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Magazine JULY 2K18

Tattoo Artist– Mario “Tru” Williams

Also Inside.. RVA Awards Show Talk Re-Cap of the Business Launch & Fashion Show

Comedian C.J. Richardson “Secret's Out” by Jasmine Dionne

and more !

The Team! Xaveria D. Hansom President, Writer & Host! Jewel Princess Johnson Arts & Entertainment Writer & Host!

Antonio Tinman Collins Co– Host & Admin Jasmin Dionne Editor!


City Highlights

More Inside.. Business Launch RVA 5. Be About Your Passion! Comedian CJ Richardson 7. Rising Stars Secrets Out� by Author Jasmine Dionne 9. 3

This RVA Awards Show is to celebrate our celebrities right here in our city. The entire DMV is welcomed to nominate their person of choice per category, and vote a winner once the Nomination Process is totaled up. This is a monumental Black Tie extravaganza that is making it's mark in history with your help... How cool is that?.. to cast your votes!

We’re baaaack!! Tuesdays, August 7th –Sept 4th Comcast 95. Verizon 36. The show, “Talk of the Streetz”- LIVE, is a offset to this magazine your reading right now!. It features the Go’Getta’s in the communities around us and provides a variety of local sources and direct information on what's happening right here, right now, in our own schools, small businesses, streets and communities, NOT what the media and government want us to know, but ALL of what we need to know and are most interested in right here in our City alone. Just like this magazine your reading, we keep the viewers posted on Local Artist and their events, local sports, fashion, community happenings, Aspiring Entrepreneurs and local Business Owners! For more information call 804-220-0650 4

Business Now RVA, says, “Shout out to our amazing Sponsors, Vendors, & Supporters, of our 2k18 Community Business Launch & Fashion Show! Be sure to come out this week end and being the kids with you to enjoy free food, kid-friendly entertainment, comedy, resources, and many opportunities to shop with a few of the hottest brands in town! Thank you all for showing love and supporting this event!“ FOR INFORMATION ON JOINING OUR VENDORS LIST, E-MAIL, INFO@BUSINESSNOWRVA.ORG

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“Talkz of the Streetz” had the honor of setting down with probably one of the funniest comics coming from the 804, Mr. CJ Richardson. If CJ isn't somewhere making someone laugh, he is out in the community donating his time by facilitating the WE CARE RVA Program. He’s a father, a comedian, a handworker, a philanthropist, and he is making the world laugh one person at a time. What’s your name, what you do, and where are you from. My name is CJ Richardson. I'm a comedian and I'm from Goochland VA. When did you realize you were funny and you could make people laugh? Oh my God! My whole school life. When I knew I was funny I was probably about in the fifth grade. Class clown every year. But a great student as well. I want you to think back to the first show you’ve ever done. Can you tell me what it was like? Oh I was scared as hell I was very nervous. I didn't know how many people were going to be there. I really didn't know what was going to happen. I had like a million thoughts going through my mind. When I got there the place was jammed packed. Everybody there was someone I knew and i was scared as you know what. How did you do? [He burst out laughing before he responded] Not very well! I forgot all my material and made up some shit on the fly. Didn’t really go over well. They clapped for me when I left the stage though. That shit was crazy. Who or where do you draw your inspiration from? Well I think I draw most of my inspiration from everyday life, family and friends. Pretty much that. Of course social media is a big thing too. Mainly watching and observing people, that's where its at. Past or present, who are your top three comics and why? Top three comics? Red Fox, Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer. But I have so many too, Richard Pryor is on my list, Martin! What do you do to get prepared for a show? I mean, to get prepared for a show, it depends on the venue and what type of outing it is. Different shows require different. Preparation, or different sets. Most comics don’t come to a venue and do the same set over and over again. If I am doing a school I try to give a message. If it is a church of course its clean comedy. I try to cater to the atmosphere. If you could go back into time and tell your younger comedic self one thing what would it be? Probably to stay original and stay true to who you really are. A lot of people who has done comedy before you are going to try to tell you what you should and shouldn't do but that's when you mess up. But I think uniqueness and being different is what helps you excel in the entertainment business period. What would be your dream venue to perform? Dream venue? ATT stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys! You already knew that though! 100 thousand plus people screaming. Can you tell us a little about your WE CARE program, and how could one get involved if they wanted to participate.? WE CARE, now that is program that has been active and open and running for over 10 years. I just did it as a hobby it was just a side project at first. because we really care. Like i have always had a soft spot in my heart for other people. So I was like I'm going to start doing things for people. It started off with like 24 bottles of water. And as I started doing it, I felt like i needed to do more and be more, and that’s when I realized I needed to get more people involved. So now, we have scheduled events that are put together to benefit the community. To partner with me, you could call me directly or just go to the page. If any one wanted to get in touch with you to book you for a show, how do they get in touch with you. Well I also have a comedy page, Comedian C.J. Richardson. Or you can hit me up on Facebook at C.J. Richardson. Instagram: TheCJRichardson Twitter: ComedyCJ Ask about me!


