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2018-19 wholesale catalog

Hello friend! I’ve been licensing my artwork with companies like mpix, minted, and chasing paper since 2012. A couple years ago, I created products for a local pop-up shop and received such great feedback and had so much fun that I knew it was time to shift directions in my career. I had drawn in my sketchbook every single day (never missing once!) for over 3 years so I had a lot of material available. I went into a card-making frenzy. I believe in being real and celebrating even the tiniest moments. I believe in laughing, supporting each other and speaking up. These beliefs shine through in everything I make. People respond to my products because of this. I can’t wait to build a relationship with you. PRODUCT INFO All cards are A2 (4.25” x 5.5”) and come with matching recycled content envelope (envelope colors may vary). Cards are blank inside unless otherwise noted. All cards are flat printed on 130# 100% recycled cover. Art prints are flat printed on 130# 100% recycled cover and signed by me on the back. Enamel pins are .75-1.25 inches. ORDERING INFO You can order by emailing an order form or list of SKUs and quantities to or via fax :: 503.296.5954. You can also call 503.673.6789. online ordering coming soon!


birthday confetti (A2) GC200 $2.25

birthday grid (A2) GC206 $2.25

painted cake (A2) GC215 $2.25

banana hammock (A2) GC209 $2.25

birthday bathing suits (A2) GC204 $2.25

birthday beast (A2) GC201 $2.25

confetti letters (A2) GC211 $2.25

booby sweater (A2) GC212 $2.25

birthday blossoms (A2) GC208 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


birthday cake shirt (A2) GC210 $2.25

birthday rainbows (A2) GC203 $2.25

birthday workout buddy (A2) GC202 $2.25

lots of cakes (A2) GC213 $2.25

tiger love birthday (A2) GC214 $2.25

HBD tie dye (A2) GC205 $2.25

birthday cactus (A2) GC207 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


thank you warmth (A2) GC100 $2.25

banana thanks (A2) GC106 $2.25

plant pants thanks (A2) GC108 $2.25

plant pot thanks (A2) GC107 $2.25

sketchy flowers thanks (A2) GC115 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


plants in jars thanks (A2) GC109 $2.25

city market flower (A2) GC116 $2.25

welcome flowers (A2) GC103 $2.25

blueflower thanks (A2) GC111 $2.25

thank you goldenfern (A2) GC105 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


cheer squad (A2) GC852 $2.25

panic hand hold (A2) GC858 $2.25

don’t dim your light (A2) GC861 $2.25

one day at a time (A2) GC860 $2.25

work it out (A2) GC857 $2.25

kitty don’t be sad (A2) GC855 $2.25

hand to hold (A2) GC853 $2.25

congrats ribbon (A2) GC351 $2.25

OK socks (A2) GC859 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


room in space (A2) GC854 $2.25

yay new home (A2) GC352 $2.25

sad pants (A2) GC856 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


forgiveness cards say “i forgive you” inside used me (A2) GC004 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


you lied (A2) GC001 $2.25

left out (A2) GC003 $2.25

embarrassed (A2) GC006 $2.25

crap (A2) GC002 $2.25

didn’t listen (A2) GC009 $2.25

prick (A2) GC007 $2.25

hurt me (A2) GC010 $2.25

unsafe (A2) GC005 $2.25

didn’t believe (A2) GC008 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


jungle hello (A2) GC102 $2.25

party time panties (A2) GC104 $2.25

YAY (A2) GC113 $2.25

shh girl (A2) GC114 $2.25

gonna be so fun (A2) GC101 $2.25

go get em tiger (A2) GC117 $2.25

fun times ahead (A2) GC112 $2.25

pretty marks (A2) GC110 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


cozy socks (A2) GC705 $2.25

beautiful guts (A2) GC700 $2.25

we are magic (A2) GC712 $2.25

best card ever (A2) GC701 $2.25

human together (A2) GC708 $2.25

let’s get intimate (A2) GC711 $2.25

hello shoes (A2) GC706 $2.25

no matter what (A2) GC713 $2.25

i choose you (A2) GC707 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG


in all the cities (A2) GC704 $2.25

connected hearts (A2) GC715 $2.25

cool stuff (A2) GC710 $2.25

beautiful jungle (A2) GC709 $2.25

everyday hero (A2) GC714 $2.25 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG

ART PRINTS are printed on 130# recycled cover. 8x10, packaged in cello sleeve with backing board. MOQ: 3

banana spray AP101 $10

hold me hand AP103 $10

lemon necklace AP100 $10

scissors AP105 $10

band aid AP102 $10

worry not AP107 $10

lips AP108 $10

kickin’ ass AP106 $10 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG

ENAMEL PINS are .75-1.25 inches and packaged on a card in a cello sleeve. MOQ: 3


shocked kitty EP101 $5


kickin’ ass EP105 $5


let’s roll EP102 $5


doin’ my best EP106 $5


hold me hand EP103 $5


lips EP107 $5


bonkers EP104 $5


eye see you EP108 $5 :: :: @tigerpocketpress on IG

WHOLESALE PRICES: flat printed cards $2.25 enamel pins : $5 art prints : $10 ORDERING Order via email, phone or fax. Use order form or a list of SKUs and quantities. Once order is ready to ship, you will be notified and your card on file will be charged. Once payment has gone through, your order will be on its way to you - get excited! Online ordering coming soon! GET IN TOUCH or PLACE ORDERS email :: web :: fax :: 503.296.5954 phone :: 503.673.6789 instagram :: @tigerpocketpress

WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS : Visit to apply for an account. It’s quick and easy! Once approved, we will send current catalog and order form. MINIMUMS $125 minimum opening order. $100 minimum for re-orders. single cards: 6 per style enamel pins: 3 per style // art prints: 3 per style PAYMENT Payments are processed at time of shipment. Payment can be made via credit card or check. SHIPPING + HANDLING Orders usually ship within 7-10 business days, unless you specify a specific shipping date. You will be notified if any items are out of stock. Shipping costs are charged at the time of shipment. Orders are shipped from Portland, Oregon. Most domestic orders ship via USPS Priority. Most international orders ship USPS Priority. If you would like to use your shipping account, please let us know. International retailers are responsible for duties, fees or taxes incurred at customs. Tigerpocket is not responsible for carrier delays. RETURNS We don’t accept returns unless the product is damaged or we sent the wrong item. Contact us within 7 days of receiving the damaged or incorrect items to receive return authorization. Returned products must be unopened, unused and in original packaging. CANCELLATIONS + CHANGES Please notify us within 24 hours of placing your order to cancel or change it. We will not accept cancellations or changes once order has shipped. PACKAGING Products are carefully packaged for retail and must be sold in their original packaging. Single cards are packaged with an envelope in an eco-friendly sleeve. Enamel pins are on a card in clear sleeve. Art prints are packaged carefully with cardboard backing, a clear sleeve and a label. QUESTIONS? email us: or call 503.673.6789 all designs ©tigerpocket press

email :: web :: instagram :: @tigerpocketpress

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tigerpocket press wholesale stationery catalog 2018-2019  

2018-2019 wholesale stationery catalog for retail stores who want to carry tigerpocket press products. tigerpocket press creates stationery...

tigerpocket press wholesale stationery catalog 2018-2019  

2018-2019 wholesale stationery catalog for retail stores who want to carry tigerpocket press products. tigerpocket press creates stationery...