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TALLINN DESIGN HOUSE The embassy of Estonian design

The foundations for Tallinn Design House (TDH) were laid back in 2012 with design store ‘Zero’, which functioned as a retail store for Tallinn Creative Incubator companies. In 2017 Tallinn Creative Incubator opened a bigger showroom and boutique in the old wheat store next to Stalker Alley in the historic Rotermann Quarter. TDH is a space where Estonian design is showcased. It offers designer brands all-in-one solutions for the marketing and presentation of new products and in finding partners and resellers. Here you can sell your own products, organise and host a range of events (including those unveiling new collections), welcome guests and professionals from abroad, and make yourself truly visible using our shared exporting and marketing platform. TDH is a place where designers can gain actual experience in the retail industry and compete in a multibrand environment, pointing them in the right direction toward foreign markets. We bring together the very best of Estonian design – fashion, jewellery, leatherwork, home furnishings and decorations, gifts, books and art. TDH shines the spotlight on more than 100 local brands, for many of which we are their only sales point. We also constantly update our online store so that clients here and abroad can order Estonian design to be delivered to their door, and special gifts may be selected for business partners. This year we took home the title of Best Local Company in the Innovation category at the European Business Awards 2017-18. We were recognised for the comprehensive package of services we offer designer brands for Estonian designer brands are growing in leaps and bounds: their product portfolios are becoming more diverse and their ambition to expand beyond Estonia is growing. From this sprang the idea for Tallinn Design House brand book, with which we can promote Estonian fashion and design in unison. It even includes an original piece of Estonian music that supports the visuals. Assistance in publishing the brand book came from the Ministry of Culture and Enterprise Estonia. We would like to thank all of the Tallinn Design House brands and all of the organisations that work with us for their trust. Let’s take Estonian design to the world!

Tallinn Design House is much more than just a shop selling pieces by Estonian designers: it is a vehicle which focusses on promoting exports, provides support in the shape of good advice and constructive criticism, and brims over with creative ideas. At the wheel of this initiative is a group of indefatigable women who never complain. They are an inspiration! If you have yet to pay them a visit, do so as soon as you can, and go back again and again – it always smells amazing there, and things are always being rearranged and changed so much that it feels as though 200 brands are represented rather than 100. Carmen Kibur D’DIFFERENCE

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Curiosity, creativity and a determination to go further will help you find the opportunities, while to be well prepared you need consistency, smart guidance and lessons from your experiences. It is a luck that just over a year ago Tallinn Design House opened its doors. Here the cream of the crop of Estonian design and fashion offer experience for everyone: visitors randomly passing by, demanding fashion consumers or foreign delegations. It is a place where newcomers and recognized brands are given equal billing. But Tallinn Design House is not merely a shop. It is a complete ecosystem which brings together a broad range of people and organizations in order to help creative talents reach the wider world and bring home what is happening elsewhere around the globe. Barriers of entry are high, but anyone who overcomes them can be sure that they will also cope with the international TALLINN DESIGN HOUSE FOUNDATION TALLINN BUSINESS INCUBATORS ROTERMANNI 14, TALLINN 10111, ESTONIA P: +372 5865 0558 INFO@TALLINNDESIGNHOUSE.COM tallinndesignhouse.com



...rich in

INSPIRATION Tallinn is lively yet peaceful, absurdly photogenic, and bursting with wonderful sights. A thirteenth-century castle sits atop Toompea, and Medieval Old Town features late gothic-, renaissance-, and even Protestant Scandinavian Baroque architecture. A few steps outside Old Town is the ultramodern Rotermann Quarter, and within walking distance is the Russian imperial summer residence designed in Italian Baroque style. Choose whatever style you like! If that’s not enough, Tallinn is also home to a variety of Soviet architecture, from the Stalinist “wedding cake” building to “Khrushchyovkas,” the much-maligned concrete-block housing. Much of the city’s modern economy has been built on the back of the nation’s IT successes. Digital-

ly-savvy Estonians work anytime from anywhere, and the contemporary physical environment has followed suit. Particularly inspiring are the Telliskivi Creative City, the science parks Tehnopol and Technopolis Ülemiste, or any of the half-dozen startup incubators and coworking spaces in the city. Tallinn is also a city by the sea with dozens of harbours, some cozy yacht harbours like Pirita, Kakumäe, and Noblessner, and some built on industrial scale. Public beaches, accessible by

promenades, are all walkable from the city center and a few are linked to the cultural kilometer. The Paljassaare nature reserve is located within the city’s boundaries. Add to the architecture the delicious food scene, vibrant and modern culture, festivals, and creative individuals, and you get one of the freshest top destinations in the whole of Europe!

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RUUP wooden megaphones for listening to the sounds of forest. Author of the idea: Birgit Õigus

GUILD hattery

...inspired by

RICH HISTORY Connecting the dots between Scandinavia, Central Europe and what lies to the east, the Estonia has always been influenced by different cultures. Estonia was also a member of Hanseatic League during the middle ages and is still on the major trade route between East and West. Visitors from a variety of nations have left their mark here, and Estonian designers are used to speaking several languages fluently and mixing elements of many cultures.

ANNELI TAMMIK brooch ‘Spirals’

Estonian National Museum exhibition ‘Echo of the Urals’

...excited by


CLICK AND GROW indoor garden

Estonia is often called the most digitally-advanced nation in the world and has one of the highest rates of startups per capita. With so few Estonians, digital savvy has proved to be an effective survival strategy – our designers are efficient in their production and flexible with their assets. Our highly-inventive spirit gives rise to many technologically-advanced design solutions.

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ST Parka

... informed by living in a

NORDIC CLIMATE Summer in our climate is sometimes termed ‘three months of lousy skiing weather,’ and therefore our designers know how to make things that last. The contrasts of our harsh environment and the

nuances of color in our ever-changing light find themselves spun into products. Estonian designers waste nothing, and ‘less is more’ is their anthem.

ÖÖD House

...carried by the

LOVE OF NATURE Approximately half of Estonia is covered by forest or wetland and under some form of protection. Add our ancient, natureworshipping way of life, and one gets designs that are seamlessly woven together with the environment. The forms of nature, the smart use of materials, and an eye toward sustainability are found in almost every object of design.

LUMMUS jewellry ‘Võsailu’

ALPAKA scarf

ULAELU outdoor kitchen

AMANJEDA ‘Muhu Couture’

...deeply rooted in

CULTURAL HERITAGE Estonian, a Finno-Ugric language spoken by only one million people, has likely been spoken in this corner of Europe since it was first inhabited by man, some 11,000 years ago. Some visitors think it sounds elvish. Hand in hand with the language go our national crafts and artistry which also date to archaic times. The rich patterns and ancient craftsmanship of traditional national folk costumes serve as inspiration for our designers. KELPMANN textiles

MARIA RÄSTA chair ‘Chick’

ceiling lamp ‘Zone’ by JAANUS ORGUSAAR


TALLINN DESIGN HOUSE BRANDBOOK Tallinn Design House (TDH) brandbook offers a comprehensive overview of Estonian designer brands represented in Tallinn Design House. The book also tells the story of Tallinn, hometown of Tallinn Design House and about Estonia, our beautiful country. As a bonus, a CD of specially-selected new Estonian music is included, which complements the visual experience. All the brands in the book have an instantly recognizable style, which is widely based on Estonian cultural heritage and unique interpretation of contemporary design.

This brandbook is supported by the European Regional Development Fund / creative industries development measure.

European Union European Regional Development Fund

We hope that their story will gain recognition among both design professionals and general public. The brandbook’s unique design enables to add additional pages and content at a later date. We hope the book promotes Estonian design philosophy and helps designers to enter new export markets. Tallinn Design House – the embassy of Estonian designer brands!

THE AUTHORS OF THE IDEA AND CONCEPT: Anu Lõhmus Head of Tallinn Creative Incubator Maarja Hirv Brand Manager at TDH Mariko Kolk Marketing Manager at TDH Karen K. Burns Tallinn Creative Incubator Mentor / Strategy & Sales Creative Director / Designer Piia Põldmaa, Tabasco Technical Manager - Eili Taavits Music Supervisor - Janek Murd Special thanks to Anu-Maaja Pallok from the Estonian Ministry of Culture, Kaspar Koppel from Enterprise Estonia and Scott Diel.


ANNELI TAMMIK JEWELLERY Sensitive use of new technologies Anneli Tammik lives in Tallinn, where she works as a freelance artist. Anneli likes to experiment with new technologies and test the limits of materials and techniques. She wants to create something new in every collection.

In her work Anneli has focused on small editions and modern 3D capabilities. She likes to combine silver with other materials. Anneli has a special interest in turning planar ornaments into three-dimensional sculptural jewellery.

Anneli Tammik has changed the face of jewellery design in Estonia, using the latest technologies to introduce new dimensions to a field long classified as mere ‘handicraft’.



MYAMOON Classy modesty with a twist MYAMOON jewellery focuses on three main lines: Classy Basics, Minimalist and Designer, all designed perfectly to complete one’s outfit, whether wearing jeans or dressing up. pure geometrical yet ladylike forms. Excellently finished and simple, MyaMoon jewellery leaves everything to say to the wearer.

