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Show dates: 14-18 October 2018, Dubai World Trade Centre | AT GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK Exhibition hours: 11am-7pm

FOCUS SOFTNET UNVEILS FOCUS 9 AT GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2018 Focus Softnet, the leading software development and enterprise applications provider, today announced the global launch of its next-generation ERP solution – Focus 9, powered by Pronghorn server - the company’s feature-rich proprietary design built with in-memory computing capabilities for lightning speed transactions, at GITEX

Technology Week 2018. Built to modernize and accelerate business operations, Focus 9 supports organizations to transform business values with advanced analytics and real-time insights. Focus 9 is built on the next-generation in-memory computing technology and other upgraded features to amplify speed and efficiency of operations, forming a strong connection between the enterprise and its workforce, business networks, and departments. The ERP’s modular structure lets organizations chart out 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

INTEROPERABILITY, NOT TECHNOLOGY WILL DRIVE SMART COMMUNITIES: JUNIPER NETWORKS In support of GITEX’s theme this year in driving “Future Urbanism”, Juniper has launched the results of its UAE Yarob Sakhnini, Juniper smart cities research, Networks conducted in collaboration with YouGov. The research study reports how consumers place capabilities such as interoperability and cybersecurity over technological advances like 5G, cloud, IoT and automation when it comes

to which key factors will support the enabling of “smart communities.” The study highlighted that in the UAE, more than half (54 percent) cited interoperability as a key factor to support the success of any smart community initiative. Furthermore, more than a third (39 percent) cited sensors and connected devices i.e. IoT as a vital enabler of success. These were ranked as higher importance than internet-based infrastructure such as cloud (38 percent), 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 next generation

FVC, BARCO CELEBRATE FIVE-YEAR PARTNERSHIP Can you give an overview about the partnership between Barco and FVC? Ramzi Itani (RI): Barco and FVC have been teaming up to make KS Parag, FVC meeting rooms in the Middle East smarter since they partnered in 2013. The partnership has been a highly successful, which has led us to honour FVC with the Best Barco Collaboration Partner Award 2017 at the ISE tradeshow.


Barco began its partnership with FVC in 2013 to distribute its ClickShare presentation system across the Middle East, North Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, a partnership that further strengthened with FVC collaborating with Barco to distribute its corporate AV portfolio as well. KS Parag (KP): With its strong geographical reach, FVC has served as the ideal partner for Barco in the region. Barco’s ClickShare has been a perfect addition to FVC’s product portfolio enhancing its offerings to an all-in-one package for a state-of-the-art meeting room, including 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Avaya Holdings Corp is demonstrating the diverse capabilities of its Avaya Vantage device to connect people in new ways at GITEX Technology Week 2018. One application being shown is the ability for simultaneous live voice translation which can be used to empower the Expo’s 25 million international visitors, speaking more than 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


Alan Zeng, Technical manager at Hikvision

Chinese camera manufacturer Hikvision says it has started proof of concept implementation of its cameras with inbuilt artificial intelligence along with key

partners in the UAE. Deep learning cameras or Deepinview cameras, as the company calls its latest range of advanced security surveillance devices, have the capacity to recognise, people, faces and objects with inbuilt hardware capable enough to process 20,000 images in a second. “Our new DeepinView cameras are powered by built in GPU Chips that enables it to perform analytics without the need to send the data to the server,” says Alan Zeng, Technical 4 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4



their ERP rollout strategy and realtime system design gives them upto-the-minute accurate information for effective and powerful decision making. “We are excited to announce the global launch of Focus 9, our breakthrough ERP solution at GITEX Technology Week 2018. Powered

“We are excited to announce the global launch of Focus 9, our breakthrough ERP solution at GITEX Technology Week 2018. "


by Pronghorn server – our featurerich proprietary design, which is equipped with a hybrid in-memory computing engine, Focus 9 will offer businesses swift, intelligent and secure transactions. It will be available to our customers as on-premise, SaaS-on-premise and SaaS-on-cloud versions,” says Ali Hyder, Group CEO of Focus Softnet. Focus 9 integrates data from divergent resources. The converged infrastructure solution coherently combines the structured and unstructured business data to dynamically generate meticulous analysis reports entailed to promulgate critical insights for informed decision making. The progressed framework enhances ERP workload performance and simplifies business operations while also dramatically improving user interface experience.

