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Computers & the Web by Nancy Roberts

A Blonde and Her Wi-Fi Extender I wanted an extender for my network. Especially during summer, the space covered by your home WiFi system expands to outdoor decks and yards, and we were annoyed by dead spots. I picked one without giving it a lot of thought, and (shame on me) without doing my homework. My assumption was that I would simply add the extender to my existing WiFi network, and that would be that. My suspicions were aroused when it arrived, a neat little thing that merely plugged into a wall outlet in the vicinity of a dead spot, and the instructions required me to create an account and log in. Why, I wondered? Well, now I had to back up and find out what I was doing! From CNET comes an explanation of what a WiFi extender is: “WiFi extenders are commonly used in homes where the router’s range can’t cover the whole house. They

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boost signals so that people can use their devices or connect internet-of-things (IoT) gadgets like security cameras and doorbells from far away. But like routers, they’re open to vulnerabilities and require maintenance and patching if you want to keep your network secure.” By connecting to an app, there’s now an account, a password, and we all know what that can mean: hackers can get control of this account, and in that way, get control of the extender, which could then be used to direct traffic to malware. So, at least my Spidey Sense, blonde though it may be, had alerted me to a possible problem if I went ahead and plugged the device in and set up an account until I understood a little more about what I was doing! Moreover, an extender itself can create a drop in throughput signal throughout your entire system. It is true that many (most) extenders offer a simple “push-button” link to your existing router, and when hooking up, this is a much safer option. Consumer Reports tells us: “ extender relies on the same frequency band as the router itself. So now the data that originally would have come directly from the access point to your connected device is going through an intermediate step. Annoying WiFi dead spots “That extra step (however) can reduce the speed of your WiFi signal by about half. So, for example, if you’re standing right next to your WiFi router (where the signal is strongest) and get 50 megabits per second (fast enough to stream two 4K Netflix videos at once), the speed in your extended network will be about 25 megabits per second. And that’s in an ideal world, where the WiFi signal from the router hasn’t been degraded by obstacles such as thick walls and large appliances.” Another source explained that if your throughput is simply not sufficient, a “repeater” is doing the proverbial “more of the same: not enough.” Whatever signal you’re operating with, if your problem is that it’s insufficient (you have frequent outages, especially when a lot of devices are connected), a repeater isn’t going to solve the problem. If you have a dead spot, the repeater/extender may offer you coverage in a place that – if placed just right – can “fill in the blank.” If your problem is a very large property needing a lot more coverage than usual, Eyenetworks says: “a mesh network with client steering (like an Eero), band steering and common SSID is a much better option, because the network then automatically makes sure that each device connects to the access point and frequency band that gives the best performance. The user should not need to think about which access point each connection goes to.” This same source offers a three-step plan it suggests using before you choose an extender/repeater system: 1. Use a “heatmapper” to identify your problem areas. How many do you have, and where are they? 2. M ake sure you have already taken any steps that might solve your problem with your existing equipment. 3. C onsider a mesh WiFi – and these systems can often be extended and upgraded without having to add a new brand/style of device into the mix. Mesh systems usually consist of a number of devices as it is, each within a certain range of one another. If you find you have “blank” spots, adding another device to your mesh system can solve your problem quickly and easily. Well, now you (and I) know a little more about solving our home WiFi issues without risking our security, or our pocketbooks!


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My Mind To Yours by debra Merryweather

Mapping the News Over Time Itinerant messengers, speakers, and scribes have long carried stories and news from near and far throughout time. Since 1874, western New York’s Chautauqua Institution has been a place where preachers, teachers, speakers, and artists could share their ideas and work. On August 12, 24-yearold Hadi Matar violated Chautauqua’s spirit of shared ideas when Matar stabbed Salman Rushdie in front of people gathered to hear Mr. Rushdie speak. Part of what Salman Rushdie might have said would probably address his having lived, since 1989, with death threats from people offended by his writing.

Fanatics sometimes shoot the messenger when they don’t like the message. On August 18, “The New York Times” reported that Meta banned Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense from its platforms for spreading anti-vaccination information. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense sites had reported that the polio vaccine is causing an uptick in polio cases worldwide; a supposition supported by a European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control map and legend published July 5, 2022, at Further, the US Center for Disease Control reports that Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus is on the rise among unvaccinated populations. There are two different types of polio vaccine. Injectable polio vaccines, the type used in the United States, using inactivated polio virus. Oral polio vaccines, used by many other nations, include weakened live polio virus. The weakened live viruses in oral polio vaccines can find their way to others through personal contact and shared water. These weak viruses can mutate, and together with wild polio virus, endanger unvaccinated people. There is no cure for polio. A photo of Mr. Kennedy appearing to be ranting angrily accompanies “The New York Times” article. My intent here is not to write about polio; but to highlight how writers

“Kennedy reports much about private pharmaceutical influence over CDC research and testing, and how moneyed interests might have affected Dr. Fauci’s focus and messaging.”

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and public speakers have long provided us with information we might happen upon on our own. My own polio-related research for what I intended as a sort of defense of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s basis for his highly emotional advocacy for vaccine safety, turned up a 1999 “New York Times” article in which writer Denise Grady reported that doctors were recommending that the United States switch completely from oral polio vaccines to injectable vaccines because of the risk children vaccinated with oral vaccine posed to unvaccinated adults. This 1999 article states, “about eight such cases occur each for every 2.4 million oral doses given.” That’s a low risk. A low risk is still a risk. The United State’s medical community had already begun phasing out oral polio vaccines in 1997. It’s becoming increasingly known, if not yet common knowledge, that when medicine fights bacteria and viruses, bacteria and viruses mutate to fight back. Many municipalities, and private institutions monitor wastewater for viruses such as polio and, of course, COVID. As of August 19, when I’m writing this, poliovirus has been detected in NYC wastewater and there are cases of polio infection in New York State, including one involving paralysis. Many people, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., question the safety of COVID vaccines. I’ve read parts of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.” Kennedy reports much about private pharmaceutical influence over CDC research and testing, and how moneyed interests might have affected Dr. Fauci’s focus and messaging, first in AIDS research, and then with COVID. Kennedy’s book includes a lot of footnotes and a disclaimer that his own research is ongoing; Kennedy invites readers to challenge his assessments and provide updated information by contacting him directly. Writer Ross Douthat, in his August 13 “NY Times” Op-ed column criticizes the CDC for worsening COVID-related panic with its changing guidelines and messages. Dr. Fauci said the CDC was following the science; following the science involves observing, recording, and analyzing cause and effect as new and/or sometimes surprising correlations and conditions manifest. During crises, people want to trust experts; experts want to be trusted; experts know what they know from education and experience. Like everyone, experts might not automatically understand the significance of what they are seeing when they see something new. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. When bad things start to happen in otherwise stable settings, people who trust in the good aren’t quick to see the bad. It’s been reported that on August 12 at Chautauqua, there were audience members who saw Hadi Matar attack Salman Rushdie and thought that the attack might have been a staged performance. Salman Rushdie had appeared as himself in a fatwa related plotline in HBOs “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” While Salman Rushdie may be the first writer to be stabbed on stage at an American humanities retreat; Salman Rushdie is certainly not the first messenger to be attacked for his message.



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by Brian Miller Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99


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COMPUTERS by Nancy Roberts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . My Mind To Yours by Debra Merryweather . . . Sports take by Mike Lindsley . . . . . . . . . . . . . word on the street by Bill McClellan . . . . . brew time by Kristin Merritt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Preventative medicine by Dr. Barry . . . . . . . golf by John Lynch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Write Stuff by Nancy Roberts. . . . . . . . . Exercise & fitness by Jennifer Nastasi Guzela . sounds of syracuse by Chuck Schiele. . . . . Tales from the Vine by Veena Raj. . . . . . . . . . Now Playing by Brian Miller. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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by Keri Micale Munjed’s Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge

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by Nancy Roberts Festa Italiana 2022

by Candace Chen Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men

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Streaming Flicks by brian miller

Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99 In the summer of 1999, the Central New York region was set to become the very heart of rock n’ roll. After the success of Woodstock ’94, it was a no-brainer to green light Woodstock ’99, which would celebrate the 30th anniversary of the culturaldefining festival that revolutionized music. Some of the biggest acts of the era were set to perform; an eclectic and wide-ranging roster that included names like The Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, The Cranberries, Alanis Morrisette, DMX, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, just to name a few. As explored in the Netflix documentaries TRAINWRECK: WOODSTOCK ’99, what was meant to be a joyous celebration dissolved into a horrifying and shocking display of disillusionment and anarchy. The three-part series spends roughly one hour on each day of the festival, culminating in the raging inferno that served as the inevitable conclusion to a hellish weekend that continues to live in infamy. I’d say that the intentions for Woodstock ’99 were good, but if we’re being honest, it was always about the money. Organizers John Scher and Michael Long (particularly Long who was the co-founder of the Open 67 original festival) wanted to year recreate the “peace, love, Same O s wner and music” atmosphere of ’69, but at the end of the day, they also wanted to “One of Syracuse’s Best Kept Secrets Since 1954” make money. Lots and lots and lots of money. As soon Authentic as attendees began Italian Specialties entering the asphalt Fresh Fish Everyday! covered Griffiss Air Force Prime Rib Saturday base in Rome, their and Hand Cut water was confiscated. Ribeye Steaks Sure, it was nearly 100 Takeout & degrees, but there was Catering water for sale inside, so no outside beverages were DINING ROOM allowed. Nitrous oxide was fine, Poland Spring was not. Water prices would LET US CATER YOUR NEXT PARTY gradually increase as the OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK | CLOSED MONDAYS hours and days wore on, Tues-Thurs 11am-8:30pm, Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm Sun 12pm-8:30pm setting the mood for the everything that was to 1524 Valley Drive • Syracuse 13207 come. 315-492-9997 •

Old School Italian Dining




The ensuing disaster has been chronicled before, most recently in an HBO Max documentary WOODSTOCK: PEACE, LOVE, and RAGE. That doc was enthralling as well, but TRAINWRECK gives an even more expansive and shocking look at what happened. What is even more incredible to think about, was that the debacle played out live on pay-per-view for all to see. In 1998, THE TRUMAN SHOW (still one of the most underrated and prophetic movies of all time) was meant to be a warning, yet within a year we were well on our way to truly becoming a reality TV nation. PPV footage from Woodstock ’99 is a perfect example of this, as we see in TRAINWRECK, with people doing anything to get on television. I’m enthralled by quite literally every aspect of the failed fest. I was glued to my television watching TRAINWRECK, as I was the HBO doc that came before. There is always talk of hindsight in travesties such as these, but when it comes to Woodstock, this notion is absurd. The violence, price gouging, sexual assaults, and raw sewage spills were happening in front of a live television audience. Property was being destroyed, women were being raped, and concert-goers were literally baking in the sun for three straight days. This wasn’t everyone’s experience, of course, and I have a Ankle-deep trash at Woodstock ‘99 number of friends who went and had a great time. The problem is, it was the experience of many. There are a shocking number of jaw-dropping tales told through the three installments but hearing about someone getting a face full of open sores just because they took a drink of water is one that sticks out to me the most. The footage shown in TRAINWRECK is incredible. I would have loved to have seen more of the music acts, but obviously, that’s not what this documentary was about. The moments of the entire crowd jumping and moving together for Korn and Limp Bizkit is jaw-dropping and is as beautiful as it is terrifying. The behind-the-scenes glimpses of promoters kicking back and patting each other on the back while teenagers roll around in what they think is mud (spoiler alert, it wasn’t...) and spend all of their money on water while they trudge through ankle-deep trash is stomach-churning. It was also a far-cry from the festival that inspired it. TRAINWRECK: WOODSTOCK ’99: A- (Now streaming on Netflix)

“The violence, price gouging, sexual assaults, and raw sewage spills were happening in front of a live television audience.”

