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Information Page HOSA Chapter

Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences (TABS) Early College High School

HOSA Area 5

Address: 3813 Valentine St, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Advisor: Evette Mumford

MRC Partnership

Committee Members

Monica Tipton- Tarrant County MRC Coordinator

Rita Brown- Tarrant County MRC Recruiter

Contact Information

Jack Janezic-

Hector Valles-

Evette Mumford-

Monica Tipton-

Rita Brown-

MRC Chapter

Tarrant County Public Health

1101 S. Main, Ste. 2600

Fort Worth, Texas 76104


Ph: (817) 321-5319

Fax: (817) 321-5446

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HOSA MRC Partnership Description In August of 2015, Hector Valles and myself, Jack Janezic, set out to determine what event we would be participating in for the 2016 HOSA year. After pondering about it for a while, we determined that while the competitive events were a blast, we wanted to partake in something that involved aiding the community, getting a closer look at emergency medical response techniques and procedures, and all the while also gaining volunteer hours. The competitive HOSA MRC partnership event was therefore the perfect match for us. We soon began work establishing communication between our HOSA chapter and the local MRC unit. Within less than a month we met with Monica Tipton, the Tarrant County MRC Coordinator, and informed her of what we wanted to accomplish. Both sides were eager to begin work with one another and so we did as soon as possible. Although we are only high school students with no professional background in the medical field, we participated in every volunteer event that was available to us. These events ranged from helping with the set-up of Carnaval De Salud, an annual event dedicated to informing the hispanic community of STD prevention, to CPR and AED training classes that trained both TABS students and teachers. That is not all though, we have also created and scheduled groups to present recruitment lectures to both HOSA members, as well as TABS students. These recruitment presentations have included the MRC of course, as well as the Public Health Corps. We also have kept a constant flow of communication between the local MRC and TABS HOSA via email, group calls, video webinars, and in-person meetings to stay informed and up-to-date with upcoming events and deadlines. Currently we are working on many informative recruitment presentations as well as scheduling future volunteering events, but so far the relationship we have established between the TABS HOSA chapter and Tarrant County MRC has been nothing less than an amazing and positive relationship that we believe has a long, bright future ahead of it.

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Partnership Activities Initial Contact and Meeting

I. Activity Description After learning the basis of the HOSA MRC Partnership event, TABS HOSA advisor, Evette Mumford, began to contact the Tarrant County Medical Reserve Corps Unit via telephone and was introduced to Monica Tipton. After establishing what our goals were as a team, we arranged a meeting with Ms. Tipton and all of the TABS HOSA officers. We met on September 18th at the Tarrant County Public Health Building and discussed what the event consisted of, and how we should initialize the process of partnering with our local MRC. II. Impact This first contact with the local MRC unit began our partnership and benefited both TABS students by offering a fun and easy way to earn volunteer hours, and gave the MRC a total of 99 possible new volunteers. III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description This interaction between TABS HOSA and the Tarrant County MRC began our partnership. The HOSA motto of, “The Hands of Youth Mold the Health of Tomorrow” is shown here by the TABS students shaping a new relationship with the Medical Reserve Corps, allowing the community’s health to be improved by an influx of new, youthful, and intellectual volunteers.

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Carnaval de Salud I. Activity Description “Tarrant County's Carnaval de Salud celebrates Binational Health Week (Oct. 13-20) with a one-mile March for Health, live entertainment, prizes, educational presentations and displays, lowcost immunizations and free health screenings. Adult flu shots are free to the first 100 people. Tarrant County Public Health hosts this event as part of the Sixth Annual Binational Health Week – a collaborative effort on behalf of the Mexican Ministry of Health, the Mexican Consulate of Dallas and other local agencies that focus on health care and wellness among Hispanics. The goal of the week is to promote sustainable partnerships that address health problems in the United States, Mexico and Canada.” - <> II. Impact We had TABS HOSA Students volunteering for the set up, take down, and actual duration of the event. We aided the MRC by providing them with a couple extra hands to expedite the process of constructing room layouts, decorations, food storage, and other miscellaneous tasks. III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description Was the first volunteer event that TABS HOSA aided in, and gave the students a feel for how the hours were tracked, and what type of labor they asked of us. Inspired members of HOSA and nonmembers to spread the word of volunteering with the MRC because of the benefit of giving back to the community, as well as the convenience of location and amount of scheduled events.

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MRC Volunteer Recruitment I. Activity Description The Tarrant County MRC Coordinator Monica Tipton and MRC Recruiter Rita Brown visited TABS students at TCC Trinity River Campus and gave a short presentation on what exactly the Medical Reserve Corps does, why you should volunteer, and what you would be doing as a volunteer.

II. Impact This lecture was able to inform nearly 100 TABS students about the benefits of becoming a volunteer at the local MRC, and what steps need to be taken to begin volunteering. The relationship between TABS and MRC is very much so a symbiotic one because a graduation requirement for all TABS students is to have at least 100 community service hours by the end of senior year, and the MRC is always needing more volunteers.

