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Cover Story: Community Life Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe of Canada

The Benchmark of Filipino Folk Dancing

Family Life

Community Life Family Life Pinoy Pinoy Life Life


Philippine Independence Day: Culture, Pride and Freedom

Philippine 16 The TERNO


Basketball – The game that unites us

Ching: 22 Mama Beloved Filipina

the Sky is Curved, 30 Why Why the Sky is High to Live and Not 34 Eat Live to Eat Gumila – 36 Maila From “Dear Heart” to Endearing Heart Close and 38 Up Personal with a Chess Grandmaster Wesley So

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Cover Photo by Romeo Yuayan

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“ TAHANAN” is the Filipino word for ‘home’ – from the root word, ‘tahan’, which means to TAHANAN meaning

stop the baby’s crying or to take away one’s sadness. Thus, ‘tahanan’ is usually associated with the mental or emotional state of comfort or refuge, a physical structure or locale where families return to after a day’s work, a place of rest, a sense of belonging and a place where fun and love abound. That is what TAHANAN Magazine is all about!


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Publishing is not an easy task.” I often hear that from people I’ve talked to these last few months. Publishing entails a lot of work and dedication. TAHANAN Magazine is so blessed to have found individuals who are so passionate in all the things they do and are willing to share their time and talents to realize the goals of this magazine. The hard work we do is nevertheless very rewarding. Our team is enjoying every minute of business meetings, interviews and photo shoots. We just love talking to people and meeting new friends from all walks of life. We earnestly listen to your stories and we are learning a whole lot of life’s lessons. It is indeed not easy. But the work we do is guided by the goals and mandates of this magazine. These keep us focused in bringing forth the best to each and every household. TAHANAN’s primary goal is to become the medium of choice for advocating and promoting family values, our culture and traditions. We will provide Filipinos living in the diverse and multicultural cities of this great nation with articles that uphold Filipino family and life values; with success stories that encourage entrepreneurship, sportsmanship and education; with feature articles that promote the richness of our culture and traditions; with information that will help new immigrants adapt to Canadian living; and, with articles that are inspiring and entertaining. These are the things that glue the TAHANAN team together. These are the reasons why every issue is a labor of love. I say this often to the team, “We are just planting the seeds. Harvest will not come over night. But change is coming.” Speaking of change, we are just on our second issue but TAHANAN family is growing. We are happy to introduce Jun Afable who will be helping Toots Quiachon in the Creative department. Brian Simon, a freelance photographer, has offered his time to accompany our writers in their field work. Contributors are coming forward too. We now have a webmaster who has been working day and night in the last few weeks to bring our creativity to the web. ARTICLE PROPOSALS and unsolicited articles can be emailed to editor@ or mailed to EDITOR, TAHANAN Magazine, 85 Ellesemere Road, PO Box 62502, Scarborough, ON M1R 5G8. TERMS OF SUBMISSION: By submitting anything to TAHANAN Magazine in any format, written or otherwise, you agree that (1) Your submission and their contents will automatically become the property of TAHANAN Media Publication Inc., without any compensation to you. (2) TAHANAN Media Publication Inc. may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose and in any way; and (3) there is no obligation to keep any submissions confidential.


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Letters to the Editor

Was able to get hold of Tahanan’s maiden issue and I enjoyed reading it. The articles are educational and informative and was impressed with its attractive layout. Congratulations for setting up an excellent magazine and wish you continued success. Wow! How fast time flies! Our sophomore issue is here! We barely had time to heave a sigh of relief from our maiden issue, and here we are,

- Elvira Arevalo, Toronto

churning out our summer issue 2011.

I’d like to congratulate you on your maiden

As our cover proudly presents the Fiesta Filipino dance group, it is symbolic of the beautiful “dance” our TAHANAN magazine team is

issue. Great layout, well written articles and

committed to perform for the community with grace, greatness and groove.

good contents.

We will be highlighting the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day here in Canada, as well as its historical significance for the Pinoy generation of today.

I also noted that the writers are young and probably are second gen Filipino migrants.

As you turn the crisp, warm pages of our summer issue, you will

They have an advantage of being able to

enjoy our recipes for the health-conscious and benefit from our tips for

“read” and reach the younger less traditional

summer trips and activities. We will introduce to you two of our modern-

readers of Pinoy publications. I am glad NOT

day Filipino heroes: Mama Ching and Wesley So. And for the sports buffs,

to see badly written (in Taglish) showbiz news

relax, put your feet up and get updated on our current Filipino basketball leagues in the GTA.

that propagate bad English. I am also glad that you are featuring good role models.

I remember the road trip my family took in the summer of 2005.

- Maripi Leynes, Mississauga

We drove from our city Mississauga, all the way to the city of Vancouver, B.C., and back – in 21 days! As we visited our friends in each province, participated in powwows in Winnipeg, played with wild gophers in Saskatoon, marvelled at the badlands in Drumheller, cried over the beauty

Thanks for the the Tahanan Mags.

of Jasper and Banff, and feasted on Jollibee meals in Vancouver, we fell in

Got it last Tuesday, hiniram at nandun sa

love with Canada over and over again.

Yellowknife Airport Cafe naka istambay.

So, this summer, I encourage you to take a road trip anywhere in this vast, blessed land of Canada, and build memories with your family.

- Jane Ceria, Yellowknife (a friend mailed her a copy)

Joi Lardizabal Managing Editor

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Tuloy po kayo. Filipinos don’t realize that victory is the child of struggle, that joy blossoms from suffering, and redemption is a product of sacrifice. Jose Rizal, “Como se gobiernan las Filipinas” (How one governs in the Philippines), published in La Solidaridad (15 December 1890)

Aguinaldo Shrine, Kawit, Cavite

“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within the reach of every hand.” Mother Teresa

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Don’t limit yourself. You’re bigger than you think you are.” Bo Sanchez TAHANAN


Philippine Independence Day:



“Kalayaan” Oil on canvas by: Romi MananQuil

Culture, Pride and Freedom By: Chris Catral


une 12, 2011 marks the 113th celebration of Philippine Independence Day. This is the day when our forefathers through bravery and determination, declared our freedom from Spain. Since then, it has become a celebration not only in the Philippines but to millions of Filipinos all over the world. Before the Spanish pre-occupation, we were flourishing as people on the verge of establishing our civilization. Our country was not governed by one particular state but it consisted of different barangays (these are regional districts in the Philippines) which had their own jurisdiction. We had our form of writing called Baybayin and our prosperity thrived on active trading with neighboring lands. When the Spaniards took over our land, their colonial rule lasted nearly three centuries. The Philippine revolution followed suit in 1896 that coincided with the SpanishAmerican war. The revolutionaries that applied pressure to their Spanish rulers were the Katipunan led by National Hero Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Philippine president. After two years of battle, with the help of American forces they were successful in their campaign and defeated the Spanish. Aguinaldo declared independence on June 12, 1898 but this was not recognized by either the Spanish or the Americans. Tensions between these two sides ended as Spain ceded the government to the United States. It is important to know that American Sovereignty continued until July 4, 1946 when the Americans finally recognized Philippine independence. There are of course arguments between these two dates on which to consider the true Independence day but June 12

was declared by the majority of ruling officials as well as the public as our day of independence or our National Day. To tell you the truth I don’t have June 12 circled down as an important day. Maybe most of us don’t. Having that in mind, let us look at our calendars and see the dates that we have re-served our time for. Christmas, of course, is perhaps one of the most important days of the year as we celebrate Christ’s birth and it is a dedicated time to spend with the family. Valentines Day, a romantic day for spouses and couples, a chance to dress up as a giant heart perhaps? Very sweet indeed. Oh, let’s not forget Thanksgiving Day, where turkey hangover happens and we have the excuse of eating excessively.

“To tell you the truth I don’t have June 12 circled down as an important day. Maybe most of us don’t.” So what does Philippine Independence Day mean to me after learning of our past? Growing up in Canada, I had the privilege of learning about other cultures because of its diverse population. I have close friends from different backgrounds and not only did I learn more about where they are from, their customs and traditions, but I was able to pass on some of our Pinoy flavour. I was able to maintain a perfect balance of Western and Filipino culture in my life.



Our Independence Day or National Day should be significant because it represents our identity, why we stand here right now as Filipino-Canadians with all the privileges and opportunities that are in front of us. It is a reminder of our resilience, the challenges that we had to overcome throughout our history, the many wars we fought against other countries and even our own internal wars against dictatorship to shape what is now a democratic nation. It is a chance to let the world know that we are deeply rooted and proud of our heritage.

