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Winter 2016

Newsletter of The Tahoe Rim Trail Association

Director of Awesome All around wonder woman and Director of Trail Use, LINDSEY SCHULTZ reports from the field on a successful summer.

Inside: Winter ‘16 Events Our Revitalized Mission Trail Ops News and Recap Volunteer Celebration Annual Report

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” Edward Abbey

View From The Rim


ow what a year! 2015 brought so many extraordinary accomplishments; I’ll hit some highlights here. We’ve welcomed five new energetic board members: Ande Chern, Jim Crompton, Jackie Ferek, Alice Hampton and Carl Woods. The Board and Staff spent five months developing a new strategic plan, which included defining our purpose, vision, mission and the goals and objectives to meet the mission.

by Mary Bennington Executive Director

Purpose: The Tahoe Rim Trail Association exists to protect and preserve the trail and the user experience. Vision: The Tahoe Rim Trail connects diverse users to nature on a trail like no other. We made a very minor but important change to our mission: To maintain and enhance the Tahoe Rim Trail system, practice and inspire stewardship and “preserve” access to the “natural” beauty of the Lake Tahoe region. With this change, the organization acknowledges the importance of preserving not only our amazing trail but the one of a kind user experience on our trail for future generations. This will bring some exciting changes to our programs in the upcoming year! If you’d like to see a synopsis of the plan you can find it on our website in the Press Room. We finished up our “Connecting Tahoe Rim Trail Users to Transportation Alternatives Project” funded by a TRPA/TMPO 2

TRAIL BLAZER | Winter 2016 | Tahoe Rim Trail Association

On Our Way Grant with some great results. Two new transit stops have already been added at Spooner Summit to serve our two trailheads, signage will be improved at both the Tahoe City and Stateline Transit Centers, our website and the Transportation websites have been updated with useful information about how to get to our trailheads on public transit. In addition, we gathered excellent data on TRT users and developed recommendations to provide transportation alternatives to decrease vehicle miles traveled by those recreating in the basin. You can also view the full report and fact sheet in the Press Room.

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association was one of two organizations to complete the Summer Cadre for the Service Enterprise Initiative with Nevada Volunteers. This process involved evaluating our volunteer program, finding even more ways to involve volunteers and leveraging their skills to build our organization’s capacity. Based on our total of 426 volunteers who gave over 18,500 hours in the past year helping us meet our mission, we exemplify what the Service Enterprise Initiative is all about! To celebrate our incredible volunteers’ efforts, we had a grand party in September at Valhalla Tahoe to thank everyone! As winter approaches, I hope you will join all of us doing a snow dance! Happy trails!

Mary Bennington Executive Director

00 80


Pencil in the TRTA this winter and join us for a variety of TRTA events from winter snowshoe treks to trail talks with local experts. Visit for a full listing of events and opportunities. Highlights include: 6500



Snow Camping 101


Thru Hike Program


Shannon Skarritt Office Administrator

Laurie Buffington Volunteer & Outreach Manager

Justine Lentz Board Of Directors President John Singlaub Vice President Karen Ross Treasurer John McCall Secretary Jennifer Hogler Sustainable Funding

Jeanne Fisher-Thompson Trail Operations Dave Schnake


Director of Membership & Outreach


Lindsey Schultz


Director of Operations


Mary Bennington

Director of Trail Use



Camping and snow totally go together; you just might not know it yet! Our fearless guides will teach you the basics of snow camping during an overnight on the trail the weekend of March 12th and 13th.

Executive Director

Morgan Fessler





TRTA Winter Happenings

Trail Blazer is the official publication of the Tahoe Rim Trail Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to maintain and enhance the Tahoe Rim Trail00 system, practice 75 and inspire stewardship and preserve access to the natural beauty of the Lake Tahoe Region.





Tahoe Rim Trail Association

Toss your water worries down the well and hike the entire Tahoe Rim Trail over the course of two weeks with the TRTA’s supported Thru Hike Program. 2015 Thru Hikes are schedule for August 13th-27th and September 10th-24th. 7000


Segment Hike Program

Interested in a guided trip around the entire TRT but not interested in hiking for two weeks straight? We have an option for you! With the TRTA’s Segment Hike Program participants complete the entire trail over the course of 12 weeks during 12 day hikes on either Wednesdays or Fridays. The program provides expert guides, shuttle service, and all of the information you need to embark on this challenge to complete 165 TRT miles. These popular programs fill up fast so make sure to mark your calendar for the date that registration opens for your TRTA trek: nn Thru Hike Program – January 13 at 10am PST nn Snow Camping 101 – January 21 at 10am PST nn Segment Hike Program – January 27 at 10am PST

Trail Use Ro Martinoni Board Members

Bob Anderson, Ande Chern, Jim Crompton, David De Voe, Jackie Ferek, Alice Hampton, Petra Keller, Roger Rosenberger, Carl Woods


Wilderness First Aid with Wilderness Medicine Institute

January 30 - 31, 2016

($220 Members/$245 Non-Members)

April 2 - 3, 2016 Contact Us

128 Market St. Suite 3E PO Box 3267

Stateline, NV 89449

Phone: 775-298-4485 -

($220 Members/$245 Non-Members)

There is still time to catch one of the TRTA’s popular Wilderness First Aid Trainings! Professionals from Wilderness Medicine Institute will be at our office in January and April to teach Wilderness First Aid and prepare individuals for medical emergencies in the backcountry. Scholarships are available for active TRTA Crew Leaders and Guides!

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association works in partnertship with the USDA Forest Service and Nevada State Parks TRAIL BLAZER | Winter 2016 | Tahoe Rim Trail Association


The Dirt On Trail Operations

by Morgan Fessler Director Of Operations


t’s 8:00am on a Saturday in July and I’m headed down to Echo Lakes preparing for our trail survey and it hits me, I’m not even going to find a spot to park. At Echo Lakes, as the TRTA did at other trailheads around the Tahoe Rim Trail, staff and volunteers conducted a trail survey gathering information from trail users about their experience and interest. One aspect of the survey included hourly parking counts of cars at trailheads. The first count taken on that Saturday morning in July 2014 was 157 which peaked to 197 by noon. Looking at the parking lot, I’m not sure I would agree that there was capacity for 197! Cars were parked over red lines, blocking others in, off the pavement, and some even seemed to just stop in the middle of the street. Unfortunately this experience is not unique. A weekend on the TRT is getting busier. Luckily the trailheads seem to be the sticking point. Once we hit the trail, we can take a deep breath of fresh air, smell the pines, and enjoy. But these challenges highlight a growing debate around the TRT that is brewing in our community of users. Trails, types of trail users, trail conflicts, trail maintenance and special events have been highlighted throughout the summer in regional news outlets, and for as many different issues that came up, there were probably tenfold that number of opinions about how these issues should be managed. These issues are also playing out on a national stage as the public deals with the effects on our individual recreational experience in a region that has seen extensive population increase and an explosion in interest and desire to enjoy outdoor recreation. This was depicted in an extremely interesting infographic by Marshall Swearingen in High Country News this July titled, “Public-lands Visitation and Recreation by the Numbers” which shows the doubling

of the population in the west between 1970 and 2010 and its effects on recreation and popular recreational destinations. It’s a very interesting read that I recommend checking out! With this increase in use, which types of users get to use what trails? How do we expand our group of trail users to include currently under represented populations? How do we balance what one user considers their favorite technical rock ‘project’ and another deems a significant hazard? Do we advocate for shuttles and public transit because it reduces vehicle miles traveled or hope trailhead parking capacity limits the users to a reasonable level? What does over saturation look like when it comes to on-trail events - one a month, one a weekend, one a day? What is the right balance for events to bring in revenue and tourism dollars while not negatively impacting the trail and trail users not involved in these events? Much more broadly, is the larger framework for how our public land is managed on par with the changing realities of the 21st century? I could go on but you get the point. There is a lot to consider! It is in the context of these challenges that the Tahoe Rim Trail Association reexamined its mission during a fall strategic planning session. The TRTA’s new mission is to maintain and enhance the Tahoe Rim Trail system, practice and inspire stewardship and PRESERVE access to the NATURAL beauty of the Lake Tahoe Region. The mission is the same aside from two seemingly minor changes. The word preserve replaces promote and natural was added. These changes highlight the TRTA board’s recognition of the value of not just the trail but the overall trail experience including occasional solitude, the ‘viewshed’, and the opportunity to experience as John Muir eloquently said, “another glorious

Sierra day in which one seems to be dissolved and absorbed and sent pulsing onward we know not where. Life seems neither long nor short, and we take no more heed to save time or make haste than do the trees and stars.� The Tahoe Rim Trail has certainly been discovered. While promotion may not be the main goal, preservation is tantamount. Land managers, the TRTA board, our membership and our community of trail users have a lot to consider as we collectively sort through how to best manage this valuable public resource. In the meantime, as trail stewards we look to new solutions and techniques to ensure that, regardless of use patterns, the Tahoe Rim Trail System remains a world class experience. During the summer of 2015, trail crews spent a significant amount of time armoring portions of trail, a process that helps ensure the trail has minimal erosion, rebuilding turns and

switchbacks, and addressing drainage issues. 25 Miles of trail were maintained and more than 300 downed trees were removed from the trail. 351 Fabulous folks came out to volunteer on the Tahoe Rim Trail System and represent a big part of the solution. No matter the management decisions Many different types of users frequent that are made regarding the Rim Trail, with our trails, erosion will more and more each still happen, trees will year. Representing diverse sets of still fall on the trail, and user interests is maintenance will remain a key part of the an imperative element Tahoe Rim Trail to successful recreation Association’s purposed and for everyone and a key mission. component of what the TRTA does. We love the passion for recreation the TRT community has and want to encourage everyone to get involved! Also consider joining a trail crew and remember that everyone you encounter on the trail is out there for similar reasons and a friendly hello, howdy goes a long way!