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Dining Out by Kerilyn E. Micale

Munjed’s Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge I truly believe that good food nourishes both your body and your soul. If you feel the same, or hey – even if you just feel hungry – I have to recommend a trip to Munjed’s Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge. They are conveniently located in the Westcott neighborhood at 505 Westcott Street in Syracuse, centrally located near Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, the hospital campuses and downtown Syracuse. They are open Tuesday through Sunday and they are always serving amazing food made using only the best and freshest ingredients around! Here is a bit of great news: there are so many ways to enjoy everything Munjeds has to offer! Their dining room is open, you can place a phone order for pick up (at (315) 425-0366), order in person for pick up, or even have it delivered right to your door with Doordash or Grubhub! Since their opening in 1984, you can always find good food and good people at Munjed’s – always! “Spread Hommus, Not Hate” is a simple, yet powerful and authentic phrase that you can find on some of their merch! One of my favorite aspects about Munjed’s is that they have really leaned into this idea of “simple yet powerful.” The “simple” idea behind the food is

to serve only the highest quality items, using generations of cooking knowledge, and serving authentic and delicious meals that everyone can enjoy! And, I do mean everyone. Every single dish is made from scratch so your dietary needs are absolutely considered; they offer gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and Halal specialties. The “simple” idea behind the restaurant is to take a great location, continue to impress the neighborhood, and create a place that people want to be. I would say that they nailed this! The atmosphere at Munjed’s has got to be one of my favorite vibes in Syracuse. It is warm and inviting but also tasteful and aesthetically elegant. At Munjed’s they have curated an atmosphere where you could bring a date, a girl’s night out, or even a family dinner to introducing little ones to international cuisine. This atmosphere seems to have been cultivated by their trademark of “good food, good people, always.” Kyle and I were looking forward to a night out at Munjed’s because we just love going there, enjoying awesome food, and (if I’m being honest) quietly eavesdropping on other tables’ conversation because the crowd is usually an interesting mix of people. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way but since the pandemic we have all learned to be much more flexible so we ended up getting Munjed’s to go and enjoyed at home. When I placed the order I had mentioned that my son and I weren’t feeling so great and my heart just melted when I opened the order to find a note wishing us well with two hand drawn flowers. It really is the little things that get us through the day, isn’t it? If the artist/author of the note is reading this – thank you! I appreciated you! We started our meal with a Mazza platter that included Hommus, Garden Salad, Feta Cheese & Olives, Babaganouj, Falafels, Tabouli Salad, Grape Leaves, Tzatziki, and Greek Salad. The babaganouj (puree of charbroiled eggplant, tahini, lemon and garlic) was creamy and smoky and fantastic (especially topped with the feta and olives) and the falafel (mildly spiced, fried chickpea patties) was crunchy and perfectly fried (not at all greasy) and absolute perfection when dipped in the Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip). The hommus was also exceptional, even though I only had one bite before my 2 year old decided to eat it with a spoon! For an entree Kyle had the Sultan’s Mixed Grill which includes: kifta kabob skewer, chicken, and grilled shrimp served with rice, falafel patties, hommus, salad, pita, toom, and hot sauces. This combo was truly a little bit of everything

“When I placed the order I had mentioned that my son and I weren’t feeling so great and my heart just melted when I opened the order to find a note wishing us well with two hand drawn flowers.”

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Munjed’s had to offer as far as Middle Eastern cuisine is concerned, and as always Kyle devoured it! I decided on my absolute favorite dish on the menu, Sotiri’s Greek Fest, a wedge of spanakopita (filo pastry dough, filled with spinach, feta cheese, and baked until golden brown, served with tzatziki sauce) and slices of savory gyro meat, served with Greek salad, tzatziki sauce, grape leaves, and pita. As always, every single bite was absolutely superb. The best part about getting take away is that you don’t have to worry about saving room for dessert. I positively must recommend a slice of Baklava Cheesecake, vanilla based cheesecake topped with walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon that is then drizzled with a sugar and rosewater syrup and a Burma Roll (shredded fillo with pistachios, drizzled with sugar, and rose water syrup) because life is too short to skip dessert! Munjed’s is here to make it easy to satisfy your hunger for the best Middle Eastern, Greek, Mediterranean, vegan, and vegetarian dishes that CNY has to offer! Check out their website at for the most up to date hours, to check out their menu, events, and specials, and even to order online! They have plenty of room for your special occasion and they are the perfect, unique venue for your upcoming event, shower, birthday party, retirement party, rehearsal dinner, or any other event! Whatever you are looking for in a dining experience, Munjed’s has the perfect plate and the perfect atmosphere to meet your needs. Be sure to check them out at http:// or better yet, head over there today!


Serving Middle Eastern & Greek Food Since 1984 GOOD FOOD • GOOD PEOPLE • ALWAYS! Open for dine in, takeout & delivery • Catering available for pickup

Best of CNY Winner 5 YEARS IN A ROW! 2017 • 2018 • 2019 2020 • 2021

Enjoy Our Outdoor Dining Patio

-2021—Best Middle Eastern Restaurant—


Tues 4-8pm, Wed & Thurs 11:30-1:30pm, 5-8pm, Fri 11:30-1:30pm, 5-8:30pm, Sat 4-8:30pm, Sun 4-8pm, MON CLOSED

503-505 Westcott Street • Syracuse, NY• 315-425-0366


FREE $100

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Sports Take

Remember, the biggest weakness of the Bills the last two years has been the pass rush. Going into 2022, that is now a major strength of the team. Key rookie: Kaiir Elam. The standout from Florida had a great preseason game against the Colts and Buffalo is relying on him to likely start right away until Tre White gets back. Elam is long and strong and physical. He works extremely hard and wants it every play. Keep your eyes on Elam early in the season. Key stretch: Week 1 until Week 7 bye. Buffalo’s schedule is daunting to start the year. They open the NFL season on 9-8 against the Rams on Thursday Night Football, then host the Titans on Monday Night Football, followed by games at Miami and at Baltimore, a home clash with Pittsburgh and then at Kansas City, with 13 seconds still fresh on the mind. While this schedule is hard, the Bills are really good and those teams have to play Buffalo as well. If the Bills can end 4-2 heading into the bye, it sets them up for a possible run in hopes of locking up home field advantage. Marquee game: Week 7, Green Bay at Buffalo. It’s easy to keep saying Bills and Chiefs, especially after last year’s playoff thriller. It’s easy to say Titans and Steelers because of the revenge factor. It’s easy to say Rams because it kicks off the season. But it’s Green Bay for many reasons. It’s rare to see Green Bay in Buffalo. You face Aaron

by Mike Lindsley

2022 Buffalo Bills Season Preview

“Can they handle the hype and expectations?”

Expectations are the highest in franchise history. Many Bills Mafia members are already slam-dunking a Super Bowl win, but we know sports don’t work that way. Despite a roster that is arguably better than the last two years when the team reached the AFC Championship and then should have again, the AFC is loaded, everyone will give Buffalo its best shot, injuries are always a factor and on and on the challenge list goes. Let’s preview the 2022 Buffalo Bills season. Most improved unit: Defensive Line. The Bills brought back old friends Shaq Lawson and Jordan Phillips and welcome Tim Settle, DaQuan Jones and future Hall of Famer, Von Miller. Buffalo is hoping for breakthrough campaigns from youngsters Greg Rousseau, Boogie Basham and A.J. Epenesa and even more from Ed Oliver. This defensive line is deep and versatile and is going to be a problem for the opposition.

live music


FRI, 2 •: Mike MacDonald • 6-9pm LUDING INCSEPT FRI, SEPT 9 • Ditch Daisies • 7-10pm SAT, SEPT 10 • Time Trax • 7-10pm FRI, SEPT 16 • 13 Curves • 7-10pm SAT, SEPT 17 • Cobble Rockers • 7-10pm SAT, SEPT 23 • Mike MacDonald • 6:30-9:30pm FRI, SEPT 30 • TBA SAT, OCT 1 • TBA SPECIAL ROOM RATES



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Seafood Night

Fresh Haddock Dinner $16.00

BBQ Ribs & Slow Roasted Brisket


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Rodgers. It’s the most storied team in NFL history. The fan bases share a similar passion for their teams and they live in similar climates with the same life mentality. How about on Sunday Night Football the day before Halloween? All boxes are checked. Home field advantage game? The loaded AFC could have 7-9 teams eyeing home field advantage for the playoffs. Buffalo is one. Cincinnati is the other. They clash on Monday Night Football on 1-2-23 in Cincinnati. The Bengals went to the Super Bowl last year. This could end up being the biggest game of the season. Joe Burrow and Josh Allen. Talk about quarterback heaven. More on #17. Can Josh Allen actually get better? Last year he threw for 4,407 yards and 36 touchdowns. He ran for 763 more and scored six more TD’s. He was basically perfect in the playoffs against New England and Kansas City. His 2021 numbers are darn close to his 2020 stats when he and the Bills came out of nowhere and nearly Key rookie: Kaiir Elam reached the Super Bowl. Allen still gets a little wild at times but that’s the competitor in him. He’s a freak of nature at the position and many are saying he’s now the best QB in football. What’s his ceiling? Is he already there? How much can he improve? We all know there is one simple answer. Win it all. And if he does, Allen will become the #1 athlete in Buffalo sports history at the age of 26. No pressure or anything. Get hot! After the Week 7 bye, as noted, Buffalo has Green Bay and then a bunch of games where they will be heavy favorites. At Jets, vs. Vikings, vs. Browns, at Lions, at Patriots, vs. Jets, vs. Dolphins and at Bears leading up to the MNF game in Cincinnati. If the Can Josh Allen actually get better? Bills can go 7-1 in this stretch and stay above water at the start, home field advantage is very possible.


Free agents to be. Running back Devin Singletary, tight end Dawson Knox, linebacker Tremaine Edmunds and safety Jordan Poyer are all free agents at the end of the season. This could favor Buffalo in terms of the ultimate goal because huge production equals winning which then equals more money for all four in 2023 and beyond. Right now, we worry about 2022. Key offensive player: Roger Saffold. The veteran guard signed a one year deal to help stabilize the Bills’ offensive line. He can play both sides and could provide the missing link on an offensive line that could dominate in 2022. Key defensive player: Tre White. When will he be back from his torn ACL? His return creates even more depth behind him, obviously, because he is the #1 cornerback. The defense looks different when he is in there. Projected record: 12-5. Buffalo can win it all. The roster is that good. They have Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs and Von Miller and breakout players ready, plus a great front office, solid coaching and depth, balance and versatility. Can they handle the hype and expectations? They seem to welcome and embrace all of it. One game at a time, which hopefully leads to the big game at the end.




Daily Specials Large Cheese Pizza & 12 Wings $ 99



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Feeds 4-6 People

Chicken or Sausage Riggies .................................. $29.95 4 Garlic Knots, 1 Large Garden Salad

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173 SHOP CITY PLAZA, SYRACUSE Credit card fee may apply. Pay by cash & save



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II, (word on the street, July 2022 issue. The Plan is crucial. It details by Mike Lindsley clandestine strategies that will cause D-Day to succeed. This column – “D-Day in the Village” is implementation and final procedures. Re-Cap: In early November of 2020, a young by Bill McClellan 90-pound heroin addict conned a few drug dealers out of around $20.00 worth of dope. They found her and beat her. They blackened her eyes and bruised her face and body. They stormed and killed and died They found her a few days later. She had no money. They beat her senseless, dragging her in the street by the hair, scraping and bruising her body. They did some more work beating her face. While searching for her I found a young girl, 16 at best, scary strung out in the yard of a drug den. Another, owned and used, body and soul by the filth of the streets. You could find them on Butternut and Highland and scattered throughout the village. In August of 2021 another very good friend overdosed on drugs purchased in this Village. Her last words to me before she died were “Bill, don’t ever leave, you are all Preface: This effort is right, it is American, it is workable, it will remove demons from the I have.” She was close to a rehab. The line was crossed. These young women and their streets of this area, it will provide a blueprint for expansion, it will improve the economic families are my friends, daughters of women I worked with many years ago. I need for viability of the area, it will make the area safe, it will show residents and users care and something to happen to this vile inhumanity. And the City needs to decide that this ugly, hope, it will beautify, it will improve infrastructure, it will create safety, it will cause land vile, evil, thriving in every neighborhood, under a veneer of looking the other way, is and home owners to want to improve their holdings and as it restores the American unacceptable. These are not isolated stories, “by any means.” The first area to rid of this intent to 15 square blocks, it will honor the blood of our heroes. evil is fittingly where my friends were beaten and killed. This is a crucial matter. Please, bring yourself up to date. Go to “word on the street —“D-DAY’ SHOCK AND AWE —” All three parts of “THE PLAN” are re-printed. July 2022 Part I, August The “PLAN” laid out in this series is implemented. “Shock and Awe.” The finest Cops in 2022 Part II and this column September 2022 Part III. I can be reached at America move in. With stunning efficiency, every drug dealer living in the Village or that This is the third installment on a three-part lives elsewhere and has been selling within the Village borders is arrested. By nightfall series that offers a workable way to “fix this drug dealers are in shock and behind bars. The evil that flourished with ease, daily city.” There must be a birthplace that sets desecrating the minds of Village citizens is excised with precision and expertise. Shock the example. “THE PLAN” shows you how, using Special Forces mindset and technique, and Awe. The brazen cruel are quickly removed. An invigorated City, tired of human pain, and social and economic decline and the adapted to elite civilians, to begin a process cruel complacency that has smothered American cities moves in. Fully engaged and to rescue an entire City. The area of current concern is referred to as the Village. A Village with the spirit of Americans. Fully aware that every soldier that stormed the Beaches at Normandy is watching. With pride and expertise, the elite within each City department where extreme evil and cruelty thrives just moves in and the Village begins to change. below the veneer of the broken sidewalks In the early AM the Syracuse Police make their move. They know who is home and and streets has been selected. Success in where to go first. They move with swift elite efficiency, setting the stage as only the finest Celebrating our 88th year this village will show you that we have no in 2022, spanning three can. Dealers and the entire criminal element are quickly removed. From that moment lack of ability in this City. All you need is generations, Eddie’s has offered up forward any dealing will be met with “in process” arrest. It is over. to be inspired. It is the hearts and minds great food, warm hospitality As soon as this is achieved. Each Department engages and enters the village of the Police and all that lead. We need to and happy memories to implementing strategically designed elite and professional plans as indicated in ‘THE thousands of beach goers. place the love of our fellow man, the love From its humble beginnings as a PLAN.” On the first day enormous transformation is underway. The flurry of activity will of right, and our love for this Shining City seasonal hot dog stand to the be quickly noticed and curiosity followed by hope will flow through the Village. They in the forefront of our thinking. We need to bustling restaurant it is today, must be taken by surprise with immediate massive and ongoing achievement. Then they whistle or hum the Star-Spangled Banner Eddie’s has always provided will realize that something is really happening. “Spirit will Ensue” and then cooperation quick, friendly service, delicious and Battle Hymn of the Republic. Within homemade food and an will flourish. An easy 90% of these areas are good poor people. Victims. Show them this the ensuing chills is the heart of good and unforgettable experience. decency, and equality and compassion, and kind of hope coming to fruition and they will come. All activity must be accomplished justice and fairness. Within the ensuing chills swiftly and with keen thorough efficiency. Times will vary between departments. Some Everyone knows, it wouldn’t will finish the first day others will need longer. The DPW for example, whatever time it be Sylvan Beach in the is the heart of the finest that humans can takes. Yet with elite mindset, all to be geared with stunning efficiency in the shortest be. Within the ensuing chills lies the heart summertime without Eddies! period of time, the finest we have can achieve the finest that can be done. Bureaucratic of real Americans. Within the ensuing chills Visit us at and lie the reasoning that makes you know I am roadblocks will be out of your way in your planning. Remember LOGISTICAL preparation view our menu online or stop in! is in itself extremely vital to success along with elite strategy. The same applies to this right. Let’s do this. 901 Main Street  Sylvan Beach entire effort. Strategies are laid out in “THE PLAN” Part 315-762-5430