“Our Independence Day or National Day should be significant because it represents our identity.” Wit h June 12t h coming up soon, let us look at how Filipinos around the world celebrate “Araw ng Kalayaan” (Tagalog for Independence Day). In the Philippines, “Araw Ng Kalayaan” is a regular holiday. Last year, there were simultaneous flag raising ceremonies in historic sites, including one that was held in Rizal Park, led by former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Across the seas, New York boasts the largest celebration in the United States. Its main celebration consists of a parade that usually takes place on the first day of June. This was established by the Philippine Independence Day Commitee (PIDC), whose main purpose is to raise funds for charity projects and to create awareness of our culture. In Saudi Arabia, where most overseas Filipinos live, monthlong celebrations are held at the Philippine embassy. This includes a photo exhibit, playing native games and cooking Filipino dishes. Toronto has a vibrant Filipino community, boasting the largest population of Filipinos in Canada. Each year in Nathan Phillips Square, hundreds of Filipinos commemorate June 12th with music, dance and food. PIDC also organizes yearly events in the GTA that includes


galas, beauty pageants and even a basketball tournament. It is indeed a pleasure to know for a fact that our fellow Filipinos are keeping our culture and pride intact around the globe. I asked a couple of people of what Independence Day means to them: Lerwin: “It reminds me that we worked hard and we don’t give up. We fought for what we believed and as a result we’re better off. It made me believe that nothing is impossible.” Nitz: “Not only did it mark the day that the Philippine flag and the National Anthem made their public debuts, but it also meant that Filipinos today would not be free citizens if it were not for all those who fought for the freedom of the country. “Pinoy Pride” is only possible because of the freedom we achieved. I celebrate this freedom everyday, by striving to live out my Filipino values, sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa (in mind, word and deed). And now that I live miles away from that place I used to call “home”, I am grateful to that culture that has shaped who I am today. I am free to be me.” Sure, our government in the Philippines is not perfect but neither is any country’s political climate a steady one as well. Patriotism is almost a foregone concept because in our pro-corporate world, globalization has rendered it useless. It is easy to take our independence day for granted with our busy schedules and maybe our lack of faith in our government. In light of this though, we can think positively by observing it as a day for our culture, heritage, pride and freedom. Wherever we live, let us be proud of where we are from. The strength of our ancestors that fought for us should be instilled in ourselves in the form of a “can do anything” attitude.. Let us not only celebrate being a Filipino but as equals, as citizens that can make a difference in this world. T For feedback, comments or suggestions, send an email to

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Independence Day was officially observed on July 4 until after past-President Diosdado Macapagal signed the Republic Act No. 4166 on August 4, 1964, which designates June12 as the country’s Independence Day. This was based on the Declaration of Independence on June 12, 1898 by General Emilio Aguinaldo and Filipino revolutionary forces.

The Flag

representing the country is symbolized by the following: Royal blue field – peace, truth, and justice. Scarlet red field – patriotism and valor.

Lupang Hinirang is the national anthem of the Philippines. Its music was composed in 1898 by Julian Felipe, with lyrics in Spanish adapted from the poem Filipinas, written by a young poet-soldier named Jose Palma (brother of Dr. Rafael Palma) in 1899.

White triangle – equality and brotherhood Three stars – the three main geographical regions of the country namely Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao. The Making of the Philippine Flag painting Fernando Amorsolo’s (1892 - 1972)

The sun – has eight rays representing the eight Philippine provinces that started the revolt against Spain.

NUMBERS Countries that colonized the Philippines: Spain (1565-1898) = 333 years USA (1898-1946) = 48 years Japan (1942-1944) = 2 years Spain was forced in the Treaty of Paris negotiations to hand over the Philippines to the U.S. in exchange for US$20,000,000.00. 75,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war marched 97 kilometres in the Death March of Bataan. Allied reports tabulated that only 54,000 prisoners reached their destination.

The March of Death. Along the March [on which] these prisoners were photographed, they have their hands tied behind their backs. The March of Death was about May 1942, from Bataan to Cabanatuan, the prison camp. Source: The National Archives n. 127-N-114541.

What do people do during Independence Day? In the Philippines, • Government offices, schools and most business establishments are closed except shopping centres. • Public transport such us buses, passenger jeeps andtricycles still operate.

• Parades take place nationwide. • Main highlight is the police and military parade in Manila headed by the country’s incumbent president. It is followed by a speech and a 21-gun salute. • Many Filipinos spend the day in parks and malls.

Many Filipino communities in other countries, such as Canada, also observe the nation’s Independence Day celebrations. Sources: - Philippine Independence Day Facts Wikipedia, Philippine History Encyclopedia Brittanica Online



T hePhilippine

TERNO by Nerissa Coronel Pineda


hy is it that when invited to formal events, Pinays here turn to western clothes as their dress of choice? Seldom do they think of the Terno, the formal women’s costume that is distinctly unique to the Philippines.

Photo by Antonio Afable

Not only is it unique, a Terno gives its wearers added elegance, and the events it graces heightened formality. Its butterfly sleeves hang from the edge of a woman’s shoulder, beautifully framing the wearer’s face, shoulders, neck and collarbone. For most, this is ultra flattering, as such body parts are easily among a woman’s best assets. The Terno’s fitted bodice shows off curves and if expertly made, hides body flaws. Beautiful rich fabric is de rigueur, altogether making this outfit a delightful choice for a formal gathering. The Terno is an adaptation of the Philippine pre-hispanic era’s “baro’t saya”, or blouse and skirt. In its earlier version, the ensemble came complete with an “alampay” or “panuelo”, a type of a shawl, and a “tapis”, a short overskirt. The present version merges the blouse and skirt into one long piece, and all but discards the two additional pieces, creating a costume that is both traditional and modern. In the Philippines, this national treasure is alive and well, worn especially for weddings and other formal occasions. Other Philippine costumes such as the Balintawak and Patadyong, and the muslim Moro dress, are now mostly relegated to



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folkloric dance. The only other traditional costume that is still donned, but mostly by brides, is the Maria Clara dress, itself an earlier version of the present-day Terno. Most baby boomers might remember Imelda Marcos in her beautiful Ternos. In effect, she introduced this symbolic example of Philippine culture to the global scene. As a new First Lady, she appeared on a 1965 cover of the iconic American Life Magazine dressed in one. Cementing this national treasure as “haute couture” could perhaps be credited to Pitoy Moreno, a Philippine designer of international stature. Philippine-born Isabel Preysler, mother of Enrique Iglesias, ex-wife of Julio Iglesias, a top socialite and often-voted best dressed in her adopted Spain, has also been photographed in Ternos. Filipino designers at the 2004 International Competition of Young Fashion Designers in Paris used it as their inspiration. To date, the Terno remains a mainstay in Bb. Pilipinas pageants. Closer to home, the Philippine Artists Group of Canada, in their promotion of Fil-Can art and Philippine culture, plan to wear Barongs and Ternos at the opening ceremonies of their Annual Painting Exhibition (in memory of the late Dr. Guillermo “Jun” de Villa), to be held at the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre and Botanical Gardens (225 Confederation Drive) from 1:00 to 4:00 P.M. on June 19, 2011. Will you be wearing your Terno soon? T



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Pinoy Life

Over a Cup of Tea

Today’s conversation... Exclusive Dealer

by Anne Simon

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Fil-Act League (established in 1969) •Aurelio “Jun” Sienes, a founding member, is the PR Commissioner.


•Flor Lim, the heart and soul of the league, often called the “Godfather” is the Chief Commissioner for the adult division

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here are a variety of Filipino basketball leagues in and around Toronto, such as Fil-Act (Filipino Athletic Club of Toronto), PHYBA (Peel Halton Youth Basketball Association), Phil-Can Athletic Club, and SOBL (Southern Ontario Basketball). Most of the leagues welcome male and female players of all ages, placing them in youth or adult divisions.

•Bebot Silva and Danny Aglipay are Youth commissioners who often emphasize the fun and friendly sides of basketball. They are diligent about attending the youth games, along with Bebot’s wife Marilou who is the league’s treasurer. •Mon Tayag, the current president, promotes discipline to youth and adult players alike. He believes that “you cannot play basketball if you don’t have discipline. If your discipline is strong and if your sense of teamwork is strong that’s one of the things that’ll get you out of trouble. You can’t drink, smoke and play basketball.”

Photos by Brian Simon

Basketball - The game that unites us Did you know?

Phil-Can League (formed in 1976)

Fil-Act runs a basketball clinic that teaches the basics and discipline of the game to young kids who have little or no experience in basketball.

•Started with only 6 teams, today, it consists of approximately 30 teams in the youth division and 30 teams in the men’s division.

Mon wants Fil-Act to be known for more than just basketball. He wants the organization to be a place where Filipinos can ask about insurance, car maintenance, etc. As well, a place where people can go to if they want to upgrade their skills such as bookkeeping and tax preparation.

•Eddie Semira, the Chief Sports Commissioner of Phil-Can, believes that the league provides a way for the players to have fun, experience healthy competitions, understand sportsmanship, and build lasting friendships along the way. He has been part of the organization for more than 30 years and has seen the players‘ growth from playing in the youth division to being part of the men’s division. He adds that “most of the players who started are married now and their kids are playing” he hopes that “someday someone will step up and do [his] job”.

Fil-Act is also involved with its sister organization FilCore (Filipino Caregivers Association of Ontario).

PHYBA League (established September 1995 in Mississauga)

Did you know?

•The league started with 21 teams in 5 divisions. Today, it boasts a number of about 80-90 teams annually in 9 divisions.

Phil-Can league is sponsored by companies such as Western Union and Bodybliss.

•Geopo Dacanay and Agnes Villanueva are 2 of the 7 founders of the league. Geopo is currently the Executive Director and believes in the abilities of his fellow league officers. He explains that similar to the essence of teamwork in basketball games, PHYBA’s officers “work as a team... if there is a problem that arises, [they] discuss it as a team and make a consensus decision.”

Phil-Can is a member of the FBANA inter-city association. Eddie is in his last year as the Commissioner of FBANA. Golf enthusiasts like Eddie are part of the Phil-Can golf association, which runs in the summertime.