Lindsey’s Compass by Lindsey Schultz Director Of Trail Use


ust like the individual uniqueness of one’s fingerprint, no two snowflakes are alike. Little was known about snowflakes, however, until 1885 when Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley of Jericho, Vermont began an obsessive quest to understand the nature of the snowflake. By capturing the snow on a black piece of felt, rushing it over to a homemade, camera-readied microscope, and carefully placing the flake on the lens with the help of a turkey feather, Bentley captured over 5,000 snowflake images. These “tiny miracles of beauty”, as Bentley called them, form through the coordinated efforts of countless aerial variables beginning with very cold water freezing onto a floating particle in the sky creating an ice crystal, also known as Diamond Dust. As the ice crystal falls, additional water vapor freezes to the primary ice crystal forming new crystals which then branch into six arms forming what we recognize to be a snowflake. The journey from floating particle to Diamond Dust to snowflake, though identical in sequence, differs in such a way that each six armed ice crystal can be distinguished from all others. Interested in unravelling more winter mysteries this season? Hit the trail and experience the TRT in snow. To kick start your adventure, here are a few snowflake friendly tips to keep in mind: A good thermos is your friend! Hiking in the snow works up quite an appetite and having a nice hot cup of tea or soup ready for a rest stop is even better than the cherry on top.

Trail Use 2015 Accomplishments Guides and Ambassadors gave over 4,000 hours sharing their passion and knowledge of the TRTA and safely helping others around the Tahoe Rim Trail. They led 31 guided hikes, two backcountry skills courses, two Thru Hikes, two multi-week Segment hikes, and four Youth Backcountry Camps guiding 332 adult and 37 youth participants.

It’s slippery out there. Snowy trails can turn into icy trails after a few passes. Consider Yak Trax type devices for your shoes and/or trekking poles. Keep in mind that, in general, the TRT is not signed for winter use. Have a map and compass and know how to navigate when the trail is not visible. If your furry, four legged friend is accompanying you, make sure to pay special attention to their paws. Snow and ice can buildup on their paws which dogs often try to lick off (and if you have ever seen ‘A Christmas Story’ you can image where that will get them). Consider booties or baby oil to remedy this. Check out the TRTA’s trail conditions page for updates on winter trail conditions and send us your reports! Take a trek with an expert. Join the TRTA and get into the snowy backcountry this winter by joining one of our guided winter snowshoe treks or Snow Camping 101. Learn how to survive and thrive in the still of winter.

Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge Highlights It’s year three and the Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge continues to expand by leaps and bounds! This year we reached exciting milestones with a community of new and veteran challengers! Each one displayed their own outstanding endurance and enthusiasm as they hit the trail exploring more of the TRT and the natural beauty of the Tahoe Basin! What will 2016 bring? We have yet to see! What we can promise is another fun year on the trail, more sections of the Tahoe Rim Trail to explore and new activities for families, teams and individuals to enjoy while learning the long-lasting value of preserving this “trail like no other!”

Who’s Who? Congrats to our Trail Challengers who Tracked the Most Miles William Bowers Phillip Gregory Susan Kelso Christine Winkel Chris Harley

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! On September 27th, TRTA volunteers gathered for an evening at the historic Valhalla Grand Hall to celebrate another remarkable year. Volunteers received bandanas for achieving over 50, 100, and 250 hours and took part in dismantling a piñata, dressing up for the photo booth, and sharing stories of their experiences while enjoying some delicious barbecue. Thank you to each and every TRTA volunteer for all your hard work!

Morien Roberts Sharon Marie Wilcox Brook Engel Hanna Bernard Petra Keller




corporate & business supporters


miles tracked on the TRT

471,858 feet climbed


challengers joined “Where’s McLeod? Giveaway Days”

165 Mile Club Completing the entire 165+ miles of the Tahoe Rim Trail is no easy feat! Here are the 2015 additions to the 165 Mile Club as of October 26, 2015. Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Jane McGrath Alexandra Cramond Kelly Cramond Abram Haen Jon Hart Carl Lackey Nolan Lackey Scott Brown Morgan Denny Mary Cushing Drew Adams Michele Young Craig Young Ingrid Nelson Dana Belden William Leachman Susie Askew Roy Iskin Debra Nelson Tom Garayoa Colleen Katen Laura Johnson Marilyn Toscano Susan Russo Scott Davis Joe Riedel Darrell Jones Roxanne Dressler Heather Rand Thomas Williams Jason Notaro Kent Krout Kathy Vomund David Vomund Caprice Lee Erin Thompson Joe Cole Kim Cole Emily Gilbert Glen Hudman Todd Boris Nicole Grewe Michael Ranta Thomas Piette Stephen Verchinski Matthew Kinney Kimberly Kinney Charles Turner Michal Nugent Ronald Crete Austin Beasley Zachary Crete

Jaela Crete Kira Crete Ann Ice Alison Tyman DeeDee Jensen Gary Lamkin Grace Liu Jesse Locks Maria Dubina Toni Cervantes Tom Dodson Vida Stamey Kate Stansfield Michaela Burgess Carol Myers Jessica Paul Kyle Gunther Adam O’Regan Karen Reed Jennie Gordon Mary Nelson Randy Nelson Tami Harrison Mike Cooney Jayto Bonson James T. Smith Tina Hyde Denise Caravelli Joy Salmon Carol Dolian Josh Beroukhim Robert Nevermann Dean Stutzki Matthew Massa Barbara Babcock Katherine Schierenbeck Karen PennerJohnson Marc Johnson Donna Inversin Stephen Witort Dean Heidrich Mike Cooper Kim Stribling Alma Holland Brennan Johnston Richard Baker Carrie Garlick JoAnne Goena Sarah Uzel Ashley Church

Matthew Fiduk Kenneth Becker Charles Ananos Sonya Huggins David Huggins Will Marshall Robin Wolf Chivonne Harrigal Mike McLaughlin Kathryn Rogers Jennifer Clements Michael Atkinson Tanya Canino Devin Jenkins Annette (Nettie) Russi Martina Kenney Michael Blum Kent Hartley John Jansen Jim Nangle Laurel Dempsey Melanie Nangle Michael Linker Monica Hill Patricia Jansen Toni Folwarkow Regine Siebenmorgen Gwendy Reeder Tony Moraros Laurie Moraros CB Houston Dave McNeil Paul Hanson Maureen Marple Mary Fox Angie Jackson Genevieve Skora Eric Tallberg Gyda Sears Bryan Martel Heidi Sanderson Gen Shibayama Kim Ray Dave Ray Jason Laurie Teresa Pahler Amelia Pease Meryl Lowell Chris Abess

Volunteer Opportunities

The Tahoe Rim Trail Association would not exist without volunteer power! Whether you are looking for a long term commitment or want to join just for the day, we have an opportunity for everyone. Check out all the ways to get involved below!


Time Commitment

Trail Worker

Help maintain and improve existing trail! Work varies in distance and difficulty.

Attend a seven hour workday from 9am - 4pm. Workdays take place June - October most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Crew Leader

Lead volunteer work crews by providing technical guidance and trail expertise.

Attend Crew Leader training in May 2016 and five workdays during the season.

Backcountry Camp Cook

Help prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for hungry work crews at camp.

Camp out and cook at a backcountry camp. Camps take place July - August for a 2 - 3 day period.

Trail Guide

Lead participants safely along the TRT and provide backcountry knowledge and expertise.

Start by joining the TRTA for on trail programming.

