getting a Savannah, but this taught me my feral cat and rescue is perfect for my home. Kristy B: Thank you for always educating us about these cats! I appreciate everything you guys do! Amy K: Personally, I would have never known it was a hybrid and would like to have had one until I found your page. I’ve learned a lot because of you folks.

July 2017


Working Together Making the World Better for Big Cats As a supporter, you know how much takes place onsite to provide a compassionate, natural home for our residents. But we’re also hard at work collaborating and making the world a more compassionate place for big cats. In September, The Wildcat Sanctuary will be hosting the 3rd Annual Big Cat Conference. Over a dozen reputable big cat sanctuaries will come together to work on important issues such as crisis planning, legislation and sustainability. Executive Director, Tammy Thies was asked to join the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance. This working group is drafting best practices for large scale rescues that require multiple sanctuaries working together to save lives. We’re honored to work along so many amazing people and organizations advocating to end the big cat crisis.

Tonka, tiger


July 2017

How tigers often live.

One Email, One Phone Call Means More Cats Can Be Saved We know we can’t rescue our way out of the captive wildlife crisis we’re facing. That’s why federal legislation is critical. Amazingly, there are absolutely NO federal laws regulating the private ownership of big cats and other dangerous exotic animals. Instead, it’s up to state and local laws to ensure your neighbor down the street doesn’t decide to go out and buy a cute tiger cub and cage it in their backyard. Right now, a bill has been introduced before Congress called H.R.3546 - Big Cat Public Safety Act. We hope you’ll take a moment to visit and sign a pre-written letter to your Congressperson asking they support it. And while you’re at it, let them know you want their support for circus animals, too. The Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act (TEAPSPA) is also before Congress right now. Please visit our website at to send pre-written letters to your representatives. Thank you for lending your voice to these animals in need today.


July 2017


Simon and Jeremy, tigers

Jeremy and Simon, tigers

Shadow, leopard


July 2017


Caesar, tiger

hanti Deva, lion

Callie, tiger


Andre and Noah, cougars

Dimitri, tiger

Griffen, tiger

July 2017


Working Together With your help, the skies the limit Room to roam, room to run, room to explore. That’s our goal and you’ve helped us provide so much of that for every cat, every day of the year, here at The Wildcat Sanctuary. We’re known for our large free-roaming habitats the cats enjoy so much. But some of our cats are great climbers, too - like our leopards and bobcats. Their habitats have to be roofed and that can limit how far we can expand them horizontally. But, what if we could expand them vertically? For an active, energetic leopard like Shazam, that would be incredible! Elevated catwalks high up in their habitats are the answer. And they’d be such an exciting, interactive addition to these roofed habitats! Can you imagine how awesome it would be for Shazam and others to be able to climb high, sleep high, observe the comings and goings from high atop their catwalks? It would virtually double the size of their habitat!

Your donation today can help build skywalks for Shazam and the others.

Henry, bobcat


July 2017

Bobcats Henry and Haley looking over their newly improved vertical space

Shazam, leopard


July 2017


Brothers Griffen, Zeke, Dimitri, tigers

Rocky, serval Shanti Deva, lion Rio, serval Max, cougar


July 2017

Baby Jenga, bobcat

Tonka, tiger Aurora, caracal


July 2017


In Honor & In Memory In Honor In honor of Solomon and all the brave kitty cats Romola Madsen

In honor of Shanti Deva

Cathy Silva, Connie Rawa, Daniel Dobucki

In honor of April and Sheena, my kitties Erika Toth

In honor of Marco Nickie Whitaker

In honor of Samantha Maddox, Happy Birthday! Adam Smith

In honor of Popcorn and Marvin Linda Murphy

In honor of One-eyed Jack Karen Avaloz

In honor of Leo Diane Teff

In honor of Shazam Susan Young

In honor of Bailey and Jane Steffen and Mitchell Mosvick Luana Ball, Teresa Kelton, Karen Brudvig, Kayla Kimpling