SOBL Summer League (formed in April 2009) •Started by Gian Manalastas, the games run from May - July with participating teams belonging to the open divisions. •The league welcomes basketball players from different cultural backgrounds, allowing the players to get a taste of Toronto’s multiculturalism inside the court. Along with the cultural variety is SOBL’s mission to maintain a safe and fun environment for the coaches and teams. Ken Ty, the league’s director and web designer, informs that SOBL “provides mission statements and guidelines to each captain or coach, which states that the league is charged to promote sportsmanship, ethics and fair play in a basketball environment.”

Did you know? PHYBA is centered on youth development .They believe attending games and practices will keep kids off the streets, and regulate a healthy physical activity. There are about 1,000 players that participate in the PHYBA games every Saturday, plus 5 days of supervised practice in 16 different gyms. Geopo and others in the league are founding members of the Filipino Basketball Association of North America (FBANA), which hosts the inter-city tournament. PHYBA joins in yearly to represent the city of Mississauga.



Did you know? SOBL is sponsored by Clyde Pacis, owner of Max’s of Manila restaurant SOBL’s photographer, Joe Sangco, catches all the action inside the court The SOBL website ( provides a record of each player’s game statistics which include percentages of each player’s field goals, 3-point field goals, rebounds, and free throws. It also displays updates on each team’s standings, game schedules, and recognition of achievements (pictures of the league’s team champions and the MVP of the season are posted on the site homepage).

On Teams: Team All-In (established in 2008) Coach: Justin Uy Justin reminds his team to be humble and show respect to other teams. He occasionally coaches for the Midget-Juvenile team and has also coached Rep teams (OBA) in the past two years under Inter-City Saints. Competes in PHYBA, Phil-Can, and Fil-Act Game preparation: practice weekly at the North Park Secondary school gym in Brampton Summer activities: participating in basketball tournaments in Montreal

Did you know? Team All-In has a BBM group, a Facebook page and a Twitter account

25forLife Team (established in the late 1990‘s)

Did you know? Their team name, “25 for Life” was created in 2006. The number 25 epitomizes the team’s concept of staying young at heart (i.e. 25-years-old for life)

FlipSide Team (established almost 10 years ago) Coach/founder: Michael Pasilabban Michael teaches the education of the game and train the players using various drills. For him, finding a smarter player that can outthink the game outweighs an athletic player. Competes in Fil-Act and Phil-Can leagues Game preparations: practicing together once a week from 9pm - 1am Summer activities: participate in inter-city tournaments

Did you know? Michael aims to find 12 players to be able to split them into two teams. He currently has FlipSide team that plays in the open division and a FlipSide team that plays in 30+ division

Coach: Al Gregorio (substitute coaches: Jeremiah Sta. Maria and JP Albano) Al aims to “win at all cost!... but fairly, of course”. He believes in the talents of his players and expects the best from his players during each game 25forLife competes in Fil-Act, Phil-Can, and summer tournaments Game preparations: stretching, eating properly, having team meetings on game plans Summer activities: going to the beach, having barbecues, hosting fundraisers


On Coaches Alfred, a 24-year-old volunteer coach for the Golden Eagles (Peewee division). His goal is to be able to teach the youth without being too strict so the players can concentrate on learning to love the game.

Did you know? Alfred’s proudest moment was witnessing one of his players

who has never scored--get the rebound ball and scoring at the buzzer beater on the second half of a game. Wil Manaphe is an assistant coach of Richmond Hill Toyota (Super Senior division). His vision for the team is to be able to set a good example for the younger generation of players by promoting discipline and leadership.

Did you know? Gavin hopes to become a professional basketball player someday, but his dad, Bayani, reminds him that education should be #1. At an early age, Gavin seems to be able to find a good balance; he plays for the Fil-Act and Durham league-where he was an MVP for 2 years in a row--and receives straight A’s at school. JJ & Carlo from Blue Bombers and Julius & Marvin from Black Panthers (Midget division)

Did you know? Wil runs his own league at St. Luke’s United Church, downtown Toronto, and welcomes players for the open division (mostly 20-40 years old).

On Players Mark Panganiban, star player of Salad Master team

Did you know? Even though these players live in different areas of the GTA, they savour the time once a week when they get to hang out with each other during the games. They believe that basketball and the advice of older players help keep them away from trouble. This was just a sneak peek of the many leagues, coaches, teams, and players pioneered by Filipinos. The game of basketball drives league officers to continuously maintain and expand their league. It supplies the parents the energy to support their kids as they cheer for them during games. It motivates volunteer coaches to pass on their wisdom to players who are longing for guidance in the middle of a game. Lastly, the game of basketball provides a sense of unity and growth to Filipinos, no matter where they are in the globe.

Tidbits sections Contact info for each league Fil-Act (Ramon Tayag PHYBA (Geopo Dacanay Phil-Can (Eddie Semira SOBL (Ken Ty

Did you know? As a 21-year-old athlete, Mark constantly motivates himself and the team for a chance to win each game. Mark’s game preparations include a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and stretching. Gavin, star player of the Gold Cubs team (Tykes division)

“What’s in the players’ bags?” Basketball, Basketball pump, shorts, jerseys, dri-fit undershirts, rulebook, socks, shoes (Justin Uy from team All-In) If my kids come to watch my games, then there would be juice boxes, snacks, and toys in my bag. If they don’t, then the regular things are ball shoes, slippers, water, athletic tape, ankle brace, uniform, and wristbands (JP Albano from 25forLife team).

Top 3 favourite NBA players (based on a survey of players from different teams) Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan Lebron James For feedback, comments or suggestions, send an email to



Pinoy Life

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives Featuring the astonishing and inspiring stories of everyday heroes

Mama Ching: Beloved Filipina, Pearl of the Orient


n June 12, Filipinos all over the world

and to not be envious of others. For Mama Ching, it was

will celebrate 113 years of Philippines

important to forward these values unto her own family.

independence. For one day many Filipinos

Mama Ching recalled a time when one of her daughters

will wave flags and wear shirts boasting

wanted a new pair of shoes. She remembers saying to her

Filipino pride only to remove those shirts and put away

“Your shoes are still good. Remember those people begging

those flags the rest of the year. However, for one Filipino

at Quiapo marketplace? They have no shoes. But you have

named Consolacion ‘Ching’ Quejas, otherwise known as

shoes. You have classmates who go barefoot, but you have

Mama Ching, every day is dedicated to finding ways of

shoes to go to school. You are lucky”.

celebrating and advocating for Filipino pride. Mama Ching also emphasized the value of education with her

Being a student of life

family. She not only said this to her children but showed them

Born in Currimao, Illocos Norte, Mama Ching knew early in

in practice through going back to school with her daughter to

life that there were those who were born well-off and those

become a lawyer: “My eldest was even my classmate at the UP

who were not. Mama Ching knew her family was part of

(University of Philippines). To me education is a continuing

those who were not. Because of this, Mama Ching’s parents

process. It’s a lifetime process.” When there is a will, Mama

taught her to be humble, to be grateful for what they had

Ching always certainly made the way.


Heart of Gold

I wish we would not go into that. I wish we would unite and

Mama Ching migrated to Canada in 1985. To help ease them

feel proud as one and not piece by piece. Shortly after an

into their new Canadian life, Mama Ching and her husband

organisation is formed there is trouble. It’s so sad. Unity is

immediately got involved with Filipino organizations. For

the number one challenge.”

Mama Ching and her husband, their health became their number one challenge. Yet, Mama Ching persevered and

For Mama Ching, politics is the root of many of the

thrived, overcoming her first open-heart surgery in the

problems that divide our community from truly reflecting

Philippines before coming to Canada, and then a second

Filipino pride. Along with politics, Mama Ching also sees

heart operation ten years later in 1991. Although the doctors

the way that ego, amor propio (Spanish for self love or pride)

prescribed only five more years, Mama Ching credits the

has divided the community. Yet, although there is discord

grace of God for giving her many more since. In those years,

at times, Mama Ching is uplifted by the promise of the

Mama Ching has used her strong will and strong mind to

upcoming generation of Filipino-Canadians.

continue her work for the Filipino-Canadian community. “Find a way to come together and stand as one. Represent

Sustaining Filipino Pride through the Kayalaan Centre

the Philippines. There has to be leaders and there has to be

Mama Ching was part of the membership that thought

that your generation will be the catalyst for that.”

followers. We can work together if we would only try. I hope

merely celebrating Philippine Independence Day was not enough for the community. Mama Ching and her colleagues thought it was important to branch out to help the FilipinoCanadian community in their everyday lives. A vision surfaced from the founding group about establishing a community centre that was not only owned and managed by

“Shortly after an organisation is formed there is trouble. It’s so sad. Unity is the number one challenge.”

Filipinos but that also created a space for Filipino-Canadians in the community. As a result, funds were allocated and became the seed money, a framed the constitution was

Being rooted

formed, and in 2007 the Kayalaan Centre was born.

According to Mama Ching, in order to be that change-agent however, Filipino-Canadian youth must always be rooted in

Along with her continuing work at the Kayalaan Centre,

being Filipino. “Don’t forget your roots. Be a good citizen of

Mama Ching’s other contributions to the furtherance of

your adopted country. There are many ways to do that.” For

Filipino pride and culture also includes her work as the

Mama Ching, parents and the family play an important role

president of the Filipino Seniors of Mississauga for the 15th

in teaching one another important Filipino values such as:

year, the adviser of Kalayaan, and its chairperson during the

respect for elders; self-respect; honesty; and helping others,

millennium celebration. Yet despite her continuing passion

especially those more unfortunate.

and work for the community, Mama Ching continues to dream a bigger dream for us.