2015 Annual Celebration at the Nevada Museum of Art


n October 20th the TRTA gathered to celebrate another fantastic year on the Tahoe Rim Trail and the amazing contributions of volunteers, our community, and businesses that make it all possible. If you see our awardees on the trail make sure to tell them congratulations! Annual Celebration Awardees Hiker Award Dave Schnake Hall of Fame Bob Anderson George Brown Jennifer Hogler

Presidential Citation Coleen Shade Peak Award Don & Cheryl Bailey Keith & Marilyn Sanders Heroic Deeds Kate Huckbody Carl Woods Agency Partner Jacob Quinn, USDA Forest Service Business Partner Ron Parson, Granlibakken Media Award Mayumi Elegado, Moonshine Ink

25 Year Members

The support of our 2,100+ members is the foundation upon which the TRTA is able to grow and flourish. This year the TRTA honors our long-standing members who have made a dedicated financial commitment to our organization by being TRTA members for the past 25 years! Thank you for your continued support. 2015 - 25 Year Members Larry Struve Mike & Kathy Bradford Debbie & Roy Elsbernd Thomas Ringkob Marcia & Charles Growdon George Daugavietis Tom Harrison Janet Murray TRAIL BLAZER | Winter 2016 | Tahoe Rim Trail Association


2013/2014 Annual Report



FY 2014 Income Donations




Program Income Merchandise Sales Restricted Grant Income Total Income

76,538.81 6,233.18

66,703.00 586,215.00 49,137.23

Other Income/Expense


Reserve Account

-307.03 34,742.17

Other Expense Restricted Grant Expenses Total Other Expense Net Other Income

Grants & Contracts Receivable

Total Current Assets

942.20 0.21 942.41

















Property, Plant & Equipment, net of accumulated depreciation Other Assets Investments held for endowment Long-term pledges receivable, net


In Kind Donation



Intangible assets

Other Income

Total Other Income



Prepaid expenses


Endowment Account





Net Ordinary Income


635,352.23 460,677.00


Current Assets

Pledges receivable

Administration Total Expense



Expense Program


Total assets







LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Current Liabilities Accounts payable



Other accrued liabilities



Deferred revenue







Total current liabilities/


total liabilities

82,936.99 Net Assets

Designated for Endowment Fund Designated for Stewardship Fund Unrestricted, undesignated Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted Total net assets













Total liabilities & net assets

*Auditors Note: The TRTA’s operations are significantly dependent upon the support provided by trained volunteers. Such Volunteers provided approximately 15,300 hours of volunteer services during the FY2014. If these volunteer services were included in the financial statements, program costs would comprise approximately 86% of total costs.




00 80




2015 Business & Corporate Members

7500 for their The support we receive from the business community is outstanding! We would like to thank the following businesses financial and in-kind gifts which support both our programs and organization!



6500 7000







MT. TALLAC MEMBERS $4,999-$2,500





MT. BALDY MEMBERS $2,499-$1,000

MT. WATSON MEMBERS - $999-$500 Tahoe Expedition Academy - Dermody Properties - Squeeze In - Corinth Land Co. CASTLE ROCK MEMBERS & TRAILSIDE INN MEMBERS - $250 Wanna Ride Tahoe Trail Shuttle - Red Oak Opportunity Foundation - Ursack - M Levy and Company Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort - Ferrari’s Crown Resort - Vacasa - Cedar House Sport Hotel IN-KIND & MEDIA SUPPORTERS - $500+ YESCO Outdoor Media - Deuter - Nicole Cheslock - North American Embroidery Moonshine Ink - Feline Design - Sierra Sun & North Tahoe Bonanza

Would you like to become a Business & Corporate Member? We offer unique member benefits to businesses which contribute over $250 monetary and/or $500 worth of in-kind support. Please contact Shannon Skarritt, Director of Membership & Outreach at or 775-298-4490.


Mid October 2014 - Mid October 2015

ADOPT-A-VISTA DONORS $5,000 John & Andrea Deane Rob & Laura Wendel Family Charitable Fund HONORARY GIFTS DON BATES Abigail Bates JOHN BENTZ Mariann Bentz JON P. DAVIDSON Mark R. Davidson DAVID M. DEVOE Jim & Nancy Cline William Lennon JANISE DEVOE James Noe Curtis Parks JANE GROSSMAN Nancy Grossman-Samuel SUE HENSON Ellen Goldsmith DEBBIE LE VEEN Jessica Farr MEMORIAL GIFTS BARBARA ANDERSON Ameriprise Financial Alyson Decker Barbara Foy Elkhorn Women’s Golf Association Roger Barnes CAROL AUSLEN Ron Alling Barbara Kurek Billie Cotton Bob A. McDowell Carla Thomas Carole Terry Dick Gardner Edith Weber

Jean Atherton Lin Lopes Maryon Tilley Steven Gee Susan Watkins


JOHN L. DAEGLING Helen Durfee David & Susan Elliott Joe Hoxsie Barbara Roberts Art J. Sable David Smythe

KATIE TYLER Charles Bergh

DEANE MEMORIAL VISTA Charles Growdon Conyes Foundation DAVID B. DEMING Sandra & Alfred Osborne ROBERT DRISCOLL Bryce Meredith WYNNE HUTCHINS DOYLE Creekside Hideout Inc. Jayne Campbell Thomas Caulfield Dennis Chiodo Sandra Chiodo Chuck Corley Dick Cotter William Eggers Kristine Klein Cathie La Porta Janice Legge CINDY KNIPFER Ralp Hird LYNN R. LILLIE Elizabeth, Larry, Lynda & Garrett Anderson VERNON MEISER Stephen Benna Byron Jerome Meiser Daryl E. Drake Janaan Husmann Kathy Drake MARY W. MOORE Judy Stein


DOTTIE WINANS MILER Frances Alling Vern Brassey Carlowe Connelly Billie Cotton Nicole Curutchet Edgewood Ladies Bridge Club Ellen English Lisa Grawey Robert Hooper John Kurylo Bill Laughlin Patricia Olson Ron Overli Al Rossini Greg Scoles Susan Steele $5,000 AND ABOVE DONORS Ascent Environmental Inc. Chris & Bob Feibusch John & Diane McCall Roger & Bobbi Rosenberger Keith & Marilyn Sanders Jack V Singer III, Trustee Stephen S. Ball Revocable Trust $2,499 -$4,999 DONORS Desert Research Institute Design Workshop Valerie Moore & Alan Stein NV Energy Renown Health Sunshine Tahoe Tahoe Forest Health System The Brown Family Foundation The Crystal Family Foundation $1,000 - $2,499 DONORS Jim Ambrose Bob Anderson Jim Backhus

Nancy Barrett Gregory Beltran Laura Brigham & Brian Beffort Judy & Mike Bruner Kevin Carnahan Guy & Phyllis Conces Corinth Land Co. Cornerstone Community Church Jim Crompton Mark Davidson Joseph F. Downes Suzanne Etheridge Far Western Anthropological Research Group Inc. Ross & Rhonda Franke Carole Freeman & Sharon McBryde Donny & Janie Friend Family Philanthropic Fund Charles & Gail Green Jane Grossman Steve & Jan Hamill Eleanor Hewlett Gimon Sue & Brooks Johnson Family Fund. J.J. King Joseph Lesar & Family Ester Levandoski Ro Martinoni Janice McNeily Microsoft Melissa Monk Steve & Kathy Richards Jim & Chris Russell Craig Schriber & Amy Khan Jack Selby Ed Smith Alan Stein Phil & Cyndi Steiner Robin Stimson The Alvarado Family Tietig Family Fund Vasicek Foundation Patrick and Tonya Wallace Wells Fargo Bank Wiesner Nature Endowment Fund $999 - $500 DONORS Shirley Allen Charles Bergh George Borst George Boutros Harlan & Kay Braaten Toni Cervantes

2015 Grant Contributors Nevada Division of State Lands National Recreational Trails Program NV Energy Foundation 7500 Recreational Equipment Inc. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency/TMO Tahoe Mountain Resorts Foundation Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Vail Resorts EchoPromise 00


American Hiking Society California Alpine Club Foundation California Gang Taskforce County of El Dorado El Cord Federal Highway Administration Jack Van Sickle Family Foundation Nancy Eccles & Homer Hayward Family Foundation



Heather Lake Ande & Mike Chern Donna Christenson Cheryl Closson Betty & Monte Coffman Steve Cohn Kevin & Nancy Cooper Mike Cooper Alfonso & Mercy Cordero Anne M. Cronin & Family Robert Dathe Petra De Groot Gail De Mattei Laurel Dempsey Dermody Properties Tom Dodson Maria Dubina Bill & Judy Echols Paul Feigenbaum Jackie Ferek & Bill Doherty Jim & Jeanne Fisher-Thompson Antoinette Folwarkow Jack & Maureen Fritschi William P. Gillespie Gingerich Family Fund Laurie Grossman Nancy Grossman-Samuel Marcia & Charles Growdon Phil & Lynette Harper Dar Hay Ann Heese Dean Heidrich & Family Alfred & Katherine Herbermann Barbara Hill Monica & Scott Hill Alma Holland Steve Hourigan Ann Ice John & Patty Jansen Patricia Jansen Guy & Tracy Jaquier Doreen Jensen Jim Backhus Tahoe Endowment Fund Jeri & Jeffery Johnson Ms. Diane Kageyama Bill & Elise Kearney Kiwanis Club of South Lake Tahoe-Nooner Cheryl & Grady Kromer Grady Kromer Gary Lamkin

Michael Linker Grace Liu Jesse Locks Meryl Lowell Sonia Lucas Paul & Diane Makley Shari Malone Kim & Michael Mardesich Will Marshall Paula Messano Ginger & Ron Mitchell Jim Mrazek Jill Mulcahy Stephen Musser James & Melanie Nangle Melanie Nangle Debra Nicholson Corinne Oakes Lance & Suzette Olson Olympic Bike Shop Lia Parma Laura Perry Bob & Cindy Pester Mike & Terri Phelps James Pine Randall & Cynthia Pond Linda Powley Patti Proffitt Gwendy Reeder Diane Roberts Karen Ross Annette Russi Regine Siebenmorgen Tammy Sisson Linda Slater Sliwkowski Family Fund Mike & Carolyn Smith Squeeze In Vida Stamey Marla Stark & Doug Collom Mike Stone & Norma Brownell Kim Stribling Tahoe Expedition Academy TAMBA John & Susan Thickett Cliff & Bonnie Thomson Maryon Tilley Douglas Tinker Jim Tuttle Alison Tyman

