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March 2019

It’s D.J. Tootrill Exclusive inside!!

Talk of The Streetz Magazine

Including 2K18 Highlights RVA Awards Show 3Way Ent Its Hustle Hard and more !

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Let us Show You Off


Where do we begin! Well, Here in Richmond VA, our local Artist, Business Owners and Community Leaders have been grinding... HARD!! Last July 2018, Mrs. Shonda Harris- Muhammed introduced us to the ACHI-WSWA Richmond Chapter's theme for the month. She encouraged the community to stop by Sweet Frogs and support a great cause. The proceeds benefitted and supported the programs supported by ACHI-WSWA Richmond Chapter. Look out for this years fundraiser!! Lee Basset called a meeting at the Calhoun Center to discuss the August 25th 2018 Jackson Ward Reunion and came up with an Official Gilpin Court Reunion committee. Remarkably, the crew pulled together a one and a million Jackson Ward Reunion, and everyone clearly enjoyed themselves! View the pictures. Can’t wait to see what’s on the roster for this year! That was awesome…

The Highlight of the year was when The Richmond Virginia Awards Organization held their inaugural RVA Awards Show! It shocked the whole city! Featuring Richmond, Virginia’s, Music, Media & Community, awards this event was held at the Robinson Theater, October 19th, 2018. The Red Carpet pre-show began at 5:00PM on Q St. The doors open at 6:30PM, and the show started at 7:00PM. See last years winners at 3

Guest were required to dress formally in red-carpet attire. The RVA Awards Show 2K18, featured over 15 awards, the winner per each category in Music, Media and Community Leadership, live entertainment by local celebrities, and dedications to honorees like Mayor Levar Stoney, Alicia Rascin, Michael Maestro







Guest enjoyed music by Dj Tootrill, catering by Culinary of Virginia College, and The Fruit Lady! Their 2018 Mistress of Ceremonies was: Jewel Princess Johnson and Co- Hosted by: DJ John Tootril This








™ Virginia Awards Organization - ™ RVA Awards Show

This year, they are at it already, as the first round of voting has begun February 5 th and ends May 20th, 2019. Read up on the BIG Reveal on page 8.

In November Epik Music Group did it again! The LIVING ICON CONCERT happened


30,2018 at 520 N. 25TH ST RICHMOND VA FROM 8PM TO 12 AM.. SPECIAL GUEST were Frank L. Jr. Lester Brandon White, and hosted by Jewel Princess Johnson. With a CRAZY LINE UP OF RVA ALLSTARS, such as: Iboogie Mitchell and EMG - Epick Musick Group. Trey Trent Crystal BrownJason Brooks Shawn Jones Trey Walker Trae ColesDinero Hollywood Kali Késo. If you missed it! Stay Connected







On December 16th 2018 Family 1$t and Figure 8 Designs, LLC hosted their second annual show. Talk of the Streetz Entertianment was there to capture the main event. View Instagram at @TalkofTheStreetzEntertainment for pictures. This show is bigger and better! We have a bigger venue this year. Its beautiful and it’s really going to set the whole mood for our show. We have designers and models coming from all over to hit our runway. We Also have RVA’s comedian of the year winner Mike Jay hosting our show and performances by Brittany Jackson, Ja’Quan Odom and Nena Ross. We can’t forget about LMT Models will be in the building. All the models, designers, venders, performers and

ANNNDDD Then This Happened!! This Year in 2019, Talk of The Streetz Entertainment joined forces with 101. The FAM Digital Radio!. One of the dopest digital Radios in the land! And one of the longest running digital platforms in Virginia“Home of the Sherly Underwood Radio Show” We're the

Talk of the Streetz! our show #StreetTalk began Tuesday, JAN 8th, at 7PM. ♠TUNE INTO Talk of the Streetz, every TUESDAY EVENING at 7PM est, on 101.1 The F.A.M on:: right after the Sheryl Underwood Radio show at or download one of the many apps such as the TuneIn app at: .. Need #UnitaryInTheBuilding of your next event? #BookUs

Seeking radio branding support? Radio spins? Or ad placements? View our packages on page


Shout out to Mrs. Ari Squires! She released her second documentary entitled “No More Chains 2” and Talk of the Streetz was there for it all

during the first screening held Jan 27th a the Paragon Theater in Fredericksburg




SheEO red




screening of "No More Chains 2", Sunday January 27th, in Fredericksburg VA.

Directed by Ari Squires, produced by Isiah Washington, this documentary digs deep to uncover the roots of mental, emotional, and psychological trauma. Actors’ Darrin Dewitt Henson and Timon K. Durrett from OWN's Queen Sugar were in attendance as well; so you never know who’ll be on the scene next!. To secure your seat at the next screening, visit view the website to get tickets to the next screening in Detroit, MI April 6th! Don’t miss it!!

View our promo video if the red carpet screening on YouTube by searching: Talk of The Streetz Entertainment.