Word on the Street

“The plan” Part III

D-Day in the Village – De Oppresso Liber Around Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon


The Write Stuff

Flyers should be distributed to each resident, property owner and business, explaining that the brazen drug problem has been removed from their community. No longer will the drug windows be open, nor will lurking vehicles serve as delivery systems for drugs, nor will the street trade exist. Violators will be arrested immediately and prosecuted. Clearly indicate that all forms of drug activity are over. There will be no leniency for drug dealers. Also explain that a special project is underway in their neighborhood and it is now safe and improvements are underway to insure a wholesome safe life for their children. Ask them to participate and improve each property. Let them know that hope has arrived and a better day has begun. With drug dealers instantly gone, and clear beautification and infrastructure improvements clearly underway, residents will see that hope is becoming reality and that the years of their lives do not have to be passed surrounded by evil and the resulting swill. This Village within the city of Syracuse, New York bounded by Lodi, Butternut, Huntley Highland and James is liberated. I hope I can show you how to think like a Green Beret. Sure, there is exemplary training. But what makes the finest, not just of a Green Beret, but “all” of good will, is “heart and decency” born of the love for others and the values that keep us safe. It is mighty revulsion toward those that harm others. And a strong belief in De Oppresso Liber. (To Liberate the Oppressed) It is an esprit-decor born of such values with spine tingling belief in the intent of this land. It is strong desire to walk tall protecting what is good. And in so doing, failure or poor results are not acceptable. It is these values that flow through the heart of a Green Beret when they hear the spine-tingling music of this great land, or when they read the poem “In Flanders Fields” or hear of, or do, the deeds that honor those that died for America. It is giving value to the countless kids, many still teens, bleeding out on foreign battlefields with their insides in their hands. It is being what they died for. “If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep.” So, when I write about a workable plan to fix 15 square blocks and prepare a blueprint to rid this City of neglect and evil heartless predators, any hesitancy on the part of anyone is born of the absence of living with the spirit it takes to fight for what is right. I am asking the Mayor and the Council, the Police and the Sheriffs and every City Department Employee to whistle or hum the Battle Hymn. Feel the strength and the courage and beauty in your heart that we too seldom bring to the fight. If you move forward with “heart” and esprit décor, born from awakening what you know has been absent and make the decision to free this city of evil and scourge and abuse, you will be engaging what it is to be, not just a Green Beret, but to be an American that makes proud the unequaled intent of this land. So, I say to you, seek out our heroes and our music. Allow the spirit of this land and the chills of greatness to flow. Give yourself a crisp salute and implement this plan. It was June 5th 1944. Five Star General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force was addressing troops. The following day they would

“Remember LOGISTICAL preparation is in itself extremely vital to success along with elite strategy.”

PAGE 13 • September 2022 • TABLE HOPPING storm the Beaches of Normandy and literally begin the process to save the world. Eisenhower was among the 101st Airborne when he asked a group of soldiers how they were doing. One of the soldiers shouted out: “No problem General, we will take care of this little matter for you.” Those words spoken in the calm that often precedes the great storm of battle, represented the heart of the finest and bravest Army ever to assemble. It was time to free the oppressed. A pursuit to rid the world of pure evil. Omaha, Sword, Juno, Gold and Utah. The landing beaches at Normandy. The reports came in. After intense battle on these beaches the Canadians broke through at Gold, The British at Juno, the Americans at Utah. The Americans were pinned down on Omaha, men dying like flies, body parts flying everywhere, but they were Americans. The bravest men on earth got up and stormed and killed and died, and then again, the bravest men on earth got up and stormed and killed and died, until they made it to the Germans and then they killed. Alone at home she pushed her baby carriage...These men are watching you read this final part of the plan. They are wondering what you are going to do to 15 square blocks of sidewalk where their granddaughter’s bodies are often flesh for evil men. On the land they hallowed with their blood, and their futures and their sacred bodies and the finest bravery of eons. D-Day is and should be June 6th. The white crosses will stir. They will be watching.

Fine Dining

m 5 to 9pm— —Serving Dinnayserthrfro u Saturdays Wednesd




of hospitality & memorable dining experiences thanks to our devoted employees & loyal guests.

2290 W. GENESEE TPK (RT. 5) • CAMILLUS, NY 315.672.3166 • www.

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Business of Interest by Nancy Roberts

Festa Italiana 2022

Syracuse’s Italian Celebration The word “celebrate” derives from the Latin, “celeber,” meaning “frequented,” or “honored.” Synonyms include commemorate, observe, honor, mark, salute, and recognize, as well as praise, laud, and extol. What a great word! And few things do as much to “celebrate” a cultural heritage than a festival, open to anyone and everyone, designed to share the most beloved and entertaining elements of that culture. Now in its 24th year, the Festa Italiana is a yearly pilgrimage for Central New Yorkers of all ages. There’s something that everyone, from toddler to teen to any and every age on up, to enjoy. Founders Ginnie Lostumbo and Linda DeFrancisco originally envisioned the festival as a way to raise money for an Italian Community Center, but as they and the Board considered it, they eventually chose to use the festival to raise funds for a number of worthy charitable activities in town – making it both “Italian” in style, and universal in attraction. In 2021, the recipients included:

Celebrity Meatball Challenge

• Assumption Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen • David’s Refuge • Road to Emmaus Ministry of Syracuse • St. Lucy’s Food Pantry • The Crunch Foundation • United Way of Central New York • Vera House As with most cultural festivals, the Festa Italiana features food – and Italian cuisine has been, without a doubt, one of the most popular foods brought from the Old World to the New. Along with all your favorite food vendors from years past, Vito’s Restorante, Big MaMa’s Cheesecake (with cannoli cheesecake and ricotta cheesecake on the menu) and the John Venditti Post will be offering their special Italian treats. Stop by the Fayette Street Stage to watch the Celebrity Meatball Challenge. The winner chooses a charity to receive a $500 donation in honor of the biggest appetite in town! Or perhaps Bocce is your special talent? You and your team (men’s, women’s, and mixed) can win a team first prize of $240, second of $200, and third of $140 – and if you enter early your application fee is reduced $20 (from $80 to $60). Find your entry forms on the website. But if you’re like me, you’re going to want to stroll around sampling the delicious foods and

“There’s something that everyone, from toddler to teen to any and every age on up, to enjoy.”

Bocce Challenge

As with most cultural festivals, the Festa Itailiana features food

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In the Atrium next to City Hall

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th 6:00 pm Italian Bingo

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th 12 Noon Italian Bingo 1:00 pm Laura Hand: Tracing your Italian Roots 2:00 pm Lucille Procopio: Making Italian Delicacies 3:00 pm Syracuse Opera: Performing Italian Arias 4:00 pm Cooking Italian With Joe: Dr. Joe Borio making ricotta gnocchi 5:00 pm Speach Candy Co.: Michael Speach talks about a 102 year old family business (free samples) 6:00 pm Italian Bingo SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th 1:00 pm Italian Bingo 2:00 pm Jim Battaglia: Making Orange/Limoncello; How to make wine from the grape to table 3:00 pm Ed Gasparini: Presenting Italian Meats with Complementing Italian Style Cheeses (free samples) R SCHEDULE


enjoy the entertainment. And this year, both the Main Stage and the Small Stage on Fayette Street will be packed with entertainment – the small stage beginning at noon on Friday and Sunday, and 11am on Saturday, and continuing on into the evening hours. Strolling musicians will carry that special “Italian sound” throughout the festival grounds with the mandolin, accordion, and vocals accompanying your visit. And of course Jeff the Magic Man will take the Small Stage at 1pm on Saturday to delight the children (and the child in all of us)! In the Atrium at City Hall Commons you will find the Heritage Display – and this is something you must promise yourself not to miss! From Italian Opera to food demonstrations to tracing your Italian roots, this is a part of the fest you won’t want to miss. Take some time to stroll through the venue, taking a peek back in history at the people and places that brought bits of Italy to live in Syracuse. Check out the lineup on the left. And since our theme is “celebrate,” what better way to begin Sunday’s events than an open-air celebration of the Mass, in Italian, by Bishop Lucia and Father Caruso of Our Lady of Pompeii/ St. Peter’s Church, Sunday, at 11 am. And what is any celebration without the people who make it all happen – the volunteers (if you see them in


Entertainment everywhere their red Festa shirts, say “hi” and “thanks” for their long hours of devoted work); the entertainers and experts; the cooks, servers, organizers; and of course, all of your friends, neighbors and co-workers who come out to support this beloved Syracuse tradition. Festeggiare, Syracuse!

Friday September 16 11am – 11pm Saturday September 17 11am – 11pm Sunday September 18 Noon – 7pm In front of City Hall, Downtown Syracuse

SEPTEMBER 16th,17th & 18th


r FO NEW WEBSITE lianasyracuse.o VISIT OUR a it sta www.fe

FRI., SEPT. 16TH, 11AM-11PM • SAT., SEPT. 17TH, 11AM-11PM • SUN., SEPT.18TH , 12PM-7PM Corner of Montgomery & Washington St. • In front of City Hall, Downtown Syracuse


• Avicolli’s Restaurant • Big Mama's Cheesecake Company • Biscotti Café & Pastry Shop • Brancato’s Catering • • Charlie’s “It’s a Utica Thing" • John Venditti Italian War Veterans Post #1 • Festa Sausage & Pizza by Twin Trees • • MaMa B’s & MaMa C’s • Pascarella’s Bakery & Catering • Razzle Dazzle Italian Ice • Villa Pizze Fritte • Vito's Restorante •







HERITAGE AT THE ATRIUM Displays, Demonstrations, Syracuse Opera


12:30 PM Charity Meatball Eating Challenge 5 PM Bocce Challenge: The Bocce Judges vs. Special Olympian Bocce Team


9 AM Bocce Tournament 11 AM-8 PM Italian Heritage Display


11 AM Open Air Mass (all are welcome) 12 NOON-6 PM Italian Heritage Display


NOON 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM

Just Joe (SS) Howie Bartolo (SS) Brass Inc. (MS) The Stangers (SS) Mere Mortals (MS) Soul Mine Band (SS) Prime Time Horns (MS)



11 AM 1 PM 2:30 PM 3 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 8:30 PM 9:00 PM

Just Joe (SS) Jeff the Magic Man (SS) REV (SS) Mood Swing (MS) Time Trax (SS) Horn Dogs (MS) Bad Husband's Club (SS) Infinity (MS) Custom Taylor Band (SS) Hard Promises (MS)


NOON 1 PM 1:30 PM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:00 PM

Mark Macri (SS) Under the Paige (MS) Dylan Michael (SS) Dunes & the Del Tunes (MS) Prime Time Trio (SS) Menage a Soul (MS) Stroke (SS)


FRI 6-8PM, SAT 3-5PM, SUN 2-4PM Paulo & Felice


SPONSORED BY: AL George, Bonadio Group, Camping World, City of Syracuse, CR Fletcher, DeFrancisco & Falgiatano LLP, Dominick Falcone Agency, Farone & Son Funeral Home, Fish Cove-Shop City, Gasparini Sales, Inc., Gianelli Sausage, John & Rockette Brunetti, NBT Bank, Oliva Companies, Onondaga Beverage, Ozzie & Dede Crisalli, Solvay Bank, Syracuse Crunch, Table Hopping Media, Thomas J. Pirro Funeral Home, Valet Park of America, Westcott Florist SPECIAL THANKS TO : City of Syracuse – Mayor Ben Walsh, Common Council, Britney Farmer, Bridget Nugent, Electrical, Fire & Police Departments, Downtown Committee of Syracuse, Ed Gasparini, Frank Ricciardiello, Jim Battaglia, Joe Borio, Julian Corsello, Laura Hand, Lucille Procopio, Michael Speach, NYS Office Bldg, Pascale's, Syracuse Opera, TLC-First Aid Tent, Lauren Brown


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Brew Time by kristin merritt