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By: Jasmine Dionne Lola woke up the next day around noon and just looked around her room. She reached over for her phone on her night stand and looked to see if she had received the messages or calls. Realizing that she had nothing except for a few emails in her notifications. She put her phone back on it charger and snuggled back under her covers. In a strange way, everything around her felt out of place and weird to her for some reason. Since it was Saturday, she would normally wake up, begin her weekly cleaning regimen, then jump in the shower before either doing her homework or spend some time with Lamont and on a rare occasion she would hang with her girl if they were all free. However, today, she barely wanted to get out of the bed. There was just too much on her mind at once for her to even find a way to think straight. She knew that things in her life were going to change and that she had no choice, but to deal with it. Yet the only question that continued to play through her mind was whether she had to deal with it now. Before she knew it 30 minutes had passed and she had done nothing except lay there and stare at the ceiling. Deciding that her maybe actually doing something would help her thinking process, she rolled out of bed and headed towards her kitchen to find something to eat. After looking through her refrigerator and settling for cooking herself a ham, cheese, and spinach omelet with honey white toast. She took out all the ingredients that she needed to make her breakfast and placed them on the counter. As she started to beat the eggs, she looked up a vision of Lamont popped in her head and she smiled. She remembered him always around and her cooking for him while he watched her and talked about how good she looked in the kitchen. They would play fight and laugh as she tried her best to run from him so that she could cook without him distracting her. They would run around the island until she caught her and left her on the bar to kiss her. She snapped out of the thought and continue to cook her breakfast. She mixed the ingredients then grabbed her skillet, turned on the stove, and allowed the pan to warm as she cleaned up the mess she made. As she cleaned her thoughts went back to Lamont.

was on her way to pay for gas when she bumped into someone. She apologized to the stranger who she had bumped into then went into the store. After a grabbing, a few snacks, and a Green Tea for the road and payed for her gas, she exited the store she noticed the man she bumped into standing beside her car pumping her gas. Not knowing whether to thank him for preventing her from messing up her new manicure or ask him to leave, she decided to just ask him why he was pumping her gas. He told her that after she’d bump into him that he had to get to know her because something about her was calling out to him. A few corny lines later, a few text messages back and forth, and some phone calls, they decided to have a date when she got back into town. Lola grabbed her mixing bowl and poured the mixture into the skillet and put the bowel into the sink to wash. She grabbed a spatula from a drawl and waited for one side of her omelet to solidify before he had to flip it. As she waited her mind went towards their first date. He had asked her to meet him at the Tobacco Company Restaurant for dinner. She’s decided to wear a simple pink dress that fell at her knees, a black blazer, and some black pumps. Her hair was in a messy bun and she wore gold accessories to pull off her look. Deciding not to overdo it, she didn't wear much make-up and kept it very simple. Lamont on the other hand came in a pair of jeans and sneakers saying that he was running late from handling some business and didn’t have time to stop home and change. It was that night that Lola found out who Lamont was and what he did for a living. At first, she was a little turn off on the idea of dating the leader of a gang, but decided to give him a chance and took the leap. If only she had known them what she knew now, maybe her life would have been different than it was now

She flipped her omelet on the other side then grabbed some cheese for her omelet and popped her bread into the toaster. Her kitchen smelt amazing and she couldn’t wait to eat. Once the food was finished she walked into the living room, plopped on the couch, and turned on the TV. Nothing was on, so she decided to watch cartoons as she ate. However, she still couldn’t manage to get herself to focus, instead her mind went to the movie nights she and Lamont had in their first few months of dating. Lamont would always pick a movie that was either funny or scary. She would pop some This time her mind wandered back to the time her met. Lola popcorn and grabs some chips and drink before they settled on the was headed out of town to spend her first three-day weekend couch and popped in the movie.