In honor of Scarlet Victoria Kyle

In honor of Lucien

Dore Dokos-Loewenthal

In honor of Ekaterina Valerie Huey

In honor of Pandora

Cynthia Branch, Sarah Judkins, Denise Donovan

In honor of Zoe Genereaux Jessica Genereaux

In honor of Copper and Archer Sam Pick

In honor of Sammy Sheila Albers

In honor of Bugsy and Ishmael Kelly Everding

In honor of Miss Electra Margaret Owen Thorpe

Gifts through June 29, 2017

In honor of Kay LaFluer Karen O’Connor

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In honor of all the wild cats in need Carol Ferraiuolo

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In honor of Tammy Thies Charles and Mary Lukavsky

In honor of Kay LaFleur’s birthday

Michelle Fern, Marcia Woodward, Caroline Hausler

In honor of Casper & Lexi Vicki Aman Reese

In honor of Latte’, Tsultry, K’eh-leyr and Alex James and Lynn Bergh

In honor of Shadow, Sakura, Split, Sherman, Flambeau and Valencia

In honor of all cats

Mary Dimond

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In honor of of Our Sweet Boys, Theodore and Smudge

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Harold Grotevant

In honor of our 3 fur babies Pete and Jodi Roth

In honor of Tonka

In honor of all the beautiful big cats you save!

In honor of Todd and Linda Haug

In honor of Aurora --the Caracal Sheryl Ullman

In honor of Wanda Ykema Maureen Ykema

In honor of Laurel Fewel Laurel Fewel

In honor of Allie, Sadie and Gorby Anne Hooper

In honor of Onyx

Jacob Nipp and Cathleen Barrows

In honor of Kashmir Corinne Patera

In honor of Laura Pennington Laura Pennington

In honor of Kristen Subramanian Amar Subramanian

In honor of Bongo and Chessie Ann Meisch

Kim and Joel Meline

Christine Schad Francis


July 2017

James Prendergast Lynn Solberg Ginny Stone

Margaret Holbrook Susan Kirk

Lorna Anderson Vincetta O’Riley Richard Benz

Lorna Bjorkman

Toni Hibbits

In honor of Lacey Jane In honor of Grant In honor of Salem In honor of all the cats at the sanctuary In honor of Bobcat rehab fur babies In honor of Riley and my Ciega In honor of Philip J McNally In honor of Dad’s (Rog) 80th Birthday In honor of Abby

Katie Schuler

In honor of The Wildcat Sancturary for all they do! Jackie Dolentz

In honor of Betito

In honor of Kai Doan’s second birthday!

Steven and Sean Garabedian, Dale Payson, Kelly and Brad Bielefeldt

In honor of all mothers on Mother’s Day

In honor of Jennifer Solomon’s amazing achievements!

In honor of all wildcats

In honor of Daisy

Penny Maki

Cheryl Joyner

In honor and in memory of all the precious cats

In honor of Julie Miller Rhonda Miller

In honor of Parris

Katherine Williams

Edgar Guzman Kande Larson

Kim and Joel Meline

Aunt Lori, Uncle Rob, Ben, and Zoe.

In honor of Black Cat

Randolph and Sara Perry

In honor of all the cats I have had in my life

In Memory

In honor of Bernice Manuszewski

In memory of Natasha Maria of Livonia

Priscilla Rich

Laurie Tambacas

In honor of Lizzy, Willow and Maximillion Stephanie Wittenberg

In honor of Heather Harden Nancy and Tully Mulcahy

In honor of Avery

Corissa and Joe Burkel

In honor of Daisy and Mohan

Lynn Krapf, Guido Di Modrone, Janet Hoben, Penny Maki, Christine Francis

In honor of Toulouse

Sarah and Tim Humphries

In honor of Blanche Emma Javaherian

In honor of all small/medium hybrid cats in your care Nicholas Beideman

In honor of Bumper Kitty Mikki McBride

In honor of Max Lisa Snyder

In honor of my cat, Daisy Mae Rebecca Rogak

In honor of Kai Doan

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In memory of Jim Bloyer Susan Erickson-Bloyer