“As much as possible allocate time for the family because I think our youth do not possess the values of the real

Moving forward as one

Filipino. They’ve forgotten their ‘po’ because in here the

Mama Ching dreams of the day when the Filipino-Canadian

western orientation is yes!. Parents should find time to

community is united. This is because Mama Ching has seen

somehow inject the Filipino values. Because they’re good

many separations among the members of Filipino-Canadian

values. It would be a pity if our youth grow up without a

organizations. “Whenever there is trouble, I feel sad.

bit of those values.” Mama Ching challenges parents to find



the time; even it’s just to have dinner together as a family during weekends. Doing so would go a long way to foster cohesiveness and belongingness within Filipino families.

The real taste of Filipino cuisine

Mama Ching has reflected and advocated for Filipino pride.


Even as she turns 87 this May she aspires to continue to

n me r fe u r li o ed o i f r t ve a fan ha ill be u w yo you


help her Kababayan: “I am encouraged to do some more”. The knowledge, wisdom and life experience she has shared encourages us all to ask ourselves: How can I showcase my

On ce

Filipino pride every day? T To learn more about Mama Ching and the Kalayaan Centre visit

Did you know?

For her dedication to the

Filipino-Canadian community, Mama Ching has been recognized through various awards such as: honorary mayor of Mississauga during Filipino week in 1994; Outstanding Filipino-Canadian of 2000; Mississauga Senior Citizen of the Year 2002, the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee medal; Ontario Senior of the Year; and most recently Outstanding Asian Canadian. Wow!

5 Things you may not have known about Mama Ching: 1. I love to write. I use to be a columnist for the Filipino

Continental Cuisine dine-in-take-out catering

Bulletin and I contributed to other newspapers. 2. Now that I’m older I’ve developed a hobby in the least prevent the onset of the big “A” (Alzheimer’s). 3. I love to talk and share. Two or three times a year I am invited to talk before fellow seniors or before a group and I love to do that.

ic ent h t u in A ng ood. i z f i al ino il p

Sp ec i Fi

last two years playing majong with elders to develop, at

4. I used to garden. I loved it. 5. I love to sew dresses for my children and myself.

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Cover Story

By: Chris Catral

Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe of Canada:


he Fiesta Filipina Dance Troupe (FFDT) has been one of the most successful traditional Filipino dancing acts in North America. For 45 years they have been in the forefront of Philippine arts and culture in Canada. Their longevity is a testament of the efforts of their members, who are all volunteers, into performing professional level presentations. At the helm of this company is Estrelita Aguinaldo, the executive director. Together with her three daughters Odette, Lynda and Rose, she has been continuing the legacy of her late husband George. I was able to get an interview with Estrelita and Odette to find out more about FFDT: “We first performed in 1966 in a yearly cultural show. As a member of

the community folk arts council of Toronto, we were always invited for special presentations to represent the Filipino culture.” “We’re also associated with Folklore Canada, which is linked to the other cultural groups in Canada. As the group kept on performing we were gaining recognition within a lot of circles, and as a result we have been dancing in different places around the world for the past few decades.”

into their already large repertoire of dances. To accompany the dances are well-trained musicians led by Rose and Odette Aguinaldo who play the bandurria, a stringed instrument used in Philippine folkloric songs. Their attire is a palette of costumes from different regions of our country highlighting our cultural diversity.

As far as the performances go, they are on a professional level. Even though most of the dancers never went through formal dance training, the dances are choreographed with passion and precision. They have danced from different regions in the Philippines like the Cordillera, tribal and Spanish dances. Even some modern dances are added to the mix like the tango and salsa, to incorporate

Kevin: “We’re like a family here, we’re very close. When I first started here they made me feel at home and it was an easy transition for me to get accustomed to the different dances that we perform and practice.”


The Benchmark of Filipino Folk Dancing Some examples are the traditional barong Tagalog collection and the Igorot influenced collection. “Our choreography is quite complex, but anyone who has no background on dancing can learn our dances. We have different levels, and it all depends on the complexity of the dances.”

Odette is also the second lead musician and public relations manager. She assumed many roles in the company, and just like her father, she is very dedicated. “My father taught me how to play the instruments. So when he was gone, I took over his roles, as did my sisters. My parents were very passionate about folk dance and wanted this group to excel. Their passion trickled down to us. My kids were also involved in this since they were little.” It’s quite a feat having several generations of the family involved in their accomplishments through the years. Many awards and through thousands of performances later it’s the same people involved behind the scenes and on stage. Consistency is vital in most businesses, regular or nonprofit. But it is sticking together as a family that brings the stability of Fiesta.

What George Aguinaldo established continues on as he passes the torch to his wife and kids. His vision of a successful folk dancing group has not been compromised even though he’s not here to witness it today. “This is a family-oriented organization. When we first started, people from different professions volunteered to dance, even doctors and nurses. Our kids used to travel with us for our performances. So as they grew up, we decided to get them involved” “We didn’t have a choice. We were forced,” joked Odette. It’s refreshing to hear the history of Fiesta, from how they started to where they are now. So I asked them what the key to their success is “It really boils down to the people. We’re like a family here. No personal agendas, no egos. You have to stick together through ups

April: “My experience has been great so far, not only do I get to express my love for dancing but I’m able to learn more about myself and our culture. It allowed me to get into something that is meaningful. That is what keeps me motivated.”



and downs and support each other. It also helps that its the same people ever since. But we welcome new people do this so our goals are in tune with each other. It’s a lot of hard work but we are all motivated to succeed in what we do.”

If you want to see the elegance and beauty of our culture, you don’t have to look anywhere else, this is where it’s at. “This really kept our family together. We work and play hard as a whole. This is what kept us intact for this long” The interview was conducted in their Mississauga office which also had a dance hall dedicated to George Aguinaldo. I saw the members in practice and they were comprised of young and old. Even though this is voluntary, you can see they are very much into it and are willing to put some time into perfecting their craft.

When I observed them practicing, I thought about the term “dancing with meaning” -- not only was it the love for dancing or a way of self-expression but also a deeper perspective of art by expressing with pride of our culture. It is a showcase of talent and roots. April Go and Kevin Zabala are senior members of Fiesta. I was fortunate enough to squeeze them in for a quick interview during their practice session to find out more about their experience so far. Not only did they make a great contribution to our community by promoting it with class and style but they also set the bar for how nonprofit organizations should operate. Everyone had the same goals, it’s not about “me” or “I” but working as a team with great chemistry. As a family they stood together through thick and thin, shared the same passion and vision, and through dedication and hard work they established an iconic company that is known not only in Canada but around the world. If you want to see the elegance and beauty of our culture, you don’t have to look anywhere else, this is where it’s at. One thing that is embedded on my mind though, in learning about their history and of course how their whole family is involved in the business is that blood is definitely thicker than water. T

Photo by Romeo Yuayan




Family Life

My Library Philippine Culture - Legends, Literature and Life

By Joi Lardizabal


f I could fall Into the sky Do you think time would pass me by?” These lines from Vanessa Carlton’s song “A Thousand Miles” come into my mind as I swiftly typed this article. When I stumbled upon these two very fascinating folk tales, I came to an inevitable yet amusing conclusion: our Filipino ancestors have a story to explain everything. The following short narrations clarify two things about the sky:

Why the Sky is Curved Many, many years ago, when people were innocent, as soon as they died, their souls went directly to heaven. In a short time, heaven became crowded with souls because nearly everyone went there.


Acrylic on canvas painting by: Calixto Quiachon (Marissa Corpus collection)

One day, while God was sitting on his throne, he felt it moved by someone. On looking around, he saw that the souls were pushing towards him because the sky was about to fall. Heimmediately summoned five angels and said to them, “Go at once to the earth and hold up the sky with your heads until I can have it repaired.” Then, God called together all his carpenters and said to them, “Repair the heavens as soon as possible.” The work was done, but it happened that the tallest angel was standing in the center of the group. So because of that, ever since, the sky has been curved.

Why the Sky is High In the early days, when the sky was still low, two brothers named Ingat and Daskol lived with their parents on Earth. As their names indicate, Ingat was very careful in everything he did and was, therefore, his father’s right hand man. He was always helping with the work in the field, and his parents were very pleased with him. So he raised the pestle higher, and every time it hit the sky, the sky was pushed up higher.

Mga Pamahiin (Folk Beliefs of Superstitions)

On the other hand, Daskol did his work sloppily. In the absence of a daughter in the family, the house work came to be Daskol’s responsibility. He fetched water, cleaned the house, and did all the cooking. He also pounded the palay (rice grain) that his father and Ingat harvested. Even in pounding, Daskol lived up to his name. Half of the grain he pounded scattered and fell to the ground. Being naturally lazy and impatient, he did not like the work of pounding rice. One day, Daskol had to pound a greater quantity of palay than usual. He was irritated because, every time he raised the pestle, it would hit the sky. His anger added to his strength and desire to finish the work quickly. So he raised the pestle higher, and every time it hit the sky, the sky was pushed up higher. In his hurry, Daskol did not notice that the sky was rising. When he finished pounding rice, he looked up and discovered that the sky had gotten so high. And that is why the sky is where it is today. So, the next time you are with your family, especially if you have young kids, point to the blue sky and pass on these stories. Or if you happen to be laying on the grass with someone you really like, and as you look up in the cerulean sky, instead of starting a lame conversation, share these Pinoy folk tales. I guarantee you that you will share smiles and chuckles when you finish.