A is for Apple B is for Beverage; C is for Craft...where do our ABCs lead us to? Craft Hard Apple Cider, of course! ‘Tis the season to take a short pause from a summer full of craft beer and turn our attention and tastebuds to craft hard ciders. Ciders can be found in their very own section these days in grocery stores and local beverage establishments and the different varieties available continue to grow exponentially. Lucky for us, we live in the heart of apple country, and just beyond our small region, the rest of the Northeast also produces massive amounts of apples that are transported throughout the rest of the country, for both consumers and cideries alike. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at how hard cider is created! While truly any variety of apple can be utilized, most hard ciders are ranked from sweet to dry, just like wine. Therefore, different varieties of apples will yield different results along the scale. Apples have acids and tannins, just like grapes, LOOKING FOR KITCHEN & which also contribute to the specific SERVING STAFF end product that is created. Apples are harvested when ripe and pressed for the juices. The fresh juice is then collected and placed into tanks, casks, vats, barrels, etc., where simple sugars in the apple juice are converted into ethanol by yeast; these yeast strains can be wild, but most are cultivated strains that are added by the manufacturers. Temperatures at which ciders are created vary anywhere from 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Eventually,

the yeast is filtered out, and the liquid is strained and placed into a new container. Fermentation continues as it sits and carbon dioxide is created with the remaining sugars, thereby creating carbonation. As well, other flavors, juices and additives can be added during this process of fermentation as well; it is not unusual to find hopped ciders, ciders with additions of honey, cranberries, grapes and even maple syrup! Fermentation can take anywhere from 3 months to 3 years and when it comes time to bottle, fermentation continues to take place in the individual containers. As well, all ciders need to undergo the process of pasteurization to kill any harmful bacteria. Once the process is completed, the hard cider is ready for consumption! Most everyone who

“Johnny Appleseed’s famous seedings weren’t planted for the intention of eating, but instead planted with the intention of creating hard cider.”

went to grade school in the United States has heard of Johnny Appleseed, (or John Chapman, which was his real name), but did you know that those famous seedlings of his during the late 1700s and into the early 1800s weren’t planted for the intention of eating, but instead planted with the intention of creating hard cider? You see, water was not exactly the drink of choice in those early years of the Americas as it wasn’t always safe to drink, especially as settlers traversed the frontier to settle lands west of Pennsylvania. Cider was a much safer and more sanitary alternative and deemed an appropriate beverage for the whole family to consume. Today, craft hard cider is growing as much in popularity as craft beer and with so

New York State Arms Collectors Association, Inc.



September 17 th & 18th NEW YORK STATE FAIRGROUNDS –Empire Expo Center–

6 Time State Champion Burger Winner! 238 Harrison St. • Syracuse, NY 13202 315-426-9672 •

Saturday 9am-5pm • Sunday 9am-3pm


Admission: $8.00/person • Senior Citizens $6.00 Children under 12 FREE (must be accompanied by adult)

Fresh juice is collected and placed into tanks, casks, vats , barrels, etc.


many different and delightful variations to sample! To note, ciders are also naturally gluten-free, and therefore folks with specific allergies or food sensitivities have a golden opportunity to imbibe right alongside their beer-swigging friends. There are a multitude of cideries in the greater CNY area where you can try different varieties of craft hard ciders, including: • Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards featuring their 1911 Established ciders, Lafayette, NY • Abbott’s Wine & Cidery, part of Abbott Farms, Baldwinsville, NY • Critz Farms Brewing & Cider Company, Cazenovia, NY • Grisamore Cider Works, Locke, NY • Finger Lakes Cider House, Interlaken, NY • New York Cider Company, Ithaca, NY • South Hill Cider, Ithaca, NY • Blackduck Cidery, Ovid, NY • Star Cider, Canandaigua, NY • Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard, Fly Creek, NY (near Cooperstown, NY) • Nine Pin Cider Works, Albany, NY • Indian Ladder Farms Cidery & Brewery, Altamont, NY My friendly fall advice would be to take a scenic drive out to one of these establishments and let your palate discover something new. Additionally, your patronage Cran-Mango Saison supports these local and family businesses, which is so important these days! If you’re unable to visit a cidery, or you’re looking for a 4- or 6-pack to pick up and drink during football games or sip around a bonfire this season, then there are plenty of different options for purchase at your local supermarket. As well, plenty of our local craft beer breweries will sometimes brew a cider or two – or at least offer different varieties behind the bar from various parts of NYS (and beyond). (Maybe even grab a growler!) If you still aren’t sure where to start, here are a few of my hard cider personal favorites. Cran-Mango Saison – Cider Creek Hard Cider, Canisteo, NY (6.9% ABV) – This is a unique Belgian-style cider that is fermented with Saison Ale yeast and finished with cranberry and mango juices. Let me tell you, I would Blueberry Peach NOT have guessed that cranberry and mango would Hard Cider go well together, but it DOES. So tasty, juicy, full of complimentary flavor. (Hint: This is currently on tap at Meier’s Creek Brewing Co’s Inner Harbor location!) Blueberry Peach Hard Cider – Hamburg Brewing Company, Hamburg, NY (6% ABV) – Crushable, flavorful, able to taste each fruit distinctly – neither being too aggressive or overwhelming – with the fruits melding nicely together upon your palate. On the sweeter side. Imperial Black Cherry – Hudson North Cider Co., Newburgh, NY (8% ABV) – Cherry, in general, can be hitor-miss in my opinion, as sometimes the cherry flavor can have a bit of a “cough syrup” taste. Not this one! This hard cider’s cherry pairs well with the apple; it’s crisp and juicy while being slightly on the tart side. Cheers! Imperial Black Cherry

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—Catering for ALL Events!—

Graduations • Weddings • Corporate Functions



Great for Rehearsal Dinners! Open for inside seating at the bar and dining room. HOURS: Wed-Sat 4:30-9pm

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Preventive Medicine by by Dr. Dr. Barry Barry

Heart Rate Variability To Beat or Not to Beat

There are a lot of ways to measure your health. Your blood pressure, your heart rate, your blood sugar etc. are all metrics of health which you can track easily. There is another marker...heart rate variability which also gives you important information about your overall health. Your heart rate is easy to measure...just feel for your pulse and count the number of beats in 60 seconds and you have the heart rate. Heart rate variability is different. It requires a device like an EKG machine, or an Oura Ring or Whoop to measure it accurately. There are technically a number of different ways to measure HRV but it’s easiest to use a device like the Oura Ring, Whoop or any modern device that measures heart rate. These should be able to give you a heart rate variability measure. Typically, high heart rate variability is a good thing. Think of it this way...two people can have the same heart rate...lets pick 60 beats per minute...but one has a frisky heart and one has a dull plodding Whoop heart...the frisky/healthy heart beats just a little early sometimes and a little late at other times all the while maintaining the 60 beats per minute overall. The dull plodding/less healthy heart keeps a steady beat...never early...never late. You would think that being regular would be a good thing for the heart... but a healthier heart is a more variable heart. As expected, things that improve your overall health improve your heart rate variability and you Oura Ring can use this measure as an independent analysis of your health on an ongoing basis. So, better sleep, more exercise, better diet, and less stress all improve heart rate variability. Heart rate varies more in some people than in others and there is day to day variation so it’s very popular to use night time readings to get a more reproducible and trackable number.

So heart rate variability reflects overall health. Although affected by diet, exercise, sleep, alcohol etc., the main determinant of the heart rate variability is the balance between your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic system is known as the fight or flight reaction and the parasympathetic system is known as the rest and digest reaction. The sympathetic system uses adrenaline to increase the heart rate and the parasympathetic system uses acetylcholine to decrease heart rate and the balance determines both heart rate and heart rate variability. We are supposed to live in harmony with nature with a balance between the two symptoms but most of us are out of balance with too much sympathetic tone. You can try to restore this balance with exercise, yoga, deep breathing exercises (see Wim Hof ), sauna, meditation, and cold immersion. Interestingly enough, heavy exercise lowers heart rate variability before it ultimately raises heart rate variability. Since the vast majority of people have too much sympathetic tone and not enough parasympathetic tone...too stressed out and not enough relaxed we focus on the most basic tools to balance the two which are breathing exercises. Slow, controlled nasal breathing is a great technique to balance the two sides and improve your heart rate variability. So you can immediately improve your health by using simple breathing exercises...what could be easier than that. Of course this is America so creative people have come up with various devices to help us. has an interesting combination of a device and smartphone app that helps you increase your parasympathetic tone via controlled breath exercises. There is an interesting device that claims it uses vibration you can’t really feel to improve your heart rate variability. Have not tried it yet but it’s available at https:// Don’t you find it fascinating that we are measuring a heart derived number to tell us about our autonomic nervous system? Isn’t it great that we can affect our different systems with simple interventions? The interplay between the systems never ceases to fascinate me. HRV is just one more measure you can easily and safely use to access and improve your health. Until next month...get well and stay well.

“So, better sleep, more exercise, better diet, and less stress all improve heart rate variability.”

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OPEN until Midnight 7 Days a Week! • 10PM - 12AM



PORK $ 595 5 9 EAK 1 T S $ 5 2 STEAK




12” SUBS !





SATURDAY 9/3 • Dot Foods presents Lucas Oil ESS Sprints plus Mods/Spts/Hobby/Novice TUESDAY 9/20 • Outlaw 200 Test and Tune 36TH ANNUAL OUTLAW 200 WEEKEND FRIDAY 9/30 • DIRTcar Pro Stock Series 6:30pm Hobby Stock Outlaw Weekend Championship E & V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship AmeriCU Mod Lite Outlaw Weekend Championship Outlaw Weekend 4-Cylinder Open Industrial Tire of CNY DIRTcar Sportsman Shootout Heats Nd Consolations Outlaw Modified 15-lap Outlaw Qualifiers SATURDAY 10/1 • 36th Annual Outlaw 200 for Modifieds 5:00pm Qualifying Heats, Consolations, LCS and 200-lap Feature Industrial Tire of CNY DIRTcar Sportsman Shootout Last Chance Showdowns and 50-lap Feature

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PHOENIX & SCHROEPPEL BUSINESSES! • Cam’s Pizzeria • Bombadils Tavern • Basil Thai Restaurant • CJ’s Deli • The Gingersnap Gift Shop & Cake Bakery • Duskee’s Sports Bar & Grill • R.F.H.’s Hide-A-Way Restaurant • Li’s Garden • Monirae’s Restaurant • 916 Restaurant • Tasswood Bakery • Our Family To Yours Café • MaryAnne’s Countrytime Café • Lock 1 Distillery

228 HUNTLEY ROAD Off Route 57A (Off Rt 481) PHOENIX, NY • 315.695.2245

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Golf by john lynch

How I Learned to Play Scratch Golf No matter what I did or how hard I tried I couldn’t get any better than a bogey golfer. I watch the Golf Channel and read Golf Digest religiously – there was something missing in my golf swing and I could not put my finger on it. I was your typical bogey golfer – if I started my round of golf on a good note I usually did pretty well and would shoot mid to high 80’s. If the wheels on my golf swing began to wobble I would find myself tinkering with my golf swing on the golf course – a recipe for disaster! My golf swing was not perfect, however I got by. I had incorporated an early move in my backswing that allowed me to swing the club more to the inside and at the same time fan the club face open. I learned this move because if I timed my impact just right, I seemed to hit the golf ball farther.



SPECIALS during the Games

PIZZA SPECIALS 22.99 $22.99 2 Large 16”


Large 1-Topping Pizza & Wings*

Cheese Pizzas*

SEPT 8 • Name Brand Cover Band SEPT 16 • Time Trax SEPT 23 • Tiger


2 Large Cheese Pizzas & 20 Wings*

1 Village Blvd. • BaldwinsvilleNY 13027

CHECK OUT OUR SECOND LOCATION: POTTERS PUB, 8055 Potter Rd, Baldwinsville • 315-635-7992

However this move in my golf swing was hit or miss – sometimes I smoked the golf ball down the middle of the fairway – and sometimes I snap hooked it into the woods. So ended my 2006 golf season and still no progress – handicap 18 and holding steady. The 2006-07 winter here in New England had been unusually cold, snowy, and LONG! – It was now spring and my golf swing still rusty from the long winter layoff. Needless to say, I was anxious to start my 2007 golf season with high hopes of really making an impact on lowering my golf handicap from the 18 I had been sitting at for so long. Then in early May 2007 my brother in law told me about this golf swing move he learned from an old dusty

“Then in early May 2007 my brother in law told me about this golf swing move he learned from an old dusty golf book that had done wonders for him – a move he said puts his golf swing on plane early in the swing.”

golf book that had done wonders for him – a move he said puts his golf swing on plane early in the swing. What is this move you ask?? Read on... The early backward wrist break! As I began to practice the early backward wrist break my golf swing felt very weird. I said to myself “this has gotta be wrong.” However I stayed with it and continued practicing this early backward wrist break. I gradually began to notice the golf club felt much lighter as I swung. I also began to find it easier to drop the golf club


PAGE 21 • September 2022 •


into the “slot” during my downswing allowing me to really attack the golf ball from the inside. Then I suddenly realized, “I’ve been yanking the golf club way too far to the inside at the start of my backswing, and now my golf swing is on plane!” “This is why the golf club feels so much lighter; I am now swinging the golf club on plane!” I noticed a more penetrating ball flight with my irons AND my woods... The golf ball was now exploding off my clubface! Also, I noticed the golf ball was sounding different coming off my club face – it sounded like – “click.” And this story gets even better... Five days after learning the early backward wrist break I carded my first ever holein-one!


