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Overview TakingITGlobal strengthens the capacity of young people as leaders and stakeholders in their local and global communities, fosters cross-cultural understanding, and increases awareness and tangible action among youth on global issues. We believe that it is essential to develop the capacities of young people to enable them to face challenges in life, express themselves, develop a sense of self-confidence, take initiative on issues that they are concerned about, and be active participants in public dialogue.

Organizational Partnerships Leveraging our tools and networks to support strategic partners

Vision We believe in a world where young people are more inspired, informed, and involved in their communities on local, national, and international levels.


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We strive to provide opportunities for learning, capacity-building, cross-cultural awareness, and self-development through the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

standing around

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major global issues

Providing a virtual space for

interactive, global education experiences

cross-cultural expression, dialogue, networking, and collaboration among youth

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Facilitating the development of local content, multilingualism, and skills training

TakingITGlobal is a registered not-for-profit organization in Canada, and has 501(c)(3) charitable status in the United States.

Welcome from the Founders TakingITGlobal achieved major milestones in 2005. Our most exciting accomplishment occurred in August, with the launch of our entirely re-vamped online community, We improved the web site’s navigation, efficiency, and design, and added new functionality that directly responds to feedback from our network. What a great way to celebrate our fifth anniversary! The fifth anniversary of TakingITGlobal’s founding also provided a great opportunity for reflection on the accomplishments of the past five years: engaging hundreds of thousands of young people in their local and global communities, re-defining the boundaries of online community engagement, and working with partners around the world and from every sector. We achieved another milestone when the number of registered members in the online community surpassed the 100,000 mark, more than doubling from a year earlier. In addition to re-vamping, our talented team of developers made immense progress on our education program, TIGed. The program, based at, represents a new level of innovation in the application of technology in education. Our outreach work in 2005 included co-facilitating youth presence and engagement at Phase II of the UN World Summit on the Information Society, in Tunis, Tunisia. At this Summit, and through national-level campaigns, we amplified the views and actions of tens of thousands of young people around the world on the current and potential role of information technology in their lives and communities. Also, the United Nations Development Program partnered with TakingITGlobal to engage young people in achieving the Millennium Development Goals to end extreme poverty. In 2006, we are involved in supporting youth participation in two major events being held in Canada: the XVI International AIDS Conference and UN Habitat’s World Urban Forum. We congratulate and thank TakingITGlobal’s dedicated, talented, and creative team. This Annual Report reflects, above all else, their daily commitment to our shared vision. We look forward to the next five years of TakingITGlobal!

Jennifer Corriero, Co-Founder and Executive Director

Michael Furdyk, Co-Founder and Director of Technology and Finance

Welcome from the Board of Directors As the President of TakingITGlobal’s Board of Directors, I sincerely congratulate the TakingITGlobal team on their accomplishments to date. The staff, volunteers and online community members constantly impress me with the passion displayed throughout their work. This passion is accompanied by a unique and timely organizational vision - a world of inspired, informed and involved young people connecting through technology to address local and global challenges. TakingITGlobal’s team and its vision position it uniquely as a leader within the sectors of both youth engagement and information technology for development. It pleased me greatly to see the World Economic Forum recognize the capacity and leadership of this youth-led and youth-serving organization, when it named Jennifer Corriero as a Young Global Leader in 2005. A testament to TakingITGlobal’s leadership is the impressive list of major institutional partners who see unique value in joining forces with TakingITGlobal to achieve shared goals. TakingITGlobal employs pragmatic, results-based approaches toward achieving their organizational vision, providing them with an advanced capacity for management of large scale, international projects. This capacity received recognition from the Canadian International Development Agency’s Awards for International Cooperation in 2005 when TakingITGlobal received the Mark Drake Award for Excellence in Communication. I delight in reflecting with you on TakingITGlobal’s achievements and working with you toward future successes. Congratulations on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Ron Mitchell, President, TakingITGlobal Board of Directors



Supporting youth action and understanding around major global issues “White bands� in support of the millennium development goals

Millennium Development Goals At the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, 189 Heads of Government promised to end poverty by 2015. They signed the Millennium Declaration, promising to “free men, women and children from the dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty,” committing developed and developing countries alike to eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In 2004, TakingITGlobal partnered with the United Nations Millennium Campaign and the Global Youth Action Network to empower young people to join in global efforts to achieve the MDGs. TakingITGlobal’s MDG program focused on: • Providing youth-focused information about the MDGs through an interactive web-portal, • Guiding young people interested in organizing local, MDG-related campaigns with relevant tools • Engaging young people regionally through local action and compiling stories about their involvement in MDG-related projects. The portal launched on April 1, 2005. It incorporated MDG information, a virtual MDG card game, and an “action blog” as a platform for young people to share best practices from their MDG projects. To help young people plan local campaigns, TakingITGlobal and the Global Youth Action Network developed an MDG Youth Campaign Kit. The kit, printed in English, Spanish, and French, includes an Action Guide, brochures, postcards, and bookmarks. TakingITGlobal distributed more than 1,000 printed kits to members worldwide, and tens of thousands more via web downloads. To further local engagement, regional youth editors were hired in Germany, Lebanon, Senegal, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. The youth editors organized Open Forums and collected writing from young people about their local MDG projects. Several youth editors, as well as members of the TakingITGlobal team, attended the United Nations’ MDG+5 Summit in New York, where world leaders gathered to review progress being made towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. TakingITGlobal launched an art contest and an exhibit called “Creative Change,” which premiered in New York before travelling to Washington, D.C. and Tunis. Additionally, TakingITGlobal organized an MDG-themed online Live Chat Series in English, French, and Spanish (with Chat the Planet); an essay contest; and ongoing discussion boards and regional email groups. The West African email group proved the most active, with more than 200 participants!