Kathy & John Ward Joanne White Dick Wiesner Stephen Witort Wolverine Worldwide Foundation Bryan Wright Ray & Carol Zelinski

Darrell Drummond Michael C. Evans Richard Fink Diane Fisher Roger & Nancy Fones Bill Frey James & Mary Ann Gaebe Kathy Gallagher Nancy Gisko & Max Gisko $499 - $250 DONORS Peter & Sandy Golze Roy & Leslie Adams Doug & Kolby Graham Adventure Maps Inc. Nancy & Jim Greenhalgh Ameriprise Financial Marsha & Ralph Guggenheim Larry Anderson & Family Steve & Cheryl Hale Steve & Ruth Anderson Alice & Wade Hampton Jan Askin Harrah’s NNV Irene Babcock Drews & George Drews Ethan Heinz Kevin Bacon Jane Hiatt Will & Peggy Bakula Aaron Hieber Jimmie & Kendall Barrett Randolph & Betty Holder Rachel, Jeff & Patricia Barth Brett Hubbard Stephen & Karen Benna John Hudson Mary & Rich Bennington Tom & Mary Anne Jorde Sharon Berman Jim Kaplan Kathi Berman Kelly Katharine Steven & Renee Bouck John Keating Barbara Boucke Petra Keller Karen Brems Chuck Kelley Phil & Nancy Brisack Sheila Kendrick Hanley Brite Janet Koval & Paul Franklin Kathleen Budge Bob & Stephanie Legoy John & Sue Carne Hollis Lenderking Peter & Joan Carpenter Larry & Cheryl Lewin Cedar House Sport Hotel M Levy and Company Shari Chase Jon & Linda Madsen Sandy Cladianos Rita Maldonado Jim & Nancy Cline Paul & Becky Manoukian Susan Colb John & Kathy McCorduck Billie Cotton Christopher & Barbara McLain Jay Crosson & Sharon Levine Ken Miller & Enid Morris Herb Cunitz Maureen Mullarky Lynn Dantzker Jon Nakkerud Gordon & Carolyn Davidson Renee Nell Robin De Negri Antonia Neubauer Harold & Kendyl Depoali Paul & Antje Newhagen Lori & Raymond Depole North American Embroidery Chris Dier Susan & Robert Novasel Dennis & Pat Dougherty Lesley Nygaard John F. Drewes Kay & Monte Osborn Ellen Driscoll Mike Pape

Rebuilt trail on Armstrong Pass completed during a Backcountry Camp, an overnight volunteer experience with TRTA.

$999 - $500 DONORS (CONTINUED) Parks Project Theodore & Susan Pitts Shauna & Bill Portanova Bradley Pospichel Louise & Paul Proffer Mrs. Dorothy Prowell Robin Rakusin Scott & Emily Rand Red Oak Opportunity Foundation Thomas Reed Bob & Joyce Rhodes Brian Richardson Joe Riedel Bernard Ross Robert & Marilyn Rusk Kim & Craig Scheidt Sonja Schmid David Schnake & Lorrie Bruce Paul & Edna Schumacher Ben & Sandy Scott John Singlaub Edward Smith Thomas Smith Larry Southern Bruce & Bette Storey Jay Stuart & Nancy Wong & Alycia Tahoe Trail Bar Stan & Fran Taylor & Family The Day Is Young, LLC Tami Thompson Maggie Tracey & Brendan Riley Ursack Vacasa Wanna Ride-Tahoe Trail Shuttle Paul Ward & Kathy Bates Mr. & Mrs. William Warren Linda Waterhouse Bradley Wishek Carl & Donna Woods Michele & Craig Young Dawn Zemo & Stephanie Stehling Don & Dorothy Zito Karen Zito & Manuel Calderon De La Barca

$249 - $100 DONORS Toshio & Akiko Akiyama Andrea Allen Melissa Allen & Elisabeth Andreason D. Fred & Jill Altman Steve & Anna Anderson Sarah Armstrong Douglas Arrison Ben Ashbaugh Brian Ashe & Cynthia Rigatti Susie Askew Rhett, Elaine & Michael Atkinson Karen Axelsson The Bailey Family Don Bailey, Sr. Penni Baker Bob & Laurel Ballou Roger and Sarah Barnes Caleb Bartley James Bassett & Lily Hurlimann Richard Bateman Caedmon Bear Rick Beebe & Family Sid & Jane Bekowich Dana Belden The Belding Family Mariann Bentz John & Linda Benzing Richard & Verna Bercik The Bernardi Family Ross & Judy Berry Don & Kathy Berryman David C. Bewley Kathryn Biasotti Paul & Judith Bible Bike the West/TGFT Production Russ & Trary Bishop Hendrik Blom Oren Blostein & Heather Elliott Michael Blum Brian Boggs Karen Bohannan-Reed Cynthia Bowles Richard & Kathleen Bowles Gary & Patti Boxeth

Sarah & Sherman Boxx Boy Scout Troop 7012 Vallejo CA Don & Dale Boyle Edward Breuner David Brew Bridgetender Keith Brisack Jeanne Brower Michael & Elsie Brown Sonja Brownlee Robert Brunswick The Bryson Family The Buenaventura Family Laurie & Mike Buffington Katherine & Roy Bukstein Mr. Kent S. Burningham Candice Burt Frank & Susan Calfa Wendy Calvin Patricia J. Campbell Stuart & Monica Campbell Doug & Lisa Canepa Linda & Gene Cardillo Rod & Barbara Carpenter Carson Valley Trails Association Janice and Steve Chaffin Chris Chan Bruce & Susie Chapin Robert Chester & Jennifer Trask Dennis L. and Sandra K. Chiodo Sandra J. and Louis J. Chiodo John & Kathleen Christopherson Anthony Clark Carl Clarke Lisa Clarke Sydney Coatsworth Gwendy Cochran Michael Coffer C.P.A. James & Marie Colbert Family Fund Lane Cole Robert H. Cole Stephen R. Cole College Cyclery Carlowe Connelly Leilani & Michael Connolly Conyes Foundation Gary H. Cooper M.D.

Susan & Bill Cordonnier John B. Corgan Chuck and Kristi Corley Dick and Janet Cotter Frank & Carol Coughlin Jane Couperus Creekside Hideout, Inc. Ken & Kelly Creighton Theresa Crocker Bill & Joanne Cunningham Cindy Curran & Jenna May Charles Curtis William & Renee Curtis Joe & Lynn Cutts D C L Family Partnership, L P The Dampier Family The Damron Family Sherry Long & Rob De Mandel Robert & Dorothy Dean The Decker Family Tom and Debbie Deeble Ron & Connie Deller Don Desrosiers James Dexter Ann Diemer John & Nora Distefano Chris Dittmore Thomas & Patricia Dobson Deborah Dodd & Richard Watson Adrian Doolittle David Douglas Laraine Downer Loree Draeger Daryl E. Drake Judy & Chuck Drake Kathy Drake Ms. Helen Durfee Margaret Eadington Wayne Eckert Lori & Mark Edelstone John & Skyler Edgcomb and April Powers Joan and Bill Eggers Kym & Mike Elam Robert Elo & Family Ed Epperson Jack Faber

The TRTA trains and coordinates volunteer guides to assist with organized day hikes and thru hikes

Bill Fant & Family Jessica Farr Lauren Farrar Ann Farrell Diemer Connie Fasani John Fedak Feldman McLaughlin Thiel LLP Ferrari Crown Resort Michele Finch Waltraud Finch Donald & Bonnie Fitzgerald Scott Fitzmorris Shannon Foley Helen L. Foster Kay Fox Bob & Barbara Fox Barbara & Bob Foy Dean & Susan Freedlun Donald & Cynthia Frei Bruce & Diane Friend Catherine Furco Martin Gaehwiler Dick Galland & Annie Callaway Rick & Vikki Gallien Jim & Paula Gansinger Dick & Nancy Gardner Raymond & Marilee Garland Cynthia Gates Angie Gebert Steven and Phyllis Gee Dave & Linda George Mary & James Germain Alan & Susanna Giddings Karen Gilbert Sue & Steve Gilbert Robert Gleeson Glebrook Rental Program, LLC Neil Glick Renee & Mark Gorevin Constance Gowen Lisa Grawey Randall & Jana Greer John Gregory Laurie Gregory Ed & Sara Groenendyke Richard & Carrol Ann Gross Anita Habberfield Harry Hall Michael Hall Jennie Hamiter Steve & Betsy Hand Rick Hanford