To read the story on my hole-in-one, simply Google: “john lynch hole-in-one” spelled exactly as is without the quotes. I quickly developed much more confidence in my golf swing – I now knew where the golf ball was going. This confidence transferred to my short game and I began to score on the golf course. I was now thoroughly enjoying the game of golf! I was no longer happy with pars; I now wanted birdies and eagles! In three short months my handicap had already dropped to a 10 – that’s 8 strokes! My dream came true in May 2008 when my handicap dropped to 0 – scratch golf!! All because of this one move early in my backswing! I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt the early backward wrist break has totally transformed my golf game and I want to shout this out to the world! One year ago I was an 18 handicap, I am now a scratch golfer. Hit ‘em Long and Straight!


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The Write Stuff by Nancy Roberts

The Unanimous Champions of College Football, 1869-2019 by Robert J. Reid

More than once, wandering through this incredibly rich volume, I paused, looked up, and thought: “He’s actually writing this in a way I can understand!” And that may be the very best testimonial I can give to Robert Reid’s dedicated exploration of a question he posed himself way back in 2005 when he first began to write: “Why were so few teams, in the history of the sport, unanimously chosen as the national champion college team?” He acknowledges that in part, it was because it took years for a national championship format to be established. “During the 150 years in question, what were the major criteria necessary for a team to be a unanimous national champion?” Was there a single criteria that would easily result in a unanimous selection, or perhaps a set of them? He reminds us that in 150 years, the sport has evolved both with “a snail’s crawl and a cheetah’s speed.” Rules were changing and the style of play was constantly

adjusting, and the various selectors may have relied upon more or less sophisticated mathematical analyses, as well as a combination of observation and research. Still, he delves deeply into the question: why, in the 150 years of college ball under consideration, were only 33 teams unanimously voted “the national champions?” It’s clear that Reid enjoyed walking around his subject and observing it from a number of viewpoints, and that he

“Football fans, particularly college football fans, will be delighted with this book, as Reid leaves no stone unturned in his quest to understand and assess the unanimous champs.”

Books End Gently used, rare & out-of-print books, hardcovers, paperbacks and ephemera

Early football was dominated by The Ivy League has a talent for statistics. “If a football program was selected the number one team in a certain number of seasons (say 10 seasons, 10 percent of the time period), that program could be considered one of the dominant football programs. This approach

would reduce the field to eight schools...” “Through the 89 seasons where the various selectors have failed to agree

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Yale competing against Harvard, 1963

PAGE 23 • September 2022 •



unanimously during the 1900s, there has been a single dissenting vote 16 times. Six With football season just getting under way, this book would be a treasure for any of those 16 seasons have been the result of the selector not making a decision and fan wanting to enrich his or her knowledge, find fodder for argumentation, or just voting for the predominant selection and another team.” enjoy the exploration and history. Geographic area, war years, observation versus statistical analysis, change of selectors, change in playoffs – there are so many factors to consider it boggles the mind of an unsophisticated reader such as myself how Reid undertook such a daunting project. And I’ll be honest, I always thought (from my perch outside the sports arena) that baseball was the sport of intricate number-crunching and analysis. Now Celebrati I’ve heard fans arguing often enough to be amazed at the sheer volume of detail. 76 YEARSn!g I was proven mistaken with this book – it appears to me that sports, any sport, requires at least a passing love of statistical analysis. HOURS Football fans, particularly college football fans, will be delighted with this book, as Wed & Thurs 4pm-8pm Reid leaves no stone unturned in his quest to understand and assess the unanimous Fri-Sun 11am-8pm ORDER ONLINE! 315-343-2671 champs. His first chapter acquaints us with polling and the mathematical selection systems, and the next addresses times when seemingly obvious choices were not unanimous selections. The third chapter wraps up the early years (from 1869-1899) when football was dominated by The Ivy League, and even the terminology would be unfamiliar to today’s fan: “players were divided into ‘bulldogs’ and ‘fielders...’” and one team Biker ic Welcoms “’bucked’ the ball off a ‘tee’ composed of soil from the field.” (Oh, and by the way, Scen ! e! Drive Yale dominated the field.) Starting in 1900 (Yale again), Reid cites, chapter by chapter in chronological order, Serving Fresh Seafood, Hamburgers, Hotdogs & ALL Your Summertime Favorites! ICE CREAM TOO! those years when a national champion could be determined, and at the end of each www.RudysHot . com | ENJOY OUR CURBSIDE TAKEOUT chapter provides the “Why” of that 78 County Route 89 Oswego, NY • 315-343-2671 year’s selection. | Located One Quarter Mile West of SUNY Oswego | The book contains fascinating highlights of the sport, its evolution and lore, along with a GOURMET PIZZAS - FREE DELIVERY statistician’s wealth of charts, GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE comparing such numbers as wins, losses and ties; player, yards, and yards per carry; strength of WATCH ALL THE schedule; opponents in the top ten and weeks in the top ten – and much, much more. Wonderful historic photos enrich the data and analysis, as well as a rich set of Appendices with details on Walter Camp, Awards and Coaches, the Frances Gordon Brown Letters, and more.





BEST IN TOWN! 105 Grant Ave, Auburn, NY • 315-253-7711 OPEN AT 9AM • 7 DAYS A WEEK

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Exercise & Fitness by Jennifer Nastasi Guzelak

September is the Ideal Time to Get Fit

September Means the Return of Routine September is the perfect time to return to a routine. Now that the kids are back in school and vacation is in the rear-view mirror, our calendar allows us more time to schedule regular workouts without any interruptions. While the kids are in school, at practice or

“For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a more positive and energizing outlook on life.”

If you have found it difficult to stick to a fitness routine amidst the chaos of summer festivities, don’t worry, September is here! Did you know that it is scientifically proven that September is the perfect time to reset your fitness routine, set new goals and reclaim your motivation? To most people, the start of September signals the end of summer, the back-to-school rush, and longer, darker nights. With the change of season comes a change in our activity level, our mood and our will to workout. doing homework you can head over to the gym for a The fitness industry has long touted the “September Boom,” and while it may be true group fitness class, an hour of cardio or a quick HIIT (high that some folks have a bit more time to invest in fitness – you still can’t wait for it to happen. You need to make it happen! Here are a few important reasons why September intensity interval training) workout. Remember, people are creatures of habit, and is your month to do exactly that. routines offer a way to promote health and wellness through structure and organization. Use the change in season as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and improve your health. Take Advantage of Ideal Temperatures In the winter, the days can be so short and cold that you barely remember seeing any daylight. These conditions can easily drive you to choose couch time over crunch time. In early fall, there are plenty of days

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PAGE 25 • September 2022 • TABLE HOPPING In Conclusion: September is the perfect time to give your health and fitness goals an overhaul. It gives us the opportunity to take back some control of our health, set goals and create healthy routines that are focused on ourselves. It’s also a great time to reflect and think about what we want our lives and our “lifestyle” to look like. As an added bonus, you will avoid the public pressure of sticking to a New Year’s resolution. Remember, starting “anywhere” is better than not starting at all. You matter and your health should too. Good luck to you. I have been a personal trainer for over eighteen years and I absolutely love what I do. I honestly feel that I have one of the best jobs out there! The most rewarding part of my profession is helping one of my clients succeed at reaching their personal fitness goals. Making a difference in someone’s life makes it all worthwhile. I am currently certified by the National Sports Conditioning Association, Apex Fitness Group, and the International Sports Science Association.

left with good weather and lots of light. Make the most of it by getting outside as much as possible. Set aside some time after school or work to throw the ball around, or play a sport with friends or family. You’re Getting into Good Habits Before the Holidays Getting into good habits before the holiday season arrives sets us up for success! Having a routine and a schedule makes it easier to maintain our healthy habits when family gatherings and holiday parties fill our calendars. The fall weather brings us greyer, rainier, colder days – which isn’t exactly motivating. December and January’s holiday celebrations make it even harder to stick to a new routine. We all move less, eat too much and sit around more than we’d like to admit. This makes it far too easy to skip a workout, put it off another day or just give up altogether. You’re Getting Fit “Just in Case” Sadly, COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. The change in weather also welcomes other undesirable viruses. As winter approaches, we’ll spend more time indoors. This means that we will be more susceptible to getting sick. Developing a new fitness routine in September means you’ll have at least a few weeks, maybe months, to get in shape. If the winter sniffles kick-in, you’ll be healthier, stronger and have a better chance of fighting it off. In fact, there’s growing evidence that suggests good levels of general fitness can reduce the severity of the coronavirus and other viruses. It also may shorten our recovery time and could even help cope with the symptoms of long COVID, the chronic after-effects of the virus. Exercise Improves Your Physical and Mental Health Winter can be a tough season for many people. Exercise is undoubtedly an essential part of protecting our physical and mental health during the colder months. Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our well-being. A growing body of research suggests that even a short 10-minute walk can improve our mental alertness, increase our energy and have a positive impact on our mood. Regular physical activity can also help improve our selfPOWER SCULPT • ZUMBA esteem, decrease the effects of stress on the body, and FITNESS • P90X LIVE lower rates of mental illness. It can even enhance memory • INSANITY LIVE CLASSES and cognition. • STRONG BY ZUMBA Regular physical activity releases chemicals called AND MUCH MORE! endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain and have been shown to reduce stress and your perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a more positive FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CALL: 315-436-3488 and energizing outlook on life. You have the Opportunity to Connect with Your Community When school starts back up, many communities celebrate residents having more time for physical fitness. Creating a group or community of like-minded individuals with similar goals can most certainly help you stay Please visit us on motivated during the upcoming months. Being involved as a community supporter and promoting programs you are involved with and/or hear about to your friends or coSyracuse, NY workers can definitely keep you inspired.




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Beauty & Fashion by candace chen

Why The Beauty Industry Hates Men There’s no debate: masculine men aren’t down with artsy fartsy skin care. That means they aren’t going to spend time and money tinkering with various flower scented creams, looking at a range of dainty tubes, jars and bottles with exotic and cryptic names, or try and keep track of which lotion goes on before which cream, and whether to lather, tone, peel, spritz, or scrub (sorry, I meant exfoliate). In short, skin care just isn’t what masculine guys are about – and that’s the way they plan on keeping it, despite the beauty industry’s best efforts to pitch them girly product after product, in combination with public relations campaigns to help men discover their inner

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feminine sensitivities, as if masculinity is a handicap. And that begs the question: why does the beauty industry hate men so much? That is, why doesn’t the beauty industry reach out and connect with the masses of masculine men out there who aren’t responding to artsy fartsy product offerings and sensitivity training campaigns – and never will? Through my in-depth research on this fascinating question, I’ve uncovered two reasons for this glaring problem. I refer to them as the “physical barrier” and the “psychological barrier.” The Physical Barrier Inexplicably (and some might say obnoxiously, as well) the beauty industry doesn’t want to admit that masculine men That’s why they’ve expanded so many resources to establish a stronghold in traditional beauty venues that cater to women. Such as those rows of gleaming department store “beauty counters” – and they aren’t going to change that setup in order to make the shopping experience more comfortable and inviting to masculine men. Drug stores and discount retailers aren’t much better. While they don’t have the department stores’ everpresent glossy “beauty consultants” hovering

“Inexplicably (and some might say obnoxiously, as well) the beauty industry doesn’t want to admit that masculine men”

around, the men’s section (if there is one at all) offers paltry few options – most if not all of which are what the beauty industry considers to be basic skincare and “low-end” anti-aging products. For men who are determined to find more advanced skincare and anti-aging products – even if it means braving the women’s section, they are faced with multiple aisles and a dizzying array of skincare products, each with its own set of hyperbolic claims – making shopping for the right products and making sense of them all, frustrating, to say the least. Basically, as far as the beauty industry is concerned, if masculine men want to take care of their face and want the best products to do it, not because they’ve responded to the female sensitivity training and want to look “pretty,” but so they can gain a competitive advantage and maintain a more youthful and vibrant appearance...well, that’s just too bad for them! Masculine men either take what the traditional beauty shopping experience offers, or leave it. And to no one’s surprise, they’re leaving it.

PAGE 27 • September 2022 •


The Psychological Barrier Because the beauty industry is doing such a horrendous job of reaching men, naturally – they’re doing just as bad a job educating men about the need, value and proper use of men’s skincare products. And that ongoing ignorance – which is the fault of the beauty industry – perpetuates the stereotype and stigma attached to a man’s use of skincare and anti-aging products. We all know what that stereotype is: beauty and anything related to its maintenance is an exclusively feminine ritual – and any man who uses such products is somehow less of a man. In other words, the stereotype emasculates men. This alone is enough to prevent masculine men from going anywhere near so-called “beauty products” in the first place. And the tiny portion of masculine men who do break this barrier, because they care about their appearance, are forced to hide this fact – because they’ll be mocked by their peers, and all too often, their girlfriends or wives are under strict orders never to divulge this closely guarded secret. So What’s Behind These Barriers? As alluded to above, the force that keeps these barriers in place, the force that alienates, emasculates and insults masculine men – is the beauty industry’s position that there’s just no need to pay attention to masculine men, because 70% of men’s skin care products are The Manly Man purchased by women anyway. And so they simply use everything they’ve learned from their women’s lines, from product to marketing, as a blueprint for reaching men. After all, if a woman likes what she sees, she’ll buy it and take it home to the man. So that means the packaging, the marketing, and everything else in-between is geared toward women. Men aren’t really on the radar screen anymore. They aren’t that important, now that the beauty industry has decided that the most effective and fastest way to get through to men, is by sneaking around his back to the women in his life. You know how it is – convince her that he needs it and thereby get her to do the beauty industry’s bidding (or nagging) for them. Is this contemptuous of men? Utterly! Is this disrespectful to men? Entirely! Is this necessary? Absolutely Not! Changing the Paradigm The challenge here is to break these physical and psychological barriers, and reverse a lifetime of social conditioning and stigma attached to a skincare routine for men. We need to respect the fact that there is a population out there – the masculine man, the manly man, the man’s man, the guy’s guy and the real men – who aren’t getting a fair deal by the beauty industry. In fact, they’re being woefully disrespected and treated with contempt. That has to change.