Rockin’ to the Beat: Tips for Enjoying a Live Concert No doubt about it, mothers are the backbone of the family. Theirs is a difficult balance of wife, mother, daughter, and sibling to all the important people in their life. So it stands to reason that while we honor these women on Mother’s Day for all they do, one company is taking it a step further by celebrating these lovely ladies for an entire month. To that end, online retailer zulily is opting to recognize Mom throughout the entire month of May with special collections of fashions designed

for and inspired by moms. During the first week of the "By Moms, For Moms" promotion, which runs from April 10 through early May, the Seattle-based company will feature clothing collections created by moms who work at zulily."As a mother, I’m honored ? with the chance to share our favorite products to hopefully inspire not only customers, but potentially other moms looking for style inspiration from their peers," says Kate Aulabaugh, director of merchandising for home. The second and fourth weeks will include clothing and other products from companies founded by mom entrepreneurs, while the third week features collections curated by mom social-media gurus. n addition to sharing these great product finds, the company is also highlighting these women’s inspirational businesses and personal stories. They have experienced valuable lessons throughout their entrepreneurial journey, and are sharing what they learned with those who may be looking to follow their own dreams:* Lori, Jodi and Kari of Belly Bandit are revolutionizing today’s shapewear industry with their collection of maternity and postpregnancy essentials. "Making mistakes is all part of the process," says cofounder Lori Caden. "There will often be bumps in the road, but if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you."* Hold Your Haunches was developed by two active moms who couldn’t find a pair of leggings that incorporated shapewear. Although neither had a background in fashion or business, they decided to develop their own line. "Always

Sitting Through a Movie in Comfort Americans love the movies. Whether it’s watching Tom Cruise hang from a building or a new rom-com, movies are a nice diversion from the daily grind (if only for a couple of hours), a place to stay cool on hot summer days, and usually provide pure, unadulterated enjoyment. To make the experience even more pleasant, theaters are now boasting reserved seating, fancier fare than your standard tub of popcorn and soda, and best of all, beer, wine and cocktails—all for a high-end price. The rise of “dine-in” theaters aims to put the traditional dinner-and-a-movie all in the same place, instead of rushing from one venue to another. 7

3 Way Ent, are definitely one Independent Record Label that are on the rise in Richmond, Virginia. Owner Trey Walker has outstanding leadership that exudes through each one of his Artists’ performances, their concerts, and just sportsmanship overall. Newly growing in the city, the hustle behind this organization sets

them apart from record labels that have been around many years before them. 3 Way Ent, is the apotome of hard work, grind, passion, and authenticity.

Back in January, they had a “Take Over Concert” at a new spot called Boogaloos Bar & Grill on Brookland Park Blvd. Talk of the Streetz was in the building to witness the impeccable flow of the event, and undeniable talent of each one of his Artist.. They showed off that night! In the room, there was nothing but love for one another, and plenty of support from outside guest and fellow artist, such as Big No and more. Talk of the Streetz thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and honestly cannot wait for the next event. We’ll be shouting thhhhhrrrrreeeeewaaaayyyy until then.!!


On February 22nd 101.1 The Fam Digital Radio (Fashion. Art. Music) is

celebrating their 7th year of digital radio! Hosted by Jewel Princess Johnson, get ready for performances by Grindtime TMC, 3way Ent. And more- Dj BSounds and Dj Elon + some, on the 1's & 2's- food, drinks and a good time! 101.1 The FAM (Fashion. Art. Music), is home of the Sheryl Underwood Radio Show, one of four shows hosting on the network right now. 101.1 The FAM is our new found home and 101.2 is our sports network station as well.

101.1 The Fam Digital Radio is a Richmond, Virginia (USA) based radio station which produces HD quality radio programs that positively affect the lives of people within our local, regional and global communities. We enjoy the strength of networking and we would like to help you connect with us and with our other radio station 101.2 The Fam (E2E Radio). 101.1 The Fam Digital Radio is fueled by its parent company, The F.A.M. Radio Network. 101.1 The Fam Digital Radio has been in existence since 2012 and it's international listening audience has grown to over 200+ countries, average monthly hits of 50,000 on our stream and still growing! Your business will be

heard and more visible. We stand behind our experienced onair presenters and DJ’s to deliver clean and up-to-date content which will leave a positive impact in all the communities we serve. This radio station was created with the mindset to serve various communities right alongside a global listening audience. We realize the importance of intensifying and unifying relationships among all cultures.. The objective is to ensure that our valuable listeners and supporters are provided with quality radio programming which will enhance both the lives and prosperity of our ever growing population. 9

Grow Here! with us at Talk of the Streetz Entertainment! We have both a magazine that issues quarterly and a talk show that airs monthly! We'r e




th e

Str e etz!