MyaMoon’s Classy and Designerseries jewellery is made of sterling silver combined with carefully chosen gemstones. Every collection has shapely lines and is timeless. Everything rendundant is elimina­ted and refined into

The MyaMoon trademark was recorded in the Register of European Union Trademarks in 2015. MyaMoon designs have been

recorded in the Register of Community Designs by OHIM. The MyaMoon story began in 2014, when mother and daughter turned one’s 20 years of experience and the other’s passion for jewellery design

into a brand. Mya gave her name to the brand and Anu invested her skills in jewellery craftsmanship. They work together, dream and craft, create classy modesty with a twist, and always look for ever­ lasting elegance.



LUMMUS Lummus is the synonym for Estonian quality design jewellery The beauty of Estonia seethes in the dandelion that blossoms in the overflowing morning sunbeams, hides itself in the cracks of a hundred-year-old tufted log before a beach house, and reveals with a surprise in a chilly breeze with hints of lilac. And then it disappears. Into the shadow of the shrub. Into sounds, smells, music. The beauty of Estonia is enchan­ ting, magical, sometimes even bewitching. To capture it, one must know it. To pronounce it, one must understand it.

For almost a century the company Juveel OÜ has been inspired by the loveliness of nature and worshiped the fine work of a goldsmiths. In 2016 the company brought together three appreciated jewellery designers: Krista Lehari, Birgit Skolimowski and Gvido Valickis. They created Lummus (enchantment in English) – dainty jewellery that represents the beauty of Estonia. Lummus is the designers’ answer to the whole world.

The jewellery pieces of Lummus are prepared in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, at the masters’ house on Kadaka road. Only quality materials are used in these accessories, and the selection contains pieces for both women and men.



FRONT Playing with (temper)ature FRONT, established by Mariliis Hopp and Miikael Danieljants, is a Nordic jewellery brand born from the harmony between the male and female temperaments. Hot passion meets icy metal. The opposing forces allow for the creation of something unique.

Ignoring usual forms, Front’s jewellery changes the understanding of what a piece of jewellery should be.

It won’t leave any jewellery-lover untouched. Every piece is thoroughly thought through and crafted from carefully selected materials that will maintain its beauty throughout time.



SOMA Youth is freedom SOMA’s creative approach is based on five key elements: individuality, boldness, aspiration for novelty, respect for tradition, and youth based on freedom, not age. Handmade jewellery is made from modern high-quality materials using a classic approach. We love our clients, and this is why our jewellery is hypoallergenic and will wear well for many years with proper care. Jewellery from the ’Plüsch’ collection is light as a feather: even the largest piece weighs just three grams. Plüsch jewellery is distinguished by its vibrant colours, durable materials, and velvety surfaces. Materials: cork, velvet, sterling silver. The sensual collection ‘Nymphe’ is classic and modern at the same time. The matching of hand-processed rubber with semi-precious stones demonstrates the brand’s affinity for contrasting combinations. Materials: semi-precious stones, rubber, sterling silver.



TANEL VEENRE JEWELLERY Kingdom of Dreams I believe in fairies, fantasies and the infinite imagination. And I know I am not alone in this. These jewels are the key to one’s inner paradise, the kingdom of dreams. Tanel Veenre TANEL VEENRE JEWELLERY is the whimsical and dreamy Estonian jewellery brand. Since Tanel Veenre Jewellery’s inception, the curiously enchanting line of jewellery has become one of the strongest and most visible design brands in Estonia. The slogan ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ captures its pure essence – Tanel Veenre Jewellery is the allure to believe in fairies and miracles, winged seahorses and cosmic dust-covered berries, like long forgotten memories from the gardens of paradise.

pearances in several high-profile publications like Vogue, W Magazine and L’Officiel. TVJ`s most acclaimed series is EARBERRIES - the lightest most colorful earrings in the world. EARBERRIES are a tactile

experience you must see in living color – reflective ‘cosmic dust’ gives a unique velvety coating like no other. All Tanel Veenre jewellery items are created with the utmost passion and dedication.

Tanel Veenre’s mysteriously enchanting art jewellery is internationally acclaimed. From Berlin to Bangkok, exhibitions of his work have been held across the globe and his jewellery has enhanced the windows of famous Selfridges department store in London. Tanel Veenre’s creations has made ap-



SUMMATAVET Ancient stories SUMMATAVET is a trademark owned by Kärt Summatavet (PhD), a well-known Estonian jewellery designer, art professor, researcher, innovator and inventor. Her collection ‘Primordial Dreams’ connects apparently different cultural texts and interprets our heritage as storytellers, artisans and poets.

‘Primordial Dreams’ is inspired by the Estonian mythological world view, which is embedded in archaic songs and ancient stories of our ancestors. The collection reflects secrets, values, archetypes, dream landscapes, supernatural protectors and fairies, and both sacred and secret symbols.

In order to give it form, the designer has created a concievable work from the supernatural world’s expanse of sacred secrets.



KAIA SAARNA JEWELLERY ART Handmade artistic jewellery from Hiiumaa KAIA SAARNA JEWELLERY ART was established in 2009 to create unique, handmade jewellery. Kaia Saarna is the jewellery designer and owner at Kaia Saarna Jewellery Art. She was born on Estonia’s Hiiumaa Island and has her own jewellery studio there. All her jewellery ideas and forms come from nature. She loves to discover and work with natural materials. The Kaia Saarna Jewellery Art brand combines natural materials

with precious stones and metals to create its own crisp, colourful, dreamy, feminine and blooming organic flora. All jewellery designs made by artist Kaia Saarna are original art. These pieces will retain their uniqueness and value for many years. Handmade artistic jewellery is timeless, recognisable and distinctive, and can be worn in all seasons and throughout the decades.

‘Juniper”jewellery collection: The jewellery collection Juniper is inspired by island life in Hiiumaa. Every piece of juniper berry jewellery is unique because, as in nature, every juniper berry is non-recurring. Juniper berry- and bough jewellery are all made of silver. There is white silver, black, green and blue-coloured jewellery.



DARJA POPOLITOVA Casual contemporary treasures DARJA POPOLITOVA is the Estonian jewellery artist and designer behind the eponymous brand Darja Popolitova Jewellery. Her unique direction emerged during her studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts and was complemented at Florian Ladstätter’s studio in Vienna. She continued to create jewellery which embodies youth and individuality – casual contemporary treasures. Darja Popolitova’s formula is a fusion of young freedom and urban nectars.

The phrase ‘urban nectars’ captures the brand’s pure essence, sensual enough to bring Darja Popolitova Jewellery’s aesthetics to the forefront. The matt touch of colours, stainless steel and the mysticism of transparency are the elements of brand’s profile.



LENTSIUS DESIGN Scandinavian chic Behind the LENTSIUS DESIGN accessories collection you will find the daughter-and-father design team of Kairi (designer) and Mart Lentsius (craftsman). Together they create timeless everyday jewellery pieces, suitable for both men and women.

Kairi loves to stay true to the principle of ‘less is more’ and to investigate new combinations of materials, shape and techniques. All the products are handmade in Estonia.



LISA KROEBER JEWELLERY Wear what you love LISA KROEBER JEWELLERY is an Esto­nian brand by German designer Lisa Lohu. With love and focus, Lisa Lohu plays with colors, shapes and a variety of materials in order to create unique jewellery in limited series, as well as for exhibitions. All are handmade and produced in Estonia.

Materials favored are precious metals or woods, small gemstones, and synthetic materials. They are selected, combined, shaped and used for jewellery which is positive, hip and suitable for everyone and everywhere. If going to an event or just meeting your best friend, you will always find fitting jewellery made by Lisa Kroeber Jewellery.



ASTRID RAJALO LEATHER DESIGN Playful geometry thing that represents, through its appearance or essence, something considerably deeper and complex than itself. For instance, a circle represents perfection, eternity, protection, and unity. A square, on the other hand, stands for earthly possessions, creation, and order.

THE ASTRID RAJALO LEATHER DESIGN brand was established in 2009. We design and produce jewellery and accessories made of natural leather. We offer clients in search of novelty the opportunity to complement their wardrobe with an elegant or playful piece of jewellery or an accessory. The geometric shapes we use in creating our elements make the jewellery a symbol to the wearer. Jewellery has carried a symbolic meaning for people from the beginning of times. A symbol is some-

In a way, our work process resembles playing with Legos – it is fun and exciting. We fit leather pieces of different colours and surface textures inside each other and achieve a fresh and modern outcome. We hope that by loving the creative process, our joy will transfer to the final product and can be sensed by its new owner.

when she is 65 no-one believes her age as she is eternally youthful and full of energy. All of our products, both interiors and exteriors, are made of 100% natural Italian leather and nickelfree metal attachments and earring wires. SQUARE necklaces also include the semi-precious stone black onyx.