For far too long, the beauty industry has been trying to change men, as if there is something wrong with them. It’s time the beauty industry wakes up to reality – it’s the beauty industry that needs to change. And, like all real change, it has to start from the root – that is, from within the beauty industry itself, where the problem lies, but what does this mean in practical terms? Simply and clearly, it means creating masculine face care products that target men on their terms – by working with their nature, speaking their language, respecting their needs, and serving their interests. It also means developing authentic and powerful marketing and advertising strategies, tactics and campaigns that are designed, from the ground up, to target masculine men. So say goodbye to artsy fartsy terms like “serum” and say hello to masculine, powerful terms like “protectant.” Say goodbye to retail channels that cater to women, and say hello to retail channels that cater to men. And not just any men – Masculine Men. The Final Word Changing the way people think and act is an uphill challenge. The traditional beauty industry isn’t interested in changing the way it does business. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that has blueprints in place, and if that means that masculine men are treated like they don’t even what? They’ve been doing things a certain way for decades. Why change now? Well, here’s why: because masculine men are powerful and yet staggeringly underserved demographically. Masculine men have a right to enjoy all of the benefits that come from taking care of the masculine face, for a more youthful and vibrant appearance, for an extra edge in an ultra-competitive workplace, and more confidence and charisma. And they have a right to be treated with respect by ALL in the beauty industry who make, market and distribute men’s skincare and anti-aging products. Yes, it’s an uphill challenge. But so what? Masculine Men love a good challenge!


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september 26

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September 6

September 10

September 16

September 17

September 1

Silver Street Community Center, Syracuse

Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 5-8pm

September 16

September 17

NYS Fair’s Chevy Court, Syracuse

September 6

September 11

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 16

September 17

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 16

September 17

Music in the Valley Isreal Hagan • 1-3pm

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Cecile Community Center, Syracuse

September 16

Mere Mortals • 7pm

September 17

Alex Miller • 1pm

Terror • 6:30pm

September 1

Sting: My Songs • 8pm

NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse

September 8

Riley Green • 7pm

Lakeview Amphitheater, Syracuse

September 1

Mark Zane • 5pm

Eleven Waters, Syracuse

September 8

Mark Zane • 4:30-7pm

110 Grill in Destiny USA, Syracuse

September 2

Live with the Rollin’ Rust • 6pm

Harpoon Eddie’s Sylvan Beach

September 8

Dave Porter • 6-10pm

Crazy Daisies, Syracuse

September 2

Name Brand Cover Band • 6pm

Western Ranch, Syracuse

September 8

Mike MacDonald • 6-9pm

September 2

John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 6-9pm Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

September 2

Mark Zane • 6-9pm Local 315 Brewing Company, Warners

Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville

Nick Black • 8pm Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

September 9

September 3 Sirsy • 4pm

Middle Ages Brewing Co, Syracuse

September 4

Glass Image • 10pm Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge, Syracuse

September 4

Paul Davie • 11am Crazy Daisies, Syracuse

September 4

JAZZ JAM w/ Josh Dekaney Trio • 3pm Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

September 5

Dead Night w/Gratefully Yours • 7:30pm Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

September 9

Western Ranch, Syracuse

John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 6-9pm Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

September 9

Dying Fetus • 6pm Lost Horizon, Syracuse

September 9

Virgil Cain • 10pm Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub, Syracuse

September 10

Time Trax • 7-10pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

September 10

John Spillett Super Trio • 3-6pm Anyelas Vineyards, Skaneateles

September 10 Snakehips • 8pm

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

September 10

Steve Green • 2pm

September 5

Syracuse Alliance Church, Syracuse

NYS Fairgrounds, Syracuse

Elton John Live • 8pm

The Prince Experience • 12pm

Lekenheimer Brewing, Weedsport

September 11

September 11

Mark Nanni Music • 1pm TGI Fridays, Syracuse

September 12

Rainbow Kitten Surprise • 7:30pm Loew’s State Theater, Syracuse

Lost Horizon, Syracuse

September 9

Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Mark Zane • 1-3pm

Lakeview Amphitheater, Syracuse

Harpoon Eddie’s, Sylvan Beach

Rolo Tomassi • 7pm

September 11

September 12

September 3 September 3

Blue Water Grill, Skaneateles

Styx and REO Speedwagon Live & UnZoomed Tour • 8pm

Ditch Daisies • 7-10pm

Letizia & The Band • 7-11pm

Creeping Death • 7pm

September 10

Carrier Dome, Syracuse

Melt • 7pm

September 14 The 97’s • 6:30pm

Lost Horizon, Syracuse

September 15

Mark Zane • 5-8pm 110 Grill at Destiny USA, Syracuse

September 15

Jason Aldean: Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour • 8pm Lakeview Amphitheater, Syracuse

September 15

Just Joe • 12pm

Howie Bartolo • 4:30pm

Brass Inc. • 5pm

The Strangers • 6:30pm

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 16

Soul Mine Band • 8:30pm

13 Curves • 7-10pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

September 16 Time Trax • 6pm

Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville


Shinedown: Planet Zero World Tour • 7pm Lakeview Amphitheater, Syracuse

September 17

September 17

September 16

Crouse Hinds Theatre, Syracuse

Robinson Treacher • 7pm

The Black Feathers

443 Social Club & Lounge, Syracuse

May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society, Syracuse

September 17

September 16

Mark Zane Band • 5-8pm Cazenovia Golf Club, Cazenovia

ESP • 8:30pm

O My Darling, Syracuse

September 16

September 18

Mark Hacri • 12pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

WHATO presents Hank Williams’ 99th Birthday Bash!! • 7pm


443 Social Club & Lounge, Syracuse

Finger Lakes on Tap, Skaneateles

September 17

Cobble Rockers • 7-10pm

Just Joe • 11am

September 16

Hard Promises • 9pm

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Prime Time Horns • 9pm

Turning Stone Steakhouse, Vernon

Epicuse, Syracuse

Custom Taylor Band • 8:30pm

Symphoria Masterworks I: OPENING NIGHT • 7:30-9:30pm

Western Ranch, Syracuse

Mark Zane • 6-8pm

Infinity • 7pm

September 16

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 6-10pm

September 16

Bad Husband Club • 6:30pm

September 17 Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 17 REV • 2:30pm

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 17

Mood Swing • 3pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 17

Time Trax • 4:30pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 6-9pm

September 17

Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

Horn Dogs • 5pm

John Spillett Super Trio • 2-5pm

September 18

Under the Paige • 1pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 18

Dylan Michael • 1:30pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 18

Dunes and the Del Tunes • 3pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 18

Prime Time Trio • 3pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 18

Menage a Soul • 5pm Festa Italiana, Syracuse

September 18 Stroke • 5pm

Festa Italiana, Syracuse

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September 18

I Still Believe Tour • 7pm The Gathering Place, Syracuse

September 18 KlezFlest • 2pm

Jewish Community Center, Syracuse

September 25 John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 5-8pm

Blue Water Grill, Skaneateles

September 25

The Jess Novak Band • 12:30pm

September 9

October 2

October 4

Local 315, Camillus

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Loew’s State Theatre, Syracuse

September 10 & 11

Thru December 30

October 7

Proof Positive: Wine, Beer, and Spirits of the Finger Lakes

Sing for America: Percy Jackson • 7:30pm

Cayuga Museum of History and Art , Auburn

Civic Center, Syracuse

October 14

Zen and Brews

Golden Harvest Festival

Westcott Community Center, Syracuse

Beaver Lake Nature Center, Baldwinsville

September 26

September 13

Meier’s Creek Brewing, Syracuse

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

September 29

September 16 & 17

110 Grill at Destiny USA, Syracuse

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

September 29

September 16-18

Five Finger Death Punch w/ Megadeath • 6:30pm

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Lakeview Ampitheatre, Syracuse

September 30

September 17

September 21

John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 6-9pm

443 Social Club & Lounge, Syracuse

October 1

September 19

The Shylock’s Duo • 6-8pm Meier’s Creek Brewing Co., Syracuse

September 19

That Awful Man and His Manager Robert Fripp And David Singleton • 8pm Civic Center, Syracuse

September 20

McKinley James • 7-9pm

September 21

The Turbulents • 10pm Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge, Syracuse

September 22

Tip Jar Junkies • 6pm Crazy Daisies, Syracuse

September 22

Henri Herbert • 7pm 443 Social Club & Lounge, Syracuse

September 23

Mike MacDonald • 6:30-9:30pm Western Ranch, Syracuse

September 23

Just Joe • 6pm

Mark Zane • 5-8pm

King Combs • 7pm

Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse

Lil Dirk • 6:30pm Lakeview Ampitheatre, Syracuse

October 1

Real Friends • 7pm Lost Horizon, Syracuse

October 1

The Parlophones • 8pm Kitty Hoynes, Syracuse

Paper Mill Island, Baldwinsville

September 17 Art in the Park

Hoopes Park, Auburn

September 17 Fall Bazaar

Johnson Park, Liverpool

September 19

That Awful Man and His Manager Robert Fripp and David Singleton • 8pm

October 2

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Forward Point Church, Syracuse

September 23

October 2

SeepeopleS w/Ginbucket • 8pm

2022 Taste of B’ville


Pasta’s on the Green, Baldwinsville

September 23


Forward Point Church, Syracuse

Worship Service w/Allen Scott Band • 10am

Lemon Grass on Walton, Syracuse


The OnCenter Carrier Theatre

Tiger • 6pm

John Spillett Jazz/ Pop Duo • 6-9pm

The Offend Everyone Tour

October 1

The Story Tour • 6:30pm

Robert Finley • 7pm Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

September 23 & 24 September 24 Amazing Ballpark Brewfest • 5-9pm

Syracuse Mets NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

Middle Ages Brewing Co, Syracuse

The McCarthy Mercantile, Syracuse

September 24

September 4

Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

Hoopes Park, Auburn

Count Blatula • 4pm

VEERS Live • 8pm

Crafted Underground Series

Royal Carriage Rides

Raymon Elozua: Syracuse University Visiting Artist Lecture Series Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

September 11-December 31

Syracuse University Football vs. Louisville Cardinals Syracuse University, Syracuse

September 3

Dot Foods presents Lucas Oil ESS Sprints plus Mods Spts/Hobby/Novice

Raymon Elozua: Structure/Dissonance

Fulton Speedway, Fulton

Everson Museum of Art, Syracus

Thru October 10

Syracuse Mets vs. Rochester Red Wings • 6:35pm

Light Work, Syracuse

September 13-18

Exhibition - Sam Box: Caribbean Dreams

Thru October 23

Curious Vessels: The Rosenfield Collection Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru December 12

September 6-11

Syracuse Mets NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

Syracuse Mets vs. Buffalo • 6:35pm

Syracuse Mets NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

September 17

September 30 & October 1

The REV Theatre Co., Auburn

Syracuse University Football vs. Virginia Cavaliers

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

My Dead Lady • 7pm

Noel Miller

September 3-December 24

September 8

September 3

Fulton Speedway, Fulton

Thru October 11

September 24

Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse

Thru August 2

Chris Franjola

The Westcott Theatre, Syracuse

Clinton Square, Syracuse


September 20


Shaughnessy’s Irish Pub, Syracuse

Fridays, Thru-Sept. 16

Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse Craft Beer Fridays September 3-December 31 Syracuse Mets NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse Rebecca Hutchinson:


September 27

Downtown Farmer’s Market • Tuesdays, 8am-2pm


Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

Lost Horizon, Syracuse

Mark Zane • 5-8pm

Stephanie H. Shih: My Sweetie Has No Pockmarks

Loew’s State Theatre, Syracuse

September 25

Funny Bone Comedy Club, Syracuse

September 23

September 1-May 15

Wheel of Fortune • 8pm

Syracuse University Football

September 23

22 & good 4 u • 8pm


Annie • 7:30pm

Syracuse University Art Museum, Syracuse vs. Perdue Boilermakers Syracuse University, Syracuse

Clash of the Comics Syracuse

Funk N Waffles, Syracuse

Bored Teachers Comedy Tour

Anni Albers: Work With Materials

October 2 Fozzy • 6pm


September 30-October 2

Syracuse City Ballet Presents Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” • 7pm The OnCenter Carrier Theatre, Syracuse

