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HR Line ISSUE 2 - August 2012

London Business School to train Oman Oil’s future business leaders

Not only talking taking action!

TAKATUF Launching Weyana Programme

Introduction Takatuf: we endeavor to take action in response to every representation, written or spoken, that we receive. We hope that the contents of this newsletter will demonstrate our commitment to responding to your ideas and provide a snapshot of the many initiatives we are currently engaged in as well as some of our achievements during the last few months. Among these are the successful launch of our collaboration with the London Business School, the oneof-a-kind initiative named Weyana, and other innovative concepts such as the Takatuf Lead Cascade. All of these initiatives support our goal of strengthening and developing human capital development and talent management not only for Oman Oil and its affiliated companies, but also for Oman as a whole. Our core values have been nicely summarized by the American author Denis Waitley, who wrote “there are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them�. We have accepted the responsibility for changing them.


Khalid Al Jashmi Head of HCU


Not only talking taking action!

After the resounding success of the TAKATUF Lead Program for our executive team, TAKATUF Lead Cascade was launched with the aim of filtering the learning and experience to other top managers in the Oman Oil Group.

The intensive five-day program was run by Rob Rorich and Associates in May this year. It brought selected members of Oman Oil management together in a unique shared experience that helped to enhance their sense of Oman Oil Company’s distinctive culture. It provided top managers from across our group of companies to identify shared strategic challenges, exchange best practice experiences and create a network for continuing their dialogue. The participants engaged in action and experiential learning, interacted with international guest speakers, and


gained significant insight into their own futures through assessment and development plans. In essence action learning is about participants tackling real problems in real time with real results. It is a recognized tool that has been used for over 50 years in organizations worldwide. Most notably action learning programs are used to solve problems, develop leaders, build teams and transform corporate cultures. The participants were separated into five groups, working on the following challenges: • Adding value as Oman Oil Group; • Developing our people – international employability; • Human Resource consistency – raising the bar; • Certification standards for operators, technicians and supervisors; and • Taking employee relations into the future. The participants presented plans to take their respective challenges forward into the future to Ahmed Al Wahaibi at the final presentations on 2 May 2012. The solutions were approved, and a steering mechanism was set up in order to facilitate the implementation of these plans by the organization. We have the pleasure to announce a second TAKATUF Lead Cascade program will be launched in October in order to continue the growth and learning of the Oman Oil Group. 6


TAKATUF Launching Leadership Programme 2012 Oman Oil’s TAKATUF unit, which supports and develops human capital and talent management across the organization, selected London Business School to take the lead in the Training of Leadership programme for talented managers in Oman Oil Company and its associated group companies. London Business School, which is ranked amongst the best in the world, is already an established name in business education in the Middle East, having set up a centre in Dubai five years ago. “Through our partnership with London Business School, our people will have unprecedented access to the world’s top business thinkers and global cutting-edge research to drive improvement and growth within our companies.” Noted

Oman Oil’s CEO, Ahmed Al-Wahaibi. He added: “We’re very excited to be working with one of the world’s leading universities. They have really understood our business and environment, and have developed a solution that exactly meets our needs.” The Programme The leadership programme is a key element of Takatuf’s aim to build a highly developed talent pipeline which is geared up to unlock future business


opportunities within the company. It is a two-course programme to be delivered over two years. The “Lead with Impact” component is designed for senior experienced managers, while “Emerging Leaders” will develop those who show potential but lack management experience. The aim of this programme is to develop participants to become not only as leaders, but also as leadership role models who possess enhanced strategic and business skills and are capable of people development. It provides an exceptional professional development opportunity for high potential, ambitious Oman Oil Company and associated staff who are keen to progress within the organization. This in turn will drive improvement and growth in the Oman Oil Company and Oman. The Launch The Leadership Programme was launched on 23 June 2012 at the Millennium Resort in Mussanah, and was attended by leaders from different levels in the company. These leaders were nominated by their senior managers and supervisors to take part in the first of two customized programmes. Candidates have completed on-line assessments and pre-course exercises designed to prepare them for a dynamic programme that requires a hands-on, proactive approach from its students. Furthermore, a wide range of practical and interactive learning techniques