March 20th we'll be at @slyderzbargrillrva, show us what you got! Participants will learn how to create solid foundations, set smart goals, obtain business insurance and fulfill the necessary requirements to legally do business in the State of VA. This course prepares you to identify your purpose, be about your passion, and execute! Lessons: 1. The Road Map 2. Additional Lanes of Income 3. Maintaining Human Resources 4. Online Promotion & Marketing 5. Obtaining a Business License, Business Insurance and credit! “Business Empowerment� is the name of the game: including: Wheel of Ideas, Expansion & Revamps, Team Building, Delegations, Labor Laws, and the basics on Becoming C.E.O. Your ticket price includes entry, a Business Basics workbook, and your choice of a select menu of items, or a two drink minimum. For additional information,

Business Now RVA, Inc. 804. 220. 0650 or AlmostThereConcert2k19 ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY $5 IF YOU NEED TICKETS INBOX Beezy Billups Tee Corbin OR TEXT (804-277-6751) or (804)393-8424


Princesses only! Parents are FREE! And the little ones should come dressed in their favorite princess attire! Party with us and the Glam Squad! Our Easter Adventure includes: A Easter Basket, Door prizes, "The Easter Egg Treasure Hunt",

Glitter & Glam Make-Up time, and Snacks and a Show! Registration is required for head count purposes at $10 per Princess entry.

Come celebrate the mothers in your lives at the 2nd Annual Belles at Brunch! Spoil her with a deli-

cious buffet of crab bombs, salmon cakes, shrimp and grits, chicken & waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit provided by The Grill Brothers 804. Treat her to some wonderful items by shopping with our amazing vendors. Entertain her with games and performances by comedians Sylvia Mitchell, Mike Jay, and Lazarus Hamlin. Purchase your tickets and make this Mother’s Day memorable! 11

Spiritual Leadership in the Community Our Leaders minister the Word of God to educate the people, not antagonize the people. Whether in person or on air, we stand by the principle of keeping Gods' Word first. In our teachings we express more of God and less of ourselves. Are you a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between? Not to worry! We've learned that wisdom isn't to be measured. So we meet you right where you are. Collective Consciousness is a set of shared beliefs ideas and moral attitudes that operate as a unifying force within society. Find out more at



The RVA Awards Show Team reveals the Top Nominees per each category! Pull up! Sit front and center and witness The BIG Reveal! Live entertainment, drinks, refreshments and a few of the dopest vendors in the D.M.V. It's history in the making, with only a limited number of seats in the building- secure your spot now! $10 Coverage. Any other questions feel free to e-mail Tickets on Eventbrite:




















Last year, the City stepped out black tie ready! The fellas were dapper and ladies beautifully dressed! THIS YEAR, the team has themed the event "Great Gatsby" style.. The flavor is Great Gatsby meets Harlem Nights in Richmond Virginia. Flex your best on the red carpet! Find out more on page 24. General Information: What is the BIG Reveal?! Its on June 9th at 7PM. This is the event that announces the TOP Nominee's in each category y'all been voting for. Once we tell you. Another voting will be done to vote for ONE winner like last year. When is the actual RVA Awards?! The actual show that will celebrate the ONE winner per category will be October 3rd at 7PM. This is better than last year, bigger than last year! And you don't want to be out the loop. Lol. We will tell you ALL the facts on who is being featured, honored and sponsoring the actual RVA Awards Show on June 9th

at 7PM


the BIG





Nominations 2k19.

#StayConnected 13

He’s the Talk of the Streetz! A native of Richmond Virginia, “Tootrill” is DJ from the Fulton Hill area known as the “3”. Its divine intervention on how he came into being the mogul DJ he is today. “DJ Tootrill” tells our interviewer that one day he woke up with a plan to use DJ’ing to better promote his company Ase Alumni entertainment.

Ase Alumni Ent., is an entertainment, marketing and artist management company. The initial plan was to use DJ’ing as a marketing strategy to increase the brand visibility of Ase Alumni Ent, so it can become respected enough to sign artist, and he is successfully attaining that goal thus far! He has and is currently DJ’ing all over the City of Richmond, throughout the DMV, and damn near all over the world. We asked, what makes you different from any other DJ?

“My energy makes me different from any other DJ on the planet. I eject my energy into the crowd, whether it’s one person or 100 people, they are forced to have my energy”. Out of all the DJ’s in the world, DJ Tootrill says his top three are: DJ

clue, DJ Belly and DJ Swerve Dinero- because they all provide an element that he studied which helped him become who he is today. DJ Tootrill gives back to the community in enormous ways, that in the past year has touch the hearts of families throughout Richmond VA.

His annual “Push 4 Peace” cookouts, benefits the children in community, and he is currently promoting the next cookout right now; due June 15th, 2019 at Powhattan Hut, located at Northampton. In addition to his successful endeavors in Ase Alumni Entertainment, DJ’ing at all of the dopest functions around, and marketing and managing his artist, Tootrill also has an online clothing store at . He created this clothing line to provide a “lavish look for less” and the line is popping as we speak!

We asked, who is the most influential person in your life and why?

“The most influential person in my life was my Grandmother. Tootrill


He’s the Talk of the Streetz! Tootrill says “she showed me unconditional love and was passionate

in everything she did.” If you could work with any artist celebrity dead or alive, who would it be?