MDG web-portal

MDG campaign kit

MDG Poster

Food “We all need it, some of us grow it, many cook it, but how many question it?” During the summer of 2005, TakingITGlobal partnered with the World Food Programme’s Walk the World campaign to focus the online community on foodrelated topics and opportunities for action. The Food themed pages provided members with the opportunity to look at hunger, genetically modified foods, nutrition, vegetarianism and more. The Food issue of Panorama, TakingITGlobal’s online magazine, boasted over 20 articles written by members.

Food Featured Theme

HIV/AIDS Poster, designed by Jarra McGrath

HIV/AIDS “Focusing HIV prevention on young people is imperative because young people between the ages of 15 and 24 years are both the most threatened by the AIDS epidemic - accounting for half of all new cases of HIV - and the greatest hope for turning the tide against AIDS” - UNAIDS et al (2002) Report on Young People and HIV/AIDS: Opportunity in Crisis HIV/AIDS themed web-portal

TakingITGlobal believes that a central factor towards “turning the tide” is the inclusion of youth in the conceptualization and implementation of HIV/AIDS related programs and policies.

AIDS: Picture Change website

AIDS: TakingITGlobal created the web platform for AIDS: Picture Change, a multimedia exhibit that will travel to Canadian high schools and universities, encouraging youth to photograph their initiatives and share them through the site. The exhibit will be featured at the XVI International AIDS Conference in 2006. The project was developed through a partnership with the Canadian Coalition on HIV/AIDS, which includes CARE Canada, Foster Parents Plan, World Vision Canada, and Save the Children Canada.

TIG Xpress HIV/AIDS On World AIDS Day, TakingITGlobal launched TIG Xpress HIV/AIDS, a project uniting students in Canada, South Africa, and other countries to learn about issues of stigma, stereotype, and discrimination through photography and image-analysis workshops. The process leads into the development of Education and Advocacy Toolkits for Canadian teachers. The project is a partnership with the University of Toronto’s TeenNet and Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention research projects, with support from the Canadian International Development Agency and the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation. XVI International AIDS Conference In 2006, Toronto will host the XVI International AIDS Conference, which expects more than 30,000 delegates from industry, government and science. During 2005, TakingITGlobal played a major role preparing for the participation of thousands of youth in this key event. TakingITGlobal was also a founding partner in the creation of the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA), a capacity-building network of more than 850 youth leaders and their adult allies, as well as in the creation of the Toronto Youth Force. Working closely with these partners and conference organizers, TakingITGlobal is recruiting delegates, building an online platform and other communication strategies, and co-organizing a large Youth Pavilion. World AIDS Orphans Day On World AIDS Orphans Day, May 7, 2005, TakingITGlobal organized a worldwide series of town hall meetings with the goal of empowering orphaned children and youth to participate, with their respective Mayors, in finding relevant solutions to the challenges being faced in their communities. The project was implemented in partnership with the Association Francois-Xavier Bagnoud and the African Regional Youth Initiative.

Image from TIGed Xpress HIV/AIDS collection

International AIDS Conference Bangkok

Indigenous Young People Indigenous people around the world face threats to their means and ways of life; threats that come from their immediate neighbours and the realities of cultural, environmental, and economic globalization. TakingITGlobal conducted an online survey called “Indigenous Young People – Creating Solidarity” to study networking needs, opportunities, and tools available to Indigenous youth. Over 500 members from around the world, self-identified as Indigenous, reflected on networking among Indigenous youth worldwide.

Tsunami Response During International Development Week in early 2005, TakingITGlobal facilitated a Live Chat and discussion forum about the Indian Ocean tsunami. The forum focused on Canada’s collective response to the tsunami and other humanitarian and environmental disasters. Through in-depth discussions with experts from CARE Canada and the Global Youth Action Network, participants learned about the reasons for, and implications of the response. The initiative was supported by the Canadian International Development Agency and Chat the Planet.

Indigenous youth attend the International Youth Parliament.

“The writings about the [tsunami] was one of the ways I was able to vent and release the frustration and helplessness…We had been dealing with many dead bodies…Coming to the TIG boards and the encouragement of TIG members boosted my morale as well as my strength.” Udara Soysa, TakingITGlobal Member, Sri Lanka

Urban Sustainability

World Urban Café

In preparation for the World Urban Forum, and in partnership with the Environmental Youth Alliance, TakingITGlobal launched a themed web portal on urban sustainability called the World Urban Café. The pages provide information on urban-related issues, including water access, the environment, quality of life in slums, security, the future of cities, finance, and governance. Beyond providing information, the portal aims to leverage TakingITGlobal’s ability to serve as a hub for urban-related projects, events, resources, images and articles developed by members. This work was developed in partnership with UN Habitat. TakingITGlobal also supported the Habitat JAM, a three-day global online forum, enabling the JAM’s multilingualism by creating and facilitating French and Spanish versions. Habitat JAM elicited active participation from TakingITGlobal members in Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and throughout Africa and India.