In memory of Diablo Guapo

Tanya Houseman, Lori Andrukaitis

In memory of Bruce “Wolf” Knowles Laurie and Joshua Knowles

In memory of Sampson, Ming, Tango, Zorro, Brown Bear and Zulu Debbie and Jim Matthees

In memory of Mowzers and Onyx Kirsten Reinsch

In memory of Laura R Wuesthoff Diane

Laureen Katana


In memory of Esteban

In memory of Tootsie

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In memory of Pam Thunnell Patricia Jacobsen

In memory of Coral McIlwain Catherine McIlwain

In memory of our kitty Whiskers Jill Swenson

In memory of Aslan Susan Fussner

July 2017


In Memory cont. In memory of Harpo, Mr. Bill and Diabla

In memory of Boo

In memory of Kenneth Farrell, Jr.

In memory of CC Kitty, Cleo, Mama Kitty, Dickens and all my others

In memory of Kramer

In memory of Larry Newman

In memory of Babee

In memory of my precious kitties

In memory of Bartman

In memory of Scarlet the Clouded Leopard

Martha Perantoni

Elizabeth Barlett

In memory of Moshe Gershovich Beth Brown-Gershovich

In memory of Nikita and Simone Gary Chappell

In memory of Junebug Gayle Flores

In memory of myspoo

Wayne and Georgia Gillespie

In memory of Tina, Patches, Sebastian, Alley, Buddy, Ariel, Oli Becky Haar

In memory of Mr. Pootin Kristine Hilsenhoff

In memory of My sweet Alice, the best cat ever Kathleen Jackson

In memory of Bruce Thomas Linda Beachell

In memory of Gabby Helen Deignan

In memory of Sassy and Nirvana of Big Cat Rescue Elisha Stratton

In memory of all the cats I’ve ever had and loved Hollida Underwager-Wakefield

In memory of Sydney Debra Foye

In memory of Pharoah Debbi Higginbotham

In memory of Boris Fulvia Bowerman

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Dana and Todd Briggs

Debra Rose Butterman Monica Casey

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Michele Chavez

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In memory of Mr. Spock

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Nicoletta Dipietro Lizbeth Dobbins Christina Dyer

Elaine Hinman-Sweeney

In memory of Tuesday John Alvarez

In memory of Summer and Helena Deborah Bender

In memory of Jinx-y cat Jenni and Stephen Charrier

In memory of Merlin the Bobcat Veronika Hanson-Pitkoff

In memory of Adam Fawsett and Diablo Guapo Thomas Jaycox

Susan Frederick

In memory of Cali, Noodle, Morsel, James and Rasta Ingrid Graudins

In memory of Max Todd and Linda Haug

In memory of Sparkle and Yodas Ronald Helmeci

In memory of Ann Brashaw Kathryn Hodge

In memory of Treasure, Honey, Calli and Joseph

Jaime Clark

In memory of Megan Harri

James Catt

Mary Drozdal

Edith Young

In memory of Krylon and Muffy Burgess

In memory of Albert, my late 20-yearold orange tabby

Victoria Burgess

In memory of Mazal

July 2017

In memory of my little ones at the Rainbow Bridge

In memory of my pet cats, Misty and Cody

Ann Meisch

In memory of Moocher


In memory of Sarafina

In memory of Kali

In memory of stray cat turned indoor love, Negron

Jet Auer De Saram

In memory of those lost in Colorado

In memory of Robert W Meisch

Michelle Jeglosky

In memory of my sweet girl, Abby (dog) Joyce Walker

In memory of Abby

In memory of Cuddles

In memory of Bernie

Robin Hoynacki

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In memory of our 4-legged fur babies!