“It would be Nipsy Hustle, because of his point of view on turning back the hands of time to when black people supported each other and was all about the black community; helping each other with black businesses. Nipsy doesn’t just speak on it, he walks it” If money didn’t matter what would you be doing for the rest of your life? He jokingly said “I’d be a pornstar” then answered, “nah, I

would be an R&B singer” and he believed his sprit animal is a Black Panther. Tell us about the five-year bid you did, when you came home, then unfortunately went back after a little hiccup to do six months, how did that change your perspective on life?

“My Grandmother passed away when I started the last bid, and my brother was sentenced to 12 years in prison; I realized that the family was depending on me now, and I knew that I couldn’t make the same mistakes I did when I was young”. If you could go back into time and tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

“To go harder in school. I would have taken education much more seriously.” If you could give advice to a young entrepreneur who was trying to do things similar to what you are doing, what would your advice be?

“I would tell him to educate his self on the craft because so many people go out here and be so excited to do things, but they don’t educate themselves on how to be successful in it first… I study day and night. I study other peoples moves in the past and currently, and I take strategies and turn them into my own. 15

He’s the Talk of the Streetz! It was an honor interviewing with one of the dopest DJ’s on the East Coast. We look forward to may more successors in this year to come. You can always expect DJ Tootrill to be at an event near you. He is also a partner in the RVA Awards Show and will be co-

hosting the 2k19 Awards this year as well. DJ Tootrill can be found on Facebook and Instagram at: DJ Tootrill and all clothing items available on …



Honoring Moms : How 3 Inspiring Women are Changing No doubt about it, mothers are the backbone of the family. Theirs is a difficult balance of wife, mother, daughter, and sibling to all the important people in their life. So it stands to reason that while we honor these women on Mother’s Day for all they do, one company is taking it a step further by celebrating these lovely ladies for an entire month. To that end, online retailer zulily is opting to recognize Mom throughout the entire month of May with special collections of fashions designed for and inspired by moms. During the first week of the "By Moms, For Moms" promotion, which runs from April 10 through early May, the Seattlebased company will feature clothing collections created by moms who work at zulily."As a mother, I’m honored ? with the chance to share our favorite products to hopefully inspire not only customers, but potentially other moms looking for style inspiration from their peers," says Kate Aulabaugh, director of merchandising for home. The second and fourth weeks will include clothing and other products from companies founded by mom entrepreneurs, while the third week features collections curated by mom social-media gurus.In addition to sharing these great product finds, the company is also highlighting these women’s inspirational businesses and personal stories. They have experienced valuable lessons throughout their entrepreneurial journey, and are sharing what they learned

with those who may be looking to follow their own dreams:* Lori, Jodi and Kari of Belly Bandit are revolutionizing today’s shapewear industry with their collection of maternity and post-pregnancy essentials. "Making mistakes is all part of the process," says cofounder Lori Caden. "There will often be bumps in the road, but if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you."* Hold Your Haunches was developed by two active moms who couldn’t find a pair of leggings that incorporated shapewear. Although neither had a background in fashion or business, they decided to develop their own line. "Always trust your instincts and don’t think you need a business background to be successful," say founders Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer. "It is important that you don’t let people tell you that you can’t do it. Prove to yourself that you can."* Industry maven Debbi O. Schulman created Planet

Motherhood, a maternity line featuring affordable, fashionable, and contemporary options. Once her daughter, Ariella Weitzman, joined the company, they worked to shift the brand into the online market. "It’s important to adapt your company to the changing times and cater to your customer’s needs," says Schulman. "Although it can be challenging, it can lead you to success.""There’s something really extraordinary and powerful about women supporting women, and we hope these specially curated collections will inspire women to do just that," says Lori Twomey, Chief Merchant, in a statement. "After all, our employee moms, mom entrepreneurs and social-influencer moms are just like you — wives, daughters, siblings and, above all, women just trying to balance it all.



Born and established June 20th, 1988, Richmond Virginia native, Xaveria D Hansom grew up in the Churchill area, however, her family found themselves moving from city to county throughout her up-bringing, which at the time seemed unfortunate, but in her late teen to adult years proved to be beneficial and provided her with a well-rounded disposition. She attended both city and county school systems, experiencing major differences in the educational environments and curriculum. Xaveria graduated from Henrico High School in 2006, with an attempt to attend J. Sargent Reynolds in 2008, it was compromised by the birth of her first-born daughter. Years later in 2014, she began studying Business Administration at Virginia College and major in Marketing &

Faced with several obstacles such as homelessness, domestic violence, family separations, etc., it did not break her determination to succeed, rather it has built the spiritual muscle she has today. Now, in 2018, She is a Mom-Preneur. A single mom of three wonderful little people and her children are a huge part of her why. Xaveria gives back to the community through her ministry Collective Consciousness Regime. One program dear to her heart is Kiss Boot Camp, a free 14-day training program to empower and transform the mind, body soul of women seeking renewal, strength, purpose, and spiritual guidance. This program teaches self-healing, domestication, personal skills, money management and more. Kiss Boot Camp reflects a network powered by Collective Consciousness, called “Women of Passion”.

