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Talladium Tilite, the best non-precious bonding alloy on the market, for casting dental crowns, bridges and implants

Eliminates miscasts and porcelain cracking, reduces finishing time of crowns & bridges by 59% and improves aesthetics by 75% Rely on Talladium Tilite alloy for your crown, bridge and implant work. As recommended by your peers The problem with non-precious alloys is that they are difficult to work with. They have a heavy oxide layer resulting in that horrible ‘greening’ effect, they are hard and therefore difficult to trim and virtually impossible to polish to a high lustre. They are terribly wasteful as you have to throw any left over ingots away after use and they can quite frankly be very unpredictable: you can get problems with shrinkage and marginal fit, discolouring of margins and cracking. And it can be difficult to persuade dentists to use them. They worry about their biocompatibilty. But gold is so expensive these days...what choice do you have?

formation, finishing, polishing, porcelain bond and will reduce the overall production time of a crown or bridge considerably (by 43% my customers inform me). The reason I am able to state Talladium Tilite outperforms all other non-precious alloys with absolute conviction is that as well as having certification from various regulatory bodies and university studies confirming these facts, I have also received pages and pages of written feedback from delighted customers thanking me for introducing them to Talladium Tilite and saying it is the best non-precious alloy they have ever had the joy to use.

The best non-precious alloy you’ll ever use

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Choose to rely on Talladium Tilite bonding alloy. Tilite outperforms all other non-precious alloys in casting, oxide

In the next few pages, you are going to see the results of the recent customer survey sent to Tilite users. These results exactly quantify the improvements you can expect to see when you switch to Tilite alloy. As well as the stats you also be able to read several pages of feedback from euphoric dental technicians who use Tilite everyday. Who would have thought a dental alloy could invoke such passion in its users? There are also further details on the university studies carried out on Tilite and the $5m insurance policy which covers the patient, technician and dentist. After all that, you’ll want to request a free sample to try out

Talladium Tilite casts and flows like water to produce perfect thickness (0.2mm). Finishing is as soft as semi-precious. Talladium Tilite Bonding Alloy

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for yourself. Please let me know which porcelain you use and I will send you the Tilite alloy with the correct CTE to match the porcelain to ensure perfect results every time.

Benefits of Tilite - Technician Feedback I sent a questionnaire to our Tilite customers asking them to compare Talladium Tilite with their previous non-precious alloy at each stage of the crown and bridge process. These are the results. Tilite + Titanium = smaller stronger joints. Light oxide layer yields life-like colours in margin area .

By using Tilite, customer are experiencing: • 43% reduction in the overall production time of a crown • 75% improvement in the aesthetics of their crowns • 59% reduction in finishing time • 68% better for porcelain bond strength This study also revealed: • 94% have never experienced a miscast with Tilite • 78% Tilite users have never experienced porcelain cracking From these results we can conclude that using Tilite alloys improves each step of the crown and bridge process including casting, oxide formation, finishing, polishing, porcelain bond and overall production time.

Increased Profit Margin Per Crown At the end of the questionnaire, I posed one final question. Using the below formula to calculate Profit Margin Per Crown would you say your overall Profit Margin Per Crown has increased, decreased or stayed the same by switching to Tilite?

Delighted Tilite users cited the elimination of miscasts, a reduced finishing and polishing time and fewer remakes, reduced the Hours of Labour significantly enough to increase their profit margin. The fact Tilite casts so thinly, is so light (specific gravity 7.7) and is 100% reusable means less material is used per crown, negating the extra cost per gram of Tilite. In short, they is no explicable reason why you should not order a free sample of Tilite today.

100% Medically Pure & Biocompatible Talladium Tilite has been tested and retested then tested some more. It has been the subject of many university case studies and is the only non-precious dental alloy to be approved by the FDA for Medical Devices Implanted Into The Body. It is CE Marked and covered by a $5m insurance policy protecting the patient, dentist and technician. Here are the results of the tests performed on Tilite: • Talladium have created a 99.99+% biocompatible alloy, a perfect intermetallic compound, of the same quality and standard used in orthopaedic implants - University of Dayton • In tests only the 18k gold could be biologically compared with Tilite alloy. The 14k gold was not on a par in 18 different categories, from allergies to stomach scars - Iowa State University • Tilite has the highest porcelain bond strength of any ceramic gold or ceramometal alloy tested - Boston University • The excellent grip and compressive strength of Talladium Tilite alloys proved to be 30% higher than offered by the best precious alloys and 2 times higher than most base metals tested to date - University of Minnesota • Biocompatibly tests also concluded that Tilite was 100% safe to use in implantology - University of Catalunya

Profit Margin Per Crown = Charge Per Crown To Dentist (Cost of Materials + (Hours of Labour x Hourly Rate)) Although Talladium Tilite is slightly more expensive than other non-precious alloys on the market: • 67% of Tilite users have reported their overall profit margin per crown has by using Tilite • 28% calculated it remained the same.

Great aesthetics are guaranteed with Tilite - light straw coloured copings result in natural looking crowns

In conclusion, Tilite alloy is 100% medically pure, biocompatible and safe for implants.


Talladium Tilite Bonding Alloy

Talladium Tilite Alloy - Technician Feedback We asked Tilite customers if they could write a few words about using Tilite in their labs. We were overwhelmed by the response. “I love Tilite alloy because you can cast it so thinly, the bond strength to the ceramic is excellent and [the co-efficient] is matched to the porcelain you choose to use.”