The revolutionary new system architecture of Focus 9 equips organizations with the power of the ERP, enabling scalability, mobility and governance while offering advanced security, facilitating real-time insights with advanced data-processing capabilities and providing faster access to business process information anytime and anywhere. “Organizations need to have information about where the data is coming from, where it is going, and who is using it. The absence of an apt data governance tool revokes discovery, tracking, and organization of data assets. Focus 9 addresses key industry challenges with its hybrid database feature that provides a reliable system to store massive data and run queries from the information contained at blazing fast data

processing speeds,” adds Hyder. Focus 9 also provides easy and efficient integration across modules and vertical specific systems in virtually any business environment, be it trading, manufacturing, services, real estate, healthcare or academia. With a single sign-on and single menu integration with Centra CRM, the application equips organizations with Campaign Management, Lead Qualification, Sales Planning and Forecasting taking the whole sales cycle workflow to cash realization and cashflow forecast. Industry-ready templates makes deployment for verticals such as automobile, real estate, facilities management and other service related industries faster, reduces IT costs for customization, follows industry standards and improves the solution’s usability and performance.





mobile connectivity (36 percent) automation through machine learning and artificial intelligence (31 percent), and cybersecurity (30 percent). It also noted that 29 percent of those surveyed said that the local authority or government should be primarily responsible for the security of all devices, services and data within a smart community. More than a quarter (26 percent) said this responsibility should lie with network operators and service providers. Furthermore, the Juniper study revealed that better access to public services and information was the primary benefit of smart city implementations as cited by more than half (58 percent) of respondents. When it comes to the potential

challenges of implementing a smart community project, data privacy (46 percent), cost of implementing and running extensive systems(40 percent) and data and infrastructure security (39 percent) were highlighted as the top three concerns. “Smart community projects and initiatives have the potential to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, 5G, multicloud and machine learning to enhance, and even transform, people’s daily lives, particularly for those in rural and developing areas. This research shows that consumers recognise this, but want common standards and security to be at their heart,” said Yarob Sakhnini, Head of Middle East, Turkey and Africa at Juniper Networks. “We see there is a great opportunity for service providers in the UAE to become a fundamental part of a community’s fabric,





manager at Hikvision in UAE Deep View cameras, he says, were introduced into the region in January this year. “We have already installed several of these cameras at the Dubai World Central and for the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai. “These cameras can accurately recognise faces, the body structure, thereby building sufficient date including the type of structure, the type of attire and the colour,” says Zeng. The images are then processed either within the camera in case of DeepinView cameras, or data sent back to DepinMind NVRs in case of large enterprises that use thousands of ordinary cameras.  Face recognition. He says is just the beginning of the new technology. “We started hearing about cameras with the ability of 4 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1


video conferencing, networking, information security and wireless and smooth running presentation equipment. As a leading VAD for video conferencing systems and peripherals, FVC is deemed as one of the most important distributors in the region. The five-year partnership has been an extremely fruitful one given FVC’s strengths and efforts in approaching and stimulating its various channels through incentives, seminars, trainings and promotional actions. FVC’s business strategy, which aligns with Barco’s own, is built around demand creation/ evangelisation of innovative technologies with end-users, and enablement for education, training and technical competence to support the end-users. The company boasts an industry-first partner programme to enhance the channel's capabilities to resell and support innovative



Ramzi Itani, Barco

technologies, creating differentiation and enhanced profitability for their respective businesses. What do you see as the biggest milestone in your five-year partnership with FVC? RI: One of the biggest milestones was the launch of the Barco ClickShare Certified Training Centers at FVC’s premises in the UAE in May 2018. This was launched to help empower enterprise customers with in-depth understanding of workplace technology and to educate and advise customers on the latest systems and trends in enterprise technology.