Xaveria’s entrepreneurial journey started as a Health-care Professional. She is a Nurse Aid, certified by the State Board of Virginia, and began working for herself in private duty nursing back in 2012. Health & Wellness embodies her spirit; going above and beyond the call of duty providing care to medically restricted adults in the community, gives her great joy and keeps her humbled. It

is through The Special Care Unit, Xaveria also trains Nurse Aides seeking their state board certification. She provides “Skill Reviews” right before the exam to support participants in successfully passing the Virginia Nurse Aides exam. Arts’ & Entertainment is the way Xaveria has always expressed her-self throughout life. Whether through poetry, in a studio musically, or theater plays, Xaveria has always had a deep love for the Arts’. It is through Unitary Productions; that the love is manifested and shared. She has hosted many open mics for “Thursday Sessions”, and co-hosted Talk shows on channel

Comcast 95 series called “In the Lab”, More on page 19

Xaveria also provide Artist Management to local artist in the Bully Boi Productions Camp. co-produces a

magazine and show called Talk of the Streetz Entertainment, and recently coordinated the Richmond Virginia Awards, a.k.a “RVA Awards Show”. Unitary Productions was founded by Xaveria and her long-time friend. Learn more about our team at A Queen in her own right, also called “Lady Love”, Xaveria volunteers with many organizations and business owners in the surrounding areas; supporting them in community missions and special causes. In 2017, she was recognized by the Friends of Farrakhan organization as “Young Business Owner on The Rise”, and in 2018, was nominated by ACHI Magazine as “Women of Inspiration” award. Xaveria D. Hansom, is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Business Now RVA, Inc. The corporation

epitomizes the passion Xaveria possess. Every business within the corporation is one of which she loves to do. Business Now RVA, is compiled of three small businesses and one non-profit organization: Unitary Productions (Arts’ & Entertainment), The Special Care Unit, LLC, (Health & Wellness), life and business empowerment (by Business Now RVA) and ministry by way of Collective Consciousness Regime. In addition to “LadyCEO”, Xaveria, is called a Jack of all Trades, Master of Many, as it is almost nothing she cannot do, and if she happens not to do it, she will point you in the trusted direction of someone who can. Often thought upon as the “Serial Entrepreneur”, Xaveria believes that anything can be turned into a profitable business. She supports individuals seeking empowerment, in life skills, entrepreneurship, and business ownership. She facilitates monthly seminars and workshops educating kids and adults on Personal Development, Career Readiness and Business Empowerment. Xaveria D. Hansom is on the rise and constantly masterminding ideas to empower, motivate, and equip the Community to succeed in identifying their purpose, being about their passion, and finding a healthy balance between their life and career. Stay connected to the ever-growing corporation by visiting



Street Talk is our live stream show, based off our quarterly magazine. Our Show and Magazine, features Artist, Business Owners, and Community Leaders, in our D.M.V area. These local celebrities join us on set, and interview with us, showcasing their music, events, businesses and more. Tell us Who You Are and What You do at: e-mail We’ll schedule your interview to show you off right away!


Welcome to Talk of the Streetz Entertainment at The F.A.M. Radio (Fashion. Art. & Music) Radio and we are “The future of internet radio.” As a network we strive to serve the needs of independent musicians. If your music is a fit for our programming, then we play your music automatically. The following contains a listing of spin packages (for artists with a budget) that want “extra” spins of their works on our station at 101.1 THE FAM. The FAM Radio Network was designed to provide a musical platform for mainstream and unsigned musical artists. We get emails weekly from distributors and record executives across the country, asking why we are pushing a certain artist. We have solid relationships with publishers and we cover the cost of publishing and licensing, which enables 101.1 The FAM to play your music. At the investment fee below, you as an artist will benefit from extra spin placements. We are fully licensed with major performing rights organizations: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, Sound Exchange, & SOCAN (Canada) Internet Radio Stream, and these organization collect licensing fees on behalf of songwriters, composers, and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed. We get emailed weekly asking about certain artists that have multiple spins. These distributors and record labels live and die by spin reporting. If you as an artist have your "paperwork" in order, you will reap the benefits. All inquiries must be made via email at Please include in your email, a phone number as well as the category of your music interest. All inquiries will be responded to within (5) business days. We appreciate your interest in 101.1 THE FAM Radio. Payments are sent via PayPal to or we can send you an invoice. MEDIA & ENTERTIANMENT COVERAGE – Talk of the Streetz Entertainment. HOSTING YOUR EVENT Our host helps you entertain your guest; typically called a master of ceremonies, moderator, or interviewer for an event show, television or radio program etc. The event host keeps your crowd entertained and keeps the flow smooth. $50 per hour two hour minimum. EVENT PLANNING Event Planning consists of coordinating every detail of meetings and conventions, from the speakers and meeting location to arranging for printed materials and audio-visual equipment. Event planning begins with determining the objective that you want to achieve for your special event. $150 ENTERTAINMENT DJ’s are the life of the party, and we have one of the best for you! Book our DJ today. Flat tare $250 first four hours. PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEORGPHY Get visuals to last a lifetime! Capture footage of your special event, get a digital copy via e-mail, and upload it on social media to show your family and friends! $100-250 23