We design for a woman who is independent, self-sufficient and in search of novelty. She trusts her intuition and dares to follow it. She is courageous and loves to travel and discover the world. She is constantly involved in broadening her horizons and is never bored. She enjoys both solitude as well as companionship. She loves reading books and enjoys theatre, music and beautiful architecture. She is ageless – when she is 25 she is considered mature for her age, and



BÏUT Originality means fashionable BÏUT is a brand created by an Estonian leather artist to express their vision of modern accessories and to implement their high-quality professional skills. The brand was created to offer distinguished leather accessories and handbags with a unique design. An accessory or a handbag must have an original design, but convenience, practicality, and perfectly-defined product assemblies are just as important. All leathers and

metal details come from certified European manufacturers who consider environmental sustainability in their manufacturing processes. In our stylistically diverse range of products, classical techniques of leather art are intertwined with modern fashion, offering not only minimalist accessories, but also complex forms created by the artist, hand-made reliefs, and lacily-perforated patterns, making the accessories timeless.



JUKOCUTE JUKOCUTE is a ladies’ luxury label for designer handbags and accessories, 100-percent handmade from the highest quality leather and manufactured in Italy. Jukocute takes its name from the first letters of founder and creative director Julia Korovina, and from English word ‘cute’. Beauty, charm and dedication to the highest quality are the keywords that lay in the heart of Jukocute’s brand meaning. Jukocute handbag designs change from season to season, allowing the customer to be part of the adventu­ rous journey taken by the creative director in search of new inspirations, taken from fashion trends, travel, art, and folks cultures.

All handbags in the collections are 100% handmade in Italy from superior quality materials such as vitello, nappa, capretto and other leathers, plus handmade fabrics, fur, and metal details. Each piece is created with the highest accuracy and attention to detail. Since 2011, Jukocute has launched two main handbag collections yearly.



WALTIN Wear your story Life is too short to wear boring accessories. WALTIN means timeless design, created to last. Waltin is an Estonian designer brand that makes handmade practical accessories of genuine leather for everyday use.

Waltin values slow design and reasonable consumption, and we stand by the principle that less is more. Our collections are limited, and therefore highlight the uniqueness of the wearer. All items are handmade in Estonia by local artisans, and we even use the tiniest leftover scraps.

As life is way too short to be guided only by practicality, each Waltin item has a little quirk or tiny detail that may be unnoticed by a stranger at a first sight. It is only known to its owner, who loves and appreciates it, just as your friends love and appreciate your and the subtle nuances that make you special.



JAANA TRAUSS DESIGN Crafted simply and stylishly just like your handbag should be! ‘I am an immortal soul, who likes to create something new and personal. It is a great pleasure to offer your own creation to women, who appreciate classically beautiful forms and quality. My products are designed to be worn on a daily basis and they are what I would like to wear myself. I do the day-to-day design, development and manufacturing of my own products. I do everything from start to finish myself.

Leather is my undisputed favorite as a material. My dream of dreams was to combine leather with a strong, water-resistant fabric and create a unique bag. There are several such models in my collection. In addition to my collection, I also make fully-custom handbags. ‘ Jaana Trauss

In my designer product, I believe that less is more, and as I understand it, others feel the same way. I use high quality chrome-tanned leather and I add as little metal as possible to make my bags as functional as possible, so that it is convenient for women to wear it on a daily basis. Constantly changing trends give me the impetus to always create something new – I will not miss an idea. So, every woman has a good chance to find a unique accessory.



STELLA SOOMLAIS STUDIO Leather bags for a lifetime customers with specific requests. The company has rapidly grown and now produces a collection of weekend bags, backpacks, handbags, wallets, credit card holders and armlets. All products are handcrafted and made by Stella and her artisans in Estonia.

Stella Soomlais is a leather and accessories designer from the wave of fresh craftsmen and fashion designers who have emerged over the last few years in Estonia. Stella has quickly built a distinct brand since starting her own studio in 2011. She began as a leather designer who tailored unique bags for

The bags combine functionality with minimalistic aesthetics and are designed following a restorative and regenerative circular system. High quality materials are used in a way that the details of the product can be simply repaired or replaced and the material reused for a new item. All bags are made from vegetable tanned leather.



PIRET LOOG Leather bags for contemporary urbanites Piret Loog is a Tallinn-based designer of leather accessories. She designs leather handbags, backpacks and shoulder bags in a minimalist Nordic style for the contemporary urbanite’s lifestyle. The bags are functional and universal for everyday use. She finds balance between function, clear style and the beauty of leather as a material. The minimalist and timeless style of design is combined with high quality materials. The collections are made from the finest calf leather. The leather plays an important role in the design

process, and the material is the main inspiration for the collection. High quality is an inseparable part of the design. The items are handcrafted in limited-run series. Piret Loog has developed her own brand of leather accessories since 1998. Trained in leather design at the Estonian Academy of Arts, she has worked as a teacher of handbag- and footwear design both at the Academy´s Department of Leather Art and Department of Fashion Design.



NORDHALE Unisex bags for a minimalist lifestyle The universe is continually seeking ways to establish equilibrium. And so are we. Therefore, we are striving to be less. We believe it is necessary to shed excess in order to reveal the essential: the slow; the minimal; the raw state of being, where quality trumps quantity.

Since day one, we’ve striven to make headway for sustainable consumption patterns by using excess pieces from a felt factory in our design process, reducing the amount of industrial material that ends up in the environment. Every piece of NORDHALE’s collection is handmade. We value collaboration with local artisans and embrace the tiny quirks in every single item.

The simple and timeless design of Nordhale’s bags is for those who appreciate slow living and have the confidence to stand out from the ordinary. Yours truly, Sinika Seepõld Minimalist, designer and founder of Nordhale



FRAMED BY KARL Spectacular wooden spectacles and accessories FRAMED BY KARL is a trademark of wooden spectacles and accessories by designer Karl Annus. His work is a combination of a significant sense of material, good craftsmanship and simple forms. The design of his products is timeless and does not follow seasonal trends.

Karl chooses materials according to his sustainably-oriented world view. A variety of natural-precious woods are used for crafting the frames, which are not coloured or toned in order to underline the pure aesthetics of the material. To take the most out of the high-quality materials, Framed by Karl’s

cufflinks and earrings are made from selected leftover pieces from eyewear crafting. Framed by Karl wooden spectacles, cufflinks and earrings are spectacular accessories as well as functional pieces for everyday use.



DEMOOG DESIGN HOUSE For gentlemen at heart Combining contemporary Nordic style and traditional craftsmanship, DEMOOG is a small family company where we design leather ties and accessories for men. All our products are 100% handmade in Estonia and only from carefully selected materials.

Our signature product is the Nu Windsor tie knot, a unique product. It is a tie knot accessory that is attached to a regular knot. In addition to being an elegant design element, it also keeps the knot strictly fixed. Additionally, Nu Windsors are available in fish leather sourced from Estonia.

At DeMoog, we wish to create products that will stand the test of time: something for the next generation or fom grandfather to grandchild. We wish our products to mature and age together with our customers. DeMoog is our customers’ story. Designing for this lifetime and the next.



ELLU SCARVES A hug from the beautiful countryside ELLU SCARVES was established in 2010 to modernize the patterns used in Estonian folk costumes and enliven our ancient shawl-wearing traditions. According to lore, the patterns in shawls protected, kept, and adorned their wearer. Shawls were worn as part of folk costumes during celebrations and were cared for and handed down from generation to generation. Our patterns were gathered from all corners of Estonia and given new life in Ellu Scarves. Our modern collections are made in cooperation with Estonian artists, designers and handicraft masters.

In addition to our shawls we carefully and lovingly knit blankets, bedding, soft pillows and baby blankets. We also take inspiration from Norwegian and Finnish folk patterns, and we’ve worked with Nordic designers to make products for our neighbours overseas. Our shawls are like the loving arms of our beautiful land. We hope they remind you of the beauty and magic of our country!

Ellu Scarves are decorated with beloved Estonian patterns using the wisdom and skills of our ancestors. When you are wearing an Ellu scarf, you are contributing to preserving and introducing our roots and honouring our cultural heritage. I hope that Ellu Scarves will help carry the beauty and deep knowledge of our ancestral mothers to many, many generations to come. Helen Vaks, the founder of Ellu Scarves



BSURD Bold colors and individuality Bring bold colors and individuality to your outfit with BSURD accessories! Bsurd is a small accessory brand from Estonia. The Bsurd label was born in 2013 out of a love for patterns. Accessories are made for anyone who values individual style, contrast, colours and organic materials. The main fabrics used for accessories are silk, wool, denim and leather. Heidi Mänd, Bsurd’s

founder, is a textile designer based in Tallinn, was originally educated as a photographer. Photo editing led her to learn graphic design and a love for fashion led to the birth of Bsurd. Her ideas are inspired by interesting people, nature, and meaningful moments and places, sometimes by just the need for a little thrill and freshness.



