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Koigu Wool started out as a small operation with

Maie hand spinning and dyeing the fleece from the Landra flock. The name Koigu was chosen to honor Harry’s ancestral home in Estonia. Taiu helped her mother with the daily farm work, spinning and dyeing, and after graduating from the University, she put all of her energy into making the company economically viable. In the end, the mother-daughter duo decided it was time to put the herd to pasture and outsource their wool, working closely with a mill that would spin the fine merino to their specifications. The resulting yarn was Koigu’s signature Premium Merino. This yarn was like nothing the knitting world had ever experienced before. Soft and light, the yarn became a superstar and demand skyrocketed. For the first 5 years, KPPPM was produced in the Landra farmhouse kitchen, though the operation grew so big, it was eventually necessary to build a 4500 square foot wool shed to house the yarn production. Today, the business is constantly growing. Koigu has added many additional yarns to compliment their Premium Merino: Kersti, a DK weight crepe, Mori, Othello, Sparkle, Chelsea and Lace. With demand as high as ever, the Koigu yarn is still dyed, hanked, labeled and shipped by the Landra women and a small handful of local employees. While they use the efficiency of machines where they can, every skein shipped from their warehouse is lovingly painted by hand and truly a unique work of art.



Magazine Issue 10

Contributors: Janice Sumpton, Charles Voth, Deborah Newton, Swaran Dhaliwal, Marji La Ferniere, Irina Poludnenko , Maria Leigh, Unjung Yun, Melissa Leapman, Monika Haas, Lisa Doherty, Caroline Dick, Joanna Clayson, Julia Marten, Kersti Landra, Maie Landra, Taiu Landra How to reach us for editorial, or pattern questions Email: magazine@koigu.com Manufactured and printed in Canada Koigu® Magazine, Issue No.10 Offices are Box 158, Chatsworth, Ontario, N0H1G0 Canada ©All rights reserved. 2018-2019 No part of this magazine may be copied or reproduced by any means without written permission from Koigu®. Recommended price - Single copies $12.95 US and Canada


1.Badjeros Scarf By Irina Poludnenko Koigu KPPPM one skein each [P768 (A), P850 (B), P818 (C)] Koigu KPM one skein each [1020 (D), 2320 (E), 1010 (F)];

2. Maria Sweater by Melissa Leapman Koigu Chelsea Aran, 12 (14, 16) skeins of #C818

3. Notawa Shawl By Charles Voth Koigu KPPPM 1 skein each [ P506B (A), P309A (B), P912 (C)] ; 2 skeins each [P408 (D), P818 (E), P805 (F)

4. Surrey Long Vest by Unjung Yun Koigu KPPPM 2 skeins each of P950 (A), P708(D), P715(F), P763(H), P765(J); 1 skein of P735(B). Koigu KPM 2 skeins each of 5341(C), 5412(G), 2361(I), 5311(E) or 2 Pantina Paint Packs

5. Elora Cardigan by Deborah Newton Koigu KPM 7 skeins 2504 (MC); 1 skein each 2290 (CC1), 5415 (CC2)

6. Georgette Silk Lace By Maie Landra Koigu Karmen Silk 6 skeins KS231;

7.Leaf Triangle Shawl by Unjung Yun Koigu KPPPM 2 skeins each [P458 (A), P535 (B), P003 (C), P495 (D)]

8. Charlotte’s Web Shawl By Maie Landra 1 Gradient Olive Family pack KPPPM #P971(A), #P972 (B), #P973(C), #P974(D) and #P975(E) 1 skein ea.

9.Arizona Cactus Cardigan Design by Maie Landra Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe 3(4,4) skeins K1510 (A), 2(3,3) skeins K1515 (B), 2(3,3) skeins K1505 (C),13 (14,14) skeins of K704 (D)

10.Westport Sweater by Melissa Leapman Koigu Kersti 4 (5, 6) skeins of K615 (A); 14 (16, 18) skeins of K2150 (B)

11.Rousseau Collar Jacket by Unjung Yun Koigu KPPPM 6 skeins P900(A); 5 skeins P333(B);

12.Four-Wedge Shawl by Melissa Leapman Koigu KPPPM 5 skeins of P356; Koigu KPM, 3 skeins of 5345

13.Rythme Waves Cardigan By Monika Haas Koigu KPPPM Gradient Family Colour Set “Rust”, 3(4,4)

14.Dylan Comfy Pullover By Swaran Dhaliwal Koigu Othello O150D 10 skeins,

15. Jager Pullover By Deborah Newton Koigu Kersti 17 skeins of K711;

16.Koigu Country Club Jacket By Maie Landra Koigu Chelsea Aran, 10 (11, 12) skeins #C718 main colour (A), 6(7,8) skeins #C5410 colour(B)

17.Kara Cozy Cardi By Janice Sumpton Koigu Chelsea Aran 9 (10),(11) skeins for S (M),(L) C3013;

18. Reversible Two Tone A-Line Jacket By Swaran Dhaliwal Koigu Chelsea Aran 9 skeins C5513 (colour A), 7 skeins C5511 (colour B)

18. Bancroft Cardigan By Deborah Newton Koigu Othello 13 skeins O2432;

19. Spiral Tunic by Maria Leigh Koigu KPPPM 1 skein P818; 2 skeins each - P351, P849, P320, P741; 1(2,2,2) skein(s) P466;

20. Vortex Shawl by Melissa Leapman Koigu KPPPM Pencil Box [10 x 25g demi skeins / 87yd (80m)]

21. Holmes Wrap by Marji LaFreniere Koigu KPPPM 2 skeins each P951(A), P952 (B), P954 (C) P955 (D) [Main section is made in 4 of the colors of the gray gradient family]; 1 skein P623

22. Zigazaya Socks by Caroline Dick Koigu KPM MC 1 (1,2) skeins, CC 1 (1,1) skeins, Large Sample shown in MC 5373, CC 1025 (Medium Sample MC 1025, CC 1200)

23. Log Cabin Wristlings By Lisa Doherty Koigu KPPPM Pencil Box, [10 x 25g demi skeins / 87yd (80m)]

24. Marled Sequence Wristlings By Lisa Doherty Koigu KPPPM Pencil Pack [10 x 25g demi skeins / 87yd (80m)]

25.Krystina by Melissa Leapman Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe 18 (20, 22) skeins K2410

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Michigan Fine Yarns You Knit, We inspire

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Largest selection of Koigu in Michigan