Photo Package A: 30 Minutes Shoot One Outfit 1 8x10 4 4x6 8 Wallets $25

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250 400

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800 2000

$660.00 $1250.00

Radio Promotion Package B: • (270) 30 second radio spots per month, 30 second spots guaranteed to be played during prime-time listening period between 6AM to 12 midnight (your spot will be heard every other hour). [You have the option to record with The Fam Radio Network DJ’s at no extra charge]- $125 per month, this ¼ less of what similar internet radio stations are charging on the LOWER end of the rate chart spectrum] WITH PACKAGE (A) INCLUDED $650 Radio Promotion Package C: • (540) Total 30 second radio spots per month, 30 second spots guaranteed to be played during prime-time listening period between 6AM to 12 midnight (your spot will be heard every hour). [You have the option to record the spot in your own voice or use one of The Fam Radio Network DJ’s at no extra charge]- $250 per month, this ½ less of what other similar internet radio stations are charging on the LOWER end of the rate chart spectrum] WITH PACKAGE (A) INCLUDED $750 For Bundle Packages; Contact:



As stated on Talk Of The Streetz Entertainment via 101.1 The Fam Digital Radio THE RVA AWARDS SHOW will be held in downtown Richmond Virginia, at the Legendary The Hippodrome Theater !! We told y'all we were coming waaay bigger and better than last year! Listen, official Red Carpet action, VIP Seating, Bar In-house, Class Act Performances, Deserving Honorees, you don't want to miss it! Get your early bird tickets before

this first sale ends at Performance & Vending slots are limited. Inquire at To win. Its a Nominations process. Vote yourself in at the link above and have your family friends and fans do the same. KEEP VOTING til the polls close May 20th. In June 9th we will reveal the TOP 3-4 Nominee's (the

top 3 people most voted for in each category) per each category. Those TOP Nominee's will then enter the second voting survey where the community votes again per each category for the winner. There is only ONE winner chosen by number of votes in the last survey. October 2k19. There will be a RVA Awards Show featuring the winners, and honorees being honored as well. Red Carpet, VIP Access, Themed Great Gatsby, appetizers and YES Alcohol beverages. Artist Performances: There is a fee of $100- $150 A deposit of $50 secures your spot. The remaining balance is due by July 15th. Vendors: There is a fee of $75 A deposit of $25 secures your spot. The remaining balance is due by July 15th. Any other questions feel free to e-mail


“Real Talk for The Streetz”- Uncut & Raw (Offensive Dialog- Real Talk for those living the Street Life) A HUSLTER or DRUG DEALER is an “Investor” at heart that doesn’t’ quite know what to do with their hustling ability to “flip” a product or service in a quick and consistent manner- daily. Although this ability to “flip” is a great one to have, the Street Hustler instead uses it in a negative way. A HOE or GOLD DIGGER is an “Appraiser” & Accountants at heart that doesn’t quite know what to with their hustling ability to analyze and judge an individual or material, by its appearance and uses it for it’s worth & benefits in a negative way. With that being said, Let me rap with you about a project hitting the Streetz right now as you read... It’s called “Street Dreamz” It’s a project to support the community and a different type of way. Street Dreamz is raw and uncut. It is created for the hustlers out there on the block and women out here that are considered Hoe’s and gold diggers. It’s for the Streetz… Street Talk connects with you who have been called Drug Dealers and Hoes at the level you are in at this current time- with NO JUDGMENT. It provides Insight on ways to turn what you do negatively, into a positive action with a more greater return and fulfillment in the long term. Straight Talk identifies with the Hustlers on the block as “Investors”, and Hoes as “Appraisers”, because these Hustlers are nothing more than Investors, Appraisers, etc. I mean, view this... Hustlers invest into a product or service that produces them a massive amount of revenue on a consistent basis and rather fast pace. Not only do they risk a liability of a bad batch of product, and potentially losing customers until they re-up from that. They also have to have their marketing scheme down packed, and have to promote it well, as it is beneficial to be known, liked, and trusted in any type of business to be successful and to gain returning customers who come back each and every time and spend more money with them, and THEN those customers spread the word to others in the community about what it is that they have and how much of a missile the product/services may be, which increases the revenue. Now you tell me that that's not a good business owner. This is the talent that Hustler/Drug Dealers have, it just so happens that their talent has been negatively used. Some Hustlers are aware of their talent and have created a get out plan to turn that talent towards something more positive, which means they know better. But unfortunately, some just don’t know any better, so they continue to use that talent negatively, and flip what they know best. For many this lifestyle is the only way some of them know… Street Hustlin’… So “Street Dreamz” is a support line of those who understands the Street Hustling concept and knows the thrill of having fast money and making those moves reckless and large like that is addictive… very addictive and often times blind side the Hustler from stacking enough bread and getting out the game on time. Which leads to time being up on the street and the whole initial plan to get hood rich and etc.. fly out the window by getting tow off or more there of… It’s ALL about having a purpose and GET OUT plan... People will get high forever, but that wave doesn’t last forever, ask any of the greats… ponder on that a while... I know what it’s like to have to hustle in these streetz to maintain or take care of your family. I understand the thrill behind that quick dollar too. What I had to learn was how to put a purpose towards WHY I was doing it in the first place… My thoughts were “Is hustling like this a life-long plan for me? Or have I come up with a get out plan of any kind? Like, what the world am I doing this for - forreal?” After frequent thoughts in my head of the same questions over the next couple of days, I started writing… I wrote about different things I liked to do or want to build in my life. I wrote about any type of creative ideas I had, and how much money I could save a day to begin setting up a pot for myself… I started identifying my purpose for doing Street Hustling and that’s when the plan on how to get out begin to form… View more of this article in next month issue!