III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description Presented the MRC with an opportunity to gain more volunteers and gave TABS students an easy alternative way to earn those mandatory service hours as well as give them a closer look at the internals of the medical reserve corps and what its purpose is within the community.

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Public Health Corps I. Activity Description Two officers from the US Public Health Corps gave a presentation on what the Public Health Corps was, how it serves our country, when it is needed, and what benefits its members have. The student audience were very interested in learning about this branch of uniformed service underneath the US Public Health Service (PHS), and were intrigued in the possible financial aid that accompanied it. Afterwards the officers were also shown student produced presentations from a pathophysiology class, and gave helpful feedback on the information and rhetoric techniques shown by the groups of students. II. Impact Introduced students to the PHC and gave a brief history of the unformed service. Also established a new relationship between TABS and the PHC, opening the door for future presentations and involvement within the school. III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description Though TABS HOSA coordinator Evette Mumford was the first to mention the idea of having the PHC present to TABS students and Hector and I pushed for it, Monica Tipton was responsible for contacting and scheduling the PHC to visit TABS at TCC Trinity River. The TABS students were a curious and polite audience during the presentation and showed interest in having a similar group present to them. Once again TABS offered a group of young and intelligent students who are more than willing to learn new information, including about the Public Health Corps and MRC.

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Heart Saver CPR AED Training I. Activity Description Both students and teachers attended a two and a half hour training course over the proper use of an AED and how to give an adult, child or infant effective CPR. The class was taught by two instructors from Heart Saver and JPS Health Center, and were guided by a video courtesy of the American Heart Association.

II. Impact Taught all who attended how to properly give CPR and apply an AED, and what steps to take to attempt to save a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life. The course was mostly a refresher for the students who attended since we had already been CPR/AED certified for our clinical rotations, but being reminded of the process and steps is always a beneficial thing to do.

III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description The MRC hosted and organized the event at the Tarrant County Public Health Building. TABS students and teachers were responsible for filling the event attendance within 48 hours of the event registration being available online. This course taught its attendees a very vital and important skill that could one day be utilized to save a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life.

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Webinar Meeting I. Activity Description A voluntary overview of the MRC “Bealocalhero” website and how to navigate it. Monica Tipton hosted a “webinar” via Cisco WebEx. Using this application, many students and advisors were able to watch a live feed of Monica guiding us through the website, teaching us how to maneuver it and take advantage of certain links within the website. We could also comment and ask questions using our cell phones at any time.

II. Impact Taught attendees how to manage and maneuver the MRC website, how to log hours, view those hours, and much more. Monica also highlighted certain areas that would later help us construct this portfolio.

III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description Help guide us through the MRC website, and showed how to retrieve volunteer hours, register for upcoming events to fulfill hours, and how to gain access to important documents and information for the building of this portfolio.

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Fort Worth Can Academy Wellness Fair I. Activity Description According to the FWISD website, â&#x20AC;&#x153; The goal of the event is to prepare children to return to school and promote overall wellness to the entire family. The event will feature free health screenings for children, parents, and grandparents. Attendees will also be treated to healthy cooking and exercise demonstrations, as well as have the opportunity to participate in a blood drive and more.â&#x20AC;? MRC and TABS HOSA were in attendance to promote and recruit volunteers for the Tarrant County MRC unit. TABS students and advisors were directed by Rita Brown, the MRC Recruiter to inform attendees about what the goal of the MRC is, who can volunteer, where you can volunteer, and how you can begin volunteering.

II. Impact By providing people with basic information about MRC volunteering and what our mission is (to improve the health and safety of the community), we possibly recruited future volunteers, or at least gave people the information they needed to inform their associates or family to volunteer at their local MRC. III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description TABS students and advisors aided the Tarrant County MRC Recruiter, Rita Brown, in passing out informative pamphlets and brochures, talking to prospective volunteers, and helping set up and take down the table and recruitment documents.

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Volunteer Orientation and Point of Dispensing Training I. Activity Description In attending this one and a half hour voluntary course, the attendees learned the basis of what an MRC volunteer is asked to do, where they could be asked to volunteer, and the general tasks that they would likely be assigned to complete. The point of dispensing training gave an overview of what conditions would call for a POD to be constructed, and what the role of a POD is and how to achieve that goal.

II. Impact Welcomed new volunteers with general information about the MRC, and gave returning volunteers a refresher course in what updates if any have been made to the MRCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website and other logistic databases. Taught how to set up, take down, and safely maneuver a POD.

III. HOSA/MRC Partnership description This orientation gave a brief overview of the roles and importance of the Tarrant County Medical Reserve Corps. It also taught the audience what events would lead to the construction of a POD, where it would be set up, how long it would be functioning, what roles are available within the POD, and how to maneuver the POD as to expedite the process.

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