Environmental Sustainability Youth rally for climate change

11th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework on Climate Change

Beyond Kyoto website

2005 saw a record number of floods, hurricanes, droughts, and glacial recession, all linked to an increasingly warmer global climate. Greenhouse gas emissions, other forms of pollution, and a decreasing forest canopy all take their toll. People around the world now feel effects of climate change on their physical environments, economies, and traditional ways of life. According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, drastic effects are felt around the world. “[In Africa’s] large catchment basins of Niger, Lake Chad and Senegal, total available water has decreased by 40 to 60 per cent.” Meanwhile Bangladesh, in 2004, endured a flood that covered nearly 60% of the country. In 2006, Hurricane Katrina, fuelled by warmer than normal water, effectively destroyed the city of New Orleans. 11th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change The United Nations, as a follow-up to the historic Kyoto Accord on climate change, convened the 11th Conference of Parties (CoP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in November 2005 to review progress to date and attempt to set new targets. TakingITGlobal, along with Environment Canada and ENvironment JEUunesse, helped to facilitate promotion and pre- and post- conference dialogue for participants of the CoP and the “Beyond Kyoto: It’s Us Youth Summit” by developing TakingITGlobal attended the Summit and facilitated dynamic drafting discussions with participants from 26 countries, for the Official Youth Declaration to the UNFCCC. Twenty-four accredited CoP11 delegates and the Official Youth Declaration received direct recognition from Stephane Dion, the President of the Conference, during the Opening Ceremonies.

Youth Participation World Program of Action for Youth For the 10-year review of the World Program of Action for Youth in October 2005, TakingITGlobal co-organized a side-event with the European Youth Forum on “Strengthening youth participation in decision-making processes.” The side event took place at the UN Headquarters in New York City on October 7th and included a presentation by TakingITGlobal staff on “Youth and the World Summit on the Information Society – the role of technology in strengthening youth participation.” Earlier in the year, TakingITGlobal asked its membership to evaluate national policies in implementing the world program. The input from members was included in a joint report with the Global Youth Action Network and submitted to the United Nations Youth Program, which had called upon youth and youth organizations to contribute to the 10-year review. Voice In partnership with the Global Youth Action Network, the VOICE section was re-launched at the United Nations World Programme of Action for Youth 10-year review. This section of our site is dedicated to Youth Participation in decisionmaking and includes useful information about local, national, and international policy processes. It also provides tools and resources for young people who want to get involved, and a regular newsletter promoting current opportunities.

Roundtable discussion

Voice Screenshot

TIG Member Erik Thijs Wedershoven addresses the UN General Assembly

Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT 4 D) From local to global levels, TakingITGlobal continued to ensure recognition and support for the work of young people using technology for development in the context of the UN’s World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process.

Open Forum in Argentina

Canadian Delegation in the Youth Hub

World Summit Youth Awards

National-level ICT campaigns focused on rural youth At the national level, TakingITGlobal co-organized campaigns in sixteen countries on five continents. Drawing on lessons from the youth campaigns of WSIS Phase I, which mainly involved urban youth, the campaigns in 2005 focused on sharing the views of rural youth without easy access to ICTs. From Argentina to Jordan, Egypt to Ghana, TakingITGlobal members produced media, ran essay and art contests, participated in international video conferencing, and engaged other local, youth-led organizations. Youth participants in various countries produced twenty radio programs looking at the role of ICT in their lives and communities. Recommendations to WSIS, generated by the youth campaigns, include: increasing technology education and access; increasing support for youth entrepreneurship; and advancement of democracy and human rights through the application of ‘e-governance’ tools. Youth at the World Summit on the Information Society TakingITGlobal organized and participated in numerous events during WSIS. These included building a dynamic Youth Hub space, chairing several panel discussions on good practices, and the launch of the platform. A gala dinner was also held at the WSIS to celebrate five years of TakingITGlobal. The discussions and workshops enabled TakingITGlobal to effectively share recommendations developed during the National Youth Campaigns to audiences of decision makers and ICT leaders. Youth & ICT Award Programs TakingITGlobal served as a partner and judge for the World Summit Youth awards, given in three categories: Development, Creativity & Culture, and Community Engagement. The judges evaluated more than three hundred applications from more than 65 countries. TakingITGlobal was also a lead organizer of the Youth and ICT Awards, presented by the Global Knowledge Partnership to young social entrepreneurs developing social enterprises that leverage ICTs.