Stephen Hanon Robin Hansen, Md & Gordon Ulrey Paul and Roxanne Hanson Avril Harcourt Chris & Marsha Harley Family Fund Chris & Marsha Harley Gordon Harris Perry & Anne Harris Tom Harrison Susan and Jim Hart John Hartog Chad Hayes Katrina Hedlesky & John Gibson Chris Henry & Family Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Herrmann Mark Herron Genevieve Hess Elwood Hill Mark Hill Don and Adrienne Hillebrandt Craig Hillock Melissa Hodous Jon & June Hoefer Jennifer Hogler & Brad Kosch Elizabeth Holloway Bill Holt & Jennifer Tripp Bob and Daphne Hooper Joe & Kathie Hoxsie Susan Hughes Greg Hull Kim Hull Husmann-Janssen Family Michael Husted The Idzorek Family Incline Chiropractic The Irwin Family Chris & Pauline Iwata & Family The Jack Family Daniel & Gayle Jacquet Devin Jenkins Kathie & Steve Jenkins Kevin Joell Scott Jordan Alan Kalman Karl Katt Peter Keady Kathy Keef Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Keil John Keller Medley Kelley Rickie & Art Kerckhoff Tom & Cathy Kerns

Scott Kessler Gary & Cynthia Kiedaisch Hugh & Vickie Kieffer Donald Kieselhorst Alan G. Kirios Kiwanis Club of North Lake Tahoe Kristine Klein Todd Kliston Augie Knickelbein Skip & Nancy Kniesche Brenda Knox & Roni Davis Winston & Katy Ko Wayne & Susan Koide Dagmara Kokonas Otto & Jillian Kramm Bill & Terry Krivan Mark & Lily Kuehne Debbie Kuzmiak Cathie La Porta Lake Tahoe Pizza Co. Pat Lamb Michelle & Robert Larsen Patricia Lashier Rachelle Latimer Robert Latzy & Phyllis Goni-Latzy Janice & John Le Pouvoir The Robert & Carolyn C. Lee Family Foundation Fund Cathie Lee Chilton & Nancy Lee Chris & Marie Legallet Janice Legge William & Daisy Lennon Janice Leung Larry & Barbara Leusing Michael Levin Mary Levine & Family Bruce Levy Michael Liddy & Cynthia Morrison David Lindquist Linda Lisbakken Eduardo Llach Barbara Longshore Richard Luker John Lusk Loren & Patricia Lyall Mary Macleod Scott MacLeod Timothy & Nancy Mahoney Lois Markovich Elizabeth Martin Michael Maruhashi Nancy Matteoli Norm Matteoni Steven Mayberry Nancy & Mark Maymar John & Nell McBeth Ann McBride & Michael Dunsford Dale McBride & Family Ryan McCloskey & Shannon Reddoch Nancy McDermid Robert & Lynda McDowell Nancy McKown Lucy & John McLaughlin Les & DeeAnn McLea Lynn McLellan William & Judy McMillen Jim McNamara Susan & Stanley McPartland Sheila Megan B. Jerome Meiser Kenneth Meislin Stan Mentzer Carolyn Meyer Stuart Michelson The Motarex Family

Mark & Laurie Miller Tom Miller Lynda Moehling James Moloney Sherry Morgan & Family John & Diane Moriarty Joyce Morrissey Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort David & Tobey Mraz Joe & Peggy Musser Janet Napolitano Ed Nattrass William & Helen Neff Nevada All State Trail Riders Robert Nevermann Bill & Lynn Newhall Sue & Ward Noble James and Leanne Noe David Norman Rob & Lynne North Jack & Arlene Oakes Patrick O’Brien & Susan Wilman Terrance W. & Linda J. Oliver Steve Olson Ellen Oppenheim Sandra & Alfred Osborne Marie Palu Curtis and Cindy Parks Sarah & Rodney Paul Marianne & Steve Pearsall George & Candi Peek Roger Pelz David & Jody Penny Jordan Pepper Bob & Carol Peters Bill & Nancy Peterson Cathy & Tom Philipp Ken Piazza & Family Jan & Donn Pickett Jon Pittman & Care Heller - Pittman Pamela Polomski Ginny Poole Gil & Jan Potter James Powell Kenneth Powell & Rona Foster John & Angela Prelip Don Pugh Jeffrey Purtee Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Quandt Jr. Shannon Raborn Jana Rawitser Ray Eberlin Construction Robert Re The Reaser Family Thomas & Victoria Reed Burton & Cynthia Rees Phil & Diane Rettger Barry Reynolds Dean Rinde Katherine Rines Melina Rissone Elizabeth Robbins & Charles Goldblum Barbara Roberts Marsha Robertson Ann Ronald & Lois Snedden Steve, Leigh & Ryan Roop Richard Rose Gary Rosenbloom Janet Rossi Al & Joan Rossini Peter Rostin Rick Rowe Jan & Eric Rubin John M. Rud, M.D. Bill Runyan Ruth Gregory, C.P.A.

Overnight guided hikes are a great way to experience the best parts of the trail with a guide and other Rim Trail lovers.

$249 - $100 DONORS (CONTINUED) Douglas Ryder Paul & Linda Salsgiver Dianne Salzenstein Victoria & Thomas Samuels Bill & Missy Sandeman Elizabeth Scheid & Patrick Rivalan Thomas Schiller Robert Schuchardt Scott Schultz Marvin Schwartz Lisa Scoralle Shaw Consulting Service Nancy Sheehan & Rich Simpson Susan Sheela Don Shockey Katrin Sienkiewicz Scott McKee Naomi Silvergleid Gail Silvestri-Keller Mary & Reed Simmons Lanell & Michael Smesny Bruce & Bettie Smith C. Thomas Smith Esther Smith John Smith Dr. Jonathan Smith & Amy Smith Kimberly Smith The Smith Family Winifred Smith Mark & Pamela Smithers David & Shirley Smythe Jeffrey & Karen Sommers Sonja Sorbo Ann Sorenson Fernando & Karen Sotelino Larry & Jean Southern Southwest Gas Company Don & Susan Southwick Ray Spear Judy & Ed Stein Craig Steinmaus Cynthia Steinwedel Jan Stevens David & Lisa Stevenson Diana Stewart Joanna Stockman Doris Stoessel Annemiek Storm Dodi Stout Sam & Helga Strong

Erin Stuart-Cayot The Sturgis Family Jordan Summers & Karin Connolly Lynn Suter Jennifer & Garrett Sutton John & Janet Swanson Bill & Rachael Swift Vahid Farahyar Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Board Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal Co. Tahoe Yacht Harbor Robert Tate James Taylor Margaret & Ronald Taylor Carole Terry The Backcountry The Divided Sky The Ross Apartments Brent Thill Barbara Taylor Threlkeld Dick & Joan Tice Ken Todd Tricia Tong Scott Torgan Rick & Cathy Trachok Dale & Jan Tudor Mary Tuncer Mr. & Mrs. Carter Twedt Michael & Sandra Twigg S.C. Umemoto Renny and Sarah Uppal Joanne & Alan Vidinsky Village Ski Loft Jackie & Sam Viviano Felix & Elizabeth Wannenmacher Megan Warren Robert Wassmer John Waterbury Susan Watkins & Mary Miller Steve & Kathleen Weaver R. Dan Webster Ann & Steve Weiss Martin Wellington Frederick Wenck, D.D.S. William Wendin Lynn Werth John Westoby Dennis Wetherington John Wheeler Trish & Gene White James and Suzanne White Michael Whitesage

Stephen & Karen Wiel Kathleen & Dan Williams John & Virginia Williamson Mary Jess Wilson Don & Carrie Witte Billie Wolff & Martin Clinton David & Sheila Woods Carla Yant Annie Yates & John Dawes Reed Youmans Fred & Sandy Zoerner Bill & Diane Zuendt UP TO $100 DONORS Julia Abela Mary Abelow Chris Abess Woody Adams Lillian Agliano Mike & Virginia Agostini Vance & Linda Akinaka Robert & Mary Alessandrelli Kathleen Alexandre Alice’s Pet Parlor Kip Allander & Pamela Abercrombie Lou Allard Ann-Sofie & Dennis Allen Nan Allen Frances Alling Ron and Francie Alling Dan Allison Ken Allstead Mayada Al-Qazzaz Paul Altrocchi Veronica Alumbaugh Elizabeth Ames Kevin Ammann Charles Ananos Doyle Andrews Jeanne Androvich Harold Anino David & Jenny Antonucci Richard Ardill & Patty Rosenauer Kristin Arena Mike Arkell Barbara & Chad Arnold Carolyn Arnold Ana Veronica & Alan Artz Linda Ashcraft Chris Askin Jean Atherton

Michelle Au Auerbach Engineering Corp. Owen Autry Wesley & Gaylelynne Ayres Barbara Babcock Zachi Baharav Carolyn Bailey Cheryal Bailey Kelly Bailey Frederic Baker Mike & Barbara Baldwin Carolyn Balling Toby Baly Abdulraouf & Ginny Banaja Douglas Banda David Barber Michael Barham Bob and Marcia Barnett Cherry & Steve Barney Ron Barraclough Sandra Barrick Barbara Barry & Chris Arbogast Mark Barry Rick Barsan John Barton Mr. Eric Baryol Christine Basile Abigail Bates Susan Baumruck Lisa Bausell Greg Beattie and Mado Blaquiere Susan Beaumonte Delee & Jerry Beavers Jon Beck Lorena Beck Ken Becker Dale Beesmer Malcolm Beggs Bob & Barbara Beier Kevin Beile Amy Bekowich Lucrecia Belancio Steve Bell & Anita Bagley Ginger Bell Daylen Benavidez Kevin Benefiel & Family L.D. & Nancy Bennett Tom Benzing James Beres Greg & Jean Bergner Nancy Berk Josh Beroukhim Cheryl Beyer Denise Bezrutch & Robert Bitowft Cookie Bible Annette Bidart Oren Birdsall Monica & Alan Bittler Elizabeth L. Bittner Laura Blais Victoria Blocker Lynne Blower Rick & Mary Blower William Blucher Diann Blythe Robert & Darlene Boggeri Jack & Sue Boland Pierce Bolen Blake Boles George Bonari Jayto Bonson Richard Booth Thomas A. Bordigioni Todd Boris & Nicole Grewe Bernard Bornhorst Michael Bourgeois