MJU – MY JOYFUL UNIVERSE Colourful and fun prints combined with current fashion We dream of an eternal summer, where each day is filled with sunshine and colours. Days where you can do whatever you want, go where ever you want, and be exactly who you want to be. You speak volumes about yourself without opening your mouth. We wish for your looks to say: Yes, I am confident, inspiring; I love myself, and I love beauty. MJU – MY JOYFUL UNIVERSE believes that beauty is the only thing that can save the world. Because beauty

doesn’t care about your age, gender or passport – it is a language that everyone speaks! MJU was created by two women: Anneli Akinde and Külli Kuusik. Both have studied graphic art, both love fashion, art, chocolate, and summer. They even share a favourite colour – blue. But Külli prefers it to be bright like the Mediterranean Sea, while Anneli adores a deeper, darker tone, which expands like the universe.

The exquisite artwork of MJU comes to life thanks to Anneli. Külli takes Anneli’s drawings and turns them into prints suitable for fabrics. Both women are inspired by everything beautiful, sweet and fun. This feeling shines through the prints, which are a joy to wear! All MJU products are designed in Estonia and printed in Great Britain and Italy.



AMANJEDA BY KATRIN KULDMA Discreet luxury for men & women Amanjeda is a chaser of dreams. Amanjeda looks for the best, for discreet luxury – authenticity, functionality and uncompromising aesthetics.

the world - wools from Biella, silks from Como and the finest cottons from Bergamo. The origin of fabrics is where the quality of clothes begins.

AMANJEDA BY KATRIN KULDMA operates in the luxury products sector, offering full lines of clothing, accessories and gifts, all made in Estonia and Italy with the best raw materials available in

Amanjeda collections include ready to wear for women and men, made to measure and bespoke suits and shirts and couture for eveningwear and bridal.

Amanjeda menswear is known for fine tailoring and womenswear for unique embroidery inspirations from Muhu island. Wide and fine selection of outdoor styles is the important part of winter collections. Amanjeda Sport Couture, the second line of the brand, is created for sporty comfort and relaxing lifestyle.



ELLEN RICHARD Sustainable multifunctionality ELLEN RICHARD is a label inspired by the designer’s ancestors, and its principle is that less is more. The collection is produced by local manufacturers from natural fabrics.

The designer and owner of the brand Kristi Pärn says that it´s essential to create sustainable design that gives its wearer free hands to combine clothes and find a variety of solutions.

The collection is simple and practical, inspired by the clean lines of modern architecture and northern nature. Items are multifunctional and can be worn in many ways – with or without sleeves, giving the client the opportunity to dress for their mood and wear their clothes in different ways.

The Ellen Richard collection’s practical design is complemented by its use of 100-percent organic fabrics which are nature-friendly and safe for our skin.



RAILI NÕLVAK Contrast between geometric logic and light feminine fluidity Raili Nõlvak creates sophisticated yet functional everyday garments for women. The clothing is modelled by hand, with a strong focus on self-designed details and finish. The essence of her collection is a contrast between geometric logic and light feminine fluidity. The designer finds a nice balance between the commercial and conceptual, the classic and avant-garde.

Raili Nõlvak´s signature style is characterized by inspirational games with shapes, forms, cuts and structures, and unexpected small details. The designer´s aim is to offer garments that surprise you at every angle, while retaining functionality, femininity and elegance. Signature styles and techniques include the art of folding to create volume through construction, and a unique approach to integrate contrasting materials and surfaces. The restrained colour scheme

clearly shows the designer favors shapes and silhouettes over colours and prints. Raili Nõlvak established her own fashion brand in 2014 after ten years of designing for other Esto­ nian brands. Her unique clothing is created in strictly limited editions. All pieces are manufactured in Estonia.



AUGUST Mindfully made Nordic elegance AUGUST is a clothing brand that combines natural materials with contemporary design. Harmony between comfort, practicality, and style is the main concept behind the design process. Construction of clean forms, refined lines, and silent expression

embody these collections, which are suitable for anyone who appreciates elegant clothing and sustainability in clothing design.

Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified fabric mills and sustainable fabric fairs are the cornerstone of our fabric sourcing.

Of particular importance is the careful choice of materials and attention paid to each step of the manufacturing process. Global

All styles are produced in Estonia. August was founded by Estonian designer Ă„li Kargoja.



POHJANHEIMO Timeless luxury Clothes are part of our daily attire, they embody who we are and what we choose to express. Contemporary wardrobes have evolved over time, as we are evermore globally connected. True luxury can therefore be found in essentials that are both functional and effortlessly elegant.

finest sleek wool, comfy cashmere, soft linen, breezy cotton and lush silk. The collections are part of an ongoing aesthetic dialogue, always carefully in tune with the seasonal shift. Such crafty construction is conducted by hand in the atelier, with respect for traditional techniques and luxury fabrics. Creation flows freely, always from novel, sincere and contemporary perspective. Craftsmanship and supreme comfort are truly united in each design. Pohjanheimo aspires to dress confident explorers who are ready to engage the world with an open spirit.

POHJANHEIMO provides a neat collage of garments that seamlessly transition from day to night whilst striking a fine balance between work and play. The studio proposes a selection of independent, chic and confident elements for modern cosmopolitans. Our underplayed styles do not aspire to overshadow, but instead encourage each individual to call their own shots. Each piece has been developed out of need, following a longstanding sartorial narrative that has been carefully maintained over decades. Elegant, confident and aspirational. The overall silhouette reflects comfort, agility and empowered luxury. The garments are sharply tailored, geometric, rich in textural interplay and variable in length and volume. For their assembly, Pohjanheimo handpicks only the



PIRET ILVES Cool and modern classics PIRET ILVES is a growing designer womenswear brand offering cool and modern classics. Minimalism, an edge colour palette, and interesting silhouettes are part of Piret Ilves’ signature style designed to be fun, feminine and chic. Ready-to-wear collections are introduced along with accessories twice a year.

Piret Ilves values high quality natural fabrics, fine tailoring and craftsmanship. Combining wool fiber, silk, and cotton with ageless style is a matter of sustainability and health.

Piret Ilves was the winner of Estonia’s most prestigious fashion award, the Golden Needle, in 2015.

Collections are developed and produced in the company’s in-house atelier with high demands for quality and design. All aspects of production are carefully processed and controlled.



GUILD A sartorial streetwear label with a refreshingly noble touch

GUILD is an atelier and design house based in Tallinn, Estonia. Established in 2012, it unites a storytelling denim brand, Reval Denim Guild, and a small millinery, Guild Hattery. Pairing effortless style with sartorial crafts, GUILD aspires to excellence with ethical change – contemporary yet timeless apparel made of natural materials in a truly harmonious environment.

Everything is crafted of high-quality materials from European and Japanese mills and produced 100-percent locally. Even the bespoke chapeaus and ready-to-wear hats are created right in the middle of the northern wilderness.

Radiating core values of honesty, quality, sustainability, and skilled craft above mass-production, GUILD continues to gain attention as a streetwear label with refreshingly noble touch. Fabrics suitable for bitter climates together with refined aesthetics reflect the cultural fusion the land has seen for centuries.



DIANA ARNO More than a womenswear label DIANA ARNO is not just a womenswear label. It’s always something more. It’s an attitude, lifestyle, a way of thinking. It’s your unique self, radiating outward from your style. Based in Tallinn, Diana Arno is a fashion house with a wide range of products that meet your needs and fashion goals for each season. It’s a

place where the beauty of romantic sunsets is captured in each summer collection, the restless dance of sea waves interpreted into flowy ruffles, and the delicate touch of a warm breeze easily sensed in the choice of fabrics. Later, when the days of blazing sunshine come to an end, we’ll be ready to wrap you in warm and cosy coats and give you a feast for the eyes with dazzling sequins,

edgy silhouettes, and outstanding street-style essentials that will empower you to keep up with the rhythm of the city. Diana Arno’s manifesto is to unite luxury and comfort creating timeless, unique and feminine clothes with eye-catching details that are the perfect accompaniment from work to cocktails.



IVO NIKKOLO Disruptive elegance IVO NIKKOLO is a design brand that delivers a Northern European aest­hetic and architecturallyinspired shapes with disruptive detailing. The architectural aesthetic allows rebellion, organised disruption of forms and layers, giving the crea­tor freedom to create something genuinely sculptural. The product is fine tuned to the very last detail and formed into elegant and classy fashion. The design creates a balanced, sharp aesthetic with clean cuts, celebrating the essence of power in feminine style.



BALTMAN We cover all the needs of a modern day gentleman

BALTMAN is an Estonian brand that combines premium European fabrics with award-winning design and quality production. We offer stylish and distinguished businesswear for men, who expect classic

and high-quality clothing with excellent personal service. The brand offers both classical and trend-driven looks to cover all the needs of a modern day gentleman.

We use our Estonian tailoring heritage, spanning nine decades, and the best European fabrics from renowned producers in the Biella region of Italy.



SANGAR Meet Sangar. Meet the craft, passion and uncompromised quality.

SANGAR is a company with a family heritage and we’ve been producing shirts for more than 60 years. We’ve made more than 55 million shirts. Millions of shirts mean billions of stitches, buttons and hours. In other words, tons of

experience and hard work. The shirt you’re wearing meets the quality standards that you demand. Wear it without wearing it out.

Jaanus Vahtra, designer: Our focus is to find balanced and sophisticated solutions for the modern day gentleman – a nomad who is always on the go, whose need for comfort is balanced with his respect for elegance and timeless style.