with her family. She had pulled into gas station at a pump and


When the movie was over, if they weren’t sleep, they would sit on the couch and talk about their future and dreams. He would always tell her at the beginning, that he wanted to get out of the game and settle down and have more kids. He’s already had a son name Khaliah by another woman, who he was rarely allowed to see due the position he was in. He’s told her that he didn’t want to raise his son or future children in the lifestyle, so he was just doing what he had to do to stack enough money to live comfortably then he would leave and live life right. Of course, Lola believed him, she had no reason not to at the time. Plus, Lamont was always a convincing liar. Lola found out just how who Lamont really was and just how big of liar the was in third month of their relationship. She was doing her Saturday session of yoga when he came banging on her door like a crazy person. They were supposed to meet up with her Ginifer and Yazmyne at the mall later that afternoon for a spa date that he was paying for as a gift for her birthday. When she opened the door, he pushed her inside before he slammed and locked the door behind them. He then grabbed her arms and looked her dead in the face and said, “Lo, if anyone come around and ask where I was, tell them I spent the night here. We watched a movie, I fucked the shit out of you, and fell asleep afterwards. I never left and I have been here with you all day. Do you understand?”

the expression on his face that an argument was about to happen. Before she could even bend back into the pose she was in, she felt herself being yanked back up and facing Lamont yet again. “Who the fuck do you think you are talking to because I know you ain't talking to me?” “I am talking to you and let go of my arm Lamont. You can talk to me and not touch me.” Lola yelled as she tried getting her arm out his tight grasp yet again. That only made Lamont grip her arm even tighter. “You must have lost your damn mind and forgot who you belong to. You are my woman and when I say you ain't going nowhere you ain't going nowhere. So, go on and finish your little exercise or what not and when you finish fix me something to eat.” “I ain't your nothing. You don't fucking own me. Just let go of me and get out. I don't have time to deal with you and your fucked-up attitude because of God knows what. Just leave.” Lamont smirked as he let go of Lola’s armlet go of her arm and flopped backed down on the couch. He grabbed the remote from the coffee table. “I ain't going nowhere and neither are you.”

Lola stood there shocked and a little scared at what happened “What are you talking about Lamont and why are you grab- and didn't move from the spot she was in. This was the second bing me so hard? Let go, you are hurting me.” Lola tried to pull time in one day he has grabbed her in a manner that made her uncomfortable. She looked down at her arm and noticed that a out of Lamont’s grip only to have her arms squeezed tighter. bruise was forming and how much it was hurting. Lamont never “Do. You. Understand. What. I. Said. Lola? I was here all night acted like this towards her. She had heard that he was abusive to and afternoon if anyone asks.” Lamont’s tone has gotten to a level a few of his exes, but she never thought he would put his hands that she had never heard before. She didn’t understand why he on her. wanted her to lie about where he had been at or who he wanted “And while you at it, make sure you call your little nerd and her to lie to. What could have possibly done that made him want dyke friends and tell them you won't be going nowhere tonight. her to lie to cover for? It was all All she knew was that this was her man and when it came to being his woman, she would have We staying in and don't make me have to repeat myself again.” to do whatever it took to keep him with her. However, the only thing that kept running during through her mind was if she truly After that night, Lola knew that things between her and Lamont were bound to be changed. She knew that if a man put his hands was the one to do whatever for someone she barely knew. on a woman once, he would continue to do it until the woman She let out a sigh and looked away from him. “You were here stepped up or left. She knew that Lamont was serious and knew with me all night. Now can you please explain what this is all the type of person he was from the night her told her about him about and let me go?” being a gang leader. “It doesn’t matter what it’s about. Remember I was here all She had heard rumors about him based on his nick name of Monnight, so ain’t nothing happened. Now, how about you go into the kitchen with your sexy ass and make me something to eat. I am ster, but she never put two and two together until that moment that he grabbed her. She knew that he was wrong for her and hungry and I ain’t ate since yesterday.” that their relationship ship was going down a road that could “Lamont, I was in the middle of my yoga. Can you give me a only lead to destruction. Yet, that didn't stop the way Lola felt for few minutes to finish? When I am done, I will take a shower and Lamont. She what feel in love with the person she thought he was we can go out to eat. I ain't in the mood to cook today. Plus, you promised you would take the girls and I to the spa today. Re- when they first met. Which was the same reason she chooses to stay instead of leave him. She’d always held onto the hope that member?” may one day, he would turn it all around and be the person that “Lola, you going have to forget that shit today because I ain’t he claimed he wanted to be. Which was the exact reason she beleaving. You can reschedule the spa time with your friends and lieved him repeatedly after he promised not to hurt her again we can just stay in. You cook and we can watch a movie.” Lamont plopped down on the couch, propped his feet on the coffee table, and apologize. At first Lola, would just cry and tell him to leave, which most of the time he did. Only to come back hours later and grabbed the remote. with gifts and acting like nothing happened. “I ain’t cooking and I want to go out and spend my birthday with my friends. You can stay here, but I will be leaving.” Lola went back over to her yoga mat to finish off where she left off. She could see Lamont out the corner of her eye and could tell by