I was 16 and I was heading out to go to school when I remembered I forgot my homework. So, I went back inside our house and retrieved my project. As I walked out of our garage area, I remembered I forgot my baon (packed lunch), so I quickly went to the kitchen to grab it. As I pushed the door open, my lola (grandma) screamed, “You are not allowed to leave this house anymore!” I stared at her, confused. “Death is waiting outside that is why you have returned home twice! So, don’t go to school anymore!” If you grew up with your grandparents, that is a familiar scenario. So, here are some pamahiin about warnings: •Kapag nahulog ang kutsara kapag ikaw ay kumakain, ikaw ay magkakaroon ng bisitang babae. Kapag tinidor ang nahulog, lalaki naman ang bisita, samantalang kung kutsarita, isang bata ang bibisita sa iyo. (If a spoon falls on the floor during a meal, you will be visited by a woman. If it is a fork, a man will be visiting, while if it is a teaspoon, it will be a child.) What if it’s a knife? Or a straw? Or a napkin? I haven’t found answers to those yet. •Ang babaeng palipat-lipat ng upuan habang kumakain ay magkakaroon ng maraming manliligaw. (A woman who switches seats many times during a meal will have many suitors.) So that explains the long list of my admirers. •Kapag ikaw ay nagpalit ng iyong permanenteng lugar sa hapagkainan ng iyong pamilya, ang iyong mapapangasawa ay magkakaroon ng maikling buhay. (If you change your permanent place at the family table,

the person you will marry will have a short life.) Now that`s scary. So put a label on your chair to prevent this from happening!

A woman who switches seats many times during a meal will have many suitors. •Kapag ikaw ay kumakain ng maraming sibuyas, ikaw ay magiging palikero o palikera. (If you eat too much onions, you will become a playboy or playgirl.) I thought onion breath will turn off others, not entice many! •A woman who switches seats many times during a meal will have many suitors. •Ku n g k a i l a n ga n g l i s a n i n a n g mesa bago ka matapos kumain upang maglakbay, kinakailangang ipihit ang mga plato sa mesa upang maging maluwalhati ang iyong paglalakbay. (If you have to leave the table before finishing your meal in order to go on a trip, turn around the plates on the table so that your trip will be safe.) Or it could also mean you`ll go around in circles when you go on that trip. •Huwag maglagay ng pera sa ibabaw ng mesa habang kumakain. (Do not put money on the dining table while eating.) And why would anyone display their money on the table in the first place? •Ang bilang nga mga taong nakaupo na kumakain sa mesa ay hindi dapat umabot sa labing-tatlo. (The number of persons sitting down in a meal should



not add up to 13.) If you’re the 13th, the living room is all yours. •Kapag nagluluto, mag-iwan ng kaunting butil ng bigas sa sako at itali ito ng mahigpit. Sa gayon ang iyong mga bisita ay hindi uubusin agad ang iyong inihaing mga pagkain. (When cooking, leave a few grains of rice in the sack and then tie it tightly. This way, your guests will not consume all the food at once.) Better yet, invite only those who are on a diet. •Kapag ikaw ay nag-iwan ng kaunting kanin sa kaldero, magkakaroon lagi ng makakain sa loob ng iyong pamamahay. (If you leave some rice in the pot there will always be something to eat in the house.) Of course, leave some ulam to go with the rice! •Kapag ikaw ay natinik sa pagkain ng isda, huwag mong ipagsabi kahit kanino;

iyong ipihit ang plato ng makatlong ulit at ang tinik ay mawawala. (If a fish bone gets stuck in your throat, don’t tell a soul; turn your plate around three times and the bone will disappear.) Do this while your face is turning white, your eyeballs are popping and your hands are shaking. •Kapag ang isang estranghero o malayong kamag-anak ay dumating sa iyong tahanan, painumin mo muna siya ng tubig upang siya ay maghatid lamang ng mabuting balita. (When a stranger or distant relative arrives in your home, serve him water first so that he brings you only good news.) But if he only has bad news, splash cold water on him. •Huwag pagpatungin ang iyong mga maruruming pinagkainan, dahil ito ay magiging sanhi ng pagtataksil sa iyong asawa. (Do not stack dirty dishes one

on top of the other, or it may lead to adultery.) Whoa! Behold, unwashed dishes that lead to divorce. On our next issue, we will learn about the legend which explains the origin of rice. We will also tackle more interesting pamahiin, related to numbers and colours, Feel free to share interesting, funny or strange pamahiin beliefs or legends your parents or grandparents shared with you. E-mail them to editor@ T Legends and beliefs taken from (with permission): Tagalog_mainpage.htm

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At the airport Kailangan ko ng taksi. I need a taxi/cab. Mayroon bang taksi na may metro?

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Papunta ako sa Manila Hotel.

I am going to the Manila Hotel.

Ma-traffic ba papunta Is the traffic heavy going sa Manila Hotel? to the Manila Hotel? Magkano ang taksi papuntang hotel?

How much is the taxi fare going to the hotel?

Diyan lang ako sa Makati.

I am just going to Makati.

Papunta ako sa Domestic Airport.

I am going to the domestic airport.

Ano ang sasakyan ko What will I take going to papuntang Makati? Makati? Matagal pa ba ang susunod na taksi?

Will it take a longer time for the next cab to get here?

Malayo ba o malapit ang Makati?

Is Makati farther or closer?

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ccording to the Canadian Diabetes Association, research has shown that Asians are at a particularly high risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can indeed “run in the family”. Many researchers are studying obesity and how it relates to diabetes. So what do you think most people will do if they are in their 40’s with diabetes running in the family and overweight? Sit it out? Well, not for our featured reader for this issue. Luz Villarit, a working mom, married to Ed and with three wonderful kids – Althea, 13, Gio, 9, and, Sean, 3 ½, knows all too well what lies ahead if she chooses to ignore the inevitable. Juggling with the demands of family life and work is not easy. Working as a lab technician at the Mount Sinai Hospital, her schedule varies from very early in the morning to very late at night. To say the least, taking care of oneself was kept on the back burner. With her height at 4’11”, she was weighing between 148-150 lbs. Way over the ideal weight limits of her size. She was going to her doctor twice in a month to adjust the strength of her medication to deal with the symptoms of her thyroid problems. To top that, diabetes runs on both sides of her family. Her father died in 2008 from diabetes complications. Her mother was diagnosed with diabetes shortly after that. That was when she decided she had to lose the extra pounds. She did nothing about it until April 2009 when she was looking for clothes to wear for Gio’s first communion. Her weight management had turned so bad that her clothes size jumped from 12 to 16.

Eat to Live and Not Live to Eat Healthy Options for You and Your Family

Luz started by cutting down her carbohydrates intake. Clothes were becoming loose. She already lost 10 lbs but that was not enough to solicit attention from friends and co-workers. Frustration kicked in. It was not working. So she turned her frustration on, guess what – food. She went back to chocolates and other food that she had deprived herself of in the last months. Then, she quickly gained the pounds back. “No way! I am not going back there. I don’t care if they don’t notice it as long as I feel good about it. I must go on,” she realized. Luz lost another 10 lbs and only then did friends start noticing the weight loss. To date, she had lost a total of 40 lbs. She gained some back, but not the fat, because she has been going to the gym regularly and shaping up muscles. Diet regimen works differently from one person to another. With so many to choose from – low calorie, high fibre, Atkins, the Zone and many more, it is a challenge trying to find the most effective diet plan. One common challenge to all people trying to lose weight is the challenge to keep the pounds from creeping back.


By Claire Dela Gana

get those mixing bowls out of the cabinet and try this basic balsamic vinaigrette and lemon oyster sauce dressing with the vegetables and fruits of the season.

Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette Olive oil or flax seed oil (these are the healthy and good oils) Apple Cider Vinegar (you can also use Balsamic or Red Wine vinegar) Mrs. Dash (or other salt free seasonings) Pepper Mix all the above ingredients according to your taste and portion required for the salad. If you are using apple cider vinegar, add a little soy sauce to color. You can sweeten it up to suit the children’s taste by using a sugar substitute such as a sweetener.

All-Year-Round Spring Salad ½ medium-sized and cubed bell peppers of different colors 1 medium-sized apple, cored and cubed Sliced almonds and cashew Basic balsamic vinaigrette (as prepared above) Mix the apple, bell peppers, almonds and cashews together and toss with the balsamic vinaigrette. Makes about 4 servings.

Steamed Vegetables with Lemon Oyster Sauce

Photo by Antonio Afable

According to Luz, that is actually the toughest part. It involves lifestyle changes, for her and the family. With her challenging work schedules, she manages to squeeze a couple of hours in the gym at least twice a week. Of course, food choice always puts her determination to the test especially when the family dines out. She toughens it up by setting simple guidelines – minimize salt and sugar, no fried food, steamed is preferred, brown rice and no white bread or cakes. Before her regimen, a typical breakfast consisted of pan de sal with eggs, sausages or bacon. Oatmeal or fruits are the new breakfast staples for her. “You tame your taste buds on these things.”, she adds. “Dieting involves repetition of food. You eat the same set of food that works for you without compromising the nutrients your body needs.” Salads mainly make up her main meals of the day. With that, she learned to whip up her own salad dressing which she says is not a skill. Anyone can make their salad dressing and call their own. You make just the right portion for your salad and vary it from time to time. That saves your hard earned dollars from packing the fridge with bottles of salad dressing that eventually ends up in the garbage bin because they are past the expiration date. Luz shares the basic ingredients of a salad dressing and some fruit and vegetable combinations that the entire family will love. If the other members of the family still prefer to have their fried chicken or pork chop on the table, they still get it with a salad on the side to complete the meal. So

Oyster Sauce Lemon Vegetables such as asparagus and okra Steam the vegetables. Turn off the stove as soon as the water starts boiling to maintain the crispiness of the asparagus and okra. Mix lemon juice and oyster sauce according to taste. Serve the sauce on the side or drizzle it on the asparagus and okra.