ST PARKA Seasoned Traveler Life is not always like a movie. But with SEASONED TRAVELER, it sometimes can be. The founder and the designer of ST Parka, Jaanus Vahtra, has worked as a costume designer for cinema. As proof of his great eye for design, he has been presented with the best movie costume designer award for his work on the film, November (Esto­ nian Movie and Television Awards, 2018).

one location to another during a shooting day, he discovered his love for natural fabrics and for a long

Like many great inventions, ST Parka was born out of necessity. Filming at a northern latitude is far from Hollywood glam. It’s a real struggle. The temperature rarely rises above 12 degrees Celsius. When watching dozens of takes, standing still and keeping quiet, you can feel the cold creeping in and eating at your flesh and bones. Jaanus began experimenting with a variety of fabrics and layers. It took years until he finally came to a conclusion as to what works and what does not. While moving from

silhouette. He wanted to design a product that was both functional and elegant, a coat for every occasion, from forest trails to the streets of a metropolis.

Seasoned Traveler is an all-in-one piece in many ways. You can wear it with lining in winter or without lining in spring and autumn. You also don’t have to worry about sweating under the first hot sun of spring because of the shell’s natural fabric. In autumn, it can be worn over your t-shirt and still feel warm and comfortable. By adding the lining you can fully enjoy a frosty day that quickly turns into night. Seasoned Traveler is made in Estonia, in the small resort town of Haapsalu. The fabrics come from England, Germany and Japan. Jaanus believes that everyone involved at every step of the supply chain should get a fair pay for what they do. They should get vacations and health insurance. Their children should be able to go to school and they should have enough food on the table. That is why Seasoned Traveler costs what it does. And that’s the truth.



VILL VILL The warmest of hugs We love nature. We love wool. We love knitting. And warm hugs that last a long time. VILL VILL is a Nordic brand of contemporary hand-knitted garments. Vill means wool in Estonian. It is warm, breathable and has protected us – the Nordic people – from harsh weather conditions for centuries.

Our vill comes from sheep and is spun into yarn in Lithuania. It then travels north, to Estonia, where people passionate about knitting turn it into the warmest of hugs. Every item in our collection is knitted traditionally (with needles) from 100% wool.

Our hugs are soft and genuine. We do not develop new collections every season but rather focus on having a palette of minimalistic, high-quality products made from natural materials that do not lose their value or style when trends change.

Vill Vill stands for transparency. You will know where your garment comes from, how much yarn was used and how many hours it took to make it.

Our mission is to make wool garments that last a long time. Let yourself be hugged!



LIISA SOOLEPP More meaningfulness Designer Liisa Soolepp’s simple, yet personal perspective is born and bred by the cold climate and a desire to create more meaningfulness.

‘I am driven by the world of patterns and textures. You can discover them everywhere – in environments that are natural or unnatural, human or nonhuman, archaic or modern, geometric or abstract. To let these patterns and textures tell their stories, create paths, and to make us wander along these roads. A garment for me is like a talisman, which creates inspirational space and atmosphere around the wearer,’ explains the designer.

Reflecting quality, femininity and spirit, the designer aims to attract like-minded women who see her knitwear as talismans that help create an inspirational space and atmosphere around their indivi­ duality.



CANNA Wear a Canna poncho CANNA ponchos have sleeves. They hang well on your shoulders and are very comfortable to wear. Canna ponchos are distinctive accessories knit and sewn by Estonian artisans. We use colourful cotton yarns that are skin-friendly and bring brightness to your day. We hope that by wearing a Canna poncho, you get a pleasant experience and a warm cozy feeling.



WOOLISH Knits with heritage, made in a novel way WOOLISH describes a person who has an original sense for trendy, detail-orientated, different, natural, comfy and original knits. Woolish is northern coolness with playful details. Restrained iconic pieces will keep you alive eight days a week. Thoughtfully chosen

materials and advanced production techniques create a woolish composition full of texture and colors. Our aim is to offer basic knits made for people constantly on the go and like to attract attention to what they’re wearing. Since basic fabrics don’t attract admirers, we decided

to fool around with wool for a practical, natural garment with catchy details and a sustainable footprint. We like to be woolish, and that´s the main reason why we create detailed, different, natural, comfy and practical everyday knits.



MITHIO Timeless knitwear

We are an Estonian brand rooted in wool heritage and passionate about providing the highest quality knitwear. MITHIO is a Tallinn based knitwear brand founded in 2009. Mithio is the ancient, mythical mystery that has inspired us to create something unique, bringing beautiful modern folk art back to everyday use.

Every new collection and reproduced best-selling style contains different, rich-in-texture knit types and geometrical patterns. Combining centuries-old national traditions across Nordic countries with today’s latest technologies one can create a contemporary product, which has a connection to the place from where we originate. Add to this our northern modest nature, and the result is a restrained toneon-tone colour combination for everyday wearable knit.

There is something for everyone, both men and women: a thick and soft cable-knit sweater or a comfy cardigan for long winter nights, or a thinner merino blend sweater as everyday office wear. During the past nine years, Mithio has gained the trust of many loyal customers, who value the products’ visual and practical side, as well as their cozy appeal. Mithio uses materials from verified and reputable business partners with high environmental standards. Only the highest quality Italian yarns are used and all knits are made in Lithuania. In this way, we assure our customers that our products are made with minimal ecological impact. A good piece of knitwear will serve you through years and events, especially in a cold climate, where a quality wool sweater is something you’ll need throughout the year.



ALPAKA A lifetime of luxury and warm emotions Luxuriate in the natural warmth and beauty of an ALPAKA item and continue a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Our luxury clothing and homeware, made from the fur and wool of the Peruvian alpaca, is designed

with a distinctly Nordic sensibility to bring you timeless luxury and enduring style. We take inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the Andes, where each of our pieces starts its journey, then combine this with a modern outlook and inventiveness to create singular items that transcend time and place. Founded in 2007, Alpaka products are available in over 30 of the world’s most fashionable destinations. Our designs cater to real people living real lives. We strive to create beauty that is not seasonal, nor bound to any fashion trend, but is instead timeless, classic and enduring. By providing you with the core, modern essentials you can build your entire life around, we aim to give you luxury you will love indefinitely. Slow down and take a quiet moment to revel in the unrivaled beauty and comfort offered by alpaca fur and wool.

- seven times warmer than sheep’s wool - rivals the finest cashmere in terms of silkiness - highly breathable and lightweight - natural, lustrous shine - remarkably strong and durable - does not pill easily - naturally hypoallergenic: lanolin-free - water- and dirt-repellent

Luxurious, durable and extremely rare, the wool and fur of the Andean alpaca are unrivaled by any other natural fibre. The harsh environment that these camelids call home conveniently makes their fleece the single most desirable fibre in the world.



KELPMAN TEXTILE Be surprised by traditions! scarves and other items are created with people in mind who appreciate freedom and creativity. The clients of Kelpman textile have the courage to stand out from the crowd and they value the charm of natural materials. The collections are continually updated yet the clothing remains in style thanks to timeless patterns and materials. The vintage feel is an intentional design element. Mare Kelpman’s transition from accessories to clothing was made while

seeking applications for her textiles. Her aim was not so much to produce fashion items, but to create comfortable, warm and healthy clothing suited to a nor­t hern climate. As owner and designer, Mare Kelpman has supervised Estonian Art Academy students for many years, participated in many international exhibitions, and won a variety of awards.

KELPMAN TEXTILE provides quality home and fashion accessories. All our textiles are 100% natural, and produced in neighbouring countries from materials made in Europe. Designer Mare Kelpman oversees the entire production process. The fabrics are woven on old industrial Dornier machines and finished without the use of chemical preparations. Coats, cardigans,



HURMUR Be charmed by the clothes Comfort- and body-nourishing clothing improves your mood and lets you feel completely free. If you’ve already tried on Hurmur’s clothes, you know you don’t want to take them off again. Each moment spent at home is special, and in these moments it is important to cherish your body, to wear maximum-body-friendly clothing.

Hurmur color schemes are inspired by the Estonian sunsets, which are unique and breathtakingly beautiful. Surround yourself in comfort with Hurmur!

All fabrics used are soft and of high quality with OEKO-Tex certificates. The woman who wears Hurmur feels comfortable at home and also outside the home – wear it everywhere.

HURMUR is a homewear and casual clothing brand for women. Hurmur is created for the comfort of the Nordic-design-loving woman. All products are designed and manufactured in Estonia.



CASTLEBIRD & ROSE Where silk & art meet The unique designs of our fabrics are direct replicas of original paintings by a variety of artists. The originals are in our company´s private collection. Through the revival of artists´ works on authentic materials – designing gorgeous fabrics which are made into deluxe garments – we contribute to a more beautiful world. All our garments are designed and sewn in Estonia. They come in limited editions, are cut by hand, and are hand finished. We use biodegradable materials for our collections.