1,000 languages, to easily and effectively communication and share ideas. “Every year at GITEX, our customers, partners and industry peers look to Avaya to define the global technology roadmap,” said Frederick Sabty, VP Hospitality Worldwide at Avaya. “We believe it is our responsibility as a market leader to develop and demonstrate human-centric innovations that not only enable business but also positively impact society. We hope these practical solutions will inspire others to leverage the tremendous potential of open platforms in creating meaningful and impactful experiences.”

face recognition about two years ago. But the hardware technology fully evolved only late last year,” he adds. Hikvision, according to him, has expanded from merely being a hardware manufacturer to providing integrated security solutions. It is already working on developing an enhanced database of all number plates across the region - a mandatory requirement for Security Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA). Hikvision is at the final stage of the ANPR approval with its own developed ANPR algorithm. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology for example will be very useful to automate the parking fee collection across the UAE. “Cameras can automatically recognize the empty parking spaces. Cars that occupy the space and even issue an alarm if it stays there beyond the stipulated timeframe,” he says.

"In general terms, communications have become very open and broad. While soft clients now regularly connect to multiple service, the physical phone has lagged,” said Dave Michels, Principal Analyst & Founder, TalkingPointz. “Avaya's Vantage endpoints are built for modern communications. They bring the power of APIs and apps to an always-on, familiar desktop device. These powerful and open devices show the company continues to be one of the top leading vendors in terms of IP desktop phone innovation.” Avaya is one of two companies named a Worldwide Leader in both Contact Center Infrastructure and Unified Communications by Gartner 2018 Magic Quadrants .

Every year at GITEX, our customers, partners and industry peers look to Avaya to define the global technology roadmap."


Microsoft flaunts cloud-based cybersecurity offerings Microsoft is showcasing its cybersecurity portfolio at its stand in Hall 7 at this year’s GITEX Technology Week. Girard Moussa, Microsoft Gulf’s cybersecurity lead for the MEA region, said that the firm focuses on “two sides of the story” when it comes to IT security in the Middle East; securing Microsoft’s data centres – which will soon open in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - and secondly, ensuring customers are able to successfully secure their users using Microsoft solutions. “Microsoft is not traditionally regarded as a major player in the cybersecurity space, but we’ve tripled down on our investments in this area and

now invest more than $1 billion per year in security R&D,” said Moussa. “That is why platforms like GITEX are so useful for us to utilise as a launchpad for these services, as it enables us to bring different aspects of Microsoft’s portfolio to the floor.” Microsoft’s Azure ATP (advanced threat protection) solution is one of two security offerings on display at the show. “This solution allows us to identify abnormal user behaviour using embedded machine learning and AI, meaning we can raise the alarm when actions that are regarded as normal by IT standards are actually malicious.” Azure Information Protection,

a cloud-based solution, helps organisations classify and add specific access constraints where necessary to allow information to be tracked and controlled. “This is particularly important for enhancing an organisation’s flexi-working environment, as nowadays information is no longer just kept inside the four walls of a single office,” Moussa explained. “A cloud-first approach is great in many ways, as it allows for remote working opportunities, but it also means that security parameters no longer exist.” He added, “We’ve seen organisations in this region wake up to the need to invest beyond traditional security

parameters. Firewalls are no longer enough, as these only protect those inside an organisation. Today, the priority must be to protect the user – wherever they may be, as well as the data and the organisation.”

Skill shortage in emerging technology severe: SUSE Severe skill shortage in traditional markets related to emerging technology is seriously hampering implementation, a senior official from SUSE Middle East has said. Sandeep Chhabra, Regional Director, Middle East and SUZE says at least 50 per cent of all his jobs are being delayed due to non availability of the required skillset. "We are experiencing delays of upto six months," he said. The open source software provider that has seen a 30 per cent increase in business


in the Middle East says they have been looking into newer markets such as the South East Asia and East of Europe for jobs related to new or transforming technology. The new focus is on countries such as Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Malaysia and Japan. "The traditional markets which were serving the IT industry like Western Europe, India and Egypt in Asia have all failed to upgrade their employees skillsets. What we have today is an abundance of workforce that only know to develop software applications

and managed services which they are still doing very well. Just that after three to four years they will all be sitting idle," he said adding that the policy makers in these countries lacked the vision to transform their IT manpower. SUSE recently announced that a new Kubernetes-native implementation of the popular