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

August 4

Spagetti Warehouse, Syracuse

Outlaw 200 Test and Tune

September 23

Syracuse University, Syracuse

September 26-28

August 5-14

Syracuse Mets vs. Lehigh Valley

Thornden Park, Syracuse

Syracuse Mets NBT Bank Stadium, Syracuse

A Midsummer Night’s Dream SSITP

Thru October 1

September 23

Auburn in Harriet Tubman’s Time

Sesame Street Live! • 11am

Cayuga Museum of History and Art , Auburn

Civic Center, Syracuse

October 15

Late Nite Catechism 3 • 7:30pm The OnCenter Carrier Theatre

Deadline is september 22nd for the october issue

October 15

Syracuse University Football vs. NC State Wolfpack Syracuse University, Syracuse

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Sounds Of Syracuse

by Chuck Schiele

Chatting with Susie Weiss from The Folkus Project Volunteering is love. Susie Weiss has been a volunteer with The Folkus Project for 12 years. She’s currently president of The Folkus Board, membership coordinator for the membership program she started in September 2013, and is also part of the Booking Committee. Season after season, show after show, her involvement – along with the other volunteers who enthusiastically help the show experience along – are nothing short of devoted when it comes to the mission of The Folkus Project. The success of The Folkus Project attributes much of its success to the devotion of it’s volunteers. Susie’s connection to Folkus, in particular, goes back to the early days when Folkus shows were held at Happy Endings in downtown Syracuse. These days The Folkus Project hold it’s concerts at the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society in the Dewitt area of Syracuse. They have a great story making great music happen in Syracuse. The musical performances are all gems with artists traveling through from all over the country and outside the US, as well. I was having a blast at a recent show this past spring when I caught up with Susie – which led to this interview. Chuck Schiele: Hello Susie. Thank you for taking some time with us here at Sounds of Syracuse. How are things going for The Folkus Project? Susie Weiss: We were so happy to be able to start our shows back up last season, after suspending them for 18 months once Covid arrived. It was so good to be able to listen to live music together again, in as safe an environment as possible. And it was great for touring musicians to be able to get back on the road, performing with actual people in the room – the first time since March 2020 for many of the artists performing at Folkus last season. We started back in the fall with area musicians, to both test the waters in having live events again, and to support some of those in our own community. In the spring, we resumed our usual roster of nationally touring artists, many whose shows we had to cancel previously when Covid hit. Though attendance was lower than in pre-Covid times, we continually heard how appreciative folks were that we were doing our live acoustic shows again. We even were able to finally celebrate our 20th anniversary a year late, with a special anniversary show and an exhibit of much memorabilia from over our 20 year history. CS: For how long has the Folkus Project been in action? SW: The Folkus Project was officially created in the fall of 2000 as a nonprofit, community arts organization presenting folk and acoustic music in Syracuse. However, the roots of Folkus go back further, operating from 1993 until 2003 at Happy Endings Cake & Coffeehouse in downtown Syracuse.

In the mid-1990s, local folk enthusiast, Joe Cleveland was retained by Happy Endings part-time to operate the music series. Cleveland further developed the caliber of music at Happy Endings and solidified the folk/acoustic emphasis. The entire Folkus Project series moved to May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society in Syracuse in 2003, in a format very similar to the present day, and it’s continued there ever since. CS: What do you personally enjoy most about being part of The Folkus Project? SW: I love being part of bringing great acoustic music to our Central New York community, and introducing folks to many wonderful artists who they might not otherwise ever come to know. I also enjoy the sense of community that we help foster through our series. It’s a welcoming place for all who attend, whether as a regular attendee or one’s first time, and we’re a place where people feel comfortable coming on their own. I’ve met so many great people from being involved with Folkus – patrons and fellow volunteers alike! CS: In general how does The Folkus Project work in terms of its mission? SW: Folkus is a not-for-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers committed to bringing a wide variety of live music to our area. This includes old favorites, up and coming artists, and seasoned performers new to our area – all at affordable prices. We have a core management team comprised of 8 lead volunteers, plus committees to handle booking, membership, tech, hospitality and finance, and a roster of additional volunteers who help staff shows and perform other tasks. CS: I think the organization is a gem of our city’s culture. I know you do, too. SW: As Chris Baker of said of Folkus, we do feel like “…one of Central New York’s hidden treasures.” Even in our 22nd year, we hear from delighted first timers that they had no idea we existed. We’re constantly being asked, where did you find that great group or that amazing artist? We follow this music, go to festivals and conferences, connect with other venues and have our patrons share suggestions with us to know about some of the best acoustic music most will never hear. And we love introducing some of these gems to our community. People don’t realize just how broad “folk” and “acoustic” music can be – from singer songwriter to Americana, blues to bluegrass, traditional to indie folk and more. And there’s something about being in such a relatively small and intimate concert space, warm acoustics, and getting to meet the artists personally after the show which is a very different experience from a mega concert in a huge concert hall. For us, it’s about the music as well as the sense of community that goes along with it that makes a series like ours something very special. CS: Please share a couple of the most memorable moments while involved with the ‘Project.’ SW: There have been so many memorable moments over the years, both small and big. One special one was being able to bring Tom Rush to perform at Folkus in the winter of 2016. For those unfamiliar with Rush, he helped shape the folk revival in the 60’s and the renaissance of the ‘80s and ‘90s, introducing the world to the work of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and James Taylor, to name just a few. He has long championed emerging artists, in addition to being a great songwriter and showman himself. [James Taylor told Rolling Stone, “Tom was not only one of my early heroes, but also one of my main influences.” Country music star Garth Brooks has credited Rush with being one of his top five musical influences.] As I stood in the back of our concert hall to a sellout crowd of others equally excited to see this folk icon live, I could only feel pride for the work we at Folkus do. Besides all our volunteers on show nights, there’s a core group of us that put in many hours to make this all happen. It’s a labor of love for sure, but it’s all worth it on nights like this and equally so on nights when we introduce a talented artist or group that most no one has heard of, and we all know there’s something really special about them. Some go on, like singersongwriter Anaïs Mitchell, to write a Broadway musical called Hadestown that won 8 Tony awards, including Best Musical in 2019, or like Molly Tuttle who became the first woman to win the International Bluegrass Music Award for Guitar Player of the Year in 2017 and


the following year, be named Americana Music Association’s Instrumentalist of the Year, but I digress. Tom Rush comes on stage, accompanied by the amazing Matt Nakoa, a Sherburne, NY native (who’s also played his own solo show at Folkus), and magic happens. You can feel the energy from the audience, see them moving to the music, laughing and at times singing along, and I’m loving the concert along with them. It’s hard to believe that Tom Rush is here performing in our small intimate Folkus series, out meeting the crowd after the show and seeming like an old friend. It doesn’t get much better than that! Another really memorable night was last fall, when we were able to celebrate our 20th anniversary a year late, and come back together after Covid had arrived. It was particularly special to feature our Folkus founder, Joe Cleveland who moved out of the Syracuse area in 2009, and our former long-term lead volunteer Dana Cooke, who took over the reins after Joe moved away and everyone wondered if Folkus would be able to continue. As you can see, it has, and grown through the years in those involved in making Folkus happen and the stature and variety of artists that come to perform with us, while still remaining true to our founding values and mission. Back to the show itself… Dana “Short Order” Cooke with a side of The Stantons, and Joe Cleveland gave us a wonderful evening of music and sense of history. We were so happy to be able to honor and thank them for all that they had done, and all enjoy a fun evening. Our display of memorabilia from those 20 years – show posters, newspaper articles, CDs and more filled the Social Hall at May Memorial. It was a treat to take a walk down memory lane and hear stories from those who had been a part of that history. I still remember going to shows at Happy Endings, and was delighted in seeing the poster boards of all the artists who played at Folkus each season. An impressive slice of history indeed! CS: What are some of the challenges you face? SW: Like other similar concert series’, we’ve seen a drop in attendance and our show night volunteers since Covid and are not sure whether we’ll return to our previous levels any time soon. Fortunately we have an extremely dedicated Folkus membership who have generously provided us additional financial support through this time to allow us to continue our programming at the level that we always have. While we strive to have a more racially diverse audience as well as a greater number of younger people involved with Folkus, we have a way to go to make that happen, even as our programming increasingly reflects these populations. One other challenge that we share with many other acoustic concert series’ like ours is succession planning and sustainability over time, as the majority of us running Folkus are a bit older, and our audiences tend to be largely middle age and older as well. We continue to be mindful of these challenges and are addressing them in a thoughtful and practical way. CS: What do you see for the future of the Folkus Project? SW: We see ourselves continuing with much the same charge as we always have – bringing people together in community to enjoy good quality acoustic music at affordable prices, paying our artists fairly, and continuing to work on having more people discover our concert series and get involved as show attendees, volunteers or both. We’re never lacking for more good artists to bring to Folkus, and are fortunate that there are many patrons who have come to trust us enough to attend our shows without knowing the artists that we’re presenting. We’re thinking of adding an occasional workshop given by a performing artist once again, and have also talked about doing a special family show geared for children once every season. CS: Here comes the fall and winter season already. What can we look forward to? SW: We’re excited to be kicking off our fall season on September 16th with The Black Feathers, an Americana duo from the UK who captivate with their stunning harmonies and their unique ability to weave together both traditional and modern influences. The rest of our fall line up encompasses our typical variety of musical genres in addition to Americana – singer songwriter, bluegrass, blues and even a bit of Grateful Dead interpretation and tribute in a new show called Dead to the Core. Carolann Solebelllo,

PAGE 31 • September 2022 • TABLE HOPPING best known as one of the founding members of the trio, Red Molly is being showcased as a solo artist, blending rural folk traditions with contemporary urban sensibilities. Mile Twelve returns to Folkus after being named International Bluegrass Association New Artist of the Year, and Brooks Williams, Georgia native who now makes the UK home, will treat us to blues and Americana, with a bit of jazz and rockabilly thrown in for good measure. Finally Folkus will be featuring the Acoustic Guitar Project’s 8th year of showcasing 5 area singer-songwriters, each writing a song in one week with the same guitar on which 45 previous songs have been written, and sharing a couple other of their original songs. For more information on all of these fall shows and to purchase tickets, go to our Folkus website –, and watch for our upcoming spring lineup which is currently in the process of being booked. CS: Where do we stay in touch with the Folkus Group? SW: The best way to stay in touch with us is through our website – There you can sign up to be on our FolkusFans email list, see our current lineup of shows, get information on volunteering, membership or to make a donation, and contact us with any questions or comments. We also have a Facebook page. We ask that you do not call May Memorial UU Society regarding Folkus, as they only host our shows, but otherwise have no role in our programming. CS: Thank you, Susie. Best wishes for success with the Folkus Project. I’m glad you’re all here. SW: Thanks Chuck. It’s been a pleasure. I appreciate you helping to spread the word about The Folkus Project.


Mickey’s Goodtime Saloon, 103 Galster Ave., Syracuse AND Gilligan’s Goodtime Pub, 3501 James St., Syracuse Call Mickey 315-345-1002


Industry leading technology, local representation. Lower delivery cost program! Payroll/HR, Lending, Customer Engagement and Merchant Services Brett 315-727-2888 |


Pasta’s On The Green. Call 315-638-1362 and ask for Chris.


Luigi’s Restaurant. Call 315-492-9997 or inquire within.


Euclid Family Restaurant. Will train. Apply within.


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Tales from the Vine by veena raj



by Cassandra Harrington

Some Common Health Benefits of Wine Wine is the nectar of the gods. It really is among the earliest and also the most cherished alcoholic beverages recognized by the world. I do believe nothing could be much better than savouring a glass of wine after a challenging work day. This fantastic drink will certainly broaden your arteries and will also assist you to unwind. A lot of people possess a practice to have wine regularly. It floods their entire body with beneficial life vigour, and also presents life’s satisfaction. My pals usually maintain that a glass of red or white wine each day will keep the doctor away. I couldn’t believe that, however, I understand that wine intake offers numerous advantages for both bodily as well as emotional welfare. Consuming red or white wine responsibly can easily increase the immunity and also allow you to shed weight. Additionally, it sustains your memory and allows you to be much more joyful. The information given below will certainly alter your own frame of mind towards wine. You’ll also become familiar as to

how wine could make your daily life more advantageous. Keep in mind, moderation certainly is the key here. It could actually increase your digestive system A lot of people think that consuming wine is the most effective, enjoyable approach to build and even sustain nutritious abdomen stability, since it carries a large quantity of good quality abdomen bacteria. It could aid the body to assimilate foodstuff and also help you avoid numerous ailments, because there’s a definite connection between digestion and immunity mechanism. Numerous research workers came to the conclusion that red wine intake is exceedingly valuable in lowering pathogenic microorganisms in the stomach. Wine is abundant in B-vitamins, helpful enzymes as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Wine is a way to obtain youthfulness A lot of sensible individuals think that the fountain of youth is made up of red wine, simply because there’s an anti-aging component that performs an excellent function in avoiding cell-aging. Individuals who drink wine, have a lot more odds to survive a much longer lifespan as compared to people who would rather have beer or even other forms of alcoholic beverages. Wine contains Resveratrol that induces various optimistic processes and also inorganic reactions within your body. Many helpful ingredients present in wines may revitalize your whole body by inducing chemical substances that reduce age-related illnesses. It’s rich in detoxifying substances Based on the study, wine includes strong antioxidants and necessary nutritional

“It helps make you mentally well balanced and also joyful.”


FEATURING: Amano’s, Avicolli’s, Camillus Country Club, Euclid, Fish Cove, Inn Between, Munjeds, Pasta’s on the Green, plus many more!