The story of CASTLEBIRD & ROSE began with a childhood dream, and with time the dream becomes part of the imagination. The dream materialised for the first time in November 2015 when we were in Paris and caught in the middle of Paris terror attacks. All public institutions were closed for many days, apart from some art galleries and antique markets on the outskirts of the city. This is where we bought our first painting by a 19th-century French artist – a hidden pearl awaiting its destiny – to be revived on silk. Our story is proof of the fact that sometimes beauty can

become a refuge from the madness of the world. And how, even during the bleakest hours, there is room for something beautiful to be born. The name of our brand consists of three strong symbolic motifs: the castle, bird and rose. The castle is a symbol of a defended city, the bird a symbol of peace and freedom, and the rose a symbol of silence, balance expressing promise, new beginnings, and hope, with its thorns representing defence and strength.



BONBON LINGERIE It’s all about confidence BONBON LINGERIE was estab­ lished in 2004 by an Estonian designer with a desire to create high quality lingerie for women. We are proud to say that from the very start all of the brand’s lingerie pieces have been hand-made in Tallinn. When it comes to garment design, quality and fit, there is no such thing as being too meticulous. To ensure our top quality, we only use the finest hand-picked materials, using the best fashioning techniques, implementing a perfect cut with a beautiful feminine finish.

The materials we use originate from trusted European suppliers only. Given all that, it’s possible for BonBon Lingerie to produce collections that bring together luxury, comfort and support with a gorgeous visual appearance. Our bestselling garments throughout the years are presented in the Essentials Collection which is available year round. The collection consists of evergreen products that every modern woman should have in their lingerie drawer. BonBon Lingerie keeps pace with international fashion and releases seasonal collections twice a year. Both the Spring/Summer and

Autumn/Winter collections represent elements of BonBon Lingerie’s essence but also embrace the trends and colours of the current season. At BonBon Lingerie we believe that besides feeling comfortable, women should also be able to choose lingerie that makes them feel beautiful and more confident. Today our aim is to boost a woman’s self-assured­ ness and transform an already beautiful woman into a real femme fatale. Join the amazing world of BonBon Lingerie!



MARAT Modern cotton clothing with history MARAT, formed in the 1920s, is one of the oldest clothing brands in Estonia. Initially engaged in the sale of wool-knit fabric manufactured by individual knitters, today Marat offers a variety of collections for women, men and children. We appreciate history but, at the same time, value present trends.

Sewing quality, durability and natural raw materials are always our focus. All our products are manufactured on specially-woven cloth that is produced for Marat only. Our garments are durable and, what’s most important, affordable. Cotton lingerie and loungewear are our foundation, but fashion products like Marat tracksuits or designed T-shirts also play an important role.

With hundreds of millions of products manufactured over the decades, we have gained a firm view what really good knitwear products should be like. Our garments can be found in three categories: - Comfortable lounge-wear - Modern unisex products - Marat’s retro



UNCLE PAUL A good shoe is more than just a shoe UNCLE PAULs are athletic-style shoes for men and women. The company was founded in 2013. Shoes that catch your eye can tell a tale about an individual. Uncle Paul is an Estonian brand that makes you a shoe with character.



NÜÜD CERAMICS Crafting Nordic minimalism NÜÜD is a ceramic design studio that specialises in tableware and interior design products.

mould creation, item moulding and surface treatment. Every object has a certain originality and is unique.

Nüüd creates items that are based on simple geometric forms. Having given up on almost every kind of decorations, we want to emphasise the character and aesthetics of a variety of materials.

Nüüd items are designed by ceramic artist Mariana Laan. After graduating the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2014 she established her own ceramic design studio.

We use porcelain, glass, natural stone, concrete and other natural materials.

Mariana’s work has been featured in several of Scandinavia’s leading design magazines and selected as one of the examples of Estonian ceramic design for Paris Design Week.

All stages of production are per­ formed by hand: prototyping,

‘For me, in art and design, but also more widely in everything that surrounds me, composition is everything. I admire shapes and spaces to which there’s nothing to add because of their perfect simplicity. I enjoy working with my hands and the freedom that lies in working with clay and similar materials.’ Mariana Laan



HELE KERAAMIKA Elegant easiness in small details Items by HELE KERAAMIKA celebrate simplicity of form with a pinch of playfulness and elegant easiness found in small details or splashes of colour to put harmony ever so slightly out of joint.

In spite of their little quirks, all items by Hele Keraamika can be used for everyday practical purpo­ ses. The clay and porcelain items by Hele Keraamika are made by Esto­nian ceramist Mari Ait.



SUME Magical porcelain tablewear For decoration l use transfers of my own design. After the transfers have been applied, the goods are fired to 800 C. The story of my Circus Porcelain collection: My family once lived in a house on a nice boulevard in the very center of town. Every spring the circus arrived in our backyard. A huge tent was put up, and bears, tigers, lions, and monkeys appeared. The sounds of the circus orchestra and roars of the bears and lions filled the warm summer nights. Clowns, acrobats, magicians, and animal trainers milled about. And then one morning it was all gone – until the following spring. SUME by Piret Kändler ceramic work is defined by my love for functional porcelain tableware. My porcelain products feature a range of creative mediums which combine surface- and graphic design with ceramic qualities.

The material I work with is por­ celain. I use mostly slip-cast porcelain, as it allows to control thickness of my works, enabling translucency. The goods are bisque fired to 900 C, glazed with trans­ parent glaze, and fired to 1,260 C.



ARRO PORCELAIN Bohemian luxury ARRO PORCELAIN – Bohemian luxury – created with consideration and love to cherish the art of living. The founder of Arro Porcelain – Liisu Arro, a ceramicist and a third-generation artist – finds her inspiration from everyday life. She combines the common with the unique, the ferial with the magical and the conventional with the extravagant. As a result her work is unique and of a high quality that matches the challenges of everyday use.

Arro Porcelain tableware is luxu­ rious, yet unconventional, elegant with a bohemian twist and will turn a simple meal into an artistic experience.

The artist believes that the things that we use every day should be especially well made and chosen carefully to accompany us on our life’s journey.

For future series, Liisu will also use artworks of her parents and grandparents to tell stories from a variety of eras.

Living is art! Let’s do it with grace!

Liisu wants the practical to be decorative and proves it with every piece she makes.

Arro Porcelain is an ethical and socially responsible company and donates to charity. All tableware is produced in Portugal and France.



MSK GLASS It´s a match MSK GLASS is a collaboration between three glass designers Aleksandra Pavlenkova, Andra Jõgis and Kristiina Oppi. The brand specializes in handmade, mouth-blown glassware. The designers started their collabo­ ration in 2014 at the Department of Glass Art of the Estonian Academy of Arts, where the first pieces were made specially for the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The first piece was a set of drinking glasses and a pitcher called ‘We Match’

(Me Sobime Kokku in Estonian), from which the brand name MSK Glass was derived. MSK Glass uses a simple Scandi­ navian-like design language that guarantees the works are durable in time, since they are not influenced by passing trends. The glassware is suitable for both everyday use and special occasions. Through the variety of colors, a little bit of joy and sparkle is added to the Nordic interior.

The designs are inspired by the principles of fitting and machining forms together. Those principles are used playfully in the design process, favoring an emotional approach over a functional one. All the glassware is handmade and mouth-blown by the MSK Glass designers in Estonia, making every single piece one of a kind.



HÄLI-ANN TOOMS STUDIO Nordic design for exotic plants HÄLI-ANN TOOMS STUDIO works with interior plantscapes and home decor products. The studio aspires to exhibit plants and everyday functional items in exciting and unexpected ways. The studio offers customized plant design projects, consultations, and installation. Häli-Ann Tooms is an award winning landscape architect, who has wide experience with a variety of architectural projects for over 10 years. She has also worked with the construction, design and main­ tenance of vertical gardens. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark to study and work and established her studio in 2015.



CLICK & GROW The creators of self-watering Smart Gardens and Wall Farms CLICK & GROW wants to make the most essential, fresh, and vitamin-packed food affordable for everyone on this planet. We have created a technology that enables growing plants hyper-locally and with zero effort. Our products – Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9, the Wall Farm and the Smart Farm – give everyone

a chance to grow fresh GMO and pesticide-free food straight from their kitchen, without the need for manual watering and fertilizing. Click & Grow is the only company on the market with an entire prod­ uct line to cover every need and guide customers from entry-level indoor gardening products to growing food at home, in schools, hospitals and communities.

Click & Grow was founded in 2009 and has shipped its products to more than 450,000 customers around the world. The company is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia.



SU LIGHTING Design lights for plants SU LIGHTING produces both interior and exterior design lights for plants. In order to achieve the best result, each of our products is handmade from high quality materials. In addition to our standard col­ lection, we fulfill custom orders according to a customer’s desired dimensions and materials. Our luminaires feature both ordinary and dimmable LED lights and may be connected to dimmer sensors, smart house systems, and other timers. SU Lighting products are ideal for both public and private spaces, and also as house lanterns for terraces.



MARILIGHTS The fusion of the unexpected MARILIGHTS’ story goes back to 2012 – actually, even further than that – the year when Tauri Mae and Mari Saarepera’s love of design led them to start a company. Their studio was the product of an unlikely collaboration between two contrasting minds. Engineer Tauri and artist Mari connected over a shared passion for design. What ensued was a journey in which they would learn to work together; Tau­ ri’s naturally logical and practical outlook blending seamlessly with Mari’s artistic instinct. The result is the design studio in which Mari Lights was born.