Cloud Foundry development model is coming to SUSE Cloud Application Platform. SUSE Cloud Application Platform boosts developer productivity with automation that eliminates the need to build and manage container images. “Container As a Service (CAAS), that’s what we see clients adopting at a much faster rate. Almost all enterprise customers are moving towards adopting the solution as it leads them to almost 30 to 40 per cent reduction in cost and as they scale up upto 60 to 75 per cent cost savings and latency,”



World’s first social platform for chatbots debuts in Dubai

Avaya is demonstrating the first social platform for chatbots at GITEX Technology Week 2018, ushering in a leap forward in customer self-service. Drawing parallels from traditional social media, Avaya’s latest innovation provides a structured platform for bots to engage each other in a secure and controlled manner with the intent of extending the expertise and effectiveness of each individual chatbot. A 2018 global Avaya survey of 8,000 consumers, found that 80 percent of people expect an immediate response from their banks, hospitals, hotels & even their governments, highlighting the need for efficient and ‘alwayson’ customer service. “With automation, organisations can overcome

their human resource limitations and meet these customer expectations by delivering seamless, intuitive and intelligent experiences across all touch points. Bots are rapidly becoming one of the most powerful means to positively impact customer service, second only to faceto-face interaction,” said Laurent Philonenko, senior vice president, Innovation, Avaya. While acknowledging the growing customer acceptance, a key shortcoming of enterprise chatbots is that they are domain-specific and can respond only to a relatively narrow set of dialogues. This has limited their ability to fully and efficiently service customers’ requests when they face questions they haven’t been trained to answer.

“But what if we could enable chatbots from different domains and industries to collaborate and exchange information via a highly regulated platform, and find answers from other chatbots, not just humans?” said Ahmed Helmy, Solutions Architects Director, Avaya EMEA and APAC. “We could, in effect, securely link enterprises, significantly expanding the efficacy and expertise of any single bot thereby enabling organisations to deliver an exceptional level of customer service, reducing the need for human intervention and enabling deeper self-service, as well as reducing the need for supervised learning.” GITEX delegates can witness first-hand how Avaya’s platform would allow any enterprise to register its chatbot with a unique social profile and ‘friend’ other member bots from different domains and industries. This social platform demonstration also allows chatbots to rate each other, and store confidence metrics based on the quality of information received, and feedback from end customers, leading to constant improvements in each bot’s quality and speed of customer

service. Avaya envisages two scenarios for how customer and bot interactions will be handled in real time—either the original bot contacts a friended bot on the customer’s behalf and delivers the received answer, or the original bot connects the customer to a friended bot in the style of a conference call. “This is a huge step forward in addressing the information and service bottlenecks of chatbot systems,” said Helmy. “The social platform model also means that Avaya’s customers can increase the value of their chatbot solutions without having to engage in lengthy and costly data curation or warehousing projects.” Avaya is incorporating this groundbreaking, patent pending capability in its Avaya Ava smart self-service platform, which already provides a chatbot and messaging framework associated to natural language processing and machine learning. This technology demonstration from Avaya continues its long tradition of leadership in customer experience and disruptive innovation. GITEX visitors can see this and other ideas in action at Avaya’s stand Z1-C10 in the Zabeel Hall.

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Next wave of eSIM to be a reality soon in the UAE as du announces agreement with G+D Mobile Security for consumer and M2M devices From Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, today announced an agreement with Munich-based Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security, to offer its AirOn eSIM Management Solution to du. As a result of the agreement, eSIM will soon be commercially available for consumers (watches and smartphones) and M2M devices. With this technology, du is now able to embrace the next wave of eSIM evolution for consumer and M2M devices and provides eSIM services to its customer base. This was announced and demonstrated on the sidelines of the ongoing GITEX Technology Week, during 14 -18 October in Dubai. With this development, du will become the first