It wasn't until she and Lamont had been dating for going on a year did Ginifer and Yazmyne step up and nod tell Lola that she should leave Lamont behind and move on. They were tired of seeing Lola cry and hear about how tired she was of being with him. They knew them that while she would say that she was tired and ready to leave him, that she never would step up to the plate and cut it off. So instead they stood by her side, picking up her broken pieces after every time Lamont broke her, but never failing to tell her to call it quits as well. Lola had to admit that she was glad to have her two best friends in her life to make things better. While most people were lucky to have one person in their life who never judged them and always had their back, she was blessed to have two. With a sigh, she brought the thought of Lamont to a close and back to the present. She knew that the moment her life wasn’t going in the direction that she wanted it to and to be quite honest she imagined that she would be where she was at the current moment. Sitting in her living and reminiscing about the good times that she had with her now abusive ex-boyfriend. For the life of her she couldn’t understand why she was even thinking about yet alone in a relationship with a man who had so little respect for her and her dreams of who she wanted to become. He most definitely was not the man that she needed in her life and damn sure wasn't the type of person that her stuck up parents would approve of. In fact, she knew that they both would have a complete fit and have a heart attack at the same time if they knew that she had been in a relationship with a ruthless and abusive gang leader. Her parents were the people and couple that everyone wish they could be. Their relationship was the type that a person dreams of having. They fell in love when they were in college, had their share of difficulties in which they worked out together, had Lola, and still loved each other as much or even more than when they first met. Lola could rarely think of a time growing up that she witnesses her parent argue or fight over anything and if they ever argued, the end of the day always squashed it. They literally were a couple who took never going to bed angry to heart. Which was one of the many things that they instilled in Lola along with the fact that she always deserved the best. Together her parents made it their goal to make sure that Lola never knew or had anything less than the best. They put her in the best schools, made sure she was in the top of her class with some of the most excellent grades, and was continuing the path they set for her to head to Harvard to study Law and be a part of the family’s firm. Of course, while that was their dream, it wasn’t Lola’s. All she ever wanted growing up to be loved and respected for the choices she chose to make. Which was why in her senior year of high school, Lola informed her parent that she was not going to apply for Harvard, but instead apply to HBCUs to procure her dreams of becoming an Elementary School teacher. All her life she loved children and decided that she wanted to be in a role where she could make a huge impact on a child life where they were just starting their mental development. When she told her parents of her plans, neither of them were willing to hear it. Her father told her that if she chose that path, that they would not pay for any of it and cut her off completely. However, that had no effect on Lola and her decision so she shrugged it off and continued to keep her mind focused on the path that she wanted. She was determined that she would live her life the way that she wanted by applying for as many HBCUs as she could and if her parents didn’t want to play a part of it so be it. It wasn’t until she started receiving acceptance letters from the school did her parents finally understand that she was going to do what she wanted to do, with or without their money. They weren’t happy at first of course, but eventually they got over it and was just happy that she chose to accept the scholarship to VUU so that she would stay on the East Coast.