Mari Saarepera

Mari Lights is dedicated to the creation of contemporary lighting, designed and produced with a mid-century mindset where lon­ gevity is key. Combining engineer­ ing with art and using both tradi­ tional and innovative technologies, Mari Lights produces visually striking, conceptual designs with minimalist character. Their pieces are produced by artisans with an astounding level of skill and atten­ tion to detail. Mari Lights is com­ mitted to perfecting the finer details. The precision of these small details embedded within simple, graphic forms results in the luxury, desirable products they’re known for.

Evident in Mari Lights’ products is the harmony between their two creators, whose differing back­ grounds and mentalities unite to form the perfect pairing. The con­ trast of carefully engineered mate­ rials and refined design used in the creation of their products echoes the differences between Tauri and Mari themselves. Mari Lights is a dynamic fusion of the unexpected, just like the partnership between its creators.

Tauri Mae



4ROOM Knowing good light 4ROOM is a small-scale lumi­ naire manufacturer located in the picturesque village of Vääna, 20 kilometers from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Established in 2002, 4ROOM carries the knowhow and skills of its predecessor, Estoplast, which was founded in 1959. Merg­ ing quality lighting with design, the ambition of 4ROOM is con­ temporary-yet-timeless products to enhance interiors and provide great light. 4ROOM combines tradition­ al craftsmanship with automated production to allow flexibility in customising orders to satisfy a cus­ tomer’s individual requirements. 4ROOM does its own design, engi­ neering and product development. Our factory is equipped with the latest production machines, updat­ ed regularly to ensure the high­ est-quality products. Luminaires are painted on site. The quality textile shades we pride ourselves

on are made by our skilled crafts­ men combining CNC technology with artisanship. All products are created under one roof in a small factory in Vääna from carefully selected, certified quality materials made in the EU. Estonia experiences long and dark winters with limited hours of day­ light. In summer, the sun sets only for a few brief hours. Therefore, we know and appreciate the role of good light in our everyday life. The 4ROOM product range focuses on functionality – bringing more good light to interiors. The clean and simple aesthetic of our luminaires enhances interiors adding value to the present moment.



TOIVO Design is simultaneously work, hobby and love

The designs of TOIVO are clear standouts in the Estonian interi­ or and furniture design context. Designer Toivo Raidmets strongly values playfulness, emotions, and experiences in interior design. While designing furniture he stresses novelty, but also considers functionality and user-friendliness. Raidmets’ relationship with the furniture industry began at the Standard Furniture Factory and continued as Chief Designer at the Tarmeko Design Factory. At the

end of the 1980s, when working at the Tallinn Integrated Art Production Plant ARS, exhibition design became his core duty. In addition to de­ signing exhibi­ tions, he soon began partici­ pating in them – mainly with neon pipe light installations in Tal­ linn, Helsinki, Rauma and Vilnius. Parallel to those, Raidmets has also designed several well-known Estonian clubs and restaurants.

rior Architecture at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and is currently a visiting lecturer at the Institute of Architecture of the Tallinn Univer­ sity of Technology. He is a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association, the Estonian Association of Designers and the Estonian Association of Interior Architects.

In 1992, Toivo Raidmets founded his own company Toivo OÜ, which produces furniture designed by him. He has had a long-standing career as a teacher as well - from 1995 to 2013, he worked as a professor and head of the Department of Inte­



RA SUN Handmade furniture that lasts

Allan Prooso

details are fully considered and accurately calculated.

RA SUN makes furniture that lasts. Its upholstery may eventually wear out or become outmoded, but the owner’s choice to restore it or to freshen it up will be ever reasonable and worthwhile. This furniture is solid in structure and its design is rigorously modern and user-friendly.

The majority of our products is custom made. For public places like cafés, restaurants, and ho­ tels, custom-made furniture can sometimes be the only solution available. It can also be a good option for home decoration, if the customer’s intention should be to find perfectly matching items. Custom-made furniture is compa­ rable to tailor-made clothes, where every inch of fabric confidently fits the body and every part was mastered to fulfil its purpose. Such furniture suggests an atmosphere of integrity as the texture, pattern and colours of the upholstery are in complete harmony with the rest of the interior.

The pre-fabricated items of Ra Sun have been developed by our team of professionals or by our trusted ex­ ternal designers. The essential part of Ra Sun’s design is the balance of the aesthetic and the practical side. Every item exhibits a combi­ nation of flawless beauty, distinct style, comfort, usability and lasting quality.

Ra Sun sofas, arm chairs, benches and other upholstered items are handmade with the greatest care. The materials used are of uncom­ promising quality and are environ­ mentally friendly. The technical



MARIA RÄSTA DESIGN Playful furnishings MARIA RÄSTA DESIGN stands for the creation of practical items with a bit of humor. Furniture designer Maria Rästa’s signature style carries positive emotion. The furniture has clear lines and exciting shapes, minimalistic and playful at the same time. Maria Rästa Design is a sevenyear-old small Estonian design company, and our main products are interior accessories and small furnishings: simple and practical everyday products, home and kitchen accessories with playful and fun design concepts.

‘Chick’ is Maria Rästa Design`s signature item which has been acknowledged internationally and included in many Estonian design exhibitions around the world. Chick is an interior accessory that stands out with its playful design. It was originally designed as a small stool, but it turned out to be a multifunctional decorative ele­ ment. It is often used as a small side table near a sofa or a bedside stand, as a footrest of an armchair, or as a flower- or plant stand. But it has an extra function – to bring a smile to your face!

We would like to think that our products can make your mood a little bit better and perhaps remind you of something funny. Perhaps they’ll bring to mind happy child­ hood memories, when everything was a game and the playground was everywhere.



WOH A balance between functionality, pure Nordic aesthetics, and sustainability The Woh Felt Storage Stool is a practical storage space that can also be used as a stool or a small table. The Woh Felt Rack is a minimalist and practical piece of furniture. Its non-slippery felt detail can be used for laying out scarves or blankets but also acts as a distinctive design element. The Woh Felt Desk Box is a practi足 cal table-top accessory to organise your pencils and other tools. All Woh products are designed and produced in Estonia and intended to last. We are always looking for beauty in simplicity and constantly aiming to ease our daily lives. Our belief is that discreet and practical objects build a good atmosphere. Em足 bracing and employing traditional handcraft techniques alongside unconventional solutions gives our minimalist designs a homely feeling of warmth.

Felt Hanger features a non-slip足 pery surface made from PET felt that consists of up to 70% recycled plastics and a stainless steel hook. Woh offers hangers for every type of garment but is best suited for knitwear and heavy garments. Our shoulders are of different widths and so are our garments. To make them last longer and not lose shape, Woh also offers hang足 The WOH Felt Hanger is our design ers in different widths, as well as flagship. Woh was born out of the slimmer hangers to provide more need for a clothes hanger that keeps storage space, and hangers with garments safely in place. The Woh clips for trousers and skirts.



MIURIO Fine textiles for a stunning home women and men to express sensua­ lity and freedom.

Luxury hand-embroidered cus­hions, whimsical and colourful wallpaper, and made-to-order rugs from interior surface designer Rita Assor. The studio also creates a line of silk scarves under the brand name Miurio Accessories. These boldly coloured, artfully inspired silk scarves are designed both for

The MIURIO interior surface design studio was established in 2012, based on Rita’s vision to create co­lourful and aesthetically plea­sing interior design products. Miurio home decor products are made to lift spirits and create a loving atmosphere in a home or public space. ​ Rita is the creative director, interior surface designer and photographer behind all the studio’s products. ​ The studio works professionally with textile and rug companies as well as with interior archi­ tects and designers, offering custom-made designs and finis­ hed products (e.g., cushions, rugs, and wallpaper). Rita’s inspiration is derived mostly from travelling, art and on-go­ ing international collaboration

with textile artisans and craftsmen. In designs, she often combines her photography with digital post-pro­ cessing and artful techniques for achieving rich and elegant patterns. Rita has collaborated on designs with Wendre, one of Europe’s largest producers of bedding products.



BOLD TUESDAY Mark your travels and keep your stories alive We design minimalist world maps and travel posters that give you a clear view of your adventures – where you’ve travelled and where you should go next. Every travel map tells a unique story, because you are the one who creates it! It’s your world, they’re your trips and travels - we provide the empty canvas.

You can use these travel maps to mark visited countries. Use it as a stylish interior design element or, if you’re not a traveller yourself, give it as a travel gift to an adven­ turous friend. It is an easy solution to the problem of finding original and meaningful gifts.

We want to be amazed by the astonishing wonders of nature, to enliven our minds with new cultures and traditions, to learn to treasure every moment when we experience something we have never seen or felt before. Our travel maps and posters show you how much there is still to discover. So stop waiting. Be bold and go.