WSIS Youth Caucus

10 In November, TakingITGlobal began an exciting partnership with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on The website provides a holistic set of resources, networks, and tools designed to support information and communication technology access centres (or telecentres) in developing communities. Telecentres, usually locally owned and operated, support development by improving access to educational, economic and healthrelated information as well as providing tools to create and disseminate cultural productions. TakingITGlobal assumed responsibility for the website to facilitate development of a global support network for the telecentre movement. The project launched at WSIS Phase II, with the unveiling of an initial site design and coaching sessions for the sponsored telecentre leaders in attendance. The next phase of the project involves localization of content and further development of partnerships and networks. Digital Divide Network The Digital Divide Network (DDN) found a new home base at TakingITGlobal, after several years at the Education Development Center. DDN is the largest online community for educators, activists, policy makers, and concerned citizens working together to bridge the digital divide, the gap between those with access to digital technologies and those without. Launch at WSIS

Digital Divide Network

Young Social Technopreneurs As part of United Nations Week 2005, TakingITGlobal partnered with the World Bank’s Youth 2 Youth community on a conference about Youth Social Technopreneurship. Through this partnership, TakingITGlobal identified youth to speak as panelists and was also represented at the conference. Power Users of Technology Symposium TakingITGlobal made the opening presentation at the Education Development Center’s Power Users of Technology Symposium in Costa Rica. The Symposium gathered leading experts in economics, workforce development, policy, defence, medicine, information technology (IT), and ethics to help design a long-term research project focused on the potential of emerging Power Users of Technology.

Youth Social Technopreneurs



Community Providing a virtual space for cross-cultural expression, dialogue, networking and collaboration among youth


“Being part of TIG has made me realize that there are so many amazing, motivated youth in our world. Even when all the media feeds us is depressing stories about wars and tragedies, there is still so much optimism and so many remarkable feats being accomplished around the world. All one has to do when they’re feeling overwhelmed by the hardships in the world is log on to the site and read about the great things other youth are doing. With this knowledge, one can’t help but want to join in and be a part of the magic... Well, I know at least that’s how I feel!” Madelaine Hamilton, TakingITGlobal Member, Canada Public Launch of Version 5

Launch of Version 5 Throughout the year, our design and technology team worked hard to launch Version 5 of, a fresh new look for the site with improved functionality. We incorporated member recommendations into the revamp and upgraded Groups, Projects, TIGblogs, and Voice, and added new tools to help members manage their participation in Organizations. Extensive site development was implemented throughout the year to support translation of all site structure into all the world’s languages and to integrate personalization technology in areas such as the new “My TIG.” In August, TakingITGlobal launched the completely re-designed web site at the World Youth Congress in Stirling, Scotland, and provided training workshops to help over 100 young leaders from 30 countries make use of the new tools to support their work in communities around the world. Online Community Development has had a spectacular year of accomplishments and exponential membership growth. On the afternoon of December 2nd, our 100,000th member joined the online community! In 2005, the Monthly Themes program evolved into Featured Themes, which are kept active for two months, allowing us to generate more involvement on an issue, build off of previous Theme pages, and pursue collaborative partnerships to broaden our reach. We also worked with teams of member volunteers in Brazil and China to launch the TakingITGlobal Online Community in Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. After five years of pushing the boundaries in using online community as a tool for social change, we’ve gained tremendous experience in ‘what works’. Keeping our membership thriving, and our technology innovative will remain ongoing priorities.

“I think that TIG members really give sense and value to my work, and they encourage me for future creations.“ Kouji Oshiro Kochi, TakingITGlobal Member, Peru

5 Years of TakingITGlobal Get to know some of our most active members in personal interviews, follow the TIG timeline to find out when new programs and features came on board, and see what really goes on in the TIG office. To commemorate our 5-year anniversary, we have produced short movies where we introduce you to the team and delve into the inner thoughts of our co-founders on what lies ahead for TIG.

13 Site Sections

Henry from Nigeria on TIG’s mandate: “TakingITGlobal’s 5th birthday - it is quite a great thing that we celebrate now! I see a TIG that is training and equipping the future leaders of our world. TakingITGlobal means many different things to many different people in different localities of the world. It is a great deal that TIG doesn’t only take Information Technology global, but also takes cultures, people, and connections global... Bridging the digital gap and enhancing opportunities while promoting friendship between all people.”

Maitreyi from India on keeping a TIGblog: “I try to keep my stories as interesting and different as possible and also very personal, to make a reader laugh or think or be amused by what I write. Personally, it’s like a diary which I hope to read a few years down the line about some of the events that were most memorable in my life. And it’s a good way of bringing new friends to TIG.”

Cherrie from New Zealand on her participation in TakingITGlobal: “TakingITGlobal will definitely always be an integral part of my life. Already it has taken me to America to speak to and hear from educators from around the world. My experiences on this site are constantly challenging my thinking and expanding the breadth of my understanding. I have made many friends here, all of whom I would like to stay friends with for the rest of my life.”