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THIS MONTH’S vitamins. Red wines tend to be more beneficial simply because they possess the most significant quantity of antioxidants. In the event you don’t have alcoholic beverages, you could get a serving associated with these nourishing ingredients by having a grape juice, which has comparable antioxidant content. A glass of red or white wine per day can help you unwind your arteries and also improve your cardiovascular system. Red wine is perfect for your cardiovascular system because the therapeutic attributes unwind as well as invigorate your heart. Moderation is an extremely crucial point if you choose to have red wine every day. Be cautious, simply because large quantities of alcoholic beverages may be unhealthy for your overall health. Average users possess an exquisite memory together with the efficiency of their cognitive function. Additionally, average intake of wine avoids blood-sugar problems as well as reducing the danger of colon cancer. Furthermore, it helps make you mentally well balanced and also joyful. It will help you enjoy the minutes of appreciation I do believe that wine is designed for relishing, not guzzling. It will help you get a break in your stressful life and even get hold of the group of your friends. It will help you escape the anxieties as well as allow you to interact with folks surrounding you. Individuals who are not able to have wine ought to know a remarkable thing. Researchers have reasoned that contemplating a glass of wine will help you unwind. This means that your own views can transform your habits based on the things you anticipate. The potential of optimistic thoughts can certainly do wonders. Wine is a fantastic alcoholic beverage Each time you have wine, you will really feel the connection to the earth as well as its historical past. And also value its background as well as people who have committed their life to the generation of this marvel of Mother Nature. Practically nothing is generally better than time with your pals some place in the heart of the wine land. It’s an incredible pleasure to appreciate the wine on the property exactly where it’s developed and also experience the warmth of the rays of the sun that throws sunshine on the grapes. It’s an incredibly exciting feeling Whenever I have wine, I usually really feel great. Wine is undoubtedly a representation of pleasure and even ingenuity. It produces endorphins; that happen to be the body’s chemicals of joy and happiness. However, you ought to be cautious when you are having a great time drinking it; you don’t wish to endure a hangover the following day. My personal favorite writer Ernest Hemingway at one time observed a beautiful point regarding wine, “Wine is one among the most civilized elements on earth as well as the most organic elements in the world which has been delivered to the supreme excellence, also it provides an even greater variety of pleasure and also gratitude as compared to, probably some other totally sensory element.”

from Allrecipes

Shrimp and Veggie Stuffed Zucchini Ingredients 1 extra large zucchini ¼ cup olive oil, divided 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 shallot, finely chopped ½ pound large shrimp, shelled, deveined, and cut in half 1 large tomato, diced

8 cremini mushrooms, quartered ½ cup Parmesan cheese, grated 8 leaves fresh basil, torn ground black pepper to taste kosher salt to taste garlic powder to taste

Directions Step 1 • Preheat the oven’s broiler and set the oven rack about 6” from the heat source. Grease a baking sheet. Step 2 • Cut the zucchini in half the long way, scoop out the seeds and pulp, leaving a thick shell of flesh. Brush both halves of the zucchini with about 1 tbsp. of olive oil, and place them, cut sides down, onto the prepared baking sheet. Bake until the zucchini are hot and starting to release beads of moisture, 5 to 10 min. Remove the zucchini from the oven. Step 3 • Reduce the oven heat to 450 degrees F. Step 4 • Heat 2 tbsp. of olive oil in a skillet over med-low heat, and cook and stir the garlic and shallot until translucent, about 5 min. Remove from the heat and let cool. Step 5 • Place 1 tbsp. of olive oil, the shrimp, diced tomato, mushrooms, 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese, basil, and the cooked garlic and shallot into a bowl, and stir to mix. Season to taste with black pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Stuff the mixture into the zucchini halves, and sprinkle each zucchini with about 2 tbsp. of Parmesan cheese. Step 6 • Bake the stuffed zucchini in the preheated oven until the cheese is browned and the filling is cooked through and hot, about 20 min.

Prep Time: 20 min.

Total Time: 55 min.

Servings: 4

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Now Playing by brian miller

The Black Phone There are certain films that hit harder in the days after your initial viewing experience. These are the ones that take root in your brain as you churn through the details, allowing you to realize that there was far more complexity and depth than you had originally believed. Most recently, Jordan Peele’s NOPE would certainly fall into this category. Then, there are movies that go the other way. These are movies that provided a visceral experience, but the more you contemplate what unfolded, the less impactful it becomes. Based on the short story by Joe Hill (son of horror legend Stephen King) THE BLACK PHONE is an atmospheric supernatural thriller that entertains, but ultimately leaves too many lingering questions. In 1978, Finney’s (Mason Thames) main concern is dodging the bullies who want to pummel him at every turn. They chase him into the bathroom, throw insults and slurs his way, and then act upon their bloodlust if the opportunity arises. Luckily for him, his pal

Susan Shenandoah

was our Lucky WINNER for the

Night on the Town Contest! She chose LUIGI’S WITH CENTRAL NEW YORK

Photo does not represent actual winners.

Robin (Miguel Cazarez Mora) is the toughest kid in school, and whose mere presence is enough to keep the bullies at bay. Unfortunately, Finney has a few other things to worry about, as well. His father (a particularly over-the-top Jeremy Davies) is a raging alcoholic who disciplines with a heavy fist and an even heavier belt. He hates noise, like, a lot, but perhaps even more than that, he hates that Finney’s sister, Gwen (Madeleine McGraw) has dreams that may actually be psychic visions. Apparently, this type of affliction beset the children’s mother, and she took her own life because of it. The other frightening thing that Finney has to deal with is a fella known as “The Grabber” (Ethan Hawke). Teenage boys have gone missing in the town at an alarming rate, and Mr. Grabby is the culprit. Though it’s a tiny town and everyone is on the lookout, one fateful afternoon, Finney is snatched by the evildoer and locked in a basement that contains a mattress, a toilet, and a disconnected black phone. THE BLACK PHONE has plenty of genuinely uncomfortable and creepy moments that allow it to rise above most of the schlocky horror/thriller films that are in the same vein. It has a particularly dire and gritty feel to it, and the performances by newcomers Thames and McGraw are excellent. The chemistry between the two is surprisingly genuine, and given the nature of their relationship, this is imperative to the success of

“An atmospheric supernatural thriller that entertains, but ultimately leaves too many lingering questions.”

the story. Hawke, donning a variety of masks and sporting an uncomfortably high-pitched voice, is a spectacularly creepy presence. As an audience, we’re never quite sure what his motives or intentions are, but as the film progresses, it’s obvious that they aren’t exactly Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw good. Once the titular phone begins to ring, and the secrets of the basement begin to unfurl, Finney begins to grasp the peril of his predicament. This is where the supernatural element starts to kick in. This leads to some interesting revelations, but also opens THE BLACK PHONE to certain levels of absurdity. For a movie that had done a fantastic job setting an atmospheric tone, some of the “gotcha” moments are downright silly. These unintentional moments of hilarity break the tension that had been expertly built, and by the time we get to a bloody, levitating teen, I was utterly perplexed by their inclusion. Unlike other films in the genre, however, THE BLACK PHONE consistently found a way to rebound. This, again, can be credited to the performances of Thame and Hawke, as their cat-and-mouse game was often enough to overcome these fleeting moments of frivolity. Absurd name aside, The Grabber would have been a far more intriguing character if there was even the slightest bit of backstory, development, motivation, or anything that made him more complex. Heck, even Freddy, Jason, and Michael had their own tales of woe. Perhaps he is just meant to be the personification of evil, which would make sense, but at the same time, Hawke was such an incredible presence, the character could have been far more impactful. He was terrifying, I’ll certainly give him that. I just believe that given the foundation that was there, he could have been so much more. THE BLACK PHONE- B- (Now playing in theaters and streaming on Peacock)

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THE VOTES ARE IN! DINING & DRINKING 1. Best 2. Best 3. Best 4. Best 5. Best 6. Best 7. Best 8. Best 9. Best 10. Best 11. Best 12. Best 13. Best 14. Best 15. Best 16. Best 17. Best 18. Best 19. Best 20. Best 21. Best 22. Best 23. Best 24. Best 25. Best 26. Best 27. Best 28. Best 29. Best 30. Best 31. Best 32. Best 33. Best 34. Best 35. Best 36. Best

Diner .....................................................Stella’s Diner Chef ........................ Inn Between Restaurant Restaurant for Seafood ................ Clam Bar Deli/Sandwich Shop.......... Brooklyn Pickle Italian Restaurant ...................... Santangelo’s Asian Restaurant...................... Lemon Grass Middle Eastern Restaurant ......... Munjed’s Mexican Restaurant .............................. Azteca Vegan Restaurant ..................Strong Hearts Food Truck ................. Lady Bug Lunch Box Fresh Bread ..................... Di Lauro’s Bakery Dinner Cruise .......... Mid-Lakes Navigation Place for Wings ................ Change of Pace Place for Ribs ............ Dinosaur Bar-B Que Place for Pizza ............................... Twin Trees Restaurant for Steak Scotch -N- Sirloin Restaurant for Sushi ...................... Yamasho Place for Ice Cream ...................... Gannon’s Place for Lunch ............................ Francesca’s Outdoor Patio ............................... The Retreat Place for Breakfast .................... Gem Diner Place For Burger ...................... Ale ‘N’ Angus Place For a Fish Fry....................... Fish Cove Place for a Hot Dog Heid’s of Liverpool Place For a Burrito .. Ponchito’s Taqueria Bakery/Pastry Shop ............... Biscotti Cafe Place for Coffee ............................ Cafe Kubal Place for Soup ............ Salt City Soup Co. Family Restaurant ... Tully’s Good Times Buffet Restaurant ................. New Ling Ling Take-Out Restaurant ...................... Avicolli’s Caterer .................................... Carnegie’s Cafe Winery ............................. Dr. Konstantin Frank Neighborhood Bar ................. Blarney Stone Biker Bar .................................................. Dinosaur Place for Happy Hour ............. The Retreat

37. Best Sports Bar ...................... Tully’s Good Times 38. Best Irish Pub ................................................. Coleman’s 39. Best Place for Draft Beer ......... The Hops Spot 40. Best Craft Brewery ......... Middle Ages Brewing 41. Best Place for a Margarita ....................... Azteca 42. Best Place for Glass of Wine The Brewster Inn 43. Best Polish Restaurant ........................................... Eva’s 44. Best Indian Restaurant ........................... Dosa Grill

LOVE & ROMANCE 45. Best 46. Best 47. Best 48. Best 49. Best 50. Best 51. Best 52. Best 53. Best 54. Best

Jewelry Store ........................ Egon Erhlinspiel Bridal Shop/Boutique ...... New York Bride Wedding Reception ..................... Lake Shore Romantic Getaway .... Mirbeau Inn & Spa Romantic Restaurant .............. Inn Between Limo Service ........................ North East Limo Pickup Joint .................................................... Trexx Adult Sex Toy Shop ..................... Adult World Gay/Lesbian Bar .......................................... Trexx Adult Entertainment Club .................. Alpine

GOODS & SERVICES 55. Best 56. Best 57. Best 58. Best 59. Best 60. Best 61. Best 62. Best 63. Best 64. Best 65. Best 66. Best 67. Best 68. Best 69. Best 70. Best

Place For Chocolate....... Speach’s Candy Book Store ......................................... Books End Health Food Store ........................ Natur-Tyme Body Art Shop .............. Carmelo’s Ink City Hair Salon ................................................... Industry Nail Salon .... Cosmopolitan Salon & Spa Tanning Salon.... Hakuna Matata Tanning Day Spa ............................. Mirbeau Inn & Spa Inn............................................ Mirbeau Inn & Spa Florist ....................................... Sam RAO Florist Place for Martial Arts Impact Martial Arts Place for Massage Body Works Massage Dance Studio Syracuse School of Dance Music Store ............................... Sound Garden Smoke Shop ........... Rocky’s Smoke Shop Liquor Store .......................................... Pascale’s

71. Best New Car Dealership ........... Burdick Chevy 72. Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership Burdick GMC

EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT 73. Best 74. Best 75. Best 76. Best 77. Best 78. Best 79. Best 80. Best 81. Best 82. Best

Local Band ................................. Hard Promises Live Music Venue .................. Turning Stone Dance Club ........................... Lava Night Club Place for Karaoke ......... Singer’s Karaoke Museum................................................. The MOST DJ Service........... Black Tie Entertainment Wedding Band ................................ Prime Time Festival ........................................... Festa Italiana Car Show ....................... Syracuse Nationals Haunted House .......................... Fright Nights

SPORTS & LEISURE 83. Best 84. Best 85. Best 86. Best 87. Best 88. Best 89. Best 90. Best 91. Best 92. Best

Local Sports Team ...... Syracuse Orange Raceway .......................................... Watkins Glen Local Gym ...................... Aspen Athletic Club Local Place to Ski/Snowboard Labrador Public Golf Course Turning Stone Resort Miniature Golf ............ Big Don’s Wild River Country Club .......... Bellevue Country Club Place for Horseback Riding Tanglewood Place For Zumba...................... Pulse Fitness Place For Yoga ...................... Syracuse Yoga

MEDIA 93. Best Local TV News ... WSYR News Channel 9 94. Best Weathercaster............................. Wayne Mahar 95. Best Local Radio Station .............................. B 104.7 96. Best Local Radio Personalities Ted & Amy, 93Q

NOTE: This Reader’s choice is a prestigious award for LOCAL VENUES native to Central New York. Nationally-franchised did not qualify.

Congratulations to all our WINNERS!


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HAPPY HOUR Lunch Fish Sandwich Friday Fish Dinner • Walleye • Perch


• Cattleman’s Cut 24 oz. Prime Rib • Chicken & Biscuits


• Southern Fried Chicken • Sauerbraten



• Spaghetti or Pasta INCLUDES:

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FISH SANDWICH SPECIAL with French Fries & Coleslaw FISH DINNER with French Fries & Coleslaw ALL DAY