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Getting a tattoo is something extremely personal. The decision is entirely yours to take and hence, it is also advised that you need to think it through – all the pros and cons before booking an appointment with an artist. Here are some tips that will help you take an informed decision in this direction. Go through them to get a better idea: Research and select a design: The first tip is to obviously research a bit and select a design that conforms to your tastes and meets your requirements. For instance, if you are a bookworm then you can take a look at some marvellous designs based on quotes from your favourite books or authors. Don’t go for cliché designs: Dragonfly is one of the most common tattoos in the world and so are skulls. If you want stand out from the rest of the crowd, then shun these cliché designs and settle for a unique design that will belong to you and no one else! However, if you are really into traditional tattoos, then you can give it a bit of twist and you’ll be good to go. Go to a professional artist: Getting inked needs a lot of preparations and precautions and only a professional artist will be able to guide you aptly. Hence, approach the best tattoo studios such as Tabboo Tattoo, which has some of the finest inking artists working with it. Check the portfolio and clientele: To get a further idea about the studio and the kind of work that it does, you can check out their portfolio and reviews posted by their recent clientele. This will give you a better idea. Avoid making any rash decisions: A tattoo is a permanent decision and in the heat of the moment, do not take any rash decisions that you will regret later. Sure, you can get them removed if you want but

that process will burn a hole in your pocket. To be on the safe side, take your time to think over the tattoo and when you are sure and then go ahead with it. Go for a temp version: As an alternative to the pointer given above, you can also go for a temporary version of the tattoo that you want. This will give you the exact idea about how it will appear on your body. Wrapping it up These are some of the tips that will surely guide you to get the best tattoos for women or men. I do hope that by implementing these points in the best tattoo studio in Melbourne will fetch you loads of accolades. Do share your experience with us or add to these tips via your comments. Here’s to getting inked in style!

6 quick tips to brush through before stepping into a tattoo artist’s studio  

Are you going to get inked for the first time and have no clue as to what to do? Well then, this write-up will provide you the best guidance...