Make Connections The Make Connections section highlights online tools for building community and connecting across cultures. Member Stories was developed to better showcase inspiring personal stories. In 2005, TakingITGlobal’s blog feature received a new design and options were added for collaborative Group blogs and the posting of personal photos. The discussion boards, profiles, and TIG Groups remain the most popular features of Take Action TakingITGlobal members take action on local, national, regional, and global levels; the Take Action section offers them specific tools for action planning. Members can search through existing Project profiles, join a Project, or start their own. Open Forums, an offline component of TakingITGlobal, gives young people in a particular community a tool for meeting, discussing, and developing solutions to issues in their community. Members can also access our revamped Voice section, focused on youth participation in United Nations processes, or download our Guide to Action and Workshop Kit to improve their capacity to take action. Browse Resources Members find valuable involvement opportunities and events in the Browse Resources section, including listings from around the world. We recently enhanced our Organizations database to enable Organizations to manage their own Opportunities listings. In the past year we have made information about thousands of resources and opportunities available to members through our databases. Express Yourself Thoughtful and creative member expression happens on a daily basis through the features highlighted in the Express Yourself section. Two of TakingITGlobal’s flagship programs, the Global Gallery and Panorama online magazine, reflect member diversity and insights. TakingITGlobal’s writers and artists have been very busy this past year, contributing work with a variety of themes. The Global Gallery now has over 10,000 pieces of youth-created art. Understand Issues Here, members and guests can access background information on the major topics covered on TakingITGlobal. Each of the topics and sub-topics, which range from peace to health to culture, provide links to relevant articles, major policy documents, and key international events. Understanding Issues also houses all past Featured Themes, which include more action-oriented information resources. Explore the World Our new dynamic map provides an interactive way to explore the world. Members can superimpose various relevant statistics to see the state of different parts of the world in relation to issues like education and hunger. Members also access our Country Sites here, localized portals that present all the content related to a specific country.


Membership Growth

100,000 Members




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Languages Spoken by Members Top 20 languages spoken by TakingITGlobal members (excluding English) Average time spent on the TakingITGlobal site by Members:

French Tagalog Kiswahili Turkish Swahili Tamil Chinese Japanese Dutch Bengali; Bangla

34 minutes Spanish Average time spent on the TakingITGlobal site by Visitors:



Yoruba Italian Arabic

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Total languages spoken by TakingITGlobal members: 248

At any one time, over

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using various parts of the TakingITGlobal Online Community!

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North America 35,190 28.9% Africa 27,072 22.2% Asia 25,560 21.0% Europe 15,784 13.0% Middle East & North Africa 8,008 6.6% Australia & New Zealand 4,356 3.6% South America 3,738 3.1% Central America 1.2% & Caribbean 1,465 Pacific Islands 503 0.4%

30,000 people in over 100 countries.


5million people have visited the

TakingITGlobal website since it was launched!


Local Engagement

Facilitating the development of local content, multilingualism, and skills training

Workshop held in Russia


Local Engagement In 2005, TakingITGlobal expanded and diversified its local engagement through both online and offline initiatives. This included expansion of the multilingual platform of the online community, a series of multi-country projects, local events, and partnership development.

TakingITGlobal Homepage in Simplified Chinese

Multilingual Platform Working closely with local youth, TakingITGlobal launched the online community in two additional languages, Portuguese ( and Simplified Chinese ( The Chinese translation team demonstrated truly impressive commitment and dedication, developing the Chinese version of in less than four months. During 2005, dedicated internet-based teams continuously maintained the existing versions of through translations and content creation in: • • • • • • •

English: French: Spanish: Arabic: Russian: Portuguese: Chinese:

Country Sites TakingITGlobal Country Sites connect members at the local and national levels to showcase content submitted by members in each specific country. TakingITGlobal continues to feature rotating country sites on the home page. Some country sites featured in 2005 include: Ukraine, Guyana, Nepal, Spain, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Uruguay and Brazil. The “InterJovenes” project, with Vientos del Sur, brings together 20 local youth to develop Spanish-language content for the Argentina Country Site ( Additionally, in January 2005, the Russia Country Site ( won the “Best Youth Internet Project” award at the Festival of Youth Internet Projects held in Moscow, Russia.

Brazil Country Site


Open Forum in Edmonton

Open Forum in Halifax

Open Forums During 2005, TakingITGlobal ran fifty local Open Forums for youth in twenty-four countries. From Nigeria to Argentina to Russia, hundreds of young people met to discuss common issues of concern. The topics discussed during Open Forums in 2005 included UN Millennium Development Goals, the environment, women’s rights, youth and ICTs, and youth leadership and participation. TakingITGlobal held a series of forums focused on youth participation, with local partners in the Middle East and North African region, in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. One of the largest Open Forums, enhanced by video-conferencing technology, happened in Russia at the end of 2005 to coincide with Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO). During the Open Forum, organized by Oxfam Great Britain, TakingITGlobal, and Peace Child International, 30 young people from Russia and the United Kingdom discussed implications of Russia’s membership in the WTO. Cross-Canada Mapping of Youth-Led Initiatives In Canada, TakingITGlobal developed a capacity building and research project with support from the McConnell Foundation. The program sought to comprehensively map and analyze the strengths and needs of Canadian youth leaders and their organizations, as well as provide them with TIG tools to support networking and collaboration. Initial meetings and a survey were completed in 2005, while planning began for ten Open Forums across Canada during 2006.

Cross-Canada map of Open Forums

Partner office in Russia


Creating Local Connections in Russia In 2005, TakingITGlobal continued to manage an innovative, locally-focused youth engagement program model in Russia. We developed a Russian-language online community for socially-active youth, which won a prestigious award, and organized a series of contests and youth forums across the country, looking at topics such as women’s rights and the Millennium Development Goals. A nationwide art contest, “Russia through the eyes of youth,” received more than 1,400 submissions. On April 1, 2005, TakingITGlobal partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Project Harmony/IATP Center in Moscow to organize a live videocast dialogue between Russian and American youth on the role of young people in bringing positive change into their communities. The pilot, called “Creating Local Connections,” was funded by Microsoft Russia and developed in partnership with the Sozidanie Foundation and the Russia Volunteer Development Centre. The pilot provided many lessons for the expansion of the model to other countries in 2006.