In memory of Axl, my beautiful grey boy

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Diane Burns

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Marilyn Brools

In memory of Chibi, my cat

Nicole Kreklau, Brad Wicklund, Danielle Hoemke, Pamela Whitenight, Kathleen Harmer, Katie Estlie, Nancy Hanson, Alexis Roe, J M Kloepper, Connie Massengale, Sheila and Marc Eggimann

In memory of Marie Dickson

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In memory of Sophie Carol Johnson

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In memory of Silver, my forever cat Sheila Neidhardt

In memory of Echo Cindy Olson

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In memory of Heineken the dog

In memory of Pluffy

In memory of Buckwheat Raines

In memory of Jose and Liso

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In memory of Patch

In memory of Homer

In memory of Peanut, Sammie and Tigger

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In memory of Churupa

In memory of Brat

In memory of my husband, Jim

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In memory of my parents Carolyn Commander

In memory of Martha Gant Tim Gant

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In memory of Two Socks Joyce Johnson

In memory of the recent killing of the animals in Colorado Barbara Smolinski

In memory of all cats big and small; past, present and sad Misty Krause

In memory of Esteban Joanne Manning

In memory of Sheena Dawn Phyllis Marshall

In memory of Ciara and Bay Bay McKee Andree McKee

In memory of Marlys Lange, my mom Linda Meyer

In memory of Puff, Tinker and Sasha Margaret Murphy

In memory of Silver, my forever cat Sheila Neidhardt

In memory of my Gizmo Lessli Nielsen


Mandi Parrotte Robin Phair

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Kimberley Stroncek Pat Tallmadge

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In memory of Max

Phillip Perri, Vicki Boy, Michelle Friessen

In memory of Shilo Charlene Riordan

Toni Meadows John Molinari Tanya Vargas

Tamar Diane Wilson

Charlene Hogan, Cheryl Phillips, Deanna Gertz, Claudia Wondra, Stacy Zacher

In loving memory and honor of Larry Lachant Wife Rowena, son Michael and daughter-inlaw Cheryl

In memory of Seven Arthur Kemish

In memory of Indy Craig Rosler

In memory of Gino Beth Boatwright

In loving memory of a Cat with Catattitude, an inspiration to all Todd and Linda Haug

In memory of Olympia George Naylor

To the Zroback Family in loving memory of your cabin kitty, Silly Lily. With love, from Beth, Noel and Elise.

In memory of all my cats Lorna Anderson

In memory of Maggie Gina Kuebelbeck

In memory of Lippy Tuire Cechin

In memory of Star and Pigmoon Eleanor Foor

In memory of all my beloved kitties Jenny Hwozdek

In memory of Lucky Georgene Bradford

In memory of Manxie the Maine Coon Marilyn Hall

In memory of Chappell Hope Charles Hope

In memory of Virginia M and Mary S William May

Make a memorial or honorarium gift at

In memory of Martha Mayo Nancy Mayo

July 2017


In Memory Remembering Lynx Max Twenty-two-year-old Max was a happy boy who had affection for his caregivers, but even more affection toward other animals. He was friendly to his neighbors, and a love connection formed between he and Misha the cougar in 2001. They had lived together ever since. I know Misha still feels his warmth with every ray of sun, his head butt as she cuddles in her hammock, and hears his famous grunt as the wind blows. Max, it is not an understatement when we say you were happy with yourself. That is truly a special gift. Shine bright forever and always.

Max, Eurasian lynx

bobcats 22

July 2017

Remembering Domestic Cat Homer

Homer, domestic cat


After over 18 years of hard work at the sanctuary welcoming new residents, assisting office staff, being a confidant to staff and volunteers, it was time to let Homer be free and rest. He’d done such a good job being there for all of us. Now, it was time to be there for him and set him free. Homer, you weren’t just my cat, you were everyone’s cat. You had the amazing gift and determination to be a friend for all. You did it without ever losing sight of yourself. Thank you, my friend, for being you. You will be deeply missed.

July 2017



PO Box 314 • Sandstone, MN • 55072

Ways You Can Help

Details of all our programs can be found at MONTHLY GUARDIAN Monthly Guardians make a small monthly gift that make a big impact on the lives of our residents. And because monthly donations are processed automatically via credit card, they help reduce costs, allowing an even greater percentage of your gift to go towards helping the animals.

SPONSOR-A-WILD-ONE Sponsor a cat of your choice for yourself or a loved one. As a sponsor parent, you will receive their personal story, photos and more.

email: or phone: 320-245-6871 Caesar and Logan, tigers

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