telecommunications service provider in the Middle East region to offer eSIM services to its customers over smartphones. Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Infrastructure Officer, Emirates Integrated Teleocmmunications Company (EITC), said: “We are constantly innovating and developing our products and solutions portfolio to simplify and enhance the lives of our customers by leveraging the latest technologies. Individual and enterprise customers increasingly rely on multiple devices for myriad reasons and with eSIM, it’s a much more simplified experience. We believe that eSIM will accelerate the growth of IoT and M2M in the UAE by providing a single de facto standard for remote SIM

provisioning.” Once available, consumers will appreciate the simplified user experience and benefit from eSIM services, such as shorter time required to connect a device to the du network. Also users can expect an overall simplified handling and more reliability since the eSIM is embedded in the device itself. Additionally, eSIM technology has clear advantages also for du itself as a telecom service provider as it opens up new business models. Key benefits include connecting to different implementations of IoT and M2M for consumer and enterprise devices, and cost reduction for logistics and handling of legacy SIM cards. Therefore, du is now equipped to allow remote

subscription provisioning of eSIM subscriptions to eSIM devices based on AirOn, the eSIM management solution developed by G+D Mobile Security. ”This collaboration with du marks our growing presence across the Middle East. From our experience, the consumer market is the most significant driver for eSIM and IoT,” stated Ali Sabetian, Managing Director of G+D Mobile Security FZCO. “We are pleased to be selected by du, one of the most forward thinking telecommunications companies in the region and we are certain that our partnership will enable du customers to reap the benefits of this new technology. With our platform, operators can be more agile and scale quickly to the need of the IoT.”

Redington Value unveils new cloud platform at GITEX 2018 Regional value-added distribution space Redington Value is presenting its extensive portfolio with an emphasis on emerging and advanced technologies such as cloud computing, IoT and data analytics, at the 38th edition of GITEX Technology Week. During the five-day event at DWTC, Redington Value is focusing on technologies such as converged infrastructure, cloud computing and IoT in Hall 5. And owing to its increasing and expansive information security portfolio, the distributor has also taken up a separate standalone stand in the enterprise networking and security section at Sheikh Rashid Hall, to showcase its strengths in this space. The distributor is showcasing the prowess of its recently introduced data science and analytics practice and will also launch a brand new cloud platform called CloudQuarks at



the exhibition. Redington’s data science and analytics practice aims to enable the company’s regional channel partners to take advantage of the tremendous market opportunities. Boasting existing relationships with data analytics experts such as Splunk and TCG Digital, the distributor has further reinforced its vendor portfolio by partnering with global leaders such as Talend, SAS, Tableau Software and most recently MicroStrategy. Ramkumar Balakrishnan, President, Redington Value, said, “We have always endeavored to be ahead of the market curve. This is why we are now transforming into data science and advanced analytics experts so that our channel partners can leverage the prospects in the $4 billion data analytics market.” Redington Value’s CloudQuarks is a brand new cloud platform,

which aims to assist partner organisations to build the right foundation and achieve seamless business excellence, when they set up their cloud practices. Channel partners can now enjoy the benefits of being able to have an aggregate view of customers, manage subscription payments and credits while also gaining invaluable insights to their customers’ cloud consumption patterns through CloudQuarks analytics. Partners can effortlessly join Redington’s CloudQuarks

cloud platform within seconds through a simple two-step process. CloudQuarks multi-cloud marketplace houses a portfolio that encompasses solutions for every customer need, right from storage and security to analytics and software. Redington Value offers its channel community customized engagement models with CloudQuarks such as Cloud Advisor, Cloud Reseller and Cloud Service Provider. Balakrishnan said, “Cloud Advisor partners will engage with customers wholly based on their advisory proficiency while we will take care of managing the commercials and services. We play the role of cloud advisors to those partners who want to be our Cloud Resellers. These partners are ready to embark on the cloud journey and we further assist them to comprehend and outline customer business challenges.” www.tahawultech.com