Youth Initiatives Coordinator Sierra Leone As part of the International Youth Internship Program of the Canadian International Development Agency, TakingITGlobal sent Dan Herman to Freetown, Sierra Leone to coordinate local youth activities based at the Public Information Section of the United Nations Mission. Over six months, Dan facilitated dialogue and programming links between hundreds of existing TIG members, local youth-led and youth-serving organizations, the international community, and the Government of Sierra Leone. Topics included the Millennium Development Goals and the impact of natural resource extraction on communities. In addition, he played a central role in the organization of a UN-sponsored peace celebration called the “War Don Don Music Festival.” Dan’s experience, including a short trip to Liberia, set the foundation for expanding TakingITGlobal’s work in this region in the future.

Youth meet in Sierra Leone

Language as Violence, Violence as Language Young people around the world feel the effects of violence. Violence is not only an action or a practice; it is a perception, a way to communicate, to dominate, and to discriminate. Violence prevents young people from developing their full potential. TakingITGlobal partnered with UNESCO and the Foundation to develop an initiative called “Language as Violence, Violence as Language,” including creation of a creative magazine, an online art collection, a short multimedia video, and an interactive webpage. TakingITGlobal worked with local partners in Lebanon, Kenya, China, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Argentina to gather digital images and writing, and to organize photography workshops and forums. These projects provided young people with skills to creatively contemplate the forms of violence they encounter, perceive, and express in their lives and to develop alternative languages to violence. The key themes explored included: 1) Violence as a Daily Language in Youth Reality 2) Violence and Media 3) Expression of Violence as a Substitute for Communication 4) Alternative Languages to Violence By Pamela Del Bueno, 16, Argentina

By Mariana Coan, 24, Brazil

By Kouji Oshiro Kochi, 27, Peru


Organizational Partnerships Leveraging our tools and networks to support strategic partners


Organizational Partnerships Throughout each of our program areas we work with a range of partners to achieve mutual goals. Additionally, we worked with the following organizations in 2005 on specific programs or on overall strategic initiatives. Global Youth Action Network In support of collaboration among diverse youth organizations around the world, TakingITGlobal works together with the Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) to engage organizations in sharing information and resources online. In addition to supporting GYAN members with online tools, TIG collaborates with GYAN on strategic initiatives, including engaging youth in achieving the Millennium Development Goals and supporting youth participation. Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) Each year, millions of young people in countries everywhere highlight and carry out thousands of community improvement projects as part of Global Youth Service Day, the largest annual celebration of young volunteers. TakingITGlobal supports the efforts of GYSD by providing online tools to facilitate registration, and the promotion of events happening at local and national levels. Chat the Planet Chat the Planet is a television show and internet community that connects groups of young Americans (ages 15 to 25) with their peers around the world, via satellite, for frank, no-holds-barred discussions about politics, relationships, prejudices, and life in general. TakingITGlobal helps Chat the Planet by powering their online community, supporting dialogue and action. Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) TakingITGlobal developed a customized version of its Projects system for JHR to use for its School Chapters program, enabling groups of students across Canada to promote their events, organize their activities, and share information. Oxfam International Youth Parliament (OIYP) OIYP used TakingITGlobal’s online survey tool and integrated use of TakingITGlobal’s sophisticated groups communications tool and projects database system into its communication efforts. UNESCO Coastal Regions & Small Islands TakingITGlobal provided UNESCO’s Youth Visioning for Island Living Conference with websites for each of the national level follow-up activities stemming from and building on the conference. Youth Employment Summit (YES) TakingITGlobal continued to work with YES to provide online infrastructure to YES Country Networks for project management and promotion of their various national and local initiatives. Ashoka Foundation – TakingITGlobal promoted the Innovation Awards Ethics Essay Contest Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) - TakingITGlobal conducted an online survey with 18-25 year-olds on “Engaging Young Canadians in What Matters to Them.”


Education Programs Developing rich, interactive, global education experiences


Education Programs 2005 saw great growth for TakingITGlobal’s education programs. TakingITGlobal re-developed the TIGed virtual classroom system and tool suite, launched an international outreach effort, and in partnership with prominent institutions and organizations, developed content specifically for educators. TIGed Virtual Classrooms TIGed Virtual Classrooms enable teachers and students to connect with other students around the world, create and share assignments, complete activities focusing on TakingITGlobal’s online tools and content, and interact with the vibrant online community of members. Partnerships are being developed with a number of leading NGOs to create Thematic Classrooms, ready-made Virtual Classrooms that enable educators to integrate expert curriculum into their teaching. The next step involves global outreach to students. A Partners in Learning Mid-tier grant from Microsoft will support TIGed’s outreach activities in the United States for the next three years. During 2005, TakingITGlobal finalized planning and outreach, developed the necessary technologies, and hired an additional TIGed Program Manager in the United States to serve as the focal point for outreach with the aim of forging partnerships with school districts in 15 states. Student Voices During spring 2005, TakingITGlobal partnered with the International Society in Technology in Education (ISTE) to host a five-week discussion on technology’s impact on education. One hundred and sixty-five TakingITGlobal members, from more than fifty countries, participated through online discussion boards and photo blogging tools. Throughout the five weeks, students focused on a series of recommendations for improving education in all settings. Four students, from New Zealand, Nepal, Uzbekistan, and the United States, presented the discussion’s conclusions to hundreds of teachers at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Philadelphia.