Peggy Bourland - Madison Bill Bowers Michael Bozman Elaine Brady Mr.& Mrs.Vern Brassey Kenneth A. Breitag Joyce Bridgeman Robert Briffett Jeff Briggs Jennifer Briggs Michele Britto John & Mary Bronson Curtis Brown Douglas Brown George Brown Scott Brown Syd Brown Erik Bruce Lorrie Bruce Don Bryant Ray Bryars Jack Buchold Kathy Buehler Casey and Lindsay Burchby Michaela Burgess John Burke Andy & Judy Burnett Barbara Burns Earl & Sue Burton Steve Burton Lisa Bush J A Bushnell Jay Bushrow Family Elaine Butler Paula Cady Lee Cahanin John Cain Christopher Cajski Janice Caldwell Denise Callinan Jayne and Arthur Campbell Heidi Campini Tanya Canino Sharonlyn Cannon Karen Carabio Denise Caravelli Rob Carlo Arthur Carmichael and Family Nan Carnal Marty Carraher, CPA Jake Carrico Jim Carrico Craig Carroll Patricia Carroll Robert Carroll Brad Carter David & Monika Cartwright Johnna Cashill Elton & Erika Cassels Mr.& Mrs. Michael Cassidy Alan Catron Thomas Caulfield Rich Caviness & Ann O’Keefe Amy Cecchettini Peggy M. Cecchettini Bob Centanni Barry & Janet Chaffin Gary, Barb & Mary Chambers Rich Chambers Laura Chappel Katie Chappell Irvin Chen and Diven Sun Warren Cheney Wilkie Cheong Rick Chilcott

Manav Chimakurthi Barbara Chiodo Anne Chippendale & Dick Banfield Joe & Valerie Chrisman Ashley Church Martha Cirata Constance Clark Steve Clark Tom & Millie Clarke John Clausen Jennifer & Burt Clements Karyn Clemmensen Tom & Rosie Clyde Jennifer Coad Joe & Kim Cole Joyce Cole Patricia Cole Susan Coleman Mr. & Mrs. David E. Collins Ed & Edna Colloff Tom Combs Linda Conaboy Miles & Pat Congress Kiera Connelly Kristie Connolly Mark Connolly & Chris Emery George & Kim Constas Bernabe Contreras Lois Cook Mike Cooney John Copoulos Bruce Corey Catherine Costello Jack Coughlin Frank H. Countner Melissa & John Cowan John Breternitz & Chris Cox Brian Crager Dr. Alex Cramond & Dr. Kelly Cramond Ron Crete Teresa Crimmens & Michael Hunter Ruth Cross Kathy & Matt Croughan Brian Crowe Susan Crum David & Leigh Ann Cullen Gary Cummings Linda Curtin Shane Curtis Nicole Curutchet Paul & Mary Cushing Kimberly Dale Brent Danner George Daugavietis Tom Davids Kevin Davidson Christine Davis Danielle Davis Judy Davis Larry & Pat Davis Scott Davis James De Glopper III David & Susan De Voe Valentin Deaconu Chris Deidrick Christine Delapp Marvin & Patricia Demoff Dennis Zirbel Jim Derham Edward Deschamps Mr. C.T. Dewoody Randell Dickey Ute Dietrich Peter & Susan DiGrazia Donna Dimmick Cathy Dinauer

Christine Dobrowolski Andrew Dobrowski Derrick Dodson & Kaylee Carol Dolian Joanne Domingue Steve & Gavin Donaldson Mari & Mark Donnelly Larry Douglas Denise Downing Patricia Doyle-Jones & Phil Jones Becky Draney & Jonathan King Michael Dresler Michael Drum Scott Drummond Paul and Anita Du Pratt Lisa Duc Daniel, James & Tim Duggan Charles Dugger Sadie Dukatz Rose Du Mond Steve Dunleavy Stuart Dunn Bill & Leslie Durant Julia Duren Ms. Helen Durfee Adam Dye Deborah & Marty Easter Marty Easter Allan & Janet Eckle Ted & Jennifer Edwards Roy & Isako Egawa Nancy Eichhorn Judith Eisele Bruce A. Eisner & Sandy Hill Sharon & Jack Ekin Joan Munoz

David & Susan Elliott John/ Ted Elms Debbie & Roy Elsbernd Cheri Emmons Ellen English Todd Erickson Escape Adventure Mountain Bike Tours Mark Evans Anna Everest & James Kennedy Roslein Everett Robert Ewing-McDonald Carol Eyre Joan Fallavena Sharon Fantozzi Sue Farley Judy Farmer Justin Farmer Albert Farner Paula and Bruce Farrenkopf Judith Fasani The Fechner Family Harold Feiger Michael & Lori Ferguson Allan Ferrenberg Charles & Jacee Ferris Matt Fiduk Ben & Amy Fish Steven Fish Ann & Walt Fisher Mary Fitz Teri Fitzpatrick Sean Flanagan Ellen Fletcher Sherri Flippo Christopher Fluke Allen Forbes

The TRTA relies heavily on volunteers in various capacities, from trail guides to camp cooks to trail crew leaders (pictured). Without generous donations to help support our volunteers, many of our Trail Use programs and Trail Operations projects would not be possible.

UP TO $100 DONORS (CONTINUED) Frank Ford Stewart Foreman John & Pam Forest Dorothy Foster Steve Foster Lauren Fowler Ron Fowler Alma & Keith Fowlow Peter Framson Susan Francis Maria Franco Elizabeth Franklin Victor & Gayle Freeman The Freimark Family Anthony & Teresa Freitas John & Leslie French Ellen Friedman Linda Friedrich Randall Frizzell Bev Fullerton Heidi Furer Barbara Futran Randall Gaa Bill Gabrielli Jack Gage Sandy Gailor Mario Gallardo Tom Garayoa Buddy & Katherine Garcia Edward Gardini Carrie Garlick Rolf Gartmann The Georgeson Family Steven Giacomi Rose & Paul Giardina Emily Gilbert Brian Goates & Terie Moore Lydia Godshall Joanne Goena Goga Family Sara Going Ellen Goldsmith Gary Goldsmith W. Jim Goodin Andy Goodrich Jennie Gordon Kristi Gordon Mark Gorevin Daniel Gourlay Kelley Gove Nancy Graham Douglas G. Gray John F Gray Larry Green Delia Greenhalgh Peter M. Greeenwood Darlene Gregory Phillip Gregory Ray & Kathy Greva Nancy Gribble Geoff & Barbara Griffin The Griffin Family Susan Griffith Carlene Grim Michael Groff John Henry Groh Thomas & Clark Grose, & Cecilia Travis Paul & Mary Grunland Ronald Guidotti Judy Guinn Lorie Gunner Kyle Gunther

Cathy & Jim Haagen-Smit Jenny Haas Abe Haen Matt Hafer Irene Hagblom Janice Hague Robert Hall Sandy & Gus Hall Thomas E. Hall & Family Garry Hallee Justin Halsey Samuel Hancock Denise Handwerker John Hanmer Gary P. Hanneman Kelly Hansen Jerry and Renee Hapgood Joan Hardin David and Tiki Harlow Cecily Harris Marsha Harris Douglas Harrison Tamara Harrison Jon Hart Marshall Hart Georgette Hartley Kent and Janine Hartley Karen Haslam Dan & Joan Hauserman Michael Hawe Chris Hawthorne Paul & Gisela Hayashi Joe Hayes Ralph & Gillian Hayward The Heard Family Patricia C. Heck Todd Hein Henriette Heinze Ray & Jane Heller Klaus Hendig Jim & Sandy Henney Vic Henney and Susan Wyman-Henney David & Alison Hennig Roberta Henriques Sue Henson Gary Herrmann Tom Hettich High Sierra Attitude Kristina Hilliker Wesley Hilton John Himmel Timothy Hintz Ralph Hird Chesi Ho Doug & Margaret Hodge John Hoefer Matthew Hoesch Robin & Fred Holabird Denise Holladay Richard Holtzman Peter, Beth & Cass Honebein Kevin Honkomp Kathryn Honse & Family Rebeckah Hoover Arie Hope Lynn Hori Maxwell Horikawa Todd Horton Shelley Horwitz James & Elizabeth Houser Kitty Howard John Howsden Otto Hub David & Cheryl Hubbard Kate & Andy Huckbody Glen Hudman