“Great casting results. Achieves great bond to porcelain. High lustre polish. Along with MicroFine 1700 Investment accurate fits on both single units and large bridgework. Great strength for post and core. Altogether a great alloy and a very reliable company.”

“Talladium alloy is the best non-precious I have ever used” "Excellent alloy, never a problem with bonding, and no discolouring of margins” “After over 25 years in the industry I’ve never come across a better non-precious bonding alloy. The working properties are extremely predictable and the results brilliant. Great fits, lovely shine and light oxide layer. All in all one excellent alloy!”

“After a while of using this alloy I was confident enough to stop using precious metal altogether. I offer Tilite to my clients sending the Tilite Dentist Packs to explain. Not a single client objected. Talladium Tilite is a fantastic alternative to precious metal."

“We changed to Talladium Tilite alloy when we were looking for a better alloy for our private work. We found dentists were very interested in the advantages of the alloy. The fact sheets and data information provided were very useful. Although I could purchase a cheaper alloy, the positives of Tilite far outweigh the initial saving. ”

“This alloy has been a great success in our lab. Casting is easy and we have no problems with shrinkage or in marginal fit. Talladium Tilite is easy to trim so this keeps my Gold Room staff happy - this is a bonus in itself! ”

“We have always used Talladium Tilite as it can be relied on for consistent results and is easy to use.”

“Talladium Tilite is easy to cast. It is softer than ordinary non-precious alloys. There is no green oxide formation and it is quicker and easier to finish than other non-precious alloys. It has also brought down the cost of crucibles as I use less crucibles for casting Tilite. All of these things make it a much more cost effective alloy. ”

“We have used this product over a number of years. It always produces good results, time after time. Producing crowns is all about the labour costs - a failed non-precious crown is a loss - therefore we use the best alloy on the market that consistently produces great results.”

"Very consistent alloy that gives excellent results every time, making casting stress-free."

Talladium Tilite Bonding Alloy

“Castings are very clean. By using Tilite I have 100% confidence in casting, finishing and ceramics. It also laser welds beautifully. ”

“I have tried over 20 different alloys in the last 15 years and never found another that is anywhere near as reliable as Talladium Tilite alloy. I can’t remember ever having a miscast, it casts at 0.2mm and it polishes up beautifully like no another.”

“I have used Talladium Tilite for years now. In that time I have been tempted to try other non-precious alloys, but, I would eventually have problems with post-firing cracks or delamination, therefore I always came back to Tilite. Using Tilite I have never had any of these problems. I know that if the metal structure is done correctly then Tilite will always deliver.”


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Talladium Tilite Alloy - Technician Feedback “I would never consider using anything other than Talladium Tilite for my bonded work for many reasons. Here are just some: it’s casting predictability, time saving handling properties, light oxide layer, extremely high bond strength, and it’s high lustre finish. Talladium Tilite - money well spent. ”

“I can categorically say Talladium Tilite alloy is outstanding. It performs consistently and has never let me down. It casts brilliantly and I am astounded time after time by the fit I am achieving - even on large-span bridge frameworks. It is easy to polish well to a high lustre. The light oxide layer works with me rather than against me, and my ceramics has never cracked once due to the correctly matched CTE”

Tilite is easy to use, almost like a precious alloy, far easier to trim than normal non-precious alloys and no heavy dark oxide layer."

"Very easy to use, even for really thin copings! Casts to 0.2mm. Lovely straw colour once oxidized. No ‘greening’. Bond strength to porcelain is stronger than to precious alloys, thus no fractures. My dentist loves it as it’s medically pure and very light, ideal for big implant cases. It’s very easy to finish and polish. It was recommended to me as an alternative to semi-precious and I would recommend it to others - it’s all I use. Talladium as a company are very reliable - I always get my goods on time"

"Talladium Tilite alloy is the first alloy of its type I have considered as a viable replacement to the semi-precious alloys that have dominated the market up to this point. It's just a shame I didn't discover it years ago! A superb product"

"I love Talladium Tilite non-precious alloy because it is easy to use, and achieves great fits when used with Talladium investment. I have used lots of different non-precious metals over the years and Talladium Tilite is by far and away the best. No greening issues like all the other non-precious metals. Never had a patient reaction to the metal. Great for big bridges, fits are good and strength is superb. Talladium Tilite goes a lovely golden straw colour when degassed. Porcelain bond to Talladium Tilite is brilliant. Casts easily. Can’t speak highly enough about Talladium Tilite. Don’t use any other metal for porcelain bonded work."

“We chose Tilite because of the problems we were experiencing with our previous non-precious alloy. We have been extremely pleased with the results we have had from Tilite and will definitely continue to use it.”

“With other non-precious alloys we always had problems with miscasts, porcelain bond and polishing. We have never had any of these with Talladium Tilite. It has been so consistent over the years that we always recommend it to other technicians. ”

“The best non-precious alloy I have used in 27 years as a technician. I can’t fault it!

“Superb for porcelain bond strength.”

“I switched to Talladium Tilite when the cost of gold soared in order to keep the cost per crown down. From the first day I used Tilite I knew I was on to a winner. Now ALL my customers request it AND I have room for a price increase! It also means I can make my framework to the shape it should be for supporting porcelain, rather than cutting corners like I had to with precious to save costs. I for one LOVE Tilite alloy!”


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