TIGed virtual classroom page

Macklin Students on TIG site

NECC in Philadelphia

The full report is available at Online Safety & Security Early in 2005, TakingITGlobal and Microsoft partnered to develop a new kind of online safety education program. In June, TakingITGlobal, Microsoft, i-Safe, and the University of California held the first Youth Summit for Online Safety. Hundreds of students from high schools around San Diego attended the Summit, which combined expert speakers and hands-on workshops. Following the Summit, TakingITGlobal and Microsoft began ongoing development of a guide for planning online safety events in other countries. In October and November, TakingITGlobal developed and hosted featured theme pages on Online Safety and Security. The pages included information on copyright issues, computer safety and viruses, personal safety in the online world, and tips for contributing positively to cyberspace. The theme launched at Phase II of the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia.

Featured Theme: Online Safety and Security


Our Team

July 2002

April 2003

Staff TakingITGlobal’s staff is drawn from various regions of the world and fields of expertise. Our core team in 2005 included members from Canada, the United States, Venezuela, Ecuador, Jordan, Benin, Sri Lanka, Australia, Argentina, Vietnam, Germany, Egypt, Congo, Brazil, Russia, China, and Malaysia. TakingITGlobal’s team of full- and part-time staff, interns and volunteers totals over thirty. Their roles include: web site and print publication design; project management at local, national, and international levels; online community management and facilitation; research; translation; web site content creation; coalition participation; partnership development and management; workshop facilitation and public speaking; technology development and advancement; and financial management. We draw essential capacity, in all of these areas, from the efforts of volunteers. In return, TakingITGlobal provides an environment in which volunteers are included and appreciated, are part of a learning network, and receive meaningful resume-building opportunities.


Board of Directors

• Benjamin Quinto - Global Youth Action Network • Don Tapscott - Digital4Sight • Charles Coffey - RBC Financial Group • Carole Aciman - Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP • Idit (Harel) Caperton - World Wide Workshop for Children’s Media Technology & Learning and MaMaMedia • Nick Moraitis - Amnesty International • Phillip Coburn - UBS Warburg • Polly LaBarre - Author • Robert Guerra - Privaterra • Stéphane Roberge - International Development Research Centre (IDRC) • Susan Koehler - Microsoft • Yat Siu - Outblaze

• Dumisani Nyoni (Secretary) • Ellen Ratchye-Foster • John Abrams • Matthew Pupic (Treasurer) • Patty Chilton • Ron Mitchell (President) • Terri Willard (Vice President) • Virginia Mantycki

August 2003

May 2005

Current Staff of TakingITGlobal


Partners • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Adventure Ecology Art 4 Development Canadian Policy Research Networks Inc CARE Canada Career Edge Internship Program Chat the Planet Digital Divide Network Educational Development Center Environmental Youth Alliance Environnement JEUnesse Gendering Adolescent AIDS Prevention Global Knowledge Partnership Global Youth Action Network Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS International Society for Technology in Education Journalists for Human Rights Oxfam International Youth Parliament Peace Child International Schoolnet Africa Spirit Magazine Toronto District School Board Toronto Youth Force UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UN Habitat UN Millennium Campaign United Nations Association of the USA UNESCO University of Toronto - TeenNet World Food Programme World Summit on the Information Society XVI International AIDS Conference Youth Employment Summit

Supporters • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Bennett Gold LLP Chartered Accountants Cadillac Fairview Canadian International Development Agency Environment Canada Foreign Affairs Canada International Development Research Centre Lavery, de Billy Barristers and Solicitors Microsoft Corporation Royal Bank of Canada Foundation Service Canada The Change Canada Foundation The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation The Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation



Financial Statements are Audited by Bennett Gold LLP Chartered Accountants

Funding Sources “TakingITGlobal has developed numerous impressive programs, helping youth learn more about the world around them and take action on issues they care about using Information and Communications Technologies.” Don Tapscott Author, Digital Capital, Growing Up Digital, The Digital Economy Co-founder, Digital4Sight, Chairman, Maptuit

NGOs 40%

Corporate 48%

Individuals/Schools 1%

Foundations 4% Government 7%

“I have watched TakingITGlobal grow from a compelling idea to a compelling reality. With their global network of young people, powerful technology, and organizational savvy, TIG is a driving force in collaborative efforts to reach and mobilize youth to create digital opportunities for all.”