Dillon Hudson Kobi Hudson Suzanne & Darryl Huff Sonya & Dave Huggins & Family Janet Hughes Kim & Darla Hughes Daryl Hull Diane & Jeff Hull Peter Hussmann Leslie Hyche Tina Hyde Zachary Hymanson Karen & Gary Ide Larry Ingber Ann & Chuck Innis Donna Inversin Richard Iori Michael & Phyllis Irwin Mike Irwin, M.D. Roy Iskin Mart Jaama Sebastyen & Colleen Jackovics Angie Jackson Alice C. Jacobsen Sheldon Jacobson Willow Jacobson Peter Jarrett Ron Javor Helga L. Jerome Bob & Suzanne Jessell Matt Jinings Craig Johnson Douglas Johnson Laura & Byron Johnson Marc & Karen Johnson Marie Johnson Michael Johnson Shelley Johnson Tracey & Kent Johnson Brennan Johnston Christiana Jones Darrell Jones & Roxanne Dressler Robert Judson David & Sharon Juhnke Lisa Kabot Phil Kanegsberg Torston Kanegsberg Richard A. Kannisto Barbra Kaprielian Colleen Katen Aileen Kawahara Walter Keane John Keeley Michael Keesee & Mignon Marks Susan Kelso Jacquelyn Jerry Kennedy Karla Kennedy & Todd Thompson Martina Kenney Bradley & Gayle Kern Daniel Kerr Leroy Kessler Jan and Randy Kessler Jeanne Kettler Jerry Keyser Nada Khalaf Charles & Jo Kilpatrick Ed & Joy Kimball Diana Kincade Christine King The Kinney Family Debra & Russell Kirschenbaum Madeline Kitagawa Mark Klaich Linda Kleiner Jackie Knight

Sue Knight Jim Knudsen Chris Kocher Derek Koonce John Koppes Kimberly Korth Tim Kosier Sally & David Kotnik Linda Kottke Jack Kraemer Kristi Kraft Felix Kramer Lorraine Krecidlo Efrem & Linda Krisher Stephanie Krmpotic Ken Krout Ruta Krusa-Anthony Larry Krutsinger & Mary Ellen Fiore Mike & Mary Kuckenmeister Barbara Kurek John & Ann Kurylo Richard Kurz Martin, Valerie, Brandon & Nathan Kyte Susan & Marcel Lachemann The Lackey Family Jean Lamb Eric Lamberts Deborah Lambeth Lee Lambie Robert Lambie Mark Lamoureaux Linda Lamson Cheryl Lancaster Eliot Landrum Nancy Lang Dianne Lange Ralph Langley & Family Jonna Lanigan Amy La Pierre Patrice Larkins-Jones Dane Larsen Nancy Larson Richard Lashbrook & Patricia Watters Janie & Bill Laughlin Jason Laurie Alan and Karen Lawrence Dixie Laws Annalisa Lawson Kristin Laxalt William Leachman Eugenia Lea-McKenzie Caprice Lee Curtis Lee Irene Lee Michael Lee Nancy Lee Paul Leech Bill & Nora Leeder Cheryl Legorburu Pam Lehan Ben & Sally Lemke Garth Lenz John & Paula Lenz Mauricio Leon Michael Lico Bob & Susannah Likins Mark Lim & Christine Evans Stephen Lind Richard Link Rosanna Lippe Gilbert Lippman Scott Liske Barbara Littell Dr. Robert E. Livezey Matt Loar & Family Mindy & Benjamin Lokshin

Claudia Long Lin Lopes Desirai Lopez Vicki Louden Ellen Lowe Ellen Lucas Vicki Lund Anita Lyday Bob Lyman Judith Lynch Bob Lynski James Mac Egan Gary & Cyndie Mac Fadyen Daniel MacDonald David MacDonald Lisa R.Madden Robin Magovern Richard Mahoney & Susan Clay Alan & Nancy Maiss Rhonda Malvey Kai Mangiaracina/ Jaymi Hardy Jared Manninen Colleen Manzer Debra March Juleen Marcuerquiaga Maureen & Greg Marenco Betts Markle Jim & Elizabeth Markle Keith Marks Chris Marovich & Family Maureen Marple The Marple Family Bryan Martel Jancis Martin Nicholas Martin Roleigh Martin Matthew Massa Sandra Massie Sharon Matthews Ashley Mattila Steven & Debbie Matuk Steven May Neil Mayhew Jody & Bob Mazur Richard McCombs John & Connie McCallister Buzz McClain The McClelland Family Craig & Debbie McCormick Rob McCullough Jeff McDaniel Aramie & Kevin McDonald Dorothy and John McDonald Michael McDonald Tim & Sandy McFarren Kris McGee Teresa McGonigle Jane McGrath Jan McHugh Robert & Margaret McIndoe John & Patricia McIntosh Bill McKenzie Bryan & Amy McKillip Mike McLaughlin & Chivonne Harrigal Judy McLennan Trina McMorrow Randy McNatt Dave & Debbie McNeil Kevin Melahn Galina Melamed & Eric Munsing Jim Melehan Jennifer Mellott John Young Linda Mendizabal Bryce and Nancy Meredith Nancy Merrill

Steve Witort takes his final steps after completing all 165 miles of the Tahoe Rim Trail on a TRTA guided thru hike.

Cecily Merriman Marilyn Merritt Steve & Margreta Mestre Ray Metzger Martin Meyers & Barbara Sutherland Lindsey & Ken Meyersieck Rick and Natalie Michaelson Lillian Michel Robin & Jeff Michel Steve Mick Denise Migdail Benjamin F. Miller Gantt Miller Janet Miller Mike Miller Randall Miller Linda Miner Maria Mircheva Peters Mires Larry & Mary Miyano Sally Mobraaten Steve Monical Bob & Kathy Moore Doreen Morales Tony & Laurie Moraros Bill & Carole Morgan Christopher Morgan Cynthia Morgan The Morgan Family Michael Morgan Vonya Morris Shane & Margaret Mortensen Diane Mothershead Mountian View Montessori Chic & Sue Moxley Brad, Bonnie & Troy Munson Jim & Charlene Murphy Kathy Murphy Melissa & Tom Murphy Janet Murray Carol Myers Tim Myers Kathleen Nacey Frederick Nachtwey Ron & Carol Nageotte Joel and Donna Nagy Cal Nakanishi Maud Naroll & David Gissen James Naughton Leah Negri

Sarah & Chad Neller Aletha & Pete Nelligan Debra & Kelly Nelson Eric Nelson Gretchen Nelson Ingrid Nelson Joan Nelson Randy & Mary Nelson Robert Newbury Carole Newman Linda Nicoll Carl Niehaus Carol Nimick Thomas Nimtz Patrick Nobriga Amanda Nohowec Nancy & Leo Nolan Charles & Kathleen Noneman Elizabeth and Daniel Norman, M.D. Jason Notaro Dan and Lori Nourse Victor Nowak James & Carolyn Nunnally Debbe & Jeff Nye Evert & Joan Nygren Marie Nygren Helen O’Brien & Family Susan O’Brien Bob & Sue O’Connor William O’Dea Stephanie Olijar Geno Oliver Patricia Olson Tim & Lauren O’Neill Adam O’Regan Elizabeth Osborne Bruce Osgood Mr. David Ostlund Karen Ostrow Maureen O’Toole Linda & Ron Overli Janet Oyen Steven & Marilyn Page Frank Pagliaro & Family Ron & Jean Pagni Palisade Investments, LLC Palo Alto Ski Club Mark Panko Yianni & Kelly Pantis Hal Parker

Harry Parker Julia Parker Jane Newhard Parks Linda Pascotto Manuel Pastor Himanshu Patel Blair Paterson Jessica Paul Marcia & David Paulson Arthur Pavey Cindy Pawlowski Danny & Alysa Pearson Jonathan & Kyndale Pease Kathy Peltier Kevin & Yazmin Penzien Gary & Stacy Perkins Sandra & Joe Peroglio Brandon Perry Lars Perry Steve Peters Hugh Peterson & Helen L. Billhimer Jim Petro Dustin Phelan Jeff Philbrood Thomas & Cathy Philipp Diane Phillips Ferree Matthew Pichon Jonathan Pickens Tom Pickering Frances & Herb Pierce Thomas Piette James Pinger Gary Pinkley Catherine Pinkston Susan Pitts Allison Plapp James Plyman Diane & Michael Podborny Patricia Pohl Ken & Marianne Poohachoff Eric Poston Susan & Bob Potter Drew & Linda Pounds Bruce & Trudy Presser Claire Price Don & Dee Price Danny Prokosch Meghan Pry Catherine Pryor Gina Przyluska & Peter Van de Mortel

UP TO $100 DONORS (CONTINUED) Donavan Purdum & Alexandra Blits Kathy Quinden & Bill Hager D J Racis Steven & Sharon Raddatz Pam Rafanelli Pat Rahbeck Kristen Rainey Robert Ralston Ralph & Patty Ramacciotti Michael Ramsbotham Heather Rand Michael Ranta Melvin Ray Sergio & Carmen Raya Janis Reams Kristy & Ronr Reck Kae Reed Maureen Reed Danielle Rees & Zach Tolby Robin Reese Joe Regner Bob Reid Lydia & Bruce Reid Gloria Reid Julie Reis Dave Reneau Randy Retherford Stephen Retter Barbara Reyes Kristina Reyna Robert & Darlys Richard Cynthia & James Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Richardson John Richardson Jean Richmond & Horst Essl Harry & Hiroko Richter Helen Riedstra Mary Lou Righellis Allegra & Dylan Riley Carol & Craig Riley Thomas Ringkob & Family Louis Roberts John Robins Carolyn Robinson Athena Rodriguez Donna & Douglas Roelle Wendy Roff Kathy Rogers William Rogers Craig Rohrsen Dan Rolandson & Family Brian Root Mitchell & Sandra Rosen John Rosenberg & Family Alan Roskos