Junior Achievement Celebrates 100 Years

Ask any young person what they want to be when they grow up and you most likely will get lofty answers, such as a pro-football player or a You Tube star. While admirable, it may be worthwhile to temper these expectations and get kids thinking about a Plan B that incorporates their dreams i

















Enter Junior Achievement (JA), a non-profit organization that is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Since 1919, JA has made it its mission to prepare youth for future jobs by helping young people understand










Currently, the JA network reaches approximately 5 million students a year in the United States, and











To understand its current mission, we have to look at the organization’s history, which began as the Boys’ and Girls’ Bureau of the Eastern States League, founded by AT&T chairman Theodore Vail, Strathmore Paper Company









Today, JA aims to educate youth with the knowledge and skills to achieve economic success in a variety of ways, whether that means going to college, starting a business, or learning a trade. JA programs are taught by volunteers whose goal is to help














According to the organization, “Junior Achievement’s programs – in the core content areas of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy – ignite the spark in young people to experience and realize the opportunities and realities of w o r k

a n d

l i f e

i n

t h e

2 1 s t

c e n t u r y . ”

JA began in 1919 with a focus on younger students, but shifted focus to after-school programs for high-schoolers who were encouraged to start student-run businesses with guidance from volunteer business advisors in the community. However,















Project Business, a program aimed at teaching business concepts to middle-schoolers during in-classroom sessions, and Business Basics, a program for elementary school children taught by volunteers from the high school programs, were introduced.
















JA’s international expansion began in the 1950s with the opening of an office in Canada, followed by the first overseas Junior Achievement-affiliated organization, Young Enterprise (YE), in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. JA Worldwide currently provides








“Today, JA is pushing the education envelope with the implementation of blended-learning, augmented reality and projectb a s e d

p r o g r a m s , ”

a c c o r d i n g

t o


c o m p a n y

s t a t e m e n t .

Current programs include simulations in which elementary and middle school students have the opportunity to test out m a k i n g

a d u l t

f i n a n c i a l

d e c i s i o n s

o r

m a n a g e


t o w n .

In addition, high school students have opportunities through JA to shadow professionals on the job in a variety of fields. Visit to get more information about the programs, to donate, or to volunteer.


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Some of the Biggest Misconceptions About Life Insurance

So much for fancy cars, houses and jewelry.Eighty-one percent of Americans believe their "most valuable asset" is their family, according to a new survey by Edward Jones and the nonprofit consumer-education organization Life Happens. And one quarter of respondents in the national sampling of adults confessed that their biggest fear was saddling their nearest and dearest with unexpected financial burdens if they’re unable to work or die prematurely.Which begs the question: If we’re so worried about protecting what we treasure most, why don’t more people have life insurance?Ask most experts, and they’ll tell you that such policies can help provide crucial resources for anyone with loved ones to support. And yet the latest figures show only 41 percent of U.S. households have individual life insurance."Most Americans have little or no safeguards for their financial goals," says Ken Cella, principal of the Client Strategies Group at the financial services firm Edward Jones. "They may understand the value of having emergency funds to cover unexpected financial expenses in the short term, but they’re less protected for the long-term financial implications."Faisa Stafford, president of Life Happens, puts it even more bluntly: "Emergency savings aren’t a long-term financial solution, especially if a family’s primary breadwinner were to die."Much of the disconnect between what we’ll call "the urge to protect" and the reality on the ground can be blamed on one or both of the following misconceptions:* It’s too expensive. Think of this as the equivalent of the alligators-in-New-York-City-sewers myth. When Life Happens and LIMRA, a global life insurance research and consulting group, asked participants in their 2017 Insurance Barometer Study how much a $250,000 term life policy for a healthy 30-year-old would cost, NerdWallet reports, the median estimate was $500 a year – more than three times the actual annual amount of $160.But let’s say that would-be policy holder wanted even more protection for his dependents. Forbes magazine recently calculated that that same incorrect median estimate – $500 – would buy a healthy, non-smoking, 30-something male a 20-year term policy with a million-dollar death benefit. Some people spend more than that in a year on caffe lattes.That said, prices do vary based on factors like age, health, amount of coverage, and whether you opt for term or permanent insurance. The former – the most affordable – covers a specific time frame (usually 20 years or less), while the latter stays in force for life (as long as you continue to pay the premiums). Online aids like Edward Jones’ complementary Life Insurance Needs calculator can help with factors to consider when determining how much life insurance may be appropriate for you. * The policy I have through work is good enough. And if you’re no longer employed there? Not only is group life insurance generally not portable, it typically only provides benefits equal to one or two times your annual salary."Growing families usually need greater protection than that," says Scott Thoma, an investment strategist at Edward Jones, "and they need coverage that’s not contingent on work status."Know that life insurance doesn’t simply assign a monetary value to someone’s life. Which brings us to another revealing finding of the Edward Jones-Life Happens "Protect What Matters" survey.Twenty-three percent of participants didn’t know it can even cover expenses like college tuition for a surviving child.Edward Jones is a licensed insurance producer in all states and Washington, D.C., through Edward D. Jones & Co., L.P. and in California, New Mexico, and Massachusetts through Edward Jones Insurance Agency of California, L.L.C.; Edward Jones Insurance Agency of New Mexico, L.L.C.; and Edward Jones Insurance Agency of Massachusetts, L.L.C.