Dell EMC to support AI knowledge sharing and VR adoption

IT Security and Analytics top priority for ManageEngine at GITEX 2018

their team’s skills and knowledge. But with our VR offering, you can now host a crash course in just 24 hours – bringing new employees totally up to speed with how the company operates, and this can be done from any location.” Amin went on to highlight healthcare as an industry of focus for Dell EMC and its VR offerings moving forward. Dell EMC’s machine learning and AI offerings are taking centre stage at this year’s GITEX Technology Week, following the signing of an MoU last month that pledges to educate 500 Emirati students in the field of AI. Mohammed Amin, senior vice president, META, Dell EMC, said that the agreement between Dell EMC and the UAE’s Minister of State for AI - Omar bin Sultan Al Olama - aims at bridging the skills gap in the technology sector, and supporting the youth in unlocking their potential to meet the challenges of the future. The programme is scheduled to run for three years with the participation of 120 students each year. Dell EMC will then select 10 students who will be offered fiveday intensive training to obtain a diploma in Data Engineering and Cloud. Speaking at the Dell Technologies stand in Hall 6, Amin went on to discuss the firm’s virtual and augmented reality offerings that are also being showcased at the show. “With VR, it involves being exposed to a digital application, remotely. Rather, with AR, it involves experiencing the 3D-digital world, but in the same location,” he said. “There is so much potential in VR applications right now, particularly in the job learning and training space. This area is often a major expensive for organisations looking to enhance www.tahawultech.com

The combination of AI and VR, coupled with the arrival of 5G and its ability to reduce huge latency issues, means the medical profession is set to be completely transformed from where it is today.” “The combination of AI and VR, coupled with the arrival of 5G and its ability to reduce huge latency issues, means the medical profession is set to be completely transformed from where it is today,” he said. “Before long, we’ll see the advent of remote surgery. Thanks to the ever advancing technology behind VR, surgeons will soon be able to operate remotely, while still getting a feel for muscle tissues.” Now in its 38th year, GITEX Technology Week marks the highlight of the Middle East’s technology calendar – and for Dell EMC, it only becomes more relevant for every year that passes. “Having an event such as GITEX right here in the UAE, coupled with the increasing investment and interest in this field from the country’s leadership, means that it is the perfect platform for us to showcase our latest and greatest technologies,” added Amin.

ManageEngine is announcing a new feature around userbehaviour analytics for one of their IT security products, and also plans to launch AI Chat Bot capability along with geo-fence support to its unified endpoint management offering, Desktop Central at GITEX. The company is also launching the Browser Security Plus, and the rest of its IT management suite of products, which are aimed at helping organisations in the region cope up with new technology innovations.

We are also looking forward to strengthening our channel network and meeting our IT and business patrons from various organizations across industry verticals at the event.”

"With the region's increased IT adoption aimed at business productivity and continuity, no organization, however big or small, can afford to ignore security and analytics, as IT security is essential to stay protected, and analytics will help them plan their future in a meticulous manner. At GITEX, we plan to show customers in the region how maintaining a secured network with the right security solutions must be an ongoing activity, and some of our new offerings which will help chart a holistic approach to IT management," said Nirmal Manoharan, regional director of sales, ManageEngine. “We are also looking forward to strengthening our channel network and meeting our IT and business patrons from various organizations across industry verticals at the event." Active Directory management plugin for ServiceDesk Plus and Zendesk; O365 content search capability to its O365 Manager Plus; SAP NetWeaver password synchronization, and Key Manager Plus integration with GoDaddy SSL certificate authority, are some of the other new updates that will be displayed at the event. ManageEngine experts are available to interact with visitors to help them understand the company’s latest developments in IT service management, IT operations management, endpoint management, Active Directory management, IT security and analytics. Apart from holding product demonstrations, senior executives from the company will be looking forward to sharing their global successes with both customers and partners in the region. @tahawultech