John & Lynell Ross Gwen Rosser Dan & Maureen Rovig Jamie Rozzi Alex Rucker Jacob M. & Ruta O. Rudisill Brenda Ruedy Henry & Jackie Ruffin Julie Ruiz Susan Russo Jessica Ryan & Bryan Eidem Joshua Ryan Marc Sabella Art & Helga Sable Cathy Sack Joy Salmon Regina Salomon Joseph Salonga Stuart H. Sampson Karen & Tony Sanchez-Corea Heidi Sanderson Linda Sandifur Diane Sangster Sally Sapunor Scott & Ginny Sargent Julie Savage Katherine Sawicki Nicole Sayegh The Scardina Becker Family Pamela Schaefer Wend & Jody Schaefer Ronda & Michael Schaer Dale Schafer Steven Scheetz Ed & Karen Schelegle Katherine Schierenbeck Karen Schlanser Jeffrey Schmidt William Schneider Linda Schooler Sue Schultz Gretchen Schumacher Richard Schwabe Jane & Thomas Schwenk Frank & Debra Sciotto Katie & Greg Scoles Linda Sealock Ursula Seaman Gyda Sears Jerry Heitzler Josef Seifert & Yukari Takeuchi Wilton & Angela Sell Mary & Jim Sether Norma Severloh Dennis Seyfer David & Lois Shane Sharon & Dean Shanley Jason & Brianna Sheck

Sarah Sheehan Gwyn Sheldon Alex & Christine Sherer Barry Sherwood Gen Shibayama Janet Shines Peter Shrive Tim & April Sieben Patricia Siler Ben Simonian Genevieve Skora & Eric Tallberg Barbara Slade Allan Slocum Chris Smallcomb Timothy and Lucy Smallsreed Daphne Smith Darrell Smith Frances E. Smith James Smith James Smith Mark Smith Melissa Smith Ralph Smith Rick Smith Jennifer & Brian Snyder Larry, Kathleen & Dominic Solari Karen Solberg Esther Sonnenberg Mark & Linda Sonnenshein Joel Sorum Christine Soskins Lou Ann Speulda-Drews David Squire Rudy & Bev Staedler David Stam Mark & Donna Stambaugh Joseph L. Shaefer Alan Stanford Kate Stansfield Nancy Starkie Kevin Starr The Starsinic Family Dee Steele Sandra Steele Susan Steele Barbara & Bruce Steger Joyce Stewart Milton Stewart Debbie Stiemann April Stinson Sandy Stockton Timothy Stoller Jo Anne Stone Jason Stoner Barbara Stonich Camie Stosic Joan V. Stratton Cliff & Paula Stringham

Bob and Marian Stroh Gary Stuber Dean Stutzki Skip Sudano Jim Sullivan Charlene Summers Janet Sundell Cheryl Surface Ginny Sutherland John & Liz Sutton Mark & Julie Svoboda Laurie Sweeney Timothy Sweeney Mary Swisher Katherine Sylvia & Family Mathew Szczepanek Al Tabeek Stephen Talbot & Jill Derby Dana & Bill Tanner Grady Tarbutton Tom & Sheila Pearson Eric Taxer & Hudson Caden Chris & Nita Taylor Fred Taylor Lisa Taylor Scott Taylor Thomas Taylor Mark Tebbutt Technical Equipment Cleaners Temple Bat Yam: The Jewish Community of SLT & CV Eliot & Christine Terborgh Jeanette & Andrew Terry Karen Terry, S. Working & C. Raman William & Mary Alice Thauvette Anthony Thiebaud Carla & Dr. Robert Thomas Les Thomas Lauren Thomaselli Erin Thompson Sharon Thompson Carol Tierney Maryon Tilley Charles Timinsky Eric & Terri Tippett Michel Tissier Frank Tobin Karen Todd Carolyn A. Tolf Too Soul Tea Co. Marilyn Toscano Bruce & Cindy Townsend Jack & Colleen Trainor Tom Treuhaft KatieTrippet Brad and Nancy Trolson Steven Troop Alexander & Pamela Tsigdinos

Another breathtaking view from newly constructed trail by volunteers during the 2015 Backcountry Camp at Snow Valley Peak. Randy Tsuda Daniel & Janis Tuerk Charles Turner & Michal Nugent Donna Turner Melissa Turner Tyler Turrietta Wesley Turrietta Sigal Tzoore Rex Upp Sarah Uzel Gordon & Jane Van Camp Jack Van Dien & Sheila Byington Elaine Van Fossen Stephen Verchinski Patsy Verma Duke Vermazen Lydia Villalobos Tom Viola Jeremy Vlcan Mark Vollmer Bill von Phul Barbara & Don Waite Cynthia Walker Stephen Wallace Amy Wallin Walter Otis Jeannie Walton JoAnn & Dave Wampler Bill Wang Johnny Ward Vicki Warner-Huggins Steve Wasserman Barry Watson Gwendolyn Watson Katrine Watson Connie Webb Holly & Jeff Webb Edith Webber Bryan Wedemeyer Maria Weidich William Weik Stanley Weisner Catherine Welcome Teri Wempe & Guy George Ross & Heather Wenker Patricia Wentworth Dick & Carol Wentzel Virginia Werth Margrit & Ernest Wertheim Dallas Westbrook Helen White Margaret R. Wilcox Sharon Marie Wilcox Melanie Wilkins Charles Willard Denise and Thomas Williams Jeanne Williams Paul & Kathy Williams

Glenn Willson Maria Wilson Steve Wilson Gregory J. Wimmer Dick Wimmer Christine Winkel Carol Wirtschafter Wm. H. Black, TTE Judy Wobleski Robin Wolf Bruce Wolfe Kevin Wolfe Charles & Kerstin Wolle Susan Wood Laura Woods Rose Wright La Vonne Wuertz Audrey Yau Jerry Yeazell Donald York Sandra Young William H. Yundt Joanne Zachariades Faryal Zaidi Ryan Zamonis Elizabeth Zbinden Fumiko Zeigler Suzanne Zimmerman

MATCHING GIFTS Adobe Systems, Inc. Apple Chevron Matching Employee Funds Google Hawes Corporation HP Company IBM Matching Grants Program Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Silicon Valley Community Foundation, LLC The Flora Family Foundation

DONOR ADVISED GIFTS Arizona Community Foundation Ayco Charitable Foundation Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund IBM Matching Grants Program Jewish Community Endowment Fund Members Give Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Network For Good

Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation Razoo Foundation Renaissance Charitable Schwab Charitable Fund SEI Giving Fund Silicon Valley Community Foundation Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation The Lakes Charitable Foundation United Way California Capital Region United Way of Columbia-Willamette Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Wolverine Worldwide Foundation IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS Alice Hampton Ande Chern Azul Latin Kitchen Atlantis Casino & Resort Base Camp Pizza Big Horm Olive Oil Company Black Rock Bicycles Borges Sleigh and Carriage Rides of Lake Tahoe Buenos Grill Cabela’s Carson Valley Inn Crystal Bay Casino Steak & Lobster House Dan Thompson Dave & Sue Devoe David Walley’s Hotspring Resort Desert Research Institute Scott Dietrich Distinctive Style Salon Eclipse Pizza Co. El Salvador Restaurant Enviro-Rents Feline Design Flume Trail Mountain Bikes Galilee Episcopal Camp & Conference Center Garden Shop Nursery Genoa Historic Ghost Tours George Ruiz Healthy Tails Himmel Haus Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Inn By The Lake Jeanne Fisher-Thompson John McCall John Singlaub Pauline Kitagawa KOLO8 News Now Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival Lake Tahoe Wellness Center Las Panchitas Lorrie Bruce Roberta Martinoni Massage Essence Moonshine Ink Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort Nancy Pfeiffer Nevada Museum of Art Nicole Cheslock North American Emroidery North Tahoe Bonanza NV Energy Patagonia Outlet Patrick Walsh Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs Peppermill Reno Perry Creek Winery Postal Café Raley’s REI Reno Aces Reno Philaharmonic Renown Health Resort At Squaw Creek RGJ Roger Rosenberger Rubicon Deli Scheel’s Dave Schnake Sierra Nevada Brewery Sierra Sun Sorensen’s Resort Southern Wine & Spirits Squeeze In Stuart Campbell Sugar Bowl Ski Resort Sugar Pine Bakery Sundance Books Tahoe Forest Health System Tahoe Mountain Sports Tahoe Restaurant Collection Tahoe Sports LTD Tahoe Tallac Association Tahoe Trail Bar Technical Equipment Cleaners The Ridge Resort Tahoe The Silent Hand Vagabond Bags Vail Resorts Walden’s Coffeehouse Way To Go Travel Store Wells Fargo Whispering Vine YESCO Outdoor Media

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