Expenditures By Program

Online Community 62%

Rinalia Abdul Rahim Executive Director, Global Knowledge Partnership

Admin 9%

Local Engagement 6% Thematic Engagement 3%


Organizational Engagement 14% Educational Engagement 6%

Operations 2005 2004


Community and technology support services $ Grants Unrestricted contributions Other

Revenues excluding in-kind contributions In-kind contributions, operations Total Revenues

366,361 $ 350,361 226,555 181,558 52,902 6,684 11,899 3,944 657,717 826,044

542,547 1,135,121

1,483,761 1,677,668


763,694 1,056,055 400,816 379,958 82,716 68,943 42,477 40,055 35,036 27,973 30,754 38,162 28,972 4,925 23,167 69,290 19,726 15,789 15,563 16,591 344 1,374

Advertising and promotion, in-kind Salaries, benefits and internships Travel Office rent Office and general Communications Project Support Services Advertising and promotion, other Professional fees Insurance Memberships and dues

Total Expenses 1,443,265 1,719,115 Excess of revenues over expenses $ 40,496 $ (41,447) (expenses over revenues)

“TakingITGlobal can be seen as the deluxe version of international youth dialogue. This vast website is home to a set of interrelated online projects that offer young people connections, resources, opportunities and choices. Lots and lots of choices... For a young person seeking a portal into global issues or a chance to talk with peers from around the world, this site is a dazzling launching pad.” Youth as E-Citizens Report Center for Social Media, American University

“TakingITGlobal’s groundbreaking work and boundless enthusiasm is not only proving the potential of uniting young people through technology, but following through on a commitment to engage young people in international development in ways never before possible.” Benjamin Quinto Executive Director, Global Youth Action Network

Revenue and Expenses by Year (Excluding In-kind Donations)         Revenue









2006 (Budgeted)


Financial Financial Position

2005 2004

“TakingITGlobal is a kind of agora for other young idealists, activists, and dreamers. The web site provides the tools for launching and managing projects and organizations that seek to bridge cultural differences and change the world. It offers a venue for users to publish art and photographs in an online gallery, as well as publish articles on the website’s online journal, Panorama.” Red Herring Magazine May 30, 2005


Current Cash $ Accounts receivable Work in progress Prepaid expenses and sundry assets Service barter

357,357 $ 47,335 29,413 49,055 17,476 32,725 15,157 15,182 9,000

419,403 153,297

Property, equipment and software

(net of accumulated depreciation of $379,739; 2004: $271,766)

154,863 206,282

34,403 26,293

Web site

(net of accumulated amortization of $97,715; 2004: $54,221)

“At the heart of the new generation’s approach is a collaborative style that is getting smart young minds together. This is a central tenet of TakingITGlobal which helps young people around the world network and find out about worthy projects.” Time Magazine


608,669 $


Current Accounts payable and accrued liabilities $ Loans payable, founders Grant revenues

89,332 $ 33,430 283,226

86,943 41,170 -


Deferred contributions, capital assets Net Assets Net assets invested in capital assets Unrestricted net assets



405,988 128,113 135,891 190,964 541,879


53,425 41,661 13,365 25,134 66,790


608,669 $


Awards and Recognition Throughout 2005, TakingITGlobal received international recognition through awards processes and coverage in a wide range of media. TakingITGlobal’s recognition continues to grow in 2006, with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation producing a documentary about TakingITGlobal for a new show called “Make Some Noise.”

Awards World Economic Forum Young Global Leader Award, Jennifer Corriero Canadian Awards for International Cooperation Mark Drake Award for Excellence in Communication

In the news November 17, 2005 British Broadcasting Corporation World Summit on the Information Society Phase II event coverage November 2005 I4D Magazine Five years of TakingITGlobal A dynamic and global online community WSIS youth caucus: Assembling the assets Autumn 2005 Canada World View (Foreign Affairs) Youths Take IT Global

June 21, 2005 680News radio & Canadian Television Network (CTV) Official press conference announcing Live8 Canadian venue June 20, 2005 e-Week Generation Gap; Young, old need understanding - not regulation of net. May 30, 2005 Red Herring Magazine Globalism and Its Idealists

July 31, 2005 Times of India One World, Young World

April 9, 2005 The Sakhalin Times TIG making in-roads in Russia, organizes Youth Essay Competition

July 12, 2005 The New Zealand Herald Young tech star pushes IT learning

February 2005 Brass CU Magazine Making It Happen

July 2, 2005 Canadian Television Network (CTV) & CFRB 1010 AM radio Live8 Concert event coverage

January 2005 Esteem Magazine Inspiring Action


Our 2010 Vision

• Realize the potential of at least 5 million young people as leaders for the benefit of their local and global communities.

• Bridge the ‘continuity gap’— enhancing the effectiveness of youth action by connecting all major youth activities, events, programs, and initiatives in a global network.

• Promote mainstream recognition that young people are key stakeholders in all national and international policy making.

• Produce the world’s most comprehensive and powerful knowledge resource for youth enagement — pushing the boundaries of online community and technology as a tool for social empowerment.

• Instigate significant evolution in the present concepts of school education by increasing global connection, meaningful use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and inspiring student engagement.

• Demonstrate innovation, excellence, creativity, and professionalism in the management of a 21st-century international organization that is entrepreneurial, technologyenhanced, and youth-driven.

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TakingITGlobal Annual Report 2005  
TakingITGlobal Annual Report 2005  

TakingITGlobal's Annual Report for 2005