StarLink expands presence at GITEX Regional VAD StarLink is showcasing the latest innovations and technologies from its global vendors. The StarLink stand, located at Sheikh Rashid Hall, stand SRJ2, is hosting 18 of its vendors namely Acronis, ATAR Labs, BlackBerry, Centrify, Citrix, Fidelis, ForeScout, IBM Security, Infoblox, IXIA, LinkShladow, LogRhythm, Nexthink, Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, Riverbed, Symantec and Tripwire. Mahmoud Nimer, general manager, StarLink, said, “With the enormous exposure of connected devices to the Internet and human life, the Internet of Things has brought on a challenging threat to the cybersecurity world. “At GITEX, we are addressing the cybersecurity challenges and are showcasing an array of next-generation technologies with the focus on softwaredefined data centre, Identity Access Management, risk and compliance, infrastructure security, data protection and security intelligence centre that can help bolster cyberresilience.” StarLink is also introducing its next-generation Security

Strategy that focuses on a very methodical approach facilitating enterprises in the region ensure a cyber-resilient environment. The strategy comprises of three major aspects – Challenges, Solutions and Technologies. Challenges identify the distress areas such as compliance, risk mitigation, security breaches and other business drivers of IT security. At the second step, the bestsuited solutions are determined followed by technology mapping through a holistic and integrated approach. With this simple process, StarLink aims to assist customers’ optimise their IT Security spend. StarLink has evolved since its inception to specialise in security, cloud and data centre technologies and focused on organic growth by building the right infrastructure and integrated solutions. Nidal Othman, managing director, StarLink, said, “Since inception, StarLink has stepped up in its business goals and objectives at a remarkable pace. Today, we feel privileged to ‘Empower’ our vendors, partners and customers through their journey towards digital transformation.”

Nidal Othman, StarLink

We are addressing the cybersecurity challenges and are showcasing an array of nextgeneration technologies with the focus on software-defined data centre, Identity Access Management, risk and compliance, infrastructure security, data protection and security intelligence centre that can help bolster cyber-resilience.” www.tahawultech.com






Meet Yeastar and Discover Comprehensive UC Solutions Yeastar is glad to announce its participation in the Gitex Technology Week 2018 with DVCOM Technology during 14-18 Oct in Dubai. As a leading provider of professional cloudbased and on-premises VoIP PBX, Yeastar will take this opportunity to showcase our latest communications products and demonstrate business-enhancing unified communications solutions. Meet Yeastar and Discover Comprehensive UC Solutions Yeastar’s all-round Unified Communications portfolio includes Yeastar Cloud PBX, the on-premises S-Series VoIP PBX and Linkus Unified Communications App. The Series VoIP PBX, designed for the small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 500 users, representing the latest technology and usability. Together with


the all-new Yeastar Linkus Unified Communications App, it unleashes the power of unified communications and delivers an array of enterprise-grade features that bolster communications and collaboration, providing Yeastar partners with affordable, flexible and profitable VoIP solutions that fit the exact needs of customers. Your Quote Here “Gitex Technology Week is where the global tech industry meets to demonstrate the latest

innovations.” said Prince Cai, Yeastar Product Marketing Manager, “ We’re excited to attend this exhibition and believe that it’d be a perfect opportunity for Yeastar to showcase the best in communications innovation, frame new connections, and bring profitable unified communications solution to businesses who are looking to deliver flexible, fullyloaded PBX systems and gain a competitive edge in the VoIP industry.” About Yeastar Yeastar provides cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs and VoIP gateways for SMBs and delivers Unified Communications solutions that connect co-workers and clients more efficiently. Founded in 2006, Yeastar has established itself as a global leader in the telecommunications industry with a global partner network and over

100,000 customers worldwide. Yeastar customers enjoy the flexible and cost-effective communications solutions that have been consistently recognized in the industry for high performance and innovation. For more information about Yeastar or to become a Yeastar partner, please visit https://www.Yeastar.com.

“ We’re excited to attend this exhibition and believe that it’d be a perfect opportunity for Yeastar to showcase the best in communications innovation.”