“Transforming our high potential managers into high performing leaders�


“Leadership is about serving your people and your country with pride.” Ahmed Al Wahaibi CEO of Oman Oil Company

will be used to transfer learning, such as faculty-led case studies, class-wide discussions, group work, one-to-one coaching, interpersonal diagnostics, virtual learning, simulations, well-being assessments, action planning and team challenges. Participants will be taught by the School’s world-leading academics, including Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, and Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. London Business School faculties are actively engaged with the business world and consult to major institutions, corporations and government agencies. Working with faculty provides participants with a professional development opportunity that combines practical learning with a global perspective. Beyond doubt, this launch marks the beginning of an exciting journey


for ambitious and talented OOC employees who wish to maximize their leadership potential. In the words of Ahmed Al Wahaibi, CEO of Oman Oil Company, “Leadership is about serving your people and your country with pride.� These wise words of encouragement underscore how important this opportunity is for individuals who are working to build their leadership profiles, and as a result become the future leaders of Oman. For more information on this programme visit the Takatuf website on


This one-of-a-kind initiative taking place across the Oman Oil group is based upon a series of highly engaging sessions that go beyond merely saying that ‘people are our assets’ to acting upon the belief that ‘only through our people do we sustain growth’. Weyana sessions covered employees from Vale, SMC, Orpic and Takamul. They received an excellent review from the participants as the majority gave a positive feedback when finishing the 3-day course.

Weyana is an integrated employee engagement program that aims for long-term sustainable growth of the employees in the first place and then the company as a whole.

Dr. Juma Al-Obeidani, IA Specialist in Orpic stated “I really benefited from the program in how to feel part of a bigger family, commitment and actively participating in improving through a culture that is based on sharing, understanding and supporting. I strongly encourage others to participate in this important program that insight our future pathway and challenges that we might face at work environment and in life in general.” Negotiations and suggestions raised in the program are


being delivered to the senior management of the companies so necessary actions could be taken, and the notion of “we heard you� will be felt by the employees. This in turn will increase the level of engagement with management and within employees in the company.


Takatuf Sponsors the First Student Creative Forum for Higher Education Institutions 13

Takatuf (HCU) along with various entities of the private sector sponsored The First Student Creative Forum for Higher Education Institutions, which was held at the Oman International Exhibition Centre from May 8 to 10.

Ministry of Higher Education with the motivation to commit to the youth of the country through regularly investing in their projects and activities. This in turn promotes divergent thinking and unravels hidden aptitudes.

The forum was organized by the

HE Dr. Rawiya Saud Al-Busaidi, 14

Furthermore, HE clarified the spatiality of the forum by being a platform that unites most of the Sultanate’s universities and colleges under one roof with the goal to innovate.

As colleges and universities are the center of innovation, which presents the nation with many future development projects in the fields of art, literature, and science, and invention in various forms of media, HE Dr. Adbulmunim bin Mansour Al-Hasani, Minister of Information, articulated his fondness for such an event to reoccur perpetually. Seeing as it provides the country with youthful innovations that could become materialized projects sometime in the near future.

This gave the forum a sense of friendly competition presenting Oman with a beautiful facade featuring high dedication to knowledge and morals.

As well as he expressed the significance of guiding and directing these innovation to be presented in a larger picture.

Minister of Higher Education, assured the forum being a great opportunity for achieving creativity, brainstorming, and displaying innovation. As well as it verifies the high intellects of Omani students, and the successful strategies of the ministry to develop students in terms of intellects and creativity.


The art of innovation and creativity remains the only method to face the future and bring it upon our present to make our lives brighter, and this is the exact language that correlated academic students to the MOHE, which in turn acquires strength and resistance for all. With reference to the big role played by the forum in building a student of higher education’s personality, and feeding the mental, psychological, and social aspect of it, organizing such events plays an active role in doing so. As well as it develops potential and talent, this is an important element to the academic and professional spheres. Bushra Al-Balushi, Sponsorship Manager, mentioned their great aspiration and commitment towards regularly investing in the youthrelated projects and activities in order to promote divergent thinking and unravel hidden aptitudes. Hopefully via such activities can investments in academic endorsements increase and so shall the youth’s creativity and participation. Ultimately, Takatuf being pioneers of talent development are proud to have sponsored such an event, and are highly motivated to support further development plans and activities, which in return strengthens and develops Oman.


Takatuf in Newspaper



Takatuf in Newspaper



Takatuf in Newspaper



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