When she left, she promised that she would stay out of trouble and remain focus on her work and not any of the men who attended her school. So, telling her parents about Lamont and the issues she was facing were thrown completely out of the window. Plus, truth be told, if they knew they would be on the next thing smoking from their beach home in Florida and snatch her out of VUU quicker than she could ask why. Which wasn’t something that she wanting especially since it was now her junior year. She refused to allow either Lamont or her parents to mess up the amazing things that she had accomplished in Virginia. After all that thinking and finishing her breakfast/lunch, she decided that she would just skip yoga and head go for a run instead. She needed to clear all her thoughts of Lamont and his foolishness out her head. She needed to escape or do something to distract her from him and what he’d done to her for over a year and a half. When she got out of the shower, she threw on a pair of leggings, her Nike Air Max running shoes, and a cami which she covered with a thin jacket. She braided her hair into a long braid which hung down her back before she putting on a matching Nike hat and attaching her phone to her arm band. She put her headphones in her ears and grabbed her keys to her apartment before locking the door and running. She didn’t know where she was heading or how long she’d plan to run before she returned. All she knew was that she would continue to run until her mind was clear from Lamont “Monster” Green. By the time, Lola stopped to catch her breath after running for about an hour straight and it was now 3:00pm. She looked around at her surroundings and notice she was in the park. She let out a deep breath and sat at the nearest empty bench. Her thoughts of Lamont were nearly gone and she was very grateful for that fact alone. While running, she was not only able to clear her mind, but also think about what her future now held for her. She’d made the decision to not allow Lamont to screw up her view on love. She would find someone to love her for who she really was and not try to crush her dreams. Instead the person would support and push her to be a better person. The longer she sat there, she started to realize that the park was filed with parents and their children playing. She smiled as she looked at all the children having fun and living her lives with not a care in the world. Watching the children play made Lola think of all the students in her class that she student taught at. She enjoyed spending time with all her students and their excitement to learn new things. She couldn't wait until she graduated and got a job as a teacher. She had a hard time deciding on if she wanted to teach first or second grade, but she knew that she would make sure each student enjoyed themselves as they learned everything she taught. Just as she was getting comfortable with watching the children run around and play, she felt her stomach start to growl. Remembering that she hadn’t eaten in a while, Lola got up and headed across the street to the Panera restaurant. She decided that she would have something light to eat before she took that run back home. “Lola?” She heard someone call her name from behind her. It kind of shocked her since she didn’t really know who would be calling her name in an area she barely knew of herself. A little nervous to turn around, Lola just decided to act like she didn’t hear her name being called. Luckily for her she still had her earbuds in and could pull it off even better.


That of course was until the person tapped her shoulder to get her attention. She turned around and was surprised to see who the person was that was calling her name in the first place. Relaxing a little, she gave them a small smile before saying, “Never would have taken Panera to be a place that I’d see you in. You don’t really seem like a Panera type person I must say.”

the restaurant and out of Von’s sight. She knew that Von was probably looking for a straight answer, but now, she didn’t have a clear enough mindset to give her a solid answer. Yet a part of her did hope to meet up with Von again sooner rather than later.

The person laughed at her statement before saying, “Well, since I don’t know what a Panera person looks like, I guess I couldn’t say whether I fit in the category. But what I do know is that they have some of the best green tea I have ever tasted and since I was in the mood for a cup, I came before I headed out to do some business.” “You are right about that. Panera does have some of the best green tea. Can’t say I blame you for stopping in just to get a cup.” Lola laughed a little as she moved up in the line to get ready to place her order. When she got to the registrar she orders her food and right before she could reach and get her credit card from her arm band, she saw the cashier being handed the money to pay for her meal. “Before you say something like, you can pay for your own meal or I didn’t have to do that, just take it as another apology for yesterday and the way I acted. Both of my mothers raised me better than that, and I shouldn’t have come at you like I did. I hope you can take this as a peace offering.” “Thank you Von. That was very nice of you, but next time how about you ask first. Give me the chance to say yes or no. As for last night, it is what it is. I just don’t like people to put claims on like I am someone’s property. I am my own person and if I am in a relationship with some doesn’t mean they own me. Remember that.” Lola said as she grabbed her cup and thanked the cashier before walking over to pick up her food and fill up her cup. She couldn’t believe she would run into Von at Panera. She hadn’t plan to see anyone she knew or knew of around for the rest of the day, but as fate would have it things changed and she got a free meal out of it. “Like I said, I apologize. It was my bad. I should have been more considerate.” Von said walking up behind Lola with a huge smile on her face. After Lola left the club last night she couldn’t stop thinking about her. She’d secretly hoped that she would be able to see her again sometime soon. “Yes, being considerate wouldn’t have hurt you any. Thank you again for the meal. I would offer you to join me while I eat before I make the run back home, but you said you had things to do and I am not trying to hold you up. It was good seeing you again.” Lola gave her a small smile. Von looked at her and noticed that she was wearing. She could tell from the previous night that Lola had a banging body, but now that she was up close and personal, she could really see what had to offer. Lola was beautiful and based on the way her body looked, Von could tell that they girl prided herself on keeping herself fit and toned. With a body like that, she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to do her wrong like Lamont did. She knew that if she ever got a chance, she would treat her like a queen. Then again, she highly doubted that she even got down like that. “Yes, I do actually have somewhere to be or would have taken you up on that offer. I got to meet up Kennedy and what not, but if I didn’t I would have taken you up one that offer. However, before I go I do have one question. You said next time. Is that an offer or were you trying to make a point?” “Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Only time will tell Von, but until then, I’d suggest you go or you'll be late to whatever it is that Kennedy have planned.” Lola smirked before disappearing into the back of


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Talk of the Streetz - RVA Passion!  

It's ALL about setting the City on fire by showcasing our local Go'Getta's on the rise.