Grilled Chicken and Spinach Salad 1 grilled chicken breast Baby spinach leaves Dried cranberries Goat cheese Walnuts Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette (optional) Toss all the ingredients except the chicken. If you are using the vinaigrette, use sparingly or serve on the side. Top with the sliced or cubed grilled chicken breast. Makes 2 servings. We grew up in a culture that we should eat heavily and feel full before getting off the dining chair. Pwede naman palang walang kanin. (We can live without rice.) Luz shares, “We eat to live and not live to eat.” We can still eat 6 to 8 times a day but it is all about the right portion and the right food choices. It is all about making healthy choices. Not just for ourselves. But most especially for the people who depend and rely on us … our family. T Do you have a story to share with your ‘quick baon’ recipes for our kids going back to school in Fall? Share your stories and recipes to other moms. Email us at



Maila Gumila-

Maila with councillor for Quezon City Roderick Paulate

From “Dear Heart” to Endearing Heart

by Joi Lardizabal


he starred in movies with Sharon Cuneta in the blockbuster movie “Dear Heart”, with Rowell Santiago in “Dear God”, with Fernado Poe Jr in “Ako Ang Huhusga”, with Vilma Santos in “Dahil Mahal Kita”, with Phillip Salvador in “Joe Pring” (which earned her an Urian nomination as best supporting actress) and with Maricel Soriano in “Dahas” (where she was Best Supporting Actress by the Young Critics Circle). Maristella “Maila” Gumila and I were classmates in high school (Maryknoll College) back in the 80s. We were eternally seated next to each other because of our last names. Although she was very active in showbiz at that time, she was rarely late or absent in class. She did not talk about her “other life” with us at all. She intentionally functioned as a normal student, never missing any of our field trips, acted in and directed our school plays, and even managed to get in the Model Platoon of Citizens Army Training (CAT)! Best of


all, she was one of my regular “clients” during break times, purchasing items from my clandestine merchandise of kornik, sampaloc and many other junk food high in preservatives and sugar to keep us awake in Geometry class. So, this interview I had with her was an eye opener for me. The responses she gave produced a new sense of surprised admiration from me for her. I knew her as Maila, a classmate and friend. But it’s only now I met Maila Gumila, the brave Thespian who was born to excel in her craft. TM: How did you get started in showbusiness? MG: I began acting at the age of five. My older sister, Geegee, took me along with her when she went to see her friend, who at that time worked in KBS (Kanlaon Broadcasting System), which is now ABS-CBN. I was approached by Frankie Evangelista and asked if I was interested to come out on TV. And my reply was, I am told, was also a question: “When?”

Amused, they asked me where I lived, which I readily provided, directions and all. Not having told a soul about this exchange, you can imagine the surprise on my parents’ faces when a “legman” arrived at our house to deliver a “call slip” and a script for “ALA-ALA”, a Pilar Pilapil Drama Program. So, I memorized my lines andI reported for work and the year was 1970. The rest, as they say, is history. TM: What were your fondest memories in Kaluskos Musmos and Kuskos Balungos? MG: The friendships formed, with the rest of the kids, as well as Gary Lising, Bert Marcelo Jr., Chichay, Estrella Kuenzler. Our director, Johnny Manahan, in his 1st television directorial job after graduating from UCLA. Kitchie Benedicto, then COO of RPN-9, IBC 13 and BBC 2, the brilliant writers, Jorge Javier, Bert de Leon, Nonoy Marcelo to name a few. Of course, this was produced by then First Daughter, Imee Marcos, who gave us all the chance to hobnob with the First Family and attend several events at the Malacanang Palace.

On screen as Mercedes de Brazo, during Kaluskos Musmos, I fondly remember the musical episodes, wherein I played Leah Navarro and Olivia Newton-John in the “Grease” Special. Kuskos Balungos was the program some of us graduated to, when they launched City 2 in Broadcast City. It was in that show that I got to work with Mitch Valdes, who played my mother. It was also in that show when we were joined by the matinee idol then, William Martinez. TM: Who was (or were) your mentor(s) in showbiz and why? From left - William Martinez, Princess Aquino, Maila Gumila, Sharon Manabat, Jayboy Samson, Sigfried Garcia. Below from left - Ronald Daguio, Maricel Soriano, Roderick Suacillo, John Yabut, Herbert Bautista

MG: I would have to say, Geegee, my older sister, who first gave me the glimpse of the art of acting. If I was ever at a stump about anything regarding my work, it was and is she I would run to for advice. Then, there is Dick (Roderick Paulate), who as most know is a very intelligent actor.

TM: What are your current projects? How do you see yourself in the next ten years?

In directing, I watched and observed keenly two of the directors I worked with as a child. First, Maryo de los Reyes, who was a disciplinarian when it came to acting. Second, Johnny Manahan, who is now known simply as Mr. M in ABS CBN and Star Magic. He is very meticulous with the technical on the set.

MG: Unbeknownst to many, I am in transition of sorts. I am working on starting a business in Manila. I have ideas lined up, but until anything’s been started, I’d rather not mention anything yet. Next ten years? I take one day at a time. Hmm, hopefully I’ll still be alive then, --healthy AND wealthy.

TM: What other interests do you have aside from acting and directing?

TM: What would you advise the young actors and actresses today?

MG: Reading, Dancing, Cooking & Sports. I think, if I didn’t get into acting, I would have excelled in a sport. I truly love playing volleyball, tennis, and badminton before it even became a fad in the Philippines. Once in a while, I go to the driving range to practice my golf form.

MG: To always remember that in their job, they themselves are the product that’s being sold to the market. They will always have to reinvent themselves because there will always be a new crop of artists. No one is indispensible. It’s easy to get lost in the fame and glamour part of the job that they forget that those are just the bells & whistle of being an artist but are not truly what’s essential. They need to stay humble because after all, it is the public that’s “buying” them as the product. Be true to themselves.

TM: Who are your close friends in Philippine showbiz? Do you still maintain communication with them? MG: I would have to mention, Roderick Paulate, Maricel Soriano, Ali Sotto, Sandy Andolong, Amy Austria, Sylvia Sanchez and Jean Garcia. They are the friends I have kept in contact with all through the years, whether directly or indirectly through common friends.

TM: Tell me more about your family. How close are you with your family? What family traditions or celebrations do you observe and practice? Who in the family are you closest to?

MG: Family is important to me. I try my best to spend as much time with them as possible. I spent quite a bit of time outside of “home”. As you know, I started acting when I was five years old. But I had a normal childhood because my family kept me grounded. Family is the reason I’ve been in and out of the Philippines these past years. It’s quite difficult to be away from them. We have the yearly simple family Christmas eve or lunch at my sister Chiqui’s place and the New Year’s eve Party in Houston, TX at my sister Geegee’s house. I’d like to think I’m close to each and everyone in the family. But, for anything, we all go to the eldest, Geegee. And, because I’ve always looked up to her also, I’m pretty close to our eldest sibling. I’m close to my mom, too. I am often teased to be “mommy’s girl”. While most of us in high school were driven by our dads or drivers to places, Maila, in her usual independent way, drove her own car. Once, she picked me up in Marikina because silly Me didn’t know how to get to UP by myself! So, here’s wishing you all the best, Maila, as you “drive” to another destination in Life with your new dreams!. T TAHANAN


Family Life

Here at the Spot Hanging out has never been this cool

Sittin’Out the Game Up Close and Personal with a

Chess Grandmaster

By Kate Garbino


f you think about chess, what is the first thing that would come into your mind? For me, it is Ron Wesley in the first Harry Potter Series, especially in his flawless victory against the Wizard’s Chess. That was Ron’s moment of glory, thinking of moves and thinking it carefully, all to help them across the board and into getting the Philosopher’s Stone.

currently ranked top 64 in the whole world. He grew up in a humble place in Bacoor, Cavite and attended Jesus Good Shepard School. Wesley learned how to play chess at the early age of 6. “My father loves to play chess so much. He wanted to pass it on to me. So he bought this chess board and taught me how to play,” he explains.

Sadly, chess Grandmasters don’t receive that kind of glory, not in this generation. The stereotypical chess player would look like a teenager wearing a golden crest embroidered blue coat, a pair of blue shorts with knee-high socks and black shiny shoes, sporting square-framed eyeglasses and half-lidded eyes. That is what media wants us to think, but we are here to prove you wrong.

It wasn’t all fine and dandy for Wes. Most international chess players start at 4 and were usually given coaches to help them achieve and improve their skill. Wes had none. He relied on books and computers. According to Wesley, “Coaches can only give you advice accurate calculations that experience is the best teacher, “Playing in a tournament was the key.”