The spirit of invention Taj El-Khayat, regional director for Citrix Middle East & North Africa, highlights how the firm helps to foster innovation internally in order to deliver the best possible flexible working environment for customers. How does your organisation’s technology help to enable an innovative culture in organisations that consume it? Organic innovation – the process of inventing breakthrough technologies in-house – plays a key role in keeping technology companies competitive and healthy. That’s why it’s critical to foster innovation within the company culture. Be it cloud services or security or adapt to a digital office that is on the go, Citrix has helped companies stay ahead of the predictable, by ensuring they can focus on innovation while we take care of their IT needs. What does innovation mean to your organisation? Innovation has been a core part of our Citrix DNA from the beginning, and our ability to successfully foster that spirit of invention has played a key role in our continued success. Citrix continues to find new ways to encourage creativity, motivate our smartest people and stretch our boundaries to fuel organic innovation through a variety of approaches. We host Tech Fairs to give our brightest product teams a chance to show off their concepts to senior executives and their peers. We plan and host Citrix Hackathons, and we provide Innovation Hubs as places where our best and brightest engineers and product managers can hang out and create. Is innovation a question of doing more with less, or does it demand high investment? At Citrix, we firmly believe that technology can be a great liberator. It should free organisations to push the limits



of productivity and business operations, empower people to work from anywhere at any time all without compromising security. Innovation is indeed about focusing on your critical resources to accelerate business outcomes instead of managing day-to-day IT tasks, which is made possible with Citrix solutions and services. A large part of success for companies lies in investing in innovation, however companies need to undertake careful planning and alignment with business goals to ensure these investments position IT as a change agent and prepare the business for the future.

Middle East. Bank Muscat, the largest bank in the Sultanate of Oman, uses Citrix XenApp to deliver banking applications to the Windows PCs used in bank branches. It relies on Citrix NetScaler to provide secure access to the apps, plus XenMobile to provide access for mobile employees. Financial software

Do organisations in the Middle East have the luxury of being able to work on innovationdriven projects? The Middle East has undergone a profound transformation that has led it to become a collection of modern states with a high standard of living. The region, with its respective governments, is focusing on creating economies that are more technology and knowledge-driven – we are indeed seeing a great push to drive innovation backed by government support.

applications, such as the treasury application Murex or the financial messaging platform SWIFT, often have very specific installation requirements to protect their security. However, with Citrix features like Application Isolation, AppDNA and Load Evaluator, the IT team can meet the most stringent requirements and deliver the applications that Bank Muscat’s staff require.

Give examples of how your organisation’s technologies or services have been used to enable innovation in organisations across the

Are organisations in the Middle East waking up to the need to innovate or face being put out of business? In a fast-paced, competitive market like the Middle East, there is no better time for businesses to enhance their existing environments to more

Our ability to successfully foster that spirit of invention has played a key role in our continued success.” rapidly shift to a digital business model. Innovation is key to survival and Citrix is in a unique position to help companies embrace cloud-first, mobile-first strategies and to address any number of business challenges - all while ensuring the data is kept secure at every point along the way. www.tahawultech.com



















Network smarter

Allied Telesis give their take on why technology “should lead to simplicity and convenience” and what to expect from the firm at GITEX.

Are you launching any new products or services at this year’s GITEX? GITEX will see Allied Telesis launch our new, world-first hybrid wireless solution in the Middle East region. What are the most exciting technological developments to have affected the Middle East in the last 12 months? I think governments are becoming very tech-savvy, and are using technology in the best ways available to them. For example, in the UAE, initiatives like smart city transformation, the Dubai Data Law, paperless government government and happiest city



Initiatives, are all government-led and can only be achieved with the use of technology. They’re all great. Once the ball is rolling, the private sector will also add to this ecosystem. In our view, IoT will be a key area of technology where all sectors will start focusing, although at this stage, it’s mostly revolving around manufacturing. What kind of changes are you expecting to see in technology over the coming year in the Middle East? Technology should lead to simplicity and convenience. The end deliverable should solve a major problem for users. That’s what drives the success of

In our view, IoT will be a key area of technology where all sectors will start focusing.”

technology. Our slogan ‘Network Smarter’ describes just that. Can you highlight any major regional customers you have on-boarded over the last 12 months? How are they using your technologies and services to grow their business? We have customers in the Middle East across various verticals. The advantage of Allied Telesis solutions is that we have a broad portfolio that enables us to meet the customer’s technological and commercial expectations.


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60mins Day 2 – PM (2018)  

60mins Day 2 – PM (2018)