JOIK Skin care benefits combined with the luxury of scent and colour JOIK is the largest and best known Estonian home fragrance and nat­ ural cosmetics brand sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. The most important aspect of Joik products has always been honesty and the use of high-quality naturaland near-natural ingredients. A long process of research and testing precedes the launch of all new Joik products. We pay careful attention to the design and aesthe­t ics of our prod­ ucts – we believe that along with skin care benefits the products should also pamper the senses – nice packaging and pleasant aromas are always an essential part of Joik production, proving that natural can be luxurious.

The Joik story began in 2005 when the company was the first in Esto­ nia to produce high-quality scented soy wax candles. Joik’s founder, Eva-Maria, was searching for scent­ ed high-quality candles for dark winter nights. Finding suitable candles turned out to be harder than expected, but she discovered that a suitable alterna­ tive to paraffin is natural soy wax and the next step was to find the desired aromas. The process of getting the cand­les exactly right was long and nuanced. However, it was worth the effort, as the result was a creation of heav­ enly-smelling and clean-burning candles that

fascinated everyone who had a chance to use them. Inspired by the success of the candles, natural cosme­t ics were added to the line, inclu­d ing soaps, bath and body products, hand and foot care prod­ ucts, and facial care products. The name Joik comes from the language of the nature-loving Sami people – joik meaning the Sami’s ancient style of singing. The word is a unique form of cultural expression, conveying emotions and describing people, animals and nature. Joik carries tradition, but is at the same time in constant development and in line with the contemporary world. The company Joik carries similar values – we appreciate ancient skills of using nature for health and wellbeing, but evolving continuous­ ly and creating products that suit modern people. All Joik products are hand-made and packaged in Estonia in our modern production facility situated on the outskirts of Tal­ linn, surrounded by pine trees and meadows.



NURME Purest beauty ‘The meadow (nurm in Esto­nian) holds a very special place in my heart. It’s a magical land from my childhood, a place that always brought me joy, was full of surpris­ es, and when needed, offered com­ fort. Every year the meadow was awash with flowers, and every year they were a bit different. Even now the meadow is a symbol of peace for me. It’s the untouched nature, the ever-changing sky, and the air fragrant with the sweet aroma of flowers. The meadow is a place to recharge your batteries, gather strength and relax – so you can make a fresh start with new power.

The Nurme way of life values both physical and spiritual contentment, as well as living in harmony with nature. We believe that to live a happy and active life, it’s essential to listen to your body. Good health begins with taking care of yourself, laughing a lot and enjoying your life! And this is exactly what I want to offer everyone with Nurme products.’ Marit Tiits Co-Founder of Nurme Natural Skincare



D’DIFFERENCE Difference by nature D’DIFFERENCE – skincare pro­ ducts with a minimum amount of ingredients providing maximum benefit for the skin! As we all know, nature is full of miracles. Many of them can be used for the benefit and welfare of our skin. More than a decade ago a group of biochemists and scientists led by Ruth Oltjer, an Estonian doctor of internal medicine, began to search for skincare products that respect the skin’s natural defense system and are based on natural ingredients. The products were first developed for hospital use, and after damaged skin (extreme dryness, bedsores, scaling) was positively impacted, a full line of sophisticated, quick-absorbing and easy-to-use products for all skin types was born.

‘There are so many products in today’s world. We have created a line that is luxurious and sophisticated, absorbs instantly and consists of natural ingredients.’ Ruth Oltjer, founder of D`DIFFERENCE What benefits does D’DIFFER­ ENCE offer for the skin? Coming from the Northern Europe the four seasons and the alwayschanging climate have taught us to create products that ‘know’ how to strengthen the skin and flood it with moisture, nutrients and energy. We do not use parabens, SLS, silicones, mineral oils, PEGs, or synthetic colours in any of our products.

Skin is skin, it does not require many things. Our brand offers minimum ingredients with maxi­ mum effect, a stable pH level, and we practice controlled production under ISO9001 standards. All products are formulated using a clinically proven concentration of each active ingredient, to cater to evidence-based results and excel­ lent sensory aspects. The big question about skin today is not how to hide your age but how to make skin glow and look healthy. One of the answers to this is formu­ lating using ingredients with low molecular weight that work deep inside the skin – the smart mole­ cules. No need for those 20+ 30+ 40+ claims; let´s concentrate on individual skin and its needs! We are here to guide you.



TURBLISS Beauty lies in simplicity Estonia is a land of forests and bogs which hold a treasure called peat. Peat is one of the most important natural resources of Estonia, a well-known heating and gardening product that, in addition to its industrial value, contains hugely beneficial substances for the human organism. Estonia is situated in a place where geology, biology, and the weather have collaborated to create a layer of balneological peat so rich in humic substances that it can be used to produce high-quali­ ty natural cosmetics.

TURBLISS was born out of a dream to give more value to a very special natural resource combining the knowledge of our grandmothers with modern science. Working with scientists and bog specialists, we created unique methods to find, excavate, analyze, and process balneological peat in order to turn it into an easy-to-use, functional cosmetic product for modern human beings.

minerals, lipids, amino acids, en­ zymes, microelements, phytonut­ rients, antioxidants, and sulphur. These bioactive substances penet­ rate deep into the skin, restore its elasticity and normal functioning. Turbliss uses peat in combination with other natural and organic raw ingredients to create products for a variety of skin types, effectively targeting and solving a multitude of skin problems.

Balneological peat is natural high technology. Its original composi­ tion is extremely rich and bioactive, containing humic, fulvic, and hymatomelanic acids, inorganic

Turbliss is all about simplicity, functionality, and effectiveness, providing natural skin care solu­ tions with instantly visible results.


TALLINN DESIGN HOUSE MUSIC COLLECTION Music is born of the desire to express oneself. In this respect it is not dissimilar to design and art, with the difference that the sonic result cannot be held in one’s hands yet still carries inestimable power.

TRACKLIST 01. ERKI PÄRNOJA - Algus / Beginning 02. JANEK MURD - Läbiv / Passing through 03. MAUNO MEESIT - Trails 04. ARGO VALS - Aimias 05. SUMRA - CIAJ 06. MISHA PANFILOV - Rattasõit / Bicycle ride 07. SPACE BEACH - Light Drama 08. PASTACAS - Tiihrendaa 09. MAARJA NUUT & RUUM - Kiik tahab kindaid / Swing Wants Mittens 10. SANDER MÖLDER x LEANNE BARBO - Torupillilugu / Bagpipe song 11. NEURONPHASE - Boogie Tonight 12. DJERRO - Heavy Weather 13. EXIT SAFE MODE - White 14. ENDAMISI SALAMISI - Kui Lasnamäe oli udus / When Lasnamägi was fogged in 15. STEN SHERIPOV - Leave 16. JAKOB JUHKAM - Ilmavõõras teema / Stranger theme 17. RANDO ARAND - Ükskõik / Indifferent 18. ANDERO NIMMER JA JANEK MURD - Öisest karauulist (feat. Märten Männiste) / About the night patrol Mastering by Margus Löve, 2018


01. ERKI PÄRNOJA A small-town boy who dreams big and creates music on a global scale. soundcloud.com/erki-parnoja

02. JANEK MURD An artist, who frequently creates music for television, film, and public spaces. soundcloud.com/janek-murd

03. MAUNO MEESIT A wizard, who plays old instruments in new ways and brings yesterday’s sounds into today. soundcloud.com/maunomeesit

04. ARGO VALS One of the younger generation’s most talented guitarists and sound artists known for his honest and daring work. soundcloud.com/argovals

05. SUMRA Love’s formula is a fashionable city boy wandering under a starry sky. soundcloud.com/sumramusic

06. MISHA PANFILOV Time traveler, who is retro as well as futuristic, mild and bright. mpsc.bandcamp.com

07. SPACE BEACH This duo takes sun on Mars. Sweet and sexy. soundcloud.com/space-beach

08. PASTACAS A song on the border of sleep: when excitement is in the soul. soundcloud.com/pastacas

09. MAARJA NUUT & RUUM Estonia’s folk music intelligentsia. soundcloud.com/maarjanuutruum

10. SANDER MÖLDER A rising star with everything before him, yet one who is already accomplished in a variety of genres. soundcloud.com/sander

11. NEURONPHASE Fashionable big city boy from Tartu — a digital- and analog wedding party. soundcloud.com/neuronphase

12. DJERRO A musical scientist — always new and unexpected. soundcloud.com/djerro

13. EXIT SAFE MODE A top sound engineer and chemist who joins fire and water. soundcloud.com/exitsafemode

14. ENDAMISI SALAMISI Seeking depth in the smallest puddles and finding oceans in a drop of water. soundcloud.com/endamisi-salamisi

15. STEN SHERIPOV One of Estonia’s most talented modern musicians and composers for film. soundcloud.com/sten-sheripov

16. JAKOB JUHKAM Jakob knows what is classical and makes it fresh and modern. soundcloud.com/jjuhkam

17. RANDO ARAND A sound engineer who modulates an architecture within which you’ll want to fly. soundcloud.com/randoarand

18. ANDERO NIMMER & JANEK MURD It’s what happens when people meet in music: the old gives birth to the new, and you just can’t pin it down. soundcloud.com/janekmurd ; soundcloud.com/nimmer-ups