Being a chess player isn’t easy, and it sure isn’t grand. That’s what I realized when I interviewed Wesley So, the number one Grandmaster in the Philippines and

He had a long journey before he became the Grandmaster. He was only 10 when he entered his first international tournament. He earned his very first title at 11. It took


Photo by Claire Dela Gana

Wesley two years to win 3 grandmaster prizes before earning the title in 2007. He achieved the Grandmaster title in a Philippine tournament after winning against an Iranian opponent who refused his draw offer. He was the youngest in the Philippines to achieve the coveted title. At 14, he was ranked top 250 in the world but his run did not stop there. “I started this race, I want to finish it.” Thus he brings his A-game every time. He describes, “Chess is like a battlefield. You should be very confident about yourself and your game. Giving up is not an option.” If he loses a battle, he looks forward to the next game. Filipinos are generally happy folks under any circumstances. “We (Filipinos) move on and look at the brighter side of things.

Not a bad loss after all, if you ask me. But is it all about chess? What about hanging out with friends during his spare time?

In a competition, you don’t allow one game to define your whole tournament. You move on and try to be better the next time around.” He adds, “It is not how you win but how determined you are to win it.”He had his share of losses too. Wesley’s last heartbreaker was his recent tournament in Russia. Coming from another tournament in the Netherlands, exhaustion and stress took its toll on the young lad. He withdrew after 6 rounds with 1 loss and 7 draws. He went home with a 5th place finish.

Wesley plays a little basketball, too. He also plays video games but not all the time because he thinks it is just a waste of time. “I’d rather be studying than playing. Although I am not immune to its addictive powers,” he admits.

Wesley is a movie fanatic. In Manila, he lived conveniently close to Megamall. He prefers sci-fi and action over comedy. As a matter of fact, he dreams of becoming Wolverine with his healing powers and immortality. “I want to be like that,” he says with a dreamy glint in his eyes.

What about girls? “As much as I want to think about it, I want to finish first my education before committing myself in a plan that’s a little bit further down the road.” A smart answer from a young lad who still has education at the back of his mind despite the acclamations he is getting from being a chess Grandmaster. “Time is very important to me. If I have time to spare, I wish I could use that to study. I really want to learn more things,” he comments. He looks forward to pursuing a college degree someday and he turns to his parents for advice. “Chess has been my whole life, and to really think it thoroughly, it’s still hard. I’d like to hear what my parents would say, whatever they would recommend.” Wesley’s parents provide all the support they can give for a better future for their children, from giving encouragement to packing Wesley’s clothes for another trip, even if it entails leaving their

motherland. They believe that migrating to Canada will provide just that for Wesley and his younger sister. Wesley has only been here for a while but he is already enjoying the weather and the ‘controlled’ pollution.

“In a competition, you don’t allow one game to define your whole tournament. You move on and try to be better the next time around.” Speaking of nice weather, now that we can enjoy the outdoors, maybe it is time to test my chess skills against the Grandmaster. Let us play like we do in the Philippines. Chess sa tambayan. Let’s play chess on the curb. But before we get to that, Wesley would like to leave our young readers with a piece of advice. “You need to be hardworking. Success will come one day if you have patience, determination and confidence. You need to have confidence in yourself. Don’t let others push you.” Now we can play! Let the games begin! T

For feedback, comments or suggestions, send an email to

Biel Young Grandmaster Super Tournament, Switzerland (2010)



The only talent search that highlights the best of Pinoy performances in all of Canada. If you are sikat, “In” ka sa TFC-kat. Who can join

by Hosted

d ford an w a r C y ill


Kaye B


jugglers, and other out of the box • Individual (male/female; no age limit) ideas) • Proper and legal documentation • No fire, dangerous and toxic (parental consent required for minors) materials/props will be allowed • 3-5 minutes of presentation (singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, variety-puppeteers, to be used during performance.

IMPORTANT: Any individual who is affiliated or related to any member/employee of ABS-CBN, PIDC, and other affiliated partners/dealers/suppliers during the One Kapamilya sa Mabuhay event, up to second level of consanguinity are disqualified to audition for the talent search

How to join

1. Interested individual may register and send video to ABS-CBN Canada Office. Video should include complete name, complete address, email address, home phone or mobile number, description/profile. Video material should be submitted from May 1 – June 4, 2011. TFCKAT SCREENING MATERIAL C/O ROSARY ESCAÑO ABS-CBN CANADA ULC 411 RICHMOND ST EAST SUITE 203 TORONTO ON M5A 3S5 416 601 1886 ext 231

3. Five (5) Finalists for Ontario and five (5) for Alberta will be selected to perform live and compete at the One Kapamilya Go! In Canada. The Finalists will be advised through phone by an ABS-CBN Representative. • OKGO SA MABUHAY FESTIVAL (TORONTO) – JULY 23, 2011 • OKGO CANADA 2011 (CALGARY) – JULY 24, 2011 4. The following criteria shall be applied during the Screening and Semi-Final stages. 40% - OVERALL PERFORMANCE 20% - STAGE APPEARANCE 20% - AUDIENCE RESPONSE 20% - PERSONALITY

Or email your material via YouSendIt to: 5. The Grand Prizes at stake for the proclaimed TFCKat Winner in Toronto and in Calgary: • Cash Prize of $3,000 • Perform live at the One Kapamilya Go 2011 in the US (covers trip to the USA for 2 (3 days 2 nights) with accommodation) • Guest appearance and perform Live at Adobo Nation and Balitang Canada/America • Feature story interstitial on TFC (The Filipino Community)

2. Qualified individuals from initial screening will be contacted by phone by an ABS-CBN Representative and will attend the live auditions for the Semi-Final round. • TORONTO on Saturday, JUNE 11, 2011 • CALGARY on Saturday, JUNE 25, 2011




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Summer Heat Waves

Whether you want to surf, swim, or just sit and watch these summer heat “waves”, we recommend you check them out: Toronto’s Festival of Beer

Toronto International Dragon Boat Race

With over 120 brands of beer from around the globe, Toronto’s Festival of Beer is definitely the toast of the summer! If you want to relax on the weekend and have a drink or two with your friends, this is the place to be. There are several attractions including live bands, a grilling tent and brand experience areas. The festival takes place on August 5-7 at Exhibition Place’s Bandshell Park. You can get tickets at

One of the city’s most exciting summer events, the 23rd annual dragon boat race will take place from June 25-26, 2011 at Toronto Centre Island. With a touch of Chinese culture and sport, thousands of participants will be competing in the race. The festival has raised funds for charities such as the SickKids Foundation and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Get more details at

Tree Trekking If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or to try something new that is challenging, tree trekking would be the perfect activity. Stroll from tree to tree in zip lines, Tarzan ropes, climbing nets and more! There are several courses from beginner to advanced levels. It’s a safe and fun exercise for the whole family or with a group of friends. For more info visit www.

Summerlicious Enjoy fine dining during Toronto’s Summerlicious from July 8-24. 150 of the city’s premier restaurants are offering prix-fixe menus at a discounted price. This is a great way to experience good food and Toronto’s diversity of culture. Whether it’s Italian, Chinese or Soul Food, get ready to satisfy your craving for a classy meal. Visit www.


Mabuhay Festival and Trade Show This is the largest celebration of Filipino heritage and culture in Toronto. It features a trade show, an arts and cultural display, and live entertainment from local artists as well as popular artists from the Phillipines. And you can’t forget the Filipino food that will be served there! So come have a cold halo-halo while celebrating our culture! The festival takes place on July 23rd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Visit the website at mabuhay-festival.

Caribana This summertime event offers a colourful, lively and feel-good atmosphere, spread around the streets and venues of downtown Toronto. If you’ve always wanted to take a trip to the Caribbean region (or if you’re feeling nostalgic) this summer festival brings just the right amount of upbeat music, mouthwatering cuisines, and explosion of arts to give you a taste of Caribbean culture that leaves you longing for more. This exciting event includes live music (Soca, Steel Pan, Reggae, Hip Hop, Brass Bands, and Chutney) various parties (galas, clubbing), art exhibitions, contests, and the most awaited displays of masquerade costumes in the parade. From July 14th to August 12th, get ready to feel de vibe along with over one million as you take part in North America’s largest outdoor festival. For more information, please visit

By Chris Catral and Anne Simon

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE): Also known as The Ex, the CNE is the largest and “greenest” fair in Canada, which takes place at the Exhibition Place, west of downtown Toronto. You can be sure to feel environmentally safe around the CNE grounds as you enjoy the shows, shopping, rides, games, parades, and many more! This year marks its 132nd anniversary--yes, you read that correctly, the CNE has been around since 1879! So, from August 19th to September 5th, don’t forget to stop by the CNE with your family and friends to enjoy the food inside (and outside) the Toronto Star food building, shop for international clothing, home furnishings, jewelry, gifts, and many more in the pavilion or the outdoor marketplace, feel the rush at the Midway rides and games, enjoy live entertainment and free concerts-- all that and many more with your admission to the CNE summertime event! Let’s go to the Ex! For more information please visit

Corso Italia Festival Head on over to St. Clair Avenue West on July 2nd to July 3rd for a much anticipated food festival at one of Toronto’s Italian neighbourhoods. This year the Corso Italia Fiesta celebrates its 14th year with vast amount of food selections—brought out by the multicultural restaurants and bakeries along the street—as well as live music (over 30 bands to perform!) from classical to salsa, plus a weekend long sidewalk sale! Please visit www. for more information and to view the festival’s line-up of this year’s events.

ImportFest Import cars and lovely female models! Words that come into mind when “Canada’s biggest and baddest car show” arrive in Toronto. For the car enthusiasts, it’s the chance to showcase and discuss the latest in vehicle performance, engineering, and modifications to compete for the best in class, sound, paint job and many more. You’ll bask in the amazing display of import, supercars, prestige and classic cars. If you’re looking to purchase car parts, be ready to save some money with huge amounts of discounts being offered! Share the excitement with a group of friends at this annual summertime event, with a new and never before seen live feature at this year’s show on August 27th starting at 12:00pm. Please visit www. or join their facebook group Importfest 2011 for more details on this event.