Here is a bit of advice from a Business Consultant Starting a Business 101: Three Free Tips!! 1. When starting a business you have to be certain of the product or service you will be offering to the public. Create a list of what it is you have to offer, then create another list of the type of people

your product or service is for. (Who will benefit from your business)

2. Do your research! Add up the cost of material, or whatever you may need to produce your product or services (Equipment, business cards, etc.. ) By adding up an estimated cost, you are able to begin building a budget plan for your business. If you are working job, begin putting away a little something to help you build your brand while you work that job, to create your dream!!

3. Attend an Business Basics workshop to learn the in's and out's of getting your Business Licenses, Incorporating, and obtaining your Tax ID number to properly file taxes for your brand! registered at FOR FREE!! Participants will acquire all the basic information needed to know how to apply for Incorporation, Tax ID & obtaining a business license, to legally preform any business operations in the state of VA. This workshop also includes the following you needed to get started with planning! 1st Time Entrepreneur/Business Owner Guide Book One FREE Workshop invite

A Chance to win a $25 Staples gift card.

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Small Business Checklist for Tax-Time Technology Historically, American dinner plates have featured meat as its mainstay/star, with vegetables as Anyone who operates a small business, home-based business, or even a home office knows that tax time can be stressful. However, investing in the right equipment and technology can help a small business navigate tax season – and every season – smoothly and efficiently.Some tips to make

technology work for you at tax time:- Digitize: Making the transition to digital documents can be a big step for a small business, but converting documents to digital is becoming increasingly simple and popular.Advantages of scan-todigital at tax time include less paper to sort through and easy access to a variety of records.- Go mobile: Try using a mobile device or laptop and a portable scanner to digitize tax documents while on the road.Portable scanners can save space in the office setting as well, by reducing the amount of space needed to store paper records and documents.Printing from a mobile device or laptop to a wireless-enabled printer also helps save time, especially during tax season. And many printers have se-

curity features for output management and ease of use.When choosing the right office products, key points to consider include:- Convenience. Equipment that is easy to set up and use saves valuable time for small businesses. For those on the go, portable products such as the Canon imageFORMULA P215II Scan-tini handle document scanning for individuals on the road or working remotely. A lightweight design allows for easy document digitization from a range of locations, such as a hotel, airport, offsite meeting venue, or a home office.- Confidence. Investing in technology with a trusted reputation means less worry that an office solution – hardware or software – might fail at a crucial time. The technology of scanners designed for small businesses has improved in recent years."Small businesses with limited resources demand reliability and dependability in their document management technology," says Nobuhiko Kitajima, VP and general manager of Canon USA Inc.’s Business Imaging Solutions Group.One example, the Canon imageFORMULA DR-M260 Office Document Scanner, provides small businesses with reliable and efficient performance, and comes with an industry-leading, five-year warranty.- Protection. Data security is essential, especially for businesses that work in the cloud. Be sure to choose products with security features, such as password protection, multi-factor log-in and output file encryption.


Saying Farewell to the "Dopest Host on the East Coast" J e w e l

" P r i n c e s s "

J o h n s o n .

Since January 2018, "Princess" had been an intricate de-

tail to Unitary Productions magazine and show "Talk of the Streetz Entertainment". In her time with Unitary Productions, Inc. (Talk of the Streetz Ent) Ms. Johnson put in an unforgettable amount of writing in our magazine, cohosted with Tinman and XaveD in the show also known as "Street Talk" and grew in her hosting career as "Dopest Host on the East Coast" hosting some of the dopest




It has been a pleasure having her on the team, and a sad time to see her go. We look forward to working with you in the future as God sees fit and we wish you well in all your personal and business endeavors. Farewell to Jewel Princess Johnson! You will greatly be missed!

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