Taste of the Danforth Ever been to Toronto’s GreekTown? In 1993, Danforth avenue was officially named GreekTown because of the large settlement of Hellenic citizens since the 1970s. Here’s your chance to get to know the culture of Greece without having to travel far. So save your plane ticket and unpack your suitcase because this annual summer event is sure to leave you feeling authentically Greek. Taste of the Danforth provides samples of your favourite Greek food such as souvlaki, gyros, or spanakopita (spinach pie). Take part in this historical event, held in August for a much awaited festival of food, games, and live musical entertainment. To learn more about Greektown and Taste of the Danforth event, check out en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Greektown_Toronto

Ribfest: Can’t get enough of food festivals? Why not satisfy your taste buds with ribs, ribs, and more ribs! Even more exciting is feeding your appetite for judging the best tasting ribs amongst the multiple “rib team” or “ribbers” (traveling North American vendors) who also sell burgers, corn on the cob, chicken, hot dogs, funnel cakes, coleslaw, baked beans and many more. Make sure to check online for the latest dates and the list of vendor participants this year at a location near you! As you savour every bite of those ribs, why not further indulge yourself by listening to live musical entertainment and exploring attractions offered by the event.



English Summer Fun Camp (For local and international students ages 6-18) June 20, 2011 to August 12, 2011 Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm ESLplus Mississauga Register EARLY! Space is limited! Phone: (905) 896-6949 E-mail: Website: English training for all levels Homestay optional Adult classes available TOEFL, IELTS Review


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Summer Quick Facts Aging Rays of the Sun The relatively long-wavelength UVA accounts for approximately 95 per cent of the UV radiation reaching the Earth’s surface. It can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and is responsible for the immediate tanning effect. Furthermore, it also contributes to skin ageing and wrinkling. Source: World Health Organization (WHO), Ultraviolet Radiation and the INTERSUN Programme, FrequentlyAsked Questions

Burning Rays Medium-wavelength UVB is very biologically active but cannot penetrate beyond the superficial skin layers. It is responsible for delayed tanning and burning. In addition to these short-term effects, it enhances skin ageing and significantly promotes the development of skin cancer. Most solar UVB is filtered by the atmosphere. Source: World Health Organization (WHO), Ultraviolet Radiation and the INTERSUN Programme, Frequently Asked Questions

Sunblock vs. Sunscreen Sunblock is different than sunscreen. Sunscreen absorbs or reflects some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin exposed to sunlight. It helps protect sunburn. However, it uses chemicals which may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Sunblock, from the name itself, physically blocks the UV rays of the sun. Examples are clothing, umbrellas and trees. Ingredients of chemical sunblocks are zinc oxide and titanium. It leaves a greasy and sticky feeling and clogs pores, which is a problem for people with acne-prone skin.

Best sunscreen is a hat and a shirt.

Tanning 49% of young women and 28% of young men actively try to get a tan from the sun

27 % of young women use tanning equipment, which is higher than use among young men or older adults More information available at

What does SPF stand for? It means Sun Protection Factor. Sunblocks which protect against UVB rays only are rated according to number. SPF 15 blocks 94% of UVB Rays SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB Rays SPF 45 blocks 98% UVB Rays If a person uses an SPF 15, she can stay under the sun 15 times longer without getting sunburn than if she had not applied any sunblock at all.



Family Life

My Play Area

Summer FamilyFun

Affordable Family Bonding Time

by Claire Dela Gana


ot summer months are on the way! It’s time to head for the outdoors! If your budget is tight, here are some affordable fun activities that the entire family will surely enjoy. Whatever the family chooses to do, enjoy and make the most of what Mother Nature can offer you this summer season

Gardening Kids not only love to get their hands dirty but they also love watching things grow. Get them started with small flower pots. Marigolds, cosmos and petunias are easy starters and will do well in a flower garden or pot. Or, make small vegetable plots for them to plant their favorite vegetables like peas and tomatoes. Teach them the responsibility of caring and watering their plants. If you missed it this spring, consider starting your garden from seeds next year.


Beach time

Camping Ontario has countless number of beautiful lakes. These provide a great setting for a family camping vacation. Just like any other vacations, camping vacation requires a lot of planning, from booking a camp site to packing the basics. There are plenty of websites to go to for family camping information. For beginners, try small and private campgrounds such as the KOA campgrounds - If you are in for more adventure and want to explore the northern part of Ontario, provides camping information across northwestern Ontario.

Picnic Pack your rice cooker and adobo then head off to the closest park. Enjoy the warm breeze while playing your favorite family board game or a game of badminton. If it is too hard to resist, just doze off to siesta land quietly. For more mid-summer’s day getaway, check the Ontario Parks website, www.ontarioparks. com, for special park events.

Summer is no fun without sun and sand. Sauble Beach is an alternative to Wasaga Beach. Toronto’s The Beach has the best of what beaches offer plus the convenience of shops and restaurants within walking distance. Check out getaway ideas and family fun at Go to the section Outdoor Adventures, Water Adventures then Beaches to find the perfect beach for your family.

Volunteer Do you want a more meaningful and memorable summer for the family? Volunteer! Help at a garage sale in your parish. Sort out goods in a food bank. Volunteer to clean, cook and serve meals in a shelter. Or, join your city’s plant-a-tree events. For volunteering information, check out Charity Village at

Outdoor concerts There is no better way to enjoy music than listening to it under the stars. Keep an eye on local postings in your area for outdoor concerts. Don’t forget to bring a chair or a mat to sit on. Pack a throw blanket just in case it gets a little too breezy for the little ones.

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Cycling Ontario has plenty of country roads and bike paths that are perfect for day rides or longer tours. Go to www.ontariotrails. for trails and other information. Toronto has hundreds of kilometers of bike paths and routes. Get your copy of the Toronto Cycling Map at www. for bikeways, routes and other important information about city cycling. Before you head off anywhere, make sure that you review the Ontario Bicycle Laws for you and your family’s safety.

Barbecue and Karaoke Nights Start cleaning the grill and dig out your recipe box for those pork belly and ribs barbecue recipes. If you don’t have one, simply dash meat or fish with salt and pepper. Do not forget the sawsawan (barbecue dip) of soy sauce and lemon. Gather family and friends for a backyard meal then retreat indoors for the most awaited dessert – karaoke singing! Just make sure everyone gets a turn. You do not want to end the night in a sour note.

Movies Under the Stars Imagine going to a movie theatre in your pajamas. Well, don’t just imagine because you certainly can! Drive the entire family to your nearest drive-in movie theatre. Check this website for more information - www.driveinmovie. com/Canada/Ontario.

Road Trip There are plenty of places to see within a 1 to 2 hours drive away from the city. For example, just an hour away from Toronto is a bizarre geographical spectacle called the Caledon Badlands. It is also referred to as the Cheltenham Badlands. Looking distinctly like a Martian topography, discover what it feels like walking on Mars. You can find a number of helpful and informative free publications in travel and tourist centres all over the province. Or, you can always download soft copies of travel guides and Ontario roadmaps at

Fishing Did you know that there are about 400,000 freshwater lakes in Ontario? You will never run out of lakes to fish. For more information on where to fish, go to The web site provides all the resources you will need for your next (or first) fishing expedition.

Local Tourist or Educational Attractions Buying a family season pass to a local attraction such as Wonderland or Toronto Zoo quickly pays for itself. You are also not rushed to see it all in one day if you know that you can come back anytime soon. You can always go back whenever you need a family outing. Buy a season pass to a different attraction every year for variety.

Have you discovered new, fun and affordable things to do and new places to go to this summer? Drop us a line and we’d love to share them to other TAHANAN readers. Email your ideas and recommensations to

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KIDSWALL “My mom taught me at a very young age not to write and colour on walls -- only on paper. Until one day, I found out that I could colour my world in different ways, as you can see from the picture. Exactly what happened? Your guess is as good as mine.”

- Bella, Toronto (when she was 4 years old)

TAHANAN’s new friend, Dominique, also found out that she can bring more colour to a family’s party favorite – a paper plate! She is only 4 years old, a kindergartener from Brantford. How about you? How do you bring colour to your world? Email us at

Kids Say the Smartest Things! Sabine: “Look at those donuts!” Mommy: “You want donuts?” Sabine: “No because I’ll be hyper.” Daddy: “What does hyper mean?” Sabine: “You eat plenty donuts and you’ll jump everywhere.” -Sabine, 3 yrs and 8 months old, Antipolo, Philippines

Store owner to a kid holding candies in his hands: “Can I have some candy?” Kid: “No, these are for boys. You are a man.” Kid pointing to his dad, “He is a man too.” Not to be outwitted by the boy, the store owner leaves and comes back with a chocolate bar waving it at the boy. Store owner: “Now, whose is this?” Kid: “That is for everybody.”

Mother and daughter in the supermarket: Isabella: “Mommy, what are you looking for?” Mommy: “I am looking for gata (coconut milk).” Isabella: “Eeewww! Why are you looking for a rat?” (Rat in Tagalog is ‘daga’. Isabella is learning Tagalog and often mixes up words that sound similarly.) - Isabella, 7 years old, Toronto

- Romy, Brampton store owner

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